Friday, January 28, 2011

We've Made our Bed and we're Sleeping in it

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet.”

Alright people, if you can’t see it you’re not looking very closely. The dominoes are starting to tumble. All around the world, that unrest we have been expecting is rearing its revolutionary head. What will the outcome be? It’s going to be something different than the corpse feeding bankers, making bets on the sidelines, anticipate. For the moment it would be a good idea, for everyone with money that they need to put somewhere, to put it in a Muslim bank. It makes all kinds of good sense from all kinds of angles, or you could take it out of the bank altogether, just to show yourself how much you've been depending on them.

Today, I want to talk about the single most important thing that should be on anyone’s mind who wants to garner the input and info necessary to survive and thrive in these times. If you want comfortable lies and useless information, you go to the mass media. If you want something closer to the truth, albeit shaded toward one agenda or another, you go to the alternative media. If you want the truth, as it has endured in varying degrees of camouflage, over longer periods of time, you go to those texts that have stood the test of time. If you want it direct from the source, as it exists in the moment, then you must go to the hidden fountains of the heart.

Something is holding you in place. Certainly you are not doing this. Your heart is beating without your conscious assistance. Most of the functions of your body are operating independent of your authority. The whole universe goes through its motions, without ever needing to seek our consultation. Doesn’t it make sense to align our hearts and minds with the natural course of the cosmos, seeing as it has been going on like this forever? Isn’t one of the keys of immortality to emulate that which is eternal? “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” and we become like that which we emulate.

Physicists have already proven that the universe is composed of mind stuff. The universe is thought born. We’re talking about actual touchie feelie math that impacts on the senses. You can prove nearly anything to yourself, depending on how badly you want to believe it. Consider all the ways we lie to ourselves and the rationale we use to make whatever we think we want, justifiable and right. On every side of you are people convincing themselves every day of the rightness of what they do and what they believe in. Some of them are so committed that they will kill you, if you get between them and what they want. They’ve convinced themselves not only that they are right but that God himself has ordained it so.

Families, communities and nations have collectively convinced themselves of various things and chiseled laws into stone, to prohibit and to permit whatever it is they have assured themselves is real. Then it is selectively applied, depending on one's station in life. The force of collective belief in certain things is so great that the hallucinations stand in front of you looking as real as anything can, while having no basis in reality at all. We all move under a hypnotic spell based on the repeated affirmation that what you see is what there is.

Here’s how things come into manifestation. They are the result of the precipitation of an idea from the mental plane to the physical. Let’s take the idea of lying down. Then let us imagine all the possibilities of things we can lie down upon. This is your blueprint for a bed; a couch, a hammock, whatever possibilities there are to something to lie down on. Following this is the process of construction and following that is the item upon which you recline. Everything you can see outside of you came about through this 4 step process. In the natural world, all of the elements of Nature and the cosmos came about because of a similar operation within the cosmic mind. On the personal level, it comes about through the actions of ourselves and others or through the actions of ourselves interacting with the process as we go. We are always engaged in it. Worry is a conduit for this process. Attention is a conduit for this process. Day dreaming is an excessively hydrated conduit, lacking focus and concentration. Concentration is the freeze dried end. You have constructed the world in which you live by personal effort and by acquiescence to the products of other efforts. You place values on everything and that makes up what it all means to you.

Everything good and bad, tangible and intangible, comes about through this process. You invoke it into your life through conscious or unconscious rumination, which is a form of meditation, or you allow it in through not resisting the telepathic invasion, practiced on you by the world. If you could stand guard at the gates of your mind and actually be in control, there is no limit to what you would be capable of. Since there is one who is in total control, all you have to do is put yourself under the aegis of it. Find the one who is in control and give it full sway over your life. Here’s a simple way to accomplish it. I made it really easy. All you have to do is listen and pay no mind to the tradition it comes out of, in case that annoys you. The principle works in every tradition and has led to enlightenment, more than once, in each.

When your mind operates in apprehension of the force of bad laws, made by bad people, you are effectively the prisoner of them. When your mind contemplates the deity under the childhood imaginings of whatever religion you grew up in, you are the victim of arrested development, spiritually speaking. When you adhere to the cultural imperatives of whatever street you are walking down, you are being manipulated by the Coca Cola Waltz, which is a kind of slow motion Montezuma’s revenge.

The radiant life force behaves like a serpent. You have the good snake side and the bad snake side, seen from a cosmic perspective. Depending on how you go along to get along and how you help and hinder, you weave your fate. The coiling of a cobra is a metaphor for the spiral of existence. The inherent urge of life is toward self discovery and that is abetted by external and internal forces. The natural evolution of this takes a very, very, very long time. That seems to be the way of it for most people. They’re content to drift along on the river of life, until it gets where it’s going. Even more unfortunately, there are those whose primary motive is personal gain. This results in a circle instead of a spiral and can literally go on forever, repeating conditions that are created by particular acts. You can hothouse this process. You can accelerate it beyond anything you presently think possible. “Success is speedy for the energetic”, so says the Bhagavad-Gita.

The inner serpent is either crawling on the ground like a snake in the grass or rising up your spine into Godhead, which occurs when you have attained the cobra hood. This makes you God’s signature dish and living proof of the primary intent of his unending efforts. The divine power is a serpent. It operates through human personality or… the shadow does, in most cases, to varying degrees and we lie every time we open our mouths, being inspired by the father of lies, until we choose to work for the home team.

At any time in the world, the preponderance of attention and ambition is upon getting what is wanted from the shelves and stockrooms of life. The world never runs out of new products or new ways to present old products; the same way it never really comes up with any new products and the mind never runs out of ways to fool itself into thinking that whatever it wants next is going to satisfy the drive that ignites the appetite for it, even though that’s like feeding more wood into a fire and thinking at some point the fire will have had enough wood.

Here are some of the great lies that have been around since we’ve had tongues to tell them. “I will always love you”, “trust me”, “First I’ll get rich and then I will help other people”, “the end justifies the means”, “God is on our side”, “my God is the only God”, “They started it”. One thing you can be sure of., as long as you are blinded by the objects of desire, you have no clue about the deeper issues and anything you think you know is compromised by your knowing at the expense of what you do not know.

We spend our lives in a fruitless effort to accomplish things that are only important here and… that would be okay, if we were here forever but we’re not. We sacrifice qualities, which give us the potential to be so much more than we are, for short term gain, for the lies of passion and desire, which removes everything from the screen, except what we want. We become someone else, in order to be in the good graces of others who may not even like us at all. The amount of effort expended across a lifetime to prop up and defend a false self is incredible. People will die to protect a false self. They will sell out their loved ones. If one could take a moment to observe this from a pure objective standpoint, it would look unequivocally insane.

In the end, at whatever point we come up against it; at whatever point we are tested to see what is and is not true, about everything, including ourselves, we will have only those qualities that we have invested our time in the acquisition of. We are the sum total of the efforts we have made to become what we are, in partnership with whatever force was motivating our industry. It’s all the same force to be sure. It’s our relationship to it that defines it and our definition of it which determines the manner in which it will inevitably act out upon and within us. We take with us only the changes we have made in ourselves and whatever those may be, they are the components that determine our further destiny.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In the Kingdom of the Hungry Ghosts

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'May your noses always be cold and wet'

One of our readers mentioned how many men and women are losing their homes; their apartments and I suppose a lot more as well, in Colorado. Meanwhile, the flatulent media keeps talking in a sonorous, snake hissing tone about the good life and all the accessories that go with it.

I really wanted for The New Shangri-La to be a place where people from the same locales could meet each other and maybe carry it a little further, into friendship, a community, something more than we presently have. The New Shangri-La was meant to be a virtual community in search of solid ground. I’ve lived in a communal environment and I have to say that I’ve never experienced anything better in this life. When you have the right chemistry and the right people, the joys are truly abundant. It’s like having playmates on call; not those kind of playmates (grin).

I’m publishing 3 books in the next couple of months and releasing a lot of other material in the hope that it will generate the finances to fund a prototype. Maybe some rich patron will appear; maybe more than one. You never know what’s going to show up in life any more than you know what might be gone the next day. You just have to do what’s in front of you and know that it will lead to promises realized if you don’t turn aside.

The fact that it’s getting tough for so many people, about whom the media is blind or indifferent, only proves out how really sleazy that industry has become. The level of corruption throughout the web of temporal control is near total. There appears to be no bottom. The limbo bar is now below the surface of the Earth.

I guess we’re all being refined through suffering in our own ways. I had a massive bladder infection, followed by an unpleasant flu, followed by a car door on my hand and then, as everything was leaving and I was looking forward to the return of what passes for normal for me, I find I have a hernia that I have to go into hospital to get stitched up. It’s right there where the bladder infection was. What are the odds? Meanwhile my life courses toward the 29th and the beginning of ‘the rinse cycle’. I’d be laughing but it hurts to laugh or to cough. Now I know why they do that coughing thing. It’s a small tear, thank god for that. The doctor says it has been there for awhile and that my colon cleanse brought it to the surface. He says that’s a good thing. I asked him if I could get a case of acne to go with it.

Interestingly, before I knew what this problem was, I was trying to sort out this pulsing bulge that wanted to protrude from the right hand side of my groin. I said to myself, “maybe I’m just being told that I have to heal myself and maybe that’s what I should do”. I went into my bedroom and laid down on my back and placed my hands on the affected area, truly believing it would resolve itself. After a short while I could tell that it was better. When I got up this morning the condition was gone. I thought, “Wow”. I was telling the doctor about it and he said that that was the way this condition is corrected, at least temporarily, that what I had done was exactly what I should have done and that’s why it worked. But I didn’t heal it. You can’t heal this particular thing because it’s a tear. Wait a minute. I don’t know that. Maybe it can be healed. It’s such a minor thing though that I’ll take my chances in the dark zone.

I haven’t gotten angry about this. I haven’t gotten disturbed. I’ve just gone through it all and that’s a large improvement on how I have sometimes responded in the past. I’m so tired of being messed with from so many different angles that I can get a little abusive toward my author, who seems intent on abusing me as if it were a full time career move. I get pissed off about it because I never get any ‘whys’ or ‘wherefores’ and it doesn’t do any good either because it has no noticeable impact on the author, who tells me that everything I’ve been waiting for and searching for, for my whole life and other lives as well, is just around the corner now. I’m here to tell you it’s the longest corner I’ve ever seen and I’m getting mighty suspicious that I already went around this circle once or twice before.

This tells me I’m in a holding pattern, like a plane over an airport. Sooner or later they’re going to tell me to dump my remaining fuel (metaphorically speaking) and come in for a landing. I suspect I’m supposed to suddenly recognize where I am or realize that I’m somewhere I’ve never been before. Cue the song “Where or When”.

The best thing is that I’m not getting angry anymore. I notice my voice is softer now too. I figure whatever science project I turn out to be is getting pretty close to term and maybe I haven’t been going over my own footprints like it appears but am actually on some kind of extra-dimensional elevated track; a spiral that’s taking place in my mind and only seems to parallel the world outside.

Last night I was thinking about all the things that could be wrong with me, before the doctor told me. Hearing what the problem was came as good news, considering what kind of news I might have gotten. I don’t really expect anything major though, not until I’m done with whatever it is I came here to do, because now I know that there is something I’m supposed to do and I know I have to do it, without knowing what it is until after it’s been accomplished. That’s kind of how things work in the messed up metaphysics of my personal passage. It came in bright and clear in my mind a little while ago that I chose to come here for a specific reason. I didn’t have to but I chose to. That led to a bout of, “you idiot! What where you thinking”? This went on until I wound up laughing about it, like I always do because you either wind up laughing or crying. I’ve done both but laughter seems to be the more consistent response.

I’ve got these terrific ladies that are assisting me in my efforts at publication and creating a professional web presence. I should probably call them people but they are more emblematic of the pending arrival of the feminized wisdom of the coming age, which is supposed to ameliorate the persistent brutishness of the male dynamic of so many centuries past. They are already to go and here I am being dragged down by these repeating incidents of incapacitation and it’s totally inexplicable to me why this should be going on when all I have to do is get my end together and we’re sailing into the harbor. I add this because people are bugging me about where are the books and other items that are supposed to be here already. They’re coming. It’s just taking longer than I thought it would.

We’ll have that New Shangri-la. I’m determined to see it come to pass. If I have to generate it out of whatever I’ve got left in me, I will. I don’t know if it’s a community or a fellowship of friends but it’s something with a roaring fire inside and an atmosphere of Nature abutted against The Devic Realm outside, with all those hidden doorways finally visible to the eye. It’s got the smell of tea brewing and the perfume of the wonderland beyond that seeps through the cracks and crevasses of our collective dream sanctuary.

I think about all the weary travelers who come up against those moments when they are certain they can no longer continue. The trail has become too steep. The fire within has reduced to embers. The voices ahead have gone mute along with the voice within. I think about having been there myself a time or two. Somehow you go on. Some of us have no choice. Somehow we made some kind of irrevocable decision back in a forgotten moment and we are meant to soldier on no matter what.

I wish I could offer a place to all those souls on the edge of fear in Colorado and everywhere else. I am determined to find such a place. I can only hope they hang on until it comes into being, for it surely will. It surely will. We should just let the dead dance with the dead in their feast-houses, there in the Kingdom of Hungry Ghosts. We the living have another path that leads out of the graveyards and into the coming new world, beyond this moment of indefinable pausing, while both worlds hold their breath, here on the precipice of change irreversible. What is to follow has been coming for a long, long time.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Cost of Celebrity and the Price of Fame

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We dogs have a saying, “May your nose always be cold and wet.” Some of us are show dogs. I’m a show dog. I love it when you show me the way.

Years ago, some friends and I were lost in Beverly Hills, or somewhere like it. There was no one on the streets to ask for directions. At one point I saw a man come out of a house and walk briskly down the street. I had the car pull over and got out of the car and went after him. I was calling out, “Sir! Sir!” Finally he turned around with an annoyed look on his face and I saw that it was Henry Fonda. I didn’t show any recognition and just asked him for directions. He couldn’t/wouldn’t help me so, I just turned around and walked away. I could feel his mind turning over the improbability of what happened as opposed to what he expected.

Years later in Maui, I had gone to the Intercontinental Hotel in Wailea for their breakfast brunch with my girlfriend. It was off season and it was also that time of day, I suppose, because there were only a few people there. While I was sitting there and eating I looked up and saw Jeff Goldblum staring at me. When he caught my eyes he gave me a hard look that said, “Don’t you dare come over here and bother me”. He was sitting with a very attractive, young Hawaiian lady that he had obviously contracted with for the night. I looked back at him and shook my head, as if to say, “Why the Hell would I want to do that?” I ignored him for the rest of my meal.

Another time I was in Foodland in Kihei late at night. There were very few people there and when I came into the vegetable department I saw Alice Cooper looking at some fruit. He’d brought his fairly extensive pot belly with him and he looked up and saw me and glared at me the same way so many celebrities do. I shook my head again and went right past him. The thought occurred to me to go to the cashier and say that I had seen a man in the vegetable aisle that had snuck a melon under his shirt. I didn’t do it and I regret that.

Another time I was in Lahaina and saw Dr. Wayne Dyer in a bookshop (probably checking out the placement of his books) and he saw me and glared at me and I laughed and shook my head again and said, “Big deal” and walked away. I’ve always wanted to get one of his ‘kits’ but I managed to demur. These days he dresses up like David Caradine lite and he looks like he means business, accent on ‘business’.

Once in a small diner in New York City, I was having a cup of coffee when Roy Scheider came in with a gym bag in his hand. He took one look at me and went right out the door. Another time I was in my girlfriend’s shop in Woodstock when Joe DiMaggio came to the door in a camel hair coat. He opened the door, saw me and away he went. I’ve got lots of tales like this. I won’t mention the positive encounters because I’ve only got so much space here. I can hardly make a dent in the negative encounters. One thing I take away from all of this is that people really have an exaggerated opinion of their own importance and conversely, that I have an interest in it.

Sometimes I sit around and think about things like celebrity and success in a ‘what does it get you’ fashion; pros and cons and the like. I think about the sports heroes; movie stars, rock stars, politicians, new age gurus, artists and what have you. I think about how they have this exclusive sense of the value of their contributions and never seem to realize that there are hundreds of thousands of people with talent, some of them even have real talent but, no matter what, there’s always something terrifically unique about them. Most of the time I would be mortified to be someone like Dr. Dyer, or most anyone else. If I woke up and found out I was someone like this, I would have to give away everything I owned and spend my life working in selfless service to make up for what I had become.

In rare cases, celebrity is a blessing because it allows people to see a decent human being at work, denying personal responsibility for his or her talents and successes. Most of the time, it’s a curse and it pursues the celebrated like flies and furies. They want to be famous but they don’t want to be bothered by the people they got famous in order to impress. I was in Planet Hollywood one night with some friends and Arnold Schwarzenegger came out of the back room with an entourage of bodyguards; he looked a lot shorter and smaller than I expected and he was moving at a great rate and looked scared shitless. My friends and I discussed this afterwards.

To see the absolute vacuity of these times you really need to attend a Hollywood or ‘in’ NYC party. It’s like watching hypnotized zombies; something out of the ballroom of The Overlook Hotel, wishing there were more mirrors in the room. Charity balls are best because then you have people whose only celebrity is that they have money, political or social influence and the kind of sternocleidomastoids needed to wear a lot of jingly shit around their necks, as well as a clueless capacity to wear things that make you look like a jumped up martinet. I’ve seen just enough of all of this to know I don’t want any part of it.

When I was younger and had visions of being a name poet and a recording artist, I always thought about the impact of the message and how much it meant to me that people would hear it. I never thought too much about poncing it up in any big way. I’d been around those people already and I couldn’t understand why they behaved like assholes so often, when they didn’t have to and when people would have loved them so much more if they hadn’t.

I was fairly well known at a younger age in smaller circles and one time a publisher I knew brought me up to Alan Ginsberg and said, “Alan, you’ve got to meet this fellow, he’s a terrific poet”. He treated me very, very badly with something more than dismissive contempt (he didn’t even know me) and I said, “You really are a very small man, aren’t you”? That didn’t go over well. A couple of months later (heh heh), someone else tried to do the same thing and Alan was waving his hands and saying, “Go away! Go away!” I laughed so hard I had to leave the room. I could be really cruel here and mention some personal things about the man but I won’t. I used to read accounts of him with important people and it always amazed me that they hadn’t met the fellow I had, or maybe they did. That’s the thing about celebrities; they tolerate a lot in each other because the downside of doing otherwise can be severe.

I know a lot of stories and I suspect that a good portion of them are true and I will tell you; celebrity is a cross to bear and a responsibility that very few shoulder. Then again, I’ve met some real celebrities and they are as humble as the dirt and they shine like the sun. In the ordinary world they don’t seem to notice that there are two kinds of celebrities, or the fact that they are mostly only aware of the one type. I could tell you some very funny and tragic stories but that would be the wrong thing. I suspect I already regret what I said but these are just illustrations toward a larger point. People don’t know when they have it good. They just don’t.

I understand the need for celebrities. We like movies and music. We like to read books and enjoy the force and power of ‘the muse’ as it works ‘through’ someone. A lot of us even enjoy the arrogance of those who deny the existence of the muse; to their great misfortune. I’ve seen her abandon many a denier in search of greener pastures. If you should become celebrated then you have a duty and it is not to yourself. It is the duty to show people what they so rarely see, your humanity and awestruck countenance in the presence of something so much greater than yourself.

We are all celebrities in the making, just as we are all stars in the sky someday. If you shine for yourself you will not give off very much light for very long, because the source of the light abhors that but it does wait and watch to see what you will do, when adversity comes. If you do not shine for yourself, you will shine forever.

These are dark times and most people have little clue as to the possibilities of a human state, nor how rare it can be and how difficult to win back. It doesn’t matter where you are at this point or what you may have done so far. It doesn’t matter what mistakes you have made. At any point you can change your course. It may not be easy, especially at the beginning but its been done many times, whenever someone comes to the point where they can no longer stand the lies and the hypocrisies it takes to go on as they have. There is probably no more critical time to think about this than now... especially now.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

There's an Ill Wind in the Willows

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I’ve been thinking about the way people read the important elements of life and why they can’t get a handle on what things mean which, invariably leads to them taking the ‘off the wall’ interpretations of the talking heads of media (read, government/corporation mouthpieces) and religion. A lot of people who consider themselves too intelligent to believe in anything, because they know they are being lied to, wind up mislead as much as the people whose belief systems they despise and they wind up cynical as well, which leads them into curmudgeon territory as they age. You are actually supposed to get younger and more serene as you age instead of senile and conflicted; the prey of neurosis and weird tics that lead to having the TV and the radio on every waking moment, because of the yawing jaws of uncertainty that approach more closely, with each passing day.

I’m going to present my perspective here (note the word perspective) on how it looks to me, based on both intuitive and experiential intake and observations.

One might wonder at the nature of prophecy and how it is that certain seers and so called prophets can predict future events, hundreds and even thousands of years ahead. Of course, their predictions are often presented in symbolic language packed with analogy and metaphor but let’s just put that aside for the moment and maybe altogether. You’ll get enough from the rest of it anyway and, since I am presenting a perspective we can allow for a certain amount of assumption (grin).

Events can be predicted because human nature doesn’t change. It may be better or worse at different times, depending on whether the times contain a greater measure of light or darkness; collective, enlightened awareness as opposed to collective ignorance and superstition, however, the human experience invariably cycles through the same repetition of ‘predictable’ events. We’re cycling into one of them now. The Revelation of St. John of Patmos is an example of predictive prophecy, clothed in symbolic language and people are seeing all kinds of parallels to that at the moment. Revelation and Apocalypse are pretty much the same. We’re seeing two roads moving parallel to each other with a big fork in the road ahead. There are connecting points on the way where members of either may pass over to the other for the period of time preceding the forking. On one road are those awakening and on the other, those who have bought the whole status quo package of deceit and disinfo.

One truism that I like to keep reminded of is, “as above, so below”. We occupy a place that could be called ‘middle Earth’. Below that are the infernal regions and above it are the celestial kingdoms. There are degrees of all three. Some parts of ‘middle Earth’ resemble the infernal more than the middle and some parts are more celestial than middle. This may all seem pretty matter of fact and dry at the moment but I have to set the stage for what I’m going to say.

In the infernal regions, you have devils or demons. In the celestial regions you have angels or devas. They serve a significant purpose in middle Earth. Human nature is drawn or attracted in one of two directions; usually it’s a bit of both, depending on the darkness of the age. What devils do is to lure and to amplify the lower characteristics of humanity. They’re supposed to make evil and ignorance attractive. They’re very busy and that’s probably why they are usually portrayed as being red in color. The governments and religions of the world, at this time, are mostly controlled by the infernal kingdom. The media is the mouthpiece of the devil, whose actual meaning turns out to be ‘slanderer’ so I guess ‘liar’ comes into that as well as Father of Lies. This is the present state of the thrones of the world but it should not be assumed that that is where the real control lies. The real control is above and also within and watchful.

Angels observe human behavior and offer options all along the way of any given life. Depending on the karma or debt weight of the individual, comes the latitude given. Eventually they step in at some point and provide a lesson. It can be gentler or more severe, depending. They run the show under the authority of the ultimate ruler and the devils simply provide the environment in which the lessons take place.

We get warnings all the time but we don’t hear or acknowledge them. It interferes with our free will and our assumed position of knowing what’s going on when we don’t. As a result we get corrected all along the way. We often don’t listen to this either and eventually it leads to severe corrections, which can be terminal and worse. You can look at this mathematically and you can look at this as a philosophical construct or you can just look at it as a game. There are two sides playing and you are the ball. Unlike in most games, the ball has some say in the play. Most of the time, the ball just acts like a ball, according to whether the times are darker or lighter; sometimes the ball is conscious and has a lot to do with the outcome. People do not understand the value of a human birth or what the potential is.

A lot of people think the challenges involved in coming to fruition are just too much. Because of cognitive dissonance, they don’t see that what they are going through is pretty hard as well, with very little payoff outside this vale of tears. We are gods in the making, acting like fools in waiting, without waiting very long, given the opportunity and that is one form of opportunity that knocks more than once.

A lot of people are upset about the shooting in Arizona, especially the little girl. They don’t seem to get that Obama kills more little girls and boys than that every day. They don’t get that that congresswoman does too. They don’t get all the lives ruined by judges that enforce unfair and insane laws against the public that judges are sworn to serve and protect. They don’t get how the outraged public that is all worked up about these killings; willingly support far greater murders every day. They don’t get it.

People listen to the devil and the devil lives in Obama and his court; the other royal courts and the various congresses and judiciaries of the world. There’s a real angel shortage in these locations. People swallow the sewer water lies of a diabolical media and act according to the swill they take in, as if the truth could be found anywhere in or near it. They get righteous and patriotic about thugs and brutes, while people too poor to move out of range are gunned down by video game toys. They support their own comfort level and name themselves human, while their comfort level is the reason for so many deaths; all while their comfort level disappears at the hands of the real bastards; the bankers, corporations and Wall Street gangs of psychopathic, fountain pen killers.

Nothing has to be as it is but it is as it is, because people listen to one side of things and think that they are on the side of the angels, when they are actually on the other side. There isn’t much one can say. It’s self evident or it’s as clear as mud.

Famous entertainers and celebrities rush to disaster zones and billions get collected by people looking to make themselves feel good, while the money disappears and no good is accomplished whatsoever. Then they can go to their fine, wined dinners and talk about world hunger and how much they donated.

I’ve run out of things to say. I was going to say more but my hearts not in it. I think I’ll go chainsaw some firewood and think about things but probably not too much. What I like to think about would have me locked up just for thinking about it, as soon as they can get around to making a law against it. I like to think about other worlds and other times and the dreams I’ve been having. All of that’s not against the law yet but it probably will be. It won’t matter to me. I only obey the laws I believe in. The rest of those laws apply to other people who think there is a reason for having such laws. Things and conditions apply to the people who believe in them. That goes for institutions and pretty much anything. Usually I like to sum things up at the end but this time, I’ll leave it to the rest of you.

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Sunday, January 09, 2011

What if We all Just tried a Little Harder?

Dog Poet Transmitting.....

My good friend Dr. Glenn Dormer is visiting me here in Italy and although the weather has been remarkable this winter, the last few days, the sun has been shining and upwards of 70 degrees. Weird things have been happening like they once did with regularity. Glenn’s a clean freak, so he’s in the kitchen a lot making it cleaner than it usually is because I am not a clean freak (grin). I try but it’s sporadic. I just don’t have that gene. I always thought it would be nice to have the money and make a couple of Indian (from India) people members of my family and give them a piece of everything I get just to help me keep my life together. Some people just like to keep a neat household but I don’t have the time. I’m busy working at all of whatever it is that I do and there are not enough hours in the day. That’s a good thing.

Now I’m thinking that someone, somewhere, is thinking that visible wants to abuse people from the 3rd world. The truth is that visible loves Indian food and cooks it for himself anyway and it would be great to have people speaking musically around him and harassing him to keep his shit together. That’s the truth and I’m not cheap; if I am anything at all. I would love an extended family.

Let’s go back to Glenn for a moment. Glenn is an MD and is now becoming a psychiatrist and that has got to be fun for him being around me because my understanding about mental pathologies dwarfs his and he will be the first to admit it at this point, given the ones that he has, which I bust him on routinely (grin). There’s nothing like spending time in high end, Guantanamo-like mental institutions that will give you a feel for crazy, if you’re paying attention.

Anyway, Glenn is in the kitchen doing his thing yesterday and a plate just decides to explode while he’s standing there. It defies all logic and reason that a plate would just commit suicide, without anyone touching it but that happens around me at least once a week and every visitor has seen examples of this sort of thing. So Glenn is a little freaked by this and I guess that’s got to be interesting when you are about to become a psychiatrist. It’s a good thing I’m not Hannibal Lecter.

My dog Poncho is here and he’s got his own pathologies. He loves my car. He sits out there and protects it. His whole life is based on the chance to jump up into my lap or -and that is BIG OR; to go for a ride so that he can howl like a banshee when we pass a dog. I think that has freaked Glenn out more than anything. I know he’s thinking that I should control my animal but Poncho has a small margin of being and I am indulgent. The sound doesn’t bother me at all but it bothers everyone else. Susanne puts him in a box in the Touran because he truly does go ballistic.

I’m one of those people that understands what that dog needs. Who am I to deny him? He wouldn’t hurt anyone if I let him out of the car but people are afraid of him for some reason, same with me and I’m not going to do anything either, unless I absolutely have to.

A couple of weeks ago two young thugs showed up at my house deep in the country and it was pretty apparent they were looking for opportunity. I could have gone a lot of ways with this. I could have been resistant, right from the getgo but I was truly curious what they thought they were up to. By the time we were done they didn’t know what they were up to and they went walking away really quick. My only concern was that they would harm my boy Poncho but that wasn’t in the mix anymore by that time. I won’t give you the details because it makes me look good and I hate being responsible for that (grin).

It’s not easy for me. So much is happening that I can’t interpret or explain. Every day now is like some kind of godawful challenge that I always feel like I failed. In the end just having Poncho near me is the best I can do. I can truly say I will miss him when he’s gone and sooner or later he will be but... I won’t miss me; not at all. That’s the one thing I am consistently trying to get rid of.

I’m going to break with tradition tonight on my radio show and have a guest in; cause I have a guest in and lets go back to that. I have a neighbor named Geno who lives across the way and he has at least twice my property and he works it all by himself. He’s a real rustic and his English is non existent and my Italian is better but not up to the mark. We don’t talk much but we like each other; all my neighbors are solid and decent people, which means we generally leave each other alone. Geno is in a lot of pain these days. I have seen that but not said anything but since Glenn showed up he came over and told me how bad his shoulder was hurting. Did he know that I have trained in the area of bodywork? I don’t know.

I gave him some manipulation and now he is here every day since, because he does hurt a lot. I told him it would take six days to fix his problem but it’s not going to fix his problem. It is just going to defer it because of his posture and his belly. How do I explain that to him? I do my best. He’s already much better and you know... it’s like that dog I picked up by the side of the road who turned out to be one of the smartest dogs I have ever seen...The Little Guy. Now he’s the beloved pet of the best dog handler in Baden Wurttemberg. They made a whole book of pictures and tales about him, which must have cost them something and they gave it to Susanne and I as a gift.

I could have driven by that dog. I had an excuse. There was a man walking near him. I could have convinced myself that the dog was with him. But who would own a bedraggled little thing like that that couldn’t even climb up on the sidewalk. It turned out he wasn’t more than 5 weeks old. I said to myself, “You know visible, this is what makes you different” and I stopped and took that doggie home. Today I can say that that was one of my good moves. You should see this dog now. If we all gave the dogs in our life a better shot then we would be better people. But we’re not. Are we? It doesn’t seem like it because the world I hear about does not match my expectations; not hardly.

If we would just go the extra inch; forget mile, we would reap rewards beyond measure. I reap them every day, not that I actually appreciate it because I never meet my own expectations. I just don’t ...but I have had a few bright moments where I have done the right thing and... my readers... my readers... it is all in our grasp if we were not such fucking lazy cowards. I know we don’t mean to be. I know we all imagine ourselves as heroes and then curse ourselves in the night when our honesty proves to be too much for us to resist, when our conscience gets at us. I’m asking for a little more from all of you right now. I’m asking you to do what I am unable to do and have damned myself for. I’m asking you to be a little more like the man I wish I was. I’m asking you to show how I can be a better man and make all these words that I use, worth the time it took to write them.

It just is not easy and it hurts so much of the time but my pain is nothing compared to the pain of the people I see around me and I don’t do as much as I could but maybe I am fooling myself about that because I can’t do anything at all. I only live on borrowed power. Anything I do achieve occurs because I get out of the way. Anything else I might presume is just vanity.

Go the extra inch or yard, okay? I can’t do this by myself. I can’t do anything. I’m not asking for myself. I’m asking for you in your place. There has never been a time when your efforts will pay off so handsomely. If there was, it was ten’s of thousands of years ago. You don’t have to do anything for me. Do it for yourself. Don’t spend the rest of your life regretting what you should have done, just do it when you have the chance. Do it for Poncho. Do it for The Little Guy. Do it for Black. Do it for your brother and your sister. You are never doing it for anyone but yourself in the end. You just don’t know that until the end.

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