Wednesday, October 27, 2021

"Has the World Been Made into a Better place by the Efforts of These Information, Time-Share, Sales-Beings?"

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It stands to reason, given the volume of thoughts and words expressed at these blogs that I would conflict with the understanding of some who pass through here. In a time of rising and intensifying contention... it is even more likely. It is not my intention for this to happen. I am just recognizing the inevitability of it.

I am... myself... not in agreement with a number of people who operate in other venues. Some of them, I see as outright disinfo agents and some who may only be misguided. This is an intellectual perspective, and nothing new. It has been going on since the Dawn of Time; if there was such a thing.

I realize that... in many cases, the motivation of the majority of internet writers is to get attention and generate an economy for themselves. It is an attractive objective. Some of them make millions of dollars, all while crying impoverishment at regular intervals. Some will tell you that they exist solely by donations and reader support. Some will say that if you want a free press, you must support them. Well... that's not true, except insofar as an internet account and a computer are necessary for the effort, and sure... they will have to pay for this.

At many of these sites, they are selling goods and wearable advertising. In the cases of Alex Jones, Rense, David Icke, and Mike Adams (and numerous others), they have an entire online supermarket. It is not my desire to criticize this. Such industry, when successful, is part of The American Dream. I'm just pointing it out because... IT IS NEVER ENOUGH... not ever... not ever. There is ALWAYS something new that needs to be financed. As a particular site, or sites, expand, then there is a need for more employees and bigger ad buys and a more luxurious lifestyle.

I doubt that Jeff Bezos ever considers that maybe he has enough now. Thousands and thousands, and many thousands more than that of small businesses, have been driven into bankruptcy by Mr. Bezos. This is also a part of The American Dream; crushing the competition by any and all means necessary.

Because regular life and the eternal war of attrition between Good and Evil are not enough to keep attracting visitors, many of these entrepreneurs resort to sensationalism. “Hey! Look at this! Wow... someone saw some world leader shape-shift into a nine-foot reptile!” “We have video!” “Planet Niburu is going to waste Earth next month. Your donations can help stave this off!”

They have the recovered memory victims of elite sex slavery. They have Annunaki sightings, and action figures for sale in their warez department! They have the alien invasion battle plans. They have Adrenachrome, and you can get a vial at their warez department. As you, no doubt, already know, there is WAY... WAY more than this. It is the internet version of The National Inquirer. They even have two-headed babies, although the babies are aliens moving among us. You can get a replica at the warez department.

Okay... we've set up our subject line, Let's see where we are going with this. How has the world been made into a better place by the efforts of these Information, Time-Share, Sales-Beings? We are sensitive to the plight of The Chameleon Gender Freaks at this site, so we watch our language. BZZT! No... we do not and have no intention of doing so. There are two genders, and that's it! Everything else is mental illness.

I am long past listening to any of these people ever again. I checked most of it out BEFORE there was an internet. Back then... there were only books; magazines, TV, conventions... and direct contact to be had. I know that some of the readers are fascinated by the strange and arcane. I have to ask; how has The World been improved by all the self-help movements, the New Age Movement, and the extra-terrestrial nonsense? What I see is more and more obesity, more and more compromised immune systems, more and more sexual... blurred lines, more and more bizarre lifestyles, more and more mental illness and out of control desire bodies, more and more wealth disparity, AND... more and more people making money from them.

Now... we are finally getting to my point. I have come to certain understandings in this life, as time and experience have taken their toll on me. These are composed of what I know, what I don't know, and what I can reasonably assume or reject. My inquiries have led me to abandon ALL religions... not because they are muddled and bloated litanies of endless contradiction, with a nearby cash register, but... because they do not go far enough. They are not direct, nor simple enough.

AS Materialism advances, Insanity keeps pace with it. It's kind of an endless Thelma and Louise. They get a brief moment of freedom out of being crazy, and then they crash into the canyon.

I am NOT saying there are no aliens; no reptiles, no this that and the other thing. I have had direct experience of aliens several times, and with witnesses. I have encountered these reptile underlords. My experience was that they were green cartoon characters that operated at a specific bandwidth. I ran into them on Ayahuasca, and only on Ayahuasca. I could see them talking and moving about, but they were confined to a specific bandwidth. It is not a bandwidth I operate on, but... I could see into it.

How have we been improved by knowing these things?

I have investigated all religions you have heard about and several you may not have heard about. I found common threads in most of them. These I accepted as being true, and ALSO above the religious gimcrackery otherwise in evidence. I discovered that everything timeless and real in religion comes from The Sun. Why would I need a religion for what I can DIRECTLY experience? Okay... this is one aspect of the point, and let me say about religion that it is like using a cane when you don't need one.

Who is David Wilcox serving? Who is Alex Jones serving? Who is Mike Adams serving? Who is David Icke serving? Who is Marianne Williamson serving? Who is Hal Turner serving? Who are ANY of these people serving? They are serving themselves. You might now say, “Hey! Those aren't religious figures!” Ah... yeah, they are. These are the kinds of temporary religions that appear in those times when the whole religious spectrum is being changed; along with the appearance of the archetypes... I might add.

I mentioned that I had no real use for Miles Mathis. I said it was because he deals in too much woo-woo. I was not being entirely candid. My beef, if beef it is, with all these people, aside from the appearance I get that they are self-serving is that they do not include The Divine in their discourses. The Divine is not a feature of their psychodramas. They are all new wave materialists with an individualized twist to separate them from the competition, and all of them are making money hand over fist, as the saying goes.

Here is THE IMPORTANT PART. There is nothing wrong with them being as they are. There ARE Karmic repercussions for all that we say and do, and I am sufficiently convinced that it is not my place to get into it with them... or about them, and that is why they do not often get mentioned here. As far as I am concerned, EVERYONE can let their Free Flag fly. I don't know, specifically where they might be wrong. In many cases, although they intentionally stand conventional scientific thought on its head, no one can prove them wrong. I suspect it is set up that way. Again, I have to ask, how are we improved by knowing it, either way?

It is IMPORTANT for the reader to understand that I have no problem with these people peddling their warez. It's none of my business. Even when they are INTENTIONALLY deceiving people, as some of the aforementioned do while including a measured amount of truthful things, which their defenders can point to when it comes up.

I have no use for empirical science. It is like voodoo to me. I am ONLY interested in Hermetic Science and metaphysics. I see where conventional science has led us. Yes... they've done good here and there. Now they are trying to kill us. Fortunately for me, my life is not in their hands.

If it is not about The Divine, it is likely not to keep my interest. As for everyone else, The World is there for you to study and experience. My study and experience have PROVEN to me that there is ONLY God and nothing else. Yours may bring you to a different perspective. Time will tell, and we shall see.

If you are not talking about The Divine, I have little interest in what you have to say. It might be true in the relative sense or it might not be, BUT... it doesn't interest me. Many will not be interested in what I have to say. Well... I'm not going to argue with them. I don't argue. I state. Take it or leave it. It does not matter to me which it is. I am directing what I do to those who are attracted to talk about The Divine.

There was a time I contended with the world, in the marketplace of ideas and what-not. I was learning. Both experience and trauma have taught me a great deal.

What I am trying to say is that I have no real problem with people lying or exaggerating to make a buck. It's all lies anyway, and some people feel they are improved by believing them. Snake oil salesmen operated in similar fashion, and some were healed by the Power of Suggestion. Outright charlatans, like Benny Hinn, have healed people who happened to believe. Belief is the factor here.

I seek to be in Harmony with All Life. I can't accomplish that if I am in contention with others who are selling their all-in-one cure for what ails you. I have nothing personal against any of these people. It may have appeared so to some. It is not true. We are all God's Children trying to make our way. Some of us help and some of us hinder. Some do both alternatively. All of us are ignorant. Some of us know this and most of us do not.

It ALL gets sorted sooner or later. A great deal of it is getting sorted in this time frame. Some of the sorting is going to hurt a great deal. Some of it is going to be a liberating experience. It ALL comes down to whether you are self-serving or selfless-serving. That is the make-or-break line for ALL of us. It may not seem so, but time will tell, and we shall see.

I have read all of this. I always do; looking for errors (which I don't always find) and a better way of presenting it. I find... as usual, that I did not manage to say what I really wanted to say. Perhaps... someday I will.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, October 22, 2021

"If You Were to Do It Consistently, It Would Consistently Demonstrate in Your Life.

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I started this out writing about what a Kafkaesque drama was playing out before our eyes. As I went on, I realized I had whipped myself up into a Jeremiad, which was much the stuff of earlier years. I no longer feel that way, so... why express it? I am now convinced of something and there is no further cause to jump at shadows. People with specific agendas WILL meet specific ends. I can't jump in front of them and start shouting that they are going the wrong way, much as it might save them some measure of suffering. You CANNOT tell people what to do. You make them miserable, and you make yourself miserable too.

Somehow these things must be talked about but from a calmer and more serene mind. The action gets so charged that people actually believe they are in charge of something but they cannot even control themselves. People forget (and get reminded) that God is not mocked. God is the real power, and I don't care what the neighborhood is. God walks right through and does whatever he is of a mind to and never breaks any china. He doesn't have to.

I can't speak only of God apart from life. I am not apart from life. It is sufficient if I weave God all through the commentary and wind up with him at the end. It is especially important to speak about it now because God is demonstrating it in The World via Mr. Apocalypse. They are scrambling to cover and protect themselves. Mr. Apocalypse is lifting their skirts while they bend over to do it. There is a real urgency in the air for many. Some know why, in part, and some don't. What lures you is what drives you. I find it profitable to be lured only by The Divine. Everything else, I look at as curious, “Oh, isn't that interesting?” Then I go back and talk with the one within.

I am astonished that more people do not hear an inner voice. All you have to do is be persistent. The World we are present in is at the crest of a wave of Materialism. It is falling down and trying to lift itself up in equal measure. So... yeah... it's making a lot of noise and it can be harder to hear within. Well, you have the dials to do this, just turn them in the right direction. The hardest part, it seems, is to keep from being distracted by your own thinking processes. Stop thinking. Then watch your reactions. If you were to do it consistently, it would consistently demonstrate in your life.

I broke a lot of china on my way to being able to walk through the store, even sing and dance through the store. The store doesn't have anything I want. I have sufficiently, to my own satisfaction, proven this to myself, by having sampled many of its wares, and more than once. It was not what I was looking for and I couldn't find it there. I did find it, however, and I do not have to be concerned with broken china anymore. You break it, you pay for it, and that includes hearts too. It took me some time to get a fuller understanding, and I can only thank God that my heart was in the right place at the time.

Those who love much are forgiven much. That is a profound statement and worthy of expanded reflection. I can't remember who said it, I'm pretty sure they don't care.

I wonder if Jeff Bezos ever thought Elon Musk would come along and then just breeze right past him? Heh heh... I remember seeing a bumper sticker. It was in the 80s I think. It said, “He who dies with the most toys, wins.” I remember laughing, and knowing in the most visceral way that that was not true, while also realizing that a lot of people believed that; far more than believe as I do.

I am either laughing, but not with schadenfreude, or sad at what people do to each other, and to themselves. Behind it all, though, is an ever-increasing joy and assurance of what will triumph in all things. I simply have to adjust myself to all things. That... is what people find to be so difficult. They have to be on one side with this subject, and on the other side with another. We live in a world of opinions, and opinions are not facts. Everything sorts itself out... IF YOU DON'T MEDDLE WITH IT!

That is a difficult lesson to learn, and only sticking your fingers in the fire a sufficient amount of times will teach you this. We go to the well of suffering every day. We pull up a bucketful. Then we go and distribute it among others. We toast with it and we toast to it, and we don't even know what it is.

I cannot stress how important it is to seek after God with a greater passion than any other thing. I can't write in all-caps and Bold with every line. So... let me say it in the small print, even though it is one of the things you never see in the small print, Searching for God has its rewards. They are probably not what you might think they are, or even what most would find valuable, but the Qualities of God are way, way past The Golden Fleece in value. They are priceless and what any sane person would seek after. Well... it's God that has them. You have to track him down and ask him yourself. You can go looking for him outside. You might miss him. Inside leads outside anyway.

If you can attain Harmony in your life with all life, you will not only be in Heaven, but you would carry it with you wherever you were. I am reminded of a line in that quote by HPB about the road steep and thorny and what awaits for those who attain to it;

“For those who win onwards there is reward past all telling - the power to bless and save humanity;”

I don't know about you but I like the sound of that.

It wouldn't do to perform it on a public stage or to credit it to yourself at all. However, you would be demonstrating because... you are an actor, and there is a Reason you are here cause, “all the world's a stage.” There are people moving through the human ocean. They feed. They heal. They liberate. They bring and maintain peace, within the radius of their reach. We don't know them by name, they are just around, disguised as everyone else, in the same way... that certain predators hide among their kind. A sea change is coming!

The human ocean is being set atremble. Reactions will vary... widely. The reaction itself is Karma. No reaction seems to be the cool hand. Love will do as an alternative, especially if Fear is present because Love neutralizes Fear. It displaces it. They Literally cannot occupy the same space at the same time. The same is true with Light and Darkness. One of the qualities of God that I am most desirous of is Divine Luminous Wisdom. Guru Bawa often mentioned it and it stuck with me.

God is disposed to give us his qualities if we will honor and respect them. Honor and Respect ARE two of his qualities. The thing is... you can't just have one. The others come along, so... if you are seeking even one quality with inspired passion, you will get the others in the bargain. You don't have to be concerned about any previous wrongdoing on your part. God will handle that for you. If he can take me, with where I've been, your chances are good.

Once again, I must stress. It is not the road you choose that matters as much as where it is taking you. All roads lead to God. You can find him in any circumstance; in a palace, like Buddha, or in prison as many another has been. You can have been a rascal but... God gets it. There is nothing that God does not get and God is not an abstraction. God is resident in you right this moment. You have to pester him and you have to have skin in the game.

People may scoff at what I say here. I speak for no religion and am affiliated with none. I do not make what anyone would call, 'a livelihood' from it, nor do I seek to. I am speaking from direct experience in something I found in no religion, though it bears similarities with ancient symbols here and there. There has ALWAYS been a fellowship of kindred souls who have shepherded Humanity and protected them from the wolves. Judgment is coming for The Underlords and they are in a lather. That is why all of this chaos and confusion is going down. It's smokescreens and diversion. What is coming they cannot deal with.

I am surprised that this is not more apparent to more people, because it is classic in its devolution. Various times in history had very similar trends appear, and often... engulf that nation. This particular episode is magnitudes beyond any of those. It's The Grand Finale, so to speak. You can expect All Stops to be pulled. You can also expect that one side is seriously over-matched, by magnitudes.

We've been expecting different permutations, according to various chronologies, at different times, now gone. Either the clock is slower or someone got the dates wrong. 1984... 2012... others; I can see a great many parallels. However... none of us knows the shape it intends to take. Adaptation is still the key to a greater longevity.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

"Just Turn the Dial and Watch the Light Change from Red to Green as Your Whole World Transforms."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

As you will be able to see in many of the links below, Insanity is the real pandemic. COVID is a product of malicious, power-mad Insanity. Here I should point out that there are two basic kinds of craziness. People group them as one, but they are not. There is the madness that comes in the mind, and the madness that comes from the emotions. Both of them do affect each other. Yes... you can say they are both of The Mind, due to the location of The Limbic System. I assure you, however, if you feel, that is not the location you feel it in.

There are other divisions in life that people interpret as singular, but they are not. The projections that people have about The Devil are as absurd as their understandings of The Divine. Many people think of The Devil as a kind of cartoon character, a Halloween construct. It is a consciousness, not an identity. It is you who provide the identity if he comes to live in you, and the same applies to The Divine. He is like a shadow that enters the mind and makes itself comfortable. Because the initial pressure is subtle, it can go unnoticed, but... it grows by increments over time. It becomes you. You become it, while still thinking you are you, UNTIL... it informs you later on, and you can be sure that it will.

The best way to think about God and The Devil, if that is what you do, is to think of a dial on a machine. Maybe it turns up the heat by gradients. Maybe it turns up the cooling. Maybe it increases the sound or turns it down. Good and Evil are on this dial. Let us say that the color of evil is Red, and the color of Good is Green. As you turn the dial in either direction, the force it regulates... increases. The color gets more distinct and vibrant. One gets hotter and hotter. The other gets cooler and cooler. There is a reason so many realized yogis and God-Men live in The Himalayas and not in Havana, Manila, or Miami. There is a reason certain places are crowded with people pressed together, and there are other places where there is almost no one.

I am asking the reader to extrapolate from this into the readers' own way of reasoning and understanding. I can give example after example, but it is The Idea that I am trying to communicate. You have the Carnal Mind, and you have The Purified Mind. Few of us are all of either, and the same forces are active in each permutation of Mind. They are... simply... handled differently. You EITHER master something or it is your master. There is no wiggle room here. Everyone has a carnal mentality within. Some feed this fire with all they have until they are ash. Some CONTAIN IT, like a dog on the leash. Perhaps you have heard of The Monkey Mind and The Dog of Desire? These are very accurate labels.

In my own life, I try to handle this situation in various ways. I am a cook. It is one of my skills. I imagine I am as competent as everyone who eats at my house says I am. Nobody keeps eating bad food without saying something about it. The thing here is not whether or not I am a good cook. The thing is how I handle it AFTER I cook it. Yogic teaching says that you should never eat until you are full, always leave a third of your stomach empty. I leave mine half empty, and sometimes more than half empty. I have been doing this for a long time. I don't remember if I struggled in the beginning. It seems that everything I do, or have done that was right for me, was easier than was to be expected.

I try to do the same with every condition that arises from hunger or desire. Yes... they are both the same.

I have been eating this way for so long that I don't think about it anymore. I don't suffer from hunger, though... I should say... we ALL suffer from Hunger of many kinds, BUT... to a different degree. Why do you suffer? It is the fire of desire. It is gnawing want. It is the real Big Empty that cannot be filled. There is a fantastic and much-underrated movie called, “Interstate 60.”

It has several very odd and interesting characters; not the least of which is Gary Oldman, one of my favorite actors (though not lately). In this film, there is a fellow who can eat without pause, and endlessly as well. As the character explains himself, you see the cost of it. There is a cost for EVERY HUNGER, and I should add that what the hunger is really consuming is YOU.

You have to turn down the dial on your hungers. Many of us carry a conflagration around with us, ESPECIALLY in these times of anything you could want. You want a blue-white flame. If you are getting serious heat, the flame is white, with intermittent flashes of other colors. The Dial of Good and Evil is connected to the Hunger Dial. There are a few different dials and when you turn any one of them, the rest respond like sympathetic strings. If you have two perfectly tuned pianos in the same room and you hit a note on one of them, the unstruck key on the other piano will also vibrate in accord.

People DO NOT want to hear things like this. Why should I turn anything down? This is what they might say, or worse. We live in a time when License is considered Liberty. We live in a time where notoriety is confused with Fame. We live in a time when lack of talent can be faked by technology. We live in lonely cities where Hunger is King. In the New York City that I remember of 25 years ago, the heat of the hunger on the streets was palpable. Energetic winds blow up and down the avenues, fanning the flames.

Sound and light have a dial. If you keep turning sound up past the audible level, it will eventually turn into light. Don't ask me to explain this. I have experienced it, however. What I am trying to get to here is that Realization and Liberation are simple things to achieve, if you are focused and determined. The end result is guaranteed... if you persist. It is ourselves that makes it so hard. The only hard part is... making up your mind! It is like problems. People will tell you their problems are complex. They don't know what to do about them. This is because the answer is something they do not want to hear. Your problem is a balloon that you are holding beneath the surface of the water. Take your hand off of it and see what happens. This is literally true... if you think of the subconscious as like a body of water. You can even throw in the way The Moon affects the tides (and a whole lot more).

People are terminally attached to their problems. They would not know what to do if their problems went away. They would, most certainly, go in search of new problems.

People starve in the midst of plenty. Read Bradford Angier's, How to Stay Alive in The Woods. People are lonely in crowds. People run into one bad thing after another, like someone looking for love in all the wrong places. The truth is, they don't know what they want in the first place.

Hover over the document to view the controls / flip through the pages

The World is Heaven for the haves and Hell for the have-nots. That is the appearance given. Suffering actually runs the gamut through both the haves and have-nots. Wanting is the curse of material life. STOP WANTING!!! Adjust your dials. If you are COMMITTED to your objective, there is no wear and tear. Wear and tear come when a part of you is opposed to the objective. We are conflicted because we are divided... against ourselves. If you dial up The Good, The Evil will be reduced. If you reverse it, the reverse is true. Peer pressure can be a bitch when most everyone else is going the wrong way. That is ALSO The Nature of life on this plane at certain times, too many of us are going the wrong way.

Every weekday you get one of these. Some probably wonder why there is such an output by me. In the beginning times it was like this, and sometimes two a day. I do it because it is what I do. I have also found something priceless and I want to share it. I am compelled to share it. I do not compel others, It is there for those who want it. The time will come when I no longer do this.

Surely you have seen the different atmospheres in different locations; an obstetrics ward and a mortuary, a church and a strip club, one side of town as opposed to the other. People come to resemble their passions. You can SEE this... unless the smoke from your own passions conceals it from you. Public restrooms have an atmosphere, and crowds of hungry ghosts. The Halls of Power are populated with all kinds of demonic mentalities. There are those who make the laws, and those who get the laws made. They are not always the same. Look at what is happening in these times. Who is responsible for it? Follow the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can see who has the money. A number of people died over the institution of The Federal Reserve Bank(s). It came and went on more than one occasion. Andrew Jackson is a good person to study about this, as are President McKinley and Woodrow Wilson. The same vested interests are at work today. I have no problem pointing it out. What you do about it is your own affair. I do not concern myself with whoever it is that SEEMS to be controlling things. I know better. As a result, I set my heart and mind upon another location, some distance up the dial. This tortured landscape is here for those it attracts and intrigues. It has nothing to do with me. I'm just passing through.

Everything you see that is undesirable is the fruit of bad parenting. This is the operative cause of the death of a culture. The ease and convenience of Materialism provide the conditions for it. You need to remind yourself of who your real parents are, instead of living in the karmic echo of your physical parents.

End Transmission.......

I buy items from eBay. Recently, I bought a hernia belt. I've had this hernia for several years and it's not a big deal. As I consider getting it fixed in this toxic environment, I thought the belt might be useful. As soon as I got it I no longer needed it. eBay wanted to know if I was happy with it. Here is what I put in the review;

“A hernia belt to help you becomes a political correctness expert.

“Works like a charm. I've had some variations that were designed in medieval times. Perhaps Torquemada's people had a hand in them. I was ready to confess- just like anyone else in those times, but I had nothing to confess. That did not go well. I thought about what our illustrious cigar store statue president might have thought about this item. I suspect he would have said it should be converted into a mask for gender-neutral people. You could even throw in an eye patch because it only operated from one side. I suspect this protects me from COVID, whether it exists or not. I see where arm-chair general Powell passed and died from COVID. Old age was not a factor. The good news is we don't have the common cold, common flu, pneumonia, or old age for factors anymore. Now, there is ONLY COVID. How marvelous! How economical! I really appreciate this belt because it permitted me to speak my own truth. I know there is no such thing, but when you are justifying irrational behavior; Man!!! what a godsend!”

I recommend others use such forums for similar statements. I recommend going to the printer and having a roll of stick-em labels printed for any message that you might like to leave. The back of public toilet stall doors, the metal walls, and all sorts of other places will serve. It's just an idea. I certainly wouldn't encourage people to do anything wrong or revolutionary.

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

"Not a Leaf, and Not a Sparrow Falling, Evades the All-Seeing Eye of Heaven."

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Well... I got 2/3rds of the way done with the post and had to put it aside and start again. That doesn't happen often, maybe once a year, if that. When I write these articles, I do not spend a great deal of time thinking about them. I just start writing, and an hour or so later, I have whatever I have, and USUALLY... at least to my satisfaction, I am done. This is attended by several cups of tea, some amount of vaping, and the routine checks for errors and statements I could have made better, and then I usually do make them better; at least I hope that is the case.

Today, I got into a descriptive timeline about The Usual Suspects. In the process of writing it, I realized I had said all of it before, in many different ways, AND... I'm no longer comfortable about it. Yes... they are one of the largest problems that humanity faces. They brought us the COVID hoax, and then they controlled the narrative. Now they want to lock down The World while killing off a large number of us. Any intelligent person who has done the research knows some part of the horror show movie they produced and have distributed in wide release.

Along the way, in this life, I have met some splendid exceptions to the rule. I'm sure that was God's doing. You can't wholesale an entire group of people into a single judgment upon a many, many generations long, criminal enterprise, that has been exercised upon the rest of us. It makes for a sticky wicket indeed.

It's all out of my hands though, and it has always been out of my hands. I'm not the sort to raise a crusade against anyone. I fully believe in the absolute control by Heaven of all human activities. I KNOW that NOTHING is missed; not a leaf, and not a sparrow falling, evades the all-seeing eye of Heaven. There is another all-seeing eye, but it IS NOT all-seeing.

I am a relentless researcher of the obvious, and occult causes, and backdrops of the human experience. I study the effects of invisible force on the visible plane. After many decades of it, this time around, and probably in other lives similarly engaged, I have some small understanding about WHO... and WHAT... and WHY. I even know a little about HOW... WHEN... and WHERE. I'm tired of it, and I am not attracted to being judge, jury, or executioner.

My interest in Heaven, and The Devic Realm of which it is a part, is what attracts me in a MUCH greater way than ANYTHING ELSE. I have had the remarkable good fortune to meet some of the great-souled entities that work behind the scenes, where The Real Work gets done. Karma and Reincarnation are as familiar to me as the light of the day, and the reflected light of night. I KNOW that ALL force comes from one source. I KNOW that how we use our portion of that force, accounts for how Karma and Reincarnation treat us. I am not angry at anyone. I feel sorry for many because I know what awaits them further on, especially The Usual Suspects.

The people who REALLY should heed the warnings that come to everyone in life are the ones who do not and will not listen. As an uncle of mine once said when I was a child; “Those who won't listen must feel.” A great many of us do not believe in Cosmic Justice. Appearances tell us that all kinds of people get away with all kinds of things. That is appearances, and appearances are a lie. Surely, even the dimmest of us must know by now that what is advertised is NOT what you get. Otherwise, there would be no disappointment in The World.

What you see and hear is NOT what is. You can think of The Real as being a white screen (yeah... that's racist, I know). The False is the movie being shown on the white screen. People sit down to watch a movie and for a few minutes, they might be aware that they are watching a movie. Then... they get sucked in and forget they are watching. At the end of the book, “Magister Ludi” there are 3 short stories. In one of them, a man sits down on a riverbank to meditate, and then lives an entire life, only to come to himself again on the riverbank afterward. How it really is, is a lot like that. Trying to explain this is near impossible, and that is why we learn from experience or we don't learn at all.

When the movie ends, all that remains is the screen.

Call it a movie, call it a dream, call it whatever you like; material life is a superimposition of The Unreal over The Real. All of us are in a different density of dream (or movie). Some of us are deep sleepers and some light sleepers. Some very few of us (at the moment) are not sleeping. The number of The Awakened is going to increase dramatically... shortly. In rare instances, The Awakening will not be an unpleasant experience. In many cases, there will be some discomfort, and in other cases, trauma is required.

No one who is awake can effectively explain their state to anyone who is not; BECAUSE... they are sleeping. The best, until lately, that one could do is to swim back against the tide and not run into or trouble the sleepers going the other way. The vibration of the ones who are not sleeping automatically resonates into the dreams of the sleeping.

Nothing that gets said has any impact upon those who are not paying attention, not in the moment, anyway, but they trail an echo that continues and continues, and sometimes, here and there, a sleeper awakens. In the dream, there are all sorts of people who play at being God. Since they don't know what God is in the first place, their performance is lacking in authenticity, even though, sometimes... they can convince a lot of people, at least temporarily. President Lincoln said something about that; fooling some of the people some of the time etc.

Those who are awakened, KNOW that they are a hosting mechanism for The Divine. They are The Divine in miniature. They don't have to go around pretending to be God. God is right there with them. God is right there with all of us, but... we are sleeping. Waking up is not an easy thing. A master was once asked by a pupil about what is required to come to an awakened state. He took him to a body of water and once they were out around waist level, he pushed the pupil's head underwater and held it there. The pupil fought to surface but the master was much stronger than he was. Then he brought him back to shore.

The pupil, still trying to get his breath back and to calm himself, asked the master why he did this. The master asked him what he was thinking about as he fought to get above the water. The pupil answered that all he could think about was getting some air. The master then told him that that must be his attitude about waking up. It is similar to what we say here, when we say, “You have to want it more than anything else.” Almost no one can comprehend the level of extremity that is required. This is why trauma is so often a factor.

Yeah... there are bad guys in this world. It is ALWAYS some kind of cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers... the law-abiding and the outlaws. It is a tragicomedy, and sometimes it turns out that the good guys were the bad guys after all; not in this case, but... whaddya gonna do? Really! What are you going to do about it? You can huff and puff and make noise, throw shit, injure yourself or someone else, but... what will you accomplish? Everything that needs to get done about any of it, GETS DONE... here and/or elsewhere.

Yes... it can be unpleasant to think about someone like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney or Little Georgie Sorrows, or The Rothschilds, lazing about in their dotage, after causing the deaths of MILLIONS. Until you understand what is REALLY going on, you don't know much about anything. Oh... but that doesn't stop people from thinking they do. Actors come and go here. Some get dealt with by a cosmic hand-operated by The Lords of Destiny (also known as The Lords of Karma). Some get dealt with elsewhere or here, again and again, and again, until the last jot and tittle gets sorted. However, I can tell you it ALL gets handled.

Any number of people might be dissatisfied with leaving it all in God's Hands. We have to do something! This is what they say, and they are convinced that they know who it is that needs to get dealt with. The result is that they turn themselves into monsters just like the ones they are chasing. I deal with life as it appears before me. That has worked out so far. You may have another solution that appeals to you, but new bad guys appear every day, along with some amount of so-called good guys to deal with them.

I am a student of The Old West. I have read an awful lot about it. I'm a student of history in general. I have a good idea of what Wyatt Earp and all the others were like, including The Wild Bunch and Bill Tilghman, The Comanches and Apaches, and sundry. I have a good idea of what conditions were like during The Gold Rush, and all the other rushes, whether they were about silver or land. There is ALWAYS more than you know about. The problem with experts is that they don't feel that way.

Like Mike Tyson said, “everybody's got a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” I was outraged all of my life by the appearance of injustice. It took me a long time and the very patient hand of Heaven for me to realize I don't know shit. This is visceral so... I also know that no one else does either. Maybe you got a plan for what to do about The Usual Suspects or COVID, the Communists, perverts, and thugs in assorted wrappers. I have a plan too... but the plan is not mine. I have no more personal plans. That is yet another dream coming and going. All these dreams are coming and going. I watch them pass by. I feel sorry for just about everyone, but... whaddya gonna do?

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Monday, October 11, 2021

"Your Heart can be Turned Into a Rushing River, Which is Fed by the Measureless Ocean of God's Love."

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It is a wonder to sit and watch the world in cosmic transformation, and the destinies of nations in play. People acting out in groups and as individuals in less than sane ways. The force of the change of the age is upon us, and the guiding lights are either present or on their way. Lesser lights always precede greater lights who herald the approach. Heaven is a subtle thing... most of the time, but... it has the power to act in dramatic fashion using the players at hand... and others. Heaven commands all life. People, in their freedoms and hungers, choose to go contrary and that automatically programs a given effect further on. I'm not fond of those results.

I have lived outside the system since before I can remember. I recall trying to fit in now and again but was unable to. I gave up on that decades ago. So... when I hear the big guns of Big Tech talking about deplatforming, demonetizing, and similar, I pay no mind. I am not monetized. When I hear about vaccine mandates, I pay no attention because nothing they can threaten me with applies. This is when “nothing is a real cool hand” (paraphrased likely). Because I don't have anything they can take we have no business together. Yes... it's not for everyone. I suspect I had no choice in the matter. Human destiny is beyond mortal perspective. It is a matter of many lives before one may see the light.

Yes... “success is speedy for the energetic.” You have to want it badly, more than anything else.

Your moral compass should not also serve as a gyroscope. That is not its function, but some people use it as such because it adds more flexibility to The Will. The one thing The Will does not need, at least for me, is flexibility cause the morals go right out with that, and without morals? without a code? Without a guide? You are headed for the swamp. I'm an adventurer, so I've been down some number of roads. I've also been on the kinds of roads where you find yourself. That... that is a remarkable experience. One of the greatest joys and reliefs is that you find out you are a good guy. You can do good things or nothing at all. You can do bad things too if you want bad things to happen to you. I fail to see The Up-Side.

So much of life, to me, is Common Sense. I did not always have as much as I needed, and... I was reckless. Now though, because I have no skin in the game, what can I lose? Then you give it away for free. That's pretty much all you do. You give yourself away and it no longer weighs you down.

Paramhansa Yogananda once said something like;

“take all of your cares and woes,
your false memories of yourself

(I'm adding in here)
all your hopes and dreams
and put them in a bag and cast them into the sea.”

Then, I guess... I'm only guessing here because this is what I am doing; you only host the angels of God... in ALL life situations, come what may, and lo and behold... he works it all out. Once you let go, the wind will fill your sails; not to sail through the confined spaces of compressed hunger, with too many people pushing and shoving. The span of Heaven opens up, and you can dance on the mountain tops inside your mind, and bring The Kingdom of Heaven with you wherever you go.

Your heart can be turned into a rushing river, which is fed by the measureless ocean of God's Love. The very stars in the sky shine because of it. There is PLENTY of love for that rushing river, you just have to channel in or channel it in; however you understand the process. If people knew what a marvelous instrument their bodies are, they would not abuse them so, and whenever they abuse others, they also abuse themselves. However... the spell... the enchantment of The World is VERY POWERFUL. It is intoxicating and a playground for The Personality in this relentless costume ball. Sometimes the masks come off.

When I look at The World, I never think in terms of fixing it. That is a whole kind of Stupid. Anyway, I just fix myself and I will have no problem with The World. Invariably, we run into things when we first get here. Sometimes you hit one of them so hard you are back on The Conveyor Belt again. It is possible to come to a point where you don't hit anything anymore. That sounds like a sane objective to me. If you can't dance you are at a disadvantage. You are at another disadvantage when you can't cook. You are at an extreme disadvantage when you won't open your eyes. You are at the worst possible disadvantage when you won't or can't open your heart. No rushing river, I fear.

The whole of all one could wish to learn is written in The Book of Nature. If your own being fascinates you, you have only to study your own nature. When you find out what works... ...oh yeah, music to my ears. I am constantly astounded at how many people there are who cannot seem to enjoy life. Once again, you look at Nature, you can look at yourself. Nature is a mirror. She's like The Sub-Conscious. It is a garden you tend, or you don't attend to it. You see a lot of that in times like this, with so many inclined to steal from another's patch. They will continue to run out. Those who give it away will have more and more to give away; The Rushing River being what it is.

Something big is coming. There are many theories concerning what this might be. Some are in states of ever-intensifying panic. The last year really softened them up... and then the vaccines. That's not working out the way they wanted. Pilots are refusing to fly. Transportation workers are refusing to transport. The military membership has thousands upon thousands of vaccine resistors. This is causing critical interconnected systems to break down. Some might say this is intentional on the part of those pushing the vaccines. I don't know one way or the other about details not given me. I assume there are both ill-intentioned and well-intentioned people in the scrimmage. What I DO KNOW is that God is in command of everything, and everything is under control, except in places where it may appear not to be. Is that where you are? Then you must find a place where all is as it should be, and that is most quickly achieved by those who accordingly.

If you have uncertainty in your mind, cast it out. Some things are certain and some things are not. Let them sort themselves out. God takes care of The Details, maybe because, as I have heard it said, The Devil is in The Details. I don't meddle in the affairs of my betters. I speak of The Supernal Kingdom. They are more advanced than I... and I look to them for guidance. Since I have been fairly consistent about that, and especially of late, I get guidance. I even have a guidance system. Well... I guess all of us have one of those. The question would be whether it worked. With life, it is best to work with one-size-fits-all.

I don't want to give the impression that I don't think all kinds of disturbances and cataclysmic natural events can happen. There is a good chance of that in specific locations. There is no chance of it in others. As I mentioned, I was told that there would appear something like human cellphone towers and they will transmit a message of Unity and Harmony. People may or may not be aware of this but in some places, life will simply go on. I don't think building survival fortresses in old missile silos is the answer. I don't think having stockpiles of food and weapons, and lots of money is the answer... because what is happening is not going to answer to stockpiles, or weapons and money. Should things go South, the wrong people will know the right people to steal from. HOWEVER, if an area is guarded by invisible wrathful deities. Hmm...

There was this fellow named Padma Sambhava. Near as I can remember, there was this village in a valley in Tibet or several villages in interconnecting valleys. The whole area was being attacked by hordes of demons. He pacified the landscape and made the demons go away. If you want more details, you can look into it. These things HAPPEN! It might be hard to see what happens where the senses do not record, but... you can certainly see the effects on the visible plane. He's the fellow who rediscovered Om Mani Padme Hum after it had been lost for some time. It could be that is what he used to get rid of the demons.

I want to close with what I consider a very important point. People living high on the hog, who have no reverence for the food they eat and waste most of it. People who also do this with their sexual force. People who take certain things for granted, WILL... at some point be severely denied these things or have their capacity removed. The World is The World. It is a Teaching Zone. People learn here or else. Sometimes they get a big ride for a long time, but... sooner or later it comes to an end. I do not want to depend on the less than tender mercies of The World. Well... I am already depending on the kind and tender mercies of The Kingdom of Heaven.

One can bring no greater gift than The Kingdom of Heaven to others. One may only be able to celebrate it with themselves initially, but... as the range extends, and The Rushing River runs wider, one can carry it with them wherever they may go, and NOTHING can stand against it or challenge it. Nothing inimical even shows up. It is The Kingdom of Heaven after all.

End Transmission.......

A brief mention about The Links. They may seem an odd contrast to what gets written about here. They are evidence of Trends and Patterns. One does not need to see them, but I include them so that the reader can see what is being fashioned for Humanity by the ill-intended. This has no relevance for us if we are in The Kingdom of Heaven... I may cease doing it soon.


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