Wednesday, May 31, 2023

"God Created This World to Have a Place to Play, and People to Play With, BUT... Hardly Anyone Seems Interested."

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Our physical bodies are magnetized and marked by Karma. The physical eyes cannot see the markings but they are there. These markers have attractors for all the things and conditions having to do with the specific Karma. It's how what happens happens... where it happens... and when it happens.

Without Karma, we wouldn't have a physical body. It's Karma that makes us visible here. This magnetism draws us into the type of envelope in which the Karma acts out. The envelope is like a bubble, and the whole world consists of bubbles that connect to one another and are contained in larger bubbles filled with kindred spirits.

You can't see the bubble you are in, but you can feel the atmosphere. You can't see the Karma either because Karma is a form of blindness... that occludes the objective perspective... that might otherwise walk you right out of there.

Everywhere you look, people seem to be coming and going, making choices... exercising their free will. They're going by in cars... on buses... planes... ships... subways... and other kinds of trains. They seem to be doing what they want to be doing, BUT... they are in a dream of Karma outworking... along continuums... inside of bubbles... that are a form of aura... that keeps them in line with the flowing repercussions of all their thoughts... words... and actions.

They have a state of mind. They have a range of emotions. They have all of what they like and don't like, and these are major components that shape their forms, and the actions those forms take at the behest... at the command... of the forces that their Karma has attracted to see itself carried out.

Let me give you an example. Let's say you're a big star living in Hollywood and you are in a film. You're the headliner. You have someone to drive you to the studio. Someone opens your door and lets you out. People come up to you as soon as you enter the soundstage... or whatever they're calling it these days... they got clipboards; one of them is the script girl. You head to your dressing room or... your trailer if you are on location.

Once you get into whichever of those it is, you are greeted by your hairdresser... the makeup artist... the wardrobe person... your personal assistant... (who was probably with you all along). The director might come in to talk to you while these other people are doing their thing.

Your agent might be sitting on a couch nearby... scheming ways to get you more money... and by extension... more money for the agent. Agents are among the sleaziest people around except for those in public relations. It's a lot like selling cars or real estate.

These people all exert a certain amount of control over what you do... how you look... what you say... and so on. Then... there are the other actors and their retinues. It can get to be pretty crowded. Let's not forget the producers. There's the Executive Producer who is like an executive chef and really doesn't do anything except get the money. Then there are all the other producers who the executive producer got some money from. They may... or may not... be welcome on set.

Meanwhile... there are other producers who actually do things and often enough are mere gofers. Then there are the production assistants who are the low men (or women) on the scrotum pole.

Take a look next time you watch some blockbuster like John Wick or some woke Disney or Marvel crap and notice the credits running ENDLESSLY down the screen. Look at all the people and companies they thought they needed to get the film made. Now you see why they cost so much money.

We're not going to go into the level of money laundering and other fraudulent activities that movies provide for the criminal mind, but... we do mention this in passing.

So... you have all these people around you, and it's the same thing if you're a rock star... or a politician high in the pecking order... or a religious functionary at the top of the food chain... or super rich... you have all these people around you. You can't be chummy with all of them; though you might try. You're bound to get rude and dismissive here and there... once you've been at it for a while.

A lot of these people can't take the heat and they spiral out into alcohol... drugs... sexual excesses... OR... they get spiraled out because that's the Karmic marker that came with their personalized trip through the maze of fame and fortune. They get compromised... sooner or later. It comes with the territory. Epstein was a honeypot meister for The Mossad. He arranged all kinds of blackmail scenarios.

That's still going on. They've just got other people doing it now. This is an ancient tale and it's what happens when you play fake morality games, and... don't want to get exposed as something you're not, and which... as it so happens... you're not. You're a made-up thing for public consumption, and I do mean... consumption.

When you go home you have the people that wait on you and whomever you are in a relationship with. You've got all the people you see socially. You have to watch it... going out in public. You're in the swamp of celebrity, and that means lots of flies and mosquitoes attracted to the shit that composes the swamp and also lives there... submerged... like alligators... snakes... panthers, and there's the quicksand. Disease flourishes in swamps.

You want to play in those playgrounds... you'd better have your wits about you. People are scamming and scheming ALL THE TIME in those locations... in those slipstreams... along those dreamscapes.

Here's the point of all this metaphor which is actually quite literal. The same is true of you. Even if you're a nobody... you're surrounded by attendants... helpers who are or aren't helping... creatures that feed on you... advisers of the invisible kind. You're surrounded by invisible creatures, right... this... minute... you're never alone.

Everywhere you go... in your bubble... there are hangers-on... trailing thought-forms... emotional flares... and every location has its population. You get one kind of crowd around the public restrooms and another at the supermarkets because there are creatures of appetite everywhere... hungry ghosts who can't leave their feeding zones even though they don't get to eat... unless they get lucky, and... you get unlucky.

You need to watch out a lot more about things like this than you do about war... and famine... the markets... and natural catastrophes or... all the other things that occupy the human mind... all those desires... fears... worries... projections into future space. Many people can't even hear themselves think. How aware are you of what's going on around you... and inside you? Sometimes you are paying attention and sometimes you are not.

Next thing you know, you're not young anymore. You can get away with a lot more in a new car than you can in an old car. Sometimes new cars get old in a hurry. If you don't maintain your car... you will have regular problems. What happens if a part needs to be replaced and you're at the back of the line?

I don't mean to depress the reader. Life doesn't have to get unmanageable... BUT... at a certain point in material culture... it all starts breaking down.

You can't manage The World around you, but... you can manage yourself, and... there's a power there that commands the externals, in both good ways and bad. It depends on your Karma that you have engineered and which now holds you on a track... like a slot car. In The Bhagavad Gita, Krishna talks about whirling us through space like toys on a conveyor belt. This is what makes self-awareness so important.

God is ALWAYS looking for friends and playmates. It's no wonder when you see how many people could care less about it. God created this world so that he would have a place to play, and people to play with, BUT... hardly anyone seems interested. I KNOW this for a fact.

Maybe it's because they can't see God, BUT... that can't be true because you can see God everywhere. You can see God in other people's eyes, and God OFTEN inhabits people without their knowledge simply because someone else saw him there. If you go looking for God, you WILL see him or her. He's everywhere... working in the human heart and mind... thrilling the souls of some... making ominous soundtracks for others who insist on it.

It's all in the matter of how you behave, and the first thing to do is to not want anything. It's everyone else who never stops wanting so... why not be an exception? God serves everywhere. He gives people everything they ask for, and then they get all disappointed... and angry. This comes from not knowing what you want. If you lose yourself in selfless service, you will never be disappointed, and... you will never be angry.

If you do this... those invisible companions you now have... those trailing thought-forms and emotional flares... and sundry... they will all change. You will find yourself in a world you did not know existed. It's something to think about.

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Friday, May 26, 2023

"Align with Your Higher Self. Come Into Harmony with All Things by Virtue of Non-Intrusion Into Anything."

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We have entered an age of staged and manufactured bullshit. From Photoshop... to holograms... to AI... the means are there. I don't know what's at the source of this particular bullshit, but... I can tell when something's off, and I get that sensation in near continuous fashion these days.

Apparently... after 4 years in the cemetery, they had a CUSTOMARY transfer of the body from where they first planted it to a space under the altar. Then... The Mother Abbess looked through a crack in the coffin and saw that the body was not decomposed. It seems they could have saved themselves a great deal of trouble... to begin with, but then... they wouldn't have their miracle.

Now it sits in the main concourse of the church where people get to do a bit of laying on the hands... cure their Bursitis... commune with dead relatives or... simply get a photo taken with the dead AND DEPARTED nun.

Here we encounter one of those demonic peculiarities of Religion, where people worship old bones and kneel before the priestly celebrities, in their coffin-bound glitter suits, who carry official and approved scepters; wear magic rings and funny hats, and ramble on about how God fits between designated parameters. These parameters have been defined by the priests themselves... on God's behalf. How can we not be grateful for the intercession of priests?

The Smithsonian has a body that is called, Soapman. He was turned into soap when alkaline water from the soil leaked into his coffin. There are all kinds of anomalies of this sort. Lord Nelson was killed at The Battle of Trafalgar and preserved in a cask of rum for the journey home. There's a rum called, Nelson's Blood. Some say it was a cask of brandy... yadda-yadda... not the point.

Female members of The Royal Family have been known to pickle themselves in gin. There are all kinds of reasons... besides God deciding to... that could account for the disinterred nun's condition. Heaven doesn't operate this way. People looking to make a buck operate this way. Personally, I've no interest in the toenail clippings of a saint or a splinter of The True Cross; no such thing could exist as a power because The True Cross is SOMETHING OTHER THAN THAT!

Why does something like this bear writing about? It is because you are going to see all kinds of signs and wonders appearing soon. I believe I mentioned Photoshop and AI. The latter of which... especially... has all kinds of people hot and bothered. AI as Skynet is a non-starter. The reason is so obvious that I'm not even going to go into it. This is not to say that AI couldn't be programmed into Skynet. It could. If Heaven allowed it, for The Purpose of Demonstration.

There are people right now trying to build Skynet. They are also trying to program Brave New World and 1984 into a living reality. The Usual Servants of The Prince of Darkness are more worked up about this than they were about their original Bolshevik Revolution. This one's new and improved!!! Well... if at first you don't succeed...

Deception and The Art of The Con are fast and furious in today's world. People are easily deceived because people want things. It's wanting that leads them into the traps, the same as it does with insects and unwary animals. Bees are attracted to honey and flies are attracted to shit. Documented experiences have proven that if you put out a plate of sugar, flies will land on it. If you then put out a plate of shit, all the flies will leave the sugar.

Everything and everyone has their nature... their inclinations... their instincts... their intentions. Buzzards... Jackals... insects.... all manner of creations do a very important job. If they didn't, you would soon know about it.

The World was designed in harmonic accord. Free Will put paid to that... and Free will perpetuates disorder until it... eventually... and finally... comes into alignment with The Only Will.

People all have their present ways and means as the results of what they got up to at other times. They programmed themselves into what they do today. You are here... because you were there. You are like this... because you were like that. It's not rocket surgery.

The point of existence, and... the dream of life, IS TO WAKE UP!!! In these times, by The Grace of Heaven, people... are... waking... up. A certain group of invested malefactors and predatory intelligences, do not want you to wake up. Ergo... the deceptions... the staged and manufactured bullshit... the tinkering with what is... are all a defense against you waking up. If you wake up, their game ends.

They are creating all these woo-woo... end of The World disaster scenarios to take your attention off of waking up. Then they can herd you in The Darkness of Woke where Whoopi Goldberg can sit on you.

Religions and governments cannot survive AS THEY PRESENTLY ARE... if you wake up. The profiteers can no longer profit. The scam artists can no longer scam. The bankers can no longer loan out imaginary money. The priests can no longer do their shtick if... you... wake... up.

Let me switch gears for a moment (or more... heh heh) and mention Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu, (also known as Ahriman) Mithra and Ariamanus, Christ and The Anti-Christ. The duality of Good and Evil is ingrained in the human mind, so... if there weren't an anti-Christ, we would certainly invent him. In these times... the likelihood... with so many nations and billions of people... is that there will be a number of players.

The Carnal Mind is the residence of all the Evil you ever need to concern yourself with. It is the power that projects all the appearances of Evil that you encounter. Really... for most people... Evil is whatever gets in the way of what they want. If you don't have The Carnal Mind operational in you, you will not have the magnet that attracts the corresponding circumstances from The World around you.

It is not important who the anti-Christ is. What is important is which of these... Christ... or the agent of The Carnal Mind... is resident in you. We all think we're supposed to do something. We think that... somehow... we can make some kind of a difference somewhere. Are you aware of how often people make things worse by trying to make them better?

The KEY FEATURE is to come into resonance with Heaven... into alignment with your Higher Self... into Harmony with all things by virtue of non-intrusion into anything. The concerns of your day are brought before you... always. Deal with what is in front of you. The past is gone. The future is yet to become the moment you are in. Deal with what is in front of you!

There is one basic problem for all of us; are we in The Carnal Mind... The Separated Mind or... are we in The Mind of God? Are we in harmonious accord with life or... are we out of step? Are we content or... are we discontent? Does Love or Fear rule our world? Neither of these can exist in the same space at the same time. The answer is quite simple. The reality is that people do not want it to be simple. Until they do... they WILL suffer.

Let go of what holds you down! It's not important! None of it is! Take all your burdens and cares and drop them down an empty well. Then walk away. Don't look back unless you fancy becoming a pillar of salt. Don't look back unless you wish to return to what you escaped from. There are all kinds of old stories and myths about this. They say the pomegranate is the fruit of the dead, and that it came from the blood of Adonis.

A fable... a parable... tells a story that cannot be directly stated because The Truth is at right angles to everything else. It's not whether there is truth in a tale or not. It is whether you care or not. If you care enough, you will find out all you need to know about anything. If you don't care... well... you do the math; “teach us to care and not to care. Teach us to sit still.”

I guess I had a point here. Maybe people will care and maybe they won't. That has nothing to do with me. I do what's in front of me. ♫ You're a thread upon the loom when The Spirit walks in the room ♫

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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

"Someone is Scaring The Shit Out of People and Making Them do What Normal People Don't Get Up To on Their Own."

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There are some very heavy-footed creatures that are trampling through The World. You can hear them crashing at a distance. It is like the far-off sounds of war that are not far off at all. You can see the effects of their presence in the legal system... from street-side to courtrooms. You can sense their heavy breathing on the necks of the corporations... on everyone they want to obey them.

These horrors are slinking through the hallways of the education system... into the classrooms... into the minds of the children. They are a definite presence. They are putting tampon dispensers in the boy's bathroom, and... the people nominally in charge don't seem to have a problem with it. The administrators are a new breed of child molesters... so are the teachers. You hear them bragging about seducing the minds of their students.

No one seems able to look at the heavy-footed creatures directly. Everything is peripheral or around the corner. No one seems able to identify or name them, BUT... they are there alright. Someone turned The World into soft stool ice cream and it wasn't me.

I guess you have to go higher up the ladder to find the ones who are controlling the monsters; the monsters who are most certainly present because someone is scaring the shit out of people and making them do what normal people don't get up to on their own.

Of course, these aren't normal people. Maybe they were... once... until they started obeying The Monsters. It was either out of fear or the desire for personal gain. Something put them in harness. Have you ever seen a beast of burden who could remove its harness?

Obviously... the present government works for whoever controls the monsters. It is clear to see that they are working to dismantle all that is orderly and efficient. They have various buzzwords that get them hot and bothered. Climate Change is one of them. Diversity and Inclusivity are two more. These work to create economic and racial strife. That is clear to see.

Someone made a bunch of laws to be enforced by ambulatory automatons... knuckle-dragging troglodytes... obedient clerks, and angry misfits. Someone made it so that these are the ones to enforce the laws. Someone paid a lot of money to get the laws made. Somewhere... back up the line... bags of cash and promises of enduring security were given. This must be so. NOTHING happens without a reason.

You have to have interested parties for whatever the agenda is or... it doesn't get hammered out. You have to have financing or else you won't attract those too stupid to have a moral code.

Well... you can certainly look at organizations like The WEF, which is staffed by a majority of sexual perverts. You can certainly include the big financial players like Vanguard... Black Rock... State Street... and Goldman Sacks; there are others too. It's a tight little club of Stygian players who ritually osculate the rear end of The Prince of Darkness. They have circle-jerk get-togethers in Reach-Around City.

One force brought them together, like the one ring that binds them, which I am guessing is The Devil's Sphincter.

That force is Materialism. Materialism is a darkness that clothes (and closes) The Mind. It makes the already separated mind a performer in the mating dance of objects. Objects have no operative life force of their own, so... The Mind projects an anthropomorphic persona upon these objects and engages in a sex-and-death-dance with them.

They conspire to possess these objects. They will kill to protect what they legitimately stole in the first place. With all that there is... there is never enough. Why would someone with billions of dollars need yet more billions of dollars? Why would Bill Gates... whose own life is in the toilet for the next however many thousands of lives... want to murder millions upon millions of people?

Why would the pharmaceutical industry want to kill off its customer base? Why would the medical community seek to first do harm? Why would manufacturers infuriate and isolate the largest percentage of their customer base? Why do certain parents encourage their children to engage in what amounts to a lifelong torment? Why are all the crazy things you see going on... going on?

It... is... because... they are CRAZY. Materialism has made them insane; Greed... Lust... and Anger are forms of insanity. AS MATERIALISM INTENSIFIES... INSANITY INTENSIFIES. One is commensurate with the other. They keep pace with each other. They are Siamese twins. ♫You can't have one without the other...♫ not on this plane, and not at these specific times. HOWEVER... it is altogether possible for The Kingdom of Heaven to be brought to Earth.

It you want something to manifest in life. It must manifest in you first. First, there is the idea. Then there is the blueprint. Then there is the process of material construction, and then... the material form. Your own body here was built in similar fashion, BUT... you could have had the wrong idea... an incomplete blueprint. You might have gone about it the wrong way, AND... Shazam! There you are.

If you don't like what you presently have... what you presently are... why... set about building the next version! Start today!!! That's how The Body of Glory gets built. It's one part inspiration. One part dedication. One part information. One part of consistency in effort... greater in sum than all other efforts, and... don't... give... up.

Winds are going to blow. The Sun is going to be obscured by clouds. People are going to get in your way. People are going to bring you down and discourage you. The World's not going to give you any help, cause... what's in it for them? If it's something stupid and temporary... and especially if it's bad for you, The Bankers will come calling. You have to be willing to endure beyond all setbacks and oppositions. It comes with the territory you will be moving through.

You have to finesse it.

How are you going to finesse it when you don't know what you're doing? You have help. You ask for help, and... by Faith, you are absolutely convinced that help will come, BECAUSE... Faith is The Substance of things unseen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look! There are rules. Call them Principles if you like. These principles are... timeless. Another name for these principles is Ageless Wisdom. Where would you rather live? In Eternity? OR... in Time? Misery loves company... and some of you can see it all around. Is what any of them are doing... working? Why isn't it working?

Resistance is a necessity in electrical components and operations. In the right order... in the right sequencing... it is indispensable. In the wrong order... in the wrong sequencing... it doesn't work, AND... too much resistance can cause an explosion. You need protections in place. It is the same thing in spiritual work. Being an airhead is not practical in spiritual work. This is one of the reasons I reject the majority of new-age thinking out-of-hand. It's self-indulgent nonsense. It's a glad-handing pursuit for personal gain.

Spiritual work is... ta dum... Work! It is DIRECTED effort toward union with The Higher Self. It cannot be accomplished without Love. Love is the mechanism by which unity is accomplished. This is even true in The Carnal Realm, although... personally... I wouldn't call that Love... though... many do. That love is a literal and virtual prison.

Well... I think we're done here... for the moment. I hope you have found some of this to be useful.

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Thursday, May 18, 2023

"I Notice that The World Makes All Kinds of Noise While I Am Passing Through It and... It Waves Colorful Scarves..."

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I have been reading Patanjali's Sutras since they came my way; three times a day- three times a week, and two times a day- four times a week. Let's open with the 35th Sutra from Book 3=

“The personal self seeks to feast on life, through a failure to perceive the distinction between the personal self and the spiritual man. All personal experience really exists for the sake of another; namely, the spiritual man. By perfectly concentrated Meditation on experience for the sake of the self, comes a knowledge of the spiritual man.”


“The divine ray of The Higher Self, which is eternal, impersonal and abstract, descends into life, and forms a personality, which, through the stress and storm of life, is hammered into a definite and concrete self-conscious individuality. The problem is, to blend these two powers, taking the eternal and spiritual being of the first, and blending with it, transferring into it, the self-conscious individuality of the second; and thus bringing to life a third being, the spiritual man, who is heir to the immortality of his father, The Higher Self, and yet has the self-conscious, concrete individuality of his other parent, the personal self. This is the true immaculate conception, the new birth from above, “conceived of The Holy Spirit.” Of this new birth it is said: “that which is born of The Spirit is spirit: ye must be born again.

“Rightly understood, therefore, the whole life of the personal man is for another, not for himself. He exists only to render his very life and all his experience for the building up of the spiritual man. Only through failure to see this, does he seek enjoyment for himself, seek to secure the feasts of life for himself; not understanding that he must live for the other, live sacrificially, offering both feasts and his very being on the altar, giving himself as a contribution for the building of the spiritual man. When he does understand this, and lives for The Higher Self, setting his heart and thought on The Higher Self, then his sacrifice bears divine fruit, the spiritual man is built up, consciousness awakes in him, and he comes fully into being as a divine and immortal individuality.”

This is not a very big book. It can be carefully read in a couple-few hours. I'll be reading it for some time through every day to come. I have been reading The Bhagavad Gita every morning for much longer. I find direct cross-references now. I have also been reading from the works of Omraam Mikhail Aivanhov for even longer... so it is that I have just about completed the reading of everything presently published. I am finding direct cross-references there as well.

It seems that ALL legitimate books of Ageless Wisdom are saying the same thing, using different words and perspectives. None of these books are necessary once The Intuition... The Inner Conversation... has been awakened, BUT... it comforts me to read them. I am on an extended journey so I study the maps of the countryside that awaits me up ahead.

If I were going somewhere else... somewhere other than where I am headed, I would read different maps. I would read about other sights and sounds that await in the various locales, BUT... I am not going anywhere else. I am, of course, passing by or thru these other places, BUT... they are of no real interest to me. I've seen them all before. They weren't all that exciting the first time I went by them. They are much less exciting now, and... they seem a great deal more dangerous too.

I notice that The World makes all kinds of noise while I am passing through it. It waves colorful scarves before my eyes. I suspect it would like me to tie these scarves around my eyes, BUT... I am done with Samskara. That sounds like an eastern city from out of the history books. .. like Samarkand or Timbuktu... places with an air of romance and adventure out of the-long-ago.

I suspect there was a time when most cities had a vital and thriving mystery about them. Cities... like people... grow old and jaded with time and... the varieties of non-religious experience; to sorta paraphrase William James.

It seems like I might be on a train because I am not doing the driving, and the vehicle is not rolling from side to side or traveling high above The World. I don't know and it doesn't matter. The destination is the important thing. I've heard it said that it's The Journey and not The Destination. I'm sure there's some truth to that, BUT... context is important too, and... in this context that's not important. (grin)

I know I have said that one is either driven or driving, and... that might seem to conflict with what I just said. Once again... context is important. God is consciously resident in me so... if he's not doing the driving, then... I am going... the... wrong... way. So it is that one can say one thing at one time, and quite the reverse in another and both of them can possess equal degrees of relative truth... if... relative truth... is your objective.

Relative truth is not my objective, BUT... I do enjoy commenting on the scenery as it goes by. Whatever you may discover of lasting value is something you will discover on your own with help from above/within. Some of my observations may prove useful to you, and some may not. At the same time... different people get a different take on the same thing... and sometimes have no interest in one thing, but a great interest in something else.

You might think of being at a Sunday market when you come here or... in an orchard with all kinds of fruit trees. You will... no doubt... prefer apples to oranges or... oranges to apples... but you don't usually find them in the same native location. This won't be going on here in the same way forever. Times change... circumstances change... and people change.

By now, I suspect, most of you know that some things hurt much worse than others... that some things are unpleasant initially, and then become very pleasant over the passage of time, and... the reverse is true as well. Don't EVER let yourself become discouraged... resentful... bitter... or let doubt find a home in your heart. The glorious Kingdom of God is a reality. The clouds pass over The Sun and The Mind can grow dark, but... at the risk of sounding simplistic... clouds pass, so do difficulties... wounds heal (if you let them)... times change.

We are... presently... at the shit end of a vile passage through some of the worst that a deluded humanity can manufacture... in its search for distraction and self-indulgence. Humanity is not doing this on its own. It has help... if you call that help. It is all part of The Rites of Discovery. Not everything we discover is worth the encounter, but all of it is meant to teach us. It is meant to teach us to sort carefully, and not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

We are ALL brought low by appetite and desire. It is all due to a state of continuous mistaken identity, BUT... it is the only way we learn, and WE... ALL... GO... THRU... IT... so, holier than thou is not going to cut it except for appearance's sake. All have fallen into error and come short of The Glory of God. Every master has a secret life of shame. We have all crawled out of the murk in search of The Light. Even though we may have been perfect in the beginning... that was a long time ago.

The Fall into comfort and convenience... into material expression... into errors of judgment... into The Sensitive Life... was unavoidable. If woman was the fall of man, it was for the purpose of God's entertainment... that far-reaching television show he watches and ALSO performs in. It is only fair that though the fall of man may have taken place through the agency of woman, it is ONLY through woman that he will rise again. If you reflect on this... thoughtfully... you will see that it is so.

Consider yourself VERY FORTUNATE in... these... times... to be seeking a higher order of being. It is not going to go well for those who are not. It... never... has.

However... in these times, the possibilities of rising and falling a great distance... are exceedingly great. The degree of difficulty is... difficult. So too, then... is the degree of opportunity. A quantum leap in spiritual advancement is present for those who will take advantage of it. Such contingencies appear at extremely rare intervals. Do not let it pass you by.

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Monday, May 15, 2023

"Wanting Traps You. It is Wanting that Catches Every Life Form Operating According to Predictable Patterns."

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You can almost smell a false flag coming any day now. Waste matter is backing up all over. Barriers and borders are falling. This is not a good thing. We have barriers for a reason or... we used to. Now the barriers between good behavior and bad have been broken down, AND... no good can come of it. The Collective heart and mind of the public is trending towards incensed and outraged. The Manipulators have to come up with a distraction. It shouldn't be long.

If you could take one of Bach's drifting... aimless... pastorals, say... the one in F Major that sounds like a small bird sailing about in times of better weather; oh! That would have been a while ago.

Anyway... if you played it backwards and added in the voice of one of the government's low-frequency sound weapons, and then you took two versions and sped one of them up to triple-speed... and the other to half-speed, and then played them together, you would have the basic soundtrack for Greed and its associates in their early morning, waking stage.

You see... everything is music. Even the cacophonous and... some of the latter days... inharmonic composers... musing on personal identity... (the Japanese versions are especially nerve-wracking) even that is music for ears trained in or tuned to... discord OR... brought to discord by the whims of existence if... say... existence had whims.

This is because music is math... and everything is numbers. As we have mentioned before, the snow-draped heights in a mountain range are pure mathematics that... when the season changes, and The Sun grows strong... causes the snow to melt and run down into the valleys where it creates a riot of color... and teeming life. That's what happens when pure math melts and feeds into creation at a progression of descended levels.

I don't recommend your listening to that pastorale for any length of time. It has an agitating and mindless presence, as if some mid-level student... who wanted to be somewhere else, was practicing on the piano... running tiresome exercises over, and over, and over.

Imagine how agitating it might get if you ran it through the changes I mentioned. This is how Greed works on the human mind. It agitates and troubles the soul until something must be done, and that something means getting your hands on anything of value, by any means necessary.

All of these negative impulses, be they Lust or Pride... Anger... even Sloth, are absent of Peace, and... will effectively drive you mad if you let them. This is because... there is another side to, “No Justice... No Peace.” You can replace Justice with... Restraint... Balance... anything having to do with having the reins of your existence in your hands. When you let go... and more and more people are doing that, you don't get Justice... or Freedom... or Peace, you get Injustice, Bondage, and War.

Materialism... in its latter stages, those stages preceding the shuddering gasps and final death rattles... is a constant radio broadcast of The Deadly Sins. Materialism never reaches a state of harmonious accord; not for long. You don't get that down here by any of the usual routes.

I mention these things because it is CRITICALLY important to remember that... in Times of Advanced Materialism, one should avoid being a materialist at all costs... though the costs are minimal in the long haul... and more like saving grace.

The Materialists of our times... in the latter stages of Materialism, could also be called The Damned. You are damned... when all you can think of is getting more money and more stuff in a time when transforming spiritual force is pouring out upon The World. You are then going into The Teeth of The Wind. You are shredding yourself by presenting resistance to The Irresistible.

It's Fear that drives people to latch on to any heavy objects in reach because they feel as if they are being lifted to another place of being. They are being lifted out of the predictable. They would nail their own hand to a glue lam if The Winds of Change begin to blow too hard.

This is life, my friends. Resist The Will of Heaven and your discomfort and suffering will be commensurate with the resistance. Who is Heaven to tell me what to do? Heaven is the state of being of your own Higher Self. In physical life... on The Material Plane... we are between our Higher and Lower Self. A destiny is attached to either course that one takes... to aspire to the realm of The Higher Self or... to disport on the level of The Lower Self. In Times of Material Darkness... the struggle... the degree of difficulty in controlling The Lower Self... is greater than at other times.

In Occult Lore it is said that Christianity will pass away after two thousand years, and Islam will pass away after fourteen hundred years. Religions are time-sensitive. You can see the dismantling taking place at this very time. New religions will replace them, but... the truths contained are timeless... as are the tenets of Ageless Wisdom.

Yesterday... I finished watching a kind of reality TV series called, Jury Duty.

It was composed of 8 half-hour episodes. Everyone in the cast was an actor, except for one person who thought it was a real trial being filmed. Much of it was absurd. You would think the lone fellow out of the know might catch on, BUT... like The Truman Show, he was in a contained environment.

It was not the greatest theater I've seen, AND... it's not the sort of thing I usually watch, BUT... something provoked me into watching it. When it was over... I saw why. It is exactly how life really is. All of your behavior is being filmed and recorded, AND... when you depart... it is all screened for you, and you are rewarded OR... one way or another remunerated for your actions here. We are being watched by an unseen audience throughout our entire lives. I mean... REALLY!

This fellow had many opportunities to behave one way or another and didn't know he was constantly being filmed... as often as he was... either. He acquitted himself well, and you could see how all the little things he did and did not do... added up into a composite... and our lives... before... now... and continuing are doing the same thing.

Just as in real life, one is OFTEN dealing with the mentally ill; and that is how these actors on the jury presented as... we can be caring... or... not. The whole plot-scheme was ridiculous, and so is life... OFTEN. Look how insane many of our leaders are! Take a REAL objective look at the state of The World... present tense.

Every... little... thing... that you do or do not do, is added to the whole. Every event in your life... no matter how seemingly insignificant... is a particular dealing of God with your soul. You can WAKE UP! You can wake up to this and behave in a conscious and compassionate fashion OR... you can just bounce off the bumpers in random pursuit of appetites and desires... until you are spent and recycled into more... of... the... same OR... worse. This WILL happen.

However... you can catch yourself at any point, and change the course of your future. Right now you are the conscious or unconscious CEO of billions of cells that are... or are not... responding to your conscious or unconscious commands in... a... positive... fashion. Each of these cells is a specialized and living life form. Each of them is conscious, according to the needs of their job description. It is ALL alive! Even the rocks are alive.

Do you enjoy being a helpless ping pong ball in a world of cause and effect? That's a reasonable question. Take a look at The World around you... directly or via the internet. More and more people are losing their grip because they no longer have any command of themselves. Invisible forces... representative of appetites and desires are running things, due to the accelerating force of Materialism.. via the forces of attraction.

The evidence that this is true, is... right... there... in... front... of... you. Ask yourself how conditions have changed in the last 25 years... in the last ten years... in the last five years... in the last year. See any Trends or Patterns? What is going on is headed to a bad end for The Purpose of Demonstration, for those who have associated themselves with The Carnal Realm of WANTING.

It is wanting that traps you. It is wanting that catches every life form operating according to predictable patterns within the frequencies we are referring to... within the bandwidths of appetite and desire. Step away from The Matrix. This... is... a... test.

The Divine is both the protector and the liberator. Seek The Divine.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

"The World of Carnal Desires is an Endless Dance with The Cactus Man. It is a World of Disappointments and Regret."

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Desire is... THE AGENT... of God's Will. What this means is that whatever you desire is on its way to you, so... you had better be real sure about whatever that is because of the inevitability of Desirer's Remorse.

Wait a minute, Visible! I desired this girl in high school, and that lady at the office. I wanted a Shelby GT Mustang. I had a big picture of it on my bedroom wall and I would look at it every night before I fell asleep. I wanted lots of money! I wanted a big house. I wanted people to love me and fear me. I didn't get these things, Visible! You lied to me!!!

Ah... no... I didn't. It just hasn't happened yet or it did in another life, and you have forgotten. Everything you desire is on its way to you, right... this... minute, AND... you can have it over and over again too. That is what The World is all about. You'd better think long and hard about this BEFORE these heartaches and heartbreaks get delivered. You might still be able to head most of them off. Few events are as unfortunate as getting what you no longer want. Your life is already full of stuff like this.

Consider The Law of Attraction.

Yes. It is a law and we employ it every day. Our senses both caress and repel at a distance, and sometimes... it is too close for comfort.

Often... in a present life... we are still chasing what we wanted the time before. Sometimes... we are running from it. Sometimes it obsesses The Mind. Sometimes it terrifies The Mind. The Mind is a trampoline of bouncing thoughts. They bounce in and out all day long. Sometimes they just bounce up and down and those are the more concerning thoughts because eventually they bounce right into your material life, through the force of Precipitation.

We are always getting sucked into The Hype. The packaging gets us every time. Then we open the box and it proves to be nothing like we expected; false advertising. This is the case... sometimes... with people we are attracted to. They are like a package we open... and often we find... in Times of Material Darkness... that the box is empty or... contains undesirable contents.

All you got was a Horizontal Hula Trampoline. How much time can you spend bouncing up and down? Some people seem to have more stamina for that sort of thing.

I watch The World. It holds no attraction for me, so I can enjoy it for the purpose of entertainment. By turns... it amuses or saddens me. I am instructed to be glad with hearts that are glad and sad with hearts that are sad because there... there is where I will find Unity and common cause.

I see The World Shaker wannabes. They're either out of their depth or they are in over their heads. The guy I work for drives a flaming chariot across the heavens every day, on a day that never ends, AND... watches himself do it in a million systems across the universe, while having the capacity to be anyone or anything for any amount of time he feels like. All these world shakers got are limousines on the way to their own funeral.

I like to spend my time in the wider circuit of minds, humming in harmony with the understanding that there is only one of them to begin with.

I don't know how to communicate this to you. I try... every day... to accomplish this... but... I'm not sure I have been successful. I want so badly... deeply... madly... to tell you what it is like... not to want anything that is here... and to want only one thing... with a circumference nowhere... and a center everywhere.

The World of carnal desires is an endless dance with The Cactus Man. It is a world of disappointments and regrets. It is a painful conveyor belt of wounds, delivered under the lash of time. Tsk... tsk... ♫ looking for love in all the wrong places ♫ It is the tug-of-war between The Temporary and The Eternal. Well... you do have forever to make up your mind.

First things first though... first you got to defragment your mind. Here is a truth. It is a truth in the bandwidth of Physics and it is a truth in the much wider bandwidth of Metaphysics, there... is... only... one... mind. That is not just a cool and spiritual saying. It is a literal truth. I have personally experienced it... over lengths of time... directly... up close and personal. It is the origin of telepathy. It is a welcome to The Sounding Board of the Aether.

I have a number of instruction manuals around here. They differ widely in presentation... while all saying the same thing, without EVER saying the part that is hidden, and which MUST be discovered within. It's a journey of stages, and... as I never tire of repeating; “success is speedy for the energetic.”

I have companions on my journey. On the wall above the monitor is Peter Deunov and Mikhail Aivanhov with Lord Vivasvan between them. Then, just below is Ramakrishna... Babaji... Guru Bawa, and... over on the other side of the window, Swami Vivekananda. Just below him is a personification of The Divine Mother.

On the wall behind me and to my left are Lahiri Mahasaya... Sri Yukteswar, and Paramhansa Yogananda. Green Tara is on the bathroom wall above the toilet because she facilitates certain biological processes for me. The major arcana of The Tarot is round the walls near the ceiling. None of these are in any order of importance. My good friend, Lord Ganesh is missing, but very much present in the invisible, and in statuary here and there. Lord Amitabha is on my desktop.

They just went up in no order, except for The Tarot. None of these entities are the sort to put on airs. They are my companions and I greet them each day. Lord Krishna-Christ is present everywhere so... no need for images. I think this is best reflected in a mirror. That's another kind of altar when you become familiar with its uses.

My point is. You must surround yourself with what you love, and anything you love can be at no great distance, due to The Law of Attraction. You must immerse yourself in what is of the greatest importance, and this is true even in the pedestrian thoroughfares of material culture. People are after widely divergent items and objectives. It is not my place to play the policeman. They'll find out. Everyone finds out, sooner... or much... much... much... later. I found out. So... how hard can it be?

Yeah... it's pretty hard, but... persistence furthers. Still... many might say... at different points along the way... that I am/was a genuine screwball. Fortunately, EVERYONE is welcome who is welcoming. It's a simple process, and there are laws and rules of conduct, BUT Love is supreme, and love accounts for and covers a multitude of errors on the way. Those who love much are forgiven much.

In The One Mind... Unity prevails and it is accomplished with Love. Love is the adhesive of Unity. Love does not see the fault in others, and that is the means by which it can accomplish healing... no matter what the injury might be. Oh... there is a part in us that measures and discriminates but... Love has (should have) the final say.

It is Love that created AND sustains us. It is Love that decomposes the temporary parts of us as well. So... Love must be present with us at all times, whether we take notice of it or not. Love exists in many forms. It is always prudent to seek a Higher Love; less complications... with a more enduring format.

God knows us intimately. In fact... one could say that God knows us better than we shall EVER know ourselves until we become God, and then... what is left of us anyway? Well... there is a mystery here. Many who fear the loss of their individuality in a surrender to The Higher Self, actually discover a more certain and secure individuality that was previously unknown. It's worth taking the leap of faith.

May good fortune and greater insight find you all on this day OR... at any time should you be open to it.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, May 05, 2023

"A Fool Sees Themselves in Someone or Something Else when They Don't Know who They are in The First Place."

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This world is filled with bad love affairs. People get their hearts broken all the time. There are so many reasons... not even a really large book... with really small print... could contain even a small portion of them. Unreal expectations is near the top of the list. He/she/it did me wrong is also quite popular. Thinking you see yourself in someone or something when you don't know who you are in the first place... that's another big loser of a cause.

The World is filled with broken people. In some cases their parents did it. Maybe their parents were overprotective of them, so The World had to do it later on. Sometimes, they claim, Religion did it to them, BUT... it wasn't the religion. It was the intermediary. It was the priest done broke your heart... or messed with your parts. Sometimes it wasn't the school. It was the schoolmaster or the schoolmistress.

Sometimes it was one thing. Sometimes it was another, but something messed you up more significantly than all the other things that messed you up. So... you carry this around with you. It colors your world. It builds and builds a pressure. Eventually... it finds some sort of Tourette-like portal to burst out through; one twitch... one tic... a disingenuous smile, leading to all kinds of tics and twitches, and false faces to hide the pain caused by your self-obsession.

Oh... poor me. Poor who? Who are you?

Yes... The World is filled with broken toys... shattered dreams... missing or atrophied limbs and emotions; too simple to live, too complex to survive, BUT... pilgrim... no temporary identity makes it out of here alive. Only The Self behind all the manufactured selves continues. That self doesn't make it a point to stand out among all the other selves. It already does cause... it's authentic, BUT... few notice, they're too concerned about themselves.

People come through here now and again, howling about this... or that... or the other thing. It could be any one of a thousand different articles of bullshit. One fellow recently came around with a bug up his eliminatory canal about Hinduism... India... all things religious from that neck of the woods. He little realizes that ALL religions emerged from Mother India. Yes... all of them have their origins there, including Christianity.

The Hebrews took their written language from The Chaldeans and their religion from the same sources that The Egyptians got it from. There was a time... a couple-few thousand years ago... when The World was much smaller, AND... certain people were much smarter than anyone is today; people like Apollonius of Tyana, Pythagoras, Socrates-Plato-Aristotle... Shankaracharya... Hermes Trismegistus. They're all still around... somewhere. No one ever dies except Personality-wise.

This deeply wounded person was obviously wronged in some religious-quasi-spiritual organization. He probably worked there for nothing for years... or got touched in the wrong places... found out the head of the operation was a fraud. That's more likely than not these days. Heck! That's more likely any time. Really sincere and accomplished teachers of Humanity are... FEW AND FAR BETWEEN.

Really sincere and accomplished teachers of Humanity do not pander to you for personal gain. They don't stroke you so they can milk you. Most people couldn't stay around a real master for longer than a day. The heat's too hot in the kitchen. Real masters stay out of show business. Real masters see right through you. Most people can't tolerate that. The phonies know how to grease your ease.

Most of these cash-register religious movements; some of them are small and some quite large, are there for what they can take from you. Many of these gurus are vampires who suck your vitality from you by means of a siddhi. It is why they are so bright and charismatic. They drain your life force to accomplish it.

Most of the followers deserve what they get. They're not after the real thing to begin with OR... they want to be a guru too, and it doesn't matter if they have the goods. They only want to look like they have the goods. Nearly every religion in The World... these days... is headed up by impostors. All those Buddhist monasteries have been hijacked by The Usual Suspects or their catamite affiliates.

The New Age vitality siphons are up to the same old tricks that were ancient already... long ago. M. Williamson and The Curse of Miracles... all those CONTRIVED operations from some ascended Dr. Feelgood are there to blow smoke up your ass. You won't find The Truth anywhere near these people or their multi-million dollar organizations.

They built this fake religion from Rudolph Steiner's work called The Anthroposophic Yadda Yadda. They've got huge estates and massive former bank buildings (how ironically appropriate) in Switzerland and other parts of The World that they acquired by draining the bank accounts of rich old ladies. Lots of these operations use the rich old lady scam.

I've been there. The atmosphere is like a tomb. It's the same thing as The Ramana Maharshi Ashram/Shrine in Southern India. I couldn't figure out why there was no spirituality there. I found out it is owned and operated by The Jesuits. Nearly all of these foundations and religions... based on someone who was once present... and possibly legitimate... are now all owned by corporate types with The Cromwellian Clerk Mind.

How do I notice these things? I don't lie to myself. How come I'm not living large on something similar? God knows I can be persuasive if I wanted to. I don't get a lot of money because the money knows I'll just give it away. You can't build a worldwide foundation or religion that way. You have to be craven and covetous inside and smile like a crocodile on the outside. You have to be the diametric opposite of what you present yourself as.

People get all bent out of shape about what somebody else did to them. Well... don't put your expectations on others... be they a single individual or an international religion. You went into it expecting something and you didn't get it; boo hoo. All the people whining are... takers. Givers don't whine. Givers don't obsess. Givers don't have time to acquire material things. They... are... headed... somewhere... else.

Anyone who comes around here for any length of time KNOWS that I don't belong to any religion. I have no political affiliations. Claiming I support caste systems and God knows what else, is disingenuous and untrue. Caste systems exist whether I do or do not support them. My recognition of something is not the same as support. I try to see things with my eyes open. Believe me, it works much better that way, cause you can see where you are going.

If you are going to get accusatory with me, there are areas you could go after. You don't need to lie about me and make shit up. I'll give you a few; I'm less tolerant than I could be. I am impatient. I don't suffer fools, which means I can be impolite. I am dismissive. I am judgmental. I don't go along with people and their fantasies... while patting their hands and saying, How sad. How unfortunate. Do you need a hug? I don't give hugs. I'm not touchy-feely. I can be irritable.

I am certainly less of any of those than once I was, and they seldom show anymore, BUT... I know they are in there lurking, just waiting for me not to be paying attention. I'm impressed by how far I've come, BUT... I get no credit for that. God has accomplished all that is good in me. I'm nothing otherwise.

From every religious tradition, I take what I find useful and true; USEFUL AND TRUE are my inflexible requirements. I belong to no religion. I belong to a Brotherhood that contains a Brother Hood. I take my God interplay DIRECT. I need no priests nor rituals... no robes or funny hats. I don't need a begging bowl. I am not part of anything that is not already complete in itself. Unity is my objective... accomplished by Love.

Like anyone, I acquire Wisdom in the search for Truth. They come together and it is Love that unites them. I am not worthy, but God is generous and forgiving.

Many traditions are now disassembling. They will be reconstituted in forms appropriate to this coming age, according to what The Avatar has to say on the matter... shortly. Nations are trembling. Governments will topple. Chaos will run wild among those whose intent was to foster discord and diversity.

Temporary insanities will pass. The advent of The Divine Feminine is shaking the unstable populations to the core. This accounts for all the sexual confusion running rampant in these times. It will all settle down as new understandings come into play. This is a time of transition. You have to expect these things, AND... you should be prepared. Who and what you rely on... will or will not take care of you.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, May 02, 2023

"17 Months after The Event, I Walked Out of The Courtroom Free as a Bird that Flies on The Chains of The Airways."

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Every now and then I run across something that gets my attention in a big way because it is something I didn't know before.

I had been given to believe that one needs to be in The Southern Hemisphere because of earthquakes and the ways poisons are carried and... there were other reasons that seemed pretty substantial at the time. I'm not going to go into it for at least two reasons; I don't know enough and I would be speculating, and... it doesn't interest me because I will be informed when I need to be.

I tell a story more than once sometimes, BUT... chances are that many didn't see it the first time, and also... chances are... new features are introduced, and... the mindset of the readers has altered due to life's passage through its immutable changes; immutable changes... HAHAHAHAH! Moving right along.

In the early 80s, I was shanghaied by law enforcement into multiple drug exchanges under false pretenses. From their perspective, there wasn't anything I could do about it. I was in the worst state of the union for drug offenses; be they real or engineered.

This wasn't the first time something like this happened to me. The first time, I ran afoul of Scientology which was in its early stages of world conquest, and its main center was in Washington DC, and... so was I. It wasn't malicious on my part. It was one of those accidents of fate. I had been having regular spiritual awakenings, and... attracting a lot of people as a result.

At the time, Scientology had an aggressive recruitment agenda going on, and... some of the people who came to hear me speak... extemporaneously... in DuPont Circle... were affiliated with Scientology because their center of operations was only a few blocks away. I was only around 20 years old so... let's take it for granted that I didn't know much about how The World worked; a lot of past life information was channeling through me. I didn't know that either.

One of the head honchos at Scientology wanted to talk to me because people who were hearing me in the park had asked me about Scientology and I had been dismissive. I knew a lot intuitively that I did not know in my ordinary... still developing, every day walking around mind.

So... I went over there and this snake lady started peppering me with questions, and... I had the power base of truth; not even aware of it at the time, and it wasn't long before she went apeshit, and started screaming at me to get out and that I was (shudder) a Suppressive. I hadn't been abusive at all. Something about my demeanor just set her off and she started frothing at the mouth.

It wasn't long after that that I found myself set up good and it took almost 6 years to straighten it out. Half the time I was on the run and half the time I was locked up. Because The Times were tumultuous... the law enforcement community was flipping out, and through a series of unfortunate events, I became a kind of public enemy number 1. They had a wanted poster out on me coast to coast. The Black Riders were hot on my trail.

It was an adventure that very much resembled Lord of The Rings scenarios at various times. Later on, I was given a full pardon and my offenses against The State were forgiven me. Twenty years further on, it happened again. This time I was facing a life sentence. In both instances, they came after me because something about my vibe made the powers-that-hallucinate think that I was a dangerous character.

Both of these adventures would have made for a riveting movie, BUT... not everything Hell-for-leather makes it to the screen. They had everything... high drama of the life and death order... irony dripping like duck grease in a Chinese restaurant... laugh out loud comedic moments strung like Ben Wa Balls on a nylon line... like a ripcord on an invisible parachute... and you can't tell if it's open or not. Someone is screaming but it is not from fear. Maybe you get this and maybe you don't.

Anyway... this long-winded travelogue is all about a five-minute scene in the second life movie with the life sentence. I was walking through The Maui Mall in... not surprisingly... Maui. I'd parked on one side and was walking through to the other, where I was supposed to be meeting my Honolulu crime syndicate guy. On the way, I decided to take a leak. So, I headed to the restroom, which is down a short hallway painted an institutional green, when this voice came into my head.

The voice said, “You'll be seeing walls like this for a little while because you are about to get arrested.” I kind of already knew that something was hinky so it didn't come as a huge surprise to me. The voice continued, “Don't worry about it. I'll get you out and I'll take care of everything else.” Well then.

I was locked up for about 3 months because Hawaii is not like everywhere else. You have to have serious surety, AND... they thought... once again... that I was hooked up with some major criminal element; I don't know where they get this shit, AND... they wanted to sweat me for information, but... it did them no good.

Finally... my friends on the mainland got the necessary wherewithal together and I was released on Independence Day. Yeah... things like this were commonplace in my journey to this moment.

Another thing, both of these events happened on almost the same day in April. I'd take April out of the calendar if I could, but... it's not up to me. 17 months after the event, I walked out of the courtroom free as a bird that flies on the chains of the airways. Like the voice said... I was taken care of.

I've heard this voice half a dozen times or more in similar moments of extremity. I've heard this voice many... many more times concerning other things. It's one of the reasons I don't worry about much because I know my life is scripted for The Purpose of Demonstration. I suspect this is true for all of us, but most people don't pay attention to the deeper issues so they can't hear The Voice. You have to work very hard for a very long time to hear The Voice or... you need to encounter serious trauma. I've had a generous helping of both.

About twenty years after the last episode, I was walking down a country road in Southern Italy. It looped from my front yard, around in a half-circle to a path that ran to my backyard. I started to hear, “Rely on me.” It would repeat, over and over and over. It became a regular event, interspersed with other commentary. I've not stopped hearing that one, AND... I'll tell you, that's the most difficult action that I have ever encountered in this life; to simply rely on the ineffable.

I still hear it. I hear it more often lately because certain events are coming up for me, and they are tied to conditions in The World. Somehow... my fortunes are often dependent on what's going on in the high wide and lonesome at a distance from me. I was once told; “the worse conditions get in The World the better they will be for you.” I don't know how to take that... but... yeah... things are splendid for me.

I don't mean that I am awash in riches or whatever else there is that people make such a fuss over. I mean that nothing much troubles me, AND... if anything does... temporarily... it is all about seeing if I am going to rely on the ineffable. As soon as I mention it, it gets put into order. What could be better than that?

I don't worry about what hemisphere I'm in. I don't worry about running out of this or running out of that. Everything seems to come and go according to its own mysterious ways of coming and going. Worry is certain to bring the conditions you worry over upon you. Lack of Faith is guaranteed to be challenged in order to build Faith. Fear is certain to come upon you if you keep it in your windshield or your rear-view mirror.

God IS... absolutely... inflexibly... and continuously (forever and ever) in control of EVERYTHING unless you... decide otherwise. If you want to test that... feel free... because that is ALL you have of Free Will. You have the right to resist... and go your own way... and you have the right to go along with The Program; whether you understand it or not. I have decided, upon much reflection, and occasional uninformed, but temporary oppositions at previous times that... I prefer to go along with The Program.

Let God be your eyes and ears. Let The Indwelling inform you whenever there be the need. Become as a child and take your Father's or your Mother's hand however you understand it to be. God is adaptable to any desired persona, including the most undesirable of personas. I see God as my friend. That works too. It's not been easy, but... upon further consideration... every option otherwise is harder still.

End Transmission.......

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