Friday, November 30, 2007

The Truth about a Whole Lotta Shakin going on.


It’s funny how the mind separates many of the more enjoyable aspects of manifest existence from the presence and blessing of God, even to the point of calling certain features evil which may be anything but. Take rock and roll for instance. When it appeared on the scene it was defined as evil by the repressed forces of established religion. Hell, singin’ and dancin’ were a sure sign that the devil was having his way with you; according to those ‘in the know’ about what was right and proper.

That "shaking’, ‘trembling" energy is the radiant 'serpent power' looking for a way out; looking to celebrate the fire in the flesh. God is a serpent, inasmuch as God can be defined as anything. This is not to say that God is a snake but that the energy which we experience as God behaves in a coiling and uncoiling serpentine way.

Ancient occult texts in all major religions depict this energy behaving in this way. In the ‘real’ Hebrew tradition there is an underlying connection between numbers and letters which shows that that which liberates and deceives humanity has the same number. The tempter and the messiah are apparently the same thing. You see variations in the Gnostic tradition and you certainly see it in all things Hindu. So the serpent in the Garden of Eden was... drum roll please.

Tempter and Messiah are two functions of the same thing. God is one, ‘appearing’ differently to different perspectives. The Devil is God as the wicked perceive him. Everything is under the control of one force, one mind and there is only one mind as there is the ‘appearance’ of billions of minds. There is only one self as there is the ‘appearance’ of billions of selves.

"There is nothing new under the sun; all things have been from of old."

Prophecy can be accurate because everything repeats itself. There goes your Nostradamus recycling the unavoidable. Wrath is a vibration, a stirring up. The same fire that the so-called sinners burn in (and various colorful images like that lake of eternally unrequited desire- or hatred being love repressed) is the same fire that the so--called saints rejoice in.

"Those whom the lord loves he chasteneth."

Whirlwinds are spirals.

"Whole lotta shaking going on”, think about it. Remember The Shakers? This single force is approached by many a concept and therefore so many religions and smaller venues. The clothing is a covering to the body before the eyes of the shameful since it is also clothing. The essence of the thing has as much to do with rock and roll as it has to do with any hymn, as much to do with sex as abstinence and even abstinence is a form of sex. Desire itself is something that can be modified according to the 'cultivated' intentions of the one experiencing it. Like a dancing bear.... Like the highest sacrifice of love... Like great art.... Like teaching your dog to roll over... Like rock and roll...

It's all okay. The whole world can go up in flames and you can be dancing in ecstasy within it. Mountains can fall and not one stone hit you. It really all depends on what you depend on and life is here to test your faith in that until it becomes one..... Ehben

Intelligence is the source of existence, not the result of it. Serpent with tail in mouth; endless, enduring consciousness... only the phenomena changes, not the essence. It stays the same. Analyzing the ineffable, incomprehensible, is the cause of all that noise off screen that we mistake as thunder and earthquake and which is actually God's laughter. Great Caesar’s ghost! Look at all those spiraling Om’s... Look at the dervishes spinning the way they do. Look at the waterspouts and tornadoes. From children’s Slinkys to galaxies in space the imprimatur is on and in everything. It’s microscopic! It’s macroscopic! It’s new and improved and never new and improved because it only is.

So, yeah, it all comes down to sex. That is why established religions are all about suppressing it, except in the sacristy. This is why, in its own ‘bent’ way you get all those pedophile priests and The Golden Calf is a headliner again. You had better teach it to dance upward. This is why the advertising world sells sex in every product. This is how you get Las Vegas and that other Las Vegas, the Vatican. They’re the same thing in a different package and they’re both all about the spectacle and money.

It’s said that the love of money is the root of all evil and that’s sex too. You can’t make the creative energy denser and more imprisoned than in money; it’s the currency of the physical world. (Somebody call Caesar’s ghost back in here. Caesar has NOT left the building.) You wind up worshiping your own enslavement. Bondage, baby... and you see a lot of that going around right now in the sexual realm.

This energy goes in one direction or the other and... it will go somewhere- no matter what. One had better get into the business of channeling it or it will recycle you in any one of a myriad of unpleasant ways. It’s the sexual force that is behind the attachment to things or any attachments at all. It’s the sexual force that opens the gates of Heaven and Hell.

This force has to rise up. You have the snake crawling through the grass or you have the cobra with its hood raised. You can see these cobras behind the heads of the Hindu deities. This is the only battle or appearance of battle that you will ever experience, no matter how is ‘appears’. There is no enemy but you wrestling with yourself according to the temptations that stand in the way of liberation. The force goes in and up or the force goes down and out. Fantasy and imagination are both products of the sex force and the sex force feeds them. It feeds everything and it feeds on itself. The lowest of depravities and the highest of art and culture we possess come out of it.

Guilt and shame come from a misunderstanding of this force and these emotions are preyed upon by those institutions that milk it for profit. One of the reasons that alcohol is celebrated and legitimized over all of the other intoxicating substances is that it feeds guilt and shame more than any other. It’s the perfect fuel for the control mechanisms of social control. I just switched on the TV for no reason I can think of and there is Larry King talking to Paula White (poster-girl for the latest in personal profiteering through religion). Now that’s a nice timely coincidence. Damn! Look at her. She can spin faster than an astronaut’s centrifuge. Check out the polyurethane Kabuki Mask. This is just too unreal... click.

In the yogic tradition they say it takes forty drops of blood to make one drop of sexual fluid and forty drops of sexual fluid to make one drop of Ojas- spiritual fluid. This is what lights the lamp. If you can’t see into the celestial realm or be aware of the presence of it your fluids aren’t taking the right direction; you’re probably at least a quart low and getting the same results. This is the meaning of the parable of the wise and foolish virgins and their lanterns.

Mystics and similar types have often compared experiencing the presence of God with sexual ecstasy. Though it is so much more than this it definitely bears comparison. This is blasphemy to the uniformed but truth to those who have experienced it. The halos around the heads of the saints are emblematic of the light generated by properly channeled sexual force. This is too much for one post and so we will leave off here. Presently much seems like diverse fish caught in a wide net. Much seems elusive and potpourri-like in this offering but we will connect the dots in the next segment.


Anonymous said...

Interesting post. Hey I meant to mention this to you a week or two ago...I recently had an experience that you've alluded to before. It's so textbook (apparently) but it was a first for me, at least a first for this kind of intensity. After sitting down to meditate I had that current shoot up my spine, jerking my body and spine perfectly straight. It happened again in the same meditation, even more intensely the second time. Neither time did the energy make it all the way to my head but rather seemed to dissipate right above the shoulder blades.


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Gawd!


My sweet lord.

;) lol

I did not know what the word 'ineffable' meant, so I looked it up. But before looking, I said to my sweetheart, "Hey, the prefix *in* implies *not* so I'll bet that it means that I'm not supposed to say *eff* words or *f* words. heheheh I'll bet it means that I'm not supposed to say *Fuck*!! And wouldn't you know it, ineffable means these things:

1. incapable of being expressed or described in words; inexpressible: ineffable joy.
2. not to be spoken because of its sacredness; unutterable: the ineffable name of the deity.

Oh my fucking gawd!

And so I said, "See of course Les is correct about intelligence being the source of life, not the result [which **I** already knew cuz I'm such a smarty-pants hehhee]
because see, I already knew BEFORE I looked what that word, ineffable, meant. Ha! Jokes on me. Erm, jokes on I! Haha.

I love reading you. I love talking to you. And having you read me, too. hahaheehee you sexy thang. You. Me. I. He. She. They...Why, I'm positively giddy right now, or loopy.

Looping? Yeah baby. And there's a whole lotta shakin' going on and going to be going, there and every where....whether any one approves or not. So there. pfft to them.

Shake. Rattle. And roll. Elvis. Lives. thank you. thank you varry varry much :)

And we all shine the moon and the stars and the sun.... (oh my gawd, as i just read this out loud to my sweetheart, he asked if i heard him listening to that song on his walkman thingy. wtf. no i had not. now we're both cracking up. again. honest to jesus.)

And maybe the next time my holy-roller outlaw drones on about some wrong religious shite I'm a gonna' say, "What the fuck!" And then I'm gonna keep saying it until she can no longer ignore my "bad" language. Oh yeah, I'm bad, I'm bad, you know it. C'mon.

And then I'm gonna tell her that Fuck is just another of many words for God, Gawd! or Creation or Jaysus. See. C.

And what, she didn't know that!? Pfft, and she thinks SHE knows about god! please Mother of Mary!

Nah, fuck it. I ain't gonna' cause she don't wanna hear it. She aint ready. Maybe when she becomes younger than she is now, she'll find out on her own, at another time. Cause you just can't say certain things to certain people because their heads might just pop off. And that might not be a pretty picture. ewwww.

I do (tend to) think that Mother Earth is about to blow. Then again, seems to me that it's been this way for a long time now. It's (always) been a long time coming. muhawha Things shouldn't or wouldn't or mayhaps mightn't take such a long time coming if we'd only get it right. Right?

Yup. The serpent with its own tail in its mouth. Yup, sex. It's always and all ways about the sex. That's what I say. anyhow...

So what's it going to be babies? Upgrades or downgrades? You get to choose. You/we/I really and truly do.

Innies and outies. Lanterns and caverns. Darkness and lightness. Triangles and inverted pyramids. Up and down. As above, so below. Halos and sacred spears. Phalluses and phallic symbols. Tabernacles and choirs of angels. Cherabim and seraphim. Cups and wholly grails. Gods and Goddesses. Secret gardens. Secret societies. Secrets...shhhhhhhhhh... be vewwy, vewwy quiet, we're hunting... hehheheheh

Don't let the cat outta the bag. ?

Why not? That cat don't belong in no bag. Papa's got a brand new bag....Get nekkid. Get up and boogie. Who's afraid of the boogie man? Wanna dance? Make some music? As much as you possibly can. Spread the joy, pleasure, happiness, and bliss. L - o- v- e. Shake rattle and roll all the way. Mistle toes. Jingle bells. In excelsius deo. ----hey did you ever study that 'in excelsius deo', i didn't before now. That is 'in out of/from one hot/cold (weather) God'. hmmm ----

Have a happy wholly day every day. Make angels in the snow, the sand, the water, tween the bedsheets (that's where real-life angels often come from, doncha know. oh yeah, sometimes demons too, yikes). ;) :)

Ho, ho, ho. Happy wholly days. Yo!

Love is in the air. Everywhere I look around...Love is the answer. Is love what we're really afraid of? I love you. You love me. Thanks Barney. !

What then is the question, if love is the answer? Could it be, what...who...why... how... when...where...

That's it!

If sex is the question. Then love is the answer,too. Yeah?

That's it. I rest my cases. Upper and lower...ta ta for now you sexy thing.

I believe in miracles. Every day.

later man, love and hugs to you and yOurs XXXXXOOOO


p.s. yes i am certifiable. hehehee
hey, you're either committed or you oughta' be.

if we were not crazy, we would go in da membrane.......tra, la, la....

yeah babee :)

Anonymous said...

"Tempter and Messiah are two functions of the same thing. God is one, ‘appearing’ differently to different perspectives."

The tempter is the 6 while the Messiah is the 9.. same things.. just depends how you look at it. Yup. I love you Les.

Anonymous said...

mornin les,

love the new essays. a new friend gave me this link, you might enjoy it :)
shakin right up your alley!

Seven Star Hand said...

Yo Visible,

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Anonymous said...

SO....real eyes...realize..real lies.



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