Friday, November 30, 2007

The Truth about a Whole Lotta Shakin going on.


It’s funny how the mind separates many of the more enjoyable aspects of manifest existence from the presence and blessing of God, even to the point of calling certain features evil which may be anything but. Take rock and roll for instance. When it appeared on the scene it was defined as evil by the repressed forces of established religion. Hell, singin’ and dancin’ were a sure sign that the devil was having his way with you; according to those ‘in the know’ about what was right and proper.

That "shaking’, ‘trembling" energy is the radiant 'serpent power' looking for a way out; looking to celebrate the fire in the flesh. God is a serpent, inasmuch as God can be defined as anything. This is not to say that God is a snake but that the energy which we experience as God behaves in a coiling and uncoiling serpentine way.

Ancient occult texts in all major religions depict this energy behaving in this way. In the ‘real’ Hebrew tradition there is an underlying connection between numbers and letters which shows that that which liberates and deceives humanity has the same number. The tempter and the messiah are apparently the same thing. You see variations in the Gnostic tradition and you certainly see it in all things Hindu. So the serpent in the Garden of Eden was... drum roll please.

Tempter and Messiah are two functions of the same thing. God is one, ‘appearing’ differently to different perspectives. The Devil is God as the wicked perceive him. Everything is under the control of one force, one mind and there is only one mind as there is the ‘appearance’ of billions of minds. There is only one self as there is the ‘appearance’ of billions of selves.

"There is nothing new under the sun; all things have been from of old."

Prophecy can be accurate because everything repeats itself. There goes your Nostradamus recycling the unavoidable. Wrath is a vibration, a stirring up. The same fire that the so-called sinners burn in (and various colorful images like that lake of eternally unrequited desire- or hatred being love repressed) is the same fire that the so--called saints rejoice in.

"Those whom the lord loves he chasteneth."

Whirlwinds are spirals.

"Whole lotta shaking going on”, think about it. Remember The Shakers? This single force is approached by many a concept and therefore so many religions and smaller venues. The clothing is a covering to the body before the eyes of the shameful since it is also clothing. The essence of the thing has as much to do with rock and roll as it has to do with any hymn, as much to do with sex as abstinence and even abstinence is a form of sex. Desire itself is something that can be modified according to the 'cultivated' intentions of the one experiencing it. Like a dancing bear.... Like the highest sacrifice of love... Like great art.... Like teaching your dog to roll over... Like rock and roll...

It's all okay. The whole world can go up in flames and you can be dancing in ecstasy within it. Mountains can fall and not one stone hit you. It really all depends on what you depend on and life is here to test your faith in that until it becomes one..... Ehben

Intelligence is the source of existence, not the result of it. Serpent with tail in mouth; endless, enduring consciousness... only the phenomena changes, not the essence. It stays the same. Analyzing the ineffable, incomprehensible, is the cause of all that noise off screen that we mistake as thunder and earthquake and which is actually God's laughter. Great Caesar’s ghost! Look at all those spiraling Om’s... Look at the dervishes spinning the way they do. Look at the waterspouts and tornadoes. From children’s Slinkys to galaxies in space the imprimatur is on and in everything. It’s microscopic! It’s macroscopic! It’s new and improved and never new and improved because it only is.

So, yeah, it all comes down to sex. That is why established religions are all about suppressing it, except in the sacristy. This is why, in its own ‘bent’ way you get all those pedophile priests and The Golden Calf is a headliner again. You had better teach it to dance upward. This is why the advertising world sells sex in every product. This is how you get Las Vegas and that other Las Vegas, the Vatican. They’re the same thing in a different package and they’re both all about the spectacle and money.

It’s said that the love of money is the root of all evil and that’s sex too. You can’t make the creative energy denser and more imprisoned than in money; it’s the currency of the physical world. (Somebody call Caesar’s ghost back in here. Caesar has NOT left the building.) You wind up worshiping your own enslavement. Bondage, baby... and you see a lot of that going around right now in the sexual realm.

This energy goes in one direction or the other and... it will go somewhere- no matter what. One had better get into the business of channeling it or it will recycle you in any one of a myriad of unpleasant ways. It’s the sexual force that is behind the attachment to things or any attachments at all. It’s the sexual force that opens the gates of Heaven and Hell.

This force has to rise up. You have the snake crawling through the grass or you have the cobra with its hood raised. You can see these cobras behind the heads of the Hindu deities. This is the only battle or appearance of battle that you will ever experience, no matter how is ‘appears’. There is no enemy but you wrestling with yourself according to the temptations that stand in the way of liberation. The force goes in and up or the force goes down and out. Fantasy and imagination are both products of the sex force and the sex force feeds them. It feeds everything and it feeds on itself. The lowest of depravities and the highest of art and culture we possess come out of it.

Guilt and shame come from a misunderstanding of this force and these emotions are preyed upon by those institutions that milk it for profit. One of the reasons that alcohol is celebrated and legitimized over all of the other intoxicating substances is that it feeds guilt and shame more than any other. It’s the perfect fuel for the control mechanisms of social control. I just switched on the TV for no reason I can think of and there is Larry King talking to Paula White (poster-girl for the latest in personal profiteering through religion). Now that’s a nice timely coincidence. Damn! Look at her. She can spin faster than an astronaut’s centrifuge. Check out the polyurethane Kabuki Mask. This is just too unreal... click.

In the yogic tradition they say it takes forty drops of blood to make one drop of sexual fluid and forty drops of sexual fluid to make one drop of Ojas- spiritual fluid. This is what lights the lamp. If you can’t see into the celestial realm or be aware of the presence of it your fluids aren’t taking the right direction; you’re probably at least a quart low and getting the same results. This is the meaning of the parable of the wise and foolish virgins and their lanterns.

Mystics and similar types have often compared experiencing the presence of God with sexual ecstasy. Though it is so much more than this it definitely bears comparison. This is blasphemy to the uniformed but truth to those who have experienced it. The halos around the heads of the saints are emblematic of the light generated by properly channeled sexual force. This is too much for one post and so we will leave off here. Presently much seems like diverse fish caught in a wide net. Much seems elusive and potpourri-like in this offering but we will connect the dots in the next segment.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Welcome to the Bandwidth.

I’m not much interested in the details and histories of academic and technical pursuits. These deal with professions that provide people with income. Generations pass on their perspectives and the tricks of the trade to succeeding generations. People get jobs and build and/or destroy their lives in the process of their personal movie. Sometimes they make their world a better place and sometimes they make it worse and mostly they have little impact in either direction. None of these things are ‘the thing itself’ and they are only useful in the sensory realm.

Various people are passionate about sciences of all types, the various ‘ologies, medicine and the law, politics, religion- whatever the world contains has some field of inquiry, commerce and creative production about it. Some study and some teach and some do both. It’s the manifest world as it exists within the bandwidth of the senses of those perceiving it. It goes on every day, it’s been going on since the goings-on started to be recorded and was going on before that; civilizations rising and falling like heartbeats, like breaths, like ocean waves. It will continue to go on, rising and falling like the aforementioned examples... world without end.

In a sense, the world does end... it ends parameter-wise where the next world begins; even if that world is overlapping and/or interpenetrative. There are different worlds right within this world- some of them within the bandwidth of the senses that perceive it. There are emotional and mental worlds that interpret and respond; are attracted and repelled and develop judgments, reactions, phobias, pathologies and all of the intricacies of worlds within worlds, overlapping and interpenetrating worlds. None of these things and places is the thing they are made out of.

There’s matter and there’s energy and bandwidth and all the things that go on with matter and energy within the bandwidth of their theater of operation as observed and identified by the senses that perceive the changes. Every observer in every world has sensory apparatus that allows for the observer to be aware of conditions that exist in that world. These are the tools they measure and define with.

It is understandable that those limited to specific bandwidths would be unaware of worlds existing outside of that bandwidth. It is expected that they would be suspicious of those who are aware of other realms of existence when they themselves cannot perceive them and who are wholly in the thrall of academic and technical explanations whose measuring tools are relevant only to the bandwidth in which they exist and which are not the thing which they are woven out of.

We’ve been around for this particular circuit for around six thousand years, give or take. In that time we’ve see a whole lot of philosophical speculation upon the meaning and origins of existence that amounts to squat. We’ve seen the emergence of religions and political movements whose purpose generally has been plundering and confusion perpetrated for the purpose of plunder and... control.

Just as we have periods of calm and stormy weather in the natural world we have the same in the human theater. Some times are better than other times overall but in all times things are better for some and worse for others.

Whatever you’re doing for a living here, for better or worse, criminally or legally- according to your times... that’s just your routine here in the bandwidth and you get paid for that in the coin of the realm. Every realm has its coin and it’s a sad state of affairs when people make the coin of one realm off of the promise of another realm. That currency doesn’t convert anyway- just thought I’d point it out. For some, this bandwidth is all that concerns them at the present; regardless of their pending transition out of it. For some this world is a hollow land of hungry ghosts dining in a graveyard. These things matter only to those they matter to and most people shake their heads about each other as they go about their day.

In these times there are a lot of people presenting themselves as representatives of bandwidths that can’t be defined or measured and getting paid on one plane for their presentations of life on another. Seems I said something like that a moment ago. These are times of enormous transformation and upheaval and a great many people are running around selling the answer to something they have no contact with. Nothing said can be the thing behind the thing that comes before the thought that forms the words.

It stands to reason that if something is, then it is. If it is then it is. People telling and selling you something are not telling or selling you the thing itself. Huddling together in common confusion and fear may give some succor in numbers but you’re still huddling. The sales force knows this. If the thing being offered is only useful when it’s free it makes little sense to bind it; and... it ‘cannot’ be bound. Then all you’ll have is a new bound version of what is not the boundless; congratulations.

There’s no way to say what’s being said here. It can only be talked around or alluded to. It’s at right angles to everything in your bandwidth. If it could have been explained or defined it would have been; as per all the philosophers and religions mentioned earlier. It hasn’t been. Some say it has, mostly your fundamentalists- letter of the law types. But it hasn’t been and it never will be. Portions of it can be understood in a general population way and some of it can be understood by those initiated into a perspective or school of thought but the greater portion of ‘it’ will always be beyond the capacity of the mortal mind or... any mind to define or comprehend.

There’s only one way to get the value of the thing and that is by personal experience of it. It’s been said that two things can’t occupy the same space at the same time. You can’t have an explanation for the unexplainable occupying the same space as the unexplainable at the same time. You can’t have the thing and its description operative within the same space. You are merged or you are apart from. You are a part of it or you are apart from it. ...think about it.

A book can spark the inquiry. A speaker can trip a switch. An event or trauma can open a door. Every and any moment of epiphany can also fade unless there is an intensity to proceed in the heart and mind of the one affected. Unless there is a diligence in the life then the sensory life will eventually prevail again until death releases it to the moon to make another body.

In order to grasp the reality for yourself you must eventually discard everything you have assumed to be true and embrace the thing on its own terms. Sooner or later you must withdraw from everything around you (for a time) and seek ‘it’ with all the force you can muster. There are those who can make the leap from within the mix of existence but they are few.

Though there are many among us who possess some idea of the thing and who do good in their daily efforts, there are very, very few in any generation who come into permanent conscious contact with it. If you would only lock yourself in a room- or go into the wilderness- with nothing but water and call out without ceasing (for as long as it takes; right up against the boundary of physical life if necessary) you will absolutely make the connection. You are always under observation. You have no life except that it is maintained by the attention of what is maintaining it. Attempting this will show you just what you are up against; who you are and what you are not. Anything short of this kind of commitment is just some form of lying to yourself.

All the books, words and structures, all the symbols and ideas ...the stained glass... the finely robed priests and mysterious objects on the altar are just visible evidence of something invisible; they are not the thing itself. These things clutter the bandwidth of the senses and are hawked in the marketplace as items of power. They are nothing. You have to press inward until you make contact. Everything else is just shopping for an outfit to wear at the dance. Everything else is just a series of ‘moves’ aimed at impressing the other dancers. Everything else is everything else. Everything else is everything else because they are not ‘it’. That is what makes everything else, ‘everything else’.

Friday, November 23, 2007

I Wonder...

I wonder a lot about a lot of things. I guess I could call it thinking outside the box except that I dislike that phrase almost as much as things like “on the ground” or “boots on the ground”. The idea that we are in a box to begin with makes me wonder. I wonder what that box is. I assume it means the contours of thought as they are shaped by the force of the world in its ordinary way of being. If the idea of thinking outside the box is something understood by most people then I wonder where most people think they are? Are they inside the box thinking about thinking outside the box? Do they think they are thinking outside the box while everyone else is inside the box? What happens if everyone thinks outside of the box? What happens to the box?

It’s like getting a tattoo or a piercing and thinking that it sets you apart from the other one hundred million who had the same original idea. It’s like getting that hairdo I’ve seen the last several years where they hack your hair off in uneven segments and get rats to shit in it then spray it with crazy glue so it looks like you just got out of bed with several rats and a tube of Crazy Glue. This is a guy’s haircut. My favorite female hairdo is the one where they cover up one of your eyes to conceal the mystery of a mirror that reflects a shop window.

Being without internet gives me a lot of time to wonder. Add to that the near absence of TV and the total absence of radio along with very limited social contact and it puts me a little more inside my head that I imagine most people are. There are those long gaps of time where I’m not at work like everyone else; not dodging traffic, not going out to dinner- not going out to anything except a store once or twice a week and here at the internet café for an hour or two every several days- ...long periods of time go by in a creative process or in thinking about some creative process or... wondering about things.

I wonder if it matters if the elephants disappear; or the whales or the Palestinians or the Myanmar monks. Does it actually matter, anything... except to those so affected? History tells us that life is a controlled turmoil that, like incipient madness, is always on the verge. It’s more on the verge now because the wider world is known and demarcated; mostly. Also the population is immense, mostly crowded into urban cauldrons making heat by friction.

I think there’s less general wondering going on than ever before because the struggle for survival (or an increased buffer zone), in most cases, precludes that luxury. The intensity of commercial chatter is far greater than it has ever been. The competition for attention is greater too.

I wonder about the need for growth. Every industry seems obsessed with it. You have to grow. You have to expand. It all has to get bigger and bigger in order to survive. So we are told. The general population seems to have taken this to heart by a horizontal widening that is epidemic. I don’t understand the math. I really don’t. It’s like the recent increase in oil prices. It has nothing to do with supply. It seems to be about speculators paying outrageous prices for stock, betting that there will soon be very little oil and that the consumer will pay astronomically for the product. The oddest thing is that the price of gas and related things has increased to reflect these high prices being paid for something that is still in good supply and prior to the much anticipated and salivated-after war has even happened. That’s the part I don’t get.

I wonder about all of the things that make no sense but which go on without question in the wider world. I can’t tell if people are dreaming or hypnotized, not paying attention or just not interested.

I wonder about the size of the Milky Way and how it is so big that another Milky Way could easily pass through it without any of the stars hitting each other. Then I think about what an infinitesimal portion of the universe the Milky Way occupies and about the nature of a spiral and the possible dimensions of the universe and what is outside of it. Doesn’t there have to be something outside of it? If it goes on forever then what is it reaching ‘out to’ ‘into’... and what is beyond that? For anything to exist something has to contain it and something has to be outside of that. That’s simplistic but it seems so to me.

I wonder about the fact that we are crystallized sunlight animated by living light and if that means that the stars are living beings. I wonder about how the idea of devils and angels is consistent in every religion and how that relates to the good and evil so apparent in human behavior. I wonder who I am talking to whenever I am talking to someone.

I wonder about the energy in the Earth and how it is that the elements conspire to form everything we perceive in a manifest way. There must be some enormous secrets hidden within the possibilities of their interaction. There has to be something that we don’t perceive that is a motivating force for the creation and dissolution of these forms.

There is this sense that everything is part of everything. This theater of operation that we are in has natural laws that control and limit, that compresses and expands, or else things couldn’t be what they are. Things are what they are essentially; whatever that is and then things are what we say they are. Some say this and some say that according to what they’ve learned and been told and what they want out of it.

I make no secret of the fact that I don’t like it here. I wish I hadn’t come here but I did. The reason I did escapes me. This is an inconvenient planet for my purposes and I will be well quit of it when I am graced with that opportunity. I can’t think what the best purpose for a person sentenced here for the space of a lifetime (or more) can be except for service of some kind. Ninety nine point 99999999999999999% of the people here relentlessly want something until they want something else and the heat of their need is large enough to count for an alternative energy source.

I feel like I am surrounded by bonfires of human desire that burns from the inside out until it consumes the vehicle and I wonder about that. I also wonder about how nothing that people get when they get what they want serves to make them happy. Observation tells me that some people are just naturally happy and some are not; independent of things going their way.

An astrologer once told me that if you were on one of the other planets in the system and you had your chart done that Earth would be a malefic as opposed to a benefic force; along the lines of Saturn and Mars. Jupiter and Venus are considered benefic.

In the process of my wondering it has become clear to me that everything is just the way it is supposed to be here, according to the way people are. They came here to work something out. They’re all here working on the same thing, though it may appear different to them. Actually, everything that everyone is doing is all about the same thing, regardless of what they may think they are up to or intending. A few people figure it out in each generation. They may or may not try to tell others about it but others will take what they are told and translate it into the context of their desires. They’ll put a familiar face on it so that it works according to what they plan on doing anyway, like g.w.b being a Christian. Of course, the majority of people will most likely never come across the majority of these people who are never in any kind of a majority.

Irony is an archetype; no mistake about that. In order to achieve what everyone strives for and calls by so many different names you have to not want anything that is available. You have to be completely at home with your inner nature and indifferent to what surrounds you; in terms of the need and desire to acquire any of it. Then you can say that you’ve got it all.

I wonder... and I heard once that “from wonder into wonder existence unfolds”. For me, living on this planet is similar to being a matador but comparable to the way five dimensional chess would relate to ordinary chess. I sense that once the dance is perfected that time stops... at least it does for you. I think that’s when it all starts to look like a big wheel of fire into which the fabric of life is intricately woven. Cue the Tandava dancers.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Thinking About the Breath of Life.

People can go for weeks without food, only a few days without water and... only a few minutes without air. It stands to reason that breathing is the most critical of human functions; of course... you can miss only a few heartbeats but let’s not confuse apples and oranges. You don’t consciously cause your heart to beat. You can control your breathing and you can do quite a few arcane things with the breath. Then again, the breath has a great deal to do with the heart rate and many other related events. Most people are okay with however they happen to breathe and don’t think too much about it.

Most people don’t observe what is going on around them with any degree of concentration. They don’t give much more thought to what is going on inside of them. They just react to discomfort and comfort, trying to avoid the one and achieve the other. Of course, many people think that the thoughts that enter their minds are actually their own thoughts. I find this a curious and tragic condition ...but that’s me.

If you were to observe other people you would find that they are in several breathing categories. There’s high breathing, middle breathing and low-breathing; one or more of these can include mouth-breathing which is the unhealthiest of the lot. You can find out why that is on your own, should you care to do so. High breathing types- those who only use the upper part of the lungs are often found with sunken chests and narrow shoulders. You know the consumptive type. Each type has its pathology and some types are generally healthier than others.

There are other ways to breathe. There’s complete breathing which uses all portions of the lungs in a fluid sweep and which is a source of great power and vitality to those who practice it. There are other forms of breathing tailored to specific results. There are some forms of breathing that perform literal magic upon the person and in the life of the practitioner.

Do people think about this? They probably think less about these possibilities than they do what they eat and, these days... it appears that they don’t think much about that either. There’s a breathing practice with which I am familiar where you cast out thoughts from your mind with the expelling of the breath. It’s a remarkable thing and has a large impact on the life of the practitioner. Remarkable is a good word for it.

Those of us who study the martial arts know a few things about breath control. Swimmers know some things about breath control, so do runners and others whose fields of endeavor call upon the breath for success in their efforts. Those who dabble in the areas of esoteric sexual congress also know something about breath-work.

You should ask yourself when the last time was that you thought about how you breathe. It’s a strong possibility that in most cases it has been a long time, if ever. Weird that so many would give so little thought to something they do all of the time. It’s the same with so many things that people have to do or want to do. We seldom give much thought to the effect of our behavior upon our life. Some of us are reckless in the extreme; I’ve been one of those people. William Blake once said something to the effect that the temple of excess leads to the palace of wisdom. That seems a little like the fool who persists in his folly becoming wise. Then again, William Blake used to answer his door naked so...

I often wonder about the lack of curiosity possessed by most people. I wonder about their extreme reactions to things they do not understand- counter-pointed by their capacity to be bilked and bewildered by every fast operator who comes along.

It is possible to breathe in such a way that by doing nothing else you can make your life exceedingly tranquil. Reactions to this statement will run the gamut between, “Bullshit” and “Really?” Yeah, really... It’s possible through breath control to perform remarkable feats. It’s possible to order your life in ways that many people cannot imagine just by paying attention to the way you breathe.

I’ve smoked very strong cigarettes through much of my life, nothing with filters to be sure. Of course, this is mostly naturally grown tobacco, hand rolled, but it’s still a breath stealer. Yet I can manage to do things that many non-smokers cannot and this is because of breathing. Is smoking bad for you? Life is terminal in the physical sense... keep that in mind. Still, it’s good to flow through it with a minimum of discomfort.

It’s not all in your breathing. Keeping a youthful mind is very important. Believing in what is real and making it a conscious part of your life is very, very important. As Paramahansa Yogananda once said (and I’ve mentioned this before), “If you don’t look for God in the spring time of your life, he won’t be there in the winter.”

The yogis know a lot about breath control. They’ve known about these methods for thousands of years. You need to find the right resource of course. These days everybody is a guru. Well, everybody is a guru of something or other, even if they are nothing more than a bad example they are teaching you something.

It’s not my place to teach people about the techniques of breath control, how to meditate or to expound upon practices that I may or may not know something about. I like to think it’s my place to remind people to look and to look deeper than they are accustomed to. I believe they will certainly find the information they need just by doing so. That’s how I found out much of what I have discovered and I suspect that holds true for many another as well.

I believe it is possible to breathe in such a way that God breathes in you. Where else would God be located? ...In the sky? ...In a church? What is the first temple? What is the true adytum? What does Emmanuel mean? Why would there be such a word?

Children are full of questions and so, it is useful to have a youthful mind. It is also good to come to a place where there are no longer any questions.

We’re all preparing for flight... for exit. We may be preparing by being ignorant and indifferent to it but that still results in whatever you are when the moment for flight occurs... and it will occur... There would be some sense in accumulating wealth and position here if... you were going to be staying here but you’re not. Making yourself well equipped to remain somewhere you are leaving, while ignoring and being unprepared for your pending exit strikes me as madness. Yet it passes for perfectly sane in these environs and those who focus upon the other are deemed mad. Millions deny the existence of God or accept him/her as some sort of strange anthropomorphic construct and yet they are riveted by the advertisements from corporations who constantly present themselves as god. Pay attention to the wording and intent of television commercials for a few days. Concentrate on what they are saying and you will see what I mean. You may have been unaware of this but it will become quite clear by watching with attention.

Breathing is such a simple affair. You’re doing it right now. How are you breathing? What does it feel like? How does it affect your posture and your vitality? Hmmm.

Breathing from the bottom up and smoothly flooding the apparatus... resting and breathing and resting... and going ever deeper into the experience can lead to some surprising results. This is probably less important to most people than whatever they’ve got lined up for the evening. Interestingly, the quality of the evening very much depends on it.

Breathe deeply... Seek deeply... Live deeply ...and bon voyage.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Serpent With Tail in Mouth; a still life.

Sometimes a person can wonder what the point of the truth is if no one wants to hear it. I shouldn’t say ‘no one’ because that wouldn’t be the truth. It is true however that the truth is not generally welcome. In Hindu metaphysics, Lord Shiva represents the truth; the truth as destroyer. It’s true that the truth destroys illusion and there is nothing in this world that is not an illusion because everything here changes and the truth never changes.

When there are celebrations, Lord Shiva is seldom invited because the truth compromises the festivity of the moment. No one who is alive wants to be reminded that they are going to die. The funny thing is that you don’t die, you just cast off garments. It makes the whole funereal sorrow of the loss of loved ones into a sham really. Why weep for what you cannot lose?

Some might say the truth is different according to circumstance and occasion but... that would be relative truth and not the truth being referenced here. Relative truth is not the truth because that changes too. So, if you’re going to pursue the truth. If you are going to speak the truth, you are going to be generally unwelcome.

As mysterious and complex as existence seems to be it is really a simple affair. What makes it complex is that we want things to conform to our desires. We want to have what we want and do what we want and we want it all to fit in with what we believe to be true and what we believe to be true is only a fabricated construct that permits everything we want to have and do. We explain and define things according to our desires. Since there are a number of desires common to everyone it makes the world appear sane when it is in fact, a madhouse.

We get born into one religion or another and grow up in one country or another, speaking one language or another and if we just can’t bear some aspect of this we change it. We get another religion or we get rid of religion altogether or we keep our early years in a hideaway basket to trot out on ceremonial occasions or when we are in danger or troubled. It’s the same for all the rest of it.

Understanding the cosmos and our place in it is a simple affair. There is an operating system that moves everything and it has been going on for a long time. It moves the planets and it fuels the stars. It holds us on the ground with gravity and it brings night and day and maintains us between many poles of opposites both within and without us. According to what we want, comes whatever moral code we possess. Our moral code is directly defined by the lengths we will go to get what we want and the degree of cost we are willing to incur; who and what we are willing to sacrifice.

Some of us are restrained, to a greater or lesser degree by a conscience and some of us- far more of us lately- possess very little conscience at all; if any.

The one thing you notice more than anything else when you are observing Nature is that it is cyclic. Planets have their courses. Animals have their routines. Everything has a routine according to its nature. You also notice that things repeat which is certainly a feature of cyclic operation. You might also notice that some things are obvious and can be apprehended by the sense and that some things are not palpable but their effects can be witnessed. Hey, you can’t see the wind but you can see what it does.

You notice generation, you notice aging and you notice dissolution. You notice that everything seems to be connected somehow. Then again, most people notice none of this and are not very curious about it either because it doesn’t have anything to do with what they want. There are more shoppers than philosophers and there is more selfishness than selflessness. There are more people in and around the cities than outside of them and there are more people in towns than there are in the more remote countryside.

In spiritual things there are more people concerned with religious forms than are concerned with the essence upon which these are based. There are more people who are prepared to accept than there are those who question. It makes for a ‘shooting fish in a barrel’ kind of format for the predators among us.

Given that everything is cyclic it stands to reason that the life force in us does not dissipate into the atmosphere upon death. It goes somewhere. Given that we can see some part of the bandwidth of existence and given that everything is cyclic it stands to reason that the life force that is you returns here again given the way nature operates and given that nature is a mirror. Did I say these things were ‘given’? They are.

I could use up a lot of virtual ink laying out a groundwork for understanding but I’d rather just get to the point. It doesn’t matter to me if you believe me or not. All that matters to me is if what I say is true. If it’s true, well... it will be demonstrated sooner or later and seen with whatever sense is operating in whatever field it applies to.

Reincarnation is a fact. You can see more examples than you could possibly catalogue just by observing nature. I know it to be a fact because I have first hand experience of it. I am not the only one. There are others with far more bonafides than I who also say that it is true. There are unimpeachable sources who say this and one finds that it can be found in the testimony of the founders of every major religion. It’s expressed differently but that’s why religions differ. They say the same thing another way. Those who are not able to connect the dots get the idea that there’s more than one source, more than one truth and so on.

There’s only one source for everything and everything is composed out of it. It’s a living thing. It never dies and neither do you. You either keep coming back to experience the things you want or you move on to other locations because that is what you want. No matter where you are you have a body that is experiencing life which is a portion of the one life that permeates and composes everything.

This truth and all attendant features of this truth; because the truth is like a diamond or a disco-ball with many facets through with shines a single light... this truth is inconvenient to the desires of the majority of people and that is why it is complex. It is complex because it is inconvenient. If you accept the truth then you have to let go of the things you think you want. People will kill to protect this right; nations war upon nations in order to preserve their assumed right to look out for their interests.

There is a unity that connects all things and that is why you hear that God is Love; despite all of the contrary evidence that this world provides to those who put their desires before the greater unity of life. Yes, God is Love but a great deal more than that; given that we no more understand Love than we do God. God, Truth, Love, these are incomprehensible to the mortal mind. And there is a clear delineation between a mortal and immortal mind. I’ll leave the import of that to the inquiring mind that needs look no further than the mind inquiring to discover it.

We don’t see and we don’t comprehend because we don’t want to. It costs more than we want to spend. The irony is that it actually costs a great deal more not to and the payoff for understanding is incomprehensibly larger. Well, we’ll leave it at that for now. It’s not going anywhere. Everything else may move around and play musical chairs for eons and epochs and kalpas beyond count but the prime mover isn’t going anywhere. Sooner or later, no matter what direction you head in and no matter what you are you will encounter it. And what a surprise that is going to prove to be.