Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Macaroni and Cheese Wonderland of the Inexplicable

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These are the times of animosity and acrimony. People who suppose themselves well balanced are acting like amputee gyroscopes. I know that makes no sense but the image works for me. I have seen quite a bit of nasty business, from nasty minds concerning nasty behavior, over something that wasn't any kind of a big deal, but some people thought they would make a big deal out of it. I'm not impressed. Someone didn't want certain information connected to him, period. That's his right and he doesn't have to explain himself. I mention God too much, or write the usual Origami posting and I don't show up on a certain website; fine by me.

So, the truth is that there is more to all of this than the surface indicates. I'm not even going to mention what I'm talking about because most readers will know and those who don't, can get an answer in the comments section from someone.

It's a given that noxious elements, no longer human, are about the business of destroying nations, cultures, religions and individuals. They are a pestilence and a plague and they are making life difficult for everyone, except their witting and unwitting servants. One anonymous poster recently said that we should stop thinking about, or concerning ourselves with, the elite and Zionists; that we are the problem and if we just fix ourselves they won't be a problem. Of course, that's 24 carat bullshit. It doesn't sort out playground bullies any better than political, legal, or marketplace bullies. An argument could be made that if you make yourself stronger on various levels, or acquire powerful friends that you can militate against bully power but that would be the exception. Most people in this world are bullied by forces they are only dimly or peripherally aware of and sometimes not aware of at all.

It's not 'ourselves' that needs to be fixed as much as the collective awareness. Lao Tzu, more or less, said that if the people's bellies are full and their priorities and values are solid, then bad leaders or pernicious external influences will not be able to influence and manipulate them. “A leader is best when the people barely know that he exists. It is not so good when they love and praise him, worse when they fear him and truly bad when they mock and make fun of him”. I am sort of paraphrasing here but... with so many translations extant this is close enough.

A reader mentioned the 'root meaning of justice'. For my money that is best understood through understanding Karma and reincarnation. People attempt to interpret conditions and experiences through material perception. That is nothing more than the extraction of limited understanding, from limited bandwidth. You get flawed conclusions and that leaves you open to collective manipulations. The other problem is that everything is being stated and explained in words. Words make fences so that what is contained within, can be given dimension by the enclosing and constricting parameters. What about everything outside of the drawn parameters? Music is more effective than words and jazz as well as other expressions, operate with less fencing. Then you've got math, binary and otherwise. At some point, all of these things come up against the limiters that allow them to operate in a field of play to begin with. “the Tao that can be spoken is not the true Tao”. Lao Tzu speaks of the mysterious valley of the cosmic mother. It is beyond comprehension. It is mystery that deepens and deepens as you go and then... you're gone. In a good way.

The mysteries of this realm are of a different order. When you unravel these mysteries there is nothing there. It is like the mystery of the ageless courtesan, the ancient attraction of the magnetic and alluring unknown. There's nothing there but a process; no offense to courtesans, they have to make a living just like politicians and priests. There's no there, there, either. People want to be fooled, the same way they want to be entertained and forget themselves in the movie theater, as they become part of the film. When the film ends, there is nothing but the white backing screen. That is what is real. What remains at the end of the production is what was real. Of course, all of this chatter on my part is only for the purpose of explanation by allusion, inference and speculation upon what is never going to rear its lovely head here, except maybe if you left the window cracked (seeking a little fresh air) and an invisible wind stirs the curtains and allows a temporary burst of sunlight to enter and hit the mirror behind you, causing a flash of light to occur outside the line of your vision.

We argue because we have different perspectives and, on a darker note, different agendas. Perspectives and agendas are what they are, personalized limitations that we mistake for legitimate states or conditions. They're only legitimate as far as our temporary perceptions and the perceptions of those who agree with us. Soon enough, neither they nor ourselves will be here and when we return we will not be the same. This is one of the reasons it is so hard to get off of the wheel. There are other reasons as well and predisposition and the aggregate collective of former experiences and assumptions play their part, once we hit the playground again. This is why sustained determination and intention are so important. You have to think of determination as a rocket booster and intention as a navigational system. If your aim is true, you can arrive at a different and more comprehensive planetary environment, where what could not be formerly known can now be understood in a much deeper way. It doesn't have to be a planet and it doesn't have to be the same kind of planet we are presently familiar with. We are talking about 'lokas'.

Something people consistently fail to get is that you don't make yourself more believable and acceptable by practicing the reverse on someone who didn't let you get your way, or didn't take you at your own dissertations on what you are and what you represent. This is just more of the ego engaging in it's primary modus operandi; advancing and protecting itself at all costs. There you are trying to defend something, engaged in unavoidable change, as if you could keep it from changing. That's like commanding your hair to resist the impact of pattern baldness. Of course, that's when we begin to delude ourselves through chemistry and artifice, from Prospecia to toupees. Or we make a whole lot of money and go for that high end, Joe Biden transplant thing. The fundamental disconnect here is that, when and if you actually pull it off, you are now a more desirable and valuable acquisition, for some brittle blonde, half your age, or less, whose window of desirability is less than a decade and whose hands will soon enough show the grasping nature of their primary attractions, not to mention the cold eyes of contempt for your ridiculous efforts, to make yourself look like something you are not, while unfortunately proving you are exactly what you are, which, even more unfortunately, you also are not.

These people have one advantage that they press to its bending end; that they are, somehow, better off than you; in possession of certain cosmic secrets, more valuable to existence, more memorable and legitimate. They have the dubious reward of getting to hang out with each other and present a unified front of airbrushed shit that remains shit, despite its being encased in Lucite, or decoupaged under layers of gilt, liquified and congealed iron pyrite and marine varnish. They get the same immortality as an Egyptian mummy. They've got the usual, strange ideas about the practice of alchemy.

In times of darkness, the very worst of us are preeminent and providing the face time for what is and is not worth having, being and doing. In these worst of times, the best of us are deep in the mountains or concealed beneath protective covers because the others hunt them for sport. They're all about sport killing and sport fucking and getting their pictures taken with dead lions and rhinos that they killed at a hundred meters away. This is how they make war as well, besides getting people too stupid to know any better to do it for them. They're the ones who string out the bunting and hire the bands that play, when Johnny comes limping home, if he comes home at all and these days, when some part of him does, there's no public greeting at the docks and he's just as likely to wind up bulldozed into a landfill.

We are presently in the fulfilling moments of reductio ad absurdum. The more stupid, transparently ridiculous and vile that it is possible to become, it is in the act of becoming. There is a particular fantasy that was created by a particularly venal, mercantile faction that moves among us. There was almost no mention of it until the 60's. Now it dominates as a defense mechanism in the hands of the most indefensible villains this planet has seen, since the last crew of malicious and organized footpads made their way into the dustbin of forgotten history. If you mention or point out the absurdity of the impossible math and all attendant lies, you are a pariah. It's the same thing that was applied to 9/11 by the same people; black is the new white.

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed our little stroll through whatever the Hell this has been (grin) and we shall rejoin our little interchange, at some further remove up the road. Until then, I bid you a fond and temporary adieu from the macaroni and cheese wonderland of the inexplicable.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In Times of Trial and Uncertainty.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It has been an interesting week, along the lines of interesting times. I haven't been looking over my shoulder in many a moon but I find it reflexively happening now. Certain planetary aspects are hammering on me and making even every day normal activities challenging. I'm writing about this because I suspect and even hear that others are not immune to similar conditions. It's a dicey and rapidly transforming world of the moment. Staying upright and focused takes more work than I've been used to in some time.

It got to where I felt compelled to ask my friend, the astrologer, Robert Phoenix to give me some idea of what the heck was going on. I knew that Neptune was causing all kinds of strange mental images. I come to find out that it's Pluto and Uranus who are causing at least, if not more, turmoil. I came away from it somewhat uneasy and perplexed. Things I had heard the year before about this coming period of time did not reflect any of these concerns.

So it was that I went to my bed last evening, wondering about what it all means and what sort of circumstances might confront me. My most present invisible friend, who always speaks for the ineffable and who may be the ineffable, for all I know, said to me, “Why did you go to an astrologer? Why didn't you come to me”? Wham! Things of this order have been happening consistently for some time now. I am routinely seeking outside myself for answers and then finding that I wasn't doing the one thing I keep being told to do, “rely on me”. “Rely on me in all things”, is what I keep being told and I keep forgetting. I also heard, last night, that nothing I am given to believe concerning the movement of the stars, is relevant to my situation as long as I rely on the ineffable. None of it applies unless I apply it in my consciousness. Wham! Again... I've been told I am being made to forget this so that I can be reminded over and over. It doesn't seem fair (grin). I took great comfort in hearing it.

I had noticed that when was in altered states over recent time; seeking the refuge of different states as some kind of escape, from the relentless pummeling of the cosmos, that it brought no relief and only made things worse. I see no useful avenue that I can follow that contains this sort of engagement on my part for future times so I'm going to shut down that side of my activities and just hope for the best. It's not an easy thing to do because the complexity of these multiple forces is not an easy thing to bear. I don't seem to have a choice in the matter though. The ineffable hasn't told me to hold back on any of it, simply telling me that the more completely and deeply I rely on it, the less I need to be concerned about anything. Well, I just don't know.

Since the last week of December, this whole scheme of new pressures has been a daily concern. I've had windows of normal (for me), go by for a week or two but then it suddenly springs upon me, with a greater force, and I go running for an escape hatch. These escape hatches have been leading into the piranha tank and sometimes, electric eel and shark infested waters. It give a whole new meaning to “the devil and the deep blue sea (grin)”. I can see where it might all be necessary but that doesn't make it any easier.

The saving grace to all of this, is that planetary conflicts and pressures are all about evolutionary shifts in consciousness and if one is capable of adapting correctly, it's all to the good. The thing is, most of us are not equipped to make smooth transitions because of the baggage we carry that seems to have a mind of its own and doesn't want to be dropped off. Whether that is the fault of the baggage or the one carrying it, I don't know with any degree of high certainty. If our nature and being was as it should be, we wouldn't need to be transformed and that means there will probably be some amount of resistance that we may or may not be aware of. It's complicated because we are complicated. Maybe in less cluttered and confusing times, we wouldn't be so complicated but it seems that way now.

Two propaganda tools have been killed in Syria and they say a couple of more are wounded and in the rocketed house but no one can get to them. By now we know they were probably killed by western agency, since that nearly always seems to be the case. It may seem a little cold and callous for me to be indifferent to the passing of journalists but I consider most presently operating journalists to be enemy combatants against greater humanity. It was their lies; the lies they reported, made up and printed that led to the deaths of millions, over the last decade and more. They are street-walking hookers with notebooks and tape recorders, instead of miniskirts and condoms. They willingly promote lies in exchange for position and a paycheck. The news announcers know they are lying. They all know they are lying. They don't care.

It seems certain that something will happen in March, simply because the mouthpieces for the murder machine of the west keep talking about Summer and possibly later on. That always means it will be sooner than expected. One of Israel's many religious holidays based on mayhem and killing is coming up in March and the FBI is talking about shutting down the internet on March 8th. The FBI; the Federal Bureau of Israel is always deep in the mix when bad things happen, as they were on 9/11, Oklahoma City and so many other 'staged' domestic terror events. The FBI is a state funded terror organization. Concerning the looming attack on Iran, I am posting a commentary by one of the finest writers working on the internet today. It is important enough to appear in tomorrow's Smoking Mirrors as well.

You may be wondering why I segued out of my personalized narrative into a digression about whatever that just was. It's because the planetary conditions are affecting everything at this time but everything is being affected differently, according to what it is and what it intends. The special placements and relationships of planetary force, are exactly what they are at this time, in order to bring about changes in all of us, as people, as nations, as creeds and what have you. It's all being changed. Religions that have been around for thousands of years are about to be changed beyond recognition and in some cases fall into obscurity. It may be hard to believe at the moment but... a lot of things are going to happen. Now back to the original line of thought.

I can certainly 'feel things' these days. I can't isolate much of it into anything identifiable but that is par for the course. Part of me wants to get into bed and pull the covers over my head. Part of me wants to cover my head in other ways but none of these are viable options. They just don't work anymore.

My biggest problem over the last several years has been those periods when I have tried to immerse myself in meditation and the disciplines that attend the lifestyle. Soon enough, after getting into it, something bad always happens, as if I'm not supposed to be doing it. That doesn't make any kind of sense but that's how it's been. Maybe that is past now and... maybe not. I guess I'll be finding out (grin).

I don't fancy finding out but... nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I haven't encountered such a state of restless uncertainty in a long time and, apparently it's going to be around for awhile. Oh goody! Then again, maybe what I've been up to in recent times is the reason for it and I may find that my efforts make for a very different result now. Man, I hope so (grin). A lot of grins are going into this post, as they should. I feel pretty darn good at the moment. This morning at 5:00AM, I did not feel very good. I went back to bed and asked for help. When I woke up later, I felt great. There was no reason why I should, according to the normal rules of these abnormal times. I did, though. It's some number of hours later, after a long car trip into a far town and it all went as smooth as could be and now I'm finishing what I started this morning. We'll have to see how it goes because that's all we ever have; how things go and what we do about them. How we react or don't react. I'd say the majority of our experiences and the very course of our existence, is determined by our reactions. A lot of them come out of our subconscious programming. We instinctively react and which reaction we come up with, is determined by where our heads and hearts are at the moment. The state of the heart fuels the intensity of the mind, in response to conditions and stimuli. The are any number of people who are locked up for a long time, for things they can't even remember and a lot of that is from previous act and previous states of being. The evidence for reincarnation is indisputable but if you don't take the trouble to look at the evidence, or it's troubling to accept or consider it, that doesn't change anything. Things are what they are. People come to terms with it or they don't.

It's taken well into the evening from this morning to finish this because all kinds of interruptions and duties got in the way; just like they will tomorrow (grin) and the following, given trips and birthdays and such. Life does these kinds of things and we react, adjust or whatever. Things are what they are and we are what we are, until things change, or we change. There's an argument for our whole world changing, in the moment our consciousness is altered, by the aggregation and culmination of experience and how it impacts on us. We're all bound somewhere. Where we wind up and how we wind up depends on how we react, how we adjust and what we rely on. Who knows, there may be a lot more to it. We'll see.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Under the Big Tent in the Circus of Appetite and Ignorance.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Man! What a bunch of hoopla; underwater nukes in the Pacific, basement nukes in New York, UFO deniers, men who hate women, self righteous lawyers with big egos, syntactically challenged troglodytes from Wyoming. We get them all. These are the 'go to blogs' for Huey, Dewey and Screwy.

I was pretty careful with my words. All I said was that I didn't agree with Makow's views on women and I don't know one way or the other about Jim Stone but... I don't know and I'm sticking to that. Still, we opened a can of worms; as opposed to a can of Whupass; thankfully. I also got a few comments from the dreaded Anonymous; a Cerberus like creature, with the heads of two weasels at either side and a chicken head in the middle. Like they say, “that's entertainment”!

Enough of all that. We're at Origami today, a sedate oasis that one in ten visit, because only one in ten care very much about the incredible ineffable. Well, the ineffable is on the move. I got a wonderful jolt of awareness in respect of that this morning. Yesterday I was uncomfortable, uneasy, off center and in a low energy pothole I couldn't climb out of. This morning, I woke up ten years younger and brimming with force. I was given indications of this last night, when I lay in bed in the early hours of the morning. The transmissions were stronger than ever before and the message was strong and filled with confidence for what lies ahead. It was doubly nice, given the day that had preceded it.

I've mentioned 'endurance' before. Sometimes, you just have to go through things. There's no alternative to slogging through the peat bogs of residual karma and the environmental constipation of strangled force, surrounding one, as you try to find a dry hummock of sandy grass in the swamp. Sooner or later, endurance, like perseverance, furthers and it's a game changer. I don't know how many times in my life I have just had to keep on keeping on and then the mindset and the landscape both transform into something a little closer to the heart's desire. I've no illusions of consistency in this regard but I do believe that the heavier it gets in the material worship zones, the lighter it gets in the new world coming.

The level of collective insanity is compressing by the day and generating a dark heat from the pressure of madness collapsing on itself, in the process of dwarf stars (intellectually and morally speaking) turning into black holes. Speaking of black holes, Madonna and Kim Kardashian walk into a bar and... oops, wrong turn Clyde; just a little comic relief for those who don't mind mixing humor in with their metaphysics. There's no punchline.

The bottom line is that the crazies are going to get crazier and the sane are going to get saner. As we all know by now, those who fancy themselves sane, in their embrace of ever more preposterous lies, are actually the crazy ones and those marginalized to the side and drowned out by porcine suits with red shouting faces, are the sane ones. We'll be seeing the truth of that more and more as the planetary forces that signal the various interplays and operations of human engagements, work their collective destiny upon our affairs. It's all choreographed by the dance master and we're either slam dancing or doing the soft shoe, depending on what music we're listening to. Of course, some will be waltzing in The Overlook Hotel and some will be dirty dancing in the urban sump pubs. Those who are familiar with the musical works, Bolero and Scheherazade, know that they start off slow and easy and end in a fury of crashing sound. You can look at what's on the menu by thinking of it in there terms. And there's certain to be a great deal of acid reflux, as the clanging and clamor reach their heights.

We are entering the main tent for the big show in The Circus of Appetite and Ignorance. There will be great lumbering beasts. These are not normal animals, with an intelligence as great as those in the audience, who usually perform for your watching pleasure. These are the animals that symbolize the excesses of appetite and ignorance. The creatures of appetite will cavort in dark flames that howl like tasered banshees, while ignorance dances beneath a black sun, whose gravity swallows whole worlds with a single inhalation, “Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds”. It's no mere coincidence that Kali has her particular blue black hue and that white Shiva lays supine beneath her writhing form. This of course has no connection to the various skin colors that populate the Earth. Those differentiations, like the multiplicity of languages and cultures, are in place to play upon our racial and religious prejudices. It's all set up the way it is, to see what you are going to do because the ineffable is the ultimate voyeur.

True peace and tranquility arrive when you can walk through this world and want nothing from it. You will, of course, receive all manner of things but you shouldn't want any of it because those are 'the ties that bind'. Blood ties are the worst. You see the most distressing examples of this in that part of the world responsible for the trouble everywhere else, because those who think they are manipulating everything, connect whatever is happening elsewhere to what is going on there.

The spell of Maya has to be broken and if you think you can accomplish that on your own, in times of extreme material darkness, you are dreaming. Proud men, intoxicated with their own sense of vigor and importance, imagine they are ruling nations and moving mountains. They are sad little puppets, en-route to the grave. Wiser minds seek the invisible help that is within and all around them. They know they can't walk that road on their own. They've learned the hard way, as so many of us do; as all of us do, at some point in any number of lives. The incalculable wealth of all of these human births, glitters like real gold before the eyes of those who can see it but the eyes of too many are closed to the magnificent blessing that has been laid upon them. To squander such a resource is a terrible thing. The evidence of it surrounds us. Few care.

I speak as a wastrel with the good fortune of having met The Source. Like some of you, I am luckier than I have the sense to comprehend; other lives and other times. This is a grand finale of considerable import. As I never tire of mentioning, we are at the conclusion of a major cycle of 26,000 years. The human mind can't grasp the import of it. This is not your usual turning of the age. This is the completion of a full circling of the great wheel and the beginning of another. God help you, if you don't make the leap. As has also been said many times, then it's off to wardrobe to get suited up for the next round. It is my sincere prayer that you will be spared this and it is certainly within your reach to accomplish the alternative.

Many times, over many days, I hear it said, “The effort you make now will reward you richly, far beyond anything you can imagine. The degree of difficulty is great and every effort is significant. Apply yourself. Rely on me. Rely on me completely. Strive to make yourself aware of my presence and my presence will come to you. Press forward with determination, faith and certitude. I am at your side. I am here now. I am truly here. Accept this. Reside in this. Live and breathe in the awareness of this truth. Look around you at the foolishness on all sides. Have no part in it. Every moment counts. Every effort is divine currency. Rely on me. Rely on me”.

I forget a hundred times a day. I misstep a hundreds times a day and always the voice comes and points it out to me and I cry out at my failures and inability to stay constant and on the mark. It is comic often enough but the voice is patient and steadfast. I have been told that it doesn't matter because I have no choice. I am led to believe that I am compelled to forget just so I can be reminded. I am told that even though I have no choice, it makes a great deal of difference how much energy and consistency I bring to the table in each and every day. It is wonderful but there are degrees of wonderful and the voice lets me know that whatever good can be acquired, there is always more that can be added unto it.

This is the harvesting time and our efforts do not just benefit ourselves but all life. I have been routinely reminded of how I might feel later, when I realize that not having done enough, resulted in great losses on the part of those who might have been reached but were not. The ineffable is relentless in this way and there is more than enough work to go around for willing hearts and hands. There are far too few so engaged.

Now I can't even remember what I've just written down (grin). I guess I'll see soon enough when I go into the editing phase. I myself am in the editing phase, being that which is being edited; work in progress that we all are. Work and progress being the operative words. Make it count.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Masters, Mechanisms and Meaning.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I'd like to talk about Masters today. There are a lot of misconceptions about what that term actually means. There's also a lot of misconception about types of Masters; grades of Masters, what they do and don't do and their delivery systems. This also includes the personality aspect and the wide range of behaviors from conservative to off the charts looney tunes. There are Masters from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions; Masters from the Western Mystery Tradition, which includes esoteric Christianity. There are shamanic Masters, Sufi masters and masters who don't reveal their genealogy or even give you their name. Zen Buddhist masters swat you with bamboo canes. Some of them take all of the wrinkles out of your life and some of them put wrinkles into your life. Some make you comfortable and give you ease and some make you very uncomfortable and remove the bottom from your containment vessel. There are Masters designed for all personality quadrants. On the dark side and in the area of passions and desires there are Masters too; Dungeon masters, Slave masters, all of them generally Ass masters, because at all levels, submission and surrender are the key and levels of trust are the gradients for moving deeper in or further out.

I'm making no judgments on what people get into but I will tell you that you push in any direction and you will encounter a Master, tailored to the dimensions of your needs. In Kali Yuga you will find that many people are engaged in some kind of Top and Bottom sexual dynamic, seeking release due to their residence in a world of bondage.

The essential reality of it is that there is only One Master, ever. The power of any particular 'master vehicle' is directly tied to their level of being engaged with The Presence. There are two directions; two universes of experience and expression. These are simplistically referred to as the right and left hand path. In the more ancient traditions, these are considered legitimate choices and the same god is at the end of either, though the persona and presence are definitely different. Good and Evil are not relevant in the generally accepted definitions. On the one hand is the drive and desire for liberation. On the other hand you have the world of magic and both are fueled by sexual force. You may be certain that extreme measures of sacrifice and denial exist on both sides. You receive to the degree that you can surrender.

Some Masters are saints. Some are not. There are many degrees and stations. Some people are considered Masters because they possess powers. You will especially see this sort of thing in this kind of an age. Some Masters possess all of the powers and don't even exercise them; RamaKrishna was such a one. He passed his powers on to Vivekananda without ever having used them. One should not be impressed by the demonstrated powers of any so-called master, rather be impressed by what you don't see.

Some Masters come across as crazy. I know of one tale about the fellow who wrote “Cutting through Spiritual Materialism” who went into a biker bar with some followers, drank a lot of beer and behaved like a wild man at the pool table, even tearing the felt with his cue stick, in a bar filled with violent men and nothing happened. I'm not a Master but I've pulled that off a few times, though I never tore the felt. Of course, he was an Eastern cat and probably had less respect for the game of Pool than I do (grin).

Master is a catchall term. Some are channels for Masters (some Masters are channels; one might say, all of them) and experience a relative degree of Presence that deepens and broadens as it goes. There are Masters of forms and Masters of no form. There are performing Masters and non performing Masters and all Masters are subject to the whims and inexplicable imperatives of The One. Some have fallen from very high places and sometimes that is through no fault but only for 'the purpose of demonstration'. Some are tormented for the same purpose, as in the story of Job. One shouldn't try to understand what Masters do and don't do. One should simply absorb, because The Presence is active and everything is going on behind the scenes. It can be hard to comprehend the behavior and circumstances of Masters such as Sai Baba, Osho, Bubba Free John (AKA adi da) and Muktananda. Only the divine knows the ins and outs of it all. I say, if they work for you, good. Results are what counts. If you get something useful, you are ahead. If something confuses you or puts you off, discard it. Take only the useful stuff. Everything happens for a reason but we often don't know what the reason is. This can be confusing.

Masters have different techniques for exposing the deeper truths about a person to that person. Since their methods are not mainstream, often enough, it can be perplexing as to what is actually going on. Results are what counts. Masters know how to get the Gila Monster to climb out from under the rock, or how to release latent possibilities from the soul and substance of the ones in which they lie sleeping. They are in the position to submit the chela's needs and concerns to the ineffable. They are a medium of passage and should be seen as that; not some kind of be all and end all. They are not. It is exceedingly rare for the ineffable to walk around, complete, in a physical state. Generally, the ineffable operates, as a partial, through agencies, powers, principalities, whatever it pleases the ineffable to operate through. The slightest whim of the ineffable is immediately a reality.

We exist in different dimensions of time weight. Due to this, the movement of the ineffable on our behalf, takes place within the framework of our time weight. For some this means 4th class and parcel post. For some it is Fed Ex or better. Time is a form of gravity and a lot of people are 'doing time'. One might think that we are trapped in a sequence of tremendous distance and lifetimes. This is not so. Instantaneous ascension is always a possibility, depending on various things; “success is speedy for the energetic”.

An agent of a Master is the same as The Master. When Jesus sent his disciples abroad, he sent them in his name. Anyone who claims to be a master and not a servant, is neither. Anyone who is not humble as dirt, has not grasped the reality of their situation. Anyone not consumed by gratitude, has not grasped the reality of their situation. Anyone who is not motivated to serve the ineffable at every opportunity, has not grasped the reality of their situation. I could go on and on in this vein.

There are a few essential principles that every seeker must grasp. One is that they will never, not ever, comprehend the ineffable, or be able to predict how the ineffable might behave or respond to them. Another thing is that the ineffable ALWAYS has your best interests at heart, no matter how it looks. Also, something to consider is that the moment you ask for anything, it is going into manifestation in some way. “Faith is the substance of things unseen”. If you are not always and in perfect time, getting everything you could wish for, there is something wrong with you, or with the way you see things. The major stumbling blocks to overcome are the resistances in the subconscious and amateur hour with the creative imagination. This is what reliance and surrender are all about and, as usual, it's not what most people think. Conscious surrender and reliance are good as far as they go but the whole point is to get the subconscious engaged in the process and that is what the repeated hammering of the self conscious mind upon it; through repetition, chanting, meditation and the rest are all about. Once the understanding of surrender and reliance, as an imperative, have been firmly planted into the subconscious, the secret gateways open and the infinite is on hand for transmutation of the vehicle and for performance and demonstration. Until that occurs, results are haphazard at best. After that, results are automatic and dictated according to the inexplicable will of the ineffable. You may not always appreciate the manner and means of this but you will invariably appreciate the results.

Everyone of us is at some point in the process of realized Godhead. First the rock, then the plant, the animal, the human and then the God. Of course, it is to be understood that is is possible not everyone achieves this. Some become demons, some matriculate into the Devic Realm, although that is a rare event; given that they are different paths entirely, but some insist on it and the means to attain it are there. We live in a universe of infinite possibility; limitless possibility. The human condition is much like the flowering of a tree or a bush. Some bud and bloom early. Some bloom late and some blooms do not open. I know there are schools of thought that say we will all attain to the same level of awareness and liberation. This is not so. It would ruin the effect of the whole drama. We are all a part of the divine and to the divine we will return, each according to the weights and measures of the almighty.

Masters have masters. The complexity of this subject is beyond the scope of this posting or several books and some of it cannot ever be put into books. Our recorded resources work only so far. None of the sciences, teachings and schemes, will take us to the final goal. At a certain point we can only be guided by the conscious light. We have to meet that light and the introduction has to be made. After that you can take it off your mind. All of our efforts up to that point, are only to take the meeting and to galvanize the goddess in the muladhara and to climb the spiral staircase into the undefinable absolute. What follows the inception of the process is different for everyone but it is always under control and the opportunity is there for all and the potential is resident in all. We are the sum total of the choices made. Many blessings and many greetings at the meeting of the waters.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Group Consciousness, Telepathic Resonance.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

About a week ago, I was sitting at this computer and I started to sing the song from the movie, “The Bodyguard”; “I will Always Love You”. I'm sure there are any number of people who think that song is a piece of sanitized, denatured shit, like “Feelings” and “Mammaries” (from the corner of my eye). It may be, I suppose. It's one of those songs that will surface every now and then in my head and I will sing it because it's a gas to hit those high notes with my falsetto. Anyway, I had heard a snatch of it somewhere, a commercial, a rendition, or in my head and I was singing it and then I decided I had to see the movie so I got it and watched it; that was just a few days ago.

Late last night, or early this morning; take your pick, I learned that Whitney Houston, who sang the song and appeared in the movie, was dead. This posting isn't about Whitney Houston, who had one of the finest voices to come down the pike in a long time. This posting is about something I talk about in the radio show tonight. It's tied in to my recent trip and something Robert Phoenix mentioned to me on his radio show, Friday (please do not cue Rebecca Black).

Mitt Romney and George W. Bush are cousins. Holy Dickwad, Batshit! (this is Petri Dish- nope, it's now going to be Origami, sorry about that). There's no connection that I know of between this and today's posting but I thought you ought to know. It's one of those interesting things, like Bush being related to the Queen of England.

Back to the theme of this commentary. During my interview with Robert, he said, “I think you went through an initiation during your trip”. I didn't get that at all, although I was told before I left that something like that was going to happen and that I was going to meet someone who would change my life. I took this to mean, at any point in my travels; should I at some point still go to South Africa or a couple of other places that are tentatively on my list.

While I was doing my radio show yesterday, I suddenly started talking about something that was new to me, right while I was talking about it. It was something I knew but didn't know, if that makes any sense and it made perfect sense to me. As I said in the interview, I am a little ahead of the curve, due to my awakened Kundalini. I'm not saying this to attach any exclusivity to myself but simply because it is true. I get things ahead of the general population. Of course, I am not the only one that this applies to. There are others, some are engaged in a manner similar to my own and some are sub rosa.

Regular readers of these blogs are familiar with how often a reader will say, “I was just thinking about that this morning”, or an hour ago, or yesterday. Or they will say, “You just articulated what has been in my head for a long time”. This happens with a frequency that borders on the supernatural. I often refer to it as 'resonance'. We have sympathetic strings, our vibrations are tuned to each other or, things pass from you into me and then back out to you.

One of the things that happened to me when I had my first Kundalini experience, which lasted at a high pitch for 3 years, was that I instantly became telepathic. The Kundalini fire burned away my sense of a personal self and there were no longer any boundaries between me and another person. I was with John Hall (who played with Orleans and recently was a congressman from New York) and several other musicians. When my Kundalini rose and did its number, I was immediately right inside John's mind and I could read his thoughts. He reacted with shock and horror and pushed hard against me in my mind to drive me away. That didn't work though because there is only one mind and once the barrier or boundary of your own mind is gone, access to other minds is pretty automatic. You might ask, what about the barriers in other people's minds? Well, there really aren't any barriers. We are reading each others minds on a certain level all the time but most people don't cue into this. That was pretty much the end of my relationship with John and also the end of whoever I thought I was before this. Later on, I understood the connection between this happening to me and the terrible abuse I suffered at the hands of my earthly father. The false self was being rigorously pummeled out of me. This did not mean the end of the ego, or other features that compose the schematic of human personality. This meant that the stratified identity was gone. Since that happened, I often feel people's faces in my own when I am near them and I can look in the mirror, when I am psychedelicized, and see faces from other times and places morphing in and out of my features.

I'm talking about what I am talking about today, with the intent of giving you a strong boost in terms of your confidence and hopes for the future. This came to me, as I have already said, right while I was doing the radio show for tonight. Very often my mind can be thinking along a particular train of thought, while I am speaking about another train of thought at the same time. We all have some degree of this.

I was thinking about the bad guys and the good guys and the various ways in which whatever is coming could go down and it was then that the telepathy and resonance factor came together in my mind and I saw what was coming. This whole transition process, which is coming by degrees of force and intensity and which has to do with awakening, is bringing with it a collective telepathy. We are already seeing how that works at these blogs. You can look at flash mobs and the Occupy movements as having a similar core unification expression.

We who are being awakened, are moving into a group consciousness state of being. This will facilitate too many wonders to enumerate. It will not only be unifying but it will be a source for a tremendous power of expression and reaction to an entrenched darkness that is on it's way out. Neptune is bringing it in because it is Neptune that dispels boundaries. Neptune was doing a serious number on me right up to the point where I suddenly understood what was happening and now? Now and as soon as this whole understanding became known to me, everything evened out. Amazing, from my end of the spectrum. This descending force, coming down from the inner planes, is bringing two states of mind; clarity and confusion. How this impacts on you depends on what you are up to. The high and mighty oppressors of humanity have no defense against what is soon to happen inside their own minds, nor have they any idea of the power of the unified minds of the other side of the equation.

It is said that God is Love. It is understood that Love expresses itself in unity and one can see the arriving avatar as a unification of consciousness in the minds of those susceptible to the force of his arrival. His energy mistress will be the awakening into the experience of the divine feminine, expressed in the powers that are resident in her. You can kind of see that bride and bridegroom thing that is also expressed in the alchemical marriage.

If what I am saying is true then that is a positive consideration indeed, because, as the speed and force of the descent increases, so will the relative outworking of conditions and phenomena, as they apply to oppressor and recently oppressed. Occultists, Wicca enthusiasts and tribal peoples have long known about the power of collective focus on a common end. Just imagine when this same thing become exponential, in the minds of thousands and tens of thousands ...and who knows? Who knows to what an extent this may occur?

I've been experiencing this over the last six weeks or more and didn't tumble to the implications. Now it seems to me that this must be so and the uncertainty that was troubling me just vanished away into the air when the full implications of this dawned on me.

It is mind blowing to me how one can walk through dark places and suddenly break out into an entirely different environment and the whole trail of movement becomes nothing more than the portions of your journey, connected in a whole cloth expression of what you are. We truly are on the verge of a great adventure, a dynamic shift in consciousness that will put paid to all the doubt and fear that has dogged our tracks for so long. I've always known that the divine was going to work it all out but I had nary a clue about how and it puzzled and troubled me now and again, when it should not have.

I now understand much more deeply the whole point about reliance. To the degree that I can be, to that degree I can become and so goes it for us all. This is the difference between excitement and terror. It's the same ride but people are having different experiences, due to their attachment to the passing familiar or their embrace of the new and arriving. Letting go is key to going. I hope I have, to some small degree, expressed what I am seeing and feeling at the moment and I sincerely hope this resonates with you.

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There will be a radio show tonight.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

To Rely Upon the Ineffable.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, sometimes I am clueless and some amount of time will pass before I become clueful. Such is the case today. Today I taped an hour and a half radio show with Robert Phoenix. It will air this Friday at 10:00 AM, Pacific Standard Time. Robert is a gifted and competent astrologer and there was this resonance going on. By that I mean I sensed we were in telepathic contact and I was able to subliminally receive information about a particular planet, while we were talking about other things. I know this sounds kind of strange but strange is the order of the moment for me these days. The last six weeks have been ozone country.

I've been trying to figure out why. I was doing it subjectively. I was looking at my mind and my emotions for some sign of what was tossing me around like a Raggedy Ann and looking in the wrong place. Robert tells me there has been significant solar flares of late; certainly that is a factor but it's Neptune who is the culprit. As soon as it entered into my mind, everything fell into place. I didn't see the real significance of it until I was talking to Robert and it didn't actually dawn until I had hung up. It's been running around in my mind for a couple of days, like an abstraction. It was there but I wasn't there or everything was in place but so was cognitive dissonance. It's like you look right at something but you can't see it. Maybe the time isn't right. Maybe you're not right and then, it all comes together.

The whole of my every day is composed of constant reminders that I have to sink into a state of complete and utter reliance upon the good will of the cosmos. If I do, the passage is effortless. If I don't, the passage can be problematic. It sounds simple but there's a technical problem. You can only let go to a certain extent. The final stages have to be accomplished for you. Sometimes it can come about through an epiphany. Sometimes it can come through trauma and sometimes it's an act of grace or the outworking of karma. It can be accelerated, possibly, by faith, certitude and determination.

Many times through the day, I will go to do something and then it occurs to me that I should have asked for permission. This is because I am constantly hearing, “Why didn't you ask me”? “Why didn't you come to me”? This is all about developing that reliance. I used to think I was in regular contact with the ineffable but now I see how intermittent it really was. So, I have to apply myself with diligence because I constantly forget to go to the ineffable for every single thing. That is how that special reliance gets developed. Partial and occasional reliance are just not effective. It's like going to church on Sunday, having done your duty for the week. The body is a church and the presence is constant. The awareness of the indwelling has to be activated. You might think of the process as a kind of self tazering. You bring your attention to your attention. It's kind of like awareness of awareness. You practice this as the first principle of your existence. You not only have to get the mind's attention, you also have to keep it. The mind is unruly. It's been likened to quicksilver. The mind gets you into every problem you have, often in the company of the heart. The mind can get you out of every problem, with the assistance of the heart via the inspiration of the ineffable.

Some of you KNOW that the divine is a reality but for some reason the divine seems to be far away, obscure, complicated and not immediately reachable. That's the mind playing games again. The mind wants to play God and can't effectively do that if God is on the scene. The mind doesn't understand that it can mirror God and so, it can effectively be God to the extent that it doesn't feel denied (grin). The mind has to be convinced of the value of certain things. This is accomplished through reason. Reason is The Emperor and the creative imagination is The Empress. It appears that these two have a dynamic between them that might yield some reward of insight to the inquisitive.

I suppose I knew that Neptune was going to bang me around. Prior to going away on my trip there was this undercurrent of apprehension and uncertainty. Up to the last moment I was not sure I would go. I had received ominous portendings from a couple of astrologers and a 'good to go' from another. There was mystery swirling around like inebriated snowflakes. Nor were the snowflakes the only thing that was inebriated. Even the sky appeared to be drunk and uncertain. The sun looked like a tequila sunrise and The Queen Mother is as pickled as a sour dill in her mausoleum. Whoa! What happened to the post? Is that you again, Neptune?

I want to stay on the reliance factor and the surrendered self. This is particularly important in this time because of the confusion and uncertainty. The continuous act of reliance, will dispel confusion and uncertainty. It may be that these things are in place to force or assist in reliance. These troubled times make the soul cry out for succor and the divine is at hand. The divine is more present in these times than has been the case in a long time. This is why there is such a powerful presence of distraction, to take the attention away from the other presence. God is very close in these hours and much more easily reachable. Chaos and an avalanche of the trivial and superficial are rolling up around our ears and before our eyes, with the single intention of keeping our minds off of the ineffable, who is internally broadcasting 24/7. The impact of the world of noise drowns out the still, small voice.

Some of us have broken free of this relentless war being waged by appearances against essence. It is possible to hear that voice. For me it was intermittent for a long time. After the initial awakening, there would be brief bursts and sometimes longer periods over longer periods. Often the voice would come on the advent of difficult times in my life; encouraging me and telling me to endure, sometimes, often, not letting me know what was coming up. Then, a few years ago I began to get regular visits. This began to happen around the time I first met Ganesha and Italy became a factor. Then came a period of walks in Southern Italy where I began to hear, “Rely on me. Rely on me absolutely. You will anyway. You have no choice”. Then, earlier in the last year, the voice became a steady presence and has continued to continue to increase in clarity and believability.

What I mean by believability is of singular importance. Some of the things I have been told in recent times seem to be too fantastic to be true. As much as I would really like to believe them, I have a rule against fooling myself and this caused a certain unease in my communications. Thankfully, the voice proved out in many small ways and even some big ways. What hasn't happened yet can't be proven yet but the voice was kind enough to give me a basis for trust so that I could be willing to accept what I hear.

Much of what gets written here, resonates with a wide spectrum of the readers and this reaffirms the voice as well. There's reaffirmation to be had on all sides but neither the heart or the mind has sufficient resources to engage in deep and abiding faith in many cases. This has to be overcome. A very effective way of dealing with this is to see the ineffable in all things because it happens to be true; to see the hand of the divine in every instance and episode of your life. I was explaining this to someone earlier. Let us say that you are walking to the supermarket, much as I do most days. Everything you see and hear has been placed exactly so, for the purpose of demonstration. A dog barks. Three birds fly across the sky. Cars pull in and out of the lot. Certain people are in the store. Everyone and everything you see is exactly where it is for a very good reason. It's all under control. I was directly told this a number of times, that everyone I saw was where they were for specific reasons. Everyone on the train and everyone in the hotel was there on purpose. Every thought that rises in the mind, every emotion in the heart is just another part of the divine dealing with the soul.

Reliance leads to the visceral understanding that everything is under control. Reliance and surrender make it possible to see the true meaning of 'for the purpose of demonstration' in everything. Until this reliance becomes like a continuing reflex, certain portions of the mystery of life cannot be revealed. Reliance is critical to the whole ball of wax. You can think of it as the wick in the candle. A great many things rely on reliance. It becomes your most valuable possession in times like these, where the dire potentials and woo woo have gone off the charts.

There is no force in the universe more powerful than the divine. It is the primary motive force and nothing moves, except that it does so through borrowed force from the divine. The divine has the entire creation under control at all times. Comprehending this is not as important as believing it. If the divine has all this power and control then where does that place you, if you are in the hands of the divine and reliant on the divine? Who or what could possibly harm or intimidate you, if you are under the protection of the divine, as a result of being reliant on the divine? Mere shadows and temporal wraiths have no power against the divine. All the armies of the world, with all of their weapons, are nothing to the divine or his/her agents. This is what comes from relying on the divine.

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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Windows of Promise and Food for the Moon

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Here's a brief burst of mutilated information from CIA-Zio-Controlled Fundieland. You'll note the standard operative's mustache on the publisher and scrolling down past him you'll see where the funding comes from. Why am I talking about this at Visible Origami? Well, I wanted you to see predictions being made from the Islamic side of the table and because of the distortions present in the commentary, I thought a little back story on the usual prevaricators was called for. It's the same back story behind every external fabrication of motive and intent. The forces telling the lies are the same forces killing in Syria and Iran, having already finished up in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. We know this or we don't know this and that says it all about everything. We know this or we don't know this. We know that or we don't know that. I don't know much and have to be very sure about what I think I know because what I think I know defines me inside my own mind.

I have to watch out for what defines me because it does just that. Everyone needs to watch out for what defines them. They wind up becoming the product of what they think is real. This is a good thing, maybe, if what they believe is real. It's not a good thing if what they believe is not real. I've mentioned 'food for the moon' before. The moon is known as a cosmic seat of illusions. It is also the place you go to have another body woven, when the illusions in any life have overcome you to the point that you can't go any further and have to repeat some form of the same process, because you believed something that defined you that wasn't real. It's what's known as a vicious cycle. You might call it an inexorable cycle.

We come into this life with windows of promise and depending on the karma that placed us wherever we find ourselves, those windows can be wider or in greater multiples. For some the windows are thin indeed. For some the windows are designed according to periods of the life, for the purpose of activated destiny. You're in good shape if you have one of these arrangements. Due to the vast compassion of the dynamic animating principle, most people are getting a shot. Whether they will take it or not remains to be seen.

Regularly people will write me to say that they cannot figure out why their friends and family cannot see the indisputable truth about what is happening in the world. Try as they might, they are unable to reach them and instead create a climate of resentment and mistrust. Many people are estranged from friends and family simply because they refuse to close their eyes to what, by now, should be readily apparent to even the most borderline intellects. What is the explanation for this? I've mentioned several possibilities; cowardice, concerning any exposure that threatens their state of imagined well being, reinforced denial, rock hard stupidity and boundless gullibility that could swallow a whale in defiance of various laws of physics. The simple and more encompassing truth, in all cases, is the degree of intensity of the dream cloud that permeates the consciousness. Those intent on deceiving us understand the mechanics of The Dream Cloud. They employ it to their advantage.

The Dream Cloud is filled with raw and primitive emotions that impact on the heat of the blood of youth and then, across time, twist the the consciousness into a rigidified corpse that reacts to stimulus the way a dead frog's nervous system reacts to electrical contacts. The basic raw emotions of the lower astral include all the varieties of lust, whether sexual or purely acquisitive;

Hannibal Lecter: First principles, Clarice. Simplicity. Read Marcus Aurelius. Of each particular thing ask: what is it in itself? What is its nature? What does he do, this man you seek?
Clarice Starling: He kills women...
Hannibal Lecter: No. That is incidental. What is the first and principal thing he does? What needs does he serve by killing?
Clarice Starling: Anger, um, social acceptance, and, huh, sexual frustrations, sir...
Hannibal Lecter: No! He covets. That is his nature. And how do we begin to covet, Clarice? Do we seek out things to covet? Make an effort to answer now.
Clarice Starling: No. We just...
Hannibal Lecter: No. We begin by coveting what we see every day. Don't you feel eyes moving over your body, Clarice? And don't your eyes seek out the things you want?”

Two of the most powerful raw emotions are patriotism and perverted religious passion. The particular flavors of the raw motive force of the lower astral, are determined by the conditions of the particular period of the culture. Some are more preeminent at different times and all of them are manipulated by those who serve the hidden seats of power, which channel through the willing agents of any given time.

In times of darkness, these agents and the degree of power emanating from the hidden seats, has a serious power of appearance. The hidden seats of light are in retreat, due to the pervasiveness of noxious darkness. It might smell good to some of you down here but it does not smell good to them. The wise head for the hills at times like this and the ones who make the sacrifice to walk among us have protections in place that allow for them to come and go in the confusion of the marketplace. A good example of the relative seats of power is that of the sun and moon. The sun is obviously the greater power. There would be no physical life of any kind on Earth without it. The moon exerts power over the tides, human emotions and other things; quite a few other things. The moon wouldn't exist without the sun, so you might say that the powers of the moon are adaptations of the power of the sun, differently expressed. A great deal of detail could be engaged in, concerning this relationship. Volumes have been written on both of them but most of these volumes aren't readily available. The entire schematic of the universe is written on the parchment of the human entity; a la macro and microcosm. Finding the locations of these informations is the trick. Some of the portals of entry are guarded and some of them are just difficult to locate because you have to be in a certain consciousness to be able to see anything in the first place.

We've been left with all the tools and practices we could need. If we can discover the ones that are right for us, we can make speedy progress but nothing beats meeting someone who already knows everything it is possible to know, simply through their contact with the mind that knows everything and who is in a position to tell you everything you need to know, when you need to know it and spare you the distress and difficulties of what you don't need to know but thought you did.

We have all these tools and practices and most of us do not employ them. We employ other tools and practices because we think we know what we are after because forces in the lower astral are dictating the focus of our appetites and desires. It's not even an artful seduction in most cases. We're easily had and then we become brutal and harsh in defense of our personal imperatives. A part of us knows we are deceived. A part of ourselves knows we've been duped but a part of ourselves would rather die than admit it and it will, rather painfully I might add. This is one of the reasons that friends and families become disenfranchised from those of us who refuse to accept the party line.

We have all these tools and practices and potential and we ignore the one and squander the other on shit. Call it what it is, shit. The vain and pompous ambitions for ordinary things, the pursuit of the rare and desirable, the competition between men and women of assumed and temporary power to possess what only has value based on the relative degree of covetousness, operating on the level of competition between aggressive, acquisition junkies. It's a tragedy of Promethean dimensions, wrapped in a Mylar comedy envelope. It's Donald Trump's hair under the floodlights of Mar-a-Lago, polyurethane beauty queens are arrayed around the dining table; it's why he bought The Miss America pageant. It's happening around the globe, in the visible seats of power, manipulated by the hidden seats of power. The polyurethane beauty queens are replaced by young girls, young boys, torture chambers, you name it, it's going on somewhere and probably in more places than you think. The victims are the previous abusers. The galley slaves are the former slave masters and centurions of official nod and wink policy. Life is a musical chairs game of Risk.

Very few people comprehend the end game of human potential. The falling out between the ineffable and certain angels came about when they were ordered to serve and worship the human creation. Of course, the whole tale is allegory and something drawn from the book of Enoch and not necessarily literally true by any stretch. The fallen angels among us are termed, The Watchers; have fun with your speculations. If you want to know the real meaning of anything, go to the one who knows. You may find him or her hard to reach but, 'persistence furthers'. Faith, certitude and determination, get your hands on them. Do it today!

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