Monday, January 30, 2023

"The Stars in The Sky Show The Divine Orchestrations of The Purpose of Demonstration and... What is to Come."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The Sun operates at a number of different frequencies at the same time. As your awareness is raised, you come into a harmonic resonance with the higher frequencies... where The Sanctuary is to be found. Think of it as similar to the relative depths in the ocean and the variations of life forms. We are changed and affected AT... THE...LEVEL where we meet it; wherever that might be.

I have not yet seen anyone who has looked into who it is that is teaching these rainbow-headed, gender-stupid... porcine lumps of unexercised flesh... that call themselves teachers. Where and how are these spiritual infants getting their training? Some group or another is behind programming these clueless souls and teaching them how to mislead the youth, while they are in search of a millstone to wear around their necks... for when they are tossed into the deepest part of the sea.

Who is shaping and forming these bizarre caricatures of a human being?

OBSERVE!!! You see the obvious shadow-dwellers... flitting about in the ruins... like the creatures of the night that rise up out of the rocks on Venice Beach. I have seen them, but where are the matching ranks of those rising to The Sun? All we see are those circling The Moon. It is because of MEDIA. It is MEDIA who adds the coloration and the slant to the general perspective. That... is... not... all... there... is... to... see. In fact... most of that is not even to be seen at all.

Harmony... is a balance between the polarities... neither attracted nor repelled. At ease with yourself and all life external to you... abiding at The Center... not being spun off The Disk. Indifferent to the character of those passing... not triggering them in any way... not being triggered... not radiating fear or aggression... at ease... deeply at ease... seeming almost not to exist... so very still. Not making a ruckus to draw the predators. The years flow around you like ocean waves... beyond your notice... because you are swimming in finer seas.

If those who wallow in the external squalor of their projecting minds only knew of that sweeter cleaner land. Of course, you have to be sweeter and cleaner to enter in there yourself. You have to taste good to the right diners. When the stink of animal deaths... and rage against your fellows is not excreting from your pores, the animal mind does not smell the fear on you... that they mistake for anger.

I do not mean to disparage meat-eaters. Guru Bawa said some people are meant to eat meat in times like these. I don't know why it came out that way. Perhaps it was not me talking. That is often the case.

For days now... Crass Media... especially Fox has been fanning the flames. Hysterically bleating about Tennessee burning... the nation even... because some black cops beat up a black fellow, and... he died. It coulda been the vaccine that killed him. He was saying he couldn't breathe. Remember when no matter what someone really died of it was always COVID? Now... no matter how many people die from The Killer Vaccines, it is never The Killer Vaccines.

All this considered, surely you know that the whole transgenderism thing is a government operation? Just like The Killer Vaccines. Now... it goes without saying that the government... whatever temporal version you mention, is controlled by industrialists who are controlled by bankers... who... are controlled by the dark agencies which flourish in dark times.

This has been the case for some while. Whoever prints the money controls the economy. This is why they kill heads of state who interfere with their control of it. It goes back a long way. There are legacies and orders that conspire to shape The World as they desire to see it. For some reason... eventually... they ALWAYS fail in their schemes.

Where does that leave us? The irresistible truth is that God... WILL... sort... it... out. So, the wise man inclines to The Will of Heaven. The stars in the sky show the orchestrations of The Purpose of Demonstration and what it portends. Few can read the signs, and... even fewer understand what they are reading.

However smart you think you are. However powerful you may be for a short while. It is inevitable that you will be humbled in some way... at some time... before The Throne of God. Better make your peace NOW... and come to an understanding... BEFORE there are reasons to demonstrate on you; “though Heaven prefers no man. The wise man prefers Heaven.”

Let me digress for a moment; when a country is on the road to having its collective will shattered... and its unity destroyed by diversity... sexual perversity becomes commonplace. Does anyone expect a rainbow diversity army to win a war? Will they launch sponge-cake grenades? Send in The Ballerinas!”

“What? What? No! Not The Ballerinas; anything but that.” How about Drag Queen... special forces … stealth sappers... dressed as nuns with rubber shillelaghs that double as sexual insertables? The moral fiber is shredded and we are not talking about 6-pack abs.

It's Materialism. Materialism turns bone to jelly. Materialism unleashes an army of Pillsbury Dough-boys, and Michelin Men dressed as women. It is a nation that is too lazy to get off the couch. The Whale is the new pinup boy in Little Obesity's' bedroom.

The bodies pressed together and moving at speed, create friction. Fiction creates heat, and so... the cities of The World burn. In Times of Material Darkness, the flame of Desire engulfs the rational mind, and you wind up with smoking mirrors.

The Sun is ruled by a unity of mind... and purpose. When the separated are brought together in unity... they generate Light.

No matter what level one is at, there are basic routines we engage in every day... sometimes every minute. Of these... breath is the most critical. Next is water... then food. We also eliminate waste... we procreate... and we sleep. You... would think; certainly I do... that there was a spiritual aspect to each of these activities. One might think... if they give it a greater consideration... that one should do all of these... CONSCIOUSLY. (grin) what! Sleeping too, Visible?

In some cases... letting go would be a factor... BUT... in ALL CASES... Gratitude should be a main factor and be present in The Mind while so engaged. How often do you see people expressing Gratitude when involved in these activities? How often do you see people in public engaging in Gratefulness? It is a key and essential part of a successful existence.

The objective of tantra is not Karma Sutra Land. It is hosting The Supreme Enjoyer. One offers each experience to The Indwelling, AND... one eventually becomes The Indwelling in microcosm; which we were... originally... before... we... got... lost. In a way, after a fashion, you do reach The Blessed Spheres by taking a back seat to God experiencing and enjoying existence through you. You cease to interfere with your own good fortune.

Understand... this might involve considerable time... in devotion to this pattern of The Renunciation of The Personality... so that the external part of you can come forth and dance in perfect symmetry with Time. Be prayerful, AND... most importantly... be Grateful. Gratitude reaches Heaven like a prayer.

It has taken me a long time to integrate Gratitude and Devotion into everything I do. The Mind is a wild monkey and... MUST BE BROUGHT TO HEEL. One must have a commanding grip on The Reins of The Wild Horses of The Senses. Most people do not have an interest in this direction because of The Dark Splendor... The Lights of Materialism that glitter like The World's largest chandelier, before their mesmerized eyes.

Strive with indomitable focus to... break... the... enchantment. Never give up... unless you are like me. I told Guru Bawa that I wanted to surrender. He gave me a bemused look and said, “Not you! You do not surrender. You fight... and fight... and fight... and then you surrender.” Heh heh.

Well... time will tell and we will see.

End Transmission.......

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“There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe. I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only, and closes fast behind the neophyte for evermore. There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer; there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through; there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount. For those who win onwards there is reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity; for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come.” H.P.B.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky


Wednesday, January 25, 2023

"The More Materialism Gets its Hooks into Humanity, The More Humanity Goes Mad and Starves in The Midst of Plenty."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It is not by intention. I don't know why it happens, but... I ponder and ruminate over the shape of things to come. I can do nothing on my own to stop a world bent on chaos and disorder. People are going mad everywhere... or are they? When I am out in The World, as seldom as that may be, I see no signs of chaos or disorder. Is it like it is because that is The World I walk in?

Does a different world unroll before each pair of feet? The tides bring us together. The tides draw us apart. What tides are those? It seems to me that there is no one set of rules in The Material Realm, and they change according to the neighborhood they are in. It is the same with each mind, each mind generates its own neighborhood and... the events and conditions they encounter. Each heart is magnetized by attractions that appeal to them. The heart makes it look beautiful.

Love turns a hovel into a palace and the absence of it turns a palace into a tomb.

What is to become of The World, in the short term, and in the long term? Let's take the long term first. That's just going to go round and round in circles of Shakespearean drama for The Purpose of Demonstration. In the short term... it will be just exactly what you made it. Oh yeah, so will the long term.

No one has to fear the cannons... the night shadows... famine and want... the terrors of the day and the horrors of the night, unless they called it forth from The Deep... from The Subconscious Sea.

Think of The Self-Conscious Mind as the planner and decider. The Sub-Conscious Mind is the factory that pumps out the product planned and decided on by The Self-Conscious Mind. That Mind does not have a clear view of what lies before it, so... it makes guesses. Sometimes it's right and sometimes its wrong. Enter The Superconscious Mind. It ALWAYS sees in all directions at once. It is beyond right and wrong. It speaks to both of the minds below it, directly and indirectly, AND every single thing in your life depends on whether you listened or not, directly... or indirectly.

You will encounter NOTHING that you did not program at one time to appear in another. The problem is that we change as time passes... due to experience, and... other... factors... and now... something we yearned for in previous times is no longer desirable.

People DO NOT want to hear that they are responsible for everything that shows up in their lives. In a way, they dreamed it into being, The fire of desire branded it into the dream-stuff. Then that dream-stuff went to the place that stamps out future events and it was woven like the threads of a Persian Rug into a tapestry.

As allegorical and other-worldly as that may seem, it is very close to the truth. EVERYTHING we think, say, and do is impressed upon a substance that is shaped accordingly in response. Some actions generate an immediate response. I'm sure you can think of a few examples. Some actions take time to arrange a response to. It might cross the span of several lifetimes.

This is one of the many extreme disservices that The Christian Church visited upon the congregation. They excluded Reincarnation and Karma which are eternal features in existence. I am not speaking of The Christ. I am talking about the scheming priests. I'm talking about putting a clown face on The Ineffable via Constantine and The Council of Nicaea.

Ever after, The Silver-Tongued Liar has sat at The Public Table with soft, expanded gut, swelling over The Common Plate. Now... everything is falling apart, and it will not go well for those who commit great crimes to secure their tenuous hold upon the fortunes of The World. They have been seduced by Temporary History. An apocalypse like this has not been around in a long time. They have no reference points. They assume it is all going to be business as usual... that the tables will turn and they will still be sitting there. Ah... no.

It's a different time now... a unique time. They can't same-old-same-old the status quo this time. Watch them... amassing fortunes through fraud and intimidation. Look at all the miniature versions, scrabbling for a piece of the pie. The more Materialism gets its hooks into humanity, the more humanity goes mad... starving in the midst of plenty. As you can CLEARLY see in The World around you.

I was sitting before The Sun this morning and I said, “Well... what would you have me do?” He replied, “You're doing it, and... we're past that now... aren't we? Why not let's just enjoy each other's company? Let's keep it light.” Heh heh... then it hit me, “Keep it light?” He's always doing this... these double entendres and ironic inferences that I catch just a little delayed, but... that's the point. It's a beautiful thing... right there... free for the taking, by anyone with the interest to do so. How people came to be so oblivious to this mystifies me.

It's the measure of valuing the product over the producer. In this case, the point has been deeply missed.

Just because it looks like The World has gone batshit does not mean you have to vibrate to it like a sympathetic string. Appearances come and go like animals and birds doing a mating dance. If you get caught up in the spectacle you're going to feel like you are a part of it. Long before the latest stormtrooper versions get around to you there will be an epiphany. The Possessed are urgently plotting and scheming to get around Mr. Apocalypse, and ahead of Lady Awakening; not going to happen.

Right there... in the space you occupy this moment. Right from that point... begins your journey to wherever your heart will take you. You can head into The Low Country, and you can head into The High Country; metaphorically speaking. This moment, which is the only moment that will ever be, presents itself as a series of moments, running away behind you and running away ahead. What is behind you has brought you to where you are. From here you will be taken to where you are bound.

Left? Right? Straight ahead? Be still? Hmm... with so many possibilities it seems like common sense to me that I should have a guide. So... I do have a guide. I could not imagine doing anything on my own. I have the company of friends that I have cultivated for some time. They are like the sounds of the forest as I move through The World. Suddenly it gets very quiet. (grin) Well? I pause.

If it is cloudy... shrouded in fog... I do not move. If it is clear and visible, I continue. You can make everything your friend is passing. It does not mean you have to take it home with you, even though... we all arrive there eventually. Maybe this is what Jesus was doing with the publicans and the sinners.

Even the most evil among us have some trace of humanity. You can find it by finding it within you. Like someone said, I think it was Lao Tzu. “Before you seek to fix what is wrong in another, fix it in yourself first.”

When you come into resonance with The World Soul, you come into harmony with all life.

I saw a remarkable film last night called Pavarotti.

He was quite a character. God was observably expressing through him. He had his flaws. We all do... until we don't. (It depends on whether you are motivated. The Invisible Crew is not going to appear until the ship is ready to sail. You're going to want to make sure the ship is seaworthy.) At the end of the film, he sings his signature tune, Nessun Dorma. You cannot fail to experience how powerful it was. Probably why they saved it for the end. (grin) We could all do a lot worse than to model ourselves on him. What a magnificent heart he possessed, AND... which possessed him.

His family was mostly women. His daughters all looked like angels.

My friends... this is a difficult year coming for many. For many, Awakening is a painful ordeal. When one will not awaken under gentler measures, then more severe measures must be employed. I don't make the rules. I simply watch their outworking.

God is very... very real. His most visible presentation is in The Sun. Internally, his most palpable presentation... is in your heart.

End Transmission.......

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A prayer from The Way to The Kingdom

BELOVED Father; Thou, Oh blessed Christ Jesus;
and Thou, our dear Brothers of the Kingdom,—
hear this our earnest prayer.

Draw us in Consciousness deep within where
Thou art, where self exists not, and where we may
be one with and abide with Thee in Christ.

Help us to open wide our hearts and let out the Great Love,
that It may possess us utterly, may rule,
motivate and inspire our every thought, word and act,
merging us completely into Love,
thereby enabling us to love as Thou lovest,
to see as Thou seest, to hear as Thou hearest;
lifting the consciousness of our human minds
into complete oneness with our Christ Consciousness—Thy Consciousness;
so that henceforth we can consciously, at will, be with
Thee, work with Thee, commune with Thee,
face to face, at all times and on all planes,
when the need is in the Father's service;
and may know with Thy Understanding all things we seek and need to know.

Cleanse us of all consciousness of self
and of separation from Thee, so that our Lord Christ henceforth
may live His Life in us, do His Will in us,
be His Self in us, without let or hindrance of any kind, for evermore.

BELOVED Father, make us to abide always
in Thy Consciousness, and Thy Word to abide in us,
giving us ever of Thy Wisdom to light and direct our way;
Thy Will to strengthen and sustain us;
and Thy Love to surround, protect and fill us;
so that we may see Thee, dear Christ, may feel Thee, may know Thee,
may be truly One with Thee, everywhere, in everything,
and in every one of our brothers.

We thank and glorify Thee, Beloved Father,
for Thy many blessings. Take us wholly unto Thyself,
so that we may be selfless and perfect instruments for Thy use.

In Christ Jesus' Name, we ask it. AMEN.

Friday, January 20, 2023

"When Mammon Opened The Gates of Babylon... The Carnal Tsunami Flooded The World with Foolish Virgins."

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Everywhere in The World at this moment... there are those who look around at their sculptured grounds... their big houses AND bank accounts. Fortune has smiled upon them for their previous industry at another time... when they were dreaming and desirous of what they now have. Even as they experience it, it is slipping away in slow motion... along with everyone they know, and themselves included.

Nothing of what anyone possesses... or thinks they possess... in the material sense... has any lasting value. The time will come when they remember none of it, nor who they were when it happened, and... this goes on... and on... and on... and on. Those who think they are escaping... by becoming discorporate... are in for a surprise... because they don't change... only their location does. They are still what and who they are, just in different surroundings.

Everyone seeking liberation... spiritual illumination... realization... Nirvana- banana- bobama etc. MUST... I say... I say... MUST accomplish it here while corporate (cue Foghorn Leghorn). You do not go to Heaven and have it happen there. What you become here decides what Heaven... or otherwise... your own nature and composition direct you to.

You must accomplish Heaven here to accomplish Heaven there. It is simply a vibration you arrive at that resonates with the place you arrive at. It's all done with magnets.

Those who do Evil to others... live in Evil zones of being and find palpable evidence of this when they arrive at the location that best defines what they got up to, and where thoughts and feelings are THINGS.

Sometimes it makes me think of slot-cars.

Do not concern yourself with the appearance of injustice you think you see. Justice is in ceaseless motion. Think of it as a team of scriptwriters... or recording angels... if you prefer... who draft and choreograph an explicit series of events that are a kind of computer code... written into the fabric of your destiny, and... that code takes you to the consequences of your actions. Good? Bad? Up to you.

You're headed for dirty water. You're headed for the clean sweet sands of Serenity. You're headed to Samara one way or the other. You're headed wherever your thoughts and actions... expressed in borrowed force... will take you. You're headed up. You're headed down. You're headed round and round in circular loops that are generated by... your vibrations. The reality... or illusion... (and probably both) of your life unrolls before you.

It is much like a car. It has a steering wheel, an engine... all sorts of things. For some, it is a mean vehicle indeed... in constant need of repair. For some, it is a splendid steed that soars above The-World-So-High. For some, it might go anywhere, and for others, it goes to only one place OR... nowhere at all.

Down there... in The-World-So-Low... is a bustling marketplace where EVERYTHING is for sale, including the people who are selling EVERYTHING. They are the ones who will tell you, “everything has its price!” They don't believe you when you tell them this is not so. That does not exist in their worldview. EVERYTHING IS FOR SALE in their worldview and... if you can steal it, so much the better.

Trying to mediate and reason with The Unreasonable is a fool's gambit. It cannot be done. They will be looking for... The Angle... The Devil in The Details... some way around it all... just down the road a bit. All the while, their lawyers will be looking for a way to take it back, AND... make you pay them for the trouble.

At some point, you have to head for Cold Mountain or a reasonable facsimile. At some point, you have to shake the dirt of the cities of The World from your sandals. It's not like there's somewhere you can go; I mean... there is... sure. There are a few places you can go. Knowing how to get there is the problem because the only sure and certain route is to go within... to The Quiet Place where you can talk to God... in the sanctuary of The Self. How can anyone Out There find you In Here?

If you don't want what the wild-eyed banditos want. If you don't get between them and what they want... if you don't have what they want... they won't even see you. What has any of this chaos and clutter got to do with you? Manifest Existence is a dream in The Mind of God. It is controlled from the central point of that mind that holds all of the moving parts in a suspension of Gravity and Time. The Eternal is invisible to the perishable.

One becomes eternal by permitting The Divine Magnet to draw you out of The World of Change into The Changeless State. The Attractions... that other magnet... pulls you away from the center, into a state of constant imbalance... reaching... reaching... reaching. This has been going on for... I don't know how long. Let me see if I can find an analogy.

Let's say you drink as often as you get the chance and you live in a world of people like yourself. You have all these relationships based on this chemical-emotional dependency. For whatever the reason... you stop drinking and an entirely different world opens up around you, with new people; all previous actors disappear with the movie you were in.

In what seems like no time at all, you forget everyone you knew when you were drinking, and they forget you. You develop all these other relationships based on everything other than what you used to do. If you go back to it, it works in reverse as well. The new people disappear. The old people reappear.

Say it's not drinking... it's drugs... or it's sex... or it's money... or the currency is your social network. When you step out of the picture you become; “whatever happened to so-and-so?” Maybe one of them will remember your name... maybe not. You might never even come up because there are new forms of the same whatever-it-is that replace you. Each of these attractions is a world unto itself. It has its own dimensions and protocols that are known to the residents.

There is a practical side to, “thou shalt love the Lord, thy God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and with all your mind.” It isolates your magnet to a specific frequency and the process takes care of itself for so long as you are engaged in it. God pulls you in the same as The World pulls you in. Whatever is the focus of your attention. It provides the initiative and inspiration to get you there.

Every separated mind is in a relentless quest for Union. The problem comes about in whatever you are seeking union with... because... unless it is The Divine, it is a further departure from what you are consistently missing and cannot identify; talk about vicious circles. The World IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! The World is a wilderness of aberrated Nature... filled with the endless consuming of everything and everyone by something or someone.

Just because there is an attraction for something, does... not... mean... you have to go there. Just because something whispers at you, doesn't mean you have to wink back. Steer clear of everything, just... to... be... sure... because only one thing's worth having anyway, and you already have it if you know where to look.

You already got a candle. Now all you need is a light. When Materialism opened the gates of Babylon the carnal tsunami washed the world with foolish virgins and now you have to mind where you go because so many people are not paying attention to where they are going. Just because you run into someone doesn't mean it's Kismet. It could be mistaken-identity and... it could be not watching where you are going.

There are times when The World falls into the wrong hands. It doesn't last... but it can last long enough to make you regret being there. In times like these... because it is times like these that I am referring to, a wiser mind retreats from the thoroughfare... stays out of the bright lights because of all the dark alleys they could be pulled into, where the attractions are all used and abused and pedestrian to begin with; junk food for junk lives.

The force of The Lure is great but... so is the disappointment when you see it in daylight. Whatever beauty or other attractions you might be seeking, it must first be discovered within you. You must locate the one who is the source of that beauty and... every... good... thing... then you will know it when you see it. No one can traffic fool's gold to the one who has his own mine.

Not only is The World a false friend and a bad deal, BUT... it cheats you of the time you could have spent with The Genuine Article. Everything that The World offers is a poor substitute for The Real Thing. Find The Real Thing and all the joys of existence can be celebrated with The Supreme Enjoyer.

End Transmission.......

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The Patten on The Trestleboard
(for The Tree of Life)

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

"Another Sun Appeared... Which Radiated The Nectar of Immortality... Pouring Its Honeyed Light upon The Soul."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

All sorts of rumblings above The Earth... in syncopation... perhaps... with the rumblings below it. First they say Klaus Schwab is sick, and Davos this, and Davos that. They then say Soros is sick and won't be doing-Davos. Then we hear that Gates pulled out of Davos. There's no argument that they are sick in a way no mortal hand can heal. Some... or all of them will or... maybe... will not... attend the fellatial-splendor that is Davos; bringing The World to its knees... willingly or unwillingly.

Often... when you hear news that appears unfavorable about the people under discussion, it's a movable front. The intention is to distract the attention away from something else that was going on just before they had to create the distraction. One thing we do know is that all sorts of luminaries- of the false light variety- will not be attending this year. Rumors have it that it is about COVID. However, since they created it in the first place, I don't see that.

What might the truth be? Of course... it is Hal Turner. If he said the sky was blue I would have to go and see if that were so.

The Fear has come into the zones of privilege and it grows stronger by the hour.

We know they don't take the same vaccines as the rest of the people they duped into taking them. That goes contrary to the purpose of the vaccines to begin with, which was to kill people they seduced or frightened into getting the vaccine(s).

A number of heads of state and rakshasas... masquerading as yakshas... are not in attendance at Davos this year. Back in the darkness behind the place that all the Davos gremlins came out of, there is this sense... or so I am told... there is this sense that Davos and the WEF are simply... by increments... fading away. Interest is shifting. It's to be expected in a world that is constantly shifting and changing. This does not suit the shapeshifters that came up with the idea behind Davos and WEF... to begin with.

It has always suited the world shapers and world reavers, who are possessed and driven by atavistic hungers to HAVE... IT... ALL... that they could bend the lives and the destinies of others to their will. They never... no... they never realize the whole affair was created for The Purpose of Demonstration so that Heaven could watch and see what happens... and help where help is sought, and hinder... as needs be, and... which is how it ALWAYS goes and why none of them EVER control The World.

They make the angels weep and they make God clap his hands and laugh when he's in his sky-box. That angels would weep and God would laugh... when angels are simply an extension of the Will of God... without the means to resist or disobey... unless he makes them... is one of those conundrums. It's a metaphysical riddle. It either makes perfect sense or it makes no sense at all; especially if you are carnally inclined. Let's imagine someone saying; “if I have to explain it then you won't understand it."

The way I see it, the WEF... and Davos... happen when those driven by infernal forces are so confident of the final outcome that they can just strut and preen about and you can like it... or else. Once The World gets to a particular state of Materialism, the insanity virus (for which there is no vaccine) begins to operate at every stratum of human interaction.

People going nuts in the streets and supermarkets are mere reflections of people going mad in boardrooms and penthouses. They don't know they are crazy. Usually, they don't. Crazy people most often do not know they are crazy. It makes perfect sense to them, whatever it is that they get up to, AND... when the chorus entire... has all gone mad in their own fashion... cacophony becomes the soundtrack of life. RAP and electronica... trance music... are all on the doorstep of complete incoherence.

Materialism presses and DRIVES the hedonist and sybarite into an ever greater and wilder abandon; “alas... the night was thine, Cynara.” The thrill in anything exists according to a Bell Curve of diminishing returns. It's like drinking. Three drinks put you about as good as it gets. After that... it is all downhill.

The spiritual sunlight of God is ABSOLUTELY necessary to the continuance of life. Without that sunlight there would be no life, as... we... know... it.

Remember how Gollum came to hate The Sun? Then he began to hate The Moon as well? Goblins... trolls and the like... Morlocks and kindred spirits, all live in the dark places of The Earth. It is a place of half-life. This happens to humanity as a whole also... in Times of Material Darkness. The shift downwards comes surreptitiously. You don't notice it because the mind is fixed on whatever lure is attracting it further down.

You can think of up and down in terms of your own body. One world exists above the belt-line and another exists below it. There is another world below the one below the belt-line where flight-or-fight exist. There are worlds upon worlds going upward from the belt-line, but... in Times of Material Darkness, they don't see as much traffic. Most everything is going on below the heart-line.

At certain points in time, there comes an infusion... suffusion... distribution of force. (call it what you like) It is the higher octave of ordinary sunlight; although there is nothing ordinary about sunlight. It is true-gold in liquid form. However... there are higher concentrations of this force; masters... sages and saints... they all bathe in it. It... sustains them... entirely in certain cases.

This is one of those times and that force is bearing down on The Hive Mind with a GROWING intensity. It accounts for all the insanity we were talking about earlier. It ALL depends on how you respond to it. It can grind you into powder and it can light you up like a perpetual Christmas tree. There are many other states on The Dial... depending on what you tune to OR... if you even bother to tune.

I feel a great sorrow for those who resist the pulse of the incoming wave of cosmic change. They will be ground under. There is no nicer way to put it. It's not much different from what happens most of the time anyway. Is it? Everywhere people are ground down by the complexities of living. Rarely is one seen to reside above it. Often they are invisible to the hoi poloi, even though they hide among them, when... cause... is... given... to.

The greatest sorrow for me is the certainty of what is missed... when one is sucked into the thresher of Materialism. This force bears many wonderful blessings not often seen over The Usual Course of events. It is as if another sun appeared in the heavens... which radiated the nectar of immortality... that pours like honeyed light upon the soul. This is a real thing, BUT... you have to be open to it. If you are not open... how will it get in?

The heavens opened in Kalifornia and it rained... and rained... and rained... and then? It all washed out to sea. This is because they never built those reservoirs they were supposed to build. Oh well. I'm sure there's a parallel here, but... people are free to draw their own conclusions.

The whole globalist thing just won't hold together. They had a nice run-up to total failure. For a while, it looked like they had a lock on it. There was so much other twinkly shit to occupy people's senses and their captive minds; it got easier and easier to pick their pockets. It got so that they well on convinced themselves of success... and so they trotted themselves out on The World Stage... doing The Dance of Fait Accompli; a Bowel Movement in Unaccompanied Minor.

Yes... they introduced themselves in The Media and on Social Media and they are going to fly OVER The World... in their private jets... with their plans of austerity for the rest of us. It won't be happening.

Greta Pieface is going to wind up in a deli-case where they display curiosities of times gone by. It might likely be in The Smithsonian.

Why did I say deli-case? Well... something will come along and consume her at some point. Something is going to consume ALL... OF... US. Isn't it nice to have a choice in the matter of... who... or what does the consuming? It's a big deal for me.

They continue to drop dead from The Killer Vaccines. Sooner or later... the odds guarantee it... it's going to happen in front of the whole world. It did this in a smaller way with, “we love you... Delmar!” I'm talking about something much more global. I'm talking about multiple incidents. This too shall pass.

End Transmission.......

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Some excerpts from Cold Mountain

“Few are the priests who can compare with me!”
Fools all shower him with praise,
While wise men clap their hands in mirth.
This hoax! This phantom flower of the air!
How could he escape from birth and death?
Better to understand nothing at all,
To sit still and quiet the ills of the mind.

The clear water sparkles like crystal,
You can see through it easily, right to the bottom.
My mind is free from every thought,
Nothing in the myriad realms can move it.
Since it cannot be wantonly roused,
Forever and forever it will stay unchanged.
When you have learned to know in this way,
You will know there is no inside or out!'"

In my house there is a cave
And in the cave is nothing at all
It is Pure and wonderfully empty,
Resplendent, with a light like the sun.
A meal of greens will do for this old body,
A ragged coat will cover this phantom form.
Let a thousand saints appear before me
l have the Buddha of Heavenly Truth!

Thursday, January 12, 2023

"Fat and Sleek as Seals and Just as Musically Gifted. It's a Chorus of Joan Rivers Clones Clapping Their Flippers."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

During the reign of America's first gay president... certain lifestyles and sexual behaviors... previously tolerated -more or less- and housed in sections of town; as is generally the case with alternative life choices; often the result of kindred spirits seeking to live in proximity, for the purpose of access to each other, and to grant an aura of protection within certain neighborhood boundaries... started to be written into law. The laws sought to include every kink imaginable as protected activities, AND... what started out as granting the permission for same-sex marriage... turned into... well... you see what it has turned into.

This is the reason that it is now so difficult to manage or police evil doings in formerly peaceful... sane... and normal locations. You can't do this and you can't say that BECAUSE it might mean this and it might mean that and protected demographics might... feel... threatened. It is a condition they create, every time they want something more.

This is an old scam that has been in use for centuries by a certain group of people who play the victim so that they can victimize others. They taught the sex freaks how to employ this methodology. Then it spread to every community where ANY group of people can feel victimized by whatever the hell they wish to imagine that they are being victimized by. This is especially evidenced in The Crown Colonies. You see it in its most extreme and reprehensible forms in Scotland, though... the rest of them are not far behind and catching up.

Now... those teaching your children... have been empowered by and are protected by... laws that can be enforced any time anyone wants to call a lawyer or... the police.

We mentioned that these changes were coming a long time ago. It seemed (to me) that anyone ought to be able to pick up on what was happening, simply by observing the Trends and Patterns flowing by around them. Apparently not- or... apparently... they thought it was a good thing- or... they couldn't be bothered- or... they were in on it.

At the very core of it all, Materialism is responsible. The comfort and convenience of these times has blinded people to what is going on around them. They are... for the most part... immersed in their own pursuits... chasing their own mirages and fantasies... eating, drinking, rutting, and all to excess.

There are no challenges. One does not have to struggle or strive anymore. Live and let live are the watchwords, even if your own life is lost because of it. The sexual madness that is sweeping like Santa Anna winds around The World... is one of the certainties you encounter in the decline and fall of a culture. As a culture is going down... Babylon rises. This culture- is... going... down.

People go to colleges for 2, 4, 7, and more years... to learn... NO USEFUL LIFE SKILLS. It is a lunatic asylum whose borders are disappearing more quickly than the borders of Palestine. It is like an aggressive cancer consuming its host. It wasn't bad enough that The Culture of Excess and Conspicuous Consumption was causing major health problems... all up and down the ranks in every economic demographic. Now there enters The Killer Vaccines that have opened a Pandora's Box of chronic maladies in young and old alike.

These injuries and offenses cannot remain hidden anymore. The Internet has put paid to that. It is now possible to know WHO did these things and what the connections (if any) are... between them.

A unique and exclusive dis-ease has now come upon the rich and wretched among us, who are not actually among us. It is an incipient... incremental... crawling... fear... that cannot be abated. It is crawling at the bases of their necks. It sits with heat upon their heads. It is a relentless disquiet, and... the force and presence of it grows.

Attending it... is a listless fatalism, crowded into a very small room with Panic and her sisters. They see the horrors in which they engage, BUT... for some reason... it all seems apart from them. It is like they are watching a movie about themselves but cannot recognize the actors.

Recent centuries have provided proof to the wheelers and stealers that they can get away with anything. Why... they have already done so any number of times... with all manner of frauds and deceits, AND... THEY... KEEP... GETTING... AWAY... WITH... IT.

Now... these monsters are meeting en masse in Davos... the World Economic Forum is the financial, behind-the-scenes pile-driver of the whole affair. 52 countries are supposed to be represented. You can take it to the bank that all of them are at some level of completely... sold... out.

The Swiss have activated 5,000 footsoldiers to make sure that no one fucks with these Masters of the Universe. They are going to talk about all the nonsense they have whipped up out of thin air; man-made global warming... increased sexual freedoms... transhumanism in all of its pornographic splendor... digital chipping... like you get to locate your dog if it goes missing. All of this is meant to keep you safe and warm... except when winter comes... except when danger comes.

They are fat and sleek as seals and just as musically inclined. It's a chorus of Joan Rivers clones clapping their flippers. They think they are... untouchable. How confident can you be when you need an army to protect you? They are Satanists in every letter of the term, though they may not call themselves that. They are Atheists by proclamation, and they are Materialists by definition. They are going to... fix The World.

Right now... they are killing millions... AND condemning those who survive to a life of chronic ailments. They are the ones behind the laws that now make sexual license a legal necessity. They are the authors of the homeless crisis and every other ill they have either sourced or adapted to their needs. They are fools wrestling in the sticky amber that is soon to solidify all around them, with their mouths open in a frozen scream.

No army can protect them from what is coming for them. The doors through which their worst nightmare enters were opened by them. They built the roads over which their death will travel on the GPS coordinates of their karma.

These scenarios have played out over, and over, and over again. Scant historical records remain except what is printed upon the Akasha. It ALWAYS ends the same way... through catastrophe of one kind or another. Everything perishable catches fire or is under water. The ground opens to swallow them. Pestilence comes on the wings of The Angel of Death. It NEVER fails. Something gets them. Something is coming for them now.

Because this is a Grand Apocalypse... attended by a Grand Awakening... which is why such a crowd of us has shown up... as well as to provide vehicles for all the demons and dark entities driven down from the invisible planes... there is going to be a reckoning on a grand scale. Portals and highways will appear, but not at random... and close behind those who enter there. Sights and signs of wonder will become commonplace. Whether it be confinement or liberation depends on the beholder. God is not mocked.

Oh... they've been given generously of rope and latitude for The Purpose of Demonstration, and... that demonstration is at hand. They have cavorted and disported on The World's stage and before the eyes of The World without shame or restraint, and though it might seem to have been a long and grievous run of getting away with every crime imaginable. They are destined to get away with nothing.

The time is already at hand.

End Transmission.......

(saw the new Avatar last night. I am stunned. I had no idea what a remarkable piece of shit it would prove to be. Plot... continuity? Good luck with that. This is an inartistic embarrassment that is becoming commonplace these days. There have been two performances I have never forgotten. One was (was it Tim Allen's son? That keeps coming to mind) the boy in Emerald Forest, and the other was Sophie Coppola in Godfather 3. These were the worst acting jobs I have ever seen in any major production. Well... now you can add the Rasta-boy in the mask.

I couldn't figure out who anyone was, probably because I did not care to. This is one of the worst films I have seen in a very long time, and I lay it all at the door of James Cameron's ego. It made no damn sense and there was no reason to make it. The villain surviving at the end... implying a sequel was... well... I have no words. Everything... it seems... is falling apart.

The visuals were beautiful, and perfect for a video game or sim-world, but otherwise? Don't waste your time. It will not be long before all sorts of clinically insane people start showing up at the plastic surgeons demanding to look like Na'vi. Count on it.)

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Monday, January 09, 2023

"They Deceive Themselves. They Steal from Themselves; Forget Themselves... They are Adrift in a World of Strangers."

(in case you missed it, a post went up on Sunday).

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The sudden and... very large chorus line for the desirability... efficiency... and religious ecstasy of The Killer Vaccines... composed of scientists... and medical (snicker) professionals... public functionaries from mid-level Muppet management ranks... all the way to the microcephalic Zippy the Pinheads... at the uptown Golden Corrals... in government and finance... is very much like the researchers... authors... and academics who insist on there having been gas chambers in concentration camps.

There was one, that I know of, that got built in 1949... a few years after the war ended, and then the next war became an inflammation somewhere else. That's what happens with tension and stress in The World, which eventually turns into armed conflict... in some new location; it migrates. Eventually... like collective hive-mind insanity... it spreads around the globe.

They are not unlike the people who bought the pope's argument about The Sun rotating around the Earth or the numerous shared delusions running amok... worldwide... in these wild and crazy times. Never before... have so many people been so crazy... in so many different ways. The inflammation is now... almost... planet-wide. Try to think of somewhere... harmonious and habitable... where you could just pack up and go to now... and get away... to somewhere... where all of what is coming... or already here... won't touch down where you are... in relatively short order.

I used to think of Australia and New Zealand as my go-to getaway zones. I imagine there are still parts where you can find tranquility, but... the spirit of The Road-warriors is crystallizing in those places. I don't know what to say about Europe. I am sure it is very different from what I knew... when I was there... seven years since.

There are places that are too cold and too hot. There are language and culture barriers, unless you are a cool and collected customer... or rich... or magical... or connected.

It's the connection that's broken now. Puppetmasters are at work fomenting class, color, and gender wars. The fact is that they are terrified. They have even become spokes-bots for causes that include their own destruction in the itinerary. Never have I seen so many slithering... sidewinding... and duplicitous characters as I see now.

Sometimes... it seems that practically everyone is now in-on-the-con. What was once human is now... routinely... dropping down onto all fours. Many are dressing up like the animals they rather wish they were, to satiate the animal hungers that drive them.

Don't get me started on Stupid. Stupid is now an Olympic competition. In the future... when you see someone with a t-shirt that says, “I'm with Stupid,” it will mean they are fans of that team, which will be playing in coliseums. Idiocracy was prophecy.

I was watching The NFL yesterday, and you would have thought that the man struck down by The Killer Vaccine... on national TV last Monday... was one of the most celebrated people on Earth. EVERYWHERE were t-shirts saying, “I love Damar!” All the coaches and staff on the sidelines were wearing these shirts. The message was flashing on the large stadium TV screens, AT... EVERY... GAME! “Damar... Damar... Damar!” People in the stands, AT... EVERY... GAME, all had signs of various sizes about... (drum-roll) Damar!

The newscasters were all talking about his wonderful recovery. Such an outpouring of this kind I had NEVER seen before. Pretty much everyone, whose... paycheck... depended... on... it... was doing the Magnificent Magpie Mumble. It's similar to voguing, but you do it with your face. Liars often do this to distract you. It's part of the pickpocket's art, and... whether the theft is an object... an emotion... or the theft of your time. They are still stealing from you.

The whole material world is stealing from you all the time. Why... it eventually... eats you right up!

So... The people who manufacture The Killer Vaccines are part of a powerful consortium. They have their hooks into nearly everyone by this time, and hardly anyone is unaffected by their vile activities. It's a bleak prospect... depending on your perspective... AND... most especially... depending on what you depend on. Everywhere now... you can see... people competing with one another for the right to lie to you. The pushing and shoving before The Altar of Celebrity is... impressive.

“Damar!!! Damar!!! Damar!!!” (a division of Mopar) This is the latest strategy from the people who make The Killer Vaccines, and... yes, they do think you are that stupid. However... more have dropped dead since... for the same reason. More are going to be dropping dead or... resurrected (like Damar) for a minimal and marginal survival afterwards... to be barely going on... until the life force peters out into the swallowing sands.

J.J. Watt just had to retire because of atrial fibrillation (look it up). You don't see that in the articles. I wonder why?

It is a sad affair. One could trouble their hearts and minds deeply... by thinking overlong about it. It is what it is, but... it IS NOT what people believe it to be. Oh no... my precious. What can your fearfulness accomplish? What can all your thinking and feeling about it do? This is intended to be one of the major life lessons to be had... here in the opening of The Aquarian Age.

People refuse to see. People refuse to accept. Materialism has taught them if they make enough noise about it... they can have it. Of course... they will soon be making noise about something else... whining about this, and complaining about that, taking them about as far as their fearfulness and all their thinking and feeling has already. THE SPIRIT INFORMS MATTER! That is what happens. It is an endless progression of Involution and Evolution. It involves and it evolves. Thinking about that might reap some lasting insights.

As soon as I finish whatever this is, I will go and sit before The Altar of The Sun, from which proceeds the daily teachings of Heaven. I will not be getting into arguments about Advaita and Dvaita; both of which also go on endlessly, and both of which are real, in... their... own... context. People can argue and speculate to their heart's content. What they cannot do is involve me in any of it. I... have... better... things... to... do.

In crowded rooms and solitary cells... people argue with others and with themselves. It has continued from generation to generation, endlessly generating and regenerating tedious arguments about nothing at all... or about something other than what the argument appears to be about. They direct their animosities against others at a distance and others close by. They rage and they seethe... and it goes on... and on... and on... and on. What has any of that got to do with me?

I live in a sanctuary. I can sense the arguments and the conflicts at a distance, but... I am not drawn to them. You have to be drawn to them. You have to have an interest in it; how did you get to that part of town anyway? You must have had an interest... an attraction. I am attracted to The Sun. I am attracted to what speaks to me through the medium of The Sun, AND... there are singular refinements of consciousness behind that... and behind that??? Well... I do not know and it does not matter. Some will argue about this, but... they will not argue with me.

And yes... before someone feels compelled to sub-divide the matter. Yes... The Sun is both within and outside of me.

Before The Altar of The Sun... all arguments cease. You ONLY argue with yourself. I don't care that it looks like another person is arguing with you. You... are... arguing... with... yourself. You are in conflict with yourself, and... lost in a hall of mirrors... lost in a carnival... whose dimensions are unknown to you. You are in a dream.

I see what's going on. Since there is no desire for gain on my part, I can see the hucksters and hypnotists at work. They are deceiving themselves. They are stealing from themselves. They have forgotten themselves and are adrift in a world of strangers. When will they awaken? How many lifetimes await?

Ahead is The Carrot... and behind them is The Stick. Cease craving! Stop wanting! Stop being driven by appetite and desire and... desire their absence. Turn down the flame! Still The Reactive Mind! How many times have you heard that you... are... what... you... seek? Why does that continue to remain a puzzle?

Brazil is not an anomaly. Awakening ALWAYS trends toward Revolution. Like Jihad... it depends on how and where you apply it. As an internal mechanism, it can lead to liberation... as an external dynamic it... will... lead... to... destruction. It's like a screwdriver; do you stab yourself with it or do you dismantle your prison cell? I'm going to go hear what The Sun has to say about it.

End Transmission.......

I love Damar Fever! And then???

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Some excerpts from Cold Mountain=

“I climb the road to Cold Mountain,
The road to Cold Mountain that never ends.
The valleys are long and strewn with stones;
The streams broad and banked with thick grass.
Moss is slippery, though no rain has fallen;
Pines sigh, but it isn't the wind.
Who can break from the snares of the world
And sit with me among the white clouds?

Story on story of wonderful hills and streams,
Their blue-green haze locked in clouds!
Mists brush my thin cap with moisture,'
Dew wets my coat of plaited straw.
On my feet I wear pilgrim's sandals,
My hand holds a stick of old rattan.
Though I look down again on the dusty world,
What is that land of dreams to me?

Wonderful, this road to Cold Mountain
Yet there's no sign of horse or carriage.
In winding valleys too tortuous to trace,
On crags piled who knows how high,
A thousand different grasses weep with dew
And pines hum together in the wind.
Now it is that, straying from the path,
You... ask... your... shadow, "What way from here?"