Tuesday, May 02, 2023

"17 Months after The Event, I Walked Out of The Courtroom Free as a Bird that Flies on The Chains of The Airways."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Every now and then I run across something that gets my attention in a big way because it is something I didn't know before.

I had been given to believe that one needs to be in The Southern Hemisphere because of earthquakes and the ways poisons are carried and... there were other reasons that seemed pretty substantial at the time. I'm not going to go into it for at least two reasons; I don't know enough and I would be speculating, and... it doesn't interest me because I will be informed when I need to be.

I tell a story more than once sometimes, BUT... chances are that many didn't see it the first time, and also... chances are... new features are introduced, and... the mindset of the readers has altered due to life's passage through its immutable changes; immutable changes... HAHAHAHAH! Moving right along.

In the early 80s, I was shanghaied by law enforcement into multiple drug exchanges under false pretenses. From their perspective, there wasn't anything I could do about it. I was in the worst state of the union for drug offenses; be they real or engineered.

This wasn't the first time something like this happened to me. The first time, I ran afoul of Scientology which was in its early stages of world conquest, and its main center was in Washington DC, and... so was I. It wasn't malicious on my part. It was one of those accidents of fate. I had been having regular spiritual awakenings, and... attracting a lot of people as a result.

At the time, Scientology had an aggressive recruitment agenda going on, and... some of the people who came to hear me speak... extemporaneously... in DuPont Circle... were affiliated with Scientology because their center of operations was only a few blocks away. I was only around 20 years old so... let's take it for granted that I didn't know much about how The World worked; a lot of past life information was channeling through me. I didn't know that either.

One of the head honchos at Scientology wanted to talk to me because people who were hearing me in the park had asked me about Scientology and I had been dismissive. I knew a lot intuitively that I did not know in my ordinary... still developing, every day walking around mind.

So... I went over there and this snake lady started peppering me with questions, and... I had the power base of truth; not even aware of it at the time, and it wasn't long before she went apeshit, and started screaming at me to get out and that I was (shudder) a Suppressive. I hadn't been abusive at all. Something about my demeanor just set her off and she started frothing at the mouth.

It wasn't long after that that I found myself set up good and it took almost 6 years to straighten it out. Half the time I was on the run and half the time I was locked up. Because The Times were tumultuous... the law enforcement community was flipping out, and through a series of unfortunate events, I became a kind of public enemy number 1. They had a wanted poster out on me coast to coast. The Black Riders were hot on my trail.

It was an adventure that very much resembled Lord of The Rings scenarios at various times. Later on, I was given a full pardon and my offenses against The State were forgiven me. Twenty years further on, it happened again. This time I was facing a life sentence. In both instances, they came after me because something about my vibe made the powers-that-hallucinate think that I was a dangerous character.

Both of these adventures would have made for a riveting movie, BUT... not everything Hell-for-leather makes it to the screen. They had everything... high drama of the life and death order... irony dripping like duck grease in a Chinese restaurant... laugh out loud comedic moments strung like Ben Wa Balls on a nylon line... like a ripcord on an invisible parachute... and you can't tell if it's open or not. Someone is screaming but it is not from fear. Maybe you get this and maybe you don't.

Anyway... this long-winded travelogue is all about a five-minute scene in the second life movie with the life sentence. I was walking through The Maui Mall in... not surprisingly... Maui. I'd parked on one side and was walking through to the other, where I was supposed to be meeting my Honolulu crime syndicate guy. On the way, I decided to take a leak. So, I headed to the restroom, which is down a short hallway painted an institutional green, when this voice came into my head.

The voice said, “You'll be seeing walls like this for a little while because you are about to get arrested.” I kind of already knew that something was hinky so it didn't come as a huge surprise to me. The voice continued, “Don't worry about it. I'll get you out and I'll take care of everything else.” Well then.

I was locked up for about 3 months because Hawaii is not like everywhere else. You have to have serious surety, AND... they thought... once again... that I was hooked up with some major criminal element; I don't know where they get this shit, AND... they wanted to sweat me for information, but... it did them no good.

Finally... my friends on the mainland got the necessary wherewithal together and I was released on Independence Day. Yeah... things like this were commonplace in my journey to this moment.

Another thing, both of these events happened on almost the same day in April. I'd take April out of the calendar if I could, but... it's not up to me. 17 months after the event, I walked out of the courtroom free as a bird that flies on the chains of the airways. Like the voice said... I was taken care of.

I've heard this voice half a dozen times or more in similar moments of extremity. I've heard this voice many... many more times concerning other things. It's one of the reasons I don't worry about much because I know my life is scripted for The Purpose of Demonstration. I suspect this is true for all of us, but most people don't pay attention to the deeper issues so they can't hear The Voice. You have to work very hard for a very long time to hear The Voice or... you need to encounter serious trauma. I've had a generous helping of both.

About twenty years after the last episode, I was walking down a country road in Southern Italy. It looped from my front yard, around in a half-circle to a path that ran to my backyard. I started to hear, “Rely on me.” It would repeat, over and over and over. It became a regular event, interspersed with other commentary. I've not stopped hearing that one, AND... I'll tell you, that's the most difficult action that I have ever encountered in this life; to simply rely on the ineffable.

I still hear it. I hear it more often lately because certain events are coming up for me, and they are tied to conditions in The World. Somehow... my fortunes are often dependent on what's going on in the high wide and lonesome at a distance from me. I was once told; “the worse conditions get in The World the better they will be for you.” I don't know how to take that... but... yeah... things are splendid for me.

I don't mean that I am awash in riches or whatever else there is that people make such a fuss over. I mean that nothing much troubles me, AND... if anything does... temporarily... it is all about seeing if I am going to rely on the ineffable. As soon as I mention it, it gets put into order. What could be better than that?

I don't worry about what hemisphere I'm in. I don't worry about running out of this or running out of that. Everything seems to come and go according to its own mysterious ways of coming and going. Worry is certain to bring the conditions you worry over upon you. Lack of Faith is guaranteed to be challenged in order to build Faith. Fear is certain to come upon you if you keep it in your windshield or your rear-view mirror.

God IS... absolutely... inflexibly... and continuously (forever and ever) in control of EVERYTHING unless you... decide otherwise. If you want to test that... feel free... because that is ALL you have of Free Will. You have the right to resist... and go your own way... and you have the right to go along with The Program; whether you understand it or not. I have decided, upon much reflection, and occasional uninformed, but temporary oppositions at previous times that... I prefer to go along with The Program.

Let God be your eyes and ears. Let The Indwelling inform you whenever there be the need. Become as a child and take your Father's or your Mother's hand however you understand it to be. God is adaptable to any desired persona, including the most undesirable of personas. I see God as my friend. That works too. It's not been easy, but... upon further consideration... every option otherwise is harder still.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Both me and my psychic twin could have written a few paragraphs you wrote after that mention of the country road in Italy. But we have a different attitude to it all, and I must admit it's not the nicest, but Hey! WE HATE THIS PLACE! CONSIDER PHYSICAL EXISTENCE A FORM OF INCARCERATION. LET IT BURN!

Nostrils to the sky! For yesterday's, too. Forgot to type that.

M - said...

You know, Visible, the same kind of things have happened to me over the years albeit not in such an extreme manner.

I worked in a corporate environment for most of my life and was very good at my job. Very good. While I admit I probably wasn't the most easy-going person (I tend to be impatient) I also never gossiped, bad-mouthed anyone, snitched on people, or was part of any office "clique" (Maybe one of the reasons some people resented me), yet every now and again I ran afoul of someone. I was flummoxed each time, but brushed it off and carried on.

Many decades later I still experienced random acts of weirdness from individuals and never knew why. It was at this point in my life that I was determined to be more agreeable since I recognized that perhaps I was partly to blame. I wanted to take responsibility for my shortcomings and try to turn things around. It did not exactly improve things...

One individual who I had worked with for a number of years suddenly blurted out "I'm not afraid of you." while on a business telecon. I was speechless. I had no inkling where that was coming from. I still don't have a clue.

Another happened more recently at a temp job. I had been working with this young gal for a month and enjoyed the experience. She was an American opera singer who lived in Germany but was involved in a Christmas musical in the Bay Area. Anyway, I came in one morning with an idea regarding the project we were working on and she snapped at me. Something like "if I don't have anything constructive or useful to suggest I should keep my mouth shut". Wow. I just let it go...she might have had a bad morning. No further incidents throughout the rest of the project. I kept my head down and my mouth shut.

Recently my BFF of over 30 years snapped at me in a restaurant. Apparently I wasn't giving her the correct response to an issue, although I remained calm throughout. She later apologized.

I can go on but you get the pattern and picture. Over the past 5 years I have reflected on my life and these experiences. Here's my takeaway: You are who you are. My trying to be a more patient and agreeable person did not gain me a thing. People will dislike you - for whatever reason - and there's not a single thing you can do about it. The only thing in one's control is how one reacts.

I still don't gossip or bad-mouth people. I also don't cheat, steal, eat babies for breakfast, etc. So if people have problems with me, that's not my problem any more.

I'm generally kind but I no longer tolerate people's crap. So I guess I'm a bit of a Bitch, too. I'm OK with that.

Franz said...

Especially today the years gone have a vivid color.

Woke after coming in late, worked too many hours so skipped the news and weather and crashed.

Woke up to hear Gordon Lightfoot died. Oh no. One of the good ones, if not one of the best ones. In the 1970s I worked the filthiest job of my life -- US Steel had its own coal division and their own ships to haul it. Since I was just out of the navy -- hee-hee -- it was not much of a stretch, so I figured it would be easier. Oh man. The rottenest maintenance and the worst people alive were on that gig. Since I was a newbie I had no warning.

One on our big ships was the Edmund Fitzgerald. I made a brief pass loading that one, it was not fully laden being new. It made a few stops and I forgot all about it till it was supposed to come back to where I was. But she never made it. "Left fully loaded..." and went down with all her cargo.

Lightfoot heard about it on the Canadian side. He got involved honorably. The report he read was the international edition of Newsweek, who cared as much about lake mariners as they care about all workers, and they got the details wrong. Gord saw that and corrected it with his song. He had no clue he was creating the Illiad of our age.

All through the coming years I was long gone from that work but the "legend lived on from the Chippewa on down to the big lake they call Gitchie Goomie" and not only did Gord's song resonate for everybody that ever worked the waters, but he even showed up at reunion memorials to talk to the "wives the sons and the daughters" of the men who went down.

Gordon Lightfoot was one of the good ones. Of all the shady operators who came out of the music scene in the 1960s, Gord was the one who followed his own polestar and did right when he had the chance to make the world better.

Gord's still a bard wherever he may be. But the seas are calmer and the sun is warm and kind. I mourn him as I miss the great days he sang about. He was the one honorable folkie.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

“the worse conditions get in The World the better they will be for you.”

How wonderful!

Sad to hear of Gordon's passing.

There WAS another truly good folkie, and that was John Denver.

He really did upset the wrong people, unwittingly, simply by being what he was - don't believe the lies they made up about him even when he was still with us.

Anonymous said...

"the worse conditions get in The World the better they will be for you"

i can really relate to that one. There was that Gita verse to that same effect.

The world is going to Hell in a handbasket but I've never felt better. The time of suffering for the materialists is the time of awakening for the spiritualists. That Gita verse went something like that.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"The Federal Reserve Bill Fixed It So a Small Cabal of Gangster Bankers Can Hold The World in Submission."

Jim Beamer said...

Wow. Great story. I'm fascinated that you've come so close to having that kind of relationship. Of course, it goes without saying but...how come the voice didn't help you to avoid the whole bogus frame up? Free Will was allowed, maybe. Beggars can't be chosers, I suppose.

But, yeah...scientologists are very dangerous people. They are tied to Community Gang Stalking (a DOJ program included in one of Snowden's graphics). I think you might enjoy this nugget, because it's way too on point with your stalking-persecution. Try this: https://sutherlandsalute.blogspot.com/2013/01/on-being-hunted-by-swine-christ-got.html

You're a fascinating soul. I'd like to see you do a podcast show. You'd be unstoppable. I've never followed anyone as creative and soulful and hip. You'd be a great high profile guru who could capture a much bigger audience...methinks.

Cheers, and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Visible said...

Well... that is most kind of you to say these things. I was told that my journey was unavoidable and done primarily for the points made by the one driving it; a purpose of demonstration thing. God likes to get those he considers his friends, in and out of scrapes for the fun of it. Though it is not always fun for us involved. It does lead to better things.

I do have a podcast over at Dog Poet Transmitting but I haven't done it in a while. It's the same with my YouTube, First Church of The Presence of God videos. These things may happen again. I have to depend on being inspired first before I do anything. It's like the music. I recorded around 14 albums of original songs and then... it just sorta stopped.




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