Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Real and the Ever Changing

I wonder often about how people are feeling in America and other locations. I wonder if the pressure I have been feeling for over a year now is a common sensation or whether other people’s lives remain unaffected by this.

It came to my attention yesterday that a period of crushing pressure is on the way for the mass of humanity. I had known about this already because, for me, the signs have been there for awhile. I was told that this thing that’s going to hit is not going to hit me (don’t worry, I’ve already gotten a good share of this sort of thing) due to certain protections I have. This is also something I’ve known about for awhile.

Each of us, as particular souls, has relationships with entities beyond the physical spectrum. In our travels back and forth from the visible to the invisible, lifetime to lifetime, we form associations with personalities, beings and powers. This is such a complex area that I’m not even going to get started talking about it. I bring it up for the reader to consider this and to point out possibilities of action that can be taken if desired.

We’re all familiar with stalagmites and stalactites. They’re created at the same time. The stalactite drips from above and the stalagmite forms from below as a result. Over time, if the process is not interrupted, they will form a column. This is a good metaphor for the union of the individual soul with the divine. There’s a long process required in the ‘ordinary’ performance of this spiritual process. This process can be accelerated and the speed at which that happens depends on the determination and intensity of the one involved. It is not without pain and the dreadful awareness of inertia and all the elements of the material plane that work like gravity upon us; insistently and with varying degrees of weight.

The weight at this time is pretty heavy. The impact of artificial life- as opposed to natural life, or life in nature- is very surround sound. Many people are deeply engaged in it. It’s a temporary thing. During many periods this isn’t of as much concern as it is at the moment. At other times a particular dream is moving through the common mind and people live and die in it without it changing too much, generally. This particular time is different. This is a time of dream transition. It is also a time of transition outside of the dream altogether. This is why a certain amount of people are seeing the lies that hold together the fabric of illusion. This is ‘an’ Apocalypse. This is the time of unveiling.

For those who can see what is being revealed, there is liberation from the general hypnosis. It’s being put out there for everyone. Some are seeing it. Some are seeing portions but ignoring them. Some are not seeing anything at all because they are getting their perspectives and perceptions from the official spinmeisters.

The fact is that much of what we collectively believe is unreal. This is about to be pointed out to us in a big way. For those who believe only what they have been told and for those who are ignoring what they are seeing, due to degrees of self-interest being in charge of their thoughts and actions, there is going to be a collective wakeup coming into their lives. Depending on how asleep one is, or how engaged in self- interest, on that depends the degree of pain and suffering.

Those who are seeing and accepting and changing are in a position to shed what needs be shed with much less discomfort than the others. The fact is that you have no choice about what is coming. The choice you do have is in how you respond and in your willingness to change. Some of us are changing ahead of time.

Some of us have been suffering for a long time when everyone else wasn’t suffering much at all, except in the usual ways. Of course, large portions of the world could be said to exist in a constant state of suffering but that’s the nature of karma. I’ve attempted to explain (in my limited way) how karma presents itself to me. I wasn’t very successful with that. Let’s leave it at this. Karma does exist. You can scarcely go anywhere and not see it. Some of us have different eyes and can see things that most people cannot see. This is often because they aren’t that interested. They already have their primary interest at work, self interest.

We aren’t made special because we are drawn to uncommon interests and have profited from our inquiries. The sun will shine on all without favoring anyone. But we are advantaged by the work we have given to esoteric interests. We form alliances and make friends. These are the sort of friends you are not going to meet in the marketplace, the schoolyard or wherever people gather. Some of us have friends like this. Some of us have made associations with powerful archetypes that we can call upon and sometimes not even need to call upon.

Powerful people in the temporal world have all sorts of people they can call on for a variety of services. Oh, they can get anything that money and influence can provide and that covers whatever there is in the manifest. There are a number of things they cannot get, no matter who they call. These things do not belong to the royalty of the temporal realm. They do belong to the royalty of other realms and they are, for the most part, freely given. The key is to know ‘who’ to get them from and ‘who’ you have to be to get them. There are certain qualities and characteristics that make such acquisitions easier. It’s always best to seek after these qualities first because they often insure the acquisition of these other things. One might say they go hand in hand.

In the false lit world we dress a certain way to attract a certain interest. We do all sorts of things to get the attention of those whose attention we seek. It’s no different in the other world. One who has no faith in this is not likely to even be curious enough to penetrate to where they need to go to see these things. For those who do, some are going to move much quicker than others. It depends on your personal urgency. Magnetic attraction operates on all planes.

A wise course of action in these peculiar times is to set forth to discard what is outworn and of no consequence ahead of time. Change ahead of time. You’re going to be changed anyway.

I’m going to digress a bit here in closing. Whenever I mention Christianity in anything close to a negative light I am always getting reactions from members of that community as if my comments had something to do with Christ. Christ is a friend of mine. He’s a friend of anyone who wants to be. I choose to be. Christ is more actually a station, not a person. Jesus is a person. Others have become Christ since he was activated. One might learn a great deal by pondering the similarities between the names Christ and Krishna. All avatars come from the same source. All legitimate teaching and traditions are of the same author. As long as one makes the mistake of thinking that their way is The Way they are missing the point and they are assisting in the unfortunate behaviors we see before us.

Individuals at high levels in the ‘temporal’ Christian faith, in tandem with Zionist provocateurs are engaged in the spread of vast misery across the planet. Of this there can be no doubt. The false specter of terrorism that is manufactured by the very agencies designed to protect us from it, is in league with these temporal false Christians and materialistic Zionists. They desire to shape the world to their own ends. Unfortunately for that scenario, the world is a sacred vessel and will not be so suborned.

This does not let the similar temporal representatives of Islam or any other religion off the hook. The same dark and demonic currents run through portions of them all. Religion is the business end of something that is unseen. The business end of the God factor is none of my business. I want no part of it.

I don’t mean to demean anyone’s faith but I will tell you this much. The great transformations that are upon us are also upon these religions as well. There’s a new schematic on the way. Better for you to seek it now; it’s not just coming in terms of physical transformation. It’s moving inside each of us as well. It’s right there, right now.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Ambulances come and go, talking of Michelangelo

Randy Travis did a song called “Forever and Ever Amen”. It’s an insipid piece of treacle and it was a huge country smash. It’s got a line in it that goes on talking about how long the singer is going to love the sung to; “As long as old men sit and talk about the weather, as long as old women sit and talk about old men.” And it goes off on the forever and ever, ‘amen’ which... gives it a fundie Christian tang that’s sure to rest well with the church going, law abiding, dictator supporting people who imagine that Heaven is composed of people walking around in white robes with harps in perfect suburban neighborhoods. You might call it Stepford Heaven.

I don’t mean to demean lovers of Christ. I do think any aware mind knows that the organized end of Christianity is the harvesting fields of the demagogue. Here the silver tongued devils reap the ignorant and send them forth to die for bankers who have a great deal to do with churches because of the God and Country thing... so, onward Christian soldiers. Alternatively they milk them of their resources and dummy up one new adversary after another ....all of them alleged conductors on the Street Car to Hell. Very often the so called enemy is humanity’s best friend.

The idea that a successful existence is crowned by old men talking about the weather and old women talking about old men strikes me as a parody of life. It’s what happens when you wind up with senility instead of regenerated innocence. It’s the difference between forgetting who you are while you are on your way to the store or remembering who you were/are before you got sucked into the movie. Life can only end up in one of two places. I realize that each of those places has various levels; departments, accommodations and amenities but... you are either going up or down and that is dependent on what attracts you. In this ocean of life there are millions of baited hooks. As long as you are hungry there’s the question of what you are willing to eat and at what cost.

I walked into town today to get something at a store. There was a festival going on in the main plaza. It was for the pottery artisans (of which there are many in this area) to show off and sell their work. There were some hundreds of people there. I walked by, which is what I usually do. I’m sure they had some nice things there but I’ve got enough things already and not that much shelf space. You need shelf space to hold the things you buy and never use.

I continued past and found the shop I wanted which was closed. I headed back and saw an ambulance pulling away with its siren going. They had apparently been called to pick up one of the old men who were talking about the weather or, perhaps, one of the old women who had been talking about old men. It could have been someone younger though. I didn’t see who it was. What I noticed when I walked by, less than a minute later, was that there was no sign that anything had happened. People were doing exactly what they had been doing when I walked by the first time. I thought about how this applies across the board in this world.

While walking to the store and while walking back, it is my custom to study people and observe where their attention is focused and to see if there is any other person who is doing what I am doing. Sometimes I will stop and surreptitiously practice this for some time and it has been my experience that it is a rare thing for me to encounter anyone who is outside of the herd consciousness and who is monitoring it. On occasion I have noted criminal types who do this but... that’s their business after all.

You might ask, “How do you know what someone is doing?” It would take more than the space allotted to this post to clarify that. Let’s just say that if you have been employed at something for a certain amount of years you develop a sense of the similar. I can often spot martial artists by the way they move. I can spot criminals because I was in confined spaces with them for a period of time. I can sense danger ahead of time because I have encountered a lot of danger in the past. This doesn’t mean I catch everything every time. This is just to say that, like you, there are some things I am inclined to notice because that’s my area of interest or operation; excluding the criminal (grin).

People who study animals; plants, architecture, economic trends and so forth tend to see deeper into the subject than those who do not. Sometimes their knowledge is compromised by the promise of gain which comes their way by making erroneous conclusions for which they are well paid. This happens to economists who lie for the benefit of those manipulating the system. This happens with experts who appear in courtrooms. This happens with all sorts of professionals who get paid to present desirable data instead of the truth. Still... there are those who are after the heart of the matter and they would see more than those who were not or who did not possess their ‘trained’ eye.

Those who study themselves would tend to know more about their fellows than those who do not. As you can see, sometimes you can learn a lot about one thing by studying another. Those who study themselves would tend to know more about themselves as well. The whole point of this is that the world is a projection of mind. This means that those who are in control of their minds are also in control of the world... after a fashion.

We are not all looking at the same world. The personal lens colors and defines our environment, according to the way we have named it. We do live in a world of our own creation; worlds and mindsets can well be the same thing. Sometimes I am not saying anything but merely talking about something because the mind is engaged in whatever it is paying attention to and each mind is in a position to elaborate on what it is reading... as it applies to that mind. You have to come to your own conclusions.

It’s a fruitful experience to find some place in Nature and observe your surroundings; after a time you can go into town and do the same thing. It’s good to remember that everything you are seeing in town originally came out of the Nature you were observing earlier. It’s even better to realize that both of them came out of your mind. I’m speaking of the one mind because there is only one. The idea that we have a mind separate from the whole is what puts us in the fix we are in.

This mind you inhabit is as aware of you as you are aware of it; much more so, in fact. We are tricked over and over about this mind and our mind and we seldom catch it. It has to do with (supposing you ever had) being present in the single mind and then stepping away into the personal mind. The moment you do, you are operating apart from the single mind and no matter who you are, you’re not good enough at it to be able to anticipate from a personal level what the single mind intends and that’s why it’s best to just stay there. Some of you try to but... it happens over and over. Some of us meditate in order to put ourselves in that consciousness but... oops, it happened again. The whole purpose of life is to achieve an inseparable relationship with the single mind; regardless of what we are told otherwise.

You can sit and talk about the weather, or old men. You can sit and watch this happening and, according to whatever it is, you can be doing it forever and ever amen. That’s what these wheels of existence are about. A hundred years from now, with a few curious exceptions, none of us will be here... or we will be here with no reference to where we were before. Yet... it all goes on as if it were to go on forever just as it is; some kind of eternal Norman Rockwell painting for some and all the other possibilities for those inclined in whatever direction they are inclined.

The ambulances come and go and they are not talking about Michelangelo. Sausages are made somewhere out of sight and so is most everything that appears before you. These days a lot of people are thinking about shelter from the storm. There’s only one real shelter in times of transformation and that is beneath the sheltering hand within the sheltering mind that has the entire spectacle completely under control. It seems to me that this is the adjustment that needs to be made; not hording gold, food and guns or being a member of some elite group in an underground fortress. This transformation is all about seeing what you are going to do and on what you will rely. And now we come to the end of this particular effort.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The World Inside our Minds

I have a guest in the house who has been reading from the sites for awhile. He flew down from Sweden last night and we talked for about half an hour before he retired.

Since I have relocated to Europe almost ten years ago I have lived as a near recluse. I have no close friends around and I see no one socially except at rare moments orchestrated by others. I see the people in my house every day. There are two of them. Weeks may go by without my speaking with another person except to say “Good Day”. It’s the same thing if I am in Italy. I don’t seem to mind. My life goes on inside my head. Regardless of how much social contact any of us have that is still the case. Our lives go on inside our heads.

We give our life whatever meaning it has. Any observer might take away a different impression on the meaning. No one would have all the details. In most cases our lives are mere sketches. We live within an outline of constantly changing features. Many people sit in the sunset of their lives and often wonder who the events they remember happened to. What really happened is altered by imagination and the limitations of memory. Very often we know no more about ourselves at the end than we did at the beginning. We define ourselves by the situations and environments we encountered or passed through. We see ourselves in the context of our family and friends as well as our occupations and interests. These may define portions of the personality we traveled in but they do not define us. What we are very often remains a mystery.

We can’t account for choices we made and actions we took. Of course we have theories and opinions but the answer very often lies in the places we were not inclined to look.

My guest was talking about events in the wider world and one particular piece of information he had encountered recently. In respect of this he said, “Well, this depresses me. If it’s true then we’re screwed aren’t we?” When I heard this, I experienced a series of impressions which leads me to my subject for the day. It’s about the world inside our heads and the things we tell ourselves which affects our climate. We have internal weather just like the weather that Nature brings us through her annual course. What we think about ourselves and the world beyond is what determines the weather we have; our personal weather and what Nature brings us too. It is the collective consciousness of the people that determines what Nature gives us. Many people would argue about the latter. It’s too esoteric a concept. I live in Esoterica so, for me, it makes perfect sense.

My guest presented me with some details that he had read at one of the blogs about an historical event. Some reader had laid the blame for this event at the door of an extremely wealthy and influential family. I considered what he told me and thought about it in relation to the timeline. It happened to be a period of history I have a certain familiarity with. It took only a short period of time for me to reject the assumption he had made based on something someone else had said. His believing it to be true affected his personal climate. His world, my world and your world are all the result of what we believe is true and very often what we believe to be true is not true at all.

When we believe things which are not true we empower them. They can become increasingly more real as time passes. It is safe to say that many people are living in a complete hallucination. It is also safe to say that many of these hallucinations are manufactured by agencies and entities that profit from the public’s propensity for hallucination.

I thought about the way my mind works when I am confronted by concretized belief and opinions and then I saw a momentary flash of the beauty of, “I don’t know”. You might well ask, “How can you say you don’t know when you were able to assume that the information under discussion was not real”? The thing is, “I don’t know” is a lot more than it appears to be. Just because I can analyze something and encounter errors in the presentation, does not mean that I know what really happened. I do not need to know what really happened to know that what I am being told is wrong. Knowing at a fundamental level that I do not know also gives me a fundamental awareness that others do not know either. Quite often what people think they know is no more than a belief in a particular perspective that, ironically, serves and/or benefits them in some way. Quite often what we believe is not based on any actual knowledge but rather upon what we want to believe. It’s a rare bird who is after the truth simply to know the truth, whatever that may be.

If people would take the trouble to look deeply into what they believe and be honest with themselves they would soon find that much of what they believe and think they know does not exist.

There’s a reason I’m talking about this. It has to do with a valuable benefit that we can accrue to ourselves if we will do the necessary work. I can see that the world is screwed up due to a proliferation of self-interest and the force of a materialistic age. I can see this but... I don’t know what it means except to say that it’s all for the purpose of demonstration. Life is nothing more than a demonstration whose purpose is to show us something and it shows us over and over again. We could have understood long ago but our self-interest is in conflict with reality.

While the world may well be screwed up, my life is not and I’m not the Lone Ranger in this department. One can take the view that the world is a very dangerous place and these are perilous times and I could make a good argument for that myself but... I find that my life tends to move in a smooth and unobstructed fashion nearly all of the time. I do not encounter danger. I don’t encounter the things I hear about in the news. I’m not feeding my internal weather generator with information that is created for the purpose of making me, or anyone, insecure and uneasy. I know that everything is under control and that this whole movie is designed for my education and entertainment. I know the stars were set in the sky with me in mind. The whole universe was designed with me and you in mind. It’s all about us. It’s not about anything else or anything that happens and... I don’t know.

We give negative forces power in our lives by believing they have any power to begin with. Here is a simple guideline that, if it is consistently applied, can open an entirely new world for anyone who will take the trouble to practice it. Remind yourself as often as you can remember to do so that, everything is under control. Remind yourself that you do not know. Remind yourself that you fundamentally do not know and that by truly not knowing- whatever you encounter or have under consideration- will reveal itself to you.

You can’t go through your life worrying about what’s on the horizon that may not even be in the horizon. Yes, the world is about to be shaken to the core. This is, in fact, very good news, unless you’ve got major investments in the way it is now. Try to accept that everything has been created and exists with you in mind and that once you can establish the linkup with the guide who accompanies you everywhere; whether you know it or not, that you will be shown the meaning of things as they apply to you. It really is all about you. It’s just not all about you the way certain personalities think it is when they’re riding the big wave and looking in the mirror.

Obtaining the living conviction of “I don’t know” frees you from the consequences of the unreal which will surely come upon you in order to ‘free you’ from the false beliefs that imprison you. If you don’t know, then a certain very powerful something does know. If you know, then... that powerful something does not. It’s the choice of only two possibilities of a relationship with something that cannot be comprehended but can certainly be trusted with your life and all that it contains. I don’t care how many options and possibilities you may think you see. There are only two. You go with the cosmic program or you are in some way or fashion in opposition to it and it’s going to reveal that to you as an object lesson. Everything is under control by this powerful something unless... you decide to take over and... well... that’s life.

It’s a good thing to remember that angels were created to ‘serve’ us. If our lives are screwed up it’s because we put ourselves in charge and relied on the general information of commonly shared belief. We have no idea what is and what is not. Make “I don’t know” a part of your being and accept that it is all under control and I’m thinking someone might well show you what is and what is not.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The September, Visible Origami Radio Show.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Greetings Earthlings and welcome to another pod-cast from the Visible pod saucer hovering above the benighted landscape in a direct link-up with The Mothership from Sirius. The Dog Poet is howling across the tundra in concert with the dying gasp of the materialist psychopaths whose grip upon the matter and minds of planet Earth is loosening by the hour. Light is breaking through the walls of darkness and we must all remember that these walls of darkness that have served to enslave the human mind did not go up overnight. These walls of darkness are the perimeters that limit faith and imagination to the playing fields of material enterprise. Those days are ending. Those days are ending. News Flash... those days are ending.

Some readers have taken me to task lately for my certitude and statements that positive change is upon us. One reader says that she has been hearing this for decades and it just gets worse. Let me point something out here that may assist in understanding that things’ getting worse is a sign of things getting better. Negative realities need to run their course. They need to expose themselves in the most dramatic fashion for the lesson to take. It is all about lessons here on planet Earth. This is a planet of war and conflict in which we are given the opportunity to resolve these things within ourselves to prepare ourselves for residence in other worlds. We are not allowed entrance to these other worlds when we still have so much of the world’s conflicts within us. The door is barred for good reason.

Earth life is composed of an uneasy balance between four elements at war with each other. Peace on Earth is a pipe dream except within the being of those who have made peace with themselves or... during the rare golden ages. We are not in a golden age at the moment. We are in a dark age where the underworld rules in ‘apparent’ triumph over the destiny of people and events. This is all about whether you give in to the illusion that what you see is all there is or whether you reject this lie in favor of what is far truer yet more difficult to see.

Things’ getting better does not mean you are soon going to have a large bank account and a McMansion in a gated community. It is not an Ozzie and Harriet heaven filled with whirring conveniences and blemish free children. It is not the very thing that so many have died for in other lands so that the smaller portion of humanity might wallow in excess. Things getting better means things being exposed for what they are and this means that things are going to get much worse and much better at the same time. For those inclined to let go of their attachments to the big cotton candy illusion of instant gratification in temporary satiation, things of a more enduring nature are going to be revealed.

I suggest both the reader and the listener familiarize themselves with a few basic and inflexible truths and that might serve to lessen the stress being endured by the residents. Life on Earth is change. Just as Mercury makes far more revolutions around the sun in a given period of time than Pluto does, some changes are rapid and recurrent and some are long term. This is what allows traditionalists to actually have a time span in which traditions can exist for long enough to be believed in, even if they do pass in their time along with everything that is manifest.

Those who cling to traditions which may have been young and vital and which are now old and corrupt are victims of a kind of anal retentivism. Those who embrace each passing fad as the template for hedonistic experience and the preening vanity of a disappearing youth are victims of another sort. We are all the victims of what we believe to be real and since none of it is real we are all victims of one sort or another.

Across the spectrum of historical event, time moves differently depending on the period it is passing through. Time is moving quite rapidly now and that is the source of much discomfort, although those experiencing it do not usually apprehend the source of their discomfort. The ages of Faith, Reason and Enlightenment and all of the names given to specific periods of existence change into each other without actually reflecting the deeper meaning of the terms used. Mostly it’s just a change in wardrobe and a general movement through stage sets that are being built and dismantled with a fixed regularity. There is no permanence here. Ergo, wiser minds accommodate themselves to this from the get-go.

We are not here to become concert violinists; war heroes, parents and children, bank robbers or FBI agents. These are roles whose purpose- all roles- is to reveal that they are not real but only temporary dreams of misplaced identity. The purpose of being here is self-inquiry and only that. Ergo, wiser minds engage in this as their primary pursuit and are rewarded accordingly. Every other pursuit, no matter what it may be, dead-ends in confusion and leaves one, once again, at the gates of self-inquiry should one so choose... or they pick another outfit and off they go again to the next dead end.

An insightful mind would be well rewarded by studying the planets and the meaning of the names given to them by the ancients. It would repay the student well to consider the length of the courses of the planets in relation to each other and what the meaning is of oppositions, conjunctions and all aspects between these planets and how they affect the lives of those who contain these very forces within them. It is not necessary to study astrology- unless you have the gene. It is not advisable to read the predictions of morons who write about horoscopes in the newspapers and whose banal, generalities cover half a billion people at a time. The key is to investigate the palpable actions of forces within you that are mirrored in the heavens. It is possible to gain intuitive awareness of this interplay and learn how to surf the real waves of existence.

As with Alchemy, the point is not turning prima material into gold so that you can frolic about in what is basically a sewer done up as a trendy nightclub. The point of alchemy is to turn yourself into gold and become the divine currency which is accepted in far more locations than Visa or Diner’s Club and to far greater advantage. The wider world has things upside down and backwards and you are advised not to proceed in that direction because, well because it is another dead end.

It’s hard to persist in doing the right thing because the right thing is not honored in the world at large. It is considered foolish and annoying. You have to swim contrary to your own mortal nature as well as the mortal nature of everyone around you. The right thing in this world tends to result in your being canon fodder dressed up as some, ‘just add water’ Theseus, early sword in the stone guy, or Jason who locates the Golden Fleece at Wal-mart only to find that it’s made out of polyester and won’t stop a bullet or even keep you warm at night. It is impossible to locate the things of value in the marketplaces of the world. It is not available there. You should know this. You are carrying these things around with you to begin with but they cannot be activated until they are discovered and they can’t be operated until someone who already knows how to use them shows you their applications and purposes. Understanding what that last sentence implies is a good beginning and a good beginning can be effected on your death bed in the moments before your last gasp.

This is a way station, don’t treat it like it’s the destination because it isn’t. Truly awesome changes are upon us. Regardless, it is better not to focus on that aspect because truly awesome changes are potentially taking place within us as well and these are the more important changes. What’s going on outside is just weather.

Will you make the quantum leap in consciousness that this time period is providing? That is the big question and the biggest concern. Depending on your degree of comfort in the cruise ship and depending on your association of reality with the operations and courses of the cruise ship... on that depends your proximity to the ship when the ship sinks and sink it will. Study what happens to the flotsam and jetsam in the water when a large object sinks beneath the waves. Remember, this is less a matter of physical location than it is of your prevailing mind set... in this particular instance.

Either you make the jump or your attractions for what is being recycled will recycle you at the same time and you will be sent to the wardrobe department on the moon for a new series of lifetimes in the next cycle. Hopefully you will exhaust your need for impermanence on that next go round. Some people and groups of people are perfectly happy here. Their spiritual currency and their ruling authority are of this plane. They are the ones who actively work to keep you here. A little study of the historical record will reveal a great deal.

So ends the written portion of tonight’s broadcast. Those of you listening will now hear the rest of the transmission.

Tonight’s Radio Show

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Thought Born Universe in the Undisciplined Mind.

I notice that tensions are running high these days. That usually means confusion and uncertainty are at 1 and 2 in the post position. Things we grab at seem to be melting through our hands. Uncertainty seems to have some effect on solid objects as well as the plans we make concerning them and ourselves. People are moody and a lot of them are brittle. When you can’t find the source of your anxiety it seems that whoever is closest will do for cause.

I have no idea who I am. I am supposed to know maybe, but I don’t. There are some peculiarities about my state that I have never encountered in anyone else. It’s a lot like my saucer which has all kinds of features but they aren’t operative. The lights are on but the power is off. That doesn’t make any sense but that’s how it is.

I used to sell everything I had and then fly across the country on what I imagined was some errand of mercy but which always turned out to be just coming and going. I thought it was my job to fix things, help ease the crisis points in the lives of those I cared about but I couldn’t find anyone to fix me. Spiritual masters would give me funny looks like there was some kind of inside joke but I never got let in on it. The amounts of chaos and confusion that attended me were like bad drunks that never shut up. I didn’t know what anything meant, I just went through it.

Once I was on one of my routine, ‘sell everything and fly somewhere’ scenarios. This time is was to stay with a friend who was dying. He had rich parents and they had bought him a beautiful home in the woods near a famous town. He couldn’t do much by this time and his lovely expanse of lawn had become pocketed with leaves from the large deciduous trees that stood at various points around. I was asked to see what I could do to fix the situation.

This was a large area of lawn. It was less than an acre but not by much. I got a rake and began to remove the decomposing pockets of leaves and I saw right away that this was going to be a long affair. There wasn’t anyone else who was going to do this. It was clear that there were many long days of work ahead of me. If I was to focus on this factor my work would have been far more arduous than it already was. The awareness in my mind of how big a venture this was would prove to be every bit as taxing as the actual effort involved. So, I emptied my mind of the work in front of me and just went from pocket to pocket until I was done. One day I was done and it surprised me that I had actually accomplished it.

I wasn’t paid for this, not in ordinary coin. Later, after my friend has died his parents, out of gratitude for the various things I had done, left me certain of his possessions. A few months later when I went to claim them, his materialism-worshipping younger sister would not allow me to and sent me on my way.

I’ve had other situations like this. For a long time I used to do common construction labor for minimum wage. It was sometimes very cold and I was ill dressed but I did it anyway. A point came where I told myself that I would never work for less than three times what I had been getting and, just like that, I got paid that amount. A point came when I told myself that I wouldn’t drive anything but a new car anymore and that happened too. Today I have a new car and an older classic car and the conscious power within life makes sure that I have what I need when I need it, even though I don’t actually have anything beyond the tools of my trade and some books and clothes. I’m fine with that.

What I’ve learned is that it’s what’s going on in your mind that determines the meaning of what is going on outside of you. Physicists have proven that the universe is thought born and that everything is composed of mind stuff. This is something that metaphysicians have known since the beginning. We cause everything to come into being based on what takes place in our minds. This world in which we live has been thought into being by our collective thinking, fueled by desire. Each individual world differs from the other based on the degree of organization and intensity- whatever the personal objectives are- within each of us.

On the many highways of life some of us drive without incident. Others are accident prone and some numbers die in transit for whatever the reason may be. Some of us are often stopped by the police and some of us never are. I used to encounter the authorities all the time and, for a time, they were chasing me all over the country as an enemy of the state. These days the authorities don’t even see me. Customs officials and all the rest of them just wave me through if they see me at all. In America it was very different. In America I set off alarms just walking down the street. A vibration in one place can mean something very different in another place.

I’ve said what I’ve said so far for a reason. I don’t know if I will manage to make the point I have in my mind but I suspect most readers will intuit what I am trying to say even if I don’t do it very well.

We are approaching a critical period in human history. No one knows what shape it is going to take and I have a suspicion it is going to be far more dramatic and descend more swiftly upon us than most of us would anticipate. People believe various things about the cause of what is coming. The cause of what is coming is our collective thinking about the possibilities. The very idea of 2012 is a presence in the human mind. There is a self-fulfilling prophecy at work. If enough people expect something then something is going to happen.

In ordinary times there is a collective mind set that the ordinary will prevail and it does. The greater mind holds everything in place according to the general view of reality held by the majority. Mind is responsible for everything; the weather, social, political and economic conditions. All of the ordinary potentials are still there. There’s no less food and money than before but there is a much greater, pervasive anxiety about it. Good times, bad times are meaningless in and of themselves. They shift position for the purpose of a growth in awareness. Every event and condition in life has no other purpose but to increase our awareness and force us to grow. If we refuse, if we become unyielding, we die and that is growth too.

The intensity of the pain of growth can be measured by our resistance to it. We resist growth because it means the loss of what we have and what is familiar to us in exchange for the unknown. Because we don’t trust the process we fight it. Our fighting it doesn’t make any difference. It happens anyway. A wiser mind accepts this inevitability and thereby reaps unexpected blessings all the way along.

We are making all of this happen because something within all of us is unsatisfied with what we are and what we have. We may not know this but it is so. If we look at what we are facing it can be overwhelming and that is why it is best to address just a single pocket of leaves at a time. We see a course before us and imagine the most likely events that will attend it but it is never what we imagined it would be. Even though it is our imagining that brings it into being it never matches up with what we think we imagined.

It seems to me that the whole point of this pending and unavoidable exercise is to throw us into a helpless reliance upon what we have been opposing and rejecting in pursuit of various chimera. It seems to me that the sole purpose of life is to inform us of the presence of divine agency. The more willing we are to embrace this, the more easily we will pass through it with the least wear and tear. Otherwise you ARE going to wear and tear because there is no way around it. It will be in front of you no matter in which direction you proceed.

The thing we don’t seem to get is that the primary engine of all that happens to us is benevolent to us. It’s not taking us somewhere we don’t want to go and it is not tormenting us for its own amusement. It’s just that we- in our insistence of knowing better- oppose our own best interest all the way down the line and just make the whole thing a lot harder than it has to be. I’m going to have to stop here but the idea will continue on in the minds contemplating it.

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Saturday, September 05, 2009

And the Horse you Rode in On

There is one thing happening in these times and one thing only and that is a choice of direction. There is nothing else. It is either all about down here or it is about migrating to a higher plane where down here becomes up there but still somewhere in between. For me it is preferable to go up there because the thrill is gone down here anyway and up there has what I seek as a natural part of the environment, the same way we have earth and water here. Of course the next realm is only a way station for sorting out new capacities to gain the understanding and wisdom needed to eventually become the self-contained reality that we see in the Buddhas and others where they have manifested a world in which everything may become aligned to the essence; our destiny being to shine like the stars at night upon that black ignorance which is the confusions of form and impermanence... the body kaleidoscope turning the endless permutations of the same into the variations of geometry and color that keep us thinking we can make something new out of what is the same thing. Of course we can. It is what we do and we do it for the purpose of distraction from the primary purpose and that is essentially what life is; us distracted in the midst, seeking the balancing state of eternity in the midst or... seeking something else. Balance isn't static. It is always adjusting... through lives, time and karma until finally coming into a state of imperceptible shifts of indwelling fullness, filled with the qualities of God or something else.

Pause... ‘for’ the moment and... (in respect of our recent conversations here) let’s deliver this in a model that might be familiar and allow for a deeper penetration than what is available at the last grab item stands at the checkout counter; be they candies or magazines or books.

The first paragraph went by way too fast. The second was an interlude. This one wants to point out that ‘there’ is ‘here’. Sometimes people think Heaven is an ‘other place’ that you go to and... it’s true... there is something that represents passage and... something leads you ...and this is true of Heaven and Hell and degrees between because it is all suffering at some point until there is no point in suffering because you got the point. Is this relatively clear? Accidents that aren’t accidents happen like “Heaven’s Gate” when people become confused about here and there. Heaven and Hell are part of you. The problem is in the adjustment of the kingdoms to one another within the person in search of whatever that might be. Different things lead to different places but it’s always here and it’s always now.

As long as you can draw a breath there is hope within it and the possibility of a changed direction. The appropriate place to start is right in the act of how you are treating someone else and what that has to do with what you want because what you want has to do with where you are going and ‘how’ you want it has something to do with the ease of the ride. Intense spiritual desire is no less painful than other pursuits though it does have the redemption of the destination. Yes, it hurts. The question should be, why does it hurt?

Getting into things is often easier than getting out of them. No matter what anyone tells you, anything you wish for, aspire to, work for, scheme after and all of the possible combinations require changes. Change is seldom comfortable but it is changing. Change is often exciting and it can be terrifying too. We intentionally terrify ourselves. By example I can give you amusement rides; white water affairs. dark diving, spelunking inquiries after types of matter ...or escape from the same... scary movies... walking in the woods or down dark streets at night. Why are you there to begin with? What do you think you will find? The problem is that we are all lost because we can’t remember where we came from and so we are ‘here’; wherever here is. Depending on the individual that can be just about anywhere and there you are, right now, in ‘this’ life at this point and

Abou Ben Adhem (may his tribe increase!)
Awoke one night from a deep dream of peace,
And saw, within the moonlight in his room,
Making it rich, and like a lily in bloom,
An Angel writing in a book of gold:

Exceeding peace had made Ben Adhem bold,
And to the Presence in the room he said,
"What writest thou?" The Vision raised its head,
And with a look made of all sweet accord
Answered, "The names of those who love the Lord."

"And is mine one?" said Abou. "Nay, not so,"
Replied the Angel. Abou spoke more low,
But cheerily still; and said, "I pray thee, then,
Write me as one who loves his fellow men."

The Angel wrote, and vanished. The next night
It came again with a great wakening light,
And showed the names whom love of God had blessed,
And, lo! Ben Adhem's name led all the rest!”

Poetry can be hijacked but truth never. You will note the last paragraph in the link and possibly understand that forces are also at work to make life uncomfortable and to demand that you give cause for why you are here and that your presence requires your engagement in things that you may or may not want to have anything to do with.

Yes, here we are. What are we going to do about it? That we shall see because everyone is doing something according to what they think is real and according to whom they think is in control of the whole of the oyster; if oyster it be.

We are not just what we are but we are also what we are in respect (or the lack of) of what is moving around us. At this time there’s a great deal of manipulation at work because various powerful agendas are on their way to a meeting with the source of power itself. These agendas are aware and unaware of this, depending.

Some agendas are informed no further than the horse on which they ride and do not know that that horse may well be another creature whose ear is tuned to the whistle of his real master. No, they’re just out riding in some conveyance. It could be a limousine or it could be a tank. It could be an airplane and it could be a ship or it could be a horse disguised as everything else but the point is that it is moving and they are going. Some know where they are going and some do not. Some care and some do not care. Some want this and some want that and there is an enormous amount of things to want that are useless and incidental to the thing itself. All that interests me is the thing itself but... the distractions are great.

I believe along with Lao Tzu that the solution must begin with me. To the degree that I can live according to what is true then that will be true of me. It is no matter to me what the laws of the lands and elements in the hands of those forging the world for their own purposes demand or insist or compel to be but rather what I would make of me. I would rather not have war on my borders. Therefore there should be no war inside myself and everything will follow of its own accord until the world is made whole again.

This is just to say that this ‘every moment is the same moment’ is also the point of change and the point of impact. You can start in this very moment to listen for that whistle; if whistle it be. In relation to the degree of surrender, the door will open accordingly. In relation to the degree of letting go, it will all go away. Is it old wine in new bottles or new wine in old bottles that you should or shouldn’t do?

Sometimes neither option is correct because the imponderables are not just this or that. They are something beyond this and that. They might even contain this and that. There is a force or there is not. It is real or it is not. If it is real and alive, it is probably conscious and aware of you so that might be the place to start. I think, regardless of all of whatever else is out there and in there that this would be my primary concern. Once having established that it is real and alive and conscious and indwelling how do I contact it? You should be laughing at this point and that would also mean you have your answer or will be getting one soon.

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Eckhart Tolle Booth on the Road to Somewhere.

Well... first off, I have been having people talking to me about Eckhart Tolle, off and on for a couple of years now. I’ve read some of his work and been left stone cold because he sounds like, “Cliff Notes for the Divine”; a sort of dumbed sideways (neither up nor down) “Chicken Soup for Something or Other”... rehashing things I have heard far more eloquently put by others who have been generally ignored due to not having a press agent. Ten people can say the same thing and hundreds of them do but ‘the ringing of the gong within’ is not given to the hundreds and money cannot enter in.

When the avatar comes this time he is coming in the collective human heart because that is the seat of judgment and this is the time of that purpose. Tolle, like so many of these wunderkind like, should I mention Andrew Cohen, or any of the Rajneesh offspring or any of those white linen suit guys with the “I’m okay and you’re okay” and “the silence between your thoughts is more important than your thoughts” all makes me think of Louise Hays who understood every human discomfort and disease to the point that she laid out the source of it but couldn’t heal her own on the way to a publishing empire of people dressed in robes who claim to channel the one and also have special cards for each day of the year so you can always be up on it and there’s a special on scented candles...

I would be remiss in my duty if I let this go by. The real lightworkers are invisible because they are selfless and working alongside you like Babaji does when he appears now and then. I trust no proclaimed light worker who does not give nearly all of the money (and themselves) away and they don’t write books with title like, “Stillness Speaks”, that sounds like some pretty pretentious silence. But with me, ‘the eyes’ have it. I watch the eyes, the hand gestures and I watch the aura and it’s not like there isn’t plenty of youtube to go by. Jesus Christ... watch one of them. You have a search engine? And check out the Outer Space, half Mormon, half Elvis (without the rock and roll) getup and the simpering and cloying “I’m falling to sleep now” delivery. What the heck, watch some of it. It’s the same sit down, stand-up comedian I’ve seen on every new age circuit and it’s lame. It’s lame and lacking vitality. Or am I wrong”?

It sounds like some just add water dehydrated, freeze pack enlightenment for soccer moms. It sounds like bullshit chasing its own tale. Study just this one video... watch the speaking, the words, the gestures and most importantly... watch it double back on itself over and over as it massages the attention into torpor.

As I said, I could be wrong but if I am then I am very wrong. Do you think people paid to get in to hear this? Does he address what is happening? Does he talk about 9/11? What has he said about the circumstances of the time? All of these new age speakers avoid these questions because the money stops if they say anything. People... watch for what doesn’t happen and doesn’t get said. Someone please tell me what this man’s template is. Tell me who is in charge above and below according to him. Is there no above and no below? Is it something like the film, “Jacob’s Ladder”? Is it something like, “The Man From Earth”? Is it all just a lot of space between the thoughts which used to mean, “Spaced out”? Someone tell me where the kind of people who are listening to him are going to wind up.

What is the modality ‘after’ you stay in the present and whose present are we talking about? If California is burning to the ground- and it is going to, just wait and see what happens to LA... if California is burning do you just stay in the present? Would you follow this man into the desert? Does this man exude the quiet power of... say, this man? Does he have the presence of this man? OR maybe this man? What about this woman? What about this guy? Let’s see what I can come up with.

I am perplexed because I get a bad feeling about this guy Tolle and people who come here and read here are recommending him to me and I do not care for his delivery or his presence. He feels like some kind of ‘jumped out of the woodwork’ guy and that tone of speech that doesn’t ever arrive anywhere mystifies me.

Look, I’m a flawed person and I shouldn’t even be teaching people to play Backgammon or Bolle (rhymes with Tolle). Still... I feel it is my duty to speak out because I smell a snow job only it’s not snow.

I know why money doesn’t want to get near me because I talk about 9/11 and Israel. I talk about things I see coming and I saw them a long time ago and they keep coming don’t they? Does Eckhart have a get out of Armageddon free card? Sure, it’s going to work out but it’s going to go through some rough country. Is Eckhart going to be there to hold their hands? I keep looking for the point. I keep looking for what it is that you wind up being once you follow his instructions that have no destination.

I trust what’s inside of me and what’s inside of you and I don’t trust anything else. These are the very times we were warned about. Here is a reasonable question,; what force or persons is behind this appearing out of the blue and becoming world wide? The commentary of this man is simplistic and convoluted without closure and yet... he’s an oracle all of a sudden. If you knew how many times I got taken to the cleaners so that I now have to walk around naked all the time then you might understand how I got to where you can’t bullshit me, flatter me or make me believe I’m anything more than just one of you.

I see all the nice things people say about me. That and a dollar will get me a cup of coffee and I know it. It’s not like I don’t appreciate it or that it doesn’t motivate me to try harder, it does. I realize too that this pisses some people off and I feel for them because I know what its like to be the Crown of Creation and not have anyone notice because they’re too busy praising some guy who can string words together. But it’s more than the words isn’t it? I know why it is and that’s why no credit should accrue to me.

I’m not in competition with Tolle or anyone else and I don’t resent the easy fame or the magical pervasiveness because only one thing really pervades and we’re just faucets when you get down to it. It’s all water and the only thing that differentiates any of the water is the clarity of the fluid. I just want you to pay attention. I ask nothing more than that you pay attention and ask the right questions.

There is a major deception on the way and it’s not the usual deceptions of which we are all familiar. It’s the deception that appears to be the answer to the deceptions when Push and Shove get all Siamese in surround sound. The greatest deception is the one that fortuitously manifests in the hour of greatest need. It’s the Slim Shady bolthole that leads into a brick wall. It’s the promise of deliverance from the original bondage meister. It’s that cutting a deal thing when you don’t have a moment to think about it. It’s the “let it all flow” thing that runs right into the abyss. It’s “the man who squats behind the man who works the soft machine”.

So, like I said, maybe I’m wrong and this is your chance to tell me about it and maybe I’ll learn something or have an epiphany. Help me understand what I seem to not be getting. My reaction to this guy and nearly all of the rest of them is wariness. I feel like I got to watch the rocks across the icy stream. I feel like the guy with three matches in the Jack London story. I feel like I just don’t get it,. Maybe you can clear this up for me. Please be gentle... or not.

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