Monday, December 03, 2007

Part 2 Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On.

I was talking about sex and... religion, art and music ...and God and how they’re connected. The things in the middle are an expression of sex sublimated. The latter manifests its will through the action of the former; desire being the agent of God’s will. Everything you want, the divine wants for you but often not in the same way.

Sex is the push for union. In a way you could say it’s a desire to become one. There’s a process of uniting the urges of the subconscious with the direction of the conscious so that internal harmony is achieved. It’s a rare thing but it happens and generally there is a ‘whole lotta shakin’’ first; shaken and then stirred- much like Bond’s cocktail and much like the way a spiral and a spin relate to a stirring.

Religions are all about sex and they have particular temporal expressions that could well be understood in a Freudian sense or in any number of perspectives where the parts are considered in relation to the whole. Christianity is a hysterical religion, so is Mohammedanism. This is because the drive toward the higher goal is always in conflict with the world through which it is pushing. These are religions about what you can’t do and all of which is defined as sin. Guilt is a big part of these religions.

Guilt is an even bigger part of Judaism and Catholicism. These are more temporal religions. The Sanhedrin orchestrated the death of Jesus Christ- contrary to contemporary historical revisionism- because he was a threat to the temporal powers of the priesthood. The Jews wanted an earthly king like David and there are deeper meanings to this that have much to do with contemporary Judaism. True Torah Jews are the exponents of authentic Judaism and the rest is more or less devoted to the Golden Calf. Catholicism is a dank well; a ponderous intricacy of little lead Aquinas-soldiers marching on a wheel to nowhere.

Buddhism seeks to achieve harmony with the inner and outer life. These days it rivals the Catholics in minutiae. They’re generally more peaceful than anyone else but the complexity is something a real seeker will avoid. It does attract the scholars though. Hinduism- regardless of historical revisionism- is the oldest and in its pure sense; apart from the millions of Gods and rituals, is most connected to the timeless.

Taoism has degenerated into magic and superstition. In essence there is nothing simpler or more truthful.

All of these religions are just a way of romancing the ineffable. They’re peacocks hoping that the sun is watching them. More or less they are bad lovers; these religionists. Because we are naturally anthropomorphic we think God likes what we like and doesn’t like what we don’t like. This changes depending on where you are and what’s being used for social control and whatever arrangements have been made with the commercial arena.

For the temporal world to operate effectively religion is necessary; so is business and war and all the colorful panorama of what passes for civilization but which is often anything but civilized.

For the individual soul making its way and seeking the fulfillments of the physical dream, the symbols of outer power are what it takes for a guide to behavior. It may cooperate entirely and consider itself a properly constrained moral being empowered to judge and disdain everyone else or it may choose the outlaw way. Most souls fall somewhere in the middle; behaving while under observation and cutting corners when they can. What passes in the ordinary separated human mind and what occurs in their speech and action are often two different things; many hungers burn below the surface, one day to find expression.

I’m not concerned with these lives. The Lord’s of Karma and reincarnation have that all in hand. I’m concerned with those who want a way out and that, as expeditiously as possible. Therefore... ...Love. Love is the attractive force on ALL planes. You want it quick then increase your love. This is a plumbing operation. Love with all the intensity you can manage and the intensity will increase and so will the love. As the Love refines- given that it is transformed by the object of its attention, a new intelligence will appear in the love. The instinctive mating instinct of the animal world and what is also predominant in the human sphere moves from instinct to intelligence and beyond. You become what you love. This is going to precipitate a whole lot more shakin’ going on.

You will be transported into realms of ecstasy that were previously unknown. This comes at a cost to the mundane desires but the payoff is incalculable. Most people don’t want to hear this. The enforced celibacy of the church is not the same as a consciously applied brahmacharya.

This is not to say that physical love is anathema. This is to say that for a certain period all of this energy should be directed elsewhere. A particular transformation has to occur. In the occult tradition this is a period of time- more or less, depending on the individual- after that it is altogether possible to operate like a ‘normal’ person without the attendant risks. Until this transformation has occurred, death is the only resolution to ordinary desire. Separation and loss as well as the eventual annihilation of all of one’s works are a guarantee on the plane of the elemental war.

As I’ve said, most people don’t want to hear these things because they get in the way of what they want right now, tomorrow and the day after. Even if they were bothered to ponder these things they wouldn’t make sense to then. These things would be scary and the Divine a scary unknown thing. People want their God defined in human terms; enter religion.

You can become the master of any drama that plays out on earth- walk anywhere and be free of all complications –anything you have ever heard or read about, by mastering the sex force. You’ll have to rock out in your own secret garden. The word from which ‘paradise’ originates means ‘walled garden’.

The much maligned and misunderstood tree in the Garden of Eden was not the only tree there. There are people walking in The Garden of Eden at this moment. They found their way back. They might walk past you in the course of your day. We seem to be somewhere else because of the particular instruments of perception that we are using.

The fabled Rosicrucians wear no identifiable uniform and practice only one power, that of healing. Anonymity seems to be the garb of those who have attained. Every one of them has learned how to harness the primal urge and utilize it to achieve divinity.

It’s possible to have sex with everyone and with great intimacy; mating one’s love with the love sleeping in all life and causing an awakening in the passage with a ‘Hi ho Silver” echoing behind. One constantly filled with gratitude has little interest in being praised. Some people make love to everyone they meet.

It doesn’t matter what time one has spent in the flesh pots or engaged in the myriad carnalities. One who loves much is forgiven much. There’s more than one kind of Casanova. From the moment one recognizes their state and sets out upon the journey home like the Prodigal Son, all the forces of good gather at their side. It may be the process of more than a lifetime; this journey home, but... it is a sure thing. That which passes by the way side becomes a distant image in the rear view mirror until it has disappeared altogether.

Meanwhile the world goes on and on and those so inclined follow the revolutions of it through the costumes of available roles for as long as it contents them to do so. Nothing more can be said about this. It’s what it is for those who find their interests below.


Visible said...

Still trying to get the internet together

new essays here

and here

Anonymous said...

Incredible. You are my mirror, mister. The Les you become Visible, the more I begin to SEE my self – or what I took to be my self, and then, more and more, what I come to find is Self.

Your words inspire and exalt me. Your insights facilitate subtler tunings of the instrument, so to speak – a cosmic instrument of individualized self, that is, the self as a conscious receiver/transmitter of cosmic energies. And that IS ecstatic. Kinda funky, too.

I would say kindred spirit, however it really goes beyond that. It’s multi-dimensional. It’s something, I think, that has to do with the fantastic realism of consciousness and its relationships and the mysterious and magnificent mandala. One really doesn’t find that knowledge or expression of it in the mundane world much (certainly not in the juvenile dictionary foisted upon us from the ‘authorities’ in this world)…until you SEE it. Then, of course, you do… Perhaps it was always there...waiting. Perhaps this is the intelligent creation that happens in the moment – this moment, every moment that ever was and ever will be. GOD it’s fantastic. Or is it: GOD is fantastic?

There WILL be a whole lot of shakin’ goin’ on. Just like water molecules, when water is boiled, begin to CHANGE THEIR STATE.

Keep on rockin’, dude.

You “Roll ‘em Easy.”

Thank you, Les.


Anonymous said...

Minutiae Escapus

Anonymous said...

That post from Jeem is Sweeeet ;)

love, annemarie

Anonymous said...


That last message of mine was NOT for publication. My email address is in it, didn't really want to share that with the whole bloggin' world. Can you please delete it?

Thanks, annemarie

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this is way off-topic, but I thought I'd let you know, it's not 'Mohammedanism', it's 'Islam'.

There's a world of difference between the meanings of those two, and the former is a grave misnomer. =)




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