Saturday, June 01, 2013

Going in Reverse, from the Cradle to Hearse.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's been nearly two and a half months of bad weather. The last 30 days, absent two or three, have been steady rain, or gray skies waiting on rain. One could say that both media, almost completely composed of manufactured lies on the one hand and partially (actual percentage unknown) lies, on the other hand, if translated into weather, would also be composed of rain, or gray skies waiting on rain. I believe it's all weather, one way or another and a projection of the collective psyche of the people experiencing it. Wiser minds than my own have said, over a course of time, much longer than my present span, in various different ways, that it is all in your mind. The general sweep of history, is a manifestation of what the mass of the population accepts to be true. The truth of this is behind the motivation of an evil, deluded (if you prefer) minority, who create propaganda, in order to manipulate the public into canon fodder and drones. This is very much at work in present time.

A great many of the minority, which composes those of us who are aware to some degree, find ourselves wandering around like Diogenes, not so much in search of an honest man but... in search of consciousness, possessing intelligence, intelligent life, some signs of intelligence, contained in the mass of doomed existences, who have given up the capacity to reason, in the hope of security from engines and entities, who have no intention of providing anything like it. As Ben Franklin was kind enough to point out, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”. They will presently get neither, either; now seen from my vantage point, two hundred years later on, or however long it's been.

I have studied this dilemma of arrested awareness and the willing embrace of ignorance and denial, that is viral and epidemic around the world and I have studied it from a distance and up close in the midst. It is my unhappy duty to declare that there will be no sudden and propitious awakening among the greater masses, except by trauma, horror and outrage. The underlying cause of this is, addiction to materialism and the variety of forms it takes through the 3 lower energy portals of the human form. All of the enticements and attractions of the world, are geared to ping upon these centers and awaken the entity to the enjoyment of whatever appetites are 'promised' in the advertisements. Very few of these entities are going to get to screw the girl, lounging on the expensive cars, with the glass of scotch in her hand. They are not going to get to screw the volleyball goddesses, who get hosed down, so that they can be photographed with the water beading on their temporarily perfect-seeming forms. No one with a mentally retentive capacity and who has already had the misfortune to converse with these creatures- and more- would even want to; speaking on my own behalf. For me, beauty is as beauty does and there are no exceptions. This is not to say that beauty does not attend these exceptions. It most certainly does ...but you can take that up with the eye of the beholder.

A lot of this has to do with the culture of meat and the willing disposition to eat anything, regardless of the contents, which far too many are incurious about in the first place. You can see a lot about what the pathology has come to, when you observe people eating while they are walking down the street; they've lost all sense of ceremonial awareness. There's little or no gratitude in their activities of consumption. It's all a sort of perfunctory indifference. Any momentary snapshot of the way things are, captured in time, indicates pending destruction. When people have lost all sense of gratitude and real value, there is no impetus on the part of what motivates life, to continue further in that direction.

The whole of The Earth is encased in a vibrationary envelope. There is a consciousness within that envelope that measures the state of being which it contains. This consciousness reacts according to the contents. It adjusts things, when adjustment becomes imperative and it is imperative now.

The catamite media has announced that 1% of the population controls 39% of the wealth. I wager it is higher than that because the business of catamite media, is to lie on the behalf of those who own and run it, just as it is the polluted fountainhead of craven agendas, which provide distorted articles to affirm what is not so to manipulate opinion, the intent of which is the destruction of the culture. Then they control and filter the following commentary, so as to give the impression that the larger numbers of the public are in agreement with what they profess. The central core of a society is the family unit and the strength of its middle class. Both of these items are being fundamentally altered (the perception of what composes them) in order to legitimize whatever the overlords are pushing, in order to bring about the end of life as we knew it.

All over the world now you have outbreaks of bizarre behavior surfacing. All over the world, the poisoning of consumable foods, gratuitous wars, the sexual violation of children by those in power, the tortures and dehumanization of the imprisoned, the casual beatings and murder of unarmed citizens by law enforcement and many another perversity are commonplace. What might once, in an age long ago, have been a balancing retardant against these terrible things, has now been co-opted by the overlords and the bulk of the congregations turned into brainwashed zombies.

This is the way it sums itself up to me, during these gray days of cold and rain. Lady Nature cannot bring herself to allow the sunlight to smile through. Seen from an objective distance, I recognize it all must take its course. You can't make people be what they should be. This is something they must discover on their own and it is the beauty and the horror of free will.

The monsters who have taken near total control of life conditions, the conduits of information, the political structures and economic systems, are monsters indeed and this is why they forge law after law to protect themselves from the inevitable reactions, which their relentless abuses upon humanity will eventually bring.

I know that it all works out in the end, even if that means the end of many lives and many conditions and things. None of us, among the partially awakened, would choose, in the moment, to be resident in these times. We must have chosen it though, at another point, when we were permitted to see the entirely of what was certain to follow and the varieties of ending that were possible on the way.

I can only look at my own situation and measure it against what I hear from 'out there'. In here and out there need to be circumspect and pay attention. I have recently found myself toyed with, by people in the employ of I know not who, but I can guess. They have sought to play upon my hopes and fears of relocation, by offering me various things and then disappearing, once they have jacked me up into a particular frame of mind; or so they think. They fail to recognize that I have been this route before many times and I don't take anything seriously until I get there and I don't believe anything until I have very good reasons and ample evidence to do so. I am a real student of the 'School of too Good to be True'. Those seeking to mess with me should know by now, but they don't, that I put all my eggs in the basket of 'wait and see'.

I get my marching orders from the invisible and seldom have I seen anything become what I expected it to, once the moment finally arrived for me to do anything about it. As I've said before, I am a student of trends. I don't set myself up to comment on them as a regular thing, I tend more to observe them in relation to how they affect me personally. I recognize that people and forces are going to come along and try to mess with me and you. This is something I have a great deal of experience with (grin). Nearly all of the time, when anything comes to my door, literally or otherwise, I watch and wait. Sometimes I will follow up on it, to see where it leads, for my own profit or amusement but it is more about the purpose of exposing the real contents than it is about any pending broken heart. I am very adaptable and I mention all of this in the hope that all of you will consider what's been said, in respect of your own existence and all the promises and disappointments it may or may not contain.

We live in a deceptive and deceiving world. We need to proceed with care. Protections are in place for those deserving of it, or earning it as they go. So long as we are useful, we are never left adrift and anything we may experience in the short term, only occurs to make us more useful and more aware and more deserving in the long run. Be alert.

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As the parts for my computer did not arrive at the shop where it is being repaired, there will be no radio broadcast this Sunday. I am sorry about that but there is nothing I can do.

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insiam said...

non of the usual 'alternative news sites' are reporting the following - yet it seems pretty big news!!

Anonymous said...

We may be sure that Aurora, Sandy Hook and the "lesser" massacres are operations by the Tribe. Whether you like firearms or not, the Tribe doesn't want you to have any. The Tribe also portrays firearms users as racist bigots. This is part of the plan. If you consider yourself "progressive", if you think Man is perfectible, you are prone to fall for this anti-firearms propaganda. The automatic rifle is the common man's last defense against these monsters.

Anonymous said...

It is my unhappy duty to declare that there will be no sudden and propitious awakening among the greater masses, except by trauma, horror and outrage:

what to say dear beloved..truth is truth. and truth is of both extremes and cold with different degrees in between. facing the two extremes requires one to re.establish a forgotten state

i do not have a computer at present so i have not read the entire post..using library computer.

stay well and safe. remember the bodiless One

Peace . Om

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Srila Prabhupada..

"I guarantee that if you simply come here and hear about Krishna, you will be liberated."

(Lecture - April 12, 1974, Mumbai)

Smyrna said...

I really dig that sermon, Vis.

I work at a roadhouse, or what you might call a 'truck stop'. I can tell you that a large percentage of people are imbeciles.

There is an un-missable sign out front, and one in the shop saying 'Toilets'. You can't not see them.

"Do you have toilets here?"

There is this big coffee machine right next to the service counter. You can't not see it.

"Do you have coffee here?"

Despite the customer in front of them paying with eftpos, "Do you have eftpos here?" (what fucking business doesn't have eftpos these days?)

This is day in, day out, brother.

The end can't come quick enough for these zombies.

Anonymous said...

Be patient L.V. the globull warming hasn't reached your area yet. I gave up on the walking dead teevee zombie lobotomy box worshippers years ago. They are walking colostomy bags, shit in and shit out. The only way any awakening will happen is if Talmud Vision goes offline for good.
Instinct told you to exit the Kwanstain Rainbow Collective of Amerikwa so you should be alright there in Shangri-La. You lucky dog you! Ahaha! Carry on.

Anonymous said...

Oh I hear ya Smyrna! I've got BAÑO written in 2ft tall letters on the wall in my place. Occasionally I spruce up the lettering and add a few more arrows, but it turns out it was clear as day all along, as the frequency of stupid questions remains constant. I suppose it's one of those subconcious needs for acknowledgement; be it acknowledgement as a total buffoon or otherwise doesn't seem to matter. My mother told me that if you haven't got anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, but I just can't help myself in cases such as this!
Loving your work as always Vis, very happy to hear Poncho is well. Spectacularly great unseasonable weather here so wishing some of it your way. Take care all.

With love and un abrazo


Anonymous said...

This is for the poster, on Saturday, June 01, 2013 4:49:00 PM. In all the years that you have lived, have you ever gone into a business, and missed something that was right there in front of you - and then asked somebody who worked there a question about the existence of that certain something? Of course you have. But would you admit it now, after the post you just made? Nope. People brand others as idiots for doing the very same things that they do. It's mind-boggling. (And an indication of "enlightenment", and "awareness", and "intelligence", obviously - lol.) Who cares, seriously, about the signs and amenities found at a truck stop. People are preoccupied with the details of their lives when they walk into such places. They don't stop, look at all the signs, look around the establishment very carefully, in an attempt to answer all of their questions. You know what they do? They ask the help. And so do you, when you go into a business and need answers - ironic, isn't it? If it bothers you so much that people ask you what you consider to be "stupid questions" at your place of employment, hey, if you're such a genius, go get a job as a rocket scientist of a brain surgeon or a theoretical physicist - instead of working at a truck stop.

Ray B. said...

Hi, Vis! A good column today. Thanks!

"Wiser minds than my own have said, over a course of time, much longer than my present span, in various different ways, that it is all in your mind. The general sweep of history, is a manifestation of what the mass of the population accepts to be true."

Most certainly true. In this is both the trap and the release. You mention it yourself:

"The whole of The Earth is encased in a vibrationary envelope."

The 'bad guys' have succeeded (for a long, long time) in restricting the 'vibrationary envelope' on Earth to "Here and Now." By this, I mean awareness of other off-planet and higher-dimensional races/cultures have been excluded from our collective consciousness.

This is about to change.

I see the coming Change - when the Earth's vibrationary envelope opens to the above, like an eggshell going away - to be as (or more) significant as the change from Earth-centered to Solar System-centered consciousness. The changes to Us will be massive and significant - and from the inside out.

I do wonder what will happen when everyone on the planet now has working ESP abilities. Will the heightened perception cause those with due reason to judge themselves to thereupon 'take themselves out' in some psychic manifestation? How many will die (conventionally or horribly) in the moments to days after the opening? (Perhaps more enlightened beings will 'stay their hands' for a time...) Conversely, how many will 'shine forth' with the new era? As you say, 'time will tell'.


In my area, we are in the perfect time between the cold, wet spring and the hot, parched summer. The many lilies that I rescued from discards & planted last year are about to 'pop', and the dozens of roses that I rooted last year from cast-off cuttings have started their first, tentative blooms. Life is good...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Rob in WI said...

Visible y all,
Hope y'all will let me indulge a bit. Today, I went to the memorial celebration for the life of one of my favorite cousins. There were about 50 adults, and 20 kids. I only had to travel 100km, but there were relatives from all over usa. It was a heartwarming experience, and caused me to realize how the Divine has blessed me. Normally, I don't care to speak before a group, but today it was easy, telling fun anecdotes.
These are very troubled times, and I believe most people know it in their heart; but there are beautiful things in this life that become intoxicating. A poor Goldfinch (bird), had the misfortune of acquiring the ability to see his reflection in glass. He has attacked my windows for days, and it must be harder than hell on his little beak. I think I have convinced him its an illusion, though, and maybe someday, he'll come to my finger, as swallows have.
I will try to post another comment, re genealogy. Might be fun.
Be well, all, Rob

Rob in WI said...

About 95 years ago, 2 sons of a family of Swedish/usa immigrants (7 children) married 2 daughters of another Swedish immigrant family (8 children. My grandpa was a brother, within the "sister" family. My grandma was one of 4 daughters of Norwegian immigrants. That's just the maternal side.
My father was descended from Welsh pioneers to Louisiana (maternal), from the 1700's, and Anglo "settlers" (they came under contract), in the 1850's (paternal). Funny, they all claim to have fought in the war of northern aggression, but weren't even wounded (5 brothers). Smells a bit, but who is one to question family history?
Anyhow, to the point. I have as many blood relatives as any jew on this planet. It's never been a social advantage (being a mutt), but of the hundreds of relatives I've been engaged with, they were pretty much Mr/s nice person.
Spoils my whole dream of establishing a "Robist state".
The genealogy facts stated here are pretty accurate, any conclusions are just ravings.
L., Rob

josey said...


What you wrote is very accurate for me:

" I wager it is higher than that because the business of catamite media, is to lie on the behalf of those who own and run it, just as it is the polluted fountainhead of craven agendas, which provide distorted articles to affirm what is not so to manipulate opinion, the intent of which is the destruction of the culture."

...This explains why people recording police attacks or other criminal actions and then uploading it to the 'Net drives them insane.

First because they get caught doing what they always have done and gotten away with.

Second, these events they get caught doing, which get a huge number of views, changes the dynamics so that "they" giving us the crooked "Poll Numbers" on various topics don't jive anymore. That is one reason they try to show only a small number of views on recordings that go viral.

So now they are saying an "audio" recording tied to the video (like a smartphone) is considered "wiretapping" and you face 25 years.

That's how much it pisses them off.

Smyrna said...

No, Anonymous at 9:48pm June 1st, I can't recall ever missing something right in front of my nose, and then having to ask a shop attendant to help me. Ever.

I'm telling you that there are a multitude of sleepwalking zombies out there like you wouldn't believe.

They aren't plugged into fundamental reality and lack situational awareness.

I recall working at a similar establishment in the mid 1980s and can't recall that time as having anywhere near the percentage of fuckwits as there is now.

Smyrna said...

Don't worry Anonymous, I am a genius.
I happened to wake up at a young enough age, thanks to god and its forces, to avoid becoming a rocket surgeon.

Visible said...

Smyma; what are the odds I would have just concluded and posted a Smoking Mirrors that uses the phrase rocket surgeon and then come over here and find you using it?

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Erdogan and the TrashkeNAZIS at the Department Store of Death.

Smyrna said...

Yeah that is strange, Vis. Shit like that makes my day. Will see you at Smoking Mirrors.

Rubikon1984 said...

Hi Vis, read your posts with great attention and I have to admit they're inspiring. I used to live under so called communism for 30 yrs, and I used to think that there are two sides, the west and everything behind so called "iron curtain". Now I am more convinced that yes there were 2 sides but of the same coin, if one reads history books written there and here, one gets an impression that they were written by the same people. Living there we thought that communism falsifies history and on the west only true history is published. People like you opened my eyes, that doesn't mean that I feel better, yes I am more aware of unreality I am living in.
You're right that we live in a zombie like society where mental viruses are being spread every day. Where promoting emotional side of human nature is the order of the day. Why, emotions effect the judgement and they eliminate any critical thinking.
Talking about waking up to this unreality, some people choose not to hear it or see it because it's too depressing too overwhelming.
I've accidentally stepped into that inquiry long time ago but I know that there is no way back into ignorance.

bproman said...

Thank you again for your refreshing thoughts of insight. May your inner well of inspiration be full of never ending golden spiritual truths.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Most of this delusion/confusion/fear stems from the fact most people are literally "meatheads" with all this portends.

The devas/demigods can certainly hear and feel the demonic vibrations of agony and fear manifested 24/7 by the tens of billions of slaughtered animals.

These anti-life vibrations permeate the atmosphere of this planet and render it unfit for association.

They will not come here due to these excessive demonic acts and neglect of spiritual practices/lures.

The very demigods/devas who bestow blessings and opulences are sickened by this. Their absence is apparent as well as expected and predicted. They are very sadly distressed for Bhumi Devi/Mother Nature as she suffers such ungrateful, greedy and covetous horrors.

Can you blame them for not coming?

Orders from the Boss.

Ray B. said...

via Homer.. Sunday, June 02, 2013 6:34:00 PM

"Can you blame them [devas/demigods] for not coming? Orders from the Boss."

I both absolutely resonate with what you are saying, and believe you are partially 'behind the power curve'.

A portion of the 'devas/demigods' is currently working 'alongside' others who have agreed to end this situation on Earth permanently. Progress has been good, as I have posted before, and we are close to a planetwide 'turning' that should end these practices.

The 'Boss' ordered a 'cleanup'... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Ray B, I always find your comments interesting, you have a good understanding of what's going on, and know more than most of us. Do you have a blog?

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Ray, speaking of power curves the demigods/devas are very much afraid of Satan and his demon clan; as well they should be.

The Kali demon and his army aren't realized as anything less than that which is barely even whispered about while hiding behind whatever/whoever.

Not by the likes of us at least and barely by the generals of the heavenly army, though God knows they're ultimately up for the battle.

The Kali demon, who this yuga is named for, is a heavyweight, his army easily the match of the heavenly army. This by and for logical and transcendental reasons of motivating and assisting all of the big and small heavenly residents to remember Who their absolute shelter and benefactor IS.

Just In case they start to get distracted, weak kneed, frightened and FORGETFUL..

We should be so fortunate.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the weather's not 'bad' everywhere. The weather's been pretty nice where I am.

So called 'bad weather' is not even bad, it's just different weather. Two sides of the same coin, eye of the beholder, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Ray B, I hope this helps to bolster your enthusiasm.

(Shukracharya is my inherent spiritual preceptor)

"When Bali Maharaja saw that his own soldiers were being killed by the associates of Lord Visnu, he remembered the curse of Sukracarya and forbade his soldiers to continue fighting"



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