Monday, September 18, 2023

"That Behavior is an Orgiastic Writhing Death-Dance of a Boschian Nightmare Beneath The Big Tent of Babylon Rising."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The thing with systems of government is... some of them just don't work, and... when they do work, they work to the benefit of the people controlling the system. This is the case with Communism. It's a great system for the people running it and an unspeakable horror for the people who live under it. If one reads the stories of Franz Kafka one learns about systems of oppression.

There are many tales... tales of fiction and tales of non-fiction. For the latter, one should read Solzhenitsyn. I'm not going to go deeper into the warp and woof of man's inhumanity to man. Humans don't do the things history tells us are done to people at different times... when opportunity provides. It is demons that do these things, having taken over the minds of humans through particular systems of thought that lead to possession and mass hypnosis.

The religion of Materialism is Atheism. Materialism leads to Insanity. Atheism leads to Satanism. It is a progression not unlike the transition from Socialism to Communism.

The political systems of Atheism are Socialism and Communism. Socialism is Communism Lite. Once the public is accustomed to the one... the other... gradually comes into play. Then there is no cure. Eventually, the system falls apart, once apathy becomes the pervasive consciousness.

Atheism and Materialism produce Satanism. Satanism is the material expression of The Will to Power and it is celebrated in carnal enjoyments to the exclusion of all else. The Libertine mindset leads to Despotism once The Carnal perspective becomes the prevailing window on existence. Beasts are what they are because they exist within a particular bandwidth of awareness. When humans become beasts, they will do things no beast would do.

Communism provides the environment in which Beast-Mind can flourish. Look at who invented Communism... who implements Communism when it comes into being... and who is constantly financing the mindset of Communism in every country in The World. One does not have to possess the genetic marker of the ones who created Communism... one needs only to be under their control.

Materialism goes through stages. In the latter stages, decadence is prominent, and it gets more and more egregious... as it is presently doing... until finally, it materializes a system of brutal oppression to counter the decadence. When people lose control of themselves, they... will... be... controlled. Things turn into their opposites.

Is it possible that The United States can be saved from what is... OBVIOUSLY... waiting down the road? I suspect that the answer is, No in some locations and Yes in others. However... nothing stays the same.

And what is the net result of all influences... eventually... when Materialism enters Stage 4 of the self-cannibalizing process?

The same people are behind the invasion of Lampedusa. It was intentional... arranged and choreographed. THEY don't think they have to answer to anyone anymore.

Their objective is to create opportunistic environments of chaos and disorder... for the purpose of mass murder and the enslavement of all survivors. The aptly named Larry Fink stated it clearly when he said, “We have to force behavior.” That behavior is the Boschian nightmare of a writhing orgiastic death dance beneath the big tent of Babylon Rising.

The Usual Suspects took control of the Western economies through control of the money supply. Then they bought all the necessary agencies that control Hive Mind Thinking through brainwashing and enforcement. They took command of the various branches of government through bribery and threats. This is visibly apparent through only cursory investigation.

A certain strain of humanity was chosen by The King of Hell to be the architects and planners... the mediums for deception on the material plane. Their footsoldiers were drawn from every nation to do their bidding. The fallout of such workings was last seen in The Weimar Republic in Germany... but, it comes and goes wherever there is fertile soil... wherever human discontent has reached the necessary temperature.

It traveled with Mao on The Long March. It built the pyramid of skulls at Phnom Pen. It coiled like a snake in the mind of King Leopold and ran amok with the machete men in Rwanda. It murdered The Romanov Family in Yekaterinburg. It uses The Palestinians for target practice.

It delights in suffering wherever suffering exists. Suffering is its meat and sustenance, and... blood is its wine.

Revisionist history conceals most of the true authors of the crimes, but still, there is ample evidence of who... and where... and what; from The Potato Famine... to Armenia... to The Holomodor... to? It all comes out of the invisible... from below the line... that separates humanity from The Beast Mind.

It sits on the throne at St. Peters and in every temporal religion where the words of the founder have been cast aside or reworked for the purpose of gain. Wherever the attractive nature has been inflamed by the elusive object of desire... it is there... drinking its fill.

Materialism is the theater of demonic possession. Wherever shiny things draw the eye and whet the appetite... the demon of that specific and single hunger is called to the table to eat. As sure as flies are drawn to shit... demons are drawn to the bodies that chase after it.

When the heart and mind sink into depravity, so does the quality of the company they keep. When the heart and mind are inspired by the soul and the spirit, they leave behind their former companions, and demons are translated into the angels... who are the shepherds... who guide and protect the sheep.

Demons are best employed as guardians of The Sanctuary... even protectors of The Realm against those who would destroy order. Demons need a job to do. This is the case from my perspective. If they don't have a job to do... well (well... well... well...) idle hands and all that. Take a page from the book of Padma Sambhava... take control of your own demons and all the others will do as you say.

It is a simple thing. Demons lead astray into darkness and death. Angels lead into the light and everlasting life. They each have their jobs to do... both angels and demons. They have their areas of enterprise. You must go where they are to encounter them... in The World outside of you, and... The World inside you.

If you have trouble understanding the meaning of it, due to the meddling of avaricious priests, the Buddhists have it all clearly cataloged for your perusal. It's clear cut and everything is in its place; if you do this and that... you go here and there. Entire realms exist for the residence of those consumed by particular appetites or mindsets. No matter what religion you follow OR... if you follow no religion... those places still exist.

The Agents of Darkness and The Light... BOTH serve the same almighty master of existence. It is the choice of each soul which of these they will serve, depending on their desire and aspiration. Even one who is lost... for lifetimes... in the murk of darkest iniquity... can be redeemed and that is the work of the Bodhisattvas... disciples... initiates... angels... sages... masters, and sundry teachers and saviors of humanity who labor tirelessly in their special areas of industry.

If you don't like where you are, change the direction of your thinking. It was your thinking that got you where you are, and it is your thinking that will take you somewhere else. Selfish interests will take you to that interest, and disappointment or worse will be the fruit. Selfless interest will take you to a less cluttered and conflicted place. These words are true. What you do is up to you.

The problem for many... when it comes to change... is... Difficulty at The Beginning. This is most difficult in times of advanced Materialism because The Will is weak and made so through its division into many areas of attraction. The Will has to be made single again, and the multiplicity of desires... woven like the fibers... that are braided to make a rope.

Communism is the political equivalent of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. When people lose their minds and control over themselves... repressive systems... punishment details... forced labor camps... are instituted to bring them back into line. When balance is lost, chaos ensues. When the light goes out... Darkness follows.

The World has fallen into disorder and soon falling from there into an even greater disorder. Those doing the will of The Lord of Divide and Conquer seek only to set the tone for Lampedusa World everywhere.

Here is your Ray of Hope... whenever The Darkness becomes pervasive and threatens the life and sanity of humanity... The Light is... also... concentrated in specific locations. Even now... an army is being raised... composed of The Righteous... who will possess spiritual flashlights that send The Darkness scampering toward those places where The Sun does not shine... as they walk about in The World.

Many will be pulled down with The Darkness into those realms we spoke of earlier. Others will see The Light Or... hear The Call... Or... however it is that the angels of God find their way to them... they will be included in that number. Do not fear the appearances. Do not despair. Help is on the way.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

HEH-HEH-HEH. And here I am, tryin' to be the absolute worst consumer I can be. Only spend money on food, cleaning products and occasionally the most cost effective attire as possible. I also drive as little as possible. On a month where there are no holidays, I can keep it to under 500 miles for that month. Depending on what happens in the next few months or weeks, if there are any, maybe I can talk my boss into letting me work longer hours on Thursday, and drop my Friday so I only have to drive to work 3 days a week, plus holidays. Feck the oil companies, and de gubment regardin' fewer taxes paid.

I'm havin' fun bein' an isolationist and watchin' the world I loathe burn as I await my contract endin' from this HELL HOLE. Not nice I suppose, but considerin' I think of this as nothing but a prison, despite the fact I was stupid enough to ask for it. A decision I do regret, but I 'signed those papers', and I gotta finish what I started, regardless of how unpleasant it may be. Oh well.

Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

"Is it possible that The United States can be saved from what is... OBVIOUSLY... waiting down the road? I suspect that the answer is, No in some locations and Yes in others."

If you go outside the big cities and suburbs, it's just rolling green fields, quite a paradise. The karma of having stolen it from the native americans who had a spiritually advanced culture, still remains, but otherwise rural white people should be fine.

Visible said...

The reader should know that paid operatives of The Deep State are hounding sites like this, and posing under various identities. I have to cut slack... even though I often know ahead of time because of The Intuition. Recently I've been dealing with a particular made-up persona. Sooner or later they screw up... they step wrong. It went South for this fellow when he mentioned Trudeau. That was the final nail in the coffin of his temporary pass and thin veneer of credibility.

Life is a war zone at the moment. Soon we will find ourselves on The Playing Fields of Armageddon with the battle already won.

This person was saying the most horrific things; point being to dismay the reader and bring down the tone of these blogs. I caught them before they manifested, and... finally... the real associations were exposed.

Hold fast, my friends. It won"t be too much longer.

Anonymous said...

Vis, thank you for that explanation.
And for the clarity of this post.
It helped explain some things that puzzled me.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"It Amuses God to Let It All Play Out. He's a Fan of Snatching People Right at The Moment of Their Greatest Triumph."

M - said...

Thank you so much for posting a link to the horrific article published by Goddess Bless you both.



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