Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Orcs in the Rafters and Trolls in the Woodpile.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It must be the stress, coupled with fear and uncertainty, as primary players of the moment, in the minds of those who are not solidly rooted enough in anything, to grant them an anchor against the howling winds, inside their minds and... inside their hearts; seemingly all around them ...but it is the winds within that count. It is the winds of disturbance, within, that count.

I mention this today because there is a sudden large and noticeable uptick in strange behavior, coming out of nowhere ...and generated by nothing I am aware of. One fellow showed up in my email box yesterday, ranting and raving at me, about not doing some kind of internet search for him. He wasn't real clear. He made some comment about, “sure, you're busy but you can't be that busy” and something about having read at the blogs for 7 years and it bestowing certain privileges on him.

Then a gay guy, upset by my not taking his lifestyle choices seriously, decided he would do a segue sideways into a hissy fit that took the shape of reading me my inventory, while failing to get most of the actual items contained there. This was part of a triple pronged assault, each of which attacked with a different slander and none of which are backed up by fact in my existence but... I could see how someone who never met me, might make certain assumptions. The unfortunate thing for those who seek to off balance me, make me insecure, or get to me from one angle or another, is that they really ought to have legitimate ammunition when they come at me, otherwise it just makes me laugh to see how far off base some of these people are. I don't know if they have some kind of a Hasbara instruction book that lists the general terms (one size fits all) of intended injury, along with various delivery systems that they can employ in the pursuit of intended injury.

These are intentional sorties and have been in the planning stages for some time. The cannibal swine are ramping up the opposition because... because the wind has shifted and Mr. Apocalypse has intensified the pressure on those, whose activities are in the process of being exposed to the eyes of the world. Because of this they are releasing armies of faux human robots, who troll the web in an effort to disrupt the missions and operations of those who are in the employ of Mr. Apocalypse.

It's true that a great many people can be made very uncomfortable and discommoded by slander and name calling but... for that to have any impact or power on one, the person targeted has to be under the influence of vanity, self importance and attendant liabilities. As Lao Tzu said, “He who feels pricked must have once been a bubble”. When you can free yourself of these forces, drawbacks, shortcomings; call them what you will, nothing anyone says to you means anything, neither the good nor the bad. The good you pass back up the line. The bad reveals to you the weaknesses resident in your assailant and... should they occasionally actually hit on something valid, the sane and unencumbered soul acknowledges whatever it is and takes whatever actions are necessary. Sometimes, there's nothing you can do. We're all saddled with certain limitations that we have for some period of time, for reasons best known to whatever drives and motivates us. Sometimes we're the way we are because we have no interest in changing ourselves for the better. Sometimes, no effort we make, changes anything because we are the way we are for (drum-roll) 'the purpose of demonstration'. There are a few things that I advise anyone so inclined to have branded into their consciousness; should they be inclined to believe these statements to be true in the first place. One of them has already been stated but... let me put all of these things into the framework of a dialogue.

“What is the reason for all of the things that happen and which often make no sense to us? It is for the purpose of demonstration”. Let me call up The Bard himself and quote him, “All the world's a stage”, we act out according to certain dynamics, within the parameters of our understanding and awareness and we are the lifetime prisoners of what we believe to be real, about ourselves, about others and about all of the elements of life we have so defined, according to our appetites and values in respect of the war that goes on between them.

“What are we supposed to do about all of these terrifying and threatening things that are looming on the horizon, seem to be looming; the phantom thunders that signify a conflagration in the heavens and a storm upon the Earth?” “Everything is under control”. How can everything be under control when everything appears to be out of control? There are all kinds of ways to look at that. One of them is that the more out of balance things become, the more radical the shifts that are necessary to bring things back into sync, whatever and wherever sync is. It's been so long since sync has been around. Didn't he have something to do with the Symbionese Liberation Army? That didn't work out too well from what I remember.

The last thing that should be branded on the consciousness, will be defined in the following terse dialogue. “How come things happen in the way that they do and make no kind of sense to me”? “Things happen the way they do 'for a very good reason'. The idea is to accept that phrase, “things happen for a very good reason” as being absolute. I can hear the screeches already flooding the airwaves, when I mention something like 'an absolute'. I can hear the screeching, when I say that 'everything is under control'. Heck, I can hear it when I say 'for the purpose of demonstration' because people don't like the demonstration.. The things is, we are expressions of what we believe is true. We tell ourselves that certain things are true but we don't make a convincing argument. We say we believe something but we don't, not really. This is an argument that is made by any number of spiritual masters. What is amusing (well, maybe it's not all that funny) is that we can very easily be convinced into believing our own bullshit. That seems to be one of the easiest activities that a person can engage in. It's practically effortless.

We are seduced by our own reptile and atavistic mind, into believing all sorts of outrageous and impossible things that ,if we were sane and not a common sidewalk hooker for our appetites, would look as absurd to us as they look to everyone else, who isn't in on the scam we are running on ourselves but... to get us to believe things that rest on sound and timeless principles, which have been demonstrated in the lives of exceptional men and women, all across the centuries, well, for some reason we don't seem quite up to the task. We got big problems believing what's true and deathless. We're all day suckers for the ephemeral and transitory.

Part of the problem, I think, is that the people informing us about the deathless and true, are among the most boring people on the planet and are also part of a huge disinfo campaign, where the ministers of the established church, shill for the killers of the one upon whom the whole thing was based in the first place, in order to groom the young and clueless, into being canon fodder for the most despicable aggregate of monsters on the planet. They take the teachings of the Prince of Peace and turn them into exhortations for war.

Any halfway intelligent person, knows that these ministers are spinning a fairytale that bears no resemblance to the real thing. So you get a lot of people who call themselves atheists, running around not believing in a God that doesn't exist and effectively throwing the baby out with the bathwater. I can prove irrefutably in several ways that there is a vast hierarchy which exists in the invisible, beyond the bandwidth of the senses but not beyond the bandwidth of those who control the senses. We have the very least of existence here and the poorest choices of anything and everything, compared to what's available elsewhere and the same exceptional personages I have already mentioned attest to this.

In these times of false prophets, there are all too few, who recognize that you cannot charge money for something that is priceless. If you do, it's no longer priceless. It's like that old dialogue between a rich man and a young lady that he is trying to seduce into a sexual encounter. He asks, “Excuse me, would you go to bed with me for a millions dollars”? The lady responds near instantaneously, “Yes, yes I would” “Well, then, would you go to bed with me for a hundred dollars”? Offended, she retorts, “Of course not, what do you think I am”? He replies, “We've already established that, now we're just haggling over the price”. The reason I give out free advertising on my sites (even though I have little to no money- depending on the particular day) and do not charge for what I do, insofar as what I do has to do with the ineffable, is because I know the laws that govern certain things and I am bound and determined to honor them, irregardless of what anyone else may get up to.

Of course it's okay to charge a nominal fee for speaking engagements but not 250 dollars and up. It's okay to charge for books because it cost money to print books. Money is okay and a necessary tool. It deserves respect because it has a lot of power and will kick the shit out of you if you are not careful.

In conclusion, whenever people with phantom injuries and imagined slights, get up to seeking to diminish or tarnish me, you should be forewarned that I am extremely capable of doing that on my own and I care not one wit about the opinions of those whose motives I am very much aware of. I only care what my employer thinks and my employer will spark a resonance, or appreciation, in the hearts of those so chosen, just as the reverse will also be generated for those so chosen and the reasons for any and all of this, partial and total, will be revealed at the appropriate time. Have a nice day.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dancing on the Minute Hand of the Cosmic, Karma Clock.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

We're going to go on a bit of a personal ride today. It needs doing and so it will be done.

Most people who come here are unqualified supporters of the author and the work that gets done here (measured and informed criticism is always welcome too-grin). The author extends his unqualified support to all of the readers, who make him better than he would have been on his own and who raise the consciousness level of the atmosphere, by collectively having high intelligence (for the most part-grin). There is a small cadre of vengeful hearts; it might all be the same person. It might be two. Since I've been doing this for awhile and have a smokingly awake intuition, I can tell when someone is trying to effect syntax modeling, in order to disguise themselves as someone else. So it goes. The main point though, is that we average about 1 negative comment a month around here, though, occasionally, said troll will catch a case of Red Ass and go off two or three times, in a short time, before heading back into his underground world of resentments, for not being able to do anything about what goes down here. He is especially upset that I keep rising from the ashes of occasional actings out and probably way, way more pissed that there is little likelihood of any more events. When I look at the overwhelming percentage of positive to negative commentary, I experience a few things. One is that there is a definite resonance here and it is manifested by a force other than myself. Another is that I'm going in the right direction even if I don't know what that is. Another is that the impact of such a small amount of negativity on me is not even noticed by me, meaning I am perpetually inspired to keep doing what I do.

I mentioned yesterday that I could no longer go to the destination point that I have had in mind for some time. Indeed, I had been planning a migration to one of several countries (in that land mass) over the course of a couple of years. That's how long I have known my situation here was going to transform. The amount of research I did about the various locations is pretty impressive (now I know why I have felt all along that there was something I wasn't getting). I didn't want to find myself so far away, with a massive headache. I'm pretty confident that it would have worked out, if I had been allowed to do it. I am seldom not allowed to do something. The bottom line, doing the math, is that I can't do something if I can't do it, for lack of the wherewithal to do it ...and the universe has been dragging its feet big time, about things that it has gone out of it's way to convince me of, or has been blowing smoke up my ass in respect of (grin). I have no particular priorities, or must haves, in relation to what I do. I do what I do because I am compelled to. If I got the world or nothing at all, it would change nothing. And... I'm not too upset at the cosmos, due to my not comprehending its sense of timing. I do have to remember that I was told, in no uncertain terms, that the major blessings and good fortune due me (earmarked for me) ...could not come to me, until I had relocated; I keep forgetting that.

It occurs to me that the less I seek to do anything, the better off I am. I'm perfectly happy when completely alone and I'm glad to work all the time and I'm pretty much okay wherever I am, given certain minimal requirements being met, as long as it's not the U.S.S.A. It's not easy orchestrating or managing a life. It's probably not smart, wanting to form a community, with a bunch of strangers, or relocate somewhere where everyone is a stranger, at least for a little while. It seems to make sense for me to simply focus on what I do and keep doing it ...and not branch out into all sorts of entrepreneurial exercises. I can diagram them for interested parties. It makes sense if people want to see me they can just come and see me and many people do. I don't blame anyone for not helping to facilitate what it was I thought I wanted to do. Behind the appearance of other people's participation in my life, I see the hand of the cosmos, doing its mysterious workings thing. What I'm going to do is recognize the community in my head and let the rest of whatever be handled, or not, by precipitation at the hands of the unnamed god.

Now, I've spent two years trying to relocate myself, with a couple of colossal misadventures (that turned out to be the conscious cosmos acting in mysterious ways) and far more satisfactory interactions that never got any press, which is par for the course (grin). Everything has changed on me again and now I have to look for a situation in Europe somewhere. I'm laughing at the moment ...because I have no idea of what I'm going to do, or where I'm going to go; an insider tour guide in Prague sounds interesting and I've got mad skills for that. What I do know is that I can manage to do it and that I'll have a grace period, where I can sort things out. I don't know how weird your lives have been but mine has only been weird. The only normal I've known, has come and gone, alternatively, coming and going.

So, it looks like I am going to disappoint a whole lot of people again ...but really, there is nothing I can personally do about it. I've been informed in no uncertain terms that I can't go where I had intended to go but I can go anywhere I want in this country or neighboring countries. I can even go back to our house in Italy and stay there from now on but that is a freaky zone for me to be all alone in, as has been demonstrably proven by what happened the last time I was there and why I wasn't allowed to go back until now. I'd pretty much have to have someone around me there, as a reference point, if nothing else. When I get in private and isolated locations, the resonance between me and the invisible goes up a number of notches and there's no telling what's possible ...because pretty much anything is.

Whatever might have happened in that other location can just as easily happen here. There are all sorts of places that are open for related things; abandoned monasteries, factory lofts, abandoned penitentiaries (grin), open spaces and god knows, Eastern Europe, or Ost Bloc, as we call it around here, certainly has potential, when it comes to cheap land and big empty buildings.

I imagine most of you have a certain consistency to your existence, you can rely on the world being pretty much the same, on whatever day you get up and walk out into it. I do not have this luxury and though it appears that I have an extreme freedom of movement and am allowed to give my time and attention to whatever comes in front of it, that's not actually the case. I see myself more as a sort of automaton, who goes through certain motions, based on whatever is printed on the ticker tape, running out of the multi dimensional, Cosmic, Karma Clock.

There is no regularity in this clock, the way there in in an ordinary clock, or in the seasons which follow a predictable routine. What happens is that a sequence will go on, for as long as it takes for the sequence to accomplish, what the sequence was initiated to accomplish. It might happen quicker than what the varieties of prediction experts predict, or it may take longer but... it will go on as long as it has to ...because the sequence that follows it, relies on that happening first.

Many of us like to believe that we are in charge of our own destiny, that we make the call and that everything we want, or need, is in earshot. What we are in charge of how we feel about what happens to us and how we react to it. We believe we initiate things but where does the impetus to act come from? Where do our ideas come from? Where do the people in our lives come from and... why them? Any one of us can walk into the same environments and circumstances and the results of our tenure there and what exists there, following our departure ...and what happens while we are there, will be different every time. We are singular and unique, like snowflakes, to which we are often compared and... relatively speaking, in respect of greater things, as short lived as a snowflake, with the usual, rare and unusual exceptions. You've seen those exceptions in Asian figurines, with massive pronounced foreheads and other physical distinctions that set them apart from the unruly and undisciplined mob. They are usually placed as being... alone and unto themselves.

Every deity that we see personified in sculpture, pictures, or discussed in vague and indirect references, simply because it is impossible to define what is under discussion, have all been in manifestation, more than once, in whichever of us has been selected as a residence for the task.

People who are familiar with the great, deathless, Hindu saint, Babaji (sometimes accompanied by his sister), know that he observes the passing spectacle of human existence and on rare occasions, he will interact with certain individuals, as he did with Paramahansa Yogananda, Sri Yuketeswar and Lahiri Mahasaya. I'm reading the lineage backwards but... no matter, Babaji, like most of the Buddhas and various celestial beings (who are not Bodhisattvas), experiences 'unbearable compassion' on a regular basis. What is unbearable compassion? That is when you see the pathetic and pitiable state of humanity and know that there is nothing you can do about it, that it is all knitted together in a collective and individual Karma that has to play out, until whatever needs to happen in the sequence happens. Once it does, you got options. That is what makes awareness so profound and powerful. A change in awareness can change your life. It can alter it so dramatically, as to make it unrecognizable ...and history is littered (grin) with examples. You can also makes friends in unseen locations, by a relentless petitioning for presence. Should your desire for this, exceed your desire for everything else, it is automatically yours. That is a single requirement for the miraculous; meaning it will activate it. It's not the only thing that will activate it though. I don't want to give that impression. Grace can activate it and other things too.

Well, if I didn't follow through on an expected sequence, it's cause that sequence has been denied to me. It wasn't denied initially. It just sort of grew and grew offstage, until it came on stage. So, I'll be looking for hints for locations in the general area of here, which is a pretty big area and I'll be checking out on my own, whatever possibilities suddenly appear in front of me, as if by accident, but... there are no accidents, are there?

End Transmission.......

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Anyone in Europe with any ideas for me, I'd appreciate you letting me know. This is kinda fun and exciting (grin).

There will be a radio broadcast this weekend.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Fault Lies not in Ourselves but in Shakespeare, Gilbert and Sullivan.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(gag!!! manufactured sick making hysteria; never a better time for some of that old time SIDS. Quick now! What's Queen Elizabeth's last name? What's Prince William's last name? Don't know do you? Of course, you probably don't even know Prince's last name, first name or any of his present names do you? Who cares? Of course, the world would miss Prince a lot more than it would miss these vacuous, two dimensional, cardboard cutouts, who need a French Revolution redux- England style-, like we need air to breathe.)

Limping into Origami, like Gloucester in flight from Cornwall. What a horror it would have been to have been Gloucester or Lear; 'Tis the time's plague when madmen lead the blind. Do as I bid thee, or rather do thy pleasure'. Speaking of astrology and most other things, Edmund said it best- "This is the excellent foppery of the world, that, when we are sick in fortune,--often the surfeit of our own behavior,--we make guilty of our disasters the sun, the moon, and the stars: as if we were villains by necessity; fools by heavenly compulsion; knaves, thieves, and treachers, by spherical predominance; drunkards, liars, and adulterers, by an enforced obedience of planetary influence; and all that we are evil in, by a divine thrusting on: an admirable evasion of whoremaster man, to lay his goatish disposition to the charge of a star!" Oh yeah!

I try to lay the ills of my existence at my own doorstep but sometimes I really do believe I've got precious little to say about it all. I don't like to entertain the idea that I've got nothing to say about it at any time, ever. It may be true but I don't want to believe it. I wonder if that is an unfortunate and terminal fault, or just the byproduct of an irrepressible imagination, with too much optimism in it's tank. One would have to say that almost any optimism, is too much, in a world that suffers pompous and hideously vain playing cards like the British Royal Family or... any royal family for that matter. “I would rather spend the afternoon in a Turkish bath with my mother, than an afternoon with the dentist”. I think Gilbert said that. I would rather spend an afternoon at the dentist, rather than to hear about the British Royal family for five minutes. I said that.

Well, I'd better stay away from the classical references, after all, these days an education is no longer an education but rather the diminution of one, under the pretense of the acquisition of one. Of course, these days, nearly everything is a pretense and a manifested offense, against good sense and good taste, with all that made us noble gone to waste. Since I have just watched, “Topsy Turvy”, perhaps I can be forgiven for bringing up Gilbert and Sullivan at all. I'd be better served with a wider audience, if I were to discuss 'the reflective rancescense of raptorial retards, in the rebarbative rebullition of Milli and Vanilli, by way of West (what a loathsome no talent dung slug; proof positive that all this exposure is manufactured to make us dumber than we already are) and Kardashian'. I think I'll make that the title of my doctoral thesis. I can see it now, Doctor Visible, D.D.S. (doctor of dick shit), I truly regret the loss of an informed population, even an informed partial population, when there is any number of people, where the pure enjoyment of information and intelligent opinion, is preeminent over vanity and pseudo-intellectualism.

I love the conversation between Gilbert and his wife, when we see the genesis of one of the greatest works of art that I have ever had the fulsome pleasure to experience in “The Mikado” as dramatized in Topsy Turvy (though critics pan that version, being the anal purists that they are, if you get the digital remastering, you are in for a treat). For well over a year, every week during my rides from Woodstock to the Poughkeepsie train station, on my way to NYC and then back again and then for months before and after that period, I listened to it every day.

Why am I bringing this up? These can be depressing and heartbreaking times. We move from disappointment to disappointment, in the world and in ourselves; not all of us, to be sure. Some of us have charmed lives but... as the poet once said, “The world is too much with us”. Still, for many of us, the tedium and lethargy of our peers and the world we are collectively forced to inhabit, except for those of us who have accomplished the magical state of living in a world of our own creation... for better, rather than for worse (depending on whether you are married or not; KIDDING!), it can be trying and challenging to hold it together and walk on the sunny side of the street, cause ♫when you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you ...but when you're crying, you bring on the rain♫ etc. Of course, there is almost never a time when the whole world smiles with you but... It's the thought that counts. Like the cat that drops in and says, “You know I was thinking of getting you X for your birthday” but they didn't get it because, for them, the currency was in the thought and the hope that you would feel just as replete as if they actually had gotten the gift, which they did not, then or ever. We've all got friends like that and we call them friends, probably because we don't have all that many friends to begin with (grin). ♫Always look on the bright side of life♫

Anyway, things like the Mikado, Monty Python (Eric Idle did a version of The Mikado, by the way), Fawlty Towers, revisiting Lucille Ball (reading the Monkey Wrench Gang again- or even better, for the first time) or anything you can think of that once brought a smile to your face, is a good idea when a smile is hard to come by, in the face of a frown on the countenance of life. As far as the Monkey Wrench Gang goes and... Edward being dead and... it being a free download at various places, where I don't feel like going through the changes to register to get it, I don't feel bad about mentioning a link like this in passing; of course, this is only for the purposes of information, observation and novelty purposes and in no way a recommendation to take advantage of it. I already own my own purchased copy; one of many that have come and gone. If you've read the book, then you know why this has yet to come to the screen. It's for the same reason that this film has yet to arrive also. Think about it.

Never forget. Keep it uppermost in your mind that the Screwed (blued and tattooed) Meanies know that two of their biggest weapons, are for us to have bad weather in our hearts and heads and to be misinformed about as much as it is possible for us to be misinformed about. The latter invariably will lead to some version of the former and the former will invariably lead to a capacity and predisposition for the latter. It's all a kind of 'fuck you math' where, things don't add up, for the purpose of your discomfort.

Considering all that has been said so far, it behooves one to understand the magical effect and the beauty of doing something for someone else and how that reflects and acts back upon you. Along with this come the capacity to think of the good of all (that are good or can be motivated to be), as being the best way to manifest the most good for yourself. I have tried to convey the extreme importance of having the right mind set at all times ...because everything originates in the mind, on it's way to the manifest. Everything originates in the mind on it's way to the manifest. Yeah, right. Right.

One needs but to consider the content of books like, the “Power of Positive Thinking”, the works of Dale Carnegie, Joel S. Goldsmith, Ernest Holmes, Joseph Murphy and others. Some number of names which you might expect to be listed here, I have left out because I consider them to be frauds and opportunists like E. Tolle, Louise B Hays and any number of new age hucksters I can think of; keeping in mind that you are welcome to form your own opinion and keeping in mind, I can well prove my case at the same time. I must admit, I have a rather harsh opinion of snatch and grab, money junkies, stuffing their pockets under false pretenses, flooding the airwaves and byways, with stupor inducing regurgitation’s of things better and more powerfully said already by others, which are rephrased and then offered as original ...but which are so poorly camouflaged that anyone aware of the originals, can easily spot the despicable plagiarisms and... also keeping in mind that the original phrase-makers did not make walking out of lecture halls with large bags of money, their greatest priority ...and this predisposition, causes a near nauseous contempt to rise up from the nether regions of my digestive system, when it is not already on it's way toward a basso profundo and well deserved, critical statement, given from the other end of the system.

Once we get into the habit of wishing each other well, with the dawn of every day and holding that thought in 'our' minds, at the descent of sleep upon our minds, at the close of each, we shall find some great changes, coming about in a regular fashion in our lives. We are also free to disregard this, as we are free to disregard anything at any time. The world is what it is because of what we are. We are what we are ...because of our willingness or unwillingness, to go along with what the crowd has been seduced into believing, at the hands of the monsters who have accomplished it. One has only to look at the horrible ways so many of them are caused to suffer and die ...because of them. One has only to look and see, as opposed to looking and then having what they see interpreted for them. Only a fool believes there is safety in a crowd. These are the ones that compose the mob, when the mob comes about, out of thin air, unexpected by any and all, who make up the flames and cinders of that conflagration of madness, when it comes with all of it's predictable and painfully sad results the aftermath.

Let's leave it at that for the moment, both what has been said and what remains unsaid.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, July 19, 2013

The Darkness within the Darkness and the Light within the Light.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(As is so often the case and... what are you gonna do? There's this minority view perception out there that these blogs and the manner in which they are executed, should be according to their tastes. The implications are unsettling, so I won't go into them. Those who want Origami to go back to whatever the old Origami was, (when they are not hassling me about other things as well), which was never stationary in the first place, are simply not paying attention so... I'll delineate just a bit. Origami is still Origami but... now I open with terrestrial and material circumstances and then transit halfway through, or before, into the metaphysical. Meanwhile, both of the other two, regularly posting blogs, have had Origami over (or under) tones added where they were not previously so... there's actually been an increase in Origami flavored topicality. It does pay to pay attention around here and it certainly pays for me to pay attention... at all times. Here's something else I've been wanting to point out for awhile. It kind of goes along with a particular theme that I have been pointing out- usually when anonymous pops in with steam coming out of his ears about masons, Illuminati, Opus Dei, The Vatican; theories about the Jesuits running Israel and how every single member of any and all of these related organizations and possibly any organization are all corrupt etc. As far as I am concerned and... I only know this intuitively:

the idea that Bilderberger is making policy for the rest of the world to live by and that Bohemian Grove, is the actual location where everything rumored and suspected takes place, is a diversion and distraction. It's all a front, designed to get you to focus on that instead of where it is really going on, which is never announced and could well take place
in any number of ways or places.

I attempt to address this situation in my new novel, which will be out ASAP, after I find someone who is capable of rendering it into an acceptable format, for digital and print publication. Proofreading and text correction is only a secondary feature and more easily addressed; not to discount those efforts at all but the primary concern is to get it into something easily transferable across platforms.

I hope that the majority of the readers will bear with me and I believe that they do. Everything evolves or devolves, nothing stands still. Someone wants me to write on the subject of magic. I have written extensively on that subject and we have a search engine on the sites to assist in the location of those articles. Sure, I'll write about it again too. It wouldn't make much point for me to be here and show up every day, if I wasn't of service and useful, so, that's my intention. Time and the river will tell the truth of that. I've had to live right up against the edges of extremity for decades to pull this off but... I have to assume it gets sorted out somewhere at some point; not complaining, just staying with full disclosure. Alright, I've written near half a post of this so... keeping in mind all that's been said here, let's go with an object lesson).

It seems that the more we uncover, the more horrible is the filth that we uncover and it seems there is very little filth that we do uncover that does not have a good portion of the usual suspects, like Cass Sunstein engaged in it. It's good to know that when the right person is in the official position to wipe out a large portion of the American public that she also has time to reassure those she is committing this mass murder on the behalf of and she might as well be doing a tour given all of the whistle stops at similar locations she has made on her way. This Kathleen Sibelius is cut from the same mold as Janet Napolitano. When they are not sick twisted creatures to begin with, they get shaped into them. We're seeing all kinds of things because we are supposed to be shown them. If we don't want to see them well, that's up to us.

Now what are we to make of this? Here are a couple of the snippets from this shake 'n bake article, The judge rejected any suggestion that Silverstein had sought a windfall, saying he was among the “heroes” who sought to “create beauty out of the destruction.” and... there's this, “In my opinion, no one is enjoying a windfall -- everyone is suffering from 9/11,” the judge said. “Talking about a windfall “is obnoxious in this case”. Why would this have happened in the first place, unless... unless this was orchestrated to convey the impression that the two of them and... all of those engaged in enslaving and destroying America and The West are not thick as thieves. It doesn't make a great deal of sense except as some form of stage magic or... something yet to be determined. It does appear as if all sorts of rumblings and reactions are going on under the public radar and some of them are not under the radar. Let us presume that we can presume from all the revelations being uncovered that there's a lot going on that we haven't seen yet and a lot more being groomed for the saturating glow of Mr. Apocalypse's flashlight or, the light within the light. One light makes it possible to see things at all; their shape, dimensions, colors and whatever it is that the physical senses are empowered to perceive and the other light sees things from the inside out. The other light reveals everything that is not revealed by the light it is concealed within. In a certain sense you might say this is the difference between wisdom and divine luminous wisdom. Those privy to certain arcane sciences are familiar with 'Ain', 'Ain Soph' and 'Ain Soph Aur'.

You might recognize those terms from certain Kabalistic books attributed to the Tribe that hijacked them from Chaldean sources and other sources to cobble together a reverse engineered occult science, for the purpose of conversing with demons, as opposed to the angels for which the sciences were originally intended. This isn't to say that there isn't a Tribe out there that still engages in the right way to do these things. It is to be assumed that there is. In times of material darkness, a large portion of the servants of light retreat. The same is true about times when materialism is not preeminent; the servants of darkness retreat.

The yo yo dynamic of existence on this plane is a continuous interplay of light and shadows. Sometimes it's all bright, effulgent and airy and sometimes it is dark, dreary and even worse. Because the various periods are all greater than that of any 'human' life, it can be hard for 'most' humans to grasp the vastness of the periods that pass across the stage of existence. This and other limitations in the human experience, denies most humans any real perspective, to see things as they really are. It takes a very long stretch of protracted and focused application or superhuman effort to gain the greater view. In most times,most people are not up to this, nor motivated toward this. In times of material darkness there are far fewer candidates. At the same time, because of the degree of difficulty, the potential for making great strides is never greater than in times of material darkness.

One of the things you have to keep in mind, if you just happen to be one of that sort of people ...and some of us here are..., is that the terrain over which you progress, the things you go through and all manner of things, tend to conceal what's actually happening to you, so that you often feel you are making no progress. Despair, a sense of futility and failure, are all routine companions in times of material darkness. If there were a tarot card for these times, it would be of a man taking one step forward and two steps back. I don't know how possible it is to make a tarot card out of something like that. Then again there are several tarot cards that would readily apply to these times, far more accurately than any number of the vacuous decks put out by one new age operation or another. Some very relevant tarot cards would be; teenage girl thumbfucking cellphone with one leg bouncing over the knee of the other, man burning to death in flaming car ... nah, ...I'm not going to go any further with that, it is Origami and my mind just spun off into all kinds of hilarious, not-politically correct images, that are most likely not universally suitable for polite company.

Continuing... so, being aware of the nature of the times in which you are living might be one of the most important things to consider. Just because you can't see where you are going and can't measure any sense of progress, doesn't mean you aren't going somewhere and that you aren't making any progress. This is all due to appearances being manipulated to maintain the populace in a collective headspace compound, along a spectrum that runs from clueless indifference to raving paranoia, from passive submissiveness to smoldering aggression and resentment. That doesn't really tell you anything does it? What I mean is a spectrum of shades of gray, a kind of potential/kinetic negativity zone, with no escape hatches. There's either a steady stream of treacly, pop tart inanities, or wild and hysterical claims being generated by the most dangerous people on Earth, concerning their chosen enemies, which should be a tip off as to who the least dangerous people might be.

If you can see that your reality is being manipulated by a dedicated cadre of Satanists, you have to assume that there are similar influences of a similar nature that are also impacting on your consciousness and your perceptions that you are unaware of, just as there are repellent life forms that are meeting in secret that have a lot more to say about what's going on than do the Bilderbergers and the Bohemian Groovers. We've been confined in a deprivation chamber, (masquerading as a culture) where truth has been denied access, due to filter traps, designed to prevent its entrance. The truth is as toxic to lies as lies are toxic to the truth... except that truth is always the victor. In the cases where lies are toxic to the truth, those are the circumstances I was speaking about where the servants of life retreat due to the concentrated pervasiveness of the darkness. In the reverse cases, the lies are disintegrated, vaporized and flash incinerated by the truth. There may seem to be some sort of conflict in meaning going on here but... there's all kinds and degrees of truth and varying levels of toxicity when it comes to evil as well.

What I am trying to say with my usual ineffectiveness is that most of us are muddling about in a massive hallucination complex, very similar to a hall of funhouse mirrors, where what we are to begin with, is distorted by what is reflecting us back to ourselves. The culture has reached a place where the unnatural is preeminent over the natural and where, no matter how much gets granted to very small minority concerns, it is not only never enough BUT apparently each improvement only makes things worse. If you are among the rapidly diminishing, endangered species of sane people, then you know how crazy this sort of thing sounds. If you have a functioning brain, you can read this article by a militarized member of this particular small minority and, as one in possession of a functioning brain, you will see the dime store psychology at work. It's just one of the weapons being employed by the collective army of downwardly mobile dunderheads, who are working as lab rats in a maze designed by their tormentors, who have managed to convince them that they are what they have been deceived into believing themselves to be and now they are willing to kill to maintain that.

The PTW are in serious panic mode. We might not know exactly why they are in panic mode. One might assume it is because more and more is coming out every day about their plans but I think there's more to it all than that. They're hard at work seeking to reinforce certain lies of their own previous manufacture, like this transparent, localized, false flag effort. It's amazing how wide and concerted an effort is going on, to reinforce the official lies, concerning all of the official assaults upon the public welfare and well being. Something's up and I'll leave it at that. Something's up and the meter is running. More than that, I don't know.

What I do know is that if you go in fear of these creeps, or you have decided that the temporary and ephemeral are where the 'value added' portion of life is located, you're in trouble. There are other options if you know where to look.

End transmission......

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God in Country by Les Visible

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Silverfishsteins, Riverworlds and Virgin Sperm Dancers.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I know this is Origami but a brief nod out to one of the most virulent vipers to ever crawl out of a sewer drain, the loathsome and irredeemable Larry Silverfishstein. In an act of breath taking hubris, Larry lowers the bar to unimagined depths, declaring to all the world, “I am a despicable, greedy and malevolent shit and proud of it”. Not only was Larry actively engaged in the attack on the World Trade Center and the recipient of massive funds for that ...but now he wants to sue the airlines for an equal sum. He's going in front of a 'to the bone' corrupt Tribe judge so, he's got some kind of back door guarantee, one would think.

Speaking of ruthless, remorseless creatures who, long ago, savaged whatever dim light of humanity, still ghost flickered in that dark tormented region, where most of us have a heart, one of Larry's kindred spirits, a brother by another mother, has been detained. He's a real sweetheart. He didn't kill as many people as Larry but, it's altogether possible that his level of relative evil is pedestrian compared to Larry. Yes, the battle is already over, it's been won on the inner planes. As victory precipitates down, we are living in the echo of a departing darkness; no longer in harness, to the demons that drive men to war ...on the orders of bankers. Those who are still deceived, let them awaken or remain so, it is of small import, except to them. That's the problem with distorted history and the idea that it belongs to the victors who write it, it makes the present seem unseemly, unworkable, as if our efforts were meant to be directed at the world outside, instead of directed at internal inconsistencies and shortcomings, until the finer qualities are conferred, at which point, those efforts concerning the external realm will automatically be engaged. That's how the symmetry works, along the lines of the “physician heal thyself” template.

One of the things (among so many things) that compromise the inconsistent seeker and those not completely dedicated, could be called The Slough of Despond. It's not the only formidable retardant on the path, all of which are designed for the single purpose of dissuading the insincere, the dilettantes and fair weather seekers, who don't have a problem with, “any port in a storm”. It separates the men from the boys and doesn't require a crowbar (grin): should a gentleman offer a ewe his Wellingtons?

What is dawn but sunset somewhere else?
Change the world but better change yourself
We're all dying to be free
From the chains of memory
No matter where we search we find
She is the virgin sperm dancer in our mind♫

Or, something to that effect. Or, I wish I did but maybe I do. Life goes on with or without you and that would be the case, even if you were still here. I've mentioned it before but I'll mention it again, for the benefit of science fiction-fantasy buffs. There's a series of books by Philip Jose Farmer, called “Riverworld”. It's a highly entertaining series of books, about the afterlife being all along the banks of a great river and everyone from history is there walking about. It's a trippy concept and effectively delivered.

It's not like there aren't hints and clues, winks and nods, lying about all over the place. It's not like what one might be searching for cannot be found, no matter what it is. Most things are hiding in plain sight. The difficulty is that many things are not presenting themselves in their actual form. It's sort of like a 'for those who have the eyes to see' kind of a thing. I mentioned Patanjali in an earlier discourse (the Alice Bailey translation). He discusses how any object will reveal it's nature, once one has managed to restrain the chitti (mind stuff). As was also mentioned at another point, unless one can gain control of their own mind, no real progress toward any truly desirable goal can be made. That's job one and any authentic tradition will say so. If they don't, there's something questionable going on. Either it is their intention to do the controlling, or it's one of those quick fixes, geared toward Americans and other lazy westerners, who want their results over a long weekend. The AMA/Pharmaceutical combine is working on an injection for all of that and it will probably involve both of those potential and undesirable (for some) results.

It is to militate against people unifying their consciousness and becoming competent at concentration and certain other talents that are de rigeuer, for the internal entrepreneur, for whom the veils part and then close behind them ...forever after... that they have filled the objective and material world with trivia and banality. It is a presumption on their part that,over time, the steady impact of this space case, garbage for the clueless, will have the desired effect of numbing down the consciousness, to a malleable state, for morphing into an unfortunate estate. Shit definitely happens and it is usually shit when it does, or they'd call it something else; wouldn't they?

There's a certain kind of unpleasant lassitude that settles over the mind, when expectations do not present themselves, at the time and place where they were expected to occur; such as that 2012 stuff, the attack on Iran, world changing calamities and so forth. As I said, the clock's off and “the quality of mercy is not strained”, though it may well be filtered. What that means is, we are in a zone of compassion, where certain things have been deferred, to see if there is anyone else who might still be inclined to switch tracks, or even catch on to there being tracks, much less a train that travels on them and generally does not ♫carry no gamblers♫ etc. It's to be expected that we can expect the usual results but you never know and that is why such kindnesses are extended; especially given another 26,000 years to contemplate the extent of one's failure; it's in the tongues of angels, not glossolalia. Tolkien got it right in a lot of ways. The darkness can't really create anything, all it can do is distort or construct bad copies of the creations of light. Light is always superior to darkness. The dynamics might change from plane to plane, as the particular laws of whatever region come into play and so on but... those who've seen far enough into the nature of cosmic workings, are unconvinced and will remain so despite all the blandishments of the dark side.

It's the sad commentary of the material plane that it is so seemingly self contained and not easy to see out of. This is why yogis engage in progressively more impactful meditation techniques and why some number of us engage in psychedelic voyaging and why would be saints get all worked up about self denial and the victory over appetites and desires. All of these things are effective, so long as right intention and consistency are in play... “hey, hey hey”!!! I think that's from Yogi Bear. How appropriate. And so, here we are on the rock and rollercoaster, of points insane and unpredictable change, hoping we've got it right; as far as our assessment of things go. There's a lot of new age bagmen operating far and wide, riding from one town to the next, fleecing the fleeceable (canny observer types should read that link). It's something I maintained years ago. It also gives you some idea of the setting and costs of this venal adventurer; definitely a false prophet out for maximum profit, most definitely. This doesn't even seem to me to be a case of “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders; so that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” It always looked to me more like a tinhorn sideshow/rhinestone cowboy thing and I only had to hear Herr Pig Nostrils speak for a short time before I tuned him out.

I never have been able to figure out how these people can live with themselves. Even worse, many people believe that unless they are paying a lot of money, they aren't getting their money's worth. Well, it all depends on what you think something is worth in monetary terms or... if you are after something priceless. Of course, that's not free either because it requires industry, dedication and a certain amount of requisite suffering. Quite often these fees are too much for those who will gladly throw lots of money at something and... it is true, enough money will guarantee one the exclusivity they believe they deserve; sitting in the front row... ooh yeah!!! operators are standing by, they'll be kneeling in a minute.

Well, we've reached the end of yet another posting and... I'll see you in the next one if there is one. Hopefully there's been something useful here, or otherwise, hopefully you'll come across something that is the process of your day.

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La Vierge Sperme Danceur by Les Visible and The Critical List

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Last Gasp Monsters and the Zones of Transition.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Greetings and salutations my friends and welcome to an authentic Origami posting. There has been so much odious activity by the last gasp monsters in their death throes that I have felt compelled to comment on in the moment, lest I lose particular commentaries. I know there is a dedicated core of readers who prefers Origami to the other blogs. I'm one of them (grin). It's the oldest blog, what I set out to write about, later realizing that this is always going to be a small demographic so... I put Smoking Mirrors together and circulation increased ten times as I suspected it would. There is a mysterious aura around the number, 10%. In respect of any project, or coming together over any concept, should you be able to get some amount of that ten percent (that makes most of what is meaningful happen on this planet; unless you are talking about the negative 10%, who are behind all of the twisted shit) together, success is guaranteed. There is something about the fact that that ten percent sincerely cares and is not only motivated but guided by and inspired by a higher power. There is a preponderance of that 10% that comes to these sites. The resonance here, between the readers and the postings and between one another, is proof positive to me.

I've talked about getting a living situation together, that includes willing members of that ten percent. It's been under discussion for most of the last decade but there has always been logistical problems or polarizations between critical individuals, in terms of bringing it about. At this time the Karmic locks have come off of the idea and all kinds of cool, ancillary features are coming about. My own difficulty with involvement is that, so far, I lack the 25,000 dollars for investment, which confers automatic permanent residency but I have the feeling that will show up, as so many surprising things have done in my life. There are levels and degrees of faith, that operate in conjunction with creative imaging, which work in a guaranteed fashion toward success and the realization of any goal. Given what a number of people have pulled off at other times, my personal requirements are small potatoes indeed. There is nothing that God cannot accomplish through willing agency, which does not obstruct the flow of the cosmic will. Whatever we visualize is already an actuality in the mind of God and requires only the usual precipitation to bring in down across the planes of ATZILUTH, BRIAH, YETZIRAH and ASSIAH.

Desire is the agent of God's will. Desire is the agent of God's will. Imprint that sentence upon your consciousness. It is literally true. The bad guys (the deluded ones) are well aware of the power of collective focused thought on the part of any small group of dedicated individuals. This is the reason they are so intent on spreading confusion and chaos, dividing us apart from each other and creating economic extremity. The amount of disposable income loose in the world is vast. It is unfortunate that in the majority of cases, those possessing these huge sums are completely under the spell of the funds they have amassed, through certain talents and fortuitous karma. There is inherent in this a great tragedy. Unless one develops a philanthropic nature and the capacity to act as a faithful steward of that which has come to them, they will not only eventually lose it all but... their end will not be pretty and the aftermath will be horrific. That is a certainty. When I see all these rock stars, successful artists, living it up and indifferent to the needs of their fellows, except when they get together for one of those phony charity scams designed to make themselves look good and which I refer to as 'Bonoisms', I cringe at the thought of what awaits. As for the businessmen and related entrepreneurial clowns, their Silas Marner aspect is to be expected, as is the lifestyles of conspicuous consumption; many houses around the world, many servants in attendance, ridiculous expenditures like 600 foot yachts, solid gold bathroom fixtures and many gaudy trinkets that only have value because of their exclusivity and not because of any useful function they perform. Awhile ago, I read about some number of society women who were having their toes surgically altered so that they could fit into Jimmy Choo shoes. This is much like Catherine Zeta Jones bleached anus and any number of silly fashionista absurdities that the bored and idle rich get up to. If you want to look incredibly stupid it's not hard. The level of nutso available to the pornographically rich is truly disturbing(grin). When I mention that the hypnotic fog that many rich people move in is a cloud of madness (which I didn't until just now), that's exactly what I mean. There's no end to this kind of thing but there will be an end to my talking about it and I think this should just about wrap it up, n'est pas?

We've heard a lot about transitions over recent years and we've been waiting but... if it's actually going on anywhere, it's under the radar for sure. One thing that is not under the radar is the increase of population immersion in material murk. The reason no dramatic collective transitioning has been going on, is because the clock is off, as has been stated here any number of times. This and many another thing is coming but events must run their course to that end.

Transitioning works in two directions, That's something to keep in mind and another thing is that several different Earths are going to appear for the benefit or to the detriment of those who are going to occupy them. You can think of it as planes of existence that resonate to the vibratory aura of the inhabitants. You can guess what that means. We've all heard of the lower and upper astral planes but we may not all be aware that these are very large zones with a great many levels.

We're been the recipients of a whole lot of channeled information, it's been going on for some time. I've looked into some of it but most of the information strikes me as contrived and predictable. I get people recommending channeled information to me on a regular basis. It doesn't do anything for me. I get this interpreting cadence from the rhythm of the words being used. This does not mean to say that all of the information is bullshit, what it means is that it's just not relevant to me; things like the Urantia Book and A Course of Miracles. Some number of people swear by this but it just left me cold. I doubt many people know about the details of the authors demise. Although this article is written by a Tribe member atheist, it's not short on facts about Elizabeth Kubler Ross. Reading the whole article gives you certain grimly humorous details. I'm not trying to diminish Ms. Ross's accomplishments, I'm just trying to point out inconsistencies and dupeable personalities.

Then there are all these channelings that purport to come from certain star clusters and constellations. Some of these have been coming down for decades with not a whole lot to show for it except a good profit margin for their earthly representatives.

It is pretty amazing how hollow and clueless some of the people we consider to be informed turn out to be. One of the things about existence is that people are living lives they have been after for a long time. Otherwise they are paying bills, sometimes for living the lives they schemed and dreamed about for so long. The meter is always running and that also goes in two directions. I don't presume to know all there is to know about life but... there are things I have been told by various sources and I tend to believe what I hear, depending on where I hear it from. That said, I am still of the 'trust but verify' school of thought.

I don't want to piss on people's heroes or tarnish icon illusions but... there's an awful lot of hype at work in the lives of many of those living their 'important lives'. As I said, there are some number of people living lives and having lifestyles that they have coveted for a good long time. We all get these kinds of lives occasionally and events and conditions in this life are quite often fortunately aspected. The wheels are greased. Unfortunately for many who live these lives, these existences do not come without cost and this escapes the attention of those operating on cruise control. Then again, fortunate existences can turn into unfortunate existences; witness Aaron Hernandez and any number of people who occupy important and influential positions but are universally despised. When you are hated by a large number of people it can have serious karmic implications... be careful what you wish for. That last line can be considered in the context of much that has been discussed in today's posting, even though I wrote this last night (grin).

There are some very important things in this life that should demand and require serious attention. It is a real liability when they don't. People gloss over eternal verities as if they don't exist and give their energy and substance to trivial things. Peer pressure accounts for the disposition toward this and the need to be accepted by people who couldn't care less about you is also a factor. Fitting in has never been so important and accounts for the pathological interest in social networking, dating sites, the massive porn presence and the ubiquitous state of loneliness and isolation experienced by so many in the midst of the crowd.

There is one almighty consideration that must be uppermost in the minds of anyone who is interested in spiritual pursuits and that is the control of one's own mind. Without that, you're just spinning your wheels. Until you have control of what goes in and out of your mind and can maintain it in a state of emptiness for long periods of time, you won't be able to hear the still small voice, or communicate with useful intelligences. Like was said a long time ago, “know thyself”, along with “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”, “to thine own self be true”. These are all seriously relevant and necessary to one's progress. There's no getting around the basics but people will try and the new age cash register mentality has got all kinds of get wise quick schemes. No matter what, you can't get from point A to point D without going through the intermediary stages. One moves as fast as one is adaptable to positive and lasting change.

Self discovery is the nature of the game. Out of self discovery comes self realization and no one gets very far without invisible help. Unfortunately, without true discrimination, one (all too often) can more easily get the wrong kind of invisible help. That is everywhere to be found and convenience is the nature of the beast in these times. Some fish swim on the surface and some fish swim in the deeps.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Ascent and the Descent and the Dead Zone Zombies.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

As the world changes and the world remains the same, more and more loopy, bizarre, absurd and ridiculous statements and events, present themselves through the individual, human conduits of the cosmic, Cloaca Maxima. The Conduit in Chief, Twinkle Toes Obama, can now moonwalk like Michael Jackson. We should perhaps call him the backpeddler in chief. He's got the super slide feature operative because the floor has been greased by the blood of his constituents. Zionists, dual nationals and lobbyists, are nose-hosing the ground for nutrients, which 'build dark bodies 12 different ways'.

Yes, Obama, trying to speak through a mouthful of crow feathers, has let the Europeans know that everybody does it; “what's the big deal?” Is this a thing of beauty or is this not a thing of beauty? First they create Al Qaeda, then Israel attacks the U.S. in Al Qaeda costumes, then they pour out financial, logistic and military aid to Al Qaeda in Syria, after having done the same in every other country they trampled under their feet, under orders from Israel. John McCain is taking photo oops (spelling pun intended) with Al Qaeda. Is that a great country or what? ...or was? or... or... uh... uh... sigh...

Yes, this is Origami but... in the interest of being timely, I could not overlook the burning tire and excrement stench of a hypocrisy barbecue in the morning. Oh... just wait until all of the blackmail details, on all of the political pawns, becomes public knowledge. Don't think it's not going to happen. Mr Apocalypse has been doing the old soft-shoe but now... now he's putting on his football cleats, for a little parietal lobe, tap dancing. It's like Gene Kelly, a month after he gets bit by a werewolf, or a Hollywood agent. We have entered the arc of steep descent, paralleled by the arc of irrepressible exposure. Don't ask me for the geometrical math dance, by which the two manage to touch each other at the point of peak descent and ascent. You'll need to take all of this up with Euclid. You might want to take a little acid too. It can't hurt.

Is there a point any longer to trying to make the world a better place? The reason I ask this is, looking at the world in its present state, it appears that the world cannot become a better place, until all of the worst elements have departed and that means a transition and stages of change, so dramatic that one can draw no comparisons between what seems to be and what has to be. Since what seems to be is intent on declaring and defensing its existence, precisely because it has none and is only an ephemeral hallucination, born out of a collective, diseased consciousness. It only seems to exist because the pathologically incontinent minds of bulk packaged, big box store, Dead Zone Zombies, fertilizes this hallucination, with the product of said incontinence, giving new meaning to the phrase, “shit for brains”.

Everything we see external to us, came out of us. The world we inhabit is a projection of our minds. If we have shit for brains, then we are residents in Shit City. Otherwise, our world is built out of whatever we used to construct it. This is where we get the understanding that we all live in a world of our own creation. There are general rules that apply across the borders of all of these worlds and then there are the specific rules that apply to the specific worlds. By example, consider what it means if in your world, up is down, black is white, right is wrong and wrong is right.

Let's consider anyone who plays by the rules, according to certain longstanding moral codes (no longer in existence, except in isolated pockets around the country). Let's consider the increasingly more and more bizarre belief systems that accompany these moral codes and the wider world they encounter, now and again and... hear about through their electronic devices and down at the corner store, if they still have one. Their Jesus got hijacked by the one's who killed him. Their religion and the founder are routinely insulted and laughed at by The Chosen, who are supposed to be God's special people. You don't have to look far to see them behaving at a level of refinement beyond anything that we lesser humans can aspire to.

So... here's a little exercise in logic. No rational person would accept that The Jews are God's chosen people. It defies all reasonable expectation that a people who have caused and are causing so much trouble, who were directly involved in bringing about the Russian and Ukrainian holocaust, who make up most, if not all of the Central Bankers, which, by extension, are responsible for most of the wars in recent and not so recent times. There is no peoples on Earth who are more directly and comprehensibly responsible for manipulating information, fleecing the international public and double crossing their allies. Some of the most (under the radar) powerful political and financial individuals in the west are dual nationals, whose first loyalty is to Israel. This has been proven any number of times. The attack on the U.S.S.S. Liberty says it all. So now, with all that has just been said; how can these people be God's chosen people when, according to the teachings of EVERY other religion, except for their own, they are in violation of every code of conduct that there is? This cannot be brought into dispute, except by vested interests and those entities whose loyalty they own, for one reason or another, and all of which they came into the possession of, as the result of criminal activity, or terminal ignorance.

So... if they are a chosen people, whose people are they really, according to the scriptural phrase, “by their works ye shall know them”? Somewhere out there in the land of the great unwashed, there must be someone who, given the information just presented, is unable, or 'unwilling' to follow a logical argument but... I would imagine that most of the readers understand the implications.

However another might slice it, to me this is a metaphysical condition, as well as a world problem. The power to do the things they do, does not come only from economic low jinks and endless deception, honed over the centuries with the blessing of their peculiar faith, which sees all other life forms as lesser beings than themselves. This grants the justification for any malevolent actions committed by them against everyone else. No guilt is to be felt and no apologies are offered. Then a professional con and an inflexible agenda, is created to display and portray themselves, as if they were the people who they victimize. They do this, even while they are engaged in contemptible offenses against the actual victims.

Where do they draw the strength and power from to do the things they do? Where do the Satanists draw their power from? The Catholic Church, the Hindu and Buddhist faiths, all have a multitude of deities that they petition for specific things. The Catholics have a saint for every need and occasion. The Hindus have a God for any purposes and the Buddhists have a Buddha for whatever the concern is. For those serving the dark side, the same thing applies. They have a demon for every purpose. According to ancient spiritual traditions, there is a code of acceptable behavior. The Buddhists have the Eightfold Path. Each of them has something similar. Apparently, if you have the need for things that fall outside the job description, if you want something that violates all acceptable standards, you have to take the elevator down to where you find those types, that perform the tasks that are against one's own humanity and the natural order.

None of these infernal activities come free of charge. Usually there is a blood price. Some kind of sacrifice is required. Maybe it is one of those, 'virgin kid' things, involving a real kid. That gets the juices flowing in high ticket seats underground. You don't honor, placate or impress any high end deities with the smell of burning carcasses, blood sacrifices or casual genocide of a people whose land you have stolen. Who you will impress is the underground king of darkness and his many minions. If you put out a plate of honey, flies will land on it. If you then put out a plate of shit next to the honey, all the flies will leave the honey. You will attract the invisible entities that match your aspirations and actions. That is another logical outcome along the lines of “like attracts like” and “birds of a feather flock together”. Heh heh... I just went looking for a link that stated this and found both of those phrases together as examples. Interesting.

I've tried to bring in certain spiritual angles here today and interplay them with a logic dance, so as to show that it is not all that difficult to use logic and reason, to prove all kinds of things that you might first imagine to be out of the reach of these things. The truth is, if you are disposed to finding the truth, all kinds of tools will take you there or indicate the direction. If you are not so disposed, then none of them will do this because that is not your objective. You already believe what you want to believe. This is one of the terrible misfortunes of the mind, when the ego sets about formulating a cosmos that agrees with what it wants to believe. One should carefully weight all the evidence they encounter in their quest, should they be fortuitously motivated to be on one ...and factor in what cannot be seen but can be intuited through the mind's algebra and trigonometry, in the sense that a triangle has three sides. In metaphysics, the interacting energy from two poles, postulates a third. It is similar to a preponderance of circumstantial evidence.

I don't have the time to go into intricate detail about things that have already been gone into, in intricate detail over the years. No one should have to have things spelled out for them, as if they were incapable of figuring it out for themselves. Unless you do figure it out for yourself, insofar as it can be figured out, you will not have a particular advantage that you simply cannot do without.

Yes, it appears that I have been hammering on the same theme for awhile now. I got my reasons. They are similar to my reasons for why I might answer some comments in a certain way. It has less to do with any emotional connection to what's being said and more about seeing what results from it, like, “what happens when I push this button”? When you want to comprehend motivation, you set things in motion to see what follows.

Until the world gets a clue and the reality of the ugliness afoot becomes clear to them, these things must be put forth into the public eye, until these truths are shouted from the rooftops and street corners and from electrical devices in millions of homes and wherever they are active. You'll have to bear with me for a short while. Some things just have to be said because not enough people are saying them, yet.

End Transmission.......