Sunday, September 30, 2018

The World, the Devil and the Deep Indigo Abyss.

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Slowly it passes and the mind turns in apprehension of whatever might be waiting in the wings. Sometimes when one has had a series of critical and painful experiences, it becomes gun-shy and flinching; “not again!” the mind whispers from the dark corners of its unknowing state. The fear seeks a command post, where it can seek to hinder the the posture of faith that has carried one through all of the vicissitudes and blindside assaults from the never was childhood to the present state, which I think is presently resident here.

Loving God would seem to be an easy affair, given the deeper esoteric meanings and spiritual rewards that are the fruit of a diligent and consistent devotion to the practice of it. However, in tandem with the sincere effort to make this the centerpiece of one's life comes degrees of suffering that can challenge even the most steadfast faith. When the ineffable sees that the petitioner is dedicated to the performance of a true and committed love, the divine puts some amount- sometimes a significant amount of suffering upon the seeker. This can be an egregious experience for any of us and can even lead to a departure from ones attempts to make the ineffable paramount in their affections and overall focus. I can speak with authority on this matter. It has been a consistent challenge throughout my life and never more so than this year. There were times when I threw up my metaphorical and literal hands in a state of near despair; not knowing what was up or down and what I might be doing wrong, meanwhile realizing that I did not have to be doing anything wrong for this to happen to me because it comes with the territory.

Now there has been a cessation of the routine torments (they have become routine over the course of recent months) and that is welcome and I am grateful for it, given that my pain medications have run out and I must continue on faith and trust in the hope that these bouts of pain and suffering have come to an end. Failing in that I can only hope that it will all stay in remission until the end of the week, when I see a new internal medicine practitioner who might have an answer to the primary source of my difficulties. It causes me a great deal of helpless wonder at the presence of such pain, given that the offending organ was removed and yet the bouts of physical distress have been more frequent and intense than they ever were before the organ was removed.

I am more convinced than ever before at the import of the words of the Buddha; “all life is pain caused by ignorant desire.” I feel as if my desires have been mostly for the presence of God but no doubt there have been other targets of attention on my part. When the ineffable sees that one is determined to achieve union with God, the ineffable sets up conditions of suffering to break every attachment to the material realm. This is the reason that those seekers after the divine are put into difficult and painful circumstances. They are meant to free us from the thrall of the hypnotizing world and the dream web of Maya.

Once one has had a glimpse of the supernal realm there is no going back. Everything has lost its taste and savor. A yearning emptiness manifests in the heart of the seeker and nothing can satisfy it but the presence of the ineffable within. As one continues and as one is consistent in their meditation upon the completion of it, the indwelling residence moves toward a reality in this effort. Though we think that we play a part in the completion of it, it is all the work of the ineffable. Our only contribution is the maintenance of openness and a willingness for it to occur. In Italy... now about six or seven years ago, the divine finally began to speak back to me. Previously it had been mostly a one sided affair, except when I was engaged in the use of psychedelics. From this point on the ineffable began to reply and since that time it has occurred more and more.

The first thing the ineffable said to me was, “rely on me”. He said this over and over, especially on my walks through the countryside. Over and over, I heard, “rely on me, rely on me”. At other times, Mr. Apocalypse would appear and tell me what he had planned for future times. On reflection I see that Mr. Apocalypse and the ineffable were just different aspects of the same force.

A few years ago, the ineffable said, “I am going to come into you now. At points it might be very startling for you because your awareness is going to open up into a wider and wider panorama of view and being. It will not be painful or fear inducing, it simply involves you, more and more engaged with ever widening vistas, as if you were ascending a mountain or finding yourself on a mesa with a previously unseen vastness of perspective.

As time passed I heard more and more about the ineffable taking up residence within. Finally... a couple of months ago, the ineffable (according to his own words) arranged for my seclusion from my usual day to day. I could not understand why this had happened and I was afraid I had had a serious break with reality (insofar as I have any idea what that is) because I saw and experienced things that I had NEVER experienced before. Given that we are talking about me, those experiences proved to be dramatic indeed. Then, on the fifth day that I was in this place of confinement, The great master came to me and told me that my present state had been arranged for the purpose of our conversation. Amazing things were said to me and vivid images were provided as an accompaniment. I will not provide any details on what god said because they were so powerful and over the top in terms of anything I had ever heard before that I think it best that it be kept to myself. If it proves to be true it will be self evident, otherwise I will look the fool in a big way (not that that would be the first time). I do not doubt what I was told. Such things have happened for others who have made the ineffable the sole focus of their life, or rather the greater focus over all other possibilities. However, the details are truly fantastic. I've been told certain things all of my life without most of them coming to fruition so far but I have also been told that the time was not at hand. I've since been told, finally, that the time is fast approaching.

Because I have been engaged in both healing and intense suffering, I have not been able to operate in my usual pursuits. I've found myself in front of the television, both for the purpose of distraction and because the baseball playoffs are imminent and football season has come. Whatever some of the readers may think, I have an interest in these contests, however mundane they may be in reality (whatever that is). This has caused me to be exposed to commercials to some extent, though I mute them generally. I still see what is being presented and it has caused me no small amount of distress at having to view the level of crass materialism and profane appetite that is rampant in the world at this moment. I have spent so little time exposed to this because it was off in some peripheral location and I was paying little attention to it, except when I am out in a shop or a supermarket and wasn't seeing it the way I presently am. It is horrifying. My heart is troubled by the spiritual fate I see awaiting those who are captivated by the things and attractions of this world.

Some of the readers may have a different view of this, or be experiencing it in a less severe manner. I can only speak to my own perspective in the matter. I am filled with a sense of dread for those so caught up in the illusions and delusions of the world as it presently exists in its crass state of materialism. I wonder at the soul's journey as it leaves this realm and enters into the judgment of the place between incarnations. I find it hard to put into words, what appears in the metaphysical mind's eye. For some reason, I am seeing conditions and the increments of movement as the soul leaves the temporary anchorage of this plane. It is as if I can enter into the emotional and mental postures of those whose focus has been on the material plane and the sexual encounters and depravities that the world of the moment is heir to. It is truly chilling. I cannot articulate the colors and sounds that interplay in my mind as I watch the soul's passage from the dead marshes of the world of the moment, to that place where the soul is put before that particular mirror and must pass judgment upon itself. This is the best I can do. Let me say in conclusion, it has had a deep and profound effect on me and I desire greatly that somehow I might communicate the severity and intensity of what I had seen to those I have observed passing through it.

This is the time of the harvesting of souls and I fear, from my observations, that all too few are being passed upward. One has only to take a moments objective look at the world in its urban dances to see what I am talking about (this includes every area from the rustic and densely populated).

I don't want to be passing judgment when my own perspective is so limited because it is often viewed through a personal lens but I know that any life one is engaged in is taken into consideration; serious consideration for the next life to come. So often I hear some uninformed individuals prefacing a comment with, “well, you only live once”. That is truly one of the more obtuse statements I have encountered and- for whatever the reason- I have been hearing it a lot, compared to what I have heard in times past.

My dear friends, I have written on what has been passing through my heart and mind in recent times. I claim no deep and lingering authority on any of these subjects. This is just how it has appeared to me and continues in every following place and location in the same way. I pray that you are putting your hearts and minds upon the ineffable to the exception of every other possibility of engagement and observation. Be stalwart and be strong. Be committed and be true and remember; “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.”

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