Saturday, December 22, 2012

In the Land of Tamil and Sunshine.

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Ah well, the world did not end. I had had my suspicions that it would not and strangely enough, so far, they have proven accurate. As I may have mentioned; I get the impression that maybe it is only the darkness which has ended and- quoth the raven, “nevermore” so, we’ll keep on rocking in the unfree world until we are given further marching orders.

There are cows everywhere, as well as dogs and monkeys and, of course, people. The cows are more than passing odd. Sometimes they stand like frozen statues (what other kind are there?) facing up the road or down the road, with their heads extended on their necks as if peering into the future, or some land seen only by them. The dogs are also strange. They generally mind their own business but you do have to watch yourself walking certain places and I guess I don’t have to tell you about the monkeys or the nagas, which are best left entirely alone in any case, unless you got some kind of dispensation.

The mountain seen from my window, or at any point where you have a skyline, is called Arunachala and that is where Ramana Maharshi lived for over 50 years. The mountain is considered to be Shiva and Ramana an incarnation of him. By this time, the testimony of thousands who met him when he was here, attest to the likelihood that he most certainly was a self realized soul ...but the reader can look into that if they want to. There is a road that runs for 18 kilometers around the mountain and last Sunday people were walking around it all day and all night. It was some kind of an auspicious date. I did not do this. I am waiting for my friend Roy to arrive tomorrow before I head up into the mountain. We had talked about doing it and so, in my mind, I thought we would do it together.

There is no real way to describe or explain India at all. You can discuss aspects of it and try your hand at vignettes but India, in many ways, lies beyond the reach of words. I will say, right off the bat that it is the most spiritual place I have ever been and has greeted me (except for certain technical difficulties) with open arms. There’s no doubt about my being welcome here.

There is a larger highway that runs along the mountain and all alongside it are saddhus sleeping on the sidewalk, sitting there or walking by, while monkeys scamper along the wall behind them. There’s a Sri Ramana Maharshi mini mart on this road and they told me to take my shoes off when I went in. I found this highly amusing as the mart has nothing to do with Ramana except for the name. They do a brisk business with westerners by providing things you can’t get elsewhere and which many westerners seem to want.

I’m not planning on going anywhere besides here except for the Kumbha Mela. I see no point in traveling from town to town in an ever increasing state of exhaustion and disorientation. My friend Roy has a friend named Abul who got me a place to stay next door to him; something far beyond anything I expected and at a price that would not be expected at all, since I have seen other places where the cost for much less is the same. Abul is a professional photographer and it turns out he is going to the Kumbha Mela and offered to take me along. This is uncanny because there is nowhere to stay or rent there that is not entirely outside my economic spectrum at this time. Now I have somewhere to go and a native to go with. This kind of serendipity has been happening by the day and is welcome in the extreme.

This is a land of the very poor and the very rich, along with the very recently middle classed.

A fellow was by Abul’s yesterday- 81 years old and had met Ramana. He owns 30 acres of land with all kinds of things growing on it and worked by his extended family. He’s got one tooth in his mouth and likes to smoke the ganja. He left bearing away a large collection of return deposit bottles from Abul’s on his bicycle. Apparently he is land rich but really short of cash. Women are not treated very well here in many places and bad things happen to them. People of all ages commit suicide. An 11 year old boy had a quarrel with his sister and so he poured kerosene over himself and set himself on fire. This is some kind of preferred method. There are assaults on women as well, often by relatives.

Before anyone points out to me that it can’t be very spiritual if this is going on, well, we’re talking about a billion people. There are certain to be a few bad eggs. Of course the cities are redolent with material culture, all Bollywooded out and the celebrity worship is sickening but I’m not resident in that spectrum.

Everything is going on in your mind. If you can still your mind so that the sunlight of the self can rise and shine through it then, you’ve got what you came here for, even if you forgot what that was; which is why remembrance is key.

I’ll be leaving this hotel on Monday, Christmas Eve, and a new chapter will come into play. I’ll have greater ease of access to doing these things and probably have the radio show up and running again, give or take a week on all of that because this is India and things operate on manana time here.

The curious case of the western visitors continues. There is a leaden heaviness to so many of them here. They came here for something but... as is ever the case, what they are seeking is inside them and not outside of them and this confuses and I think depresses them. The Indians are smiling and gracious and I really latch on to that and put my hands together and greet them, while most of these visitors seem embarrassed and made uncertain by it all. None of the westerners, with a couple of exceptions seem to want to talk to me but I come off weird wherever I am. I realized pretty much soon after I got here that I wasn't particularly looking for anything but what is destined to happen to me anyway. Some good portion of myself tells me I have found whatever it is that I am after, it just hasn't come into total focus yet.

That said, I will leave you now, so as to get this up and get off on to whatever this day holds for me. Be well and prosper!

And... Merry Christmas!!! Precisely because certain people don’t want you to say it.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

In India's Sunny Clime.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Finally I am here. Getting my Internet sorted has been problematic. What a trip! I got to my train with minutes to spare and found that they forgot to put my car on. The conductor said to sit in one place. The guy sitting there said no. So the conductor told me to sit with this young lady who turned out to be a Palestinian doctor living in Jordan. Her name is Ala. You can just imagine our conversation.

I needed no return ticket for India. I kept setting off the radar at security because of the pin in my leg from a Kung Fu accident. At Chennai they thought I had a wooden leg and wanted me to unscrew it. The Indians are very amusing. When I signed in for the long first leg of my flight, well after most others, I didn't even think of asking for a bulkhead seat. The lady at check in said, "You are very tall, would you like a bulkhead seat"? They gave me the best seat on the plane. Things happened on that flight that were so real and supernatural, I can't even talk about them. This was one of the strangest events in my life, if that tells you anything.

The reader, Drew, who bought me my flight and ten day stay at this phenomenal resort cannot make it. Hmmm (grin). I can see Arunachala from my window. The food here is simply amazing and so are the people. I am experiencing massive culture shock and staying close to here and under the radar for the moment. I have found a great place to stay after here and if you have never been here and don't have much money, this is the place to be. This is another planet. This is not Earth as I have ever seen it. I am afraid I will lose this posting at any moment so I will go now. I will figure all of this out in time. Bear with me.

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Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Essential Posture of Liberty

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I live in a small town, which is the central town for half a dozen towns or more in the area. It's a kind of government seat thing. There are some number of rest homes here and some of them are fairly large. This is a town with a lot of old people. Lately, younger families have been moving in and building homes; not cheap homes either but... it has been an old folks town and one of those old folks is Susanne's mother, Liselotte. She was in one of those homes this past week because Susanne went off to Berlin to see friends. I was here and I often take care of Liselotte, feeding her and putting her to bed, getting her up in the morning. However, when that extends to several days, there are various concerns and her modesty is one of them. She gets a free month in the care home every year. Sometimes we will just have a nurse come in in the morning and evening to get her up and get her ready for bed, where I will take her at the end of the evening.

I told this little tale for a reason. I've had a lot of time to study the care homes here and they are something else. The staff is friendly and professional. Her room is large and filled with windows. She is very alert, more so than just about any of the other residents. Then again she lives at home and has the benefit of people who love and care about her. Every day I would go down to the home a little after noon and bring her her newspaper and an ice cream. I don't stay too long because her attention wanders and once the ice cream is gone, it's not long before she gets into the newspaper. She loves to read and I attribute her hanging on to her senses to this feature of her being.

Coming into the care home, as I do, a couple of dozen times a year, grants me ample opportunity to study the occupants in this care facility. I see the state people come to, when they can no longer be cared for in their homes, or there is no one to care for them, or no one who wants to care for them. They degenerate and a part of them goes away. Even though they are getting excellent care, they no longer have an anchor in the world of family and a social dynamic. I suspect in America, care homes are not anywhere near the standards that they are in Europe. Certainly if you have a whole lot of money you will get care commensurate with your investment. For years I have read about nursing home scandals in the US. Of course, these are all a part of the medical, pharmaceutical combine of maximizing profit, while reducing quality and service. The old in America are warehoused and fed drugs that put them on the expressway to death. I'm not saying that isn't often the case over here. I just haven't seen it.

The police here are friendly and helpful and seldom seen unless you need them. It's a whole other world. People can doubt this all they want, or rationalize it to their satisfaction. That doesn't change anything. I am amazed at the length people will go to, to defend both the people and the systems that abuse them. Recently I posted a video narrated by Ed Asner, about how the super rich steal from everyone who is not super rich. There was a concerted mob effort from various respondents, jeering at those who were in agreement with the video, telling them they simply weren't working hard enough and were nothing more than petty jealous of those with a greater industry and sense of purpose. You see, the super rich, actually deserve everything they have stolen and also shouldn't be inconvenienced by taxes because they already contribute so much to the system.

It amazes and dismays me, the length people will go to to convince themselves of the things they want to believe in. It doesn't matter if these things are true or not. What matters is that they want them to be true. They have to be true because otherwise the actual truth has to be considered and that can be extremely inconvenient. What is actually true, forces change upon you. It demands ever greater states of refined awareness. They say there is no rest for the wicked, well, there is no rest for the righteous either, which is based on that eternal vigilance being the price of liberty model.

The days are slipping by. Things are coming to a head all over the place. What's going to happen? We don't know. Some are fearful, some are optimistic and some are indifferent. With the first two there could well be reasons for either state but for the third there are no good reasons. It's the life answer to having headphones on all the time.

In the wider world, they are banging the gong and stirring up more of their relentless mischief in Syria. The Russians have had enough at this point and so, we think, have the Chinese. You can only push the river so much before it backs up over you.

I've tried to have a life of my own making throughout my life and that has not been permitted. I was allowed to bang my head against the wall in all directions, until I found the center of the room and located my place of power, as Don Juan likes to call it. On the one hand, the progression from there to here has been an exercise in frustration. When you are trapped in the redundancies of doing the same thing over and over, albeit from a different angle and with a different goal in mind, it begins to feel and smell like failure. Of course you can blame it on conditions and oppositions but that's only going to result in a Pyrrhic state of mind. Failure is only operational until you get the point. The center of the room is a metaphor and what it does is weave all of your previous seeming failures, into a tapestry of success; leaving you, at the same time, free and independent of the circumstances and attachments of what might have been but was not. When things go right, it is as if they have never been wrong.

If you want a guide book to the game of life, there is no better consultant from across the ages than Lao Tzu (this is 'the' edition). Everything he said, 2600 years ago, is still relevant and applicable today. When Confucius was asked about his impressions from his meeting with Lao Tzu, he said, “I met a dragon”. The one thing I most clearly remember from their engagement, was Lao Tzu asking Confucius, “Why did you bring all these other people with you”? Confucius was 'seemingly' alone at the time.

I know I've been hammering on the same things for some weeks now. I've been doing it because these things are very, very important. Either we are seeing things the way they are being presented to us, or we are seeing them as they are. The purpose of all the monumental effort to make us see things the way they are presented, is the point of the exercise. Some collected, organized group of someones, is going through a lot of trouble and expense to make this happen. Of course, the trouble is all about maximizing their profits and the expense is simply the outlaying of funds stolen from you in the first place.

Seeing things as they are, is the essential posture of liberty. Seeing things as they are, can be initially painful and alienating. You become, “The Outsider'. You are also forced to learn things about yourself. You are forced to surrender fundamental illusions about yourself, which are shared by the common herd (and herd it is- though a school of fish seems just as appropriate). We associate this surrender with a loss of self. The self being lost, is a cradle to grave prison cell. It needs to go but once it's gone, so is your protective coloration, for a little while anyway. This false self resonates to the way things are presented to be, engaging you in a danse macabre. The other self does not resonate with this. It actually destroys it because it is more powerful than appearances. This is the true magical art of existence. It reflexively brings about the disintegration of the unreal without any effort required to do it. Getting there is the difficult part, given that you are already there but not.

In an age of pervasive materialism, the separated personal will is preeminent or seems to be. The point is to ride roughshod over the competition and everyone is seen as competition. This perception is enhanced by the social engineers and reformers of the times. The arts exemplify the alienation. The philosophers drone on and on about various forms of nihilism. It all becomes an abstraction. Things seem pointless, outside of the drive for immediate gratification and insulation (put on the headphones and thumb fuck the cellphone). Don't forget to cross your legs and bounce the one leg on top of the other. There you go. The pointlessness is emphasized by the malicious manipulation of the financial system, attended by the shrinkage of the job market, the loss of the manufacturing base and the housing crash, followed by the desperation of homelessness. The whole dynamic is to break the spirit and make you malleable to dangerous influences. So it goes.

Here is a riveting read. You will see it again in tomorrow's Smoking Mirrors (hopefully written later this day). This is the kind of thing that is going on in the upper echelons of depravity. Consider well what else is lurking in the world wide Satanic corridors, of temporal power. Mr. Apocalypse is more than the sum of his parts and he is unstoppable and here because his time has come. He will not be denied.

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The radio show is now up.

The Little Guy Auditions for Hollywood
The Little Guy Auditions for Hollywood

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

From Jonestown to the Mad Hatters Tea Party

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's a little over two weeks to 12/21/12. It creeps up on us and I haven't heard anything in recent times. I find that unusual, given the fascination with it over several years previous. I'm not making any kind of a statement here. I'm just pointing it out. I often point things out and people think I'm making some kind of a statement, although that can be the case, it is not always so. Sometimes it is only a statement and sometimes it is a statement with a banana. In any case, we are very close to something. On the one hand, we are dealing with some kind of cosmic principle that has something to do with a summing up and the end of something, which implies the beginning of something. On the other hand we are dealing with some amount of collective belief, counterpointed by some amount of collective indifference.

We know by now that conditions and perception of reality, are affected by collective belief. This relates to the actual, as well as the illusionary and most of the time to the illusionary. Sometimes it leads to dramatic and unfortunate events like Jonestown. Sometimes it leads to things like this and at other times to things like the obvious farces of presidential elections and support for mass murder and genocide as a result of religious mania, fomented by psychopaths, who manipulate scripture to that end.

It is obvious that massive changes are necessary on this plane, given that things have gone ten miles south of Wackville some while ago and are accelerating in a downward curve, as a result of an intentional drive, on the part of ancient evil and those who serve that force. An opposite driving force is magnetically pulling, on those so inclined, to be susceptible to the influence and whose magnetism to Wal-Mart and base appetite, are less powerful than the magnetism to something greater and more enduring. Making the difference clear, to those co-opted by powerful insanities, is near impossible and only trauma and the loss of access to glitter and garbage, will accomplish a change in awareness for those wallowing in the mire of delusion.

What has been happening over the long course- and speeding up-, the way time has sped up, should be patently obvious to those still retaining objective awareness and some degree of professional detachment from the impact of the madness, on the consciousness of the personal self; whatever that is. That of course, is the essential inquiry of existence and the thing most studiously avoided by the majority of the population. Knowing who you are, compromises the agenda of appetite and subjectivity. Subjectivity to the siren call and lures of appetite leads directly to slavery and maintains the state of confusion necessary to bring it about. You are watching it occur at any number of levels now. Why is this not apparent to most of us? If you have to ask that question then you have a problem.

Someone told me recently that the line of scripture, attributed to Jesus Christ, while on the cross; “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”, actually says, in the original Greek, “Father do not forgive them for they know what they do”. I can't verify or dispute this but someone around here will. My point in bringing it up, is that the original intent of a great many things, has been changed to suit the desires and expectations of predators. This has been taking place incrementally, across generations and now, much shorter periods of time. A subtle change occurs in the general interpretation of certain informations. That is then further modified and morphed at the next stage and that is then further modified and morphed at the following stage. This is not rocket surgery but it certainly looks like it to the people who aren't bothering to look.

We are in the days of 'dumpty, dumpty, doity, doity, diety, diety' going along with the program. It's just that much easier going along with the program. Not going along with the program, draws unwanted attention and we all know what unwanted attention can bring. Of course, some of us are permitted to bother to look, dispute and proclaim, because the power on the back end, is greater than the power of the front end; or is it the other way around? You get the point. Here is the essence of the grand mystery. Appearances seem to be more powerful than the unseen. They are not, by any means whatsoever. It just looks that way. The force of things just looking that way is great. One needs to head back into Plato's Cave and consider the shadows on the wall, instead of the shadows on the wall at Plato's Retreat.

We are individually and certainly collectively, much more powerful than appearances but convincing us otherwise is job one for those manipulating appearances. If everything doesn't look Batshit crazy to you, then you are crazy. You may not think you are crazy but you are mad as a hatter. You are deep in the rank of the marching dingbats; “hut, two, three, four, hut, two, three four; company... halt. At ease”; not hardly. Is it the Hardy Boys or the Hardly Boys? It's your call.

Look at your TV shows. Look at the commercials that bring you your TV shows. Look at your movies and how they are trending. Listen to the music that represents the soundtrack of your contemporary moments. All of this is created and scripted for a purpose. It is not a good purpose. What do we have? We have people whose flesh is bonding into the pleather of their easy chairs. We have refrigerators and kitchen cabinets, filled with toxic poisons of the time release variety. If it doesn't kill you today, then that's alright. Hey, tomorrows another day. “What, me worry”?

We got McDonalds and the like all over the place. This is concerted murder. This is all a part of intentional culling, attended by intentional dumbing down. This is not accidental. This is not accidental. Monsanto is not accidental and it is no accident who created it either. Nations founded on the concept of personal liberty, inevitably transform into nations of collective tyranny. You are not looking at accidents, or some sort of inexplicable whimsey. You are looking at calculation and the oppression of the many, by those who consider themselves special and above the rest of us. They look at us as chattel and cattle. That's how they are. That's what they were like back in the days of The Gospel of Wealth. That's what they were like in the days of Dickens. That's where things like The House of Lords comes from. Look into what the House of Lords signifies. Look at your congress and the massive over-representation of clowns like Lieberman and Schumer. Look at who controls Homeland Security. Look at who your political representatives support without question, or they don't get to be your political representatives. Look at the loyalty oaths. Look at the juggling and continuing replacement of those heading up the military, when they don't go along with the program. Look at the outrageous venality and perverted sexuality of your religious leaders. I smell fire and brimstone coming out of the sacristy and from the pulpits.

I learned lately that psychedelics were routinely placed in communion wafers, for purposes I will leave you to guess at. Study the condition of The Catholic Church before The Reformation. Study history or be condemned to repeat it. As can be seen, people have lost interest in the events and conditions that precede the ones they find themselves in today. They would much rather watch the 'made for TV movie'. In the end, people do not want to know because of what they are very likely to find out. Because of this, eventually they are forced to see, whether they like it or not. That's how it is. Argue about it. Dispute it. It won't do you any good. You'll get temporary relief from the temporary Excedrin but the discomfort and denial will simmer beneath the surface, until it goes viral, until it hits plague status and plagues are on the menu. Soon it won't be ♫raining men♫, it will be raining frogs.

Well, I think I've said enough for the moment; some things to reflect on. I'll see you next posting if there is one; Ahroooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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Thinking about and possibly soon to be manifesting a radio show.