Monday, April 29, 2013

Sailing through the Cloud of Unknowing to Serendipity.

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May your Soros always be cold and dead.

The ship comes up upon the horizon. It makes its way toward the port, where we have stood with expectation for far too long. The ship grows large upon the sea as it comes closer. Ultimately, finally, the ship sails into the safe harbor of Visible Origami. At this stage in his existence, Visible is looking very much like Origami; folded, spindled and mutilated by life and unanticipated circumstance. A parallel description might be, 'all bent out of shape' (grin). Last night's radio show, addresses some of these concerns. Is it up yet? If not it will be shortly, or not. Ah, there it is.

The ship has berthed. The guy ropes have been tied to the bollards. The crew is a strange lot, a polyglot of colors and languages. Visible is not fluent in these languages but... for some reason, Visible gets the sense of what is being said. Large crates and trunks are being offloaded by dock cranes. Someone is in charge of all of this but, it's not Visible. He would probably know if it was. Someone else is in charge but Visible can't see who it is. Someone appears at the extreme peripheral but, should Visible turn to regard this someone, there is no one there. Visible looks within, upon The Cloud of Unknowing. Many things seem to be moving in The Cloud of Unknowing. The forms are indistinct and have always been indistinct.

Visible wonders what the crates and trunks contain. Are these items somehow connected to the 'when my ship comes in' factor? Have the sailors ,who arrived with the ship, been with the ship for it's entire journey from wherever it disembarked from? Did the ship sail through a portal into this world, or did it come out of common Earth lands? Was it lying in state for many years, awaiting the moment when the orders came in for it to set out for Visiblelandia?

Visible was once told that the more conditions worsen in the world, the better everything would get for him. He's never been sure what that implies. He's been told a lot of things over time. Many of these things exist within their own Cloud of Unknowing. The future and destiny of the world, exists in a Cloud of Unknowing. There are blackhearted fiends, who labor in the tortured vineyards of dark gods, who bear no love for humanity, neither do their servants who, though they might have once been human, are human no longer. They are magicians of a sort and their magic is blood magic. Their gods are thirsty creatures and they are not gods in any case. They are demons most foul, out of the fiery pits of Hell.

A few decades ago, there was little sign of all the things that now are so terribly present. We knew there were bad people about; ill made entities, badly drawn monsters, whose true features were concealed beneath a human mask. At that time the toxic evils of Israel had not yet been brought to light. There was no internet, the internet which now seems like an avatar. We knew there were bad people about. They ascended to the presidency and worked the stock market with valuable informations denied to the rest of us.

America was in Ozzie and Harriet Land. It was dreaming in its Pabst Blue Ribbon stomachs. The fat of the land was the fat of the land. Television was the new altar of the latest established church. In homes across the country, people worshiped at this altar. They bought the items that were advertised by the commercial interests that brought them the banal and tedious shows that they watched for hours, until they fell asleep on their couches. The coffee table was a fright, with half eaten garbage, provided by the processed food industry. Darkness was upon the land but it was not yet the darkness that would come with the turn of the century. Something ugly was waiting in the wings off stage, for a considerable length of time, biding it's time. Waiting for it's moment to pounce upon the hearts and minds of those who never saw it coming and still did not see it, as it manifested an appearance and grew larger and larger.

Christianity is filled with prophecies. The Old Testament is noted for this too, especially The Book of Daniel. What most turtle on a fencepost Christians and biblical scholars don't know, or don't want to know, is that The Old Testament is almost exclusively a book of Gematria. Gematria is “a kabbalistic system of interpretation of the Scriptures by substituting for a particular word another word whose letters give the same numerical sum”. A more detailed description would state, “the substitution of numbers for letters of the Hebrew alphabet, a favourite method of exegesis used by medieval Kabbalists to derive mystical insights into sacred writings or obtain new interpretations of the texts. Some condemned its use as mere toying with numbers, but others considered it a useful tool, especially when difficult or ambiguous texts otherwise failed to yield satisfactory analysis. Genesis 28:12, for example, relates that in a dream Jacob saw a ladder (Hebrew sullam) stretching from earth to heaven. Since the numerical value of the word sullam is 130 (60 + 30 + 40)-the same numerical value of Sinai (60 + 10 + 50 + 10)-exegetes concluded that the Law revealed to Moses on Mount Sinai is man's means of reaching heaven. Of the 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, the first ten are given number values consecutively from one to ten, the next eight from 20 to 90 in intervals of ten, while the final four letters equal 100, 200, 300, and 400, respectively. More complicated methods have been used, such as employing the squares of numbers or making a letter equivalent to its basic value plus all numbers preceding it”.

The Kabbala is also a ladder of sorts, in that it can travel up or down, depending on whether one's intentions are angelic, or demonic. Israel was founded by the First Family of Satanism; the Rothschilds. The primary rabbis of this infernal country, are of a Talmudic bent and worship a stool sculpture deity; more precisely a shit golem. Their focus on the philosophy of materialism, out of which the Soviet construct was born, makes them disciples of the King of Hell, who is also referred to as “the ruler of this world”. This is why they are traditionally defined as The Synagogue of Satan. This is why they are engaged in sowing discord and disorder and why they are trying to destroy western culture. These things are all true and knowing them, clears up all kinds of mysteries that many of us formerly labored under. The reversed Kabbala is much like the reversed Kundalini and more widespread in times of materialism, when diverse expressions of sexuality, reflective of the twisted aberrations, forced upon Nature, are everywhere in evidence. Certain things surface during the decline and fall of a culture. Certain cultural and political trends appear. The curve that once was gradual in its descent, now begins to look like it has fallen over a cliff. The very worst people in the society, rise to the highest positions in the land. They are a joke and a mockery but one thing they are not is funny. They are not amusing, nor will they be amused when they are eventually transported to their next port of call.

The ship waits in the harbor, bobbing to and fro, as the waves from arriving and departing ships slap at it's sides. I imagine the boat has a name but I don't know what it is. For some reason I hear the word Serendipity in my mind. Perhaps that is the name of the ship and a possible reason why it has arrived so much later than was once anticipated. What is in those crates and trunks? Is it some luggage from long ago and now forgotten? Is it a collection of new but long awaited items? Are these things that could not have come into port, until conditions were optimum, meaning once I had come to a certain place that no longer kept these items far out at sea?

I wonder if this is why the world teeters on the edge of an abyss but does not fall into the abyss? Are there changes that are pending in the pre-manifest, which will determine the fate of the world? Is the fate of the world tied to the degree of collective awakening that can be achieved by the public, which is both brainwashed and sleeping? Is there a level of livestock like awareness, remaining yet below the one that prompts these cretins to chant, “USA.USA. USA? Why are they not chanting, TSA, TSA, TSA? Why do they not have a rotating, glow in the dark, Janet (Butch) Napolitano television antenna on top of the TV, with a web cam embedded where her third eye would be, although people like this (who are not people in any case) do not have a third eye.

What has happened over time is that those in a position to do it, have appointed, promoted and elevated in various ways, Satanic practitioners, to carry out the global agenda that had laid dormant until not that many years ago. The same thing happened on college campuses across the country, in order to promote political correctness and drunken promiscuity in the absence of jobs and a future. The Zionist cabal had long been inserting itself into all sorts of strategic locations. As I stated previously, Christianity is riddled with prophecies and the same is true of Satanism. Their hour of emergence arrived and they came out of their hidey holes to pervert and oppress humanity. The composition and tenor of the music was changed to reflect their presence. The entertainment was bent in nasty directions. Books and magazines arrived, celebrating nihilism and the vast aggregate of humanity had these words invisibly tattooed on their foreheads, “Abandon hope all ye who enter here”.

One of the reasons for the appearance of Satanism, is due to a force that has been precipitating down the planes and pushing the long resident negative entities from their perches. They are being pressed out into manifestation for the purpose of judgment; make no mistake about it. Those of us without a rudder or a compass, have all sorts of theories and superstitions about what anything means. Those with no insight are bewildered by what appears in front of them. Those captivated by the trivial and superficial have achieved the mental awareness of a toadstool. Those of us with a linkage to the invisible, receive communiques from Elsewhere that interpret and translate the meaning of what is taking place around them. They are neither shaken nor stirred in the course of their appointed destiny. Steadfastness should be a highly coveted quality, as should all of the various plates of armor that protect us in this world and grant us safe passage into the next. It's your call but... who will come when you do?

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God in Country by Les Visible

The radio broadcast is up now.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Dung Beetles from Armageddon Babylon.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Greetings! It's been a little while and much (little of it good) has transpired in the interim. We now have some measurement of just how corrupt America and several other western powers are and how completely the governments are controlled by the Satanic regime of Israel. There has never been a more evil and troublesome nation than Israel. Since they got here, from whatever pit they crawled out of, they have been a plague on the face of the planet. There is no exaggeration in this, If anything it is an underestimation.

(On a matter of personal note, it appears that I will need yet two more weeks to complete my book, so I see no reason why I can't put up some posts on the way to that epic moment, which has eluded me for so long (grin). Then a period of editing must take place before publication. That sorted, we will be on our way to whatever follows next).

The alternative news is filled with the outrageous and transparent doings of the criminal and fascist nation which attacked the Boston Marathon, under the direction and control of Israel. Yet one more time they ran a training exercise. during an obvious false flag event, whose intent was to put the nation even more under lock-down than it already is. Israeli doctors are treating the remaining suspect who had nothing to do with the adventure and who knows what these Mengele clones are up to.

There was a general impression that Chuck Hagel might turn out to be a relatively upright guy. We now know that he is a sleazy whore who works for Israel and is presently engaged in assisting in the planning of war against Syria, Iran and possibly their more powerful supporters. It is essentially a war against Islam. Satanism (the state religion of Israel) and Islam do not get along. Into the mix comes Turkey (who is being leaned on by NATO) and Israel wants to use them as a launching base against Iran. Jordan too is having it's arm twisted up behind its back and along with all of the other corrupt fiefdoms, littered about the playing fields of Armageddon.

Since the days of Reagan but... actually since 1913, more or less, when the Golden Calf dancing, Satan worshiping Central Bankers were able to shoehorn their counterfeiting operation into the richest country on Earth and then printed all necessary imaginary money and loaned it out to their surrogates in order to buy up all of the industries they needed to turn the US into Soviet Russia (which they were responsible for) or Nazi Germany, which they also played a large part in bringing about. Here is the legacy of the ancestors of the present day, Kingdom of Hell. These are facts. This is the impact they have had across the centuries and around the planet, as they sought to loot and subvert every nation they were resident in, until the natives had the prescience to throw them out.

We can only hope that their unremitting violence against the sleeping classes everywhere, will turn out very badly for them. Otherwise it will turn out very badly for us. They intend nothing less than the enslavement and destruction of the West, the East, the North and the South and all points in between. Once again, Netanyahoo has announced that a false flag attack on the American mainland is very good for Israel. That is why they arranged for it to happen; along with the abominably corrupt FBI and various intelligence agencies that exist as oxymorons.

Possibly the most startling and unbelievable news of recent days, is the purchase of Blackwater, now called Xe (soon to be called something else) by Monsanto. Monsanto is truly a play on words for My Satan. They are now threatening states with court proceedings, if they are not allowed to run roughshod over the health and well being of the public. Here is a listing of the vile entities who sit on the board of directors of Monsanto; Gregory H. Boyce (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Peabody Energy Corporation), David L. Chicoine (President of South Dakota State University and professor of economics), Janice L. Fields (President of McDonald’s USA, LLC, a subsidiary of McDonald’s Corporation), Hugh Asmodeus Grant (Chairman and chief executive officer of Monsanto Company), Arthur H. Harper (Managing partner of GenNx360 Capital Partners), Laura K. Ipsen (Corporate vice president of Microsoft Corp.'s Worldwide Public Sector organization), Gwendolyn S. King (President of Podium Prose, a speakers bureau), C. Steven McMillan (Retired chairman of the board and CEO of Sara Lee Corporation), John R. Moeller (Chief financial officer of The Procter & Gamble Company), William U. Parfet (Chairman of the board, chief executive officer and President of MPI Research Inc), George H. Poste (Chief executive of Health Technology Networks), Robert J. Stevens (Executive chairman of the board of Lockheed Martin Corporation).

Here you can see some headshots of their visages. Here are the chief stockholders for Monsanto= Hugh Grant - Chairman, President, and CEO, Steve Mandel, Chris Davis, Richard Aster Jr, Bill Gates (hmmmm... he's also bent on vaccines), Mario Gabelli, Steven Mizell, Nicole M Ringenberg - VP and Controller. Here's a little rap on these ambulatory, fecal carcinogens. Some very nasty customers are connected to Monsanto and it is highly likely that there are invisible players who are set back out of the public view, who exercise some leverage in this cesspit of a corporation. It is to be reflexively and automatically assumed that everyone named so far in this posting, is either a deacon or an elder in the planetary wide, Universal Church of Satan. Why would Monsanto need to purchase Blackwater/Xe? It is because they are getting set to orchestrate black bag ops and assassinations in every location where sane people are opposed to them. We have come into the time when corporations now require, demand and insist on standing armies for the securing and protection of their bottom line. Because it is under the radar for the most part, the deep in a coma sleeping public (deserving of anything and everything that happens to them), Satanism is not visible in its day to day operations.

Hollywood is controlled by Satanists. The media and music business is controlled by Satanists. The government is controlled by Satanists. The top tier of religious, corporate person-hood is also controlled by Satanists. Of course, the corporations are controlled by them, as are the Judicial and Legislative bodies of the government. We've already mentioned the Administrative sector, where Howdy Doody is ensconced; also a practicing Satanist, as well as “The Man who Wasn't There”.

These are dark and dire times and one can only hope that China, Russia, Brazil, India Venezuela and others will band together to bring about the destruction of The Evil Empire. What are they called, Brics? Something like that. It is to be hoped that those super missiles that Russia gave to Syria and against which there is no defense, will prove to be adequate to the task. Here's hoping it doesn't come to that but... given what odious swine are pushing for mass murder and genocide, it's hard to expect a positive turn of events. Let us hope that Russia and China have outfitted Iran with serious armaments and that when the bloodthirsty psychopaths, who are attached to these kinds of actions, pull their expected psychotic aggressions, they will meet up with the unexpected and be reduced to tiny bubbles of carbon ash; with apologies to gangster boy, Don Ho.

I realize and those of you not in a deep narcotic and alcoholic slumber also realize that the depraved beasts among us are seriously now engaged in mayhem and pushing to their final denouement. Even now, after all that has been revealed and the more than obvious facts concerning false flags and pending martial law, the American public is committed to a mindset of bone dead stupid. How anyone can not know what's happening by this time is beyond me. They actually applaud and support the actions being carried out against them. In the history of the world, I doubt that there has ever been an aggregation of Dodo birds, like the collection we have in these times and... you know what happened to the Dodo birds.

I apologize for using Visible Origami for this kind of subject matter. I promise to make it up to you next time around. Let us hope that the invisible soon steps in and neutralizes all of these toxic viruses that have plied their evil ways upon us for so long and too long.

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Songwriter by Les Visible

Some strange microwave or negative pulse beam has been in operation upon the minds of formerly very close friends, who have simply gone into hibernation, with no explanation, no event, no contact of any kind except positive and then? Very strange indeed. I cannot fathom what has happened but maybe I'll find out and maybe I won't.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Hackers, Indifferent Slackers and Metaphysical Trackers.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's April 7th. Israel says not much is happening but other news sources say differently. We have to assume as usual that Israel is lying and the truth is otherwise. It is a much hoped for result that Anonymous is really playing havoc with these monsters. There's a great gangnam dancer at this site, a gangnam terror dancer! As usual, I have no idea what is going on but... I'm hopeful. The usual cynics are reporting that this is all being set up by TPTB because they consider them still to be and I consider them TPTW. I guess it's all how you look at it. Maybe the way you look at it, these days, is how it turns out to be also; at least for you. I'd like to think so.

Whatever the case may be, we are close to the edge of something. Now, how are we supposed to view and process this? Should we run around like chickens with their heads cut off, or should we be measured and circumspect and trust the cosmos to deliver what's needed and... maybe you “take what you need and leave the rest”? It feels like we are in an any day now status. It's as if you could put your ear to the ground and hear the conversations at a cocktail party in Monaco, except that there are hundreds of other conversations all taking place at the same time. One thing we do know is that the terminally insane are getting crazier by the minute. What can possibly account for or justify something like this? This seems so far out that the location has no dimensions.

I can no longer even attempt to analyze any of it. It's like trying to predict which way a football will bounce. I just get up each morning and go about whatever it is that I do and then, later on, I go to bed and I lay there and think about what I've seen and done in my day. I ask for guidance and help. I'm always asking, reaching, striving to surrender, as if that could possibly make any sense. I got five and a half to six months of watching paint dry ahead of me; given that I'm terrifically busy nearly every minute of the day. I can still find time to watch the paint dry and though the paint here in this room has already been dry for years, that doesn't mean there isn't still some kind of evaporation still taking place, or is that ♫just my imagination♫?

If I sound a little weird today it's because I'm picking up all kinds of things I can't translate into Visible-speak. I hear massive gears turning and clicking against other gears deep inside the Earth. I can hear chains rattling and what sounds like a portcullis being raised. Unlike as so often is the case (grin), I find myself with nothing more to say. I can't imagine this turning into a posting of the usual length. I am being told to just end it right here and tell you that a radio show will be going up this evening and that will probably be as scattered and unfocused as what you just got here. I'm going to sit back and reflect on this sensation I have that something momentous is about to occur, though I have no idea what that might be.

Chances are I'll take the next several days off. I've been putting up a post a day for a month now at least and it's time I turned my attention to finishing that novel if I ever expect to get it done. There's very little left to do so I'd best be about getting it done. Many blessings upon all of you; supporters and naysayers alike. Let's hope we make it through the whitewater that I can hear roaring in the distance...

End Transmission.......

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

Radio show this evening- 7:30 or before at Central Eastern Time.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Is it Real, or just Passing Strange?

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May your noses always be cold and wet.. Ruff!

On and on it goes. One day follows the next. One post follows the other. The news is not the news and there's nothing new about it. Very bad people are getting worse and we dwell in the Theater of the Ridiculous. The irrepressible Bernie Madoff has transformed into a Bayou Nutria, standing up on his hind legs and reciting chapter and verse about his cronies, his former partners in crime; J.P. Morgan and the rest of the scoundrels. Methinks Bernie is angling for a jail house necktie party. Well, it's all crashing down around their ears and we are the silent and sometimes not so silent witnesses to this.

Lately I haven't been able to read the news very often. I sit here ruminating about something. I don't know what that something is. It's out of sight and something nebulous is what it is, sheathed in a cloud of unknowing. I assume it is the approaching future, bearing those things already arranged at some point in the past. We make all kinds of things happen without knowing about it. Then we're surprised when this or that shows up at our door and the guy in the uniform wants you to sign for something, or it's just on the doorstep when you walk outside. So it goes. So it comes and goes, like the tides and with about the same lasting results. This is how life shapes up when you're on the wheel. The wheel keeps on turning. It will turn forever, so long as the motive power is in operation. Sometimes that motive power is you, as in the hamster on the wheel. Of course, it is never your motive power. All power comes from and is acquired from the same source. You might think of it as The Sun. There's that one energy and it converts and inverts into all sorts of things. Everything that you see here that has life comes from the sun. Ergo, sun gods... and of course Moon Goddesses and Gods.

If you inquire deeply into the scriptures you will come across many parallels between all 'legitimate' 'religions. I don't count Scientology in that mix and I don't count Talmudic Judaism in that group. I don't count Satanism but all three of these are pretty much the same in terms of inspiration and application. One of those parallels is that we are all gods in the making. Sometimes you discover this by dint of something else that does not directly state it in any way. Sometimes through logical associations; provided you possess that very valuable component, objective reasoning, you are able to intuit meaning. For instance, Jesus Christ was God on Earth, right? He was and is considered a god so, when he says, “greater things than I have done ye shall do, for I go now unto my father” or, when he says “call me not Master for a servant does not know what his master is about, rather call me 'friend'. These quotes imply a conferring of equality upon those who are willing to go the distance. Jesus was a man, Christ is a station..Some numbers of people have attained to this same state. You can find similar commentaries wherever you go but you have to have the proper mindset to get them to reveal their ancillary, as well as their higher meaning. A lot of people read The Bible but it does not speak to them. They get some benefit by this, like a moral code of behavior and exhortations to different kinds of action. However, those who come into sync with the mind that brought the words into being, receive something of much, much greater value.

Most of you know that everything is a particular vibration. This accounts for it being a dog, a person, or a table. Don't be shocked when I tell you there are people on this planet, who are by comparison with ordinary humanity, similar in relationship to that between a man and a dog in all respects.

We know that everything is in a state of vibration and that the original 'word' and the original vibration comes out of Shiva's drum, according to the Hindus. You get various themes from the different traditions. The key to existence is to 'harmonize your vibrations'. First you have to come into harmony with yourself. That's what that 'house divided against itself' is all about. Once you have come into harmony with yourself and... there are all sorts of techniques for that, you can then tune in to higher vibrations. Once you come into resonance with that, you are 'raised up'. There will always be higher vibrations. People unnecessarily complicate this process and confuse themselves, or that other force assists; given that the devil is in the details.

At this time, some number of higher vibrations are accessible because of the tenor of the times and the point we are at in the greater rotation of the Earth, as it is seated in the Milky Way. We are in momentous times. This is why the lure of materialism is so great and why so many billions of people have come here... and promptly forgot. If you vibrate to the music of the world, you are dancing in the dimension of the world. If you are vibrating to entities of higher consciousness, you are dancing with that. This is what The Sufi Dancers do and similar forms exists across the board, even if you are jumping around like a fish out of water at some tent revival...

Focus on the simplicity of the essential concern and all will go well. We don't do the work, although it seems as if we do. Most people are 'driven' by the devil. You can be led by the Master. Sure, it's a struggle until you no longer have to struggle. That can come at any time, depending on who it is and their level of awareness. One of the things that makes the whole process much, much easier, is to be in a state of full commitment. It's only when you are not fully committed that you have that stress and strain. Certain martial arts, as well as Qigong and various other modalities, teach one to come into harmony with themselves. Meditation is effective at this but many people won't continue for the 6 weeks to two months that is required before you start seeing noticeable benefits. It's the same with pretty much whatever you do. If you keep doing it you will attain to some level of proficiency. The critical lookout is; just what is it that you are getting good at?

People aspire to higher consciousness; some few of us anyway. One thing that hinders our sure, certain and more rapid progress is that we are viscerally unaware of the fact that higher consciousness is helping us. This is something you have to know, believe and depend on. It will make the road easier if you are aware that you are never walking alone. You have to visualize being overshadowed by angelic forces at all times. You have to live in that state of being, as if you were already where you are intending to be, as if at any moment it might materialize around you. One should live in a state of quiet expectation, unshakably believing that much good is on the way. As I have said many times, 'Heaven begins where your feet touch the ground'. You have to go about your existence as if God is indwelling. You have to speak and act as if God were inspiring all that you do within you. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. You become like that which you emulate, in every good way and in every bad way. You can see, or read about, all of the examples all around you. The source of all power can easily reroute its force as it so pleases, So, whatever you are seeing down here can change in a twinkling of an eye.

All those powerful movers and shakers with their armies and looted treasures can be rendered into vegetables or driven suicidally mad. They can be compelled to commit irrational acts that get them into deep shit. They can be compelled to inform on each other or let slip costly information that whips them into ignominy. Whatever the case may be, it's all under control and the divine has it well in hand and always does. “Why, if there is a God does he/she let the things happen here that happen here”? This is Kali Yuga. This is the plane of outworking Karma, created by those engaged in it. Take some time for once and just seat yourself at a bench in The Mall, or in a park. Cruise through the supermarkets and look closely. Look very closely. There are unseen depths, for those with the vision to see into them. Watch people. Vibrate into tune with them and explore their thoughts. It is unlikely you will find them contemplating God, or actually carrying on a conversation with their angel, while they wait in the checkout line. I do, so it is to be supposed that others do as well. Be one of those people. On the matter of telepathy, I don't probe into people's private details, although much of it is not private and thought forms hover over their heads. I just tune in on the surface chatter, it's broadcasting on the ether anyway.

Okay, I think we've covered some ground here today and I would now like to digress into another area of concern. Through the good offices and steady industry of some of the readers, we have collected an impressive number of Neil's poetry. Credit will be given where credit is due,at the appropriate time. Here's another example of following through because now we come to the next stage. Rather than email all of you individually, let me present my vision of what comes next and of course, we are, 'open to suggestion'.

At this juncture , I would like those readers, so inclined, to write a testimonial or anecdotal foray; whatever comes to mind and works for you. I am suggesting in the neighborhood of 500 words or less. Also, any pictures you have of Neil (I will be getting some from his family I would imagine) and I think it might be nice to have a head-shot of yourself, or whatever you prefer, to accompany your testimonial. That would go at the top of that page. One of us must write the forward but we can sort that out later on. Some of you were closer to Neil than I, meaning you developed a regular communication with him.

I am thinking we will assemble the book online at the Les Visible Blog and then we can all see the shaping and progress of the work. How's that sound? Good (grin).

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible♫ Miracle of Love ♫
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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

Monday, April 01, 2013

Feeding off of the Hydrolyzed Fat of The Golden Calf

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

There is so much spinning and spiraling in the unmanifested atmosphere. The lower astral is pregnant with pending forms. They are looming and the hard news is that as long as things like this are going down in broad daylight, something has to give. At one side of the economic spectrum, there is a simmering, festering stew of resentment and rage. At the other side of the economic spectrum there is a rush to embrace the Satanic Schematic, as those living off of the hydrolyzed fat of The Golden Calf, stuff their cheeks like deranged squirrels who cannot possibly get enough and wind up looking like that guy from “Thinner”.

As you watch this whole sorry spectacle unravel there are all kinds of perspectives available to you. You can take it at face value; not a good idea. You can take it according to what's in it for you; not a good idea ...because, 'what's in it for you' is not going to be pretty. You can take it from the POV of the people telling you what's going on and what you should do. In that case you should just go ahead and kill yourself. It will be quicker. You can rest assured in whatever the varieties of indecipherable scripture tell you is going to happen and maybe you're right and maybe you're not, or you can step away from the whole preposterous mindfuck and find yourself some kind of shelter from the storm, both internal and external and that will be dependent (for success) upon how real your connections and associations are. Even the seemingly solid and reliable can lose their lunch under the weight and force of unexpected pressures. If you're not hooked up to what is real, then the unreal is going to protect its status and existence in your world. Only the real can render the unreal into harmless confetti, dispersed by the wind.

I hate to hammer the same points over and over but the reality is, if you are clinging to, or attached to, the unreal, you're in possession of a legitimate ticket for the final voyage aboard The Ship of Fools. It's one thing to dance and prance and perambulate through the temporary and ever changing foliage of the impermanent; so long as you know it for what it is. Then it's merely Lila and you've got your eye on what's real. Otherwise it's a locked down labyrinth and you got nothing but time.

Short of having a guide, you're terminally short of an exit strategy. The one thing every focused entity must possess, is a deep and operative awareness of their own limitations. You have to realize the restrictions on your bandwidth. What you see is not what is. What you see is a projection of the mind based upon an imperfect and partial awareness of its situation. When you know that you don't know, you are in a position to be informed. You can be guided along the right course, instead of being bewildered by an endless panorama of choices; door number one, door number two, door number 86? Get your kicks on Route 666.

I study myself, while I study the conditions, present and on the way. I hear the call to bail now and find myself where I already intend to go, simply earlier than planned. That smacks of panic, mixed with a measure of good sense. I don't do panic. That smacks of a lack of faith ...and that... will definitely render one into a crash test dummy. One has to rest assured that they are right where they belong until it is made abundantly clear that steps need to be taken. I try to monitor my 24 hour hotline. The upper astral ticker tape, scrolls by, ♫should I stay or should I go♫?

I just finished watching that load of unhappy horseshit called “Olympus has Fallen”. Interesting how they got North Korea featured in there, in light of all the hoopla and uproar taking place, in relation to a major uptick in sword rattling there. I had to put a tight hold on my gag reflex, when the President of the Compromised, Israeli-Owned States of America gave his stirring speech about greatness and God Bless America at the end of the film. If God intends to bless America then he had better throw the switch that opens the kennels of the demon eating dogs, cause there is a serious, verminous plague of soul eating golems loose in the heartland.

Monsanto has killed the honeybee population. This is intentionally designed for population reduction, as well as for maximizing profits on all remaining foodstuffs. It's going on right in front of you. Meanwhile, the majority of you are being lulled into an extended (perhaps not so extended) slumber by transparent lies of this nature, while Frackers R Us do their Crazy Eddie thing on the New Madrid fault line.

I know there's a bleed off of the blogs into each other these days. That's intentional. If this leads to a slight coarsening of Origami and an etherealization of the other two well, times change and so then must needs and necessities. We're finally on the verge of whatever it is we're been on the approach to for ever so long.

There's one thing to keep in mind and that is that TPW are at war with each other and they can't effectively oppress us and fight off each other at the same time. They've got a bigger problem than that though. They have awakened an invisible fury and against that they have no defenses. The forces latent within us, are every bit as powerful as the forces outside of us and- in some cases- greater. This makes for all sorts of interesting possibilities because the bad guys have summoned up something they never wanted to see ...within them, As I've said, in other ways many times ...and others, in greater positions of authority than myself have said;

“Those who would take over the earth
And shape it to their will
Never, I notice, succeed.
The earth is like a vessel so sacred
That at the mere approach of the profane
It is marred
And when they reach out their fingers it is gone.
For a time in the world some force themselves ahead
And some are left behind,
For a time in the world some make a great noise
And some are held silent,
For a time in the world some are puffed fat
And some are kept hungry,
For a time in the world some push aboard
And some are tipped out:
At no time in the world will a man who is sane
Over-reach himself,
Over-spend himself,
Over-rate himself”.

This sutra is taken from the ultimate guide book. If you can't find direction from any number of departure routes indicated therein, you're not looking very hard. It's one thing to look hard and another thing to look long. Apparently you need both.

As you can tell, I am fond of that particular sutra. The truth is that I am fond of all of them. I hope you will become fond of them too. When it starts to get crazy ...and it will, a lot is going to depend on what you are made of. It's all going to depend on what you have made out of yourself on your way to whatever confronts you and that will vary, depending on how many suitcases you have in the trunk of your car.

Once TPW start looting people's bank accounts, it's only a matter of time before the S. hits the fan. We've got that and more. Hopefully you know what steps to take on the behalf of those you love and yourself. Posting from the fringes for as long as that remains possible.

End Transmission........

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