Wednesday, October 25, 2023

"Your Job and Objective- (should you choose to accept it) Is to Come Into Alignment with the Aims of The Soul."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The World is a rumor, formed from the daydreams of God. The wisest man I ever knew, and who was most certainly not a man, told me that God is a serpent. God is sleeping and this is his dream. This conforms to the nature of The Risen Kundalini, which confers Godhead upon the one in whom it rises. It also conforms to the idea of those times when God is awake and God is asleep, according to the tenets of Ageless Wisdom.

He does wake up in the sleep phase in certain people who cannot refrain from troubling his sleep, for good or ill: don't make me come down there!

What we think is real life is no more than a dream in The Mind of God. When God wakes up, then all the characters performing in The Dream go to sleep, and Heaven disports and plays for an equal length of time. These are called The Day of Brahma and The Night of Brahma, and they last 4.32 billion years each. It's all very precise because existence is based on math.

We've often used the image of snow-covered mountains as representing the realm of pure math. When the snow melts, it runs down into the valleys and transforms into a riot of colors... teeming with Life. This is how things come about; numbers precipitate into form. Ideas take material shape, and all of this occurs in The Mind, and then becomes an object apart from The Mind, and is then perceived through the senses, although... The Mind is every bit as much outside of you as it is inside of you.

Your job... your objective... (should you choose to accept it- Grin) is to come into alignment with the aims of The Soul... because ALL existence is about the growing... the maturation... and the liberation of The Soul. Everything else you get up to that is not in line with this is you wasting your time... acquiring perks and demerits. Up... up you go!!! Whee!!! Down you come. Oops.

Think of it as a turning wheel of fire... with teeth... that consumes everything in a sort of time-lapse format. In present conditions, there's a good chance you will never make it out the door to begin with... if you live in a developed country. What do you think the cost of abortion is... spiritually, I mean?

Existence is presently in a state of criminal disorder and that is why criminals and their lackeys occupy all the important administrative posts at this time. Honest souls are soon... either weeded out... or marginalized to the South Dakota or Greenland bureau.

Without Divine Intervention we would be slipping at ever more increasing speed into an entropic swamp, where everything slithers and hunts each other below the surface. This is already going on in certain places, and... there are once-human life forms that have devolved to that level.

I left abortion hanging in the wind, didn't I? Well... I can understand it is a complex thing. I also know that there are people... couples... who get together and have a pregnancy for the recreational factors and then abort the fetus much later on. They like to cosplay the condition. I'm not kidding. It's a real thing. There are people who celebrate their abortions as if it were a festive occasion. It takes all kinds.

So... the subject hangs there still and... it's not my affair. All the social injustices in The World and the strange things people do... simply because they can... these are the increasing states of insanity that are creating a whole new dynamic of human interaction. These are not my concern. They are the concern of the people so engaged. I am not here to play Doctor Fixit.

There are people who fake being in distress, the same way certain predators in the wild do, in order to create some sort of co-dependency cycle. There are people who want to be saved... over and over again, and people who want to save them. It's a loop that is traveled by the loopy.

Every mental illness is kinda like a loop, and if you travel on it to the point that it becomes habitual, that is known as chronic, and if the chronic is permitted to continue, then it becomes terminal; all of them do. Entire societies go gradually and rapidly mad, depending on whether they are nearer the spindle or further out toward the rim. In Times of Material Darkness, insanity is a common feature.

Some have a tight-lipped... white-knuckled ride... holding it together... barely... like a maintenance drinker. Some get caught up in the spirit of it and go screaming down the street. Some few... sidestep the matter entirely because they have a guide through the minefields, and... trust is their connection.

Now... madness is coming at every level of society. You see things you did not see before... among the high and mighty. All the negative personality characteristics, like Pride and Arrogance... Greed and Covetousness... Lust and Anger... and their fellow travelers. These are ALL forms of insanity that get worse... and worse... and worse.

You see this in the lower ranks, trying to elbow their way to the top. You see it in the higher ranks, constantly trying to maintain position. They are all playing King of The Hill and they are all children in states of arrested development... with the down-turned mouths of a petulant and spoiled nature that no amount of care and attentiveness can heal. This is the fruit of The Tree of Material Darkness. Everyone is unhappy... or pretending to be happy.

Now... we have come to a point where you are going to see things you have never seen before. You are going to see large numbers of the entitled and self-fellating, losing it right out in the open. You are going to see people coming forth and telling all... about the things deeply suspected, and long-feared. The Time of Holy Wars is coming. All the role players will be assembling for the performances with real consequences.

For the longest time... The Divine has been present but unseen. The dynamics have now changed. The Divine is going to appear in a number of hosts... his will to be done. The one thing hardly anyone has been expecting, and which... in any case... if they believed it at all... they thought it was still far off... is right around the corner.

If your mind possessed any clarity. If you had taken the trouble to brush away the cobwebs and polish your mirror... you would see this. The majority of humanity is caught up in the external spectacle, and the numerous opportunities for appetite and desire. The Candy Store is everywhere now. You can do most anything your imagination can come up with. If you can't afford it, you can steal it. It really is out of control.

This is NOT random occurrence. This is a driven event For The Purpose of Demonstration. People in Congress who make a couple of hundred thousand a year are now multimillionaires, Some have two, three, and more... hundreds of millions of dollars. Corporations and lobbies run the government as their own enforcement arm. This is considered to be how business is done, and...? What are you going to do about it? Yeah... what are you going to do about it?

Years ago... we said here, that all it takes for things to change is for the mass of us to no longer play the game... to no longer serve the beast. To simply sit down and wait them out. Everything would come to a standstill. The buses, trains, and planes would no longer run. The service industry would stop. The militaries would not fight. Maybe something like that will happen. You... never... know.

Doesn't matter... everything is under control. That is something else that the man... who was not a man... told me.

Free will is a curious thing. It's an illusion really. All it is... is your freedom to resist The Will of God... to exist as a separated mind... to become a testimony to what happens when you go the wrong way. On the one hand, you have the devilish specter of The Carnal Mind... beckoning you into Candyland where all real enjoyment has been removed. On the other hand, you have The Supreme Enjoyer offering you the endless delights of union... that come into play... as soon as union is established.

In this world of appearances, things and conditions are made to seem other than what they actually are. When you buy the scotch it does not come with the near-naked girl sitting on the hood of the car. When you suit yourself up to look like something you are not, you attract the very sort that is drawn to that presentation,, and who then makes your life a living Hell.

Things are not what they seem. Things are not what they are made out to be by the people trying to sell you something. This is a world of lies, and if you buy into them... you will be made wiser than you were, but not in a nice way. Wisdom of any kind ALWAYS comes at a cost. Some pay it gladly. Some find any price too dear. They don't want to know.

To know something is to be responsible for knowing it. Well... everyone will sort this matter out according to what they value, giving new meaning to the phrase, you don't miss it till it's gone.

God has some kind of a seriously ironic wake-up call coming for Mr. Pfizer; Travis Kelce. What's 5 million more dollars a year worth when you don't need more money in the first place? All over The World are many people taking the money, but... they have yet to get really paid.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Sit it out. Ayuh! Totally. Do as little as possible. Starve the system. What do I owe the realm of perpetual inconvenience, anyway? Other than maybe a kick in the face.

It's a more stress-free way of existing anyway. Surprised more don't do that. Oh yes! We are programmed to be materialistic idiots. Very immature perspective. Those moronic dreams of owning a Victorian on a ten acre estate died at a very young age with me. Unrealistic, and knowing what I know, a 'dumber than a vacuum' ambition.

As for abortion, you destroy a body. . .a vehicle, not a soul. We as an entity are eternal. What's worse? An abortion or torturing the biological accident to suicide since you didn't want it and you get even with it for daring to invade you? I got fixed at 19 so I didn't have to deal with the 18 year overpriced, time consuming, parasitic, freedom destroying gaol sentence that I didn't wanna be stuck with under any circumstances. With a 'tude like mine, you don't want anything like me to breed. It would be a disaster. Society is in part so screwed up BECAUSE people with my 'tude had and psychologically messed up unwanted sprog. What ever wants to be here can just catch another ride. There's plenty of openings in the Amish community, Niger, Somalia, DR Congo, Chad. . .

Oh yes, and what if you don't have the resources to take care of you irresponsible consequence? Adoption or dropping it off at a fire department isn't an option in some places. In fact, in some locations a badly timed pregnancy can get you killed. KSA and a few other Islamic countries?

Still, nostrils to the sky.

Strider On said...

Loving this Gotterdamerung Ragnarok reset that is coming.
Others are perplexed, sad, angry, I'm loving it!
Materialism always wipes out because we need Spirit in our soul and plastic and paper never will fill that hole.
Thank you God is spoken verbally and in prayer multiple times daily and it is the greatest gift to see with God's eyes, the Wisdom.
I say thank you God for LV in my prayers and others and it was meant to happen, finding Smoking Mirrors and starting down the path.
Thank You.

Anonymous said...

That Five Times August song was good, sad and resigned in an American Pie kind of way. It is in reality much worse than just quaintly selling out. Ultramega OK, MK Ultra Ego, fills in the landscape, with a tornado of burning bones. The alchemy started with the Beatles, the “Wheel and Whoa” of Aleister Crowley. The cult who drives the wheel, “Whose devotes attain perfection the moment it crushes them. “, has fully darkened , ready to drop the track and the mask to show you real soul death. Dave Grohl stops by, just arrived from Langley, with a body count of five headed to Studio 666. Armies in black fighting for the ending of the world of men. Jesse Czebotar, who escaped from the cult says the entire country is sectioned off, each part run by mobsters and ruled by various demons. People born under their yoke unknowing. She talks about all the waterways and the birth canals pledged as well. They keep finding young men after a night out dead submerged in water after meeting smiley faced killers. People carry themselves with the high nihilism usually experienced only in fairy tales. It makes me wonder are we trapped inside some John Dee diamond simulation? A black Iron prison, of Ancient Rome superimposed on Orange County California articulated by PK Dick? Yet here and now, even within this insanity are moments of such grace, beauty and benevolence, it fills the soul. The best and the worst of times, live side by side, altogether somehow. Standing in the middle of two armies like Arjuna.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Somewhere, They Melt Them Down for Candle Wax... for Votive Lights... Along The Highway to The Festivals of Hell."



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