Monday, October 28, 2013

Soulless Corporate Whores, doing the Inverse Cowpie in the Pig Sty

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As well as being a time of material darkness, this is also the age where you do whatever you hope you can get away with because... it may not be seen and then you are good to gone (grin). It is the zenith of self interest. Just as Jamie Diamond has done, all those stuffed suits take as much latitude as they can and hope the pervasive and ubiquitous corruption (in a nation that conferred personhood on corporations; this is a capital crime on the part of the Supreme Zio-Court) will give them good cover. If most of these soulless corporate whores are doing the inverse cowpie in the pig sty, they've acquired the taste for it. The pig sty is Wall Street, where monster hogs tear up and destroy the root system of the entire culture, in a frenzied fever for self gain. When one of them pulls off some hideous act against another of their fellows, it's a back patting festival of, "you go goblin."

There are various reasons for why evil destroys itself. We might get into some of that today. One of the reasons is that evil likes to push the river. It is similar to the nature of goats, who piss all over themselves in the excitement preceding copulation. As the potential bucks they don't need, mount up, they get all flushed and feverish, kinda like the Nightstalker going out for a little late night R and R in Hollywood. The more money that is in play and the more likely it is that they will never even be able to spend it, the more insane the frenzy toward acquisition.

In the backrooms where the acolytes of material darkness plot their moves, someone came up with the idea of foreclosing on mortgages they didn't even hold. Someone came up with the idea of trashing the economy, with the collaboration of The Tribe-Central Bankers, in order to steal the homes of the American middle class and the poor. As soon as the policy went into play, the talking points of justification were released into the block-headed sector of the right wing, saying that "no one should have given mortgages to these people in the first place." They feel, have been told and programmed to feel, that no matter what happens in the economy, regardless of whether you lose your job, you deserve to live in a cardboard box beneath the underpass. I have seen the comments in the hundreds, at various upchuck sectors in the Crass Media. Few collectives have less mercy than Christian Zionist fundies, once they've been given their marching orders from the pit vipers who manipulate them.

Change is coming. It's coming to Wikipedia (Uh huh and also uh huh), just as it is coming to Jeff  Bezos (you hardly hear about something ugly these days that isn't Made in Israel) over at Amazon. In the meantime, the humor keeps breaking the surface like angry acne, or those Israeli/CIA created conflict hotspots. It's truly amazing what's going on these days. Back to Evil; essentially, evil is wrong and goes counter to the natural course of existence. This means it progresses with inherent flaws. Just as a building, where the build is a quarter of an inch out on the ground floor, it becomes 2 inches on the second floor, or something like that. In the end, Evil has to abide by the rules just like anything else. Depending on the time zone in which you find yourself, on that depends the degree of time extended and the level of egregiousness permitted to Evil. Now... if you are good, or battling and striving to be ...AND you are counterpointed by a much larger aggregate of Evil, the potential for you to gain massive bonus points is very high, due to 'degree of difficulty'. This is cosmic law, believe what you like. There are all kinds of cosmic laws of which we are unfortunately unaware but ignorance has no influence over the existence of laws that affect all of us, whether ignorance knows about it or not. Evil has major partners in it's pursuit of chaos and disorder. One of them is Ignorance. You can guess on your own what some of the other players are.

Comprehending Evil or anything, depends on one's proximity to Truth. Very few, very few can abide 'in' Truth but... you can live and move and breathe in the neighborhood of Truth. You can think of Truth as similar to a beacon of light, perhaps a lighthouse, which makes it possible to see the dangerous areas leading to the shoreline and where Safe Harbor is located. This light makes it possible to distinguish between the false and the real. You can see the disadvantage that Ignorance brings to the table. If you are ignorant, you are in darkness. It's only a matter of time before you walk off a cliff or die in a Tribe owned Central Banker War. The stupid are grown and cultivated. In these days it is hot-housed. I had a very amusing thing happen to me a few years ago. I was on mushrooms and Susanne and I were walking in the woods. We came into an area of the forest when suddenly I felt female, in an unusual way (which I won't detail lest I injure sensitive feelings) and I stopped in my tracks; "WTF?" Then I looked at the forest around me and noticed that all the pine trees were of a uniform shape and height. Susanne told me that these were hybrids planted for quick growth and as a replacement for deforestation and for later harvesting for whatever. They had been genetically manipulated. I had real evidence, by experience; what happens when you mess with Nature. Had I not been on mushrooms, I would have probably not noticed.

A slight digression; as I have earlier stated, every few months or so, I head into Google and run a search on "Les Visible". I came across this by hitting, les visible wiki. I had neither the time, nor the inclination, nor am I that vain, to read what looked to me like a massive amount of speculation and commentary on me from Ouija Board Central. I did motor along for a couple of pages and never fail to become amused by the presumptions of people who know nothing about me and who think I'm living like Samuel Taylor Coleridge's understudy. Despite the historical evidence of psychedelics being used by cultures all over the world. Despite the riveting evidence of Santa Claus and psychedelics, or the list of prominent and noteworthy individuals, along with mystics and teachers of humanity, who have imbibed, this crowd of Scientology sisters has no hesitation about going on and on concerning what they know nothing about. It gets truly ludicrous. I had mentioned that at one point I got a pardon from the government for a crime I was accused and sentenced for (not a crime but, whatever). The uninformed commentator got all 'woo woo' about how surely you have to be 'connected' to get such a pardon. They love to think I'm hooked in with the dark intelligence services. The truth is that I had been sentenced under the Youth Corrections Act (Federal) and anyone who completes their time, one way or another, on the run even (long as you don't commit any further 'crimes') automatically gets a pardon. The other time I got busted, after an agonizing 18 months in between time, I was acquitted. In both cases I was set up and this is backed up by the evidence. They came after me because of my public speaking and performances. So, I don't have a criminal record, surprisingly and like many things presumed about me on very little information, the truth is something other than is here and there reported; much like the daily news.

I know there are readers who like to say, "C'mon Visible' there's no need to bring this up" but... there is; slander is evil. Diabolus translates into 'slanderer'= "[Middle English devel, from Old English dofol, from Latin diabolus, from Late Greek diabolos, from Greek, slanderer, from diaballein, to slander : dia-, dia- + ballein, to hurl; see gwel- in Indo-European roots.]" Then there are those who become disenfranchised with me. I assume it has something to do with their frustrations with their own lives. Those who have been raised Catholic WANT the Catholic church to be the source of all Evil, regardless of what the facts say and regardless of the reality of The Rothschild Satanic Banks having control over The Vatican's finances. I'll agree that both of these entities are in league with The Devil but... that should be obvious. All I ask, and I don't think it's too much to ask is... if you are going to criticize me, please present your argument in a lucid manner that utilizes logic and evidence to support your contention. I'm getting tired of people saying things that make no sense (can anyone figure out what this guy is saying?). It reflects badly on me when I attract critics and opponents without the equipment to come across as savvy and intelligent. Also, I don't learn anything. Believe me, I am always after self improvement and I will take it from anywhere I can get it. I'm not too shy. I'm not too proud. I really am a decent sort, regardless of what certain insecure and uniformed people like to say about me. Sure I'm a little quick off the cuff and I can, metaphorically put a knuckle into the ribs but... that is a constructed persona that is there for a reason. It makes it more interesting if I'm rough and tumble (sort of) than if I am all placid and gazing at everyone with a far away distant look of wisdom in my eyes, like I might, at any moment, start charging hundreds of dollars a seat..

At any rate, the war out there continues. The 'appearance' of the war outside continues. Once we effectively make peace with ourselves, we live in a world of peace, at least in the general perimeters of ourselves. There are exceptions, such as when you're employed by Mr. Apocalypse, or engaged in some form of specialty work. It is a very complex world and a very complex time. There's a lot going on. We are in the middle of extreme information overload. Sudden outbursts of madness abound and 'most of the world' is certifiably crazy. One of my measurements for crazy is when an individual REFUSES to see what is real because it might interfere with their vested interests, or they are fearful of the responsibility that comes with an awareness of truth. Most people, because of their fatal attachment to material things ...and the pursuit of their appetites are unwilling to see things as they are. I look at this as facing death with your eyes closed. The general ignorance, indifference, denial and sensory imprisonment of most is breathtaking. If you're awake, you find yourself swimming in the opposite direction of most everyone else. This means having to pay attention as opposed to having the focus of your attention brought to your attention  by the attentionmeisters; herdsmen, wolves in sheep's clothing, blind leading the blind ...and the immense tidal wave of lies unlike ever before in history.

Are you pursuing life or death? Can you tell the difference? These are questions everyone ought to be asking themselves, along with, "What is real?" "Who am I?" "Where am I headed, based on my intentions and collective objectives?" "Where am I coming from?" "What does it all mean?" Have you asked yourself any of these questions? Did you wait around for an answer? Sometimes the answer has to come a certain distance. The message service shows up at your door eventually and you've moved somewhere else in the meantime. How many people do you know that ask themselves these questions? That's also a good question. Okay then! Over to you

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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Pending Descending and the Treasures of the Heart.

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I was sitting in my office chair which faces my computer (as you might have expected). For days I had been puzzling out my status, spiritually ...and looking back down the road whence I came. I've been analyzing the things I've been told since this started to be a regular event about seven years ago and I started being told things, if that makes sense. I've had grueling periods of Karmic Santa Ana winds, while walking uphill; think metaphorically, walking up Filbert Street in San Francisco, into the teeth of a Santa Ana wind and... I've had them last for a couple of years before but never for five years, as has been happening unto the moment. I mention it because I am told it is coming to an end shortly... in about a month. It is supposed to be dramatic enough to be noticeable. Digressing.......

I was sitting in my office chair and wondering, in a conflicted way, why I hear all the positive things that I hear when I consider all the things that have come and gone and my awareness of my awareness. Similar thoughts had been on my mind for days. I'm guessing it was all a set up because suddenly, as I sat there, I felt this force descend upon me and immediately expand into a state of consciousness that was noteworthy for it's sense of completeness and also for the Bacchus-like aura of divine intoxication that accompanied it. It was there for what seemed like a second or two, then it vanished and 'the voice' came and said, :"Yes, that's how it's going to be. That's how I'm going to do it AND for those others who have also shown their devotion to me, some of them are among your readers- and that's been the whole purpose of what you do."

The moment was so brief. It was almost as if it had not happened but it was so intense that it comes to mind throughout all of the days since, which would now be 3.

I was told that the event occurred to get me out of the mood I'd been in lately because of the accumulation of all that time passed without respite. In a way it's a little like being institutionalized. Institutionalized is what happens to a person when they spend whatever amount of time is necessary, locked up, for them to get to that state. Once they get into that state, they're no longer comfortable in the outside world and generally will commit a crime just to get back inside. Well... it's not the same as institutionalized, it's more like static depression, which has been given an assisted living transfusion, as a result of living in a nation desperately in need of a positive anti-depressant for more than a decade. I credit the blanket state of depression here with what has happened to the populace since World War 2; beaten on, brainwashed, lied about and lied to, turbo guilt injected, blamed for all the things actually done by the ones blaming them, that, like all things unadjusted, will be adjusted in their time. "the wheels of justice grind slow but they grind exceedingly small." Someone said that I think, someone with some amount of authority.

Mysteries abound in these times.

In the meantime, things are getting very bad, primarily because those whom the devil has claimed as his own, are being called into the darkness to serve the demands of chaos and cruelty. Only monsters do things like this. The sort of things taking place now, are direct evidence that Satan is afoot and actively at work in  the hearts of his minions. The author of this article states that he doesn't know what causes people to do certain things at certain times. Ponder what is being said here. Observe the writing on the wall. Shoot around the corner with a little algebra and get yourself a timeline; coming to a theater of operations  near you soon, for the purpose of demonstration.

Only monsters try to blur the lines between the sexes. Satanists know that the family is the cornerstone of civilization. If they can destroy that, they can destroy society and then reshape it into a dreadful mockery. Organized religion, with all of its faults, is also a powerful entity that teaches moral guidelines for existence; regardless of what the priests and similar get up to. All of what is happening in The Church is being orchestrated by the devil for the purpose of demonstration. The Devil, through Tribe owned and operated atheist organizations and who is also behind all the gender bending politics (this is one hundred percent provable by the way, so go argue with the hard cold facts) is a busy little beaver with rabies. I don't say things I can't prove and when I speak on metaphysics and the ineffable, I have already laid extensive groundwork for the fact that these are simply transmissions I receive and that people should confirm these thing in their own experience. I know of people who have had marvelous changes come into their lives by practicing some of the things said here on occasion so... there's a little precedence that useful thing are to be found.

Anyway, it was uncanny for me to run across the Peter Duenov site. Obviously I was sent there. The parallels between what I read there and the 'experience of descent' that I had are many. The ineffable gave me a taste of what is coming and not just for me. It was given to me because out of the past five years, this present period is the most intense and continues for another 3 weeks or so (I think) and apparently I was in need of some reassurance because the enemy is also hammering on my mind, seeking to break my faith and encourage doubt to enter in. There have been some convincing arguments in that regard (grin).. I'll be back on Robert Phoenix's radio show again shortly ...and we'll talk about it all then.

Consider the source for this little piece when you get to the closing paragraph, which omits the much larger negatives that cancel out any good which might come from the practice but... I post this article because a picture is worth a thousand words. This one certainly is. My, how we come to look like what we are.

These days, when the government stages a false flag, as they did with 9/11, they destroy any possibility for forensic investigation by eliminating the stage set where it went down, once they have maximized the publicity they can get out of it. They've taken Realpolitk to a whole new level.. They got some big pots of steaming shit going, on the stove in Hell's Kitchen. They do have to be careful. Too many people know it's them and more and more are catching on every day. As I mentioned with my brief little experience, vibrational energizers in various directions are descending upon us. Some are for the collective mind and some are for individual consciousness, or small cabals, both good and bad.

I can't stress enough the effect my particular descent had on me. It was so quick and gone yet it returns to my mind often. It makes perfect sense to happen that way. Programmed states of awareness, tailor made for given effects, will be delivered as affirmations where applicable and otherwise C.O.D. or the black taxi outside your door, engine running; out the door and off you go. I keep being reminded of that twinkling eye thing and the attendant message I get for all to whom it may apply is, "Strive hard!" It comes along with,
""However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows." This brings me to one of my favorite bits of scripture, "“Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.” Note that it does not say, those who have done this or that, went here or there, or anything else. It says, "for them that LOVE him." Nothing is more important to the ineffable than that you love the ineffable. Those who love much are given great latitude. God loves the lover. This reminds me of that great quote by Rabindranath Tagore; ,"God respects me when I work but he loves me when I sing." I think that is probably the reason I am doing that up and down the streets as I go, or used to. Haven't done it much of late. It becomes apparent to me just how heavy my situation is when I stop singing. I spend so much time noticing what's going on around me that I tend to spend less time than I should watching what's going on inside and what's happening to me. I think many of us share this state.

I had planned to take off for somewhere by now for a couple few months but my economic sector tightened up on me and I didn't get entrees to anywhere close enough to satisfy certain concerns. Then it dawned on me. I'm not supposed to go anywhere ...until this Pluto-Mars and sundry thing lifts. Like I said; not paying attention to the subjective end of things. For some of us and I am fair certain it applies to me, our lives are choreographed and scripted. Once we've turned our lives over to a particular degree, the cosmos assumes active command. We can go contrary to our best interest and there is that dark side that lobbies to that end but... the results of our occasional departure make it clear that is not the way to go, whichever way that may be. Sometimes we are deliberately pushed astray and unable to resist because- for whatever reason and... it is always a very good reason, we need to profit from the experience. It is by such intentional events that wisdom develops and... that is also a descending thing. All gifts of the spirit and things conferred, according to required effort completed, are gained through the higher mind and infused in us from the source in whom they are eternally resident.

The message I get is that one should live and breathe in watchful readiness for what is certain to come, to each according to their deserving status, good and bad. It is imperative to draw the mind into focus upon the ineffable as often and consistently as one can manage. The maelstrom of the material plane is very great and one should carry the knowledge of this with them to their advantage, remembering that that which is within you is stronger than that which is in the world. The trials and tests are solely for the purpose of increasing your strength and resilience and... opening the aperture of inspiration and intuition, so that communication- very important communications can be received. This is why I stress bringing the mind to an empty state, so that one can exercise a single focus and gain a great advantage. Clearing out the subliminal racket as well as the chattering wild life in the conscious mind, allows one to hear the important speaker. None of the rest have any relative value in this regard. Achieving the state where you can hear is priceless, especially when you consider 'who' is generally speaking in the minds of those devoted to self interest, at the expense of their fellows. Not all rich and successful people are in the enemy camp and they know who they are, operating as stewards of good when  the opportunity arises in their hearts and minds.

Check your resonance. It is what you are vibrating to that makes all the difference in how and where you go. The pending descending is inflexibly aware of your state in respect of it. "Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be." One might well add, "there your fate will also be."

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lizard Tongued Chomsky's and those Expensive Tolle Booths

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What is the point of a lifetime? How do you explain the point to people for whom the point is not germane, when the point does not apply to anything relevant to what they value and desire? You don't. At any time in times like these there are never more than a few people who develop a sustained interest in progressing up the road, to the point where they start changing to where they can't change back. The outskirts of the spiritual path is teeming with a fairly large population of merchants and experts at particular variations on the minutiae from a theme. There's every kind of huckster and legerdemaniac you've ever seen or heard about. There's miles of people in robes with turbans and all kinds of other funny hats, long hair flowing down upon their shoulders and they got big pockets. The big pockets are de riguer for the ensemble.

It confuses a lot of people who have to pass through this noisy teeming cauldron of appetite and squalor. Some people get hung up in these locations for lifetimes; dressed in saffron, in a transplanted Tibetan monastery in California or Upstate New York. Sometimes they're a former mid-level marketer or car salesman, now called Zen Master Jing Kai Chek. Since no one really knows what a zen master is and since most alleged zen masters are pretending to be zen masters, it works out all the way around. This is how it is with holy men and shivering shaktis as well. Most of them are posing and pretending and they've got an unspoken arrangement not to rat each other out. There's plenty of suckers and greenbacks to go around. Some of these spots get really creative about separating people from their finances. For instance, if you go to the Six Flags over Osho Simu-City in Poona you got to exchange your money for their in house money. It's not cheap there. Then when you leave, they don't like to change their currency back into your currency but that's okay cause they're on a spiritual trip.

When you bring some of these smiling masters flowers, they like to pull you in close and tell you not to bring them flowers, bring them money instead. For some reason, nearly all of them turn into money-junkies. Along the way they land a few big fish and these fish buy them an enormous spread, where they can swish around the grounds and talk about how pretty the flowers, how pretty the hours, how pretty you, how pretty me, etc. It's a cycle just like everything else is and it's what happens out on the periphery of the spiritual path.

A person has to be very careful to avoid this, especially if you have certain talents because you can find yourself, dressed up in a colorful robe, with an important title and a whole lot of people that look at you the way pet fish look at a person through the glass of their aquarium. You won't know what hit you. Legions of blue rinse dowagers will be following you around waving their checkbooks and wanting to talk to you for hours every day. You'll have to pretend you like them and find them interesting. You'll have to answer all their tedious questions about the meaning of life and you can't pretend you're with Monty Python. You'll have to be serious and you'll have to work on having those melty eyes and that sonorous, resonant voice. You can't hit the big leagues without the melty eyes and the sonorous voice. Whatever you chose to do in this life, it's a job so... you should like doing it.

There's thousands of books out there and ALL of them have some portion of the inside scoop on, "what it is, what it is." Among some of the books out there and selling far better than any of my books (grin) are these books. Well, there's all kinds of things loose these days from Lizard tongued Chomsky's to Andy Warhol Lites. We live in an age of sham, pretense and the burning hunger for money! The burning hunger for money will make the right (wrong?) man or woman do nearly anything. When  I say (nearly) anything, you have only to look around you to see what I mean.

Consider the case of Eckhart Tolle. Here's just one of many reviews about him, as he leaves his tracks of their tears and all those empty wallets. The thing about false prophets in this day and age is that there are under currents of support from the material sector, which is being heavily manipulated by the Satanists and reverse Kabala engineers- same thing- it serves their purposes to have people focusing on charlatans who assist in the comprehensive pervasiveness of delusion that makes the air as thick as Jell-O sometimes. There's a reason that all these pop-up Jackoff's in a Box are able to maintain such a public profile. However, if you want the truth about Tolle from the viewpoint of disillusioned and disgruntled seekers just do a casual search on him with the word 'fraud' or 'fake' in it. Here you will note that all of the referenced web pages have been scrubbed.

Whether it's Tolle, brought forth out of the "Alien" mother womb of Oprah, serendipitously stamped with a certain seal of approval from one of the main spokepersons for toxic materialism, or any one of the Tamil Nadu gurus, with their centers everywhere but none in themselves, it's a given that with the breakdown of established religions- orchestrated, predicted and necessary for this time frame- all kinds of temporary and highly lucrative (as in Lucre) passing fads come into being with that soft drink commercial saying, "It's the same thing only different." Of course, the rise in Satanism is to be expected, given all surrounding conditions. Scientology was to be expected. Any kind of convoluted and complex pseudo religious systems that cost a lot of money are to be expected. Here's another rational take on Tolle and hits to the core of my problem with him.

Why do I bother with these occasional forays into going after the plague of false prophets and phony gurus, who are as ubiquitous as cow-pies in a cattlefield? The more people keep their wallets in their pants, not to mention certain other particulars ...and search within, where... anything they are ever going to find on the outside, is already resident within... well... the more such sane practices proliferate, the better the world we find ourselves in. Also, the less frequently people are sucked in by obvious scam artists, selling them the reworked sayings of the wise from other times, (which is a common feature among the burgeoning crowd of sanctimonious skim artistes of these times), the less frequently they will be sucked in by murderous politicians and all the duplicitous messages this time zone is heir to. The airwaves of the planet are filled with lies. It stands to reason that lies are the power of the hour and all the savvy carpetbaggers with their big bags and big pockets understand this.

It is to be assumed without question that the truth is priceless. It cannot be immediately presumed what the truth is. Those who are in some degree of the possession of it, or possessed by it, or affiliated with it, in any number of the ways that this is possible, know that a most unpleasant doom falls upon those who charge money for the purpose of conferring it on you. First of all, it couldn't possibly be the truth because... the moment you put a price on it, it goes out the nearest exit and leaves you with nothing but words. This is an automatic cosmic reaction to a very common phenomen, in this day and age.

Lies and those who tell them are given very high publicity. Most liars know this. Telling the truth is pretty much certain to narrow your audience considerably. That's how it works and except in very rare cases, the teacher has a limited amount of followers. Few people are able to stay with the truth, without regular distractions and compromises, that's why liars keep those features embedded in their act. False teachers elevate the self importance of critical followers for the benefit of their usefulness in attracting and keeping the larger body of goldfish. False teachers ex-tolle how simple it all is. False teachers, like your Depak Chopras, (Dr.) Dwayne Dyers(his massive list of products is impressive- but... his inner peace cards are a real hoot; lots of Hay's authors have variants on this) and that host of lemming writers from the Louise B. Hays publishing mill.

No matter whether you find an external representative of your inner teacher, it will only be to assist you in linking up with your inner teacher or, that teacher is a fraud. That teacher will not charge you hundreds of dollars to hear him or her speak. That teacher will not pack the front seats of the lecture hall with celebrities. That's a big no-no. This is known as the rock star virus. That teacher will not drone on and on in a hypnotic cadence with an obvious intent, given that you are observing the spell cast and not under the spell. He won't leave your town with bags of money headed for the next town and the next bags of money.

Here is an interesting thing to keep in mind; people who are telling the truth very rarely have bags of money thrown at them. The cosmos is conscious and watches out for this. Those seeking after the truth abide by certain understandings and are not hamstrung by having to play patty-cake with the dark side, in order not to offend those who arrange to have their money bags filled. On the alternative news side of this you have those like Alex Jones and the 'pilot fish' who swim in his wake and do PR for him under a quid pro quo arrangement. Observe the slathering ass-kissing sycophancy for MONEY and EXPOSURE! There's lots of others though and each of them does not pass the crucial litmus tests. You might bend your own standards because you like everything else about the source. That's ill advised but we are prone to do this. Here's Greg Palast lying about 9/11 (here's something new about Palast from a trusted source). He and Noam Chomsky, are two venomous snakes who keep getting promoted by alternative news sites, even though they are completely in the hands of the enemy and serve the enemy whenever called upon to do so. Their service may be no more than to seek to discredit the truth about 9/11, as both of them have done. What must be taking place in the hearts and minds of men like this when they do this? These men have established their careers on the impression that they are engaged in exposing lies and telling the truth, while they serve the very elements they purport to oppose! HOW can they do this! How do they rationalize this?! I could not. These men are agents of The Dark Lord and this needs to be widely known and understood, just as do the activities of the religious and spiritual bag men and women whose chief objective is to become rich. If you can't see these things, you don't want to.

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My apologies to readers that have drifted away over time because I was being put through the ringer and could not help but let it seep into my written work. That's all over now.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Becoming a Friend of the Ineffable.

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In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that I get pissed off at the ineffable now and again. It's not long before I'm not upset and without asking, I'm told it's all forgiven because I was driven to it and had no choice and it wouldn't have stopped until I reacted anyway. Sometimes this routine seems pretty pointless to me. I can't figure it out, or hadn't been able to. I don't know if it's a lack of faith (partially, no doubt) or the absence of some quality I lack and ergo the reason it's all happening in the first place and the reason I'm missing it because I don't have the magic lens that makes the missing elements appear. Anyway, so I get upset earlier and I get into this conversation about how pointless it all looks to me and how I'm not learning anything from it and, I thought that was the point. That's where I went wrong.

On a number of occasions the ineffable went out of his/her way to impress upon me that he/she never engages in anything in respect of me and others (depending) unless there's a very good reason. You'd think I would have secured that understanding as a part of my very being by now but... that hadn't happened and that is the case with so many things that are the way they are for a very good reason. Everything is under control and I see now that that extends to me. I've wondered at length why certain things have happened and now I know.

While I was upset and letting myself be heard, my master/teacher/the ineffable explained to me why certain things were happening and that there was a point, quite close now, where that was going to stop and everything was going to become very different. I was told that I was paying off Karma. Then I flashed, or got flashed back to my birthday about 16 years ago when I was walking around through some overgrown brush at an abandoned airport on Maui. Somehow, I broke my leg, pretty badly too. I'm laying there in terrible pain when 'the voice' came into my head and said "Happy Birthday" You just paid a lot of bills!" That broken leg changed my life. It affected my balance, still does. It affects my posture and has caused a degree of scoliosis because it didn't heal right because the doctor was a moron and now one leg is somewhere around an inch shorter than the other. I've got a titanium connector in there. Sometimes it goes off in airports and sometimes it doesn't. I used to tell myself that doctors were good for something, broken bones for instance. I don't say that anymore.

My Karma is complicated and I'm not going to go into what I little I know about it, in order to avoid pissing certain personality types off. It isn't important that the information be public anyway. It doesn't change any of the cause and effect. There was this yogi that I knew in the area of Woodstock decades ago. His name was Rudrananda. He had an ashram in Shandakan, next to the town of Big Indian. I used to refer to him as The Big Indian cause he was a big guy with a big belly. He wasn't an Indian. He was a white guy and he had had some kind of a Kundalini experience. Some number of people apparently agreed with him. I never noticed anything unusual about him at all but he might not have been wired to resonate with me. Most of the time I got nothing at all from the various alleged holy men I encountered. On a very few occasions I would feel a kinship and connection.

I bring up Rudrananda because he said he was a garbage burner. He burned up people's garbage Karma with his Kundalini fire. I didn't have an opinion one way or another about it. I didn't know and I left it at that. Rudy, as he was called, died in a small plane crash a few years after I met him.

When we state that appearances are deceiving, we don't mean that part of what's going on is hidden, or that the meaning of what we see is distorted by the quality of our desire, which affects our vision. Certainly both of those things are true but what we mean around these parts is that there is a whole lot more going on than meets the eye, depending on the eye that is being met. As has been stated here a number of times but not in some time, we're all on a spiral stairway and... there are landings that represent the level you are on, or the levels you are between. One could well take more than a lifetime going from one landing to the next or one could traverse a great many stages in one life time. It's all a matter of passion and determination and this is why Love is so important because Love, Real Love, is the finest passion that can ever be known. No one has ever encompassed it's length and breadth and certainly not it's heights and depths, or are those the same (grin)?

This is the meaning of what Krishna says in the Bhagavad-Gita; "success is speedy for the energetic." If you Love something, love doing something, you'll be at it all the time because you love it. Another cool feature about love is that it grows. It becomes stronger and more powerful the more that it is exercised.

Let me give an example of something that happens when a person makes Love the focus of their existence. Love is a light. It is an illuminating force so... one who generates more than a certain amount of Love, gives off a degree of light. Once it reaches a certain level of potency, it attracts the attention of angels and any number of those exponents of the positive who are often out of sight in times like these but for many of them, time and space are no hindrance and they can see to great distances both within and outwardly. You get noticed if you do the sort of things that attracts their attention.

This doesn't mean, doing yoga all day long, or meditating endlessly or any number of acts that one might associate with being on the path to godhead. Everything has to do with the quality of your heart and the measure and quality of your Love. If there is any one thing a person should focus on, it's not adhering to strict morality, it's expressing and generating Love ...because 'those who love much are forgiven  much'. God isn't all that impressed by works and associated efforts. God is impressed by Love and especially if that Love is directed at God. When one has made themselves a perfect servant of the ineffable, the ineffable becomes a perfect servant to them.

A large number of people go to Heaven, relatively speaking, over time. That's why there are so many lokas. There are a great many Hells too. There are many types of Heavens. Some are completely beyond description. Heavens have parking meters, most of the time. You get a certain amount of time in residence and then it's back into the flesh pit. I don't consider that kind of cycling to be a success but to each their own. As I said, there are many Heavens. That's what Christ meant when he said , "In my father's house are many mansions. If it were not true I would not have told you so." It could be a thing of priceless practicality to be able to direct yourself to the place most perfectly grooved for you.

This is what happens when you become a friend of the ineffable. Much fewer people achieve this. It is available to most everyone (or maybe it isn't. I don't know) but... for some reason, most people don't take it under consideration. That is my only consideration. Just as you enjoy certain liberties and joys with your friends that you have here, the same applies to the Friends of God. In my mind, there is nothing higher or more valuable that one can aspire to. This tops the list of the best one can ever hope for. Well, it tops my list.

It amazes me every day that everyone is not fixated upon this goal. I do not understand the logic of their pursuits. Most people seem certifiably insane to me and I suppose the reverse is true as well. I am most happy to be on this particular end of that equation. I do not understand the desire to acquire what you will certainly lose. I don't understand working so hard to maintain the external appearance of youth, which is impossible and as a result, sacrificing ones sense of youthfulness. Which is more important, looking youthful or feeling youthful? I do not understand choosing senility over regenerated innocence. I don't understand piling up riches where moth and rust do corrupt. I don't understand not making the ineffable the centerpiece of your existence, especially because, in fact, it is the centerpiece of your existence so... this is the only In Sync that works.

I am annoyed at myself daily when I find that my attention is not on the ineffable. I tell myself it should be much more of an extended focus. I endeavor to pull my mind back to this as often as I can remember, or am reminded to. "Where your heart is, there your treasure is also." What is it about people that they can read and hear things like that, nod their head and actually comprehend it and then just go right on with whatever they were doing prior to hearing or reading it? This mystifies me. Many things about people mystify me. I used to be extremely passionate about wanting to reach people and get them to see. I've changed in that regard. I figure I'm there if I'm needed, or even useful to begin with and meanwhile I'll just work on myself or... allow myself to be worked on. It's like the Operation of the Sun. You don't have anything to do with it except for cooperating and permitting what is accomplished by the angel who performs it.

There are far too many bright and intelligent people who think they are going to discover the mysteries of the universe by their own efforts. That's not going to happen. Anything of any real importance is in the hands of certain guardians and they don't hand it over to the profane and there are all kinds of profane. This is why it is so very important to make invisible friends. They know all about these things. they possess discrimination too. This protects you from unwise choices. Some things might seem both highly righteous and desirable but might not be very good for you in particular.

So, now that I found I've been paying bills it makes perfect sense to me. I'm glad to hear it's not going to go on ad infinitum. I think the only reason I'm actually hearing about it is that it's coming to term. Before this it was probably preferable that I was mystified and confused rather than feeling pressed down upon and being miserable about having these things still in front of me. There's a very good reason for all of it and I suppose I'll have a better idea about that when I get to the next landing.

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This one comes out a little early since I wanted to write it in the evening when my thoughts are in a particular zone. This leaves me the time I would spend on this tomorrow for the radio broadcast.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Freedom and STD's at The Wham, Bam, Thank you Mam, Emporium.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

They wanted it all their own way. All freedom ever meant to them was to be able to do as they pleased. They insisted that everyone else have their freedom too. "You will eat those goddamned Freedom Fries or we will water-board them down your throat with John Kerry Heinz Tabasco Sauce." Freedom looks one way when you order from the catalog, another way when it comes out of the box and yet different still when you employ it, however you employ it.

Freedom is vastly different to different kinds of people, not all of whom are human and who want the freedom not to be. The most corporation friendly locations are very big on freedom that doesn't look anything like the picture in the dictionary. Some very successful experiments in living and governing began with a heavy use of the word, freedom. One thing we know, through the benefit of 20-20 hindsight is that everywhere that freedom came in like a goddess, she went out like a whore. Every time you get people talking about how fine their liberties are, you can be certain that tyranny will be the end result.

Freedom has to be exclusive to human beings and in certain senses to animals too. As long as freedom is confined (pun intended) to living things it might possibly prosper. It certainly will last longer than otherwise. Freedom cannot be conferred on corporations, left open to interpretation by politicians and lawyers, should not be left alone in the house with social reformers or the politically correct. Otherwise, Young Freedom is going to have to be making regular visits to the proctologist.

Freedom isn't license and as much as it is discussed and bandied about in conversations, at all levels of society, it is near impossible to come around to a generally agreed upon definition for it, especially since freedom for some means slavery for others.

In America only the very rich or the very savvy are free. Otherwise, there are laws in place that allow for the system to beat the shit out of you for acting free without the proper permissions. The various police agencies and military forces all work for the rich. They are not always aware of this but their charters, rules and regulations are all formulated to make sure of this. When rich people want something- and it doesn't matter where it may be located or whom it may already belong to- Governments and military forces scramble to make sure they get it. Why do they do this? One reason is that they are basically very stupid people or they wouldn't be in the business they are in, nor spend their lives in the aftermath, worshiping their time so engaged, no matter how brief it might have been. Anytime you see men getting all misty eyed about the time they spent employed killing people for the express purpose of enriching bankers and corporations, you can pretty much assume they are stupid and... when they continue to memorialize and elevate this sham into a religious experience then you know that their kind of stupid goes all the way to the bone.

Many stupid men will be outraged by those words just written. The greater intensity of their anger is because deep down inside, they know these words are true.

One thing for sure, freedom isn't free. Another thing for sure is that most of the things people embrace as freedoms lead to slavery of one sort or another eventually, or bad health, or death, or insanity.

Countries where freedom is overmuch celebrated are countries where freedom isn't seen all that often, not so that you would recognize it if you ran into it, presuming that you would know what it looks like in the first place. These days, freedom is one of the most dangerous things you can possess and don't let the wrong people catch you out looking for it. You want to spend time with freedom then you got to wait in line just like everybody else, outside the 'Wham, Bam, thank you Mam, Emporium'. This is how they do it. They pervert your understanding. they turn things upside down and that is how you get things like, "War is Peace", "Freedom is Slavery." That's how you get those slogans and songs; things to keep your mind occupied with on the way to the killing floor.

Hell's Angels want to be free. They think the lifestyle they are living is emblematic of it. Sexual revolutionaries want to be free. They believe that they will somehow be transfigured in a kind of magical epiphany, if they just bang one more body. Politicians want to be free, to screw over the population for personal gain. Bankers want to be free to collect interest on money that they printed out of thin air. They don't make enough money that way though. They need wars, lots of wars, in order to generate the necessary profits but... those are not enough either. All the profit on this planet and every other planet that ever was is not enough for a banker.

You got to keep your eyes open these days. Things never have been what they seem and these days, they most definitely are not what they seem. Never before in history have so many twisted psychopaths, surrogates and sycophants held sway over such a large number of people. Never before have so many people been so collectively stupid and cooperative, with those whose intentions are to kill and enslave them. This is what they call Freedom, the right to torment, enslave and kill you with impunity.

Being an American means having the freedom to be dumber than a turtle on a fence-post. It's being able to follow a religion, ever so slowly subverted by the very people who murdered the founder of it and who are the living antithesis of everything taught by it. Being an American means having the freedom to eat the worst food that ever hit a shrink-wrapping machine. It means being able to drink poison all day long and not have to listen to what anyone says about it. Being an American means being able to aspire to having to purchase two airline seats, even if they aren't next to each other. Being an American means having the inescapable right to produce children as canon fodder, for the gratuitous wars of Israel; the right for your children to be one of tens of thousands of mantelpiece photographs that you can hold and talk about and get all misty eyed concerning, after however many drinks you have had the freedom to consume to get you in the mood, before going postal or just becoming more and more like that potted plant in the corner, that doesn't need sunlight or water because it's not a real plant. This, of course, does not stop you and all the people like you from watering them anyway.

You're not likely to be able to use the word 'freedom' for much longer because one or another of the patent trolls are going to trademark it and then... if you say it or write it, it's going to cost you, probably not as much as it has already cost you, one way or another ...but more than before, in any case. In the land of the free it makes perfect sense that the patent trolls should have all the freedom they want as well and when they patent the act of walking and speaking, living and dying, waking and sleeping, eating and shitting, we in the objective right field bleachers, are certain that you won't be of a mind to argue about any of it. You'll just pay the fee. After all, what's good for General Motors is good for General Motors ...and British Petroleum.

It stands to reason that, if you have the freedom to vote for the candidate of your choice then those in charge of tallying the votes also have the freedom to alter the vote count anyway they see fit. If you have the freedom to believe utter bullshit, like, Bin Laden being responsible for 9/11, then Israel, in concert with your government, has the right to get away with being the ones who really did 9/11, along with most every other major terror event in recent memory because... because you are dumber than a brain damaged rock.

Yes, there in the land of the free, you have the freedom to be as clueless and materially obsessed as anyone who has ever lived, however briefly. You have the freedom to attend churches that God wouldn't set a foot in, due to the complicity of your ministers and priests with the governments and banks that own them. You have the freedom to let your freedom be taken from you until there isn't any more around. You've also got the freedom to be completely unaware of it when it happens and the freedom to go down to the polling station and reelect the same son of a bitch who screwed you over the last four years. Or, once that psychopath has run out of his allotted time, you can vote for your countries biggest female serial killer. Don't forget to send some money in to help keep breast cancer right up there in the Fortune 500's with the rest of your patron saint industries. Freedom sure ain't what it used to be, whatever that was.

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

On the Brink of Irresistible Change

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

There are no accidents in Nature or ourselves. That's how I look at things like this (I don't like this website, the owner is in an advertising frenzy and anyone who chases money that hard comes up suspect in my mind). If it wasn't clear before, it should be clear now, the astral larvae monsters, ensconced in their hidey holes, are bringing the heat down on their temporal representatives. Cutting off food stamps to the indigent population is a surefire way to galvanize the population into a reaction. Not being able to eat is much more provocative than not having somewhere to stay.

As has been said here many times, it is going to be harder in some places than others. Nowhere else that I know of do they arrest or fine you for feeding the hungry. It's a given, in times of material darkness, that being well short of material excess can very quickly put you in a bind. The generous heart, never highly prominent in such times, closes down even more so as self interest increases. I've lived on the margins many times, due to my pursuits and distaste for the games one must play, in order to move up in the pecking order. I'm not much further away from the margins at the moment. I could have been but the price is too high. Luckily for some of us we have a certain assurance of continuance, based on our faith in the ineffable.

Part of the problem for The Toxic Elite, is in the ever increasing rise of awareness, courtesy of Mr. Apocalypse. This is impacting on all 'theaters' of operation but is most especially undesired by the toxic offenders in a few choice areas. One of them is the ever increasing outcry, concerning who did 9/11. This is best exemplified on the billboards and other public areas of New York City and across the internet. Another is the ever increasing pressure on Satanic Israel via BDS and a growing public awareness concerning what vicious psychopaths they are. This backlashes upon all the government whores and stooges who are on their payroll, which payroll they have a massive control over, via their ownership of The Central Banks.

As has been said here many times, rap music was created for the purpose of generating particular social tensions, as well as elevating and legitimizing perversity. One shouldn't be too surprised at this. He wouldn't have gotten anywhere near this point if he hadn't made the deal earlier but...what would Carlyle want with such a thing? I can think of various uses here and so can you. The whole industry is riddled with Chinga-bots. You can find out interesting things about some of these creatures, private life wise, if you research a bit. The internet is fascinating and fantastic, as well as comprehensive in certain respects. Just because it doesn't hit the headlines doesn't mean it isn't going on.

So... from that last series of pictures we can probably assume that there is an operative, kinda secret, society thing that is going on in certain industries. This sort of thing has been going on in the U.K. for a long time, starting off early in the education zone. They look for bright and promising students coming up through the ranks. Many of the dons at the elite universities are connected to intelligence services. Sure, it's been going on in the U.S. for a long time too.

Sometimes I think about those entertainment figures who accept a knighthood from the black widow of the black nobility. It gets them off to have people call them Sir This or That. It's a guarantee I'll never get into that society cause I wouldn't use that title if I ran into them. Of course, I wouldn't wear a 60,000 dollar watch like the Dali Lama either. His time must be very preciousssss. This is what you get in the Kali Yuga, widespread corruption all up and down the ranks. Even those of us that fight against the propensity within ourselves generally wind up with mixed results.

These last days, coming out of a gruesome period of not that long ago, I've found my awareness much more focused than before as well as my tendency to sit with empty mind, with my attention on conscious reliance on the ineffable. During this recent period I was getting pretty down on myself, looking back at my inconsistent efforts and periods where I went off the rails. I found myself momentarily despairing of coming to a good conclusion based on what I was seeing. At that point one of my invisible friends came in and said, "C'mon visible, look at how many people love you and how very few do not. Look at the work you do and where your attention is much of the time." I thought about it but it still didn't satisfy me.

I really think about these things a lot. How can I improve overall, while still retaining the right amount of controversial reactiveness (grin). Some things that happened seemed so completely beyond my control that even much later looking back at it, I still can't see my way past what I remember about the forces engaged and... so I have been told as well, "there's nothing you could have done about it. I'm running the show and everything I bring about, I bring about for a very good reason, as you will find out, later, up the way."

The human mind is a funny thing and that's why I've put so much energy into seeking control of it. I know many of you have been no less diligent. I suppose a lot of these difficulties are brought about in order to force more compassion out of me, concerning so many of the rest that are trapped in the web of delusion. I've considered other avenues of approach, containing less reproach but... it's compassion that already forces me to rail about and shout, "Wake up!!!" Sometimes I think a lot of the people with all that new age tolerance of everything and all the role playing of continuous smiles about everything, are just the safest hedge against potential criticism and a loss of income. Things are not all shiny and sweet. There are real monsters and predators out there and they've got that 24/7 media machine blaring out nonsense without pause.

I walkabout this world, those parts of it that I see and I see what I see. I see people going through the motions and laboring under the chronic hangups that they've been giving a free ride to through their lives. I note the enthusiasm, occasionally, of the young and, increasingly, the dissatisfaction and disappointment as well. I see the grim visages of those entering into the later stages of life. There are fewer smiles but- thankfully- over here they are not as rare as I suspect they now are in other places. It seldom occurs to me that I am any age at all. I still get about as I always have but... I do notice that I am the only one who walks down the street singing to myself. I know that's a more likely thing in Latin cultures but I am not in one of those.

So much of the lightness of being has departed from the common element. Paranoia and suspicion seem to have gotten an upgrade in force. General depression has become pervasive and is behind all those toxic anti-depressants. We are either on the verge of a tremendous upheaval, resulting in powerful reactions against the psychopathic elite, or it is set to plunge down to yet another level before that comes about. Ultimately the reaction, the worldwide reaction, is inevitable. Even now the twisted swine behind all of this unpleasantness are busy calculating the relative effectiveness of various schemes. One scheme is to simply, very drastically, reduce a significant portion of the world's population. There's too many people for them to manage much beyond where they've brought it all to. The False Flag schematic is very dicey because of Mr. Apocalypse and his walking tour. They know, deep down, that they've gotten away with so much that the odds are they will quite possibly screw it up if they continue.

The biggest problem is that we are dealing with psychopaths devoid of conscience. The human aspect does not enter into their considerations. There's nothing they wouldn't do, given the opportunity to get away with it. Consonant with all of this, the game board is so complex. There are so many balls in the air. There is serious opposition also in the interplays between those in the service of The Dark Lord. There are all kinds of factions in the mix and betrayal and backstabbing are very much a part of all of their arsenals. It doesn't take a whole lot of pressure before this starts to happen and it is amplified by the emergent whistleblowing that is manifesting out of those, retaining some amount of integrity and character and who have seen enough, knowing full well that if they don't say anything they may well go down with the rest. I imagine it is much more tense behind the scenes then we might think. The shutdown dance between the two parties is protracted and intense. A great many of the players do not like Obamacare and that is the gorilla in the room. It can go a number of ways. The world teeters on the edge. We seldom realize how very quickly the whole of appearing reality can change. It can change very quickly. I once read a scientific paper about what could happen in New York City if all the power went off. They said that half the population would be dead after 3 days. I thought that pretty absurd at the time. I don't know what to think now. I know what happens to supermarket shelves when disasters hit.

Let's end this treatise on a positive note. None of us actually know where any of this is headed. We should know that it's all under control so... there's a conscious motivation and strategy being employed from the unseen realms. A great deal of what may or may not happen depends on us. What we think and say and do and don't think and don't say and don't do, has tremendous impact on what will come to pass. In my passage through time I have encountered many fine people. I've also had my eyes opened by the incredible capacity for duplicity in some people. Along with that, I've observed the herds in their mindless passing from one cheap entertainment to another; doesn't look like a positive note, I'm thinking (grin). It's my belief though that we are judged and dealt with individually. Even when many of us go down in a disaster, we all put ourselves there. Real and dramatic change awaits every moment. Every moment we are in a position to change everything that presently awaits us. For most people the capacity to change is often beyond their capacity, which is why Mr. Apocalypse shows up in the first place. Now and again, we can make a difference in the lives of others but... most assuredly we can always make a difference in our own.

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fasting through The Hunger Games in Freak Out City.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

On and on the odious spectacle grows, like some hybrid of Poisonous Nightshade and Ailanthus Altissima, with shining multi-colored berries of Belladonna. This plant, being as it was genetically created by Monsanto, also puts out some number of Durian fruits. The bad Hugh Grant (not the actor) was so impressed with the creation that it is now their signature plant and is slated for mass plantings, once everyone has a chance to see how well it grows and flowers in Washington D.C. The offspring of the plant was modeled on members of congress; Durian for Senators and Belladonna berries for members of The House of Representatives. So it is that bartenders all over D.C. in the posh watering holes, are commenting on these scoundrels partying down all through the shutdown, like a grab bag of Nero's with their fiddles playing in the flames. Their favorite drinks, from what I hear are, 'The Little Brown Boy', composed of eight ounces of Guinness with a shot glass of Wild Turkey dropped into it. I guess you'd call it an Uptown boilermaker. The other most popular drink  is, 'The Little White Girl' made from Stoli and Bailey's Irish Cream. Yeah, they're yucking it up, mucking it up and... what's that other word that rhymes around here? Uh huh.

Alright, alright, metaphysics. What are we noticing more than anything else? We are seeing the evil transform into insanity. This is one of the main courses taken by evil once it takes the turnoff to that Federal Park called Resolution Point. Evil operates in a similar fashion to one of its primary lubricants, alcohol. You either wind up in prison, dead or insane. That's what the stats tell us. Line up those shots people! It's Breast Cancer Promotion Month! Yee Haw!!! ♫Mammaries, seen from the corners of my eyes, quite obscene malignant mammaries. That's the way they are♫

Let us think for a moment. Do those corporations, who manufacture proven cancer causing products, do it intentionally in order to add to the overall stress and suffering of humanity in these times or... does it happen accidentally because they don't care enough to study the matter and those ingredients are cheaper anyway? It's a puzzling question because certainly members of their own families are using these items. Here's my theory-

During this sequence of recorded history, following the destruction of Atlantis and following the possibility that an avatar came and went, or several of them have, there has been a long period where no one has been around with a push broom to clean out the Astral Plane, at those levels where discorporate entities take up residence for long periods of time. In some cases, for all the length of time between one push broom aficionado and another. This is the source of a great deal of the evil we see at work around us and at a distance. Those that we identify as being practitioners of malice toward humanity, like most of our politicians, the obscenely rich, the religious drag queens, the military psychopaths with a license to kill, the intelligence operatives, also with a license to kill AND lie and, of course, the reverse cabala clowns who are the physical representatives of The Dark Lord, are all nothing more than channels, stolen cars and zombie shells, who carry out the dictates of invisible entities.

This explains how there can be such a huge segment of the population running around in varying stages of madness, right in the face of their own conscience, which, unfortunately is concealed behind the dust on their mirrors. There is that annoying voice that won't go away but it's nothing ear-pods, TV and all the rest of the insulating noise can't diminish to an acceptable degree, a workable degree, a self satisfying degree.

How does it explain it? Someone is behind the scenes with a push broom again and it's driving the long resident fiends out into the corporeal, into the flesh. It's a different kind of Hunger Games and that is why there are so many examples of people going berserk with weapons, killing their families and themselves, shooting up the workplace (we're not talking about the government staged events). We're only in the early stages of that. There are two directions that desperation 'usually takes'. If you have no backdrop, nothing you believe in enough to endure, you are slotted right down to Freak Out City. If you do have a backdrop, something you rely on, you endure because you have some idea of cosmic principles. You know something about the lives of others that have gone before you. At the risk of being trite, you have True Grit. That's the same grit that is engaged in making the Pearl of Great Price; however you choose to understand the meaning of that...

It's never been as tough as it is right now. It's not just the day to day that you run into in front of you, it's that oppressive vibration pressing down on all of us in its attempt to turn us into Doomsday Juice. We're in 'walk the talk' Mr. Apocalypse Land. There are no rules but the rules of Mr. Apocalypse. Before this, there were rules concerning this, that ...and yes, that too. Now, all the rules are geared to your progress along the Wake-up Highway. Let's look at it in series of 3. You get a tap on the shoulder and hear someone saying, "Wake-up, Wake-up." You wake-up and you move into the next series of 3's. You don't wake up and you hear it two more times, incrementally louder. These might be accompanied by experiences you are passing though and making the same decisions you always made before ...but they are not the right ones, which is why you are hearing, "Wake-up." Okay, you're one of the many who think they know how it is, despite the evidence of your own life indicating otherwise but... that's how it goes and why arrogance is one of the most devious killers of positive movement and change that there is. This is why the first thing anyone should do, who gives a shit about where they end up, is take a personal inventory, an honest and relentless inventory of shortcomings and assets AND hopefully at the onset, possess the ability to distinguish between them. KNOW THYSELF= nosce te ipsum. "The proper study of mankind is man.".

If one does not  make a fair and merciless assessment of their strengths and weaknesses, how can you possibly master circumstance? It's like trying to define your depth perception by closing one of your eyes. These days quite some number of people close both eyes, meanwhile convincing themselves they are both open. This is the result of following the false light instead of the true light which... is a clue to that old saying, "in the world but not of it."

As I mentioned, there are these invisible monsters in the Astral Plane who manipulate our seeming oppressors into doing their bidding. What I didn't mention was that there is an army of good guys on standby as well and what motivates them to come to your aid is when they observe you leaving your ballast behind and embracing the right surfboards in magnetic resonance with the ocean you are moving through. Everything is conscious in one way or another and 'we' are the synthesis of all of it. In times of materialism, the negative animal appetite force preempts the objective awareness. The lower mind is frame-worked above the higher mind, which puts you automatically on the road to the Dark Backwards. The power of peer pressure and the suffocating insanity of the world held hostage by the minions of evil is pretty strong. Few people are comfortable with being left out. Fewer choose to be, certain that such a move is not only in their own best interests but in the interests of all humanity.

There are all kinds of reasons why so few of us are on such an inflexible course, also having to act outrageously on occasion just to bypass being identified as one more fraud, gazing on an empty horizon with a faraway look of wisdom in their eyes, possibly twirling a flower? You might not be so identified in the beginning. That would spoil all the fun being had by the large audience so very few of us are aware of being observed by. Yeah, that's happening all the time and it is also the reservoir from which the sager souls among us draw their friends and guides who, lacking the fickle nature of present day humanity, are steadfast across lifetimes. Well, that's something you know 'if' there is something to know.

Always remember that the heavier it gets the more powerful the potential of one's support structure is, providing your focus is in that direction. That's the thing about conflict, negative pressures, visible opponents and what have you. Attention goes right to the presence demanding your attention and that flies in the face of ageless wisdom and any of the actually useful martial arts. Harmonizing with the universe changes the usual dynamics irrevocably. First you make the mental connection and then? You go through the repetition of the discipline, until muscle memory becomes automatic, until your being adapts to an immediate response relationship with the new schematic that's been there all the time ...but just never got the degree of attention necessary to galvanize it and put it first in the boot sequence. You need to go into the BIOS to make that happen and what does that mean? It means programming the subconscious. Few people realize the priceless value of the subconscious. It is a treasure world and well worth the time to build a working relationship with.

I think we've said enough for today. Go to the comments section for only one of the systems that makes this programming possible.

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Monday, October 07, 2013

Round and Round the Spiral Highway.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Look into the sky on most any given night, provided you don't live in a city or somewhere. You'll see round bodies or sparkling bodies. Uncountable ages ago, some of those sparkling bodies were walking around on a rounded object just like the one we walk around on today. One of the strangest things about people, mostly in times of excessive materialism, is the indifference people have to familiarizing themselves with that unknown country to which all of us are bound, one way or another. This information is far more important than anything you can learn about living here and getting by here but...? Yeah, order some fast food, unzip your fly, get comfy in the Lazyboy and tune into some quality porn (is there such a thing?)

Those who follow Wicca and other Nature based forms of worship move in circles. Those seeking a greater return on everything they learn, set off to those systems that manifest as a spiral. Sure, they're both circular after a fashion but there is a big difference.

In older times when there were similar despots thinking they were running things, similar to today, Taoist sages very often cultivated a persona of insanity, or that of a fool. Savvy operators who had to pass through Indian Country now and again, understood the value of appearing to be crazy. Some number of people think I'm crazy and... I have gone out of my way to seemingly provide evidence in that regard. I am sure there are many who wonder, "Why did visible do this, or that, say this or that? Doesn't he realize how this makes him look to a lot of people he should be at pains to win over? If visible had only been more measured and balanced, not been so comprehensive in recording his movements, he'd be way ahead of the game by now. Shit! Just a couple of weeks ago it looked like he was losing his mind again. How is it that he's still motoring on and can write the things he writes when he is so unpredictably mercurial?" That's a good question. My response to all of this is...wait and see. All things are eventually fleshed out and clarified.

First off, under no circumstances will I be allowed to go mainstream no matter how I behave until the switch gets thrown in that unknown country, already mentioned. Secondly, just like sexual relationships that are pretty easy to get into and often much harder to get out of, one has no way of knowing what is actually going on inside people until you push their buttons, then you often find out things you wish you hadn't but... are overall glad you did.

I want to make a very important point here. I really should put it all in caps but... I don't care for that method so I'll just use bold type (grin). However much and to whatever degree one is hammered by circumstances in this life, that is just how much and to what degree (comparatively speaking) one is going to get rewarded once 'the quickening' takes place. This is a 100% unwritten law of existence. If you're cruising through fat city, with seldom a thought about anything outside the course of your self interest mega-cruise you are headed, mark my words, for the land of hungry ghosts. This is a 100% unwritten law of existence.

Regardless of the projections of pompous, pseudo-advaita windbags, who ought to know that general silence is the working motif of that particular perspective, life is not a brief and temporary exercise, overlaid upon the immeasurable and timeless. Often, life can be very long and the testing can last and last, depending on... to what degree the ineffable wants a real and lasting certitude about the subject being hammered on and, once again, when one's experience turns out to be ruthless and relentless beyond anything one might have originally expected, that's how much bang you can expect in return for all of that suffering.

One way or another, one must go mad at some point. One either achieves that on their own (they think) or they are inexorably driven there by the one who loves them more than they will ever comprehend. Certain truths and certain awareness's CANNOT be understood, even partially, while one is still locked into the apparati of a self contained, individualized mindset. One must 'walk in all ways contrary to the world.' Of course, different things are expected from different instruments, depending on what particular employment that instrument is being prepared for. One thing that has been brought to my attention many times is that though we may think we are being groomed or made ready for some particular application of energy and industry we are often, often, wrong about what that might be by a wide margin.

As 'we' have stated at these blogs many times, in the last stages of the fall of empire, you see police state and martial law type encroachments upon human liberty. Eventually, this changes into the tragi-comic and lunatic, as is presently being demonstrated in programs like this. We're right around the corner from Laughing Stock Central as the ineffable, ingeniously and skillfully leads the mentally twisted, emotionally stunted and sexually messed up right out in front of the light's of Broadway, metaforcefully speaking.

Insanity, regardless of its many manifestations, always has something to do with successfully integrating into the operational end of social interaction, in the work place, in the family eunuch, sorry, unit and in wider social spheres, buying, traveling, talking shit, the usual. Only a seriously sick individual could possibly believe that the present state of modern culture is not terminally ill, both mentally and emotionally, not to mention physically and... the epidemic of SSRI's tell the tale in convincing fashion. Therefore, those of us considered insane by failing to fit into the dimensions of the toxic template of contemporary mores are most definitely, for the most part (grin), saner than the average bear. If your main objective is to match up with the divine's pursuit of you (which is what is actually going on) then you are automatically defined as crazy. If your main objective is to fit in with the trough-feeding troglodytes at the all you can eat Shit Buffet; given that none of them mind eating shit if you serve it to them warm, then... you are certifiably crazy according to the cosmic yardstick.

I was diagnosed as being chronically and incurably schizophrenic. What does that mean exactly? That means that, unlike most people who have a nice picket fence all around the fixed parameters of their mind, 'we' have portions of the fence missing and our thoughts can go grazing off into areas most people never visit. When you take psychedelics, the fence gets flattened automatically for a set period of time (most of the time-grin). The fence pops back up gradually, as integration sets in but never as it was before. Here's a truth that applies to all of this. There is only one mind. That fence most of us have, in it's uninterrupted, keeping in and keeping out, is the indicator of a separated individualized mind. That's just an illusion, as those of us who have had some version of the timeless unity of all things come down on us, at some point or another, sometimes more than once, have learned ...and telepathy... is an automatic ability that arrives simultaneously with the awareness of there being only one mind. Those who have experienced this KNOW it to be what it is because it is in all aspects, unmistakable as anything else. This is why madness is a  requirement because what we understand as sanity is nothing more than a terminal confinement until... hopefully, you wake up; madness is no more than a seashell beyond the seas kiss... when the sea is the sea of conformity.

No one knows better than I what certain reactions and purposes of demonstration have cost me. I also know what they saved me from, had I simply gone along with the program. As we live, we are converted into specific currencies that have value in some areas and none in others. The wise endeavor to be converted into a universal currency. You only take with you what you have become. At the right moment, you light up like an illuminated passport and those assigned to your particular case are automatically notified the moment you light up. All along the way you are observed and followed by those whose job it is to watch out for you and your direction. Better be real certain of your direction and your inland path because depending on where you are actually headed, on that depends who is advising you and the quality of advice you get.

Unless you know by now that the least of what is available in the higher planes is much greater than the best you can acquire here, you haven't learned much of value and this will compromise the strength of will available to you as you go.

The cognitive disconnect pandemic of these times is frightening in terms of the loss factor waiting for those who miss the invisible boat. For instance, the Amitabha Buddha, over the length of a truly massive amount of time was able to create a heaven called The Western Pure Land and all you have to do to get there is to have his name on your lips when you pass. Furthermore, you are then permitted to take all of your future incarnations there without ever having to come back here. What's more important to the average westerner, this or their Twitter account? Similar possibilities exist within other faiths as well.

Hopefully some amount of useful information managed to slip through during the construction of this posting.

For those of you waiting on the actual publication of my latest book,the enemy has been hard at work attempting to keep it out of publication. First I had it proofed and was left with hundreds of mistakes. Then over the course of weeks I was assured by a certain party that it would be professionally done. Finally I had to contact the person, who had chosen not to inform me that they weren't going to do it. I think I'll just do it myself. I'm not afraid or simply involved for personal gain, so I'm probably the best choice even if I'm not a very good proofreader. I'll get it out as soon as I can. Several people wrote me to offer their services so if you see this and are still out there and not under the governments thumb I'd love to hear from you.

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We'll see about getting the radio broadcast off to James to ready up for streaming in the next day or so.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Hookers in Lycra with their Last Gasp Demon Pimps..

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May your noses always be intuitive and unbroken.

In my private life, I watch sporting events (or movies) while writing posts. As a child I dreamed of playing in the pros; the tortuousness uncertainty of the times and an injury put paid to that fantasy, so... I do the vicarious thing which, given the capacity of my imagination, is sometimes almost like the real thing. It's not just the sporting aspect of it that has my attention. It is also the insidious and relentlessly permeating, Satanism that slithers and stinks, like that Saturday smorgasbord, Pit Side of the Land of Permanent Shadows. This is how I came to notice this high end hooker in skintight Lycra short shorts and spray on top. So shes's singing, ♫I know you gotta like it in my city! Everyone is welcome there.Welcome to my city! You've never had a party like that party when you party in my pants♫ I've heard it more than a dozen times so... whatever they are alleged to be saying, that's how it sounds. This is one of those 4,000 dollar a night type hookers that Elliot Spitzer used to be fond of. I've never understood paying for that sort of thing but I do understand that there are guys who aren't going to get it any other way. It's that timeless tale of losses beyond measurement, based on the particular buck fevers that attend the suicidal mad pursuits of Power, Privilege, Pussy and Gold.

I once heard, probably through a Theosophical writer, that the higher up the mountain you ascend, the more powerful are the winds that assail you. There's a contingent of know it alls that come around here, now again again, who hate all things Theosophical, or anything having to do with Alice Bailey and who have probably never read any of them; who, when they are fundies, hate all intelligent systems, like the timeless traditions of Hinduism, out of which all the rest come. It affects me about as much as water off a duck's back, or snow on a Malamute's tail. There are two types of seekers traipsing about these days, those who have taken the ambrosia of the gods, also known as psychedelics and those who have not but... are experts on the matter. Those of us who have taken them and... in my case, over a thousand times, have seen, again and again, that all oral and written teachings, come out of the same mysterious source and then are formed into temporal traditions, according to the cultures they appear in. In other words, the inflections, meanings and colors are all engineered for compatibility with the populations practicing them. None of them take you any further than the gates of the unknown, at which point everything that appeared to mean one thing, now means another or several. There is a big difference between gazing into an ocean you never swam in and imagining the experience, which certainly falls short of the experience. There is also the tingling apprehension, concerning the possibilities of monsters in the deep. Those who have swam know what they know. They know a portion. The rest knows nothing and the insecurity that this engenders makes them experts in the defense of their ignorance.

I don't care if people take psychedelics or not. Some people go all the way without the need to. The darkness of any given time has a lot to do with the kinds of necessity some of us come up against. Many who do not take them, are hindered in this regard due to primal fears. I've seen them losing it, rolling in the dirt screaming that they are Jesus Christ. I've seen the ego rear up. I've seen them unable to break free of the lies they committed themselves to because they have convinced themselves that their life depends on them. Most of them go nowhere near these things. For them, Gin and Tonic and they themselves, neither shaken nor stirred, make the rounds with their false bonhomie, chuckling with their peers about how nicely they screwed so and so. You see them at the nineteenth hole. You see them at the country club fetes, with their phony smiles. They are talking head termites, eating themselves from the inside out. I've seen them at work many times, basking in the comfort of their lies.

I've seen them in the watering holes and singles bars, their eyes fixated on the available prey. Both sides of that equation know what they want. Both sides of the equation know the cost of everything and the value of nothing. They buy useless adamantine diamonds that grant the needed temporary affirmation for their excruciating mutual confinements, that are the guaranteed aftermath of the disappearance of both the Love and the Magic that sucked them in to begin with and then left them with the terminal absence of that which will not be coming back. They're watching that hooker in Lycra singing about the party in her pants. Most of them don't hear it.

I was on the rack from the moment I was born. I never went to those private schools, where you learn how important you are right off the bat. I never lived in  a catered environment, or was the beneficiary of all those programmed perversions those elite college clubs put you through in order to insure the blackmail follows you through the rest of your life. There are no videos of me doing terrible things that guarantee my obedience and silence. I used to think that if it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all. I didn't realize how lucky I was and am.

Doing these blogs, I have met some of the best and brightest of the beleaguered and oppressed among us. It's beyond obvious that the good souls in our numbers are being hammered and harassed with every passing day. The sold out, soulless shits among us are flush and unhindered. It doesn't matter how wrong, how dark or how toxic are their words and deeds, it's been smooth sailing, all the way to the abyss. There it looms in these final hours, the Event Horizon of the awaiting pit. Rank after rank of Faustian robots march down the Boulevard of the Blind. They see the projected hallucination of a shining city on the hill. It's not there but something else most assuredly is.

I'm speaking of all of these things today because of the suffocating blanket of darkness and depression being generated by the Last Gasp Demons, knowing they are going and doing all they can do to take the unwary with them. Its been perpetual gray skies for some time now. We know what happens when  plants get no sun. We know what happens when the good gets siphoned out of life, when extremity becomes the order of the day, when houses already paid off, are stolen by mercenary mortgage banks and jobs are gone missing and replaced by part time employments, devoid of health care and pensions. We know what happens when the unions get gutted by crocodile swine zombies like the governor of Wisconsin, who is a fluffer for the Koch Brothers. Nearly all of them are in harness, pulling the chariots of demons across the blasted landscape of a condemned culture. Then there are frauds like Rand Paul, pretending to be an honest conservative, owned body and soul by Israel. I could list the degrees of various darkness for pages to come but you're living in the midst of them. There's no need for me to keep stating the obvious. The only thing I'm stating is that it's all for the purpose of demonstration, out of consideration for those paying attention. Hopefully that means you.

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