Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Beautiful Wisdom of Mukunda.

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Greetings to you, my dear brothers and sisters on that blessed narrow path to realization; to divine luminous wisdom. I have just discarded a post that addressed certain issues with me and some of the readers, not all of whom come here with the best intentions. In this life I have learned that- not infrequently- people will arrive somewhere with the intention of beings disruptive, or to operate from an infernal mindset, only to discover that over the course of their visits, they had become hooked like a game fish and that all of their surface intents have been turned to the other end of the spectrum and they have found that which they were unaware of searching for has been revealed as the hidden motive so...”rave on MacDuff!”

No matter what direction we think we are moving in. No matter what enterprises we may imagine we are engaged in. No matter whether we think we do not believe, or do believe about an ineffable being, the reality of it is the true arbiter of our awareness and our fate. It is intention that manifests the destiny of outcome.

One of the reasons I chose not to argue or debate with anyone about anything is simply because what is, IS. I find that words without the defining authority of direct experience, to validate whatever there may be at the other end of a telescope or a microscope, are just words. One can find authentication for nonsense and exaggeration in those areas where they are most regularly employed; in the entertainment business, song composition, strange religions and- of course- in the media where without lies, obfuscation and confusion a sought after end result, there might be no media at all and certainly no media in any way similar to what we are served up every day; as I like to say at every available opportunity--- most people don't mind eating shit if you serve it to them warm.

I have spent this life and possibly others searching for God through a less than gossamer mist of alcohol and drugs. In these days, a large body of the human population are all looking for something through that haze; even if it is only oblivion. I suspect the number of those conscientiously searching for the divine (through that mist) are of a much smaller number and those who have been consistent and determined in this quest, regardless of the mist, compose a much, much smaller percentage.

Those of us who are Aghora, or some comparable tantric fringe, are known for ingesting any and all substances that might blow the carbon off of their jets and sometimes put them in touch with the one they cannot interact with unless they have reached a certain vibrational attunement. I did this for decades. I was driven beyond control because... to experience God on a personal level can ruin certain personality types (like me) from being attracted to anything else, except for that ageless 'poet's disease'. However, time eventually takes care of that.

Those who pursue pedestrian allurements will find at the end of life that they are alone in a barren field with no one but Saturn for a playmate. On the other hand, if God has been the passion of your heart, it eventually begins to resonate throughout your being and every molecule of your composition will sing and blow the rooftop off of each previously concealed weakness and fear, transforming dark emotion and personal delusion Into variants of Love on demand, for every occasion and in the declining years you will be in a garden of delight, where every form is a manifestation of light, in which angels dance in ecstatic syncopation with you. It is the fruit of unified devotion so... one might say, whatever force, form or entity who shares your never ending love, becomes your friend and protector... wherever you may go. God is in everything, composes everything and rules all things. Here is the greatest object of desire which so many toss to the side of the road, unseeing of the beauty and majesty of it, which shines and illuminates from within and without. It cannot be challenged or denied in this world where every other option is a kind of suicide. Those who close themselves off from the kingdom of light, wander in darkness until some inexplicable mercy uncovers their eyes.

In recent days I have been reading, “The Essence of Self Realization” by Paramhansa Yogananda. It has pierced my heart with the splendor of its beautiful truths. Yesterday, I got my copy of “The Autobiography of a Yogi”. It has been decades since I read it. Without thinking I asked my friend if it would be attractive for me to read it aloud. Assent was quickly given. I read the first two chapters and both of us were in tears from the impact of the tale being told.

I mentioned the drugs and alcohol carousel that so many of us have ridden more than a time or two. This was because I have put all these things aside now I am higher than ever before because all the better elements of my nature that were being suppressed by these chemicals are now rising to the surface and changing the face, the heart and the mind of my being. I was told as the days passed that I would not have been able to stop until now and I need not blame myself because it was all done for the purpose of demonstration. Sometimes the purpose of demonstration is between only you and the ineffable.

The power and beauty of the words of Mukunda (what Yogananda was called when he was young) are-can be... life changing. Some number of readers are familiar with the different video series that I have put online. I didn't finish any of them but it is what it was. Apropos of that I would be glad to post yet another incomplete video series of Yoganand'a's work; most especially, The Essence of Self Realization and Autobiography of a Yogi. Let me know.

Regardless of how hard this year has been on me (or me on myself), certain spiritual stations and levels of awareness have been granted me through this period of suffering and they are priceless to me. I want to share them with you and I can think of no finer initial portal than the teaching of Mukunda Yogananda.

We are all on the verge of tremendous change, whether we meet it in the air or we are sucked down into the material soup is up to us. Be alert and be aware; when times and conditions become hard that is a moment of opportunity for profound change.

None of us are compelled to go down into the darkness, where the fearful and appetite driven hide from the light. Many of those on the imaginary road to escape think that the darkness is a protection from being observed. The truth is that no such place exists, wherever you go and whatever you do is seen by you.

This is a time of high tension on the precipice of pending change. That which you seek walks on your feet and in your body, as you search for whatever is already in place. It is not a matter of discovery that is reached by an external journey toward some Fata Morgana that has swallowed up countless souls who have stepped out of their protections and into some random seeming lottery of lives to come and go; come and go. It is a matter of recognition and realization of that which is already contained within. It is a state of awareness which comes into being once enough dross has been burned off through suffering and karmic resolution.

What you seek you already possess. Recognize it, adore it, celebrate it. Confirm to yourself that it is the dynamic animating principle, which gives you breath and sight and all else that you exercise in the manifest prison yard; the penitentiary of the mind, where we as convicts sentenced by ourselves, plot our escape. The divine jailer, swinging his keys, is ever present, awaiting only your recognition. You can be free in the moment that you are no longer driven by looping desires, which compose the elements of your imagined cell. We are all prisoners of our body until we learn the dance of liberation; “Shiva Nataraja to the white courtesy phone (grin). Will Lord Shiva Nataraja please come to the white courtesy phone.” This just in, Colin Kaepernick wants to know how come the courtesy phone is white.

God bless and keep you and liberate you the moment you or I or anyone gets it clear enough to move from the driver's seat to the passenger seat.

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