Friday, September 29, 2023

"Everyone's Relationship with Lady Nature IS An Unavoidable Association... Given that You Have a Physical Body."

God Poet Transmitting.......

In recent times... Joe Rogan said he is going to vote for Trump. He has one of the biggest followings in The World. Elon Musk is down on the Texas border, live-streaming an ongoing encounter... with legislators and law enforcement... about the people transported to the border by George Soros and his affiliates (from countries around the globe).

Russell Brand is getting hammered... at every level... by the usual action of rape accusations when you speak truth to power. He's also got a huge following. Kim Kardashian has one of the biggest followings in The World and I haven't seen her much lately, but I haven't been looking for her either.

I did not know this but it confirms what I do think I know, and...

...there is the curiosity of those two paintings in his New York City home. One of the paintings shows Bill Clinton lounging in a chair with a blue dress and red high heels on. The other shows Segway Bush tossing a paper airplane at two collapsed Jenga towers.

Given that every appearance of Epstein is that of a honey-pot blackmailing Mossad agent, and the obvious truth that Monica Lewinsky worked for the same team, and knowing that Bush The Stupid was a main player fronting for Israel in the attack on 9/11; what conclusions can be drawn?

None of these things are of any lasting importance to me. Why do I bring them up? I follow Trends and Patterns, and so does/or did everyone mentioned here so far. You might say it would be one of the top interests of every one of these people. Trends and Patterns are important, especially if you are seeking wider influence and more money. Most of the time these are Siamese Twins.

Tucker Carlson has a massive following after cutting ties with The Murdoch Clown Show. Is Musk following his lead or... are both of them sniffing out the same trail to an even wider audience? I do not mean to imply any cynicism here. I don't know these men, and they are in a different field entirely from me.

I do consider Transhumanism a form of Satanism, so... there's that.

It's easy to lose sight of what you can't see in the first place; bear with me, I'll clarify that. In the color changes of the coming and going of Trends and Patterns... there is what appears to be taking place, AND... there is the long-term objective of The Mind of God.

If you don't subscribe to The Mind of God... even though you live and move and have your being in it, that can be a hindrance to your understanding about where I am going with this, but... you probably don't come around here in the first place.

For example... let us consider all the people gravitating toward same-sex action... progressing into Transgenderism... progressing into fetishes of all kinds... progressing toward the end result of all such engagements, as they have to do with anyone's relationship with Lady Nature; an unavoidable association... given that you have a physical body.

One perspective could indicate that these people are just exercising freedom of choice given the laissez-faire... comme ci, comme ça environment of the moment. Another perspective is that these are all examples of the self-involvement and laziness that occur when Materialism makes self-interest the crowning objective in life... and raising normal families cuts into that.

One thing for sure, it's what happens when new planetary rhythms are introduced, and people who consider sex to be the be-all-end-all of existence... feel subconscious compulsions to respond to these rhythms... whether they are consciously aware of them or not; or not would be the general case.

What God wants from existence over the long haul and what people take from appearances in the short term are two entirely different things, and the latter are surely surprised when the road ahead bends in some entirely unexpected direction... AS IT IS GOING TO!

You can't go wrong trusting Lady Nature at the level of the basic and essential understanding of harmony in motion... whether it be the planets in their orbits in the sky or... the woods and hills teeming with the varieties of life. However... Nature unaided always fails and... that is why we are put here as husbandmen... tillers in the vineyard... gardeners... shepherds(?) and so on... and so forth.

There is an eternal dynamic here. We are meant to work WITH Nature. This often leads to forms of abuse... where Nature is forced to conform to the raging self-interest of crazy people... who believe that if the square peg does not fit in the round hole... all you have to do is get a hammer or a saw.

The motto of a certain nation in The Middle East is... “if it doesn't work, use force, and if that doesn't work, use more force.” It's not how I would go about it, but it is how some do... and Purpose of Demonstration WILL see to those long-term outcomes. Some readers might think I pick on certain people too much. I would not make it a matter of my concern if they did not pick on everyone else.

Larry Fink... whose company owns stock in most major corporations, uses DEI contractual agreements to force a general compliance to dark and twisted agendas in every area he can reach into. He says, you have to force behavior, AND... that is what he does.

I do more than pay attention to what people say. I look deeper into meaning and intentions to see what Patterns and Trends emerge from their actions... which define for me their objectives. If I take a position on anything, you may be sure I did extensive research prior too. It is unfortunate for me that the Truth is at odds with so much that passes for normal here.

So... (and I have given some examples) considering recent Trends and Patterns, I see people with serious influence... proceeding at great risk to themselves... in opposing general policies set in motion by thugs in 3-piece suits. This is kind of how life works anyway. One force rises toward a specific end, and... another force rises to oppose it... then some form of sorting out takes place.

Twitter-X is becoming... more and more... The Townhall of Everywhere. This is much to the dismay of his propagandizing competition at META... ALPHABET... and sundry; Facebook and Google and Mass Media... to those who are less savvy about the matter.

The Trump impeachments were live on every network. The Biden impeachment proceedings are live on almost none of them. Trump is not guilty of what he is accused of or it would be widely known by now... there was no There there. Biden is observably guilty of everything he is accused of AND MORE. He's a corrupt tool being used by The Dark Side.

I am not here to promote Trump or denigrate Biden. For the latter, he's doing a bang-up job of that on his own. I still suspect the whole thing has been arranged since before the election was stolen and... well... (well-well-well) we will see about that in time. There remains for me the problem of The Killer Vaccines. I can't resolve that in my head OR HEART. Trump is likely a tool as well. However... he is a kinder... gentler... more intelligent tool than Dark Brandon.

My position is that God is always right. Like Hermes Trismegistus said in Pymander, The only service of God is not to be evil. He also said... The great disease of the soul is atheism because that opinion follows to all evil and no good. He also said... So doth God... in Heaven sow Immortality, and in the Earth... Change, and in the whole... Life, and Motion.

I had to adjust some of that text, which is why I don't recommend Pymander and many another useful resource because the language is so archaic. You need a degree of dedication for that. Mostly... for myself... none of it matters much anymore because I have that voice within on tap now and... it is my greatest resource, along with The Sun... inside and out.

I'm not concerned about the Trends and Patterns anymore. I'm not concerned about The World going sideways... or my internet being cut off frequently of late. It just went off a while ago and has not come back on. I got back on with a VPN and that got shut down too; obviously, it is enemy action, but they are their own enemy. They are not mine. I don't have enemies. Since God is my friend it's all in his hands to adjust accordingly... as it pleases him.

My job is to rely on God absolutely in all times and places, and to stand guard at The Gateway of The Mind... and to handle my few duties such as you see here before you. God takes care of everything else, and... the more I adhere... rigorously and religiously to this format, the more I see that this is unalterably so.

End Transmission.......

Many thanks go out to The Elf for providing the virtual library. He has been a great help over the duration of this effort.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

"Every Day, The Altar of God Shines... with The Life-Giving and Selfless Offering of... His Endless Love... for His Creation."

God Poet Transmitting.......

During this evening's meditation, I had several profound understandings dawn on me... descend on me; however the process was accomplished... it was accomplished. All of these several understandings depended on a single realization that was the product of a stern admonition from The Teacher of All.

He said, “No matter what you wish to accomplish... you must find me first. It is true that certain people accomplish the appearance of great things here, but none of them accomplish them without me. I accomplish everything, no... matter... what... it... is, and whether it is known or unknown.

Many may think they have done this or that on their own, and I am okay with letting them think that way, because no matter what anyone accomplishes... it is all a set-up to impress on them what they do not have. They do not have me. I have them... coming and going and author them both, but... until they have me, they just live and die and suffer on the way.

You are truly fortunate to possess the single thing of value in all of The Worlds... seen and unseen. You have me, and what also do you now have? You have no desire to accomplish anything else... ever again; is this not so? You are now driven only by the passion to serve and to love me in your every thought... word... and deed. You have not achieved the fullness of this yet, but you will. Nothing can now hinder you again for I am by your side.

Many realize later on that they lack the single significant detail in life. They must then change their course or go back the way they came, and it is no short journey for anyone who has bypassed me on the way to some personal ambition... some much-coveted delight... some rare possession. I alone put any value there may be in anything.

Tell your readers this. Find me first! Find me to begin with or... only disappointment awaits.

One who has found me is free of all fear. Who else can say this? One who has found me has put an end to wanting. Such a one is never alone. Such a one ceases to suffer, AND... who else can say this? No matter what anyone acquires or achieves... he will still suffer if I am not present. Only I can end suffering. I am the answer to every prayer... every hope... every wish... every desire. One who realizes this can find me very quickly.

I answer all righteous and sincere prayers in my time and fashion. Sometimes I answer the unrighteous and insincere, just so they might see the cost of such vain imaginings.

I am at the end of every path taken... no matter what path it may be, and that which is found is defined by the intentions and desires of the seeker. No man defines me, but I define all men in the crucible of experience and their resistance only assists me in the process... at the expense of their suffering... which is commensurate with the resistance.

Seek me first!!! Seek me first!!! I am not found in books. I am not found in works. I am not found anywhere external. I can only be found within. It is how the simpleton can come to know more than the wisest pundit who has ever lived. Anyone driven mad in the search for me will be made an exemplar and paragon of reason. Seek me first!!!

It was a powerful experience and a great deal more than what is written here passed through my thoughts. A blizzard of images can come in a moment, and... if they are connected to reality, they will leave a lasting imprint.

I am constantly stunned by the mercy and majesty of God. It is the complete package of all possibilities of good, absent even the faintest trace of evil. As Hermes Trismegistus says in The Divine Pymander; “only God is good.”

If you are seeking God... and you maintain this effort with a relentless consistency, God will remove all obstacles from your path; whether they be external blocks or internal hindrances. At the moment of your focus on The Divine... The Divine is removing every blinder between you and The Light of His Being.

If you are not focusing on The Divine, you must proceed the long way forward, upon the grinding tread of Evolution. If you are consciously focused... your passage will be expedited. I know the truth of this from experience. I also know that the suffering can intensify for a time, and that is why most people shy away from The Great Work.

You must be willing to have everything taken from you so that the single priceless gift might be realized within you.

People live in a dream world of wishing and hoping. Life seldom meets those expectations. It is plain that no lasting sanctuary or peace can be found out there. Do not think that anything you have will last if it is not God or the gift of God. It will not.

All life is suffering, and this suffering is meant to... intended to... drive you to seek divinity within, yet... time after time... life after life... people return to the same pursuits with the same predictable results.

Look at what is happening in The World around you! A handful of ruthless psychopaths are determined to manifest Hell on Earth. This is no longer in dispute. This too is engineered to awaken in you the search for God. Everything here... all suffering... is directed toward your awakening.

Life is designed by The Creator to a specific end. Pleasure cruises and lives of ease are to be had by anyone willing to pay the freight.

We are building to an immensity of transition. This is inevitable. What is not inevitable is how you are to be affected. In Times of Material Darkness... millions are descending into The Dark Splendor of sensory delusion. You have a boat and you have a paddle. Your course is set by your intentions... so it does not matter if you go East or West. It is an internal compass that directs your course.

You will get what you have given. You will lose what you have taken. Everything you see is fading before your eyes but time's imprisoning force does not permit you to see this. Could you see with the eyes of eternity... it would be immediately clear.

Love is a profound magic that is misunderstood and inaccessible to The Profane. It is at its greatest power in The Realized Mind and in The Child Mind, and The Realized Mind is a progression of The Child Mind through Regenerated Innocence. You must lose it to know its value. You must regain it to complete the circle. Elsewise you languish in the flesh pits of mortality.

Eventually... one or the other claims you. Regenerated Innocence is always most difficult in Times of Material Darkness. Most people are on the broad highway to destruction. They are led away into the wastelands of elusive desires and persistent appetites. All desire and appetite must be woven into a single cable so that the attractive nature is focused on a single point... so that the tractor beam of God's Love can reel you in.

Love is the medium of liberation. It dissolves the bindings and melts the bars. Love is The Free Bird. Love is The Master of All Things. Nothing can resist Love and Love is fearsome indeed where evil may appear.

The Power of Love is greater than anything but Truth, which the combination of Love and Wisdom unveiled to The Illuminated Mind... that has been consumed by The Heart... in its higher octave of The Soul. The Sun is a boiling radiance of Love, and everything we think we know is a product of its rays.

Every day, The Altar of God shines with the life-giving and selfless offering of his endless love for his creation... living in the separated minds of their own confusion. He sent them spinning forth onto the playing fields of time, in order that he might gather them all together again, and which is the point and purpose of life.

A great moment is coming upon us, filled with the possibilities of unspeakable and enduring wonder for those who rise to the occasion. For those who do not... another round will begin in which they might try again. Dear God... let as many hearts as it is possible to hear you... hear you and respond.

The way is simple; rely on God in all things... for all things... and stand guard at The Gateway of The Mind. Seek God within everything you engage and The God within it will respond.

End Transmission.......

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Thursday, September 21, 2023

"Sailing to Charleston Bay, Doesn't Always Work Out as Advertised or... The Pitchman Told You it Would."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I am my own circus animal. I have to decide when to feed and water it. I have to decide when... and where to let it run. I have to determine which tricks to teach it, and which behavior patterns are not to be allowed.

Over the course of a person's life, they get into the habit of permitting themselves indulgences. Depending on how long any of them continue... on that depends how deeply rooted into the subconscious mind they are, and... how hard they are to remove. Sometimes life removes them and you can no longer indulge. Your health concerns might stop you, but that doesn't work a lot of the time. I have seen people smoking through the hole in their throat.

The state can cut off your access through incarceration. Your supply line can run dry. Your ability might go. There are many reasons why you might no longer be able to do what you did too much of.

I existed through periods of extreme indulgence and extreme asceticism. I have been supremely in control and wildly out-of-control. I was possessed of great thirsts... with one... prevailing... overarching... greater thirst. Early on, I had everything ordered in the right fashion. For reasons that still escaped me, I lost the reins for a while... more than once. Then... without my even being aware of it, everything was back in order.

If... and when... you decide to put your house in order, you just do it. You don't whine. You don't complain. You keep it to yourself. The quickest way to lose the force in anything you do is to run around telling everyone about it, BEFORE the discipline has kicked in, and become a pattern stronger than your casual will to break it. Don't act like a character in Bridesmaids.

You are your own circus animal. If you let the animal run wild, it is you who will suffer. Materialism provides the opportunity for the enjoyment of excess. Celebrating sexual kinks... morbid obesity... clueless exhibitionism, and all manner of what is called, living your own truth, are forms of self-justification; I do this because it is me. I was born this way.

The migrants are coming here in search of a better life. There's nothing wrong with that. However, success comes with repeated effort. You have to work for what you realize. It's a Law of The Cosmos. Some already did this in a previous life, and depending on what credits they accrued... they will last for a specific period of time. The meter will run until the meter runs out.

When people are displaced... and they are made to believe they going to ♫ sail away... sail away... we will cross the mighty ocean to The Charleston Bay ♫ it doesn't always work out the way the brochures advertised or the pitchman told you.

The people who are behind the forced migrations... George Soros and sundry are counting on the dissatisfaction that comes to those who thought it was going to work out differently. No matter where you go, you are still taking yourself along.

When criminals are in charge of The Temporal side of things... as is presently the case... criminality will flourish. Existence becomes a dirty kitchen. These conditions cannot prevail because other conditions arise out of the disorder and cut off the source of what feeds that existence. Sooner or later, the party ends, and many people will have written their names down as the authors of what was... and is... no more.

Sooner or later... the bill comes due, and... the cosmic accountants know right where to send the bill. Then... all those responsible will be required to clean up their mess. That's how it works. Things like forced labor... chain gangs... whatever you see at different times... they don't just happen. Earlier on... various groups of people forged the templates that turned into their gameboards..

Sometimes mass executions take place. Sometimes Lady Nature does it. Sometimes it is The State. Sometimes it is the public run amok with vigilante fire. Sometimes it is mass suicide that can take all sorts of forms. You can say life is harsh. Life's not harsh. Life is exact. Life is precise. Life metes out a return on your investment.

Perhaps you have been exceedingly cruel. Perhaps you have been exceedingly kind. Perhaps you have been generous. Perhaps you have been cheap. Perhaps you have been This... or That. You can then be sure that This... or That... is on its way to you right now.

How do you get around that? What happens if you wake up and realize... Oh shit! What have I done? Well... (well... well...) just because everything has to be paid for does not mean it has to be paid of exactly as it happened. That would require a ridiculous kind of micromanagement. Whenever you do anything, it leaves a mark on you. That mark is a magnetic attractor for a return on your investment.

Here is some of the genius of existence for those who know how the operation works. You can pay ahead. You can get something similar to Carbon Offset Credits... something legitimate. Something not bullshit, like Carbon Offset Credits. You can pay up in one way BEFORE something comes for you in another way, AND... let's say you evolve into a practitioner of selfless service... uh huh, and then?

SUCCESS IS SPEEDY FOR THE ENERGETIC!!! In this case, I do know what I am talking about. I'm a been there... done that kind of a guy, and that is part of why I talk to you about these things.

Like I said, I am my own circus animal. In this world, there are masters and sages who are animal trainers. They are the ones who have taken complete control over their animal nature (Key 8- Strength). They did this by following the rules and commandments (Key 5- The Hierophant). Then they employed applied Discrimination (The Lovers- Key 6). This led to Triumph in The Mind (Key 7- The Chariot). Finally... they became The Hermit and... that spun The Wheel of Fortune in their continuous favor.

The result then was that they had an abundance of favor and good fortune to share out. IT IS HOW IT WORKS!!!

I am not promoting The Tarot. I am using that system to make a point. There are other systems I could just as well have used. The Tarot... like a specific Yoga... like Astrology... like psychedelics... are tools for the use of those who have the required dispensation for them... those whose Dharma accords with them. Otherwise, they will be of little use... could cause harm... or your interest won't last.

You have to know what applies to you. You need to know what ray you are on. For that... and so many other things... you need a guide. You WILL get lost without a guide. I have a guide and I still got lost, but... that was for The Purpose of Demonstration.

The World is about to change DRAMATICALLY. Technological marvels are going to appear that will put an end to many of the persistent scourges that have afflicted Humanity. Marvels of science like you cannot imagine are coming, but so is the other side of the possibilities of application... and waves of mass destruction are also possible. The wrong people know something of what is coming, and they want to be the ones who are left to enjoy them. That goes counter to The Will of Heaven, and... The Will of Heaven prevails, in... all... circumstances.

I would love to see the crippled walk again. If science can do that, WONDERFUL... if the blind can be made to see...the deaf to hear, but; what about those who can see and remain blind... or those who can hear but refuse to hear?

You can fix one thing but still be left with something else OR... something worse now appears as a result. The tale of The Sorcerer's Apprentice is a real thing. Many tales... fables... allegories are real. The Purpose of Demonstration demonstrates that every... single... day.

Remember that Atlantis was ahead of where we are today, and... Atlantis is no more. Many great civilizations have come and gone. It is the nature of existence because certain settings and environments only come into being for The Purpose of Demonstration for the education of The Soul.

Technology consistently outpaces our morality. Morality often goes by the wayside in deference to technology. Civilization as you see it is humanity's reaction to pain in search of greater comfort, BUT... the comfort of the physical body is not the objective of The Divine Hierarchy. The education of The Soul is the objective.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, September 18, 2023

"That Behavior is an Orgiastic Writhing Death-Dance of a Boschian Nightmare Beneath The Big Tent of Babylon Rising."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The thing with systems of government is... some of them just don't work, and... when they do work, they work to the benefit of the people controlling the system. This is the case with Communism. It's a great system for the people running it and an unspeakable horror for the people who live under it. If one reads the stories of Franz Kafka one learns about systems of oppression.

There are many tales... tales of fiction and tales of non-fiction. For the latter, one should read Solzhenitsyn. I'm not going to go deeper into the warp and woof of man's inhumanity to man. Humans don't do the things history tells us are done to people at different times... when opportunity provides. It is demons that do these things, having taken over the minds of humans through particular systems of thought that lead to possession and mass hypnosis.

The religion of Materialism is Atheism. Materialism leads to Insanity. Atheism leads to Satanism. It is a progression not unlike the transition from Socialism to Communism.

The political systems of Atheism are Socialism and Communism. Socialism is Communism Lite. Once the public is accustomed to the one... the other... gradually comes into play. Then there is no cure. Eventually, the system falls apart, once apathy becomes the pervasive consciousness.

Atheism and Materialism produce Satanism. Satanism is the material expression of The Will to Power and it is celebrated in carnal enjoyments to the exclusion of all else. The Libertine mindset leads to Despotism once The Carnal perspective becomes the prevailing window on existence. Beasts are what they are because they exist within a particular bandwidth of awareness. When humans become beasts, they will do things no beast would do.

Communism provides the environment in which Beast-Mind can flourish. Look at who invented Communism... who implements Communism when it comes into being... and who is constantly financing the mindset of Communism in every country in The World. One does not have to possess the genetic marker of the ones who created Communism... one needs only to be under their control.

Materialism goes through stages. In the latter stages, decadence is prominent, and it gets more and more egregious... as it is presently doing... until finally, it materializes a system of brutal oppression to counter the decadence. When people lose control of themselves, they... will... be... controlled. Things turn into their opposites.

Is it possible that The United States can be saved from what is... OBVIOUSLY... waiting down the road? I suspect that the answer is, No in some locations and Yes in others. However... nothing stays the same.

And what is the net result of all influences... eventually... when Materialism enters Stage 4 of the self-cannibalizing process?

The same people are behind the invasion of Lampedusa. It was intentional... arranged and choreographed. THEY don't think they have to answer to anyone anymore.

Their objective is to create opportunistic environments of chaos and disorder... for the purpose of mass murder and the enslavement of all survivors. The aptly named Larry Fink stated it clearly when he said, “We have to force behavior.” That behavior is the Boschian nightmare of a writhing orgiastic death dance beneath the big tent of Babylon Rising.

The Usual Suspects took control of the Western economies through control of the money supply. Then they bought all the necessary agencies that control Hive Mind Thinking through brainwashing and enforcement. They took command of the various branches of government through bribery and threats. This is visibly apparent through only cursory investigation.

A certain strain of humanity was chosen by The King of Hell to be the architects and planners... the mediums for deception on the material plane. Their footsoldiers were drawn from every nation to do their bidding. The fallout of such workings was last seen in The Weimar Republic in Germany... but, it comes and goes wherever there is fertile soil... wherever human discontent has reached the necessary temperature.

It traveled with Mao on The Long March. It built the pyramid of skulls at Phnom Pen. It coiled like a snake in the mind of King Leopold and ran amok with the machete men in Rwanda. It murdered The Romanov Family in Yekaterinburg. It uses The Palestinians for target practice.

It delights in suffering wherever suffering exists. Suffering is its meat and sustenance, and... blood is its wine.

Revisionist history conceals most of the true authors of the crimes, but still, there is ample evidence of who... and where... and what; from The Potato Famine... to Armenia... to The Holomodor... to? It all comes out of the invisible... from below the line... that separates humanity from The Beast Mind.

It sits on the throne at St. Peters and in every temporal religion where the words of the founder have been cast aside or reworked for the purpose of gain. Wherever the attractive nature has been inflamed by the elusive object of desire... it is there... drinking its fill.

Materialism is the theater of demonic possession. Wherever shiny things draw the eye and whet the appetite... the demon of that specific and single hunger is called to the table to eat. As sure as flies are drawn to shit... demons are drawn to the bodies that chase after it.

When the heart and mind sink into depravity, so does the quality of the company they keep. When the heart and mind are inspired by the soul and the spirit, they leave behind their former companions, and demons are translated into the angels... who are the shepherds... who guide and protect the sheep.

Demons are best employed as guardians of The Sanctuary... even protectors of The Realm against those who would destroy order. Demons need a job to do. This is the case from my perspective. If they don't have a job to do... well (well... well... well...) idle hands and all that. Take a page from the book of Padma Sambhava... take control of your own demons and all the others will do as you say.

It is a simple thing. Demons lead astray into darkness and death. Angels lead into the light and everlasting life. They each have their jobs to do... both angels and demons. They have their areas of enterprise. You must go where they are to encounter them... in The World outside of you, and... The World inside you.

If you have trouble understanding the meaning of it, due to the meddling of avaricious priests, the Buddhists have it all clearly cataloged for your perusal. It's clear cut and everything is in its place; if you do this and that... you go here and there. Entire realms exist for the residence of those consumed by particular appetites or mindsets. No matter what religion you follow OR... if you follow no religion... those places still exist.

The Agents of Darkness and The Light... BOTH serve the same almighty master of existence. It is the choice of each soul which of these they will serve, depending on their desire and aspiration. Even one who is lost... for lifetimes... in the murk of darkest iniquity... can be redeemed and that is the work of the Bodhisattvas... disciples... initiates... angels... sages... masters, and sundry teachers and saviors of humanity who labor tirelessly in their special areas of industry.

If you don't like where you are, change the direction of your thinking. It was your thinking that got you where you are, and it is your thinking that will take you somewhere else. Selfish interests will take you to that interest, and disappointment or worse will be the fruit. Selfless interest will take you to a less cluttered and conflicted place. These words are true. What you do is up to you.

The problem for many... when it comes to change... is... Difficulty at The Beginning. This is most difficult in times of advanced Materialism because The Will is weak and made so through its division into many areas of attraction. The Will has to be made single again, and the multiplicity of desires... woven like the fibers... that are braided to make a rope.

Communism is the political equivalent of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. When people lose their minds and control over themselves... repressive systems... punishment details... forced labor camps... are instituted to bring them back into line. When balance is lost, chaos ensues. When the light goes out... Darkness follows.

The World has fallen into disorder and soon falling from there into an even greater disorder. Those doing the will of The Lord of Divide and Conquer seek only to set the tone for Lampedusa World everywhere.

Here is your Ray of Hope... whenever The Darkness becomes pervasive and threatens the life and sanity of humanity... The Light is... also... concentrated in specific locations. Even now... an army is being raised... composed of The Righteous... who will possess spiritual flashlights that send The Darkness scampering toward those places where The Sun does not shine... as they walk about in The World.

Many will be pulled down with The Darkness into those realms we spoke of earlier. Others will see The Light Or... hear The Call... Or... however it is that the angels of God find their way to them... they will be included in that number. Do not fear the appearances. Do not despair. Help is on the way.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

"Wheeling and Dealing... Far Away on Their Rounds... Subsumed in The Minotaur Mind of The Eye-for-an-Eye People."

 God Poet Transmitting.......

Well... well... well... (snicker). By the day, they are getting more and more out-of-their-minds!!! Just wait until Reality dawns upon them. Yikes!!! I'm going to be using this phrase often now. Well... well... well... Heh heh.

I'm not sure how to frame it; why are people getting crazier and crazier by the day? That's the simple form. Deconstructing the madness in a post-modernist phase of sanity reductivism by transference and shedding? That would be the complex form. Whitey be putting Roundup in my cornrows, and it bitching me out like Drake. That could be the urban term... and... the ever-popular; radio-waves from space made me beat my pre-schoolers to death with my manifesto. and now? It's unreadable.

It is not just crazier though... is it? No! It is a combination of crazy and stupid together, a tag team that fights itself for supremacy until both of them lie dead on the floor.

So... we got options. You'll have to pick the one that best signifies you as an audience demographic OR... feel free to choose your own bumpersticker to put on your forehead. Remember, space is a consideration... unless you are going for wrap-around cursive tattoos (like face Post-It Malone); maybe something temporary to start with? That might be the ticket, but... far be it from me to tell you what to do.

Meanwhile... on another planet... far away on their morning rounds... subsumed in the Minotaur Mind of the eye-for-an-eye people, Vaccine Murder Inc. is in the rest homes... in the care homes... in the sounds of the weasel-slippery flesh of the ones who rub their hands together in glee... at misfortunes dreamed of and carried out on others.

Across our cable network on The America Channel... Manchurian Candida Dates tear at their zombie flesh... a thousand and one ailments struggle against one another for the primacy of death. The Lower Americas (geographically) have opened their prisons, and sent their wounders and dark alley orcs along the new overland Mariana boat route.

There are no women and children. Someone is building a thug army. The destroyers of the once United States... shepherd these massive crowds of organized refugees... feeding them... giving them printouts on where to go and how to get whatever they need. They rabble-roused through the villages around The World on The Soros Dime... promising every delight... including naked... sugar plum fairies to comfort their nights.

The Media... owned by the same people arranging the whole of the migrant game... do not report on any of it. Behind the thrones in every ruined landscape... whispering Wormtongues... spin their tales into the ears of the despot kings... and then into the ears of the people;

Go to America... land of plenty! Go and take the women and the gold. We will help you! We are the terrors of their night. We will nestle in your minds and show you the way.

We have grown fat there and now we shall move to Patagonia. We have stripped the land of everything worth having. Our vaccines will finish the job!

"We are the international globalists!!! We set the tone and tenor of reality. Reality is whatever we say it is!!! The times of individuality and personal dreams are finished for the masses. They are inconvenient to the overall scheme.” They are thinking it is the Law of Nature that the strong shall rule over the weak and take what pleases them... when it pleases them.

The Gospel of Wealth has come again. For us it is a Freebooter's Paradise, and for the rest... Communism is the most effective mechanism of control. We will build the Smart Cities for Stupid People!

If there is a God, did that God not make everything the way it is? Did he not make me rich and powerful and make you a cringing supplicant for my grace!!! I'll thank you to put a 'Mi-Lord' at the beginning and end of your every statement.”

Have you been to Dr. Belinsky's Clinic lately? They're offering full child's blood transfusions! I feel like I'm young again!!! It cost less than my last trip to the islands.”

And so it goes as your world is strip-mined before your eyes. And so it goes... The Walking Dead have occupied the streets. They are cooking rats on homemade grills... just like the old country. Soon... they'll be cooking each other.

When the last vaccine die-off went down, no one harassed the migrants or the homeless. None of them wore masks. Are you stoned or stupid? Ah... never mind. It's just a movie and this is the part of the movie where these things happen.

In a little while the tone of the film will change. Other events will flood the TV screen of your mind. Then it will be something else. Then it will be something else. It is how it goes in The Land of Dreaming Livestock, as they wait for the culling to begin.

Many are gravely concerned... and they should be OR... perhaps not... lest their fears bring the worst of it upon them... as the present fruits of their former meditations. Surely those who should be concerned... concerned about their next place of residence... they are not concerned. They blithely go on the light evasive toe.

They were born to eat... to drink... and to be merry, right up until the winds of fortune shift, and... shift they will. That is also a Law of Nature.

It is in the nature and scheme of things... for appearances to seduce the grasping mind. It is the way of it for the deceivers to be deceived. Everything is arranged ahead of time... based on everything that happened in the run-up previous. Why should anyone be surprised when this leads to that OR... when that leads to this?

The otter-sleek and porcine-swollen freaks of Materialism in heat... they cannot see the road ahead or the port of their arrival. They can only see what lies directly before them in the vision of appetites... endlessly forming the shape of their desires.

They cannot see the steely hooks. They only see the flashing lures. They are the privileged in their pursuit of greater gains. They press and shove in the marketplaces... never seeing that the commodity is themselves... parceled and sold off... piece by piece until nothing is left. It is an old and timeless story that comes round and round on the playing fields of time. Again and again, they rise and fall... and the meaning? They did not get the meaning at all.

Every now and again, a teacher appears and tells them just what the last teacher told them... and the teacher before that... and the teacher before that. It's offered in simple homespun wisdom. Even a fool would get it if he listened long enough. Certain laws apply. Certain rules are in place. You cannot offend against them lest you offend against yourself, and... that is how it works... after all.

I was just out for my morning meditations; not the same as the early rising interlude. It often comes somewhere in the writing of a post, as it did today. The angel of God said;

'Well, here you are again today.” We had a small back and forth about how wonderful existence is for those who love The Lord of ALL Existence. Then he said; “You see how it is then? How effortless and filled with blessings life can be when you lose the attractions of The World and are drawn to The Divine alone? Blessings come from every direction; do they not? And it is just going to get better and better so that you can hardly stand it, but... somehow you do. (laughter)

Those people you were talking about today... the ones who think they have it all and no one is going to take one fragment from them? I've let them go their way beyond what anyone should have expected... just to see whether they might turn... catch a clue... even a momentary whiff of something beyond the carnal plane on which they live their lives.

'I am now going to hit them where it hurts. I'm not going to take any of their shiny shit away from them. I am simply going to remove all enjoyment from what they have. Watch and see, my friend, see if I don't do just that. I am going to turn every taste into ashes in their mouths. Weltschmerz is going to be at every table with them morning and night.

They will feel increasing sorrow and loss, and they will not know the cause of it.

Every harm they inflict upon another will now cause an immediate and awful wound in them. They will not know whether to shit or go blind and... will probably accomplish both. They are already blind and cannot tell ordure from apples as it is. I am simply going to make that clear to them. Watch for it. It is coming soon.”

Yes... he is plain-spoken, and always has been. Oh boy! I can see it coming down the road ahead... big as life and larger than the rumors.

End Transmission.......

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Friday, September 08, 2023

"The Further You Depart from God... The Further Away God Appears to Be, Even if in Reality God is Still no Further Away."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Please... my friends... keep in mind; in fact... keep it uppermost in your mind when you look at The World through the information feeders that you follow or... simply run into... that this is all designed and staged to shape your perspective... to feed your apprehensions... to direct your focus, and... shape the nature of your thoughts.

It is not as it appears to be. The World is being presented through misshapen prisms with images reflected in distorted mirrors. What... it... all... amounts... to... is... we are engaged in a spiritual war, masquerading as social change... brought about by identifiable forces that some say are nothing more than they ever were; simply changing Trends and Patterns; “it's a natural occurrence,” BUT... this is not the case. These are engineered with intent by vested interests.

The one thing you need to be aware of, above all else is that even if they were aligned with every other agency of darkness that seems to exist... they are not as powerful as you are. They only have the power you give OR HAVE GIVEN them.

You have to reverse the course in that case, and... if you have dark-winged entities flying invisibly in the aether around your head, give them nothing to eat and they will die. Cease to attract them with that which they feed upon. Do not be the bait in your own traps.

In certain parts of The World... in specific locations in The Middle East... in scattered chateaus and estates... upscale locations of obscure address, there are groups of demonically possessed life forms that gather and perform rituals that expel clouds of evil upon The World. They radiate a message to the desire bodies that draw the weak and the willing.

They are creating invisible weather to influence the patterns of your thoughts and feelings... to spread Despair and Confusion... Doubt and Fear... through whatever medium is at their disposal and that means... all media.

The key issue of importance here, and... it outranks every other feature, is that this is... cosmically... permitted and it ALSO reflects the general... collective... mindset of humanity, which... is another reason it happens as it does. Humanity is moving in cloverleaf and helix patterns that reflect the objective lures of the desire bodies headed in the direction they... are... drawn... in.

We each arrive at a location that best represents what drove us there. Sometimes it leads into a crowd of kindred spirits and sometimes there is only you. Sometimes Misery gets company and sometimes it does not.

So far... it looks like I am saying a plague of evil is circling the planet. Depending on what you call evil, I think that a good argument can be made for that. Conditions at every level, except that of the people causing it, are getting worse and worse. This is what I call screen capture... snapshot reasoning. It comes about when you take a picture and use it to wholesale assess an ongoing procession of events.

Whatever the moment might indicate... the moment is in motion... everywhere that the force of time applies. Now... whether Time is an actual thing... or a mental construct... is something everyone is free to bat around at their leisure. We can certainly say that time passes differently, depending on where you are and what you are up to. If you are waiting on something, time slows down... commensurate with the intensity of your desire for... what you are waiting on to show up.

Evil... whether it is a world-swallowing force or merely localized in places; more powerful in some, less so in others, only has meaning if you are attached to it by attraction OR aversion; which also causes attachment. The same can be said of Good.

You carry with you what harmonizes with or does not harmonize with what surrounds you. If you are in harmony with it... you are less likely to be interfered with than if you are in an inharmonious relationship to it. Fear of confrontation controls many who proceed with their heads bent accordingly... almost as if it were a religious ceremony, which... in fact it is.

Fear and Love are the two postures besides confusion; perhaps uncertainty is a better word... that one can adopt toward anything. When Fear is involved, it is controlling you. When Love is involved, you are controlling it. Perhaps it might be better again to say, on one hand, Fear is controlling you. On the other hand, Love is controlling you, and then to say... Love controls everything at all times regardless.

Yes... whenever great change is upon us, the appearance of Evil is very present. This is because Evil is opportunistic. It gets its licks in when it can, but if that Evil or varieties of Evil has no connection to you, it CANNOT act upon you. It often cannot even see you as you have no relevance for it. If you have risen to a greater concentration of Love... then your presence will extend further and create sanctuary for others. That is The True Church of The Illuminated Adytum.

You could look that up but I just made it up. Rather... it just showed up... as all things germane to me tend to do, and... all else... continues on in search of whoever else is associated with it. It's kind of how basic building blocks of life work... kind of.

The laws that control life are not made from whimsy or the demands of a spoiled child. They are integral. They are an essential part of everything they affect. That's what makes getting on the right side of them so important. If you work with them, they work with you. Sometimes, The Divine has you working against it (whatever it is) in order to make you stronger for something entirely different further on.

My point is that no matter how evil or chaotic everything may seem, it is simply weather. Think of it as a stream of threatening clouds... that may or may not land where you are, but... will likely... probably... land somewhere. The fact is, and this fact is irrefutable, all Evil returns upon its author. It may not do that right away, BUT... it will get around to it. The same applies to Good.

It doesn't really matter what Evil is doing. What matters is what you are doing, and what you are not doing. One is not necessarily more important than the other. It's weather... only weather. It got real... for a moment... in Southern California recently, and more recently at Drowning Man in Nevada, and even more real in Lahaina. Varieties of weather... are happening in New York City that are not happening in Singapore. They are both expensive places to be.

Getting an education in Kalifornia or New York is quite different than it is in Japan or Bhutan. Some educations have to do with the place you are learning them in and some create expectations of industry at a further reach. One is not necessarily better than the other. As Lao Tzu said; “Why go outside for better seeing. It is better to remain at the core of your being. The way to do is to be.”

Just because bad things are happening and the indications are that it will get worse, does not mean this applies to you. I have to keep saying this. Most people who come to these blogs are not experiencing the same things as the people who read The New York Times every day. That is not to say anything about the character of the blogs, but rather... about the character of the reader.

Where your heart is, there your treasures are also. That is not just a statement. It is also a law, like The Law of Return and The Law of Gravity, and it doesn't matter if you understand any of them or not. They still affect you.

Cosmic Law is unchanging. Life changes. People change. Circumstances and conditions change. Cosmic Law does not change. If you adapt to the various laws that fall under the heading of Cosmic Law... things will go well for you, and you will have The Purpose of Demonstration. If you go contrary to these laws... things will not go well for you, and you will still have The Purpose of Demonstration.

If you aspire to understanding the real laws that govern the conditions of life... these will shape your perspective... reduce your apprehensions... direct your focus, and... shape the nature of your thoughts. If you adhere to the temporal, then it all depends on the state of the temporal at that time. Sometimes the intention is to make your life better and sometimes the intention is to take your life, depending on who thinks they are running The Show.

There is what is really going on back of appearances, and then there is the stage on which appearances dance. There is the passing phenomena of weather and there is that which determines where the weather appears. What you rely on... what you depend on... what you believe in... these most definitely affect what happens to you. God is real. EVERYTHING else is less real by degrees, depending on its proximity to God.

The further you depart from God... the further away God appears to be, even if in reality God is still no further away; seeming is the flora of dreaming, and appearances are what lure you deeper into them, pursuing what remains forever beyond your grasp because you are the thing you seek. No! That's not just a statement. It is also a law.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, September 05, 2023

"One Kind of Crazy has Infected The High and Mighty, and... Another Kind of Crazy has Infected The Low and Desperate."

God Poet Transmitting.......

So... I recommended the reading of the first 26 pages of Sri Aurobindo's book. I had never really read anything else by the man. I was never attracted to him. After reading another hundred pages or so, I can see why. Something is very off... at least it is to me... about the grandiosity I have encountered. My inner guide said to me; “I wanted you to read this and see what you thought about it.”

The first 26 pages is a remarkably comprehensive primer on The Divine Mother. It is outstanding in the way it encompasses so much in such a short space. The rest that follows, I can do without. I do not mean this as a criticism. The mass of complexities is simply not my way.

There are wonders aplenty in this world, and there are people that reach very rarefied states of consciousness, but anytime people are comfortable with other people worshiping them as God and calling them God, and going about as if they are God... it troubles me. It is not that God has not walked upon the Earth. God walks the Earth this very moment... BUT, everyone I have encountered God's presence in is utterly humble.

I read more about the background of this fellow and his consort. I read more of his words and the manner in which he permits them both to be viewed by others and... I guess the best I can say is... it's not for me. He says that he and she are avatars. That's a bridge too far for me, but maybe I don't understand his meaning and intention.

From various points... they seem somewhat legitimate, but something just isn't right and it troubles me. As is usually the case... when this sort of thing happens... I move on. I will continue to recommend that portion of the writings, but I remain uncertain about the rest.

It's concerning that they promote the psychic nature so often, and then there's the intuitive physiognomy perspective. Maybe I'm looking for flaws and seeing too much of what I carry within me. That sort of goes with the territory, BUT... all my life... these urgings and inner voices have proven right further on.

Oh well... we shall see. I've sent my impressions up the line and asked for any clarification that is possible for me to receive. I do know that some will be forthcoming.

A lot of people are not who you think they are. I have long held the same mindset as this author concerning the person in question.

The links at the end of the article are also informative.

As a sincere seeker after the Truth, I have been temporarily deceived many times. Most of that was some time ago. I don't spend much time looking outward anymore, nor am I as gullible as once I was. I am left with a small handful of individuals that I trust, and an enormous number that I do not trust.

There have been many spiritual leaders and teachers who possessed remarkable powers. Many of them proved to be frauds and deceivers, brought low by the carnal appetites they pretended to be above. God has The Purpose of Demonstration for all that. The masks and concealments are coming off of everything and everyone now, so... be watchful and attentive.

Possession by the demons of Materialism accounts for what we are seeing far and wide... high and low. One kind of crazy has infected the high and mighty, and... another kind of crazy has infected the low and desperate.

Heh heh... they found Oliver Anthony linking to sites that associate Mossad with the 9/11 attacks. The truth is getting out there at every level of the population. For more info see the 9/11 link in the right side menu. Oh! They are howling about that!!!

Elon Musk is suing the ADL!!! I don't know if this is controlled opposition. It USUALLY is. The foxes sell access to The Henhouse... while promoting PETA. You got to watch out for them. They come at you from all sides, but... God has no sides. He's above that sort of thing... beyond Good and Evil. I see Good as the road I choose to walk and Evil as that which runs along behind me... bumping into everything and often falling down the embankment.

Evil hasn't figured it out yet, so Evil sets snares and traps and routinely steps in them. Evil picks up the unexploded cluster bombs it dropped at an earlier time... and then... shakes it by its ear, as if that might tell it something. Sometimes it does, but then Evil is no longer present to get the point.

Once again... Mr. Apocalypse is upping The Game. It's getting tighter... and hotter... and viral across the land. The Truth is coming out left... right... center... up... down... and all around. It can't be stopped. It can't be contained. Something's going to blow any day now. Volcanic action is rising to the surface. It is overflowing, and setting fire to the dream curtains that shroud reality. They are burning. Lies are flammable.

We have been telling you this is coming for years now, and no doubt you have seen it yourself without anyone having to point it out. God is not mocked! Invisible angels are walking The Earth and turning every effort of evil against itself. The Towers of Darkness are falling.

As The Light intensifies, The Darkness loses ground. The real estate it once ruled over no longer has enough shadow to work in. This is relentless and inexorable. It CANNOT be stopped. This is why I go to The Altar of The Sun several times each day.

The Sun is the source of ALL life on this planet. It is the source of ALL nutritive energy in whatever form. It is the source channel through which The Love of God flows down upon us.

IF... one knows how to present before The Sun, one can be healed of ALL maladies. One can attain Wisdom through resonance. One can become in tune with God and in Harmony with ALL life. This is not an idle statement.

The Sun is the material Throne of God on this plane, and it has higher octaves that can be reached by those who have banked and channeled the carnal fires within. One simply changes the focus of attraction.

The Sun is a living... conscious... being. You must grasp this in a visceral sense. You can communicate directly with The Sun. I know this from personal experience. I first became aware of The Living Presence of The Sun through psychedelics. Over time we developed a friendship... and intimacy. It is only lately that I can have a back-and-forth with The Sun at any time. This is the fruit of persistence. I know it is so. I have proven it to be so. You can do so also; love that last sentence. (grin)

Of course, there are those who doubt all this. They doubt themselves. They make no effort to accomplish it. They would rather bark at those who do. I do not get what the payoff is. I have studied this from all sides, and... I don't get it. What are they getting out of jeering at what they don't understand? The barking dogs are always present here... the caravans are not.

The Sun is not The God. The Sun is a God. The Sun works for God... and the heavens are filled with countless stars like The Sun. Many of them are much larger. This should tell you something about the incomprehensible power and majesty of God; keeping in mind that only a fraction of God's power ever even comes into manifestation. Wow!

The Sun is a massive city-state country. It teems with millions of souls of all sorts. It is the central clearing house on your way to the lightning, and from there to God's personal kingdom. Why would you not want to be a friend of God? Obviously, most of what you think about The World and what is going on in it is wrong. Otherwise, you would have no problem with any of it, but... many of you do.

I don't get it all either, but I'm not claiming I do. I don't know but... God knows and that is enough for me. Anything I need to know, God will tell me. Otherwise, it is not something I need to know. Knowledge can be dangerous, AND... it is a continuing source of Sorrow.

This is too much to cover and I am near the end of the post. I will offer some small advice. Many people now take exhaustive amounts of supplements and other strange compounds that they believe will bring them health. This sort of variety will make you sick. It will kill you if you keep at it. The key is... ALWAYS... simplicity. Everything you need for perfect health you can get from The Sun, IF... you know how to do it.

It's like anything else. You have to establish a positive relationship. You have to make an effort to become like The Sun. How do you do this? You emulate The Sun the same way people make heroes out of others... because they want to do what they do. They model their behavior on them. The Sun is my hero. I like The Sun as my ideal of the way God presents to me. You might prefer another portal. There are a great many portals.

All the world-changing teachers come from The Sun. You can travel to The Sun at any time, as long as you can sustain the focus necessary to accomplish it. It takes time... application... consistency and Love. Love will make you like that which you Love. This is why The Greatest Commandment is The Greatest Commandment.

End Transmission.......

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