Monday, April 29, 2013

Sailing through the Cloud of Unknowing to Serendipity.

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May your Soros always be cold and dead.

The ship comes up upon the horizon. It makes its way toward the port, where we have stood with expectation for far too long. The ship grows large upon the sea as it comes closer. Ultimately, finally, the ship sails into the safe harbor of Visible Origami. At this stage in his existence, Visible is looking very much like Origami; folded, spindled and mutilated by life and unanticipated circumstance. A parallel description might be, 'all bent out of shape' (grin). Last night's radio show, addresses some of these concerns. Is it up yet? If not it will be shortly, or not. Ah, there it is.

The ship has berthed. The guy ropes have been tied to the bollards. The crew is a strange lot, a polyglot of colors and languages. Visible is not fluent in these languages but... for some reason, Visible gets the sense of what is being said. Large crates and trunks are being offloaded by dock cranes. Someone is in charge of all of this but, it's not Visible. He would probably know if it was. Someone else is in charge but Visible can't see who it is. Someone appears at the extreme peripheral but, should Visible turn to regard this someone, there is no one there. Visible looks within, upon The Cloud of Unknowing. Many things seem to be moving in The Cloud of Unknowing. The forms are indistinct and have always been indistinct.

Visible wonders what the crates and trunks contain. Are these items somehow connected to the 'when my ship comes in' factor? Have the sailors ,who arrived with the ship, been with the ship for it's entire journey from wherever it disembarked from? Did the ship sail through a portal into this world, or did it come out of common Earth lands? Was it lying in state for many years, awaiting the moment when the orders came in for it to set out for Visiblelandia?

Visible was once told that the more conditions worsen in the world, the better everything would get for him. He's never been sure what that implies. He's been told a lot of things over time. Many of these things exist within their own Cloud of Unknowing. The future and destiny of the world, exists in a Cloud of Unknowing. There are blackhearted fiends, who labor in the tortured vineyards of dark gods, who bear no love for humanity, neither do their servants who, though they might have once been human, are human no longer. They are magicians of a sort and their magic is blood magic. Their gods are thirsty creatures and they are not gods in any case. They are demons most foul, out of the fiery pits of Hell.

A few decades ago, there was little sign of all the things that now are so terribly present. We knew there were bad people about; ill made entities, badly drawn monsters, whose true features were concealed beneath a human mask. At that time the toxic evils of Israel had not yet been brought to light. There was no internet, the internet which now seems like an avatar. We knew there were bad people about. They ascended to the presidency and worked the stock market with valuable informations denied to the rest of us.

America was in Ozzie and Harriet Land. It was dreaming in its Pabst Blue Ribbon stomachs. The fat of the land was the fat of the land. Television was the new altar of the latest established church. In homes across the country, people worshiped at this altar. They bought the items that were advertised by the commercial interests that brought them the banal and tedious shows that they watched for hours, until they fell asleep on their couches. The coffee table was a fright, with half eaten garbage, provided by the processed food industry. Darkness was upon the land but it was not yet the darkness that would come with the turn of the century. Something ugly was waiting in the wings off stage, for a considerable length of time, biding it's time. Waiting for it's moment to pounce upon the hearts and minds of those who never saw it coming and still did not see it, as it manifested an appearance and grew larger and larger.

Christianity is filled with prophecies. The Old Testament is noted for this too, especially The Book of Daniel. What most turtle on a fencepost Christians and biblical scholars don't know, or don't want to know, is that The Old Testament is almost exclusively a book of Gematria. Gematria is “a kabbalistic system of interpretation of the Scriptures by substituting for a particular word another word whose letters give the same numerical sum”. A more detailed description would state, “the substitution of numbers for letters of the Hebrew alphabet, a favourite method of exegesis used by medieval Kabbalists to derive mystical insights into sacred writings or obtain new interpretations of the texts. Some condemned its use as mere toying with numbers, but others considered it a useful tool, especially when difficult or ambiguous texts otherwise failed to yield satisfactory analysis. Genesis 28:12, for example, relates that in a dream Jacob saw a ladder (Hebrew sullam) stretching from earth to heaven. Since the numerical value of the word sullam is 130 (60 + 30 + 40)-the same numerical value of Sinai (60 + 10 + 50 + 10)-exegetes concluded that the Law revealed to Moses on Mount Sinai is man's means of reaching heaven. Of the 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, the first ten are given number values consecutively from one to ten, the next eight from 20 to 90 in intervals of ten, while the final four letters equal 100, 200, 300, and 400, respectively. More complicated methods have been used, such as employing the squares of numbers or making a letter equivalent to its basic value plus all numbers preceding it”.

The Kabbala is also a ladder of sorts, in that it can travel up or down, depending on whether one's intentions are angelic, or demonic. Israel was founded by the First Family of Satanism; the Rothschilds. The primary rabbis of this infernal country, are of a Talmudic bent and worship a stool sculpture deity; more precisely a shit golem. Their focus on the philosophy of materialism, out of which the Soviet construct was born, makes them disciples of the King of Hell, who is also referred to as “the ruler of this world”. This is why they are traditionally defined as The Synagogue of Satan. This is why they are engaged in sowing discord and disorder and why they are trying to destroy western culture. These things are all true and knowing them, clears up all kinds of mysteries that many of us formerly labored under. The reversed Kabbala is much like the reversed Kundalini and more widespread in times of materialism, when diverse expressions of sexuality, reflective of the twisted aberrations, forced upon Nature, are everywhere in evidence. Certain things surface during the decline and fall of a culture. Certain cultural and political trends appear. The curve that once was gradual in its descent, now begins to look like it has fallen over a cliff. The very worst people in the society, rise to the highest positions in the land. They are a joke and a mockery but one thing they are not is funny. They are not amusing, nor will they be amused when they are eventually transported to their next port of call.

The ship waits in the harbor, bobbing to and fro, as the waves from arriving and departing ships slap at it's sides. I imagine the boat has a name but I don't know what it is. For some reason I hear the word Serendipity in my mind. Perhaps that is the name of the ship and a possible reason why it has arrived so much later than was once anticipated. What is in those crates and trunks? Is it some luggage from long ago and now forgotten? Is it a collection of new but long awaited items? Are these things that could not have come into port, until conditions were optimum, meaning once I had come to a certain place that no longer kept these items far out at sea?

I wonder if this is why the world teeters on the edge of an abyss but does not fall into the abyss? Are there changes that are pending in the pre-manifest, which will determine the fate of the world? Is the fate of the world tied to the degree of collective awakening that can be achieved by the public, which is both brainwashed and sleeping? Is there a level of livestock like awareness, remaining yet below the one that prompts these cretins to chant, “USA.USA. USA? Why are they not chanting, TSA, TSA, TSA? Why do they not have a rotating, glow in the dark, Janet (Butch) Napolitano television antenna on top of the TV, with a web cam embedded where her third eye would be, although people like this (who are not people in any case) do not have a third eye.

What has happened over time is that those in a position to do it, have appointed, promoted and elevated in various ways, Satanic practitioners, to carry out the global agenda that had laid dormant until not that many years ago. The same thing happened on college campuses across the country, in order to promote political correctness and drunken promiscuity in the absence of jobs and a future. The Zionist cabal had long been inserting itself into all sorts of strategic locations. As I stated previously, Christianity is riddled with prophecies and the same is true of Satanism. Their hour of emergence arrived and they came out of their hidey holes to pervert and oppress humanity. The composition and tenor of the music was changed to reflect their presence. The entertainment was bent in nasty directions. Books and magazines arrived, celebrating nihilism and the vast aggregate of humanity had these words invisibly tattooed on their foreheads, “Abandon hope all ye who enter here”.

One of the reasons for the appearance of Satanism, is due to a force that has been precipitating down the planes and pushing the long resident negative entities from their perches. They are being pressed out into manifestation for the purpose of judgment; make no mistake about it. Those of us without a rudder or a compass, have all sorts of theories and superstitions about what anything means. Those with no insight are bewildered by what appears in front of them. Those captivated by the trivial and superficial have achieved the mental awareness of a toadstool. Those of us with a linkage to the invisible, receive communiques from Elsewhere that interpret and translate the meaning of what is taking place around them. They are neither shaken nor stirred in the course of their appointed destiny. Steadfastness should be a highly coveted quality, as should all of the various plates of armor that protect us in this world and grant us safe passage into the next. It's your call but... who will come when you do?

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Visible said...

Here are some movies you may or may not have seen but which are well worth the watching; "Few Options", "Past Midnight" ( a real thriller). "The Kill List" ( a most disturbing film, unique in several ways), "Secretary" (a hoot of a well acted, psychological twister). "Homegrown", "The Badge" and "Waking up in Reno", a triumvirate of great acting by the understated, underrated, Billy Bob Thornton AND, if you've never seen "Bad Santa", it is not to be missed. "Two Days in the Valley" (a really rewarding romp, one of a kind). Finally "Silver Linings Playbook" with the it girl of the moment, Jennifer Lawrence, who dances like a houri out of one's dreams of desire (and can really act) and the brilliant acting of Bradley Cooper (you should see "Limitless" while you are at it), who should have won the Academy Award instead of the wooden, Daniel Day Lewis.

Okay, you should be set for a bit, enjoy!

Visible said...

Oh yeah, scu-ze, It shows a wider range to see Billy Bob play a villain. First time I saw him was in "One False Move", a gritty cinema noir thriller. Of course we all know about "Sling Blade" but one should see, "Don't Look Back" with Eric Stoltz as well. The Coen Brothers sure love him. He's had a charmed career, as has several of my other faves, like Timothy Oliphant, Guy Peace and Gary Oldman.

Back to Billy Bob; "Pushing Tin" was quite good. This was, I think, very well done and came about during his Angela Jolie period and the vials of blood around their necks.

She was the 'it girl' then. She was sired out of the loins of one of the nastiest sonofabitches in Hollywood, Jon Voight. Now she partners with Brad Pitt, as they make their multicultural rounds of celebrity showoff. The last decent thing Pitt did was "Kalifornia". Here we saw some acting chops that never got duplicated again. Having Juliette Lewis as a co-star didn't hurt. She was also impressive in the remake of "Cape Fear".

It used to be that the best films (like "Paper Back Writer and a few others) came out of Australia and New Zealand. The Zio's shut that down but nowhere near the degree and severity with which they are going to be shut down.

BlackBelt Yogi said...

Thank you my dear, thank you!Your attention as of late has been a great benefit to me. The "shit golem" which was so aptly portrayed in Dogma is accurate and tragic. My dreams of late have been about getting life and many I imagine who visit here is so duplicitous and cohesive all at once. Watching the play on the main stage, preparing for self reliance and managing the day to day interactions with the tribe, whilst nurturing my connection to the divine is good work. I thank you for being a lamppost, a word slayer, a soul brother, a crafting genius of lexicon and a crazy mothermucker singing from the heart! Much love, much respect!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, we must continue to be the perfect Martini which never spills, regardless of how much the world may list.

peace and love,

zepheri said...

I see people awakening in ever increasing groups. The screws are being tightened on all fronts. All the ingredients have been gathered and mixed. In time the pile will be turned and the steam will rise.

Rob in WI said...

Hi Visible,
Just returned home from visiting son and two teenage grandkids. Last (Sun) night, we read about how my Friday comment created a ripple in the force. It wasn't intended that way, but the four of us agreed you were correct; I do have a thinly veiled sarcasm that can pretty much border on "mean". So, now my new name is Grandpa Snarky. For the record, I didn't say I thought your music was bad, but being a Woodie Guthrie and Jimmy Driftwood fan, yours' ain't my style. The personal dialog thing had to do with when you get into the enemies and false accusations, etc. 99.9% of those who read here don't know you personally, but only from your words about life in the erupting delusion. IMHO, that's your true forte, along with your sense of humor.
Boiled down, AJ and some of these other "cult personalities" don't attempt a defense against those who rightfully accuse them. Why should you? Truth lies in the presentation of ideals that are focused but open to debate, for those who dare tread there.
Yes, it is Wisconsin.
Be well, all, Rob

Anonymous said...

God will answer, because that's the only person I trust in this life and in every life to come.

Love and regards,


Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Is it an essay or a poem ? Either way minblowingly rich in metaphor and imagery . Thank you, and for the last sentence a big Thank You.
Then again, surely, the Soul drunk with Divine Love, by the grace of which this night will be spent some 50 feet fromthe the tree of Tule, which is reputed to be well over two millenia, and its aura, well, if one is not 'drunk' by it, not even a bottle of the fine Cuish Mezcal will turn the mole.
Insh'Allah your ship, Serendipity, comes in.
Be well,

Anonymous said...

Some folks call it a Kaiser blade but I like french fried taters and I like way you talk. I have a dream of throwing a bowling ball into the teevee lobotomy box. I hope it comes true.

Anonymous said...

'They are being pressed out into manifestation for the purpose of judgment.."

Very interesting statement, and may explain the seemingly apparant pick-up in the pace of change
So far, no surprises for TPTB, they understand that we make our own reality,and they are moving fast to put up all possible barriers against their removal from the helm..
but this goes on within the broader construct of universal design and consciousness.. we are given the freewill to act in harmony and balance, in ignorance, or in defiance
they choose defiance which of course will turn out to be compliance!

Visible said...

False accusations? Against Alex Jones? I suggest you employ a search engine and secondly, those accusations were made by someone else; if you are referring to the recent slate of listings.

My usual requests of people much less informed than myself about various individuals (this does not apply to all subjects as some people are better informed than I on various subjects)is that they provide proof that my accusations are false, the same way I provide proof that they are not false. In some cases, the people themselves have admitted they are disinfo.

Ray B. said...

Vis, I enjoyed this Column immensely. You are in fine form. Thanks!

Vis: "Something ugly was waiting in the wings off stage, for a considerable length of time, biding it's time. Waiting for it's moment to pounce upon the hearts and minds of those who never saw it coming and still did not see it, as it manifested an appearance and grew larger and larger."

Your words remind me of "Lord of the Rings," and lead to a personal story:

Long-time readers will recall that I have met with many (real) Elves. I count them both as friends and as allies in the campaign to end 'farming'.

Previously, I had done a lot of research on how the 'bad guys' worked, and their 'lead' on us. I had remarked to Liz that - without intervention by higher forces - we were pretty much 'toast'.

Then, there was that wonderful scene in "LotR: The Two Towers" where the Elves unexpectedly show up (in force) at Helm's Deep:

Haldir (Elf leader): "I bring word from Lord Elrond of Rivendell:"

"An Alliance once existed between Elves and Men. Long ago, we fought and died together. We come to honor that allegiance."

Aragorn: "Mae govannen, Haldir. You are Most welcome."

Haldir: "We are proud to fight alongside Men once more."

When I heard those words, they reached right into my heart. I started uncontrollably weeping, right in the theater. (Liz looked at me with puzzlement.) Somehow, I 'knew' that this was speaking 'to me' of the (real) Elves re-involvement with humans, after all this time. It was a most splendid moment...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Rob in WI said...

I was referring to you responding to false attacks against yourself; this disinfo agent, mk ultra, etc. BS. Your words speak for Les Visible, and need no defense. The blogs are yours, and most who read here do so because we care about what you have to say. That's why I read and comment here, anyway.
If my words are a problem, I'll cease commenting, but my intent has never been to discredit you. In any case, I'll continue to read, but just say the word, and my comments will be gone.
Be well, Visible,
grandpa snarky

Visible said...

Rob, I desire nothing of the kind. That is not my style. I don't think most people know me very well here. I'm just a name and varieties of reputation but I do not discard people simply because something they might say to me might displease me. I'm sorry if I took what you said out of context. I am a little touchy about the egregious falsehoods that have been woven about me. Once burned twice shy.

Some fabrications that certain people have engineered about me are vile. What probably troubles me the most about them is that some number of other people couldn't even be bothered to talk to legitimate eye witnesses who would back up my side of the story and who don't seem to be concerned that the other side of the story has no backup or defense whatsoever.

I might be a little unpredictable on occasion but I do possess a certain amount of personal honor and integrity. Also, most people who have been around me when I am drinking, will tell you I am lucid and often do not appear to be drunk at all. There are various readers here who have made that observation about me.

I didn't feel like I had a choice about drinking in India because I was so heavily affected by the Arunachala mountain. Anyway, enough of excuses and the truth is that I rarely drink. Usually when I do it is for the purpose of insulation.

I wrote about much of what I experience over at Smoking Mirrors just now (will go up any minute). Don't be distressed or take any of it personally, I'm speaking to a wide audience.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Of Defining Ourselves and Being Defined

Anonymous said...

Why can't the teevee junkies see the bad vibes and evil dripping off the screen. Nothing in this world should be hated and ridiculed like the talmud vision.
These so called underground hacker groups should make themselves useful and hack that shit off the air.

Anonymous said...

Stream on!! Thanks Les
A young lady told me it was a ship and its not visible years back. Thank you.

Say your golem isn't as hateful as it once was. So thankful your doing well and in good company!


Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Something that Crawled out There and Died.

The Cosmic Player said...

Great post. Here is another Gematria gem. The Hebrew name for Adam adds up to 144 or 144,000. Jehovah Witness speak of the 144,000 souls to be saved, but I have yet to meet one who understands the mystery behind it, sort of like the 72 virgins of Islam or the 72 to names of the Hebrew god.

P.S. I am currently undergoing Initiatic ordeal, and your thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated.

God Bless,



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