Thursday, June 30, 2022

"Let Them Bring You Soma and Cool Your Metaphysical Forehead in The Temperate Zone of Love Materialized."

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Materialism doesn't just make you crazy. It also makes you stupid. We KNOW that the vaccines are death shots, at best, and something worse- long term- otherwise. So... why are people taking them?

We are coming into the time of Holographic Jesus, Holographic Flying Saucers... DARPA and the VR people have been working on this for some time, while the public has softened its brains on video games and porn.

They can make you fear it. They can make you love it. They can make you fear AND love it by turns... Ouroboros speaks! It's the conditioning your parents never gave you, without the objectivity that would have protected you... BECAUSE... as they say, “seeing is believing”, even if what you are seeing is not real. The Pride marches are conditioning. The Drag Time Story Hour, Dick and Jane Trade Genders (for 3rd graders). Jane and Spot (for 5th graders)... all conditioning. Some of us... HOWEVER... are unconditional. It keeps you out of choosing sides... while always being on the right one. (grin)

My immunity to the things of The World speaks volumes in the silence of my mind. I've seen The Valley of the Shadow of Death, and I know a shadow is all it is... cause I know a shadow when I see it... here... in this realm of shadows. There are all kinds of clues hidden in plain sight, as The Ineffable waits to SEE who 'gets it.' It's not bad guys and good guys except in relative play. It's a maze and you find your way out by locating the center... BECAUSE... it is not linear.

My residence in the midst of it is the outcome of directed thought. Anyone aware of the logical progression of thought... KNOWS that it precipitates into materialization... so? Think!!! Think the reality of what you seek by visualizing it as the desired end, as an extension of mind into matter.

Yeah... it can take time. What? You don't have the time? I believe you are going to find you have far more time than you wish... BECAUSE The Mind builds the prisons, and... The Mind builds Freedom Road. The Mind builds. It is what it does UNLESS... you can still The Mind. Aspire to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. The moment you begin, it begins to appear. Time moves at the speed of one's attention. The more of it, the faster it goes by... as it does for adults. It lasts a very long time for children. Remember when summer vacation was longer than the year you spent at college?

The Mind also destroys.

Round and round, like the dog chasing its tail... The Mind pursues the argument.

Have you ever considered that the one face that does not look the way it actually looks to you, objectively, is your own? You have the subjective posture. Your perception of your face is controlled by your sense of self... and the memories and patterning that helped shape that. You come to look like what you are. You might well ask how it is that evil people can appear so beautiful sometimes?

It takes time to make yourself ugly... just as it did to become beautiful, though often you are given this for The Purpose of Demonstration. HOWEVER... eventually... if you behaved like an orc, you will look like an orc. This is how those you have seen, who are characterized as rubbing their hands with glee as they take what you own... got to look like they do.

Nothing gets by The Cosmos. Nothing goes unresponded to. You can dispute this. You can argue to the mind's content. Every sparrow that falls...

Stupid and Crazy are an incendiary mix.

Facebook is going bankrupt... assisting in the theft of the nation appears not to have worked out. Nations, like the stock market, AND social media, rely on the perception of their residents and players. This is why such an effort is made to control your thought. Who captures the human mind with promises rules over them. It is best to deliver the promises ahead of making them. Leave them wanting more, but don't overstay until they are wanting less. Take the little you actually need, gratefully, and... generously give all of what you are certain to never run out of.

How you get an inexhaustible flow from the overflowing fountain, is by behaving in similar fashion. Heaven sees when you do this. Heaven's eyes are everywhere. This includes your own eyes. We are all cameras. We are all in motion. You can't help being in motion. This brings me to the idea of directed motion. Intention charts the way. According to what you are after, and what you are willing to do to get it. That's the whole world, right there.

If you can still yourself enough, you will be able to see The World in ceaseless motion, in pursuit of its appetites and desires. If you don't want anything, you are no longer a pawn in the game. Those who are driven... are driven by the same force as those who are driving, but the view and the conditions are very different. If you are driving... you can be leisurely about it. Not so if you are driven. If you are driving, you have all the time in The World. If you are being driven you are racing against your mortality. Who will arrive first? Yes... there is NEVER enough time in that particular framework.

You have seen, up close or at a distance, how storms behave. How unpredictable they are. You've also seen the force and the fury of them. There is weather everywhere. On every level, there is climate and atmosphere. Yes... there is dead space. The worst of that is in people's heads, BUT... the weather is one thing, and how you take it is another. It makes all the difference how you adjust... until the whole thing is adjusting to you. Storms can be fun. You need to have the right mindset.

“What is all this seeming random stuff, visible? You've done that a few times lately.” Moi? It might be that some things are impossible to talk about. You have to sculpt the area around them, as... that... is... the... best... you... can... do. That is where fables, allegories, koans, and the like come from. Yeah... there are a number of terms for this practice of trying to put into words what cannot be put into words, and yet? Still, we use them.

Once again, it is our intentions that chart our way. It is of critical importance to get your marching orders from The Supernal Realm... because... you can't help but march... and show up wherever you are meant to be; from Samskara to Samara or otherwise to the Sahasrara.

It seems like we have two choices. One is to direct ourselves outward to the sensory plane... for the purpose of acquisition and enjoyment (call it the pursuit of pleasure and distraction) and all that it reveals to us, within the particular bandwidth of the plane. Or we can venture inward to a higher plane. That would enable us to get directions as we go... through the sensory... material plane, on our way to the higher planes. Just think what death would be like when you know ahead of time how to enjoy the process of changing to a more perfect form... of expression.

Ever onward... ever upward. That is an actual way to do it. What is the point of letting The World kick your ass, over, and over, and over again? Why not float on the lily pad, while houris or enlightened dakinis and other bright spirits bring you Soma, and cool your metaphysical forehead in the temperate zone of Love materialized? Man and woman make one thing. Incomplete on their own they forever need this closure of one another, BUT... you can wake up your opposite number within. That is how I prefer to do it. Everyone is different about that, and it is how we get all these worlds of the varieties... of the celebration of it... that populate it. Be fruitful and multiply! That is accomplished inwardly as well.

As you can see from the news, it matters greatly what the temperament and disposition of your parents is. What conditions do you seek to be born into? Mind how you go because there are some grim environments you can set yourself up for. Make it ever onward, and ever upward.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, June 27, 2022

"Wow! Talk about a Flame Retardant for The Divine Fire! No Reason for Me to Keep Looking for What I Already Have."

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The masks were a prelude to people being able to wear them at all times... so that criminals could have more cover. Like stagecoach bandits. It gives Antifa all kinds of face concealment, during their nihilistic and criminal enterprises. Antifa is shock troops for the New World Order, The International Bankers, and The Globalists, who want to bring Kafka's Prison and Orwell's Farm to Earth. Some of us have known about them for a long time. Meanwhile... it's ALWAYS the same insane passion to control The World, which... they... NEVER... DO. The Earth is a sacred vessel!

The people behind all the negative shit that is happening, want a breakdown in the social order. The specter of war, food shortages, the killer vaccines, and all the other woo-woo that is going on, is part of a calculated effort to create an environment for revolution. This is all orchestrated... but let me point out the MOST IMPORTANT feature of it all, so... you don't have to feel like you need to choose sides. God is at midmost and in surround-sound of The Good and Seeming Evil FOR... I say, FOR... The Purpose of Demonstration. This is one serious reason to have faith, and why things always work out over time. Shitstorms happen. Try not to be where they happen. Seek not to generate them.

Many people are not privy to this insight... that human storms work the way regular storms work, and with similar reach. Ergo... hurricanes... Typhoons, Earthquakes, and Tsunamis. These are, in reality... if you could see them... massive dancing entities. The same happens with people when The Beast is loosed. Fear and Panic are great motivators.

Those seeking to rule over you are quite adept at the use of Fear, Rage... and all the other crowd control instruments. If they can get your attention, and mesmerize or intimidate you, then you got a problem. Their power... however... is of secondary concern, because THE POWER is ALWAYS in command of ALL permutations of life... ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. God is in ABSOLUTE control. I don't know how to clarify that... but... it... is... present... right... down... to... the... cells... in... the... organs... in... your... body. Hard to imagine eh? Hard to believe?

On the matter of God's control in our lives, I have seen the evidence directly many times. These days, I am more likely to see it that way most of the time. Yes... you have the illusion of Free Will, which often leads to permutations of Free Willie... at some point... and in some fashion. Our free will amounts to our being able to oppose The Divine Order. Whenever we oppose it, we create suffering, and that suffering is- supposed to anyway- lead to realization and then directly to no longer suffering. Free Will is the playground of The Separated Mind.

In one way or another, all suffering has to do with attachment. Those of us who become realized are not ourselves completely free at that moment, BUT... we are free inside. Regardless... The Adept still has his appointments and duties that he/she must attend to. He has his engagements to show up for. It is that Jivanmukti thing. It's not egregious, though... getting there... can be. I found it to be so. It might seem that some have a smoother ride than others. All that means is that they did the heavy lifting at another time.

Here's an interesting point. When you wake up, you find out who you are. Sometimes... this can prove to be VERY surprising. It is said that when The Quickening comes, a man who might have been considered superior to his wife or counterpart... could well find that she is more spiritually advanced than he is afterward. I don't consider this area of life to be all that important; the pecking order and similar, BUT... I can assure you that there is one. It is the same way in criminal organizations. As above, so below.

In The Supernal Realm, people are more often identified by what they do. One sees much clearer there than we GENERALLY do here, so... less is concealed. Some of the time, when it might seem that someone is concealing something from you, they might not even know it was there to begin with. Never attribute to malice what you can attribute to ignorance... given that malice is stupid to begin with. Wow! Talk about a flame retardant for The Divine Fire. Some of the things people get up to astound me.

In this particular community of the fellowship of blog attendees, we pretty much believe in God. That is not the case everywhere. In certain circles, the idea of God is considered to be a joke. “How can there be a God when we are the Gods?” This is what they say in the places where they gather. Everyone has their watering hole. There are those who have formed themselves into monsters by the torments they confer on others... and upon themselves.

You must not fear The World and the dancing shadows it employs to distract you from The Light. This drama is all choreographed. Be a better dancer! It is possible to move so effortlessly through The World that no one even sees you, or... they see you as you wish for them to see you. The priceless components of our being are invisible. HOWEVER... they do shine T-H-R-O-U-G-H us. We radiate what we are. That is the weather that we visit on others. Is it not better to be a day at the beach than it is to be an empty and abandoned field, filled with rocks and stinging nettles? Any one of us can easily be turned into a sunlit beach... if you know how to focus and let it happen.

Think of yourself as a kitchen tap or a gem in a chandelier. Be The Moon reflecting on a still lake. Trace yourself back to your origins. I don't know how much attention any of you are paying to the Trends and Patterns playing on the movie screen of existence at the moment; the unreal dancing mirage of life in material extension, BUT... there appears to be a whole lotta shaking going on. Hey! Look! Look over here! “No! Look over here!” “Look at me!” Everything is trying to get your attention.

Here... I would like to talk about this Ascension thing. Some traditionalists call it The Rapture. There are varying legends about souls ascending, and flying saucers returning and departing. I've heard tell of two people standing in a field, and one is taken and one is left. My God... there are so many legends, fables, and spiritual tales. It seems likely that SOMETHING similar has occurred a time or two before. Look at Noah and the Ark... the legends of Atlantis, and Lemuria. Well... you can DEFINITELY presume that there have been countless iterations of the same.

I would like to point out that this Rapture... this ascension, is possible at any time and happens all the time but we don't see it because it happens out of sight. It happens on a plane higher than our physical sight. There is an endless conga-line of souls dancing up the endless stairs to glory. There is another line going in the other direction. What's your pleasure? What's your preference? What can I getcha?

We come here for specific life dramas. That is how Karma plays itself out. There are countless other worlds that you can inhabit. You are HERE for a specific reason(s). I was never much for arguing about anything with people. It got old quick. I prefer to seek out the truth on my own... and verify it by experience. Then... when I do talk, I prefer to talk to kindred spirits, who share my love of The Divine.

We're all just passengers on this bus. I, generally, like to sit up next to the bus driver. I was clowning it up in the back for a while, but that didn't get me anywhere. I can also watch where I am going up front, like the bus driver does. Since the bus driver has done this before, he is a good resource for the journey and the destination.

There are those who say that ALL world leaders are part of a unified cabal, aligned against humanity. This is NOT so. It is set up so that all agendas will find an opposition, and... it is this contending against itself that accounts for Evil's self-destruction. Heroes and villains arise in the same time period to contest the field of battle with one another. The outcome has already been determined-

♫ and we have come to Armageddon...
just to find... the battle won.
Spread your wings. Close your eyes.
Let your love flow. Come inside ♫

What is the most amazing feature of love that almost no one knows about? The power and magic of Love comes from the reality that you give it away. How can it even be called Love otherwise? Why is it that so many cannot see the connection between Love and Selfless Service? That you give it away is what defines love and sets it apart. Everyone is looking for it but the only ones Love associates with... are the ones who give it away. That is what gives love its value. Love is priceless, and so? We give it away.

People who work the sidewalks of The World claim to offer it for sale, and regardless of whether they work the seedy sidewalks... or on Boardwalk and Park Place, they don't have any of it in stock, BUT... they could arrange for you to get a reasonable facsimile that... is nothing like it at all... not at all. Still... at first it seems okay from the outside. “Why don't you take it for a spin around the block?” “Why don't you let me hook you up?” Oh yeah... all the fakes and facsimiles that are hawked from the auction houses of The World, are... gift-wrapped disappointments. I don't want any of it. I got something better. There is no reason for me to keep looking for what I already have.

Forgiveness is the wise choice. It could be the right choice too, but it is... especially... the wise choice. It beats the Hell out of me beating the Hell out of me... with regret... or hard feelings. You are only doing it to yourself and it wouldn't have happened in the first place if you hadn't engaged in it at another time. This seems very difficult for people to get, In many cases, they are unwilling to get it, and so... they suffer, and they suffer, and they suffer.

Give your love away... each and every day. And by and by it will return to you in countless replications of itself. Stay frosty, and burn brightly.

End Transmission.......

Before I get to the links let me mention a couple of things. Sometimes, now and then, over the course of a day, I check the visitors that come and go at the traffic spot on the right-hand menu. They come from all over The World, and I am used to seeing certain locations every posting. HOWEVER... lately, I have been getting many visits from The Ukraine, and also from this place; “Singapore, Central Singapore community development council viewed 'Reflections in a Petri Dish.'” I have no idea what it means. I went to their website to check them out. As a result, I learned a lot about modern Singapore. I already knew about The Singapore Grip (grin).

The link stops working after a few minutes so one must often refresh it.

Anyway... that caused me to remember what my internal angel has told me quite a number of times, “You have no idea of who reads these blogs, visible. No idea.”

Some links (as this is Monday there will probably be a lot of them; sorry Elf!”)

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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

"You Have to Free Yourself from The Tyranny of Appearances... That are Coming at You Through a Glass Darkly."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There are some things that I am fairly certain about. I can never say for sure; mostly it is the walk and talk like a duck being a duck kind of thing.

I previously mentioned the present-day ecstasy manufacture, and control of the same, for a reason... because it stretches into a number of areas, having to do with sexual programming on a wide level, unbeknownst to those who are being programmed and it has to do with the whole transgender-transhumanism fad that reaches from body modification to something beyond brave new world... into an actual David Cronenberg film in real life.

One thing I have some direct experience of and with is drugs... spiritual and recreational drugs. I have a Ph.D. in that field. Although my experience covers the gamut, my specialty is in psychedelics... cause I was never going to be a heart surgeon. I know what drugs do... because I field-tested them over, and over, and over again. I have not taken any drugs for some time now, other than the THC compounds I take for pain. When you have broken a lot of major bones, you start to notice changes in the weather more profoundly than ever you did when you were younger. It's all manageable, BUT... I prefer ease of passage; not being a stoic by nature.

So... as I am trying to say; I am the laboratory in which the experiences went down. Of course... it is subjective. My experiences do not reflect the experiences of many others. I was looking for God. Perhaps I was ham-handed about it... clumsy... driven, misdirected, and even, on occasions, ill-advised. That doesn't change anything. I was looking for God. Now I can say I am celebrating God, because... I don't have to look for God anymore. Some drugs helped immensely. Some hindered.

In my quest, I sampled from every shelf in the chemical cabinet. This includes designer drugs, and it is designer drugs that I want to talk about. I'm not even going to begin to list the various names of compounds I encountered. There are way too many of them, and I did not sample them all. I did sample enough to get an idea of what was going on with them.

There are many versions of different combinations that I have encountered. I took the original University of Kalifornia MDMA which was... remarkable. I couldn't possibly find the right words. Let's say it was GREAT and then some. As time passed, and it was made illegal, all sorts of variants showed up... and I noticed that what had once been a rapturous communion was now something that wanted me to feel and act out like a woman. I was able to see what happened to so many soy boys.

Fortunately for me, my female nature was already ignited by my kundalini awakening. Kundalini is a feminine force. It unites with The Almighty in the bridal chamber of The Sahasrara (sounds like a casino in Vegas, doesn't it?). I'm some distance shy of that, with the exception of brief moments that I could not sustain. Being Mr. Curious. I came to find out that the illegal ecstasy business was controlled by Israel, to-a-specific-end.

They shape these drugs now to fashion your reality; to shape what your mind tells you is real. They put things in the water and the food that also cause similar changes over the long term. Yeah... they are doing this. The Killer Vaccines are another angle. You must have noticed that athletes are dropping dead all over the place now. Social Media is a cultural modification of perspective... where good and evil are whatever they say they are. Social Media is another kind of drug, and the cellphone is a delivery system for it. Surely you have seen people working on a chronic spinal injury, as they hunch over the tiny screens in search of what is not there.

The nerve center of these horrors being unleashed on Humanity is being controlled (they think) by The Davos-Bohemian Grove-Ass Bandits- Bilderberg, Council of Foreign Relations thing... by way of hijacked Masonry and the Illuminati waste material by-products from doomed generations... being brought to center stage... as one of the lessons on the cusp of the passing and coming of the age. These misguided souls are dark indeed.

It is hard for one who is not similar... to understand the profound depths of their madness. Certainly, they don't. They have been directed and herded to this stage for The Purpose of Demonstration. The Divine has arranged a cosmic drama meant to ring across the years... time will tell... and we shall see.

He who we call The Evil One; The Enemy... The Shadow... The Devil, and by many another moniker, is the perverse face of The Divine, as seen through the eyes of The Profane. ALWAY remember there is ONLY God... AT LEAST FOR YOUR PURPOSES. If God is all you see, then God is all there is. This is a cultivated perspective. It is a discipline of lifetimes; coming into alignment with The Cosmic Order. You have to free yourself of The Tyranny of Appearances that are coming at you through a Glass Darkly.

Unfortunately, due to errors in your thinking, often caused by ♫ the smoke of an impure fire ♫ that has been burning over the course of lifetimes, which creates samskaras... dark areas in your aura... the road maps of your mortality... on and on... it can be explained from here there and everywhere, and it has a lot to do with where you are standing and what your intentions are... all of this is caused by your desire and WANTING. Cease wanting and your problems will (mostly) go away; you still have to traverse the geography, inner and outer to finally get there where you already are (but don't know). It will hurt until you let go.

That's the other side of WANTING. It has to do with DETACHMENT... letting go. Sex is a blind for that. It is why zee French call it (the orgasm) Le Petite Morte (the little death). One HAS TO have the stones (pun intended) to turn away from the temporary attractions of The World. As a poet, I was not immune to the deceptions. I had to find a greater beauty, and I did. I found The Divine Mother... or maybe she found me.

I looked so hard, at the risk and loss of everything... many times in this life. You die daily and just don't know it. I certainly did, over... and over.

I am not seeking to censure romantic love. I'm a poet. That goes against my intrinsic nature. It peoples The World. It makes for all the great stories. Everyone... except for the aforementioned Davos-Bilderberg etc., have fallen in love, AND even they have fallen in love with something. I would not, myself, call that love, BUT... I would not call most of what I see... Love. Dreams of romance and the derring-do we imagine it might take... has entranced all of us at one time or another. I've reached the point of wanting to put away childish things.

So... to reverse Lloyd Bridges; “I picked the wrong time to stop sniffing glue.” Let me say that I picked the right time to stop taking drugs... what with Fentanyl being loose. I told a story about my experience with it, at a solstice celebration a dozen years ago, here at the blogs.

It took me the longest time to realize that I was banging my head against the wall. I was a man on a mission, and not likely to take, “No”, for an answer. As with all reckless and determined souls that come and go here... I had to come to terms with it. They weren't going to let me in until they decided to let me in. It becomes more and more clear that my journey was a Purpose of Demonstration thing.

Now I see that most of these drugs are dedicated to shutting off... shutting down or clouding The Pineal Gland. This is the connection point for The Internal Hierarchy to communicate with us. Shutting it down makes us the pawn of The External Hierarchy... the metaphorical Caesar. I can see what they are trying to do, and the hardest part of the whole dynamic is that it is all God Dancing through the mix; the deceivers and the deceived, the predators and the prey... who routinely change places with one another and everyone gets their turn in The Barrel. I'm tired of that shit.

I KNOW I have to love everyone. I also KNOW that I don't have to like everyone. I had an all-consuming passion for union with The Divine. That happens on God's Time and on God's Dime. I got away with a great deal because those who love much are forgiven much. Mind; I was not trying to get away with anything.

Love is the magical ingredient in all of existence. It is the true nutrition in food. It is the heart's genuine salve. It is the enduring peace of mind. It is the reason I will leave everything where it stands. There is NOTHING here worth coming back for except the ones left behind... and that is Bodhisattva Land.

Yes... it is VERY hard not to hate and despise these people. Lately... it is less egregious because I see what they have crafted for themselves and... it... is... a... terrible... fate. Now I feel sorry for them more than anything. They have fallen into a deep well of flaming shit. It takes one with the steel of Jesus the Christ to go down there after them. There are all too few... all too few, called by Heaven to The Forward LZ. There are heroes among us so marvelous and we mostly do not even know their names.

To wield the flaming sword of The Putti (Putin??? Nah); the sword of The Spirit that INFORMS matter... ah... be still my heart; what a noble aspiration. The angel as a child is the symbol of eternal innocence. Our invisible playmates. What I call my invisible friends. The angel guarding Eden is the angel of innocence. That is what is required to reenter The Garden... (you have to be able to look in the mirror) REGENERATED innocence. I'm sure there are many ways people explain it to themselves. That is how I understand it.

End Transmission.......

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Sex is only indirectly connected to love. It is a vehicle for Passion, which (in Times of Material Darkness) is the lower register of the attractive force, and the rutting fever force. Ben Stiller is with the Ukrainian coke-boy president of the greater ersatz Future Exit Zioburb. No word on whether the rest of the cast of Tropic Thunder is there with him.

Boy!!! They want those dachas on The Black Sea REALLY bad. They've worn out their welcome in the Middle East.

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Friday, June 17, 2022

"It is a Creative Fever Descending from Within. It is The Progeny of a Divine Flame that Quickens The Human Spirit."

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There are conditions you can't change; rich vs poor... disease, old age... and death. The ones in whom death is mastered are very few, and... you have to meet the requirements to accomplish it. The Philosopher's Stone... The Pearl of Great Price, the elixirs of immortality and perfect health... cosmic rejuvenation... Oh!!! I assure you they exist. Heh heh. How bad do you want it? The truth is that most of us; a very large amount of us, never even look. Priceless fortunes hide in abandoned fields, BUT... do you even know what that is? Could you recognize it?

You can be possessed in more than one way, but... let us consider the basic divider. We are all familiar with being possessed by Demons. It is seldom mentioned that you can be possessed by angels. That is how all of the great art (no longer permitted exposure in these times) came into manifestation. Whether it be heard or seen or however experienced... it is the fruit, the offspring of divine possession. It is a creative fever descending from within/above. It is the progeny of a divine flame that quickens the human spirit.

We mentioned Kahlil Gibran yesterday. I once lived with Father Francis atop Mead Mountain, in Woodstock, NY. He was an archbishop of the Old Catholic Church; a New York celebrity priest who mucked about with The Vanderbilt family and others. He walked away from that life and built a church, mostly by himself, near the top of the mountain.

He was a garrulous fellow and had all kinds of tales about some of the people of his era. I was a big fan of Kahlil Gibran. I mentioned him and Father Francis said, “Yes, I met him. He came here and visited with me. He was a lovely man... a kind man, but he drank too much wine.” My point is that you can be possessed by Heaven and still have very human passions. It reminds me of St. Augustine; “Oh Lord, give me chastity, but do not give it yet.”

It's not all black and white, AND... we are ALL works in progress. Only avatars and great masters come here without sin (or what is called sin). They also... sometimes (perhaps often) take upon themselves handicaps that amplify the force of their work here... or to humanize them. They do take veils to conceal themselves from the eyes of The World... until they reveal themselves. The shortcomings that they may appear to be afflicted with, serve a purpose... BUT... who knows the mind of The Divine? ONLY The Divine.

I have many tales about celebrities and people in general, but... it is not my place to tell tales about others, even if they are true, which... all... of... them... are. People keep asking me about this autobiography I said I was working on, and the videos I promised to return to. As for the autobiography, there are, already, far more of them than we need. I decided I would not write it because of all that I would have to leave out. Whether certain people deserve to be exposed is not my business. I don't like gossip, and I am thinking if I engage in it... that would make me a hypocrite.

As for the videos... that's still percolating.

God has very much narrowed my fields of enterprise. I would rather spend less time talking about myself. I try to only have that happen for reasons of context. God is infinitely more interesting than I am. So... let's talk about God. Let's celebrate God, BECAUSE... if you would prefer to be possessed by Heaven rather than Hell, you pretty much wind up celebrating God, no... matter... what... and no! That is not because one is compelled to do so. It is one's own heart that insists on it.

Although he can have plenty of Sturm-und-Drang, (He has a very wide range of personas). He is ALSO shy and retiring. He does not intrude. He could make everything all right IMMEDIATELY, everywhere in The World, if he wanted to, and sometimes he does change the setting and scenery of The World Mind in a very rapid fashion. He tends to stay out of the strife. He KNOWS that his qualities in humanity are ALWAYS greater than their infernal counterparts. The Higher Mind ALWAYS triumphs.

I met him once at Lime Kiln Creek in Big Sur. I asked him why he wasn't in the cities where more people could benefit from his presence, (I did not even know who it was at the time) he said... “I don't like being pushed around."

Yes... one does not have to look too far in history to see inexplicable and protracted stretches of Suffering. Sometimes, millions of souls are engaged directly or indirectly in widespread acts of cruelty and inhumanity. Russia under the Bolsheviks comes to mind... Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge... Mao and The Great Leap Forward; 1958-1962... over a four-year period, 45+ million were killed by Mao and his policies. Look at Burma-Myanmar and East Timor... Rwanda... Bad things happened in faraway places. Sooner or later... the chickens come home to roost.

Now... there are people who will tell you we are all screwed and The World is coming to an end. The Climate Change junkies keep insisting it's only so far away, though they have to keep extending the deadline because it keeps failing to happen. What does it matter if The World is destroyed when you are already engaged in destroying yourself? Isn't it The End of The World for a hundred and fifty thousand people here every day? Well... that doesn't last long... right back here they come for the next round.

There is internal torment and external torment, so... we can assume there are times when it is happening on The Invisible Plane, and times when it goes down here. It depends on what is required. There is an intricate and invisible clockwork of Karma that ticks away across The Sands of Time. Each grain... is a still resonating echo of its former self from Once Upon a Time.

Conversely, there is an inner peace and an outer peace that depends on those keeping their peace, no matter what goes rolling around and past them. Fate acts upon every living thing through the force of the planets pinging off of each other within... and without. Then whence comes the saying, “A wise man rules the stars?” You might also say, a wise man rides the stars. The spiritually guided, mechanical dance of the planets, might well be pictured as a restless ocean... more restless in some places than in others. The idea is to get across this ocean of birth and death, and... for that... you need a surfboard composed of Wisdom. Ideally, you have the priceless and rare, Divine, Luminous Wisdom.

Several of the martial arts rely on using your opponents' strength against him. One guides the assault past them and routes it further on. Some of the most profound arts of self-defense are not even considered to be what they routinely accomplish. This also involves Wisdom. One aspect of Wisdom is having learned NOT to do certain things. Self Restraint is a cornerstone of Wisdom.

One of the most amazing forms of self-defense is... to not want anything. It really takes you right... off... the... table, in terms of being a competitive combatant... in The Game of Life. Any of us could be shy and retiring if we chose to... unless our dharma says otherwise. That's actually a big player in the whole scheme of things; your dharma. Krishna talks about it in The Gita, but not the portion I will include today.

The World considers the mystic traveler, the seeker after God, to be a fool. In worldly terms that might well be true. That is NOT the case in every field of endeavor. What is it that you want? It's all here, AND... it's all temporary. Yes... you can get it over, and over, and over, and... it will get you over, and over, and over as well.

On the circular track... what goes around keeps coming back around. It is an enduring principle of human engagement. You can get off of that treadmill. It is Desire that keeps you there. That is the attractive magnetism of Material Culture. You can get off The Wheel. It is a burning wheel of fire. You can lie down in green pastures and pass by still waters. Surely your cup could run over. It is a personal decision to embrace The Impersonal Life.

Sooner or later, right?

End Transmission.......

This is from Chapter 16 in The Bhagavad Gita= The Two Paths


Be fearless and pure;
never waver in your determination or your dedication to the spiritual life.
Give freely. Be self-controlled, sincere, truthful, loving,
and full of the desire to serve.
Realize the truth of the scriptures;
learn to be detached and to take joy in renunciation.

Do not get angry or harm any living creature,
but be compassionate and gentle;
show good will to all.
Cultivate vigor, patience, will, purity;
avoid malice and pride.
Then, Arjuna, you will achieve your divine destiny.

Other qualities, Arjuna, make a person more and more inhuman:
hypocrisy, arrogance, conceit, anger, cruelty, ignorance.
The divine qualities lead to freedom; the demonic, to bondage.
But do not grieve, Arjuna; you were born with divine attributes.

Some people have divine tendencies, others demonic.
I have described the divine at length, Arjuna;
now listen while I describe the demonic.
The demonic do things they should avoid
and avoid the things they should do.
They have no sense of uprightness, purity, or truth.
“There is no God,” they say,
“no truth, no spiritual law, no moral order.
The basis of life is sex; what else can it be?”

Holding such distorted views, possessing scant discrimination,
they become enemies of the world, causing suffering and destruction.
Hypocritical, proud, and arrogant,
living in delusion and clinging to deluded ideas,
insatiable in their desires, they pursue their unclean ends.

Although burdened with fears that end only with death,
they still maintain with complete assurance,
“Gratification of lust is the highest that life can offer.”
Bound on all sides by scheming and anxiety,
driven by anger and greed, they amass by any means they can
a hoard of money for the satisfaction of their cravings.

“I got this today,” they say; “tomorrow I shall get that.
This wealth is mine, and that will be mine too.
I have destroyed my enemies. I shall destroy others too!
Am I not like God? I enjoy what I want. I am successful.
I am powerful. I am happy. I am rich and well-born.
Who is equal to me?
I will perform sacrifices and give gifts,
and rejoice in my own generosity.”
This is how they go on, deluded by ignorance.
Bound by their greed and entangled in a web of delusion,
whirled about by a fragmented mind,
they fall into a dark hell.

Self-important, obstinate, swept away by the pride of wealth,
they ostentatiously perform sacrifices without any regard for their purpose.
Egotistical, violent, arrogant, lustful, angry, envious of everyone,
they abuse my presence within their own bodies and in the bodies of others.

Life after life I cast those who are malicious, hateful, cruel, and degraded
into the wombs of those with similar demonic natures.
Birth after birth they find themselves with demonic tendencies.
Degraded in this way, Arjuna, they fail to reach me and fall lower still.

There are three gates to this self-destructive hell:
lust, anger, and greed. Renounce these three.”

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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

"Everything Else is Just an Experience... Being Had by The Mind in The Garden of Good and Evil.

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The Apocalypse and The Awakening are two of our best friends right now. What the mind of The Enemy of humanity has done... is to mobilize The Stupids into an army of language gamers with no grasp of the language. The greater the perversity, the greater the publicity; the greater it is celebrated. He has stoked the divisions between the colors, but only The Stupid buy into it. This is bad because they cannot be reasoned with. In many cases, they do not even know enough to think. Materialism will do that. It dumbs you down to Cartoon Land.

Many are being launched into adulthood who are not adults. Many cannot read or write above an elementary school level. Children would rather play than go to school. However... what you learn is what helps you get on with life. Still... many people are in school their entire lives and do not learn anything. Life IS an ongoing education... or else. The lessons get more severe in certain directions, especially if milder warnings were not heeded earlier.

What people do not realize is that there is an invisible police force. Angels cover every area of enterprise on the higher planes. When you dial down below a certain level, the angels turn into demons. This one force looks different in The Carnal Mind than it does in The Higher Mind. You are in Heaven or Hell of your own choosing. Sometimes, depending on what got you in The Bad Place, it can be troublesome and difficult to get out of there.

So... this army of Stupids are the ones who took the vaccines. They are also the ones killing each other on the streets... or brutalizing animate and inanimate life at every point of contact, while the real winner on the invisible plane... wears them away to nothing.

Materialism brutalizes the human mind. The passions run the show and a kind of calculated ruthlessness comes into play. The Moral Compass goes out of True... and mayhem will ensure; murder and rape, theft and sundry, and the bigger expressions of both that come about in war. This ALL manifests out of a mindset. People get swept up in waves of subconscious reaction to conditions they do not understand. They are thrown like storm waves upon the rocks of a common death.

When you let Materialism get its hooks into you, sooner or later... you wind up on the shelf, somewhere in a display case, in a department store... of one kind or another. Life devolves into a trade-off. You give this part of yourself in exchange for this much protection... or that object... or this person... or belief system, which is then constantly challenged by the lack of what you exchanged for protection... or some thing... or person.

People can argue about this all they want. This is how it turns out when you go into The Land of Compromise. I can't live like that. No one can live like that, but most people do. Your freedom HAS TO BE more important than what you traded it for.

Fear plays a big part in the drama. If you do not have sufficient love, fear will inhabit that space. Love immediately displaces Fear. You have to keep your tank topped up. A lot of this has to do with WHAT you love. One of my rules is to love one thing more than everything else put together. Everything else is just an experience being had by The Mind in The Garden of Good and Evil. You out-picture it as you are. This is why The Profane cannot enter the other garden. You have to be a certain way to get past the angel at The Gate.

The World hijacks your imagination... so that you can no longer see The Blessed Spheres. Materialism... ultimately... at its furthest reach, becomes a wasteland of zombie cannibals or a fortress of darkness. All manner of creatures are present here. Just because you can't see them does not mean they're not here. They influence your behavior and your state of mind. In times of disorder, people are getting their marching orders from both sides. This is not optimum for anyone. Figure out if you are going to be Good or Bad and don't be halfway about it.

I know that sounds like I am saying go ahead and be a psychopath. What I am saying is that if you intend to be a psychopath be a good psychopath... heh heh. I'm not concerned about haywire mentalities. They WILL run into a brick wall; metaphorically, and... on occasion... literally. Life polices itself. That's why there is this invisible police force. I know that a real problem here, is that many people believe that offenders are given too much rope. That's how big the drop will be from the gallows they build.

Nobody gets away with anything. Observe The World writ large before you. See Chuck Schumer, and Bwak! Obama? See Tony Blair and Soros? You are observing a Shakespearean drama being played out on The World stage. No! You don't get every camera angle. You don't get many intimate details of how the matter resolves itself, but remember... this is an apocalypse, and it's still not The Main Act yet. That's coming up.

The Invisible Kingdom is a remarkable place. You don't forget seeing it, even if only briefly. There were times that I was low... and often I would be in a state of confusion, concerning how Heaven felt about me. Then my mind-state would be elevated, and I would see that EVERYTHING in that location is fine with me. These are my real friends, BUT... The World causes you to forget. You become suspicious of The Higher Planes, thinking they have forgotten you. Their perspective of you does not change. Clouds simply passed in front of The Sun.

Certain elements of the population, with a considerable presence of The Stupids, are growing ever more hostile. They are being whipped into a frenzy by The Overlords. Here is something to remember; God is present in EVERY LIVING THING. He can take absolute control of anyone, anytime he wants to. He can speak into the whole of the human mind at one time.

He is in the minds of those being whipped into a fury, and the ones whipping them. He is in the minds of those who have no business with these people. He knows where everyone is at and what they are up to. My point being... Everything is under control for The Purpose of Demonstration.

I understand how it can be unsettling to see what is going on. The bottom-feeders on the sexual ladder, are like ravening Morlocks. The Overlords are screwing with security, food and energy for the rest of us. They are performing genocide with their vaccines and other instruments of torment. They seem to be able to act with impunity. They actually got government agencies to sign off on a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card for them. They can't be sued or prosecuted for their crimes. Well... yeah, they can. Stick around and you will see what I mean.

This whole display on Planet Earth is directed toward a specific outcome. You can't see where it is headed, not exactly... because larger elements and more powerful players can shift at any time that God chooses to wake up in their heads, and have themselves revealed as to what they really are... to themselves. Yeah... Heaven is taking its time. It's something to do with every jot and tittle being accounted for. I no longer concern myself with what God is doing. I have my own section with plowed land that I am responsible for.

There is a big lull in the news today. There is more than the usual amount of pedestrian nonsense afoot. They are up to something. Whenever trivia becomes the focus of the day-to-day, it is a distraction to cover for something else. I don't have to be concerned about it, because God KNOWS what's going to be taking place. When you play chess with Heaven, thinking 8 moves ahead will do you no good. God sees every possibility on the board before it happens. I don't think many people get that whole Alpha and Omega construct. That “before Abraham was I” thing.

Some people are intent on shooting up the saloon. They see life as one long drive-by. The Greed is at Ground Zero like a prairie fire. The smoke from it clouds The Mind. Make The Divine the centerpiece of your life. The howling chaos may ride on the storm, BUT... what has that got to do with you? The Chaos cannot... “I say, I say,” cannot enter The Sanctuary of which The 23rd Psalm speaks.

The Worlds of The Blessed Spheres are hidden from the masses because they are an interior affair. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you... is a statement of fact. May God profoundly bless and protect you as you go, and release you from The Penitentiary of The Mind... so that wonder upon wonder can open up before you as you go.

End Transmission.......

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