Friday, June 28, 2013

Two for the Tango or Dancing in the Dark.

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Welcome to the Origami sector! Many things are in the flow as we go. Some of these things seem quite optimistic in the sense of, “its time has come”. That's what you usually see, when things come together with very little effort on your own part. It's something you can usually trust. Rather let us say it is my nature to do so. On the other hand, I'm getting some amount of input, intending to let me know that the country I have in mind for relocation, is a hotbed of intrigue and crazy shamans beating up on wannabe shamans, in a location I have no intention of visiting in the first place; so it goes. It's my plan (insofar as I make plans) to stay in one place and immerse myself in my work. That's how it usually goes and I have no motivation to change that. It works for me. I figure you can sit in the lake and make no ripples if that is your inclination.

I've been contacted by Rixon from The Truthseeker. He tells me that Smoking Mirrors is now permanently blocked at his site. I don't know the details of that but that's how it is and I suppose it's another feather in my cap, were I the sort to wear a cap. We already know about the Facebook announcements, which state that my sites are toxic. We know that they are blocked in different locations and that those locations rotate with others and that commenting is shut off at different times and places. I don't concern myself with that. My job ends with publication. Whatever follows, follows. Most people don't know that life is a movie. They might hear that and... they might agree in principle ...but the full awareness that we are starring in a film about our lives, doesn't compute in a real and meaningful way. It should.

Movies have scenery, actors, costumes, a director, hopefully a plot, though, I suspect, there are variable plots. Sometimes we decide on a single plot as the totality of our participation and sometimes we move back and forth between plots, sorting out what's best for us. Experience informs us (hopefully) of the value of any given plot. We're granted ample time to change. Some people are forgiving, given what they've learned from and about their own behavior. Some people are not, given that they haven't learned much at all; still convinced that everything is someone elses fault and are more inclined to 'dancing in the dark', as opposed to learning the Tango, which as you know, requires two to perform.

We've all heard that phrase, “the truth will out”. Just like the phrase about life being a movie, most of us hear this, nod in a form of recognition ...but the deep and resonant impact of it goes astray somehow. I recently learned some telling things about a couple of individuals that I found myself on the outs with, due to interactions that didn't go the way either of us might have expected. It was an eyeopener to me to discover that certain people have a long history of being other than what they presented themselves as. The internet has a long memory. It is fair surprising what you can discover if you have the right amount of due diligence. In this case, it was not the fruit of my own efforts but the fruit of anothers; one more capable of these things than myself. My surprise was great. I won't be going into any detail about this. Others might but it's not my style and I'll gain no great reputation for having made these revelations public. Sometimes in the effort to justify ourselves, at the expense of others, we only tarnish ourselves further. No matter how deserving some might be at having truths about them made known, it's not my place to do it. Like I said, 'life is a movie' and life will take care of every detail in its own time.

When I say that life is a movie, I mean for that to be paralleled with the Chinese saying, “character is fate”. Some say that character is fixed. I believe it to be fluid, unless one fixes it themselves. It's a personal affair. We do not move into darkness or light, usually, in a dramatic or immediate way. We move into either of them by stages, usually. Of course that 'road to Damascus' thing can happen but usually, we move by increments and degrees for a good reason. Common sense ought to tell us that we are moving into dark country and common sense ought to tell us we need to change direction. We're given time. We're given sign posts. We're given events and interactions that can transfer wisdom, if we read them aright.

I've noticed two main traits in humanity. One is the willingness and capacity to learn and to change. The other is to already know everything and possess no desire to change. In times of materialism overload, the latter tends to predominate over the former. These conditions are matched by one's innate desire to see deeper into life or, conversely, to be amply satisfied by surface trivia and a narrow range of appetites, aggressively manipulated by mendacious corporations, unrestrained by the usual legal and social inhibitions that might have existed in previous times. Witness that psychopathic ogre, 'Nestles'. If you haven't seen this documentary you really should. It tells the tale about how bad it can get when the corporations own the governments and when all the laws are vetted by corporation lawyers and lobbyists. It's a snatch and grab free for all.

Of course, no governmental or social system can expect to prosper for any great length of time, when their sole operating intention is to suck the public dry. Cosmic law says you can't continue in this way for very long, before you chew off your own foot. In keeping with this kind of behavior, you make lasting enemies, both visible and invisible and your doom is fixed and certain. There is no reprieve. There is only one question; will they destroy the world before they destroy themselves? Logic tells us that they cannot destroy the whole world but they can very well destroy those parts of the world that they service and occupy. Whatever is in the slipstream of their whirlpool, will follow them down into that location, earmarked for the speculations of future archaeologists. It's a known fact that when something has outlived its usefulness, provided it had any in the first place, as it is going down, something else is coming up. As those cultures, steeped in corruptions and rotted from the inside out, enter their inescapable terminal phase, they are counterpointed by emerging cultures in new locations. It behooves the observant to be able to tell the difference between them and to show the necessarily sagacity to relocate themselves to a place where living has more currency than dying.

In respect of things under discussion today, I've put up a Les Visible blog posting that is going to provide a clearing house for updated information, having to do with possibilities for relocation, in those cases where it may apply. Everyone else can feel free to ignore this (grin). I would appreciate being spared rumors, projections, innuendos and cherry picked news items, about locations at a far remove from the one under discussion; as if places many hundreds of kilometers away, have some sort of connection. It is as if someone reading about an unfortunate incident in Texas, decided to contact me in Idaho, about the possibility of it happening there too. Anything can happen anywhere. The odds of it doing so, are largely dependent on the same personnel and conditions being duplicated. Sometimes that's almost to be expected and sometimes it is rare indeed.

Fear is an attractor. It's a negativity magnet. Most of the time, the things people worry about do not happen but... if you invest the necessary amount of concentration and meditation on negative possibility, you can definitely make bad things happen. It's beyond debate that all kinds of physical maladies come out of worry and anxiety. Pressure and stress are a guaranteed intestinal, Molotov Cocktail, when added in with worry and anxiety. Given the state of the world at present, these things are not in short supply. They flourish like runaway Kudzu through society at large. You either take the trouble and show the courage and confidence to reject these imposters out of hand, or they turn into that gang of thugs, waiting at the street corner every day on your way to work, or lurking under your bed at night. Your fear puts them there. They were never there before and they aren't even there now. It just looks like they are, so you wind up getting mugged by shadows, chased by wraiths; whistling past the graveyard, as if the dead will be impressed.

Certain things are meant to happen but the way we respond to them is not fixed. If we adjust our response mechanisms ahead of time, maybe things pending might never even need to happen. Many things only need to happen in order to bring about a certain awareness in us. If we embrace that awareness ahead of time, the cosmic GPS adjusts our routes. We don't need to go through things that we don't need to go through. If we had the capacity (and we do), to just let go of everything and take everything as it comes ...and never depart out of the moment, we'd be very pleased with the results. Unless we're pleased with our results, we need to change the way we go about our lives.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

On the Cusp of Irrevocable Change.

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A tired and bedraggled Visible arrived back at the hacienda a couple of days ago. Susanne stayed until Monday. Mr. Visible found himself in a position similar to Roberto Duran, throwing up his hands and saying “No mas, no mas”. There is probably some debate going on somewhere as to whether he actually meant, “No mass, no mass”, in case a funeral became necessary, following his match with Sugar Ray Leonard, who was to boxing what Manitas de Plata (little silver hands) is to flamenco. My opinion is that Cassius Clay had the fastest hands I've ever seen, though I've heard it said that Mike Tyson (no relation to Tyson chicken products), could throw 2 punches in under a second. Still, physics says that the smaller weight classes would have the quicker punches, given what physics would say on the matter; digressing before there is even something to digress from, Or maybe not).

Anyway, the presently, very weary, Lords Visible had a good time, bobbing and weaving through the mix. We went a day early for the festivities, which is something different for me. Every time before, we went the day of the fire. The fire was exquisite like it always is. Beno, his son Adam, along with Waldemal and others, did a bang up job, as usual. Beno is a very gifted artist, who works with a chainsaw. Even though Mr. Visible had his camcorder with him, he failed to take a single picture or to record a single event; spaced out entrepreneur that he is. Thankfully others did these things but weren't around for Mr. Visible's extemporaneous collaboration with the French guitar player. We will stop not doing that in the future and... once I can get pics emailed, I will post them in a coming Origami.

We danced and sang to the drums of a tight knit group of percussive hands, presided over by the maestro, Coren Fischer. Earlier we had engaged in a very rewarding tandem of myself and said French guitarist (name unknown but that is typical of me probably “Pierre”-grin). We'll fix it in the mix down the road. It felt great to cut loose after some number of years not doing so, from a lack of ability to see the opportunities. I was invited to stay and perform, but I was that dog poet tired that I didn't figure I'd be much good, had I done so.

These events are attended by a very high quality of human being Given the people who put it on, Beno, Karen and their extended family, it's a logical presumption that those attending would possess the same class and generous open heartedness. People come from nearly anywhere, so you get a polyglot of languages and lifestyles. Some number of them were very interested in coming to see whatever results from Mr. Visible's potential migration to South America. It looks like the general interest, generated by this happening is going to result in a good number of people, giving consideration and scrutinizing the consideration of their own migration as well. We appear to be not lacking in a cadre of very talented individuals, in all sorts of fields of expression. Should it be good to go and gone, it should prove rewarding and very successful. We have available, around 150 hectares, or 425 square acres, for the ridiculously low price of around a hundred thousand dollars. This includes various sized streams, with a number of waterfalls; a pristine environment with a 365 day growing season. One of our fantastic readers, is our liaison to this potential wonderland, for all kinds of good and productive ventures. I hope any readers, possessing the requisite humanity and a desire to relocate, will consider collaborating with me on a collective purchase of this land. I'll be headed there in a few months and you can give it a looksee too, or simply contemplate the video tour and voice over that will be the predicted fruit of this effort. Hopefully it will be both interesting and amusing. I'm in no position to provide lodging but I'm sure a tent and basic accessories, might possibly be possible, or other options. Since I've never been and don't know what is or is not there; like Edward Snowden (grin), I can't speak to anything besides the likely potentiality that I will be there (or be square).

Things are seriously heating up in the world so... one can surely wonder what world there will be in a few months. I have this overwhelming sensation that life as we know it will change this year. It will never be the same again, as it never was after Israel did 9/11. This time though, I think it will be exponential by comparison. For those paying attention, which is not, by any stretch, the majority of us; 50% of us are just trying to survive from one day to the next. We forget this reality, not being exposed to it (most of us, anyway). However, increasingly, in America and other places, once known as The First World, you can see it appearing on the sidewalks and streets of most urban terrains. It's truly disturbing. With that, is coming a serious increase in crime and the main cause of the new crime epidemic is illegal immigration. This is not by accident. This is by design. It may be hard to accept that The Satanic Elite, would actively pursue a country destroying policy like this but... they are. A total Nodwell/Nimrod, first name Traceeey or something like that, took me to task for the use of the word 'illegal'. This is the kind of uninformed, politically correct ignorance that is possibly the greatest danger to civilization that there is. These incestuous and insular brain dead, live in a world cushioned from reality by privilege and denial. They truly believe that embracing the most liberal and unregulated policies, is somehow going to insure a greater pervasiveness of democratic principles around the world. They never tumble to the fact that Political Correctness, is a direct offspring of Marxism. The moment someone opens their mouth around me and begins spouting that 'all inclusive' multicultural nonsense, it impacts on my system like rap music and I literally have to flee the room, or wherever it is happening to anywhere that is far from there.

I'm lucky in that neither of these things show up in any way where I can't change the channel immediately and where I seldom encounter it in any case. Some how there is a magnetic, same pole, repulsion, that keeps us at a remove from each other. I thank my lucky stars that the cosmos has seen fit to isolate me, from the general idiocy and mayhem ,of the programmed and brainwashed. When present, however rarely, it impinges on me like a tedious and stupor inducing Chinese water torture. I consider it the cultural equivalent of carbon monoxide poisoning. This is one of the reasons that I reflexively reject nearly every philosophy and creed without thought. My theory is that whatever is valid, will show up regardless of my rejections and I will know it is valid by its unique ringtone.

Personally, I am about to embark on the greatest, sweeping changes in my life, such as has not occurred in decades. In all of our lives there comes these moments when we have finally arrived at a place where we can let all number of things fall away and fade away. A good sign of this pending, is when various things begin to occur all on their own. It's then that you know you have the cosmic wind at your back and will not be struggling against those retarding counter forces, whose presence are usually an indication that it's not time yet. That is a problem for so many of us. We are unhappy with ourselves and we want to be different. We rail against our shortcomings and limiting energies that are always going counter to what we believe we really want. We can't understand why it is so hard to change; why it seems impossible to change, as we keep sliding back down the slippery slope, into the grasping hands of the past.

I'll never forget what Guru Bawa said to me some decades ago, when I told him I wanted to surrender. He said, “No, not you, you do not surrender. You fight and fight and fight and when you can no longer fight, then you surrender”. Yikes! Still, it has proven to be true. When I was in one of the most desperate situations of my life, a friend of mine, the artist, Michael Green, went to Bawa and told him about my situation. Bawa said, “Oh, he'll be fine, he has just chosen another path”. Though I was generally persona non grata at the ashram, along with Kenny O'Brien, Bawa was always gracious to me and said things to me that he never said to anyone else. This also was the source of a great deal of resentment toward me. Some of that has not changed till this day. Some of us are just meant to be controversial and polarizing. It doesn't matter what we do, or how important harmony with our surroundings might be to us and for me that is possibly my most important drive; for some of us, none of this matters. We are what we are and conditions are what they are and... for reasons, often unknown to us, we operate in an environment of conflict generation and conflict resolution, in pursuit of an end to them. For some of us, tempering and refining in the crucible of experience is how it is. Some of us don't seem to need this, or, in too many cases, it won't do any good anyway. The one thing any sane person should fear above all, is when the ineffable pays no attention to you, good or bad. That means you've been given up on for the purpose of this lifetime. That would make me tremble with fear, yet, yet... for many, they are quite content to be left on their own and not interfered with by some annoying invisible force.

It is true that for some small number of us, an epiphany can occur that irrevocably reshapes our world forever. I imagine there are some who wait upon this. That is not a good game strategy. Regardless of setbacks and failures, it is the slow and steady persistence that wins to the goal. This can and does make up for all manner of weaknesses and inconsistencies. No truer words have ever been spoken; “If you don't give up, you cannot fail”. That is something to keep in mind, especially in those times when all the world seems gray and threatening. The news is not good; the Zionist orchestrated war against Syria is looming. The economic collapse is now in progress; the duct tape no longer holds. The dick (head) tator in chief is getting hammered with exposures of criminal behavior and outright treason. The public around the world is revolting;. This all indicates the certainty of false flags and wider war on both foreign and domestic fronts. Madness is afoot but... if you have not gone mad, chances are you will remain on your feet. Let's hope so.

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Viral Plague of Megalomaniacs and the Fall of Empire.

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'A Viral Plague of Megalomaniacs and the Fall of Empire'

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I'd like to say it is gratifying to be proven right but... it just makes me sick. Long time readers know that for years, I have been stating that most charities are scams, intended to enrich the criminals who put them together. I have especially pointed out the cancer charities and they are especially prominent in being evil and perverted scoundrels. Well, there it is, read it and weep. The degree of malfeasance and embarrassingly transparent, atmosphere of prevarication, that is presently going on, is astounding. What can anyone make of this? What do any of them do when caught, cornered or confronted? They lie. They lie and it is of no consequence to them, how outrageous and unbelievable that lie may be. 9/11 says it all. Things like this just embolden these fiends and provoke them to ever and ever greater excesses. This might seems disturbing, as well as overwhelming. After all, if most of the people around you are capable of believing anything, or don't even care one way or the other, how is that supposed to make you feel, you who do not believe anything and who do care?

There is a very good reason why it should not be disturbing. You should view all of these surreal low jinks, as a clear example that The Apocalypse is doing its job. Perhaps it is that many people do not understand the full gamut of The Apocalypse’s arsenal. We know that it is operational, for the purpose of 'revealing' and 'uncovering'. What we might not all be privy to, is the fact that it also forces situations and entities into 'revealing' and 'uncovering' themselves. It forces things into the light; things like this for instance. As this writer has stated, also for years, there was a epidemic of whistleblowers that were set to appear at a certain time and... that time is upon us. It's going to snowball down hill and... 'downhill' is the appropriate direction; way down hill. Although they kill with impunity still, their time for recompense is close at hand. Judgment will come but first... they have to be forced into the light and that is continuing apace, as anyone looking for that particular evidence can see.

In these times, the most disgusting examples of human waste are stinking up the corridors of power. They stink like uncovered mass graves, of which they are responsible for many. One of the penultimate examples of avaricious, crocodile swine is Michele Bachmann. Michele is proof positive that there is no saving America. It will fall. It took a long time getting to where it is. It is not going to take very long at all to crash into ruin. Americans can close their eyes to what is happening around them, while their appetites and delusions run wild ...but a blind man in a burning room is no better off than one who can see, given that neither of them can get out...

Megalomaniacs like Obama, are easily routed and controlled by the neo cons that surround him and have surrounded him, from Rahm Emmanuel to Sompow Rhodes and before that, his financial backer, which he has just named Secretary of Commerce. It should be most telling that it was actually possible to put this turbo charged criminal into any location other than a prison cell. Also witness Eric Holder, whose continuous criminal activities, while serving as attorney general, are simply amazing to behold. I can see all of them standing before a mirror in their lavishing appointed homes and singing to themselves.

I know I should be talking about other things in this venue but these things apply to our existence, physically and metaphysically. Everywhere you see the results of the Israeli corruption, of all things American. Their impact on law enforcement, both federal and state, is a travesty upon everything they were sworn in to 'serve and protect'. They have become bestial automatons of Satanic force. They also are drunk on power. They are brutal and incompetent beyond measurement. It is beyond belief. It has become a nation of megalomaniacs from top to bottom. It all flows downhill. It is operational in every area of endeavor, God help us, we are lost at sea and a storm is coming.

Somehow, greedy, porcine pinheads, have found their way into every governing body, no matter how provincial. The world has gone mad. Events in Turkey have now reached the status of truly unbelievable. There is no word of any of this in the Zionist owned media, given that they not only support these goings on, but routinely do even worse every day in Shylock Nation, which I believe should be the new term of reference used, when mentioning Israel from now on; Shylock Nation. If you can't see what's going on in the present, “Land of the Sleaze and home of the Slave”, you don't want to see. If you don't want to see, YOU WILL BE SHOWN.

You will be shown and if you will not hear and do not want to hear, you will hear, like it or not. The irrationality of humanity on this planet, has always been a fascinating study for me, whether it is something badly reported from the distant past, or what I see right in front of my eyes wherever I go. I watch people speak, unconscious of what they are saying. I watch them act, unconscious of what they are doing. I hear about cruelties visited upon human, animal, plant and stone. I can't process the information in terms of understandable motive. I see people who have done terrible things, laughing about it. I've seen this in real life. By the day, formerly normal people (of course, that might just be an unsupported presumption on my part) are losing their minds. The politicians have already lost theirs. It's like one more thing I've been saying for a long time; the time will come when people lose not only their bearings, their rudder and their moral compass but their minds as well. Already, a good portion of the population lives in the self induced isolation of headphones and earpods. I heard recently that 30% of the traffic on the internet involves pornography, though there are other opinions some of these seem questionable due to selective data and data avoided or dismissed. It doesn't matter if it's 4%, which it isn't, or over 30%, which it probably is.; What matters is that the general focus all through society is upon things of no real value and so... eventually, real leaves the building.

One of the strangest things taking place in the United States these days and over the last decade, is the willful embrasure in all public programs and across all borders, of illegal immigrants. It should be no surprise that this is also a Tribe inspired event. It is unarguably evident that this is one of the greatest forces for the destruction of the economy that has ever been seen and it is also a driving force of the lawless state in small and mid-size towns all across the country. As for the larger cities that is evident beyond question. Why... why would they do this? Why are they tolerating organized gangs of Third World Thugs, in every major metropolis; giving automatic weapons to cartels across the border and handing out free social assistance, gratis to any and all immigrants, while making these same services near impossible to get for everyone else? Ask Chucky Schumer.

All around the planet at present time, very strange and terrifying things are taking place. In America, the beast has been unleashed in locations around the country. You can readily assume that this is the tip of the iceberg. It is clear that these sorts of policies are being encouraged by multinational corporations and Satanists in high places. Somewhere, close up or at a farther remove, all of it is tied to the noxious and toxic, international influence of Shylock Nation and the banks they control, in nearly every country in the world. Obviously, people are tumbling to the evil machinations of the banks.

As has been said a lot here of late and in earlier times, Mr. Apocalypse is making the rounds with his walking stick. We're going to try to get you a photo of Mr. Apocalypse and his stick. We do have one. Mr Apocalypse is tap tap tapping everywhere that evil and ignorance dwell. He's not just uncovering and revealing crimes, ancient and modern, he's forcing the practitioners to ever greater outrages so that the mass of the world's population, may become aware of what's been happening to them and who is behind it. This might seem counter productive to you but... when the general population is so incredibly brain dead, stupid, there is no other way to get their attention. Other means have already been tried. This is a last resort. Understand, regardless of appearances. Regardless of how it looks, especially, most especially at the moment, the universe is benevolent, however, as that great teacher Mikhail Aivanhov once pointed out, “When the cosmos wants to wake you up, it comes and gently shakes your shoulder, exhorting you to awaken. When this fails, the cosmos shakes your shoulder considerably harder and... when this too fails, the cosmos picks up a 2X4”. I'm paraphrasing. He said it differently but the essence is one hundred per cent the same.

Why am I pointing certain features out over and over? It is because a great many of us, when overwhelmed by a tsunami of negative appearances- of epic proportions- can easily become negative ourselves, unless, unless we fundamentally realize (and this means self programming your consciousness to that effect) that everything is happening for a very good reason and that it will all turn out for the best over the long haul. We know that“All things work together for good for...” Fill in the blanks yourself. Accept this truth and immerse your subconscious in it and you will discover a remarkable state of being, where nothing can bring you down; nothing... nothing. May you prosper and discover that which you went out to find but have forgotten on the way.

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Once again, Patrick's fabulous rendering of Neil's poems.

A radio show will appear this weekend but... due to the Solstice, might be a day late or so. (there's something wrong with that sentence but I'm not going to worry about it now). It took me all day to get this post together and now it looks like my novel is going to take yet one more week. I had hoped to finish it this week.

Monday, June 17, 2013

A Lord of Infinite Space, Looking through a Munchhausen Periscope.

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Cold and wet? Begs many a question.

If you like cowboy films and I do, most especially when they are well done, like Pure Country, which my invisible friends tell me was made for the purpose of showing me certain things; me personally. About what could have been and never was, except in some fractured way; off to the side somewhere. Then you will understand how I come to be like I am, how you come to be like you are and also, how 'they' come to be like they are but it doesn't explain my being a vegetarian, except for the occasional piece of fish but visible has an arrangement with Neptune. If one considers those things that Neptune has influence over, in the context of what the reader knows about my history, it should be patently clear that I must have some kind of an arrangement. So... there's that sorted.

In any case, Cowboys and Indians, or should I say, Native Americans?, is a simplistic way to look at what we have before us in these days. I say simplistic ...because that is what we get told. It's black and white. It's black and white. That's the usual chess board. I know you're thinking, “visible, we know there are other forces at work. We know it's not just black and white. Isn't that why some no talent fool, wrote a book called Fifty Shades of Gray”? (visible did not read that) Yes friends, I am aware of that, as I am aware of the purpose for which the book got written (rhyming alert), just like I know the meaning of 'selah' and 'shriven'. On the one hand that's the word. On the other hand, you're forgiven.

The world is a big game board. Lock and load, ...step right up to it, or bend over for it. It's user friendly, like that password for the Gates of Moria, “speak, friend, and enter”; You do have to keep in mind about The watcher in the water.

So... or should I say, well now; doesn't matter. The sinister shits are having at it. They got their Peee------NAC portfolio of seven countries to fall, so's they can gets thems all; sucked into The Nation Chipper Machine, which feeds out little pellets of this, or that desirable commodity that the reavers and renders unto Satan just has to have for the good of all people. Yeah, what I said! It's about the good for all people and what that means, like I was splaining, means that some people, a whole lotta some people gona havta die for the good of all people and you can count yoself lucky to be dead 'cause we got all kinds of things in mind for those that remain.

In a nutshell ...and no doubt; counting myself a Lord of Infinite Space, I have rather added, when I should have subtracted but you the reader are welcome to divide the rest of the spoils among yourselves and for all we know that will multiply the I de I, or is that, I be I, I get confused and then, well, I just continue on my way.

It could appear that some sort of meltdown is taking place in these parts but that would be presumption in the extreme. It is simply that there is, sometimes, no better fitting way to address the issues of the day. Sometimes all that you are left with are the far reaches of satire and absurdity.

Sometimes, the whole world situation gets so outlandish that you wind up with a Munchhausen Periscope. You're a writer and your Boswell is dyslexic. If you are rich, your Hobson has Tourette's. See, I never got over being lied to by the BrylCreem advert-

♫BrylCreem, a little dab'l do ya,
Brylcreem you look so debonair
BrylCreem, the gals will all pursue ya
They love to get their fingers in your hair♫

The thing is... it is just grease. I figure the women I would be attracted to are not into grease any more than I am into the less than silken, exudent atmosphere of hairspray.

Oh yes Precious, they wants it. You and me? We'd be content to kneegotiate, get along, mind our own business. I definitely won't trouble you. I hope you don't trouble me. Sometimes trouble comes but it's okay. You deal with it. The problem is the serial repeaters. They can't help themselves and they definitely are not helping you. That is what continues to mystify me but I'll just file it under The Slumbering Masses in the Coleridge section, as in:

"In Xanadu did Kubla Khan
A stately pleasure-dome decree:
Where Alph, the sacred river, ran
Through caverns measureless to man
Down to a sunless sea."

I must admit that strange cranberry mosh pit murmurs, influence the way that I see things. It is with wide and tendentious eyes that I study the horrors of the same old same old. However, I believe in what I cannot see and for many people that is the difference between you and me.

I also give a shit and I know a lot of other people out there also do.

We do the best that we can. It is practically speaking, far too enormous for any one man or woman to handle alone. That is why we all work together in our own way, doing the best we can, often at a distance from each other. I really think the tide somehow will turn. I really do. What will make that possible is to bring out the best in me and you, via our collective efforts toward one another. I don't think there has ever before been a time when so much was hanging in the balance; when so much could be won or lost.. That should motivate you. It motivates me.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Pekingese Personality and the Kingdom of Time.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Earlier this morning I saw a link to an article from The titled, “Forget the B.S. Stories about Snowden”. It was on What Really Happened. It said that all the questions about Snowden were garbage and it gave kinda, sorta, plausible explanations for what we would have had questions about, concerning Snowden. It further stated that his first name wasn't even Edward, it was Eric. It wouldn't load and now it loads so... maybe you see it and maybe you don't. These are strange days and... getting stranger.

This is also Origami, so... maybe we don't need to talk about any of that because... some permutation or another of this sort of thing is ALWAYS going on. You get your head stuck into the world's business and it's not much different than having your head stuck up your ass. It looks the same. It smells the same and both places are easily as dark. Both places are easily as toxic and, depending on your diet, both places can be hard and painful to get out of, which infers that the process can be time consuming as well.

The easiest way to come to terms with the world, is not to come to terms with it at all. The world doesn't play fair. If you don't comprehend that at this point, you will at a later date. It's that dancing with the devil thing. In the beginning, it doesn't seem to be any problem to keep up with the pace of the music. Later on it gets harder and harder to keep up. Why is that? Did the music get faster, incrementally over time, or did you get slower? Possibly the mire you were dancing in, got deeper and thicker. That's a given characteristic of the dynamic and it doesn't change. The scenery changes. The personnel changes, or seems to and... that's another feature of the whole routine; “it's the same thing only different”. It's kind of how 'the good old days' got to be 'the good old days'. For those who were standing there at the same age and place you are now standing in, those were not 'the good old days'. The good old days for them were back about the same distance as they are for you now.

This is something that happens in life to most everyone. The time comes when you spend more time looking back than looking ahead. You want to stay forever young? Don't look back. You're not going to see anything the way it was anyway. You're going to see things filtered through selective memory, adapted to the needs of the personal self. We vividly remember events that took place, with people who no longer remember us. Somewhere there are people remembering us and we have no idea who they are or were anymore. Many of us vividly remember things that didn't even happen. They're all part of the myth we created, about where we've been and what we've done.

The bar-stools of the world are filled with people telling tales about themselves, selling themselves through tall tales, because they don't feel valuable or important enough, based on the actual truth about themselves. Why does this happen and why is it a concern? After all, in a world of lies, lies are the currency of the world; that sentence is fraught with deep meaning (grin). If people knew who they were, they would have no need to lie, because no lie, no matter how outrageous or spectacular, comes close to what is latent within us. We are potentially so much more than we can even guess at. This is what makes the whole thing so tragically ironic. We sell out to the lowest bidder. We trade off what is priceless for what is worthless. This is the demonstrated evidence of collective insanity, in a mutual conspiracy, of socially accepted ignorance and silence; but you wouldn't notice, with all of them chattering like magpies. The silence is only the silence bestowed upon the forbidden subjects, ♫Rock the boat, don't rock the boat, baby♫. I know this up close and personal because of the shunning mechanism among my peer group; euphemistically speaking.

This is what it's like, living in the age of enlightenment, where so many have supplanted the primary well, with a personal septic system; the glorification of the Pekingese Personality, above the originating principle. The operative protocol, is to not make any mention of the ineffable, because it makes you look weak and unnecessarily dependent, on something that others can't see or taste or touch. This kind of thing makes all the (self) important people uncomfortable and... when you are not part of any organized system of belief, none of them are going to get all warm and fuzzy about you either.

Point of order; two selfs receive mention here. One is singular and one is 'legion'.

Truth is not sitting in at the weekly poker game. Truth is playing solitaire. Truth doesn't care because it's not going anywhere. Everything else is going somewhere in the Kingdom of Time. Everything else goes somewhere for awhile and then somewhere else after. Everything else and everyone else, is in a state of near endless migration, from one port of call to another, morphing from shape into shape, reincarnating with the requisite adjustments in consciousness, having to do with that particular shape. The Truth experiences nothing of this. The Truth just waits and of course it puts off a glow, in the unlikely event that someone is disposed to show an interest in it. This doesn't happen very often and most of the time if it does happen, it doesn't last very long, for reasons as old as the hills that life takes place in the shadow of. I don't think I need to go into it again. It's all been said before.

The truth is immortal and most everything else is temporary. The truth is self contained and sustained by the self and it gazes inward upon its own reality, indifferent to the storms and changes that come and go around it. It is not dependent on anything outside of itself. It is, like love, far far more than can ever be said about it and regardless of the degree of one's experiences of either, the endless depths and reaches of the two, have never been fully explored, or experienced by anyone and never will be, not ever. There is an unspeakable beauty to this and for those who have had some small taste of it, there is nothing else that can ever satisfy them again.

People don't come up to you and stick a wad of folded bills in your pocket because you told the truth. They don't ask you to speak at ceremonial dinners, or those charitable front, social clubs, if they think you're going to tell the truth. You do not get put on any payroll, anywhere, for the purpose of telling the truth. You do however, get paid big money to lie and even bigger money to stretch the truth, in such a way that it resembles the truth, enough to pass for the truth, according to the 'close enough for rock and roll' principle. The greater one's ability to shave the truth, the greater one's ability to lie in a convincing manner and to make credible the production and availability of useless items, as something no intelligent person can live without, the greater the paycheck.

No doubt there are many who will argue with my assessment here, primarily because their very existence depends on believing completely in what they do. As has ever been the case and ever will be, you have to lie to yourself first and the real reason for that is that their lives do not really depend on what they have convinced themselves must be so, not at all.

Lies are addictive. Lifestyles are addictive. Things and states and conditions, of which you were once unaware of the existence of, are now things, states and conditions that you cannot live without. Truth is also addictive. Once it's gotten into your bloodstream, you aren't going to be satisfied with anything else. It doesn't matter what you have to go through to obtain it. It doesn't matter what you get put through in order to hold on to it. You can't live without it, anymore than your opposite number can live without the lies that sustain their existence as hungry ghosts. Everyone thinks they are right, except the one who doesn't know. The one who doesn't know can be informed. The one who knows can't be told anything, except what they want to believe. Many an industry and profession, make a very good profit and a very good living from this, from telling people what they want to hear, sort of like, “I'm okay, you're okay”. That's bullshit. It may be true in specific instances ...but it's not true across the board and that is what the phrase intends to mean. Whole areas of psychology, exist only to convince people that no matter what; who and what they think they are and what they do is perfectly okay. Complex arguments are created, history and science are bent beyond recognition and thick books, written by reputed scholars, manufacture all the necessary minutiae, to justify whatever needs justifying, until something else replaces it, as the hot button, better funded item ...and then it doesn't matter if the same scholars and experts completely contradict themselves, in the following adjustment and... they won't see anything wrong with that either. They'll have an answer for that. They got an answer for everything.

There's this guy, I just read an article by him on one of the sites that hosts my postings. It seems like everything he writes, is tailored toward self promotion. I can't remember how many times his whole article is devoted only to calling attention to one critic or another, who says something bad about his book and then he proceeds to refute them, or imagine he has. In his latest posting, he refers to his book as my new(est) book, even though it's been out for two years or more. He's supposed to be highly intelligent. Does he not see how juvenile, insecure and totally self involved he looks? No, he does not. It's none of my business what he does but, like everything else, I see what I see, or do I?

I'll admit that it rankles me, the degree of success so many others have, all the while knowing that it's my own fault really. I know how to play the game. I know how to behave in company and, like the District Attorney said about me, “He's an actor”, so I can play the role. I've played any number of roles for the purpose of personal amusement. The truth of the whole of it, is whether or not I believe the truth of a higher result and whether I actually know that success on someone else's terms, is not really success. Success that has to be maintained by constantly jockeying for position ...and directed efforts to keep yourself in the public eye, isn't the same as success that comes at a nod from the invisible. If it doesn't come like that, it will cost you, count on it. As one of my favorite yogis was fond of saying, “It ain't over till it's over”. For many, it is over long before it ends. That same yogi also said, “It's like deja vu all over again. I leave you with an entertaining read; no question there was more to this fellow than many might have given him credit for.

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Sunday, June 09, 2013

The Dream Fog and the Cemetery Future

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I feel like I was already here yesterday (Cue the Beatles). Still, here we are again today. The basic point of this post is to primarily, announce the radio broadcast for this evening. You never know, someone new might show up.

I've got about 3 more months in this location. Time enough to tune a few things up, should I be able to sustain the focus and... there's not a whole lot to put my attention on anyway (the book is near finished, finally and Neil's is fair charted out.; the amount of time these projects have been taking is significant. Put's me in mind of, 'we'll sleep when we're dead'; should that even happen, given how strange the times are).

As much as pending, or is it 'threatening' events have been dragging their feet in endless chess moves; this is due to the reality of this planet's most vicious killers, finally meeting a certain amount of opposition. Prior to recent times, they simply killed at will with impunity, laying waste to a number of countries in the Middle East, while looting their antiquities and whatever resources the bankers and corporations were after, not to mention loaning them funny money, so that they could lay usurious interest upon it, in order to own the economy of those nations as well, during what is euphemistically called their, 'recovery period', during which they do not recover... ever; should things go on as the reavers intend.

However, with all the agonizing redundancy of one state of tension following another, I'm getting the feeling that it is not going to be all that much longer now. Howdy Doody Obama has been caught out as a kind of marionette, Big Brother, along with the weaseling banks and corporations, who pull his strings. They are assisted in their endeavors by a massive army of civil service chipmunks, other professionals and unprofessionals, lawyers of every stripe, lacking the more deserved stripes and pretty much the biggest collection of idiots and ne'er do wells, ever gathered before on the world stage, for The Apocalypse Grand Finale.

There are certain alarming conditions that bode no well for world peace. One of these is that the Assad forces are crushing the rebels. That's the kind of thing the vampire elite are not fond of. They are not fond of anything that does not go their way and what they want, what the vampire elite want, is the subjugation and/or murder of every living thing on the planet, except for themselves and those, in the permanent underclass, who remain behind to serve them, until death. Most of you, not being members of the vampire elite, probably are not as appreciative of their strategy as they are; being as you would not be considered a benefiting recipient of their efforts. No matter, this has no effect on them.

Another disturbing feature is that Nixon/Obama has got himself into a minefield of IED cowpies, of an assured, explosive character. This fairly guarantees new outrages against the public, in the form of ham handed, false flag efforts. When things go bad for the thugs in power, it causes a serious annoyance for the vampire elite and they resort to acting out on their favorite motto, “If it doesn't work, use force ...and if that doesn't work, use more force”. So... where does that leave us? We'll see. Please feel free to enjoy the relative peace of the moment.

In conclusion; we're going for brevity today, let me say that the whole prophecy and prediction game has never, as far as I can see, done anyone a lick of good. Nostrildamus is incomprehensible and the wide latitude of meanings that are employed by the woo woo crowd, pretty much renders their conclusions meaningless. In point of fact, most people pay no attention anyway, even if they were capable of understanding any of it, they wouldn't be all that interested. They've inhaled the Dream-Fog and are walking in a wide eyed somnambulism, through the cemetery future. I'm not here to disparage the hoi poloi, not that they would notice. I'm here to say what I say until I go away.

Today, I wandered through a town festival and observed the hundreds upon hundreds, eating some pretty horrible things (grin) and washing it all down with copious amounts of beer and wine. It's the yearly merchant's day shopping frenzy and there were more people than I had seen in this town before. That's a lot. They were google-eyed over an assortment of pedestrian cars (pun intended), and all the other things you see for sale at these affairs and which wind up in the garage or in the attic soon enough or... not soon enough. It was a snapshot of our times. This is what interests people, here... or most anywhere. It doesn't interest me, or most of you. The trick it seems, is to get me and you into a space where we can engage in what does interest us. I'm working on that.

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The radio show is now up.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Stepping on Frogs and Enemy Mines. Kaboom!

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Well, I guess it was to be expected. Running into opposition has always been a mainstay of mine and seeing as I have been compelled to break eggs to make an omelet, or step on frogs, I have my share of detractors and enemies. Two devoted and long time trolls, Torus and Lizzie, working in tandem have set out to disparage me. Torus was around these sites for years. He still is. For a long time he was very amicable and giving me praise for my work. Then, for some reason, he became very cynical and dark, seeming to hate everything. He was pretty perverse. If I said something positive, he would counter with the negative. If I said something negative he would chide me for not being positive. The thing is, his ego got pricked and he became enraged. I let him know that I didn't appreciate the way he went about things and in the process of reading him his inventory, by way of explanation for why he was doing what he was doing, he went Nova ...and has been routinely harsh and sneering since. As Lao Tzu said, “those who feel pricked must have once been a bubble”. For some people, their egos are not capable of withstanding any form of critique. He is joined in his efforts by Lizzie, who has been trolling here for years and who is not Lizzie. She always posts at these sites anonymously. Apparently it's different at the Icke site. I could go into greater and more revealing detail but there's no real point to that. Then again (grin).

I let the readers know a long time ago that I was compelled to act out under certain circumstances, to avoid certain pitfalls that might come my way, if I just let things slide. In the cases where I did act out, without exception, all of the protagonists proved to be just what I was sensing and... in spades. Had I not done what I did, I would still be interactive with these people and headed for some kind of disaster with them further down the road, when it would be far more inconvenient than a simple parting of the ways, due to divergent motivations. Some people are after things I am not in pursuit of and they get disappointed and then inflamed as their needs are not being met. I am supposed to be their trained monkey, who plays the role they have assigned to me. It would be a fabrication but they are okay with that. Following that, they set out to hurt me publicly and concoct all kinds of wild tales about things that did not happen. This latter is something I have never understood. The truth should be enough. Unfortunately for their perspective, the truth did not provide enough juice for the reactions they had in mind. All of these people are terminally on the outs with me because of injured pride, failed expectations, or any one of a number of things. At the time of the events I was somewhat upset that such things even needed to happen but... what came after proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was the best and only course to take, however uncomfortable it might have been in the short run. I'm pretty much interested in the long run in any case.

You can't do this job, writing long postings every day, from various perspectives, as well as radio broadcasts and other things, without running into some flack and static. You have to have that duck's back or a thick hide. In these times of pervasive tension and ratcheting uncertainty, people become very unstable and off center. For some, seeing what I do and the response I often get, reacts off of how they see themselves and their own lives, with not a great deal to show for it. All it takes is persistent industry and a desire to refine as you go. Some native talent is essential and maybe they lack that. It's a longstanding tradition that people have come to believe that they can elevate themselves by tearing someone else down. Sometimes it's just a kind of meanness born from a tedious life and which gets satisfaction from attempting to cause injury, as is the case with Torus. I am not responsible for nothing manifesting out of his existence. Still, if he can diminish my accomplishments, whatever they may actually be, he is able to console himself. I've encountered some number of people, who at a certain point, just get mean and nasty. After awhile it becomes fixed.

I could have handled Lizzie differently but... spurning is spurning and that also goes to the core of how people identify with themselves. There's only one of me. I'm not a bag of mints that can just be handed out to one and all. There are limits to the roles I can play in a particular theater. The price of fame, even in a small way, as is the case with me, is that you attract many varieties of attention and you have to skillfully juggle the way you handle these things, unless you're low end reprobate. I have to process a great many requests every day. I can't be consistently at top form all the time so, no doubt I make mistakes as I go. I may be sorry for them but that doesn't change what has already occurred.

I try my damnedest every day to bring my A game. Some people like more serene postings from me. A lot of people prefer the sturm und drang; texted fireworks, to meet the passion and outrage in their own hearts. I try to deliver both and invariably, at some point, disappoint both ...because I cannot be all things to all people at all times. The reader might have some idea what my day is like but I suspect, not really. It's going on from the time I get up, around 7:00 AM, until I go to bed somewhere around midnight and often beyond. Even so, I can't get things done in a timely fashion. I am constantly drawn back to consider and work on Neil's book and my own book and recording projects. As the communications with others has grown, via emails and whatever, the amount of time consumed has grown as well.

I thought it might be a nice idea to have a short TV or radio show. I used to be on TV for an hour and a half every week in New York. It was pretty funny stuff but... my funny doesn't seem to fly around here. People take me stone cold literally a lot of the time and it causes confusion. I'm just trying to lighten things up. I see my job here to encourage and reassure people, especially in these times. Now here I am looking at yet one more way to do that, after having gone on about how little time I have. I think I'm going to drop back into an every other day cycle now and maybe every three days or something... to give me more latitude in the spectrum.

A part of me feels bad that I didn't handle certain very annoying people with kid gloves most of the time but I long ago realized that none of this makes any difference. There are people who will hate you for your exposure alone and if you have a bunch of people saying nice things about you, Man! That really gets their back up. Envy, jealousy, vanity, these are all odious things that no sane person would want any part of but... these days, the preponderance of us are not sane. In a superficial and materially focused world, Vanity achieves a God-like status. It may stink like a corpse but some people don't seem to notice and will wear it like a mink coat (in Miami in the summer).

I know over recent times that I have alienated some portion of the readership. They still come around every day. They just don't say anything because it would be embarrassing for them to have to admit they come around every day. I know they do though, because we have various tracking abilities and... should it be necessary, the redoubtable Sim, is an expert at certain things. I caused these alienations on purpose and I warned everyone ahead of time. This was necessary for me to avoid winding up like so many compromised people, who find themselves catering, writing to type, becoming self important and believing their own hype. I was compelled to weed out some number of people, by acting as a normal and sometimes abnormal human being; to establish myself as just that. People who are attracted to the surface of appearances, will hurt you down the road, if you're not careful. You don't, or shouldn't, want people operating under illusions about you that you are then forced to sustain.

Everyone has their reasons for doing what they do and my reasons, however unsuccessful I might be at it, is to get at the truth and also to be as seriously helpful as I can, behind the scenes where a lot of my real work actually takes place. I know there are a large number of readers who are aware of this because the interactions have taken place. No, I'm not perfect, nor do I try to pass myself off as such. I'm just some guy trying to do his very best and not always being successful at it. Sometimes I fall down or bump into things but I always pick myself back up, or say “excuse me” and head onward again, with an even greater determination not to make the same mistake later on. Without a doubt there are cynical minds out there who think this is all self serving ...but every word here is true and I don't quite get the self-serving aspect, given that I work for free, have free advertising of people I believe in and work for free in the ever increasing email modality, plus giving away my books and music to people who can't afford them; like I can, uh huh.. Meanwhile, I seldom ever respond to all the nice comments I get ...because they are more properly directed toward the one I work for and that is an inflexible position on my part. So, where the presumed payoff for me is, I can't hazard a guess.

Anyway, sorry to take up the posting space with this sort of thing today but one of my signature dishes is to treat with what is going on at the moment. These are very weird times. I had a couple of people that I thought myself close to; one at a distance and one who actually lives within a few K of me. Without anything and I mean ANYTHING happening, they just wrote me off, not even having an explanation for it. I miss my friend, who lives in the area because he is a bright and articulate fellow and we have gone on many jaunts into Nature and far afield in this country. The last thing I had heard from him was that he was looking forward to seeing me. There was no following interaction, except when I, by accident, dialed his number that was next to the number I was trying to dial; surely a divine accident ...because I didn't even know that we had his number. Up until then, I thought he was dead or suffering from something and he was on my mind every day. I was so glad that he was okay that I didn't even mind the mysterious circumstances of where we now find ourselves. I'm guessing he got 'reached' somehow. Luckily, for me, I can put near anything aside and hardly give it a thought again further up the road. In the other case, someone wound me up to a particular end and that looks like some kind of intelligence work. I'm becoming increasingly observant and aware of the propensity for this. There is an army of Blue Meanies out there (grin).

Alright, we have come to the end of another posting ...and we will see you in the next one, if there is one. I'll also try to get some kind of a radio broadcast together for midweek as my computer guy just called me and told me everything works and is ready and I didn't even lose my operating system. Thank god for that as I had all kinds of creative efforts on my desktop and not backed up; fool that I am.

I truly am sorry for not meeting all these different expectations. I would if I could, depending on what they are, of course (grin). I find myself now having to leave my long time living situation, simply because of what I do and say here ...and the specter of apprehension it causes, in a certain political climate. I'm forced to migrate because of what I am doing for free as a public service. Is that fair? That's life (cue Old Blue Eyes). I'm not regretful of this but I will tell you, the truth is an unwelcome guest most of the time. I will try to be a better person and more effective at whatever this all is. I expect that one day, I'll have it together but... that is not likely to be today. My love to you all.

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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Going in Reverse, from the Cradle to Hearse.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's been nearly two and a half months of bad weather. The last 30 days, absent two or three, have been steady rain, or gray skies waiting on rain. One could say that both media, almost completely composed of manufactured lies on the one hand and partially (actual percentage unknown) lies, on the other hand, if translated into weather, would also be composed of rain, or gray skies waiting on rain. I believe it's all weather, one way or another and a projection of the collective psyche of the people experiencing it. Wiser minds than my own have said, over a course of time, much longer than my present span, in various different ways, that it is all in your mind. The general sweep of history, is a manifestation of what the mass of the population accepts to be true. The truth of this is behind the motivation of an evil, deluded (if you prefer) minority, who create propaganda, in order to manipulate the public into canon fodder and drones. This is very much at work in present time.

A great many of the minority, which composes those of us who are aware to some degree, find ourselves wandering around like Diogenes, not so much in search of an honest man but... in search of consciousness, possessing intelligence, intelligent life, some signs of intelligence, contained in the mass of doomed existences, who have given up the capacity to reason, in the hope of security from engines and entities, who have no intention of providing anything like it. As Ben Franklin was kind enough to point out, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”. They will presently get neither, either; now seen from my vantage point, two hundred years later on, or however long it's been.

I have studied this dilemma of arrested awareness and the willing embrace of ignorance and denial, that is viral and epidemic around the world and I have studied it from a distance and up close in the midst. It is my unhappy duty to declare that there will be no sudden and propitious awakening among the greater masses, except by trauma, horror and outrage. The underlying cause of this is, addiction to materialism and the variety of forms it takes through the 3 lower energy portals of the human form. All of the enticements and attractions of the world, are geared to ping upon these centers and awaken the entity to the enjoyment of whatever appetites are 'promised' in the advertisements. Very few of these entities are going to get to screw the girl, lounging on the expensive cars, with the glass of scotch in her hand. They are not going to get to screw the volleyball goddesses, who get hosed down, so that they can be photographed with the water beading on their temporarily perfect-seeming forms. No one with a mentally retentive capacity and who has already had the misfortune to converse with these creatures- and more- would even want to; speaking on my own behalf. For me, beauty is as beauty does and there are no exceptions. This is not to say that beauty does not attend these exceptions. It most certainly does ...but you can take that up with the eye of the beholder.

A lot of this has to do with the culture of meat and the willing disposition to eat anything, regardless of the contents, which far too many are incurious about in the first place. You can see a lot about what the pathology has come to, when you observe people eating while they are walking down the street; they've lost all sense of ceremonial awareness. There's little or no gratitude in their activities of consumption. It's all a sort of perfunctory indifference. Any momentary snapshot of the way things are, captured in time, indicates pending destruction. When people have lost all sense of gratitude and real value, there is no impetus on the part of what motivates life, to continue further in that direction.

The whole of The Earth is encased in a vibrationary envelope. There is a consciousness within that envelope that measures the state of being which it contains. This consciousness reacts according to the contents. It adjusts things, when adjustment becomes imperative and it is imperative now.

The catamite media has announced that 1% of the population controls 39% of the wealth. I wager it is higher than that because the business of catamite media, is to lie on the behalf of those who own and run it, just as it is the polluted fountainhead of craven agendas, which provide distorted articles to affirm what is not so to manipulate opinion, the intent of which is the destruction of the culture. Then they control and filter the following commentary, so as to give the impression that the larger numbers of the public are in agreement with what they profess. The central core of a society is the family unit and the strength of its middle class. Both of these items are being fundamentally altered (the perception of what composes them) in order to legitimize whatever the overlords are pushing, in order to bring about the end of life as we knew it.

All over the world now you have outbreaks of bizarre behavior surfacing. All over the world, the poisoning of consumable foods, gratuitous wars, the sexual violation of children by those in power, the tortures and dehumanization of the imprisoned, the casual beatings and murder of unarmed citizens by law enforcement and many another perversity are commonplace. What might once, in an age long ago, have been a balancing retardant against these terrible things, has now been co-opted by the overlords and the bulk of the congregations turned into brainwashed zombies.

This is the way it sums itself up to me, during these gray days of cold and rain. Lady Nature cannot bring herself to allow the sunlight to smile through. Seen from an objective distance, I recognize it all must take its course. You can't make people be what they should be. This is something they must discover on their own and it is the beauty and the horror of free will.

The monsters who have taken near total control of life conditions, the conduits of information, the political structures and economic systems, are monsters indeed and this is why they forge law after law to protect themselves from the inevitable reactions, which their relentless abuses upon humanity will eventually bring.

I know that it all works out in the end, even if that means the end of many lives and many conditions and things. None of us, among the partially awakened, would choose, in the moment, to be resident in these times. We must have chosen it though, at another point, when we were permitted to see the entirely of what was certain to follow and the varieties of ending that were possible on the way.

I can only look at my own situation and measure it against what I hear from 'out there'. In here and out there need to be circumspect and pay attention. I have recently found myself toyed with, by people in the employ of I know not who, but I can guess. They have sought to play upon my hopes and fears of relocation, by offering me various things and then disappearing, once they have jacked me up into a particular frame of mind; or so they think. They fail to recognize that I have been this route before many times and I don't take anything seriously until I get there and I don't believe anything until I have very good reasons and ample evidence to do so. I am a real student of the 'School of too Good to be True'. Those seeking to mess with me should know by now, but they don't, that I put all my eggs in the basket of 'wait and see'.

I get my marching orders from the invisible and seldom have I seen anything become what I expected it to, once the moment finally arrived for me to do anything about it. As I've said before, I am a student of trends. I don't set myself up to comment on them as a regular thing, I tend more to observe them in relation to how they affect me personally. I recognize that people and forces are going to come along and try to mess with me and you. This is something I have a great deal of experience with (grin). Nearly all of the time, when anything comes to my door, literally or otherwise, I watch and wait. Sometimes I will follow up on it, to see where it leads, for my own profit or amusement but it is more about the purpose of exposing the real contents than it is about any pending broken heart. I am very adaptable and I mention all of this in the hope that all of you will consider what's been said, in respect of your own existence and all the promises and disappointments it may or may not contain.

We live in a deceptive and deceiving world. We need to proceed with care. Protections are in place for those deserving of it, or earning it as they go. So long as we are useful, we are never left adrift and anything we may experience in the short term, only occurs to make us more useful and more aware and more deserving in the long run. Be alert.

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