Sunday, October 22, 2006

Around the Corner and Out of Sight.

Nature is red in tooth and claw
All the colors dance before the open maw

And the elements fight which accounts for the war on Heaven and in the human realm, the political, religious, cultural; economic and fashion wars go on and on and none can say which is dumber than the other. They’re just there like rides in an amusement park, like video games. Hunger marches across the landscape and it’s a good thing you can’t see him because he’s not pretty. It’s not about there being no food. It’s just about hunger.

The surrounding air is filled with ghosts and decaying subtle bodies that not a few people wrap around themselves like Ed Gein’s mother’s skin. They’ve taken down that stuffed ‘free bird’ to be their dancing partner.

Traffic howls along corridors where certain appetites wait to feed. They’ve got their locations and you can see the floral table arrangements that are left by the roadside in memory of that special headlight lit dinner. Other places it’s just about the sex oil perfume and it drives them crazy when you do that and eventually they’ll drive you crazy too and you’ll have to wear long coats with pant’s legs affixed to your calves with rubber bands and a real story to tell about how you got that carpel tunnel syndrome.

In thousands of innocuous looking houses around the world, young boys and girls are kept as sex slaves in converted basements and secret rooms, out in the desert and all sorts of locations. In France, a few years ago, hundreds of young girls went missing and no one saw them again.

There are lots of dungeons outfitted to a T, where the willing and unwilling are led through the stages toward some dreadful epiphany.

In a few places certain wiser souls hide with their comrades in monasteries and similar places repeating something over and over until the body molecules go automatic with it.

Everything you can imagine eating or fucking is being served somewhere right now. Some of these places are members only.

More than half of all the political and religious figures in the world are experiencing blackmail because they stepped outside the arbitrary margins.

In some farming communities, people are living the way their grandparents did. Nothing much that happens in the world will affect them. They’ll be there after whatever it is that happens.

Everybody that tried to change the world got beaten up or killed. Some of them got statues and groupies after the fact, when it didn’t do them much good. But they were trying to change or save the world not get laid. None of them changed the world except in a certain long range way that winks in the night like a lighthouse on the coast. Sometimes they are a star to steer by on a very long voyage.

Some people got famous and embarrassed themselves in front of the whole world and got pursued by people they couldn’t stand and they got carpel tunnel syndrome too. Some of them died from too much fun and got autopsy pictures taken. They were all subject to the same ills as everyone else so the fame didn’t help with that. They could usually afford to buy whatever they wanted to eat or fuck but a whole lot of people were watching too.

Some people just got rich and suspected everyone they knew. They were busy with being and/or staying rich full time and, quite often, they wound up drinking themselves to death in big empty houses. They developed a certain cruelty and had to trade away the capacity for spontaneous freedom on a pound for pound exchange level. It wasn’t what they thought it would be but it never is.

Wherever anyone lived, things occurred in patterns and the world changed so that before was always better than after. Most of them wound up living in images of the past that hadn’t actually happened. No one knew who they were or had been.

No matter where you went, something was happening, sometimes it was nice and sometimes it wasn’t. The world was best when it was being left alone but that was seldom. Sometimes the world encroached on the little worlds and everybody was affected by it and then affected everyone else until it was just a world of these effects.

It didn’t matter what people did. They just came and went. So what would be the best thing for anyone who was smart enough to figure it out? The best thing would be to go live somewhere where most of the people grew their food and where the economy wasn’t so hot but where there was plenty of everything and the weather was nice. Then the best thing after that was to stay mostly quiet and live outside the roaring wind of the urban heat machines. These people could invite people to visit them in the quiet and these people, if they wanted to accomplish something could also do it quietly or pretend to be someone else who lived somewhere else.

These people didn’t get too rich or too famous. These people lived on country roads where they could walk for some time and rarely see a car. These people knew that there were more places like this in the world than most people think. They had the world at their fingertips but not in their living room.

They knew that you can’t heal insanity before it comes up against itself. You can’t herd livestock when it’s spooked and you can’t protect the sheep that want to howl like a wolf. You can’t do anything but you sure can sing and dance in nothing because no one is going to travel there to hear you. You can get other friends, friends who don’t go everywhere else; who are driven away by heat and confusion. They still got to go somewhere and you can make that possible in the less crowded areas of the world.

You could be somewhere else the whole time that everyone else was in the other place. Who’s going to do something like this? Not very many people and that’s part of what makes it empty and nice. Meanwhile, the department store is open 24/7 and it’s always down the street somewhere.