Wednesday, August 01, 2018

In Times of Material Darkness, Love Forever, Rules Supreme.

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Is it Visible Origami time again? Whatever will we talk about? Hmmm, or... Hoom! Hum! As Treebeard would say on his way to Isengard, with a couple of Hobbits on his shoulders. In a way Treebeard was God, if every time God forgot himself, he turned into a tree. Some would say Tom Bombadil was God but Treebeard was never able to put The Ring on his finger and not disappear ...but then he never ran into Frodo either, so it's hard to predict something based on a non event. This is the problem, I think... that material soothsayers run into. Nothing turns out the way they say it's going to because none of what they predict happens. This is how God deals with people who think they know what's going on; I don't and freely admit it.

It is in times of material darkness that, in concert with an ever greater concentration of darkness, people become more and more certain about things they don't know and ever more and more shameless about publicizing it through every medium available.

There are certain things you can depend on showing up during the continuing density of darkness. First, insanity and it increases in direct relation to the viscosity of attachment prone matter. Here's a handy definer of viscosity. I started laughing after I read it. I don't know why. It just happened; “the mathematical ratio of the tangential frictional force per unit area to the velocity gradient perpendicular to the direction of flow of a liquid — called also coefficient of viscosity."

We are in a time that the Italians might call 'risorgimento '. Or it would be if it were present ...but it is only approaching. The good news is that it will come, once all the emoluments have been handed out or snatched during moments of distraction. The mini golden age that we have often mentioned here is on the way and will precipitate into being for those open to the experience. If you are not open you are closed and left with whatever can be found within. This results in tragedy when nothing can be found.

Another certain arrival, which is usually seen at the densest part of the darkness of materialism, is cannibalism. We begin by consuming one another metaphorically and end by consuming one another literally and it also explains all of the zombie movies. As life begins to imitate Hollywood, Hollywood follows by imitating life. This is all the result of dirty mirrors; partly the result of smoke and mirrors, or a preponderance of lies sitting in for an absent truth, which cannot be made manifest with any consistency- because it will kill the plot and leave us with no denouement whatsoever.

Casual violence and indifference, materialize as dance partners, due to the rise of psychopathy as we are more and more separated from one another, with all sense of unity gone begging and far too few coins in the tattered beret laying on the sidewalk in front of the man with dirty dog on a rope leash. There's always some variant of this, due to the effectiveness of advertising, pretending that what is not is what is. We've mentioned here that if you leave a mirror outside for a certain period of time, you can't see into it anymore at a certain point. This is because we have also said, at random intervals, that 500 tons of dust lands on the Earth every day. If you don't keep your mirror clean, you will sooner or later have no clear reflection and sometimes no reflection at all.

I had been thinking of the need for a more defined internal guidance system and Socrates 'daimon' came to mind. People might hear that term and think it to be a corruption of the word, 'demon'. This is not what it is or was. When I was very young, I did a lot of reading about the ancient Greeks and Romans and Socrates was chief among my studies. I was especially enamored by his use of Dialectics. One of the enduring features that I discovered and proved to myself, was that philosophy and the higher forms of inquiry and study has not improved from that time until now. If anything we have become more and more pedestrian and lazy than we were, with most of us turned into unconscious Helen Keller curb feelers.

We live in a time where all that might be appreciated at a deeper level has been relegated to a form of urban Cliff Notes. so... I asked the ineffable for something similar and surprisingly he said, “What took you so long?” He sent me 'Ami'. When I mentioned that it meant friend, Ami said, “You can just address me as 'my friend'. At first I was in a dubious state; am I just being messed with again? As it turned out, experiences over the last month, since it happened, has proven the existence of the informing consciousness; most especially demonstrated after I made it out of the middle confinements of Mordor (where every day lasted a week). I am more and more reminded of that line from Hamlet; “There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

What the media sorcerers discovered was that all you had to do was keep repeating something for people to accept it as true and it didn't matter how absurd it might appear at inception, given enough redundancy, it would be taken to be true eventually. When people are routinely threatened with the loss of shit painted gold, they are more and more reflexively capable of accepting anything as being real, so long as their possession of golden shit is not endangered. It is a sad, sad affair, made all the more so by the inherent lack of value in everything they could have cherished; having mistaken it for something they never had in the first place.

The richest and most fortunate person on Earth, is one who has acquired something of enduring value. It's there, all you have to do is look within. You are made in the image of God. If only we could comprehend that, as it so happens to be. In a world where everything of value has been rendered temporary, out of necessity for the merchants who traffic in mortality... in this time of the harvesting of souls, all that had been beautiful and real, has been translated into the ugly and unreal. This is not the case for those of us otherwise disposed.

It sometimes seems as if it took us a long time to get here. The truth is that some of us never got there and don't intend to go, while the rest of us just followed the Judas Goat, through the chutes and on to the killing floor. Where's Sinclair Lewis when you need him?

The literal truth is that if you are not looking for the truth, you won't find it. You will find the opposite and your own version of Iago, which would make you Othello through a suicide of self by the opposite coming into play, the same way that offal by any other name would smell just as bad. You see... everything is in reverse. The truth is in retrograde. This is why you must hold to what lives within, despite the relentless evidence of the external, which gropes itself in defiance to everything you know to be otherwise internally. Can I get an amen?

A month or so ago, the ineffable referred me to this and said, leave it to me. Of course, I went on a personal pursuit of it, given that every color, even, was the long standing hue most loved by me. A few weeks later I got the message and hand's off it has been. Should it materialize, there is room for us all. Time will tell and we shall see. Why do I mention it? Because God doesn't concern himself with size, or cost.

All things are possible with God but often not with us and there is the contradiction we suffer; the contradiction between what we tell ourselves is possible and what we have subconsciously convinced ourselves of... otherwise. We need to have a clear transparency of relative agreement between what we hold fast to within and the way it out-pictures through creative visualization, where certitude is the same in either place. We might be blind in the one, or blind in the other but there are ways of seeing that do not require the eyes, so routinely deceived as to be commonplace these days.

I had no intention to mention this exchange between me and the ineffable, or the implanting of My Friend as a navigation device. I thought the reader might think I was deluded or misinformed. For good or ill, it gets mentioned because whatever may exist in my mind, which is every mind contained in the cosmic consciousness that isn't what we are when we really are; it is exemplified and echoed in every other mind that resonates with the common truth that brought us all together in the first place.

Many of us cruise in life, convinced that we are convinced of the living truth of the eternal; until it is put to the test. On every occasion, if we left the outcome to the one who determines the outcome, in every case, we will prosper and succeed, regardless of outcome. This is the poetry of God and the insurance against defeat, no matter what may be the result. It is where we learn the difference between what we think we want and what the master wants for us.

Everything put before us on our plate is not a matter of choice. It is a test that defines our values and if we are reliant on that, the test has already had a positive consequence. We become so controlled by the materialized appearance we desire that we go right by what is truly desired 'for us', by the one who knows both the beginning and the end ...and which culminates in the very best conclusion possible but... not until we are reliant upon the determiner of all things, for the perfect conclusion that is ours on every occasion; bar none... bar none... until then... we wander in darkness and as material darkness increases, the danger of a serious setback is a certainty... just as every negative manifestation appears and intensifies in times of material darkness.

My friends, my dear and constant friends; let the darkness take the darkness, we ain't got no place to fall. We will walk into the light and... the greater the intensity of darkness, so is the light intensified by provable physics. 'What goes up, must come down'. “As above, so below.” In the end, as in the beginning, Love is supreme. Take love as your inspiration and you will never lack for vision. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.

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