Saturday, December 22, 2012

In the Land of Tamil and Sunshine.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Ah well, the world did not end. I had had my suspicions that it would not and strangely enough, so far, they have proven accurate. As I may have mentioned; I get the impression that maybe it is only the darkness which has ended and- quoth the raven, “nevermore” so, we’ll keep on rocking in the unfree world until we are given further marching orders.

There are cows everywhere, as well as dogs and monkeys and, of course, people. The cows are more than passing odd. Sometimes they stand like frozen statues (what other kind are there?) facing up the road or down the road, with their heads extended on their necks as if peering into the future, or some land seen only by them. The dogs are also strange. They generally mind their own business but you do have to watch yourself walking certain places and I guess I don’t have to tell you about the monkeys or the nagas, which are best left entirely alone in any case, unless you got some kind of dispensation.

The mountain seen from my window, or at any point where you have a skyline, is called Arunachala and that is where Ramana Maharshi lived for over 50 years. The mountain is considered to be Shiva and Ramana an incarnation of him. By this time, the testimony of thousands who met him when he was here, attest to the likelihood that he most certainly was a self realized soul ...but the reader can look into that if they want to. There is a road that runs for 18 kilometers around the mountain and last Sunday people were walking around it all day and all night. It was some kind of an auspicious date. I did not do this. I am waiting for my friend Roy to arrive tomorrow before I head up into the mountain. We had talked about doing it and so, in my mind, I thought we would do it together.

There is no real way to describe or explain India at all. You can discuss aspects of it and try your hand at vignettes but India, in many ways, lies beyond the reach of words. I will say, right off the bat that it is the most spiritual place I have ever been and has greeted me (except for certain technical difficulties) with open arms. There’s no doubt about my being welcome here.

There is a larger highway that runs along the mountain and all alongside it are saddhus sleeping on the sidewalk, sitting there or walking by, while monkeys scamper along the wall behind them. There’s a Sri Ramana Maharshi mini mart on this road and they told me to take my shoes off when I went in. I found this highly amusing as the mart has nothing to do with Ramana except for the name. They do a brisk business with westerners by providing things you can’t get elsewhere and which many westerners seem to want.

I’m not planning on going anywhere besides here except for the Kumbha Mela. I see no point in traveling from town to town in an ever increasing state of exhaustion and disorientation. My friend Roy has a friend named Abul who got me a place to stay next door to him; something far beyond anything I expected and at a price that would not be expected at all, since I have seen other places where the cost for much less is the same. Abul is a professional photographer and it turns out he is going to the Kumbha Mela and offered to take me along. This is uncanny because there is nowhere to stay or rent there that is not entirely outside my economic spectrum at this time. Now I have somewhere to go and a native to go with. This kind of serendipity has been happening by the day and is welcome in the extreme.

This is a land of the very poor and the very rich, along with the very recently middle classed.

A fellow was by Abul’s yesterday- 81 years old and had met Ramana. He owns 30 acres of land with all kinds of things growing on it and worked by his extended family. He’s got one tooth in his mouth and likes to smoke the ganja. He left bearing away a large collection of return deposit bottles from Abul’s on his bicycle. Apparently he is land rich but really short of cash. Women are not treated very well here in many places and bad things happen to them. People of all ages commit suicide. An 11 year old boy had a quarrel with his sister and so he poured kerosene over himself and set himself on fire. This is some kind of preferred method. There are assaults on women as well, often by relatives.

Before anyone points out to me that it can’t be very spiritual if this is going on, well, we’re talking about a billion people. There are certain to be a few bad eggs. Of course the cities are redolent with material culture, all Bollywooded out and the celebrity worship is sickening but I’m not resident in that spectrum.

Everything is going on in your mind. If you can still your mind so that the sunlight of the self can rise and shine through it then, you’ve got what you came here for, even if you forgot what that was; which is why remembrance is key.

I’ll be leaving this hotel on Monday, Christmas Eve, and a new chapter will come into play. I’ll have greater ease of access to doing these things and probably have the radio show up and running again, give or take a week on all of that because this is India and things operate on manana time here.

The curious case of the western visitors continues. There is a leaden heaviness to so many of them here. They came here for something but... as is ever the case, what they are seeking is inside them and not outside of them and this confuses and I think depresses them. The Indians are smiling and gracious and I really latch on to that and put my hands together and greet them, while most of these visitors seem embarrassed and made uncertain by it all. None of the westerners, with a couple of exceptions seem to want to talk to me but I come off weird wherever I am. I realized pretty much soon after I got here that I wasn't particularly looking for anything but what is destined to happen to me anyway. Some good portion of myself tells me I have found whatever it is that I am after, it just hasn't come into total focus yet.

That said, I will leave you now, so as to get this up and get off on to whatever this day holds for me. Be well and prosper!

And... Merry Christmas!!! Precisely because certain people don’t want you to say it.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

In India's Sunny Clime.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Finally I am here. Getting my Internet sorted has been problematic. What a trip! I got to my train with minutes to spare and found that they forgot to put my car on. The conductor said to sit in one place. The guy sitting there said no. So the conductor told me to sit with this young lady who turned out to be a Palestinian doctor living in Jordan. Her name is Ala. You can just imagine our conversation.

I needed no return ticket for India. I kept setting off the radar at security because of the pin in my leg from a Kung Fu accident. At Chennai they thought I had a wooden leg and wanted me to unscrew it. The Indians are very amusing. When I signed in for the long first leg of my flight, well after most others, I didn't even think of asking for a bulkhead seat. The lady at check in said, "You are very tall, would you like a bulkhead seat"? They gave me the best seat on the plane. Things happened on that flight that were so real and supernatural, I can't even talk about them. This was one of the strangest events in my life, if that tells you anything.

The reader, Drew, who bought me my flight and ten day stay at this phenomenal resort cannot make it. Hmmm (grin). I can see Arunachala from my window. The food here is simply amazing and so are the people. I am experiencing massive culture shock and staying close to here and under the radar for the moment. I have found a great place to stay after here and if you have never been here and don't have much money, this is the place to be. This is another planet. This is not Earth as I have ever seen it. I am afraid I will lose this posting at any moment so I will go now. I will figure all of this out in time. Bear with me.

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Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Essential Posture of Liberty

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I live in a small town, which is the central town for half a dozen towns or more in the area. It's a kind of government seat thing. There are some number of rest homes here and some of them are fairly large. This is a town with a lot of old people. Lately, younger families have been moving in and building homes; not cheap homes either but... it has been an old folks town and one of those old folks is Susanne's mother, Liselotte. She was in one of those homes this past week because Susanne went off to Berlin to see friends. I was here and I often take care of Liselotte, feeding her and putting her to bed, getting her up in the morning. However, when that extends to several days, there are various concerns and her modesty is one of them. She gets a free month in the care home every year. Sometimes we will just have a nurse come in in the morning and evening to get her up and get her ready for bed, where I will take her at the end of the evening.

I told this little tale for a reason. I've had a lot of time to study the care homes here and they are something else. The staff is friendly and professional. Her room is large and filled with windows. She is very alert, more so than just about any of the other residents. Then again she lives at home and has the benefit of people who love and care about her. Every day I would go down to the home a little after noon and bring her her newspaper and an ice cream. I don't stay too long because her attention wanders and once the ice cream is gone, it's not long before she gets into the newspaper. She loves to read and I attribute her hanging on to her senses to this feature of her being.

Coming into the care home, as I do, a couple of dozen times a year, grants me ample opportunity to study the occupants in this care facility. I see the state people come to, when they can no longer be cared for in their homes, or there is no one to care for them, or no one who wants to care for them. They degenerate and a part of them goes away. Even though they are getting excellent care, they no longer have an anchor in the world of family and a social dynamic. I suspect in America, care homes are not anywhere near the standards that they are in Europe. Certainly if you have a whole lot of money you will get care commensurate with your investment. For years I have read about nursing home scandals in the US. Of course, these are all a part of the medical, pharmaceutical combine of maximizing profit, while reducing quality and service. The old in America are warehoused and fed drugs that put them on the expressway to death. I'm not saying that isn't often the case over here. I just haven't seen it.

The police here are friendly and helpful and seldom seen unless you need them. It's a whole other world. People can doubt this all they want, or rationalize it to their satisfaction. That doesn't change anything. I am amazed at the length people will go to, to defend both the people and the systems that abuse them. Recently I posted a video narrated by Ed Asner, about how the super rich steal from everyone who is not super rich. There was a concerted mob effort from various respondents, jeering at those who were in agreement with the video, telling them they simply weren't working hard enough and were nothing more than petty jealous of those with a greater industry and sense of purpose. You see, the super rich, actually deserve everything they have stolen and also shouldn't be inconvenienced by taxes because they already contribute so much to the system.

It amazes and dismays me, the length people will go to to convince themselves of the things they want to believe in. It doesn't matter if these things are true or not. What matters is that they want them to be true. They have to be true because otherwise the actual truth has to be considered and that can be extremely inconvenient. What is actually true, forces change upon you. It demands ever greater states of refined awareness. They say there is no rest for the wicked, well, there is no rest for the righteous either, which is based on that eternal vigilance being the price of liberty model.

The days are slipping by. Things are coming to a head all over the place. What's going to happen? We don't know. Some are fearful, some are optimistic and some are indifferent. With the first two there could well be reasons for either state but for the third there are no good reasons. It's the life answer to having headphones on all the time.

In the wider world, they are banging the gong and stirring up more of their relentless mischief in Syria. The Russians have had enough at this point and so, we think, have the Chinese. You can only push the river so much before it backs up over you.

I've tried to have a life of my own making throughout my life and that has not been permitted. I was allowed to bang my head against the wall in all directions, until I found the center of the room and located my place of power, as Don Juan likes to call it. On the one hand, the progression from there to here has been an exercise in frustration. When you are trapped in the redundancies of doing the same thing over and over, albeit from a different angle and with a different goal in mind, it begins to feel and smell like failure. Of course you can blame it on conditions and oppositions but that's only going to result in a Pyrrhic state of mind. Failure is only operational until you get the point. The center of the room is a metaphor and what it does is weave all of your previous seeming failures, into a tapestry of success; leaving you, at the same time, free and independent of the circumstances and attachments of what might have been but was not. When things go right, it is as if they have never been wrong.

If you want a guide book to the game of life, there is no better consultant from across the ages than Lao Tzu (this is 'the' edition). Everything he said, 2600 years ago, is still relevant and applicable today. When Confucius was asked about his impressions from his meeting with Lao Tzu, he said, “I met a dragon”. The one thing I most clearly remember from their engagement, was Lao Tzu asking Confucius, “Why did you bring all these other people with you”? Confucius was 'seemingly' alone at the time.

I know I've been hammering on the same things for some weeks now. I've been doing it because these things are very, very important. Either we are seeing things the way they are being presented to us, or we are seeing them as they are. The purpose of all the monumental effort to make us see things the way they are presented, is the point of the exercise. Some collected, organized group of someones, is going through a lot of trouble and expense to make this happen. Of course, the trouble is all about maximizing their profits and the expense is simply the outlaying of funds stolen from you in the first place.

Seeing things as they are, is the essential posture of liberty. Seeing things as they are, can be initially painful and alienating. You become, “The Outsider'. You are also forced to learn things about yourself. You are forced to surrender fundamental illusions about yourself, which are shared by the common herd (and herd it is- though a school of fish seems just as appropriate). We associate this surrender with a loss of self. The self being lost, is a cradle to grave prison cell. It needs to go but once it's gone, so is your protective coloration, for a little while anyway. This false self resonates to the way things are presented to be, engaging you in a danse macabre. The other self does not resonate with this. It actually destroys it because it is more powerful than appearances. This is the true magical art of existence. It reflexively brings about the disintegration of the unreal without any effort required to do it. Getting there is the difficult part, given that you are already there but not.

In an age of pervasive materialism, the separated personal will is preeminent or seems to be. The point is to ride roughshod over the competition and everyone is seen as competition. This perception is enhanced by the social engineers and reformers of the times. The arts exemplify the alienation. The philosophers drone on and on about various forms of nihilism. It all becomes an abstraction. Things seem pointless, outside of the drive for immediate gratification and insulation (put on the headphones and thumb fuck the cellphone). Don't forget to cross your legs and bounce the one leg on top of the other. There you go. The pointlessness is emphasized by the malicious manipulation of the financial system, attended by the shrinkage of the job market, the loss of the manufacturing base and the housing crash, followed by the desperation of homelessness. The whole dynamic is to break the spirit and make you malleable to dangerous influences. So it goes.

Here is a riveting read. You will see it again in tomorrow's Smoking Mirrors (hopefully written later this day). This is the kind of thing that is going on in the upper echelons of depravity. Consider well what else is lurking in the world wide Satanic corridors, of temporal power. Mr. Apocalypse is more than the sum of his parts and he is unstoppable and here because his time has come. He will not be denied.

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The radio show is now up.

The Little Guy Auditions for Hollywood
The Little Guy Auditions for Hollywood

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

From Jonestown to the Mad Hatters Tea Party

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's a little over two weeks to 12/21/12. It creeps up on us and I haven't heard anything in recent times. I find that unusual, given the fascination with it over several years previous. I'm not making any kind of a statement here. I'm just pointing it out. I often point things out and people think I'm making some kind of a statement, although that can be the case, it is not always so. Sometimes it is only a statement and sometimes it is a statement with a banana. In any case, we are very close to something. On the one hand, we are dealing with some kind of cosmic principle that has something to do with a summing up and the end of something, which implies the beginning of something. On the other hand we are dealing with some amount of collective belief, counterpointed by some amount of collective indifference.

We know by now that conditions and perception of reality, are affected by collective belief. This relates to the actual, as well as the illusionary and most of the time to the illusionary. Sometimes it leads to dramatic and unfortunate events like Jonestown. Sometimes it leads to things like this and at other times to things like the obvious farces of presidential elections and support for mass murder and genocide as a result of religious mania, fomented by psychopaths, who manipulate scripture to that end.

It is obvious that massive changes are necessary on this plane, given that things have gone ten miles south of Wackville some while ago and are accelerating in a downward curve, as a result of an intentional drive, on the part of ancient evil and those who serve that force. An opposite driving force is magnetically pulling, on those so inclined, to be susceptible to the influence and whose magnetism to Wal-Mart and base appetite, are less powerful than the magnetism to something greater and more enduring. Making the difference clear, to those co-opted by powerful insanities, is near impossible and only trauma and the loss of access to glitter and garbage, will accomplish a change in awareness for those wallowing in the mire of delusion.

What has been happening over the long course- and speeding up-, the way time has sped up, should be patently obvious to those still retaining objective awareness and some degree of professional detachment from the impact of the madness, on the consciousness of the personal self; whatever that is. That of course, is the essential inquiry of existence and the thing most studiously avoided by the majority of the population. Knowing who you are, compromises the agenda of appetite and subjectivity. Subjectivity to the siren call and lures of appetite leads directly to slavery and maintains the state of confusion necessary to bring it about. You are watching it occur at any number of levels now. Why is this not apparent to most of us? If you have to ask that question then you have a problem.

Someone told me recently that the line of scripture, attributed to Jesus Christ, while on the cross; “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”, actually says, in the original Greek, “Father do not forgive them for they know what they do”. I can't verify or dispute this but someone around here will. My point in bringing it up, is that the original intent of a great many things, has been changed to suit the desires and expectations of predators. This has been taking place incrementally, across generations and now, much shorter periods of time. A subtle change occurs in the general interpretation of certain informations. That is then further modified and morphed at the next stage and that is then further modified and morphed at the following stage. This is not rocket surgery but it certainly looks like it to the people who aren't bothering to look.

We are in the days of 'dumpty, dumpty, doity, doity, diety, diety' going along with the program. It's just that much easier going along with the program. Not going along with the program, draws unwanted attention and we all know what unwanted attention can bring. Of course, some of us are permitted to bother to look, dispute and proclaim, because the power on the back end, is greater than the power of the front end; or is it the other way around? You get the point. Here is the essence of the grand mystery. Appearances seem to be more powerful than the unseen. They are not, by any means whatsoever. It just looks that way. The force of things just looking that way is great. One needs to head back into Plato's Cave and consider the shadows on the wall, instead of the shadows on the wall at Plato's Retreat.

We are individually and certainly collectively, much more powerful than appearances but convincing us otherwise is job one for those manipulating appearances. If everything doesn't look Batshit crazy to you, then you are crazy. You may not think you are crazy but you are mad as a hatter. You are deep in the rank of the marching dingbats; “hut, two, three, four, hut, two, three four; company... halt. At ease”; not hardly. Is it the Hardy Boys or the Hardly Boys? It's your call.

Look at your TV shows. Look at the commercials that bring you your TV shows. Look at your movies and how they are trending. Listen to the music that represents the soundtrack of your contemporary moments. All of this is created and scripted for a purpose. It is not a good purpose. What do we have? We have people whose flesh is bonding into the pleather of their easy chairs. We have refrigerators and kitchen cabinets, filled with toxic poisons of the time release variety. If it doesn't kill you today, then that's alright. Hey, tomorrows another day. “What, me worry”?

We got McDonalds and the like all over the place. This is concerted murder. This is all a part of intentional culling, attended by intentional dumbing down. This is not accidental. This is not accidental. Monsanto is not accidental and it is no accident who created it either. Nations founded on the concept of personal liberty, inevitably transform into nations of collective tyranny. You are not looking at accidents, or some sort of inexplicable whimsey. You are looking at calculation and the oppression of the many, by those who consider themselves special and above the rest of us. They look at us as chattel and cattle. That's how they are. That's what they were like back in the days of The Gospel of Wealth. That's what they were like in the days of Dickens. That's where things like The House of Lords comes from. Look into what the House of Lords signifies. Look at your congress and the massive over-representation of clowns like Lieberman and Schumer. Look at who controls Homeland Security. Look at who your political representatives support without question, or they don't get to be your political representatives. Look at the loyalty oaths. Look at the juggling and continuing replacement of those heading up the military, when they don't go along with the program. Look at the outrageous venality and perverted sexuality of your religious leaders. I smell fire and brimstone coming out of the sacristy and from the pulpits.

I learned lately that psychedelics were routinely placed in communion wafers, for purposes I will leave you to guess at. Study the condition of The Catholic Church before The Reformation. Study history or be condemned to repeat it. As can be seen, people have lost interest in the events and conditions that precede the ones they find themselves in today. They would much rather watch the 'made for TV movie'. In the end, people do not want to know because of what they are very likely to find out. Because of this, eventually they are forced to see, whether they like it or not. That's how it is. Argue about it. Dispute it. It won't do you any good. You'll get temporary relief from the temporary Excedrin but the discomfort and denial will simmer beneath the surface, until it goes viral, until it hits plague status and plagues are on the menu. Soon it won't be ♫raining men♫, it will be raining frogs.

Well, I think I've said enough for the moment; some things to reflect on. I'll see you next posting if there is one; Ahroooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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Thinking about and possibly soon to be manifesting a radio show.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What's it all About, Visible?

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Some truly freaky things are happening around here. As I mentioned, I wrote an Origami but did not post it. I went to finish it off just now and it's gone. That has never happened before. It is mystifying. Then, about 20 minutes ago, I went and made a comment at Petri Dish, hoping to defuse a megalomanical outbreak and I went through the comment and edited it and then I posted it. I took some time editing it, there were a number of mistakes. I went to the comment to check it out and it was just as it had been before I edited it. That has never happened before either.

Today, I went and took care of some important details, concerning getting my visa for India, because I go to Munich tomorrow and stay overnight too, hopefully I accomplish this aspect of what is proving to be a complex and now expensive endeavor to get done. Then I find out that I have to have a return ticket from India, or they won't let me in and now I have to mention that to the person who bought me my arrival ticket and my initial stay there that this is the situation. Not anticipating this, I went and made some expenditures, not realizing what should have been obvious to me. I hear God laughing in the background. He was insistent with me over the last few weeks, telling me he was going to take care of everything and what that has amounted to is my having to jump through incredible hoops; the like of which I haven't seen before.

A few days ago, I sent an email to the Indian consulate, which has actually outsourced their visa department to some corporation. India is outsourcing? Is there a little irony here? I give my phone number and the most unlikely thing happens. They actually call me, in fact, the same fellow called me twice to drill into me the requirements for my visa. I have never had a bureaucracy respond in this fashion. Meanwhile, on the first call, the fellow tells me that now I have to come to Munich because it takes 2 weeks to do it by mail. I pointed out that I had 3 weeks. He said we can't guarantee it. So now I have to travel 550 kilometers and stay in a hotel to get this done. I'm guessing that God is watching my reactions to see how I respond to this (poorly so far- grin).

I'm only listing a few of the incredible events that have happened in the last days, since Thursday, since Thanksgiving, when I was told that everything would change now and told that my ease of passage was going to be incredible and uncanny. As it so happens, a certain side of the progress of these days has been remarkable. Some things have happened that were seriously unlike what I am used to. Everything is topsy turvy. Perhaps I should back up and, as much as possible, tell the story about last Thursday. I'm going to leave some significant features out of the tale, because they reflect on me in a way that I would rather avoid being responsible for and if the situation goes sideways on me, I will look like an idiot. Now, arguably, I have some experience at that ...but I'm also more seasoned than I have ever been and God said, “Go ahead and wait to post that Origami, it doesn't make any difference. You'll see, won't you”? I do agree with that. I was also informed that it doesn't matter anyway because he is about to start doing things in the lives of different readers and that will take care of whatever reticence I have on the matter.

I'm going to send Sim some photos and hopefully he can put them up. One is Poncho and the others are The Little Guy and Lilly Nelson and a shot of me and Susanne's mom, Liselotte. As those of you familiar with the story know, I found this wet bedraggled pooch when he was 5 weeks old, hardly hanging on, living on olives that had fallen to the ground. If you have ever eaten an olive off of a tree, you know how they taste. I couldn't figure it out, why his shit was so black, until I saw him under one of my trees eating olives. It was all he knew.

Take a look at him today.

Poncho Moonlight
Poncho Moonlight

Look at this prince of dogs who, when there is an altercation among other dogs, steps in and parts them and has proven to be one of the smartest dogs I have ever seen. This is what comes of stopping your car when you don't want to and taking some creature into the car that doesn't look like anything at all. The whole of him fit in my two hands when first we met and those who read here will remember the story of my looking for my glove and him going into the other room and bringing it me. At that time he was about 2 months old. He's done nothing but blow people's minds since. I wanted to keep him so bad but I knew he was not for me and he has wound up in the hands of some really fine people who know a great deal more about dogs than I do.

My friends. These are trying times. Yesterday the reader, 'insiam' got very angry with me because I have a link to Jim Corr's site on my pages. He is angry and offended because Jim supports Alex Jones. The God Honest Truth is that I knew nothing about this. I met Jim about 5 years ago when he flew down to see me in Italy. We spent a fantastic few days together, just talking. The simpatico between us was amazing. We've all had those experiences where we hit it off with someone. It's a nice thing to have happen. Then, a couple of years ago, he called me on the phone and said that he just needed to talk to me. We spoke on the phone for about 20 minutes, talking about his family, his son and a few other things. That is all the contact I have had with him. I haven't been by his site in I can't remember when. I'm just too busy to go many places, besides the places where I get my links. I may have had one other contact with Jim, I think it had something to do with supporting him in some effort. My memory isn't clear about that.

Well, 'insaim' wanted to make his objections a public thing. I wondered why he didn't email me. He's been around for years and you would think some kind of virtual friendship might have come to pass in that time. I responded a little briskly because I was offended at this treatment and can't understand why someone would hold me accountable for someone else's opinion, which I knew nothing about. This morning I find two separate comments about my being a fraud and what lickspittles my readers are; that I was a liar among other things. What I have stated here in this posting is the truth. I haven't lied about anything. Now this fellow is rip snorting pissed at me and I have no idea of what to do. I did not post his comments because I know many readers would have taken him to task and we don't need that kind of stuff here.

I've been the object of some number of resentful behavior on some several person's part. A lady, who used to be a prominent commenter here, decided to lambaste me about being a dirty old man and launched into a nasty series of statements whose intent was to diminish me because I mentioned Kirsten Stewart, in whom I have no interest whatsoever. I objected to this treatment and she took her ball and went home. That was very strange because I thought we were good friends. It was mystifying. At one point Gardener wanted to visit with her and asked me to make that request of her. She very strongly said “No” and it gave me the eerie feeling that something more than I knew about might be going on with this person. I'll probably never know what that was all about.

I like 'insiam', no doubt more than he likes me. I defended him when that glitch about so much poetry happening here occurred. It is so odd that only a few days later, he would turn on me with a vengeance. I'm really open to being criticized, if the criticism is valid and I can make the connection through being honest with myself and being able to admit somethings as true. I can't do anything about being slammed for something I knew nothing about. Maybe Jim just doesn't know. I will let him know but this whole thing has come at a cost.

There are a number of people who resent me for all the good things that people say about me. They feel like I don't deserve it and need to be taken down a few notches. It's God that makes this happen, not me. He told me that directly. He said, “It should be obvious that it is me making this happen. There are few people on the internet, with actual intelligence, who garner the support you get. I want this and what I want is immediately so, no matter what it is. I'm going to do a whole lot more than that with you, so, brace yourself, Visible and... rely on me”.

I hope the readers don't think I sit around and gloat about people saying so many nice things about me, or that it is a sop to my vanity. I intensely dislike vanity and I scourge myself in making sure I am not victimized by it. I pray every day for God to remove my shortcomings and grant me his qualities. I try to talk to God all day long about the things that happen to me. I'm really sincere in seeking God's ear. I love God more than everything in this world all put together. The feelings that upwell in my heart on occasion, sometimes leaves me breathless, or in tears. A love affair with God will consume you. You have to be prepared to have your whole life turned upside down. You have to be prepared for anything and everything. You can't have a life like it seems other people do. Your life is over at that point because it will consume you. When God wants your attention and total service and obedience, you have no choice. There are those reading here that know what I mean. Certainly Homer knows what I mean and Cap'n Spadgett, as well as a few others.

My friends, these are tough times and a lot of us are being run off the rails from the pressure and confusion of the times. I'm going to publicly apologize to you, insiam. I'm sorry I reacted the way I did and I hope you can forgive me. I don't think people realize how busy I am and that sometimes I make mistakes simply from juggling too many balls. I don't want to lose any of you. You are important to me. You validate my life. You make me more effective and more real than I could ever accomplish on my own. I've nothing but gratitude in my heart for your beautiful presences in my life.

Visible with Liselotte, Susanne's Mom
Visible with Liselotte, Susanne's Mom

I got up at 5 this morning. It's now 7:52. I'm off to Munich in a couple of hours and if any of the readers are in Munich then email me or comment here and we will arrange to meet; maybe have dinner and a couple of cocktails, or just walk around. You have been notified. If the photos are not right up, please come back and look at them. I really want you to see what became of The Little Guy.

Another of Visible's Pooches; Silky Lilly Nelson
Another of Visible's Pooches; Silky Lilly Nelson, Rest in Peace...

The small white dog is our dearly departed Lilly Nelson and Poncho is there too. He's my good little boy, is Poncho. I notice when we go for a walk that he is proud of me and that makes me feel like... I really can't tell you. It puts me on top of the world. All his attention is focused on me so much of the day. If I could only give God the attention that Poncho gives me... I would have it all won in the most speedy and energetic fashion (grin). Please my friends, let us not contend with each other. That is what the enemy wants. It breaks my heart when this kind of shit happens. I'm not a fraud or a liar. I have my shortcomings but those are not among them. I'm the real deal, so far as it goes ...but I've got work to do, for sure. There is definitely room for improvement and you may be sure that I work to that end every single day and even when I am sleeping.

I want you to study the pictures of The Little Guy, as a puppy...

The Little Guy as a pup, shortly after Vis found him...
The Little Guy as a pup, shortly after Vis found him

...and as a grown dog.

The Little Guy
Visible's Golden Boy, The Little Guy

Who would have imagined he would turn into the golden boy? Let's all keep The Little guy in mind as we go about the routines of our days. Let's keep him in mind. Don't pass The Little Guy by.

End Transmission.......

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God in Country by Les Visible

This weeks radio show is still there if you haven't caught it.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Trained Observer in the Horse Latitudes.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Much of the quality of our lives, depends on our information flow; the sort of information and where it comes from. Generally, people rely on sources outside themselves, to confirm or refute what they are picking up on, or not picking up on. This makes all the difference in how we feel and what happens to us. It determines what we consider to be real. If it's not real, then you have a problem, sooner or later. The later you have the problem, the more serious that problem will be. To paraphrase Lao Tu, 'if you're sane, you catch it swiftly and “your cure is quick”. Otherwise, it moves from an occasional misapprehension to a chronic condition.

The majority of the world is listening to the world. The world's job is to deceive and entrap you. It's what it does. It's the land of enchantment. You might have been thinking that's New Mexico. No, that's the whole operation. There's an old term from The Book of Common prayer that goes, “the world, the flesh and the devil”. You contend with the magnetics between these things. One is an environment. One is the weakness in you and one is an active agent, representative of the lies of sensation. The whole world is on fire with desire. It is often the case that you can't see something when you are contained within it; when it surrounds you. This puts you in a subjective state and that is the prevailing status of most people. One of the things, most impinged upon in the modern world, is our objective capacity; the ability to detach ourselves from circumstances and more clearly see the circumstances. The endless and relentless distractions and diversions are designed to keep us in a subjective state. We become subjects to a false ruler. It's like the false light and the true light. We wind up giving our allegiance to what confines us, instead of what liberates us.

One of the reasons I have stressed the discipline of meditation (though not recently) is that it is a gradual ascent into greater awareness, or it can be. If you're not doing it right, you're like a dog chasing it's tail. Certain substances can jump you right out of the envelope but the results are temporary. Meditation can take you out of the loop, eventually but gradually. It's going to have inconsistent results if practiced inconsistently. That makes sense, right? This isn't something you do on alternate days of the week. I've mentioned a particular example before. I'll mention it again for the benefit of those who may not have been around then and also for the benefit of those who have forgotten it (grin).

When you begin your days with meditation, you enter a slipstream of consciousness, at a particular level and everything you encounter and experience, is happening at that vibratory rate. It can make a huge difference in terms of what you run into and how you respond to it. Anyone who has been a regular meditator, knows the difference between how it goes when they have had a successful meditation, or when they got up late, or got hit with something they weren't expecting and so missed their meditation and went running out the door. Hold on, you forgot your keys; back in and then back out again. Everything is suddenly different that it usually is. You are operating on a different slipstream now and it's not the usual smooth sailing. If you observe the people moving in the world around you, you can see they are on different slipstreams. Some of them are fast walking down the street with a slice of pizza in their hand; eating on the run. You see all kinds of things if you are watching.

I often suggest to people that they go and sit on a park bench; yeah, someone might hit on you but you take a shot anyway (grin). You can just as well sit in a restaurant or a bar. The idea is not to get sucked into the situation, which is something you know can happen, like when you are watching TV. At first you know you are watching TV and then, pretty quickly, a point comes where you are unaware of yourself, as something apart from the experience. If you are closely observing, you are able to see what draws and attracts people. You can see all kinds of things, like the loneliness factor, the sleaze factor, the clueless factor, the intently goal oriented, determined factor. There are all kinds of factors at work. However, most people just dumpty, dumpty dum, down the road to wherever. A lot of people have this, 'let it flow, go with the flow' thing and then boom! Right into the abyss.

The mind is a monkey and has been compared to a monkey by many informed observers. You might think of Hanuman as being a mind completely surrendered to the higher self. This is an example of the mind being your worst enemy as well as, potentially, your best friend. The whole point of chanting, unceasing prayer and related disciplines, is to proactively occupy the mind with a positive focus. Otherwise the unruly mind will occupy itself with whatever comes along and form endless images of whatever your usual predispositions might be. This can be very much influenced by the dog of desire. The non stop yapping of the dog of desire, easily distracts the monkey mind. It's pretty simple and basic stuff, but not if you are caught up in the middle of it. That can just go on looping ad infinitum and there you are eating on the run again, which is not a good idea.

When you are on that park bench, in that bar, restaurant or sitting in a mall, if you are paying attention, you can see ranks of bad habit, going by or acting out in front of you. This requires intent focus and it is something that can be learned and developed, with the most surprising results over time. You would be very surprised at the level to which this can be developed. Then you can see the hypnotic somnambulism going on all around you. You see the internalization of dreaming, longing and a host of other states, going on and on and on in a kind of cultural, Horse Latitudes.

There's nothing accidental about all the bad food, the cheap and offensive entertainments, the vacuity of the music, the epidemic of poisonous and legal pharmaceuticals, the endemic corruption in officialdom, the brutality of the police, the endless wars and the ever tightening stranglehold of the bankers. This is all an orchestrated environment; a mental hospital, containment zone. You can't see it, if you are deep in it. Detachment becomes the most difficult art. Meditation grants you a leg up in this regard. It increases both focus and awareness. It's a big boon to concentration, which is “the secret of the magical art”. It certainly schools in detachment. Detachment, militates against attachment. Becoming free of attachment, or managing to live in the world and not be of it, is the central goal of having a spiritual directive, as the motivating force in your life.

The world as it is at the moment and as it is most of the time, is a deadly snare. The intensity of the world, as it is at the moment, is directly related to the phenomenal possibilities that exist at this point of the ending and beginning of a 26,000 year cycle. It's not going to come around again for quite a while. Consider that all we know about human history, in the conventional sense, is only one fifth of this time sequence. The whole thing has broken down and built itself up more than once over this period. Atlantis exists as a myth and a rumor, even though it was quite real, when it was and no longer real when it was suddenly not.

The tools for making your life something meaningful and beautiful are readily available, just like the slice of pizza, in the hands of the person who has so engaged themselves that they do not have the time, or do not think they have the time, to stop and eat like a sane person. Eating in this fashion, not engaging in gratitude when you do, not recognizing the effect of eating in this manner, all leads to a very dysfunctional existence. It definitely promotes stress, which is at the source of the majority of disease and a general lack of well being overall. Mention this to people and they will tell you to mind your own business; self will run riot.

In the end, we are responsible for the value we give and deny to what we do and do not value. Focused observation will clearly tell you what people value and do not value. That is for each individual to decide, “Where your heart is, there your treasures are also”.

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Last night's radio show is available for streaming.

A short observation on the series of books in “A Song of Ice and Fire”, by George R.R. Martin. I finished it a couple of days ago and I have to say that I am on the whole disappointed. It is senselessly brutal and the author just whimsically kills anyone he feels like, at any time, as if his whole point were that, I can break the usual rules any time I want to. He thinks he's being clever and cutting edge but he is not. There are reasons that most novels and fictional representations, follow certain schemes and themes. Martin apparently doesn't get this or doesn't care. People may disagree with me but that's my two cents worth.

Something different...

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Sandblasting the Dancing Wraiths in a Temporary Darkness.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Lately it has been coming into my mind, on a regular basis, that one of our premier, collective difficulties, has to do with the appearance of things. I've mentioned this more than a time or two, over recent months. It used to be that The Wide Ass Media, told us most of what we came to believe as true, if we weren't looking any deeper ...and most of us weren't. In former times, there were still some columnists and writers, who retained a small amount of integrity and would sometimes let the truth out for a short walk off an even shorter pier. CNN came along and gave some amount of credible journalism, until the Zio-Ogre ripped it out of Ted Turner's hands, in one of those corporate bloodbaths and turned it into a novelty, toilet paper machine, with the fecal matter already imbedded in it... you didn't even need to wipe, just toss it into the can and flush.

Before the internet, there was just The Wide Ass Media, word of mouth and those few writers who somehow managed to slip through the ocean strangling, Zio-filament nets. LSD and the transformation of consciousness, provided an earlier awakening, before the internet came around and there were those couple decades of dark, material efflorescence, in between the acid and the internet. Reagan, Thatcher and a host of bad actors, joined in with the 80's Wall Street, crocodile swine mentality and the cocaine and pricy wines just flowed and flowed; I'm presuming a whole lot of 'in and out' went on as well.

All that child abuse and brutal murder abroad, was just going on and going on ...and, going on. I got nothing to say about the '90's cause people disagree with me about the state of the culture but I don't. The less said the better. Then we got the internet and everything has been changing since then; simultaneously for the worse and for the better.

Prior to this, we were already living in a world of media saturation, flashing billboards, LED sneakers and neon under-lights for Honda Civics and Accords. Violent, jackhammer thunder-fucking, olfactory abuse, was pumping out of those Voice of the Theater, car speakers, as morons rode that blind highway to nowhere and worse. The culture had already been fragmenting into hundreds of splinter groups, seeking some kind of temporary community among kindred souls. That included before and after moments, concerned with the hereafter. (As either Cheech Marin, or Tommy Chong said; “I used to be all fucked up on drugs, now I'm all fucked up on God*) The People's Temple and Heaven's Gate. The cult of the corporate mercenaries, was gestating, as the pornographic rich, worked to get themselves into place for the planetary, cold-pressing into servitude and a, perpetual victim engineered, kill-off. It's either a screen pass or a play action fake.

The Internet blew into town and changed the whole game board. It sucked in the rich and the poor. The people with too much, saw plenty of opportunity to acquire more and the disenfranchised finally had a forum to be heard on. The enemies of humanity got exposed and we know all about Central Bankers now and who controls the currency printing presses. We know what happened in 1913. We know about the Rothschilds, the Warburgs and the Schiffs. We know who funded Hitler, who Stalin worked for and all kinds of things we can't talk about but... we know. Mr. Apocalypse showed up and starting flushing naked shit-golems from the underbrush.

The internet is a good thing but it's also a matter of too much information. There's just so much information to process and a lot of it is wrong; intentionally wrong because the same killer clown, cartoon thugs that had been running the previous media scams, jumped up on the internet, like it was some kind of trampoline and started telling lies out of both sides of their mouths 24/7. All of this was about being able to continue their relentless, disinformation push, whose intent was ever greater and greater profit margins, as well as the continuance of a terrible agenda that had world enslavement in it's windshield but... that wasn't all. Many horrible things came dancing like wraiths out of the fog machines of Armageddon Central.

9/11 got done by the people who reported on it so... with both the official media and the political puppets in their pockets, they've gotten away with it so far, including all those Central Banker Wars that have killed and displaced millions. Our petition to bring this hideous act to light, now has 317 signatures and the red lettered tag that gave you the opportunity to report it for abuse, which was there all day yesterday, is now gone. WTF? All that's left now are buttons to promote it. It makes you wonder.

We are all being affected by information overload and it has made our impressions of our world, far more grim and difficult than it may actually be. Then again... what do I know? The appearances of things is causing a world wide, collective depression. They are creating legions of hand wringers and negativists. It has unleashed armies of dutiful drones, who do everything they can do (they're on a payroll), to bring us down. The corporations are completely out of control. Proposition 37 was hijacked by massive polling and voting irregularities. But what is this I see? People are now regulating supermarket products on their own. All over the world, under the radar of the fecalist, crass media, people are working as they are inspired to and come together and fight the machine. Big Brother is building panic boxes and dreaming of massive reductions in population. On the one hand it looks pretty dark. On the other hand it's hopeful, when you even hear about it. I'm hopeful.

I want to tell the reader and hope the reader will tell those that the reader encounters, that all is not lost and that the way things might look, they are not actually like that. They are only being made to appear that way. Mr. Apocalypse is laying it on with a will and he hasn't even warmed up yet. Mr. Apocalypse has got your back, if you got no problem being up front. The truth is always more powerful than any lie. I know that injustice has stomped on this planet for many a year and that many of us have been salted away in the darkness for longer periods of time; this serving as a warning to those others who might feel inclined, out of some shred of human decency, to do the right thing but... truth is inexorable and will out. It will come and not all the lies and armies of darkness around the world can prevent it. It is a new day and the cosmic imperative, toward irrevocable and irreversible cosmic change, will not be hindered or denied.

Some amount of vampire lizards have been kept alive, in order to see this day. As the fiends from the inner planes, are pushed out into the physical realm, where they take up residence in stolen bodies, the Elves of Mr. Apocalypse, are on the loose, lighting them up for The Punisher. Appearances make us doubt this inevitable denouement but it is coming none the less. You have to have certitude in your hearts and minds. You have to believe. Collective belief, for good or ill, is one of the most powerful things on this Earth. This is why those organized forces, that work to our detriment and for their own profit, are so obsessed with dividing us against each other. They know the power of a unified public front. This is why they were so brutal about the levitation of The Pentagon. They know what can happen in these circumstances. This is why they have set out to destroy the economic system and destroy the job market, as well as throw people out of their homes. Keeping you in distress and off balance is the whole intent. This is why they launched a treasonous assault on American soil. The Zionist Israeli overlords, their catamite intelligence services and bought or compromised politicians knew that Mr. Apocalypse was coming, so they blew up all kinds of offices, filled with files and records in New York and then went and did the same thing in Virginia and you may be sure that they had special teams on hand, to make sure nothing was left. I still wonder about all that gold as well. I definitely wonder what is going to happen with Germany's gold and where that is going to lead. Germany has a history, when being fucked with (simplistic, I know; back off fang!).

I'd like to point out something I have discovered in the last decade. I've never come across more honest people than the Germans. You can leave your wallet in a phone booth or bar and get it back with the money in it. Of course, there is no 100% guarantee about any of that but I've seen example after example. They might be suspicious, or like the Bavarians (who might not be German-grin... a little humor), 'grantig' but the honesty is pretty remarkable. They like Americans but they think they could do with a little reserve, and some restraint on that boundless optimism. Given what they're experienced, I can understand. You can't leave your wallet anywhere, in any number of other places and then again, sometimes you can. You shouldn't be leaving your wallet in any case. Pay attention. That's also what I mean about appearances. Pay attention. Things are not what they seem and the whole thing actually is under control. There are variables in this dynamic; such as personal will, in opposition to what is best for one, as well as collective delusion, giving impetus to things that might not and should not happen but do happen and- then again- sometimes don't happen.

Recognize that there is this blanketing force of negative appearances, that swims in cold and hot currents, around the world. Yeah, hot and cold can be both good and bad depending. Thimk! The key tactic of the enemy, is to get you to believe what is not real. If you think something is so, it can be a significant motivator to act, or not act, to move or not move, to stand down, or to stand up ...and it's been going on apace. It's all a bunch of bullshit and has only the power given to it, to perform it's purpose of demonstration. Mr. Apocalypse is also attended by an army of really good electricians, who know all about routing power.

*Mr. Visible answers to both of those descriptions.

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God in Country by Les Visible

Radio show will be announced as we go.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Deep... In to the Base of the Joining

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May your noses always be in the roses and not focused on what they are growing out of.

Here we are again at Origami, engaged in a metaphysical discourse and interchange and by metaphysical let me describe how that word interprets to me and keep in mind the word, 'physical' as well. Physics is the study of the known as far as it can be mathematically messed with, which often places it outside of it's demographic in any case, like the fact that the universe is thought-born and that everything is composed of mindstuff. It almost makes you want to be come a Buddhist but I don't see the point of that when you can become a Buddha or Bodhisattva instead. I'll add here, “thinking makes it so”. Of course that thinking must be determined and filled with faith and certitude.

We are all gods in the act of becoming and there is a theory that has been bandied about, or maybe that's one of those things I came up with but don't want to take credit for because I know for sure someone must have said it before I did; every star in the sky was once like you and I. We are Gods in the making and if we are not that then what is the point? Rocks become plants, Plants become animals. Animals become human so... the system suddenly changes and humans don't become gods? I don't hold with evolution from the gitgo but I do hold with evolution through the get all. One of the reasons I don't expect to wind up in Gitmo is cause I get less and am not impatient for more (*would that be Gitless?); “See if I shall not open the windows of Heaven and pour you out a blessing too big to receive”. That and, “I look to the hills from whence commeth my help”, are two bits of scripture I have had since a child. I dutifully read The Bible as a young boy for long stretches. That's probably why I'm so tall. It comes from having to stretch out of the way of bad situations.

End digression... So, if physics deals with the known and that being the realm of mortal lives, does it not serve that metaphysics treats with the unknown and the realm of God and immortal lives? It does for me and that is how I mean it. I know that one of the reasons that I experienced so much brutality through my life and such a degree of treachery over the term, was to reduce me to the point where I don't trust anyone but God. I am well aware that when I am looking at someone, who thinks very highly of me, that their opinion can change a lot quicker than my heart would hope. I've made it happen just to see what I would rather not have seen but... in my case, God is usually the instigator and I know this because of the way it works out in the aftermath; the results have never disappointed (pun intended). I was kept safe in conditions where no one would expect such a result, unless they were eight feet tall and weighed four hundred pounds on a iron freaks frame; and that's no guarantee either or, people have seldom surprised me; speaking from my own higher mind.

The point of this was to reduce me to the point where I only trust God. That statement can be misleading. Yes, I only trust God but keep in mind the translation of Emanuel; God with us. I prefer, God in us. So I am at liberty to trust the divine in people but not the people themselves and looking for God in others is an evocation. Keep in mind that I always use any word intentionally. Successful evocations depend on a preceding invocation. God rises when summoned and so does The Devil and both are potential residents within us. “Who ya gonna call”? The deity arising, is an intentional affair. The Devil arising is an automatic affair. You get what you put into it or it gets put into you. “Get thee behind me Satan” Well, all of this is simple, unless you are complicated and complications lead to a house divided against itself.

I believe in the Supreme Personality of God. Heck, he came and said hello a few months ago and my invisible friends let me know what an honor that was and I was told I had missed all but one previous event; not that there were all that many of them. So, when I say we are all gods in the making, I do not mean that we will ever be The Supreme Personality. We will not, no never, no how but... there are beautiful and mysterious truths that attend this and you wouldn't have it any other way, trust me on that. There is a wonder to being a servant of God that passeth understanding. Nothing beats serving The One and I am sure it is more satisfying to a human being than being the one served ...but most people don't get that. We'll laugh about these things, once we have somewhere to do it in. In the best of combinations, people vie for the opportunity to be the one serving. They know what it means and... people like that, don't even care about the payback. The opportunity to serve is payback enough. Some of you know what I mean and some don't but... those who do, understand how I savor this and hope it goes on forever and ever. Nothing beats being a servant, given you have the most righteous of masters and that leads to what? That leads to being granted his favor and named his friend. That is exclusive territory indeed.

Over time, many win residence in the kingdom of Heaven, for all kinds of reasons but very few are granted the favor and named friends and only those who are friends, know and can comment on that. God likes to travel but he seldom does it alone. He gets in touch with different friends and asks them if they are up for (or free for) a trip to somewhere. It might be a place created only for that. Of all the things I value, or could EVER value, being named a friend of God stands supreme, far above everything else. I remember when I first heard this. I was in prayer and I was ecstatic, though ecstasy does not always attend my prayers. On this occasion I was there and I said to God, “Lord make me immortal, only so that I can serve you to the end of time and beyond. I'll never forget that because he told me that I was now his friend and he showed me what that meant; how what I thought and wished for meant and this makes me think of the haunting beauty of what Helena Petrovna Blavatsky said; “There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe. I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only, and closes fast behind the neophyte for evermore. There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer; there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through; there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount. For those who win onwards there is reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity; for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come”

She also said, “The duty of the Theosophical Society is to keep alive in man his spiritual intuition”. People like to point out the flaws in the human ointment and Helena, like they were anything special themselves; keeping in mind the mote in their eye and the beam in your own but... people don't get to say things like this, cause the critics were right? Now, since I have studied the lives of certain people; you know what impresses me the most? It is when the critics reveal their ignorance by missing fundamentally, important features of the individual under consideration. I'll add one more thing about Helena; you'll have to intuit what I am trying to say and I have to paraphrase, though, not to the point that it affects what she was saying at all. She was supposed to be wed to some guy. He might have even been a prince (grin). She was 17 and she ran away. She said, later on, “I was not going to be a slave to a man. I am definitely not going to be a slave to God”. Now what did she mean? I can see her right now, riding in the carriage with Gurdjieff, as he was probably sipping one of his 24 coffees a day, with a shot of liquor in each one. Don't try to find the sense in what you read and hear. Find the truth intuitively... because I guarantee you that you can find it no other way ...but what do I know? I know Jack Shit and his brother Off. What's that, sons of a different father?

I sincerely respect certain people but that only comes from 'reading between the lines'. My heroes may not be your heroes but... they are still my heroes, cause I know the viscosity and dreadful pull of the shit they had to walk through. I wrote my song “Fade Away” about that. Now, my music may not be all that good over this last decade but I can't do what I do alone and that's been shown to me over and over again. So let's make something useful happen before we share the common fate that no one wants except the common; not that they want it either but dumb is as dumbass. I'm not sure if that got leeched from Antonin Artaud or Voltaire; probably neither, although I do like Rousseau, just for the romanticism of something we no longer see and he never saw it in his time either. It is not about whether you win or lose. It is about where you are coming from and whether you stuck to your invisible guns and sometimes they were hidden from you as well (hint! Hint! Wink and nod and nudge).

Now, of course, I don't know what is going on and god has been gracious enough to let me put it into print (grin) but... since I am his friend, I don't really care if I miss some little factor here and there because I am not what jot and tittle were about in the first place. Those of us that suffer the most, especially when young and ...especially later on, have obviously awoken God's innate resistance to having too many friends. Ah well.

We're coming out with a line of books now, including the long suffering novel and you will see them all by half time next year, if there is a half time next year. This is made possible by my good friend Sim and a little Scottish influence as well; since that leaves both of them anonymous, until they let me change that, here is the cover to the first one.

Visible Stream Kindle Edition

The initial response is; why the poetry first? I don't think I will dignify that with a response. I'm not the poet. I'm your waiter. Would you like to hear about today's specials?

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cave Dei Videt and Hearts of Wonder

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(scanning... scanning... “a little early in the post to be scanning Visible, isn't it”? “Hey, I'm not even in 7th Grade yet and... and... uh... I'm slow, I think- therefore I... I was? ...scanning ...scanning)

Once again, we find ourselves at Visible Origami. Maybe a word about Visible Origami is in order and that would lead to some explanation, for all of the other sites, presently active, or presently dormant. There's reasons for all of this. Some of them might get discussed and some might not. Principally the thing I want to say ...and don't care much, one way or the other, if anything else gets said... is (scanning... scanning... heh heh). No, that is not what I wanted to say. I wanted to say that Visible Origami was the first blog and it operated all on its lonesome for a couple of years, I think. Maybe it was somewhere between one and two years, maybe more.

In the beginning, I told myself, “if I can only get 30 readers who came around regular, that would be great”. Then I told myself, “If I could only get 300 readers, that would be great”. Then I told myself, “If I could only get 3,000 readers, that would be great”. Then I told myself, “If I could only get 30,000 readers, that would be great”. Well, I'm somewhere between the last two. With some posts I've gone well over 30,000 but there is no consistency to that.

I got those 300 readers at Origami, more or less and then I realized, intuitively, that I wasn't going to get any greater increase because only ten percent of the people have enough curiosity about metaphysics to want to dive into it to the point that it might change the course of their existence. The majority of people fear change. Civilization is humanities reaction to pain and discomfort. We have a plethora of excuses, rationalizations and justifications for what we do. We need to convince ourselves that all the unnecessary and confining traps of material existence, are necessary and that somehow they lead to some form of liberation from them but... they don't. When I talk about 'metaphysics', I am talking about 'applied metaphysics'. Any other metaphysics are just a vanity projects, where people sit in their comfort zone and talk about these things from the safety of not having to do them. Eventually they become intellectual ponces, who are capable of any kind of immoral excess, because they are at a distance of remove from themselves. The shadow twin is in charge.

I realized that there was another 90% who were more interested in socio-political and cultural affairs and that if I was ever to get them to invest some thoughtful time in Metaphysics, I would have to suck them in, via another avenue first. Thus, Smoking Mirrors and Reflections in a Petri Dish were born. Profiles in Evil was around for a bit but I wasn't comfortable with that. I have my own sins and shortcomings and I don't ever want to forget that, though I strive daily to be rid of them. They are in place, until the time I have earned release from them, or that particular 'purpose of demonstration' has concluded; may it come soon. I was correct in my intuitive sensing and it was not long before a site in the UK picked up on me, Signs of the Times picked up on me, for awhile. The People's Voice picked up on me, for awhile. What Really Happened picked up on me and finally, the biggest site of it's kind picked up on me. I'm trying to stay out of the feud zone but it isn't always easy. I got in the middle of a few feuds and didn't come out of them well.

One of the unfortunate aspects of the internet is that it has bred an army of anonymous trolls. They know, as all of us come to know, that they are cowards, with a mean streak. Many cowards take upon themselves the persona of a bully because of poor fear management within. The internet has become a playground for all their former insecurities and poor sense of self worth, along with their feelings of insignificance; given their lack of accomplishments and indifference to personal development, they take their pleasure in seeking to diminish others, through ambushing, sniper attacks, fabricated slanders and an arsenal of insults, probing, looking for weaknesses, in those who don't have those weaknesses. They are the ones who, in fact, have the weaknesses and they are, by projecting, actually assaulting their own unexercised potential. However, you can only (as Lao Tzu said) feel punctured, if you are a bubble. Don't be a bubble. Don't get puffed up with the usual vanities of self importance and excessive worth. There are 7 billion people on the planet and it stands to reason that there are a host of people who are better at every single thing you can do. Even if you are truly exceptional, it never serves to consider yourself so, because the moment you do, you are automatically routed toward a demonstration of your insignificance. That's how it works. Diminish yourself and avoid having to be diminished. Believe me,there's a big difference in impact. God is not mocked.

Anyway, perhaps a decade has passed since I started Visible Origami and Smoking Mirrors, has about 5 million visits. Petri Dish, has 2 million and Visible Origami has 1.5 million, even though Mirrors came along much later and Petri Dish much later after that. You would think that Origami would have the most entries but actually Smoking Mirrors does; supply and demand. I know people have come to Visible Origami as a result of the other blogs and some number have signed up as followers, so that they can be informed of each new posting at whatever blogs they follow.

Not long ago Facebook became an item. Years ago, I had signed up in a rudimentary way and then promptly ignored it. I kept getting messages that people wanted to be my friends. This went on and on and began to annoy me, so... I thought why not just take care of all that in one fell swoop. I suppose destiny wanted to step in at that point. I hit the wrong button and sent out a friend request to everyone in my Inbox. This turned out to be many hundreds of people, some of whom I no longer was on good terms with; people who had contacted me to vent and so forth. Next thing I knew, Facebook was operational and something very curious happened, a whole new group of readers showed up who only comment at Facebook. I never see them at the blogs. Finally one of the Facebook readers did come over, just to show that he could. That was amusing. Now I've got going on 2,000 friends and sometimes they come in by the dozens on any given day. I don't care much for Facebook and don't go there much but, on the whole it has been a very satisfying endeavor, which has led to all sorts of interesting things and probably will lead to more.

Recently, someone got on my case for having advertisements on my site, not knowing that I take a special pride in giving free advertising to those I consider deserving. I turn a great many people down, no doubt creating new adversity, as a result of breaking eggs to make an omelet. A fine fellow gave me a callous maker liquid for my guitar playing. I want to feature him too but I have misplaced the item and now don't know how to find him. I know that people have found true relief from the ayurvedic kidney stone treatment. If you've never had one, consider yourself very lucky. My doctor recently told me that it was possibly the most painful ailment there is. Interestingly, only one of those advertised has ever cared to get in touch with me ...and some haven't acknowledged it at all but that's not why it gets done. I believe in Cave Dei Videt, “beware, God is watching”. I know I'm being watched all the time. Even if it is no one corporeal, it is certainly someone more important than that. God watches life through our eyes.

I'm neither so good as some people make me out to be, nor so bad as others project. I'm just a work in progress, in hope of redemption and self realization. The things I really want, are not physical manifestations. How many of those will accompany me on my continuing journey? I've had some hard knocks with people I was deeply engaged with and was mystified as to why some things occurred. Given the cold continuance so much later, I now realize that God arranged all of that to show me this very thing. I've had a novel published by someone who closed me out entirely and all this time later, never receive any accounting or have any idea what is happening. The divine has done his part to show me where my reliance should be. He's made some number of relationships untenable. It's my reluctance to play the guru that is at the heart of much of the trouble. If I would just dress myself up in the expected outfit and stare at people with a faraway look of wisdom in my eyes well, well then, a certain portion of those I interact with would be satisfied. If I played the role there would be that expectation of consistency and I could work the magic of mystery and inscrutable presence. I'd have a fine place to live and a lot of money. The divine tells me that I can expect all kinds of things once he has made the changes he intends to make in me.

I feel like the one thing I most want to avoid is to operate under false pretenses. After all, Cave Dei Videt. I avoid being exposed, by exposing myself. I avoid having undeserved labels placed on me, by routinely acting out in a certain way, that leaves us all on a level playing field. I strive for ordinary in my contacts, even though extraordinary things happen now and again.

Anyone who has come here for any length of time knows about the unique resonance that goes on here. The divine tells me there are few, if any places like it and I know it's got only a little to do with me. Life has shaped me a certain way, with a hard hand, that has grown softer in more recent times. So I am an instrument, as we are all instruments and something plays through me, due to the forceful shaping of my being. It is, by no wise, an easy road. There aren't more of us because the demands and rigors are extreme, as is the leap of faith that needs to be taken at intervals of greater frequency than one might like. The quality of souls, who are attracted to the communion that takes place here, are nothing short of amazing. It often blows my mind, how informed and articulate, so many of you are. Then we get the regular appearance of new, interesting and entertaining souls, like the fellow who does all the song parodies, “Sheep Dreams are made of this”, indeed.

There's no telling how many extraordinary people are lurking in the woodwork. The usual demographics say that only about 2% of the people become actively engaged. I'm genuinely proud of one thing. Though I have had my fallings out with people, I bear zero ill will and am always ready to pick up with a new leaf, in search of what should have been and still might be. Sadly, none of them are the same way inclined and that answers for whatever happened, as has already been stated.

Thank you all for taking this journey with me. We haven't touched the best of times yet, nor experienced anything close to what awaits us 'up' the road. You have my word on that. Reincarnation is all about falling by the wayside. Let us not fall by the wayside and we shall have tea and cakes in Shambala one fine day.

End Transmission.......

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I'm going to try to record a radio show now over the course of the afternoon. It will be available for download tonight or tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Inward and Outward Bound, Somewhere or Other.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

To say that I am perplexed and confused at the moment would be a serious understatement. I can talk about some things and you will get the jist of it. Some things I cannot talk about because I don't know what they mean and until I know what they mean, I will eschew (what a word) any commentary on specific matters. Once you are aware of what took place and the stated motivations, you will possibly understand why I am perplexed and confused.

I should add something, which I have noticed over recent years. I'm not like everybody else. Well, everybody else may not be like everybody else either but I'm talking about a different kind of measurement. I can't really talk about this either because I don't know what it means but I notice, when I am around people, I often have what seems to me (given the reactions and lack of reactions of people around me) an alien perspective. Some might think me paranoid or overly imaginative. They do not apply. First of all, I don't think people are out to get me, except in that general way that all of us, outside the ordinary spectrum, are considered enemy agents due to a (presently defined) unnatural love of freedom and the right of self expression.

However, for sometime now, whenever I am out in public, whenever I look up, I find people staring at me. Sometimes it is with something like an undefined curiosity and sometimes it is with negative aspect that seems to be some combination of apprehension and an inability to define whatever it is they think they are looking at. When I got back on Monday night, I wanted to get a couple of beers to relax with. The stores were all closed, so we stopped at a pub in town. You can buy beers to go at any pub. Susanne said something like “uh oh, the men's chorus will be in there, so you are going to get a lot of looks. I went in and there were about a dozen men seated at a big table behind me, as I waited to get waited on. I could feel the heat at my back, so I turned around and saw these fellows boring holes in me. One of them was particularly intense, so much so that I extended my hands in a “What”? Expression ...but got nothing more but more of the same. I went out and told Susanne what happens and she said, “Yeah, that's what I thought would happen”. I said, “But why”? And she couldn't tell me why. That's really puzzling. She knows it's going to happen but she doesn't know why it happens and it happens a lot; like all the time.

I can't say what the degree of absolute truth concerning my trip is. I'm inclined to go along with what I was told and that seems to be pretty much how it was. A friend of mine got eight people together to go to Transylvania. I was one of them. One of them was at the house in the UK the night before and he disappeared and no one knew where he went and I never heard any more about it.

We went to catch the plane to Transylvania. The majority of the guests met us at the airport. I had just gotten my passport on the Friday before I left for UK, on Tuesday. I didn't have time to have my residency sticker transferred to my new passport and that caused recurrent problems with security. The very first time, at Heathrow, I was separated from the others and I could not find them for what seemed a very long time. I wound up way the Hell out somewhere and saw some Muslim employees of the airport. I showed them my boarding pass and one of them said, “Oh, your flight has already left”. I thought, “Damn! What am I going to do now”? They called security and a policeman arrived. He looked at my ticket and said, “Your flight hasn't left yet”. He escorted me a very long way to a gate. There was a large number of passengers collected there but those I was traveling with were not among them. The security office put me on the other side of a gate with one other person. I had priority boarding. I never saw the others and I thought, “This is not the right flight. Where am I going to wind up”? Then came the boarding and I still didn't see them. My seat was in the front row of the plane. Finally all the rest of them arrived and we had the whole front row.

Apparently Transylvania is distinct from Romania. This was pointed out to me over and over. We arrived in Transylvania in blazing sunlight and the weather stayed very warm and sunny throughout the stay. Lovely Rita picked up up in a jeep type SUV and we were packed in like sardines for a two and a half hour trip over winding roads. Before arriving at my friends house, we stopped at Vladimir and Elizabeth's house, where they had prepared some entertaining peasant food. Vladimir is a very gifted painter. I'm still moved by his work and will try to scan some of it at some point so you can see it.

We went to the house and after a brief dropping off of things, someone said we were going down to the pub in town. I went along and near immediately there were 3 drinks in front of me. I could see that this event was going to turn into a blasted state and I didn't want to go there, so I asked Tzabi to please drive me up to the house.

I got driven to the house and settled in. I was in an unheated room but I had a ski suit. Sometime in the middle of the night, someone pushed my door open and I woke up freezing so I went inside the house to warm up and then back out to sleep. The next day was the day of the party and there was a little something I was unaware of. I had been told there would be mushroom wine. As it got toward evening, different people kept coming up to me and asking me to ask about the mushroom wine. Every time I did I got an indifferent response. I didn't know what was happening and I felt like people didn't like me very much. My friend said we had to wait for the musicians to go before we had the wine. It was a matter of respect. That made no sense. My friend remarked that I wasn't drinking any beer and that that was somehow unacceptable. I asked for a beer and drank that. Then went outside. The musician, who had a Korg Pa workstation was very good. I started singing and then I went into an impromptu and extemporaneous series of gospel inflected lyrics. Afterwards, I felt like I had emptied something out that was deep within. I walked over the the others who were all laughing and grinning at me and then I got it. I had been dosed with LSD. The purest and cleanest acid I have seen in decades. It was like something by Sandoz or Owsley. I got 4 hits and went to another planet. I was told the gathering was all about me. I was told the perception was that I had gotten too internalized with the Ketamine and this had been done because they loved me. I suspect this is true, so I am going to say goodbye to the lady and move on.

I can't begin to describe what happened to me that night. Years ago I had had a “Let it Be” trip. I had another one. The things I saw... Whoa. Then, the next morning, a large goblet of mushroom wine was placed in front of me and that led to a seriously protracted episode of yawning and further reaches into the cosmos. My friend remarked that I came all the way to Transylvania and wound up sitting in the little corner I was in. I don't think he understood what was going on inside of me. What occurred, it seemed to me at the time, was one of the most singularly powerful acts of brotherhood I had ever experienced and a tremendous payback for whatever it is that I do around here. I was separated in certain senses, as my diet is very different from the rest of them and, for whatever the reason, I'm not like everyone else. This is not a knock on everyone else, nor some kind of selective elevation of myself. It's just a matter of differences. It's a matter of things I don't understand, though I am told I will at some point.

Things got a little strange as time passed, until we set off at 3 in the morning for the airport; another long ride. I got back to UK and was pretty godawful tired and we were riding around for a long time looking for a hotel. I assumed we were picking someone up. Then I found I was being dropped off there. I had no idea of this happening but I was told I had been told about it the previous Thursday evening because the grandparents of my friend's lady were coming to stay. That totally went by me. It seems a lot of things went by me that I don't understand. Was everything that happened for my benefit or was there some kind of lesson being transmitted to me? When I was dropped off at the hotel, this fellow Matty seemed very annoyed at me. I'm pretty sure of that but completely unsure of why. I was very tired and- after a wonderful steam bath at the health complex next door and something to eat, I went to sleep around 6:00 PM and stayed that way until 6:00 AM the next morning. I had some breakfast and then tried to reach my friend. Finally I did. I had no cellphone and I didn't know his number or address. A lot of what happened seemed to be scripted by God. I asked God how many people were in on it. God said, “Maybe some and maybe none but I am certainly in on it”.

My Italian boots started causing me a great deal of pain. I had to take them of and walk around in socks. I was told that there was a store in the next town over where later I could get some sneakers or something. Then I was told that my size, 11.5 or 12 was too large for the area (strange again). Hours later, all of a sudden, I was directed to a pair of old sneakers that fit me perfectly. Probably all of this is very easily explained.

My friend told me to check out at noon and then wait at the free airport bus stop across the street from the hotel and he would come by. I waited outside there for an hour and a half. I was very cold by that point and had gone into the hotel to see if there were any messages. There weren't. I had no boarding pass and no idea of which terminal I should go to. The people in the hotel said that for my flight, the bus across the street went to the very terminal I needed to go to. I shrugged my shoulders and walked back across the street, just as the bus was arriving. I went to the terminal and presented my passport at check in and promptly got a boarding pass. Wonder of wonders. So I hung around and wandered around the terminal until six o'clock. Then I breezed through security, while everyone before and after me got vigorously patted down. I waited for my plane and got on my plane and flew away.

One thing I noticed about the UK is that a lot of people have a lot of money. You expect to see Mercedes and BMW's in Germany but there were far more in UK than I ever saw anywhere else ever. What I also found out is that things are seriously expensive. They eat a tremendous amount of pork there. Cigarettes are off the charts expensive and tobacco, in pouches with less than half of what you get anywhere else are more expensive than anywhere else. When you can get a pouch the same size as everywhere else it cost 16 pounds. The shops in the airport were more upscale than anything I have seen anywhere else. The computer, camera, cellphone shop was like something you would expect to see in Abu Dhabi. The Marks and Spencer shop had the most outrageous foods I've ever seen, really impressive and top of the line. It is apparent that the UK, which is the banking nerve center for the world has a lot of money circulating. I read The Sunday Telegraph and some clueless op ed writer was going on and on about what a splendid and heroic figure Ehhud Barak is. There were sops to the world's number one, crime syndicate nation all through the paper. It was revolting.

I was so glad to get home and I've been in a really good frame of mind since. I'm still perplexed and confused about some things but I'll get that sorted. I had a wonderful time at different points and the LSD was just what the doctor ordered. There was a fantastic dog there, a Romanian dog and they get about as big as an Irish Wolfhound. There was some violence that went down, I'm not going to talk about that. There was a little suckling pig running around. He was drunk most of the time. I'm not going to talk about that. I'm going to reflect on things, where I am able to reflect and I am going to get it together for India now and this big event I keep hearing about but am not getting any details on.

I'm glad Clarity is alright and hopefully all the rest of you in that hurricane zone. Howdy Doody is president again and maybe now things 'might' change, since he doesn't have to worry about getting elected. However, America is going downhill fast. Besides that, I don't know anything and whatever I think I know, is highly suspect at this point. Maybe I'll get a clue and maybe I won't but this world doesn't intrigue me that much anyway anymore.

End Transmission.......

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