Thursday, January 27, 2022

"The Carnal Mind Sees Him in the Anthropomorphic Absurdity of the False Self Writ Large."

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Sexual attraction might bring two magnetized units together, but... it won't keep them together. There is an Asian tale about beans in a jar. The couple is supposed to put a bean in a jar every time they have sex in the first year that they are together. Then they are supposed to take a bean out of the same jar every time they have sex thereafter. The supposition is that they will never empty the jar. Ardor diminishes and dies, so... if there is no other force than passion holding two people together... it won't last unless it is an uncommon passion.

In the yogic tradition, one trains the mind to see all women as embodiments of The Divine Mother, probably because they are that. It also assists in sublimating the raw attractive force. It bears a marked similarity to the term of greeting, Namaste... “I salute the God within you.” The idea is to spiritualize EVERYTHING.

I've had to play a lot of catch-up in later years, mostly because I was sometimes going in the wrong direction, and at other times in no direction at all. It is flat out amazing how much distance one can cover when they are determined to do so and are relentless in the consistent application of it. Then I discovered that I wasn't going anywhere at all. I found that it is my love that transports me and it is no linear thing. I further discovered that when I was made capable of not being attracted to anyone or anything on the material plane, my love naturally took me in the direction of Godhead. There was no longer anything to hold me back.

In the process of discovering that there was nothing to discover, I discovered that argument is a form of sexual interaction. I believe it is why they sometimes call it a mind-fuck. Anyone who likes to argue is not worth spending any time around unless you like to argue too. People are at war with themselves and they bring the war to you. They are all propelled by a growing disenchantment with each other because no one lives up to The Ideal; whatever that is. This creates frustration. The frustration generates anger. The anger leads to conflict, of which argument is an expression.

Sex and war have a great deal in common. It is a tenet of the drive for dominance. Men win that battle in the short run and women win it over the long haul. If you don't know what I am talking about, I am sorry, but... neither I, nor anyone who has ever lived, has enough time to satisfactorily explain this to you if you don't get it right off. Failing that, life will educate you over the long haul.

This brings me to The Rightness of Mind and The Wrongness of Mind. If you are in The Rightness of Mind, everything goes well for you because everything manifests in the right or... desirable way. If you are in that other mind, well... that is what you get for insisting you are right when you haven't a clue as to what that is.

You either see things as they are, and that is a rare thing, or... you see things as you want to see them because it furthers your personal interest to do so, and you find your companions among those of like mind. This is also one of the main sources of argument in life. A great many people ABSOLUTELY believe that they are right. The only person who is right is the one who knows that they do not know. THEN... then you can be informed.

The main crux of the problem cycles bio-rhythmically through your life and it has to do with whether God is real or not. Sometimes one feels more strongly that God is real, and other times there is less enthusiasm for that perspective. A lot of the problem has to do with WHAT God is, and that is something you can NEVER know, but... you can know what Love is; not entirely, but more so than you will ever know what God is. This is because Love... at a certain level... is a conscious force, and it can and will inform you of EVERYTHING you will EVER need to know.

It is a dead-end road to tell others that they should run from sexual attraction with all their strength, and instead run toward Higher Love with the same degree of force. The ears and eyes are closed and the mind is blind to reason. The heart doesn't reason, and it wants what it wants. There is Nature and there is Higher Nature. Nature wants you to mate with your kind so that life will constantly be replaced... here. Higher Nature wants you to achieve Union with God.

There is nothing wrong with the union of marriage. There can be plenty wrong with one's motivations to that estate. I recommend reading about the lives of enlightened Householder Yogis, like Lahiri Mahasaya, RamaKrishna, and others. If two are joined together in a common love for God, Divine Magic enters into that union. There are many old tales about how... long ago... we were all cut in half, and now we spend our incarnations in pursuit of that missing part of ourselves. Here we are on the border of Divine Mystery. Once again, it is not something you can talk about without confusing the issue. This is because no two separated minds see anything exactly the same. Their motivations are not the same... and there is that which The Separated Mind cannot see for as long as the separation continues.

Look at every religion in its ideal aspect, every spiritual path. They ALL teach union with God, however they understand what that is. They all speak in different terms about The One Mind. In reality, there is... ONLY one mind. Wisdom comes when the heart swallows the mind, and Love alone remains.

The yogic ideal is to achieve complete detachment from The World. This is how one discovers Impersonal Love. Impersonal Love is unattached. Personal Love is attached. Attachment is one of the key ingredients of Suffering. It is the fruit of what Ignorant Desire got you into. Take a look back at the events which took place in your life and how you tried to control your life... but... were unable to. Everything is already under control, AND NOT BY YOU. Does it not then make sense to seek out who it is that is in control?

What does one do in order to put themselves in harmony with The Supreme Controller? One surrenders. You see many dances in life that have endured for centuries. Some of them are celebratory. Some also double as a martial art. They are an effort to put one in resonance with celestial forces. Yoga is such a dance. Baraka and Dervish Dancing also qualify. One might find their understanding of such things improved by reading about the life of Morihei Ueshiba. God does all sorts of interesting things through people he has chosen to demonstrate them. If you knew how deeply embedded The Divine is in existence, you would seek him out with a greater passion than you have ever shown for anything else. Tantra is also such a dance, but VERY FEW have any real knowledge of this.

You can accomplish ANYTHING through the Power of Love. Love intuitively KNOWS the right and wrong of anything and passes right by every blind and trap. Love IS The Free Bird. Love has wings and will bear you to Heaven itself if you have the metal for it. We waste so much time looking for ourselves in others, and nearly always being disappointed. You CAN find IT in another if the two of you are both seeking Higher Love. Higher Love weds all similar souls into an unbreakable unity that resides above the murk and clamor below.

We would not be disappointed in others if we were to view them through the lens of Impersonal Love. Of course, we never find what we are looking for because we don't know what we are looking for in the first place. I am here to tell you that no matter what you think you are looking for, you are looking for God, even if you see him as The Devil, as some do. The Spiritual Mind sees him as the ineffable and the source of love that brings forth all good things. The Carnal Mind sees him in the anthropomorphic absurdity of the false self writ large. If you study real history, you can see the effects of both minds on the progression of human events.

Once again... whatever it is that you seek, let Love be your guide and your impetus. When your heart beats, let it beat for the love of all creation. Yes... some people are false and do evil things. If they knew better they would not do these things, and life will teach them the costs of their endeavors. There are some who do evil for the sheer joy of doing it and who KNOW what they are and what they are about. They too are deceived. You cannot (should not) spend your time agitating yourself and others about all the evil in The World. There is no positive outcome to spraying hatred on public figures. It will just come back on you... EVERYTHING DOES! Love exclusively and impersonally and see what happens.

Joe Rogan has a podcast. I have never heard him. I don't get out much, so to speak. God also has a podcast and it has a much wider reach. How to tune in seems to be the problem for most. Tuning in is a matter of tuning in, and having the certitude that the broadcast will come to you. Most of us don't bother to try to tune in. It's too amorphous for most. It's not commonplace enough; nobody else seems to be doing it. You might be surprised about that. It is not something you would see in the first place. It is something you can feel, however.

Sexual force can be turned into a passion for anything. If the object involves attachment, suffering, and sorrow WILL follow. I've heard it said, “if you love someone, set them free.” Impersonal Love does this. Liberate others, do not bind them. Do not make demands on others. If you are meeting the REAL NEEDS that there are in life it will not occur to you to make any demands because you will lack for nothing.

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Monday, January 24, 2022

"Sometimes a Great Disappointment is Necessary to Understand and Appreciate the Beauty of Simplicity."

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Since we are all alive at this moment, we are all aware of our lives going by over the course of time. We've all seen someone come and someone go. We might not have been present for their passing, but we haven't seen them since, and word has it that they moved on.

What are we doing with this thing called Life? Everybody got a paintbrush or an iPad and they're involved in some part of it for some material reason, but... we come and go. The reason I am often talking around something that I can't directly say... ... ... is because it has huge implications for the life of anyone who encounters it. It would be a shame to pass it by.

I have always been in pursuit of Beauty. She is one of the manifest, AND... unmanifest expressions of The Divine Mother. Meaning we can see it around us, but we can also see it within us, and perhaps that would be how we were able to see it at all. Beauty, Harmony, Loyalty, intelligence, (I love you for your mind, baby.) these are all attributes of The Divine Feminine. They come into play in a big way in this Age of Aquarius. She is now in the ascendant. People get all mixed up about it in the transitionary phase. The loudest and most perverted and disturbed characters sound off first. It turns to sexual action what is meant to be spiritual. Some of us are not confused.

Anyway, the decadence always dies out sooner than later, as the casualties fall by the wayside. Certain lifestyles have costs. If you don't mind paying for the experience, it is yours to have. Even if you do mind, it's still there. I've seen The Big Highway. I have seen the swamps and the mountaintops; deserts and oceans. I got to see Lady Nature more in some places than others. You can spend a long time looking for her to show up inside. When she does... she is irresistible force. She will burn through everything. She is Spiritual Fire. She is the unleashed goddess, Kundalini. It's probably going to hurt at times (grin) but even that goes away eventually.

What we are most deeply and desperately seeking is TRULY within us. There is an alchemical marriage. It exists in yogic terms as well. It is The Great Work. Once you venture upon that road the process begins. Your spiritual evolution is hot-housed. Then there is the apocalypse. You add in all these streams of thought and feeling that are the waters of experience and time... coming upon the moment that never ends. It is real simple. Do not be a foolish virgin. Save oil for your lamps. This is where The Love of God is key. He sees where your heart is... and will replenish your store if your Love got away from you.

We've already seen signs of it. Soon it is going to be more and more common, and that is... that those in the shadows will have their secret acts, inexplicably... revealed to The World at large. An apocalypse encompasses a series of stages in which certain events take place. We are seeing some portion of that at all times because we are in it. It is like video reports during a storm. Still... it is weather and it will pass. Revelation is one of the key definers used when describing Apocalypse. We are in a time of Revelation and what has been hidden shall be revealed.

The World goes through phases. Some of them are inexorable. They come, like it or not. The World can be a scary place. Of course, there were always those places where it could be generally scary at all times. I've been in those environs. Don't lose your shit is probably the best advice I could give. God is everywhere that you are, if everywhere you are, God is. That is the most important facet of Faith. It's been said, “Faith is the SUBSTANCE of things unseen.” Given that we think things into being it is Faith that shines upon and waters them.

You only need three things to survive... Wait a minute! You only need one thing and that is Love; okay... let me rephrase that. There are three items that will prove irreplaceable on your way to The Kingdom. They are Faith, Certitude, and Determination. Guru Bawa used to mention them all the time. I see why... now. He also mentioned, Divine Luminous Wisdom, often... and I also see why... now.

Yes... he was a Sufi. That is the sane and mystical branch of Islam. You can find pockets of sanity. I haven't found those in ashrams too much because of the Pecking Order Thing. People are constantly jostling for position, and all you want to do is get some of The Water from those sparkling springs. Such souls are rare enough at any time. These days, I don't know where I would look except inside. LITERALLY... an entire universe is there... to be found.

It is impossible to convey the possibilities of interior peace and serenity that comes, simply from singing in tune with life. People are more and more out of sync with life and with themselves, because of Material Culture. There will be a great turning away from this... as it rings more and more hollow in the human heart. Sometimes... a great disappointment is necessary for people to understand and appreciate the beauty of simplicity.

I never cared much for The Things of The World at any time. I came here for the experience, not to collect shit. Very early, I saw that God was the answer to every question one might have, as well as the absolute purest source of good advice. God is that clear mountain stream before it turned to water. All these elements and their combinations are the adaptations that The Emerald Tablet speaks about. We are in a process from the moment we are born. There are two main ways you can go with it. Most of The World goes in one way, a few swim upstream against the tide. Even when you tell some people why you do it, it still doesn't make practical sense to them. NOTHING could be more practical. We are talking about Eternal Life.

Eternal Life is a real thing. You get that anyway, after a fashion, with all those temporary lives but... they are not the same thing. Some find this through Jesus Christ, some through Krishna... Buddha and others. Each of them is a portal. Each of these is a perspective. Imagine several people separated by 30, 60, 90, or 120 degrees but they are still close enough, in the same room, to see each other. From where they were sitting it would look different for each of them. Yet... they are all looking at the same thing that is there in the room with them. Each of these is a way that God has come here and demonstrated himself. He has come numerous other times, as people of which there is no record or scant record... or Stratford on Avon-type records.

God is the master of Hide and Seek. There is no world, not really. There is no anything; just chimera passing across the mindscreen of Desire. All there is... is God playing Hide and Seek. This world is his Lila... his play. Everything else is window dressing. It is the temporary draped over The Everlasting. Most people buy into The Temporary... the appearance of which conceals the steps to The Upper Room and Eternal Life. Let God find you. Stop hiding. I was very, very fortunate. I went looking for him. It wasn't easy. Anyone who tells you it is easy is lying. To pull out of The World in a Time of Material Darkness can only be described as painful. It has to be done in stages. Finally, from what I can see, it gets tolerable, and, in the latter stages... something more than a pleasure.

As you will see in the links below, Alien Musk is going into intense trials with human subjects in order to use the power of thought to affect technology. This should tell you they are way past that, and also explains the manufactured virus and killer, mind-parasite vaccines. They are bound and determined to pacify and enslave The World. Little do they know that they are themselves bound and that this IS all God's Play. Learn to never doubt for a moment that everything is under control to a higher purpose that ALREADY controls everything by thought, carried throughout the universe on the trade winds of Love.

God is in command of everything. This I KNOW. There are only a few things that I know, but... the ability to see anything at any time in its true form and being... is a working aspect of The Presence of God. God does it all. The key is to facilitate him doing it through you. This you accomplish by getting out of his way. This is where the selfless, God-loving Bhakti comes in. You don't get to channel The Divine if the focus is on yourself. All those smudges and dark areas on the stained glass of your personality, are the residue and Karma of old mistakes and misunderstanding. God has a power-washer. His love will burn through these shadows and illusions of false memory built from ancient misunderstandings. Let the past go!

If you do not understand why things are the way they are... it is because you are trying to get The Cosmos to match up with a personal perspective. Ah... I'm going to need you to let that go. (grin) Try matching up your perspective with The Cosmic Perspective. You can't get there bypassing “I don't know.” Stop informing The World about what you don't know in the first place, and... allow yourself to BE INFORMED. What do you think that means when Christ says, “Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”

Children don't know. It is what makes it possible for them to learn so quickly. You begin to lose that when Puberty divides your world. Now they want to divide and ruin that world for you before you can even get around to it. Children have innocence and the true objective of this, or any life, should be Regenerated Innocence. This innocent wonder is also why Childhood is the longest period of your life as you once understood Time. After that, in most cases, people live in redundant routines. It calcifies on the way to the grave. Step away from the grave and into The Light.

End Transmission.......

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"It is a Dream, a Nightmare. It is a Glistening Dream Web to Which We are all Attached by Karma."

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They are saying that 5G rolls out tonight. Reference is made in the links below. As I look out upon The World through my virtual window I see mounting problems, fed by Satanic instrumentation and instruments. Let us see what outfits the Shadows of Fear are wearing today; war in Ukraine, COVID-COVID-COVID, killer vaccines, lockdowns, imported crime through open borders, courtesy of The Usual Suspects, Wild West conditions on urban streets, race hatred, courtesy of The Usual Suspects, rampant sexual perversity and the despoliation of Innocence, also courtesy of The Usual Suspects AND... the destruction of the education system, courtesy of The Usual Suspects AND... emergent Communism, courtesy of The Usual Suspects.

You can say, well... visible, what about The Deep State? What about threats from abroad? What about Doritos Flame Chips, for that matter? You can see menacing specters in whatever direction you turn. The Fear has been turned up to 11 on the Marshall Amp; the amazing monster paranoid machine is transmutating daylight into dreams. He's hiding in the curtain, but no one's really certain... why he doesn't want his amplifier seen. I guess it all comes down to the way you look at it.

Attitude has a palpable impact on the way events and conditions affect us. Attitude and Intention are among the most important features impacting on our perspectives, AND... our continuing well-being. There are a great many subtleties concerning whether the glass is half-full or half-empty, but we don't usually hear about them. There is what we know, and what we don't know. Our confusion comes about through too much emphasis on the former. We don't know anywhere near what we think we do. As scripture says, “Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked.” (I'm guessing that is rhetorical so there is no question mark to be employed at the end of the sentence).

The World is filled with the 'eat drink and be merry' crowd. They never miss an opportunity when Material Culture floods the land. They are the ones who will tell you, “Hey, you only live once.” I guess that puts an end to that First Law of Thermodynamics. What I do... what I do, usually... is to take those principles and laws from the essential first posture of the science, and extrapolate out into ramifications and possibilities, be they empirical, physical, metaphysical. It can be amazing AND astounding what one might come upon in the simple act of pondering (as opposed to pandering). Yeah, sometimes I am too cute for my own good.

The snake has probably swallowed his tail enough this morning so I expect him to slither away now and rest up after his surprisingly nutritious and satisfying meal. Will there be leftovers? Some might well ask. Yes... there will be leftovers. Nothing is wasted.

I know how it looks. It looks pretty much the way THEY want it to look. THEY seek to intimidate the whole of us through manipulated fear. Here... now... I wish to address the real core issue of existence AS IT IS... not as it appears. The whole of it is a staged drama. There is the appearance of Good and Evil, and then there are the consequences that compose the results of Action and Reaction. It is all a dream. Yes! That is what it is, as simple as it can be put. It is a masquerade ball. It is a nightmare. It is a glistening dream web to which we are all attached by Karma. Some of us are deeply woven into the fabric of The Dream. We have woven ourselves into it in pursuit of what is not there.

And it is ALL under control, the good, the evil, the stupid, and the smart. It is all under control so... what are you worrying about? Some have good reason to worry but are not smart enough to consider it; time's a wasting!

There is a dream and it is a dream in the mind of God, who is SLEEPING, and dreaming all that Maya produces from her spinning wheel. It is Desire that turns that spinning wheel. Cease to Desire and your suffering will end. It IS that simple. You may not want to hear it. You may find this dissatisfying since you have all those unsatisfied desires. Lao Tzu says that you should 'cut back on senseless craving.' Jesus Christ said to “seek ye first The Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.”

It is not that Desire is wrong because Desire is the agent of God's Will. It is that your Desire is misplaced... misdirected... impure, and so? It results in Suffering. Surely ANYONE can see this is true if they so choose, BUT... WHERE'S MY UPSIDE??? I assure you The Kingdom of God is ALL the upside you will EVER need. It just isn't enough for most of us; it doesn't appear real (what? And everything else does?). It feels too far away. No one else is doing it.

The whole of your life can be viewed through the lens of your Desire. Are you happy with your results until now? Are you satisfied and filled with peace? Do you feel the call for higher states of being or... are you still on that scavenger hunt with your shopping list? We've all made some kind of a mess of our lives. Some have made a larger mess. Some have made a smaller mess. This is because we do not know what we are doing. Desire sets the motivation. The World is a glueboard. Desire is an adhesive.

The desires of your heart and mind attract entities that you can't see and they follow you around like a pack of hyena and jackals that follow a lion. If your desires are high-minded you will be attended by a better class of entities. If your desires are low, you will have friends in low places, where no friends are to be found. People don't want to hear answers like this. They are certain that their problems are caused by others. The Victim Game, created by The Usual Suspects, is the hottest attraction going. Look at how contemporary humanity is portrayed in The Media... Big Tech, and every other lunatic portal presently stamping its foot and screaming for attention. We are made to look like flagons of Vanity drained by demons.

Angels... demons? It is all a matter of perception. Are you Spiritual or Carnal? Are you Fear or Faith-based? Are you possessed of Certitude or uncertainty? If your life is not going as you wish it would, change your course. You can get guidance from angels or demons, depending on your perceptions, formed from your desires. The image of the demon conceals the angel. Your desires and intentions determine which it is that you see. Sooner or later you are going to throw yourself upon the mercy of Heaven. Sooner or later you will come to see where your own efforts have led you. You are EITHER in concert with Heaven or in a dissonant relationship. Your resistance WILL BE worn away by the love of God... eventually. You can expedite the matter.

The spirit of God, the actual essential being of God... is within you. You can access this. Every move you make is made possible by The Indwelling. You couldn't move otherwise. You wouldn't be. You wouldn't breathe, laugh or cry, without The Spirit of God Within. You are in a wrestling match with your lower nature. The stage is set for your present conflict by your Karma. As it plays out, so will your life follow suit. In the mechanical dance of Karma in life, certain events and conditions are fixed, BUT... are they? Are they?

Think of God as a financial planner. Think of God as a life coach. Think of God as an elder sibling. Think of God as an architect. Think of God as the one who keeps messing up your life. He is all of these and much, much, much more and he is RIGHT THERE inside you. You can reach him. You can talk to him. Why don't you? All the masters, teachers, prophets, sages, yogis, and true mystics are in accord about this. Who is telling you otherwise? Ah... right.

It is as simple as a bowl of porridge to me but... I can't talk about it directly. There is some sort of cosmic law about this. It can't be spoken. It can be transmitted. So... much of what I say is not going to make sense to many because I am not saying what I am trying to say. I am doing my best, but... it's not enough. If you are actually looking for it, sincerely, because it is of compelling interest to you, you will sorta see what I am sorta talking about.

Your Karma DOES NOT have to continue as it is. You can change it. God is known to give out loans from his Spiritual Bank. You apparently have no idea of what God is capable of and willing to do for those whom he loves... that being us. Ask him to fix your life. He will. I speak from direct experience. I am saying what I am saying today because the whole Circus Absurd is about to go a few more steps into The Ridiculous and Strange. God knows exactly where you are right now. He is accessible. To a sincere and contrite heart... God is all ears. Here's the kicker. He REALLY wants to help us. He is so ready to do this, but... we apparently have no great interest. You're going to go to him sooner or later once it goes South on you, might as well go to him now and get squared away.

People... God is Love. What are the implications of that? Hmm... the love is conscious too. I don't know about you but that sets my mind flying through the cosmos with possibilities. It is not as bad as you might think. Sure... in some places it will be, it is... horrid, but... we are in a new age. There is a new consciousness, a new template, a new atmosphere. EVERYTHING is going to change.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, January 14, 2022

"Think about It. We ALL Pray to Our Idea of God and You Can Be Sure that Idea Changes as Time Goes By."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I know it will make no difference to those who believe there are monsters under every bed, BUT... this has been going on for years now about how The Elite; rich, powerful, influential types, are taking this serum extracted from frightened children which makes them youthful.

I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS NOT HAPPENING! I do not know, BUT... where is the actual proof? This has to be happening on a massive scale. Twisted minds have no sense of loyalty to one another except that born of Fear of Consequences.

What is this Adrenachrome thing? Have we EVER seen a vial of it in all this talk? What evidence is there of any of this? I'm not saying it isn't real. I would expect such things of THEM, but... it could of course be a blind alley. It could be a blind for something else. Same with Comet (Ping Pong) Pizza. There must have been hundreds of kids who processed through there. Where is the smoking gun? Why would there not be whistleblowers in fear of their mortal souls? Why are they called Mortal Souls? In other words my friends, something doesn't smell right. Maybe someone out there in Anonymous Land can tell me something. I suspect they have crafted these to take the attention off of other activities.

Before you start frothing at the mouth in virtual fashion... I don't want to hear what someone said to someone else. I don't want wild ass accusations from some guy who went and jumped off a bridge. I don't want speculation. Where is the vial? Even the empty vial will hold plenty of evidence. Swish it with glucose or whatever they use... toss it in the centrifuge and send me the lab report.

What makes more sense to me than anything else is that they set these things up to wind up nowhere. They toss red herrings right and left while they get up to what they really get up to. How come Klaus Schwab looks like he does if he's got The Item?

We live in a time of instant video, and spy tech, where you can film with no one knowing, with high res video and clear sound. This Adrenachrome is... allegedly... epidemic in the exclusive corridors of The High and Mighty in all professions. We've been hearing about it for years. Why is there no evidence?

In these times of steroidal delusions, people very badly want to believe certain things because it fits their internal narrative. What is really going on is that a large percentage of Humanity, from the lowest to the highest levels of society is going mad. When I say mad, I mean everything from the terminal lassitude of serious depression and weltschmerz to raging catastrophic violence. This is the case at the street level and it is the case in the halls of political expedience, such as we see in the latest neo-con war effort with Russia.

The ridiculously bloviated shitstorm of COVID-Fear has shown me with dreadful clarity, the size of the population that is brainwashed and conditioned. When you add together the cowards and the fools, the carnality junkies and sex freaks, the power-mad and the celebrity chasers and... you add in The Stupid, you are left with a sizable number of people. What drew 50,000 people to Astroworld to listen and writhe to incoherent no talent morons and risk their lives in the bargain? The dumbing down is already complete. There are far more witless people loose than I ever imagined. Can they actually be that clueless? Are they possibly under a spell?

Word of mouth alone should have turned everyone against the vaccines by now. People are dropping dead all over the place. It should be Common Knowledge that the people in power are not only incompetent but stone-cold evil. Yes... many are just weak and compromised, but... still. I remember what I said here a couple of days ago, that The Divine causes people to continue as they are for The Purpose of Demonstration. I can find references to this in The Bhagavad Gita and The New Testament. I am sure I can find it in Buddhism and Sufism as well. Let those who are good continue to do good. Let those who are evil continue as well.

One of the things you learn at further levels of initiation is that there is no such thing as Evil. I am supposing you have to possess some degree of it to see it. This won't sit well with a lot of people, who all believe that if they were in charge everything would be different. That's what the last batch thought. It's like the power of money. Fortunately, I am free of this pestilence by the Grace of God. I've had numerous opportunities to vastly increase my store of material wealth and I just walked the other way without thinking about it, and I ALWAYS will. Wealth will ruin your circulation system if you try to stop the flow of it.

A couple-few weeks ago, this enterprising fellow wrote to ask me if I was still at the same address in a particular town; the town I say I live in but do not actually live in. He wanted my address so that he could send me a Christmas gift of a thousand dollars. He told me he had sent one at an earlier time but didn't want to give part of it to PayPal. I sensed, right off the bat that this person did not intend to send me anything anyone would want. I told him I had no memory of his previous gift and that I wasn't giving him my address. He said all kinds of things that didn't make sense. He was counting on the thousand dollars being a big deal to me. It's not. Millions of dollars are not a big deal to me. I could have literally had that a few times here and there.

He continued to be polite and then said, “Okay, I'll just send it via PayPal.” What I got was a REQUEST for a thousand dollars. He was hoping I wasn't paying attention and would just click the button. He said his name was Terry Politi and this is the email he was using= There are quite a few Terry Politis around.

The whole bait and hook thing was predicated on my wanting the money. I could care less. Money doesn't fix a damn thing but it will surely bring problems if you are a poor steward. I'm posting this so that others might be warned that scams abound, mostly because people are greedy and credulous. Here is one of his missives to me;

“I understand. The reason I asked for your address was I did not want Paypal to get a cut, you agreed a few years ago and sent me your address. Things have changed, I agree. I will not ask again for your address. I will use Paypal. thanks for the sanity of your friends and your writing, it makes me happy to realize I am not alone. Your intuition will keep you safe, you are in my prayers. Last thing, I do not live on my computer, I only checked my Emails looking for yours. Probably will not check them again for months. Love terry”

If you are forensic about these things, and I am... you can see a number of things wrong with his word arrangement. Here is the thing, my friends, the hope of gain blinds one's common sense; “well... maybe it's true.” Uh-huh. God takes care of my every need. It is near unbelievable the extent to which he does this, and the more I let him handle it, the more he handles. Make God the centerpiece of your life and concern yourself with NOTHING ELSE.

You've heard that you can't cheat an honest man? You also can't suck someone into something unless the idea of personal gain is colorfully dangling on a hook. “Wow! That's all squiggly and pretty. It must taste good. It looks like something I once ate.”

Let me leave you with something useful. Do not abuse it because the consequences are real. Prayer is an amazing thing. It is beyond my abilities to tell you how amazing. If you pray to The God of Rock, he will hear you, just like Mohammad, Jesus Christ, OR ANYONE you can name or imagine. Think about it... we ALL pray to our idea of God and you can be sure that idea changes as time goes by. We are not all meant to be sweet, sensitive, and caring people. Perhaps it is so in the latter stages, but...many other states of existence and expression are along the way. You can have whatever you want. Remember the Nam Myoho Renge Kyo chant that was all the rage some decades ago?

It was out of the Nichiren Shoshu tradition and you got yourself a little portable altar called a Gohonzon and you just chanted away with a fury.

People were chanting for new cars and all kinds of things, AND GETTING THEM. “According to your faith is it done unto you.” I knew some of these people. They were everywhere at the time. Some of them were acquaintances of mine. Even then I knew that Material Culture was not something I wanted any part of and I paid dearly for that too. There is a real cost for not fitting in with the game dynamics of the culture.

Prayer is a power well beyond the usual human understanding. Otherwise, it would be much more consistently employed. You can pray for anything and there are entities that serve every need imaginable. This is an area where one should pay careful attention to their motives. You can ask God to be rich and he WILL see that you are, For The Purpose of Demonstration. You will be made rich and you will see what that gets you. Everyone who is presently rich very much wanted to be, EXCEPT in those cases where it is conferred upon The Good Stewards. People also earn their wealth by working for it.

You'll get what you pray for, and often as not, you will pray for it to go away later on. Pray for Wisdom and Clarity. Pray for The Kingdom of God to come to Earth. Pray for Higher Love. Pray for God's Qualities. Pray for The Awakening to intensify. Pray for the light of The Avatar to cleanse the citadels of darkness.

Pray for something useful and not for yourself. You are more likely to get a quicker response. If you pray for yourself, God is watching you. He knows what is involved if he gives you what you ask. He will give you time to think about it. If you had any idea of how often God has protected you from yourself...

End Transmission.......

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Mike King:
The Strange Deaths of Peter Scolari and Bob Saget

Hazard Harrington Via Threadreader App
Well... outside of the spelling and grammatical errors and all sorts of shorthand initials that I don't understand, it was very revealing. I have a friend who used to work in IT remote (or somesuch). He should see this. It looks like all you got to do is lie. Him being of a darker hue would SURELY get him hired=
An Insider View of Working in Big Tech post-COVID

Click through via the Twitter link below to read original thread

Marilyn Mosby

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

"You Would Know Better than Anyone Else what Your Footprints Look Like From The Moment You are Standing In."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

People have a window for various common experiences. For some, the window does not exist for very long. For some few... it goes on for much longer. There is The Window of Personal Attractiveness. Some don't get out of their teen years with any window at all... these days. There are Windows of Opportunity, and this is decided by two features; Karma and Grace. Your windows depend on them too.

How often do you see anyone say Grace over their food in a restaurant or their homes? It is a much-diminished pattern. God is very far away. The Material World is much closer and more accessible. It can taste good. It can look good. It can smell good. It can feel good and it can sound good, but not so much of the latter these days. The soundtrack is now a Satanic celebration of animal sex, random consumption of what-all, and something called Bling. Bling is a tiny progression from twinkly shit people paste on their faces at a third grade level to huge, cumbersome, and shiny, ugly crap they wear around their neck, usually their name (so they don't forget it) or some bestial slam dance of a Horizontal Hula reference.

Maturity and Class are no longer a thing. Acting out at a Third Grade level in tantrum mode is now a thing. How did we fall so far so quickly? Well... it ALL comes down to The Usual Suspects, in total control of The Media and The Money. They have been SHAPING the culture into a downward spiral of depraved appetite. They are the ones behind making gay marriage a right by law. No sooner did this happen than every other twist of the sex licorice came along behind it; teaching perverse sexual behaviors in elementary school, adoption to swell the numbers of programmed children who have not seen that the thorns on The Rainbow are worse than Natal Plum. This same thing has happened in EVERY CULTURAL DECLINE... since the beginning of time.

Black cultural emergence is now one of the main focuses of The Usual Suspects, BECAUSE... they want to control it. They took over all the civil rights orgs from the git-go way back, just as they have done with the whole sexual freak circus. They owned the slave ships that brought them here. They own the slums, real-estate-wise. They used to own all the pawnshops, AND... they had total control of black music until Barry Gordy came along. They were the loan sharks and most of the gangsters that came and went in America. They are ALWAYS the bankers. They finance Antifa and are the source of Communism.

A few things stand in the way of writhing Babylon rampant on a field of blood; religious traditions, The Family Unit, Natural Human Sexuality, personal honor and dignity... and love of country. Who owns the largest gay porn operation on the planet? It is a husband and wife team of The Usual Suspects, from Brooklyn... I think. They are senior citizens. Who runs the porno empire? The Usual Suspects. Who is the driving force behind The War on Christmas and Christianity? The Usual Suspects. Who has killed the largest numbers of people in more countries (by far) than ANY other group of people? The Usual Suspects. Who faked a holocaust to cover the greatest holocaust in history? Right.

Who created and distributes the vaccines? The Usual Suspects. Who is pressing for war in Eastern Europe, that also caused both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars? Whaddya know... same as it ever was. Who runs The Teacher's Union and the CDC? The Usual Suspects. Who controls the State Department? Who was behind creating and maintaining The Federal Reserve? Same again. Who killed presidents and anyone who got in the way of The Federal Reserve? Same again. Who runs both houses of Congress? Same again. Who controls the largest share of funds used by politicians in order to become catamites, bent over the table they signed the agreement on.

I could... LITERALLY, do this for the rest of the posting and far beyond it, but if you don't know all of this by now, the chances of you ever knowing... much less doing anything about it; have you met Slim and None? Yeah... if it weren't for The Divine Animating Principle and all his proxy personas (The Sun that causes all weather, in conjunction with mountains and oceans and all the rest) there would be no hope at this point. Every single event that occurs here, in Nature and in human affairs is a life play of divine archetypes interacting. Everything that happens is good for one and bad for another. Everyone who suffers IS... in some stage of resistance to The Divine Will.

People in life are subject to Karma they created at some time previous, while... at the same time... making new Karma to come. Here is where self-service and selfless service come into play. Self-service is a Karma generation device. Selfless Service is a Karma reduction device. The Usual Suspects are The Children of The Pit. They are here to play the relentless adversary against all your hopes and dreams. They are a part of it all, and they have an endless army of minions, who in one way or another, serve His Satanic Majesty. That is the fellow that God appointed to handle that side of things. You can argue about that all you want, BUT... since God is in ABSOLUTE CONTROL of EVERYTHING. Do the math! The Devil is the way that the wicked and fearful see God.

What... for reasons that escape me... is REALLY going on behind the scenes? What is going on with the horrible fates that befall so many people? WHY... do people persist in ignorant behavior that brings more and more suffering down on their heads? Karma IS NOT an inflexible, mechanical reality! EVERYTHING in your life is determined by the level of your resistance to The Divine. The Grace of God ALWAYS triumphs over Karma... if God so wills it. You CAN negotiate with God. You can get a loan from his Spiritual Bank to cover all your outstanding debts. Yes... you WILL have to pay it off in some way. Yes... service will be required of you, BUT... personally... if I had no debt, eternal service would STILL be my intention. It's the difference between working for a Living God or finding your way through an unfeeling machine of cause and effect.

There is some kind of cognitive dissonance that exists in the human mind about SERVICE. People work for their entire lives just to be able to do nothing but travel, play golf, indulge in fantasy pursuits. A large percentage of these people die soon after they retire. They can't adapt to all that free time.

I once managed resorts on Maui. A lot of middle management types had bought themselves a condo. They were not shy about letting you know that they knew everything about how you should do your job. They were a perpetual annoyance, like mosquitoes and buzzing flies. It soon occurred to me why this job had a high turnover rate. The first six months I didn't care. I did what was necessary to be the best resident manager they had ever had. Any dedicated and reasonably intelligent person can do this. The second six months I lived in the success zone of my accomplishments. Then... in the third phase as the mosquitoes and flies got worse I arranged with the property manager to fire me... with unemployment benefits.

What is wrong with being in service to Humanity by being in service to God? NOTHING! People who shirk at a life of service are simply blind to the rewards. Worried about your Karma? Go into service. Serve as you go, in the moment as it provides. You don't have to wear a collar. You don't have to wear a robe and change your name to Ramalamayakshit. You don't have to build an empire with zonked-out followers. You don't have to create an industry of seminars and videos, self-help books, and talk show appearances. You don't have to do the celebrity-publicity fame dance for what? Money and Power? Keep your head down and help at every opportunity. Don't call attention to your works. God sees. That's all that counts.

A certain level of disappointed characters sling shit like a chimpanzee at the zoo... but the caravan moves on. When you are mean-spirited and self-serving, the rancor and bile eat you up... you seethe while twisting in the wind. You die from a painful disease, alone or mostly alone. How many people love you for what you have said and done here? You would know better than anyone else what your footprints look like up to the moment you are standing in.

What is the biggest mystery? Indian tradition will say, according to the stork of dharma, that was talking to that Pandava brother, and... who asked what the biggest mystery was, and... the answer? “That although you see men dying all around you, you do not think you will die.” No one asks WHY one would think they would not die. It is because something within us tells us there is life after here, even if that is only life, after life, after life, after life... here. I think the biggest mystery is; where is God, and how far away is that?

God is closer to you than you are to yourself. This I KNOW so... take it as you like. God is you when you (finally) know who you are. You are God in microcosm BECOMING. You will never be the macrocosm, and... why would you want to be? Why do people want to be important? People who are will tell you there is a lot more to it. Rich? Do you have any idea what a drag that is? Famous? Now you can wear a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes. I have DIRECTLY seen a lot of this, and in sufficient numbers to make an educated guess about the misfortunes that boob-tards call Fortune... Fame, Wealth, Power, and Position. Screw the lot of these masquerade pretenders that whisper in your ear and take you to Hell. I DO NOT exaggerate.

If you really want any of these temporary baubles of Material Culture, then... just ask God. He WILL fix you up and you will get the experience. You get THE REAL VERSION of all of these if you just bother to get God first. Do we promote any particular religious persuasion here? God is not concerned about the schematic through which you love and serve him. He is ONLY concerned about WHETHER you love or serve him. My objectives are about bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth, AND... I am CERTAIN that sooner or later, I can do it because I can do all things through God who strengthens me. My apologies to the specific scripture.

God's awareness is present in EVERY LIVING THING. He knows if someone starts to search for him, to seek him within. He knows this immediately. He might even be behind it. What most do not realize is that giving an indication of seeking God means you have opened yourself up for a roller coaster ride of transformation. Difficulty at the Beginning is a real thing. It is by this compression-intensification force that one is stripped of everything inconsequential until all that remains is the living conscious light. Most people drop out of doing this very quickly. They can't take the pressure. This is how God finds out what you are made of; wait a minute, God already knows what you are made of. This is how YOU find out what you are made of.

End Transmission.......

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270-Million-Year-Old Stone Bears Words:
‘Chinese Communist Party Perishes’

270 million year old stone carving

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Thursday, January 06, 2022

"You Can Light Up The World with Your Interior Beauty. Love WILL make You Incandescent, and Heaven WILL Appear."

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The World is a place of contention and argument; unless you shut it down in your head. It doesn't matter how often one might clarify their perspective, or explain why they think as they do. Most especially if it has to do with the egoic twisting of sexual identity at the hands of invisible manipulators. People insist they were born the way they are and nothing is their responsibility otherwise.

Yes... that may be true... since they came here from somewhere else. Everyone comes in here with an agenda. Agendas conflict with one another, and culture wars are the result. As Materialism intensifies, the agendas become more and more insane... more and more off the road and into the wild. During cycles of devolution, people revert back to ghost and ancestor worship; cannibalism... even if it is only eating the hearts of their enemies, which happens in real-time all day long between men and women whose essential nature got bent out of shape.

People who seek to understand will always find understanding, those who do not will reap epiphany through trauma.

The whole gay thing... in the larger sense, where it has formed its own subculture, has its roots in Material Culture. There are no challenges to make a man out of you; no more frontiers; except within. Now they've bent the military too, so manhood rites went south and men became feminized into what the street calls, Bitches... twisted bitches is the template. It is the Metrosexual Disneyland Mall Hypnosis. Nature has been turned into stores full of crap that no sane person needs, to dress up like someone they are not.

However... all that we run into down here has spiritual implications and relates to the coming ascendance of The Divine Mother to her long denied rightful place, mostly due to Paul and the cold... sexless, early church fascists. The feminizing graces that are Heaven-sent, are being interpreted in carnal fashion by those who are trapped in the gaudy details of sham and artifice; people devoid of purpose want to play dress-up as someone else, over the rainbow somewhere, by way of The Big Rock Candy Mountain with The Vibrating Buttplugs playing on the iPod.

Love of comfort and luxury, with no survival concerns trends toward obesity, sexual perversity, and impotence. The exact same thing took place in Rome for the same reasons, and we got our own lead-in-the-water these days too... from poisonous wells that are not all holes in the ground but holes in our character.

Seems like no one else wants to say these things. I don't either. Once The World goes out of balance... goes wrong, the results are predictable. It won't happen overnight but... objects really are closer than they appear, and already exist in some places now. May your interior light be lit so that you can see through your own darkness to the Divine Singularity of your True Self. You can light up The World with your interior beauty. Love will make you incandescent, and Heaven will appear. People will only see themselves... in the mirror of you, as you reflect God's Light. This is what God does when he moves through The World, disguised as everyone else.

There is no question that an effort is afoot to kill Spiritual Nature. This is the primary intention of Communism. There is a programming to reduce Humanity to drones and slaves through their carnal nature and the weakness brought about by hungry appetites that consume the host. It will fail. They will fail, and The World will long remember.

You know when you know you have Wisdom? Well, of course, it is when you fundamentally know that you do not know. It is when you know that God is the supreme origin and end of all things and that you love him/her/it more than anything else. Out of that Wisdom comes other Wisdom; such as... the awareness that God wants you to be like him. That's not such a bad deal. What did you put up for it? It's kind of one-sided, isn't it? Oh... right, you can love him right back. The Sun is the original source of all the love that manifests here. You have your own portion of The Sun within you, where your own love is manufactured and expressed in radiance... if it should so happen that one were permissive of the passage of Divine Love through them.

Then... there is the much, much, much more present Carnal Love. What you have then is the force that expresses through romance and chain breakage. It can be powerful and majestic, in a common sort of a way. The Hindu Culture took it to the farthest reaches possible, in Tantra; realized by only a small handful of savants. It is an extraordinarily powerful force and few escape it. It burns with hunger until it burns itself out.

I am not demeaning this love. How else would The World be populated? What I am saying is that this is the very force that leads to Liberation and Immortality. If you suppress it in its natural form, it will find its way out through unnatural courses, as happened to The Catholic Church. You can't have celibacy among those who lack self-control and... are immoral or ignorant of the situation.

There was a time when that church was the only way through to one's ambitions. If one's ambitions were only God, one would have no need of the church. The church provides a staging ground for you to search for and serve God through ritual and your own convenience, within an easy time frame, in case political theater gets your attention. It is not impossible to find God that way, but... it is certainly more difficult than if one were to seek in their own heart for God.

All of the timeless dramas, notably in the tales from Greeks and Romans for the Western mind... all the Romeo and Juliet memes, the hero myths, the doings of The Gods and the personas employed, all of them tell deep and profound things about how forces interact when they are personalized. You've seen the masks that are traditionally over the entrance to a performing theater? One is smiling and one is sad. All these dramas are dreamscapes of mortality. The whole of The World (almost) is enthralled by the dances that are no more than shadows moving before the mind's eye. Whether they are in Plato's Cave or inside your head... and arguably the same... they are distractions painted upon a light too bright to see.

I do not care what road you take. I do not care how long that road may be or what other roads it may lead to. EVENTUALLY, it takes you to God. How long you choose to suffer in the process is a subjective affair. Getting out can be painful, but you have a master at hand who... with remarkable skills can pull the thorns from your being.

I am in an area now where I cannot say what I desire to say in my own words. Let me include a portion of the Bhagavad Gita that I read this morning to open my day.

“Good people come to worship me for different reasons.
Some come to the spiritual life because of suffering,
some in order to understand life;
some come through a desire to achieve life’s purpose, and
some come who are men and women of wisdom.

Unwavering in devotion, always united with me,
the man or woman of wisdom surpasses all the others.
To them, I am the dearest beloved,
and they are very dear to me.

All those who follow the spiritual path are blessed.
But the wise, who are always established in union,
for whom there is no higher goal than me,
may be regarded as my very Self.

After many births the wise seek refuge in me,
seeing me everywhere and in everything.
Such great souls are very rare.
There are others whose discrimination is misled by many desires.
Following their own nature,
they worship lower gods, practicing various rites.

When a person is devoted to something with complete faith,
I unify his faith in that.
Then, when faith is completely unified,
one gains the object of devotion.
In this way, every desire is fulfilled by me.

Those whose understanding is small
attain only transient satisfaction:
those who worship the gods go to the gods.
But my devotees come to me.

Through lack of understanding,
people believe that I, the Unmanifest, have entered into some form.
They fail to realize my true nature,
which transcends birth and death.

Few see through the veil of Maya.
The world, deluded, does not know that I am without birth and changeless.
I know everything about the past, the present, and the future, Arjuna;
but there is no one who knows me completely

Delusion arises from the duality of attraction and aversion, Arjuna;
every creature is deluded by these from birth.
But those who have freed themselves from all wrongdoing
are firmly established in worship of me.
Their actions are pure,
and they are free from the delusion caused by the pairs of opposites.

Those who take refuge in me,
striving for liberation from old age and death,
come to know Brahman,the Self, and the nature of all action.
Those who see me ruling the cosmos,
who see me in the adhibhuta, the adhidaiva, and the adhiyajna,
are conscious of me even at the time of death.”

And so it goes, the transmission from that temporary island I move around in.

End Transmission.......

More links of the unpleasantness in life. I really am going to have to look for positive news and information. It's not easy to find. Yes... good things happen when the plans of the deluded fail, but someone is always unhappy about outcome (grin).

Via ZeroHedge
Not so very far from where the 2nd World War was ignited, by the same people behind this=
Mayhem In Kazakhstan As 18 Police Reported Killed, Banks Offline, Shooting & Explosions Heard

Via Red Voice Media
Well this... heh heh... this is interesting=
Amazon’s Gender Recognition System Identifies Michelle Obama As A Man

Check out who owns Pfizer=
According to Investopedia, the top shareholders in Pfizer are Frank A. D'amelio, John Douglas Young, Mikael Dolsten, Vanguard Group Inc., BlackRock Inc. (BLK), and State Street Corp.

America's German-Jew interrogators

Via Oregon Health & Science University
What incredible bullshit. They also had one on lesbian sheep and wanted to spend more to find ways to protect lesbian sheep from rape=
Biology Behind Homosexuality in Sheep, Study Confirms

Via Fox News
Never get too close to the truth so as to offend those who are offended by the truth=
Jon Stewart on comments about J.K. Rowling’s 'Harry Potter' portrayal of goblins:
‘Light-hearted conversation’

Via Gateway Pundit
Absolutely batshit crazy=
Transgender TikTok User Accuses Baby Of Being Transphobic

Ethan Huff Via The Truthseeker
Well, this I did not know=
REVELATION: Only the “vaccinated” died during the 1918 Spanish Flu

Spanish Flu