Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Watcher Within

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The most important thing to remember in these critical moments of life is that we are all parts and players in a multi-dimensional movie with a generally fixed plot. The plot is fixed and there is nothing new about it. What is not fixed, except when it is, is us. Life continues and goes on for just so long as there is possibility other than death, in the cases where it applies, or only so long as the demands of Karma insist that it go on. We've heard the term, "as above, so below". It's one of those phrases like, "know thyself" that we hear so often that we don't register the meaning of it. We certainly don't register the implications of them. Let's look more closely at the first term and how it applies to the time in which we find ourselves; "As above, so below". As with most of the timeless axioms, it has more than one interpretation and can also be understood on more than one level and that is dependent on the level of awareness of the person understanding it.

One of the meanings is that things go on in the invisible realm in much the same way as they do down here. They have armies there and there are armies here. There are functionaries in both places that take care of very similar things. There are courts and courts of appeal. A person trapped on the glueboard of Karma can expect an opportunity' for relief if he or she is a persistent petitioner. Sometimes this means that his or her whole life shifts and becomes more intense and possibly more possessed of suffering than it was. That's how it works. If you should choose the way out, it certainly means engaging in a conscious letting go of all things material. This doesn't mean that things material go away. It means they have to be seen in a different light. This is because there are watchers in the higher planes and that is one of the 'seeming' exceptions down here. The light, the different light in which things need to be seen, is a light of awareness that harmonizes with and is attractive to The Watchers.

We all have a Watcher within. If you've managed to pass beyond the rudimentary states of meditation, you know this. If you have taken a sufficient amount of psychedelics and are a more or less aware individual, you know this. You know there is a Watcher Within. The Watcher is not the only presence within in most cases. In the human psyche, there is a place through which evil enters. It has to be invited to enter but that is easily accomplished. All one has to do is desire something or have an appetite for something and that is the invitation, should one act upon, scheme after, or arrange to compromise oneself in the pursuit of whatever. All of this takes place in the mind well before it takes place in the field of action. Sure, sometimes it is immediate and impulsive but... many of our objectives are expressions of complex strategies that we may be unfamiliar with much of the time. A lot of things go on below our surface.

When you are young it can be easy to shake off certain things. It can also be easier to fully immerse yourself in something. Disappointment, resignation and despair impact on us with varying degrees of intensity, depending on our stage of life. It's much easier to toss everything into the wind at one point than it might be at another. Late in the game it can be a serious test of everything one has told themselves they believe. We never know what we believe until our beliefs are challenged and tested and life guarantees this will happen. It is, essentially what life is all about.

The illustrious Homer, not the blind poet of long ago but our Homer in residence, posted a comment today from the Bhagavad Gita. It is something I have been saying for a long time and I never saw it in the Bhagavad Gita and I have read that book half a dozen times. My point is that truth is truth, across all platforms and in all languages. Basically what the quote says is that your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy and that has simply to do with whether you have control of it. The Tarot card, The Chariot symbolizes this and is defined as Triumph in the Mind. I can use the Waite Deck here since it is pretty indistinguishable from that in The Case Deck.

I am more familiar with this card than I am with most of the others because it is the main card of my life leading to the two following cards. It's been pointed out to me more times than I can count. Each of us is at a particular stage and dealing with a particular card or inter-relationship of cards, whether we know it or not and when I say 'cards' I mean archetypes. It is our misfortune if we can't identify where we are because it has a great deal to do with being present. Certainly one can discover much by looking at one's natal chart to see what the planets are that will exercise the more significant impact in our lives and then match them up with the particular cards. None of the cards are good or bad, they are powers (forces), mediums and states or conditions. It's a short jaunt from there to 'esoteric astrology' and the spiritual implications. There's nothing wrong with astrology. It's a fairly exact science. The problem is that there are very few fairly exact astrologers.

As I initially stated, we are in a movie and that movie is a common one to an apocalyptic period. The environment can be different and the players different but the dance is the same. It is all part and parcel of the war of souls that takes place during an apocalypse. Most of us have been coming and going here for awhile. We'd know a lot more about it all if we could carry our memories from previous lives into this one. Knowledge of them comes at a stage of awareness, when the knowledge can no longer impact on the state of one's existence. Sometimes one can find this out but locating a bonafide seer who can reveal this is not easy. The mass of teachers, never great in this stage of this yuga, have retreated away from the general ebb and flow of human traffic, in order to make way for all the false prophets who claim the stage at these times. it's all part of the movie about The War for Souls.

It is very difficult to find an alleged teacher or an alleged master in these times who is not raking in the cash for their particular dance of illusion. They are merely magicians spinning webs of influence. What they give you is an appearance of safety and a collection of terms and practices that you can use to negotiate you through and define your existence. They know where the buttons are. It's a game. If you don't know how to play this game there are several reasons and it's not because you are stupid. Most of us are sincere in our search, at least we are until the heavy tests weed us out, which they will. You need to have a capacity for corruption to suss out the necessary mechanisms and this you can do by observing one of the practitioners in action and adapting their mannerisms and load of glittering dung. There's a certain group of people that are genetically disposed to this kind of behavior but... I digress. However... if you move in those circles, you know what I'm talking about.

Our Karma determines our sensitivity to levels of BS. We need to watch that kind of thing but our Karmic predispositions make this difficult, however... knowing we have them and being 'willing' to see through our own vulnerabilities, makes us vulnerable to legitimate teachers. Now... I don't want to upset anyone who may come around and see what I am about to say and take it personally. When you mention someone that people have an 'investment' in, they become defensive on behalf of their investment and close themselves off to legitimate argument.

I owned an occult spiritual bookstore during the time that Rajneesh burst on to the scene. I was already familiar with the writings of various sages and teachers from times past. I ordered some of Rajneesh's books from one of my suppliers. It might have been Book People from out in California. I read briefly through some of what he had to say and I had two reactions. One was that his info was very clearly and simply presented and the other was that it was all taken from other sources. This was blatantly obvious to me. I put him aside and didn't think any more about it until I started hearing about the 99 Rolls Royces and bodyguards running alongside whatever Rolls Royce The Big Kahuna was being driven around in, with Uzi machine guns at port arms. Around this time I ran back into the most intense love of my life and she happened to be a followers of the man. She told me about being at one of their communities and how there were always 50 gallon drums burning which people threw condoms into. The man knew how to arrange situations that appealed those susceptible.

Previous to that I had happened upon a gathering for Muktananda. A girl I had known from D.C. came up to me where I was standing under a tree watching it all. She poked me in the ribs and made some comment about my being unwilling to integrate. I guess she was a follower. Mukty came walking by at some point and I had a child in my arms that belonged to someone I was close to at the time. He stopped and looked at me, said something or other and moved on. What I noticed or sensed was the hot red energy around him. Later I found out he was having sex with his devotees.

I went to Edmonton Canada to see this New Age holy man, John De Ruiter. I seriously considered joining his community. While I was there, this insane lady I had been corresponding with showed up like something out of a nightmare. I tell that story in my song, Bad Dogs and Barbed Wire. This guy had two pretty hot young things that took care of a lot of administrative things. Probably through the machinations of my teacher I came upon him and them looking pretty close on occasion. I wondered but not too much. It wasn't any of my business. He was married to a very attractive woman and had several children. I left there and the next thing I heard was that he had left his wife for not one but both of these ladies. This was the guy that used to talk all the time about being genuine and honest and how your energy would naturally flow to another and how you had to have all this integrity about it. His wife later said, "Okay, I can understand him leaving me for someone, these things happen but why did he have to leave me for the two prettiest girls in the fellowship?" He had some kind of rationale about all of this that employed the same syntax dynamics that he used ordinarily. He hugged me at some point in the proceedings and I felt this hot red energy coming off of him.

I'd love to be a member of a bonafide spiritual community but... what I've found, when attempting to do this is that there is a certain contingent in each of these communities who have arranged themselves into positions of power and operate as the bureaucrats there. They are doctrinaire and dogmatically robotic and they have uniformly not liked me and though I may have had the benevolent ministrations of the teacher, living there was not pleasant for me overall because of whatever mafia was in place. Their primary concern was their position and secondarily whatever the master said, which got interpreted however these sorts do that. In the one place, when the master passed, the ruling junta paved over the beautiful front yard and then assigned themselves parking places. That said it all to me. That was at the Guru Bawa Fellowship in Philadelphia.

I had a community of equals once and that went well, until one of these masters (Guru Bawa) came in and swooped us all up. Most of them are still there. I'm not. I'm still in spin and in a couple of months I'll wind up somewhere and the next chapter will begin. We're on a spiral stairway, up into the light or... we are on a spiral stairway into the darkness, or... we are on a temporary plateau that is temporarily providing us with shelter and sustenance of some kind on all the necessary levels, depending on how we explained it to ourselves. It's just temporary though. That is both good news and bad news, depending on how we take it.

We are in the midst of a war and all of the superficial appearance of other wars are a cover for this, be they economic, cultural, or actual conflicts, whether with others or with ourselves. Of course, you can't have one without the other. You can be adverse to this war for souls, thinking it is unfair and reacting to the appearance of how heavily the deck seems to be stacked against us but... that's just the appearance. The Watcher Within knows all about it and your status is exclusively determined by your relationship with The Watcher Within. Intention, aspiration and your level of determination will determine outcome. If you knew what was at stake, nothing would be allowed to compromise your determination and you would also know that you cannot lose, so long as you don't give up. This is a period of tribulation and testing. Knowing that is half the battle. Knowing that the invisible hierarchy is in charge, regardless of appearances, is a powerful defense against appearances.

We are being given all this time to ready and prepare ourselves. That is the meaning of each day that appears. It is a day of opportunity. In a sense you can look at each day as being something like "Groundhog Day". Strive hard!

The harvester is coming. The harvester is sweeping these souls to this side and those souls to that side. The Watcher Within is watching. The trick is to watch with the watcher. This is accomplished by going around and in all your thoughts, words and actions, being inclusive of your awareness of 'and as' the watcher. Another way of putting it is to do everything as if you were god accomplishing it but this requires the proper mindset, lest you wind up like some of these others. It's a good thing to keep in mind that phrase about how, "pride goeth before a fall". This is very real. How real depends on us, each and every one and a good motivation to remember is that we aren't just carrying ourselves but everyone who winds up in our slipstream at whatever point that happens, just as we are caught up in a slipstream ourselves.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

The End of the Bad Drummers who Hijacked Holy Drummerland

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Bad drummers are the bottom feeders of the music business and... they're organized. They're organized world wide and they've got a malevolent agenda. They want music, all music, to conform to their way of doing things and if you don't 'play along', you're not going to be able to make music. I make music and in the process of it I pretend to play the guitar and the piano. I see nothing wrong with this, given that there are also plenty of other musicians who actually do play the guitar and piano but who pretend to compose music and pretend to include meaning and intent into their compositions, which I eschew because there is no need to pretend.

For a long time, the bad drummers kept their fascistic intentions below the radar. They were a powerful political force, with a lot of funds to carry out their plans for the domination of world music. They got this money by convincing the international music council of their superior capacity to maintain and print the currency, due to their claim of being in possession of the original beat and here is where the whole tale gets murky so... maybe I should start at the beginning and even before I begin to reference the panel of experts, consisting of Gilad Atzmon and Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala. The latter's complete name is actually Mon Dieu Dieu Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala M'Bala Trop Ennui but that doesn't fit into the Pentatonic Scale and so he had it chromatically shortened, in order to conform to something other than the musical standards, set into place by this gang of well organized bad drummers, who claim to possess the original beat. It's a lot like the 440 controversy but... I digress.

Anyway, some thousands of years ago there was a group, a Tribe of drummers who were the original drummers and they lived in what is called these days, "The Holy Drummerland". They were a simple people who made their way, as most did in those days by herding animals along with seasonal farming and they hosted semi annual music festivals, where people from all the lands of the time would attend and, according to the historical record, which these days is no longer the historical record, a good time was had by all.

Then, about 13 hundred years ago a King, who declared himself the King of Drummers, King Bulan Bo-Diddleme came into town, metaphorically speaking and he converted a mercenary army into a army of drummers, whose intent then and intent now, was to take over the music of the world and make everyone dance to their beat. They were known as AscashNAZIS, so called because they had a pathologically fascist method of appropriating the money systems in whatever country they temporarily settled in. By the time they moved on to their next victim, the country had no resources and everyone was dancing to a different drummer and, according to historical records, which no longer exist, no one was dancing very well because the beat had no connection to primal Earth rhythms. It was an artificially constructed beat that forced everyone to dance unnaturally and you see it very much these days, as their particular beat is applied to everything, including basic sexual expression and not in the way that Nature intended it to be but rather in a dysfunctional way that reversed the direction of the flow of the Kundalini. This flooded the world with guilt so that the peoples of the world were unable to build up any resistance to them and became easy prey.

For centuries, these unnatural drummers schemed and dreamed about possessing the lands that the original drummers lived in, which was Holy Drummerland. They knew they had no genetic claim to this land, so what they did was to insinuate themselves into the economic systems of the more powerful countries and finally they were in a position, after fomenting a world war for that purpose, to lay a spurious claim to these lands, with historical revisions that replaced original histories. From that point it was easy for them to drive the original drummers out and take their lands. Now the original drummers live in the world's largest open air concentration camp and they are forbidden to drum according to the old ways. The usurper drummers changed the names of all the old towns and created new historical records, which said they had always been there, which they had not.

All over the world, musicians were oppressed and offended by the new beat and the unpleasant music that came out of it and all of them had to pay a Kosher tax to the Kosher Nostra of Bad Music in order to make any music at all.

It seemed that nothing could stop these false drummers from their plans of world domination. In recent times they have entered into a conspiracy with bass players, in order to force all the guitar and piano players out of the picture, so that now, most of the music being played is only bass and drums and this is accompanied by pornographic rap artists who recite profane lyrics that attack the sanctity of the feminine, reducing the divine feminine into a demonic slut and celebrating the acquisition of glittering garbage that serves to force the public mind into a worship of material things, while at the same time, killing off the public appreciation of spiritual things and turning the world into an infernal realm of darkness. Because these demented drummers had taken control of the manufacture of currency around the world, they could get away with anything and anyone who criticized or opposed them, was mercilessly slandered or murdered because they controlled the public information medium as well, which they had bought with money they printed out of thin air. So... anything they did, no matter how hideous, was explained away in the newspapers and on the electronic media, which they controlled. They also controlled the world of entertainment where cultural perspectives were shaped and they controlled the art world so that they could determine which artists would be celebrated. If you didn't go along with the program, you didn't get to sell your art and your music didn't get heard. That's just how it was. They controlled all the mediums that determined what books would be read, what music would be heard, what art would be appreciated and they controlled the means of distribution as well. If you didn't dance to their music, or write what they wanted you to write, or created what they wanted you to create, you were in trouble.

So... one day in France, a very intelligent and talented man, named Mon Dieu Dieu Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala M'Bala Trop Ennui, called, for the sake of brevity, Dieudonne M'Bala M'Bala ...and in order to conform to The Pentatonic Scale, was taking a nap in his hammock outside his home somewhere in France. He had a dream and in his dream, an angel appeared to him. The angel told Dieudonne that his name was Du Pain and that he had been sent by God to tell Dieudonne that he had been chosen by God to bake a special loaf of bread called Le Quenelle. He said that Dieudonne must make a pilgrimage to Bethlehem, which means House of Bread and that once there, he would be led by the spirit to a special oven, where the spirit would instruct him on how to prepare Le Quenelle. The angel said that the spirit would enter into the bread and that once baked, Dieudonne must take Le Quenelle home to France and then hide the loaf in a secret location. The angel showed Dieudonne how to make a magical sign called The Quenelle and which had the power to expose the false music of the false drummers, to make them tremble in fear for all the evil they had done and finally, to drive them out of Holy Drummerland and everywhere else that they were making bad things happen, under the spell of their bad music.

Any musician knows that drummers are control freaks to begin with. They insist that all the other musicians play in time with them and not deviate or do their own thing. Who decided that? If you didn't have a drummer you could play as fast as you want or at any time you wanted; slow down, speed up, so what? Even good drummers who do not manufacture perverted beats, like the followers of King Bulan Bo-Diddleme are control freaks.

In a way it is like the construction industry. All of the trades vie for importance over each other. The Electricians proclaim that they are the heavyweights. The Carpenters and Masons say the same thing. The Architects insist that since they drew up the plans that everyone else is secondary. It's the same thing in the music world, with composers and conductors. They insist there is no music without them. The truth is that it's the painters who are the true heavyweights and important players. All of the other tradesmen make mistakes and produce ugly results. Look at any house before the painters come in. They are all ugly. After the painters leave, the house looks beautiful and all of the mistakes are hidden. My job, is to come in before the painters arrive and make note of what it all looks like before it gets covered up but... I digress. Well, not really, see, the painters are running things because they control appearances. You see what they want you to see and that is not everything. This means they can control what you see and how you think, based on what you see.

A disgruntled saxophone player named Gilad came around some time before Dieudonne had his vision and he saw what the false drummers were up to. He was able to see clearly into the lies about genetic claims to stolen lands and... as a real musician, he could tell what the bad drumming was doing to the music, so he began to publicize the lies and reveal the inconsistencies, which he was able to do to great effect because he worked for Mr. Apocalypse, just like Dieudonne does. Although Gilad was essentially a musician through and through, he migrated into the realm of words, to make another kind of music that would neutralize the bad music being made by the bad drummers. This has made the bad drummers very angry. Meanwhile, Diedonne began to make the sign of the Quenelle and because it was a magic sign, it unleashed a new power into the world that made it possible for people to hear how bad the music had become and what a drag it was to try to dance to it. This began to give the bad drummers heart attacks and all of them started to grab their left arm as they fell to the floor. Wait! Isn't that the wrong arm? So...? Don't they do everything backwards?

People began to see how really bad the music had gotten. They began to see how much the music sucked. Le Quenelle was waking them up, vibrating from its secret location. It was waking them up because it is an apocalypse and all things hidden are being revealed. This is bad news for the bad drummers, who hijacked Holy Drummerland and have been genociding the original residents. The whole world has turned against them because of disgruntled multi-tasking sax players and comedians turned into bakers. They are soon to be followed by people from every walk of life. Soccer players are making the quenelle sign on the soccer field. The bad drummers who own just about everything, because their Satanically possessed drumming gave them the power to print ghost money, are not amused but their time has come to an end. Everyone is waking up to how bad their music is and what a bummer it is to dance to it and how expensive it is to dance to it and have no fun doing it.

These bad drummers have a way of saying things wrong, so that you are operating with the wrong information. They'll invite you to an orgy and tell you that your uncle's sister, on the one side will be there and your uncles brother on the other will too. They don't tell you it's your mother and father; not that they care, except to what a degree it might degrade you. That's the point of the music they make. Because it is evil music, it inspires bad behavior and that creates guilt. You get enough guilt going on and it's easy to send young people to war under false pretenses. Once they go to war they have ten times the guilt they left with when they come back. This works fine for the bad drummers, who have more guilt than anyone and for very legitimate reasons, given what they've been up to for centuries and centuries now.

The day of the bad drummers is coming to an end. They are going to have to face the music, the real music and the real music will make them come apart at the seams. Real music has integrity. They have none. I'm sure you can figure out what the impact of one upon the other will be.

Do you want to help? As you pass through this world, when you see a bad drummer, offer them a symbolic loaf of quenelle. Tell them it means exactly what they think it does but since they are not who they say they are, what difference does it make? Their bad drumming is going to be silenced. Their false histories are going to be exposed. Mr Apocalypse is going to see to that. Better get your own house in order and stay away from the bad music.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Six Flag Waving Nations over Fundie Land and Elsewhere.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

There are so many examples of people being shot by members of their family, or stabbed 30 times, or shooting colleagues and erstwhile friends, or random attacks on strangers that there's no point in linking them all, I'll just put up the main website. Of course, you can go to any of the other Crass Media sites and find even more. I'm bringing this up because you can look for this to increase and increase until it becomes horribly ludicrous (if that's the proper term). The greater the press of the economy and the weather and the lack of basic needs, the more exponential this is going to go. I hate to be the one who mentions it to you but I want you to be wary and observant as you go, should you be living in Police State U.S.A.

A reader, the BCth, posted a comment this morning over at Mirrors. Here it is:

"Re: Channeling

I've now read most of the piece of channeled material linked by walking hawk some days ago. (Thank you for that, wh!) To my senses, it appears to follow a familiar pattern: the best or cleanest material, the most resonant points, come near the beginning, followed by a trend toward less and less over time. I am not in a position to disprove or verify for myself much of what's there, so I have to pretty much go by gut feel.

They (whoever "they" being channeled are) tell us that this universe has been corrupted on every level, from the micro to the macro. They also stress the importance of personal integrity as a way to resonate with truth and positive, protective forces. (I would also add self-reliance and healthy skepticism as protection from being deceived. The "Dark" aspects of these higher-dimensional beings certainly know what buttons to push to get us to swallow dirt along with the good stuff.) What I can surmise from this is that whatever weaknesses of character these light workers and channelers may have is definitely exploited to the fullest by the Dark side to slip as much false hope and whatnot through as possible. You really see this when it comes to the "predictions" they put out...."

Does this not remind you of near exactly what gets said here on a regular basis? I've little use for channeling at the hands of most and especially those you see advertising on New Age websites, who have a list of their various titles of function that often make me laugh out loud. Here's one such site on channeling, only it doesn't have the funny listing. One of them I thought was channeling the Detroits Lions fabulous wide recveiver, Megatron but it is actually the archangel Metatron. Now just because Metatron is not listed as one of the original archangels, ANYWHERE, in the witten and archaeological sense, does not mean he hasn't just come up through the ranks in the meantime.

Here's a really funny one; you will note that the first entry says, "I will read your cards for $20" and the next one says, "I will read your cards for $5. Heh heh, someone there is doing Face/Soul readings. One of them will 'send you' 30 minutes; that's 30 minutes of Reiki healing for $5. As has been proven here more times than I can even recall, I'll send you the necessary healing for nothing and it usually has a noticeable effect and this is something readily accomplished by 'anyone' with the proper possession of the necessary amounts of source, will and certitude. At a particular level of belief, results are automatic. Sometimes they are less than what is sought and on occasion not permitted due to the necessity of the condition remaining, for some reason. They don't tell us anything about that. And... who doesn't want to take a stroll through The Psychics Mall? The U.S. is known for and is sure to be known for, by the time this year comes to a close, for Psycho Malls. Malls are going to become a real attraction zone for things other than what they've been for until now, for all sorts of reasons. The same for fast food locations. This kind of thing, I feel certain, could actually be predicted as on the menu by the use of theoretical and probability math. I think chaos theory has some of these elements too. No doubt there's even a website for it that has an animated avatar of Jeff Goldblum. The site has voice stress analyzing software, so that they can narrow down your possible interests and look all savvy and such. What does the magic 8 ball say? Psychics to the left of me, psychics to the right of me, into the valley of psychics rode the unwary, god help us.

A reader pointed out an interesting point about a psychic that got mentioned in the comments recently. He made so many predictions and many of them conveniently vague so that after awhile some of them have to happen, in some kind of recognizable way and then he can take credit for them, without mentioning the other ones that somehow slip off the page at that point.

Lots of people go to psychics for financial insight but... the truth of you having money or not having money depends on whether you have the gene or not, or whether your Karma is geared that way. That's subject to change upon your departure, if not before, should you lack the necessary generosity that speaks to an understanding of cosmic ebb and flow and all attendant cosmic laws that cover this sort of thing and... there are several. I am personally far richer than any billionaire on the planet and my wealth is not subject to getting taken from me, unless I abuse it and there are some pretty strict failsafes that are in place for that not happening. I am not alone in this regard. Anyone who knows the value of these things is equally as rich.

It is an obvious and observable fact that you cannot take your money or your titles with you. Both of these things and sundry, remain on the plane (in Spain?) which they are relevant to. How's the song go, "You can't take nothing with you but your soul"? More comprehensively said; you take with you that which has become a part of you. Maybe too many people miss the meaning of that and the fact that those things ARE currency elsewhere. They are actual passports and travel tickets to specific locations, should you choose any one of the ones your gifts and assets relate to and there are plenty of those.

People who have immersed themselves in the details and manifestations of this life, may have a wide or less wide awareness of what goes on down here but they know squat about elsewhere. Here is the primary and most terrible disconnect of the majority of humanity; all their concerns are focused here, in a temporary zone that they are in the process of leaving from the moment they arrive. It's like, duh... And, on the other hand, there's that large aggregate who are, by degrees, occupied with dogma and cant and the cavalier interpretation of scriptures for the benefit of an avaricous priest class or some big haired, or wide assed ministry. Now some might take exception to my use of particular terms, while seemingly speaking about esoteric matters that "goldurnit visible, this deserves a modicum of respect!" Well those issues might but the others doesn't so... discriminate.

Anyway... here we are in this viscous swamp of replicating delusion, grasping at will-o'-the-wisps and intoxicated with swamp gas and wandering about in some level of delirium and it is delirium, if it's not consciously self aware, which brings us back to that, "know thyself" meme that most people have heard in one form or another but which, apparently, few take seriously. It's that disconnect again. So... here you are, in a lights and sound saturated combination bus, train and plane station that also contains everything you've seen or heard about and it's open 24 hours a day and there's these intricate timers, clock-like and... there's millions, billions of them and each of them is relevant to one of the people you pass every day in this station. If you're capable of hearing at a certain level, then you can hear timers going off all the time and then they stop keeping time. The light goes out and it remains there with the hands frozen in a particular position.

Well, people aren't here all that long, relatively speaking, in fact it's an unimaginably brief and near immeasurable period of time, relatively speaking. It seems longer to those passing through it, long enough to get all kinds of tangled up in whatever it is they thought they might like or, were originally attracted to. Any mind that has proceeded to a certain level of awareness by replacing the usual demands of appetite and desire with another appetite, another desire for things unseen, discovers that this is far from the only world, discovers the extreme necessity of making contact with a more enduring consciousness so that they can share in the attributes of it. It becomes glaringly obvious that the temporal realm is a location of sham and delusion and that there are much finer locations one can come to dwell in. In fact, one discovers that one can actually dwell in such locations while they ARE STILL HERE. As has been said here any number of times, 'heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth'.

Sure, it's frustrating to put time into something and not have it leap right out and provide you with confirmation of its presence, such as a Big Mac will do, or a deep fried chicken butt ring, or some pointeless and useless diamond, or an unconscious fuck with an unconscious person (grin). Whoops! "the language visible! Why can't you talk like those other guys?" Hmmm, actually I consider many of them living obscenities, far more obscene in action than my language. It's a matter of degrees. Sucking money out of the bank accounts of the gullible under false pretenses is, I think, a far greater crime than colorful, not exactly the usual, syntax. Well, much worse is the common lingo of the day but we're talking about what one is making themselves representative of.

I've considered the persona of 'sweet and light, as well as its proximity to saccharine and the idea that swwet and light can turn into Sweet and Low, if it's just a pose. I've considered most, I'm sure, of the variety of possible personality garments, as they apply to particular ideologies. I've thought about how one can get into that white robed garlanded with flowers thing. Indeed, during the last stage of my stay in India it happened all by itself. All it took was for the right person to say something. I made arrangements to leave the next day. See... if you get into that white robed thing, prior to it simply appearing upon you, regardless of what you have on, you are going to be exposed in some way and... I hardly need mention that this is also an apocalypse we're in. So... I settled upon the most workable persona I could think of that would still allow me to do whatever this is. Everything is subject to change and so is this. This moment is only what the moment defines itself as on the way to the next moment.

So... on the one hand you've got this place of endless murk, disguised as a fascinating carnival of delights and we've got that traditional six flag waving, warring nations over fundie land. We've got New Age Nodwell-Land. Of course, we've got what purports to be Satanism and we got paganism; what doesn't seem to occur to most pagans is that in order to communicate with the relevant forces you MUST be in possession of certain keys. Then there's that whole area referred to as the occult, which in fact is a multi-leveled and quite enormous location, where all kinds of things can be located, including the truth, should one be able to identify it. Ergo, it stands to reason that people get frustrated in the efforts for discovery of what doesn't instantly present itself for acquisition, which pretty much forces the casual seeker to opt out for what's available and which, precisely because it is available, could not possibly be 'the thing itself'.

All the things people latch on to, they latch on to because they are convenient or available. And... all of this is intentionally constructed in this manner for the single purpose of weeding out the insincere; the dilletantes, the fickle, those in pursuit of gain and all those items of self interest on the shelves of the Wal-mart's of the world. They all, sooner or later find out that what they took possession of was not what they really wanted. What you really want takes possession of you. The inarguable truth is... the real is there. Others, across the span of times past have discovered it and their lives and works are direct evidence of this, for those with eyes to see.

Sure, it's not going to jump into your lap. It doesn't work like that. It takes real effort to get some of the more tantalizing items here so, you can 'rest assured' that the real thing is more elusive but... it is not beyond your reach or your abilities. It is certainly no match for determination and persistence and it cannot deny its appearance in the presence of real Love. A certain intensity and frequency of Love will absolutely guarantee a speedy arrival and a sustained presence. Believe it or not. Some will and some won't and both will get what they deserve as a result of whichever.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

To Speak the Truth and... that Oasis in the Desert Thing

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There's this peculiarity that I notice, like, all the time ...and that is that people consistently project outward a majority of the time. Well, it can't be a peculiarity if it's so universally persistent and consistent can it? Objectively aware people and people resident in more elevated states of awareness, infallibly look in both directions for the purpose of corroborating either. A person in possession of even elementary wisdom, knows that the very things they see operational in others are also resident within them, though they may be restrained or in a gestational state. The right, or wrong, circumstances can bring all kinds of things out in any of us. It's also true that certain people can bring out the best and the worst in us and this is why we should be discerning in picking our companions.

At certain times in my life, I had what I thought were a lot of friends. Life circumstances put paid to that illusion. What I had were a lot of friendly acquaintances, whose loyalty and sincerity had not been yet tested to any degree. Sometimes most of my presumed friends departed because some kind of economic or legal calamity came upon me. Sometimes it came about through people believing something that wasn't true and who, after it was proven so, could not bring themselves back around because of their own shame, camouflaged behind a masking emotion a sort on Denial HIV virus.

Sometimes you outgrow your so called friends. I've seen plenty of that. Here's an illustration. Let's say you are between the ages of 17 and 27. This is a period where a certain window exists for dramatic growth, change of self and environment, the capacity to throw it all up in the air and head off God knows where, or strike out upon a career that will occupy you for the bulk of following decades.

Let us say that you are engaged in a particular pursuit, a pursuit that is not attended by the promise of financial gain or social status and which could actually confer the opposite. You would likely find that many in your similar age group for that period of time were open to certain revolutionary and idealistic concepts. A sense of common purpose could be present and certainly there might be mutual explorations of things like diet, meditation, the martial arts and related disciplines like Chi Gong. You might be in company that explores Eastern thought, innovative architecture for community or personal living, or want to attend a Burning Man or Rainbow gathering. You will most likely have taken drugs. You are what might be termed 'the spirit in search of experience'.

For you, this compelling pursuit or collective of related constructs is going to be with you your whole life. It defines you. Your life wouldn't have much purpose with any of the other possibilities of career and recreation that define the necessities and pleasures of the rest. You find that somewhere between 27 and 30, just about everyone you know has tailed off into a plateau of conforming existence. They can and often do, experience radical personality changes. They encounter stresses that were not present before and they repeat themselves in many things, over and over again. Since I have personally observed all of this, I know it to be true.

When you study people, because there are some profound mysteries in the human estate that will reveal themselves to the persistent inquisitor, you find out all kinds of things, some of them are things you find out about yourself too; provided you have that unsullied objective awareness we were talking about recently. If you could take most people and subject their existence to a time lapse photography experiment, you would be able to see the various changes they go through and the transitional states they occupy. Actually, with this objective awareness you can do it without the time lapse thing (I'm pretty sure our people on Sirius have something like that) simply by placing yourself a short distance from a continuing stream of humanity; at a mall entrance, in a busy park, on a city street and watching. You will see children, teenagers, young adults, people in their prime time, the middle aged and the old and by a trick of the mind you can make informed observations about the phases and courses of individual life.

People change in stages and they change predictably too. I know people, now set in their ways, who would not fancy my dropping in for a few days to say hello because I represent something other than the enforced stability and consistency they are full time engaged in. No one has to tell me this. It's something I know.

It is unbelievably hard to maintain an existence where you never relent of your goal and where you have to pass for years and years and years through every vicissitude and challenge that is life as we know it, more or less. The human psyche craves stability and identifiable objects and environments that tell them who and what they are. The most tragic portion of the usual course are the compromises and deals a person has to make to maintain their state of security, in the midst of what is arguably only temporary and always will be.

People figure that it is better to opt in so that the years will be less unkind than to opt out and be in the teeth of it, pretty much on a regular basis. You don't often see someone who actually looks like they are just passing through.

Some people have sussed out how to get by and they become traders, barterers, practitioners of some desired skill or... dark side wise they develop a con and they polish it and refine it and adapt it as they go. A competent phrenologist would have a field day with Eckhart Tolle's features. Often there is more than one kind of con because there are certainly more than one kind of people. To live in cosmic uncertainty and possess certitude, requires above everything else, integrity. What people often don't realize is that qualities like integrity, truthfulness, compassion, being honorable and being mannerly, are quite often actual weapons, or they are defensive shields or re-directors of force to the side (either side- grin). The higher qualities, or what I call the archetypes of the great man, are more valuable to possess than an enormous fortune or seriously tenured position at the high end. What people don't often get is the degree of compromise these people engage in every day. John Kerry is a classic example of what I'm talking about. He is as morally bankrupt as you can get and he's desperately striving for a way to look like he has redeemed himself (it's not as important as to have actually done so). Although he's corrupt, he's not as corrupt as people like John McCain, Chucky Schumer, Eric Cantor or Linseed Graham Cracker. You want Vienna Sausages with that?

Powerful entertainers can't speak their mind. Of course in many cases (especially these days) they don't possess one in the first place; classic examples would be Kanye West, The Kardashians, the host of people who can actually bring themselves to perform (badly) on reality TV shows. Powerful media figures and those who report the news can't speak their minds, or tell the truth, or are members of the rather large group of people who buy into the ever increasing awfulness of general circumstance, secure in the knowledge that they will survive and prosper so; who cares about anyone else? Seriously rich people don't speak the truth. They only speak in terms of what is good for the increase of their already obscene wealth. You can tell yourself that most rich people are just more industrious and focused on their affairs. In many cases, they are just much more grasping and greedy than everyone else and they often have no moral limiters about how they go around doing whatever they do. Also, however, many of them are set up for the purpose of demonstration to not only learn a lesson but to be a lesson to others.

Powerful religious figures don't speak the truth. They engage in selective cherry picking of scripture that reinforces their core beliefs. Of course, hypocrisy is endemic to temporally focused religious activity so they can pretty much say anything, secure in the knowledge that they won't have to practice any of it. Ordinary people, most of the time, don't have much truck with the truth because that would threaten their survival. The overlord oppressors have put them in that position for just that reason.

Charity organizations are money mills and currency laundries for the most part. In most cases, those large sums of money that come in on the heels of false flags like Israels 9/11 attack on the United States or that stage production at Sandy Hook, the money sits there while whatever executives put in place to be executors of it, skim off the interest, invest it in hedges funds, or the very lucrative drug industry. Of course they do.

Contemporary philosophers don't speak the truth, otherwise they have no profile and you don't get to be a profile philosopher unless you are a Tribe member and so that is how we get hacks like Chomsky and Bernard Levy. If you are unfamiliar with this mountebank, here is an entertaining read and, of course, there's lots more on him. Chomsky you should already know about as an unprincipled snake, whose unctuous and oiled persona drips with that Walrus and Carpenter thing, especially should it pertain to The Palestinians.

No, wherever you go, you're not going to hear much truth and when you do, it will be partial truth, mixed in with falsehood to add authenticity to the latter. The main reason for this is the pervasive lack of integrity across the board. People simply will not risk endangering themselves in the service of truth. This is why men like Dieudonne are to be commended. We can be most certain that Bernard Levy is no fan of his. I seem to recall something slanderous, of recent origin, from him on that subject.

The bent and twisted creatures who are behind the self perpetuating charade of modern existence are not accomplishing this as a result of a world wide conspiracy, although that does exist. They are accomplishing this because the astral plane has become egregiously polluted over the course of the last age and all kinds of powerful entities are operating through or upon these creatures. Also, Mammon and sundry are providing logistical and weapons support as well. The Avatar hasn't yet got to their level with his broom.

As difficult as it may seem to break free of the web of confinement and voluntary surrender to defacing the truth and living a lie, it's not that hard and it's not so difficult to see the reasons and the need. Some of us manage to exist in this alternative zone, where the usual supply lines are cut off but we got that oasis in the desert thing. Of course it looks like nothing but desert to those so confined but, once free of the shackles, the oasis will reveal itself.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

The Culture of Greed and the Suicide of Evil.

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Every time I find myself pondering the state of the times and... that happens often, I look for the basic keys of disturbance and negative change that are responsible for a culture being out of balance. In America, probably the most noticeable and pervasive negative is the Culture of Greed. The Culture of Greed is responsible for the vast gulf between rich and poor. Well... there's always a gap between rich and poor and I don't have a problem with that because I have somewhat of a grasp of the forces and precedents that bring this equation about. Karma, in my mind, is a fixed reality and... like The Wheel of Fortune spinning over lifetimes, inevitably you will be rich sometimes and poor others and then there's the middle of the pack.

The Middle Class is the glue that holds a society together. A prosperous middle class is usually indicative of a thriving culture. In these times, the oligarch, plutocratic rich are deliberately seeking to destroy the middle class and remove the clout of the middle class from the social and political structure, so as to control the direction of the nation. Some of these individuals, members of the super privileged class, are vicious monsters; The Koch Brothers, George Soros, The Chicago Mob of Oligarchs that put Obama in office, Wall Street and the elite players who manipulate the operation of the market for their own gain. Goldman Sachs and J.P Morgan are examples of this. They have nothing but contempt for humanity and whatever laws of the land may be operative at the time. They lobby fiercely behind the scenes to do away with all restrictions on their ability to loot and plunder at will. They see humanity as chattel. Of course, a prominent group of players in this environment believe the arguably Satanic preachings of The Talmud ...and The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, clearly state where these characters are coming from. You hear from affiliated sources that 'the protocols' are a fabrication. Since they mirror to a precise degree the actual and observable behavior of this group and since the historical record also corroborates much of their previous activities, I'm in the camp that believes it is legitimate.

Many of these maldoers like to paint themselves as progressives on behalf of the common good. Soros is one of these and the reality is that he is anything but. His policies and financial grants are directly responsible for significant loss of life around the world.

So... it is the corruptions of the culture of greed that accounts for much of what is wrong in Western lands. More so, it is the celebration of it, the affirming of that Randian quote, "Greed is good". The culture accommodates excess as a badge of success. Yeah, that's one thing that is not only wrong in every way, it is ultimately destructive of the system it operates in. It is akin to loading a horse down with goods and then whipping it forward until it can go no further and drops dead. Now the means of transport is gone.

There are no circumstances anywhere, where this sort of behavior is not certifiably insane. It's not as visible and obvious to the population because they are collectively dysfunctional. Once it has been established that it's okay to do anything you can get away with and once criminals are in charge of the legal system, whatever nation it is happening in is toast. The reason for that is that there is a correct way, a certain natural order that receives the imprimatur of the invisible hierarchy. Once this is deviated from, certain reactive forces are set into motion, to return existence to that former state. The impact of these forces becomes ever more increasingly severe, as the remonstrations are not acted upon. Remonstrations can take all manner of forms such as natural disasters, unpleasant weather, continuous warfare, ubiquitous crime, widespread ill health and opportunistic infections and diseases. Given that the society is diseased, it logically follows that disease will be a predominant feature in any culture that has gone off the rails... as most of the ones alluded to here have done.

When you are mentally unfit, physical unfitness is a predictable result. Everything is made out of mindstuff and comes down, via precipitation, from that plane. Once the general mind becomes fertile soil for aberrant thought and action, that is when things like political correctness shows up. Political correctness has nothing to do with redressing observable wrongs, unfairness or inequality. One can understand it best by considering that Tribe creation, Communism. In principle, in theory, Communism has much to recommend it. In application it is nothing like what it seemed to be in principle and theory. This is because this socio-political construct is ruled by a cabal of self styled elites, who manipulate it in all kinds of evil and horrific ways. The greatest holocaust in history was performed by these people in Russia and the second greatest in the Ukraine was done by them as well. Political correctness is a bastard offspring of Communism. It is used to promote all kinds of unqualified people into situations they are incapable of effectively managing. It does away with the merit system. It is a vehicle for any number of questionable behaviors. It is a system of enforced restriction, an engine of behavior modification. It is a very, very bad thing.

Political correctness began to insinuate itself into the education system as a result of changes brought about in the 60's. A lot of good things came out of the 60s. This is not one of them. Because the same Satanic forces that were behind political correctness are also in control of the entertainment and music industries, as well as publishing, there came a multi-pronged offensive to dumb down the population in order to make them more manageable for enslavement and extermination.

Presently, there is something really bad in the wind. Early signs of this are to be seen in the purging of the ranks of the military. There are only so many ways to take it, unless you just don't want to know and in those cases where you don't want to know, there are all manner of unpleasant ways in which you will be shown. Knowing and seeing are ultimate requirements in an apocalypse. The reason for what's coming to be coming now, aside from planetary configurations, is the fact that the world is waking up and reacting against the will of the overlords. This time history is on the side of the people, so whatever these bloodstained clowns get up to, it's going to turn against them. A part of them knows this and that's why nothing has happened so far but... they are increasingly up against it.

In America there is a rising tide of opposition against the policies of Obama. Some amount of it is getting into the press but it's much bigger than it seems. There's a lot more to certain recent events, like the cheating and drug scandal at the missile encampments, than is being brought out. There is a very active wave of resistance going on behind the scenes in critical locations. Some number of factions have seen the writing on the wall and the Snowden affair has brought about changes in the international theater of a most undesirable kind. The kind that affect economic realities as well as strategic alliances. It's one thing to have a strategic alliance, where the principals are going to do what they say they will and another where the structure is still there but the will is absent. There's a whole lot of musical chairs going on all over the place and affected parties are hearing the music.

I apologize for this dry polemic, in lieu of more entertaining fare. On any given day, what comes to me is what comes to me. People can argue until they are blue in the face and- in some cases- red in the face, about the facts presented here but... since all of these facts are a matter of public record, the rare arguments against are the usual disingenuous garbage, designed to muddy the waters. One of the spurious arguments I got lately was, "So, if we do away with these criminals is that going to change this and this and this and this?" As a matter of fact, yes, it will affect 'this and this and this' but... such arguments are rather more stupid than useful. It's like saying there's no point in stopping one bad thing because this other bad thing is still going on. What kind of reasoning is that? It's the reasoning of aligned and associated players, seeking to take the scrutiny off of their despicable deeds. Of course, they could just stop what they're doing but they are not inclined in that direction. It is an element of their basic nature to prey upon their fellows. It's what they do and the only realistic solution is to have a land or location where they are denied the influence they will invariably acquire that allows them to do what they do. Either people wake up to what is happening to them or they are inevitably plowed under.

One thing you can count on is that evil will destroy itself. The principle is that nearly all evil comes out of the preeminence of self interest over the good of the whole. In the ranks of evil, there are cabals and lone wolves and they strive against each other, as much as they strive in any direction. There is no honor among them, so they continuously plot against their fellows just as they are plotted against. They inform on one another. They destroy one another. Generally they are all after the same things and- in their minds- there is only so much to go around. In truth there is more than enough for everyone but their minds don't work that way. It's why they never, ever have enough. It's a sickness and it's terminal, thankfully. One of the great movies of all time, "the Treasure of Sierra Madre", really shows the essential nature of these misfits. It is enough to stand aside and watch. It's all inevitable and it's all just a matter of time.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Fear and the Artificial Landscapes of Terror.

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(A reader contracted me recently and asked me to write about Fear and- I'm supposing- how that affects one's ability to live more fully and also to evolve out of the ubiquitous captive states that occupy so many people.)

In the book, "Dune", a member of the Bene Gesserit said something like, "Fear is the mind killer", if I remember correctly. I believe that to be true. Fear at a certain level is paralyzing. There's are two results to states of great fear. One is that you become incapable of action and the other is that you panic. In this day and age, Fear is becoming more and more prominent and more and more pervasive. There's the usual fears of losing one's job, one's place to live and running out of food and water. Increasingly, there is fear of the police. When things like this can happen and justice is publicly pissed on, there is reason for fear. Of course, this isn't happening to everyone and never does. That's an area worthy of examination. "Karma, neh?" As America tumbles down into ruins, in a horrifying slo-mo collapse, we increasingly enter into the age of "Road Warrior" and apocalyptic circumstance. Order is vacating the stage and the institutions and individuals that were erected or elected for the protection of the populace have become utterly corrupt.

The man who got shot here, was equally as responsible for his death as the man who shot him. Sometimes it pays to use good sense in this climate of madness. People are angry all over the place. People are on the short fuse. They've all turned into the guy from Network. The sense of selfish privilege, as demonstrated by this recently deceased, is everywhere too.

Meanwhile, the brutalization of the human psyche and the terrible wrongness of those acts the unknowing are compelled to engage in are taking a heavy toll. Alongside of this, the level of perversity taking place is in continuous descent, on it's way to a measureless bottom; accent on bottom. Here we see what appears to be Janet Napolitano on a trip across the waters.

So... there are very real things to be frightened of, if you are disposed toward Fear. The major cause of Fear in residence is personal uncertainty. The less connected one is to the real and the actual, the more Fear one has and the more reason one has for Fear. What is the real and actual? It's not what everyone thinks it is and who by thinking so have all contributed to the condition of Fear that saturates existence.

Things are getting out of hand and, as has been stated, this can be either comical, terrifying or both. This incident here is an example of similar pathologies that are sweeping through the culture. People are losing it.

Into this mix steps the cosmos in the form of Mr. Apocalypse. In this instance, the cosmos demonstrates what it thinks of our present crop of 'too clueless to be embarrassed' celebrities. You are going to see more and more and more of this kind of thing and this should help you deal with your Fear.

Speaking of humorous events, how about Aerial Sharon lying in state when he's already been lying in state for 8 years? Here we see the usual crowd of international war criminals, showing up to bid a bon voyage to a departing war criminal, already long departed, on his way to the nether lands. Peres should be along to join him shortly. I'm visualizing them as matching arm rests on Satan's judgment chair. Apparently some members of Crime Syndicate Nation were not all that pleased with the life and times of this porcine serial killer. I try to imagine where one has to get their head in order to participate in farces like this. You really have to be quite some distance down the downward path to appear at functions like this with a straight face. The cosmos is offended and we are in direct action times so... look for more eyepeeling inexplicables.

Let me try to explain why Fear is a much bigger player these days, with a much more expanded role around the world. One reason is that the infrastructures upon which people depended for a sense of stability, are either crashing to the ground, or being exposed as so riddled with corruption that it is a wonder they are still standing. It's like watching a Stage 4 cancer patient jogging down the highway. It makes no kind of sense but there it is. He's not going to be jogging far and there are any number of lights and mirrors at work on this particular special effect. Another reason is the extreme depersonalization that is taking place.

For me, Fear comes about depending on what you rely on for your sense of reality. If what you rely on is not real, Fear is a natural extension of your life. It is the 'normal' thing to do to identify what is outside of you as being what is real. You rely on it. It speaks to you and you accept what it says. This is why the Tribe psychopaths took over the airwaves to the near exclusion of everyone else. It allows them to control what you think and feel and it allows them to monitor the level of your Fear. The reason that 'they' chose Oklahoma City for their first major domestic terror act was because it was in The Heartland. That is most significant. It sets the Fear as a possibility anywhere, not just in the East Coast and West Coast Bacchanalia Factories. It could happen anywhere!

Fear is very important to the ruling junta; that strange and poisonous amalgam of Satanists, Zionists, corporatists and all the running dog lackeys that assist in their agendas for a meal ticket, or some semblance of personal power. Fear narrows the borders of the mind. It constricts one's freedom of thought. It puts you in the camps and behind the wire before you are actually there.

Political Correctness is many times more dangerous than people generally believe it to be. This is a good example of that. Political Correctness provided the environment for monsters like Pol Pot. There are other monsters at work in present time. The moment I saw her face and the shape of her mouth I knew what she was. Are you ready for it? Yes, Jarrett is a Tribe member. They say she is Iranian. She's not Iranian, only born there.

Fear rise up out of personal uncertainty. You have to be grounded and rooted in something in order to make Fear go away. At the same time, a certain kind of Fear can be a wonderful ally. I am afraid of certain things and I want to keep it that way. I will leave it to the reader to speculate on what manner of Fear I am talking about.

When one correctly knows who one is, one is possessed of the firm conviction that nothing external to them has a power greater than what they internally possess or... have a connection or access to. In some cases we are walking regents with invisible crowns. In other cases we are stewards. Sometimes we are heralds and messengers from the true and enduring hierarchy. According to your makeup and disposition, you are accorded a position in the scheme of things and no longer mere ciphers or collateral damage.

You are either under the sway and influence of the world or you are under the sway and influence of something else. That's how it is. People under the sway of the world are acquisitive, covetous, duplicitous (often without being aware of it), argumentative, prone to violence, vain; the list is large and long. Those under the sway of the world external are in a hypnotic state and any effort to bring them out from under that spell can be fraught with peril. It's always better to leave time bombs and depth charges in your wake. It is also a matter of survival to take a penetrating look at both your companions and your surroundings.

Fear is a lever for precipitous action. Fear is a motivator of irrational acts and behavior. Fear affects judgment in a negative fashion. Fear is one of the primary weapons in the hands of an oppressive minority. Fear confuses, inhibits and retards in all kinds of ways. Fear is not a good companion.

Now, some people will read all of this and wonder, "Yeah, but how do I get rid of my Fear?" First you have to realize that Fear is not an independent quality. It's connected to other things. It's as specific as it is general and dependent on you. Are you a materialist? You fear the loss of possessions or any material condition. Fear is almost always connected to something else and that is what one needs to consider. People just don't look deep enough into themselves. We are surrounded by the superficial and trivial and we are trivialized ourselves in the process. There is far more to any of us than we think there is but... we don't want to think. Too much thinking can lead to a questioning of one's actions and values. It can cause change and change is often not desirable. Everyone has to sort this out for themselves and it's not like there aren't places to start should you be so inclined. It's not like there aren't rich resources of wisdom and knowledge to draw from. You get out of life what you put into it and however your value structure gets constructed as a result, that is a strong clue as to your destination. It's an indication of where you are headed. A lot of people have good reason to be fearful. Some number of them are unaware of this but... not for much longer.

Finally, you can hang out with someone who is not vulnerable to the usual fears and by the process of osmosis, neither will you be... as you go. There are places you can go and people you can see who have mastered various things. By simple association you can master them too.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Mr. Apocalypse is Gonna get You, One way or The Other.

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This is The Apocalypse, make no mistake about it and Mr. Apocalypse is the walking and talking embodiment of a cosmic archetype who, like all cosmic archetypes, has a job description and does it well. Let’s see if we can come up with some useful illustrations. Can anyone stop the wind? No. You can shelter from the wind and ‘most of the time’ you can close the wind out via some kind of a structure but you can’t stop the wind. You can use the wind to run windmills and you can generate energy with the appropriate technology. You can’t stop a volcano but you can run from it, if you start in time. Of course, some volcanoes, super volcanoes, can threaten all life on Earth. However, you can manifest a geothermal technology (my favorite out of all the presently known technologies) that will power every need in your home. You can stop the course of a river and you can alter it but you have to let the river pass somehow or the river will overcome every dam or obstacle. No one can stop the ocean but power is there in all kinds of moving water and it will provide for you, if you know how to harness it.

What’s my point? Mr. Apocalypse should be viewed in the same way. No matter what, you are going to have a relationship with him. I’m going to use a bad example but it's fitting. You can make love to someone or you can be raped by them. Interacting with Mr. Apocalypse is like this. He IS going to get your attention, one way or the other. You may like it and you may not like it but it’s going to happen anyway. You can tense up while getting a shot or you can relax. It might hurt either way but it will hurt a lot less if you relax. Fear can play a big part in the level of pain. Apprehensive anticipation of anything can put you through suffering long before actual suffering occurs, if it ever does; keeping in mind that often our fears are not realized. Still, most of us are in a constant state of suffering. It’s gone on for so long that many people are unaware of it, unless it intensifies to an appreciable (appreciable?) point. Absence of Suffering is Serenity or Tranquility. You should be able to easily tell if you are in possession of either of the latter.

You can go through your life as an enemy of truth, armed with denial and elaborate justifications, all either focused or constructed according to whatever the components of however your self interest expresses itself. A certain amount of self interest is sane. It depends on how you define self interest and which ‘self’ you’re talking about.

Denial is just operational ignorance and there are a lot of so called intelligent people who are under its spell. Being a decent human being can be a liability in the world as it presently exists and Denial is a bulwark against that kind of risky behavior. This is where Justification comes in and both of them are enemies of Truth because, in this world, Truth is one of the greatest liabilities of all, when it comes to advancing your own interests in the wide marketplace that this world of the moment has become. It’s usually one of four things, depending on where you are in it. It’s a marketplace. It’s a war zone, it’s a theater of pain, or it’s a palace of pleasure. This is one of the reasons that ‘peace on Earth’ is only so much BS and those who think this is some kind of a potential reality in near time are Polyannas or fools. You can’t have peace on Earth when the predominating life form is composed of warring elements that are rarely under the control of the operator. If you are at war with yourself, you are at war with the world. You can make peace with yourself and your immediate world will come into alignment with that, but that would be for you. It wouldn’t be going on in the next town over. It can transmit to others depending on the ability and power of the one generating it.

Peace on Earth is a reality in other yugas but, even then, only according to the degree of light in those locales where light is the dominant influence. There’s always some amount of shadow on this plane. In this yuga it is more than fifty percent. The general proportions are 75 to 25% shadow to light. What this means is that at least this portion of the population are more influenced by shadow than light. Let’s take a look at some of the gruesome examples of shadow-play taking place in that area of so-called spiritual pursuit, The New Age. Here’s an odious example of profiteering from opportunity. This came out of one of those near death things, where the survivor suddenly found themselves in a position to profit from something that had nothing to do with the spurious industry he got himself hooked into. Carefully read into some of the horseshit disclaimers on the site. Here you can purchase a copy of The Sacred Scriptures of Love for a mere 70 dollars, she's got testimonials for other things too. Here you can purchase a truly important spiritual work (Yack!!! Retch! Retch!) from the cruise's resident psychic. Hey, she won an award for Best Pet Psychic. Who comes up with stuff like this? This whole ridiculous affair is put on by Eastern AshkeNAZI Susan Shumsky.

I keep getting invited to be a participant in one of these events and I must admit to a certain amount of motivation to attend with my spy sunglasses and record the whole thing, ‘with’ running commentary. Someone flush and with a sense of humor ought to finance this. I can assure them it will be full on hilarious. I’m pretty good at that sort of thing (grin). If I could ever get my VHS tapes of my TV show, converted to digital, you would see serious evidence of this from my comedic period. I keep trying to do this on my own with no success. It’s very suspicious is what it is. Well, so many things are going right (for a change) lately... who knows?

There has been a serious sea change in my situation, inner and outer, after a number of punishing years. Everything seems to be going right these days. Man! I hope that’s an enduring trend. I’ve been told it is (also going to become exponentially greater) and to take it off my mind but I’m in that position of a whipped cur, or a kicked dog (same thing) so it’s taking a degree of constant reminding and remembering. Memory is the key to many things. If we knew even a part of the value and immense resources of memory we would be much more respectful of the potential. There is very little you can’t pull up out of the well of deep memory with the right bait.

There is a great deal of enormously valuable items and talents that are available to the canny inquisitor in these times. Access to long concealed treasures has been made available to anyone possessing the requisite vision and virtues. Much can be given and much forgiven to those capable of discovering the means. This is serious business! Don’t short-change yourself by missing this rare- oh so rare- chance to acquire priceless things. Just as the inky darkness of ascendant materialism, offers every possibility of its realm, so does the other realm. It is precisely to divert your focus that the material world is so powerful at this time. As has been said here often, there is a singular war on, whose objective is something very different than most people might think. The downside is that you get sent to the costume room for 26,000 more years, stumbling around in the abattoir of the Kali Yuga and... this is not just any transitionary 26,000 year cycle’s end and beginning. This is the Big Kahuna. I can’t tell you how much is possible in these critical hours. It lies beyond both my knowledge and imagination. Suffice to say that it’s huge. It’s really huge.

Well, I’m busy selling Neil Roger’s poetry on EBay and other locations (Craig’s List, Swindlers List- didn’t they make a film by that name?). I’ve also made the offer to travel anywhere and read Neil’s poetry and even have sex with you, while a CD of Neil’s poetry is playing. Now, from all reports, I’m real good at this so... consider the implications.

I’m that busy that I’ve got to be going. We’ve got all kinds of specials happening too, ‘buy one poem get one free’. We’ve also linked up with Café Press so you can get coffee cups with poems, wall and pillow samplers, calendars, t-shirts with poems and pretty much poems on or with anything. We got toilet paper poems so you can read while you do your business and we got smoking jackets. We’ve got bongs and all kinds of paraphernalia with poems that glow in the dark and one bong that recites poetry while you’re inhaling, too cool. We’ve even got tattoo templates for body art poetry. Keep in mind that all profits (after our unfortunately rather large operating expenses) will be donated to the Les Visible Fund for Metaphysical Bloggers. Our selection committee has narrowed down the names of those chosen in the competition and we may, or may not announce the winner at the end of how ever far we want to milk this thing. Have a wonderful day!!!

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The Devil has a tail. That is the opposite representation of having the cobra hood above and behind your head. It is a symbol of the reversed Kundalini whereby the goddess it transformed into a whore as opposed to a font of Wisdom and many another rare delicacy.

Right, I almost forgot. The latest novel is at the very last stage prior to publication but will probably take a fortnight longer because I ordered a physical proof in order to scan one last time, for errors and omissions. As for the latter, there was not enough gratitude shown for those who assisted me and I want to correct that at least. So bear with me. The book might as well look and read as good as it can. A lot of work went into it.

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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Sitting in the Bakelite Chair at the Bus Station Bardo.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I had a terrible day yesterday. I don’t usually have those. They have become very infrequent. As I believe I have mentioned, I was told that the worse things get in the world, the better they will be for me. That’s based on whatever role I’ve yet to play, or so I’ve been told and more than once. I don’t put any big woo woo value on this. It’s a natural thing for all of us to evolve from one thing to another and that can be interpreted in both a good and a bad way, depending on the direction we’re going in.

Yesterday I had a brief misunderstanding with a valued associate. I’d done something specific to the content of my work and it had not met with a reciprocal awareness. My sense is that that has passed but it speaks to something I want to make the subject of today’s Emersonian effort (grin). We’ll get to that.

Anyway... I had this altercation, which was basically my fault because I was flippant and also, having a bad day so I got morose as well. These were not read as they actually were but otherwise and subsequently it was a misunderstanding but it was still my fault. However, I was being hammered astrally, along with these other two items and it was really uncomfortable. The pressure of the situation led to my acting in ways that were more precipitous that normal for me.

To add insult to injury in this regard, a generous reader wanted to make a 25 dollar a month donation to me. When I saw it in Paypal I couldn't tell that it was incoming and the people at Paypal were no help informing me otherwise so it wound up being cancelled. We had caught it in midstream before the transfer happened. This is how misread the whole day went.

I have a big thing about not being understood and slander. It originates from early childhood where my own father slandered me often and also in public. I was also accused of things I didn’t do and often severely punished simply on the suspicion of them, with zero evidence, that I was involved. Once my father read something in the paper and immediately assumed it was me. Factor this in with my having been arrested twice for major- and in one case, multiple felonies. One of them spanned a course of almost 6 years with between 3 and 4 on the inside. The other amounted to only 90 days but it carried a life sentence.; In both cases I was entrapped and it took significant effort to do this because I WAS NOT engaging in this kind of thing, which was drug dealing. I didn’t abstain for any moral or legal reasons. In that case, the legal and moral restrictions amount to bullshit in my mind. No, I abstained because I wasn’t very good at it. I tend to give things away and also be my own best customer, so it only took a brief foray into the arena to figure out I could get in real trouble with this kind of cavalier approach and I don’t mean the police. I personally know some number of people who got their asses in a sling. The heir to Metro Goldwyn Mayer (I didn’t know him, an associate did), was found with his hands bound behind him with coat hanger wire and received a bullet to the back of the head.

There was a Wild West atmosphere in this area after Nelson-Nazgul- Rockefeller passed his Draconian drug law. Prior to... it was a much more relaxed venue. Afterwards it got serious and dangerous; another good reason not to be involved.

What I was doing, that caught the attention of law enforcement was being a public figure around whom certain things were happening. Since these things had esoteric connections they appeared very suspicious to those who do not recognize such things in the course of their spurious duties.

In Philadelphia, I befriended a sociopath named Rick, who was a bass player in a former friend’s band. I helped this guy get on the police force on Maui and he turned on me in dramatic fashion. How I helped him was not through influence with the police but more along the lines of complete support and attendant considerations. Eventually after his betrayal against me wound up smacking him upside the head, he had to leave the police department and went back to Philadelphia where he told all kinds of outrageous lies about me, I had many friends down there and it is to be assumed that some number believed this fellow. Later on he proved to that community to be a scoundrel but that doesn’t erase what he had done to me, reputation wise, earlier. Because of the nature of my personal being and the fact of my capacity to influence people and have good things said about me, my condition routinely generated, generates, a certain amount of resentment, jealousy and envy. It also arouses ego ire. I’m way past being convinced about the features and realities of all this. I have lived it repeatedly. I would know and I do know. Then there’s the kind of resentment that comes when certain readers mistakenly presume I don’t take them seriously, or don’t respond immediately or effectively, about something they want me to read or do. They don’t realize the volume of personalities I have to deal with. I don’t usually mind this, nor is this a plea not to interact with me. It comes with the territory. It’s what I do. It just happened; the way everything in my life just happens. I’m outlining so many of the examples of similar things that have collectively served to put me at a particular level of apprehension and also displeasure at the way some people operate.

Various slanders and overkill have been responsible for my losing any number of readers at this blog. I’ve always been candid about my part of the responsibility in each case and that is why there are no follow-ups because the parties involved have no further ground to stand on but... the damage was done. Maybe that’s all they wanted. Anyone can do what I do. They just have to be willing to go through what I have gone through and go through. Anyone can have the good offices of a muse. You simply have to impress her. All that takes is industry and internal reaching for inspiration, along with a certain character of the heart. No action of performance is denied any of us if we put the work and struggle into it. Zeal and persistence, not to mention enthusiasm are wonderful things. Everything in my life, both positive and seemingly negative, has occurred because of my invisible friends, either by causing it or permitting it for the purpose of education.

All of us have invisible helpmates and minders, unless we have the infernal variety but... too few of us communicate with or talk to them. I do, that’s the difference. If you keep talking to them they will speak to you, especially in times like this. Not everyone has actual conversations like I do. Sometimes the back and forth is an interplay of feelings. The difference in this regard can be likened to the difference between words and music. Some few of us are lucky enough to have both. I can tell you, most assuredly, that possessing this makes the things of the world much less important than they generally are to people. Everything you can have or do here, you can have or do in a much more pleasant and spectacular way elsewhere.

I’ll leave you with an illustration of this as it applies to sex and also feature The Tarot in such a way as to show the practical value of it. The Hermit card is a pictorial example of one who possesses the inner light. It’s got all kinds of attributes and one knowledgeable of its meanings can talk for hours simply on that one card, or any of them. One of the chief things associated with this card is the sense of touch and that refers to internal coitus with higher energies. The known ecstasy of the saints and rapture of mystics is akin to this. Pedestrian sex has a strong allure and is a major attraction down here and the performance of it here leads to more down here in many ways, just as the up there leads to more up there in many ways. The key point of the affair and... I speak from personal experience here, is that such interplay with the invisible and ineffable far exceeds in pleasure what is possible in the physical sense. It also has none of the liabilities of that expression with a great many assets the other does not possess.

Most people (there he goes again) can’t see the truth of this, or the potential value, it’s too arcane for their state of being. If your focus is on what’s down here, well, where your heart is, there your pleasure (grin) is also. It takes a great deal of tandem suffering and aspiration to get to the other state but its value is priceless. The sense of assurance alone is worth more than the wealth of fabled kingdoms. I’m quite certain that if Solomon were asked to make a choice between his wealth and his wisdom, it would require no thought for him to respond, concerning where his true wealth lay. Once you have had the benefit of certain experiences, you require no further convincing and, as I’ve said many times, I don’t have to convince anyone else, I only have to convince myself.

In any case, we are all different insofar as what sorts of things affect us and occasionally these aspects of our temperament can be difficult to dismiss. We don’t know which course anyone of us has come over to get where they are and this is one of the reasons there is an admonition against judgment. However, actions can be judged even if authors are sometimes given a pass. The reason for this also is that we all have our shortcomings as per, ‘the mote in their eye and the beam in your own’. In conclusion, I’m having a much better day than yesterday. It’s a very different day too because it’s filled with premonition of things about to occur in a personal sense, good things, as a matter of fact. It’s been some while in this bus station bardo... heh heh, it gets old and as many of us know, so do we ...but... eventually, if we’re on course, innocence regenerates. There’s a card for that too. There’s a card for everything under the sun and none of it’s new except for the packaging.

End Transmission......

The novel's entry into print is just a tad more complex than previously thought but... definitely out this week.

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