Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Inflexible Process and Cultural Decline. Happy New Year!!!

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May your noses be lit up like Rudolph’s this evening to lead all those motorized DWI’s and potential road kill home safely.

I never go out on New Year's Eve and on the rare occasion when I have, I stayed at whatever location I went to. New Year's Eve is Amateur Night on the highways. People race everywhere today and in previous days to buy explosives and related entertainment items for tonight's festivities. I guess if you have kids maybe there's justification and maybe that's the worst reason of all. I've no use for any of that and never have. They're unpredictable to begin with but in the hands of drunken fools, far worse. You Tube will be filled with filmed mishaps from tonight's activity; more so than ever before due to the widespread presence of cellphones with cameras. Be careful and watch out for morons at any speed.

I think this is an auspicious day upon which to discuss something that popped into my mind quite strongly this morning, while shuttling around through town and getting the necessary comestibles for this New Years period. The stores close at 2:00PM here and don’t reopen until Thursday morning. As I was driving I thought about those people going up and down the streets of Everytown in the country of Everywhere. One thing stood out in my thoughts; patterns and how they become habit and then habit becomes inflexible process. Once this happens, life is at an end and whatever remains is just a long drawn out echo, or something shorter.

All inflexible processes have the stamp of mortality on them and are, for the most part, predictable. Why is inflexible process so ubiquitous? It is because civilization is humanities reaction to pain in search of comfort. Once ensconced in habitual inflexible process, composed of a predictable reliability of material consistency, there is little motivation to risk that status in the pursuit of a finer awareness that might require some degree of sacrifice. In fact, we might say that the mind, intentionally sets its perception of reality around the maintenance of that state. Reality is relative to what we want to believe to be true. Recognizing who did 9/11= Israel and collaborating neo-con traitors, along with individuals in strategic positions who acted out of self interest or fear, is a no no. It endangers ones status in the status quo.

We've seen the hitchhikers on the highways and the homeless citizens through the windshield and side windows of the car as we go by, looking like extras sent in from Central Casting as ominous evidence of the possibility that, “This could be you.” ...if you don’t play your cards right and... even if you do play your cards right but... you’re in a no win environment because the soulless corporations, in league with the politicians, destroyed the manufacturing base, shipped the jobs overseas and then the bankers engineered the housing crisis-toxic mortgage scams. Selling these poisonous bundles to overseas banks and investors, along with the NSA debacle have gone a long way to make Israel's bitch a pariah among her allies. This has led to all kinds of unfortunate behind the scenes reactions and alliances abroad but... I digress.

Inflexible processes are not all bad. There are good ones but they lead to a constant exposure to the teeth of the wind. Nobody likes the teeth of the wind, unless you’re some kind of reckless adventurist, or some one who has taken too many psychedelics; not that we would be familiar with anyone like that around here. The teeth of the wind is a testing zone that checks to see if you are a worthy sort that deserves the wind at your back, eventually, wherever it is that ‘eventually’ may be located, should you eventually locate it, or have it locate you.

As we have been pointing out lately, look for more and more of this kind of thing happening as Mr. Apocalypse ups the pressure on hypocrites, high profile miscreants and everyone previously enjoying a place in the controlled spotlight that is now in the hands of another technician, whose intentions are quite the reverse of the previous company man. More and more examples of conspicuous consumption are going to be publicized. Yep, more and more of this kind of thing. There’s even a website that caters to this.

Apropos of this sort of behavior, the term that defines it is decadence; applied decadence. The dictionary says that decadence is “moral or cultural decline, as characterized by excessive indulgence in pleasure or luxury”. Note where it says, ‘cultural decline’. Uh huh. As has often been said here, cultures go through their seasons, just like the weather. By any stretch of observation we are in mid-winter and the dead leaves of former good times, are lying in a frozen muck of rainbow colored oil slick packets, along the gutter of time passing. What follows is the emerging trends and tendencies that accompany the wide gulf matrix of rich vs poor, things like this. Such phenomena are the logical result of the inevitable attempt to transplant Communism as a template over Capitalism, to ensure the necessary oppression of the lower classes in order to provide protection for the conscienceless elite (second link down on the right). This accounts for official policies put into place by ‘owned’ governments. This leads to despicable ironies such as you see here. Lao Tzu would be turning over in his grave if he were dead but... he’s not. The truth of that is on a need to know basis and the determinant of that is if you need to know, you do.

Yup, you can look for more and more irony with every passing day. You see the breakdown in the power of ‘the powers that be going down’ manifested in continuous inexplicable happenings, also containing a modicum of irony. Nearly everything has got some irony in it these days. It’s the carbon and hydrogen elements of our time. The terror tandem of criminal governments in the employ of criminal Central Bankers are in high gear because the more Mr. Apocalypse presses down on them, the more they freak out and spin ever more and more out of control. The same people behind this are behind the explosions in Russia, the conflicts in Libya and Syria and pretty much most places. They can feel that cold wind on the napes of their necks and they should, oh “yesssh precious”.

As we’ve said here many a time, the giant chimpanzee of destiny has begun to fling massive handfuls of shit at the cosmic fan blades in the wind tunnel continuum of time. Well, we didn't actually say it quite like that, nor do I think anyone else ever has either (grin). Here’s some corroborative input. I'm not all that fond of grandstanding personalities but I take what I can get.

I’m hoping that that small segment of the readers who are employed to bend reality according to the wishes of their paymasters, will get a clue and save themselves a lot of typing time. This site has some of the most intelligent visitors on the internet and everyone here has done their homework so, poorly assembled bullshit arguments generally result in hoots of derision and pervasive scorn, over the paucity of professionalism being demonstrated. Make a new year’s resolution not to embarrass yourself or... at least don’t do it here.

Here comes the New Year folks and... like every day, that by grace arrives for our use, a new life is waiting, beyond the restrictions of inflexible process. Rapare Ad Vitam, my friends, Rapare Ad Vitam. Time marches on and eternity awaits. Carpe omnia singula puncta temporis and you could find yourself skinny dipping in the pools of infinity and sunbathing on the rocks of time. “Dig the infinite!”. Every moment is precious and also valuable, according to what direction your inflexible process is heading in. You can easily see those wrong directions of inflexible process, simply by their outcome, if not in present time, certainly in historical hindsight. So what’s the right way? “Walk in all ways contrary to the world”, as one memorable soul once put it. You may have never heard of Jacob Boehme before. There are all kinds of interesting people who skirted the margins of existence on their way to Who Knows Where on the Planet Everlasting. Millions are contemplating how they might rearrange their course in this next year (even if only momentarily). Tap into that motive intent.

Not much more to say so; Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll be toasting the memory and presence of all of you this evening, who have made this journey so unforgettable here in virtual space. I think I’ll spend the rest of the day making music; been awhile.

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I still haven’t been able to get the latest novel manifest in print for those awaiting it. It will come, we are in the final stage of making that happen. Check out James Jancik’s, Feet to the Fire Radio to catch the timing of his upcoming New Year’s radio show. I’ll have a segment on that.

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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 27, 2013

On the Doorstep of a New World.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well Christmas is now a year away, more or less, unless you intend to celebrate it every day as I do. Let's face it, Christmas does come every day for someone. The dawn of awareness breaks in some mind, somewhere, every day. Since the effect on any one individual, translates into an effect on the entirety of all of us, it matters, just as it matters what each and every one of us does. Many of us don't think it matters and they behave accordingly or, like the Israelis, they've got a personal agenda that is indifferent to the welfare of anyone but themselves. For them, Christmas means killing 3 year old children in occupied lands, illegally occupied by them and they do it to celebrate the bloodlust of the demon god they serve, who demands blood sacrifice in order to assist them in their ongoing war against the whole of the human race. You disagree with my analysis? Then explain to me how it is that nearly every Christmas they crank up their war machine and most of the time it involves an assault on a captive populace that they have corralled into an ever diminishing territory, which is for them no more than a playground for applied genocide. Meanwhile, you have the residents of the most powerful country in the world, who make it possible for these things to happen because they have more important issues that concern them. They want to know why they didn't get the plastic crap that they ordered at the last possible moment, while the hardworking delivery personnel were up against inclement weather and whatever else was in play.

The odious and loathsome spectacle of materialism on the holiday, set aside to celebrate the birth of the one who came to save them from materialism, is a tragic and terrible irony (irony again!) writ large upon the canvas of our times. Of course, the irony is not lost on the cosmos who fully intends to let this callously indifferent, "I want it now" populace see where their ignorance and greed has led them to.

Now Congress wants to pass a bill legitimizing official propaganda, to shore up their crumbling police state infrastructure. They got real problems. They got serious problems and it's just going to get worse as a massive effort is underway to shield the Israelis from being exposed as the mind behind 9/11. One of their main weapons of misdirection is to amp up the importance of the seriously irrelevant. So the US has decided to send an all gay delegation to Sochi and Obama won't be coming although, technically he should be a part of the delegation, given his association with that Chicago bathhouse and his Batman and Robin performances with Rahm Emmanuel. We don't know at this juncture which one of them is Batman. Well, given the state of an ever increasing segment of the deranged Wal-Mart World public, nothing is a surprise anymore. Through it all, Lady Nature is not amused and the impact of the human virus on the realm of Nature is causing all kinds of undesirable feedback. Then there's all those dead manatees, the dying eagles, the disappearing (courtesy of Monsanto) bumblebees but the strange breed of ever more detached and cognitively dissonant ambulatory shark bait, masquerading as human beings, are just the thing to take the madness into the dimension of exponential WTF?

Man! Do I ever wish that an aperture would appear through which we could walk out of here but I'm guessing the die has been cast and the only way out is through. What that means is our own fates depend on how we play our parts. What it comes down to for many people is that they don't believe this or, even worse, never even think about it at all. They are transfixed in the invisible rays of corporate hypnosis. They are completely product identified, everything is objectified, according to some weird spectrum of comparative value. "I like this more than that but I want them both and I want that and that too. I've got plenty of room in my garage and attic and I can always rent a storage compartment."

Because of the isolation of the individual in the midst of the mass and the press for conformity in all things; endless cubicles of sameness. Conformity has become almost militarized. People hunger for individuality and the only means for acquiring it, it to behave ever more outrageously so that now, notoriety is completely confused with fame, the same way that liberty and license are now indistinguishable. Given the shit fly mentality of the media, there really is no such thing as bad publicity anymore. Accordingly, celebrities are more and more selected from the most clueless among us. This was the intent behind all of those reality TV shows. Those behind this nonsense are the same people behind some the worst atrocities in memory and the bigger the atrocity, the more likely they were behind it. Anyone who may be confused about, or annoyed at my opinion of a certain psychopathic subsection of the world's people need only read this, then perhaps you can come and explain to us what it really means. Carefully read the article and add in to that the Bolshevik mass murders, the Ukrainian mass murders, the Armenian mass murders and so many more and throw in the large majority of all terror incidents taking place in past decades and still that's only some of it. Throw in all the banking holocausts, the world wide drug industry, the human trafficking business, the organ harvesting industry and certainly not least, the cartel of criminal international bankers. It goes on and on and on. Take anything mentioned here and put their country, or the name of their people into a search engine and see what happens.

My new year's wish is that they either disappear from the face of the Earth, or they are exposed for all their crimes in some indisputable fashion to the eyes of the world and are reduced to unwelcome pariahs across the entire globe. Some would find my commentary an example of intolerance. It is what it is. It is proven so. It's all in the historical record. Many of them admit to much of it. They glorify themselves in their capacity to carry it out and they laugh at their victims for being so stupid as to permit it. They kill and blackmail with impunity and then they do it again and again and again. Judgment is coming and given the span of time across with these crimes have been committed and given the number and severity of these crimes, judgment is likely to be severe.

Well, I'm just repeating myself again, just as they are, just as they are. Let's look on the bright side. There's a new world coming and if you measure up to the needs and demands of that new world, your life will change just as this world is bound and determined to change. Some of us have been working on increasing our stock portfolio. Some of us have been dedicated to making life worse for others, in order to line our pockets at the expense of your misery. Some of us are spending our days killing large numbers of people and making even larger numbers sick for the most craven of motives. You and I might find it perplexing that people could do the things they do but we're not them. We have a conscience. We possess a moral sense. They have neither. They are absolutely convinced that they are gods on Earth and that there are no other conscious forces to contend with them. They believe fundamentally in eat or be eaten. They believe in "me first, you later, maybe." They believe you can never have too much and anyone who can't take care of grabbing everything they can because they feel that's why they have two hands in the first place, deserves everything they don't get. The one thing they most definitely should get though, is out of the way.

These are truly strange times. The worst of us are in charge of so many things and the best of us have been forced to the margins. Because evil inevitably destroys itself, it has been decided to let evil have free reign because it will go down all the faster. It will commit more and more visible offenses, against an ever more defenseless public. it will act out in more and more absurd and ridiculous ways and convict itself in the court of world opinion to where its position will be indefensible. It will implode under the weight of its own darkness. It is inevitable. Keep your distance from its personnel and all its works. Strive to be as singular as possible in contrast to it. Its time has come round at long last... drum roll.

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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Surfing the World's of Light in the Footsteps of The Master.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Welcome to this Christmas Eve and at the risk of being redundant, Merry Christmas!!! Of course, it being Christmas I need to talk about Jesus 'the' Christ. Jesus as world teacher, as Wayshower, as revolutionary- take no crap from the moneychangers. As Bill Maher, Zio-Satanist shill and mouthpiece likes to say, "Well you know who they mean when they say, 'moneychangers?" Yes Bill, as a matter of fact we do.

Some decades ago, I lived with an Archbishop of the Old Catholic Church; friend of Vanderbilts and sundry, as well as many another curious public figure. One of them was Kalil Gibran. I was at the time a huge fan of Gibran (still am) and I used to ask Father Francis (as he was called) about him. He once told me, "He was a very sweet man but he drank too much wine." Gibran wrote a relatively unknown book called, "Jesus the Son of Man". In this Christmas hour, let me gift you with a digital copy! It is a most unique book about those in various professions and how they saw this teacher through the lens of their professions. Gibran was a true mystic and as with all true mystics, could bring you to tears with the beauty of his inspired articulation. The beauty of his soul attracted the attentions and ministrations of a high muse and we are the beneficiaries of this relationship.

I lived with Father Francis on Mead's Mountain in Woodstock. He was a cantankerous fellow and I was the least loved among those who came and went there, no doubt due to my lack of orthodoxy and he was none too fond of the ladies that came around to visit me. I was in celibacy mode but I doubt he trusted me on that. His preferences were 'otherwise' focused as are so many of the representatives of that faith. When I knew him he was in his 90's. Sometimes the power of the connection he had would display itself in his tea time talks. It was enervating. Regardless of his moral failings; more of the mind than of active expression (I think), he was still used by the invisible hierarchy for what good there was in him. I am in his debt. He got me out of the West Street Federal Detention Center in NYC when they were looking to shanghai me up the river yet again for the usual charge of being a public menace, although they called it something else of course. I miss Woodstock, even if it is known as the Jewish Rockies.

Anyway, back to the man of the hour. Some number of people have gotten after me about my outspoken support and celebration of Christmas. Why it is that people feel that I 'have to' mirror their own contempt of the event escapes me. I live in a house where the residents are none too appreciative of the meaning of this time. They, like so many, got hijacked by the corruption of religions and the awful toll that materialism has taken upon the real meaning of this time. I'm from the school that "Ye must be as a little child to enter the kingdom." I don't get brought low by appearances and wind up all cynical and empty of the bounty of spirit that walks abroad in this season. Where is the profit and the good in that? Just because people ruin the moment for themselves does not mean I have to follow suit. Go ahead and wallow in your lack of wonder, awe and joy; not me, not me. I am fair to bursting with Christmas spirit at the moment and I don't care two figs and a wheelchair for the naysaying negativists who have purged their life of all innocence. You're stuck in your own boat with yourself. I'm not.

I see Jesus the Christ as a warrior. You can see him as The Prince of Peace (not that the Christian tradition reflected that in any way over the centuries), a healer, or a teacher of the peoples. I see him as a warrior for truth against the pervading temporal darkness of this depraved age. I see him as a man of unshakable courage and conviction. I see him as integrity personified, one in whom all the qualities of the ineffable were invested and expressed. I see him as a shining example of how one might come to be; an inspiration and a guide and I have no interests in religions, dogma, avaricious and power hungry priests or any off the other 'for profit' scams that always try to lamprey on to the aftermath of the lives of those who gave their all.

What I believe about Jesus the Christ is that his blood was the currency that bought and paid for the age we live in. When the blood fell, it nourished and spiritualized the Earth and everything in it that was so disposed to be lifted or ignited by it. I had no interest in the historical Jesus, or any of the religious porn that proliferates in the hypocritical speeches of pathological sophists. I believe that Jesus Christ is the solar logos and the word made flesh. I understand the metaphysical meaning of it in the only place where such things matter, in my heart. All true lovers of God love every legitimate appearance of that force, in whatever outfit, culture or language it appears in. I love the Buddhas and the prophets, the gods and goddesses, the saints, mystics and jnana yogis AND the Ahora too. I love them all and see no conflict in any of the teachings and traditions in their essence. I've no interest in arguing any of it with any of the dogma-drones, fundie garbage heads and tight assed 'send you to Hell', self righteous fountains of hypocrisy. Tell your story walking. The door is thataway.

I love Christmas. I only see what I want to see and that works for me. I love Easter and Diwali and all those festivals and celebrations that venerate the light. People get trapped in their heads and then they get insufferably pretentious. They're all tangled up in the little they know and puffed up with all kinds of vanities over their exalted states of reasoning and logic and they don't know a damn thing. I literally cringe when self important pseudo intellectuals come around and start hairsplitting with me, while never getting whatever it was I said in the first place. They want to argue but the whole point of their arguing is that they want me to know just how smart and well informed they are. It's all about prancing and posing and wanting me to admit that they are a formidable equal and that it is in my best interests to accept whatever they have to say and it just bores me to tears. I'm not interested in any of it. I just want to commune with the infinite and hope you have the good sense to do the same.

It took me awhile to realize that all these pundits and park bench prophets weren't interested in hearing anything. They were just waiting for their turn to speak, which is when they would spin like a top, enthralled in the magic of their presumed eloquence and the denser and more convoluted their arguments were, the more they liked it. Well, the fact is that only Love counts and the rest of it is no different than what you get mucking out a horse stall. One of the main tenets of wisdom is quietude and a serenity devoid of internal conflict, which expresses itself in an external lack of the same. Every bonafide teacher I met was as humble as dirt. They knew about the awesome and immeasurable, incomprehensible excellence of the ineffable and... what that made them by comparison. If you don't know that you don't know much. Arguing is a sure sign that you missed the point.

Jesus the Christ is an internal affair. I remember a tale about a monk who was cleaning out a stable when Christ supposedly appeared in front of him. His reaction was, "Be gone or I will fill your mouth with what I have on this shovel." His point being, Christ appears within, not without ...and the Second Coming of Christ will be in the hearts of humanity and it shouldn't be long now. Certainly it is imminently pending in any particular heart that is open to it at any time.

It's not my place to judge or censure people who want to harangue me with their pet theories. That doesn't mean I don't do so (grin). What it does mean is that, regardless of my occasionally unfortunate responses, I don't personally believe I'm right or that I know anything. I know it's possible I'm not and that I don't. I play a role for various purposes and until lately I went out of my way in regular fashion to expose flaws and shortcomings in myself and all of that is to keep us on even footing, as a company of equals. I'm not letting myself get put on a pedestal, nor am I wearing a dress for that purpose (grin). I'm just one more walker on the road. If some of my thoughts and experiences are useful then make use of them. Otherwise discard them. It may not have been for you anyway. A lot of the time I'm not writing into the present. I'm writing into the future, for times when much of what gets said here might become relevant. Very often what doesn't make sense at one point will make sense later on. I know that things I came across didn't reveal themselves to me at the time I heard or saw them. A digestion was required, after which the information was booted back up out of the subconscious into a form I could understand.

I don't bear any ill will toward those seeking to unhorse, slander or offend me, nor am I affected by it. The only criticisms I consider are the ones that rise out of my conscience later on. In the meantime all judgment is held in abeyance until I get the word from my minder.

So, on this day before Christmas, this is what I had to say, as it was told to me before I said it (grin), according to my own peculiar process and how it applies to me. That said, Merry Christmas!!! Do something nice. Be nice to someone, in the spirit of it.

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Sunday's radio broadcast is online.

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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Powers, Placements and Potentials. Now is the Given Moment.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Some of us see life through the lens of mathematics, even when we know very little about mathematical theory, we are aware of the concept of random happenstance and it is that feature that predominates in many minds; the belief that we are mere fleshbags who got here through some evolutionary fluke. They believe that what you see is what you get and when you're dead you're dead so... it doesn't matter what you do as long as you don't get caught. That's how a lot of people see it and they got that Carpe Diem attitude. They also believe that people whose lives are screwed up or who find themselves in terrible situations just weren't smart enough to avoid it and Darwin is going to take care of them.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is an invisible realm and I can prove it with no difficulty at all. The example of the various rays shows there are bandwidths beyond the senses. But there is much more to it than that. I've no real inclination to prove anything to anyone. As I have often stated, I only have to convince myself. I have and will put my findings and analysis out there as I am doing this moment. Some will find a personal commonality in this. We vibrate to the same awareness of forces and powers beyond The Five Blind Sisters. Sitting atop each of these senses is a higher companion sense that is not actuated in the majority of people. Once these senses are stimulated by one thing or another they grant the one possessing it the ability to perceive things that others have no awareness of; clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, these are examples of capacities that can be developed and exercised.

These powers can be activated in various ways. Some are born with them operational, though usually they only have one of them. They can be activated through yoga and through Hermetic practices, which are simply the western version of yoga. They can be activated, temporarily, through the use of psychedelic substances. I have been able to do this both ways so I know it is so. They can also be activated through trauma and finally (though there are probably still more ways) these can be conferred on you by someone capable of it.

Telepathy, Intuition, perceiving conditions at a far remove and other talents are of yet a higher order still. When I had my initial Kundalini experience I was rendered fully telepathic. In fact, John Hall's awareness of me inside his mind was such a shock that our friendship never recovered. He could not handle it. Along with certain other marvelous happenings that took place that night, the collective effect was too much for the musicians who had come out there with me, to take acid and to make music, so much so that finally they decided they had to go back to D.C. right away. Not a word was spoken during the hour+ drive back from the Virginia countryside. They pulled up to Dupont Circle and I was let out of the car. I can just imagine what a sigh of collective relief must have gone through the car once I was gone. I never thought about it at the time. I was simply thrilled by what happened. I crave that sort of thing above and beyond anything else available here. I see most everything here in the same way the Buddha did; “all life is pain caused by ignorant desire." Interestingly enough, from that time on, whenever I tripped (and we would nearly always wind up in Nature, even if it was just one of the city parks), I would see green holographic Buddhas in an electric silhouette outline. Meaning you could see through them. They'd be sitting in flower beds and at other locations. Besides this I would see massive electronic like serpents moving in and out of the Earth and everything had fiery red hieroglyphic characters vibrating on the surface, even the sky. It was quite a while before I discovered that other people were not having the same visions and experiences that I was.

When I was instantaneously in John's mind he pushed hard to drive me out but it wasn't possible because there is only one mind and I had been propelled into the consciousness of that so it was like being in a large ocean and all the fish swimming around were the thoughts people were having. When I saw "Lawnmower Man" it flashed me back to that period. I hadn't meant to invade his mind. It just happened. Since though, whatever the peculiar reason may be, I have little interest in what people are thinking unless it means me harm and this has saved me grief on many an occasion. Much of the time, when I engage in bizarre acting out, this is one of the reasons. There is a need for certain concealed motivations to expose themselves. Nothing accomplishes that better than a strategy that looks like something else entirely.

Since my life has been filled with supernatural events and... still is, I have to imagine there are others out there who have had their share as well. Then, there is that large body of grazing public that basically, grazes. Their eyes are cast downward at whatever their personal feed may be. That's their focus. Bringing things to their attention in too dramatic a fashion can cause a stampede as well as that “turn again and rend you” phenomena. Matthew 7.6 I think. As I said earlier, it took me some learning to realize that you can't tell people anything unless they are ready to listen. It's okay to put it out there. It's not okay to insist that they hear or see it. They'll come around, eventually. They're on the slow track. Some of us prefer the fast track. It's wilder of course and unpredictable and certainly it can be dangerous but being here in the first place is dangerous and being unaware of that, as many people are, well, that's really dangerous. What you don't know can hurt you and depending on who you know, there is serious protection available. It all comes down to who you rely on. One would think, after a certain period of being here and the inevitable disappointment and heartbreak that the vast majority of us experience, some number of us would tumble to where the power is.

You might get your initial awareness from someone like Castaneda and his thesis on one's place of power. The right Shamanic lineage certainly can open any number of doors and some of us are drawn to the more primitive expressions. You might say it's in our DNA. Some of us are drawn to traditional means but that plateaus in a hurry and it's corrupted beyond repair as well. Some of us are drawn into the occult and metaphysical. That can be a dangerous proposition without a guide. A good safeguard to have in place is not to mess with anything you don't fully understand. A good analogy would be trying to fix an electric problem when you are not an electrician. Some of us are drawn to the mystical side. I tend to favor that more and more.

You might have a capacity for mental telepathy or you might have the gut intuitive feature (vibes). You might be able to see things clairvoyantly (rare and unlikely), or you might be able to visualize things yet to manifest on the mindscreen. The problem with a lot of these talents is similar to what happens to nations when their technological powers outstrips their moral constraints. As the old maxim says, "Power corrupts". In the majority of cases when people have certain gifts there is the inclination to use them, regardless of need. This is the problem with varying access to psychic insight, not to mention that psychics are usually wrong. If you do not control the moral condition and that includes the profits objective of your gift completely, it will naturally come into the hands of entities who are waiting there for that opportunity. So now, you possess a gift that has been transformed into a liability and potentially worse.

This exists because you don't have to be highly disciplined, morally tight and focused to have any of these tools. You only have to want them more than anything else and all kinds of people in India have them, simply through mantra work or austerities. Then you find, as many of them do, that you have not a blessing but a curse. Once you have these abilities they are yours, unless you give them away and you have to 'know how' to do that. All of this is why people should first ask for self control and self awareness. That's the ticket, to all kinds of places.

The big tragedy about life here in the unconscious zone and... it does matter if you're conscious, is that there is such a total lack of awareness of what lies beyond. I read an occultist once who said, more or less (paraphrasing here), "It is unfortunate for people that they head off into a landscape they are completely unfamiliar with. They have no maps and lack all recognition factors. It behooves anyone to familiarize themselves with where they are headed and even to make the acquaintance of guides 'before you go', rather than to be bewildered and fearful in a strange land upon arrival." Anyone can have invisible friends. You just have to want that more than anything else (grin). Getting the picture? Actually there is more to that and a much easier course as well. You simply have to impress them with qualities that they admire. You also have to presume their existence before it becomes an operative reality. You have to interact with them as if they were already there and they will be. Far be it for me to recommend psychedelics to anyone but under the right circumstances you can certainly make some acquaintances that way. I did and do. Friendship is a time lapse consideration for them. Every luminous entity has different requirements and of course, there's the past life factor. You may already have friends you don't know about but you've put your focus more on terrestrial associations in this life. Those will depart and some of them even before you go.

Here I need to mention two critical things, which I have mentioned in the past. Brand them on to the important graffiti wall of the mind. You don't go anywhere. You arrive where you are. Of course that seems misleading because in a sense you are no longer here. All that happens is that the present scenery is gone and replaced by a new scenery commensurate with right where you are at the moment of departure. The other thing is that Heaven does not begin somewhere up in the sky. It begins where your feet touch the Earth. One of the magical things I try to engage in is to consciously land my every step on the Earth accompanied by a mantra or associated with a song. The Earth responds to this. The Earth is a conscious living entity. You can be in accord with the Earth, or you can be out of harmony with it. These conditions will land you in two separate places and also lead to yet more places that follow to either fulfillment or painful learning. Make her your friend. She is a bad enemy and she resides and can act though every creature here resident in all kinds of ways. She's also wedded into your nature and your physical form. Getting out of sorts with her is a sure route to dis-ease.

End Transmission.......

Visible is engaged in his next book which is due in mid-Spring. It's titled, "Walking with Invisible Friends in the Hidden Realm of Nature." This would be walks with Visible and his curious encounters, real and whimsical. Our Merry Christmas Origami will be the next posting.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Choreographed Comedy of Errors in Search of the Mark.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It is a weary landscape for the heart to travel in these days. Because of impossible expectation, ubiquitous perversity and poisonous and inadequate diet (of all kinds), men and women are not often an ideal interactive for each other. You see it in the divorce rates and you see it in the private life scenarios, well, you may not see that end of it but you probably are aware of it, through people you know or in your own life. This is all a part of the Tribe assisted, Satanic elite program of disunity, in the family unit. It's one of the major philosophical necessities for Communism, a Tribe created, Satanic Elite sponsored, shell template for populace control. Once again we got irony upon irony because the ideal of communism is supposed to be across the board equality and fairness in the workplace in respect of corporate influence. The opposite of this is Fascism, where only the rights of corporations are considered and where those loathsome reprobates on the U.S, Supreme Court conferred person-hood on corporations. Yet more irony where the Constitution they are employed to protect and which allegedly exists to insure individual rights, does the one thing most destructive of that construct.

It's an easy system of offense to engineer. Slowly, step by step, you put corrupt individuals in important positions within the government framework and once placed, you utilize them to dismantle all of the protections that made the system what it once was, or was supposed to be. There's an argument that it was never what it was made out to be but... at least it wasn't the travesty you see today.

All of these unfortunate conditions, political, social, environmental and sundry, combine to create an atmosphere of uncertainty and mounting despair.

Human nature is predictable in some ways, especially if you are studying the mass of it. Set certain forces in motion and you can easily predict what the public will do in response and it's no great reach from there to controlled behavior You factor this in with The Hegelian Principle and you're off to the races, or race wars, holy wars, some kind of perpetual wars to ensure public confusion and feed a Satanic economic policy.

Obviously, one of the public’s best defenses is the construction of strong communities of unified purpose. Even if you can't save humanity, you might be able to save each other and yourself. A powerful weapon for the public's well being is awareness and being informed. This is why control of the press and entertainment industries are so important to the bad guys and... they are bad guys. They may be deluded. They may be misguided (assuredly they are that) but they're still bad guys, or they play one in real life. The primary reasons that they outlaw drugs are two fold; they don't want people waking up to the bullshit they're selling and the powerful alcohol and tobacco lobbies don't want the competition. Of course, the government is not above running the world's biggest heroin trafficking scam in the meantime. They're all about hypocrisy. Whether it's trying to outlaw the Second Amendment, while selling automatic weapons to the cartels, or whether it's publicly deploring what they claim are human rights violations in other countries, while blatantly violating the rights of their own citizens, they are Johnny on the Spot with Academy Award winning hypocrisy. There's nothing they won't do and then lie about and there's no rules or restraints for those behind the velvet ropes.

As long as you try to confront or evade these outrages you're on the game-board and as long as you're on the game-board, you're a player and the odds heavily favor The House. Not only are the odds slanted in The House's favor but they cheat. Here is a classic example of the kind of lying, cheating, psychopathic lizards who are responsible for the way things are. The face-reading side of phrenology shows all one needs to see of the arrogance and depravity, writ large, on this creatures face. The article says it all. Until the bankers and their shills, like the aforementioned, are bought down and dealt with there's no prayer for parity for you. The game is rigged. There is no justice department in the United States, only a Department of Injustice. It must, I suppose, run it's course. It must be pressed forward into visible absurdity, to where there is no possibility of error in determination of what is and has been happening.

If one cannot contain the criminal state of the exterior, one must control their own interior. One of your principle adversaries is, 'the reactive mind'. You must gain control of the reactive mind. There is a power in this that is capable of accomplishing a great deal more than one might presently imagine. Much like the force of a purified will, it cannot be opposed. It will triumph. It is a fait accompli. It is much the same principle as to say that what is an idea in the cosmic mind is already a fact in the material realm, all that is further required is precipitation into form. It is why I say we are living in the echo. The primary sound has been sounded, now we are experiencing the reverberating after effects.

I've explained my definition of free will before. There is a cosmic certitude that prevails throughout creation. One can cooperate with it and work in tandem with it or one can oppose it. That is free will. That which opposes it will eventually fail, once the purpose of demonstration has been effected. The world is a stage. One of the greatest literary figures who ever lived and who left his legacy under the name of another man and who was a Rosicrucian adept said this some hundreds of years ago. Some decades after 'he came, he wrote, he disappeared', investigators went to the area where once he was supposed to have lived and found the man's alleged daughter. She could neither read nor write. She was in her forties. Of course, there could be a number of legitimate reasons for this but a deeper inquiry into the supposed existence of this man leaves many a mystery. That's neither here nor there. He said, “all the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and entrances”. Much can be gleaned from this in respect of the purpose of demonstration, as well as the generally misunderstood statement, 'everything is under control; take the reins'. This speaks to self determinism which is a direct offshoot of proper intuitive awareness of what is unseen. What is seen is appearances and appearances lie. Appearances lie. Emblazon this on your mind.

All of our existence is a choreographed tragi-comedy of errors in search of correction. The definition of sin in the dead language where it originated is, “missing the mark”. We go on and on and on missing the mark, until we do not miss the mark and then we progress. You can do the right thing or you can do the wrong thing, that's free will. We are actors. We are actors but for the most part we imagine we are unobserved. We are not unobserved, ever. We see everything through our own eyes in the first place and we are not the only one watching, even in that respect. There's a recording entity that makes a record of the play by play, every minute... of every day.

Anyone who doesn't think we've in one of the darkest periods since they began keeping track in this present go round (and then revised it according to their own needs) has only to look at the philosophy, music and art of previous times, along with the literature. This is not to say that there were not continuous outrages all up and down the line. It just wasn't as bad all round the world as it is now. You can see this as the gruesome inevitability of end times, or as the birth pangs of the new age; not to be confused with the New Age Movement, which is a lighter and more sanitized form of Satanism and a proponent of the rights of the individual's will to do whatever it wants to under the saccharine sophistry of contemporary moral relativism.

A course of Miracles is one of the main texts of the New Age Movement. I had people trying to foist it on me and I only had to read a couple of pages to figure out what it was. The same was true of Dianetics. You want to find out the sources of humanities major harms? You don't have to look very far. Think what you like about the author of that site, I'm only concerned with whether something is true, not where I got it from. Of course, we would all rather the truth were other than what it is, especially those of us who once imagined we might have a career at something but came to find that knowledge and promotion of the truth would prove to be a bad career move. You can't just insist that the truth conform to the parameters of your own self interest. You have to go where the truth leads and then you have to approach it from a variety of angles. When all of your conclusions prove the same result, you're stuck with them. Inconvenience and truth are blood relatives.

Yeah, it's no easy course. That's why you seldom encounter others upon that route but you do encounter others and you do attract a certain kind of attention that is far more profitable than the good offices of the agencies of temporal influence. It may not seem so but it is. I was extremely lucky to have had a hard row to hoe all the way to this moment. Otherwise, I no doubt would have been seduced as easily as anyone else. Certain things were made impossible for me. I had no choice. It seemed like a bad thing at the time but it has proven to be a good thing in hindsight. If you're getting pounded, often it can mean positive attention, seeking to get your attention and once done, the pounding backs off considerably. Of course, it could be bad Karma too but... you'll be the judge of that at some point.

The reticence of the majority to hold those responsible responsible, is all about the fear to confront the ones responsible because of their presumed terrestrial influence. Of course, there are other more powerful forces that circumvent them when the time comes. It's also about self interest and looking out for your ambitions by not making the wrong kind of enemies. What this accomplishes it to make you their tool. Good luck with that. Everything outside can be controlled inside. Everything is thought born. Everything is vibration subject to vibrational change. Everything is in transformation, whether you can see this or not. Any student of real human history knows this. To once again quote the master, Lao Tzu as we conclude here this day, “those who miss after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning.

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Sunday's radio broadcast is still up (well of course it is).

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Love and Fear and the Heart of the Populace.

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I said I would talk about the heart this time. I had written half of a post. Something I really liked. Open Office has been getting buggy and so I lost that whole posting. Ah well. That was the end of Open Office though. Now I'm using the spinoff from Open Office called Libre Office. So far so good. I'll remember some of the things I said but not all, I'm sure.

The emotions are governed by the Limbic system. That's in the brain. We feel our emotions elsewhere though, in the heart, in the gut, or 'think' we do. Maybe it's a little like this. Love is seated in the heart almost like a creature in residence and is of a size commensurate with the amount of activity it engages in. The theater of action that it operates in also has dimensions based on the area of activity it expands into. Love doesn't appreciate cramped conditions but in many cases, love is subjected to them. For the most part these conditions are generated by only a few competitors; fear, self interest (or selfishness, if you prefer), miserliness and attendant moods of similar construct.

One of the primary qualities of Love is expansion. Fear and selfishness express themselves in contraction. If love is not permitted to expand it will shrink. Like anything that is not exercised and employed, it heads toward Vestigial Canyon. It shouldn't be hard to understand why there is too little love in this world. Of course, in times of material darkness, the first casualty is Love. It should go without saying that Fear, Selfishness, Greed and Miserliness are all hot-housed during times of material darkness. They pass for acceptable qualities in these times. In 'their' words, “Greed is good”; I think Ayn Rand said that and who the Hell is John Galt?

Let's consider Love in metaphysical terms. It's said that God is Love. If that is so, it implies that Love is conscious, or perhaps, at the upper end of it, it possesses the capacity for consciousness. Maybe it possesses it at all levels but the quality of the consciousness is variable. Or one might say that the manner in which Love employs itself varies depending on its octave. At one level, Love would express itself in the capacity to share. At another it would express itself as the desire to serve. At its highest point it expresses itself as sacrifice. This we see in the tales of love personified in the lives of certain individuals who have made their mark on history but who are also the victims of legend and myth. All kinds of stories are told about these super beings. It's not that I don't think they are capable of anything said about them and... more. It's that many of the stories are teaching allegories, fraught with symbolism, constructed to convey a point. As a guy named Pontius Pilate once asked, “What is truth?”

Love is difficult to define but Truth? It's nigh on impossible, probably because Truth only gains definition according to what you are relating it to. All by itself it's some kind of blinding light but I would say the closest one can come to the truth is, 'the self'. I'd say there is a larger population embodying Love than Truth. Those focused on Truth as the be all and end all will certainly find themselves general outcasts in most every environment where Love might- then again might not- get a pass. Love is somewhat more user friendly than Truth which inevitably brings some form of trouble to the bearer. It's been said that “the truth will set you free”. It will also get your ass locked up as I can personally attest to.

Not only have we heard that God is Love but we have also heard “Love makes the world go round”, “Love conquers all”. “Love is all you need” and my favorite (cue the Doobie Brothers) “without Love, where would you be now?” Those are some heavy claims made about love. Confront most people with these sayings and most people will nod their heads and say, “Yes that's true”. Getting them to explain why they think so is going to be far more difficult and getting them to agree to live according to those statements, even harder.

At the moment, The Material World is browbeating Love into a near comatose submission. Were I Love, I would have packed my bags and headed for the hills some time ago but... I am not Love, only one of its inconsistent servants. I'm here to witness my mistakes in relation to the expression of a more perfect love and hopefully, with the aid of the invisible, correct those errors of thought, speech and action. I try to keep Love operative in my heart but all it takes is the right distraction to knock me off kilter and dump me by the side of the road. I know we passed the ten thousand times mark a long time ago.

Each of our lives are different. The same things are not asked of us all and the same burdens and trials are not placed on us all equally. Most of us piled those burdens and trials upon ourselves and some of us assumed them for the benefit of greater gain across the board but that would be the very few and as I've been told more than once, “all too few”. The things going on behind the scenes are far beyond mortal ken in many ways. To certain forces we are no more than cyphers. This is not to say they don't care but their level of dispassion concerning our brief and perpetuating appearances doesn't raise much interest or concern over the long haul and that is because most of us don't have much interest in the long haul to begin with. A lot of what goes on between the seen and unseen is meant to be reciprocal, is meant to be a quid pro quo. How can any relationship flourish without a regular back and forth? It can't. It will die off or go into remission, the same way a plant will dry up and die without light and water. If we're not drowning in irony around here, we're drowning in allegory and symbolism.

Does the usual person bopping down the street concern themselves with irony, allegory or symbolism? No, not at all. They got those earpods in their ears, shutting out (hoping to shut out) the world outside. Otherwise they are thumbfucking the cellphone, thinking about what they are going to eat when they get there, or impossible sexual fantasies, made impossible by their complete lack of faith in their ability to engineer such an event. I'm not pulling this out of the air, countless studies have proven what is on most people's minds, by the process of asking them in anonymous polls and interviews. I left out the main concern these days, which happens to be simple survival and which is increasing in intensity with every passing day. Those with too little are very concerned about their future. Those with too much are very concerned with holding on to it, as well as how to get more. Those armed to the teeth for the purpose of protecting those with too much, are concerned about their ability to do so when they are outnumbered ten thousand to one. We're all concerned about something. I'm concerned about the width of the Daath I've got to cross. Faith and Fear are the determinants of the expanse of emptiness. It varies. For some there is no noticeable gap. It's a mere step across. For others, it could be so wide that it has no other side. It is only as wide as your fear. Love and Fear displace each other. There are more powers secreted in Love than there are known to all living things.

There is a nasty war on. You see it exemplified in the good guys seeking to feed the indigent and the bad guys making this act against the law. You see it in the dark mission creep through the halls of power and in the hearts of those compromised by power who do not realize that Love is the greatest power and like the truth it makes you free. The only ones vulnerable to the shadow are those whose Fear exceeds their Love and the main impetus of the bad guys is to ratchet up the Fear and this they do by creating conditions that increase the Fear in the hearts of the populace. They do this by attacking the unity within us, which directly impacts on the unity between us and which further extends into our surrounding environment, where everything is projected as hostile and inimical. Eventually, the progression puts the majority of us in a world of fear and apprehension and then we become easy victims for manipulation.

The desire to plunder the assets of the population and the resources of Nature is evil. It is engaged in by the banks and corporations, the governments and religions and every self serving fool among us. The armies and police forces work for them. So long as you live in service to the Fear they have instilled in you, your chances are slim and few and far between (or something to that effect. There's something wrong with that sentence, I think). It all comes down to what you align yourself with; what you rely upon. If it is transitory then so are you.

The greatest power of Love, to my mind, is based on the principle that we become like that which we emulate. It's a good thing to keep in mind.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hanging Bodies and Dark Towers of Radiating Torpor.

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Today is our 600th Origami posting. Kudos to Alan from Perth for noticing. We've been at it awhile, nearly 2,000 postings in all. Along the way, we've made some sterling friends and alienated a few and made some temporary enemies. One of the things that really annoys my detractors is that I haven't been rendered persona non grata as a result of my escapades during my period of trial over the last five years, thankfully that is now at an end. Some people want me brought low and discredited. They've gone so far as to send agents to visit me and create false events. Well, I'm still ticking and you're still ticking and together we're clicking (grin). I'm most grateful that those who come against me are mostly of low character, will not reveal themselves and are prone to obvious slanders and vigorous ad hominem. Anyway, onward.

As I have not been shy about repeating a number of times, one of the keys to the pincher assault of Zionism and Satanism is the destruction of the family unit (a fine article) or is that family eunuch? This is already in full swing in the UK, where the control of the financial systems of the west is situated. This should tell you that those in control of the financial system are willing participants in this destruction and also overwhelmingly represented by the two factions I've already mentioned. Of course, you can't have a triumph of darkness unless you have a large cast of supporting Nimrods and bobbing hood ornaments who might have once been human but are now worse than ravenous beasts because they have hands and can do all kinds of things beasts cannot do in the service of appetite, like open the refrigerator, create and handle terrible weapons etc.

I notice a press of despair in the air. I note an invisible cloud of depression that seems to blanket the lands. I noticed it most strongly yesterday. It was uncomfortable for me and the major reason why I couldn't overcome minor technical difficulties with my system in order to do a radio broadcast. The forces impacting on me were greater than my initiative to resist. I tried and I failed. In no way is that an anomaly. Add to this the definite interference with my emails and readers efforts to post comments, well, I had hoped that I would hear more from the people I met in London. I went out of my way to solicit the attention of one of the people I met there but never heard a word. Odd, that.

I make mention of astrology now and again, mostly because I can feel it. I can feel large bodies of influence moving in the aethers around me and that's been an unfortunate and fortunate (by turns) condition in my life. Unfortunate because I have to be aware of it and it's not pleasant sometimes and fortunate that I can associate it with the conditions of my discomfort. So it goes. In past times in altered states, there is a dance I was able to do that involved moving (seeking to move) in concert with these forces. I'm trying to employ some variation of that now but the leaden cloud of tamasic consciousness that surrounds me is an impressive oppression.

My feeling is that the dark towers of radiating torpor and malice have had their wattage upped recently. It's as if one were climbing a hill and suddenly the grade of ascent has increased noticeably... noticeably. The demands of the game have intensified. Perhaps it is to counter the force of awakening taking place? Perhaps it is to preface a new assault upon what little remains of our wellbeing. Perhaps it is an astral radio wave concert, between malevolent inhuman residents and alien ET's. Certainly there is some kind of a technological exchange between these anti-life forces. We've ample evidence of the one and a load of circumstantial on the other. I'm guessing there are good aliens out there. I don't know what they're up to. I hope they do. I hope they're doing something other than watching it all on their saucer monitors. I'm hoping it's merely my lack of awareness that makes me blind to what must be intense efforts on the part of of human, alien and any number of other entities working on our behalf. I'm hoping it's just my personal blindness and not the usual cosmic indifference (grin).

Yes... I don't know if I'm getting more sensitive or they've upped their evil games. I always anticipate crescendo tactics when we're getting close to the shore. Those who have damned themselves are fully committed to every opportunity to pull the unwitting and indifferent down with them; misery loves company and some in our company, having left the human race, love misery to begin with. I'm guessing that's an acquired taste. I'm guessing a lot of things are an acquired taste and that is why there is such an effort on to manipulate the tastes and attractions of the masses in a slow but certain and despicable manner. It's like pushing piercings as a positive fashion statement and later on you wind up hanging from one of these; lovely, just lovely. Or, let's say you start taking ecstasy to free up your inhibitions and you get yourself a few tattoos and next thing you know, you're in a leather lesbian bar, enjoying a welt raising, razor blade tattoo, branding action. You can look that up yourself. Most people are fortunately unaware of the level of depravity going on in certain subcultures. It's a slow moving progression (usually) from one outrage to the next against one's own person, and then the body of another. You don't go from steak tartare to cannibalism over the course of a weekend, unless it's maybe a Thanksgiving weekend with those extra days. The bonus would be the combination of the spirit of Thanksgiving with a real life version of 28 Day's Later. Aren't you glad you come around here where you can be introduced to all kinds of new and questionable possibilities? All these things and worse are going on in the secret get togethers of of the post Jimmy Savile circle jerks.

Whenever I think about the sort of things the titled aristocracy gets up to, I'm reminded of the differential between the simplistic common folk and the Byzantine mentalities of the genetically privileged. The more complex and devious the mindset of the entity, the wider the parameters of perversity. The brutish are... well, brutish, whereas the jaded sophisticates have a wide range of singular appetites indulged in. Certainly not all of the common folk are brutish, many of them are as decent as the day is long, although the days are no longer as long as once they were.

It is an amazing thing to have once thought that Bush Junior was as low as it could get when it came to venial and vile offenses against the public but Obama has outdone him noticeably.

Regardless of whatever our perspective on anything may be, we are generally judging from appearances. Appearances are a lie and a blind that conceals the essential beneath the manifest detail. This is why Patanjali constantly repeats his admonitions and instructions to restrain the chitti; the mindstuff. This is the basic tenet of mind control. You aren't going to get very far on the path until mind control takes place and then, boy! You can move at a rapid rate. Once again, as the Bhagavad-Gita states, “success is speedy for the energetic”. Believe it. So... it doesn't matter if you believe in the existence of The Devil or not. It is a certainty that evil is afoot in the world and it is a certainty that there are evil forces. Maybe it's just a problem of semantics, or some prefer to believe it is just human nature as opposed to a mentating power. In any case, what I am about to say is for the purpose of argument, insofar as I want to illustrate something. Appearances are a lie. The Devil is called the Father of Lies. Ergo, the mind is the seat of The Devil when it embraces appearances as they seem to be instead of the deeper view. This is why control of the mind is all important because you unseat The Devil and restore the rightful ruler to the throne of the mind. Once this is accomplished, your inspirations are of a different order and you have access to the higher muses in a more permanent manner because your state of mind no longer offends them.

It is said in occult teachings that there is a corona of light around the form of The Devil should you see him. This is the form of the angel concealed behind the misconceptions of the mind; “Be not deceived, even The Devil is transformed into an angel of light at the given moment.” If you want to reject all possibilities of religion intruding upon your thought, you can say 'the appearance of evil conceals the presence of potential good'. Masters of the mind know this as a fact. Knowledge of this is what distinguishes an initiate from the rest of the pack.

It is a very simple matter, simply restrain the mindstuff from shaping nonsense on your behalf, or see it as casting out thought with a continuing series of brief snorts. It works. I don't pass out techniques that don't work, or that I haven't proven true myself. Here is the key to evading all disease and all aberrations of the mind. Here is the key to brimming and sustained optimism. Here is the key to the doorway of wonders, to The Door of Everything. There are ancillary wisdoms to be gained from many sources, like The Kybalion and seriously, anything you want to know is out there and, if not, it's in there... if you would only look. A determined inquiry that will not quit, will not be denied.

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Friday, December 06, 2013

Mind Control OR... Control of the Mind?

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Too much emphasis cannot be placed on mind control. Look at all the emphasis the Satanists who own the mass media and run the military and pharmaceutical-AMA (grin) industrial complex put on it. Look at the effort the self titled elite put on mind control and if you aren't controlling your mind, they are. There are two ways about it. You are either driving or being driven. Sometimes you are driving and being driven such as in, “Get thee behind me”. There are always variations on a theme except for absolute truth and that will remain forever unspoken.

There are all kinds of experts and those who presume themselves to be well informed and insightful and it can be said that they do have a lot of information but all the information and access to corridors of power is useless, unless you have a perspective that is not under the influence of those that your knowledge and information happen to be about. This is the real tragedy about gatekeeper shills like Chomsky, Palast, Jones and the pilot fish that swim in their wake. No matter what information they may have, their understanding of it is flawed and ALSO compromised. They are also despised and held in low esteem by those who can see what they are up to and all they have left is the fawning sycophancy of their blinded followers, much like a teen heart throb with his legions of girl fans, squealing and chirping, with tuna-fish salad for brains, to offset and accentuate their camel-toed skin tight pants. They imagine the heart throb is one thing when he is quite another and he imagines that having these fans is a verification of artistic worth when it is nothing more than a product of the marketing department. He tells himself that his fans are all intelligent and their selection of him as a focus is proof of that but it is undeniable that the dumbest thing on Earth is a teenage girl and that is only exceeded by one other life form and that is a teenage boy. Sure there are exceptions but exceptions are what they are, they are not at that concert. The impact of raging hormones upon a person's intellect can be impressive when coupled with a total lack of life experience. How do I know this? I've been there. I was surrounded by them and a total outcast as well but that's Karma for you. At first you think it's the worst thing in the world. Later on you realize that the universe was doing you a big favor. I'm training my mind to see everything that happens as a positive and a plus. Why? Because it is and only my attitude can turn it into something else because the universe inherently approves of me and I have to believe that. It's sort of like Desiderata.

The world, as it is at present, wants to give you a bad image of yourself. Its intent is to dumb you down; make the superficial and trivial seem important, maintain you in a fearful and insecure state, divide you first against yourself and then against your fellows and a medley of other distresses as well. All of this takes place in your mind or does not take place in your mind, depending on what you permit to gain residence in your mind. Stand guard at the gates of your mind. This is the imperative first action you must take.

Back in the early part of the last century there was a philosophical and spiritual movement called New Thought. Of course, there will be the usual dissenters who will say things like, “That's all Theosophy”, or they'll come up with some label of dismissal. Far be it from them to ever read any of it with an open mind. Fact it that there is a wealth of info to be had there and much of it is practical and much of it deals with the mind and its workings. One of the best was Ernest Holmes who wrote “The Science of Mind”. Although the book has Christian overtones that shouldn't distract you from the extremely useful information. Once again, not everything about every religion, movement or organization is wrong or evil. It is only those who are themselves evil within these religions, movements and organizations that are other than what is ideal in terms of the tenets to be followed. The real dumbasses among us are those who have an uninformed but definite opinion, which condemns everything out of hand and have never bothered to even look very deeply into any of them in order to extract what is useful. Okay, be that way. Sometimes I run into people who like to throw a whole lot of speculative and ill thought out opinion at me. Most of the time I can see their whole intent is just to make them look like they have a lot of knowledge and they are more concerned about the appearance of this than they are about the quality of the information they have, or what truths we might discover together. That's worse than dumb. What could possibly be the value of having a whole lot of information and knowledge if you don't even know what any of it actually means?

I equate this type of mindset with the modern economist and other faux experts. The majority of them start out with a premise and then use all indicators to prove the premise, instead of simply collecting all the facts and trends and weighing them objectively to see what they mean in and of themselves and especially what they mean in relation to each other. Then... then you humbly express that this is what it seems to say but that is only what you have been able to come up with and certainly there is the possibility that another perspective might be taken from the whole matter. These people, like the global warming nuts and every other group who are possessed of an agenda, regardless of the actual facts in evidence, they will force those facts to make conclusions they do not make of themselves, in order to satisfy that agenda, or they will change the facts, as they have been caught doing many times and even when exposed they will deny their actions right in the face of damning evidence otherwise. There are a collective of them out there these days whose sole concerns are their positions and manufactured fame, not to mention the money that is at the root of all of it. I often wonder what a room full of people who are all full of shit find themselves talking about.

Unless one can empty their mind and strip themselves of all the false illusions they have about themselves they are going to be none too effective at anything of real importance because their perspective will always be skewed from the getgo. If you can effectively empty your mind to a certain level, the one who is truly in residence will reveal itself and will then set your house in order and you can see things as they are because you can see yourself as you are; not someone greater than others but an equal among equals.

There will always be those who are better than you are at certain things but no one will do those things quite like you do. One of the most valuable things I have ever learned is to not elevate myself above others. Why? Because all kinds of people can do things I can't do and wish I could do. I am ineffective in many areas, due to a lack of aptitude and a focus on other things. We can't do everything. We can't be everything but we can do what we do well and have a lasting impact if we have allowed something greater to have a lasting impact on us. You become what you emulate. Who's your role model?

The mind... it all happens in the mind. The mind pictures it and the heart supports it. It is a sad testimony of the times that the majority of the passions in the hearts of the people are all about acquisition and personal status, the ambition to triumph at all costs. When the mind is stilled, you have a quietude that allows for reflection. When the mind is stilled, you have the power to draw what you wish into it. When the mind is stilled it is not at war with itself, subsequently it is not at war with others. This makes your passage to and from a great deal easier and less conflicting than it might have been otherwise. The mind. The mind. The mind. What could be simpler? What makes it complex and confusing is the reliance upon external appearances for information. Appearances lie and therefore they are naturally complex. Things become very simple when you become simple. When you can cut down on the many things you are craving and gain satisfaction with a few things, you're on your way. Nature abhors a vacuum. If you empty yourself out and get rid of all the extraneous useless shit, what really belongs there will arrive by means of a mysterious magnetics. All the laws of Nature that we have are simply observations that have been made by someone and agreed upon by many. There are far more laws of Nature out there and in there that are generally unknown. That doesn't mean they are not in operation. It is the nature of Nature to reveal these things to the sincere and persistent. There are some number of powerful and unseen forces that are ever ready to help those who are willing to align themselves with the proper course.

If... I say, if... there are realized masters and immortal entities about don't you think they've seen it all? Can you imagine they would be moved in any way by our vain posturings or presumptions of personal knowledge and worth? Ecclesiastes is always worth another look; “vanity, all is vanity”. Never imagine that you're not being watched all the time, especially these days (grin).

The whole tawdry scene is arranged to give you the impression that the power lies in certain locations. It does not. It's all set up to make you fearful of chimera and ghosts, insubstantial lifeforms that are nothing but shadows. Without the light there could be no shadows. In occult lore there are cosmic factions called 'the superiors' and 'the inferiors'. If one could properly understand what is being said in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, you wouldn't need any other input.

Okay, enough for today; the mind, the mind, the mind. Next time we'll go to that other location.

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One last link to the Seek-Speak-Spread Truth (as I've mentioned, it wants to start at around the 5 minute mark. You have to back it up) conference. And the others.

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Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Dancing in the Suburbs of the Valley of the Shadow of Death

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

This is somewhere around 600 Visible Origami postings. Okay then! If those were years it would be somewhat more significant ...but what is time? Other than an artificial construct and very relative at that, very relative; such as whether you are on vacation in Bora Bora or doing 20 years in Pelican Bay, it just there if you are there. Like gravity, it's one of those things you can't see but which factor prominently in the day to day.

Where were we? Ah yes, the mind. It can be a cesspit and the percentage of minds so represented is dependent on the age in which one finds them. The mind can also be a luminous, shimmering mirror of Mercury where thoughts 'trip the light fantastic' oft skating in solitary pirouettes, in celebration of the shining interior sun. These days it is often obscured by clouds of doubt and collective degeneracy, so as to appear to be the norm. However, normal has left the building. That's their intent though, to make the perverse normal. Anyone who has the patience to read the length of it, or the acumen to check the titles of the portions of this lengthy collective, for precise descriptors, aptly named, will know the trembling horror of what some get up to. Sure, you thought it might be bad. It is far worse than ever you imagined, far worse. The chapter entitled, “A Sniff of Extreme Abuse” should suffice. Be forewarned!!! This is very toxic stuff! However, if you ever needed to know the degree of monstrosity of which certain inhuman entities are capable, you will find it here and no one can doubt the culpability of the political and law enforcement community, when it came to killing and or subverting the investigations. This is proof positive of international cabals, populated by highly placed personnel in critical positions. If ever the sobriquet, “Sick Fucks from Hell” might be applied, it is to men 'and women', like these.

This, more properly should have been a Petri Dish and the last Petri Dish here but I can't predict these things and will endeavor to resurrect the Origami aspect. You don't have to read that article. Hardly anyone did the first time I put it up (if anyone) because we would have heard about it in the comments. I was shocked and stunned and I have been a practitioner of research in this area, for the purpose of authenticity in my novels for some years, even focusing two years worth of study on serial killers; not for the faint of heart but... this surpasses anything I have encountered before. I am reminded of Nietzsche's; “do not stare over-long into the abyss”.

The mind is the original progenitor of all things defined as evil and there are various reasons; a warped upbringing, irrational appetites, possession and the like. Psycho and socio-pathy are rampant and in some extreme cases, require entirely new definitions.

Here's an example of irony burning brightly at high noon (my time, sort of). I saw the headline at a news site and thought to myself, without yet seeing the article, this is why I look at the charity business as a business. I then thought I would coin a phrase, 'bonoizing', imagine my surprise when I went to the article and saw that raging egotist sitting next to Gates and pointing at... you? Wow! Just, wow! What slippery snakes AND... they have more money than they will ever be able to spend, yet they need more. This is one of the perpetual mysteries of existence. It puts a new light on Bono suing his hairdresser some years ago for taking a pair of his jeans. Perhaps his original pants became soiled during the process of Bono working out some charity ideas and so Bono loaned him a pair of his? It was implied at the time that he had borrowed them. What does a person like this say to himself when he lays down to sleep at night? Pathetic. Besides all kinds of cooperative scams with crotch clutchers like Mr. Gwyneth Paltrow (the last paragraph is telling), Chris Martin, he and The Edge bought up some of the priciest building lots in Southern California in order to build high end luxury housing. This is also a charity effort? Probably.

Yes, Mr Apocalypse, I know you're watching and may I say it is a pleasure to be in your employ.

These days, any kind of scam that can be imagined is in operation. It's as if all kinds of people have tumbled to right action being a bad career move, in their estimation. This is the evidence of corruption in high places. As it filters down into the ranks, it ignites that 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery' thing. The mindset of, “if they can get away with it so can I” is everywhere to be seen. In defense of those resident in the lower orders of the scheme of things, in many cases, they have little choice but to turn to crime because the criminals above them have made their continued existence a very difficult feat indeed.

I remember Mr. 'I am that I am', Bono, racing off to meet and greet the fairly new Moron in Chief, Drugstore Cowboy Bush with his 'let's get more bang for our buck from the African AIDS crisis', not to mention all that helpful publicity to put your name in lights in Good Guy City.

Well, there's what we can see and what we can't see but what 'we can see' is that the plots and pursuits of the bad hair day Big Wigs are falling apart at the seams. Their propaganda news organizations are bleeding subscribers left and right. People are migrating away in hordes, or, from what I just read, 'droves'. I don't know what the difference is between a drove and a horde. I'll leave that to the reader to sort out in their own minds. Embarrassing exposures are the order of the day. It's as if the elite have all turned into school yard flashers. Now comes the stock market, house of cards, soon to come tumbling down. Probably that will come into the new year but I am no financial prognosticator. If I'd had any sense I would have held on to those 30 Bitcoins I bought at 3 bucks apiece awhile ago, instead of surfing on The Silk Road. I haven't really ventured into the new production yet, except to look it over and see what my intuition says about who's behind it. It seems genuine for the moment. My problem is that I no longer have anyone to sell me Bitcoins via Paypal and the other mediums are a tad complex for an economics goofball like myself.. Ah well, time seems to arrive in segments with me, like scenes in a film. In a few months the whole plot will change. Strangely enough, I find myself, at many a point, thinking about my future destination. It has a great deal to recommend it, besides it being a large dwelling, surrounded by big foliage and nestled in a pristine little town, fairly equidistant to two bustling metropolises but far enough away not to give any indication of them.

If our mind is not in our possession then we are possessed by something. You can't just leave your mind lying about like a bicycle up against the garage wall. Someone will come along and steal it. They can use it the way people use hijacked computers, for whatever the reason is but also in much darker ways as well. There are a great many people doing serious time in prison who cannot remember committing the crimes that put them there. A lot of people live in an ongoing state of enduring grief and regret over actions taken, which they cannot understand their reasons for. An uncontrollable impulse sets in, a moment of opportunity to do the wrong thing surfaces, along with the necessary degree of mental and emotional aberration, bad companions certainly account for a lot of episodes. I've heard many a story, passing though this veil of tears, dancing with the shades in Shadowland, one of the suburbs of The Valley of Death. I've seen any number of things and thankfully, I remember so many of them. I attribute that to them having been real, hyper-real in many cases. It's been quite a time period to be living in. I'm super glad I was where I was when LSD came around. Were time travel possible and I'm sure it is- but I don't have a time machine- I'd be right back there in those days. Life was something else in those times, in the times before the coming of the great darkness. I really thought the golden age was on the doorstep. I had no idea that what came would come, or that life could be so profaned and pornographically packaged for these legions of mindless mastubators who slipped into the scenery, shrink wrapped in lost generations, with neither the product nor the packaging being biodegradable; degradable, yes, bio-degradable, no.

The great headstone of this culture floats out in the Pacific. Soon enough you will be able to see it from the moon. The Dirge of Doom is playing, no doubt Bono composed it (grin). Nah, I don't want to get 6 kinds of negative here at the end of the posting (was it 6?).

We each control the conditions and circumstances of our existence. Our mind is like a video gamepad. Unfortunately, a lot of the buttons have been grayed out and are not operational and need to be made operational and that's always a possibility for the intrepid. We use such a very small portion of our potential. If anything is criminal, that is. We can't ascend the height unless we first aspire to them. It's as simple as that. We can't arrive somewhere if we don't set out in the direction of it AND maintain our course. Conscious co-participation is the key. One of the reasons that spiritual disciplines are so highly recommended by those who have profited from them is that they work. They work the way an outdoor water pump works. Maybe the degree of time-lapse passage is greater, probably why so many give up during this, “I want it right this minute” culture zone but... success is assured for the persistent. Success is assured. Nothing of real or enduring value comes with great speed or off of an assembly line. We're just about 'there', now all we have to do is find 'here'.

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