Thursday, March 31, 2022

"God Stays in The Background Unless You are REALLY... REALLY Serious and Determined about The Presence."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I look at the wall above my computer screen and I see, in two rows; Peter Deunov, Lord Vivasvan. Mikhael Aivanhov, Ramakrishna, Babaji, and Guru Bawa. Off to the right are Swami Vivekananda, The Divine Mother, and Sri Yantra. Behind me and to my left are, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar, and Paramhansa Yogananda. Then... at the top of the wall, going around for about three-quarters of it, are large-format BOTA, Major Arcana Tarot cards. Mercifully, for the reader that will be an end to the inventory of items on view.

I suppose there are other images I still wish to add to these, but... my printer was acting up. I think I have that taken care of now. I have these pictures, which are 19” by 13” on my walls because they are my heroes. I see them every day. I see them all day long. When I take my lunch at my desk (if I have lunch), I can consume their images while I eat. As I drink tea through the day, I look at Lord Babaji and I let the idea of him permeate me with the warmth of the tea. All by itself, my right hand assumes a particular mudra over The Heart Center. I do not know why that is happening or what it means. I can guess at parts of it, but... there is probably more.

Why am I telling you this? There are two features in my life these days that were not a constant before. They came and they went. They are Discipline and Order. When they were not present, my life went to Hell without the luxury of a handbasket. When they were present, that meant things were progressing smoothly. They must have been present more than I remember over the course of my life, given the condition I am in, which... to me... seems nothing short of a miracle. How is this possible? I ask myself this when it occurs to me how unusual it has to be.

I live where there are many older people. I'm in a sunshine zone and older people prefer to live in this kind of dry and warm climate. Then there are also the snowbirds. I notice a number of them are selling their homes and moving. They are from Canada and there has been a great deal of hassle for them coming and going in recent times. It might be different if they were transgender, Baskin and Robbin's flavors of the week, but... I digress.

As I was supposed to be saying, there are many older people about and I see the shape they are in now. Some of them are younger than me and I suspect they could not possibly have done to themselves the injuries I caused to myself. Yet...

As for those who are much younger, well... in many cases it does seem that they will not even make it to this age. Recent generations have collapsed upon themselves due to... MATERIALISM. Allowing yourself to become immersed in Material Culture is... a slow and agonizing suicide. I'm guessing I can handle pain. I certainly have had to do that in this life, but... what they are subjecting themselves to? I could not bear that. I wonder if the fact that it is someone else's fault serves to diminish the pain?

All of my life I have had similar images to inspire me on the many walls of the many living spaces I found myself in. When I was a young boy, I had a rectangular woodblock of a forest setting, running up to a mountain. On it was inscribed, in cursive form, “I will look unto the hills from whence cometh my help.” Modern translations now put a question mark at the end of that statement, instead of a period. What the Hell? It's part of their Chaos and Confusion strategy for global dominance, which they will NEVER, NEVER EVER succeed at.

Of course, I now know that the mountain in the picture and the hills in the statement are interior constructs having to do with life's challenges. When you have climbed the hills on the way to that mountain, and when you have climbed that mountain, you have attained. It does NOT MATTER which trail you traveled on. It doesn't matter if you had to make a trail or went right straight up, through, and over whatever came into your way. ALL that matters is whether you managed to climb it. That makes Determination... Persistence... far more important than most people consider them anymore, in this world of immediacy and convenience.

What do immediacy and convenience translate into when one has been conditioned to expect them? Frustration... Anger... and attendant negative emotions, if you turn The Dial in that direction. What do ease and comfort translate into? Excess... Sloth... Laziness... Obesity... Impotence... loss of joy in living... OH! I could go on and on here.

When you do not have an investment in the outcome, you are made free of the illusions of justification that give legitimacy to your posture of self-interest. Gamblers NEVER reflect in a game that they hope their competitor wins this time. When you remove yourself from The Game, People just go right on without you. You are no longer relevant. As you continue in this direction, a time will come when they can no longer see you at all, even when you are right there. I've had direct experience of this.

Guru Bawa once said, “get Wisdom at all costs. Steal it if you have to.” He was a saint. That would be obvious to anyone who was in his company for even a short time. For him to say that, indicates the importance he placed on it, especially Divine Luminous Wisdom, and... this you have when The Presence of God has been established in you at a conscious level.

God stays in the background unless you are REALLY... REALLY serious and determined about The Presence. You have to court The Divine with the ardor of a lover. You have to go after God with a single-minded purpose that brooks no interference. It MUST BE more important to you than anything else. You must be capable of taking no thought for your goods or... ANYTHING else. You must be capable of it again and again. The moss must not be allowed to grow on you. That is the hypnosis state of approaching death. Die consciously!!! Die in every moment until you are in that everlasting moment. This is exceedingly hard in the beginning, but it becomes a lifestyle later on. You don't even think about it anymore. You only have one thing on your mind.

This is not a difficult state of being once you have made that contact because... NOTHING ELSE is as desirable afterward. I was very fortunate in this regard. I had calamity after calamity descend upon me from the very beginning. For a time, I was convinced that God hated me.

My Kundalini experience, which existed as a constant for several years, made any kind of (so-called) normal existence an impossibility; not to mention swimming upstream with everything else coming in the opposite direction... BUT... FINALLY... after years of white water and rocks in the stream, the torrent rolled up on itself, and became a still lake over which a perfect moon does glide.

I try to talk about these things, but I can't... not really. All I can say is, STRIVE HARD!!! Sooner or later your striving will end. We are not talking about making millions of dollars, achieving international recognition, winning the heart of fair damsel or knight errant (pun intended).

The whole story about the princess in the tower, guarded by The Black Knight (of ignorance) or... The Dragon (your base passions) is about Kundalini rising. The Tower is the spine and its attendant channels. The Princess is Lady Kundalini in The Bridal Chamber of The Sahasrara. She becomes increasingly beautiful as you go, because... the veils are burned away. Kundalini is a fire until The Truth is naked.

Kundalini consumes EVERYTHING that is not a dynamic of The Union with God, at the top of the mountain. Those whose pictures are on my walls have all accomplished this. Ramakrishna has his hands in the very mudras I did and do experience... and which I knew nothing about at the time. Assuredly it was a far pace beyond me, but... I have him and the others for a guide. I look at them every day, all day. They imprint on the mindscreen. They become a part of me... just as those Tarot images did since I discovered them over 50 years ago. They get into your DNA... so to speak.

There is no sense in my mind of greater importance between them. They all toil in the same vineyards as any of us... who seek to so employ ourselves. I try to make some aspect of God be present in every moment of my life, and there is something for every physical routine. There is no getting around it (thank God!). He's got me coming and going. He's got me surrounded!

I still bang into things occasionally. Sometimes I will lose my grip for a moment, when I am sideswiped without warning, by whatever it is that is using it as a device to unsettle me. On we go, up the road, around the bend until one day... we get to The Bending End. That is only the launching pad for the next series of events. I don't know what waits up the way... not really, but... I do know what waits here, and anyone who wants that is welcome to it.

End Transmission.......

Recently, I read a book called, “The Devil in the Valley” by Castle Freeman Jr. It reminded me of the works of Stevenson, Poe, O'Henry. Someone from back then. A child could read it. It is a work of elegant simplicity. You can get it from the library. I bought an old library copy on eBay. If you like books and you like what we talk about here, you WILL like this.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

What a trip! I'm also a 'tay' nut. In the cooler weather I go through aboot a cup every discretionary hour. Earl Grey, Darjeeling, various blends. My fave is Twinings black current, but I'd really have to go out of my way to get that, so. . .

I'm under the impression Source takes care of all who set out to work for it, even if they forget for a while. . .until they finish the job they started. The fact I survived myself is a miracle considering what a reckless nutter I used to be. . .not that I'm completely cured of that. On occasion, I still have my moments.

Nostrils up!

Gregory said...

"In the presence of Truth, there are no unbelievers and no sacrifices." -- Helen Schucman

Since we're talking 'tays,' I prefer lapsong souchong. For what it's worth.


M - said...

I have an affinity towards plants and animals - cats, specifically. So I have around me tons of plants and pictures of cats which remind me to live in the moment. Gracefully. Fully.

Lessons from a Feline Master Teacher:
Do not let your past define who you are today
Open your heart to the possibilities life holds.
Follow your bliss.
Let go of fear, embrace change, and move toward JOY.
Live your dreams.
Focus on the positive.
Be joyful in everything you do.
Live in the moment.
Listen with your heart.
Be at peace.
Soul connections are eternal.

Animals can teach us so much...

Duntoirab said...

Go to teas
green with lemon
green with peppermint
ginger and turmeric

at least 10 cups a day, my teeth are tea stained :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les for speaking about kundalini. I can confirm both times it awoke directly that it was pretty wild. Both times, an indian girl had been the witch to awaken it.

In 2014 the kundalini showed me a new world where powerful witches living in the jungles and forests would awaken men's kundalini thru tantric union. It also showed me that 90% of men would be incapable of evolving into this new reality.

It seems that the elite will succeed in destroying society, resetting society, but they WILL FAIL in their plans to create their own version of a new world order afterwards.

The kundalini showed me and many others a beautiful new world of magic.

I want nothing more than to taste that energy again and even found ways to get others to awaken it but I'm afraid it will cause chaos again because I have responsibilities as a married man and own a small dog.

A Bengali tantric guy also told me that instead of seeking kundalini witches, i myself could become a kundalini witch.

Anyway thank you again for speaking about kundalini and I'd request if you could speak more about it if you're inclined.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"It WILL BE More Intense, More Common, and More Dramatic... Like O.J. Simpson in Groundhog Day."

Jamie Wave said...

I know you don't like rap, but it is worth your consideration that 2pac has a song called "Can't C Me" that talks about exactly what u are talking about.



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