Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Waking Sleeping Beauty and Uncovering the Light

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There is a profound beauty in the greatest commandment; “thou shalt love the lord thy god with all thy heart, with all thy soul and with all thy mind.” I might have the sequence wrong but I'm thinking that's not important. This is how I understand it. We are mirrors, catching reflections. If you have ever seen the Macroprosopus (before anyone says anything, this is much older than when the Israelis hijacked it) it will be quite clear what is being said by the image. I shouldn't even have to elucidate. Most of you will get it right off. What is the best way to achieve communication with the ineffable? You mirror the ineffable with your heart, mind and soul, a sort of 'right back at you' thing.

How do you mirror what you cannot see? Hmmm. Love projects and Love reflects. All Love is borrowed from the ineffable so, with the use of The Creative Imagination. Add it to itself= the third trump, The Empress and you get trump 6, The Lovers. Interestingly, I did not know this before it happened. I saw number three and I thought, yeah... that works. So you got mirroring again. I love it when something like that happens. It's just more proof of what has been proven to me more times than I can remember. I love that line; 'more times than I can remember' and when it sneaks up on me like it just did, that is wonderful.

When you love the lord thy god with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind, the ineffable reflects it right back at you and that is the point. It's not some dictatorial command of do it or else. It is a secret hiding in plain sight. It is a statement of certitude, determination and faith, demonstrated in a phrase which, when followed, leads you to a paradise of magical, mystical wonder, unfolding into wonder. It should be plain as day and as much as we could manage here, with our limitations being what they are. Isn't that a beautiful thing? All you have to do is follow it. Sure, you might be inconsistent at first but the fantastic thing about Love is that it is intoxicating and addictive; cue Robert Palmer.

Love makes everything easier. We know this. When you love something or someone, there is no effort involved. It is a joy to perform. If it is about learning to do something you love, you can't stop doing it. You love doing it. There are exceptions to this, for instance, sometimes you are not allowed to do something you love; like me and playing guitar. The ineffable prefers (at this time) that I dedicate my energies into other mediums, or so it seems.

Is there anything we seek more desperately or long for more than to be in love? Look at the timeless poetry. Look at the main subject in most songs; except these days when it is all about animal domination of your significant under, preferably from behind so that she, or he (in some cases) knows their place. I don't like being crude but the focus of 99% of rap, which is not music, is all some variation of 'let me drag you into Hell and degrade you every step of the way there.” Kind of like the irony of Jackson Pollock and his girlfriend on that fatal, drunken night.

However, it should matter not at all what the world does. That has nothing to do with what you do. If the world is hopping up and down like someone who absolutely has to take a leak and can't get into the bathroom because a couple of people are snorting coke, or each other, that shouldn't concern your personal quest for union with your true lover, no matter what form he or she comes in, so long as you recognize that seeing the eyes of the almighty in your lover's eyes; in everyone's eyes is best but there is a learning curve (grin)

Yes, I know I am being very matter of fact, casual and even pedestrian with that which deserves the sweetest and most heart piercing poetry. I'm trying to get there but for some reason we have to take this route, until we get to that big intersection up ahead and I think there is a sign there that says, 'For heart piercing poetry, go right at intersection.' We'll get there when we get there. Look around you at the longing in everyone's eyes. Look at them as the scramble to avoid love, as they calculate who and what might fit that description. Are they beautiful and supposedly out of your league? More importantly are they beautiful inside? Can you open them up to reveal the beauty they have concealed until that very moment? You find, if you care enough, that love makes a person beautiful. Love makes them radiant under the force of your love. It awakens Sleeping Beauty. It uncovers the light which is hidden behind the darkness of appearances. It blooms. It turns the mystery of the bud into the flower that springs forth and is an expression of the love concealed in Nature and which happens millions of times every day. It shimmers on the wings of the hummingbird, as glimpses of light flash from between the wings that move too fast to see. It is everywhere around us but... all we see is the murky desire that masquerades as love in times of material darkness.

Base physical desire is like fast food. You're hungry again half a hour later. It doesn't satisfy. It doesn't nourish. It looked good to begin with but it never flowers. It is a weed. There is no love that is not a reflection of the divine in the eyes of the beloved, who is rendered beautiful under the force of the eyes that can see love and draw it forth into that mystical radiance that is our uncovered self revealed and... only love can awaken love. Before our world divides, as it crosses from childhood into the awareness that we are no longer complete, as we were before this happened and we left the 6 of cups and soon enough wind up in that cyclic repetition of the 9 of swords. Somehow our hearts got broken and we became cynical. We confused that with being suave and cool and calculating. This time we won't have our hearts broken. It will happen to the other side of the equation..

What a terrible dilemma we have constructed for ourselves. We lost the capacity to be vulnerable and love will not appear in any heart that has lost its vulnerability. One's heart must be open and exposed, else-wise there is no tenderness. Lord Krishna does not appear. Something else now walks between Krishna and Radha. There are brief glimpses of her that appear and disappear. Some kind of a shadow walks ahead of you. You no longer see Radha. You see the distorted image that has been warped into the clown princess of a materialized dust cloud. You are seeing a cartoon. Well over 30,000,000 people have friended, or liked, or whatever the measurement is now, Kim Kardashian. That is one out of every ten people in America. The chipmunks are break dancing on the fallen logs. Kanye West has gone South, frothing and foaming at the mouth. This kind of flatulence is supposed to come from the other end. This is some kind of strange feat of ventriloquism. Demons have their hands up into the hole in his back and the Snoop Dog and Little Wayne and all the rest of them are celebrated as genius because the Satanists who run the industry demand that it be so because it has torn their love broken and bleeding from the devastated hearts of all those people who lost the most precious thing in life and can't now remember what it was.

The world has turned into a looping Tinder hookup but... we are not looping, except in a cycling helix of eternal and ever renewing Love, because that is the objective of our vulnerable and tender hearts that are unafraid to be broken. The heart weeps tears of joy for its wounded and yet miraculously healed state of endless repair and rises over and over again, soaring under the magic of the ineffable's wings of joy. Father forgive them for they know not who they are. Self inquiry has given way to the confetti of glitter that somehow has woven itself into the tapestry of smeared and drooling eye shadow. It hangs in the air like strange perfumes, whose globules are suspended in the air and land on your tongue when you pass by, who are like the poisonous sweat that interacts with all those deodorants that are more than necessary because of the bad diets and bad thoughts that are the offspring of square dancing zombies in the hijacked and compromised minds of all those significant unders. Baron Samadhi is calling out, “aleman right and aleman left, just keep that dance going till you run out of breath. “Is it over already? What happened? What do you mean, 'I'm dead? I just got here.”

Love is a clean sharp sword to the heart and it cuts to the deep, silent center and only god knows cause only god goes and we are the path that he's making.

I can think of nothing so marvelous as love. The variations blind me with its never ending kaleidoscope of beautiful changes. Love changes into love and then changes back into love. It is so achingly familiar. It is never the same and it is always the same. No matter how high and deep you go, there is always more, higher and deeper, endlessly. It is beyond description and definition but we try anyway. We reach for the words but the words escape us. They fall through the net down into the depths and are buried in the sand. We all try but love is something different in everyone we meet, It accommodates itself to the needs and demands of everyone who pursues it. It goes from a rutting fever to the passion of the saints. It is love and it is not love. It is counterfeited and passed off as the real thing. Only the discerning heart can tell the difference. If the heart is wise it will recognize it. If the heart is foolish it will take whatever satisfies the needs of the moment and that is where the larger percentage of transitory affections now finds itself, or doesn't find itself at all, come think of it.

Love is more beautiful, more sustaining, more life giving than any other force. It can make you immortal, if you impress it, because love is conscious. Love has so many chambers, avenues, secret passages, entire hidden kingdoms that are reminiscent of Coleridge, “where Alph the sacred river ran, through caverns measureless to man, down to a sunless sea.” Is that the heart of darkness or is that a deep and bottomless reservoir that is made luminous by a single heart that recognizes what it has found.

The power of love is the power of god. As has been said in many times and places, “God is love.” Love is God, fathomless, endless... gate gate paragate, some gate some don't gate. Once you have found love you need nothing else. Everything else will come eagerly and willingly to the one who has love. Love is the major attractor of all good things and the most dynamic and powerful truth concerning this is that it will attract the ineffable. The ineffable will see it because the ineffable lives in the place where love is not only discovered but stored and expressed as well.


Love opens things
So love would hurt as much as heal

It would hurt first

Real love-
It would confuse, disarm, weaken and destroy
Everything in its way
Everything that was, in fact,
A part of you
That would conceal
Real love

Real love lasts forever
We do not last as long
until we become
real love

Real love has come to town
Six gunqs blazing in a town full of lies
Now is the showdown
The duel in the street
Real love is the only one left standing

Real love rides alone
Squints out of one good eye
Nails the coffin shut
Nothing got out alive
But real love

Real love is going to make you cry
Make it worse before it gets better
Tear you up inside

Real love-
Who would want such a thing?
It takes the atmosphere away
Breaks all your toys
Burns down your house
And steals your car
But you’re not going very far

Real love has got its hands on you
Burns from the inside out
There is nothing left

Nothing but wide prairie
And huge commanding stars

You’ve never been so alone
You’ve never been so complete

Outside this golden ring
The cities burn forever
And you can never fall asleep

real love...

In Search of Rest

the image of love in
the mirror
into a whirlpool of desire
we cannot maintain our balance
and so we fall
was it love?
we are the fuel
and when we are gone
there is no flame
i became brilliant beneath the light of your love
i was alive
and only then was i alive
woven into tapestries of color and sound
where have you gone?
i look for you in every face
but i do not fall in love
i remain apart
one wing in an empty sky
somewhere inside
a woman moves
and at night she often dances
in perfect breath with me
this is the woman with whom i am truly close
this is the only woman
mother of God
sound and fury
silence absolute
beautiful beyond description
terrifying in full approach
the mind dissolves
"be still my child
no harm will come to you
strong men i bring them down
and suck them dry
but my child may dwell in safety"
i looked too hard and too long
i found her and now i cannot return
there is no dream of life that can be believed
there is only the vastness of space
the appearance of time
and the differing weight...
sometimes heavy
like the sorrow of a long past
sometimes light as an angels hand upon your shoulder
steering a course through the stormy heavens
and planetary wars fought in human form
until the last day
she is everywhere
in unseen miniature multiplied
in the air
the earth
the dancing flesh
she takes me in my sleep
flying up the long corridor to my bright home
why is it difficult to leave the fields of play?
here among the doomed flowers
the gravity of bones
the brief exhalation of life
young girls press the pulse
and draw the essence forth
into the raging holocaust
of passion rampant
on a field of blood
"i will protect you my child
i will wash the worlds of form from your heart
i will remove the sword above your head
i will teach you to dance
but you will dance for me alone"
it is the greatest heartbreak
the destruction of the false self
dreamed by the self
and revealed to the self
at separations end
the terror of mortal pain
the agony of life’s constant march
unending loss of everything
unending loss of everything
it hurts to be free
freedom is too much to bear
too difficult to accept
the luminous door appears
and the mind cries out for darkness
it slithers under floorboards and rocks
to hide from immortality
"i will protect you my child
i will hold you as yourself
we are woven as one
eternity and time
in a world where everything but truth dies
but which few see
in a world that begins and ends forever
that is the playground
for a mind magnetized by dust
in a world were everything is broken
no heart is safe
in a world of mostly water
for it is a world of mostly tears
in a world where love is crucified
no lie is safe
in a world of contrasts
and desperate flights
and measureless descent
where everything is written on
or built out of sand
that flows to the bottom of an all forgiving sea
in a world of waiting
and hoping
where every dream comes true
and then loses its meaning and disappears
in a world of rumors
and dying swans who mate for life
we move to and fro
in search of rest
impelled by need
in search of rest
tormented by flies and furies
in search of rest
burning in the long night
in search of rest
in search of rest
in search of rest
"i will protect you my child
i have built a garden of delight
it hangs iridescent in the air
it gleams in a drop of water
it spins in the living breath"
a love serene
the emptiness of mind
the holding of one
the mirror of light
the bloom of begotten worlds
sent forth
in search of rest
in search of rest
in search of rest...

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Finding our Way Out of the Deep, Dark and Dangerous Woods.

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A big snow storm, no doubt a product of global warming, is hammering the Eastern Seaboard; probably a metaphor for something. A whole lot of forces are going to hammer the US in coming times, for a few reasons. One of the reasons is that nearly every policy in the country is under the control of poisonous viper-like, Satanic bankers and an outgrowth of this is that the rich are consuming everyone and everything in their sight. Another reason is that the general public is aggressively indifferent to the truth because of the courage it requires to see it and the courage and responsibility that follows that. You may include in this; moral decline and the legitimization and enforcement of perversity... it is safe to say that the people and their leaders have lost their way.

The one lost their way a long time ago and the other has been gradually led astray until now... both of them are in the deep, dark and dangerous woods; probably also a metaphor for something. The real problem with losing your way is being unable to find your way back. Some of this has to do with not being able to remember where it was that you were before you got lost in the deep, dark and dangerous woods. Even worse is that so many are not even aware of being lost in the deep, dark and dangerous woods. One is never more near hopelessly lost when they are unaware that they are lost.

Sometimes big things come down very slowly. At least this happens slowly up to a point. There is a juncture where the direction downward goes direct and then everything can happen at frightening speed. When the initial and prevailing idea of something... even when a not inconsiderable portion of it was propaganda to begin with, ceases to bear any resemblance to the idea, or ideas, that brought it into being and upon which is was based, it will rot and die. The metaphor of cancer would be fitting in this case. It consumes itself from within. This is observably true at present. It is also true that sometimes something must die so that something else can live. Outworn ideas pass away when the ones who hold them depart. It is most unfortunate when a generation of vipers appears along the way at the critical juncture. That last line is not comprehensive. Sometimes there is a pervasive listlessness, accompanied by segments of collective rage that are focused on all the wrong targets. This is a direct product of the enemy of humanity, whom the bankers serve.

Presently there is all this puffed up and insubstantial anger at the Academy of Arts and Sciences, over a perception that black actors and sundry are not getting their due. In this particular year, neither “Straight out of Compton” or “Concussion” were worthy of notice. They were pedestrian efforts. The truth is that in recent years, black actors and black films are far more prevalent than ever before and far more recognized than ever before. You see black actors everywhere now, often in scenarios where their presence is historical fiction. Political Correctness distorts everything. It is true that Gayness is far more important to the film industry than black issues. Once can't help but notice the films celebrating Gayness this year; “Carole” and “The Danish Girl”. The first one was so boring that I had to switch it off a third of the way through and the second I won't even see, just as I never saw Broken-ass Mountain. There was no significant example of black acting this year. That is the simple truth.

These are all cultural items and probably belong in the most recently posted blog but we're winding our way to some kind of a metaphysical point and merely setting the stage at the moment. Of course, as is typical here, we don't know what that point is at this time (grin) but that is usually the case.

The single most powerful influence for the maintenance of darkness, ignorance and deception is the mass media, also attended by all the other media of various entertainments (if you can call them that); movies, music, art, books, magazines, television, ad nauseum. All of these are under the near total control of agenda driven, Zionist Jews, who operate in concert to push particular ideas and suppress others. This stranglehold on what we see and hear must be broken for any real change to come about. The world bankers and those that run the truly pernicious institutions of the Federal Reserve Banking scams, the IMF and The Bank of International Settlements, to name a few of the big guns. These control everything else because this is where the money comes from. One need only to look at events that went down around the 1913 Federal Reserve takeover and the previous effort before it. One needs also to look at what happened to presidents and others during these focused acts of Satanic darkness. Then one can study what was going on around John F. Kennedy (and what happened to him) and jump forward to what took place during Nixon's tenure.

Destroy the pernicious control of the bankers and take back the media and the world will transform. Of course, corruption and lies will always be with us but they will be made manageable. For the longest time, the rule of law was one of the greatest protections that the first world possessed. Even though it was often compromised it still existed, at least in theory. Over recent decades this construct has been morphed and twisted out of shape so as to be near unrecognizable. The Constitution has also been one of the targets of the bad guys, who are the same bad guys at the top of the pyramid. We are not talking about any of the other alleged criminals like the entrepreneurs; they operate under permissions from the demon possessed stolen cars at the top or they are destroyed or made an example of.

Obfuscation and misdirection are two of the principal tools of the psychopaths and their agents, presently in control of the world as we see it, or who appear to be in control. If you can see this, you are free of its influence to the depth that you can see it and under the control of it to the degree that you cannot see it. To the degree that you cannot see it, you are following the lead of those marching into the valley of destruction and to the degree that you can see, you are in a position to be marching out of it.

In the Bible there is a quote that says something about two men standing in a field and one is taken and one is left behind. Other examples of the same are given. This relates directly to what was just said. The most underestimated power in the world is personal choice. Some think they have a lot more of it than they do and some think they have no choice at all. The idea of 'free will' is one of the most mysterious of them all. In my mind, the only free will we have is to obey our inner truth and the guidance that comes out of it and that is a conscious influence (as I understand and have experienced it), or we can oppose it and that is how we come to have terms like, 'denial' and all the other limitations that arrive out of the idea that self interest is in our interest, or anyone elses. The survival drive comes out of the base chakra. It is a powerful drive. We have much to overcome within ourselves, so much, in fact, that we will never overcome these on our own. This is the most important thing we will ever come to understand, should we accomplish it.

The forces arrayed against our greater awareness and understanding are considerable. Every time one of us escapes the dream net, it is an incredible victory for all humanity. We may not understand the magnitude of this but it is so. Consider the greatness of the efforts that are devoted toward keeping us asleep and under the control of Satanic force. It is truly impressive. It seems out of proportion to what is necessary. This is precisely why it is so important. It is all about the allowable amounts of human freedom and the relentless push toward the enslavement of humanity and this is because of the harvesting of souls. It is the only war of any importance and it is certainly far more important to each and every one of us than we realize ...because keeping us from this realization is job one. One of the fiercest limitations that we struggle against is 'depersonalization' and it is ubiquitous in the modern world. We feel as if we can have no impact on the wider world and this is where we are seriously in error. We affect the wider world with our every thought, word and deed. The impact of these, ripple across the entire lake and are directly proportionate to the degree that we reflect the will of our creator and express the personal truth that is within us. Each of us has a unique version of this.

We affect every person we come into contact with. We affect close up and at a distance. We may not see this ...but it is true... and there are many examples of people who have influenced the world in remarkable fashion. Follow these examples and be an example. Be conscious of your every encounter and let it leave a positive impress upon the world around you, as you move through it. You do this when you touch a shopkeeper on a personal level, knowing it will brighten their day. You do this every time you project a positive impression upon others about themselves. You do this when you celebrate the divine in everyone else; Namaste!

The world seeks to bring us down and also to entangle us in its many illusions and enticements. This is the job of the world. However, this is only the manifest plane of being and the manifest plane of being is controlled by thought and represented by what precipitates down to the manifest plane as the result of thought, both conscious and unconscious. We see the evidence all around us, or we could, if we bothered to look and concentrate.

Yes... we are inconsistent in our efforts, until such time as the greater will is able to work more throughly through us. This more we give way, the more it has its way and it changes and refines us accordingly to the degree that we allow it to. One can note this in the lives of masters and the incredible humility they bring to everything they say and the consistent fealty they give to the ineffable. They know something and that is the result of what they know and their recognition of what they do not know. They have understood their place in the scheme of things. May this prove true of all of us.

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Caught up in a Dream on the Borders of Nightmare

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We try to be about optimism here. This isn't always the easiest thing, either long or short term. Long term it is hard because life is fatal. Very few of us achieve immortality in any of its various permutations and that is partly because of the times we live in, where the greater potentialities of life's possibilities are overshadowed by Materialism and all of the chaos and confusion that this engenders. It's worse than you think it is because Materialism is also a terminal process and until it gets to where it is actually imploding and collapsing... or whatever terms you want to use, it often seems like it isn't happening because you still went to sleep in a bed last night and you woke up in one this morning and there's food in the refrigerator... no guns were going off in the streets (in most places) and... yadda yadda. The extreme conditions and changes that come upon us due to our collective faith in and enjoyment of the superficial and trivial, happen incrementally. It sneaks up on you and one day... it's there. We could say that in this January of 2016 we are seeing the seed pods of the year opening up and revealing the shapes and colors of what they will grow into.

The oil glut is producing international economic havoc and now Iran is about to flood the market with half a million barrels a day. In one Michigan town there is a gas war going on and gas is 49 cents a gallon. Flint Michigan has a serious water emergency. The rapes and molestations are epidemic in Europe. The stock market is turning into steroid Donkey Kong, Chutes and Ladders or something that needs to remember that it is always more likely that something which is up will go down because of the nature of the force of gravity and... there not being any countering force other than resistance, coupled with design, unless you want to get metaphysical. Of course we are being allegorical but we tend to see things allegorically anyway and we are ALWAYS watching trends and how they are managed and or manipulated by whomever seems to be in charge of that sort of thing. Davos is coming up and the gap between rich and poor is becoming pornographic. Obviously, the world is going to change in dramatic fashion and the outcome of all these changes is not something any conventional wisdom seer or pundit will be able to predict with any accuracy. As we have said here a number of times, we are in uncharted waters.

The economy of Puerto Rico is in freefall, due to mismanagement, greed in all the wrong places and especially due to rapacious bankers, who... along with collective ignorance, are the biggest enemies of human survival that exist. You can throw in corporations, religions and governments but they are all run by bankers. The ability of bankers to continue to operate as they do, must be curtailed, dramatically and permanently by whatever means are necessary because there is no way that they will have some kind of epiphany of conscience. There is no way that they will cease in their malevolent and Satanic behavior unless they are forced to. They will literally destroy the host body upon which they feed. Not even the survival imperative will influence them one wit. They are insane.

For myself,,, I am staying away from large cities and employing a conscious frugality with the assets I don't possess, except in amounts less than what is required to survive on the manifest plane. I do have the advantage of a profound trust in the ineffable. I don't even know how it happens. It mystifies me. I have less than what I can see is required but somehow, due to some form of invisible magic, it has all worked out to the moment. Gratitude is obviously called for.

Judging from appearances, which I always caution against but which none of us can avoid with any degree of consistency, the next two years will see the world transformed, for better or worse, more than it has in the last two thousand years. The I Ching has a hexagram called “Difficulty at the Beginning.” We are in the cusp position of the turning of the age and that means sweeping and massive change before it stabilizes or goes flying off the rails. Since everything is a projection of the mind, the most important defense against total disorder is the quality and focus of the collective consciousness. Meanwhile, those in power, ruled by agents of The Dark Lord, are pressing from every direction for chaos and disorder. This is so visibly evident that you truly are a fool if you do not see it and many do not see it. They are caught up in a dream on the borders of nightmare.

As we have often said, destiny and fate are individual things, except when they are collective; meaning when portions of humanity are in lockstep toward specific ends. The latter is of a kind that one sees during tsunamis, earthquakes, wars... all the forms of natural disaster and orchestrated disaster. You might think of what happens when hundreds of people, who don't know each other, get on an airplane and it crashes. You might think of it as forms of sympathetic resonance, when seemingly dissimilar people all vibrate in unified harmony, or disharmony, with a shared Karma that has placed them in or taken them to some kind of group Samarra.

In recent days, I have awakened each morning with strong feelings of a positive nature. I cannot account for this. There is no evidence that I can point to which would justify it but nevertheless... it has been happening for some time now. At night, when I go to bed, I will often be awake until dawn before I have a few hours of unusual dreaming and some rest. This has been going on for awhile too and I don't seem to need more sleep and I am not tired. I spend those hours in two states. One of them is an intense yearning for the ineffable and the other is a state of calm immersion in a love exchange with the ineffable and, of course, interactive conversation is taking place much of the time. I am often reassured that everything will be okay but I am never told if this means 'me', or generally. It is surprising and not surprising. It is surprising because my situation, as it exists in the moment, has no clear diagram of certainty in environment or economy. We have been told there are things we can do but we haven't been able to get to them yet. It is not surprising because we have been having similar experiences for months and recent years. Some bad things have happened in this period but they don't seem to have had any effect on the mindset and communications going on. It is almost as if they happened to someone else, until I see the physical evidence of it when I go to engage in things that were previously free of the complications that came about from these bad things (like chewing my food)... still... all of this goes on in stride too, as if whatever the annoyance or limitation might be, they don't really matter.

I'm not sure if anything of value got communicated in that last paragraph. I mention it in passing because of the ever increasing turmoil of the world. For some reason, I don't believe any of this relates to me.

Some mosquito from Brazil is causing infants to be born as pinheads. They call it microcephalic. Someone from a visit there showed up in Hawaii and had such a child only a few days ago. Now they are talking about it spreading in Hawaii. Just before I left The Big Island, there was an outbreak of Dengue moving into certain neighborhoods. One of them was only a couple of miles from where I was living. Apparently there is some kind of affinity or similarity between the Dengue mosquito and this pinhead virus. Gratefully, up to the moment, all of these sorts of things bypass me... or have been doing. Other things, things much harder to comprehend, have not bypassed me but at least they are not regular events. We are so vulnerable on this plane and much, much more vulnerable than we were even a short time ago. Change is on an exponential course. Change is on steroids.

The more events and conditions proceed as they have been doing, the more any sane or intelligent person should be considering intensifying their relationship with the ineffable. It is most of what goes through my mind but... I have always been inclined that way, anyway. I'm very... very grateful for that. I am so grateful that there are no words that can sufficiently define how grateful I am. This landscape of the manifest is not only a dreamworld, it is a temporary dreamworld. I find it hard to find any justifying logic that presses on me to consider investing in it, outside of in the hearts and minds of others. Some of us do seek a synchronicity and harmony with others and that is most always achieved through some unity of heart and mind.

As you can see from the links given, all does not appear to be well and there were dozens and dozens of links that could have been placed here. However... you can find all of these on your own and we like to emphasize the positive here. We like to be optimistic so... there's less bad news than there might have been, believe me.

One really should ask themselves what their deepest connection is with. One really should consider whether they are making the conscious effort to unify with the most real and enduring features of their own being. Whatever mistakes any of us have made, aside... since change is so profoundly upon us, one thing we can do is to choose what changes we personally embrace, most of the time anyway and regardless of how much any change might impact on us, the most important feature of the outcome will rest on where we placed our faith and attention in the process. I can't speak for anyone else but... for myself, I don't believe anyone can ever have too much contact with the ineffable. I can't think of... well... I could sit here all day and try but... I can't think of anything more important than thinking of the ineffable and calling out for inspiration and guidance. I certainly wouldn't want to get it from anywhere else.

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Effulgent Light is More Powerful than Any Shadow.

(Welcome to Origami. I know I mentioned something earlier about having something to say when I got around to this but… the truth is that I forgot whatever it was so… moving right along.)

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Hypocrisy is one of those things that always interest me because there are so many ways it can manifest and here is one of them. Now… I am all for the ethical treatment of animals but how many of these whining Political Correctness Junkies eat meat? You may be sure that conditions for livestock are far worse than they are for elephants and let us consider the amount of African elephants being machine-gunned by ivory poachers. Let us consider all the leather products these people wear and all the other by products that are manufactured by soulless corporations that hide their poisons and garbage by never listing them or listing them as something else because of what they extracted from the primary source. Hypocrisy is pretty hard to avoid in this day and age because it is not always easy to spot it for what it is because of the costumes it wears to conceal what it is beneath them. Self-Righteousness is not the least of these. The more we rely on self-righteousness and justification, the more likely we are to be hypocrites.

Much of the time we don’t understand why we do the things we do and say the things we say. It’s like we’ve all got some shadow soul of a hidden Lady Mary from Downton Abbey, acting through us or a Thomas Barrow who behaves in every kind of despicable fashion, because of self-loathing. Self-Loathing is much more wide spread than we might think because of the hidden lives generated out of all those private vices, so readily available in these times. Of course, the lines of morality are blurred or erased on most occasions these days and there are even large and well-funded movements that applaud every vice and weakness as if they were virtues; so it seems in these times of seeming and scheming. Political Correctness is the chief hypocrisy of the age and one of the major byproducts of Satanism. The reason that Satanism employs political correctness is because of the ways that it skewers reality, twisting it into unrecognizable shapes. As for what reality might actually be, to paraphrase a judge; “I couldn’t tell you what it is but I know it when I see it.” From this we get that archetypal ‘slippery slope’. The various products that act much like skis and snowboards and all the rest, are those vehicles of moral relativism that make your downward passage so much swifter and you can see it all around you. Some of it seems innocuous almost but is in fact extremely dangerous.

Danger is made far more dangerous by being made to appear not only safe but desirable as well. The biggest obstacle to the public being able to see what is really going on is their refusal to doubt the reports of their manipulated and intoxicated senses and to believe what they are told by those in various positions of authority, who operate from all those avenues of contemporary influence, generated out of vampire covens in politics, the economic sector, entertainment and whatever else there is. The blandishments of these industries are the source of the majority of the manipulations and intoxications. The primary tool of black magicians is misdirection and distraction. Most cannot see these efforts in operation and so they are subjugated by them. Even the most transparent lies and deceptions easily deceive a population that has been dumbed down to just above the awareness of livestock.

Perhaps I should not speak of them so. Perhaps this denigration is undeserved. After all, people seem to be able to function in a conscious manner a lot of the time. They get up. They dress and feed themselves. They go to work. They talk about political candidates and football games. They go to restaurants and movies theaters and engage in witty repartee; at least some of them are able to do this. Yet… they will support venomous liars who have, time and time again, told them the same lies and defaulted on every promise and yet they continue to believe these lies and to support these liars, like the current crop of political aspirants who are ALL vile prevaricators and who also engage in perversities and crimes that the public is generally unaware of. They agree to promote and support all manner of horrible actions upon those whom they purport to serve.

They support terrible wars brought about for no other reason than to generate profits for bankers and investors, who are among the most reprehensible monsters who have ever lived. The majority of them are brought into a simulation of life through the schematic of a specific genetic blueprint and the truth is this is easily seen by rudimentary research. Battalions of doomed souls also come into being to serve the will of the bankers, who are the direct offspring of the king of the infernal realm. Surely the presentation of this here seems a bit prosaic if not the product of a warped imagination, not to mention… dated. However, all of this is provably and demonstrably true. None of it can be effectively refuted, it is demonstrably provable. Yet… yet… regardless of how obvious it all is, most people refuse to see or admit it and will even defend the psychopathic behavior of demons in human form. They will even defend them when they act upon these very ones defending them. They put photographs of their dead children on the living room walls and mantles and talk about their great sacrifice for their countries, when they were nothing more than cannon fodder for bankers and those employed by bankers.

The entire world is under a grievous spell and the direct and indirect result of this, both short and long terms is, suffering and death. This is observable. One does need a certain amount of time lapse vision, which is the result of the possession of an objective awareness. Subsequently, this is why one of the main results of the spell, is an applied subjectivity, where what is not can be made to appear as what is and what is can be made to appear as what is not. Turn things upside down and backwards and put them up on movie and television screens, on billboards and bus benches and it doesn’t take long before it looks normal and not even what it bent out of shape to make it this way …was normal to begin with.

There is some peculiar power that is given to a few, which allows them to see through all of these deceptions and another peculiar power that makes it possible for everyone else to be taken in by them. We have read the private thoughts of any number of masters of the art of life and all of them have expressed their frustration at being unable to communicate what they know to others. There is some barrier there that only a few seem able to pass by. Apparently this is the result of Samskaras that veil the true sight of humanity from what is actually taking place, behind the relentless onslaught of appearances, which seem to be …but which are not. These veils are multiple and composed of degrees of thickness and can only be burned away by acts of selflessness and devotion. In times of rampant self-interest, generated by materialism, practitioners of selflessness and devotion are few and far between. This is why the true tenets of religion, philosophy and ageless wisdom are subverted into base hungers and perversions. It is everywhere to be seen and yet it remains unseen because when everyone is doing it, it all appears natural. So it is that we have come to what seems to be an event horizon of collective extinction. This is how it looks and this is how it may be and yet… it could just as well be otherwise too. Time will tell and we shall see.

Our problems have one continuing source that is expressed through a variety of agents and mediums. In the end and all the way there, there is only one successful practice that will result in liberation and that is self-inquiry. It can take various shapes of expression but self-inquiry is the source of them all, whether it be devotion or selflessness or any other because all of them are the fruit of self-inquiry and true self-inquiry will result in true self-discovery because the author of all things, resides in every one of us and that is why evil is doomed and why all the expressions of evil are doomed, regardless of whatever lie they are a manifestation of, behind every shadow of evil is the light. The light is more powerful than any shadow and all of them will be banished from our being, once we have uncovered the effulgent light within. Once that happens we become the light of the world and no shadow can approach ever again. Surely this is a more valuable form of employment than any other that we can imagine here.

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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of Heaven and the Presence Will Come.

Two for one Day.

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We are all too often trapped at some place between the obvious and the patterns we developed based on what we think we saw and heard that happened around us and what we have been convinced of that happened before we were even around. In the process, we overlook a possibility in existence that might answer so many questions we cannot resolve about who and what is responsible for why we find ourselves in the world we collectively inhabit. It is possible that none of what we see and hear about is the cause …but that it all simply came out of nowhere, for the purpose of whatever the lesson is that we all came here to experience. In other words, imagine that life is a series of movies and each of them involves a complex plot in which all of us are scripted actors. Some of it is fixed dialogue and action and some of it is extemporaneous.

Some people believe in astrology but don’t understand it very well and some people reject it out of hand and don’t understand it at all. It’s like those laws of Nature that operate all around us. We are only aware of a few of them but our lack of awareness of those outside of our understanding does not negate their effect on existence and upon us, whether we are aware of them or not.  Consider the Music of the Spheres. Now… whether you reference Johannes Kepler on this or Pythagoras is immaterial. The planets create a musical score according to the manner in which they interplay in space. This is always changing and it sets up vibrationary aspects which manifest as specific expressions of dancers moving to the rhythm of the cosmos, as it defines its will through the relationships of the planetary archetypes to each other. THIS IS ALWAYS CHANGING and there is both a method and intention passing from the unknown into the dream generator planets, into the particular dreams of all of the dreamers. This is my interpretation and it is probably as imperfect as any other.

What I am trying to say is one of those things that is so difficult to say. It can’t be said directly or I would say it. I don’t know why it is like this. I simply know that there are times when I seek to express something that cannot be translated into words, except, perhaps, in poetry. Keeping in mind what has already been said, let me say that it is possible that none of the external forces we seek to blame anything on are responsible because they are mere players responding to this music in their own way and in every case this is determined by the degree of self-interest that exists in each of us. You might say… “well, that alone makes them responsible.” In a way, this is true but they are as helpless as anyone else, given that we are all dreaming. Not all of us… but most of us. This is why Jesus the Christ said, "Farther forgive them for they know not what they do."

There is an ageless wisdom that can be accessed by anyone who wants it badly enough and within this mysterious system is the means, not only to move through this vale of illusion, in a safe and certain manner, but also to pass on to the luminous realms upon departure. Think of it as being something like that Biblical passage about The Valley of the Shadow of Death and fearing no evil. We fear evil because we have mis-defined it and as much as we might tell ourselves that there is only one prime mover, we still give fealty and fear to the dark side, which we have misunderstood. 

What we really fear is our own unexplored darkness. Some of us have been luckier than others in that we had the opportunity to look directly into it and realize the Nature of what was there. It is a lot like mystery. You unravel it, only to find there is nothing present. We generate it all from our mistaken belief in what we have made real in our minds and the mind is all powerful for both good and ill. This is the place where all of our dramas originate and it is fueled by the misdirected passions of the heart. We don’t know where to place our love. The external world baffles the senses because of the limitations of the bandwidth. We have convinced ourselves that what we see is real and how often in our lives have we found out otherwise? Not a one of us has escaped this truth. The evidence of it is emblazoned on our memory, if we would only look …but we are compelled to do the same things over and over in the false hope that the result will be different.

The music of the spheres plays on and the soundtrack creates the culture dances of the world we live in. Differences of interpretation war against each other, just as the elements that compose us make war on each other within our being and we seek peace with a constant yearning but we do not find peace because we want. We want. We long. Our longing is like the ocean waves that crash over and over upon a beach. We are chained to it. Our desires have woven our perceptions of what we have told ourselves is real and it is not. It is impossible to become untangled by moving further and further into it but we continue to and… until we admit our helplessness and ignorance, we cannot be freed and we certainly cannot free ourselves because we are the very ones who entangled ourselves in the first place.

Until we come to an understanding of our liberator, we will blame our liberator for everything that happens to us. We might not do this consciously but it is an unconscious and continuous expression of that portion of ourselves that remains unknown to us. Psychiatry, Psychology and analysis all attempt to put us in touch with what we have refused to accept but none of these are anywhere near an understanding of what they are dealing with. Religion attempts to do this but religion is an anthropomorphic circus. We live in a state of terminal ambivalence. Until we are capable through faith of surrender to our higher self, the lower self will call the tune and we will suffer because we think we know what is what but we do not. Letting go of what we think we know means letting go of what we think we want and most of us are not able to do this. We are too attached to the ends that we seek after and the worst part of it is that we are just like a dog chasing a car or its own tail. What will we do when we catch it? There is no disappointment greater than getting what you think you want.

Some of us have been very lucky to get what we thought we wanted and to have learned that lesson and anyone of us could have learned this if we had only made the obvious connection. Until we do, we will we tossed on restless seas and there will be no peace. Peace comes only through surrender and utter reliance, through faith, upon that which we cannot comprehend and which, for whatever the reason, we always feel we have to define, so that we can understand it through the lens of our desires and it is indefinable and incomprehensible.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven and all these things will be added unto you.” Everything we think we want will appear in our lives if we first seek out the author of all good things. We are given things for no other reason than to be disappointed because we did not put our attention on the one who owns the cornucopia and- as such- life turns us into a piñata. It is completely futile to gain what we think we are after if we refuse to acknowledge the supreme enjoyer, whose presence alone makes everything it is possible to enjoy, enjoyable. To be blunt and crass at the same time. We wind up doing no more than jerking off

We are masturbating much of the time. It’s an unconscious thing. Today, the world is filled with tens of millions of people, thumb humping their cellphones, while bouncing one crossed leg over the other, endlessly texting inanities. It should come as no surprise that most of the music and movies and popular books are all about sex, transparently masquerading as something else. It’s all sex and the point of it is to deplete you of a certain essence, followed by weakness and guilt and self-satisfaction and a host of other states resulting from Le Petit Mort. If one were to say, “It’s all about who and what you think you are having sex with and what your intention is.” They wouldn’t be far wrong. At a deeper level it is all a search for union because we all feel separated but… from what? From what? Life is a search for union and completeness no matter what we think we are engaged in.

We dance like drunken marionettes under the force of uncontrolled hungers. We behave like fools seeking to impress others who are busy seeking to impress someone else. Impress the almighty. This is certainly in your power and the almighty exists in everyone else because there would be no life in anyone were the almighty not present and the almighty looks at everything through everyone’s eyes but we don’t see. Hears through everyone’s ears but few hear. If we would only understand that we are treating with the almighty in every moment and in every contact, then a very powerful truth would descend upon our consciousness and the impact of the engagement, whatever it might be, would be significantly different than it has been.

It is a simple process. Convince yourself that every contact you have is with the divine. Experience your life in this manner and wonder and magic will appear in the most ordinary exchanges. “I salute the god within you.” That is the meaning of Namaste. If you can do this one thing, then ‘the presence’ will come to you. It will not come without trial and testing though because the ineffable has no use for dilettantes and the insincere and absolutely no use for the vain. If one considers the meaning of vanity then there is no need to explain why this is, given that we are blind, ignorant and naked

There is no sensation of experience in life that can match the awakened presence within. It is beyond definition and the source of all bliss and joy. Your cup will truly run over and where will it run over to? Where will the overflow go? Uh huh. This is why a higher love is key and the power to experience and perform it comes out of right understanding of the nature of continence, which is not the same as abstinence. One might drone on and on about imperfect meanings and fill many books with many words but real understanding is an internal affair and can only come from the source of all good things. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.”

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Saturday, January 02, 2016

Is that A Dead Hamster on Your Head or are You just Glad to See Me?

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The winds of change are blowing across the tundra. The wolves are howling. Their distant voices merge in a rough harmony, across the great wastes of the land that might have been. However, as the great sage once said, “Those who miss after almost wining, should have known the end from the beginning.”

The wolves seem to be at a fairly great distance but sound is tricky in the wild. Anyway… there is nothing but time and as a result, distance is no thang, the same way that lies are no thong, even when that which the lies conceal isn’t even there. Let us consider Donald Trump. That hair of his is some kind of a thong and definitely what the hair conceals, serves a purpose not unlike what one associates as ‘thong job one.’ Of course, we should keep in mind that a thong does nothing in terms of protection or concealment from the back end.

I hear seemingly reasonable people talking up The Donald, as if he weren’t some morphed variation of Donald Duck with a vocoder VST and different writers and script girls. I keep getting eerie flashbacks of what was going on when that lying sack of shit, Cucumber Obama was milking the poisoned tit of American Consciousness with his rope a dope ‘hope and change’. Hope went south for the duration and change went to Cousin Brucie Jenner and a couple of million dead people in the Middle East. Then some millions set out for The Promised Land, which is not unlike the Land of Hope, where they are serving to destroy European Culture, under the guidance and direction of Zionist Bankers, who orchestrated the whole deal, as an extension of an earlier arrangement that was reached between them and His Satanic Majesty, as a counterpoint to the apocalypse, which is tantamount to using a sandy beach as a barrier to ocean waves.

America and the rest of the world seems to be using that ‘let’s get fooled again’ defense against whatever common sense managed to survive whatever version of Common Core they got a diploma for. At their graduation everyone showed up in a thong instead of a cap and gown, being as the ceremonies were held in South Beach, for whatever the reason was. That’s not as bad as it seems given Trump’s place at Mar a Lago being in close proximity. Anyone who owns the Ms. America Pageant is certainly qualified to run the U.S. government.

It’s the hair, though, that tells me he’s the man. There is something truly strange about someone with all that money using a Krishnamurti comb over weave, when he could just get an Elton John or some variant out of the cutting edge technology of the day. Nothing says success at the polls like a false front; just ask any presidential candidate, that you actually heard about, from the last 50 years. You know they’ve backsplashed into the Ronald Raygun meme and isn’t it something more than ironic that Ronnie’s biggest supporters are mostly all from the ranks of those most injured by his policies?

What are they thinking? What is anyone thinking? They are not thinking. They are reacting like a control group of laboratory rats. That’s not cheese waiting at the end of the maze. Right about now the reader must be wondering why something like this is happening at Origami. I was wondering the same thing. It is not what we set out to do but we don’t have as much say about what gets done here as the reader might think and anomalies come and go. Everything comes and goes, including all of us, unless we got that Elijah gene and he went too. There are, of course, exceptions to the usual routes of departure but you don’t hear about them all that much, if at all.

Some might think that the public is just that stupid but that is not the main reason why what happens happens. That is just tangential. The real reason is an addiction to hope. People just refuse to look reality in the face. They keep wishing and hoping, with that Dusty Springfield song running through their heads and they absolutely will not let go of the empty comfort of their denial in the face of every other indicator otherwise. They cling like shipwreck victims to anything that floats… hoping that the angry seas will take them to some hoped for shore that isn’t Dinah Shore, cause she’s dead too and no doubt she was hoping for a different outcome too, the same as Princess Die.

Trump is less like the White Rabbit than he is The Mad Hatter. Here is something we know about in this location and that is ego levels and their degrees of combustibility. The reason is that we have seen the gradients in operation for years, up close and at a distance. Ego is a little like earthquakes, where each digit brings a factor of ten to the impact level. Below a certain number it’s not all that alarming. You might feel the ground rumble but the china stays in the cabinet. However,… beyond a certain point, real damage occurs and Trump’s ego is way past that point. Trump’s ego in earthquake terms is comparable to something like the San Francisco quake or some of the other celebrated bouncy castle events.

Trump’s ego is one thing at a Ms. America Pageant, or an episode of The Apprentice. It will be quite another thing in a moment of national crisis. Another unfortunate aspect is that people with large egos are easy to control, by certain powerful elements, who are very savvy about this condition. I’ll mention appeals to one’s vanity as only one of a number of examples we could come up with here. Big egos are very dangerous. They are certainly dangerous to the person who possesses one but who cares in that respect, given the value of whatever teaching moment comes out of the inevitable locus of demonstration. The sad part is the danger that radiates out into the lives of everyone affected by that teaching moment, either through being too close to the flameout, or on the receiving end of whatever mad shape the madness takes. Given that H. Clinton is on the other side of the options menu at this juncture… it does not bode well for the human race.

There are far too many people that think the Muslims are the problem, or that the immigrants are the problem, or the poor are the problem. The problem with any religion is the fundamentalist angle but even then, the Muslims are not the problem, the bankers are the problem. The immigrants are not the problem, it is the types of immigrants being selected for transfer into specific cultures for specific purposes that are the problem. The poor are not the problem. The bankers who have rendered such a large portion of the populations poor are the problem. I have met a good number of Muslims, immigrants and the poor who are fine people. The vagaries of destiny will render every one of us poor at some point. It is how you deal with it, not what you are dealing with. I would much rather be poor financially than poor spiritually. One will be fixed in time, sooner or later and the other… there are no dangers in life that come from being poor financially that can match up with being poor spiritually.

We are looking at a perfect storm in both a cultural and global financial manner. The good news is Mr. Apocalypse, who weaves every plot and perversity to the ends of a complex manifest destiny, under the aegis of our better angels. In the end, it is less important whether Trump or Clinton becomes buffoon in chief and more important what Mr. Apocalypse intends to do with them. It is less important what Satanist, George Soros, does to the European Union than what Mr. Apocalypse intends to do with Little Georgie Sorrows. It’s all under control, however it might look otherwise and the only reason we cannot see how precise and perfect the whole affair is, is due to the fact that we can only see so far ahead and regardless of how far ahead we might be able to see, we see through a glass darkly.

God is not mocked.

There is a seriously toxic virus afoot.

Some numbers of us believe that only through certain actions we might take, individually and collectively, can we make a difference in the world around us. Some of us believe that we have to make some great noise or add to the swelling tide of some temporary revolt but the truth is, it is a change in consciousness and awareness that does all the work of necessary transformation and that is Mr. Apocalypse’s job also. What we can do is surrender to the very best within us; to the highest level of aspiration that we can manage, under the guidance system of the intuition and let that be the GPS for all we think and say and do. What we can do is up the degree of our focused attention upon the moment we find ourselves in and work with the force of constantly reminding ourselves to pay attention, as much to what is going on inside of us as we presently pay to what is going on outside of us. We influence life as a direct expression of what we are and this we do wherever we are and wherever we go; keeping in mind that it is what or whom it is that looks through our eyes that determines what we see and how we engage it. One should always remember the result of a stone thrown into a lake and how the ripples will eventually encompass the entire surface of the lake and no matter how slight and imperceptible may be our perception of this… it all has an effect… however slight, however imperceptible. When enough of us get this, it will no longer be slight or imperceptible.

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