Thursday, March 31, 2022

"God Stays in The Background Unless You are REALLY... REALLY Serious and Determined about The Presence."

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I look at the wall above my computer screen and I see, in two rows; Peter Deunov, Lord Vivasvan. Mikhael Aivanhov, Ramakrishna, Babaji, and Guru Bawa. Off to the right are Swami Vivekananda, The Divine Mother, and Sri Yantra. Behind me and to my left are, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar, and Paramhansa Yogananda. Then... at the top of the wall, going around for about three-quarters of it, are large-format BOTA, Major Arcana Tarot cards. Mercifully, for the reader that will be an end to the inventory of items on view.

I suppose there are other images I still wish to add to these, but... my printer was acting up. I think I have that taken care of now. I have these pictures, which are 19” by 13” on my walls because they are my heroes. I see them every day. I see them all day long. When I take my lunch at my desk (if I have lunch), I can consume their images while I eat. As I drink tea through the day, I look at Lord Babaji and I let the idea of him permeate me with the warmth of the tea. All by itself, my right hand assumes a particular mudra over The Heart Center. I do not know why that is happening or what it means. I can guess at parts of it, but... there is probably more.

Why am I telling you this? There are two features in my life these days that were not a constant before. They came and they went. They are Discipline and Order. When they were not present, my life went to Hell without the luxury of a handbasket. When they were present, that meant things were progressing smoothly. They must have been present more than I remember over the course of my life, given the condition I am in, which... to me... seems nothing short of a miracle. How is this possible? I ask myself this when it occurs to me how unusual it has to be.

I live where there are many older people. I'm in a sunshine zone and older people prefer to live in this kind of dry and warm climate. Then there are also the snowbirds. I notice a number of them are selling their homes and moving. They are from Canada and there has been a great deal of hassle for them coming and going in recent times. It might be different if they were transgender, Baskin and Robbin's flavors of the week, but... I digress.

As I was supposed to be saying, there are many older people about and I see the shape they are in now. Some of them are younger than me and I suspect they could not possibly have done to themselves the injuries I caused to myself. Yet...

As for those who are much younger, well... in many cases it does seem that they will not even make it to this age. Recent generations have collapsed upon themselves due to... MATERIALISM. Allowing yourself to become immersed in Material Culture is... a slow and agonizing suicide. I'm guessing I can handle pain. I certainly have had to do that in this life, but... what they are subjecting themselves to? I could not bear that. I wonder if the fact that it is someone else's fault serves to diminish the pain?

All of my life I have had similar images to inspire me on the many walls of the many living spaces I found myself in. When I was a young boy, I had a rectangular woodblock of a forest setting, running up to a mountain. On it was inscribed, in cursive form, “I will look unto the hills from whence cometh my help.” Modern translations now put a question mark at the end of that statement, instead of a period. What the Hell? It's part of their Chaos and Confusion strategy for global dominance, which they will NEVER, NEVER EVER succeed at.

Of course, I now know that the mountain in the picture and the hills in the statement are interior constructs having to do with life's challenges. When you have climbed the hills on the way to that mountain, and when you have climbed that mountain, you have attained. It does NOT MATTER which trail you traveled on. It doesn't matter if you had to make a trail or went right straight up, through, and over whatever came into your way. ALL that matters is whether you managed to climb it. That makes Determination... Persistence... far more important than most people consider them anymore, in this world of immediacy and convenience.

What do immediacy and convenience translate into when one has been conditioned to expect them? Frustration... Anger... and attendant negative emotions, if you turn The Dial in that direction. What do ease and comfort translate into? Excess... Sloth... Laziness... Obesity... Impotence... loss of joy in living... OH! I could go on and on here.

When you do not have an investment in the outcome, you are made free of the illusions of justification that give legitimacy to your posture of self-interest. Gamblers NEVER reflect in a game that they hope their competitor wins this time. When you remove yourself from The Game, People just go right on without you. You are no longer relevant. As you continue in this direction, a time will come when they can no longer see you at all, even when you are right there. I've had direct experience of this.

Guru Bawa once said, “get Wisdom at all costs. Steal it if you have to.” He was a saint. That would be obvious to anyone who was in his company for even a short time. For him to say that, indicates the importance he placed on it, especially Divine Luminous Wisdom, and... this you have when The Presence of God has been established in you at a conscious level.

God stays in the background unless you are REALLY... REALLY serious and determined about The Presence. You have to court The Divine with the ardor of a lover. You have to go after God with a single-minded purpose that brooks no interference. It MUST BE more important to you than anything else. You must be capable of taking no thought for your goods or... ANYTHING else. You must be capable of it again and again. The moss must not be allowed to grow on you. That is the hypnosis state of approaching death. Die consciously!!! Die in every moment until you are in that everlasting moment. This is exceedingly hard in the beginning, but it becomes a lifestyle later on. You don't even think about it anymore. You only have one thing on your mind.

This is not a difficult state of being once you have made that contact because... NOTHING ELSE is as desirable afterward. I was very fortunate in this regard. I had calamity after calamity descend upon me from the very beginning. For a time, I was convinced that God hated me.

My Kundalini experience, which existed as a constant for several years, made any kind of (so-called) normal existence an impossibility; not to mention swimming upstream with everything else coming in the opposite direction... BUT... FINALLY... after years of white water and rocks in the stream, the torrent rolled up on itself, and became a still lake over which a perfect moon does glide.

I try to talk about these things, but I can't... not really. All I can say is, STRIVE HARD!!! Sooner or later your striving will end. We are not talking about making millions of dollars, achieving international recognition, winning the heart of fair damsel or knight errant (pun intended).

The whole story about the princess in the tower, guarded by The Black Knight (of ignorance) or... The Dragon (your base passions) is about Kundalini rising. The Tower is the spine and its attendant channels. The Princess is Lady Kundalini in The Bridal Chamber of The Sahasrara. She becomes increasingly beautiful as you go, because... the veils are burned away. Kundalini is a fire until The Truth is naked.

Kundalini consumes EVERYTHING that is not a dynamic of The Union with God, at the top of the mountain. Those whose pictures are on my walls have all accomplished this. Ramakrishna has his hands in the very mudras I did and do experience... and which I knew nothing about at the time. Assuredly it was a far pace beyond me, but... I have him and the others for a guide. I look at them every day, all day. They imprint on the mindscreen. They become a part of me... just as those Tarot images did since I discovered them over 50 years ago. They get into your DNA... so to speak.

There is no sense in my mind of greater importance between them. They all toil in the same vineyards as any of us... who seek to so employ ourselves. I try to make some aspect of God be present in every moment of my life, and there is something for every physical routine. There is no getting around it (thank God!). He's got me coming and going. He's got me surrounded!

I still bang into things occasionally. Sometimes I will lose my grip for a moment, when I am sideswiped without warning, by whatever it is that is using it as a device to unsettle me. On we go, up the road, around the bend until one day... we get to The Bending End. That is only the launching pad for the next series of events. I don't know what waits up the way... not really, but... I do know what waits here, and anyone who wants that is welcome to it.

End Transmission.......

Recently, I read a book called, “The Devil in the Valley” by Castle Freeman Jr. It reminded me of the works of Stevenson, Poe, O'Henry. Someone from back then. A child could read it. It is a work of elegant simplicity. You can get it from the library. I bought an old library copy on eBay. If you like books and you like what we talk about here, you WILL like this.

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Monday, March 28, 2022

"Put It Another Way, it is The Man Who SHOULD Walk the Dog. He Should not Permit the Dog to Walk Him."

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So... Biden has said that America is not going to confront Russia militarily; that he is leaving it to other nations to do so... something or other to that effect, so... it sounds like a False Flag is on the menu (“Looks like meat is back on the menu, boys!”). Leave it to the orcs to be pragmatic. The Ukrainians decided to blow some shit up in honor of Biden being only a FEW HUNDRED MILES from the action. It's like Kiev except they spell it with an L; the place where they blew something up... a communications tower? A Starbucks? A Ben and Jerry's Meh Martini Bar? God willing, there is no such event. We pray that those who do Evil will be frustrated in their efforts.

Selfless service does not mean you have no self. People get a lot of the fundamental AND enduring truths wrong. It is what hinders them in their apprehension of them. Get the basics right and everything else will be taken care of. Put it another way, you will know what is, AND... that it is not in your area of responsibility. Ergo... you stop getting in your own way. That which is moving through you is you ALSO. One part of you gets out of the way of the other. The man walks the dog. The dog does not walk the man. Put it another way, It is the man who SHOULD walk the dog. He should not permit the dog to walk him. Why? (grin) Because it is CERTAIN to get him in trouble. ♫Let me show you how to walk the dog♫

Does Dog Poet take on new meaning? (grin)

All of these systems of medicine, including the holistic and new age methodologies are going to be swept away by new understandings. Reiki is a simplistic application of something even more simple but quite a bit more refined. You should first take a GOOD LOOK at the person you have come to see for treatment. Do they look well? If not, I suggest you move on. Physiognomy is a little-studied area of science that will pay huge dividends to those who can see into it. EVERY living thing is telling you something by its appearance. Pay close attention. It can spare you great regret.

Vanity makes people stupid and it also makes them vulnerable in unfortunate ways. Look at Will Smith, whose vanity is legendary. As Chuang Tzu (I think it was) said a long time ago, “a son killing his father is not the result of a single argument that day.” Critical Mass is whatever gets Mr. Apocalypse out of his chair. In these times, I don't think he has spent much time sitting down.

Do you remember that we said, only recently... that conditions were going to get more and more out of control, and that people would have less control over themselves? When a person's ego has been long devoted to creating and maintaining a person's privileged status, like Will Smith, it begins to look for the perfect situation in which to expose itself. “I am the King of The World!!!” That is an iceberg mating call. Keep in mind that he has been called King Richard in his most recent film that I will never see.

As the barriers of restraint, and good behavior, are scorched away by the rampaging force of individual egos, the levees that keep out bad conduct are overrun (sorry about the metaphor pileup on aisle 6), and you are left with a large population of psychotic people living their own truth, acting out in the intelligence of The Beast. When you lose control of yourself... when you lose control of your own passions and desires... you are on The Road to Slavery. When superstition takes over in the human mind, it is not long before humanity can be convinced of anything.

After a time... most religions become reservoirs of superstition. They become vehicles for control, just like the government. When the two get into bed together, it's no wonder they can't figure out what goes where. Then comes the really wicked threesome (thropple?) when The Media and The Press join them (right... that would be a 4-some; a forpple?), then Hell and Damnation will follow

When you are no longer the master of yourself... ANYTHING can step in and take over. Materialism enrages people. Frustrated desire does this. When some few have and many others do not, crime becomes a way of life. The greater the excess of Materialism, the greater the environment for crime. The fewer they are... who have, compared to those who do not have... the greater is the fury of anger as it runs through the subterranean rivers of the COLLECTIVE subconscious. Hot spots develop on the surface. Volcanoes become active. Nature is a mirror for the unrest in Humanity.

Or... you could think of it as acne and attribute it all to Growing Pains because... it is most certainly that. What is it that makes new lands where there were none? What makes the mountains rise and fall? That is who I wanted to find and communicate with. If you persist it will happen. Don't worry about any of the rest of it. That will get sorted the way it always has. It's going to sort you too. Best to get ahead of the sorting. Hindsight should be one of the motivators of foresight, along with insight. Three is an important number when you are thinking about how things come into being.

We draw nearer and nearer to that trembling domino, as the Earth moves beneath the surface on which it sits. Someone has arranged these dominoes in a precise fashion. It might even be those upon whom the dominoes will fall (it is). Would that not be perfect justice? Is it not fitting that we should be hung on the scaffolds that we have built for others? Should the faulty bridges that we built previously... not collapse beneath our own weight? Everywhere... perfect Justice is being done, though few can see it. It outrages people to hear that everything is under control and that NOTHING happens by accident... but... so. We refuse to believe what we know to be true, that... which... we... do... not... know, because we have hidden it from ourselves.

Few want to admit to themselves that they are responsible for everything that happens to them. There is only one exception to this and that is when anyone takes upon themselves the suffering of others, to militate against the pervasive suffering of existence. The spirit of The Christ... Buddha... Krishna is still doing this. What about all the suffering children? What about those who caused that suffering? Should they not have to return and experience it? For some reason, they did not think it wrong when they got up to it or... there were compelling reasons not to notice it. Some are immune to considerations of human suffering. Look at Dr. Falsie. Look at the vaccine manufacturers. Look at yourself. That is where you will discover all you need to know.

People are welcome to rage against the light, or... the night; to argue, to vent their frustrations over the observable truth that existence does not favor their self-will run riot, BUT... that changes nothing. All your hopping up and down, trying to talk over others... all the red-faced impotence that defines those who refuse to understand... who refuse to listen, and refuse to hear... who refuse to see that it is something within themselves that brought it all to be... it comes to NOTHING. What did The Bard say about a tale told by an idiot, being filled with sound and fury and signifying NOTHING?

You can literally argue until you are blue in the face. You can hold your breath and accomplish the same thing. There are other things that can turn you blue, but none of them will turn you into Krishna. However... a magical, and in most cases... secret combination of a few basic elements can light you up so that it might seem you have swallowed Las Vegas; then you have to learn how to dim that light before the villagers kill you. (just speaking to the alchemists among you)

Yes... you can scream, jump, twist, and shout (♫a little bit louder now, a little bit louder now. A little bit softer now... a little bit softer now♫) about injustice, or... you can cause no harm and serve as you go. It is possible to heal The World this way... given enough time and Archimedes' lever (grin). It's better to heal yourself by finding the source of The Healing Waters, then you can heal The World one person at a time, as you travel hither and yon... or... stay in one place and The World will come to you... eventually. Lao Tzu said, “If you want to be hot, keep stirring about. Keep still if you want to be cool, all the world, one day, no doubt... your way will be the rule.

There is no Injustice

There is often the extreme nearsightedness

of selfish intent

for as long as I stand here

and you stand there

the appearance of difference

is the God divided

and worshiped from a bloody altar

that man has built to his own dark needs

everything moves

toward a unity

gone missing

time and time again

until pain has brought forth the blossom

of love's symmetry


there is no injustice anywhere

there are no innocent bystanders

there are no accidents

and being sorry doesn’t help


it's not your fault

it may not even be wrong

who knows...?

whose view is vast enough

that passing time does not soon compromise

their line of sight?

who sees well enough-

to leave well enough


beautiful bubbles break inside the ocean's foam

the water leaks into the sand

then swims away unseen

the wind stirs the leaves

the grass grows

the bees make honey

the fish laugh beneath the surface

and the horses gallop forever beneath and within the waves

that will never free them

it is only longing

and there is no injustice anywhere

clouds float by like dreams in a peaceful sleep

and the sky is blue

and the sun is brimming with life

and the moon is pregnant with form

the coyote howls

and the eagle screams

and longing and hunger will never end

Desire is the agent of God's will!

and there is no injustice anywhere

the light changes

and gridlock comes

and the car horns honk in Hell's unfinished symphony

where the smoke from hidden fires

rises from the manholes and grates

as Jesus blows on his hands in a broken stairwell

with Bethlehem two thousand years away

it's going to be a long night

but there is no injustice anywhere

the heat blisters the streets in these cities of wanting

the mad fire dance

the insane dervish in a suit

it fries the palate

all sense of taste is gone

it burns the bowels

and turns the earth an alkaline white

devoid of life

here in the pushing crowd

where loneliness is king

where no one makes love

but are only ashamed

and cannot speak

eyes do not meet

the money changes hands

but never the heart

nor the mind

a place

is what takes place

if you want something else

then go somewhere else

love will only be a problem for you here

It is incredible

and it is insane

it will get better

and it will get worse

it is supposed to be this way

a million years ahead

or a million years behind

twas ever thus

the city is the same

the drama does not change

the cataclysm comes

and the fiery rain

vaporizes the stage

so that it might all begin again

and there is no injustice anywhere.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

"This New World Order of The Great Reset of the Fraternal Order of the Wolves Among the Sheep."

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This good and evil, truth... and shades of gray thing... MOST OF THE TIME, it runs on rails and you can become deceived about the actual intentions of the players here. You got taken in because some of the media agrees with you, and then you get lulled into thinking they are on the side of righteousness.

I used to go to a site called Revolver. As you know from the links at the ends of any post, I also go to Breitbart... Fox News... a whole lot of places; Truthseeker, a few individual writers, like Real History Channel, though I do not share his view on everything. Sort of like what I am talking about here, except I am much more aligned with some than others.

Sometimes I go to places like Rolling Stone, Slate and Salon, Huffington Post, Washington Post, CNN, and the like... they are... nearly entirely, liars about everything, and cogs in a wheel of The Satanic Devourer. I go to TMZ to see what the empty-headed entertainers and iron-pyrite celebrities get up to.

Since the Russian incursion, in defense of their own security, and the poor folk of the eastern provinces, that were being systematically eliminated, like they were some kind of Palestinians, nearly all of my mostly trusted news sources have proven themselves to be chaff in the wind. Revolver has gone full Rhino. Gateway Pundit has always been more of an economic effort that a truth-seeking device, so... no surprises there. Fox News suddenly went full Neo-Con and has been printing some of the most transparent lies I have seen in a very long time. Why... you almost have to go back to the days of the retarded Mad Hatter; Segway Boy.

Now... those countries under the thumb of The International Bankers, are trying to muscle China and Belarus into removing their support for Russia. What I have yet to see mentioned or printed ANYWHERE, is that Russia holds the cards here. Russia has major energy resources and rare metals that COMMON LOGIC should tell you are MUCH DESIRED by China. Friends can be made out of adversity and competition... when they are up against a shared challenge; that being The Bankers who seek to control The World, BY... ANY... MEANS... NECESSARY.

I have... LITERALLY, had to go to the Russian News sites for any idea of what is really going on, BUT... and this is a big but... none of this really applies to me... so why am I talking about it? I hear from a certain macadamia nut gallery of parrots, who got blindsided by some bizarre versions of history; that they cannot verify WHATSOEVER... that ALL world leaders are OWNED by Rothschild and kindred Satanists (though they don't always call them that) and are part of a common deception. Insofar as we buy into, and happen to actually be, in a world of opposites... the Dvaita perspective, there will always be opposing interests. There will always be opposing forces. It's how the universe gets balanced.

What we see is a clash of opposing interests... NOT... absolutely NOT all of them are in the thrall of the New World Order, Tribe Enslavement Protocols. OTHERWISE... OTHERWISE!!! We would ALL... A-L-R-E-A-D-Y be under the control of this New World Order of The Great Reset of the Fraternal Order of the Wolves Among the Sheep.

So... my job... as I see it here, is to provide a contrasting, or... at the least... a differing account of what is and what is not. Within the visible appearances of life, I have no demonstrable claim to being right... or, more right than anyone else. I am not fully liberated in this zone, not yet. I see our part... individually... across the stretch of our existence... to be like that tale about the talents in The New Testament. A master gives 5 talents to one servant, 2 talents to another, and 1 to the last. You can read the story if you don't know it. It's in the Book of Matthew.

God has made an investment in each of us. As any observation of life will prove, in short order, not many of us are being useful and serving with our talents. At some point, just as it is in the parable, the master will return and want an accounting of his investment in you. I am mindful of this. I have not always behaved myself; far from it... but some amount of scoundrels, and wastrels, have come to a better understanding of their duties... to adhere to their dharma over the course of Life's Hard Highway. I am one of those. So... we will ALL be called to account at some point where we must explain ourselves. I should add again, “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

When you die, your particles of light, the vital breaths... the Prana... are gathered by The Self and collected in the heart. The Mind migrates to and is locked up in the heart. Then... you must make the journey through one of The Gates of the Body. There are 9 of them, though some schools of thought add two more; the navel and the sagittal suture. You must depart through one of these gates. Ideally... you make your way out through the sagittal suture. That is a rare occurrence, and the work of a lifetime to make your awareness set on it, at the time of need, where... usually... one forgets about all these things.

You have the 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, and the mouth. Then there are the two gates of excretion. These last are not exit points that I would recommend. Here one might engage in a brief digression... to muse on which culture, which demographic, is most obsessed with toilet humor and certain body functions. Each of us is on an inflexible course to where we are headed. Eventually, we are drawn to our port of call.

Here it is that one can see what a powerful lure The World is. It simply captures The Mind and The Passions. Once you have expended your force, you become useless to yourself or anyone else. You must not be a foolish virgin. That said... we fail over, and over, and over, and over again. This is how reincarnation can be seen as a wonderful gift from a compassionate God, and all that is needed for punishment as well. Of course... there are other locations also.

We need not concern ourselves with seeing that justice is done here. Justice CANNOT be avoided, and we see it in action EVERY DAY. It might not be the Justice you are crying out about, BUT... the journey is not over yet, is it? We are surrounded by invisible entities that take notice of all we think and say, and do. These invisible entities reflect our state of awareness... our pedestrian and higher pursuits. Complex relationships are established. It can happen that you don't know who you are anymore; if you ever did.

You must learn to cultivate the higher entities. Their help can be considerable. I speak from direct experience of this. Otherwise... there are entities whose objectives are not at all in your best interest. Once you embrace positive change, agents of Heaven will fly to your side to assist you. Nothing gets missed here, and all these cycles of war and peace, famine and plenty, pandemics (false pandemics), and general well-being... are just sequences of the dancing of the planets through and around us.

Woe betides those who pretend to be masters... because the one who is master is present for the performance, instead of being the one performing through the surrendered vehicle of The (no longer) Separated Self. Nothing gets missed. One can aspire to mastery, BUT... mastery is CONFERRED, you don't arrive there under your own steam; never happens, never will. It should not be one's focus. The mindset of a simple, selfless servant is the best way to be be-friended by Heaven. Without the help and assistance of Heaven? Good luck with that.

Find God! NOTHING ELSE... and I mean, NOTHING ELSE is going to do you much good in your comings and goings here. Sometimes you will be up and prosperous, sometimes you will be down and destitute. It is the eternal biorhythm of Karma. That sidewalk hooker might have once been a queen, and that vagrant on the street... a captain of industry. Once you find God, that pattern gets interrupted, and depending on how badly... how passionately you want it, on that depends how expediently The Union comes about. After that, The World is your Garden of Eden. You can take it with you wherever you go. You can set up your presence in any place and radiate paradise out of your being, and none the wiser, eh? Blessed anonymity... the secret path of The Selfless Servant. He goes beyond the sight of mortals.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, March 18, 2022

"You See Shadow-Overlays on The Bright Shining Screen. I Was Going to Say White... but, You Know What I Mean."

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It is what it is until it's not anymore and then it turns into what it was before. After that, I am no longer sure. It is what it is unless it's not what it was, cause the Truth NEVER changes its look. You ONLY see what does change moving across the face of it. You only see what it isn't. You see shadow overlays on the shining bright screen. I was going to say white... but, you know what I mean.

The Wonderful One Horse Shay is crumbling to ruin away, as our technology outstrips our humanity and we get sucked down into the whirlpool that took Atlantis. You can see it, as The Movers and Shakers are made to move, while shaking in their boots, as they report the events they engineered to match up with the fabrications they created, and then... it caught up with them. They recorded the videos of all the crimes they committed and now they are playing before the eyes of The World.

THEY look at the teeming masses and see intransigent stupidity, and... they're not wrong about that. This is the demographic they bank on, and it is not inconsiderable, considering we are in Times of Material Darkness, but... The Awakening is countering The Stupidity. The Dreams of Material Stupor are melting away and more people are remembering their undiscovered Self; a package they never opened, but now... they remember where they once put it away until later. It is now, officially... LATER.

It's always later when you don't think. I'm going to reveal an occult secret that hides in plain sight, while infernal agents feed mushrooms in the burning darkness. ANYTHING you focus on WILL appear, sooner or later. The speed of it depends on the degree of your concentration. ANYTHING that you want an answer to... or for, WILL appear sooner or later, depending on the intensity of your focus. Think of Concentration as being like using The Mind as a magnifying glass.

No doubt the people over in Technology (not my department) are going to come upon another secret soon, which has to do with applying this magnification process to solar collectors, as well as Perpetual Recovery... applied to the storage process. ALL of the secrets of past civilizations are ACCESSIBLE to any mind free of the intention to profit from them. For The Pure... NOTHING is hidden. Set yourself free of the impetus for personal gain and... see what happens. Keep in mind that you will not accomplish it over 3 weekends and a 4-day intensive. You can still get a certificate, but... that will do you no good in The Real World; something MTV has no connection to.

Everything, and everyone, is female to God. Every pore in your skin is a yoni, and it is one manner in which you can absorb the light and love of God into your own being. It REALLY IS all a big sex act.

All God asks is that you prove yourself to him, even unto death. Once he is convinced (this is just another way to say it, and... there are so many ways) the testing ends. He pulls you into an embrace and holds you. As he does, the experience of The Embrace intensifies... and most people pull away. They cannot bear the level of all-consuming love that prevails there. Because... God is Love and Love... the most powerful force in existence turns everything into itself. This is what Love is, and what love does... that makes you invulnerable should you sustain the embrace. All God wants to see is, 'are you up to it?'

The whole of existence, the whole Rolodex of lives in the kaleidoscope of the senses perceiving, is about your return to The Almighty or... your dawdling on the way, and... what the pace of that is. Take a clear and penetrating look at The World around you. Observe the cycles within cycles and the bio-rhythmic rise and fall. Observe the smaller seasons within the greater seasons. Look at the startling connections and the unspeakable beauty of Nature. How could this all be some accident or happenstance? This is what Materialism does. It divorces you from Nature, AND... cuts off your lifeline so that you age and fade away. The secret of Immortality is hidden in Nature.

Lady Nature is a conscious personification of The Gears of the World when they turn for the attention of the senses. She is to Nature what The Avatar is to Impersonal God. She puts a face on it. You can speak to her. You are IN FACT, speaking to her ALL THE TIME. Your words, your thoughts, your feelings, are the seeds that impregnate her, and which nurtures their growth... and then... gives birth to creatures of light or... creatures of darkness. They follow you wherever you go. They are doing so at this very moment... unless you are sitting down, and then they are sitting beside... around... within... you; expressing AROUND you, and... expressing through you.

This is a profound magical construct. You author your world. Though... (and this is debatable) you may be unable to ward off what you have already brought into being, you CERTAINLY can change your former ways and transform your world to come. Why is it that so many people go wishing and hoping through life... when there is no need for wishes or hope? Everything is under control! What is that old line of poetry? Something like, “if wishes were horses then beggars would ride.”

It used to frustrate me in regular fashion. It used to break my heart again, and again; to see people floundering, trapped, lost, confused, frightened, desperate, and devoid of a guiding light upon their path. I cannot count the times I tried to find a way to convince them of the certainty of the Presence of God in all of our affairs. They didn't want to hear it or their eyes glazed over. Something in their mind distracted their thoughts as I was speaking to them. I could, LITERALLY, see this. In many cases, especially in Times of Material Darkness, they have invited the enemy to reside within... Fear or Desire put the welcome mat out.

It is a very rare event to meet someone who is not carrying a crowd of personalities around with them. Some of these are the many shades of the person, which appear when opportunity strikes or danger threatens. Some of them are atavistic ancestors from other times. Some of them are visitors from The Infernal Kingdom, and... if you are fortunate, some of them are from The Angelic Realm. Of course, if certain forces are present... others cannot be. For instance... Fear and Love displace each other. There are all sorts of polarities and relationships that take place within us that most people pay no attention to. There is too much going on outside of them to give much attention to what is going on within.

Who is it that can make The World jump? Who makes the press print their obvious lies? Who prints the Get-out-of-jail-free cards? Who greases one skid and then blocks the other? If it is fortunate, people thank their lucky stars. If it is misfortune... people blame evil forces or bad luck. Who is it that is making 'most' everyone dance? Who starts and ends wars? If you ask The Self-Informed, who have told themselves that such and such is true... because someone else said so, they will tell you it is The Rothschilds... or their brace of hyenas, Little Georgie Sorrows and Klaus Schwab, who pull the wagon with Hell's Honey Bucket on it. Others will tell you Goldman-Sacks or... The Masons or... the Illuminati or... The Archons or... The Annunaki or...???

These, like Lady Nature and Lord Vivasvan, are the names and faces that The Mind gives to the forces that compose, regulate or destroy Life as we think we know it. They are figureheads of a kind, like The Archetypes that personify qualities, and resonate in the infrastructures which come and go. They are not the ones pulling the switches or making the dogs howl by the light of The Moon. It is ALL God, who expresses through these many masks which give characteristics to The Impersonal so that we might understand it as little as we do.

He is both Good and Evil... and well beyond and before either. If it were not as it is, the whole thing would not hold together. Archangel Michael is a feature of God in expression. Lucifer is another. He controls it all and rules from The True High Table. Most people are going to argue about this, if they can get someone as equally uninformed as they are, to join in. People do not want The Truth to be what it is, not that they can see it from any angle, given that they are mostly down the road and around the corner from it. Note how Percival and Galahad could see The Holy Grail and Lancelot could not.

Look about you, be it virtually or right in front of you. Surely you can see that... at this very moment... some people are living in Hellish torment and some are living in material splendor, some are even living in Heavenly Splendor. If you knew how, and that is not so difficult, you could pretty much chart out whatever conditions you wanted before you ever got here. Of course... you can't have the seemingly inexplicable and unexpected waiting for you. You need to have made peace with that, and turned your industries to the good of all. Then you can become a steward for the blessings of God. You can become a channel for The Divine once you have attracted his angels to the process. People attract agents from The Darkside every day... and think nothing of it, especially if they are unaware of it.

They attract these agents because they are the facilitators of what they are after. I advise that you raise your sights, purify your passions, and court Divine Luminous Wisdom by constantly asking for it. Heaven is not deaf, regardless of what has been called your “bootless cries.” How can you trouble Heaven if it is deaf to your cries? There are a number of ways to attract God's attention, and... the manner in which you do it determines the way in which he/she/it appears to you... whatever face and form your desires put on it.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

"I Would Far Rather Suffer on My Way to Salvation, Than I Would Glad-Hand My Way to Perdition."

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Hmm... beware The Ides of March? Oh well. It's always March 15th somewhere, unless it falls on a different day... as does Easter... for whatever the reason that is. The thing is, I was sitting and about to start, having asked for inspiration, and... Beware the Ides of March came into my head. I went to check and it turns out to be today. Moving right along...

Occasionally... and even more than that, I find myself reflecting on the efforts people get up to, to explain to themselves why everything is the way it is; keeping in mind that it is only the way it is according to the way your particular perspective is directed. There is a basic commonality that exists for the majority of us; “Yes... that is the sky and... this right down here is The Earth. That's John over there... that's John, right?” “Uh yeah... as far as I know.” I guess we can agree that it certainly looks like John, BUT... that does not mean it is John.

We don't have any kind of LoJack (yet) for hijacked minds. Since this is The Advent of the Avatar, it is a given... IT SHOULD BE A GIVEN, that all sorts of invisible nasties have been expelled from their former funnel-web locations on The Astral Plane because The Light has made them uncomfortable. So... they are forced to make tracks elsewhere, and... that elsewhere is here. It will do them no good because The Light of The Avatar will reach to every location... until the new broom has swept clean. It is inevitable and inexorable, and... the jackrollers are afoot, so... beware of lions seeking to devour.

They aren't going to be rummaging through your pockets, while you process that drunken stupor that you seem to have acquired at some point on the previous evening. They are looking for the control panel.

I spent around three and a half years incarcerated in one form or another for something I didn't actually do, but... was in the area of... when it occurred. This involved the moss-covered, interior prison walls of a Mississippi jail to the howling madness of Atlanta Penitentiary where I could hear inmates being pummeled by their internal SWAT department. The Black Muslims were restless at this point in time.

I was locked up with Native Americans in some Arizona jail. They chanted for the length of time that I was there. I was in many an unusual circumstance... while being ferried by US Marshals across the country, to our main seat of corrupt power.

I had just left The DC Jail, as it was called at the time, only a day or so before the riots that came about, due to M.L.K. being shot. They were busing in rioters from Baltimore, and other locations and the joint was jammed to the gills. You could feel the violence in the air... it was palpable.

I was one of... maybe a couple of dozen white men. The usual mix was around 900 blacks to around 30 whites. Really bad things happened there. Just prior to the riot there were closer to 2000 inmates. I got shipped to St. E's, John Howard Pavilion and it could have only been a day or two later that all Hell broke loose at The DC Jail. It was called a jail but it was really a prison. People were serving life sentences there. They tore out all of the cells and horrible things happened. Here is a Wikipedia page about the event.

I'm trying to figure out why I even mentioned any of this because it is only tangentially germane to the point I was hoping to make. In the process of those 3+ years, I wound up in a lot of different containment zones. Every time I was released... I booked; in my mind, I had done nothing wrong and I pretty much told them to kiss my dust every time. Once, I sent them a postcard of Timothy Leary and informed them they would not take me alive. Some (many) might say that I make a bad situation worse, much worse. Perhaps I did, but what might have involved only the original 5 years of probation, stretched to 6 years running, with me being locked up half the time, and half on the loose.

The point is... I met many a rogue and misfortunate son in my travels. Some of them were doing many years... or facing many years, AND... for almost all of them, they did not have a good recollection of how they came to be there. They couldn't understand how they came to do the things they were accused of. Sure, some of them were drunk and stoned at the time, BUT... how... whatever small cause ignited their distress into an array of serious charges... they didn't remember. They didn't have LoJack either. If someone steals your cellphone, your laptop, your car... or whatever the opportunity provided, USUALLY... you have some kind of protection, BUT... if your mind gets hijacked, your soul goes missing (is that possible?) or... well, it might not apply to your heart being broken, but you do have a palliative. I call it The Balm of Time Passing; unintended digression.

The Devil made me do it. That is what many said. They were POSSESSED by an unknown force that carried out the crimes through them as the proxy. So far... the powers that be in the material arena, have not been able to lock up The Invisible; no doubt responsible for many a crime, for which someone else is doing the time. I cannot remember how many times I encountered this sense of not knowing why or how something came to pass.

We can simplify the whole affair. There are 3 worlds (though no doubt there are more than that) that concern us. There is The World Above... The World Below... and where we are, at the moment, is Middle Earth... or The World Between. We in Middle Earth are subjected to the influences of these other worlds. If you are carnally inclined, as most are in times of Material Darkness, you fall under the atmosphere of The World Below. If you are spiritually inclined, you are drawn to The World Above. True Poets are born with one foot in each world and must find their way between The Sacred and The Profane to The Middle Way.

None of those that I met while incarcerated, believed themselves to be guilty as charged, though many admitted to me that they should have been locked up for all kinds of other things... they were usually not guilty of whatever they were in there for. That goes with the territory. You do find people who were not guilty as charged. I was one of them. I got a gubernatorial pardon, but I did not get the years back. I told myself, I was simply a strange monk in a strange monastery. I've got no resentment about it. It happened a couple of decades later AGAIN, only this time it was far more serious. This time Fate went in a different direction...

However... none of this navel-gazing is relevant to the main issue and that is... people were unable to understand how what happened... happened. I've heard them say, “Something possessed me.” I have heard, “I was not in my right mind.” I have heard, “I have no memory of it at all.”

Look at the random acts of violence that take places thousands of times a day around this world. Look at the contagious madness that is fomented by The Press and Social Media. Observe the Russia bashing, when all Russia is doing is defending itself. Suddenly, an army of deranged clowns rises up in an infernal chorus of accusations and fabrications directed at Russia. The Media says, “hate Russia”, and the possessed, and brainwashed multitudes oblige.

Crowds of people jump on a plane, in an effort to drum up fame and notoriety for themselves in Ukraine. It seems that ninety percent of the outrage is a fabrication to generate profit for the crisis actors and paid shills in The Press. Everywhere you look, people are huffing and puffing about something. The World has gone mad, and it is all the product of Possession by invisible ner-do-wells.

It doesn't look good on The Surface. If you are an atheist, it must be really depressing. If you are a family with young children... Jesus! What a trick-bag to be in. The idea of Hostages to Fortune goes through my mind often. I've been aware of it all my life, so... I have none. I knew, with what I had in mind that there should be no hooks for them to hold me with. What are they going to do? They've already done everything but kill me, and that results in a promotion and a great deal more power here than I have enjoyed previously. It is said that for every drop of a martyr's blood, a thousand warriors rise up out of The Earth.

My point is... you are going to be possessed, one way or the other. You might as well have a choice in the matter, and... you do. If it is Jesus Christ, he will see you through this veil of tears to The World Beyond. If it is Buddha or Krishna... or some Sun God like Mithra (Mithrander?), if in life you make a connection, that connection will open the way for you; “Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

People would find a great deal more profit in reading the words of The Masters and following them... than they do arguing about who wrote what and for what reason. You might have Annunaki or Nephilim on the brain. You might be playing video games in your head when you sleep, but all the players are nothing more than a pack of cards. It seems like everyone who ever lived is now accused of being a pawn of The Elite... and making three-fingered hand signs in photos and paintings and it amounts to nothing at all but poisoned imaginations, made powerful by a paucity of Love.

Stop wasting your time. Stop spreading rumors that it appeals to you to believe in. Stop lying to yourself, and by extension... to everyone else. You create a Prison World composed of the lies you have told. Engaging in such behavior opens you to Possession. Loving the architect of all life, ALSO opens you to Possession. I would far rather suffer on my way to salvation... than I would Glad-Hand my way to Perdition. It ceases to be suffering at some point on the road, whereas the other is only just beginning.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, March 10, 2022

"Everything You Could Possibly be Looking For Can be Found In... or Had From... The Sun."

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People caught up in the dance of life are... seldom objective about it. You can't step outside of something if you are totally caught up in it. It is harder to see what is going on around you or where it is headed. All of the modern-day, soap-opera routines take place in captive environments. You are going to find different conditions in a Ukrainian cabaret than you will in a Korean spa in LA or a daycare center in Phoenix. Each of them has a self-contained atmosphere. There is some kind of core reality in each of these locations... which falls away when you exit the place. Each place has a spell it casts over you. In many cases, the whole point is to suck you in.

I keep thinking of all the locations one finds on this planet as being like bubbles set up against one another and completely porous. I think of them as dream capsules. The bubble is formed by the nature of the dream, rising up out of the machine shops of the subconscious. There, you will find huge foundries, smelting operations, stamping machines, and conveyor belts rolling out to hither and yon. They send their products up and out into the mind projections of all the sleeping players, who believe The World is real, and not just an endless transforming of the same matter... refashioned and furbished each time a new passion sends its message of expression into the foundries and stamping machines. To think it is to create it.

A realized master has such control over The Process of Precipitation that they can near-instantly bring into manifestation whatever it is that they are thinking about. Mehmet Karagoz, the Albanian magician, once lifted the top off of a mountain before the eyes of one who doubted him. This is not the case for the rest of us who have not perfected our understanding as yet. It might take us days, months, years to bring such a manifestation about, BUT... we still do so. In fact, ALL of us do so every minute of the day... we are engaged in bringing something into materialization. It might be a drive-thru at a fast-food emporium. It might be a camping trip to Tahoe. It might be a romantic assignation or an act of revenge, BUT... we are ALWAYS up to something.

It is a rare mind that is stilled for more than a moment. It takes abilities like that to perform real magic, BUT... you have to be a fool to attempt to perform any of it without guidance. There are many stories like The Sorcerer's Apprentice. They are based on real occurrences. When the pupil is ready, the master is waiting.

I can't remember when it first started. It was definitely more than a year ago. It is probably closer to 2 years ago, I think. I have been through more dramatic changes in this life than I can remember. I mean life-shaking changes, and there have been a great many. Oh yeah, I was asking for it. We usually do... or did. I used to push it until I could hear him cry, “Don't make me come down there!” in my head. “Oh PLEASE come down here!,” I would reply.

This was one of the most powerful changes to take place in this life, and I didn't even see it when it happened. I was well into it, by the time I stepped back and wondered... “what the Hell is going on?” It might have been weeks. It was certainly a number of days in which I was performing rituals that came to me out of nowhere that I could see.

In the last year(s)... whatever it has been, whenever I go to the toilet, I say audibly, “Divine Mother, all negative personality traits, all personal shortcomings, all sources of pain and suffering, in and around me, are now permanently eliminated from my being by your most holy grace, and replaced by your divine qualities in me. Archangel Gabriel is completing The Operation of The Sun in me, and making me into a fit habitation for angels to dwell in.” This is non-stop, without respite... even when I get up in the middle of the night... it goes into motion.

Before I eat anything... even if it is a single pistachio nut, which I consume, now and again... because it is a hard thing to do... (I set tests like this all this time. You do not want to lose your edge. Consistency will give you something sharp enough to cut The Wind.) I speak into the present but invisible, “Lord God, Almighty... Beloved Divine Mother, and my dear friends from the Angelic and Devic Realm, please join us if it would please you. We pray that you will bless and transform these sacraments into your Divine Substance... that it may transform me into a reflection of you.”

The words are constantly changing because I do not care for cant and dogma. I believe that you go to God fresh at each encounter, and... he/she likes the personal touch.

Then... as I am eating, I usually close my eyes and remind myself that I am ingesting SUNLIGHT in a material form-expression. I visualize it transforming every particle of my being into Living Conscious Sunlight. The image of The Man on the Beach is present in my mind as I see myself being shaped and formed as he was and... no doubt, still is. When I drink, I visualize liquid sunlight going down my throat. That is the location of The Imagination... chakra-wise. This is as real as real can be for me. I am absolutely, inflexibly committed to this. If whatever my objective is... if it were a thousand or ten thousand years from now or ANY length of time... I would continue as if it might happen tomorrow, which it most certainly can.

I go into the backyard every morning and I sit in The Sun and commune with the living presence of Lord Vivasvan in Lord Surya's seat. Later, I will come out and remove as much of my clothing as custom allows and I will LITERALLY bathe in Sunlight for half an hour or so. The first link after this posting is about what UV light does to the human body. This is just the physical side. There is a metaphysical side as well. Everything you could possibly be looking for can be found in or had from The Sun.

People talk all kinds of unhappy horseshit about Magic, Alchemy, Spiritual paths; you name it and you will find a gaggle of gabbling gooses who are experts on the matters and who don't know a damn thing that is PRACTICAL. I can tell you, with absolute certainty, that if you knew how to interact with The Sun, there is nothing you could not accomplish or realize. Everything worth knowing is written in the Living Book of Nature. Let those with eyes to see, behold its wonders, and the gifts of The Spirit freely given.

Every morning upon awakening, I go outside and take deep inhalations of The Sun's rays in which dawn prana can sometimes be found, if... you are an early bird. Then, I offer my crystals to The Sun for an infusion and programming... when I lay down to rest. Then I read The Gita and then I take a look at The World, and then I write the post.

At night I go outside and visit with The Divine Mother. Although their particular influences are deeply nuanced and beyond the province of words, the day belongs to The Sun and the night belongs to The Moon, otherwise known as The Heavenly Father and The Divine Mother, two aspects of the same thing. They each have to do with different aspects of you. They are your real parents for which the mortal vehicles were simply representations you required for the outworking of your Karma. They were part of the particularization and specifics of this go-round.

Everything you might ever wish to learn or understand can be found in the simple dynamics discussed in this posting. Whether it has to do with a pedestrian concern or something like Immortality or the favor of Heaven, it can be located and understood through the interplay of these dynamics; the endless dance of The Singularity... as it subdivides for The Purpose of Demonstration. How could we know it unless it differentiates into everything else? What does that sentence even mean?

There is a central core consciousness, whose tentacles of probing awareness, run like threads through the fabric of existence, ♫I'm gonna love you, forever and ever, forever and ever, amen♫

I have illustrated the manner in which I celebrate my days, on a bare-bones skeleton of a general outline, for whatever usefulness it might provide for any searching hearts. It is not necessary to practice the same forms as I do. It ALL has to do with an effort on the part of any soul to make contact with its origins. All God asks for is Love and Sincerity and he/she will come and help you out. You can count on this. You can bank it. I am directly experiencing it. We all are... whether we know it or not. We are all getting a return on our investments.

End Transmission.......

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