Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What's Puzzlin' You is the Nature of My Game.

That line from the Rolling Stones song says it all. I’m not a fan of the Rolling Stones but I would be a fool to disregard Wisdom in any shape it should choose to show up in. Wisdom is not easy to gain and its appearance should never be discouraged simply because one disagrees with the medium of delivery.

Surely you remember Jesus being taken up on to the mountain by Satan and shown the kingdoms of the world and told that Satan would deliver all of it to him if Jesus would only worship and serve him. That seems to imply that Satan had the means to achieve just that, whether it be for Jesus or any of us. There’s a lot of Wisdom in that tale for those who are willing to apprehend it.

This world is a kingdom and the worlds beyond are kingdoms too; not all of them are Christian either; as Christ said, “In my father’s house are many mansions, if it were not true I would not have told you so.”

I’ve been at pains to repeat that God is the Devil as he is perceived by the wicked. There is only one power. It can be experienced and understood differently; different relationships are available. This is why certain leaders of nations and the wealthy and the famous and the powerful can imagine that everything they do is right. One side of God reveals and one side confuses. One side liberates and one side tempts. In the painful process of our lives we come to know what it is that we really want by trial and error.

There is a man called Rupert Murdoch. He comes from Australia. He owns most of the London tabloids and Fox News and The Daily News along with many other things. He is in the satellite TV business as well and he is earnestly seeking to control China’s satellite access. Most of what Rupert provides is extremely sleazy. It is hard to imagine that anyone with any integrity would want to have anything to do with him.

The meaning of the word ‘devil’, ‘diabolus’, is Slanderer; there is a key lesson to be had in understanding this. One might say, ironically, that I am slandering Rupert with my description of him. Unless, of course, my description is correct and prima facie evidence supports this. The devil is also called, The Father of Lies. When you see a leader like George W. Bush lying every time he speaks, you should be able to infer something from this. When you see thousands dying for lies and venal interests you should be able to gather some Wisdom from this. Jesus also said, “By their works ye shall know them.” So, if it is ‘puzzlin’ you…’ Well, there you have it.

We see powerful religious leaders making statements on behalf of their idea of the policy that they intuit Jesus, or Mohammed or Moses/Abraham to have set forth as ‘the right way’. If we are observant we see that all of these religious leaders are connected to certain political leaders and that their policies are the same. This is strange since we are talking about two different kingdoms. It also says in the Bible that “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”

This world is a world of magic. For some, the magic is reality; the legerdemain and shape-shifting and reality bending are real. Some see partly through this and some few see very clearly what is afoot. We get our news of world events from media organs that purport to give you the real facts; one news outlet presents itself as ‘fair and balanced’; actually that is Rupert’s news outlet.

A careful observer can see that the world is becoming more and more unbalanced. Essentially this is because the few who have the most want more. This makes it so that the many that have less will have even less. Nature mirrors human affairs, so we can see that nature is increasingly more unbalanced as well. It is a truth about life and nature in both the micro and macrocosmic sense that ‘balance’ is more real than anything to the side of it. The further from balance one goes the more unreal circumstances and perceptions become. We often use the word, ‘unbalanced’ to describe one who is mentally ill.

Materialism is more powerful now than it has been in a long, long time. Huge numbers of people are trapped in it; many are unaware of what has trapped them. They believe if they work harder at gaining more of the material and more control of the material that they will become freer. Actually, this is exactly backwards. It is like the idea that more conveniences will give us more free time. Strangely, there is less and less time all of the time. Time has sped up.

It is a form of magic that causes you to believe that your leaders and the rich and the powerful, somehow know more than you do. It is like the magic that makes you believe that physically beautiful people are more valuable, desirable and important than those who are less physically beautiful. The pressure to believe what is most certainly a lie is very intense. There is a force; a fog, a dream blanket, an environment that is actively working the subconscious and the conscious mind at the same time. It is relentless. If you aren’t countering it with something else you are being controlled.

These people who are manipulating life for their own gain believe that they will always succeed and that they have a right to. However, they are serving the false side of the equation. They are actually players in a drama whose whole purpose is to serve as an example of what ‘not’ to do. Shakespeare was always at pains to point out these eternal dramas.

The hardest thing for most people is to wake up and realize what is happening to them. There are many reasons why they don’t. They may be very deeply asleep. They may be very deeply involved. They may be very afraid and they may be dense. Harder applications of force are required for these people. The fearful may be in a special category different than the rest but it is no place to be, believe me. Love and Fear displace each other. Hatred is Love suppressed. It’s an effort you have to make to achieve it.

Things happen for a reason and it is always about a lesson. We are here to learn. It is up to us how quickly we learn. Sometimes we don’t want to learn. We are afraid we will lose a certain avenue to pleasure, or personal gain, or security, or status. We feel we have to cooperate in the maintenance of the illusion in order to maintain our position. That might be true. Is it what you want?

Many people are puzzlin’ other people and it is always for a selfish reason. There are many levels of card-sharking. There are degrees of venality. You work your way up in the profession and pecking order just as you do in the Kingdom of Heaven; except that in the Kingdom of Heaven the greatest of all are ordinary servants. But who wants to be ordinary eh?

The intensity of punishment for certain souls is difficult to imagine. You can think of it as tenderizing the meat. It is always a good idea to keep in mind what the cost of anything might be. Is it worth it? If you had peace of mind wouldn’t you naturally enjoy everything you did? And if you didn’t have peace of mind, wouldn’t it be true that you wouldn’t enjoy anything; no matter how much of it you had?

We are in a moment of tremendous challenge and it is going to become more and more evident. It is going to get more and more ‘puzzlin’. The force of lies will intensify because light is breaking and the darkness has to concentrate. Somehow the darkness thinks this will help. Of course, the whole thing is a self contained tale of God’s introspection and outworking through human event to a glorious end, no matter what ‘appearances’ might suggest. The whole is more than the sum of the parts and the big picture is more than the sum of the pieces of the puzzle.

I may have put this up a long time ago. I feel like I should put it up again today. It's relevant.


You want it don’t you...?
I know
You try to
Sit so still
And quiet
But I can see the suggestive squirm
The raw need

The need to do something
The need to be somebody...

We got ponds of all sizes
Well, not ponds actually...

You know there’s a price right?
I suppose you have something to offer...
I mean... that’s why right?

Well, that won’t matter
It hasn’t mattered before

And you’ll be good to people when you get there
Won’t you?
Just like all the people that came before you.
You’ll be a decent human being won’t you?

You want it don’t you...?
Don’t grab....
That’s not nice....
Didn’t your mother teach you not to grab
You know,
for a moment there you looked like...

Raw need isn’t a pretty sight.
But it will do

Were you told you were a special child?
You were weren’t you?
It is a real drag when they lie to children.
Worse for the rest of us
when that child grows up.

In the world of essential MLM
In the world of smoke and mirrors
In the place of money and power
In the place of finalizing dominating sex
You know you got to be a bottom...
If you want to get on top.

You don’t have to feel bad about what’s gonna be asked of you
It’s an acquired taste
And you will acquire it
Easiest thing in the world

And you don’t have to worry about what it looks like to the angels
Angels don’t come into it
forget the Devic realm
You’ll be dealing with a different sort here

We like you the way you are

This realm?
This plane?
You want to play here?
There is a fundamental reality
And a necessary stripping away
Of certain components that would interfere with
Your ability to play here

Certain notions you have to give up
Certain ideas about the right thing to do
This kind of thing can confuse you to the point
Where you will fail in this world
Miss out on the other...

Now I know you don’t care about the other
Or you wouldn’t be talking to me
After all, you are in this world aren’t you?
Well then baby
This is all the world you need

So we need to just lighten up on the things
You don’t need in this world
The things that will hinder you and
Hold you back

The fact is
You’re either all the way this way
Or all the way that way
In between comes the thresher with the big teeth

Many, many have come before you
And many more will come again.
It’s always the same thing
The system is solid
Either way.

You know when you have sex
It becomes a dining area?
It’s a hungry ghost buffet line
An astral peep show
Well, that’s not important for the moment

What you need is
That Chase advantage
You got to get
That Chase advantage

Got to
Sign up and let the big one suck you off

Sign on

Donors get in line
Let the big one suck you off this time

Plasma for the war...
Oh yea

I’m gonna let the big one suck me off this time
I’m gonna let the big one suck me off this time

Get that Chase advantage
Get ahead of the pack
Get the smell of the hunt

I’m getting hard in the pocket
Hey son,
let me connect that socket

Let the big one suck you off this time
Let the big one suck you off this time

All the buyers and sellers
Of stuff and of self
Along with the bankers and brokers
And interceding priests,

All the consumers and the consumed
All the press and the products
All of everything that comes into form
All of the manifest that was ever born
The except

But you’ll see the disclaimer at the bottom
And be sure and read the terms of use

All gonna suck a big one this time
All of them waiting at the front of the line
That really big one
They’re gonna suck it all this time
Gonna suck a big one this time

Get that Chase advantage
Get that Rockefeller edge
Get the big one behind you
To push you off of the ledge

David’s got a cup of hot widows soup
Gonna foreclose on a few lifetimes
And get the big one to suck him off
Just another dead soldier’s family
with a downsized disappearing house

Ah, what the fuck-
And never mind

We’re gonna let the big one suck us off this time
Suck us off to notness
Suck us off with no forgiveness
And fuck us up the ass at the same time

Celebrities and wannabees
Get in line

Cause when the big one sucks you off
You have no regrets
Man, everyone forgets...

When the big one sucks them off
When the big one blows Stardust on their horn
There’s only one selection on the jukebox
You can’t hear the breaking glass
Or feel the impact of the windshield
At the moment of the crash
Did I mention?
The big ones got your attention...

You are moving through the line
The Game Boy is your mind
George is at the bridge
Mission accomplished
The Atari warrior in real time
Plugged into the action
Plugged in all the way

But you lost your taste for Campari
When you found out that Tinker Bell was a man

And you’re waiting in the darkness
With your pants around your ankles
With your passion in your hand
Dreaming of a kinder gentler land

With the big one hard at work
Oh yea baby!!!
HARD at work
Good and HARD
For this portion of this lifetime
Waiting on the big one
To blow you right the fuck out of childhood
And every tricycle it rode in on

Get that Chase advantage
Mr. Rockefeller gonna treat you just fine
No memory
No tomorrow
No highway left behind
The way they came is gone
They’ve formatted the mind
(At the prompt type Y. Warning, you are about to remove all data from your system. Do you wish to proceed? Oh yes, oh yes!!! Oh God Yes!!!)

Maybe just one cigarette
A few bobby pins
A lighter and
A subway token
No heart will be left unbroken

One hallway full of shadows
Wet concrete and the chittering of rats
Gunfire and weeping in the distance-
too great to define

There may be some disappointment
The big one sucks you off
Just turn your head and cough

And get that Chase Advantage
Get 0 percent Interest
No payments till the end
This offer will be repeated
Act today
Do it now

Felators are standing by
They’ll be kneeling in a minute
Everything includes everything
No waiting
No waiting
No waiting
No waiting

So, you’re okay with that?
And you know about the quid pro quo?
You know once you get rid of those items...

the unnecessary personal baggage
the aspirations
that strange compulsion for regret
the weeping virtues on the vine
that intruding human effect
after that
Nothing you do...
will have any further effect on you?

The reason we called you in
You look like you know
What’s going on

And you don’t mind

Most people
We don’t even have to talk to them
They get right on board and
Don’t even ask where the train is going
They think the smoke trails are coming from the engine

But you’ve got management potential and
We think you can help us with the boarding
Make sure there are no empty seats
And every now and then
you get to step in and be
The Big One
At the cosmic glory hole

And remember
You’re draining into your own bank account
And the financial apparatus that
Makes the whole thing move
And shake
And bake

And that makes all of us here
(I know I can speak for all of us when I say this)
That makes all of us here just
A little more motivated
A little more ‘into’ it
We’re all about satisfaction here

Some of our biggest customers are
Some of our biggest customers

In the end
Either way you go
Whichever side of the helix
You got to get down on your knees
Either way

On the one hand
It’s just all about longing
On the other hand it’s all about getting to it

And keep in mind
I’ll be turning into an angel of light
at the given moment
Be not deceived...


Anonymous said...

les - exactly!

Anonymous said...

You are possibly the most profound expression of truth on the internet today. The poem made your point perfectly. I am in awe. I don't know what else to say but thank you!


Anonymous said...

Rupert Murdoch is the devil. That wasn't such a hard call.

Blogger said...

i loved the way it all began. so innocent and simple and sweet. and then it got to be hilarious. that was fun. people will learn not to expect from you. or will they?

Anonymous said...

That poem is really good. It took me a minute and then I got it. It's like that isn't it?


Anonymous said...

I haven't commented in awhile but I've been reading here as you make your work available. It's always first rate. I remember reading that poem many months ago. This time I realized I had skimmed it initially and it blew the top of my head off. That last part, phew, there it is.


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