Monday, December 12, 2011

The Journey Out and the Journey In

Dog Poet visibly Transmitting (grin).......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Today is 12/12 and seems like a good day to talk about the coming journey and the continuing journey within. I've had a rough several days, feeling pressed down on with no escape route (grin). It has eased considerably today. It was attended by a regular stream of misunderstanding, concerning things I said being either taken out of context, mislabeled or not comprehended in the sense in which it was being stated. This happened multiple times over the course of recent endeavor. I do not place the blame on the reader or myself. This had not taken place in any noticeable way in the past and I hadn't/haven't changed my delivery system during the time period.

I did notice a tad more abrasiveness on my part in dealing with certain readers whose general approach to things is unlike mine. One of the readers hasn't been heard from since and it is my hope he can get past that as I have already been apologetic. I am not apologetic toward my reasons for acting out but am apologetic for not exercising a deft hand. I am generally in good spirits and centered. Recent pressure pulses knocked me a little askew. One reader let me know that she was angry with me and tepidly appreciated my apology but offered none on her own (grin) and once again, it wasn't anything I said that I was contrite about but rather my delivery system. I suppose I was, now and again, like a UPS driver during the holiday season.

Today I am in a wonderful mood. I have been having a lengthy exchange with the medium who communicates with me for the divine. As you know, we can't communicate directly, until we have gone beyond being human (and that is coming up for some of us) because we would be burned to a cinder. This is one of the things that an active kundalini addresses. As it makes it's way to the fulfillment of the alchemical marriage (to use the Hermetic definition of the same thing), it opens increasingly more rarefied levels in which to interact with the angel, or deva that operates in each realm and is personalized for the ray that you are on.

Soon enough, I will be somewhere else, interacting with a number of you. I must say that I am very surprised at the number who seem to intend to join us. If only the people emailing me show up that's going to be something. You are all going to want to make contact with Amarynth. I might as well mention that last night's radio show is now available for download.

I suspect that this journey out, which is a part of the journey within, is going to be quite interesting for me, as I hope it will be for you. Like Felix the Cat, I am going to be bringing my magic bag of tricks and hopefully enough is contained therein to be entertaining and useful too. I get the sensation that a good part of this whole endeavor is going to initiate collaborative efforts between us. I suspect I am going to be in a learning phase at times because some number of you are bringing your bag as well. In the meantime we are going to be in The Land of the Mayans and no doubt at one point an excursion will occur. I don't think it's an accident that the locale is what it is. My jyotish astrologer (some of you listened to his reading for me) said that where I will find myself- and I can't remember the month he mentioned but it is one of the months that are in the collective trip of two main locations- is the country I lived in in my last incarnation.

Speaking of astrologers; a couple-few years ago I got the sensation that I was about to pass into a new dimension of being. I became interested in having communication with astrologers in respect of this. I wound up interacting with half a dozen of them and they all told me similar variants, even when two different systems were being employed, which I found very interesting. Then, out of the blue, two different astrologers contacted me in the same day, a couple of days ago. One of them said that he had to talk to me about what was coming up, without being informed of the trip beforehand. As it turns out he will also be in the same country in the next two months. Then, on the same day, a successful musician whom you would recognize and who is now a committed socio-political activist, emailed me saying he wanted to reconnect and could he call me.

This fellow is one of the genuinely decent people I have met. He came to visit me in Italy a few years ago and we spent several days in close interaction that I rank among one of the best of its kind that I have ever had. We all know what it is like to be in the company of someone where the simpatico is off the charts. It was effortless. I am hoping to see him this summer in his environment. It looks like travel is now going to be an ongoing routine for me. That should be something, given that I have spent most of the last 12 years in this room, doing the things you are familiar with. I look back at Poncho who is sitting curled on the couch. We've never been separated for more than a few days since he arrived in my life.

I am not, at this time 'realized'. Most of the readings I had said I would be soon. In the jyotish reading and one other, it came up more than any other feature. I don't like to project and I certainly don't like to claim certain things. I don't like it when I encounter it, albeit at a distance (grin) and it can put people off and that's not a good thing. I am the beneficiary of the good intentions of one who is fully realized and to whom I owe everything that I am capable of in my own small way. Due to the magnitude of the presence of this being, it is impossible for me to take myself seriously and I consider that one of my most prized possessions. Hopefully, in all cases, those of you who I will meet shortly, will consider me a potential friend and welcome associate and colleague and nothing more. Nothing more applies.

It is a difficult art to field the position some people put me in. I know they are well intentioned but I'm just a kind of herald or messenger, bearing something that is the rightful possession of the one whose footsteps I seek to walk in. Some of you are walking in them with me, we are accompanied by an invisible persona who has already been that way before.

Whenever two people or more are gathered (as The Book states) someone exists within the midst of them and that is the operative dynamic that makes whatever we are about, into something more than what we are collectively about. I see walks in Nature; given that that is possible. I see occasional Dos Equis soirees that engage a spirited discourse among equals and I see two 'Q' in the same sentence (grin). I see video presentations that are arranged around extemporaneous exchanges and back and forths that have to do with possibilities that can be practiced in everyone's home environment, using features of their domicile for the practice thereof. I see shared exchanges of those valued informations that each of us has been introduced to or discovered on our way to each other. I see musical moments of collective engagement and that is something I have some awareness of, in terms of engaging each and every one. I see arranged observations of the four planes of being, assisted by the fifth, wherein conscious recognition of the interdependence and value of each is considered. I see informal Q and A's that employ the agency of something more than those so engaged and I see other possibilities that need not be mentioned now. We are standing at The Magicians Table and the four symbols of the four worlds are present there. In that sense I see some Tarot seminars, because that medium is truly marvelous for certain personality types. Western and Eastern modalities will have their times of inquiry and discussion. We're not going to lack for things to talk about or do.

I've been invited to travel to Panama and possibly Costa Rica but we'll have to see how that pans out. Open Office likes to give me blue highlights on unfinished words. When I typed 'out' it wanted to complete as 'outrageous' and... there it is again. Hopefully, I will hear from those astrologers who contacted me or mentioned various things. I feel no apprehensions at all but indications of the meaning of interacting forces and their progressed transits does provoke my curiosity in terms of whether or not I hear a 'ping'.

I don't know what to think about all of this. Much of what has happened in recent years and the type of response that these efforts has generated often mystifies me. I hadn't ever thought in terms of this kind of a thing coming about. It's the intense resonance that fascinates me. The reader only has privy to the comments but the emails tell yet another story in respect of all this.

If I have offended anyone, either in the further past or more recently, I am truly sorry. I suspect, in some cases it has to do with my being a work in progress and sometimes it did not have to do with me as the author and sometimes it didn't have to do with the assumed words or events but rather more to do with a misreading of the situation. That is something that can happen with regularity in these times and something all of us should be on the lookout for. Many of us tend to react and respond to things, based on old patterns, where our judgment and perceptions are faulty. It is unfortunate that we don't maintain a strong sense of presence in the moment, instead of referring back to what may have been or never was, instead of what is. The moment is always trying to inform us and can successfully do so if we are resident in it.

I hope this very personalized posting has some small value in some way. It felt like what I should talk about, as the month winds up or down (grin) and we'll return to the usual fare when we return to this format again. May the interior sun both warm and guide you to the kingdom within and back-light the world around you, fore and aft.

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amarynth said...

"We are standing at The Magicians Table and the four symbols of the four worlds are present there."

So the major synchronicity is that I put up a wall candle holder with 4 candles - for the gathering.

kikz said...

don't know where you'll wander.. but if you get time in the yucatan..

chichen itza is well worth the visit. as is tulum right on the coast. isla de mujeres(sp) is a nice hovercraft ride/day trip.

tikal in guatemala, also.

just watch out for large inquisitive iguana around chichen itza, if you venture out in the bush...;) the monkeys and a jaguar didn't make an appearance, but could be heard quite close by.

wishing you well on your travels.. (waving) frm the texASS north 40 of dallas..

Visible said...

Amarynth (grin).

Kikz; I spent several days on Isla Mujeres and went by Chichen Itza on a bus, Didn't stop but should have. I loved the landscaped lawn around it. If enough of us have an interest I think Chichen Itza is in the cards, not Isla Mujeres though, too far to go. I remember reading Dallas North 40 years ago.

Pete said...

Good luck in your upcoming adventure. If you grow a beard you could perhaps fulfill the Quetzocoatl / Kukulkan prophecy (grin.) If you get down there you will not want to come back. I wish you all the best.

gurnygob said...

Les don’t forget to keep in touch while you are away gallivanting.


lightandlongshadows said...

THE STAVES - winter trees starts at 1 min., beautiful.

Angus & Julia Stone - Yellow Brick Road [Live in Paris]

Anonymous said...

Catching up today (an ongoing story)... well, it took a while to get through all of the comments from yesterday.... and now finding this latest blog to sound like one of those fare-thee-wells... 'I'll be moving along' thingys.

If so, then travel well and Godspeed in all the journey.

Part of me desires to come along to the big meeting being talked about, but another part realizes it ain't in my cards. It's ok. The cards are what they iz.

These days, I'm learning to be an old man. I can't say I'm not enjoying it. Got to prepare, sez folks? Aw sh1t! (c;

Godspeed to all of you. And keep the feets clean.


Lee said...

Les. I have to admit I will miss you while you are gone. It is only fitting that you choose Mexico, the region of Tezcatlipoca/Smoking Mirrors. I get that part.

Perhaps you can visit Guatemala's caves and see the etchings on those caves of the Tenoch?

I pray blessings for you and your friends and may you have many happy returns.

Lee/Tenoch-itlan/Cave Dweller

Visible said...

Thank you Lee;

However, internet wise I won't be going anywhere. Things will continue as they have been with blog postings and radio shows. There may be occasional interruptions of a few days here and there but that has been the case all along except for recently when I've usually been managing a posting every day.

L.L.O. said...


Thank you for this post today Les. Thanks for all of them actually. I could definitely sense the heat in some of your words in the last posting.
I don't know the circumstances but I'm just glad it wasn't directed at me! That would be like one of my favorite uncles yelling at me (grin).
I say that with humor in the understanding that no one is perfect and after reading some peoples comments I can see how any response besides one that is brutally honest and unambiguous would be inappropriate.
Anyways I've been thinking a lot about faith and leaps thereof.
This is my time to choose. My source of income has evaporated and I am in the calm before the storm as I watch the meager savings I do have dwindle away.
Do I do what I've always done in the past, go get a job?
Use my artistic and technical abilities and build useful items for sale or barter?
Should I shun all things temporal and go on a walkabout?
This is it.
I'm going to do my best to have faith. I'll try meditating and thinking of the divine (tried before just lack the discipline) and seeking guidance. Like you have made mention of, sometimes we find ourselves with no other options but to turn to the divine and I doubt my circumstances brought me to this point by happenstance.
It's going to be an interesting winter. I am at the doorstep of a life-changing episode (I think we all are).
Thank you again. And may you have a most excellent adventure yourself.


Richie (Dana) said...

The possibilities in this post are exciting to say the least. I know I am looking forward to the Visible presence.

I listened to the radio show first thing this morning.
Very good show Les.

Thank you, thank you.


Emmanuel said...

Hi Visible,

You are definitely a messenger. No less than a person who is good at whatever their life calling/mission is whether it be a musician, mathematician, carpenter, mechanic, or English teacher, your skill with written words makes you the person you are exactly as it is and should be. I marvel at writers and authors such as yourself. It is not an easy task to be a heralder of words that are not always easy to hear or accepted by the mainstream. You are a part of the mechanism affecting the paradigm shift. We, your readers, are part of that shift with you. Through your insights translated into the eloquence of your words, levels of consciousness rise. Thoughts ascend and with it vibration. You are one of our tour guides along this journey. Your nearly daily prolific writings are the guiding indicators of what's ahead, what's written on the wall, and what's really happening. I am hopeful in your optimism of what lies ahead and that some sort of cosmic benevolent correction manifests itself into a new era of Light and Oneness. I don't know and I'm not sure, but I sure do hope for the best. Gosh, do I hope.

It has felt rather hot and a tad uncomfy to me at your blogs this past week. Being a messenger is not for the faint of heart. Putting yourself out there in front of the whole planet puts your in various people's sights especially those who are antithetical to your words, notions, and insights. I do not possess the gift of written word or oral for that matter. Many times I am thankful for that as I would not want to be in the crosshairs of the dissenters. What a thick skin you must have to endure whatever onslaught of negative feedback and malevolence towards you. It is admirable that you take your stand and take whatever comes at you. It is even more admirable that you can reflect upon your own reflexes upon dealing with your detractors and to act in a state of humility, grace, and reverence. I know that you will respond to a detractor in proportion to the manner in which they strike. I think that is appropriate and fair. You don't pull punches when it counts and you hit back to the degree that the detractor deserves it. Sometimes, I have thought you're a little too hard on Gilad Atzmon. He is, too, after all, another messenger with the same plight and challenges that you and others must endure. I think he is fighting the good fight. But, then again, I don't know. Perhaps there is something else I don't know about him.

I don't think you needed to apologize for anything per se. But, I'm glad that you said something along those lines because it lightens things up a bit. Things are feeling heavy enough. Corruption is at the root of all our systems. The few people running these systems at the very core are sociopathic and corrupt to the bone. Every system whether it be the polictical, economic, healthcare, energy, food systems, et all, are all compromised. I believe that most people are good intentioned. It is this good intention that keeps people servile to those that are enslaving them. It is being a good citizen that keeps people from cheating the system not because they like the system, but because they are being good citizens for their fellow citizens. Now, if we could only have people of the Light inhabit the core of these systems and do onto others as a good person would do. I know you speak of the time coming when this dark era we are in transiions to a new era of brotherhood and compassion. It seems so far impossible. I keep coming here because I must. I must have a sense that something will turn for the better otherwise, what's the point in all of this? This demonstration we are in--is it just for us to be fucked and become fucked? I can't be pessimistic even though I feel that way sometimes, because I have kids. I don't know. I'm trying. I'm hanging in there. I appreciate you being here.

Anonymous said...

On December 10th there was a flood of reports from the entire North-to-South length of New Jersey concerning ground tremors. Yet the U.S. Geological Survey reported no occurances of earthquakes.

Perhaps HAARP strings are being tuned?


Visible said...

Thank you Emmanuel for taking the trouble to write that. Actually I would say you have a definite ability to write; just my observation.

As for Gilad. After I had said what I did I also came back and adjusted my position as best I could.

By way of explanation, I have a problem with certain Jews who present themselves are truthtellers and who appear to go contrary to the malicious words and intentions of the bad guys. I hold them to a higher standard. I have an almost, "You owe me" perspective. I expect them to come forward on certain things and if they do not then they are suspect in my book. It may be harsh me but, for whatever reason, that is how I am. Unless they present full disclosure; not partially presented but full, concerning the holocaust and 9.11 and state it as it is, then something is wrong and not all the rest is enough for me. That hasn't been accomplished to my expectations and hasn't been accomplished by any of them so far as I know and as soon as someone gives me the name of someone who does I will be grateful to see it.

That is my problem and I don't know how to get around it when I assess what some people are up to and also some of the things that Gilad has said make me uncomfortable about him but I allow that I could be wrong and have said so after the fact once I commented on what I commented on which was those things and are easily located in the specific post which I can't remember which one it was (grin).

Anyway, that's where my hesitations emerge from but I am always willing to change my mind. That goes for anything said here about anything once a preponderance of truth replaces speculation and wishful thinking.

Visible said...

Whatever the case, they are not going to be able to look forward to playing harps in some other location once they exit.

kikz said...

oh les, you should've done the 'itza'.. waaay cool.. hell of a busride though frm cancun proper. that was a long damn day...

atop the pyramid of the sun... well, when i was there in early 80's.. you could look 360 and see undug mounds in all directions of the almost virgin landscape.

my daddy did tikal and tulum and palenque also.. i didn't make that trip... but he did get to take me back to show me itza and isla mujeres... :)

there was a movie... 'against all odds' in the 80's, filmed a bunch at 'itza' and mujeres.. jeff bridges and rachel somebody... anyway, i always had fun telling peepz i'd been where they filmed, as not too many peepz other than those interested in mayan ruins knew of it.

i'd love do the itza on solstice and see kukulkan's image slide down the pyramid. the acoustics there are spooky also.

bholanath said...

Hey Visji, and all -
I know it was while ago, but after doing a music/dance tour in Mexico in '88, I spent a couple weeks in Tarahumara country, just down from Chihuahua City, both in the town of Creel and driving and camping in the Canyon del Cobre, and that was before the road was paved. Awesome country and beautiful shy people living in wonderful cave-houses. There's also an amazingly huge waterfall and campground called Basaseachic I think nearby.
Don't know how that area has fared in the meantime (rumors of drug-smugglers and deforestation), but it might make a cool field trip.

covkid said...

Hi Les and all,

Yes Kikz Chichen Itza is a most wonderful place.When you stand on top of 'El castille' you are indeed on top of the world.Magical!.

Two Q's in the same sentence its about time this button got pushed a bit more (grin).

And what of dear Poncho Les what will become of him?

Visible said...

Poncho will be fine with Susanne.

Funny I was going to mention the film "Against All Odds". Good film. It popped into my head while I was reading your first comment.

I've been thinking about the Tarahumara indians for several weeks and how they used to run for days, carrying messages over long distances. I would be very into a trip like that Bholanath. Let's tentatively pencil that in.

I've always wanted to go to Oaxaca. I didn't get there with my first trip, Of course it should be apparent why I would want to go (grin) but it won't be happening this time. One good piece of news is that when you go online to try to order K. It is often pharmacies in Mexico that are advertising. Also The Philippines, India and China. Use of the item to treat depression is ramping up in Europe. I've never seen anything that cancels it out like that and installs the opposite consciousness along with the disappearing act.

It always amuses me how some people view experiments in altered consciousness while routinely engaging in the worst of the bunch and assuming that escapism is at the top of one's reasons when sometimes it is actually offsetting chemical imbalance or truer spiritual inquiry. One or the other has always been my motivation. I don't think I'll be engaging in any shamanistic journeys though. Some part of me says I've pretty much seen the last of all that and for awhile now I've seen the last of most everything else.

amarynth said...

Oaxaca is just my 2nd favorite place in all the world. I almost stayed behind there in a family owned weaving house to learn their traditional and ancient dying and weaving methods. I did not want to leave and I was gonna stay in the top part of the weaving house, but alas, it was not to be. My family looked a little bit lost when I wanted to abandon them on the spot. Went to a massive fossilized waterfall - with a huge slab of rock on the side of the mountain with real old methods of flood irrigation and irrigation channels intricately and very beautifully carved into the rock.

But I can make the traditional mole sauces - got the old recipes and methods.

Bholanath, I discovered a camping area about 40 minutes driving away in one of the lesser canyons. We have an invitation to go with a college basketball star who considers this his favorite area to just commune. He knows the area well.

Creel and the Copper Canyon is a little too far away for a daytrip - 4 hours by train and about as long by car. Train is a lovely way to go.

Visible said...

Newt Gingrich was on the Defense Policy Board along with Henry Kissinger and a majority of dual national neo cons like Kissinger etc.

It's all coming out.

Visible said...

I heard they shut down the trains in Mexico. But they're still running?

amarynth said...

Tourist Line specifically for the copper canyon.

Anonymous said...

pierre said.

I wish you all the best, and now I know you'll still be posting and I'll have to get a mobile internet facility whilst I am away on my local annual trip, 'cause these blogs are what the internet is for. as for most of the news etc, I could use a holiday from that.

wv: aggerp . digesting too much aggregated news, burp!

neal said...

If that tourist line is still running, is that still targeting the buffalo, and the hobo? Geez, the only place that they say still goes, and has Beauty, works out really great for those that sense cyclical blood sacrifice, and think that pings and poings are invitations to something so much greater.

I beg to disagree, but that would take this back to the initial disagreement, and that is hiding within these things. And that is just another omen, and an agreement, and we cannot even try to begin to warn you, we are too busy trying to share life.

No good luck, just watching that break up on the road, you should be more careful, and watch what should be trusted.

That place is red with matter, we wish we could explain it for more. Those ones, they showed up from the start, and don't need to fit in objective history to do what they will do, or be. No matter. Just warning.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible, but more real;

Thanx for the valedictory. Getting the feeling that you and your compadres will certainly be in the right place in the right time. Part of me would like to be there with the circle. However, i'm wedded to my little piece of Eden here in the land where Mother Earth gives birth to the Father of Waters and to my life in a Cat House.

Have long been fascinated with the Huichol people and their many modes of protecting and extending their precious culture, especially their symbologic and even colored-in alphabet. Personally i've been working out what i call the New World Cosmographic Alphabet since the mid-70's and discovered that the Huichol have long been into a related pattern of conceptualization.

It will be wonderful to receive your postings from the Western Hemisphere as they will emanate from a timezone more conducive to my own schedule. This may seem a bit selfish to those in Europe, et al, but perhaps most of those folks do not live as homesteaders and thus enjoy different calls on their temporal energies.

Emmanuel, your posting was excellent and not only indicative of a high level of consciousness, but also of a keen sense of diction and style.

Little points of light have accumulated all across the planet and are in a pattern of exponential growth right at the critical juncture of transition. Receiving these sharings from areas of much sacred significance will be not only a great treat, but will become accordingly empowered in lighting up the grid of the transcendent moment.

-stickman 21 Sagittarius, 33 A.E.

amarynth said...

Anybody in El Paso that could give us clear driving directions coming in to the city to the border crossing? And then specifically where the border crossing at the Santa Teresa Bridge is (NM side).

Would appreciate the help.

lightandlongshadows said...

Regarding your link to the new Victor Thorn book I'm not ready to get too excited, the info won't see the light of day in any significant way. He explains it himself. Same old story, Dov Zakheim, the Carl Cameron investigation etc. all down the memory hole.

He goes on to briefly talk about something else near the end of the interview that I've only seen explored once before: 9-11 was a ritual sacrifice

Visible said...

Darren' I didn't post your comment for a couple of reasons. One was the way it was worded. Telling someone that you are going to enlighten them about something they don't know but that you do and then to have your comment be filled with grammatical and punctuation mistakes I thought would seriously cut into the authenticity of your position. Secondly, i didn't think printing your email was a good idea, given the first reason and also because of an intuitive feel I had.

You mention the Kybalion and say the answer is in there. I've read that book numerous times. It is a very good book and I often recommend it to others as part of a small core library for people starting out. I wouldn't probably be emailing you in any case simply because of my schedule of the moment. I hope you understand.

Visible said...

Dear Anonymous hack and slash non artist. I didn't post your comment for reasons of a hard and fast rule I now have concerning Anonymous ad hominem comments.

Since about two months now, there has been the occasional comment like this. Together with the noisome ranting of LeMat they don't amount to much but they are enough to affect the tone here on a given day, which is the intention.

Your robust fecal associations marks you as a possible member of The Tribe and I suspect I finally made some list. We had a good long run here without much of any of that kind of thing.

I'm glad to post negative commentary and the readers know that I do this. However there is now a rule concerning that. Anonymous is not allowed to comment in that manner, especially when it's just low brow invective and screeching, designed to put me off center, which it doesn't, due to the ludicrous nature of the contents. The comments section all by itself refutes you, so there's no need to dirty up the place and take the readers good time answering the like of you. We have more important business than that these days.

If you want to post negative commentary, I now require provenance. I need to know who you are and just putting Joe or Sam into the Name/URL isn't going to cut it either. I need a legitimate Facebook account, or the like. If you don't have such a thing you will need to create it and that means populate it with verifiable identifiers as well.

Anonymous commenting such as you just sent in is the mark of a coward. You want to say a lot of ugly things but you don't want to stand behind them. No doubt it would embarrass you on some level to be seen as a smear artist.

There are several reasons why a person chooses to be anonymous with this kind of a post. Whatever your reason you're going to have to develop the balls or get the sand necessary to stand behind what you say or you can't say it. Clear? Good.

I'm still going to let through some negative anonymous, if it's intending to point out recognizable shortcomings in an informed and intelligent manner. I welcome criticism because it helps me to grow. Often enough I can recognize it before it gets pointed out and present it here myself, which I do regular.

Anyway, stop being a little boy with your finger in your nose and do what is required or the alternative remains.

Visible said...

Spammers are also hard at work. The number of applicants has more than tripled recently and they are even putting Alex Jones into the comment or somesuch to get past my radar. It doesn't happen but they're getting creative. One fellow who must be watching, saw his comment didn't go up and promptly sent another. Dedicated people. Vaya Con Dios

Smyrna said...


For sure 9/11 was a ritual satanic human sacrifice. It served a purpose aside from that of course, but nonetheless had that as a vital compononent.

World War 1(The Great war 1914-1918) was also a big human sacrifice. When you step back and look at it, there was alot of senseless loss of life for very little reason or gain.

The number 11 has something to do with it. eleventh hour, eleventh day, eleventh month for the armistice day. 9/11, the two big towers of the WTC were an eleven etc., the symbologist, has/had an article in relation to this. cheers.

kikz said...

kewl that you've been covkid :)

there's another that's been in the news in the last decade.. caracol? but i think that one's in belize...

seems there's another in the yucatan, but the name of the complex escapes me... brainfartz...

ah well...

y, atop el castille is magical...time is altered there fore sure.. the ancient vibes still resonate thru the present time.

i think i had duran/duran's 'save a prayer' on my 'walkman' while up there :) boy that sure dates me :) ha!

kikz said...

oopz, that's 'say a prayer'...

anyway... one more quick story.. serendipity..

i was out back of the crystal hotel where we were staying in zona aftn looking at the beach and was kinda 'hit on' by some long haired foreign guy.. his 'line' was asking me about my music.. did i like.. (heavy accent) deffff'z lep-Orrrd? my immediate thought.. lounge lizard aftr some blond gringa. i was friendly but dismissive when he asked me to dinner.

just a couple of yrs ago.. i was watching nassim haramein videos.. he of alt physics fame... come to find out he was a diving instructor there in the 80's..

i'd almost bet that was him i met :)))))))) i rembd his lilting accent/inflections and his bubbly manner. :)

oh and.. if y'all end up around akumal, south of canun..
i have an old gringa gf frm NC, that lives somewhere around there.. she was into real estate. kimberly adams and her hubby 'tavo' perez run a dive biz..... tell her kk in tx, sez HI!

les, y'all a gonna have a blast! wish i could be there:)

Anonymous said...

What a great posting. Vaya con Dios Les! May the Great Creator protect and bless all of you at the upcoming congregation.


darren of port angeles said...

mr les,
thank you much for responding to me. but first off i dont believe i said i was going to enlighten anyone about anything. as to gramatics and punctuation, i didnt realize it was an important thing to you. of course i understand what you say to me and why you say it. And the words werent meant to be put up on the internet but were for you . As to the Kybalion, it is the key to understanding not a book for reading. As to how I can state these things and say they are real and true is because our creater told me so. ALL im offering is to share what i know with you because much of what you write i feel also. I ask nothing from you. But if the ALL doesnt want that to be it wont. Peace be with you les visible

lightandlongshadows said...


I'll poke around at and see what I see, thanks.

The Quadrivium has some interesting things to say about numbers generally and 11 specifically.

Visible said...

Darren, I don't know why people have such a hard time comprehending the difference between a quote and a reference. You stated that you were in a position to inform me about something I didn't know and you were clear I didn't know even though there is no way for you to know that. That does imply enlightening me about something. I'm not talking about cosmic enlightenment but the simple act of altering another's awareness

You don't send in a comment that is supposed to be private and then don't even say that it is. In any case, that's not what the comments section is for. That is what email is for.

I also talk to my creator but I'm given the impression you don't think so but that you actually do have this communication. You can see why that might seem presumptuous to me when you have no direct experience of me or what goes on in my life.

Punctuation and grammar are not all that important to me but I assure you they are to some of my readers; some of them are real sticklers about this and I routinely hear about misspelled words and the like; mostly because people want me to look good and they are trying to be helpful; that is what I was doing with you because if you come here and make the claim that you are going to inform me or anyone of something they don't know about a book they have read some number of times and which is not one of the denser tomes and yet your syntax and related are noticeably skewed. you can see how it might diminish your effectiveness in presentation.

Anyway, I hope this clarifies things a little. Things like this always make me uncomfortable because I am trying to do the right thing but all kinds of elements from the 'human all too human' playing field get involved.

I figured it was okay for me to speak to you because no one really knows who you are, I don't think. I know another Darren but I do not think you are he. It's tough having to walk on eggs, I can tell you.

darren said...

Mr visible,
Its refreshing to have someone speak to me as you do. Im not a writer as you and im sorry i cant get my meaning across crystal clear. Let me state again im not trying to enlighten nor am i assuming what you do or do not know. Im just a human being who im supposed to be. im not trying to look good or make others look good. Im just being real as you are. you are alot more articulate(if thats the word). i just know what I know and ALL i was doing here is offering to share with you. Im sorry if I offended you as that was not my intention at ALL. Obviously you and I conversing is not meant to be. Lastly no you have never met me. Ive been reading your words for over a year now, religiously you could say, and have wanted to write you many times but could never find the right words to write(seems i still havent found them). Ill bother you and your readers no more and Ill see you at the new beginning. Peace be with you

kikz said...


for any interested in further detail of hermetics...

i've found the kybalion to be, if one is less than familiar w/the concepts contained.. cliff notes...a deeper dig is helpful..

Haanel's 'Master Key' fits the bill :)

Visible said...


That is not the effect I was looking for. I'm perfectly open to whatever you have to say. You should email me and let me know what that is. You should not go off into the underbrush as if I brushed you off, which was not my intention. I was trying to explain my reasoning. If you have something you want to share with me you should do that and not hold me hostage to slighted feelings or confusions that abound at this time all over the place. Simply transmit what you had to say and I will consider it with full attention.

Anonymous said...

Spending time in Mexico and seeing all those archaeological sites, how cool. I've seen most of them in books and my mind.

I've went to Tijuana numerous times in my younger days. It was a fun place back in the sixties. Back then I was more interested in anatomy than archeology.

Anyhow hearing you guys talk about Old Mexico got me reminiscing. Used to enjoy that blogger (died of cancer) who spent a lot of time in Ajijic. I can see the place in my minds eye. No joke, I can close my eyes and see the picture he painted, streets and all.

On another note how about those nasty Iranians taking over control and capturing that CIA drone. I'm just outraged as I'm sure all of you are. What's with those people? Remember the joo hikers they detained all those months. They deserve a good dose of democracy. Damn!
Carry on


Anonymous said...

pierre said..

slightly more convenient Master Key
pdf in full rather than chapters.

ta for the pointer.

The Cosmic Player said...

To Anonymous,

My dear friend, the whole concept(please forgive me for using such a word) of God is something that you can not intellectualize, beacause the rational or intellectual mind learns by comparison and contridictions, whearas the superior mind/manas/soul knows through direct experience. For example I can say, " I Am the Master", "I have no Master", and "I am my Master's Son etc, all of which will appear like contradictions to the rational mind but to some one in tune with their higher nature there is no contradiction all three statements make perfect sense. Remember the literal meaning of Human is Hu(spirit) and Manus(mind) so a human being is a "Spirit Mind" being or spirit minded being.





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