Thursday, April 27, 2023

"Love is The Power that Opens The Door Within... and Sustains Your Interest. Otherwise... You Will Lose Interest."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The Breath of Life; that's what they call it, and... that's what it is. Legend has it that God blew The Breath of Life into Adam- (Namer of Things) In The Beginning. Breathing is the one thing we do more than anything else that we could have some control over. Our heart beats without our say-so. Lots of other actions go on without our say-so. I won't be getting into fight or flight or rest and digest.

All the diseases people catch happen with their say-so. They happen when one gets out of harmonic accord with Heaven and Nature. Staying in harmonic accord with life has a lot to do with your breathing.

Consider how our breathing can become agitated by our states of mind and the passions that occasionally or more than occasionally run amok through us. If you never got agitated, you might never get sick. Why do people get agitated? Attachments to form and bad interpretations of sensory input have a lot to do with that.

I'm not going to get into minutiae here. That could take all day and then some. Let me attempt to be as simple as I can. Since some people already consider me pretty simple, maybe... I can pull that off.

Okay... there are different parts to the nervous system, which is the top tier of our physical being. Actually... breathing is part of the unconscious actions that go on without our say-so, according to the people who don't know shit from barbecued chicken.

I do know the difference even though I don't eat either one. I prefer the shit that life tries to serve me to be presented in a portion cup so that I can leave it at the side of my plate.

Anyway... you can control your breathing, and I advise... given how The World operates... that you do control your breathing. You can control everything if you took the time to do so... including your heartbeat; a school of yogis does this, and this... and all those other controls... are connected to the control of the breath.

These fakir abilities don't interest me. God already has it set up the way he likes it, and I like to do it the way God likes it. In fact, I would like for God to be in control of, everything... I... do... and don't do. It keeps me out of trouble. I don't like trouble. I like serenity... tranquility... quiet walks on the beach... heh heh, BUT... I digress. Heck... I even like sex as long as my partner is luminous and invisible.

Learn to breathe. Maybe that is as much as I should say on the matter. The one who knows how to do all of these things, and everything that can be done; is resident within you, and all you gotta do is... ask. That one is sitting right there as you read these words.

I should mention that the other guy is in the neighborhood as well, AND... he's usually not cool about letting you go if he already has his hooks in you. This means you have to work at it and... ask for help.

You don't have to worry about that. Worrying about that is a problem. The one who rightly handles everything you could ever want to handle... can handle that guy too, which is why you shouldn't worry about it. Worrying about it implies that you're not all that sure that God can handle it.

All of your distress... discomfort... fear and apprehensions... and similar... are due to your not being sure that God can handle everything.

Thinking God can't handle everything means you imagine that you can handle everything or... do a better and more consistent job of it. God is perfectly fine with letting you have your way, which also means you getting advice and directions from... The Other Guy. This is what... most... people... do. I imagine you can see how that... generally... works for them.

Sometimes people handle it all very well... for a while. Sometimes they don't handle it well at all... most of the time. No one... and I mean... no one... handles it well all the time... on their own... because of The Purpose of Demonstration Factor.

I am FINALLY... in this latter stage of my immortal existence... (heh heh... that made no sense) coming to understand, IN A VISCERAL FASHION that it is preferable to have God live his life in mine and for me to become nothing more than a tool in the process. God is me when I am not being me.

This means that the separated persona... is the fallen angel... resisting the force and presence of God from expressing... in an unhindered passage... through me. God is non-intrusive. If you don't want to let him through, he... will... wait... you... out, during the process of you wearing yourself down... and out.

Conscious breathing is a way of bringing yourself into a state where God can reside in, and express through you. Meditation is the process whereby one accomplishes it. You could say that Meditation is the key to The Door Within, and Love is the power that opens The Door Within and sustains your interest because... otherwise you will lose interest.

When I was... unfortunately... on The Big Island for a year, on two occasions, I went to an ecstatic dance thing that happened every Sunday at this property that was owned by a couple of paranoid, rich, gay guys.

Here I saw people who cannot dance whatsoever, and who were actually deluded narcissistic exhibitionists. I could never stay more than a few minutes after it happened. Mostly I remember reading the promotional ads on the billboards there. (insert shrieking laughter).

Anyway, outside this big dance hall, filled with mental patients, were these performance artist yogis doing tandem couples yoga; I don't know what it's called, and once again, it was just a bunch of showing off... like they were on Venice Beach with someone passing the hat. These things are a... should be... private affair. Heaven doesn't enjoy public displays of what... should be... private enthusiasms.

I'm going to share a ritual of mine. You don't have to go to the islands to do it. You can do it somewhere out of sight of The World, but... in the sight of the only witnesses that matter.

This happens when The Sun is coming up. I sit in my basket chair and warm up with slow... deep... regular breathing. It doesn't take long to be ready. Then I inhale deeply and hold the breath while saying in thought; This vital life breath is transformed into Divine Prana which permeates me on every level of being... revitalizing and rejuvenating me and filling me with the optimism and confidence of The Sun.

Then I breathe out, saying... All negativity... all impurities... all shortcomings are now permanently eliminated from my being. I do this a dozen or more times a couple of times a day.. give or take.

You might think that is a lot to say while holding the breath. It is not. You could actually hold it longer than it took to say these things again, once you get into the flow of it. You have to take your time and build up to an ease and confidence in the process. You must feel this to be true while you are saying it. This is critically important! You must have certitude in the statement.

It so happens that what you are saying is real and true. Faith is The Substance of things unseen. So you need faith too. Faith... Certitude... and Determination, rightly and consistently applied can accomplish ANYTHING.

However... and this is also of critical importance... there is only one thing worth accomplishing and that is coming into unity with The Divine... coming into a conscious resonance with Heaven. Anything else will prove to be a disappointment at some point... unless it involves selfless service on behalf of Heaven, but that comes with the party-er of the first part.

You can change the words to suit your style. I can confirm that this is a powerful ritual, especially when done before The Altar of The Sun.

One is either living in the conscious awareness of God or one is not. It takes some getting there. The road is fraught with peril, and most of that is internal. Your mind is your greatest enemy, and potentially one of your very best friends. Until you get that sorted you will just be spinning your wheels. Make God the centerpiece of your life and naught else will really trouble you.

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I'll be writing about Tucker Carlson tomorrow.

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M - said...

I do a similar ritual every morning. I ground myself with Mother Earth, imagining myself melding with Her - arms outstretched and feeling the Earth's energies charging me up. I then do a shielding on myself and our home, protecting all living things that dwell within this shield. I then ask the Goddess to protect us when we venture outside the home, whether on foot or in a vehicle.

At my desk, I dust everything while invoking a shield of protection.

At night, and even during the night if I awake from a bad dream, I verballing banish negativity.

I also thank the Universe and Goddess for the blessings of our Life and this beautiful World. This I do very often, sometimes several times a day. I also ask if there's anything I can do for Her.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

0 said...

"This vital life breath is transformed into Divine Prana which permeates me on every level of being... revitalizing and rejuvenating me and filling me with the optimism and confidence of The Sun."

Very interesting way of going about it. It drew to mind Schappellers works where he posited that one could get a Glass Sphere, and suck all the gasses out of it... and that tho small, the disparity of the gasses that are vacated are enough to create an increased density of whats present behind the gasses in this ocean of atmosphere we find ourselves at the Bottom of. In Schappellers context he would then setup a coil of copper pipe around this evacuated glass sphere and then make an electret mix to fill the copper coil with that was then charged to let it keep a small, higher than ambient, volt potential on the sphere... and that this small pegged volt potential would induce what Schappeller called Glowing Magnetism. In the book from Cyril Davsun regarding this review of Karl Schappellers work he noted that he could then attach an Armature to this glowing magnetism sphere and it would Rotate and could be attached to a wheel/pulley to do work.

Recently it was made known to me that oneself has the ownership of ones iteration of form and that one can mentally perhaps spiritually create space or a vacuum of self to let the all offset the same in self. Perhaps the less of self one retains, the difference is offset by the all who keeps one whole for the duration of existence within the context.

Good stuff.

Take it easy!

Visible said...

You are remarkably informed on these things. I am woefully absent in grasping these things except intuitively. My chart is all on the right side with only my rising sign on the left.

brian boru said...

I get slightly amused when you speak about being friends with the Sun. Here in the west of Ireland where grey skies are the norm it's a rare day when you can watch the Sun rise, in contrast to where you live. Also, many of us here are very pale and don't take well to bathing in its rays for long. I get what you are saying though, when we do get bright sunlight it has a very positive effect on the spirit and I feel energised. Meditation when the rays are on the closed eyelids is easier than normal for me then.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

I read this, then went on Quora and immediately saw a question, so I thought 'I have a good answer here!'

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"Like Lao Tzu said; “Those who Lose after almost winning, should have known the end from the beginning.”"

0 said...

I'm just trying to add to what you're noting with some other additional detail that may support the conclusions being drawn. I'm hoping its helpful for everyone. Lots to become aware of as it exists outside self already, and being in aggregate iteration of form, it allows for Lots of Cross Pollination, if one is Willing to Do the Work to consume it all. I try to consume as much as possible and let the all index it for me so it can be brought forth when it might be of use in the context I find myself in at any given moment.

Glad you do what you do, or there would be nowhere to discuss such with like minded folks.


Visible said...

right back at you. I always play like I'm on a team, even though I know... in some cases... I must go it alone. At the same time, I know I am never alone. That's just appearances.



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