Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Crucible of Karma and the Horn of Plenty.

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Greetings! Salutations and genuflections. Memorial Weekend came a week early because (my guess), the corporations did not want people taking an even longer weekend, on the following weekend. Somehow it seems to me, people would have ...but holidays don't mean anything to me workwise so... Whatever.

Now that everything, which gave meaning to the national holidays in America, are long gone, the holidays are meaningless and... the religious holidays offend that microscopic, Jewish minority so... they're toast. They don't want The Cross stealing any thunder from the amusement park Menorah and... there are all those memories of events long past, where those who couldn't have done a particular thing, did a particular thing ...because Jesus was bad for business. That's not the case anymore either.

The gauge on the absurdity meter has gone, 'sprong'! Not a day goes by when events do not consistently surpass previous events, for intensity and hyperbole of raw, stinking bullshit. It can't be much longer now.

These have been trying times for Senor Visible, also known as Count Visible, The Marquis De Visible and, 'that idiot who keeps talking about things I don't understand' (because I am swallowed up in the material darkness of unenlightened self interest?). You know how it goes, it goes. It will be going strong today from my end and I don't want to hear any theories about how 'strong' rhymes with 'sprong' and what the underlying occult meaning of that might be. All I can say is that it has some connection to prime numbers and prime cuts of mystery meat.

Yes, I'm in a good mood and if Michael can forgive a little digression into the personal sphere, by way of, “L'etat c'est moi” and how we are all embodiments of an unhinged diversity, then maybe you'll see this on What Really Happened (grin). I'm in a very good mood at the moment and I'll tell you why, following-

In recent days my 6 year old dog, Poncho Moonlight, had about 40 seizures over a 30 hour span. The vet said, “Ah don't worry about it, unless they are really long intervals, it doesn't matter. I'm no vet but I do possess a modicum of common sense, some amount of reason and a good handle on the exercise of logic. I'm not Aristotle but I am also not Greek either. I know (intuitively) that when there is a relentless series of such events, without nicely spaced intervals of recovery time, that it can be very bad. I took Poncho to the vet and had him put in an induced coma. After about 5 hours they brought him out and I said they should put him right back under for the rest of the day and night. That proved to be a solid decision.

Yesterday I picked him up and he was walking, alert and... strung out, disoriented and a bit of a dingbat. His insecurity level is high and he won't leave me alone. I did not sleep the night while he was in the coma and spent that time communicating with him. You might think this also a bit dingbat but... when he came into the examination room, he bypassed everyone and came right to me, set himself between my legs and looked into my eyes for several minutes and very clearly, in his own way, told me that he knew all about it and thanked me. You would have had to be there. Had you seen the state he had been reduced to, you would have to admit it was all something of a miracle. My control over my emotions was fairly non-existent.

Last night, I also got next to no sleep, as he spent the whole of it trying to burrow into me and that's still going on to the point that I have to close him off in the living room in order to get anything done.

Poncho Moonlight
Poncho Moonlight - Arhooooooooo!

I got a very important message out of all of this. The vet was supposed to call us when he came out of the coma. Susanne was off with her teacher at the other end of town. She was going to call me. She didn't and her cellphone was shut off and stayed off. Around 1:00 PM she came into the house and I asked, “What? What”? She told me he was just fine and we should go get him. I said, “Why didn't you call? I would have wanted to know that”. She said, “I was only going to call if it was bad news”. Huh? (I told her that the last thing I wanted over the phone was bad news (grin)). Anyway... I was sitting here in those waiting hours, thinking that being out of the loop was not a good thing. If I was hearing nothing and couldn't get through it must be bad. Conversely I was very optimistic. I just felt that everything was okay and yet... there was another part of me that expected to hear, “Sorry, we did the best we could”. It turned out that what I was predominantly feeling was correct.

I have had so many things go sideways on me in recent times; twisted betrayals, out of the body experiences, people I was in good and positive communications with from a close at home location, as well as the other side of the world- just sort of disappearing without a word (and much of my future plans resting on them) that... parts of me were losing that faith, which has sustained me through thin and thin for a very long time. I consistently fail to take my own advice. It's the same advice I so liberally dispense (grin) to others. I am learning that I need to apply what I say to myself, instead of just putting it out there, like it wasn't personally relevant to me. It is.

It is pretty amazing, to consider that we have all the answers we will ever need, contained within us ...but we don't trouble ourselves to access them. One of the good things about myself, is that I never stop learning and readjusting myself (reinventing myself, if you will) to the new information. I am never content to let any part of myself rest, as if any of it were no longer in need of revision. I don't know about the rest of you but I spend the majority of my hours engaged in self inquiry. I watch myself like a hawk, only to find that I have to look out for tunnel vision. Thank God for the miner's lamp and the porous state of my parameters.

We need to keep our inner eyes wide open in these times. Things change but we don't see the transitions, if we are too up close to things. I've noted people I felt had cut me off, or compartmentalized me, surreptitiously coming back into a warmer awareness of me. I've noticed people I thought myself very close to and with whom the back and forth had gradually diminished and disappeared, all of a sudden, in an email saying things that made our bond far more intimate and loving than it had appeared to be before. In former times, I might not even have noticed these things. I do now. Never give up on people, or allow paranoia to affect your uninformed view of them. However I may have found myself disenfranchised or dismissed by someone, I never reject them. I know that life can take the most unexpected turns. Sometimes 'things are out for clearance'. This can mean you might have had a dust-up here or there with someone, where the result had a terminal appearance to it but... it was just out for clearance.

We can't learn things about ourselves and others without some amount of conflict and confusion. Life is a testing ground and life on this planet is only that. This is a crucible of Karma. One of the main tenets of Karma is that we have this tendency to accept certain things without question, given our own peculiar dispensation, toward reflexively (however we actually say it) saying, (“Well, that's life, my life anyway”). The crimes we commit against ourselves, as a result of this, is to inhibit the natural and periodic outflow from the horn of plenty. Let us think of it as comparable to downloading something off of the internet. Let's say you're downloading a movie torrent, which, of course, I would never do ...but that SWIF might do. You look at the rate of download, as it moves between a low of 250 to a high of I meg plus and across from that changing number, you see the amount of hours, minutes and seconds remaining. As the rate fluctuates, the time changes, so you can go from 28.5 minutes, right back up to 35 minutes. Time stretches and contracts. Sometimes we have far less time than we thought and then we find we have more time than we expected. There is a lot that can be gleaned from this.

As well as the aforementioned, what we, without inquiry and argument, accept about ourselves, becomes true for the time we hold that belief. It might not be true ...but it appears to be true and it makes it true, contrary to our real potential. There is no reason that we cannot rise to a much higher potential, simply by changing what we formerly believed about ourselves. There are no restrictions except the ones we place on ourselves, often without even knowing we are doing it. There is no reason we can't have an abundance of funds, a secure environment, a successful love life and any number of wonderful friends and experiences, if we would only allow it.

There are trillions of dollars, Euro, Yen and what not in circulation. Some of us think a million dollars is a lot of money. I think it is chump change, relatively speaking. There is no reason we can't have that and more, depending on our capacity to accept the real possibility of it happening. I know where you can buy 70 hectares of beautifully lush and fertile, rich land, with a house and 8 waterfalls, one of them 70 feet high for... 50,000 dollars. I know where you can get somewhat less than that for something less than that. You might have to work to make it hum, like a vibrant cello stroke ...but, given time and consistency of effort, you would, invariably, find yourself very surprised by what you can do, especially if several others are helping you. There are no limits to the wonderful life we can enjoy, if we will only allow for it to happen to us. Among the readers here is cornucopia of talents and abilities. We have Archimedes' lever and we have time enough and world enough. It doesn't matter what the dunderheads are up to. That doesn't apply to us.

If we can consider pooling our resources of heart, mind and imagination, as well as our material assets, we could all be farting through finely woven hemp, indistinguishable from high end Irish linen. Okay, maybe that's a crass image and I am not much given to farting since I happen to, unlike some number of you, actually chew my food (grin) but you get the idea or you don't. I myself know about all kinds of ways to make money ...and... guarantee security in a collective environment. By now it is demonstrably clear to me that many of you do also as well. I'm not asking you to send me money. I'm asking you to creatively imagine with me, right from this moment, about how anything is possible for us. I'd like you to say (rhyming alert), “Fucking A”! I'd like you to hardwire and brand into your mind, the unshakeable conviction that some permutation of what I am saying here, is already a reality on the invisible planes and only needs to precipitate down. I'd like you to imprint, the unshakeable assurance that it's a done deal and all we have to do is walk in the footprints in front of us. I'd like you to become fully you and stop living by the rules and coordinates of fools, who have given so much effort into hemming us into their version. I'm going to do something like this in any case. I never stop in my onward/inward course. Though I be frustrated and hindered in my attempts a thousand times, that makes no matter. I just get right back up again and head on. There seems no good reason why we can't get together on getting it together and enjoying our lives to the fullest, which is impossible without each other, unless you really are some kind of misanthropic, hermit crab.

We've got bee keepers, construction impresarios, architects, cooks, landscape artists and many gardeners. We've got electricians and plumbers and alternative construction and technology experts among the readers. We've got people sitting on millions of dollars (I know this), which is doing them no good and will do even less good when death comes calling and you can't get cheap with death like you can with your money. We've got musicians and dancers, too many poets (grin). We've got yogis and bodyworkers and people with acumen in all sorts of of alternative methodologies. We've even got doctors and lawyers. We got a lot more than this. The collection of marvelous souls, who come here are near unrivaled anywhere else. There is very little we cannot accomplish. There is nothing more fulfilling and life completing than what I am talking about the possibility of here. That should go of like an M-80 in our heads.

If enough of us just say, internally, or go outside the house and shout it into the air, that, “Yeah, this is a good idea, it might need some work ...but we'll fix it in the mix". I have a friend named Wolfgang. He's either in LA or Austria now. He bought something over a hundred acres, on the Hana Highway, a few miles before Hana and built a five million dollar house (you ought to see this thing) almost by himself and put in a concrete driveway of a quarter of a mile long, by himself, by hand. He just went and did it. No doubt he's building something else now. Just imagine what a gang of Wolfgangs could do? He's a very cool guy. I know a lot of very cool and potentially cool people, who just have to wise up to how capable and wonderful they are. Read between the lines here and see if you can catch my drift... before I drift away (cue Dobie Gray).

I think this is a two post day, something is bugging me so... I'll see you over at Smoking Mirrors shortly.



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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Not Exactly a Walk in the Park.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The immensely gifted Patrick W. knocks this one out of the park.

Greetings my friends. Sorry for the absence of late. My computer stopped working a few days ago and when I took it to the computer guy, it turns out that the cooling system sprang a leak and in the process destroyed the mainboard and the graphics card. The cooling system also has to be replaced so... I'm looking at lengthy and costly repair and most likely will not have my computer back until possibly near the end of next week; how it goes. Today, Poncho had six seizures and that kept me occupied in ways I would have much rather not been occupied. He's been having a seizure every full moon like clockwork for the last six. That's about when we tumbled to it, mostly through hindsight. It actually, suddenly leapt into my mind. We're looking into a couple of things that supposedly stop them period but we'll see. Thankfully they are of fairly short duration and he recovers quickly but... it cuts my heart out as you can imagine. I've had a seriously extended run of bad luck now, for a significant length of time and no indication it's going to change in that respect. I remain hopeful because... possibly because I am an idiot. That's one way to look at it. Irrespective of these blanketing clouds, I remain strangely and almost serenely detached. Some part of me knows something but it isn't telling the conscious side of me anything.

I suppose, like many another, I wonder at whatever point the cosmos is trying to make. Today, after Poncho had a seizure in the car when we arrived home; he also had one on the way out, I was musing to myself that it was altogether possible that this solar system is the ass end of the universe and that the particular deity put in charge of this location, is one that seriously screwed up in more important jobs and finally got sent here where no one (except for those condemned to be here) much cares what happens. I was thinking that this particular deity was very much like George W. Bush, by relative comparison. That would explain a great deal.

I can see certain minds going, “C'mon Visible, you know it all works out”. Do I? I seem to act as if that were the case but it is also the uniformed and considered opinion of some unknown number of readers that I am clinically insane. Of course, I knew a long time ago that there was no possibility of seeing the truth, unless I went mad and beyond and I certainly did and that turned out to be correct and on the money.

I have to watch what I say at these blogs. When I am being sarcastic and satirical, some number of readers don't get it and they take me literally at all times. I've not been able to figure out why that is. It never was like that when I said things on stage, or (when I used to be in other people's company) in the company of others. For some reason, this virtual communication we have, veils the humor end of things, without which I really would be screwed. I've tried to get the point across that I am not always serious and it seems to me it should be obvious but it is not.

There won't be a radio broadcast this week. I am operating off of a net-book, with one gig of Ram and I don't have the necessary software to do what I need to do, although I might look for a way around that, I just wanted to say that there is a strong possibility that there will be no radio broadcast. I am able to write this post, so far (grin).

I think it useful to talk about being hammered ...because it seems to be happening to some number of people besides myself. What perplexes me is that it seems like I already learned whatever it is that this brutish, ham-handed massage is supposed to transmit to me but... what do I know? It's as if the conductor of the train fell asleep at the switch and the train just keeps moving over the same terrain, looping, to no comprehensible end, just looping.

I've read a lot of books and put a significant amount of years into certain studies. I've followed a lot of disciplines and some very unusual things have happened to me, to the extent that the unusual was commonplace. In recent times I have been told a lot of things that explain why I do what I do and why it impacts as it does in certain locations. I get a great deal of reassurance, although the reassurance is not satisfactory, by comparison with the wheel of events ...and they continue. I just keep going like some sort of obsessed, or possessed Energizer Bunny. I say things that are not reflected in what happens to me and I apparently see no contradiction in any of that. Most of what I say is in accord with ageless wisdom because that is where I got it from. I'm not trying to imply that I possess ageless wisdom. I'm merely saying, as a result of courting it to the exclusion of all else, I occasionally, or even frequently get transmissions, which is what they are, that show up here and I suppose the reader has to be the judge of whether what gets said is useful and whether it pings off of what they intuitively sense to be so with themselves.

I guess it stands to reason that I should be on the receiving end of certain things because a large portion of the population, is also on the receiving end of a lot of bad activity and bad vibrations, from a corrupt and psychopathic minority. Never before, in recorded history, has so many nasty customers been active and able to mess up so many lives. That's the nature of Kali Yuga. That's the place where all the dirty laundry gets done so that a golden age can follow. I've had people tell me that Kali Yuga is over but my suspicion is that if it were, we wouldn’t be experiencing so many things that are obviously expressions of that Yuga. Now, of course, it might be 'coming to a close' but... I do not get the impression it has closed yet. A large pandemic of bad thinking has to be neutralized or wiped out first. Many things that are present in the world of this moment, have to be done away with. A considerable amount of evil doers need to be shuffled off to their particular Buffalo. The wide construct of dysfunction and oppression, under which we presently live, must be dismantled completely. I could give a very large amount of examples of some really terrible activities but... I suspect you've heard about some of them, enough to know that the larger part of the iceberg is below the water.

It's never been my job to depress you, or to get on any kind of a consistent whine about things I have no control over. It is imperative that I engage in as full a disclosure as possible and that I tell the truth insofar as I am able to. At the same time, it seems necessary to me to keep a keen weather eye out for silver linings. I see a lot of good things happening too. They may not be happening to me but the movie isn't over yet either. I like my chances for the other side a great deal more than I like the chances that await the abusers and psychopaths, running rampant, without restraint ...and seemingly without much opposition either, until very lately.

I'm guessing we are in some kind of collective fugue state and that we are being tested to see how much we can bear and if we are worthy to 'get there'; wherever it is that 'there' is. Sometimes I think, well, there's no way I can manage to stay the course because I'm not supposed to stay the course. I'm supposed to simply be buffeted until it is unendurable and then... and then... once broken, I can be informed how close I came (Humor alert).

I know there are some number of people who are truly getting put through it. I know I'm one of them. Somehow I was rendered unable to accessorize my existence like some people. I've lived on a very tight margin for a very long time. I've been paid off in a certain coin but it's not negotiable here in anyway I know about (or have been able to figure out), except for making me aware of things in such a way as to be able to avoid the majority of them which, is a good thing.

I know there is this force breathing down my neck and relentlessly trying to pressure me into saying certain things and maybe even wailing about how unfair it all is. I know there's a reason for that. I've felt considerable pressure to make truly unfortunate moves over recent days. I haven't made them yet but they beckon. I've been under intense pressure to scream at the sky and say all kinds of things I won't repeat here and it may be that I have done that very thing. Following that, I am told that it doesn't matter what I say or do, it changes nothing. I have no choice anymore about anything and that is one of the reasons I don't worry about anything. I know but I don't know and I am told that so many good things are coming and that nothing I go through here in the Valley of the Shadow is going to affect any of it. I've been told a lot of things. I don't repeat most of them for various reasons. That may change as circumstances do.

Ironically, since my computer went down I have been able to go back to work on my book and instead of transferring what I have handwritten from earlier times, into the Open Office software, for passage on to the editor, I'm just writing it out off of the top of my head and I'm not unhappy with that. You never know how things are going to get done and it is definitely true that you don't know 'when' they are going to get done (grin). I hope I haven't brought any of you down. That was not my intention. It is simply my nature to be straightforward and direct about whatever landscape or countryside I am passing through because, for some unknown reason, very much understood by many who come here, we are many of us going through similar scenarios and talking about it helps a certain process of unification in which there is much strength. I sure do hope the weather changes, sooner rather than later. I hope things are going well for the most of you. We live in interesting times.

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Virtue, Integrity ...and What we Get.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The situation keeps changing without anything meaningful taking place; threatening to go from threatening to lethal. There's all kinds of ways for circumstances to go from threatening to lethal, because there are all kinds of threats and many possibilities of lethal. There are alleged climatic threats and the even bigger threat of rich people, seeking to take what little the poor have, in order to comfort themselves with the vanishing of the middle class, whose exit they facilitated at turbo speed. There's wars and rumors of wars, so many in fact that we can't even keep track of the contents of either one of those categories. There’s the threat of a very pissed off Lady Nature, whose agenda we will separate from the climatic concerns ...because the majority of the climatic concerns are fabrications of bankers and bullshit artists, masquerading as academics because they get a piece of the action for so long as they keep this particular Halloween going.

I don't know how this medley of scandals is going to impact on the administration and the nitwits employed in it. My personal preference is that it comes down so hard on them that they can't tell the difference between themselves and a ten penny nail. It would suit me just fine to see this administration and all similar administrations, sink into the deep blue sea and never be seen again. There's so many various cross currents in the ocean of bad motivation that it's hard to tell what the malicious cretins on the right might attempt to do in respect of the cretins on the left. You can't really compare the lack of virtue (gasp) and integrity on the part of a decades long, possibly centuries long, absolutely corrupt whore, like Mitch McConnell, to the lack of virtue and integrity on the part of a decades long, possibly centuries long, absolutely corrupt whore, like Nancy Pelosi or, nearly every other member of the Senate and House of Representatives.

You might well ask yourself; how did such a Skank Posse, like that which infests the national legislature, ever manage to get into office all at the same time? That's a good question, with an easy answer. The banking system and most of the economic sector, as well as the money-men, who determine which sewer rat gets into which elected niche, control pretty much everything that goes on and... because of that, they have shoehorned only the most rotten scoundrels, available for selection into every crevasse and vale, where the sun is too embarrassed to shine. Not even florescent lights want to shine on creatures like this.

You might well ask what something like this is doing in Visible Origami. Well, there is a moral and metaphysical direction and intent to what is going to eventually get said here, eventually.

The best way to explain it all, if it can be explained, is to reference the medium of astrology and to show, by demonstrable evidence how it works and applies, without seeking to sell you on the system because I am neither an astrologer or a salesman. I'm just a person who looks into things, as opposed to someone who looks at them. I'd like to think that's the difference between me and that huge baaing chorus I hear sometimes up close but mostly at a distance, on purpose.

I'll keep it simple, in the hopes that it transmits as effectively as possible. Let's start off by saying that the sun has a tremendous impact on all life on this planet. I think it is safe to say there would be no life without it; none. We can feel the effects of The Sun in numerous ways, every day. The same can be said of The Moon, in a lesser sense, as it influences the tides, human emotions and the lunatics in that institution, or what used to be an institution (where I actually lived for a period of time) but is now going to be the new multibillion dollar residence of Fascism International, AKA , Homeland InSecurity.

Since the effect of The Sun and The Moon are a given, does it not stand to reason that the planets are also exerting a collective influence on us, as so many of us run around in circles down here? One of the arguments given by those who like to run their mouths without being informed, since that would entirety discredit their argument (if they were informed) is; “Well now, if the planets have an effect on us then how come they are not having the same effect on all of us”? That's a no brainer but... you kind of have to have a brain to figure that out, if that makes any sense.. We're each born at a different time and in a different location and finally, there is the matter of individual Karma.

The reason so many tens of thousands of people are running around sexually confused is because the turning of the age is bringing a serious feminine influence into our human affairs and they are not processing the energy as it was intended but... because this is an age of powerful materialism, they are processing it through a particular expression of sexual force.

The reason so many people don't care one way or another how many people die and... even support the efforts to make it happen, is because of certain planetary interactions. This is the same cause of why we have so many bad and corrupt leaders. This is the same cause behind all this religious fanaticism in tandem with the breaking down of what we remember to have once been a more acceptable, moral climate but... which may have never even existed but was only something we imagined. Let's keep in mind what Shakespeare said, “The wise man rules the stars”. That's also true because your degree of wisdom determines how you surf the waves you find yourself riding on. Or you could go in another direction and heed the words of Sri Richard Pryor, “Kiss my ass and give me a fish sandwich”.

The planets move in their courses for the purpose of demonstration. They set up the scenes through which we move, depending on what it is we have to learn and depending on our willingness to learn; a motivation in short supply these days. Shakespeare also said, “There is a destiny (or possibly he said 'divinity') that shapes our ends, rough hew them as we may”. Pay especial attention to the last phrase in that quote. You get it back the way you put it out. As long as you are comfortable with that, no doubt, “Jimmy will fix it”.

I'm not looking to sell anyone on astrology. I scarcely pay attention to it myself, except according to a particular esoteric awareness that I always like to employ in the case of large bodies moving rapidly through space, with a propensity toward having an effect, or impact on me. Pythagoras mentioned 'the music of the spheres'. It is our ability to hear them and to adjust ourselves accordingly that makes all the difference in our lives and alters us so that we do not, “live lives of quiet desperation”. If you're determined to go with the mortal flow, you'll get what the majority gets.

I will not always be 'visible here' to blow smoke up your posteriors (grin). No doubt there are those who believe that is what I am employed at and there are those otherwise convinced. To paraphrase Lao Tzu, “what is is the was of what shall be”. I only post this in this way so that someone can come along and correct me. I am probably only on this planet for that same reason (grin). We are here until we have exhausted our reason for being here. That's what terms like, 'jivanmukti' are all about. We don't really have western correspondences for something like this. We don't have a lot of western correspondences for things we hear from The East. As Kipling said, “East is east and west is west and never the 'twain' shall meet. It might have been better if Mark Twain had said it but... he didn't.

I just want people to think and think deeply and intensely with a serious focus, because only then can you make the deep reveal itself. The face of the deep is your own but unless you've worked out that thing about the Dweller on the Threshold, it will likely terrify you beyond articulation. I recommend that everyone read the novel “Zanoni”. You got to get past the first 65 pages or so of floral language. The novel will repay your attention. I have an original copy and I've read it about ten times so... that says something about me. There's a Bulwer Lytton prize for bad writing, I guess that says something about me too. He's not Zane Grey. Some bibliophiles will get what I mean by that mention.

It is less important to study the actions of the planets outside yourself than it is to make a study of the planets within you. It is of less importance what others do and what you think of them, than what you do and think of yourself. The world without is of far less importance than the world within and it is far less important what others think of you than what you think of yourself. You are the universe entire and how you define it determines your status in Heaven and in Hell.

I know this might seem to be one of those unusual postings I come up with now and then but, given what's about to happen, I thought it appropriate.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Enduring Adytums and Castles made of Sand.

Dog Poet Transliterating.......

May your noses always be upwind from the Central Bankers.

In the Western Mystery Tradition, an adytum is used to refer to the human body. It's the inner sanctum, not for public entrance, forbidden to be entered by anyone but legitimate priests. It's a kind of 'holies of holies'. Of course, that part about no one but priests being able to enter is a bit of a blind. We are all priests, given the temperament and behavior that reflects the state. It's reflective of that statement, “know ye not that your body is the temple of the living God”? So, if we want to take it all literally, we can see that the modus operandi of times like these, is that people use their bodies near exclusively for the purpose of physical pleasures on the one hand, or are instead swallowed up in self righteousness, certain that a stern and reproving heaven, is delighting in their exceptionalism and bringing to mind quotes like, “all your righteousness is as filthy rags” and terms like “whitened sepulchers”. As much as a true spiritual life is serious business, one should always remember to have a lightness of being and to never lose their sense of humor. Certainly God has a sense of humor, he made us, didn't he? One might almost call it 'black humor' at this stage of 'the game'.

Many people look at life as a Crackerjack Box. Ironically it often resembles one; a collection of syrupy garbage that gets in between your teeth and is attended by what is called 'a prize' (I think), which turns out to be a piece of useless plastic shit. Of course, that's only one end of life. The biggest downturn of materialism, is the crushing disappointment that attends it. Most of us have a conscience. A lot of the time we are not entirely familiar with all of the duties of the conscience. I don't think there's any difference between it and 'the still small voice'. There's something else too. I don't believe the condition is exclusive to me but... I have noticed that this internal voice, which in earlier times was chiding, exhorting and generally being annoying (grin) has... over time, become reassuring, encouraging and even complimentary.

I've heard it said, more or less, that this voice is always a critical voice and if you are getting anything else, it is not authentic and you are 'probably' hearing from a malicious spirit or some-such. At this point I don't believe that. I think it is altogether possible that later on 'up the road', we might well hear positive affirmations, given that we are more or less, either on course, or not far off. It defies my sense of logic that the divine would beat on us the whole way.

Modern culture is a cesspit. It is no easy thing to move through it and yet remain apart from its attractions (much less avoid stepping in it or falling face down) and blandishments that appeal to our vanity and sense of self importance. This is where so many people go wrong. In a manner of speaking, 'they believe their own press' and quite often, that press is prepared for them, as a matter of course, by sycophants and hangers on, who feed in the wake of the great and near great, as they bask and prosper in their temporary hours. It's like a great rotating wheel of fortune. Your time comes and you get the spotlight and the audience, alternatively you get the power, privilege and gold. People want different things and eventually they get them, for awhile. Often ill prepared for it, they mishandle their blessings and wind up miserable.

There's nothing wrong with being rich, famous, powerful and anything of like kind, so long as it is properly managed; so long as ones priorities and values are what they should be. Unfortunately, few of us are strong enough and detached enough, to resist the dark side of certain powers and possessions. They wind up getting possessed. It is far better never to have these things than to become one more of the victims in a long list of victims of these things.

It never fails to make me smile when I hear people say, “Well, if I had all that money, or fortune, or fame, I wouldn't behave like that”. For some strange reason, most people do. There is tremendous force latent in the things that people covet and the power of the force increases as it gains a greater amount of any of it and then, for some reason, a violent passion arises that demands more and more. Once civilized individuals begin to behave like beasts, indifferent to the effects of their actions and indifferent to their effect on others. I'm reminded of that old saying, “be careful of what you wish for”.

The thing about Lady Fortune is that she is as fickle as they come. She'll walk into the room on one person's arm and then walk out on the arm of another. She'll come into your life and turn it upside down and then walk out the door, never to return. When I see people in various stages of distress, I have to tell myself there is a reason. No one gets where they are for no reason. Everything we see in operation on this planet is the outworking of Karma and a lot of it has to do with the tenor and conditions of the times. This is one of the reasons that the bulk of the artists in every field are presently talentless frauds. This is why the very worst of us occupy the highest positions and also possess the vast majority of wealth. In terms of the Apocalypse, this is all set up for the purpose of demonstration. It is all about revealing, uncovering and spotlighting the various personalities for what they are. Things can change dramatically in the twinkling of an eye. Suddenly the whole world can change and nothing is what it was before.

I don't know what's waiting around the corner. I do know that whatever it is, it's going to change our world and the way we see our world and the way we see each other.

People in great distress, very often had some part in creating the same for others. At a certain level, Karma is inflexible and inexorable, until realization arrives. We only suffer for so long as we do not see the origins and causes for why we suffer. As The Buddha said, “All life is pain, caused by ignorant desire”. We hear things like this but then we don't extrapolate and follow the thought out into a useful awareness of the dynamic. If all life is pain, caused by ignorant desire then it behooves us to cease to be ignorant. It also serves not to desire anything (this is not entirely true or comprehensive but it is in context). The real benefit that comes with not desiring anything is that whatever is meant for you will show up regardless. Of course, I do not espouse the position of not desiring anything. I think we should very much desire certain things and that is the difference between ignorant and intelligent desires. The world promotes ignorant desires because those who manipulate them, make a great deal of profit off of making the objects of ignorant desire available. We're being worked ...because the wonderful alternatives are hidden from view. That doesn't mean they're not around. You have to look for them. “Seek and ye shall find”, “ask and it will be given to you”, knock and the door will be opened unto you”.

We live in an impatient and gladhanding period. People want things right away. If they don't get them they get annoyed, pissed off and walk away. Too many people have a sense of entitlement and privilege. Things of true value are not handed out like samples in a department store. Those phrases would be more effective if they were phrased like this, “Seek deeply and sincerely, without respite and you will find”, “Ask sincerely and with certitude and it will be given unto you”, “Knock with determination and conviction and it will be opened unto you”. We're supposed to think for ourselves. We're supposed to follow up and elaborate on things. The idea comes from one place and the expression manifests through another vehicle. We are the hands of God. This is the tragedy of fundamentalism and why it is so oppressive; why it turns to inquisitions and witch-burning. There is no independence of thought, except... except on the part of the people interpreting it. Ah! Ah indeed! This is what happens when the priesthood gets corrupted and is no longer filled with the spirit but rather filled with something else.

You must question everything. You must prove it out to your working satisfaction. If you study the ancient mystery schools, you will see they are all about inquiry, especially self inquiry and the reason for that is because there is a universe within you. Just because you may have yet to experience it, does not disprove what has been stated by the wise in every age.

A person of spiritual consistency, when they discover something that works, they acquire and employ it. Others look for a way around it, thinking it's too much work, or gets in the way of what they want. “But what if I don't get what I want”? The irony is that you get everything your heart desires, once your heart desires the one thing that makes everything possible. Spirituality and the spiritual path are not just esoteric musings and the promise of a world beyond. They are also absolutely practical and applicable to life. A lot of people don't get this. It's kind of like a guy called visible, having no visible means of support (grin). When you serve the gospel, the gospel will cover your needs. It may be minimal for some long period of time. So what? Sooner or later the cornucopia materializes, right about the time you are able to handle it, finally.

What a lot of people don't get is that the divine is waiting all the time, eager to assist you in every way in order to bring you home. The divine is engaged in looking for you at the same time you are also looking for the divine. Many of us do not trust God. There's a certain fear that attends the relationship, given that the divine is both the rewarder and punisher. Mostly it's about our guilt. We're apprehensive because; “Lord, Lord we knows we done wrong”. The kicker is, as soon as the recognition dawns, forgiveness is pretty much a reflex on the part of the divine and then you also find out that good and evil are very much not like what you thought they were. If we knew the essential nature of things we would not be painfully sleepwalking through a world of delusion. Freedom is straight ahead and to both sides as well. Most people don't want to be free. It's too much responsibility. This is the same thing as their not wanting to know what's actually going on with the government, the banks etc. You become responsible for what you know. Freedom is not for the timid.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Dog in the Manger and other Dark Backwards.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I had thought not to write a posting today; (this was two days ago) working on my book came to a dead halt, although there are now only a couple of chapters to go so... eventually, eventually. I'm rearranging and spiffing up my workroom. Sometimes that makes a difference. I'm adding in former practices that had fallen by the wayside. Sometimes that makes a difference. I've been sitting and thinking, thinking about all kinds of things. Sometimes that makes a difference.

I find myself astonished, to see before my eyes, the things that are happening. When I say, “before my eyes”, I mean via the internet. I don't see any indication of these things when I walk down the street, in the small European town where I live, for the moment. Life goes on here the way it has always gone on. It is the singularly most boring town I have ever spent any time in and I believe I was put here for that very reason, so that I would internalize or. ...something; also to take care of my mother in law because it's the right thing to do. A great many things have changed since I came here.

In 1999, I was managing a small resort in the jungle on Maui and playing in some clubs a few afternoons and nights a week. At some point I saw George W. Bush on the campaign trail. The immediate reaction I had was, “Uh oh, here comes trouble”. I was so affected by the aura of menace, the darkness that attended his wake, that I quickly went to the internet to see who was giving him money. That was also attended by an ominous sensation. Instinctively, I knew that the world was never going to be the same again, once that thug got into office.

I had been saying that I was going to Europe to play and to live, in the previous months. I was now able to connect to the reasons for why I was leaving. I knew I wanted no part of an America, Satanically hijacked by George W. Bush and company. So I left. Things didn't turn out here, in any way like the fashion I expected things to turn out in. I made many an effort in my time here but none of them were truly fruitful. I suppose it could be said that the blogs are fruitful and certain things that attend their presentation have received a certain amount of exposure. Things are so ephemeral (not the right word) on the internet. Things are at a distance on the internet, while at the same time, having residence in our hearts and minds. Things are often not what they seem on the internet, sometimes more than they seem and sometimes less than they seem. I've been cultivated in a state of detachment, while being deeply connected to something, as well as to the readers who come and go. ?You come and go, you come and go. Karma- Karma- Karma- Karmeleon?

A reader said something the other day, in that post when I was talking about 2012 and the eagerly anticipated transition that was supposed to come around, in varying degrees of intensity for some of us and not at all for those indifferent to it. He said something like, “C',mon Vis, you can feel something happened, can't you”? I said, something like, “actually, no, I can't”. Well, that's not true. I can feel a great many things but they are not easily interpreted. They are sometimes spooky, ghostly, indefinite, possessed of intense pressures, without any directional indicators. I've come to see my life as a motion play of putting one foot in front of the other, not knowing what to expect, going places that it was not my idea to go, or that may have seemed like a good idea at the time and turned out to be a very bad idea (grin).

I'm thinking about all of these things and also things that took place much earlier. I think about the various lifetimes I have lived and... they have been lifetimes,. On occasion, a single acid trip, could constitute a lifetime. Very often it seemed like my lifetime, my real lifetime, was somewhere up ahead. It still seems that way but, 'up ahead' is beginning to look more and more like the invisible. Of course, these days people can live a long time. I might have nearly a 3rd of my life left. Given my lifestyle though, that might be questionable (grin). Then again, that's subject to change as well. Everything is subject to change. That is the one constant we can all rely on though; relying on change, doesn't have a stable and predictable ring to it; does it? Then again, that might just work for me. I am seldom accused of being stable or predictable.

So... I've been thinking about how truly incredible; unpleasantly incredible, recent events in the world have been. I've known for a long time that politicians, religious leaders, bankers, lawyers and sundry are very often corrupt and that that is the rule, with very few exceptions. I've known that most judges are corrupt and a good portion of law enforcement as well, although I've met good cops, even a fair judge or two. Still, I never imagined the level of depravity that so many temporarily important people could stoop to. Factor this in with the weather and the uncertainty of the day to day and you've got a recipe for poor motivation (grin).

I remember a quote which I haven't heard in a long time, “These are the times that try men's souls”. I guess that statement is a bit sexist. It came from back in the day when this was the mindset. Now, with political correctness run amok, conditions are much worse than they were. Literally, black is the new white, up is the new down, in is the new out, everything is upside down and backwards. The laggard, entropic suck of the abdominal brain, over powering the intellect, reason and all kinds of things we don't see that much of anymore, is effectively drawing the mass mind into The Dark Backwards. Lame is the new hip. Dumb and stupid are the new genius and superficial and trivial, are the new deep and profound. No one can convincingly argue against this. Unfortunately, for the moment, this is how it is. Unfortunately, it's been like this for awhile and... even more unfortunately, it has been getting worse.

It's bad enough here, given the depressing, closed mind consciousness that I witness. It is far worse in the U.S., which I do not witness. However, it is much, much worse in places like Iraq, Syria and related companion zones, where The Great Zionist Satan, whips up the terrible, blood magic sacrifices, demanded by the running beasts of the pit, in exchange for their services. It's a bad business all around.

What do we do, caught as we are in the mix of it; so many of us lacking the twin pillars of detachment and compassion, along with that certitude, which guarantees some amount of equanimity, moving through the quagmire and quicksand of these times? A lot of us believe in nothing and count the rest of us fools for believing in something we cannot see (even though we can see the effects, if not the cause). In many cases that appellation applies, in respect of the epidemic fundamentalism that counterpoints the state we find ourselves in today. There is a painful irony, which is resident in the relationship between, on the one hand, time speeding up and... on the other hand, events and conditions dragging on with no end in sight.

There is a lot of creativity and imagination going on. There are possibilities for shelter (scroll down a bit to the video) that are matched by all kinds of innovative and newly discovered ways of sustaining ourselves through aquaponics, permaculture and social schematics that take into consideration what is good and noble in us all ...and which grants us opportunities in living that can give us “paradise enow”, if we would only avail ourselves of them. There are people doing these things at some remove from the horrific blight of the circle-jerking doomed; one place you most definitely do not want to be in coming times is an urban setting.

I come here today to attempt to revitalize some hackneyed phrases that we may have grown tired of already, years ago. “Keep the faith”, “endure”. I've dropped in to say that we should all substantially invest in 'the substance of things unseen', as well as in each other. It's a rum go, having to look around for companions and encountering nothing but legions of dunderheads, cowards, appetite junkies and cynical faith-killers, who are emblematic of 'the dog in the manger'. The dog in the manger, is a dog that waits outside the dry barn. It's raining. He's not going in there but he isn't going to let you go in there either.

I mostly only know what I am going through, along with what I hear from the readers through comments. The more telling evidence comes to me through emails. So... I've got some idea of the general consciousness, of those still in possession of an operative consciousness, as we apart- but collectively- go through the moments, hours and days of our passage. It seems to me that I was more confident, lighter and more industrious a few years ago. Things that have happened to me and not happened to me have taken their toll. I can still sincerely say though, that not a day goes by when there are not multiple occasions of my seeking to comprehend and understand. Not a day goes by when I am not prepared to release every dark memory, every failure and blockage, that tries to hinder me in my pursuit of what I KNOW to present, although it can be very difficult to see.

I realize now that I have been contending in many ways where I did not need to, or where it was counter-effective and counter-intuitive. Just recently I have come to be aware of a face behind my own face and a consciousness within my own consciousness ...and that all I have to do is be aware of it and then a natural attractive vibration, immediately brings me into sync with it. This sync deepens and gains an ever greater connectivity the more I keep my focus on it. By Jove! It's working (grin)! I recognize now that all of whatever I have formerly been dimly aware of, is responsible for my every motivation to continue and also responsible for my continuing sense of optimism, when there was no apparent reason for me to be in possession of any optimism. Of course, I've been aware of this face within a face and awareness within an awareness for awhile but I did not register various things which would have made it possible for me to gain all of the benefits that have just been standing there, unused and not accessed for some time. What this tells me is that it wasn't time for me to catch on but now it is time. What that also tells me is that there is ever so much more that lies beyond my successful processing of this awareness. One thing I am definitely going to do from now on is... take my own advice (grin); running a little long, so... stopping here. I'll be in the comments section if you need anything.

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Thursday, May 02, 2013

Visible Resonance and Visible Dissonance.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Here it is, we're into May and the weather is cold and gray, as it has been for weeks. It appears that the mental climate on this Earth, has now commandeered the actual weather. My focus on what's been going down is pretty narrow. I look at the bankers, the politicians and the Israelis. I also look at the sleeping classes and the partially awakened classes. As for these latter, I do not exist for the one and I have some contact with the others in many, many countries around the world. I still notice, now and again, some country I had never even heard of before it showed up in the virtual Rolodex of the visitors of the moment.

Readers come and go, occasionally I will recall a name that has not crossed my mind in some time. Where did they go? I haven't seen Bholanath, Stickman or various others in awhile. For some I know the reason for their departures. For some, I do not. Occasionally, I piss someone off. It's hard not to do that for various reasons. One reason is certainly the controversial end of things, in respect of what I say. One reason is concerned with my acting out in real life, though these are few and far between, they do happen. Irrepressible urges will surface on occasion. I'm not sure what the cosmic motivation is but I suspect it has to do with my Anti-Guru 2.0 software. I'm pretty sure that's the culprit. It only surfaces under circumstances where it appears to be necessary. It never comes up at any other time.

Then there is the occasional blunt comment, lacking in diplomacy. It is under consideration that I alter my long standing policies. Some of you are aware of these and some of you are not. My policy has been to respond in kind, according to the particular blog where the comment appears. Visible Origami is supposed to have the lightest touch and Reflections in a Petri Dish, the strongest. Lately I have come to believe that some of my long standing tactics have become outdated. It can happen that you get into a groove and it turns out to be a rut. It can happen that you are frustrated and do not realize that you are frustrated. This can make one edgy.

It also happens that when one is communicating with tens of thousands of people, the thoughts of those people influence you for good and for ill. It also happens that when you are communicating controversial information and ideas about the most powerful and ruthless psychopaths on the planet that they will eventually notice you. Very strangely, Visible Origami is the site that comes up most often as as forbidden site, a dangerous site, a site that does not come up but a warning page does. It mystifies me why this would happen to Origami but I hear about it often. However, I should mention that there are many ways to react to people like me. Some of them you know about and some you may not know about. These people have people who focus various kinds of negative attention on those who cry out against them. They have chants and they have magical procedures. I've run into these. I ran into some of this in India. I haven’t talked about some number of things here. I probably should have but... there's not very much that anyone can do for me. It's all in the hands of my invisible friends and they have been, for the most part, very effective.

One thing I am aware of and which some of you may be aware of, is what goes down when you are employed by a particular force. You confer responsibility upon that force and that force takes over your life and your destiny and we are talking about the most powerful force there is. Nothing happens without the say so of this force, no matter what anyone may think about the Prince of this World. The Prince of this World works for this force. Ergo, none of his minions and those who have allegiance to the Prince of this World, are capable of acting in any way that is not permitted for them to act because ALL FORCE comes from this one force. There is no motive action of any kind that is not motivated by some portion of this force, either a direct application of this force, or a perversion of it, a permitted perversion. I mentioned earlier that servants of the darkness have chants and magical procedures that they can activate against people like some of you and I. Some amount of this is permitted. I am not totally surrendered, very few of us are. The process of existence is to bring us to that point of total surrender. This can be painful and exhausting, or it can come about in various ways. It can be painful and exhausting for a time and then turn into something else. We have to let things go ...but we often do not even know what these things are.

I have tried to serve you in the best way that I know how. I studied for many years in order to become versed in the subjects I present here. I heavily research in order to present what shows up at the other blogs. I experienced radical transformations that opened up areas of information and communication with entities from other realms. It seems that these posted efforts have been of some use to some, meaningless to others and occasionally, the back and forth between myself and some of you has led to various degrees of friendship and occasionally to estrangement and bad feeling. For this latter condition, I must say, my heart is often heavy from this, so it necessitates my mentioning it. I have pretty much an endless capacity to forgive, even those who tried to put my life in danger, or send me away to prison for life, or quite injuriously betrayed me, often for reasons I have yet to understand. I know there are people who resent me for the usual reasons of ego, vanity and not understanding where I’m coming from ...because people of this sort always measure you against themselves and see you as they subconsciously view themselves as you and they are not you. This is a peculiarity I have some degree of awareness concerning and have seen it in operation many times. I recognize that I am flawed in some ways and then there are some common flaws I don't have; jealousy, envy, vanity. They don't fit and they don't stick. Other things do and I struggle near daily with them.

I realize I'm talking about myself but it has to do with my relationship with you. Though I have forgiven practically everyone I have had a falling out with, none of them have forgiven me. When I say practically everyone, it's possible I've simply forgotten someone. Maybe that's the same thing, sort of.

They say in the direct mail order business that you have a guaranteed 2% demographic of positive response in terms of sales. I think this carries over into many things. Predicated on this, I believe I can say that most of the people who come to these blogs have never left a comment. Some of you have been coming here for years and never left a comment. I get from a low of four thousand to a high of around 20,000 visits per posting. They tend to average out around 10,000 to 12,000 usually. That means I'm not even getting the 2% demographic. That's okay, if the general impact is positive and... years of doing this has proven that out to me then, I'm okay doing this for some mystery population from somewhere out there and... in there as well.

I guess there's something I've been trying to say through this whole post but I can't seem to get around to it. I guess I'll just say it right out and those who have any compassion for me can say what they like and those who don't care about me can say what they like too. My having to get it together after 14 years in a certain reality (if that's the word for it) and going somewhere I have never been, in what seems like a permanent fashion, where I know one fantastic person and where another seemingly decent guy has also contacted me from is... disconcerting. I'm not only having trouble getting it together, I'm having trouble getting anything together. I'm having trouble focusing on my book but... I suspect that will shortly get done by pure dint of forceful returning, over and over. I'm having trouble taking care of the things I need to take care of, before I get where I am going. There are movies playing all the time. I go through the motions of the routines I have to carry out each day.

I know God has arranged all of this, just as God arranges everything in my life, brings things into my life and takes things out of my life, brings people into my life and takes them out of my life. It's all that responsibility that God bears for however much my surrender amounts to, in terms of required oversight. God, or whomever the agent is that speaks for God, has told me he's responsible for what is happening, for transiting me out of all that has been familiar for such a length of time and into this new adventure, where new people will come into my life, to fill up the nooks and corners that will now have a vacancy sign hanging in them.

I guess I'm trying to say my hearts not in what I'm doing these days and for those of you who have been able to bear with me, I hope you will bear with me, as I attempt to sort out an avenue of passage that will make me more comfortable about it all. It's not like attachment is the big problem. I've been through so much 'catch and release' in this life, so many total transformations, that it is as if I have already lived a hundred lives. Some of them have been diametrical opposites of others.

I was told that I would be taken somewhere, that someone would come for me. Mistakenly, I thought that was meant to be India ...but it was not India, not in any way. India does not possess Visible Resonance, although it did in some regards, concerning a collection of Indians, who showed up across the time-line and then all showed up at the same time ...but nothing else really. The place I am going does possess Visible Resonance. I already know this and it is there that I am going to have many meetings of a transformative nature. I can see the land and my house. I go there in my dreams and have met people that I will meet... Some of these have been lucid dreams.

My heart isn't in anything I'm doing right now. I feel like I am behind glass and different things are talking place on either side of that window. I'm kind of shell shocked and disappearing into movies. Right now I'm watching everything with Timothy Olyphant in it. A few days ago, I was watching everything with Billy Bob Thornton in it. In a few days I will be watching everything with Guy Pearce in it and then get on to Emily Page and maybe Keanu Reeves and Aaron Eckhart. As you have probably surmised, these are my favorite actors.

I don't want to let anyone down here. I'm going to keep doing what I do because I know there is some segment of the readership that relies on me to do it and to keep this virtual community running, humming along, or limping along, as the case may be at the moment. I'm pretty resilient and I am a committed optimist-glass half full kind of a guy. For those I have pushed away, in one fashion or another, or convinced that they want nothing further to do with me, I've got nothing to say. I've said what I had to say so many times. I've apologized, sincerely. I don't have the problem with my ego that so many people have. The reality of existence is that we are all hosting someone or something. We are hosting God, or the devil, or we are hosting some version of whatever amalgam of temporary personification we have come up with and maintain as a false front, over our essential being. I get no joy or peace with anything but my essential being and no amount of self denigration, or vulnerability, even in the presence of my enemies,is too much to experience in order to hold on to my own particular resonance with myself. I hope the right people have seen some portion of themselves in all of this. I'm sure the wrong people won't (grin).

End Transmission........

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