Thursday, May 27, 2021

"Set Your Sights on the Glory and Splendor of The One who Lights the Heavens."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I dislocated my left arm around a year ago (I am left-handed). Longer than that, actually. They couldn't get it to go back in because they were incompetent, but that did not stop them from trying, and so they injured me worse than the dislocation did. The pain and discomfort were with me for many months. I started using my right hand in certain cases. I had some ability with my right hand because there are a few things I could do with both. I bring this up because of an interesting feature that came into play as a result. I began to get more left brain action and subjects that had previously perplexed me, I found easier now to understand; recording software, MIDI, and ancillary subjects, as well as various hardware.

For whatever reason, I have not been able to find someone to help me do the routing in my recording efforts, or to help me through understanding certain DAW (digital audio workstation) technology that I have found perplexing until now. One of The Divine's helpmates told me that we could probably work all of this out on our own, and pointed out that we had already produced over ten albums on our own, even though they are lacking in certain technical aspects, they were probably still good enough for rock and roll, even though I don't usually do rock and roll.

I mention this because it is not only possible but eminently negotiable that injury, seeming accidents, and related trauma can have a positive outcome, ESPECIALLY if you will brook no exceptions. Since life IS geared to bring us to better and better states of existence IF WE ARE WILLING, one has only SEE it as being so, and to follow through. Faith is the substance of things UNSEEN.” There is a powerful truth in that arcane maxim.

Most important in the search for truth is that you prove what you know to yourself, by your own experience. Some things we don't need direct proof of, and the experiences of others will suffice for personal experience in those matters; like jumping off a cliff, shooting yourself in the head. Others have proven the lack of efficacy in these. Then again, we don't know if their acts lacked efficacy. They're not here in their former form to tell us. Maybe no matter what you do, it's all bright on the other side. I would say, 'NOT'... given the truism= “As above, so below.” It will be as bright as you are.

Some shine in the material world. I once met Elvis Presley and was around him at several intervals. His charisma was palpable. He shined. It amazed me at the time. I think I left my copy of The Impersonal Life in his car because he seemed so full of himself. I did like him and I have continued to, but that's not the point here. The point is that there is temporal charisma and spiritual charisma. I have encountered both more than once. The temporal charisma of Elvis was off the charts. Give me spiritual charisma. This is what you have when the angels recognize you by the quality of your shine, AND... this is how the world recognizes your temporal charisma for its own purposes otherwise.

When I speak of The World, I am NOT speaking of the planet we are moving on. I mean the society and culture, and the outworking intentions of the figureheads who think they rule. There is an author's commentary in The Lord of the Rings, where he is talking about Saruman and his plots and ambitions. He remarks how Saruman imagines himself to be a master of the game, but he was, instead, like a child playing with blocks; a small figure, set against a much bigger Shadow and Darkness that had been around considerably longer.

Even more important, in the search for The Truth is to be after The Truth, to begin with, and not some self-serving and compromised variant, as a substitution for The Truth. Anyone who has put any time into it, learns... eventually, that acquiring The Truth will cost you everything that is not The Truth. However, the mind lies to itself... all the time... and tells itself (and others) that there must be an easier way. It's like the search for God, or Divine Love... well... you don't get any of these without the others coming along. It's like the qualities of God. They are the property of God and where you find them, God will also be present. Embracing God's qualities, and emulating God in the exercise of them, is one of the strongest attractors for The Divine.

Krishna says in The Bhagavad Gita; “All roads, Arjuna, lead to me.” As humanity comes to him, by whatever route, he accepts them. He is also whatever other form of God they are worshiping because he IS all of the forms; all the forms that are eternal. He also says that wherever you see greatness, he is there. This does not mean he is representative of the personality of whoever is accomplishing that greatness, because there are flaws in human greatness. There are no flaws in The Divine. What is meant there is that he is the ability and the performance of it, just as he is the heat of fire, and the wetness of water. He is even... so it is said there, “the gambling of gamblers.” I take that to mean that he is Fortune when it comes. He is still Fortune when it goes.

What fascinates you is what forms your character. This is one of those places where one should know the end from the beginning. How many routes would so many of us have not taken, if we had known the end from the beginning?

The ardent pursuit of the lover, the passion of the inspired artist, the focus and concentration of the scientist... these are what you bring to the search for God. You ONLY have to want it more than anything else. People are not willing to do this in most cases. It is similar to the rich man that Jesus told to divest himself of his worldly goods. He went away disturbed because he had much of them.

We all find God, in some fashion, sooner or later. I've always been one who needed to get there ahead of time. Life can throw all kinds of problems at you that you did not factor in, or consider in your planning. Getting there ahead of time, for me, is the smart move. Intelligent outlaws do this in their own way, they study the scene of the crime ahead of time. If it is a meet, they are there early to see who else might show up before they are supposed to show up. Law enforcement does the same if they happen to be schooled on the matter. I was a Boy Scout; 'be prepared'. How can you be more prepared than to have God with you? Is it not said in the 23rd psalm, “Yea though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil, thou art with me”?

I have been there, literally, a few times, and I can state unequivocally and with conviction that what the psalm says is TRUE! You have to live your life like this. Not doing so is like going to war without your guns. Not doing so, is like not studying a map of the terrain that you will be passing through, ahead of time. Foresight beats hindsight EVERY TIME.

I am trying to give you PRACTICAL reasons for searching for God, beyond the drive and pull of the emotion of Love. Yes... Love is Good. It is my primary motivation, along with a hunger to learn, BUT... not everyone is moved that way, so God comes at us from MANY angles; “All roads, Arjuna, lead to me.” So... it is also a matter of the greatest practicality to have God as your co-pilot. EVERYTHING you don't know, God knows. Why would God be in your life if he didn't want to help you? That is the work of another department.

It is better to see God in one of the classic forms of Mother, Father, Lover, and Friend. Some even see God as a child. God will respond to you in the fashion in which you come. I see God as The Lord of All and I as his servant. I also see God as my dearest friend, because I have both of those relationships. Actually, I have all of them except for The Child (grin); maybe The Child is me? ANYONE can have a relationship with God. He is no respecter of person. He will take you as you are, and like a doting mother, will wash off the dust of the trail and dry your tears of sorrow. When you head out too ambitiously onto God's Playground, there will be nicks and cuts and bruises and real injuries, even death. The Mother wants to keep you by her side, but The Child insists on having the freedom to run wild on the playground. What is a mother to do? She has to let him or her go. She does so with Love and Understanding because SHE KNOWS that he/she will be back, wiser (she hopes) by experience.

The Truth is that you CANNOT tell other people anything that they don't want to hear. In Times of Material Darkness, few want to hear... because the noise levels and forces of seduction in The World are very great. That is where global tragedy and natural catastrophe come in. The Trauma serves to get the attention that could not be gotten any other way. Trust me on this, God tries all manner of softer persuasions first. I was as hard-headed as anyone. Fortunately, I had the right intentions to begin with, but against the maelstroms of The World, we are less prepared than we might think. ANYONE can be brought low, and I don't care how high they may have gotten. Certain rules are inflexible for The Purpose of Demonstration.

Very spiritually accomplished souls have fallen a long way, lacking the proper wariness of The Manifest Sphere. What do they say; “Once burned, twice shy”? There are all sorts of homilies and aphorisms that line the thoroughfares of The World. They have been cast aside by those for whom these sayings are an inconvenience, an interference, or a hindrance. The Purpose of Demonstration awaits them. This is NOT something you can escape. Why not make the purpose of your demonstration be a joyful one? They say that he who dies with the most toys wins. That's one of the stupider comments I have ever heard.

NO! He who dies in the arms of the one who permits The Toymaker to operate is the one who wins. Set your sights on what The World holds out as dear, and you will get the lesson inherent in it. EVERYTHING comes with a lesson, or as a lesson. Set your sights on the glory and splendor of the one who lights the heavens, and who shines in The Sun, and breathes in the wind, and who lives from everlasting to everlasting. That seems a no-brainer to me. Still... to each their own... yeah?

I'm telling you, God is REAL and present, and you can contact him or her in whatever permutation pleases you. If it doesn't please God in any particular permutation, you WILL BE informed of that.

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I'll be including links again at the end of the posting. They are not necessarily representative of my own beliefs, but they will tell you something. I'll save what I have today for a greater relevance in one of the other blogs, which... ostensibly... are supposed to be about geopolitical issues or cultural matters. These days those targets of interest are much less important to me, and we wind up talking about God anyway.

Monday, May 24, 2021

"The Knower and The Field of Play for Doomed Flowers that Bloom and Fall."

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It appears that very bad things are happening in the social order. Given the nature of the distress, we can expect a slew of zombie films shortly. It appears that the vaccines are not vaccines and that they bear dreadful possibilities with them. Wherever there is a legitimate study of the vaccines by legitimate scientists, the news is very bad. If they are even half-right about their conclusions, within a relatively brief period of time, many of us will no longer be here, and many who survive will never be the same.

You know, certainly, that the leaders are not getting a vaccine shot, Yes? It is most likely some saline solution.

I've received a number of links lately and discovered more on my own. They all keep adding up to the same understanding. I don't feel the need to inundate you with links. You can find more than you can ever read, on your own. What I can say is that the danger appears to be a definite thing. What we don't know is how bad it will get.

I use the word, appears, the same way I use the word seems. It is no easy job to attempt to explain things when most people do not know what The Field and The Knower are, and what their relationship is. EVERY EVENT in your life, no matter how ho-hum or dramatic they may be, are all included in the relationship between The Field and The Knower. Perhaps we are all occasionally aware of this interplay but we give it only cursory thought.

The Knower of The Field is You, apart from all that The Field contains. The Field is your body, your emotions, AND your mind, AND everything that personalizes you in the field of play, which is the world around you, and those parts of you that engage the world around you.

When you KNOW that The Knower of The Field is present within, you have the option of identifying with The Knower, as opposed to The Field. The Field is The Dreamscape. When you identify with that, you are in The Dance of Illusion, and you are simply one more animate object in conflict. That is ALL you will find out here until you make peace with it. You make peace with it by not wanting anything in it, nor contending with others for any particular turds that got painted gold by the undisciplined imagination. The Desire Body likes to hype this up in your mind, hoping you will go on IMPULSE.

Many people; most people... WANT to be here. If you gave them the option of stepping away from the trough and drinking from inner fountains, and dwelling in serene tranquility, they would not be interested. They don't know what that is and the shine on the golden turds fascinates them to the exclusion of wondering... why they keep doing the same crazy things over, and over, and over, and making themselves wealthy with disappointment.

Heavy and transformative force is being directed upon humanity from a mysterious source. Individuals and groups are all acting out in different ways as their nature interprets it. Those with savagery in their hearts are behaving in savage fashion. Each person DEMONSTRATES what they are by how they are handling it.

I am fairly convinced at this time that the COVID action was a Deep State invention to get rid of the sitting president, and then to pacify and subjugate the populace (they are still working that angle). This includes killing them off. The vaccines are a product made desirable by FEAR of something that was NEVER as dangerous as the vaccine. In other words, the cure is more deadly than the disease.

All of what you see happening in the streets is a distraction from what the Dark Side is up to on so many levels. Everywhere you turn there is some new evil being visited upon the people. An amazing number of people still think the government does what it does in their best interests. That they STILL think this, after all that has happened in recent times, is amazing.

This seasonal flu didn't kill any more people than any other garden variety, seasonal distress. The CDC said, clearly... that only 6% of the victims of COVID died from COVID. In every other case, it was only a part of the condition (or it wasn't even present) that led to death. This is why it was mostly the old and those with compromised immune systems who checked out. A rather transparent scam (at least to me) has been performed on the public, much like 9/11, staged school shootings, and all the other false flags.

Okay... so far... this sounds very Doom and Gloom but... I wanted to treat with that aspect first. Yes... it is doomy and gloomy. It is also REAL, in the terrestrial sense. However, none of this is important because The Avatar is coming. His power is absolute and limitless. In other words, what he says GOES. The servants of The Dark Side KNOW he is coming. At least the lowerarchy does. The rank and file know as much about what is going on as the rank and file ever do, which is very, very little, or they WOULDNT BE in The Rank and File.

Little can be done for those whose Fear intimidates their Faith, or whose suffocated love is suppressed by anger and rage, with a great deal of impotence included, to fuel the anger and rage. It brings us back to The Field and The Knower. Many DO NOT want to know. They want to be immersed in the dreamscape, and... most especially, to not have to think about how temporary it all is. If you are focused and intent upon The Knower-The Watcher, you cannot be touched. NOTHING touches or influences The Knower but Impersonal Love.

When you personalize existence, you WILL encounter those who are attracted to you and those who are repelled. They may be in your own blood relations. You WILL pinball back and forth through whatever temporary dreams your desire body and compromised intellect got you into. It IS possible to step beyond this and into the timeless and everlasting presence of Heaven Within. It is also possible to share this liberally as you may wish. You WILL need Wisdom to employ it, but Truth will be the fruit of that union, so... as the Aussies say, “No Worries.”

Of course it is not that easy because it can take a long time, relatively speaking, to get there. When The Prodigal Son awoke to the reality of his situation and of his Father's Home, his return journey DID NOT take place in a day or so. It could well be the result of lifetimes. I don't know what your karmic ledgers say. Every case is different, BUT... “SUCCESS IS SPEEDY FOR THE ENERGETIC.” It CAN BE near instantaneous; if you hit the Road to Damascus at the right hour, on the right day. If you are Elijah. If, for whatever reason (and he doesn't have to explain himself) he likes you. He loves us all. He DOES NOT like us all.

Let us translate The Knower and The Field through Hindu thought, which is that which I am most familiar with= FOR THIS PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Shiva is The Knower and Prakriti is The Field. This should throw great light upon the Father-Mother aspect of God. If you think about it, it will speak volumes about how life should be conducted when in this body and which to go to about which concern.

I should say at this point that ALL religions have a grain of truth if you look hard enough. I've made a lifetime of the study of comparative religions and the arcane portions of their roots. It has been enough to show the incredible similarity in all when they are viewed outside the perspective of dogma and cant. They simply use different terms to describe the same thing; keeping in mind that the significant parts are not describable. They MUST be experienced.

Adam means; Namer of Things. As you name it, so you identify it, so it becomes to you. You build your own paradise, Hell, and all there is between. The Knower knows things as they are, not just how they seem. Existence looks one way to The Knower and seems to be in countless ways otherwise in The Field.

Once you have made contact with your portal inward, that being your guide, your teacher, your angel; the instrument God uses to speak to you, THAT is the end of it. Of course, you still have whatever you have to go through in front of you, BUT it ALL changes now. You are not alone AND... it doesn't happen in the same way as it would have, had you not made this contact. Making that contact is not so hard right now, and with the situation appearing critical, angels and all manner of luminous beings are standing by; in a matter of speaking.

I have not communicated these thoughts as I wished to do. Words don't measure up to certain tasks unless you use a great many of them, and then the point gets lost in the verbiage.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

"It Has To be REALLY Complex, So that the Priests and Politicians can EXPLAIN it to You."

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Yesterday, we briefly spoke about the source of human sorrow and suffering being in the mind. An undisciplined mind that is a slave to appetites, and cannot control thought traffic, is at the mercy of less than tender fates. A disciplined mind becomes your very good friend. It's kind of like bad dogs and good dogs. The mind has often been compared to a monkey. If you have ever studied monkeys you can see where the comparison comes from in the ebb and flow of human affairs. You have a tag team that you must subdue; the Monkey Mind and the Dog of Desire. Almost everyone you see around you is in some form of adversarial or compromised relationship with this tag team, and is then subject to manipulation by the forces that think they run the temporal realm.

We also talked about EVERYTHING unfortunate in your life coming about from resistance to God. Let's see what that looks like in the context of your mind, and also of The One Mind. When you are in One Mind, you are not separated nor in opposition to God. It is similar to being pre-pubescent; a child. It is ONLY when you are in Separated Mind that these conditions of opposition and separation come into active form.

The One Mind is Unity and Harmony. This is VERY important when you consider that Thoughts are Things; subtle things, but things no less. Thoughts become things through precipitation and are speeded into manifestation by the relative intensity of Passion=Desire. The Separated Mind is in a state of continuous conflict with the other Separated Minds.

What I am saying here has been said by others with different words at different times. None of this is new. In fact, this has been around for a long time, but it has been suppressed and concealed from the general mind by those who operate according to Divide and Conquer. They profit by setting us against each other. With the coming of The Avatar, all manner of spiritual understandings are resurfacing, and being recognized and employed by those being made aware of them. A New Age has dawned and we are living in the reverberation of it, as it comes down to us through the planes. It is already a reality in the Mind of God.

The Mind of God is our mind when we are unified with it. Yogis for thousands of years have performed Yoga, which means Union. It is where the personality is brought to heel and yoked to the Governing Force and then the Individuality is revealed, and you are able to be Divinely Inspired. I could go on and on and on about what blessings come to and from a Unified Mind.

What are Fallen Angels? Think about it. Look at the directions of human enterprise. Observe the radically different objectives that exist here. You can see all of these forces warring with one another to gain an IMPOSSIBLE supremacy. ONLY God is supreme and you find that out if you persist in the folly. The Devil, such as there is one, lives in and is the human mind when it is turned to diabolical interests. This is another kind of Yoga, but it is expressed in chains and all manner of confinements, as the fruit thereof. We are the vehicles of Devils and Angels. Which of these applies to us can be seen by our works. “By their works, ye shall know them.”

Given the large percentage of the population which is self-serving and the large portion that is viewed as livestock by the ones who own the slaughterhouses and holding pens, one might be greatly troubled by the vision. Yes... it could all be a very disturbing situation, BUT... they are NOT The Power. There is one source of power and if you are consciously united with it, The World is not your problem. The World is the problem of those who make The World their Problem.

It all comes back to Separated or Unified Minds. It all comes back to being in Harmony with Heaven, or in conflict with it. This is too simple for people. Surely, something that has befuddled and tormented humanity for such a long time cannot be simple. It has to be REALLY complex so that the priests and politicians can EXPLAIN it to you. This is the means by which they make their living from you. Then there are the dancing tinhorn celebrities who have so little substance that they live in the manufactured roles that are assigned to them, and parrot the false narrative in order to live on ice cream and moonbeams, and the adulation of flies and mosquitoes... for their brief hour.

God in human form is coming, and he is coming also into the hearts of those who have prepared a place for him. As you can see from the topsy turvy state of the world at this time, radical and unpredictable events may well come to pass in certain places, where the force of it wells up the most. You might think of areas of war as something like pimples that appear on someone's face. They call them hotspots. People gather together in locations where they are drawn by common hungers and ambitions. The force of its upwelling can be seen in earthquakes, where pressure builds until it must escape, or a plate slides. It can be seen in riots and criminal environments. The ones who think they are in control and all the Nodwells that attend them, have other explanations for all of this, and ALL of their explanations are tied to their profit and the maintenance of their status here.

ALL OF THESE THINGS are going to soon be thrown into Upside Down Land. A great many people are going to lose all sense of themselves when they find that they didn't really have much of an idea of who they are in the first place. The Awakening is seeing to this. We are in a cauldron of forces beyond our control if we are seeking to control them. If we are aligned with the one who is IN CONTROL of EVERYTHING these do not apply to us.

These are times of irresistible change. The Piscean Age is closing up shop. The new archetypes are moving in. Many people are not handling this well as it presses on their comfort zone. Some are outraged from their perspective of Global Injustice, not knowing that they were probably responsible for the injustices last time they were around. Usually, those crying out the loudest for equality and fairness were offenders of it on previous visits. Don't ask me how this comes to me, but it comes with an undeniable imprimatur within. The people in the background who are financing and urging this all on, are presently the people responsible for a great deal of what passes for injustice round here at these times. They are always first to jump to the causes, SO THEY CAN CONTROL THEM. Even a cursory inquiry into the history they have been unable to hide WILL tell you this, and so much more.

The Apocalypse is orchestrated by Mr. Apocalypse who has the wand of Revelation and Awakening. He does not resemble Andre Previn in the slightest.

Now that word is getting out about the coming Vaccine Holocaust and things like Shedding;

Moderna COVID Vax is poisonous

Moderna COVID Vax Ingredients: DEADLY POISON

Moderna COVID Vax Ingredients: contain poison

Moderna COVID Vax Ingredients: DEADLY POISON
"SM-102 - Not for Human or Veterinary Use" will they handle travel by aircraft? Now that the CDC said what they did and the mask mandate whiffenpoofed to its native residence where The Sun don't shine... and now that they can't ask you if you are vaccinated or not, and if they could, all you have to do is lie, because how are they going to check? Are you getting the picture? Imagine the blind panic when The Truth gets out, as it SURELY will in this apocalypse.

People can shrug and mock and get all hot in the head about it all, that doesn't change anything. The people screaming the most about hearing these things are the ones who are most mortally afraid. These are times that definitely make atheists uneasy. Some things you just don't want to find out, but... that affects your inevitable finding out NOT AT ALL. If The Sun is still there, even if you don't believe it; how does that affect The Sun? You can't see The Wind, which is controlled by The Sun, BUT... you sure can see the effect of it, just like you can see the effect of invisible forces on individuals and groups of people. As in material life, it does come down to who you know, AND... what you know. Your state in respect of this is the direct result of what you got up to in previous times. These times are ALL about REALLY adjusting the scales of balance and if you are out of balance, you will be adjusted. Count on it.

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Saturday, May 15, 2021

"It Amounts to No More than Idiot Winds Blowing Off of the Shores of the Sea of Uncertainty."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Today is Nakba Day. Nakba means... disaster. It commemorates the displacement of Palestine in 1948 by a band of intruders with NO GENETIC CONNECTION to the land. The theft of Palestine was carried out at a distance and reinforced by a massive fabrication. The World just went along because the world, mostly does what it is told, just like it is doing with this COVID hysteria and the OUTRIGHT LIES that attend it. The World is now more fixated on the doings of dime-store celebrities, who are only famous for having made themselves notorious for being famous for no reason. A MUCH SMALLER portion of the population reads the great works of scripture. A much smaller portion of those understands what they are reading and PERMITS Ageless Wisdom to weave through their lives.

Here is an article about what is happening in and around Israel at this time. I am making no statement that all you read here is true, but even if only part of it is true, you should be able to connect the dots, insofar as the implications go.

Here is another article about a trend that has been going on for a long time behind the scenes. This trend is DIRECTLY connected to what is happening in the Middle East presently, and what has BEEN HAPPENING for a long time is now up against the grinding wheels of destiny. There is a lot of powder and the air is dry as tinder. MEANWHILE... we have concerns of our own here; speaking of tinder-dry, and Summer is coming to The West Coast. I would call it The Left Coast, but both coasts now answer to that description.

I am long past chronicling the crimes of those who we are not permitted to criticize; not that that ever stopped me before, but... judgment is coming far and wide soon. I'll not argue about whether there is a Court of Judgment, or whither comes anything of that nature. Let me say that things are going to go VERY BAD for some, and finer for others... in a global sense. We've seen all this coming for A LONG TIME. If you haven't, then you haven't been paying attention. I'm guessing many simply shrugged and said, “ it's got nothing to do with me.” or... “no way will that ever happen here.” Au Contraire...

This REALLY is a Grand Apocalypse and The Avatar REALLY is coming. Yes, Virginia, these are REALLY happening. The usual vain egotists, with little reason to be vain, and who resent the success of others, which they don't have the ability to match, nor the dedication to bring about, will scoff. The proof is in the putting. We shall see, indeed, what is so and what is not, or it may well be we shall see nothing at all, given that our attention is otherwise engaged. It doesn't matter, and it NEVER HAS mattered what dyspeptic and self-involved whiners have to say. They have failed in their course and so they must throw dirt on those who have not failed. If you listen to them you will be distracted by what amounts to no more than idiot winds blowing off of the Sea of Uncertainty.

What the history of our kind shows, century after century is that those few who have dared and believed in something greater than themselves, have positively shaped this world to a better end. MEANWHILE... in times of material darkness, those working with the power of shadow, and supported by the dreaming masses have brought the world to crisis after crisis, such as we are seeing now, BUT... there is a difference this time. This is a Grand Apocalypse and The Avatar is coming and his power and light precede him.

Israel is literally on the horns of a dilemma, which is dreadfully ironic, given who it is that she serves and was constructed to serve, through the machinations of the Rothschild Cabal. Does no one find it curious that they, ROUTINELY, engineer attacks on their neighbors on or around their religious holidays? That alone should speak volumes if you are listening. I could point out MANY a curious consistency of intent and purpose. Of all the visual aids that speak to the origins of the matter at hand, none speak so loudly and clearly as does this image.

Disappearing Palestine

In the process of driving the Palestinians from their ancestral homeland, they poisoned their wells and outright murdered them and their families, and did, and have done, EVER SO MUCH MORE. They commit indecent and inhuman acts upon the Palestinians DAILY. Their crimes are so heinous and psychopathic that one cannot accurately measure the depth of the offenses. One might say they are, 'off the charts'. There are no charts, but we do have that map.

As I said, I'm done itemizing the crimes of these people... “and so are we all honorable men”. I will say that many of our social problems are orchestrated by the same people at the top of the food chain of material wealth. They just don't see the rest of us like they see themselves. They have had a LONG... LONG run and now their run is coming to an end. The Avatar will see to that. Even if he were to be some time yet in manifestly arriving, his light and power and wisdom are shining already on the ignorance of humanity and bringing long-forgotten truths and wonders to the heart and mind... where possible.

Those who will persist in evil WILL BE further driven to the destined end of their cruel and monstrous follies. Those who persist in good, will also find their due, and then... there are those who pass between the watchtowers of both good and evil, to an unknown land of splendorous, and EVER RADIANT light. In the Upanishads, it is said that there are nine openings from the human body by which the soul and whatever attends it, passes to its next port of call, AND... whatever opening one leaves by is determined by the greater focus of their heart and mind through that life. One can, literally... pass to the next world through their ass, or... like the realized and informed yogi, pass through the crown of the head and NOT COME BACK AGAIN. By any opening, other than the crown of the head, one is set on one of the paths of return.

Whatever you have had your thoughts most focused on through your life, whatever has garnered the larger share of your attention, is what will come to mind in the final hours of your life, and WILL determine your next residence. I didn't set it up this way, I am only calling attention to it, and it would be wise to consider where your thoughts are directed from hence. Can I get an “Amen?”

There are rules. The problem is that people do not want to hear about the rules. The rules are inconvenient to temporary passions and pursuits. We don't want Actual God to interfere with our playing God. Ironically, following the rules leads to ever greater and greater freedom, and not following the rules leads to ever greater and greater confinements. I was no friend of rules for some time. It took the events that brought the beauty of cosmic law to my attention to make me now honor and love The Rules.

People who bitch and moan about the way things are, who spread misery and doubt, who seek to drag their fellows down into a pit of despair are, sure enough, headed there, but more than likely will arrive alone. I forget who it was that said it, but someone said, “if you persist in your selfish ways you will eventually find yourself in an ugly and broken wasteland with no one but Saturn for company.” I can see, even by ordinary physics, that this is so. According to metaphysics, it is an imperative.

Israel was a bad idea, based on lies and mendacity. It has run its course, as have SO MANY FORMER THINGS that are now soon to pass. I feel bad for all of the players that they brought themselves to the end they constructed for themselves. They have conspired to create a fate of dire and EXTENDED severity for themselves and not in just this visitation.

A new world is coming. Don't let anyone tell you differently. There are more than a few snakes going about spreading doom and gloom, or ridiculous mind-traps like what I call Flat-Brain Syndrome. They crushed their intelligence, and upon the residue they have constructed poppycock, weird fantasies, and fecal sculptures at the sea's edge, hoping to entice the unwary into their untenable schemes. There are NO FLAT PLANETS. The universe doesn't work that way. We do not have Frisbee planets or stars. I will agree that when you climb the dimensions you can see strange things. I certainly have.

What I wanted to say much earlier in the post, but was unable to, given that they tend to write themselves, is that you should NOT be fearful. Fear is for those without Faith or Love... or one might say, not enough Faith, and not enough Love. Whatever is happening in The World may have nothing to do with you at all. Are you involved in it? Is this something you arranged for yourself at another time?

God looks out for his people and especially his friends, and HE KNOWS who they are, and THEY KNOW that he knows. The World can become VERY unstable, IF... you are unstable. One should be watchful, of course, HOWEVER... here I must say that I SUSPECT, perhaps even more than suspect, that events are NOT going to turn out the way they have in the past, nor for the benefit of those thinking that they are arranging the events for their own benefit. A very complex game is happening, and 'round and round she goes, and where she stops... nobody knows.'

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Yesterday, when I went to check for comments, a red page came up telling me it was a dangerous site. This was behind the scenes that no one but me, and the webmaster, can see and made no sense. I checked into it and it showed 4 cookies that had NOTHING to do with anything dangerous. I'm giving you a head's up in case they decide to get freakish. You know how to find me if it matters enough for you to do so.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

"Certain POSSESSED Personalities are Riding the Midnight Train to Madness."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I am sure I have mentioned before that it used to confuse me as to why people did not see what was happening to and around them in times of local, regional, and global distress. I wonder no more. Forces of mental and emotional impetus move around the world as if they were the wind. You don't see the forces themselves but you certainly see the effects, just like the wind.

For a very long time now, we have spoken here about the intensification of insanity in the world. We have tied it, and rightly so, to Materialism and its many offspring. Octomom doesn't even make it on to the radar screen. Materialism has litter after litter of... litter. It's like a cartoon; a bad cartoon with the mindless violence you routinely see in Tom and Jerry, or Roadrunner and Coyote. In a cartoon, it is all fun and games. In real life, it can be painful and final... seemingly.

Certain POSSESSED personalities have been riding the Midnight Train to Madness. They are reckless for the speed of it. The train had been swaying round the bends like a drunk on a skateboard. Now it regularly runs off the rails and the repair squads are on 24-hour alert. They get the train back on track only for it to run off the track again, and again, and again. They don't seem to notice how it keeps happening. Perhaps they are just too busy to notice, or maybe they just don't care. The problem is not that the train runs off the track. The problem is who causes it and why. You don't fix a problem by returning it to the same condition it occurred in as if it had never happened. You fix the cause, or you don't, or you don't.

Crazed battalions of gay and transgender sex Nazis have joined forces with the Communist and Antifa thugs and we are now subject to a knuckle-dragging troglodyte, Hell on Earth, deep-city style. It's localized and it is regionalized and they intend to make it global IF nothing gets in their way. Modern-day Chamberlains, versed in the process of appeasement, but ignorant of the predictable result, have at it with confused and lackluster wills. “Can I help you out?” “Huh?” “Which way did you come in?”

The given end state, CERTAINLY NOT the expressed intention of End State, is Absurdity and a pervasive stupidity; not to mention, mindlessness and cluelessness, running like Dodos frozen in flight. I'm guessing that doesn't make a great deal of sense. Neither do they. Here is one of the latest outrages upon Common Sense. There is no possibility of anything sane coming out of this sort of deranged perspective. How will they handle the matter when the signal case of Necrophilia Rights comes before The Supreme Court Buzzards?

They wear their chadors of darkness, black as night to symbolize their working in the dark, with no light in the room, or in their heads. Perhaps they think the outfits indicate Gravitas and Solemnity? When you are perpetually in the dark you can't tell what anything is, but you can make educated guesses. I guess that is what they do. Too bad they are not educated in anything but applied ignorance and that is only for the purpose of display. They are proud of what they do, probably because they have bonafide evidence that the people they serve are far more stupid than they, but that isn't saying much.

The limbo bar of Stupid was brought so low that no one could get under it anymore. At first, the participants tried fasting and that worked for a while until there was no one left to limbo. Then it occurred to them that they could cut a furrow under the bar and... whoopee!!! Now there is no Stupid they cannot accomplish, at least until they get to China.

Stupid is the objective of those who think they are in control of everything. A reader sent in this comment a little while ago;

“Flat Earth doctrine is a future component of a universal MK Ultra scheme, and Alfred Bester told it in detail. Jaw-jaw Well either introduced it accidentally (in 1984) or revealed it, in less detail than Bester (in The Demolished Man). People are meant to be taught there is no sun, moon, planets, stars , or Space. If we were taught accurate natural philosophy the belief would be impossible. Kozyrev told the truth. Gravity comes with ether science. In Britain we have only a tightly-controlled network of dogma--but are people ready for anything better?”

Once you render people completely Stupid, they won't need Christianity anymore.

They CERTAINLY know the tactics needed to pacify the faith.

That won't work in the end because the more you try to kill the native faith in people, the more it plays Wack a Mole in too many places to police. It doesn't matter if it is Christianity, or Islam, or any other temporary form of worship that is overlaid upon the eternal. The allegory lived by Jesus the Christ has been represented in religions beyond the counting in an unremembered or recorded past out of memory. The killed and resurrected God is not new with Christianity. It has, as they say, “been of old.”

The way, the truth, and the light in the head contingent start to foam at the mouth when you impugn their grasp of Truth. Didn't Pilate ask such a question of Jesus? “What is Truth?” What did Jesus say to that? Then he got turned over to the mob. What crucifies the truth over and over again is IGNORANCE; the maternal uncle of Stupid. "Father forgive them for they KNOW NOT what they do."

Here is ALL you will EVER need to know; LOVE. Love is all you ever need to know. By employing Love as your primary statement upon everything previous and yet to be encountered, you WILL acquire Wisdom and the union of Love and Wisdom produces Truth. That's it!!! I don't care what amount of convoluted horseshit you got from Heidegger or Sartre, or the crowd of simpering atheists who come and go round here, from Hawking to Dawkins. They are completely in the dark, just as Freud was about the human mind. Everything he came up with was based on his own demographic of genetic disturbance.

I read... mostly briefly, many of these clowns and I could not figure out why I did not get what they were saying, until I realized that they did not know what they were saying. After that, it all became clear to me; well... not all of it, but enough.

Discover IMPERSONAL LOVE. Discover personal detachment from the fruits of your EVERY industry, WHATEVER IT MAY BE, except for the love part... and even there, the attachment angle proves it NOT TO BE LOVE. Love sets you free. That is what Love does. It does not confine or attach you to temporary things. That is NOT LOVE. You DO NOT have this Love. This Love COMES TO YOU when you put yourself in the way of it, to the EXCLUSION OF ALL ELSE. Become selfless and engage in selfless enterprise and you WILL HAVE NO OTHER CONCERNS.

The job of The World is to trap you. That is what it does. One must go to the mother and ask her to free you from her Maya. It is She that weaves it. She brings you forth in form, again and again, and again for the fulfillment of your desire and for the balancing of scales DUE TO THE FULFILLMENT OF PAST DESIRE!!! Desire is the Agent of the Will of God. Yes... it is confusing, but it is also NOT CONFUSING if you embrace it in the simplicity of its intrinsic nature. Court Higher Love. Romance higher Love and higher Love will come to you. Love is the ATTRACTIVE FORCE. Hate is LOVE SUPPRESSED. Love is looking for any avenue to find its way out of you, BUT... self-interest blocks its progress.

You don't have to look outside yourself for ANYTHING. Everything... the entire cosmos, is within you. That's a fact, Jack. Of course... you will NEVER discover this unless you go that route. You CAN'T discover it externally through the senses. It is just NOT possible. Ultimately... we hope... the futility will dawn on you. Discover Impersonal Love and you will need nothing else because EVERYTHING is connected and Love is what connects it. One Love traps you and One Love frees you. “Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.” WHO... who was Jesus the Christ talking to in the Lord's Prayer? What color was General Grant's white horse? Who is buried in Grant's tomb?

Wise up and do not aspire to be clever or smart. Watch the movie, “Harvey” if you need an idea of an acceptable human prototype to embrace; “Years ago my mother used to say to me, she'd say, "In this world, Elwood, you must be," - she always called me Elwood - "In this world, you must be oh so smart, or oh so pleasant." Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant. You may quote me.”

Give up the idea of being famous. Anonymous is much better. I have seen his name attached to many things. I am not talking about the Anonymous who is anonymous because of cowardice or an agenda. I am talking about Anonymous for the sake of The Kingdom of Heaven! Impersonality is the personality of Heaven, and you don't get in otherwise. If God needs you to be famous for some reason, you will be, but it's not like he's doing you a favor but rather you doing him a favor under duress.

We all get to be rich and famous, or infamous, sooner or later and they are all a pain in the ass. We also get to be queens and then drones in waiting. We get to be whores and gamblers, cowboys and Indians. We get to be oil lords and galley slaves, IF we have such preferences for the one, the price of the ticket is to be the other(s) as well. Stop seeing Good and Evil because it traps you between the pinball bumpers. Don't get in the way of others and... definitely DO NOT get that brain fever about saving others. Let your example speak. If you DON'T KNOW WHY something exists, or what brought it into being, you are not appointed to fix it. Duh...

Get your own house in order by not interfering with the one whose loving wish is to PUT IT IN ORDER FOR YOU. Stop obsessing over the countless permutations of passing phenomena. You are chasing ghosts. The righteous enterprise is to permit The Kingdom of Heaven to express through you HERE and there will be no question of where you will be when you are no longer here.

ONLY selfless and impersonal LOVE will meet the every challenge of existence. It is the universal skeleton key that opens EVERY DOOR into the higher planes of being. Once you are in possession of The Kingdom of Heaven, or otherwise, it is in possession of you, you have gained regenerated innocence, you have restored the Edenic state of being and it is a passport TO and THROUGH every possibility of existence. Nothing can harm you, or retard you. You WILL BE FREE. Love, in its simplicity, is in command of every complexity.

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Friday, May 07, 2021

"None of Us are in Direct Contact with The Divine. Angels are the Step-Down Transformers of God."

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Well... it hasn't rained frogs yet. The waters haven't turned to blood, but the locusts are coming, the plague came as a reasonable facsimile. It's starting to look a lot like a period of Biblical Events. Rioting is becoming global. Sabers are rattling, especially now that the war-makers are ♫ back in the saddle again ♫ Sexual perversity has brought us to Babylon, and now her red skirts film the dawn, as the carriages of the world are drawn, to her door, for just a little more, FOR JUST A LITTLE MORE! I would say we are officially at that point where Lady Nature and all the other cosmic forces anoint the apocalypse and GET IT IN GEAR. Sooner or later, sooner becomes sooner, and then sooner becomes now. One of these days WILL BE the day, whatever day that is. Certain things are ordained according to the trend lines. The Newtonian Laws are ALWAYS active. Like it or not.

One had better come to an understanding of how things work, or else one will become the demonstration, and example for how they work. Yes... the ways of God are mysterious but the ways of humanity are not. One can get a clue if one is so inclined.

Take a good look at the lies that are being spread now by the Global Disinformation Service; Flat Earth BS, Annunkai invasions pending, reptiles in human suits, powerful politicians being hanged in secret by military tribunals, the lies have become ridiculous. There are MANY MORE besides these. This does not mean they cannot happen, only that they are not presently happening, so as to be factually provable. The REASON they are spreading these false narratives is in order to delegitimize ACTUAL conspiracies and crimes. Heh heh... nothing is more combustible than lies, as they are going to discover.

The Usual Suspects are up to their old absurdities. They really like their false flags. It must be heating up in their little cloisters of rot. Rot is flammable. When they start getting agitated, even though they own the media, publishing, every area of the entertainment industry, most of social networking, AND the central banks, and pretty much most of what is not nailed down; they're waiting for the crowbars to arrive, and that agitation almost certainly has a Divine Source. These crowbars are Revolution, pervasive fear and uncertainty, as well as lab-grown ignorance. That last is the parent of all the others.

Here's one of the ways they operate. They attack the prevailing religious institutions and their doctrine. The intent is to kill human Faith. Once Faith is in the ER, they go after the other support pillars of the human psyche. They want to create Hell on Earth and then watch from the sidelines. Somehow they have become convinced that Old Scratch is their buddy. Boy! Are they in for a surprise. Of course, all of the temporal infrastructure is set to pass according to the law of eternal change. They may hang around for AN AGE, but sooner or later, they are transformed into the new templates for the new performances of the age.

I'd rather not talk about these things today. They are all too apparent and they will; the good, the bad, and the indifferent, enjoy the inflexible destiny of the way of all flesh, UNLESS... they make other arrangements. I would like to talk about the arrangements I make. The ones I can talk about anyway. I've spoken about the disciplines I follow in videos from The First Church of the Presence of God. I don't know that I've gone into detail here. Even if I have mentioned them a time or two, I think they are important enough to visit again.

This is the skeleton that carries all else through my every day. When I awaken, I bring my tea into my workroom and I read a chapter from The Bhagavad Gita.

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Then I meditate and pray. Both of these are of great importance and neither can be left out. Meditation has a lot to do with the art of listening. There is a common misperception that is generally shared by most, and that is that they think they listen. Perhaps they listen but they don't hear; hear being a substitution for another process, like PAYING ATTENTION.

When YOU KNOW that God is present, you will be given reasons for listening; really listening. Focus and concentration are critical in order to get past the flotsam and jetsam of the pedestrian thought fields. One must get past the common chatter that is like freeways in the Lower Mind. If and when you can do this, you are on your way. You are no longer running in place or running in circles, you are spiraling. You are getting somewhere, even if you are already there, you are FINALLY being made aware of it, and... the profound magic of the eternal present.

Then... whenever I engage in physical elimination rituals, I repeat to myself and the angel of God;

“Beloved God, all negativity and evil, all doubt and fear, all personal shortcomings are being transformed by your grace, into your divine purity and love in me. Archangel/Angel-insert name, is completing the Operation of the Sun in me, and making me a fit habitation for angels to dwell in."

Probably better if I don't get into certain details. All that matters is my level of belief. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

I don't know how many people know this, BUT... just as some are possessed of evil spirits, it is also possible to host angels, if you have reached a level of spiritual virtue where they are not driven away by your toxic nature, they will take up residence, and come and go. All sorts of miraculous events can follow. Angels watch over us, and also guide us through the changes and the traumas of life. One CAN have angels in residence. None of us are in direct contact with God. Angels are the step-down transformers of God. God does hear EVERY PRAYER that is carried to him. HOWEVER... the angels DO NOT bring all prayers to God. They are empowered to edit and dismiss, given that they know God will not be interested in vain petitions and sundry selfish interests.

I have been repeating this elimination prayer-affirmation for a LONG TIME now, WITHOUT EXCEPTION. I KNOW that branding this into my consciousness, and being, sets it perpetually in motion, and it is continuously reinforced. IT WILL BECOME TRUE and I have forever in which to HAVE IT accomplished in me. Once again (with a will), “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

EVERY TIME I eat, I pray some permutation of the following;

Beloved Lord God, my dear Divine Mother, and my friends in the Devic and Angelic Realms. We pray that you will bless and consecrate this sacrament to our bodies, being, and spirit. Transform it into your divine substance and let it transform us into one who is pleasing to you.”

There are always variants in the theme. God DOES NOT appreciate when you mail-it in; when you are just going through the motions. It MUST BE REAL and passionate and filled with Certitude, which is one of the 3 must-haves of Faith... Certitude... and Determination. Above all... you MUST be sincere. You can't fool God or his angels. The angels are an extension of God. They are part of the intricate splendor of his being, which... I ASSURE YOU, cannot be imagined.

At Dusk-Twilight, I come again to the workroom and pray, on this occasion. At every other time, I STRIVE to keep thoughts of The Divine uppermost in my mind. It doesn't matter if I am watching a film(s), if I am exercising, taking a walk, feeding the birds, coming and going in the world, which is rare; WHATEVER IT MAY BE... I TRY to remember and reapply the principle. I fail often. I forget for short periods, BUT... ALWAYS... I come back. I intend. I FULLY intend to become more consistent and purposeful with each new day. This is NOT subject to change.

I seek to engage the angels at every opportunity when it comes to mind. If I am persistent in calling out/in to them, THEY WILL COME. It happens to be true, “If you build it, they will come.”

Before I turn in for the night, I go outside in the back and I speak with The Divine Mother. This has been happening for quite a while. Then I come in and head to the sleeping chamber where I read from one of the books of Omraam Mikhail Aivanhov. Then I pray and put my attention on bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth. Let me point out that it is possible for anyone to have the Kingdom of Heaven descend into them, BUT... the ground MUST be prepared. Then you may carry it everywhere you go and share it with everyone you meet, where possible. Finally, I lay on the bed on my back, with my left hand on my heart, and my right hand on my Solar Plexus. I rotate my right hand around my Solar Plexus, counter-clockwise, and visualize receiving wisdom from there, and visualize coming into harmonic resonance with every aspect of my inner being, I remind myself that Truth is the offspring of Love and Wisdom.

After a time, I turn on my side and reach inwardly for God until I travel inward in dreams. The next day it starts all over again.

I have not always been so disciplined and focused, quite the opposite in fact. I was a reckless driver on life's highway. I was committed to storming the Gates of Heaven. They never let me stay for long. FINALLY... I have discovered the certainty of concentrated focus on an objective; on the realization of an Ideal.

I present these true statements on the possibility that they may prove useful in designing your own system of living for the single purpose of Communion with The Divine. We spend our time on what we think is important to us. THIS is important to me. It is MORE THAN life and death. It is so very much more.

End Transmission.......