Monday, October 30, 2023

"The World is Not a Safe Place for Stupid People, Especially Not Now. I'm Not Sure That it Has Ever Been Safe for Them."

God Poet Transmitting.......

As the idea of God... the focus upon God... becomes ever stronger in me. As everything else becomes a distant, and sometimes irrelevant #2... the general craziness of humanity becomes more and more evident, by... the... day.

Also... since my reliance on God becomes more and more of an absolute... I find my life is micro-managed to a remarkable degree. Everything that comes to my attention... directly... indirectly... up close, and at a distance... seems more and more to have appeared by intention.

Recently... health fixes... health notifications... and all manner of things having to do with health and well-being have been coming to my attention. I'm going to include a collection of them at the end of this posting.

There are many ways of looking at the subject of health and well-being; proactive... reactive... natural and pharmaceutical... allopathic... homeopathic... fasting... by The Sun... by The Mind... by spiritual means. Some of these include others, but... everyone is different in their needs... in their strengths and weaknesses.

Did you know that sometime in the early 1900s they passed a law in America that disenfranchised all natural healing and said... basically... if the cure does not come by a pill or injection it is unacceptable? You can see where this has brought us.

More and more poisons are appearing in foods, and anyone who relies on processed foods is compromising their immune system and ruining their health. Many people, and when I say many people, I mean many people... eat every meal of the day from a fast food restaurant. People are indifferent to the fact that carnivorous animals have a much shorter intestinal system than we do; 3 to 4 times shorter.

A shorter intestinal system allows for a quicker processing of meat. In humans, the meat putrefies in its passage, and often, colon cancer and other distresses are the result. Herbivorous animals often have multiple stomachs. My point being that whatever your system is... it is designed for a particular diet. There is also a system called Macrobiotics that says you should eat regionally. Let's add here that genetics have a lot to do with the matter.

Now... I did not add all of this introductory information as part of a larger commentary on diet. The needs and necessities of each of us vary widely, and some people can eat nearly anything and be unaffected till later in life. EVERYONE gets affected later in life, and this is more what today's posting is about. I am no kind of an expert on diet. Metaphysics is more my line, and diet does have to do with that, and I don't know a whole lot about Metaphysics either.

I believe one of the keys to diet is SIMPLICITY. Eat widely and you will suffer accordingly, and these days... anything you can imagine is available for consumption, and that is not simply in the case of foodstuffs, but also... information and experience...

One of the reasons that many people live in New York City is that you can LITERALLY order ANYTHING and have it delivered to your door. There are reasons that overweight and unattractive men with money live in Thailand... The Philippines... India... Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and other locations with similar access to the satisfaction of particular carnal appetites.

You can still get in trouble in these places if you don't watch out.

Israel is one of the main destinations for human trafficking.

State of Israel

They are also notorious consumers of questionable sexual tastes in other countries. Israel is a protected zone, and sanctuary for their citizens, who get into trouble abroad. You'll find mountains of corroborative evidence should it interest you to inquire.

How about this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=

The World is not a safe place for stupid people, especially not now. I'm not sure that it has ever been. Now... stupid people eat whatever their taste buds demand and poisonous food is tailored to those taste buds by corporations seeking profit. Killer Vaccines are readily at hand for stupid people. Government programs have been created specifically for stupid people. Politicians and organized religions count on them.

The convenience of advanced Materialism... which is not dissimilar to Stage 4 Cancer... is tailor-made for stupid people. Eventually, it swallows them up... every one. People are more alert when there are visible threats to be mindful of. When the threats are hidden in safe-seeming things, Stupid is unlikely to catch on. When it comes to admitting something is bad for you and having to deal without that thing, stupid people choose to ignore the warnings. You see it everywhere today.

Look clearly and attentively at the state of The World at this time. It should be obvious that a large portion of the residents will not be here much longer. Many came here to party and indulge until the meter runs out. This is ALWAYS the case when civilization reaches a certain point of almost everything being in reach.

When I was taking drugs, which went on for a considerable time, I was never that concerned about the laws. I thought they were a good idea. Most people can't handle drugs and shouldn't be allowed to access them. Take a look at what all the latitude has led to. The irony is that alcohol is one of the worst and most destructive of drugs and that's ubiquitously available. The liquor and cigarette industries were the ones behind all the Draconian drug laws.

Any minute now... The World could launch into a widespread conflagration. It is the intention of The Usual Suspects that this should happen. The Bankers... the politicians... many religious leaders... they all want war... sooner rather than later. They are delusional. They are still relying on a superiority they no longer possess, and they will get their asses handed to them if they persist, and... persist they will.

Meanwhile... for myself... none of these things concern me. The ONLY thing that concerns me is being in resonance with Heaven. For each of us... our life is a story. If we understand... one way or another... what our dharma is... our story will be one of success. If we do not... it will be a tale of failure. If our pursuits are terrestrially directed... our story will go that way. If we are celestially directed... it will go that way.

God... the living, conscious, indwelling spirit of God, is immanent. Everything that is made is made out of God. In some cases... directly... and in many other cases... altered through human agency. Seeking after the desires of The Lower Nature is made easier than the aspirations toward The Higher Nature.

What you can see and touch is always more accessible than what you cannot see and touch. If you seek after God, you will find God... often at the cost of more worldly ambitions. If you seek God, The World will turn against you. One pursuing the hidden kingdoms must always walk contrary to The World in all things. Jesus spoke often of this. It is no easy way to go, but... my observations and experiences tell me that any other way is much more painful.

Buddha taught moderation in all things, which is why I brought diet into it, BUT... what I did not say... until now... is that it doesn't matter how fine your diet is unless all that you ingest is dedicated to The Divine beforehand, it will do you no good. I used to watch rich people in white clothes, pulling up to the health food store in Palm Springs for their carrot and wheat grass juices.

These people had their spas and attendants because they knew how important their health is. Not much down here is more important than your health, which many discover when it goes away. HOWEVER... there is a secret here. No matter how rich you are or, and how healthy you live, without God as the main ingredient... something is missing... something critical is missing from everything you eat and drink. Something is missing from everything.

So... as a just... by... the... way... let me leave you with this. It's science of a sort and it backs up much of what we say around here every day. Perhaps it says it in a more specific and workable way for some of you. I want you to have what works, and this comes very close to a working method for how to really live your life in a successful fashion.

This was a melange of all sorts of things you already know, but I am constrained to write what comes to me as I do so. This is all of what came to me today, and from what I am told, it will prove important to several people. Sometimes stating the obvious is all you can do.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, October 25, 2023

"Your Job and Objective- (should you choose to accept it) Is to Come Into Alignment with the Aims of The Soul."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The World is a rumor, formed from the daydreams of God. The wisest man I ever knew, and who was most certainly not a man, told me that God is a serpent. God is sleeping and this is his dream. This conforms to the nature of The Risen Kundalini, which confers Godhead upon the one in whom it rises. It also conforms to the idea of those times when God is awake and God is asleep, according to the tenets of Ageless Wisdom.

He does wake up in the sleep phase in certain people who cannot refrain from troubling his sleep, for good or ill: don't make me come down there!

What we think is real life is no more than a dream in The Mind of God. When God wakes up, then all the characters performing in The Dream go to sleep, and Heaven disports and plays for an equal length of time. These are called The Day of Brahma and The Night of Brahma, and they last 4.32 billion years each. It's all very precise because existence is based on math.

We've often used the image of snow-covered mountains as representing the realm of pure math. When the snow melts, it runs down into the valleys and transforms into a riot of colors... teeming with Life. This is how things come about; numbers precipitate into form. Ideas take material shape, and all of this occurs in The Mind, and then becomes an object apart from The Mind, and is then perceived through the senses, although... The Mind is every bit as much outside of you as it is inside of you.

Your job... your objective... (should you choose to accept it- Grin) is to come into alignment with the aims of The Soul... because ALL existence is about the growing... the maturation... and the liberation of The Soul. Everything else you get up to that is not in line with this is you wasting your time... acquiring perks and demerits. Up... up you go!!! Whee!!! Down you come. Oops.

Think of it as a turning wheel of fire... with teeth... that consumes everything in a sort of time-lapse format. In present conditions, there's a good chance you will never make it out the door to begin with... if you live in a developed country. What do you think the cost of abortion is... spiritually, I mean?

Existence is presently in a state of criminal disorder and that is why criminals and their lackeys occupy all the important administrative posts at this time. Honest souls are soon... either weeded out... or marginalized to the South Dakota or Greenland bureau.

Without Divine Intervention we would be slipping at ever more increasing speed into an entropic swamp, where everything slithers and hunts each other below the surface. This is already going on in certain places, and... there are once-human life forms that have devolved to that level.

I left abortion hanging in the wind, didn't I? Well... I can understand it is a complex thing. I also know that there are people... couples... who get together and have a pregnancy for the recreational factors and then abort the fetus much later on. They like to cosplay the condition. I'm not kidding. It's a real thing. There are people who celebrate their abortions as if it were a festive occasion. It takes all kinds.

So... the subject hangs there still and... it's not my affair. All the social injustices in The World and the strange things people do... simply because they can... these are the increasing states of insanity that are creating a whole new dynamic of human interaction. These are not my concern. They are the concern of the people so engaged. I am not here to play Doctor Fixit.

There are people who fake being in distress, the same way certain predators in the wild do, in order to create some sort of co-dependency cycle. There are people who want to be saved... over and over again, and people who want to save them. It's a loop that is traveled by the loopy.

Every mental illness is kinda like a loop, and if you travel on it to the point that it becomes habitual, that is known as chronic, and if the chronic is permitted to continue, then it becomes terminal; all of them do. Entire societies go gradually and rapidly mad, depending on whether they are nearer the spindle or further out toward the rim. In Times of Material Darkness, insanity is a common feature.

Some have a tight-lipped... white-knuckled ride... holding it together... barely... like a maintenance drinker. Some get caught up in the spirit of it and go screaming down the street. Some few... sidestep the matter entirely because they have a guide through the minefields, and... trust is their connection.

Now... madness is coming at every level of society. You see things you did not see before... among the high and mighty. All the negative personality characteristics, like Pride and Arrogance... Greed and Covetousness... Lust and Anger... and their fellow travelers. These are ALL forms of insanity that get worse... and worse... and worse.

You see this in the lower ranks, trying to elbow their way to the top. You see it in the higher ranks, constantly trying to maintain position. They are all playing King of The Hill and they are all children in states of arrested development... with the down-turned mouths of a petulant and spoiled nature that no amount of care and attentiveness can heal. This is the fruit of The Tree of Material Darkness. Everyone is unhappy... or pretending to be happy.

Now... we have come to a point where you are going to see things you have never seen before. You are going to see large numbers of the entitled and self-fellating, losing it right out in the open. You are going to see people coming forth and telling all... about the things deeply suspected, and long-feared. The Time of Holy Wars is coming. All the role players will be assembling for the performances with real consequences.

For the longest time... The Divine has been present but unseen. The dynamics have now changed. The Divine is going to appear in a number of hosts... his will to be done. The one thing hardly anyone has been expecting, and which... in any case... if they believed it at all... they thought it was still far off... is right around the corner.

If your mind possessed any clarity. If you had taken the trouble to brush away the cobwebs and polish your mirror... you would see this. The majority of humanity is caught up in the external spectacle, and the numerous opportunities for appetite and desire. The Candy Store is everywhere now. You can do most anything your imagination can come up with. If you can't afford it, you can steal it. It really is out of control.

This is NOT random occurrence. This is a driven event For The Purpose of Demonstration. People in Congress who make a couple of hundred thousand a year are now multimillionaires, Some have two, three, and more... hundreds of millions of dollars. Corporations and lobbies run the government as their own enforcement arm. This is considered to be how business is done, and...? What are you going to do about it? Yeah... what are you going to do about it?

Years ago... we said here, that all it takes for things to change is for the mass of us to no longer play the game... to no longer serve the beast. To simply sit down and wait them out. Everything would come to a standstill. The buses, trains, and planes would no longer run. The service industry would stop. The militaries would not fight. Maybe something like that will happen. You... never... know.

Doesn't matter... everything is under control. That is something else that the man... who was not a man... told me.

Free will is a curious thing. It's an illusion really. All it is... is your freedom to resist The Will of God... to exist as a separated mind... to become a testimony to what happens when you go the wrong way. On the one hand, you have the devilish specter of The Carnal Mind... beckoning you into Candyland where all real enjoyment has been removed. On the other hand, you have The Supreme Enjoyer offering you the endless delights of union... that come into play... as soon as union is established.

In this world of appearances, things and conditions are made to seem other than what they actually are. When you buy the scotch it does not come with the near-naked girl sitting on the hood of the car. When you suit yourself up to look like something you are not, you attract the very sort that is drawn to that presentation,, and who then makes your life a living Hell.

Things are not what they seem. Things are not what they are made out to be by the people trying to sell you something. This is a world of lies, and if you buy into them... you will be made wiser than you were, but not in a nice way. Wisdom of any kind ALWAYS comes at a cost. Some pay it gladly. Some find any price too dear. They don't want to know.

To know something is to be responsible for knowing it. Well... everyone will sort this matter out according to what they value, giving new meaning to the phrase, you don't miss it till it's gone.

God has some kind of a seriously ironic wake-up call coming for Mr. Pfizer; Travis Kelce. What's 5 million more dollars a year worth when you don't need more money in the first place? All over The World are many people taking the money, but... they have yet to get really paid.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, October 20, 2023

"I Found Higher Love, It is The Lubricant that Greases The Gears of The Machinery of Existence and Dissolves The Mind."

God Poet Transmitting.......

People's minds are mostly cluttered, much like a spare garage... an attic, or basement... that is so filled with discarded things that one can no longer easily move about. This is especially true in Times of Material Darkness. The thing is... everything that is going on... is going on in your mind.

The Personality is the image port that The Mind presents through. Your personality is what your mind looks like to others and to yourself. So... everywhere you go... everything and everyone you see... you are seeing yourself in terms of it; what it means to you... what value it has... whether you like or dislike it. It's as complicated as The Mind can make it, and that can be very complicated indeed.

There is one thing going on in your life that is of cardinal importance. It has been going on for your whole life. It will continue... even after you pass on from here. It is the struggle between you, and your mind. Your mind is not you. It is a tool that believes itself to be in charge of its own operations. In that sense... The Mind is The Devil... because it is obsessed with self-interest and self-advancement, BUT... and here is the recurrent problem... The Mind is not The Self.

Unless The Mind is brought to heel, it will behave like an undisciplined monkey riding a dog. Everyone... well (heh heh) most people, have some control over their mind. There are things these people do in private and in public and there is often a big difference there.

There are many systems of mind control. The 20th Century saw a large appearance of systems, principally around the beginning of the century, and then again in the 60s. Scientology is a form of mind control, but the result is that Scientology then controls your mind.

This is the case with many systems that reject the idea of a Divine Presence. It is how cults originate. Cults can include the idea of a Divine Presence, BUT... that is according to what they say it is. You REALLY need to be aware that there are quite a number of systems now extant whose intention is to control your mind, and the first thing they must do in that regard is... to... get... your... attention.

If you do nothing else in this life, you really should make the effort to get control of your mind before someone... or something else does. Possession is a form of mind control... where you are operated like an automaton. There are a number of ways that possession can occur and one of them is... obsession.

Programming... whether it be social... institutional... religious... or what-have-you... is also mind control. Your carnal passions are an open door to possession, as is excessive indulgence in chemical compositions, be they alcoholic or pharmaceutical. Peer pressure is a form of mind control. Whatever gets your attention... if it can keep your attention... can become an obsession, and lead to mind control.

In Times of Material Darkness, where the attractions and distractions are countless... if you cannot control your mind... it will not go well for you.

I had a system. Some would call it reckless and very dangerous. I got into all kinds of things with the premise that I was searching for God in all of it. There are many things I did not do and places I did not go, BUT... I had a compelling drive to see... to find... and to know. If there had been no God, I would not be here writing about this. However... God is immanent and all-knowing.

God taught me the good and bad of things and then took me beyond those confusing limitations. If I was a crazy fool for a period of time, I did not stay a crazy fool, but... I suspect if I had not been a crazy fool I would not have gotten nearly so far as I have. This is because... even though... within a certain bandwidth... Reason is supreme. God is beyond Reason.

I was driven by an uncontrollable passion for Truth. I did not care what the cost was, and I would not rest... could not rest. I did not care what others thought. The temporal world was not my master, and... the laws and rules created by those... who did not abide by them... meant nothing to me. I did not fear them, no matter how threatening and vicious they were capable of being, and they were and are incapable of caring about the welfare of others.

If a law or a rule made sense, I abided by it. If it did not, I did as I wished.

I found Yoga. I found many forms of Yoga. I found Prayer. I found more ancient systems of mind control, and... lo and behold... they worked! I found Higher Love, it is the lubricant that greases the gears of the machinery of existence and dissolves The Mind. The Heart... at the higher arc... is The Soul and it must consume The Mind so that The Mind does not consume you in its psychic web.

First, you are trapped in The Mind... THEN you are trapped in The World. First, you are trapped in The Mind... THEN you are trapped in The World.

If your life is a struggle, it is yourself that you are struggling against. This is meant to be. It refines and strengthens you. We must have our battles. Life has no meaning without them, but... you must subdue The Mind. Then The Mind becomes your very good, and HELPFUL friend. Otherwise... it is your worst enemy.

Look at The World around you. Look closely and you will see what I mean. You will see the wreckage left on the battlefield, and the casualties that were lost in the war against The Mind. The Bad Guys know all about this. Long before Bernays, they knew all about this. Both The Good Guys and The Bad Guys are inspired, and who it is that inspires them is what accounts for why Good will always triumph.

It may not win every battle, but... it does not lose The War.

The Mind is like a hyperactive child. It is always running around and picking things up... casting things aside... hiding things, and... forgetting where it put them. The great power of The Mind is concentration. It is the ability to focus the attention and keep it focused. All scientific and metaphysical discoveries come about in this manner.

The Mind is agile and it is powerful. Getting control of it is more like roping a steer than it is boxing your brother... for the temporary fortunes... in The World of Time. Persistence is key. When it is do or die... you will succeed. When nothing is more important than to gain control over yourself... which is not your self... but only The Personality... you will succeed. To subdue The Reactive Mind is to find Peace and Tranquility in a Sanctuary of Serenity.

It is all inside you; the Hell of this world... the quiet places high up... where the mists proceed and wash The World from your mind... the sparkling meadows of childhood chasing butterflies... the stern and relentless admonitions of regret. It's all inside you.

Your mind is like someone who brings things for you to look at. It is constantly trying to distract you because it wants to sit on the throne and run The Show, like Klaus Schwab... George Soros... Satanyahu, and all those banker clans... Bill Gates... Jamie Dimon... Larry Fink et al. These are cautionary tales being lived out by the truly clueless.

They get to do their little dance in front of The World before they are destroyed as if they never were at all. They are the material representations of a mind gone wrong. They are there as signposts on The Way.

God lets things run their course until he decides to step in and set everything in order again. If the allurements of The World have captured you with their Siren songs, you will come upon the lesson contained therein. If you are drawn to finer things... of an ever-greater transparency... you will come upon The Light itself that is shining through them. This is what The Virtues provide you with. The Vices contain their own reward.

Follow The One. Walk in his footsteps. He has left clear and defined tracks. This will not suit The Mind at all, but... you must persist because The Mind will then discover the most important thing that it has hidden from itself, and all will be well.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

"Gratitude Floods My Being Each Time The Angel of God Arrives to Inform Me that I Have Departed From My Inward Course."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Satanyahu... no stranger to false flags... being one of the architects of 9/11... was facing a civil war... a hundred thousand people were in the streets, so... he did what people like him have done since we started keeping score, and people figured out they could cook the books. He orchestrated this latest attack to switch public attention from one crisis to another, and so far... it's worked out well... for him.

However... this is an apocalypse... revelation and uncovering is the nature of existence at this time, so... people are being informed about this and so... very... much... more. Dead children's bodies are being stacked like cordwood at Gaza Hospital.

I will spare the reader any more evidence of the atrocities that are more common now than the screams in the night. Given time... there will soon be no one to hear them.

The whole of this is being scripted by demons for the eyes of The World. These monsters are so far gone they are immune to what it looks like, nor... do... they... care. How soon it can all turn into a conflagration can be measured in the blinks of an eye.

Even Nature has come out against Israel.

Now I have heard they have transferred their attention to The West Bank, which... apparently... is one of the few banks they do not control.

I don't want to talk about these creatures. Everywhere I go I see people justifying everything they do. I cannot imagine what is in it for them. A few brave souls call it like it is, BUT... no matter what their waving banners say... no matter what a hundred thousand chattering newscasters say, it is all just darkness in search of darkness, and... darkness it shall find.

Yesterday, I was beset with a kind of depression and uncertainty. I did not know what it was about. It was just there. It was evening and I was headed out to water the plants that needed specific attention. I had fed the birds earlier.

As I walked toward the Mexican honeysuckle plant, I saw a roadrunner on the other side of the fence. It kind of screeched at me and I clapped my hands and sent it on its way. I turned left toward the water main and saw a hawk sitting on the fence. It flew to the top of a neighbor's house, watching me. Once I had turned on the water I waved him back. He flew off and then was joined by another hawk. They flew away together.

It was a temporary convention of predators. I think they see my backyard as a lunch counter. I've never seen them catch much.

I was still thinking about this weight I was carrying. I went inside for a moment and as I was coming out, The Divine said, “Visible! What is it with you? Have I not been abundantly clear? I am all-powerful. What I say goes... period! You seem to forget this at regular intervals. You need to stop paying attention to the news and the imprints it leaves on you. None of the players has any say in how things turn out. Only I am in charge at all times, despite what appearances might indicate.”

Then I realized that I had poisoned my mind... roaming about on the internet... and taking it as an accurate read on circumstance. I shrugged it all off and instantly felt lighter... better. How can I forget what I know to be true, again and again, and I even have God to remind me?

This shows what a cloud of deceit and confusion The World wraps itself in. One has to polish the mirror at all times, always turning one's thoughts to God, fusing all desire into one single aspiration, and letting The Devil take the hindmost, which are those attachments to nothing at all... falling away, and caught up in a dark wind that is twisting its way out to sea; disappearing in the distance and not belonging to me.

Again and again, I am told that none of this has anything to do with me. I have been appointed my section of The Vineyard. It is not my business to be concerned with other sections. Lao Tzu said; “if you want to be hot keep stirring about. Keep still if you want to be cool, and in all The World, one day, no doubt, your way will be the rule.”

Gratitude floods my being each time the angel of God arrives to inform me that I have departed from my inward course. I have a constant minder. It lets me stray that I might experience the state of separation from The Way, and then it herds me back on course.

At my sunset prayers yesterday, I was told; “You need not ruminate or fret over anything ever again. You have only to be mindful of me and my enduring presence within. Note how I appear in the very moment you call. Note that I have told you again, and again, I am ALWAYS here. I never leave and I will never leave.

“You are not to be concerned with when, and how. That is my concern. Your concern is the unshakable certitude of outcome.

“It may seem that I am an absentee landlord because I work in mysterious ways through invisible agency. I assure you that no one could be more hands-on. I have set in place laws and rules that cover every possibility of occurrence. So it might seem random because The World is filled with endless demonstrations of, do this-get that; on and on it goes in mind-numbing redundancies, turning on the wheel of suffering that is driven by carnal desire.

“Cease the one and the other goes away. Cease the one and the other goes away.”

Every day I get some variant on what you see here. I do not have palatial estates or a stable full of whores. I do not have endless files of ownership papers... notes due... coming in and going out. I don't have the burdens of fame and fortune. I do not have endless health concerns due to the pressures of the aforementioned.

When my mind strays, it is slapped back into alignment. When my heart seems troubled, it lasts for about as long as it takes God to tell me not to waste my time, and that I should not be thinking about handling his side of the action. I have no intention of wielding the master's ax, and I still have both my hands.

Yes... The World can become very unsettled, especially when it is being rearranged for a brand new age, and those who go by appearances are easily deceived into believing that what they see is stationary when it is in a constant state of movement. In times of apocalypse, the main focus is on The Purpose of Demonstration acting out like an animated diorama. I cannot remember the last time a single expert has been right about anything.

People's lives would be so very much improved if they learned how to mind their own business and keep their opinions to themselves. This driving necessity of constant interference... leads to perpetual reactions of resistance and opposition to the interference. As Lao Tzu said, “For blocking no one's way, no one blames him.”

Just about everything people get up to... is reacting to something that triggered them... based on their personal model of attractions and aversions. Have only one of the former and none of the latter, and see what that gets you! Meddle about at your peril.

I cannot believe it took me so long to catch on to a few simple truths. I've been told there was no getting around what I had to go through to apprehend them. The journey is the price of attainment. We get it when we get it, and... God willing... don't forget it.

Whatever The Nimrods of The Moment get up to is their affair. They push from one side and the competition pushes from the other. Angry sleepers flail out at one another in their troubled dreams, accomplishing nothing except many more opportunities for the same. This side goes up. That side goes down. One side sneaks up on another while their own fate sneaks up on them.

If any of it had been important we would have remembered it all, but ten thousand previous civilizations are now buried on the sea bottoms that were once the land they struggled over. I'm done with that. The only thing that is real is the perfect world... that this imperfect reflection presents as dancing shadows on a wall of hidden light.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, October 12, 2023

"It's Like The French Revolution All Over Again, with The Same Corrupt Marquises and Their Stables of Painted Children."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Yes... you would have to be stupid to be sucked in by this nonsense switcharoo. Some are also... easily intimidated... too. However... there are a lot of stupid people around. There are a lot of intimidated people around, and... there are many, many stupid AND intimidated people around.

Some of the intimidated are people relying on MONEY coming in, so... their opinions are formed... based on an awareness of that.

Here's the deal. Israel organized what they call “our 9/11!” It was organized by one of the guys who was involved in the original 9/11. Here... I must point out that 9/11 is now an enduring example of what is called, a false flag operation, so... that adds a great deal of irony to the man- involved in both 9/11 events- calling the event a 9/11.

Near instantly... around The World... due to WHO it is that controls The Media, and the traffic on The Information Highway... world sentiment took a huge turnaround. In that sense... the latest 9/11... the mini-me 9/11 has been a success. Not everyone is on the same page as this Twitter-X thread shows.

Now... there appears to be (perhaps I am out of the loop?) a complete blackout on what is happening in Gaza.

Let's be completely realistic here. Israel has the most cutting-edge security in The World. Period!!! There is no way that what they claim happened... happened. Right away... also... we get the babies in the incubators thing again... with a twist... of course. Try to remember too that Israel has Mossad operatives embedded in all of these organizations in the first place, AND ALSO KEEP IN MIND... Israel invented Hamas to begin with.

Israel has been routinely exterminating the people they have imprisoned in this open-air concentration camp for decades; this place called Gaza. This is what has happened to Palestine over the course of time.

Shrinking Palestine

This is what Israel has done to Palestine. No one else did this. Israel did this. There is NO ARGUMENT anyone can put forth about this to the contrary. It's what has been happening.

This recent false flag does... not... balance... the... books. The land seizures are only one aspect. There is the sport hunting of children... the sexual violation of children in their prisons... the torture there as well... the treatment of the people at the checkpoints. There is the endless settler violence... the destruction of their olive groves... the flooding of their neighborhoods with sewage... and- oh my God! The list is endless.

The blowback on The Left is fearsome. The Harvard students who came out in support of Palestine have been told that Wall Street won't hire them. Gee... I wonder who runs things over at Wall Street? Everywhere, you are seeing the latest censure at work. Isn't The Left one of the main mechanisms of The Usual Suspects to begin with? Aren't they the principal financiers of The Left?

Here they are reporting on themselves.

Jews behind the corona virus vaccines
Who are the Jews behind the coronavirus vaccines?
One can’t escape their presence in the forefront of leading companies in the race to find a vaccine that will prevent coronavirus

Isn't that interesting? These Killer Vaccines are responsible for millions of deaths by now, and... more to come. Perhaps The World has become Gaza? I do not know. Then there is the matter of the fabrication of The Virus in the first place... and whether there even is one or not. Certainly... these days... The Common Cold and The Seasonal Flu are all COVID. Everything is COVID now.

How about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COVID to the left of them! COVID to the right of them! Into the shechita of COVID marched the unsuspecting dupes.

Somebody... somewhere... is rubbing their hands in glee. Somewhere else... someone they don't know about is watching them do it. Karma... the Timing of Karma... the complexity of the performance of Karma, these are all very involved operations and mere tips of a much larger mass below the surface of awareness.

The universe is on a grand scale. Only one mind can encompass it, and that is the mind that interpenetrates it to its furthest extent. Nothing slips by... under... or around. Nothing is missed. Everything is recorded, AND... every now and then; it doesn't happen often... a time comes when a grand sorting... weighing... and measuring takes place. These are times of apocalypse.

These are the times when what has been long hidden is revealed... to the wonder of some, AND the dismay of others. These times arrive in periods of great confusion... much chaos and change precede them. It's hard to tell what is really going on, especially when it looks one way and then works out in another way. The reason for that is the inherent deception resident in appearances to... begin... with.

The usual befuddlers and deceivers are at work, and usually, they are as efficient as they need to be, and usually, they are successful... usually. This accounts for the prominence of advertising in our times, along with the presence of massive public relations firms, and assorted agencies that manage political campaigns.

Try to maintain a grip on your historical perspective as they seek to shift and change it right before your eyes. It's not only The Good Guys that know about the big changes in The Event Horizon. The Bad Guys know too, and they are in a white heat of a scramble to stay in advance of them; something they aren't going to be able to do, especially since many of these major changes have to do with them.

The power lines are shifting. The courses along which temporal power has run for quite some time now are being redirected... rerouted... re-engineered. There is NOTHING that any human agency can do about this, and there is nothing that the demonic agencies... upon which certain human agencies have relied for so long... can do about it either. This is coming right from The Top.

So... there is now a most complicated ballet of deck chairs being rearranged on The Titanic. There is a scurrying, and an intentional blurring of motive and action... a kind of rising panic that the usual remedies are not equipped for. It is like using a topical... in hopes of changing the deep interior. It's like putting band-aids on internal bleeding, and... conditions worsen and worsen.

While revelation is occurring in relation to exterior conditions, it is also taking place within the consciousness of every separated mind. This is why there is so much sexual confusion; all of which is manipulated. This is why there is so much street-side insanity. This is why governments are behaving like no one is at the helm. This is why things that should not be happening are happening all the time.

The legal system is on an extended drunken holiday. The lawmakers are playing pin-the-tail on the basilisk. The administrative sector is waving its arms at invisible bugs and wandering in the hallways of their bombed-out memory palaces. Degenerates have hijacked the education system, and certain vested interests are importing armies of barbarians into the town square of everywhere.

This is ALL observably true. This is ALL being engineered by a psychopathic few. Who is doing what is no longer a mystery and that is a very dangerous landscape to be outing yourself in. Sooner or later The Villagers are going to become fully enraged and storm the castles where the architects of their misfortune are resident. Anger and resentment are percolating in the nightmare cities. If the disenfranchised can't get Justice one way, they will get it another.

It's like The French Revolution all over again, with the same corrupt marquises and their stables of painted children. This is not an extemporaneous acting out. This is a choreographed affair and no one is switching horses in midstream. They are caught in a drama they composed themselves and there will be no escaping in the final reel.

Woe to those... etcetera... etcetera... who are with child... etcetera... and give suck... distress... wrath... etcetera... etcetera, and so forth and so on because everything turns back upon itself... and everything comes around to the point it did whatever it did in the first place; package for Mr. So and So! Yes... it's an airtight system that I did not personally come up with... just pointing it out.

While there is life there is hope, but... the nature of The Beast is to dig even more furiously than before, rather than to repair the violation instead. It is the nature of those whose devotion is to harm... to do even greater harm because... well... because they just can't help themselves, and... there are reasons for that.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, October 09, 2023

"The World is Teeming with Madness Forged by Possession and The Predominating Appetites of Materialism."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Boy! The firestorm from The Media... controlled by those already proven to own it!!! My Twitter-X feed blew up today... all about filthy Hamas and brave righteous Israel; just wait and see what Israel does, AND... everywhere, I hear how Israel is our only friend in The Middle East.

This is so incredibly important that I cannot leave it out. I wish to hear no more about the poor Israelis. Read this article carefully and please... investigate the links!!!

Yet... I KNOW that Israel was deeply involved in the 9/11 attacks. You can find The Details in the right-side menu. Then I remember The USS Liberty, and... THE REASON for The Israeli attack on that American ship. Then there was The Lavon Affair. There are more than a few examples of; By Way of Deception.

These people are also behind the migration assault on The Western World... and all the other things that plague us.... which I have mentioned over and over again; the relentless sex recruitment... coming after the children... transgenderism... racial strife... via their Marxist agenda to render America into an open-air concentration camp... and more and more and more... they are behind every one of them, and it is EASILY proven. They are the bankers for all discord here and throughout The West.

Some people's heads catch on fire when you say these things, BUT... it's all true and easily proven; FOLLOW... THE... MONEY!!!

If you do not know yourself that this is all true; you are either lazy... a coward... or remarkably stupid. There is a 4th option and that is that you are either one of them or a servant of The Prince of Darkness, which they are a also servant of. There can be no doubt that what they seek is nothing less than the end of civilized life for everyone else.

I think of the Israeli citizens who spit on visiting Christians, AND... this... often comes to mind;

Shrinking Palestine

...but... everywhere... people on both sides of the aisle... who have their positions and their paychecks due to fealty to the ones who rule over them.... simp and genuflect... hoping the right people will notice.

Constantly on Twitter-X, and... I control my feed religiously, cause I don't want to see 95% of the bullshit; there is one post after another now about the poor Israelis and the vicious... inhuman Palestinians... who... IN FACT... had their land stolen by people with not a drop of Semitic blood, who claim to be the people they have displaced. I'm well versed in the history of what has taken place.

I spent quite some time today clicking “ not interested in this post.” and then... “this post is not relevant.” out of four postings I was lucky to find one of the posts I normally get.

My invisible friends have told me that Israel's days are numbered, nothing, and... no one... can help them now; Sic Semper Tyrannis!

When you control The Media, you control the narrative. When you control the money supply, you control the lawmakers.

Revolution comes out of the invisible, brought about by malicious disparities in The Balance. You're supposed to be learning a lesson that few are paying attention to.

This has been all a long time coming.

Many are soon to be amazed and surprised. Wonders you have not imagined are coming upon this planet.

Hamas did an end run and hit the settler communities that have been abusing Palestinians for decades; poisoning their water... chopping down their olive trees... releasing sewage into their communities... using their children for target practice... attacking them for no reason with brutal violence. I am not surprised by what is happening. I am surprised it has taken so long.

How is it that Israel was taken so off guard... OR... were they? Is this more of, By Way of Deception? I don't know, and... it won't matter. If they were behind it, it is an opportunity to generate sympathy and support; “it's our 9/11! It's our 9/11!!!” The irony is that they were behind the other 9/11, and it was for the same reason. People are waking up, and... trouble is coming for them.

I had the most remarkable session with The Lord this evening (Saturday). He said, “Visible... before I get into The Details about Israel. Let me say that there are Jews I hold in the highest esteem, and they are not the ones performing those blood-tie religions, and Satanic Sacrifices to The Demon Kingdoms. Most of them are not even incarnate at this time.

However... those who most please me have no interest in dead religions... skin color... or racial heritage.

I have friends and loyal servants from every faith... every color... every walk of life. I have people in religion... in government... in finance... in entertainment... my eyes and ears are everywhere. I see what happens from every perspective because... I am everywhere. In an instant, I can shift The World entire. You are going to see how specifically I mean this.

However... when it comes to Israel, they... have... no... right... to... be... there. They have not a drop of Semitic blood and no actual connection to that land. They took that land in order to use the protections of a sovereign state to run an international criminal empire. They have slowly and steadily taken over every means by which one might fight back against the tentacled beast they have become. They seek to squeeze and strangle The World. I am going to shut them down.

There is no army in The World that can protect them from my wrath and my justice. No amount of money will buy them safe passage anywhere. You will see all of this happen, and the temporal rulerships of The World... crumble as well. All those who have given fealty and service to The Prince of Darkness will receive their just-due.

I am building a new world, and all these refugees from The Darkness will pass back into The Darkness.

The same can be said of the other military forces who mean no good for anyone. So too... for all the minds focused on controlling others, and all of the hearts focused on personal gain. I will appear in the human mind... worldwide and be heard. Soon... I will appear in those minds who wish ill upon others and I will turn them on each other.

I will appear as the voice of the whirlwind. I will appear at the head of invisible armies. I will sweep over the land. And what shall remain standing will remain standing, and what shall fall... shall fall.

He said a lot more but we won't be going into it.

As far as Israel goes... they have been bully boys for too long. For decades the settler troglodyte... knuckle-dragging psychopaths... have been abusing The Palestinians. (I'll go into more detail tomorrow.) There is but one thing to say here; “by their works, ye shall know them.”

The Winds of Change are shifting. So it will be in all the cities where the residents cluster... tightly packed... in their crowds of mental patients. The World is teeming with madness... forged by possession, and the predominating appetites of Materialism.

The music of Materialism is played through a density of smoke that precludes all vision. For a time... people nestle, and dance in the darkness... engorging themselves on the delights of desire, but then emptiness comes... fear comes... panic comes, and... the ones who sold them this bill of goods? The ones who led them astray into a wilderness of advertising and false promises? And instead... gave them painful, and lingering diseases? The ones who sold them down the river to the slave auctions of The Mind?

The ones who killed their dreams and their children... what do you think God will do with them?

Certain texts and scripture have been erased from The World. Certain historical records have been expunged. The idea of right and wrong intrudes upon the appetites of libertines, and those... for whom this world is the only world... lead their fellows into perdition... for they loathe the idea of being without companions, but... there is a Divine Arbiter who arranges the various green rooms for those being made ready for their closeups.

There is no error in The Way of Things... neither at the level of rocks... nor at the level of angels. If you can't see this... if you are incapable of viewing The Divine Symmetry... perhaps, you need to open your eyes? Perhaps The Divine Symmetry is an intrusion on the ambitions of your personal will? Your personal will is nothing at all... nothing at all.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, October 04, 2023

"I KNOW that The Bible We Have Has Been Adapted for The Profit of Mercenary Priests and... Their Banker Sidekicks."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Today is Ten-Four... Big Trucker. Will, they bring the hammer down? It's the 10/4 test of the emergency system today. Often they like to use events like this as smokescreens for some great evil to be perpetrated upon The Sleeping Class. There must be a Darkside Low Unholy Day coming up.

Will they bring down The Sears Tower... The Seattle Needle... something somewhere?

McCarthy got bumped; mostly because he was in bed with The Ukraine Money Laundry, and there were other COMPELLING and important issues he was doing The Old Two Step about, BUT... a power vacuum exists on a symbolic day. He left Pelosi in The Speaker's Office for the whole time he was in office. Word is that she had dirt on him. The interim speaker sent her packing the very day McCarthy left.

I tend to see connections. I don't always mention them like I do Trends and Patterns because I assume they are obvious to anyone paying attention and otherwise; what difference could it make? Ergo, it seems to me... that it is likely... certainly possible that this whole thing with The Speaker of The House is to draft Donald Trump. How outrageous would that be? Heh heh... certain vested parties would have their heads catch fire over it. Jim Jordan might be a good choice.

Now they've discovered a 1500-year-old Aramaic Bible and that dovetails right into the general area of the life of Mohammad, but precisely... by my calculations... it would be a little earlier on.

However... this Bible says what Islam says... that Jesus was not crucified, and ascended into Heaven. Guru Bawa told me that it was Judas who got crucified. I KNOW that the Bible we have access to has been adapted to the profit of mercenary priests and their banker sidekicks.

For me, it has long been that the only bible I consider accurate and unerring... is the one inscribed in fiery hieroglyphics on my Soul, which would be the higher octave of my heart. True scripture is revealed by way of Revelation. Otherwise... it can be (and is) confusing, and contradictory due to the anthropomorphic tendencies of Man.

I don't know if the reader follows such things, but I do... whether I want to or not; they seem to appear in front of me often without my having done anything to cause it. What I am talking about are the recent discoveries of all manner of artifacts and evidences of ancient things. This is also part of a Grand Apocalypse... where The Past starts appearing from locations around the planet.

People who do not notice the long and persistent rising or falling grade of a cosmic force... moving through its elementary stages... tend to assume... after a while... that it is nearly done. Oh no! My pretties. It is just beginning. Cosmic forces do not move at human speed... where time constraints exist due to mortality, and... whatever level of ignorance is driving the culture... according to the direction of the prevailing force of appetite.

In Times of (advanced) Material Darkness, the appetites and attractions are all on a very basic level, as you can see in the forms of what's available... flesh-enhancing soft drinks, sold as weight inhibitors... there was actually a Big Gulp sold that was in gallon size. Fast food outlets are everywhere. Everything is fried, including people's brains cause the wrong people are taking drugs. I could go on in this vein until the entire return system of the circulatory schematic has been diagrammed, but... I'm not going to.

It's all bad for you in times of advanced Materialism, but... it hasn't been killing people off as rapidly as The Ruling Psychopathia would like; it's really created vast profits for the medical arm of Crocodile Swine Incorporated, but... there are still too many people to suit them so... that brings us round to today and the first activation of the magnetic nanotech in the bodies of The Vaccinated... coming up in around two hours from now, once this goes up.

I don't know if this is true. I know a lot of people are saying it is, and they have a certain amount of science behind their claims, but... I've been hearing never-ending symphonies of Chicken Little hysteria from the shrieking violets of Fear Town for a long time now. Lots of what they say... most of it... is not true or does not come true. This is not to say that there are not serious bad guys working to torture and kill millions of us. I'm just saying... a lot of it is misdirection.

I am extremely fortunate. I do not go in fear over what the spiritual vampire and werewolf clans get up to. Halloween delusions may well be (and are) fabrications of an undisciplined imagination, but... they exist. I have run across them on several occasions on other planes. I've been greeted with the usual offers and blandishments one gets when one is in possession of abilities that are useful to them.

The promises of The Dark Side are enticing for those enamored of certain forms of activity. However... there is ALWAYS a catch. As we pointed out in yesterday's posting, the joy is removed once the opportunities arrive. There is a great film with Brendan Fraser called Bedazzled that illustrates what happens when you run into Old Scratch because a particular itch attracted him/her.

It is true that The Devil is God as The Wicked see him, but... all have sinned and come short of The Glory of God, so... until that is purged... until the 2nd Birth is accomplished... you are vulnerable to that ancient... atavistic serpent who is coiled just inside the gates of the subconscious.

You can tell yourself that The Devil does not exist, but... then... perhaps you can explain to me where all the horrors of the past and present-day are coming from? It may not be as you think it is, and... it probably isn't. That doesn't mean it isn't around, constantly changing shape... according to the necessities of the engagements... that present the opportunities for the exercise of dark and evil behaviors.

One can accomplish a great deal in a short time... if one is inspired to do so. One can burn up a lot of karma with a determined industry of selfless service. Then... there is always the chance you will catch the attention of the servants of The All High. It's more than likely... given that they miss... NOTHING! Then... if your sincerity and determination are apparent, all kinds of arrangements can be made.

Sometimes your whole life can be changed without you even knowing about it for a period of time. People live in envelopes of delusion. They have convinced themselves that what they see is what is, and what they cannot see is what is not. This becomes epidemic in Times of Material Darkness, and... is the reason why God has to step in at regular intervals... make an appearance... and clarify a few things.

If you don't seek God earlier in your life, God won't be there later. This does not mean all hope is lost. It means the likelihood diminishes with the passage of time. You are less inclined to try, and... in Times of Material Darkness, everything is profit-driven and people ask themselves where the payoff is in picking up your cross, and following some character from myth and legend. Myths and legends are ALL based on real things.

It does get to a time when even those who believe in The Wayshower misinterpret him. They all make him out to be a bigger expression of themselves with all their faults and vices painted as probity and virtue. Our mind is our worst enemy and... potentially... our greatest friend. So long as it is permitted to rationalize every misstep as a step in the right direction, you will be going the wrong way.

This is why so many people... if they are ever able to change their lives... have to hit rock bottom OR experience grave trauma. It takes shock with a lasting echo to galvanize the heart and lift it to finer locations of expression.

If you don't give up... you cannot fail. That is an actual law, the same way that a fool who persists in his folly will be made wise. That does not come without the risk of hitting the bottom or grave trauma. Everything that is judged in any lasting way is done so in The Mind of God, of which your mind is a part that the personality has separated to the end of fulfilling its specific desires.

Meanwhile... The Mind of God sits right behind it... observing. No effort to contact or merge with that mind will go amiss or be wasted. Every effort in that direction gains real value further on, and... for those with a willful persistence... there's no telling what might come to pass.

End Transmission.......

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