Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Self Realized Godhead and the Indwelling Self Recognizing Deity.

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It is Christmas Day. I didn't know if I would be here for this today but... apparently I am. I try to think and feel beyond the samskaric veils of ever intensifying materialism. I can feel it like an envelope of surround sight and sound. Within the envelope is a layer of bubble wrap on both sides. Perhaps it is a cushion upon the ether. We know that civilization is basically humanities reaction to pain. This is endlessly mutating but always in the direction of comfort and an insulation from anyone who has less than us and which eventually leads to a self created isolation in one of the countless cells contained in the Penitentiary of the Mind.

Every life being lived becomes the product, the final result of what we precipitated into being through our thoughts, words and actions. Essentially what each of us are is an actor, performing the whims of the personality, until these whims take on the appearance of reality in one of the cell-blocks of the Penitentiary of the Mind. It is at some point in that sector of existence when Death the Liberator appears, in order to release us from the confinement we built, as a contrary reaction to the Will of God on our behalf. Fear and Desire are two of the main subcontractors who worked on the structure, according to the blueprints we assembled in order to materialize our dreams.

Every expression, created by nearly every one of us, results in a personal barrier that stands between us and the indwelling true self. It seems, as I have been told, by those far wiser than myself, that the indwelling is the same in each of us. However, each of us is still a unique expression, as well as a critical piece, of the body of The Lord of all Creation and which God would be incomplete without it.

At the base of our spine is The Pool of the Kunda and it has a residence in many traditions. Within it is the reservoir of our infinite potential. In the process of many lives; more or less, a serpent rises through the spinal column, on its way to The Sahasrara Chakra where it becomes The Self Realized Godhead. The Indwelling Self Recognizing Deity, actualized in a human being. This is the highest state to which we can aspire, or let me say; it is the highest state of which I am aware. It is possible that a spiral of ever widening awareness, moves forever into more and yet more rarefied states of being. No doubt you will see at this latest link, that some mention of The Gods of Space is made. I don't know anything about that. I chose this site only because of the succinct simplicity of explanations and definition, relevant to the terms being used.

From my perspective, this path, however it may be understood or misunderstood is the ONLY course that a sane person may take. The reason it is not more widely pursued and embraced is because we are resident in a time of Material Darkness and because the direct offspring of Materialism is Insanity. The greater the density of materialism, the more pandemic is the insanity.

We have seen the madness flourish in every culture where decadence and decay have set in and it always sets in with one exception and that is The Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is located anywhere that a soul recognizes its presence as being resident there and that person carries with it, everywhere it goes, that same Kingdom of God.

Surely you have noticed people with a negative mindset, those for whom 'doom and gloom' is their environment of choice. Then surely you have also noticed those of a diametrically opposed state of consciousness, whose unshakable faith transforms every obstacle into opportunity. Between these lies the great expanse of every shade of gray, moving toward black on the one course and ever larger degrees and intensities of light in the other direction.

I was communicating with a friend this morning. In all the time I have known him, he has exercised a negative outlook on life. Not surprisingly, his life has been a never ending series of ups and downs. He runs into conflicts with all sorts of people on a regular basis. When I met him he was living in bread truck he had bought. He painted it a deep green and I often referred to it as ♫the big bright green, dumpster machine♫... by way of paraphrasing Simon and Garfunkel. I left the island for a time and when I returned, he had turned his parrot show (where he took photos of the tourists) into a half a million dollar a year cash machine. He did well for a few years but his paranoia and constant problems with others had him driven from one location to another. Today he lives on a Macadamia Nut farm and can no longer do his show at all (he says) because of harassment by locals. I've tried so hard to help him realize another approach. He has a deep belief in God but... for some reason, his problems continue. I love him but I don't know how to reach him. I can only pray.

It seems in so many cases that this is all I can do. I don't know a single person on Maui that is not mentally unstable or emotionally tormented. I had wanted to go back there (I guess that makes me a tad deluded too) but I didn't go. I have left the past in the memory hole of my previous mistakes. It took me long enough but (like Cool Hand Luke) I've got my mind right now.

The circumstances that led me there were not the same but they were certainly as intense and effective. Finally I have come to understand that there is no peace, no unity and no end to the suffering except in the presence of God and one who practices this will possess it. You simply make God the centerpiece of your life and desire that presence more than anything else. That is really all there is to it. One comes to that awareness when they can no longer bear the pain and suffering of their separation from the ineffable.

When one has been made ready by the invisible hand of God in their lives and the awakening of the divine consciousness within their minds, there arises a keen longing, a divine discontent with the things of the world. One sees the desert of emptiness that is the true face of the world. There is no longer any pleasure to be found in anything but the presence of God. This cannot be explained. It can only be experienced and it will come to us all at some time. I pray it may come soon to each and every one of you. What lies ahead is not pretty for those who depend on their own resources. The limitless power of the ineffable resides within us all... potentially. For those in whom it has been awakened there is nothing in this world that can hinder or harm them. As Lao Tzu stated;

“Death might appear to be the issue of life,
Since for every three out of ten being born
Three out of ten are dying.
Then why
Should another three out of ten continue breeding death?
By use of sheer madness to multiply.
But there is one out of ten, they say, so sure of life
That tiger and wild bull keep clear of his inland path.
Weapons turn from him on the battle-field,
No bull-horn could tell where to gore him,
No tiger-claw where to tear him,
No weapon where to enter him.
And why?
Because he has no death to die.”

I don't know how to say what I want to say. What I want to say is filled with power and impact. It will leave a lasting impression on anyone willing to be touched by it but... I can't find it because only God can express something like that through me and it would seem the time has not yet come for it. So I find myself stumbling around, hoping I can somehow manage to get close to what I want to say and I am left reaching. As simply and clearly as I can put this, on Christmas Day of 2018, is that one must seek God in all things. One must stand guard at the gateway of their minds and let the divine be the absolute authority in all matters in their life. One will then be led as expeditiously as possible to Liberation. There is nothing else of value here and anyone who tells themselves differently is lying and one should NEVER lie to themselves.

One can be a fool for a long time. When one stops being a fool then they are no longer a fool; “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” I'd like to think that is true of me now. Whatever may have been in the past is now past. There is nothing but the eternal NOW and it is filled with the power and presence of God. If we cannot see it we have not persisted in seeing. We need new eyes to see what 'can be' seen and these eyes will be given to those who persist. Above every material sense is a spiritual sense and a profound Love of God will awaken these senses. All we have to do is to Love the ineffable and our neighbor as ourselves.

We need to look deeply within. The time will come when the deep within will be looking back.

Merry Christmas...

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Saturday, December 15, 2018

In the Times of the Tyranny of the Squeaky Wheel Minorities, the Truth Will Triumph.

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The days go by and though all is not normal, the world that most of us experience seems to be moving along without any serious uproars; no planned beforehand, school shootings, or banker orchestrated hot-spot wars ...but burbling beneath the surface are all sorts of cultural shifts and waves of subliminal uncertainties. Strange manifestations of mental dysfunction, spurred by, momentarily- invisible emotional chaos... are signs of an accelerating Satanic impetus for creating a near Kafkaesque, Grand Guignol atmosphere, in a formerly seeming, ordinary life, that is moving precipitously toward losing all of the normal and ordinary characteristics that we had previously taken for granted as being there for us, while the rug of of a dependable reality has been pulled by increments from underneath us.

Gender confusion and bat-shit craziness now has its own website. One of the main avenues being exploited by the SATANIC push to create disorder and a pandemic 'divided self' is the emerging madness of 'moths into the flame' in pursuit of temporary fame. With the collapse of established religions through scandal (the Catholic Pederast Priest revelations) and the intensifying of Materialism everywhere, as it affects Sunday church attendance; cellphones are the new altar and celebrities are the new gods. Reality TV has made the Kardashians into superstars who lack every talent but cluelessness. You would think that they would have faded but they are not fading. Back when Facebook did a different kind of rating, Kim Kardashian had 30,000,000 followers. Look at the people who now occupy the highest tier of public attention. When you look at the background of the writers of this tripe they are all from a certain bloodline.

How did this all come about? It came about from the men in the shadows, allowing only uninspired and talentless twits exposure through their music companies and through the creation of Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter. Public opinion is being molded. Back in the day there was Bernays and William Randolph Hearst. If you want to find out what an evil entity Hearst was; do the research. These days we have a number of instant-pop up corporations and ALL of them are focused on trivia and sexual identity manipulation. Appearances and the power and ability to manipulate them are the source of people presently not knowing what the Hell is going on and the lure of being celebrated and given the opportunity to be noticed is more powerful than most people realize. I know 'mostly' sane people so this kind of thing doesn't come up. Most of the people I know have some degree of the right kind of self worth but... I see what's going on.

The sexual force is one of, if not the... most powerful drive of all. Self preservation and the survival instinct are right up there, as well as the drive for power and wealth but the roads are littered with dead animals who are proof positive about the sex drive and the historical record is filled with people who have been disgraced and ruined by the sexual drive. The men in the shadows know this and if they can skewer the drive that has made the family unit the cornerstone of civilization, their agenda can be realized. The Satanists are given their marching orders by the Prince of Darkness and any of us who labor to bring the truth to light are marginalized and made into pariahs by the powers that think they are; at least momentarily.

We have no beef here about alternative sexual practices. We see this as equal parts Karma and equal parts the wrong reaction to the rise of the Divine Feminine that winds up manifesting in a physical manner because so many of us are not up to the task of letting this force express in wisdom, intuition and other high end expressions. In times of material darkness, basic life drives are drawn to the perverse. However, as Nature is defined by Lady Nature, she will eventually right the ship or those in defiance of her will be plowed under and mulched.

Our leaders are now men and women without integrity because none other are allowed near the seats of power. This was last demonstrated by the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Our celebrities are vacuous bobbleheads, whose greatest ability is their inability to feel embarrassment or shame. Our writers and artists are hacks. Our religious leaders have one wet finger in the wind. These are the souls who are meant to lead and inspire us. It doesn't look good. Meanwhile, our educational systems are hotbeds of radical wrong thinking and if you don't go along with the program you will be no longer on the program. We live in the times of the Tyranny of the Squeaky Wheel Minorities. God help us. That is who I unabashedly turn to... Period.

I catch myself at odd moments in the day and night, exclaiming; “I love you Lord!” over and over. I find this happening in a regular fashion. It is non-sectarian. It is not seen by me as an icon or an imagined persona. God is indefinable and incomprehensible and I've no wish or capacity to change this. I consider myself to be one of the most fortunate men on Earth. I happen to know that I am. Anyone might be in this same position but sadly... so few of us have that level of commitment. I want to shout it from the rooftops and in every public place but I know better. I do take every opportunity to bring it into every opportunity and to generate it in my aura, wherever I am and anyone who spends any time around me knows that this is my single greatest drive. There's nothing special about me but... there is an inarguable beauty and splendor about the one who brought us here and of which we are an irreplaceable part. Dear God... if only more people knew how fine and wonderful you are. I am on the verge of tears much of the time. The bliss and inexpressible joy of being in 'the presence' is indescribable.

Soon now, we will find ourselves on the day set aside to celebrate the birth of the light into the darkness of this world. It doesn't matter if they got the date wrong. It doesn't matter if they let cant and ritual, fundamentalize the poetry and living sacrifice of the ineffable as he proves for all time, the victory of spirit over matter and triumphs over death. That perfect example stands as proof positive for every heart courageous enough to walk in the footsteps of the one. People may argue to their wits end about what they do not understand. People can scoff and make sport of the living truth, it matters not to me. I don't argue. I state what I know is so or I say, “I don't know.”

It doesn't matter if the world recognizes us, especially if we are not 'of the world' in the first place. The world knows its own and the ineffable knows its own. These are parallel realms of being that are so near and yet so far and each has its promises and benefits, depending on what one values. The world is a graveyard that is nourished by the dead. Everyone you pass in any place or at any point in time is on their way to no longer being here, though they may return again and again, until every appetite and desire is sated.

There is a path that leads to eternal life and the one who guides us is one who has already been there and has returned to savor the joy of service. A time comes when one realizes that there is no greater nor more wonderful labor than that of service. While one's ego is still in conflict and competition with all the other egos in a meaningless and unwinnable battle, engaging in selfless service may seem pointless and unrewarding. This continues until one is made aware of who is actually performing the service. At that point an entirely new meaning is given to the effort, which is, in fact, effortless.

The maha-avatar Jesus Christ is one of the greatest servants that has ever been present on this planet. No doubt there are those doctrinaires and by the book limiters of truth who will take grave exception to my use of, 'one of the greatest'. I refer them to Christ's statement about how greater things would be done by those following him because he was now ascending to The Father. Those rigidly stratified by statements about being the only way and 'none come unto the Father save by me' should be informed that the spirit which was hosted by Jesus is the same one that was present in every other authentic teacher and wayshower who has come here. Regardless of the clamor of experts about their way being the only way, the truth is the truth and needs no argument to defend it because it is what it is beyond all argument and shines for eternity in the hearts of every informed soul in which the truth is also in residence.

MERRY CHRISTMAS- let the joy of its deepest meaning flood your heart and fill your being with the presence of its spirit!

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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Those Purple Mountains Travesties, Above the Looted Plain. Amer- hic! Caw!!! and The Unshakable Timeless Unity Within..

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.......Hark the deep fried chickens squawk.

Man! They're really at it aren't they? It used to be “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.” (for Christ's sake!!!- pun intended) And the wholly Zionist owned SPLC (Society for the Protection of Lowlife Cretins) is doing their usual Hate Group Tango at Goldberg's Tanning Salon in the Hernando's Hideaway strip mall. Meanwhile the Infernal Realm has all kinds of glittering confetti and 3D flaming banners over the Gates of Hell and obscuring the usual greeting; “Abandon Hope all ye who Enter Here.” as one of the prime candidates for the last century is taking the Gone Dead, tube train ride as Bob Barker cries; “Come on Down!”.

Let's go to one of the prime Fake News sites (now owned by Smokin' Jeff Bezos) for The Purple Mountains Travesty Realm; above the Looted Plain... ♫oh beautiful for wasted skies, for blood red fields of pain. For purple mountains travesties, above the looted plain. Amer 'hic!' caw, Amer- hic! Caw...♫ “Ralph!!!” in the Japanese Prime Ministers lap”.

Thar she blows!!!

Yes... it's all sunny skies. You can hear Louis Armstrong singing, ♫What a Wonderful World♫ Occasionally he raises his Cocaine suffused handkerchief to his nose. Whoops! You can't find a reference to one of the biggest open secrets in the entertainment world for years. They did let him be described as smoking 3 blunts a day. My man Louis!!! I liked Louis and he had a colorful life; eerily like Richard Pryor's. Or... maybe you can!

George H.W. was a mid tier ne'er do well. The horned and taloned choir is going to be singing arias from “Hell's Unfinished Symphony in Asia Minor” with a full compliment of demons when Satanist, Georgie Porgie Soros and Sir Evelyn take the walk, hand in hand---

I had to put this song in, for a little romantic, poignant relief and you may be sure thsee two will not be hearing this beautiful tribute- to Clarence Clemons... Clarence and Patti join in the singing. Enjoy the song!!!

Surely this is not the place, Visible Origami ...for subjects of this kind; we're talking folded, spindled and mutilated origami. However, “shit happens” and it happens in various fashions;

Taoism: “Shit happens.”
Confucianism: Confucius say, “Shit happens.”
Buddhism: “If shit happens, it isn't really shit.”
Zen Buddhism: “What is the sound of shit happening?”
Hinduism: “This shit has happened before.”
Islam: “If shit happens, it is the will of Allah.”
Catholicism: “If shit happens, you deserve it.”
Judaism: “Why does this shit always happen to us?”
Seventh Day Adventism: “No shit shall happen on Saturday.”
Creationism: “God made all shit.”
Jehovah's Witnesses: “Knock,Knock - Shit happens.”
Hare Krishna: “Shit happens, rama rama.”
Atheism: “There is no shit.”

You've heard me say it before, 'the bigger the limousine, the bigger the ___hole.' Okay, I've come to bury George, not to praise him. The good that men never did, lives an imaginary life afterwards in the minds and on the lips of all the stuffed suits who will be marched out to render fatuous elegies. This one won't be stated or paraphrased;

“Here rests his head upon the lap of Earth
A youth to Fortune and to Fame unknown.
Fair Science frown'd not on his humble birth,
And Melancholy mark'd him for her own.

Large was his bounty, and his soul sincere,
Heav'n did a recompense as largely send:
He gave to Mis'ry all he had, a tear,
He gain'd from Heav'n ('twas all he wish'd) a friend.

No farther seek his merits to disclose,
Or draw his frailties from their dread abode,
(There they alike in trembling hope repose)
The bosom of his Father and his God.”

It will probably be more along the lines of this;

“Apeneck Sweeney spread his knees
Letting his arms hang down to laugh,
The zebra stripes along his jaw
Swelling to maculate giraffe.

The circles of the stormy moon
Slide westward toward the River Plate,
Death and the Raven drift above
And Sweeney guards the hornèd gate.

Gloomy Orion and the Dog
Are veiled; and hushed the shrunken seas;
The person in the Spanish cape
Tries to sit on Sweeney’s knees

Slips and pulls the table cloth
Overturns a coffee-cup,
Reorganised upon the floor
She yawns and draws a stocking up;

The silent man in mocha brown
Sprawls at the window-sill and gapes;
The waiter brings in oranges
Bananas figs and hothouse grapes;

The silent vertebrate in brown
Contracts and concentrates, withdraws;
Rachel née Rabinovitch
Tears at the grapes with murderous paws;

She and the lady in the cape
Are suspect, thought to be in league;
Therefore the man with heavy eyes
Declines the gambit, shows fatigue,

Leaves the room and reappears
Outside the window, leaning in,
Branches of wistaria
Circumscribe a golden grin;

The host with someone indistinct
Converses at the door apart,
The nightingales are singing near
The Convent of the Sacred Heart,

And sang within the bloody wood
When Agamemnon cried aloud
And let their liquid siftings fall
To stain the stiff dishonoured shroud.”

But I digress. The poisoned apples did not fall far from the tree... from Prescott to George W.

I think of Iraqi children, lugging the five gallon cans left behind by the invaders, down to the river to fill them with depleted uranium water.

They say, 'do not speak ill of the dead'. My position would be to remain utterly silent then; which I have not done. Someone has got to say something, while the endless litanies of bullshit roll off the forked tongues of the sidewinder snakes. For posterity we will have, side by sidewinder, the paintings of John Wayne Gacy and George W. Bush. The latter was a far more successful serial killer, as well as mass murderer; torture was a singular perk of both of their techniques. Though now Gacy sleeps with the fishes, I wonder how George Jr. sleeps at night, with the howling, astral wind songs of the thousands of murdered children, whose bones lie bleached in the merciless Iraqi sun.

The priceless and ancient history, once stored, in Iraqi museums was looted by you know who and are now being sold by you know who. Misshapen and tormented children are the legacy of the Iraq War. We now know that these faceless organizations, along with the United Nations military, in concert with large corporations, are behind the massive industry of sex trafficking. The UN Peace-keeping Forces are a cynical and unfunny joke throughout Africa. Everyone should study what happened in Rwanda; ♫tut... tut... tutsi goodbye! Tut... tut... tutsi don't scream♫ Unreal!!! Just unreal how the world stood around and shifted from one foot to the other; both their hands in their pockets, playing pocket pool while they watched the carnage. There is this genetic, or cultural indifference. It's kind of like the distinction between the social classes in England. We have our levels of cultural importance here. That sector of the population that goes to the better colleges, that has inherited wealth and automatic job situations waiting for them, usually several of them. They are the people who have members of the family who major in philosophy, poetry and such because they don't have to make money, they already have money. It's a little different in England, where the classes are separated by long standing lines of demarcation. One of them goes to what are called 'public schools' but which are elite private schools.

These people talk different, like they have a couple of tablespoons of water in their mouths and they've all got stiff upper lips. People from the lower level of that society DO NOT matriculate upwards. The only exceptions are athletes, entertainers and various types of celebrities. The upper crust likes to interact with and be seen with them. It gives them a sense of importance. They all go to Sandhurst, Eaton, Harrow or one of the others. This is where they meet the in crowd of the future; the children of the peers of the realm. They're a stuffy, affected crowd. This is where MI6 recruits their members. A lot of them become professorial types that let the intelligence community know who the up and coming brightest are. Some of them are behind projects like Tavistock. It's a breeding ground for sociopaths. These are the ones to whom it never occurs that there is humanity in the lower reaches. They're seen as dolts and mouthbreathers but... the reality of this never gets discussed by either side much. It's so accepted that it's seldom noticed.

This is the country where people like JK Rowling and her ilk screech like crows about the poor immigrants that need to be housed among the lower classes but never in their own massive and drafty mansions.

I feel lucky that I was almost never in a position where I had to be mindful of any pecking order. Self important people, especially inbred and imperious, to the manor born types. I'm no serf and never will be. I may be broke and intentionally marginalized but that is where their power ends. I care only about the opinion of the divine. If the divine recognizes me, no one else matters. I mean, they do matter, as everyone matters and this is what makes impersonal love so effective and you can't do without it. You don't have to worry about abrasive personalities, or those who live in a narcissistic world of self reflection, in a twisted mirror that looks like they think it should, because their mirror adjusts to their own idea of themselves ...but you can love them all because God is in there somewhere, or they wouldn't be here. You just have to find it with your secret eyes of the soul and identify it. It's going to come forward for you. It might not come forward for any number of other people because they are not looking for it, it has to be invoked, so they get trapped in personality conflicts. The personality is just a surface condition. You see past that and by recognizing the single similarity between all persons, that is the part that interacts with you. Basically you are always dealing with the same person, whether they know this or not. My chances of being called Sir Visible are not great at the moment (grin). I do get called Lord Visible a lot but that's an honorarium.

Here is the single most important thing to be aware of in life. You cannot control how others may behave and you can't control how they think and name the portions of the world, according to their imagined ownership of it but... you can control how you react. If you can catch yourself at every point and command your reactions, you are in control of the situation. If you value nothing but the good will of the ineffable then you can't be bought, or influenced by the prospect of material gain. People may be unaware that you are controlling yourself. They will surely be puzzled at their inability to influence you and that hits on a subconscious level and makes you a force to be reckoned with, even if you remain a mystery to them. The only drawback is that people are terrified of what they don't understand. Frightened people can be dangerous but since you are dealing with the interior divinity that is all you have to concern yourself with. The interior indwelling is ALWAYS in control of what it sits behind; just like the driver of a car with the steering wheel. Just like Krishna behind Arjuna. Either you fight with the indwelling, or you harmonize with the primal force of all forces and all other forces will instinctively retreat without being aware of it on any objective level. We live in a world where people are at war with themselves so they are reflexively at war with the world around them. For the rare members of our kind who are not at war with themselves, everything harmonizes with them without conscious thought.

There is no Armageddon, the battle is and has always been already won and it is an interior battle. This is the real and true meaning of Jihad. It is not knowing this that puts people in fear of the unknown and what lies ahead. It's different when the infinite lies before, behind and within you. This is a state of mind. You simply employ it. You go through life as if God were living the life through you. Since this is true and you are measured and defined according to your level of resistance to it, being without resistance affirms that the divine is living through you. This being the case, everything works... everything works and you are in possession of a sense of freedom that is generally unknown. It is a freedom that goes beyond the definition that any separated mind can conceive of and it is the one mind that lives in this freedom, that possesses this freedom as an operative feature of its nature and therefore, so do you. You possess and have access to everything that the ineffable has because you and the ineffable are one. The New Testament is filled with statements to this effect. "I and my father are one." Hmmm... I was about to say something and then I realized there was nothing to say, nor could it be said by anyone. It can be lived but it cannot be defined or described. “That's fine with me.” I said, as it defined me.

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Thursday, November 22, 2018

In Honor of Gratitude and the Potential for Continuous Occasions of the Same.

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Recent cursory observance of external life and the strange ways that the residents think, speak and explain themselves, has left me with the conviction that Stupid is the new Smart. I try to reason out for myself, to explain to myself, how it is that people are able to avoid the clear and obvious truth that wars are generally created by bankers, in concert with relevant industries for their obscene profit; the desired fruit for those devoid of conscience.

It has been the case for centuries that the mass of humanity has dysfunctioned into dreams of carrots and fear of sticks. In the previous century, as the next age began to move from cusp to the transitioning of archetypes, a certain degree of greater awakening began to occur and it was then necessary for those engaged in the business of deception, to employ magical force, through the manipulation of symbols and subliminal programming, as well as the amplification of human appetite for sexual fantasy and the lure for shiny objects and finer living conditions.

Science abandoned all interest in altruistic endeavors and began to devote itself to Satanic enterprise, which resulted in the appearance of head cases like B.F. Skinner and super highways that led “Beyond Freedom and Dignity.” Then there came talk of 'immanentizing the eschaton.' and its been all downhill since then. Portals materialized before the eyes of those who could see them, given that their beings were vibrating in accord with the portal and whatever world awaited beyond it. Some would call this fate and some destiny, I would call it, “looking for love in all the wrong places.” No matter how seemingly evil and indifferent anyone might become, as the result of complete surrender to material hallucination, love remained as the ultimate goal, recognized or not, by all forms of conscious life. This is the reason that every Avatar who has ever walked this Earth, spoke of Love as the ultimate prize and purpose of life. Love is the cornerstone of unity and unity is the natural foundation of Peace.

Many educated souls have woven patterns of complexity out of what was originally a very simple affair. The objective of life in essence, is the possession of conscious love, within ones being, as the resident director of all of ones thoughts, words and deeds and we see this in the lives and teachings of every great soul who is still remembered for having striven to reach a sleeping humanity with the directions to a finer portal, which leads to a finer land. This portal, of course, is an interior construction and appears immediately at the point where smoke and mirrors end.

Many people spend more than one lifetime, often considerably more, in search of something worth having, something that is impervious to injury and cannot be lost, something that hovers in the eye of imagination as the most desirable object in the world and which answers as a salutary permanence against all possibilities of transitory change and which, wherever discovered and whatever the external appearance might indicate, must always prove to be Love.

Enduring Love is the birthright of every living thing. It is a persistent wonder that it eludes the grasp of so many, regardless of their station in life and regardless of their power, wealth or intelligence. Love is not a respecter of station, or power, or wealth, or intelligence. It possesses the ultimate version of each of these and brings with it an unassailable protection against the perversion of any of them; as we see demonstrated in this world on a daily basis.

Real love is a light that exposes the true nature of anything it shines upon. It contains within it all of the qualities of the divine. It is the true and impersonal light that is refracted through the prism of this world and which then is manifested into all of the forms and colors we see everywhere around us. It is the shimmering coat of iridescence that flashes every possible hue as the dancer turns, spinning and leaping. The ever young and tireless Lady Nature, whirling in ecstatic abandon through the fields and forests of seasons and years and who contains within her the secret of immortality and who gladdens the heart of every soul who understands her intrinsic being and harmonizes to the eternity of change she embodies. The ignorant die in the process and the informed are promoted elsewhere, though none have returned to bear witness to what lies beyond, or have they? We ourselves are the witnesses who have misplaced the evidence during our coming and going and are then charged with the task of discovering it again. Once we have looked in all the places where it is not to be found.

Anger creates anger. Deceit leads to deceit and an environment that is precisely the world of lies that contains the mass of us that believe it to be real. Each fruit tree bears its specific fruit. There is no surprise in this. We are what we have formed ourselves into by whatever kind or degree of force our resistance to the divine has resulted in. Some might say we had no choice in the matter. I hold with the master who said, “By their works ye shall know them?” Is that what he said or did he say, “Ye shall know them by their fruits?”

“Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.”

One of the most underestimated qualities one can possess is Gratitude and today, allegedly, we are traditionally meant to honor and celebrate our Gratitude for all of the blessings we have received in this life. The truth is that we are mostly unaware of the majority of the blessings we have received. We in this country are awash in a surfeit of plenty, as is the case with most of the western world and many of us take this for granted. Today, a great many of us will gather with relatives and friends and will eat and drink to excess and some unfortunate percentage of us will exercise not so well buried resentments and enmities upon one another through the vehicle of 'in vino veritas'. Many will fall asleep from an excess of food and drink and awaken to a groggy dissatisfaction of mysterious origin.

Some of us will die today but we do not know that at the moment. Unfortunate circumstance will fall on some of us and some of us will experience an unexpected serendipity. Some very few of us may know what is coming ahead of time but- in the main- we do not know what awaits us, regardless of any unwarranted confidence we might have placed upon ourselves, due to some consistency of good fortune that might have attended our footsteps so far. We should be mindful of the vicissitudes of circumstance that might be waiting in the wings of this stage of life, which exists for the purpose of demonstration. Be consistently grateful and you will be given further reasons to be grateful.

This day exists for us to show our gratitude to the one who is the final arbiter of our lives. One could say that we, through our words and actions are the cause of whatever may come but this excludes the possibility of Grace, as it excludes the certainty that the ineffable can set aside any pending event or condition should it please the ineffable to do so. We live and continue according to the whim of the one who controls everything and it behooves every sane and informed soul to advantage themselves of a positive relationship with the author of all things. The power of prayer is seriously undervalued by many. The power of Gratitude is seriously undervalued and the ever present reservoir of Mercy remains as invisible as it ever was to those blinded to the priceless value of immeasurable return, which is the sure and certain result, in the lives of those who Love the Lord their God with all of their heart and soul and strength and mind and their neighbors as themselves.

So... today.. be mindful of that great love that spun the sun and stars and planets out of its own being; that set apart the various realms of being and which clothes itself in flesh, and descends, at all necessary intervals, as a living sacrifice for the salvation of every one of us, who otherwise would be doomed and which has prepared a place outside of time and space for those believe it to be true. Be grateful to the one who composes everything and rules all things in a state of motionless meditation upon creation and without which there would be nothing at all.

End Transmission.......

♫ I Need More Light ♫

A Place Called Gratitude

Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Ultimate Escape of the Inner Path and Unbearable Compassion.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The war of lifestyles is coming to Washington and war abroad is being mapped out by the strategists who are employed by the banks and industries for their venal profit. Everywhere you see signs of war promotion; coaches and sideline personnel are all wearing olive drab jackets with flags in the NFL. The commercials feature full on military assaults with heavy weapons and ask if you have what it takes to be a warrior. Massive efforts to glorify the canon fodder are underway across the country.

The Democrats have taken over the house and that is where wars are usually initially fomented; then the Republicans usually end it down the road. Evidence abounds to this effect. Meanwhile the intention is to initiate impeachment efforts that will not go anywhere and it motivates the presidency to support and favor war as a distraction from negative focus on the president.

Fires are raging in Kalifornia; Caitlin Jenner's house has burned down and the Kardashians are fleeing. I do not mention this for any particular reason except that I saw it on the news. The fires are getting worse and claiming more and more victims. Around 300 people are presently unaccounted for.

Crazy and dysfunctional sexual perversity is alive and unwell. The stormtrooper social justice warriors are alive and unwell on the college campuses. They are also moving in the direction of the Jacobins and Madame La Guillotine. These ski-masked thugs are supported financially by George Soros through multiple shell organizations, seeking to create Fear and Disorder, which is the hallmark of Satanic entities.

Those who are still capable of an objective perspective and aware of the nature and direction of present trends KNOW that it is by a progression of events that seemingly, suddenly, terrible conflagrations of violence appear in various parts of the world. The unconscious and those hypnotized by materialism may well ask themselves at this point, “How did this happen?” Anyone paying attention has seen it coming for some time. We are moving toward a perfect storm of social upheaval, natural disaster and mass possession of the minds of those who surrendered the control of their minds to the agencies of darkness. One only becomes a slave when they cease to be their own masters. Hollywood vipers and zombies raised 60 million dollars for the Israeli army. Please direct your attention to the comments that follow the article. People are definitely waking up; even though they are in a minority.

Nothing serves, as an unassailable public relations masterpiece, as does perpetual victimhood, under the flag of which these victims, with impunity, perpetuate terrible outrages against the defenseless. There is an ancient statement which says something like, “they cry out in pain as they strike you.”

It looks like more and more of the same vicious agenda that has plagued humanity through the centuries but... we are in an apocalypse and unlike any other time, the nature and source of evil works are being revealed to everyone who cares to see it. The almighty ineffable is the source of all power in the universe. Anyone else who seems to wield any degree of power at any time and in any place, is using 'borrowed power'. It is a simple matter for the divine to cut off the flow of it at any time which pleases him through her. It is also a simple matter for the divine to control the result of anything for its own cosmic purposes. As Lao Tzu said a long time ago; “weapons often turn upon those who wield them.”

Justice is ALWAYS done, either here on the manifest plane, or later on the invisible plane. Align yourself with the true master of all things and nothing inimical can touch you. “Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil.” Believe it! “According to your faith be it unto you.”

The essential secret of moving through this plane of temporary and constantly changing appearances is to “be in the world but not of it.” Your destiny and fate rely entirely upon what you choose to identify with and rely on. If you are relying on your uninformed self, your existence is in the hands of 'seemingly' random chance, underlain by the mathematical summation of the totality of your words and acts as demonstrated in your Karma. If you are reliant upon the ruler of all things, Karma can be neutralized by divine fiat. This has been emphatically stated by a number of self realized individuals.

One is either mesmerized by world chatter or the entirety of the cacophony has been silenced by a focused awareness that bars the intrusion of anything that is pedestrian and transitory. The masses of this world are aflame with desire for a never ending carousel of chimera, whose sole purpose is distraction and fascination and whose end is perpetual bondage. The senses are like glueboards. Desire forms attachment to the object of desire. To be desireless is to be free. The more physical the desire the greater the adhesion. Death is the liberator that comes around when one is so ensnared that they can't move in any positive direction. It's what happens when life dead ends and it's what happens when Karma demands a particular exit, or an earlier exit than one might wish. None of what occurs to the majority or the souls on the treadmill need happen to you. Turn your attention to the master of all things and to the degree that you can surrender, to that degree will you be led through liberation's gates; once again; “success is speedy for the energetic.”

I do not expect everyone to agree with what I say. What matters to me is if I am in genuine agreement with what I say and everything I say either comes from what I have learned through my study of the words of great souls or what comes to me through the intuition. Sometimes there may be objections to the way I say things. Certain personalities are in a greater accord with one another than others. For those not in accord, there is many another source where a harmony of thought might occur.

My journey led me to direct contact with a particular consciousness and by this time I am convinced of its veracity and timeless awareness, concerning all the temporary changes that come and go on the movie screen of perpetual illusion and the impermanence of characters and environments, as well as its timeless awareness of those enduring archetypes, which hold the world's infrastructure together, until new infrastructures are called for and the archetypes then change their vibration to suit the needs of the next age. Everything is formed out of vibrations held at a specific pitch which determines whatever anything may be.

For some reason, many people find the pursuit of spiritual truth to be tedious and imagine it to be censorious of all the fun they prefer to engage in, hoping this fun will distract them from the suffering that composes their lives. The truth is that you can have all kinds of fun at all manner of things while including the author of all things and allowing that author to live its life through your own. I have found this to be a remarkable relationship of cosmic symbiosis who object is a bliss infused eternity of which I catch the occasional glimpse. My personal sufferings have been solely for the purpose of bringing me into alignment with my own best interests. Once that has been effected, the suffering goes to the back of the room until it is called for again, which might be never.

My heart aches for the preferences of the masses in times of material darkness. This is the 'unbearable compassion' of which certain Buddhist refer to, when you see others in awful, self engineered, torment and realize that there is nothing you can do. Life is a movie. We all play our parts and at a certain level of awareness we can choose and script our own parts. We can determine and design our destiny according to any number of divine templates, or we can wallow in the murk.

To understand what is coming, one only needs to observe what is taking place in the moment. There are logical progressions to life and certain behaviors lead to specific results and certain mindsets generate the thought patterns that create particular environments; all of it is for the purpose of demonstration. One can be a life lesson, one can learn a life lesson, or many. I consider it preferable to take my direction from one who has passed through it all and knows the ways and means of arriving at the blessed shores.

End Transmission.......

♫ Pure Sweet Love ♫

Sunday, November 04, 2018

In Search of the Matchless Splendor of Love Eternal.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It is hard to know what to believe any more. Sometimes it is fairly easy to intuit what actually happened however, when it has all the earmarks of an inside job. There are people who are determined to never let a good tragedy go to waste however; whether it happened or didn't happen. A sane person knows that whatever is real or unreal is always taking place inside their minds first. A sane person also knows that they are surrounded by mental patients. I've often thought that I should be walking around in a white lab coat with a stethoscope around my neck. The irony is that most sane people, of which there are all too few, must go mad according to the standards of the world in order to be considered sane by the liberators who walk among us, unseen or in camouflage.

A sane person who is able to maintain their sanity, as it progresses through stages of ever intensifying reality, with higher and higher HD resolution, knows that maintaining their sanity is often like riding a mechanical bull, while giving the impression of being motionless to the eyes of The Herky Jerky World.

The Satanically infused, unreality, internet news tabloid, TMZ gives a sane individual real insight into, what is required of and what happens to, those in search of attention and Short Bus Worship from the zombie potato head people, who are becoming more and more representative of the general population.

A little more than a hundred years ago, the pioneer culture met in time and space with the industrial culture. The Pioneer Culture built things to last and lived in at a level of simplicity because survival was a definite concern, especially for those who lived in the West. Literature that lasted was intelligent and often contained moral lessons, whether it was Dostoevsky, Hugo, Dickens, Poe, Twain and others. There was plenty of yellow journalism and pulp garbage as well. Though there were scoundrels about, as is generally the case, there was a great deal of common decency and heroism as well. There are still enclaves of common decency around but you seldom hear about it. News has little meaning these days unless it is sensational, or agenda driven, as various interests compete against each other for supremacy. These days, the media, entertainment and political news is all in the hands of a small minority of craven and grasping sociopaths.

I wandered in a fog over the space of some years. I was, more or less, aware of what was going on around me but I did not realize that everything I saw was being transmitted to me through certain filters that colored the impressions I got. Stepping outside of these filters has been truly startling for me and the speed of transition that followed has been breathtaking. Sometimes I find myself grabbing the back of a chair or the end of a table so that I am not carried away as if I were body surfing. The waves are invisible but no less real in their influence.

I have discovered an interior sanctuary that connects to this manifest world through a cloister of light. There appears to be something like connective tissue that links one plane to the other and through which one passes to travel between them. I had previously experienced traversing planes of being in the process of meditation but this is a whole new experience. I see now where one can literally walk right out of this particular plane that we all 'seem' to commonly share. We are not all sharing a common reality however. The larger portion of the population is mentally and emotionally engaged in a resonance with the particular worlds that are generated out of the first three cosmic chakras. Even within each of these there are a multitude of divisions. These divisions are mirrored by realms on the astral plane that souls transmigrate to upon leaving here (wherever here may be for them.)

These chakras are like the different floors in a department store. The minds of the residents and the bandwidth in which their vision operates is confined to the particular environment and it appears as real as real can be to them, everything they think they are experiencing seems as real as real can be but it is an illusion and a painful one at that. In the various worlds of appetite, suffering is to be expected. It is part and parcel of the world they are in.

In order to operate on the higher floors one has only to put their attention upon it and maintain it to a greater degree than is given to anything else. One must be motivated and this is why one shouldn't employ themselves at anything they don't love doing because true success at anything comes from one loving what they do. Of course there are many types and degrees of elevation when one attempts to measure the quality of love. Depending on the level of any person's awareness, as it relates to the essential nature of love, their love is defined according to that. It can be said that there are many things that are confused with love that are not love.

Love has a divine intelligence within it. One could say that love is a living thing. It is certainly given animation and existence in every heart where it is experienced. Whether it is love in actuality or not, something is being experienced and given life to and sometimes life is being given to the one experiencing it.

The essential and eternal profundity of love exceeds every description that can be given to it and a soul that makes love its sole focus and concern will be transformed in ways beyond their imagining. The primary truth of love is that it gives itself away and increases its volume and power by every act of the kind. It's nature is a contradiction and puzzle to physics and any other science that might seek to define or interpret it. Love is a resolute and perfect guide through anything and everything. It is the most trustworthy force that has ever been and the true gateway to immortality and divine luminous wisdom. It can and does fill ones entire being with light once the force of it has expelled all darkness from the entity where it is in residence.

These poor words are like an ignorant fumbling in the dark as far as articulating the importance, power and infinitude of love. The imagination is beggared in its efforts to comprehend this force. One can only sit in silent contemplation. At the mere passing touch of real love one is rendered into its servant forever. One is overwhelmed and humbled beyond the capacity to ever take themselves seriously again. This can be seen in the eyes of every true saint and master, whose sense of self has been hollowed out and neutralized from within. Each of them immediately recognizes others of their kind without the need for speech. Love at its higher levels of expression is the voice of God speaking in the human heart. The aura of one in its possession of it extends to the corner of every room no matter how large it might be and it touches the heart of everyone in that room or drives them from its presence. True love in a single heart encircles the entire world while it illuminates the universe within.

One in the possession of this love is richer than anyone who has ever lived. It turns a hovel into a palace and it informs the heart of everyone without it of their absolute penury. It exposes every vanity and presumption as a pointless exercise in personal embarrassment. One sees the real value of all their delusions of importance by comparison with the matchless splendor of love.

While there is time, seek love. By the exercise of love one increases their love. The selfless acts of service performed on behalf of love acts like a bellows upon the flame of love and can turn it into a conflagration that consumes the fantasy of a personal self completely while conferring an individuality that was unknown until them.

Seek love! Serve love! Let love course through your being with complete abandon. Let love guide and protect you as it takes you to the heart of its being and anoints you with the wisdom and immortality that it is loves greatest pleasure to grant to every sincere soul. Become that sincere soul. Leave behind you all the mortal fears and concerns that have confined you until now. I promise on my soul that all I have said here is true. Love will take you beyond all tears and disappointment, beyond all sense of separation and loss.

Speak directly to the ineffable. I guarantee you will be heard. Affirm that you seek to become a residence where love can dwell and express itself through you. The need for true servants is great in these uncertain and perilous times. Don't miss out on the greatest opportunity that exists in any place and at any time. You will be born again out of the suffocating confinements of mortal darkness and into the light that will never depart. You have the words and the teachings of every great soul who has traversed this plane in search of an open heart. This truth rings down through the ages and its echo will not be silenced. One has only to empty themselves of the mindless chatter of this world to hear the voice of truth in the quietude of your soul.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, November 01, 2018

Only God Exists, Nothing Else is Real.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The love of the divine surpasses every drive, desire and appetite. Let me rephrase that; the love of the divine should surpass every drive, desire and appetite. If one, through the mirror of the mind, or through the singular passion of the heart can accomplish this, there is no ancillary concern that can be seen or experienced in all the universe that has any importance at all in relation to it.

This is a time of extreme material darkness. The war between the supernal and infernal realms is at a very high pitch for the control of the harvesting of the soul, which is the primary concern of both kingdoms. This is why the size of the population is as great as it is. One might theorize that the presence of the billions, presently incarnate, is the sum total of all the souls that have ever incarnated on this planet since the beginning.

The degree of intensity, manifesting in this singular apocalypse, is extreme; ergo, the potential for exponential soul advancement at this time is extreme to the same degree. One can, with determined focus, disappear the world... as we have stated here numerous time; when the truth takes off its clothes, the world disappears.

Yoga is a medium for the union of the human with the divine. When it is accomplished the human becomes divine. It shares in the awareness of the ineffable. It is the vehicle for the achievement of Godhead. In the beginning there were (as far as I know and remember) 7 main types of yoga; Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Tantra Yoga and Hatha Yoga. There are now six and possibly more types of Yoga that have been added to the list. There is Kriya Yoga that came out of the lineage of Babaji. There is Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and Bikram Yoga.

You have a lot of choices in the Hindu Tradition and then there are any number of paths that are present in the other religious traditions. According to me (grin) there is only one choice in this time of extreme material darkness and that is Bhakti Yoga. No doubt there are unique souls in this time who can find their way to liberation and self realization in one of the other choices. I do not recommend this unless you know you are one of those unique individuals.

Love is the most powerful force in this universe. At this time, the forces of chaos, confusion, the variations of material desire and appetite are very powerful. One has only to take a walk through most environments to see the truth of this. Direct and aware experience of life, as well as television, movies, media and sundry are replete with examples of this. Manifest existence is a wheel of fire, which is the burning desire of appetite run wild. Perhaps you possess the strength and virtue to take any one of the other paths and arrive victorious. I cannot.

One of the secret keys to union with the divine is that the ineffable is a slave to Love. The ineffable cannot refuse to come when exposed to the true love of a devotee because God's essential nature is Love. When the love for the divine overwhelms every other drive, you may be sure that the divine will arrive. It is a certainty and that is why Faith, Determination and Certitude are of the most critical qualities that one can possess. Love is unifying. Chaos, Confusion, Disorder and the like are all divisive. The power of material darkness is made manifest in dividing one against themselves and others and most importantly sets one at odds with the divine, whose nature is love and which is THE UNIFYING FORCE.

The attraction for material objects, sexual attraction, the lust for power and position and the like all generate fear; the fear that one will not acquire the object of desire, the fear of the loss of the object of desire and the continuous disappointment in everything that is not the ineffable and which turns the wheel of ones coming and going from one lifetime to the next, until such time as one becomes aware or is made aware of the glorious and eternal splendor of the indwelling deity.

Fear is the whip hand of the enemy. Fear is the atavistic inheritance of those in separation from the divine and its hidden purpose is to drive us in search of the divine (that is the meaning of the pitchfork to goad us), once we have suffered the heartbreak of the impostors. The love of the divine awakens a divine love, which creates a magnetic attraction between the seeker and the creator. The promise of union and the procuration of union then becomes a fait accompli. Genuine love displaces fear and transforms the life into something that defies description. One can experience it but one cannot describe it in the common parlance and that is why the wise are silent on the matter, or seem to speak in riddles. To gain this state is to exist in a priceless rapture of being and it awaits every soul that is inspired to seek it. The single requirement is that the desire to acquire is greater than the attraction for anything else. This is where the value of disappointment comes in. Once the blessing of weltschmerz has occurred you 'can be' on your way, if you have managed to evade the Scylla and Charybdis of Sartre and Derrida.

I could come here for the next thousand years, which is possible because, “we shall not all die but we shall all be changed.” I'm not suggesting anything like that, simply stating that it is certainly possible and there are those moving about on this plane that are older than that. This is not the point of the statement. The point is that I would be saying the same thing and still be incapable of describing what I am trying say. Either one already understands the value of union with the divine or... one is an inmate in the prison of their own confusions. This is materialized by the ego in defense of itself. The ego is incapable of recognizing any authority beyond itself. People will argue about the death of the ego; the need to kill the ego. I don't think you can kill the ego. I think you can master it. I've used the image of a stained glass window, where the true light shines through the personality. I could go into greater detail but it is better for each of us to come to our own conclusions on the matter. I've no interest in contending with advaitists and dualists, both are true from their particular perspectives. Generally, people arguing either one have missed the point.

If I could shake the ground beneath the feet of those whose lives and values are determined by appetite, I would. If I could hammer on the walls of sleep, the cocoon of a self projected world, fighting for survival on Fantasy Island, I would. There is a part of me that understands suffering beyond what this world has provided for me in this life and I know, fundamentally, that there is no joy outside of union with the divine. I also know there is nothing I can say that would transmit how serious a concern this is. Despite the futility of my efforts I cannot cease and desist. It is my nature to do this. Why do birds sing? Why does the predator hunt? Why does the sun shine? Every one of us has an essential nature and a way in which we express or ignore it. For many the very existence of such a thing does not even come to mind.

If something is true it will ring within the consciousness of the one experiencing it. It may be an immediate thing, or it may be a depth charge, or time release ...but ring it will. That is the hope of everyone who has been touched by the author of all things. One thing I have learned that is of great value to me is ones manner of presentation. In this respect I rely on Aesop. I did not start out with this awareness. I had to temper my inner Savonarola.

The truth is that God is real and nothing else is. The whole of manifest existence is a veil. Beyond the darkness of the collective delusion is the light too bright to see and there are intensifying degrees of splendor. Each of them are beyond the reach of words. We have to find the presence of it within ourselves and we surely will if we are determined. I shudder sometimes at the thought of what awaits those who have given no thought to this. I pray that we shall be inspired to this quest. The rewards are past telling. There is nothing in all the worlds of time and outside of time that can compare with the unspeakable bliss that comes to the one who attains to the presence of the lord and no sincere aspirant will fail who does not cease in their pursuit of the elusive one, who hides in plain sight all around and within us.

The ineffable is waiting.

End Transmission.......

♫ And We Could All Be Free ♫

Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Beautiful Wisdom of Mukunda.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Greetings to you, my dear brothers and sisters on that blessed narrow path to realization; to divine luminous wisdom. I have just discarded a post that addressed certain issues with me and some of the readers, not all of whom come here with the best intentions. In this life I have learned that- not infrequently- people will arrive somewhere with the intention of beings disruptive, or to operate from an infernal mindset, only to discover that over the course of their visits, they had become hooked like a game fish and that all of their surface intents have been turned to the other end of the spectrum and they have found that which they were unaware of searching for has been revealed as the hidden motive so...”rave on MacDuff!”

No matter what direction we think we are moving in. No matter what enterprises we may imagine we are engaged in. No matter whether we think we do not believe, or do believe about an ineffable being, the reality of it is the true arbiter of our awareness and our fate. It is intention that manifests the destiny of outcome.

One of the reasons I chose not to argue or debate with anyone about anything is simply because what is, IS. I find that words without the defining authority of direct experience, to validate whatever there may be at the other end of a telescope or a microscope, are just words. One can find authentication for nonsense and exaggeration in those areas where they are most regularly employed; in the entertainment business, song composition, strange religions and- of course- in the media where without lies, obfuscation and confusion ...as a sought after end result, there might be no media at all and certainly no media in any way similar to what we are served up every day; as I like to say at every available opportunity--- most people don't mind eating shit if you serve it to them warm.

I have spent this life and possibly others searching for God through a less than gossamer mist of alcohol and drugs. In these days, a large body of the human population are all looking for something through that haze; even if it is only oblivion. I suspect the number of those conscientiously searching for the divine (through that mist) are of a much smaller number and those who have been consistent and determined in this quest, regardless of the mist, compose a much, much smaller percentage.

Those of us who are Aghora, or some comparable tantric fringe, are known for ingesting any and all substances that might blow the carbon off of their jets and sometimes put them in touch with the one they cannot interact with unless they have reached a certain vibrational attunement. I did this for decades. I was driven beyond control because... to experience God on a personal level can ruin certain personality types (like me) from being attracted to anything else, except for that ageless 'poet's disease'. However, time eventually takes care of that.

Those who pursue pedestrian allurements will find at the end of life that they are alone in a barren field with no one but Saturn for a playmate. On the other hand, if God has been the passion of your heart, it eventually begins to resonate throughout your being and every molecule of your composition will sing and blow the rooftop off of each previously concealed weakness and fear, transforming dark emotion and personal delusion Into variants of Love on demand, for every occasion and in the declining years you will be in a garden of delight, where every form is a manifestation of light, in which angels dance in ecstatic syncopation with you. It is the fruit of unified devotion so... one might say, whatever force, form or entity who shares your never ending love, becomes your friend and protector... wherever you may go. God is in everything, composes everything and rules all things. Here is the greatest object of desire which so many toss to the side of the road, unseeing of the beauty and majesty of it, which shines and illuminates from within and without. It cannot be challenged or denied in this world where every other option is a kind of suicide. Those who close themselves off from the kingdom of light, wander in darkness until some inexplicable mercy uncovers their eyes.

In recent days I have been reading, “The Essence of Self Realization” by Paramhansa Yogananda. It has pierced my heart with the splendor of its beautiful truths. Yesterday, I got my copy of “The Autobiography of a Yogi”. It has been decades since I read it. Without thinking I asked my friend if it would be attractive for me to read it aloud. Assent was quickly given. I read the first two chapters and both of us were in tears from the impact of the tale being told.

I mentioned the drugs and alcohol carousel that so many of us have ridden more than a time or two. This was because I have put all these things aside now I am higher than ever before because all the better elements of my nature that were being suppressed by these chemicals are now rising to the surface and changing the face, the heart and the mind of my being. I was told as the days passed that I would not have been able to stop until now and I need not blame myself because it was all done for the purpose of demonstration. Sometimes the purpose of demonstration is between only you and the ineffable.

The power and beauty of the words of Mukunda (what Yogananda was called when he was young) are-can be... life changing. Some number of readers are familiar with the different video series that I have put online. I didn't finish any of them but it is what it was. Apropos of that I would be glad to post yet another incomplete video series of Yoganand'a's work; most especially, The Essence of Self Realization and Autobiography of a Yogi. Let me know.

Regardless of how hard this year has been on me (or me on myself), certain spiritual stations and levels of awareness have been granted me through this period of suffering and they are priceless to me. I want to share them with you and I can think of no finer initial portal than the teaching of Mukunda Yogananda.

We are all on the verge of tremendous change, whether we meet it in the air or we are sucked down into the material soup is up to us. Be alert and be aware; when times and conditions become hard that is a moment of opportunity for profound change.

None of us are compelled to go down into the darkness, where the fearful and appetite driven hide from the light. Many of those on the imaginary road to escape think that the darkness is a protection from being observed. The truth is that no such place exists, wherever you go and whatever you do is seen by you.

This is a time of high tension on the precipice of pending change. That which you seek walks on your feet and in your body, as you search for whatever is already in place. It is not a matter of discovery that is reached by an external journey toward some Fata Morgana that has swallowed up countless souls who have stepped out of their protections and into some random seeming lottery of lives to come and go; come and go. It is a matter of recognition and realization of that which is already contained within. It is a state of awareness which comes into being once enough dross has been burned off through suffering and karmic resolution.

What you seek you already possess. Recognize it, adore it, celebrate it. Confirm to yourself that it is the dynamic animating principle, which gives you breath and sight and all else that you exercise in the manifest prison yard; the penitentiary of the mind, where we as convicts sentenced by ourselves, plot our escape. The divine jailer, swinging his keys, is ever present, awaiting only your recognition. You can be free in the moment that you are no longer driven by looping desires, which compose the elements of your imagined cell. We are all prisoners of our body until we learn the dance of liberation; “Shiva Nataraja to the white courtesy phone (grin). Will Lord Shiva Nataraja please come to the white courtesy phone.” This just in, Colin Kaepernick wants to know how come the courtesy phone is white.

God bless and keep you and liberate you the moment you or I or anyone gets it clear enough to move from the driver's seat to the passenger seat.

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Sunday, September 30, 2018

The World, the Devil and the Deep Indigo Abyss.

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Slowly it passes and the mind turns in apprehension of whatever might be waiting in the wings. Sometimes when one has had a series of critical and painful experiences, it becomes gun-shy and flinching; “not again!” the mind whispers from the dark corners of its unknowing state. The fear seeks a command post, where it can seek to hinder the the posture of faith that has carried one through all of the vicissitudes and blindside assaults from the never was childhood to the present state, which I think is presently resident here.

Loving God would seem to be an easy affair, given the deeper esoteric meanings and spiritual rewards that are the fruit of a diligent and consistent devotion to the practice of it. However, in tandem with the sincere effort to make this the centerpiece of one's life comes degrees of suffering that can challenge even the most steadfast faith. When the ineffable sees that the petitioner is dedicated to the performance of a true and committed love, the divine puts some amount- sometimes a significant amount of suffering upon the seeker. This can be an egregious experience for any of us and can even lead to a departure from ones attempts to make the ineffable paramount in their affections and overall focus. I can speak with authority on this matter. It has been a consistent challenge throughout my life and never more so than this year. There were times when I threw up my metaphorical and literal hands in a state of near despair; not knowing what was up or down and what I might be doing wrong, meanwhile realizing that I did not have to be doing anything wrong for this to happen to me because it comes with the territory.

Now there has been a cessation of the routine torments (they have become routine over the course of recent months) and that is welcome and I am grateful for it, given that my pain medications have run out and I must continue on faith and trust in the hope that these bouts of pain and suffering have come to an end. Failing in that I can only hope that it will all stay in remission until the end of the week, when I see a new internal medicine practitioner who might have an answer to the primary source of my difficulties. It causes me a great deal of helpless wonder at the presence of such pain, given that the offending organ was removed and yet the bouts of physical distress have been more frequent and intense than they ever were before the organ was removed.

I am more convinced than ever before at the import of the words of the Buddha; “all life is pain caused by ignorant desire.” I feel as if my desires have been mostly for the presence of God but no doubt there have been other targets of attention on my part. When the ineffable sees that one is determined to achieve union with God, the ineffable sets up conditions of suffering to break every attachment to the material realm. This is the reason that those seekers after the divine are put into difficult and painful circumstances. They are meant to free us from the thrall of the hypnotizing world and the dream web of Maya.

Once one has had a glimpse of the supernal realm there is no going back. Everything has lost its taste and savor. A yearning emptiness manifests in the heart of the seeker and nothing can satisfy it but the presence of the ineffable within. As one continues and as one is consistent in their meditation upon the completion of it, the indwelling residence moves toward a reality in this effort. Though we think that we play a part in the completion of it, it is all the work of the ineffable. Our only contribution is the maintenance of openness and a willingness for it to occur. In Italy... now about six or seven years ago, the divine finally began to speak back to me. Previously it had been mostly a one sided affair, except when I was engaged in the use of psychedelics. From this point on the ineffable began to reply and since that time it has occurred more and more.

The first thing the ineffable said to me was, “rely on me”. He said this over and over, especially on my walks through the countryside. Over and over, I heard, “rely on me, rely on me”. At other times, Mr. Apocalypse would appear and tell me what he had planned for future times. On reflection I see that Mr. Apocalypse and the ineffable were just different aspects of the same force.

A few years ago, the ineffable said, “I am going to come into you now. At points it might be very startling for you because your awareness is going to open up into a wider and wider panorama of view and being. It will not be painful or fear inducing, it simply involves you, more and more engaged with ever widening vistas, as if you were ascending a mountain or finding yourself on a mesa with a previously unseen vastness of perspective.

As time passed I heard more and more about the ineffable taking up residence within. Finally... a couple of months ago, the ineffable (according to his own words) arranged for my seclusion from my usual day to day. I could not understand why this had happened and I was afraid I had had a serious break with reality (insofar as I have any idea what that is) because I saw and experienced things that I had NEVER experienced before. Given that we are talking about me, those experiences proved to be dramatic indeed. Then, on the fifth day that I was in this place of confinement, The great master came to me and told me that my present state had been arranged for the purpose of our conversation. Amazing things were said to me and vivid images were provided as an accompaniment. I will not provide any details on what god said because they were so powerful and over the top in terms of anything I had ever heard before that I think it best that it be kept to myself. If it proves to be true it will be self evident, otherwise I will look the fool in a big way (not that that would be the first time). I do not doubt what I was told. Such things have happened for others who have made the ineffable the sole focus of their life, or rather the greater focus over all other possibilities. However, the details are truly fantastic. I've been told certain things all of my life without most of them coming to fruition so far but I have also been told that the time was not at hand. I've since been told, finally, that the time is fast approaching.

Because I have been engaged in both healing and intense suffering, I have not been able to operate in my usual pursuits. I've found myself in front of the television, both for the purpose of distraction and because the baseball playoffs are imminent and football season has come. Whatever some of the readers may think, I have an interest in these contests, however mundane they may be in reality (whatever that is). This has caused me to be exposed to commercials to some extent, though I mute them generally. I still see what is being presented and it has caused me no small amount of distress at having to view the level of crass materialism and profane appetite that is rampant in the world at this moment. I have spent so little time exposed to this because it was off in some peripheral location and I was paying little attention to it, except when I am out in a shop or a supermarket and wasn't seeing it the way I presently am. It is horrifying. My heart is troubled by the spiritual fate I see awaiting those who are captivated by the things and attractions of this world.

Some of the readers may have a different view of this, or be experiencing it in a less severe manner. I can only speak to my own perspective in the matter. I am filled with a sense of dread for those so caught up in the illusions and delusions of the world as it presently exists in its crass state of materialism. I wonder at the soul's journey as it leaves this realm and enters into the judgment of the place between incarnations. I find it hard to put into words, what appears in the metaphysical mind's eye. For some reason, I am seeing conditions and the increments of movement as the soul leaves the temporary anchorage of this plane. It is as if I can enter into the emotional and mental postures of those whose focus has been on the material plane and the sexual encounters and depravities that the world of the moment is heir to. It is truly chilling. I cannot articulate the colors and sounds that interplay in my mind as I watch the soul's passage from the dead marshes of the world of the moment, to that place where the soul is put before that particular mirror and must pass judgment upon itself. This is the best I can do. Let me say in conclusion, it has had a deep and profound effect on me and I desire greatly that somehow I might communicate the severity and intensity of what I had seen to those I have observed passing through it.

This is the time of the harvesting of souls and I fear, from my observations, that all too few are being passed upward. One has only to take a moments objective look at the world in its urban dances to see what I am talking about (this includes every area from the rustic and densely populated).

I don't want to be passing judgment when my own perspective is so limited because it is often viewed through a personal lens but I know that any life one is engaged in is taken into consideration; serious consideration for the next life to come. So often I hear some uninformed individuals prefacing a comment with, “well, you only live once”. That is truly one of the more obtuse statements I have encountered and- for whatever the reason- I have been hearing it a lot, compared to what I have heard in times past.

My dear friends, I have written on what has been passing through my heart and mind in recent times. I claim no deep and lingering authority on any of these subjects. This is just how it has appeared to me and continues in every following place and location in the same way. I pray that you are putting your hearts and minds upon the ineffable to the exception of every other possibility of engagement and observation. Be stalwart and be strong. Be committed and be true and remember; “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.”

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Wednesday, August 01, 2018

In Times of Material Darkness, Love Forever, Rules Supreme.

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Is it Visible Origami time again? Whatever will we talk about? Hmmm, or... Hoom! Hum! As Treebeard would say on his way to Isengard, with a couple of Hobbits on his shoulders. In a way Treebeard was God, if every time God forgot himself, he turned into a tree. Some would say Tom Bombadil was God but Treebeard was never able to put The Ring on his finger and not disappear ...but then he never ran into Frodo either, so it's hard to predict something based on a non event. This is the problem, I think... that material soothsayers run into. Nothing turns out the way they say it's going to because none of what they predict happens. This is how God deals with people who think they know what's going on; I don't and freely admit it.

It is in times of material darkness that, in concert with an ever greater concentration of darkness, people become more and more certain about things they don't know and ever more and more shameless about publicizing it through every medium available.

There are certain things you can depend on showing up during the continuing density of darkness. First, insanity and it increases in direct relation to the viscosity of attachment prone matter. Here's a handy definer of viscosity. I started laughing after I read it. I don't know why. It just happened; “the mathematical ratio of the tangential frictional force per unit area to the velocity gradient perpendicular to the direction of flow of a liquid — called also coefficient of viscosity."

We are in a time that the Italians might call 'risorgimento '. Or it would be if it were present ...but it is only approaching. The good news is that it will come, once all the emoluments have been handed out or snatched during moments of distraction. The mini golden age that we have often mentioned here is on the way and will precipitate into being for those open to the experience. If you are not open you are closed and left with whatever can be found within. This results in tragedy when nothing can be found.

Another certain arrival, which is usually seen at the densest part of the darkness of materialism, is cannibalism. We begin by consuming one another metaphorically and end by consuming one another literally and it also explains all of the zombie movies. As life begins to imitate Hollywood, Hollywood follows by imitating life. This is all the result of dirty mirrors; partly the result of smoke and mirrors, or a preponderance of lies sitting in for an absent truth, which cannot be made manifest with any consistency- because it will kill the plot and leave us with no denouement whatsoever.

Casual violence and indifference, materialize as dance partners, due to the rise of psychopathy as we are more and more separated from one another, with all sense of unity gone begging and far too few coins in the tattered beret laying on the sidewalk in front of the man with dirty dog on a rope leash. There's always some variant of this, due to the effectiveness of advertising, pretending that what is not is what is. We've mentioned here that if you leave a mirror outside for a certain period of time, you can't see into it anymore at a certain point. This is because we have also said, at random intervals, that 500 tons of dust lands on the Earth every day. If you don't keep your mirror clean, you will sooner or later have no clear reflection and sometimes no reflection at all.

I had been thinking of the need for a more defined internal guidance system and Socrates 'daimon' came to mind. People might hear that term and think it to be a corruption of the word, 'demon'. This is not what it is or was. When I was very young, I did a lot of reading about the ancient Greeks and Romans and Socrates was chief among my studies. I was especially enamored by his use of Dialectics. One of the enduring features that I discovered and proved to myself, was that philosophy and the higher forms of inquiry and study has not improved from that time until now. If anything we have become more and more pedestrian and lazy than we were, with most of us turned into unconscious Helen Keller curb feelers.

We live in a time where all that might be appreciated at a deeper level has been relegated to a form of urban Cliff Notes. so... I asked the ineffable for something similar and surprisingly he said, “What took you so long?” He sent me 'Ami'. When I mentioned that it meant friend, Ami said, “You can just address me as 'my friend'. At first I was in a dubious state; am I just being messed with again? As it turned out, experiences over the last month, since it happened, has proven the existence of the informing consciousness; most especially demonstrated after I made it out of the middle confinements of Mordor (where every day lasted a week). I am more and more reminded of that line from Hamlet; “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

What the media sorcerers discovered was that all you had to do was keep repeating something for people to accept it as true and it didn't matter how absurd it might appear at inception, given enough redundancy, it would be taken to be true eventually. When people are routinely threatened with the loss of shit painted gold, they are more and more reflexively capable of accepting anything as being real, so long as their possession of golden shit is not endangered. It is a sad, sad affair, made all the more so by the inherent lack of value in everything they could have cherished; having mistaken it for something they never had in the first place.

The richest and most fortunate person on Earth, is one who has acquired something of enduring value. It's there, all you have to do is look within. You are made in the image of God. If only we could comprehend that, as it so happens to be. In a world where everything of value has been rendered temporary, out of necessity for the merchants who traffic in mortality... in this time of the harvesting of souls, all that had been beautiful and real, has been translated into the ugly and unreal. This is not the case for those of us otherwise disposed.

It sometimes seems as if it took us a long time to get here. The truth is that some of us never got there and don't intend to go, while the rest of us just followed the Judas Goat, through the chutes and on to the killing floor. Where's Sinclair Lewis when you need him?

The literal truth is that if you are not looking for the truth, you won't find it. You will find the opposite and your own version of Iago, which would make you Othello through a suicide of self by the opposite coming into play, the same way that offal by any other name would smell just as bad. You see... everything is in reverse. The truth is in retrograde. This is why you must hold to what lives within, despite the relentless evidence of the external, which gropes itself in defiance to everything you know to be otherwise internally. Can I get an amen?

A month or so ago, the ineffable referred me to this and said, leave it to me. Of course, I went on a personal pursuit of it, given that every color, even, was the long standing hue most loved by me. A few weeks later I got the message and hand's off it has been. Should it materialize, there is room for us all. Time will tell and we shall see. Why do I mention it? Because God doesn't concern himself with size, or cost.

All things are possible with God but often not with us and there is the contradiction we suffer; the contradiction between what we tell ourselves is possible and what we have subconsciously convinced ourselves of... otherwise. We need to have a clear transparency of relative agreement between what we hold fast to within and the way it out-pictures through creative visualization, where certitude is the same in either place. We might be blind in the one, or blind in the other but there are ways of seeing that do not require the eyes, so routinely deceived as to be commonplace these days.

I had no intention to mention this exchange between me and the ineffable, or the implanting of My Friend as a navigation device. I thought the reader might think I was deluded or misinformed. For good or ill, it gets mentioned because whatever may exist in my mind, which is every mind contained in the cosmic consciousness that isn't what we are when we really are; it is exemplified and echoed in every other mind that resonates with the common truth that brought us all together in the first place.

Many of us cruise in life, convinced that we are convinced of the living truth of the eternal; until it is put to the test. On every occasion, if we left the outcome to the one who determines the outcome, in every case, we will prosper and succeed, regardless of outcome. This is the poetry of God and the insurance against defeat, no matter what may be the result. It is where we learn the difference between what we think we want and what the master wants for us.

Everything put before us on our plate is not a matter of choice. It is a test that defines our values and if we are reliant on that, the test has already had a positive consequence. We become so controlled by the materialized appearance we desire that we go right by what is truly desired 'for us', by the one who knows both the beginning and the end ...and which culminates in the very best conclusion possible but... not until we are reliant upon the determiner of all things, for the perfect conclusion that is ours on every occasion; bar none... bar none... until then... we wander in darkness and as material darkness increases, the danger of a serious setback is a certainty... just as every negative manifestation appears and intensifies in times of material darkness.

My friends, my dear and constant friends; let the darkness take the darkness, we ain't got no place to fall. We will walk into the light and... the greater the intensity of darkness, so is the light intensified by provable physics. 'What goes up, must come down'. “As above, so below.” In the end, as in the beginning, Love is supreme. Take love as your inspiration and you will never lack for vision. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.

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