Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Heavenly Wine and the Purpose of Demonstration

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I've been receiving cautions here and there about this and that, related to my comings and goings and I am not unappreciative, though some of the admonitory giftings, seem a little woo woo by more than half. This provokes me to speak on the matter. Every moment we are in is possibly our last and the reality of where and when and how is not in our hands, to the exclusion of reckless behavior on some accounts and even then, that's not necessarily fatal; that's just asking for a demonstration and that demonstration depends of the whim of the demonstrator.

A lot of people talk about faith in God. They talk about the existence of God. They speculate, postulate and theorize. People talk about what God is or is not and what God does or does not permit or approve of. Nothing is real, everything is permitted... for a time, for the purpose of demonstration. I don't just believe there is a God. I know there is a God. That is an important distinction. Visceral is very different from intellectual. The Divine is all powerful. The Divine lives in everything; the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. The Divine exists, differently aspected in everything and can move from unconsciousness to dream to self consciousness to full awakening in the space of a breath and certainly less; “I tell you that out of these stones God can raise up children for Abraham”.

There is absolutely no limit to the power of The Divine, none whatsoever. There is nothing that The Divine cannot accomplish in you but your fear stands in the way. Fear is the parent of uncertainty and also the father of much that is evil. One of the truisms that I take as gospel is that Fear and Love displace each other. Neither can exist in the presence of the other and... God is Love. Think about what this implies. Let us say that you have powerful enemies (insert the 23rd Psalm). The Divine lives in these enemies. They have no life, no existence, except that it is granted to them by The Divine. This means that they can do nothing to harm you, unless they are allowed to. Nothing can touch you except what is permitted to, for the purpose of demonstration. Much of this is dependent on your fear; “that which we have feared has come upon us”. The use of demonstration is a process by which The Divine increases your faith, according to The Divine's own mysterious reasons.

Certain dangers attend everyone, no matter WHERE they are. Many a powerful person has been taught the lessons of depending upon a fortress or a fortune, or an army or an armada. What happens is not dependent on who your enemies are but on whether you please The Divine. That is Job One. Who do you spend your time seeking to please? There is a VERY IMPORTANT lesson to be gained here; very important. I am less than nothing and I know this. I serve, I breathe, I move at the pleasure of The Divine and NO ONE ELSE. I owe no one anything, except insofar as I am inspired to feel it and that inspiration comes from The Divine.

Many new age types like to paint angels as soft loving creatures, that hover around their atmosphere, spilling astral roses and whatnot, like they were some kind of traveling sachet dispenser. I suppose many of the lesser assistants of the seraphim and cherubim may have qualities of this kind and certainly Nature spirits do, if they can be encouraged to appear, due to an excess of virtue in the person they present themselves to. However, real angels, especially the big guns, are fearsome beyond description and their mere approach is sure to send most people into a trembling, bowel evacuating state of terror. Anyone who thinks differently hasn't had the pleasure, or otherwise. People who presume to be channeling archangels cause me some degree of mirth.

Their counterparts from the infernal regions are also indescribable ...and serious fools seek to court their favor or command them. Do they have the slightest idea what they are dealing with? No. Yet a friend of God can shoo them away like a house-cat. One of the purposes of life on this planet is to make war on Heaven. That is the intent of the inspiration in the minds of men and women who think themselves powerful and who, in their arrogance, rise to the bait. Eventually, Heaven accommodates them. It is no coincidence that so many movies of this sort are being made at this time. As my invisible friend never tires of telling me, “You haven't seen anything yet”, along with, “You have no idea”.

Another purpose of life on this planet, is for any and all to realize their destiny and to awaken, by virtue of the conditions that surround them and by contemplation upon these things, until inspiration grants them understanding. Some of you are looking for work. You would be glad of an opportunity to serve. You may be sure there are opportunities in abundance. However, many people mistake what being in the service of The Divine implies. They overlook the simple duties and those things calling out for their attention all around them in every day. Most true heroes are unsung 'here' and those that are, are for the purpose of demonstration. They are there to be seen as evidence of potential, as an example of what can be.

Being afraid of enemies and dangerous possibilities is a foolish thing. Your life hangs in the balance every moment and inexorably approaches the moment in which it will be claimed, one way or another or... well, there are quite a few or's... Consider this truth, if you are older and have been here for a time. Consider how quickly your life went by. It seems like no time at all on occasion, even while the very moment you are in, can appear to drag on forever. Points are being made to us all the time. We just don't pay attention. Why don't we pay attention? It isn't what we want to hear. It interferes with what we want to do otherwise; like we have a clue what is best for us. We don't. I'm including myself here, by the way, I always do. If you should catch me railing about something at any of the blogs, I'm talking to myself as well. Don't imagine that I am not.

The Divine put me through the grinder. It was done for a VERY GOOD REASON. I engaged in things and behaved certain ways that mystified the Hell out of me. Later I was told I had no choice. It's something to keep in mind. I was told, some little while ago that good and evil no longer applied. The only thing that applied was what The Divine wanted to occur. Good and evil is for those who have not met The Divine. This does not mean, anything goes. Some people who get to a certain place think it does mean that and we've seen a recent example of that. What it means is that good and evil isn't what we think it is and certainly not what society dictates. All kinds of rules cease to apply once one has come closer to the one who makes the rules in the first place.

Some people have been a bit aghast at my leaving my beloved consort and my faithful companion Poncho, not realizing that over the last several years I have been away for up to six months in Italy by myself, except for Poncho. Both legs of my presently intended journey are less than time previously spent away. Some are aghast at what they may consider my cavalier manner concerning my relationship here, without realizing that it is mutual. We get put into situations and relationships that reflect the degree of our progress. That is the reason I am in a position where no constraints are put on my behavior whatsoever. This does not mean there are no constraints on my behavior. If I were alone in every sense I would still be constrained by my own true intentions and the intentions directed upon me. True freedom is to be aligned, without the desire for choice, with the will of the one who knows me better than I ever will and who, it is my fervent prayer will replace me, with all due haste; constantly changing is constantly dying into that which you are changing into, until less and less of what you thought you were transforms into who you are.

It is better to realize that you will lose everything, before you lose everything, than when you do. In truth you lose nothing of value. All that you had of value in anyone or anything was the same presence in everyone and everything. What do I aspire to most? I aspire to be drunk and ripped out of my mind on The Ineffable. This is an actual condition, demonstrated by certain Sufi dervishes and ecstatics of every stripe and denomination. This is that wine of Bacchus and Dionysus, as surely as it is the wine of Jesus. It's a real thing. It is part of the meaning of changing water into wine.

My chief responsibility is to seek The Divine, not to concern myself with the usual concerns of life, which are taken care of in any case, simply as a side effect of the primary responsibility. This is everyone's chief responsibility and the best way to manage your other concerns. It looks risky. What's risky is taking these responsibilities on yourself. What is risky is not having the necessary faith; “faith is 'the substance' of things unseen”.

If you want something you go to the source where it is acquired. If everything can be gained from a single source, it stands to reason that that is where you go. People say they tried that but it didn't work. They didn't try hard enough or long enough and when it invariably does show up, they have moved on. You have to be rooted in certitude. You have to be certain. If you’re not certain, neither is the universe. It is a mirror, after all. Looking into the mirror and speaking to The Ineffable is not a foolish practice.

Observe life. Look around you. Study it. Look deeply. What is it that people are doing and what does it result in? Where does it end? Study yourself. What are you doing? What follows? You are for the purpose of demonstration but.. what is the purpose of the demonstration?

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

On the Road to Shambala through the Portal of 2012

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

(I'll try to get this out to day. Posting will be sporadic over the next week or so, bear with me, I'll try to stay in touch as I go; perhaps even resort to what most bloggers do (grin) and toss out short paragraphs along the way).

Today is Christmas Eve when the 'vast majority' in western countries seek to celebrate the avatar Jesus Christ, as a small minority seek to ruthlessly dismantle all signs of his presence. The avatar is also The Sun King; no not Louis the Fourteenth but the ever returning seed force, of ongoing awakening and setting in place, the pillars of each age he consistently arrives in. Getting in tune with yourself has a lot to do with recognizing cyclicity and transformative reoccurrence and that means identifying the timeless behind the trappings of any time. This is the doorstep to the portal of eternity and cyclicity is a key, even if you think it looks more like a watch face to you. The eternal conceals evidence of itself all through the conditions of time and Karma, cause and effect. We may not fully comprehend what we see because we ain't there yet ...but we are on our way and everything is under control and “success is speedy for the energetic”. Emetic and diuretic, after a fashion and there she goes and thar she blows. I don't mean to be crass and/or profane but everything about you; ingestion, excretion, reproduction and on and on and so forth, has spiritual implications and we don't get far without integrating every feature and facet of the divine into the ordinary of our days or... allowing it to become integrated.

Everything about us is divine or, failing that, partaking of the qualities of the animal. That's fine for animals, who really seek no more than to serve in their way and to hopefully reincarnate with hands that can open an icebox, but it's not so good for human beings, who should be aspiring to something more than hands that can open an icebox or help someone take off their clothes. It should serve to inform, here in the land of the mesmerized, that the mesmerizer is king. However, that's just one of the primary occupations of the shadow of the light. You can have light without shadows (in certain places and transparency is the secret of that one) but you don't get shadows without light. Apprehending this makes being here a whole lot easier than it can seem to be sometimes. What I mean is, when you know that the light and shadow play a part in the whole drama (and drama it is) then you can get an idea of what you are dealing with.

People have been messing about with dual and non dual, or dvaita and advaita since before they started counting angels on the heads of pins and because of cloudy minds, they will tell you there is a distinct difference between Western dualism and Eastern dualism. Most of this is Chatty Cathy stuff designed to make intellectuals seem important enough to have a place in anything relating to ordinary lives, which they generally don't and why they are so arrogant about it. They're like most doctors who can't heal and often make things worse. The attitude comes with the territory; “Physician heal thyself” was something Jesus said but it was intended differently that most people would first imagine. You can look that up on your own. I use it here in its apart sense and it should be the first thing any would be physician thinks about, along with, “first do no harm”.

Arguing about dual and non dual is pointless. Recognize that they both apply and also that it's pretty easy to talk about non dual to other people but something altogether different when you seek to abide there for any time. Humanity has always had an enemy and always lived in a world of opposites. The point is that the enemy works for the liberator and that should put paid to dual and non dual. Of course, intellectuals will want to split gnat hairs over this till doomsday's break but that's their province, not mine. I would have cut The Gordian knot too but I'm a Leo (grin), or used to be.

If you take the words of Jesus Christ from The Bible and rely only on those, you will be fine. If you insist on adding in Paul, because you think you might want to start a religion; good luck to you. Some of you might want to take mushrooms with St. John of Patmos and that's okay also.

You can study The Vedas and the deep intricacies of The Tibetans and you can ponder Lao Tzu, you'll get more or less the same message but this message will vary in application, depending on culture and time zones and your capacity to absorb and bring forth. Some of us are always going to be deeper than others and so on and so forth. This has about the same relative importance as comparing clams with butterflies. Both of them get the point, according to their nature and one of them has the Pearl of Great Price and the other has those interesting transformations. I didn't consider these aspects of the two before I wrote them down. I only thought of transitory and beauty and the bottom of the sea; surface and depth. However, you can see what occurred to me afterwards and this is how the divine works in us and it should be as reassuring to you as it most certainly is to me. This kind of thing happens all day long. Reach in and grab yourself a fifty pound bag. Fly with shimmering iridescent wings, coated in sunlight and as momentary as a flower, or grind down upon your irritation, down in the dark and murky waters, until the pearl appears and the whole interior of your shell is lit with incandescent light. These are both parts of the eternal.

Lao Tzu said there is no difference between the surface and the depths. It's a matter of appearances. There's a profound mystery hidden in this but you have to discover it on your own. It's one of those things that can't be said and no matter how good you might be at saying things like this, it will serve to obscure, so that's a stalemate and yet another glorious mystery.

Let us think of mystery; in both the positive and negative sense. Let us think of it as a series of veils that obscures the form of the mystery. When you finally get there, there is nothing there... but you are there and no longer a mystery. Actually, something is there in both senses but that is only incidental to you being there. We carry our own dangers with us. We bring them to the point and place of expression. They do not have to express however. As Lao Tzu also said, “cautious as a wayfarer traversing an icy stream”. This was in the same sutra as the one that says, “No tigers claws can harm him, no bull's horn gore him and why? Because he has no death to die”. Didn't Jesus Christ say similar things about The Kingdom, immortality and what can and cannot harm you from “every word that proceedeth out of the mouth” to “greater is that which is within you than that which is in the world”?

Dual, not dual, East and West. There's no difference. It's just something the mind does when it's not your friend yet. This is the key thing I want to pass along; now and at any time. What did Christ say? I'll have to paraphrase, “Do not call me master because a servant does not know what his master is about but rather call me 'friend'”. What did the Grateful Dead say, “a friend of The Devil is a friend of mine”; not knocking The Dead, just borrowing the quote. Become a friend of The Divine. He has any number of 'types of friends', though the numbers will always be small by comparison. It doesn't matter what else you may aspire to or want. It doesn't matter. Becoming a friend of God insures the possession of it and includes things of much greater value and durability that you didn't even think of; weren't capable of thinking of. “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him”. Oh yeah, nail a golden spike where that cat wailed.

It is a drama but it is also a dance and the rhythm for it comes out of the sound of Shiva's drum. The cosmos is dancing and most people are clumsy partners. Adjust yourself to the moves of your partner and become like the figure in The World (21st trump). Every image and color in the card has meaning, just as with the other archetypes. That's the specific way that The One assembles itself to express some condition or enduring quality that you need. Without certain qualities you cannot advance. They are critically important. It is on The Path where the value and necessity of them presents itself and also where the opportunity to acquire them presents itself as well.

For all the tomorrow men and women who live it that further imaginary region, tomorrow becomes today. It is always today, just as it is always right now. You are right where the arrow is pointing on the map in the bus kiosk on the way to Shambala.

I was told last night that today, with the new moon and the Sun's entrance into Capricorn, that this is the day on which your new year should start. Get a jump into what should prove to be one of the most interesting years in all of our lives. Make that leap of faith and keep in mind that it could be so wide that it has no other side, or it could only be as wide as your fear.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Drinks on the House at The Apocalypse Club

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

-not your ordinary Origami-

(I know it's still early days but let me say, Merry Christmas!!! ...just because you're not supposed to. I recorded a message about the founder of Christmas for our good friend James Jancik over at Feet 2 the Fire radio for his upcoming Christmas show and some resonance lingers on; probably why I said-------------),

Merry Christmas!!! Oops, I said it again. You gotta watch it. That kind of thing can pop up all over the place. It can get epidemic, which is not the same as 'getting medieval' and then the people who used to complain about armbands show up with armbands and it then becomes all the fault of Jesus Christ, for insisting on putting his hands and feet in the way of some guys with hammers, who were just trying to nail a cross for Christ's sake and... where did that guy come from? It's okay, he'll be gone shortly. And then what does he do? He won't stay put but has to show up and force some guy named Thomas to do a cavity search and I didn't even know they had a TSA back then but maybe it was the burnt offering cats with the flaming excrement?

I figure it doesn't matter if he was the guy 'they' said he was because after two thousand years of millions of people believing (cue- "Here Comes the Sun King, Beatles) and thousands of people deceiving, there had to be someone, somewhere, sometime. Since I'm a Rosicrucian and have looked into it from that angle (Yeah, I know, they're a branch of the Masons and Cornelius Agrippa made blue jeans; Agrippa Blue Jeans, 'they Agrippa your ass'!) I would have to say there was something to it because nobody was buried in Rosenkreuz's coffin; no word on Guilderstern and I may be puntificating. It's a funny thing about those Rosicrucians. They wore no outfits and their power was healing. Word has it that they walk among us, along with the other high bandwidth types, that appear in front of certain people across the ages but no one believes them, unless they see it on TV first. God was not impressed and changed the channel. Man down! But not before he reached out and painted a smiley face on the frosty 25 foot pitcher of Kool-Aid. I be witless for the prosecution.

One thing I do notice about Jesus Christ is that he makes a lot of people angry. It's understandable. He was asking a lot and it wasn't just him that was making people angry. Most people were getting angry because the people not following him but playing their version of Occupy this, were occupying the space, while vacant of the essence, so that you had a kind of empty lot, filled with noise and dressed in coffin bound glitter suits, like they were all some kind of Gary Glitter, which it turned out that they were, only it was much worse; not jailbait but pre-bait, with some kind of hidden clause rebate that gives them a Get out of Hell free card. You'd have to call it some kind of indulgence. Still they sure could build some buildings and fill them with ominous atmosphere. They lost a lot of people because of smoke inhalation from the incense and of course there were the routine concussions from the wild assed swinging censers and auto-da-fe's to make up for the shortage of candle wax, though they did have a lot of cabbages and kings for their goat's head soup.

These days you got that Michelle Bachmann Turner Overdrive, cranking up on the gospel train, proving you can't embarrass God but you definitely can do a number on yourself. I don't hate Michelle but I know she looks at me like a raccoon in the water, waiting for the Dog Poet to take a swim. At least you know there won't be any alligators, moccasins or leeches in the water because of professional courtesy. That means no spider webs in the trees either, should she be so moved as to want to sunbathe like, 'that definitely ain't no nymph' here in the forest primeval and no druid of eld I ever saw in any rubber necking traffic jam, frozen in horror, looking at a slow motion train wreck and... can I get a witness!

Somewhere today, Jesus's Michelin Tire man, the ' it's so not right' Reverend Haggee will be talking somewhere about how Jesus don't like this and don't like that but he sure does love those people with the hammers and nails and Ted Haggard and Jimmy Swaggart will be doing a hip hop version of “Different Strokes for Different Folks” during the inter (nocturnal) e-mission which sounds like it happens on the internet. We'll have Laura Ingraham doing that Advent pole dance, while Michael Savage slaps her silly, with an inflated Shiva lingam and Diwali's been over for six weeks already but he's screaming “who's your daddy”? Cause he's a dual national backdoor man for performance theater Rapture.

Bill Bennett is humping a camel, which is kinda redundant and betting that he can walk with Jesus through the eye of a needle, even if he is a little Tweedle Deedle because in fairy tales everything always comes true, as long as you don't leave the confines of the book. That's kinda like how dogma and cant become literal, as long as you don't leave the confines of the book, even though every fool in love knows that every holy book is written upon the human heart, in a secret code of flaming letters and if it isn't operating out of there, it isn't operating at all, unless it's had too much of its own anesthesia, which is the name of the girlfriend who used to go out with that opium of the masses guy, until they both overdosed, or Sid Vicious killed her.

Benny Hinn, who is the Benny Hill of Banana Republic Safari Suit Jesusland, is going to wash his nuts in the ballwasher at the seventeenth tee and make a hole in one for the lord, unless Sandusky gets there first. They're all god's quarterback, down here in the cheap seats and when you talk about offensive lines, well, I'd have to say they're 'ground and pound' all the way. Kind of like the Jets, if they didn't have a Dirty Sanchez for an appertif. You don't have to wonder where I get this stuff, it's all surround sound, in the dressing rooms behind the Chinese restaurant and that's why they call them mandarins, when they're not playing around in the eminence grease.

Oral and his brother Anal Roberts, are floating down from the heavens on tiny prayer rugs with Ben Franklin's picture on them. They met Frankie at the Hellfire Club, when they were just little sprouts. Oral's been saying that if you don't send him some more money then Jesus is going to come and take him but I can't remember if he's done that yet. Merry Christmas!!!

Appolonius of Tyana is probably still walking around, but like the rest of those high bandwidth cats, he's concealed in the shrubbery, because that is what Lady Nature will do for you, if you treat her right. Concealment in the secret bowers of Nature is one of her specialties a la maison and it's always prix fixe AND a la carte. Tell that to the Smorgasbord of directors at Monsanto. They got a little something going on with Nature that makes Dr. Frankenstein look like Little Orphan Annie, or am I thinking of Elsa Lanchester... Melissa Manchester (God help me)? It's kinda cool, you must admit, how the church authorities turned The Three Wise Men into The Three Stooges but that's pretty much the same thing as saying Jesus wasn't a Syrian and that's a little ironic given that ZATO wants to turn the place into an IHOP breakfast at the moment but Rasputin's relatives have had about enough at this point, after what happened to Anastasia, or was that Sid Vicious again and just exactly why do they call heroin, 'horse'

Sure would be nice if Miles Davis could make it to this year's Happy Holidays dinner at The White House. He could do a jazz version of a paraphrasing of John Fogarty singing, “Put a Eight headed candle in the Window, cause I'm bound to need the light”. However, Miles has gone to his big angry, curmudgeon home in the sky, where they call Ambrosia, 'horse'. Johnny Mathis probably lives next door, where you go if you're not angry, or over to Tim Hardin's across the street, where sometimes you're angry and sometimes you're not, or round the corner to Paul Butterfield's, where you can be angry and drunk, six way from next Sunday and can I have a Merry Christmas!!!

Keep those cards and letters coming people and don't forget to write “Happy Holidays” on your forehead, with black magic marker, so you can remember what you're supposed to say when you look in the mirror. I can't remember if that comes out backwards, or not, but keep in mind you will be saying, “syadiloH yppaH” if it does, which is probably okay, as long as you are not saying, “Merry Christmas”!!! You are not supposed to be saying “Merry Christmas”!!! which puts me in that Younger Bear, contrary Indian thing from Little Big Man. What that means is there's going to be a whole lot of Merry Christmas”!!! Even if I wasn't motivated before, I'm motivated now and I intend to Occupy Christmas.

We hold these truths to be self reverent, depending on what you mean by that, which is always the biggest question, however it may be demonstrated, however prima facie it may be, in the evidence of result. The courtroom is pig Latin friendly, in these days of Animal Farm. The judge looks like Santa, if he was an avid Redskin's fan. It's lumps of coal on the house, at The Apocalypse Club and The Middle East is about to look like two for one night at Little Caesars, unless something in the spirit of the season comes about, in some kind of miraculous fashion; ever hopeful, that would be me.

I know, I sound like Dr. Sardonicus, although I've never heard anything he's had to say. I don't know what that is, maybe it was a film but this is the kind of thing that happens, when you don't have any film over your eyes and you need to say something but it has to be really different and it has to be early enough, so that you can still redeem yourself, by the time Ted Bundy tries to come down the chimney, or is that Sid Vicious? Anyway, Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, December 16, 2011

On a Journey of Magnificent Quest

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My your noses always be cold and wet.

Greetings my friends and welcome to Visible Origami. It's funny about name recognition. It's actually the reverse of what it implies. You think about Origami, probably more so than Visible Origami, mostly because I often call it just that, but after enough times of seeing the word, Origami, we don't register the meaning along with the name. The word, Origami, is the label for a process of folding paper into different shapes. My intent in the naming this blog, Visible Origami, is to create a metaphor for word origami and to imply the shaping of ideas from the one, in an attempt to discuss the one by shaping The One into different expressions of itself. Before it is shaped, it is a flat piece of paper with only being but no personality. It is the essence of itself before expression. We can't define it but when we attempt to, that is Origami. The truth is itself and can't be defined as it is. We depart from it in the process of explaining it. I hope this was useful (grin).

Most people probably believe that I knew about Smoking Mirrors, the Mayan God before I named the blog. If I have indicated or implied that, I'm sorry. Sometimes I am forgetful about exactly how things come into being. I had wanted to name the blog, Smoke and Mirrors but that was taken. When The Judge, over at Slate, an Alaskan judge, brought it to my attention I was pretty amazed. The cosmos acts on my behalf a lot. I could list more surprising events than this blog posting can contain that have happened over the course of my time and they have really increased in recent years. It is indisputable that the ineffable has business with me. It is indisputable to me that the ineffable has business with you. However, some of you do not see it in operation as much, or identify the workings of it as a negative, because in the particular moment of its operation it appears like that. We have a great deal to do with the meaning of things, by the meaning we give them. Suspending our judgment altogether allows a more unfettered progress. One has to assume, or more importantly, become viscerally convinced that the ineffable is acting positively on our behalf, no matter what appearances may indicate. The ineffable is long term benevolent and if we incline in that direction, so it will incline on our behalf. As Lao Tzu states, “though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven”.

We live in a world of Smoking Mirrors but we are empowered with a capacity for visible origami. It's what we make of what is in front of us that determines what eventually surrounds us and what we identify it as it becomes. Recognizing that we do not know and that we have surrounded ourselves with definitions that become our reality, puts us in a position to have our reality redefined, by the one who does know. The fact is that we do not know. We assume things based on appearances and appearances are a lie, a blind, a kind of negative origami that is hiding something in plain sight but which cannot be seen because it has been shaped into something else. This is how God becomes The Devil and once you recognize what is actually going on, there is no Devil. Even The Devil works for God, he prods us with his pitchfork. We are deceived by symbolisms because it is the nature of the mind to misinterpret them. If one were to say that the mind is The Devil, they would not be far wrong and that is the reason for the processes that have been offered up here in recent posts. Life can be effortless, if we recognize who the prime mover is and that the prime mover moves through us, unless we interpose ourselves in the way. Getting out of the way is Job One. Getting out of the way is the primary posture for receiving inspiration. Getting out of the way opens the door of intuition.

When one gets out of the way, what can happen is amazing and amazing can become routine. If our world is bland and dreary we are responsible. We can't improve and we can't change until we recognize that we are the prime opposer. We have a simple task, which is a non task. It is not doing as opposed to doing.

I heard several people say that it isn't fair and that it can't be true that free will is nothing more that the opportunity to cooperate or not, as I have indicated is what I believe. It appears that this means we have no real freedom. However, cooperation is freedom and the divine has a whole lot of surprises up his sleeve for those who show a willingness to cooperate in their own liberation, which attends self realization. What would self realization be? It is recognizing that you are divine; that the divine is you at your essential core. It is the resonant eternity within, that is shrouded by the illusion of mortality. No one has to die. Death is just a form of change. If you are in a state of continuous transformation you would not come up against death. Death is what happens when you have become trapped to the point that the prime mover has to free you for further progress. That's not all there is to it, obviously, but for the sake of the argument being presented here, it applies.

Lately I have received all kinds of commentary from people about what they can't do about one thing or another. Based on the way they are looking at it they are probably right; based on another way of looking at it they are probably wrong. There are all kinds of ways to get to the same place and although all of them may be workable, some of them are not workable for you. Some of them can well be worse then the present inconsistency. It is key to find the thing that works with the kind of person that you are. Though we are all unique snowflakes, we are also of a type. In astrology, each sign is divided into three decanates. That's three different basic personality types and something that reveals the ignorance of judging someone simply by their sun sign, not to mention the complexity of the houses and transits, natally and progressed. I mention this because most people have different kinds of measuring sticks by which they seek to interpret what is external to themselves. All of these measuring sticks are limited by the degree to which one does not understand the deeper intricacies of their use. Of course, one doesn't need a measuring stick when the divine is computing for you. The divine will take upon itself all of the tasks that you will surrender to it. People find this hard to accept for some reason and decide to shoulder all of it themselves; bad idea. You're carrying all kinds of crap in your knapsack and of course the years will weigh you down because you are measuring things in years, instead of realizing you have forever. That is one of the features of enlightenment; a comprehension of the eternal now.

I bang on about Israel at the other blogs and about all the cannibals and vampires who flourish in Kali Yuga but they don't really concern me. I just write about those things so that I can stick the spiritual stuff in. They've thrown me in prison a few times and tried to make it permanent. They've hassled me and shut me out of the playing field with my music and other endeavors but that has changed significantly over recent times and that is probably because I have changed significantly over recent times and that is because the divine is more and more the totality of my times.

It can seem a labor to talk to God initially. There is a resistance on the part of the mind that can't see it and is obsessed with what it can see, without recognizing the limitations of its bandwidth. The mind's major drawback is its restless nature, which is why it is compared to quicksilver. Stilling the mind is the key. Until you do that, progress is impossible, so it is a waste of time to attempt things that require the mind to be still. Every religion addresses this in different ways. Hanuman represents the mind as the best friend. Very few recognize how powerful and versatile the mind is, or utilize it anywhere near its capacity. There are basic things a person has to do first and we try to talk about those things here.

I can't do anything myself and the divine has been diligent about letting me know that. The divine has gone to great lengths to impress this on me and the result has been that I rely on the divine for everything I can remember to release into its care. If I am successful at what I do it is because of this and this is not restricted to me. Anyone can do it who does it. It is simple but the implications are deep and profound. There is a disconnect in the human mind, which will understand these things but fail to employ them relentlessly and immediately What are they waiting for? That is the question of the moment and the moment awaits.

We are on a journey. We are not employees at a job until we die. We are not citizens of a country. We are not those things that we use to identify our place in the mix. We are eternal travelers on a magnificent quest. We are not mere cogs and ciphers. We are the spirit of the divine on a journey of self discovery. Whether we see that or not does not affect whether it is so. Sooner or later we discover this and it alters our priorities and our values in powerful way and gives meaning to all of our endeavors where before they appeared as drudgery.

The state and conditions of the world are one thing. What we are is another and what we are has everything to do with whatever relationship we have with these states and conditions. The world is not supposed to overpower us and it gets its power to do so from us, in respect of where we find ourselves... when we are not finding ourselves but chasing after pointless amusements or useless things. When we have our priorities together we suddenly find that we have all the time in the world for just about anything. Conversely we have no time for anything. I've said all I have to say for the moment. I hope it is of some use somewhere.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Journey Out and the Journey In

Dog Poet visibly Transmitting (grin).......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Today is 12/12 and seems like a good day to talk about the coming journey and the continuing journey within. I've had a rough several days, feeling pressed down on with no escape route (grin). It has eased considerably today. It was attended by a regular stream of misunderstanding, concerning things I said being either taken out of context, mislabeled or not comprehended in the sense in which it was being stated. This happened multiple times over the course of recent endeavor. I do not place the blame on the reader or myself. This had not taken place in any noticeable way in the past and I hadn't/haven't changed my delivery system during the time period.

I did notice a tad more abrasiveness on my part in dealing with certain readers whose general approach to things is unlike mine. One of the readers hasn't been heard from since and it is my hope he can get past that as I have already been apologetic. I am not apologetic toward my reasons for acting out but am apologetic for not exercising a deft hand. I am generally in good spirits and centered. Recent pressure pulses knocked me a little askew. One reader let me know that she was angry with me and tepidly appreciated my apology but offered none on her own (grin) and once again, it wasn't anything I said that I was contrite about but rather my delivery system. I suppose I was, now and again, like a UPS driver during the holiday season.

Today I am in a wonderful mood. I have been having a lengthy exchange with the medium who communicates with me for the divine. As you know, we can't communicate directly, until we have gone beyond being human (and that is coming up for some of us) because we would be burned to a cinder. This is one of the things that an active kundalini addresses. As it makes it's way to the fulfillment of the alchemical marriage (to use the Hermetic definition of the same thing), it opens increasingly more rarefied levels in which to interact with the angel, or deva that operates in each realm and is personalized for the ray that you are on.

Soon enough, I will be somewhere else, interacting with a number of you. I must say that I am very surprised at the number who seem to intend to join us. If only the people emailing me show up that's going to be something. You are all going to want to make contact with Amarynth. I might as well mention that last night's radio show is now available for download.

I suspect that this journey out, which is a part of the journey within, is going to be quite interesting for me, as I hope it will be for you. Like Felix the Cat, I am going to be bringing my magic bag of tricks and hopefully enough is contained therein to be entertaining and useful too. I get the sensation that a good part of this whole endeavor is going to initiate collaborative efforts between us. I suspect I am going to be in a learning phase at times because some number of you are bringing your bag as well. In the meantime we are going to be in The Land of the Mayans and no doubt at one point an excursion will occur. I don't think it's an accident that the locale is what it is. My jyotish astrologer (some of you listened to his reading for me) said that where I will find myself- and I can't remember the month he mentioned but it is one of the months that are in the collective trip of two main locations- is the country I lived in in my last incarnation.

Speaking of astrologers; a couple-few years ago I got the sensation that I was about to pass into a new dimension of being. I became interested in having communication with astrologers in respect of this. I wound up interacting with half a dozen of them and they all told me similar variants, even when two different systems were being employed, which I found very interesting. Then, out of the blue, two different astrologers contacted me in the same day, a couple of days ago. One of them said that he had to talk to me about what was coming up, without being informed of the trip beforehand. As it turns out he will also be in the same country in the next two months. Then, on the same day, a successful musician whom you would recognize and who is now a committed socio-political activist, emailed me saying he wanted to reconnect and could he call me.

This fellow is one of the genuinely decent people I have met. He came to visit me in Italy a few years ago and we spent several days in close interaction that I rank among one of the best of its kind that I have ever had. We all know what it is like to be in the company of someone where the simpatico is off the charts. It was effortless. I am hoping to see him this summer in his environment. It looks like travel is now going to be an ongoing routine for me. That should be something, given that I have spent most of the last 12 years in this room, doing the things you are familiar with. I look back at Poncho who is sitting curled on the couch. We've never been separated for more than a few days since he arrived in my life.

I am not, at this time 'realized'. Most of the readings I had said I would be soon. In the jyotish reading and one other, it came up more than any other feature. I don't like to project and I certainly don't like to claim certain things. I don't like it when I encounter it, albeit at a distance (grin) and it can put people off and that's not a good thing. I am the beneficiary of the good intentions of one who is fully realized and to whom I owe everything that I am capable of in my own small way. Due to the magnitude of the presence of this being, it is impossible for me to take myself seriously and I consider that one of my most prized possessions. Hopefully, in all cases, those of you who I will meet shortly, will consider me a potential friend and welcome associate and colleague and nothing more. Nothing more applies.

It is a difficult art to field the position some people put me in. I know they are well intentioned but I'm just a kind of herald or messenger, bearing something that is the rightful possession of the one whose footsteps I seek to walk in. Some of you are walking in them with me, we are accompanied by an invisible persona who has already been that way before.

Whenever two people or more are gathered (as The Book states) someone exists within the midst of them and that is the operative dynamic that makes whatever we are about, into something more than what we are collectively about. I see walks in Nature; given that that is possible. I see occasional Dos Equis soirees that engage a spirited discourse among equals and I see two 'Q' in the same sentence (grin). I see video presentations that are arranged around extemporaneous exchanges and back and forths that have to do with possibilities that can be practiced in everyone's home environment, using features of their domicile for the practice thereof. I see shared exchanges of those valued informations that each of us has been introduced to or discovered on our way to each other. I see musical moments of collective engagement and that is something I have some awareness of, in terms of engaging each and every one. I see arranged observations of the four planes of being, assisted by the fifth, wherein conscious recognition of the interdependence and value of each is considered. I see informal Q and A's that employ the agency of something more than those so engaged and I see other possibilities that need not be mentioned now. We are standing at The Magicians Table and the four symbols of the four worlds are present there. In that sense I see some Tarot seminars, because that medium is truly marvelous for certain personality types. Western and Eastern modalities will have their times of inquiry and discussion. We're not going to lack for things to talk about or do.

I've been invited to travel to Panama and possibly Costa Rica but we'll have to see how that pans out. Open Office likes to give me blue highlights on unfinished words. When I typed 'out' it wanted to complete as 'outrageous' and... there it is again. Hopefully, I will hear from those astrologers who contacted me or mentioned various things. I feel no apprehensions at all but indications of the meaning of interacting forces and their progressed transits does provoke my curiosity in terms of whether or not I hear a 'ping'.

I don't know what to think about all of this. Much of what has happened in recent years and the type of response that these efforts has generated often mystifies me. I hadn't ever thought in terms of this kind of a thing coming about. It's the intense resonance that fascinates me. The reader only has privy to the comments but the emails tell yet another story in respect of all this.

If I have offended anyone, either in the further past or more recently, I am truly sorry. I suspect, in some cases it has to do with my being a work in progress and sometimes it did not have to do with me as the author and sometimes it didn't have to do with the assumed words or events but rather more to do with a misreading of the situation. That is something that can happen with regularity in these times and something all of us should be on the lookout for. Many of us tend to react and respond to things, based on old patterns, where our judgment and perceptions are faulty. It is unfortunate that we don't maintain a strong sense of presence in the moment, instead of referring back to what may have been or never was, instead of what is. The moment is always trying to inform us and can successfully do so if we are resident in it.

I hope this very personalized posting has some small value in some way. It felt like what I should talk about, as the month winds up or down (grin) and we'll return to the usual fare when we return to this format again. May the interior sun both warm and guide you to the kingdom within and back-light the world around you, fore and aft.

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Friday, December 09, 2011

The Enemy of Humanity is going to their Grave

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

This may be the most important thing of its kind that you will ever read. It, perhaps, does not belong in Origami but it will show up in Smoking Mirrors tomorrow, in any case. Please read both pages and be transfixed and in awe of what is unmistakably true. You have only to look around on your own to see this.

This is The Apocalypse. This is the time of revelation and summing up. However true the truth about the darkness may be, we have more to fear from ourselves that we do from Sauronstein, which might translate into the rock of shapeless evil. We are the enemy of our own freedom and would not lose it unless we surrender it. No man becomes a slave until he ceases to be his own master. This means stockpiling cans of worms to make it through a cold and hungry winter.

Ordinarily, we would continue to be the victims of controlled confusion that undermines and defeats every revolution for change that does not come about. As I have said more than once; when the tables are turned, the same people are still sitting there. This will not continue for much longer. That age is dying. It is passing. You might say, “Well Visible, this was happening in the age previous”. I might say, “Yeah, that's so and some element of the kind is residually with us in any age but so is culling”. This coming age is an age of brotherhood and for that we can be grateful; in all of its implications.

Many of us are cynical and despairing. We have nothing to place our faith in because we are victims of false history. Very little of what we read or have read is real. It is fabricated for the control of the minds and perceptions of those absorbing it. When your initial premise is wrong, all that follows is flawed too. This is why I subscribe to occult history. For those of you who do not possess The Secret Teachings of All Ages, I offer it to you again. There are many sources of occult, or hidden, history. One of them, now long gone, was the library at Alexandria. Careful reading of this link could be an implication that the main clan for historical revisionism was possibly behind this as well. It could well be imagined that quite a bit of damming evidence was stored there. When we don't know who did it and the blame is apportioned to all of those who are most hated by those who have performed their relentless terror upon the world, it can be surmised that that is who actually did it. At least that is what I think.

The degree of nasty indifference to those serving the country, coupled with the continuous assaults upon those returning from combat, is a wonder to behold. How low can they go, is the watchword of our times. Insult is piled upon insult and each of them are being uncovered in this time. Newt Gingrich suddenly shoots out of nowhere to the top of the heap, based on manufactured polls. No one felt this way before. He was at the bottom of the heap before. Now he is at the top and a more corrupt and despicable character is hard to find, even in a crowd of despicable characters. Is it possible in anyway that he could survive the public disclosure of all of his contemptible behavior across the course of his time in the arena? What does this suggest? It suggests that there is no better way to assure the continuance of Obama that to put this stalking 'hor'se up against him. The socio-political scene is very much like a game of chess; three dimensional chess. They show you one thing that acts as a blind and a diversion from what is really taking place, which is further hidden by another distraction beneath the primary distraction.

When you read that first link, you can see the intent that is operational in this world. I was stunned by how nearly everything that has been said, over the term of these blogs is mirrored therein. I kept hearing, 'ping', 'ping', 'clang', 'bong', over and over again. It is a riveting train wreck of mendacity. The cannibals are at the buffet table of another Tribe celebration of another ruined and destroyed culture. The intent here is to turn the country into a gulag that reflects the return of mass murder, Russian style. It would be a fait accompli were it not for Mr. Apocalypse. We've no way of knowing exactly what he intends because he's playing Texas Hold'em. What's on The River? What's running in the deep current?

I look at the faces that appear on the news and they are the faces of corruption, put in place as markers for the moment and where we find ourselves. It's fitting that Madonna will perform at The Super Bowl. It's fitting that Newt is to politics what Twitter is to communication. It's fitting that every important news item, that repeats with the greatest regularity, is all about the tiniest minorities, triumphing over the largest majorities. It is fitting that the world's most professional and shrillest victims, turn out to be the most relentless and vicious predators. It is fitting that the greatest disasters are performed by the largest corporations, upon the widest reach of the most ignorant of the population. It is fitting that nothing fits, unless it is forced and that the more wrong something is, according to basic nature, the more right it it trumpeted to be. It is fitting that the more insane and unreasonable our conditions become, the more justified and correct they are made to appear, until collective insanity is crowned with the imprimatur of normality; a kid is suspended from school for saying his teacher is cute. What is most surprising is that the principal responsible for it got fired. That's not what usually happens as five year olds are handcuffed and taken away for sexual harassment and assault.

The government is exposed for giving automatic weapons to drug cartels and then is revealed to be laundering their money, as some kind of evidence gathering and preventive measure. The president of the United States and the joint military arm of the West creates terrible genocidal wars, on behalf of one of the smallest and most vicious nations on Earth, simply because they took control of the presses that print the currencies, which they used to buy up all of the information sources on the planet, in order to carry out unceasing war against humanity. It's an inescapable fact, routinely ignored by the larger number of the people it is happening to.

Sorry to use Origami for this but things happen according to their own dynamic and I'm just here in the meantime. We are engaged in a spiritual conflict for all the marbles. Some have lost their marbles. Some have imaginary marbles. Some are marbled with interwoven hues of white and gray. The enemy of humanity is the same rapacious crowd of slither snakes who move through the underbrush, striking and biting at will, while injecting the venom of confusion and despair. Their hour 'has come round at last' and the jury is out on how the cosmos will handle it but handle it it will. I'm guessing they will finally get the numbers they have been claiming for so long. It is a 'consummation devoutly to be wished'.

Nothing much will change or be accomplished, until we are rid of these psychopathic vampires who rub together their bloodstained hands with glee. Humanity must awaken and so it shall; unwillingly and uncomprehendingly at the outset but we shall see what the result of that is when the resulting reaction takes place.

Reading the first link in this article had a powerful affect on me. It is the total picture of what's been and is. This is a dark and desperate hour. Evidence piles upon evidence, while the public operates like a comatose simulacrum of itself, inside a deranged Gameboy. Gleaning what I have over recent hours, I now believe that even the most hideous of tales are true. You name it, it's in operation.

The important thing to keep in mind is that those of you who are encased in the protective shield of your awareness have nothing to fear but the possibility of fear intruding. You can only be the victim of that which you convince yourself is possible. Don't go down that road. Every time you see the awful lies that scroll before you as your daily fare, simply cry 'bullshit'! Recognize that the names no longer attend the copy because it is all them, all the time; them and their manipulated stooges. The traitors to our kind like Hillary Clinton and John Bolton, are in action for the purpose of demonstration. Newt Gingrich has no human supporters of any measure. It is a complete fabrication of those who have preyed upon us for so long.

Monsanto; the massive bad food industries, the medical community, the military industrial combine, the banks, the media and all the rest of them are being outed and convicted across the board. Humanity may have an endless capacity for corruption and confusion but The Cosmos does not. It will right the scales and it will now go turbo on kicking ass and taking names. Watch and wait, stand and deliver. You've got magic arrows in your quiver.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, December 02, 2011

Catching Some Rays from the Shining One Mind.

(I've not often seen a time like this when I intend to stop writing and can't do it. I was going to defer anymore posts until Sunday- radio show day- but apparently I don't have a choice in the matter. I've been planning to back off for a day or three here and there because I am at work for hours on the new novel, “The Curious Tale of Ash and the Whine”, but that is happening anyway the rest of the day, so, I guess that is how it goes for the moment.)

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

A little while ago, I offered a technique to clear out the mind of invasive thoughts, for the purpose of revealing the more subtle and submerged thoughts that travel below and for the purpose of emptying the mind so that the furniture can be rearranged because, after all, the mind is a room. The mind is also, relatively awake and aware of itself, depending on whose personal interpretation of mind we are talking about. The idea of a personal mind is a fundamental illusion and one of the mainstays of mortality. There is only one mind. I had this pointed out to me in a lasting and dramatic way on the evening of my kundalini awakening. This was not one of those ordinary tremors where a little smoke belches from the volcano. This was a full bore awakening that endured for approximately three years, more or less full time. I've had a few recurrent episodes, mostly in recent times but none of them have ever matched the degree of force of the first occurrence. A full expression of one mind demonstrated, is accompanied by what can be a frightening state of telepathy. I wasn't bothered by it but the rest of the people in the room were. It's easy to explain this. When you are in one mind, all other minds are also present and the thoughts are like fishes swimming in a body of water, the totality of which is the totality of the mind.

The body of water may have all sorts of swimmers in it, skin divers, surfers ,boaters, you name it. Their different activities and outfits can be seen as the personality that clothes the illusion of a personal mind. Every personal mind can be defined as merely that place where one contacts the one mind. As long as your mind believes itself to be separate from the whole, you will operate accordingly, just like everyone else. This world of the personal mind is a world of strife and confusion in all of its permutations. It is a world of competitions for the objects of desire. It is a world of intermittent loneliness because you are made aware that you are alone and that is because of the perception of separateness.

People have made mention many times over the course of the blog postings how things get said here that were just recently in their own minds, or how questions that were occupying their thoughts are answered on the very day they were having them. Besides the comments there's a whole lot of emails that say the same. There is no mystery here. It is only resonance. We are all connected to that one mind so it stands to reason that something like this would occur if the one mind were to be engaged in it. The reader plays into the writer, through a medium of non resistance which can be called a form of telepathy. The writer plays back into the mind of the reader by means of the same process. Let us keep in mind that this does not allocate any special significance to the writer. It just so happens that I made that connection but that's been done by any number of people and will continue to be. It was bestowed on me as a gift. It's not something I came up with. You often hear a certain kind of person say, 'I'm no different than you. It's just a variant on perception'. It is a mere adjustment in perception. It's that simple. If you were just to go around as if you were in the one mind at all times, it wouldn't take all that long to begin experiencing it, depending on the person but... you wouldn't even begin it in the first place unless you had some degree of closer proximity.

Before I give you a followup technique to the first one, I should lay a bit of groundwork. I should also say that those of you who have been practicing the first technique up to this point, will now be ready to engage in the second technique. If you haven't been doing the first one and think you will jump right to the second, I have to tell you that is the long way around. It can be done but why make yourself go the other way around the world to get to Kansas City (you are presently in LA) when you can just head directly there? It's like that.

Okay, of critical importance is THE FACT that there is only one god. Call him Krishna, Christ, Allah or whatever. Call her Kali, Tara or whatever. The two gender possibilities are only the dynamic relationship between what divided into two in order to propagate the universe. You might then also consider things like the first real geometric shape; the triangle (please don't mention the circle-grin). You can consider pyramids, which have four sides. That extra face is Time and is a key to why pyramids preserve things and will sharpen your razor. This is not the place for that stuff though. I digressed. However it is something to think about later in respect of this second technique. You'll figure that out.

Anyway, there is only one god, just as there is only one mind. That's it period. If you can't get this then please return to your former conflicts over religion and the idea that there is more than one political party in the US (grin). I know that many of you can say, “I know that already”. You might but... then again...; it is worthy of delving into and considering intellectual vs visceral.

If there is only one God then why is that God presenting him/herself, it, in so many forms? Well that goes along with; why are there so many different languages? This is simultaneously to confuse you and to cater to you. In order for the world to be as it is, FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION, this is necessary. In order for there to be widely variant cultures and widely variant people, there has to be a widely variant world. You'll appreciate this more once you've matriculated to a higher vibrating planet. You don't really want it to be like the people in “The Island” do you?

The case is that God tailor-made his/herself for you in order to be user friendly. In times of darkness this sort of thing turns into holy wars. You don't have to be in darkness in a time of darkness though, do you? No, you don't and you can't save the world but... if you could (grin), you wouldn't accomplish it by running around and banging on everyone about the obvious which, to them is not obvious because they are dreaming. That's what you are up against but... let's say you come to realize that one mind state. Let's say that even if, temporarily, you are unable to, you still go around acting as if it were true, the same way that you enter the Kingdom of Heaven by going around and believing and acting like you are already there. This sends out a resonating vibration that is intrinsically unifying. It also has an effect in the present or AFTERWARDS, when you might be somewhere else but... really, you're everywhere aren't you and part of everything?

Once you have gained some facility with the original breath work; casting out every thought that comes into your mind and attending it with light snorts and an inclination of the head in the direction of the side of the nose that is most engaged; understand... this can be very subtle. You can snort with very little effect on the parts of yourself involved and the whole thing can be very surreptitious in terms of the world around you. Once you have gained some facility, you get yourself a picture of God that you like and are attracted to. This might be a little difficult for Christians (grin) but simply picture God in some way that is workable for you. You have to have a picture and even a Major Arcana Tarot will work very well in this respect. It is what they are designed for. In your case you can take The Hanged Man. Others can take an example of that beautiful Islamic calligraphy. You can take one of those posters of Krishna with the serpents behind his head, or whatever you prefer. You can take a graphic of whatever Buddha floats your boat. There are many to be had, like The Amitabha Buddha (this is a kind of Cliff Notes description). Here is an important saying by Gautama Buddha that directly relates to what is going on here; “We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world”.

What you are going to do is to take whatever picture you are led to select and put it on the front wall of your empty mind and ask that personality of God to grant you it's presence. You are going to ask this deity to visit you; to reveal him/herself, to guide you, to rescue you, to lead you, to enlighten you. You'll do this in your own words and you will do it every time it occurs to you and you will try to be aware of how often it slips away and how much time passed before you remembered again and you want to seek to be aware of whether someone actually reminded you or you just remembered.

You are going to seek to love this being with your whole heart and mind more than anything else. This is of critical importance because that being WILL NOT show up otherwise. Love is the irresistible force that COMPELS God to appear.

When I lay down at night on my back, I do a particular prayer, which is a collection of requests and I do it as if I were doing it for the first time. Never let yourself fall into the very bad habit of just repeating something when you are talking to God. Keep in mind that God is listening. That is a fact. Keep in mind that every event in your life, no matter how insignificant it may seem, is a special engagement of God with your soul. When I am finished with my prayer, my heart and mind spontaneously begins to say, over and over again, “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you”. It goes on and on. It happens all by itself. Sometimes I wake up in the morning like that too. You can repeat this while interacting with the image you have selected. Become creative about this process. Get inventive. God likes that you are going through the trouble but... it won't be any trouble at all. You have to see God as a companion in all your moments, whatever you are doing. This will also have a pronounced effect on your behavior. Some of you masturbate. Well, do this then too. You can get sexual about it. I'm not recommending anything like this but... you are doing that sort of thing so, you might as well take it to it's highest point. Shortly you will find this need diminishing, or God will send you someone to perform it on. If you are in a relationship, don't have sex unless it is with God because everything is God, one way or another. See this deity in everyone you meet and it could well speak to you and has before already.

I could go on but... this should serve for the moment. You can keep doing the breath thing while you are doing it. Do it with a natural ease. Celebrate it with movement if you like. Take walks in Nature, especially at dawn and dusk and strike up a conversation. Alright then, you're good to go (grin)



End Transmission.......

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