Thursday, March 25, 2021

"It is Up to Us to Escape from The Prison House of the Senses, which We can CERTAINLY do With Help."

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Most people don't want to find God. Oh... they'll talk about it like they'll talk about losing weight or making a religious retreat. Who actually does that anyway? Oh right. Then they get a certificate of accomplishment and a participation trophy. Here is a little something that I know EVERYONE has the time for, simply because they certainly had the time for all of what they got up to, right? Get a diary, which can be any sundry store notebook, and record at the end of each day HOW you spent your time; what you did, what you felt, and what you thought about it at the time, and what you think and feel about it now, as you retire, AND what you intend to accomplish on the following day.

Do this for a week. Pay special attention to how well you followed up on the things you said you would accomplish each following day. After a week, take a look at yourself. That's you. By your works, you are known. “As a man thinketh?” How about feeleth too? I'm not gender-exclusive here, but perhaps my white male privilege is showing as I unconsciously exert my privilege through omission of the female aspect. Actually... I am merely quoting someone and it is unlikely I would EVER buy into such absurd social programming.

When you commit an action, you leave tracks, You leave Karmic DNA. The SAME THING happens when you Think or Feel. It occurs on a different plane but it STILL Leaves tracks. This is the reason that those who love much are forgiven much because the angels of God see the Love Marker in the karmic trail. We confuse the idea of Heaven in our minds, thinking the government of Heaven must be similar to that of Earth; As above so below, right? It's a mirror of distortion that reflects imperfectly through the lens of the times. Like... but unlike. On our plane, selfish interest is the driving force. In Heaven it is impersonal. On Earth it is personal. This is the key to success in Heaven and on Earth, act impersonally. That sounds like foolishness to a materialist.

It is true though because it is Heaven that dispenses the rewards that make life living and without them, there is no joy, nor even pleasure after a time. All is desolation and an empty waste at the end. I am talking of the REALITY of life, without spiritual guidance and support, YOU ARE DOOMED. I hate to put this as plainly as I do but the whole essential purpose of life here is freedom and that CANNOT BE FOUND in temporal things. This means that inside of us, where it counts, something is missing, and what is missing is the VITAL element for existence. Without this element, you are blind, naked, and... once again. DOOMED.

They say, 'you can't cheat an honest man'. There is no bait to conceal a hook in. The honest one doesn't see it. Swims right by. Sometimes when I look at humanity it is like looking into an aquarium with schools of fish working their mouths and then all suddenly darting at the same time. I do not want to give the impression that I hold humanity in contempt. I do not. I can love with a full heart and also not like someone, or something. God's like that. He might love you but that does not mean he likes you.

How many times in your journal of a week did you take note of the presence of God? How often did you yearn for God and seek God's counsel? How often did you defer concerns to The Divine? This is how I measure my life and the gain and loss of it, whether I paid more attention to Heaven than to The World. You can measure your spiritual state by your level of detachment. Pain is caused by attachment and faulty reasoning, due to one's vision being obscured by base desires. In other words, when you can't see where you are going, you run into and trip over things.

It is a very basic consideration that you must answer to or give account of sooner or later. Either you have adjusted your life and objectives to the presence of God, or you are getting bad information from somewhere. In the False Light, to a separated mind, everything makes sense. In the True Light, none of it does and even though you may move through crowds and come and go in the dusty marketplace of life you are alone and solitary within... and everyone is, though they may not want to know it, though they may do everything to avoid knowing it. This is the cognitive dissonance and denial of the mortal mind. We scurry like cockroaches in all directions when the light goes on and before that, we live in the atavistic fear of it coming.

How can ordinary life here be anything but a tragedy since it ends in death and according to conventional wisdom that's all there is? Does that make any kind of sense to the deeper part of you? Why is it that ALL the great teachers who have come here have been in common accord about a finer, sweeter land in a cleaner and more peaceful world somewhere beyond here? How is it that our world has been shaped and defined by the spiritual teachers who have come and gone? Have we not seen their message distorted for the material profit of the priest class and The State? It doesn't take long for the timeless message of love to degenerate into something less attractive than love. After all, Love is THE attractive force!

This is how people get all the things and places they get to. They love at a lower level some specific part of life, be it goods, or wealth, be it power or privilege, or another person, be it whatever temporary thing that has stolen the heart and attention of those lost in the pursuit of it and that is the whole of life. It SHOWS us what happens when you do this... or that... when you find out, “What's this button here for?” Yet we are left in mystery because we cannot see (with a few exceptions) what lies on The Other Side. We also do not see those who come here time after time to be evidence of karma returning on them. We are unable to associate past acts that we never witnessed, coming into their lives. People argue back and forth about it, but that changes nothing.

There is a teaching that is timeless in its authenticity and perfect in its application at any and all times. It is called Ageless Wisdom. It is held in trust by a fellowship of Initiates to assist in shepherding humanity through dark times; times like the ones we are now coming out of. If you are searching for a higher understanding then you need to encounter one from that fellowship. Members are present here and there, hidden in the midst of the populace and set apart from it as well. You have ONLY to ask and to seek within. There are states of consciousness where they are always present and one has ONLY to raise their consciousness to particular levels to contact them. One must also be careful because there are shady intelligences that lurk in the byways to snare the unwary. Anyone who is HONEST with themselves will have nothing to fear because the duplicity MUST BE WITHIN YOU in order to resonate with such foreign influences.

Long ago, we said that all one had to do was to go into seclusion for 3 days with nothing but water and then to reach out ceaselessly for The Divine WITHIN. If sleep should come, one sleeps with the thought of and desire for God and awakens with the same thought. It is not that something should HAPPEN in those three days, but what will happen following them. There are degrees of intensity that one could bring to this search, but... we are admonished NOT TO GO TO EXTREMES.

You have to ask yourself, “how much effort have I actually put into finding God and how much elsewhere?” Few of us are capable of deeper inquiry into our divine nature. IT COSTS TOO MUCH. Ah... but the rewards? They are past telling. The thing is, we can't see the rewards because we shy from the levels of integrity and devotion that are required. Ah... but the rewards! I KNOW what I am trying to say here to be true. It is for each of us of our own accord to come to terms with ourselves concerning the matter of what is real and what is not.

It is up to us to escape from the prison-house of the senses, which we can CERTAINLY do with help. Help is there if one manages to impress the dispenser of it. It is possible to do this. One has ONLY to put their attention on it to the necessary extent, where one shows that one's hunger for the truth is greater than the accommodations made for comfort from the darkness. It is important to know that you are watched and monitored by entities from planes of existence that you cannot perceive in a sensory fashion.

Either God is real, or God is not. It is up to us to resolve this cosmic question for ourselves. I went looking and I found what I was looking for. Now all I do is talk about it and try to live it.

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Friday, March 19, 2021

"If God is Watching you All the Time, is that not an Opportunity to Perform before God?"

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Whatever their arguments, what people are really arguing about is Change. Trying to control cosmic change is much like trying to catch all the raindrops. It is absurd before you start to think about it.

Consider the horse and then the cowboy. Consider the buffalo and the Indian. The Indians were erased by erasing the buffalo and with yellow fever blankets and whiskey. It was the end of an era and it is never polite and accommodating. It is relentless and there's no fair or unfair. It happens. So it is in this age changing as well. I'm not pro-cowboy or pro-Indian. They are players on the stage of time passing. The right and wrong of things gets handled above my pay grade. One thing you can't argue about is that it happened. It also didn't happen the way a lot of people said it did. Regardless.... it was a brutal thing. Only one brutal period among more than you know of or can remember.

There is a Sufi tale that illustrates how God handles the evolution of his will and his whims. When he wants to put on a certain show in a certain town, he sends in the assemblers and they erect the stage. The play is performed and it ends. Then the assemblers become the dismantlers and they take it all down, pack it up, and move it to the next town for the next play.

If you study history and you have some sense of truth and lies, you can see that human civilization has seldom been civil. We hope for better. A good number of us strive for better but... so many bad things happen and with the limited blueprints given by organized religion people don't understand why these things must happen. If you look deeper you can see that most of the time in most places everything is pretty much okay. It must be that Karma is a reality and it must also mean that sins and offenses follow us from life to life. That would EASILY explain all that happens. Oh yeah... and there are some powerful material forces that don't want people to understand anything beyond a certain point so that they are easier to control through attractions and fears.

Yes... there is a game that goes on here between the appearances of Good and Evil. Sometimes the meter swings one way and sometimes it swings the other. As long as you are engaged in the game, you have to abide by the rules of the game. You also don't have to play and you can become so irrelevant to the game and the players that they can no longer even see you. It happens. 'By blocking no one's way no one blocks him'

I've no interest in being a social reformer here. I have not seen one yet who came to a good outcome and they USUALLY made things worse. I have no interest in telling people what is right or wrong. I don't know what is right or wrong for them. I have seen this vary WIDELY between people. I only talk about good and evil or anything else so that I can bring God into the discussion. Everything else that appears here is only window dressing for that. God is the subject of conversation here. We make no claims to understand God but we do like to talk about God. I also KNOW that everything else is pointless. That is... ah, how shall I put it; 'according to the perspective that exists in me'. It does not exist in everyone. Not everyone wants this perspective because it takes the shine off of everything else. It removes the sizzle from the steak. For me, that's great! Not so for everyone. Not so for everyone.

You need to assume from the beginning; if you don't, life will most certainly teach you that not everyone wants to hear about this. Real circles of love are rare. They are like variations in ocean currents that appear in certain places. What I have found, as a replacement for a visible circle of love is an invisible circle of love. It will precipitate into being at the given time, sooner or later.

If you cannot find that circle of love in your life, it is a great help to visualize it into being and to enjoy the wonderful fragrance and higher emotions that are brought by agents of the Supernal Realm. You attract them with your faith and love directed at them. No sincere prayer to Heaven goes unanswered. Keep in mind that most people are already listening all day long to broadcasts from the Infernal Realm. This has exponentially intensified over recent decades. You can hear it in the daily soundtrack and the way the performers behave. No good can come of that BUT... that is their job. That is what the Infernal Realm does. Why should anyone have trouble understanding that? ♫ What's puzzlin' you is the nature of my game ♫

If you are under the influence of the Infernal Realm then the palette of existence is of a murky hue. You cannot hear the singing from on high. Out of sight out of mind, eh? Yeah... I was mixing me some metaphors (grin). The Infernal Realm is SUBORDINATE to the Supernal Realm. Period! End of discussion. Why then would you come under the sway of the Infernal Realm? Right... the enticements. Like the cotton candy that tastes like packing material. The rides that injure you (that's the point of the ride). Well? What do you expect in an amusement park in Hell?

Once again, the Kingdom of Heaven is ALL POWERFUL. Nothing can stand against it. Is Heaven patient? Far more than you can comprehend. Is Heaven tolerant and understanding? Far more than you can comprehend. Is that why we don't see right and justice done all the time? Yeah, it is. I am sure you have heard the statement, “the wheels of justice grind slow but they grind exceedingly fine.”

Here is wisdom; embrace utter reliance upon The Indwelling to guide, instruct, inspire and protect you. I knew this early on, except it hadn't dawned on me yet. It has now. Having gone through the things I have gone through and the trauma that came and went as well. Having endured the fruits of my own ignorance and that cosmic patience and tolerance aforementioned. Heh heh... I can say it is no easy road, though I am sure I made it harder than it had to be. Nevertheless, you have to be committed. Sometimes you even get committed. If you are not committed-determined and unrelenting, God will see right into that. You ONLY have to impress God, no one else. His angels are watching you, all day and all night. It's not like you don't have ample opportunity here on this stage of existence to get God's attention, since it is his CEASELESS attention that keeps you here in the first place.

Well... if God is watching you all the time, is that not an opportunity to perform before God? There's no better way to get your chops down than that. The real gold is in the inspiration. If God gives you inspiration, you know. You definitely know. HOWEVER... if you do not honor the muses and the one who sends them, the well can and does run dry. This accounts for all those flashes in the pans and one-hit-wonders. It shows in failed potential. If you are after the common stages of The World and the watering holes of the rich, God will give you that. You'll get your fill of it. There are finer stages and more elevated audiences that one can perform for. That one, indeed, does perform for, wittingly or unwittingly.

Of course, for most people, these claims are absurd, why... where's the profit in that? If you can't see it, then... I'm guessing here... there isn't any. Moving right along.

FAITH is the SUBSTANCE of things UNSEEN. In that one statement resides a wealth of spiritual law and power. It is directly tied to, “as a man thinketh.” We have all the power we need to turn life around, as soon as we know who makes it possible and get inline. You can also get things from The Dark Side, many do.

In times of widespread confusion and mistrust, usually orchestrated by the usual suspects who like playing The Sorcerer's Apprentice, it is PRUDENT and wise to have a channel to the light. One must NEVER forget that ONLY God is in charge and trying to guess his reasons is a strange kind of arrogance and stupidity joined at the hip but going in opposite directions, both of them wrong. We are in such times now.

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Sunday, March 14, 2021

"The Reason God Comes is the Steady Decline of Humanity into the Abyss of Common Appetites and Desires."


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I had nearly completed an entire posting when I realized I should put it aside. It wasn't a bad effort. It was very anecdotal, somewhat reminiscent, somewhat present time. I am changing so much these days that sometimes what got done the day before is no longer pertinent to the moment and the mindset of it. The title was, “The Catbird Seat is lined with the Corpses of Dead Songbirds.” heh heh.

It might have been amusing in some parts and not funny at all in others but I didn't want to talk about it anymore, not at the moment. I just want to talk about The Divine and the joy of The Presence. What happens in an apocalypse, attended by an Awakening, is that at some point God will put in an appearance. Any student of Occult History knows that God comes and goes like clockwork. He's always present for the earnest and perceptive, but sometimes he comes with a greater and more intense sense of presence. It is the presence that attends the arrival of The Avatar. It is an external event but the majority of its effect is Internal. Many people may never encounter The Avatar in person, but they will assuredly encounter him in a life and consciousness transforming manner by virtue of his radiance.

When Jesus walked in those 3 years, he directly connected with only a small portion of the earth's population, and with the ones he did make contact with, only a small portion of them received the deeper teachings. At the time when Jesus was here, the population of the Earth was also MUCH SMALLER. Since that time, he has touched an exponentially greater number of people. Of those, a much smaller amount have attained Christ Consciousness.

There have been many organizations that have come and gone between then and now. Some were misguided. In the religious arena, some were seriously and criminally misguided. There has ALWAYS been an inner brotherhood shepherding humanity through the incarnation cycles. Sometimes it is a secret order. Sometimes it has an esoteric school. Sometimes it is manifestly exoteric and a purely temporal affair. I was fond of The Essenes and their teachings. I've studied (what I could find) most of them. Of all of them, the Rosicrucians appealed to me the most.

They have a few rules and that is it. They wear no special uniforms and go about with everyone as if they were everyone else. They have no external hierarchy. They heal. That is their one noted power. They are anonymous and some of them live for centuries. I had an amusing experience a few decades ago. I had this girlfriend, Svargo, and I had been telling her about how I was tormented by The World and wished there was somewhere I could go. Perhaps she asked me if I had somewhere in mind; an idea of a somewhere. I mentioned The Rosicrucians. I meant the True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order. However it happened, she called The Rosicrucian headquarters in Southern Ca. I think it was there and she spoke with one of the leaders and he said, “Please tell him to come here. We would very much like him to be a member.”

I was told that meant to come and stay there and live in the fellowship. I don't think that sort of thing happens very often, out of the blue like that. I didn't go. I've had a lot of experience with religious organizations that have living situations, and the same with ashrams. I have NEVER been in an environment of that kind, religious or arcane, where there was no tension, rampaging ambition and competition, most of which was behind the scenes plotting, gossip and slander, and... I always would think of the higher governing ranks in the Catholic Church, whose history I've studied. The Machiavellian intrigues and venal striving were amazing. They even had lineages like the Borgia Popes. There were so many figures that Shakespeare covered. I'm reminded what men who wanted only to glorify God like Michelangelo had to go through with The Church.

It's no picnic to be a spiritual teacher with an organization. It's like having a karmic replica of a Hatfield and McCoy feud. In real life (snicker) people come from all over to reincarnate into the blood families of people who may have committed all sorts of offenses on them in lives past, or with offenses pending. The Lords of Karma put people in truly surprising scenarios for reason beyond the ken of ordinary mortals. It made me sad not to be able to find a community of kindred spirits. Eventually, the blogs took care of that. When you are an outsider, it is usually a lifelong thing.

In any case, there IS a hidden fraternity of souls who labor through the ages to bring light to the darkness of the human mind. It is most often a thankless task in the material sense and it is with GOOD REASON that members of the inner order go about in anonymous fashion. This invisible hierarchy is responsible for all positive and wonderful changes in human nature. I know it looks like the psychopaths are running the asylum, BUT... as ever, it is for The Purpose of Demonstration. We are in a unique place in human history and since I KNOW that Heaven has authority over all things, I accept that all is as it should be, NO MATTER HOW IT LOOKS.

It is my opinions and judgments that have held me back, because I, like so many of us, assumed that I knew things which I did not. I had to let go of it all, even the rational aspects because things are ALMOST NEVER what they seem, and certainly the causal nature of them goes GENERALLY unknown.

I was a very smart fellow and extremely determined. I was also very young. I knew so much, until the day I met The Man on the Beach. In the day that I spent with him, he said, “I don't know” more than anything else, much more than anything else and I remember well, walking with him by the creek at Lime Kiln Creek, and suddenly, apropos of nothing I can recall, I was saying, “I don't know.” The funny thing is that I was realizing, profoundly that I viscerally did not know. It was like a weight being lifted from my mind and all of what I thought I knew took a flier.

It was similar to when my personality was sucked out of my being during the kundalini experience and nothing remained. It was the precursor to it. It took me a while to realize that there was a self there yet. It was the self that the other-selves concealed beneath their riot of impulses that drove them through life. I've had various front personalities that merge into the next one, brought about by life changes, but I've never taken any of them seriously. They are the mask I wear in this masquerade ball that is the ever-changing dream of life. We all have one, or several. As I like to say, 'We all have other faces.” We have the everyday face and the evening face that changes as the planetary influence changes. Sunlight and Moonlight have different aspects, though they are both Sunlight. Then we have the face that shows when danger appears. There are the faces of appetite. There are the faces of trauma, sorrow, and love.

What I am trying to say is that it is no easy thing to EFFECTIVELY communicate with The Divine. Various protocols have to be in order. Yes... God is watching you all the time, but it is not often that he acts in a more direct fashion. He created it to watch it. When he does become more present and engaged is during the time of The Avatar. This period of time is like the bonus round in a game show. There are possibilities that exist which are not around most of the time. If God comes in person then he has a reason and the reason is the steady decline of humanity into the abyss of common appetites and desires. He comes to awaken humanity and that is The Awakening presently in operation. The apocalypse is to uncover and reveal Truth that was previously hidden. This is a wonderful and serendipitous time. Do not focus on the NEGATIVE.

If THEY can get you to be fearful and intimidated, they have done their job. THEY make themselves real to you as figures of authority and then they exercise that authority. For me, there is but one authority and I recognize no other. I see the temporal side of it but it doesn't impact on me. What does it say in The Bible? “Be ye wise as serpents and harmless as doves.”

In this world, there are people you can talk to and people you might be advised to avoid. If you can manage with “Hello” do so. If you can exchange details without strife then do so. With some, you can go deeper and with most, you must glide across the surface. Shine on regardless but sidestep dispute. You cannot reach most people with the deeper aspects of existence, but you can radiate them. Truth is infectious. Once planted it will grow if it can be planted. What does The Bible say about sowing seeds on rocks and barren ground?

If you want to be a Rosicrucian, act like a Rosicrucian and it will attract Rosicrucians. We are ALL radiating unique evidence of our presence, but I am in temporary form here. It makes more sense to let the timeless and eternal flow through one than to block it for foolish enterprises.

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Sunday, March 07, 2021

"On and On They Go with Soul Deadening Fragments of Incomplete Doctrine."

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Not your usual Origami.

How come the homeless had no COIVD problems? How come there's no COVID with the migrants who are pouring in without testing? I could go into sundry details here and with many more examples, but I'm not going to waste my time cause you can't fix Stupid. I AM NOT calling the reader stupid. I'm just past the point for I feel entertained pointing out the obvious. People not seeing what is coming is the reason for their not being prepared. People not seeing what is coming have their attention on other things. I'm guessing they are REALLY important because... why else would anyone ignore their own well-being?

The Avatar can come and be noticed by few. When has it ever been different? There is little or no historical evidence of Jesus. The religion that formed after him, except for early on, was based on an incomplete teaching. The failure to include Karma into the tenets leaves something like a building missing a couple of critical pillars of support. Also, leaving The Divine Feminine absent and laying all of the cosmic implications on Mary, the mother of Jesus, is absurd.

As is the case with all of the great teachers and Wayshowers sent from Heaven, there is a simple teaching for those possessed of simple understandings and then there is that which is entrusted with the initiates for posterity. Beyond that is Inspiration and Revelation. Then... at the deeper remove is what cannot be spoken of. All day long, luminous intelligence vibrates upon the rays of The Sun but is unnoticed except by the rare few who bathe in them.

People drop by here occasionally and other locations where we appear and leave us a collection of mind-numbing scripture that is usually insisting that their way is the ONLY WAY. No one is improved when these appear. People, for the most part, are annoyed or ignore it. By now, people know that those rattling off memorized quotes have no contact with the force they are referencing. On and on they go with soul-deadening fragments of incomplete doctrine.

You can read all the books, but the important parts are missing. They are indicators, not the destination itself. You can do Yoga with the soccer moms but the important parts are missing. You can light incense and chant all day, but the important parts are missing. You can wear the robes and funny hats and learn the secret handshakes, but the important parts are missing. There is a doddering old fool who sits on St. Peter's Throne and mouths platitudes. The best part is how he bends whichever way the wind blows, accommodating temporal demands of The Will of Darkness. The corruption in established religions acts like a metal press from which all virtue was squeezed out long ago.

We are limping through the wreckage of a dying age and it is never pretty. It stands to reason that the glass-half-empty crowd would see only the negative aspects of what is PASSING AWAY, instead of the dawning light of a fresh and vital new age coming upon us. The World is in turmoil as what once seemed so solid now crumbles away. Those who will survive are those who can let the past go. The rest will be swallowed up in it as compost to feed what is to come.

Last time it was God in human form (after the River Jordan) who came to exemplify the Piscean Age; The Age of Sacrifice. His blood bought and paid for all of the centuries that came after. The blood is the force that has fueled the generations. This is all going to change now. A new version of Ageless Truth is soon to walk among us; may already be walking among us, awaiting Investiture (a new River Jordan). It is all going to be very different and very much the same. Some will say it is that Second Coming we have been hearing about. The Sun King will be coming again, but the religion will be unlike what preceded it.

The long guarded secrets of The Sun Disk and all manner of ancient technologies are going to resurface. As has EVER been the case, the simple form will be the primer for the many who are ceaselessly coming and going. Then there will be the deeper truths of initiatic teachings. Unfortunately, there is VERY LIKELY going to be a (or several) worldwide event(s) that will stand as a reminder for those who survive. I hesitate to say much about world catastrophe, BUT... such events seem to be a common theme of world transitioning. SOMETHING is going to happen. At the same time, The Awakening is also going to spread around the world, as the living light of The Avatar becomes more and more present on this plane. Massive changes in the way we understand things are on the horizon.

By now, YOU SHOULD KNOW that they are trying to drag you through the Gates of Hell, by ANY MEANS POSSIBLE! What is the story with LEGISLATING the acceptable parameters of one's sexual nature? Have you ever read, B.F. Skinner, or any of the rest of the Brave New World apostles, working to bring you a New World Order? There is a CERTAIN SCHEMATIC that leads to worldwide imprisonment and it is done at the cultural level with SHUNNING and ex-communication from social groups. For myself, I have self-excommunicated myself from the general social order. I don't want to be swept up in a net when the hands of destiny do their housecleaning.

Certain group and individual efforts lead to a culling of the herds. There is the Lemming Syndrome, which you can see in operation every day. All of it is a byproduct of ever-intensifying pandemic insanity. What explanation could there be to justify the destruction of your own country? Have you been invited to Patagonia for The Tribe Jamboree? I understand they do a great Cub Scout on a skewer down there.

People? Dear reader, these people are crazy. They are stark raving batshit and it is getting worse. Much of their behavior has now been relegated to Death Cult reflex action. It's gone Subconscious!!! Yikes~! As God is my witness (yours too) it is what it is. It is a long drawn-out death rattle.

Last night, to my keen disappointment, I watched, “Coming 2 America”, which is a sequel to the original, “Coming to America”. How can I put this truthfully and with tact? I can't, it was a complete piece of shit embarrassment. I don't think I would leave home for a year if I had been in it. Fortunately, there were no roles for white people, except brief cameos by those who were in the first film. Then it occurred to me that MAYBE it is I who have changed and not Hollywood. Yes, Hollywood has gotten worse and there is no outrage or depravity they won't find a way to virtue signal over. I'm just seeing things better because there is less to cloud my vision these days. When the emptiness of plot or quality becomes obvious even to people who can't see themselves in the mirror, you know that something vital and shining is coming into play.

Black militants want a black supremacy so the usual troublemakers created a white supremacy straw dog. The problem, cosmically, is that they weren't black in their last life. Another problem is that EVERY RACE has been enslaved. There are also far worse enslavements than just those of one race before another. That is what 'the man who squats behind the man who works the soft machine' is after. They want all of us awash in chaos and confusion, sexually tormented and drowning in an ocean of temporary things, while at war with one another. They want darkness across the face of the Earth. They want to bring into physical embodiment the demonic realm. Having given themselves over to Possession they now seduce and mesmerize wherever the necessary level of vulnerability is present.

We are looking at the next incarnation of The Reign of Terror. First, they engineer the climate and the setting, then they create the uproar that ignites the revolution. It's the canon at Ft. Sumter. It's Archduke Ferdinand. It's the enticed and orchestrated invasion of Poland. It's all those signal events of subterfuge in the interest of WAR. It's happening right in front of you at this moment, with Gender Issues, Migration Issues, and in a soft landscape of drugs, alcohol, and delusion.

Look at the names and backgrounds of those who run Social Media. Look at the herding of consciousness into a prison of invented words and artificial postures, arranged as bricks and bars around all of those who stood still long enough to have it constructed around them. Normal people are the most endangered species on Earth.

There are some very bad spirits with bad intentions moving through the air at this time. The most egregious forms of violence, directed outward, at targets manufactured by those who groomed and shaped the rage in the hypnotically transfixed... will be acted out in the denser urban environments. I don't want to scare anyone, BUT... isn't it better to see it coming; whatever that is? I don't know how long it will last or how bad it might get. I do know what they intend to happen. So... it is my recommendation that you live somewhere outside the near zones of the primary, secondary and tertiary targets.

It is also important that you have the light within to banish the darkness. BECAUSE... THEY are hard at work seeking to torture, enslave and kill you. The only weapon they have is the fear they wield. They can't get to you unless they have ingress or a handle. Then again, waving a red flag at a bull or teasing a lion is NEVER a good game plan. Regardless, sometimes things need to be said. As I watch what is taking place in this country and in the world, I get the palpable sensation that SOMETHING is definitely going to happen. I don't know what it is. I only know that it is.

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I apologize for not leaving you with rousing hosannas here. Sometimes, most of the time, the post just writes itself and I'm stuck with the results, just like you.