Tuesday, October 19, 2021

"Just Turn the Dial and Watch the Light Change from Red to Green as Your Whole World Transforms."

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As you will be able to see in many of the links below, Insanity is the real pandemic. COVID is a product of malicious, power-mad Insanity. Here I should point out that there are two basic kinds of craziness. People group them as one, but they are not. There is the madness that comes in the mind, and the madness that comes from the emotions. Both of them do affect each other. Yes... you can say they are both of The Mind, due to the location of The Limbic System. I assure you, however, if you feel, that is not the location you feel it in.

There are other divisions in life that people interpret as singular, but they are not. The projections that people have about The Devil are as absurd as their understandings of The Divine. Many people think of The Devil as a kind of cartoon character, a Halloween construct. It is a consciousness, not an identity. It is you who provide the identity if he comes to live in you, and the same applies to The Divine. He is like a shadow that enters the mind and makes itself comfortable. Because the initial pressure is subtle, it can go unnoticed, but... it grows by increments over time. It becomes you. You become it, while still thinking you are you, UNTIL... it informs you later on, and you can be sure that it will.

The best way to think about God and The Devil, if that is what you do, is to think of a dial on a machine. Maybe it turns up the heat by gradients. Maybe it turns up the cooling. Maybe it increases the sound or turns it down. Good and Evil are on this dial. Let us say that the color of evil is Red, and the color of Good is Green. As you turn the dial in either direction, the force it regulates... increases. The color gets more distinct and vibrant. One gets hotter and hotter. The other gets cooler and cooler. There is a reason so many realized yogis and God-Men live in The Himalayas and not in Havana, Manila, or Miami. There is a reason certain places are crowded with people pressed together, and there are other places where there is almost no one.

I am asking the reader to extrapolate from this into the readers' own way of reasoning and understanding. I can give example after example, but it is The Idea that I am trying to communicate. You have the Carnal Mind, and you have The Purified Mind. Few of us are all of either, and the same forces are active in each permutation of Mind. They are... simply... handled differently. You EITHER master something or it is your master. There is no wiggle room here. Everyone has a carnal mentality within. Some feed this fire with all they have until they are ash. Some CONTAIN IT, like a dog on the leash. Perhaps you have heard of The Monkey Mind and The Dog of Desire? These are very accurate labels.

In my own life, I try to handle this situation in various ways. I am a cook. It is one of my skills. I imagine I am as competent as everyone who eats at my house says I am. Nobody keeps eating bad food without saying something about it. The thing here is not whether or not I am a good cook. The thing is how I handle it AFTER I cook it. Yogic teaching says that you should never eat until you are full, always leave a third of your stomach empty. I leave mine half empty, and sometimes more than half empty. I have been doing this for a long time. I don't remember if I struggled in the beginning. It seems that everything I do, or have done that was right for me, was easier than was to be expected.

I try to do the same with every condition that arises from hunger or desire. Yes... they are both the same.

I have been eating this way for so long that I don't think about it anymore. I don't suffer from hunger, though... I should say... we ALL suffer from Hunger of many kinds, BUT... to a different degree. Why do you suffer? It is the fire of desire. It is gnawing want. It is the real Big Empty that cannot be filled. There is a fantastic and much-underrated movie called, “Interstate 60.”

It has several very odd and interesting characters; not the least of which is Gary Oldman, one of my favorite actors (though not lately). In this film, there is a fellow who can eat without pause, and endlessly as well. As the character explains himself, you see the cost of it. There is a cost for EVERY HUNGER, and I should add that what the hunger is really consuming is YOU.

You have to turn down the dial on your hungers. Many of us carry a conflagration around with us, ESPECIALLY in these times of anything you could want. You want a blue-white flame. If you are getting serious heat, the flame is white, with intermittent flashes of other colors. The Dial of Good and Evil is connected to the Hunger Dial. There are a few different dials and when you turn any one of them, the rest respond like sympathetic strings. If you have two perfectly tuned pianos in the same room and you hit a note on one of them, the unstruck key on the other piano will also vibrate in accord.

People DO NOT want to hear things like this. Why should I turn anything down? This is what they might say, or worse. We live in a time when License is considered Liberty. We live in a time where notoriety is confused with Fame. We live in a time when lack of talent can be faked by technology. We live in lonely cities where Hunger is King. In the New York City that I remember of 25 years ago, the heat of the hunger on the streets was palpable. Energetic winds blow up and down the avenues, fanning the flames.

Sound and light have a dial. If you keep turning sound up past the audible level, it will eventually turn into light. Don't ask me to explain this. I have experienced it, however. What I am trying to get to here is that Realization and Liberation are simple things to achieve, if you are focused and determined. The end result is guaranteed... if you persist. It is ourselves that makes it so hard. The only hard part is... making up your mind! It is like problems. People will tell you their problems are complex. They don't know what to do about them. This is because the answer is something they do not want to hear. Your problem is a balloon that you are holding beneath the surface of the water. Take your hand off of it and see what happens. This is literally true... if you think of the subconscious as like a body of water. You can even throw in the way The Moon affects the tides (and a whole lot more).

People are terminally attached to their problems. They would not know what to do if their problems went away. They would, most certainly, go in search of new problems.

People starve in the midst of plenty. Read Bradford Angier's, How to Stay Alive in The Woods. People are lonely in crowds. People run into one bad thing after another, like someone looking for love in all the wrong places. The truth is, they don't know what they want in the first place.

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The World is Heaven for the haves and Hell for the have-nots. That is the appearance given. Suffering actually runs the gamut through both the haves and have-nots. Wanting is the curse of material life. STOP WANTING!!! Adjust your dials. If you are COMMITTED to your objective, there is no wear and tear. Wear and tear come when a part of you is opposed to the objective. We are conflicted because we are divided... against ourselves. If you dial up The Good, The Evil will be reduced. If you reverse it, the reverse is true. Peer pressure can be a bitch when most everyone else is going the wrong way. That is ALSO The Nature of life on this plane at certain times, too many of us are going the wrong way.

Every weekday you get one of these. Some probably wonder why there is such an output by me. In the beginning times it was like this, and sometimes two a day. I do it because it is what I do. I have also found something priceless and I want to share it. I am compelled to share it. I do not compel others, It is there for those who want it. The time will come when I no longer do this.

Surely you have seen the different atmospheres in different locations; an obstetrics ward and a mortuary, a church and a strip club, one side of town as opposed to the other. People come to resemble their passions. You can SEE this... unless the smoke from your own passions conceals it from you. Public restrooms have an atmosphere, and crowds of hungry ghosts. The Halls of Power are populated with all kinds of demonic mentalities. There are those who make the laws, and those who get the laws made. They are not always the same. Look at what is happening in these times. Who is responsible for it? Follow the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can see who has the money. A number of people died over the institution of The Federal Reserve Bank(s). It came and went on more than one occasion. Andrew Jackson is a good person to study about this, as are President McKinley and Woodrow Wilson. The same vested interests are at work today. I have no problem pointing it out. What you do about it is your own affair. I do not concern myself with whoever it is that SEEMS to be controlling things. I know better. As a result, I set my heart and mind upon another location, some distance up the dial. This tortured landscape is here for those it attracts and intrigues. It has nothing to do with me. I'm just passing through.

Everything you see that is undesirable is the fruit of bad parenting. This is the operative cause of the death of a culture. The ease and convenience of Materialism provide the conditions for it. You need to remind yourself of who your real parents are, instead of living in the karmic echo of your physical parents.

End Transmission.......

I buy items from eBay. Recently, I bought a hernia belt. I've had this hernia for several years and it's not a big deal. As I consider getting it fixed in this toxic environment, I thought the belt might be useful. As soon as I got it I no longer needed it. eBay wanted to know if I was happy with it. Here is what I put in the review;

“A hernia belt to help you becomes a political correctness expert.

“Works like a charm. I've had some variations that were designed in medieval times. Perhaps Torquemada's people had a hand in them. I was ready to confess- just like anyone else in those times, but I had nothing to confess. That did not go well. I thought about what our illustrious cigar store statue president might have thought about this item. I suspect he would have said it should be converted into a mask for gender-neutral people. You could even throw in an eye patch because it only operated from one side. I suspect this protects me from COVID, whether it exists or not. I see where arm-chair general Powell passed and died from COVID. Old age was not a factor. The good news is we don't have the common cold, common flu, pneumonia, or old age for factors anymore. Now, there is ONLY COVID. How marvelous! How economical! I really appreciate this belt because it permitted me to speak my own truth. I know there is no such thing, but when you are justifying irrational behavior; Man!!! what a godsend!”

I recommend others use such forums for similar statements. I recommend going to the printer and having a roll of stick-em labels printed for any message that you might like to leave. The back of public toilet stall doors, the metal walls, and all sorts of other places will serve. It's just an idea. I certainly wouldn't encourage people to do anything wrong or revolutionary.

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