Tuesday, June 29, 2021

"We are Even One of His Disguises but We have Hidden that From Ourselves."

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As some of the links following today's posting will attest, those at the top of the food-chain are losing their minds. More and more, insanity and loss of the sense of self are becoming SOP in the wide thoroughfares.

The invisible pressures have intensified and human nature is being herded into its best and worst expressions. “Where your heart is there also will your treasures be.” Everybody is going to be finding out about themselves, and often without warning. As the atmosphere of The Dream changes and the false light of celebrity dims, those obsessed with their own renown are going to go to ever more desperate lengths to make themselves relevant, as is also shown in the links.

Either you are being lifted in the spirit or you are being weighed down by doubt and fear. Each of us can determine which of these will occur by what we put our attention on. Here is a brief chapter from The Bhagavad Gita that informs us of the most expedient and less challenging routes.

“The Way of Love”


“Of those steadfast devotees who love you
and those who seek you as the eternal formless
Reality, who are the more established in yoga?”


“Those who set their hearts on me and
worship me with unfailing devotion and
faith are more established in yoga.

As for those who seek the transcendental Reality,
without name, without form, contemplating
the Unmanifested, beyond the reach of thought
and of feeling, with their senses subdued and
mind serene and striving for the good of all beings,
they too will verily come unto me.

Yet hazardous and slow is the path to the Unrevealed,
difficult for physical creatures to tread. But they
for whom I am the supreme goal, who do all work
renouncing self for me and meditate on me with
single-hearted devotion,

These I will swiftly rescue
from the fragment’s cycle of birth and death,
for their consciousness has entered into me.

Still your mind in me, still your intellect in me, and
without doubt you will be united with me forever

If you cannot still your mind in me, learn to do so
through the regular practice of meditation.

If you lack the will for such self-discipline, engage yourself
in my work, for selfless service can lead you at last to
complete fulfillment.

If you are unable to do even this,
surrender yourself to me, disciplining yourself
and renouncing the results of all your actions.
Better indeed is knowledge than mechanical
practice. Better than knowledge is meditation.
But better still is surrender of attachment to
results, because there follows immediate peace.

That one I love who is incapable of ill will, who
is friendly and compassionate. Living beyond
the reach of I and mine and of pleasure and
pain, patient, contented, self-controlled, firm
in faith, with all their heart and all their mind
given to me – with such as these I am in love.

Not agitating the world or by it agitated, they
stand above the sway of elation, competition,
and fear: that one is my beloved.

They are detached, pure, efficient, impartial,
never anxious, selfless in all their undertakings;
they are my devotees, very dear to me.

That one is dear to me who runs not after the pleasant
or away from the painful, grieves not, lusts not,
but lets things come and go as they happen.

That devotee who looks upon friend and foe with
equal regard, who is not buoyed up by praise nor
cast down by blame, alike in heat and cold, pleasure
and pain, free from selfish attachments, the same
in honor and dishonor, quiet, ever full, in harmony
everywhere, firm in faith – such a one is dear to me.

Those who meditate upon this immortal
dharma as I have declared it, full of faith and
seeking me as life’s supreme goal, are truly my
devotees and my love for them is very great.”

Here is what is possible when we join together, and coming times will give rise to an age not soon forgotten.

It seems that LOVE is what impresses God. Sure, you can gyrate and you can concentrate, and get all those siddhis, but that does not impress God. God has all the power already. God just wants your Love. That is why he created this whole thing to begin with. He seeks playmates. He's lonely and wants to experience himself in others. If you Love God more than anything else (ONLY requirement) then God will come to you and after that, you won't have any further concerns, BUT... Boy! You sure can help others if you have that inclination.

God comes and goes here, not in the same way as The Avatar who has a specific job description and who is also God. God takes on all kinds of forms and then moves through The World to see what happens. The bum on the street, the hovering dragonfly, the bird on the fence, and the guy who looks like everyone else. These... and many more, are all costumes he wears to move through The World in disguise. We are even one of his disguises but we have hidden that from ourselves. I consider that the worst of misfortunes. Thank God it is temporary. Then again, how long is temporary? It's case by case, my friends.

Be in God's Company at all times, or as much as you can manage. Don't trouble yourself about whether God is there or not. He's there. He doesn't always announce himself, quite the contrary. He IS listening. His angels handle that side of his business, and... he IS the angels as well. He's watching you right now. He's waiting. He waits for LONG periods of time in the hope that this one or that one will wake up and he can go and have some fun with them.

People do not associate God with fun very much unless you're me. I've had more fun with God than just about anything else. I have never had any fun with those who say, “so fun!” God has had me LITERALLY falling off of the futon, (now it would be a waterbed) or my chair with laughter. Among all of the other things that he is the VERY BEST at... Comedy is right up there. It says in The Bhagavad Gita that whenever you see the best of the best demonstrating, that is God doing it; makes sense. It is what I believe. It's said he is the wetness of water and the heat of fire. He is even the gambling of gamblers, meaning he is FORTUNE ITSELF. He is Kubera, the God of Wealth. He is the four ancestors and... well... it goes on. I'm sure I've given the download link here on more than one occasion.

Anyway, it CLEARLY says which of the postures taken appeal the most to God, and it is LOVE!!! OF all the insanities that I see demonstrated, or hear about, the one that strikes me the most is the one that erases God from The Equation. Of course, you CANNOT erase God and you will also find him the moment you erase yourself. What I mean by that is to subdue The Mind and Emotions so that you obtain TRANSPARENCY and God then shines IN and THROUGH you. The Ego CAN BE a motionless vehicle of transparency. It just has to know its place. Everywhere you see people who are unable to accomplish this because That Self can be very strong and resilient. Learn to Love God and to miss him constantly, even though he is already there. You TRULY do want the back and forth with God and YOU CAN HAVE IT. This is a matter of persistence and endurance. In any case, EVERYTHING ELSE is a WASTE OF TIME, or worse.

Love God; what could be more simple? We lack the virtues, however; Patience is not what it should be. Neither is Love or Compassion. Are we Steadfast? One should check their Integrity the same way they check the oil in their car. You don't want the engine to seize up on you.

And of ALL the times you could have shown up here, and (grin) also might have been present in, This Time is one of the most valuable periods you could find yourself in because God has opened wide the doors for those who have the eyes to see the portals. You can make a jump now that would have been much more difficult in other times. Unfortunately for humanity, vast crowds are not looking for those doors. They have other things in mind because their elevator only goes from the first to the 3rd floor. The next floor above is where The Love is stored. Further up you find all the ways to express that Love. I'm talking in code about what SHOULD BE... Self-Evident.

Simply move through life as if God were your permanent, perpetual companion (he is if you want him to be) and that will GRADUALLY manifest as a palpable reality and I do know this to be true first-hand. The ticklish part, is that you now have certain parameters of behavior and you are expected to operate within them. That one was not easy for me (grin), but I have finally been broken to the saddle. I could have spared myself so much grief and then I can silently hear Heaven shaking its head and thinking, “No... not really, that is how your story was intended to go. You couldn't be you here if you had not been someone else in another place who discovered you.” Yeah... real easy for me to understand too... heh heh.

You simply have to let God do all the things you used to do, and do them well. It is like learning to dance and you are the clumsy one. It is like learning to fly and having the faith that wings will appear; allegorically speaking. Don't settle for a mess of pottage. It is ALL temporary here. It is fading for you as I write these words. Why hold so tightly to these things?

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and some links with occasional brief commentary=

Truly unreal. HE says that he is trans-racial and that is THE SAME THING as transsexual. I suspect that is true. So now he is a member of BTS but no word on when he will join them on tour.

Pay attention for things like this.

Fan the flames of hysteria. They've also made the world a hard place to find sanctuary in; depending on what you call sanctuary.

When needed, God prompts a demonstration of his invisible presence.

The programming of sickness and depravity goes on mocking Heaven.

She has turned into a badly done pornographic cartoon.

Imagine the pressure that has to come down in order to make this kind of thing happen.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

"A Song in Your Heart and A Good Attitude, Don't leave Home Without Them."

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As I watch the wider world, and study myself, and study others within and through myself, I become aware of the atavistic fears and pressures that are fed by the conditions of our time. I swim on that vast sea of the subconscious as much as any of the rest of you. It is up to me whether I pay attention to what goes on there, or would prefer to have it show up in my life unannounced. No... heh heh, I believe I will put my attention on the study of growing things, and things I do not want to grow.

That being said, but not very well, cause parts of it even mystify me, I am trying to say that I can see where some of you might be troubled by what you see in The World. It ALWAYS and EVER comes down to One Thing. Is God in your life? And... to what degree is God in your life; that you know about (grin)? Nothing happens that God is not somehow involved in. Most of what we call accidents and misfortunes are the results of us MEDDLING. The Basic Law of Life says, “God takes care of The Details.” You might ask; “Where did you see this Basic Law of Life, Visible?” and I would say, “in action.” The more vulnerable you will make yourself to God, the more he will reveal to you in the way that he makes the appearances dance before you. Get close enough to The Witness and you can see what The Witness sees, now and then.

I'm trying to say that there is nothing to worry about, IF... God is handling it. Just like you don't get in the way of a Big Dog while he is eating his lunch, or anything at any time, it's not smart to get in God's way. It also means you are working at cross purposes to your own best interests. This is an EXTREMELY COMMON event that you can see in The World around you most of the time. Much of life and what happens to you in life is due to your Attitude. When you change your attitude, you literally change your life. Once again, The Sun is my best example. The Sun just shines. It doesn't get into arguments or debate perspectives. If you didn't have different perspectives you couldn't have conversations or arguments. This doesn't mean a limited perspective is worth having unless you REALLY need to have a conversation or an argument.

The Sun has Attitude. I think we can all agree on that. All life, all-weather. It comes from The Sun, one way or another. That seems pretty significant to me. Of course, when you know... viscerally that The Sun is a living conscious being, well... that changes the whole ballpark. What do they call those people who lie on the beach all day? Sun Worshipers? Heh heh... that's funny! I guess it depends on which sun you are worshiping. There is a Spiritual Sun that radiates through the physical sun. It is a dark sun because it is too bright to see with the eyes most of us use.

When I took psychedelics I would OFTEN see radiant beings and the elements at work on a hidden plane. I would sometimes see a fiery red hieroglyphic writing in every form. This was the integrity map of the form itself. In other words, that is how it was being held in place, by these vibrating letters. I thought everyone else was seeing what I was seeing, and most were getting the base constituent of Love, but everyone does not see the same thing. They see a projection of what is inside them. This is why certain things happen to certain people because of their attitude. I mean that in the very best AND the very worst way.

People have little awareness of Karma or the forces that rule human behavior. As for our governments, sometimes they are more toward the basic good and sometimes they are more for whatever they can get out of it, but... they are not your problem. Your problem is what is inside of you and whether or not it should come out. Since we have EVERYTHING inside of us, that can be a matter which requires a great deal of thought and reflection. Does that matter get proper attention from everyone? No. It does not, and we see the wreckage all along the highway of life. Lessons learned? I hope so.

So long as your thinking process is dominated by your inner conflicts, you are not an efficiently tuned machine, you are not going to get the performance OR the mileage that you are actually capable of. Am I mixing my metaphors or is it something else? If you want your car as brilliantly capable and reliant as it can possibly be, you need a master mechanic. You ALSO need a professional driver. Lord Krishna? That's one option. Jesus Christ is another, as is The Buddha, and Sufism. There are many other paths up the mountain. Once you get to the top you can see all of the ways down.

People think that THEY are the master mechanic AND the professional driver. They are not. I MOST CERTAINLY am not, but... I do KNOW who is, and he's got some free time if I give him the time. You have to get used to seeing God as a playmate. This solves a lot of the groveling and petitioning, genuflecting nonsense. God's your buddy and if you play fair God does more than play fair. If you have a falling out with God, or think you did, you can drift for days, years, lifetimes before you are hit with that URGENT need to return home. You shouldn't bullshit yourself and you also won't bullshit God, which is quite impossible in any case.

People play a desperate and doomed game. It's sort of like playing chess with Death or striking a bargain with The Devil. There is NO WAY it works out to your advantage! Not going to happen. Still, hope springs eternal, and people will calculate and connive until The World ends, which... by the way, it will. Look around you at what is most important to people. You can tell what that is simply by watching what they give their time to. They will also tell you, at length, why it is so important, as they paint it in the best possible light. Well... they have to. They have sold it to themselves.

I think Good Attitude is about as important a something as there ever was. I put Integrity right next to it. I can't see how anyone can manage without them. To me, trying to manage without them is suicide. We've all made mistakes in this life, and no doubt in others as well. This DOES NOT mean continuing to limp along with them cause this is how I do. You can put all that aside AT ANY TIME. Why then do people hold on so tightly to what brings them misery?

It astounds me that people do not get that there is a living, resident, and eternal Divine who shines upon us all, and sometimes even shines out of us. That's what I'm after. I want to be like The Sun. I know that's a bit ambitious but he had to start somewhere too, didn't he? I know I can't walk into The Sun with my problems. Heh heh... it would incinerate them in any case. You have to put all that petty shit aside. Heaven DOES NOT insist that you suffer and groan and bitch and moan. I know there are some songs that tell you that but it's not true. I know there are people that sell you the same thing in various packaging which says 'New AND Improved'. They will tell you, “it's the real thing, in the back of your mind.” No. It is not. It is not the real thing in the back of your mind and if it is, you're in trouble.

When you can see God in everything all around you, you are right there on Serendipity Road. When you can speak to God, no matter who it may appear that you are speaking to, you WILL BE speaking to God. These are all basic elements of Light Magic. You have NO BETTER FRIEND than God. He is with you in every moment through every defeat and triumph. He glistens in every tear and he shines in every smile. This is the place we have to get to and our very souls tell us that we shall. Giving up is NOT in the arena. Doubt has left the building.

You have to start slow and you have to start smart. Don't take on more than you can handle or it will frustrate you no end. Simply and only trying to still The Reactive Mind will take you, ABSOLUTELY, to someone who can take you to the next station. Loving God will do the same on rocket fuel. I'm going to reprint part of that meditation from The Way to the Kingdom-

“Then why not have done with your foolish, anxious striving to be that which you are now, always were, and always will be, in supreme fullness and perfection? Why not then let go completely and let Me, your Real and Perfect Self, have full sway in your consciousness, letting no thoughts therein you know are not My thoughts?

This is ALL you need to do. I will do the rest.”

Here is a prayer from The Way to the Kingdom.


BELOVED Father; Thou, Oh blessed Christ Jesus;

And Thou, our dear Brothers of the Kingdom,—

Hear this our earnest prayer.

Draw us in Consciousness deep within where

Thou art, where self exists not, and where we may

Be one with and abide with Thee in Christ.

Help us to open wide our hearts and let out the

Great Love, that It may possess us utterly,

May rule, motivate and inspire our every thought, word and act,

Merging us completely into Love, thereby

Enabling us to love as Thou lovest,

To see as Thou seest, to hear as Thou hearest;

Lifting the consciousness of our human minds into complete oneness

With our Christ Consciousness—Thy Consciousness;

So that henceforth we can consciously, at will,

Be with Thee, work with Thee, commune with Thee,

Face to face, at all times and on all planes,

When the need is in the Father's service;

And may know with Thy understanding all things we seek and need to know.

Cleanse us of all consciousness of self and of separation from Thee,

So that our Lord Christ henceforth may live His Life in us, do His Will in us,

Be His Self in us, without let or hindrance of anykind, for evermore.

BELOVED Father, make us to abide always in Thy Consciousness,

And Thy Word to abide in us, giving us ever of Thy Wisdom

To light and direct our way; Thy Will to strengthen and sustain us; and

Thy Love to surround, protect and fill us;

So that we may see Thee, dear Christ, may feel Thee, may

Know Thee, may be truly One with Thee, everywhere,

In everything, and in every one of our brothers.

We thank and glorify Thee, Beloved Father, for

Thy many blessings. Take us wholly unto Thyself,

So that we may be selfless and perfect instruments for Thy use.

In Christ Jesus' Name, we ask it. AMEN.”

My friends, what a marvelous invention is prayer! I remember something else that is said in The Way to the Kingdom about making oneself PREPARED. It is said that this is not the work of a day, or a month or a year and... if you do not prepare yourself you will be useless when the troubles come and unable to help yourself, much less anyone else. That has stuck with me. I am one for admonitions AND if I hear something, and it rings true, I make it part of me and part of what I do.

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Saturday, June 19, 2021

"The Fort Sumter, Archduke Ferdinand, Lusitania Moment is Waiting in the Wings."

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Oh my goodness! I try not to have any badness. How am I doing, Mom? It is becoming clear now that the 1/6 Capital Riot was orchestrated by the FBI and fellow-footpad travelers. All of these participants, once arrested, were let go. The others who were caught up in it, AND had no intentions of violence (that is the job of BLM and Antifa) are STILL sitting in Solitary Confinement under a charge of Trespassing. You may not want to spend around 20 minutes watching this, BUT... if you do, there is no better person than Tucker Carlson to lay it out for you.

Next, I would like to present to you, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. This is the smartest and most well-informed person on vaccines that I have EVER encountered. Government shills ask her snarky and convoluted questions seeking to trip her up. She is A MASTER at what she does and her commentary is riveting. I suggest you watch this, or save it for later but... watch it.

To see a virtuoso soar as she does makes my heart leap in my chest. This is a real Mr. Apocalypse experience. The ingenuity demonstrated, and the grasp she has of her subject is remarkable. Maybe there is hope for us after all.

I can see that there are going to be sweeping energy blackouts on the way. That always helps to settle people down. What this western drought is going to do for Left Coast forest fires... hmm. They are saying if the waters of The Hoover Dam fall another 135 feet they will no longer be able to generate any energy there. Las Vegas... doesn't Las Vegas get some energy from Hoover Dam? It seems logical, tending toward the dreadfully ironic. Well... no matter, plenty of locations do get energy from there.

Kalifornia has been turning away from fossil fuel generation toward Green Energy Sources. The PROBLEM is that they are NOWHERE NEAR ready for that. Green Energy solutions NEED fossil fuel to work. Where does the energy for vehicle charging stations come from? Are they getting all that Green Energy from Green sources? It seems unlikely.

As you can see, THEY are fomenting race wars, religious wars, and soon to add in energy and food crises as well; not to mention their bullshit no account virus and the DEADLY vaccines. People have gotten so used to convenience, and electricity, and water always on tap that they can be driven into Panic Mode with little difficulty. If it is true that they are doing this, then... what have they got percolating in The Event Horizon? I'm guessing Something Stupid this Way Comes; to paraphrase Ray Bradbury, or Robert Heinlein, or whoever wrote that book with a similar title.

The Apocalypse is like dawn breaking. Previously it was dark and hard to see what was going on. As the light increases it becomes harder, and HARDER for those who work in darkness to conceal what they are up to. People are waking up as well. Add in that something seems to be going wrong with their plans on a regular basis. Someone is messing with their groove.

Yes... it SEEMS as if they continue to have the upper hand. It SEEMS that those of us who are in opposition to their plans are few and not well organized. This is not the case. We have the forces of Heaven at our back and the Tides of Fortune in our favor. It does not SEEM that way, BUT... we shall see. The Fort Sumter, Archduke Ferdinand, Lusitania moment is waiting in the wings. It does not have to take a global warpaint face. It can come about by cutting off the basic necessities. It can also be brought about independent of THEIR efforts by Lady Nature, the ACTIVE personification of the Power of God. I am no prognosticator nor psychic. I've been wrong enough times to know it's time to quit when I'm out of my depth.

You don't have to be a seer or a soothsayer to get an IDEA of what is in the works. You have only to watch Trends and Patterns and... if you can read them aright, much that seems opaque becomes transparent.

All the chaos in The World is the work of a handful. Of course, they have invisible minions, just like The Good Guys do, and they have the magic of The Infernal Kingdom, just as the Initiates and angels have the Magic of Light and the power of The Supernal Kingdom.

Let us explore another phenomenon that looks like something other than it is. It is clear if you study the matter that Cancel Culture is a collection of lunatic unknowns who are cherry-picked for their strident antagonism against whoever the particular target is. In other words, Cancel Culture is created and manifested by Social Media and Crass Media. It is usually a mere handful of Jacobins calling for people's heads and they are CHOSEN by The Chosen to be a 15-second figurehead from the high moral ground of the terminally batshit. Once they have cackled or screeched they go back into the Internet Dumpster.

There really is no organized social movement of committed lunatics storming the castle. It is mostly all a creation of the media, which searches for those fascinated by the media and makes them Queen for a Day, with a small group of like minded lunatics who all gang together after whoever The Media has exposed to their scorn.

It's like people are dreaming, sleepwalking and you speak into the dream and they hear you in the dream and have no idea that there are worlds upon worlds beyond the dreamscape they are in. If... for whatever the reason, you are outside the Dreamscape and looking in, the state, nature, and intention of their dreaming reveals itself to you because your vision is not obscured by The Attraction-Aversion Dynamic. Once one has stilled The Reactive Mind, cut down on senseless craving, and mastered the propensity to like one thing and dislike another, a new world opens up before you. You will need new eyes to see it with, but that comes with the territory. You get the 5-D glasses when you enter the theater. That world, that theater, is not crowded, and the affairs of the masses do not enter in there.

IT (whatever IT is) only affects you if you have a relationship with it. If the glue of attachment is not allowed to set, you can move right through the confusion to a place of peace, which you carry within you at all times. If you went down to The Combat Zone on a Friday night, and you got drunk and got into a fight, and then got arrested, well... what were you thinking? Did you not transport yourself there? Cold Mountain is for the people who have had it with this world. This world is for the people in whom The Thrill has not yet gone. It is a supermarket for the five senses. You can pretty much stay there as long as you like, as long as you can stand the Suffering and Disappointment.

We have extensive records of people who say that God has spoken to them. In every case, you will know their validity by their works. Great prophets and mystics, sages and seers, masters and initiates do... routinely converse with agents of Heaven. They are the well-informed and everyone else is, to some degree, deluded. It is not your job to tell them so, however... your job is to set such an example that many will follow in your footsteps, as you, yourself, are led by Heaven on your way.

It is critically important to have the ear of Heaven and to have your ear attuned to Heaven. Heaven is the Grand Mr. Fix-it. Heaven is the one who gets you out of Dodge before the outlaws arrive. Heaven is who it is that turns the tides. There is no question of whether there will be a positive outcome. Heaven CANNOT be opposed and NEITHER CAN YOU... IF you are not divided from Heaven in your heart and mind. This is what The Evil One does. He divides you against yourself, and then... you cannot stand. If you are in accord with Heaven, The Valley of the Shadow of Death is a picnic site, a laconic parkway through interesting scenery. Moving right along.

Now... some there are who get these things and know somewhat the whereof of the whatever. Others come around to contend and argue. Metaphysics is Beer Pong and Cornholio for them. It becomes a competitive one-upmanship contest. It reminds me of the voices in The Wind that I hear when I am in a certain state of mind. The Wind carries these conversations like the dirty ice tail of a comet round and round The World... chatter... chatter... chatter. If you are going to chatter, let it be about the ONLY thing worth talking about, even though a silent, inscrutable smile says it best.

End Transmission.......

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

"Sooner or Later, It gets More Unreal. Then it gets Ludicrous and Then It gets Real. Be Patient."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The cauldrons of the world are bubbling and spitting. Change is in the air. Sometimes, in with the new and out with the old is not the best tactic. However, ALL the players find this out, sooner or later, as the time arrives for their Purpose of Demonstration; from them, or upon them. This is the INFLEXIBLE reality of Karma. Argue to your wit's end. It changes NOTHING.

I mentioned the other day about how there are sleeper cells and paid insurgents who have been given the commission to foul every nest in passing. They are coming after certain blog owners and I have already been experiencing it. Anyone who is not spouting the party line is in the firing line.

As you know, I travel to a few sites each day and I pay special attention to the comments section that follows the articles. It is past obvious now that paid infiltrators are at work. What does one do? Ignore them. No good comes of contending with fools and agitators who have no interest in actually understanding anything. They are being paid to shut you down. This is not a new tactic. It is an old tactic that is being ramped up to a military perspective.

I am fortunate that I am not provoked by these poor souls. I am also fortunate that I have a great deal of control over what they are allowed to do at my sites. I am especially fortunate that I possess an intuitive feed, which guides me in all that I do. Many are outraged at what I say, due to it not being them saying it, or their lack of authenticity when they try. This is very true of those who are captives of Fundie-Think. These are the people that would kill you in a moment, were they in a position to do so. Not much has changed since they were yelling for the life of Jesus Christ before Pilate. However true any of this is in the FASHION in which it is told, it is certainly true in some way.

Those reading these words and looking for points of contention will now insist that I think I am Jesus Christ. Not only am I not Jesus Christ, but I also have no desire to be Jesus Christ. As Guru Bawa once said about me, “Oh don't worry about him. He has simply chosen a different path. He'll be fine.” I take him at his word, even though I was not there to hear him.

Some of those who are enraged at what gets said here, and reactive because it doesn't fit the template of their dogma and cant, are not particularly angry at me. They are terrified to see their infrastructure crumbling. They are in a panic. There is much one COULD say to them, but they have lost the ability to listen. They ONLY hear what they want to hear, and they are welcome to it. We have forever. They have life after life to run around in dark rooms and yell imprecations at ghosts. Sooner or later, The Light will dawn and they will be themselves again, “with yesterday's seven thousand years.” One need no be impatient with them. They will get there at their own speed, in time.

I tell you about this today because I see it accelerating, and I would like to transmit my position on the whole matter. It hasn't gotten ugly or brutal yet, but... it may well do so. That will be of no matter here because I won't engage them. I will go on as I have always done, and speak the truth as it is revealed to me. Whether anyone believes one thing or another is of no importance to me. I will not engage the fearful or the angry. They are welcome to bounce off of their own walls cause they can't do it here.

We said a long time ago that you should take what is useful to you here and disregard the rest. What gets said here is sometimes general and sometimes specific, so it may not even apply to you. If you don't like what you find here, move on. I find it comic that some number of these sad creatures have been coming here for MANY YEARS now. Why do they continue to come here? They can't help themselves. Well, that's a good point, because they can't help themselves and all their scrambling to do so it to no avail.

If you are searching for God, this is a good place to visit because I am also engaged in a similar effort. If it has to do with God, then it is of interest to me. Otherwise, I can't be bothered.

I include a chapter from The Bhagavad Gita for your attention;

Wisdom in Action


“I told this eternal secret to Vivasvat (Vivasvan). Vivasvat taught Manu, and Manu taught Ikshvaku (Ishvara). Thus, Arjuna, eminent sages received knowledge of yoga in a continuous tradition. But through time the practice of yoga was lost in the world. The secret of these teachings is profound. I have explained them to you today because you are my friend and devotee.”


“You were born much after Vivasvat; he lived very long ago. Why do you say that you taught this yoga in the beginning?”


“You and I have passed through many births, Arjuna. You have forgotten, but I remember them all.

My true being is unborn and changeless. I am the Lord who dwells in every creature. Through the power of my own maya, I manifest myself in a finite form. Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, I manifest myself on earth. I am born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma. Those who know me as their own divine Self break through the belief that they are the body and are not reborn as separate creatures. Such a one, Arjuna, is united with me.

Delivered from selfish attachment, fear, and anger, filled with me, surrendering themselves to me, purified in the fire of my being, many have reached the state of unity in me. As they approach me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to me. Those desiring success in their actions worship the gods; through action in the world of mortals, their desires are quickly fulfilled. The distinctions of caste, guna, and karma have come from me. I am their cause, but I myself am changeless and beyond all action.

Actions do not cling to me because I am not attached to their results. Those who understand this and practice it live in freedom. Knowing this truth, aspirants desiring liberation in ancient times engaged in action. You too can do the same, pursuing an active life in the manner of those ancient sages. What is action and what is inaction? This question has confused the greatest sages. I will give you the secret of action, with which you can free yourself from bondage.

The true nature of action is difficult to grasp. You must understand what is action and what is inaction, and what kind of action should be avoided. The wise see that there is action in the midst of inaction and inaction in the midst of action. Their consciousness is unified, and every act is done with complete awareness.

The awakened sages call a person wise when all his undertakings are free from anxiety about results; all his selfish desires have been consumed in the fire of knowledge. The wise, ever satisfied, have abandoned all external supports. Their security is unaffected by the results of their action; even while acting, they really do nothing at all. Free from expectations and from all sense of possession, with mind and body firmly controlled by the Self, they do not incur sin by the performance of physical action. They live in freedom who have gone beyond the dualities of life.

Competing with no one, they are alike in success and failure and content with whatever comes to them. They are free, without selfish attachments; their minds are fixed in knowledge. They perform all work in the spirit of service, and their karma is dissolved. The process of offering is Brahman; that which is offered is Brahman. Brahman offers the sacrifice in the fire of Brahman. Brahman is attained by those who see Brahman in every action.

Some aspirants offer material sacrifices to the gods. Others offer selfless service as sacrifice in the fire of Brahman. Some renounce all enjoyment of the senses, sacrificing them in the fire of sense restraint. Others partake of sense objects but offer them in service through the fire of the senses. Some offer the workings of the senses and the vital forces through the fire of self-control, kindled in the path of knowledge. Some offer wealth; others offer sense restraint and suffering. Some take vows and offer knowledge and study of the scriptures; and some make the offering of meditation. Some offer the forces of vitality, regulating their inhalation and exhalation, and thus gain control over these forces. Others offer the forces of vitality through restraint of their senses. All these understand the meaning of service and will be cleansed of their impurities.

True sustenance is in service, and through it a man or woman reaches the eternal Brahman. But those who do not seek to serve are without a home in this world. Arjuna, how can they be at home in any world to come? These offerings are born of work, and each guides mankind along a path to Brahman. Understanding this, you will attain liberation. The offering of wisdom is better than any material offering, Arjuna; for the goal of all work is spiritual wisdom. Approach those who have realized the purpose of life and question them with reverence and devotion; they will instruct you in this wisdom.

Once you attain it, you will never again be deluded. You will see all creatures in the Self, and all in me. Even if you were the most sinful of sinners, Arjuna, you could cross beyond all sin by the raft of spiritual wisdom. As the heat of a fire reduces wood to ashes, the fire of knowledge burns to ashes all karma. Nothing in this world purifies like spiritual wisdom. It is the perfection achieved in time through the path of yoga, the path which leads to the Self within.

Those who take wisdom as their highest goal, whose faith is deep and whose senses are trained, attain wisdom quickly and enter into perfect peace. But the ignorant, indecisive and lacking in faith, waste their lives. They can never be happy in this world or any other. Those established in the Self have renounced selfish attachments to their actions and cut through doubts with spiritual wisdom. They act in freedom. Arjuna, cut through this doubt in your own heart with the sword of spiritual wisdom. Arise; take up the path of yoga!”

Nothing I can say would add anything to what you just read. I write about God and his kingdom because nothing else is important to me. I have not forgotten the lessons life has brought me. God has made sure that I would not forget by making a serious imprint on my thinking and on my life, by extension. It is to be expected that I am not divinely precise, and I am certainly not comprehensive enough for many. Things said here that are implications of much more, are meant to stimulate the mind into its own inquiries. Some people demand to be spoon-fed and have every corner labeled and identified. They would have been in their own version of Heaven if they lived in the times of Confucius.

In any case, I am here today to tell you that TROUBLE is coming, at any point where it can be made to exist. I went out today. I rarely do; once or twice a month, and usually close to home. Today I went further afield and I saw people with clouds of anger over their heads, and people who were intimidated, apprehensive, and confused. They all had atmospheres similar to those conversation balloons that you see in comic books. When your spiritual senses get awakened people cease to look like what they once did, a certain area of mystery is cleared up and you know when to swerve or continue ahead. It is a remarkable facility to have. We all have it but we do not all employ it.

Keep your eyes open!

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Thursday, June 10, 2021

"Good Karma is Like Cash Money, and Bad Karma is Like Debt."

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I am continually amazed at those people who either know what God is or have convinced themselves that God is not. Given that God is INCOMPREHENSIBLE, the ONLY true answer is, “I don't know.” For some reason, some people find it very difficult to say, “I don't know.”

The closest we have been able to come to defining God is to say, “God is Love.” God expresses as Love, NO MATTER WHAT FORM IT TAKES. We just don't understand it, and sometimes we don't like it. It doesn't matter. It is much like arguing with The Wind. The Wind just moves on. When The Wind is powerful you can't hear yourself at all, and it is of no importance to The Wind who has heard it all before many times.

There is a network of negative mindsets that exist in the consciousness of those who think they know. Because they (ACTUALLY) know (inside) that they don't know, it can make them angry when you don't agree with them, or point out the flaws in their position and... the flaws are many. In this network, you can find Ignorance and Pride in a hookup. You find Ridicule and Scorn in their reactive nature, and you find Fear and Dreadful Doubt beneath the exterior, should you care to look.

Humanity and individual humanity are more transparent than they think they are. The herd instinct is an observable feature. The hopping like pigeons in their mating rituals, which they imagine are concealed beneath their savoir-faire, is amusing, and obvious, if you are not susceptible to the hallucinations. The arrogance of ego, as it expresses through the personality, is a cumbersome ordeal for those under the spell of it. So many believe that you cannot see anything beyond what they permit you to see, but this is not so at all.

Add this to their dilemma of being naked in plain sight, God sees everything, and it is not only God but most of the invisible worlds, Supernal and Infernal that sees to some degree. You might hide yourself from those you have hoodwinked with familiarity, which is why familiarity breeds contempt. Very often we do not call people's shortcomings to their attention. It is easier not to do this. Spiritual teachers also call these things to your attention, which is why most people avoid them.

I don't mean to hammer on humanity with any malice attendant. I just think people are far too clever for their own good, and while they are putting initials after their names and parroting whatever group-think organization employs them, they haven't got a clue. The World has a far greater impact on the human mind than they give attention to. Well... I find that last sentence amusing, I must say, speaking of Clever (grin). I'm not interested in being Clever. I have less than fond memories of the many times I fancied myself to be Clever, and it didn't turn out well.

It comes down to Karma in multifarious ways. Some people have more gas in their tank than others and can get away with shit for longer. A lot of good credit gets wasted here in pedestrian pursuits and self-blinding denial. I'll tell you why this is a big deal to me. I went off the rails a number of times. Sometimes I did it intentionally because I did not want people making something of me that I am not (not yet, anyway). Also... the Kundalini releases a lot of force and it can be problematic reining it in, but enough about me.

Good Karma is like cash money, and bad Karma is like debt. Most people have some amount of both. In the material sense, I have little or no debt because I don't permit myself credit extended to bet on the outcome. Yeah... something will turn up later ...when... well, it better. Because Western Culture has deliberately excluded the idea of Karma (you only live once, and so forth) we are going about with one eye blind. Maybe that is why the Fashion Satanists religiously hide one eye in all those publicity shots.

This Grand Awakening, in a Grand Apocalypse is going to be bringing this and many another concept front and center. On the surface, world changes indicate a global unease and accumulating angst. HOW THINGS LOOK IS NOT ALWAYS WHAT THEY ARE! It is true that some portion of the population has good reason to be uneasy and fearful. They have a justified anxiety about blowback, hovering always around them. Others have good reason NOT TO be uneasy and fearful. HOWEVER... both camps are in a position for positive outcomes if one of the camps would simply turn in the direction of the other. There will be time for that, as world conditions press them ever harder to WAKE UP!

There WILL BE a Golden Age. There will also be places where calamity and destruction visit. As The Avatar comes ever closer to a material appearance, the force of his Conscious Light will be penetrating all of life and provoking a variety of reactions, with a great deal of subjective rumblings. You can only hide from yourself for so long, especially in times of REVEALING, and UNCOVERING, and the like.

We are moving into a period of serendipity and reverse serendipity. This is all determined by the perspective you take concerning the wonders that appear. They may not seem like wonders to some. They might well wear a fearful aspect. Though I have few occasions to treat with devils, I remind myself that every demonic aspect has a corona of light around it, and that is the light of the angel, who is concealed behind it, by the coverslip of our fears.

There is what appears to be, and then there is what IS. Seldom do they resemble one another. Industries like The Media, and Advertising, and Entertainment, and Politics, and Religions, and EVERYONE in the business of duping, deceiving, tempting, and frightening humanity rely on appearances, and their morphing of appearances, for their financial gain. They are sleight of hand carnies and they get their inspiration from BELOW. It is a game as old as time; The Art of Deception. According to the creation fable, right off the bat Eve was tempted by The Serpent. I do not use the word fable for negative connotation. Upon reflection, I can see that Allegory would have been a better word. Nothing you have heard from these 'religious' texts is as THEY tell you it is.

All the answers are within you. I don't have to charge you for telling you this. Whenever you see ANYONE offering The Truth for MONEY... THEY ARE LYING TO YOU! Occasionally they are not Intentionally lying. They are telling you what they have convinced themselves of. I fully admit to doing the same. It all comes down to INTENTION. Of course, I do not know what The Truth is in any comprehensive manner, BUT... I am very good at spotting lies and untruths (no, they are not the same). It is one of the abilities that came to me with the Kundalini events. Whether anyone else believes this is of no importance to me. I am a take-it-or-leave-it cottage industry with no VISIBLE means of support. I want NOTHING from you and I don't care about your arguments to the contrary. For all I know, you might be right... for YOU.

Not everyone who comes through here hangs around, nor should they. Not everyone agrees with me, nor should they. I am a niche operative. There are many such niche operatives who communicate from the underwater caves of their being. Some of them are Moray Eels. On land, some of them are Gila Monsters. Some are much more benign. Some are much more informed than others. It is for the curious to satisfy their reasons for coming around in the first place. This also does not concern me. Nothing concerns me but to do what I am supposed to do and The Devil takes the hindmost. That means it is too bad for those at the tail end.

You are familiar with the old tale about the two men who came upon a lion in a jungle clearing. One of them began to take off his shoes and the other said, “What do you think you are doing? You can't outrun a lion.” The other replied, “I don't have to outrun the lion. I just have to outrun you.”

Look, my friends, bad things happen. I am sure we can all agree on that. Why bad things happen we DO NOT all agree on. No one has yet had an answer for the human condition that EVERYONE agrees with. Look at the wars that religions make on their competition. We are residents in a global scrimmage of appetites. If you are not in that scrimmage, good for you, and I suspect you know this. Stay away from the flaming cauldrons! Stay out of the combat zones. Stay out of your own way, and then walk in all ways contrary to the things of this world. My thoughts on that are that you will do very well if you do this. Are you familiar with this method of catching monkeys (or the mind)? The farmer puts an avocado, or a mango into a vase. The monkey grabs the fruit but refuses to let go and he cannot pull his hand free with the fruit in it. MANY people get caught like this. Don't become a monkey on a stick.

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Monday, June 07, 2021

"The Hardest Thing is to Just Sit Still and Await with Certitude and Conviction.

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I look at the situation on the ground. I study it. Depending on the particular ground, conditions can be very different. In one place you have not a care in the world. In another place, you had better keep your eyes in your head and pay attention. If you didn't know any better, you could think that most of it is just bad parenting and incompetent governing. However, SOMEONE is pouring a great deal of money into causing homelessness.

SOMEONE is exerting a lot of influence on the celebrity mind to get them to march in lockstep as they do. SOMEONE is financing the migrant invasions. They even give them t-shirts and food vans follow them across borders. SOMEONE is controlling The Media to spin the story their way. SOMEONE is paying a lot of money to politicians and exerting force where needed, to get them to turn a blind eye to what is going on. SOMEONE has a whole lot of money.

SOMEONE finances Antifa and BLM. SOMEONE orchestrated the riots. SOMEONE fed the public fear about a nothing pandemic. SOMEONE is paying to set color against color, gender against gender, and SOMEONE is paying to manipulate the education system. It seems, to look at it, that this SOMEONE is at work at every level of human activity.

How is it that the mesmerized all come bleating like sheep when they hear their master's voice? It looks like Nipper has had a lot of litters. They have been warned, come forward or forget about the jobs, the pay, and the celebrity. Now... when you happen to already be a whore, what difference does it make? The Pimp sets the arbitrary rules, depending on his whims. Word has gone out and made the rounds. This is how it looks on the ground.

Every area of the arts has been co-opted to produce and promote ONLY degeneracy. There were always good songwriters around. There are none now. Yes... they are there but not on the airwaves. The same is the case with writers, and visual artists, and actors, and dancers, and all the rest. This did not happen by accident. There is someone with deep pockets and a heavy hand. He has visible and invisible means of persuasion. He can't do anything to you if he can't intimidate you, but he can make himself look imposing. It is enough to reduce most people to submissives, or outliers.

The source of it all is the Infernal Kingdom and the master there has many minions of many rankings. He has his agents here on this plane and their works are a convincing testimony to their motives and intentions. You can get the impression, from studying the ground, that he has no real competing interests going. Maybe the good guys were around at one point, but... where are they now? This is not how it really is, but it is how it looks if you take into consideration only the sensory reports.

Perhaps you have heard about Shambhala? This kingdom, which is hidden from the sensory apparati, allegedly houses an army that will be released in times of great need. Whether this is true in the fashion we have been told is not the important facet. The important facet is that such kingdoms do exist, and they are more powerful ALWAYS than their opposition. There is, of course, The Kingdom of Heaven, which I understand, in the words of Jesus Christ, to be a house of many mansions. No doubt, Shambhala is one of these, just like The Western Pure Land, and all the other realms where The True Light is triumphant.

Why do they not come now? Surely we are in great need, and surely... from a consideration of conditions 'on the ground' it will only get worse. This is best understood in terms of Unbearable Compassion. This is from the Buddhist Tradition. It is a condition where you desire so strongly to intervene, to do something, and yet you are restrained because THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO that will IMPROVE the situation. When one meddles in the affairs of others, it is VERY IMPORTANT that one can see the end result from the beginning.

There are folk tales, legends, and stories from all quarters that elucidate on what happens when well-meaning good intentions go awry. Things are as they are because of the appetites and desires of those caught in the thrall of them. Pandemics? There are many more deadly pandemics at large in the world than the wuss virus of COVID. There is a pandemic of ignorance. There is a contagious fever of unbridled desire that sweeps like a Sirocco across the Mediterranean and round The World, like The Trades and The Gulf Stream. There are ALL SORTS of contagions loose, and they can be fatal in all kinds of ways. There is a cell phone addiction that is everywhere to be seen, and actual health concerns being generated by it. Ignorance is the worst of them and ONLY trauma (seemingly) can alleviate it. Apparently, people have to go through it to understand it.

Just because you cannot see the armies of God does NOT mean they are not present. If your senses were not so intoxicated with their particular concerns, the invisible world might not be so invisible. Anyone who is inclined to take a handful of mushrooms will gain proof of what is not usually seen and heard most of the time by most of the people. Of course, it would be of critical importance to be in the right frame of mind and in suitable conditions. I am NOT recommending this course of action to anyone. I have, as the saying goes, “been there and done that” well over a thousand times over the course of decades. I stormed the gates of Heaven over and over, but I could not stay. As Han Shan said in Cold Mountain Poems, he walked the red dust of cities, tried drugs but couldn't make Immortal. So he went back to Cold Mountain where he planned to sleep by the creek and purify his ears. That is my posture these days.

It all comes in time. If you make yourself presentable to Heaven, and you can convince them of the sincerity of your ideal, they will take you on and you don't have to be concerned with anything other than not hindering their efforts. Still... it takes time, and that can be onerous when your desire is great. I am familiar with this (grin). The hardest thing is to just sit still and await with Certitude and Conviction. Your job is to find, and serve, and celebrate God. God's job is to take care of The Details. They say 'The Devil is in the Details', so it is probably best that God handles that. My informed opinion is that, YES... this is the best course... for me. I don't know how it is with another. Every case is different. The good news is that God understands EVERY aspect of every difference.

If you are determined to learn what's what at the hands of The World, I say... “good luck to you!” Well... you never know. I CERTAINLY don't. I would RATHER learn what's what from The Originator of the whole affair. All of what you see is people working it out on their terms, and the result of that is endless Disappointment, disappointment at not getting what you want, and disappointment at getting what you want. Let's not leave out Regret for the methods you employed to get and not get what you were after. Sooner or later, you are obliged to throw your hands up in the air and admit that you haven't got a clue.

I am reminded of something John Symonds said in his biography of Alistair Crowley. I can't remember the exact words but... it went something like this. There was a picture of Crowley sitting at a desk and Symonds said something like, “there he sat, his magic wand gathering dust on the shelf and his head in his hands, saying... “I am perplexed.”” I never found anything of interest in Crowley's perspective. I'm not knocking him, but we are headed in different directions. I've studied the lives of many noted characters, seldom had I any desire to be like them, except for the spiritual teachers, mystics, and initiates who are on The True Path inward. Many times I did not live up to my own standards, and certainly not to Heavens, but... I EVENTUALLY got the hang of it.

Things are NOT what they seem, and one is a fool to think that they are. The power of Heaven is unopposable... PERIOD. Align yourself with Heaven and you WILL BE informed as you need to be. It is a considerable haul after all. Conditions change, terrain changes, circumstances change. ALL but one thing changes, and there is a system to it as well. Spurious enterprises like fortune-telling, channeling of the dead and departed, all the new chicaneries of a new age, are perversions of something much finer, and which can be known, once one is free of self-interest.

Job One is to put the Personality into harness to the Individuality. All your problems come out of half-measures in regard to this. This is why the armies of light do not come flashing from the sky, or wherever they happen to be at the moment. This does not mean they are not there. They most certainly are, and the time will come, and great change will circle The World, though most will never see the means by which it occurs, they will reap the benefits if they are still here.

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Friday, June 04, 2021

"When They don't Get It, They Lose It; if That Makes any Sense."

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It comes to me several times a day. That is a lot. I am talking about this sense of accelerating madness that is doing Jack-the-Box, Wack-a-Mole impersonations, ♫ here there and everywhere ♫, like a deranged Scarlet Pimpernel. It is one of Mr. Apocalypse's chief associates. Imagine a band of Texas Rangers set lose like Hounds of Heaven in the collective mind. Imagine also that the Rangers are after a band of Comanches for cultural appropriation, due to the wearing of Union Soldier Jackets taken from the dead bodies of ambushed cavalry in the aftermath. You might say that the head ranger is Major Crazy, and his posse represents all the various personas of Corporal Hysteria, Sgt. Neurosis, Private Psychosis, and whathaveyou. Wherever the weakest link is located, they are coming through the perimeter like Ninjas in the night; ♫ ninjas in the night. All you can see are their shining teeth so bright, like Cheshire Cats in the moonlight ♫

There have been SO MANY episodes of celebrities losing it that my link here is to a search engine page, followed by more and more pages. It sounds like a Congressional Democrat orgy during session breaks. They say that congressmen keep their place in the book of life by bending over the Pages. They are saying it was the result of the pandemic. It is really due to their being attention junkies. They feed like vampires on the adulation of the entranced. When they don't get it, they lose it; if that makes any sense. Actors are good at pretending to be someone else because there is no one home in the first place. You will note, at this location the comments prove interesting, and that is the case these days all over. If you want to know what the buzz on the streets is, read the comments sections that follows the articles and statements online. People are waking up despite all of the efforts to keep them asleep, and the Overlords are NOT pleased.

I mentioned Regenerated Innocence and Senility yesterday. You can think of Awakened and Woke as being opposites. To become awakened it to see more often at a causal level. It takes some amount of personal discipline to deal with Awakening. For those who have none, and who continue to tremble in restless sleep, you have Woke.

See... the agents of The Dark Side KNOW that an awakening is coming. They KNOW this is an apocalypse. All of their present efforts, are to stave it off, or bypass it, so that business as usual, can go on as usual. This is the reason behind the ubiquitous mention of Wokeness. They are selling the vision of humanity coming to see life in a wakened fashion, but the entire panorama is presented in False Light. There is no presence of anything real in what they are selling, and there never has been.

Certain Big Time Celebrities are losing it Big Time. The article is very revealing if you are paying attention while reading it (grin). Consider the Belief System of this particular actor.

You see strange events at celebrity gatherings, once again, the article reveals more than you might think if you are paying attention. Sure, things happen. Michael Jackson's hair catches on fire; somebody falls off a stage. Still... if you are paying attention you can see that these sorts of anomalies; that were once anomalies, are no longer anomalies. Strange things are happening in the halls of legislature across the country.

Last night, basketball's biggest baby, was present at the demolition of the LA Lakers, who got bounced out of the NBA playoffs. He was in a bit of a snit after being beaten, for the first time in his career in the opening round of the playoffs. He showed no class on a big stage, though that stage is a lot smaller these days. Meanwhile, the worm has turned for D. Falsie. It is a little like it was for Robespierre after his 90 day run, ran out unexpectedly (for him).

I could add dozens and dozens of examples here. I could do this EVERY DAY. I could add in the random street violence. Is it random? I could add in the polarization between anti-vaxers and the vaccinated, between the Left and the Right, between black and white, and Critical Race theory. I could call attention to the Open Borders fiasco, and the insanity of Sanctuary Cities. I could go into the school systems teaching 5 year-olds to masturbate, and teaching those even younger, the Gay Alphabet. If you can't see what is going on, you don't want to.

What it all looks like is not what it is. People are seeing these changes through the lenses of their desires and fears. None of it, whether Supernally, or Infernally influenced, is about making life fair. Life will ALWAYS have the appearance of unfairness because people have no understanding of Karma, nor do they wish to. The idea of Karma INTERFERES with their motivations. I am not here to say that I understand Karma, or that the idea of Karma can be communicated in any comprehensive sense. Neither of these are true. I am here to say that Karma IS. Karma is a fact, just as the motion of The Sun and planets are, just like the seeming fixity of stars in space. Karma is LAW, and ONLY Grace has any militating effect.

Many times people come here as a reaction to what they got up to last time. You would be amazed at the ironies of it. Back and forth they go on the pendulum of inevitability. You can learn a lot about people simply by ACTUALLY listening to what they say, and watching what they do. Mortal eyes are blind.

All of what is taking place is a procession toward a COSMICALLY destined result. I should add also that the wheels still in spin. Yes, it is. The I-Ching has a hexagram titled, “Difficulty at the Beginning.” There are ALWAYS difficulties at the beginning of anything, and the reasons are too numerous to mention. The evidence of great change is everywhere to be seen, though it remains unseen by most. We are at The Turning of an Age. This is a big deal in our world. The archetypes and the fascia are about to undergo a remarkable transition. Some would like the design to be guided by a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. There are powerful and well-financed interests that want a much darker outcome. The thing is, it's NOT up to them. They have no say. They can get out of the way or get run over. The Cosmos is presently engaged in mulching the outdated and outworn. There is NOTHING anyone can do about this.

There are other sites where my work is posted and that gives me an opportunity to see how certain mindsets respond. What I notice... actually what I almost never notice, is reasoned discourse. Some twisted mentality told me there was no unity in existence. There is ONLY duality and the two sides of my vertical body prove this. It does? Wow! Now there is something I did not know, nor ever shall. Then there are those who write literal novellas that have nothing to do with the post but exist as mere launching pads for whatever ego-driven perspective is driving them. I had a fellow come around who wrote an awfully long- even for him- screed about something or other and then he closed by saying he was answering someone else at another post. Unreal. I see this madness percolating, and then surfacing here and there, and I marvel at the utter lack of awareness that attends it. Somebody has broken their rudders and their compasses, and they drift on an ocean of desperation. No matter what, they are determined that their perspective prevails, and... of course, it cannot.

Personally, celebrating Unity while in Duality is my preference. I can bring the two sides of my body together when I press my hands in prayer. Alternatively, I could make war on myself. People do.

This futile writhing of the self-abusing ego is painful to watch. It is amazing what one can see when they let go of the personal and become impersonal. Nothing is harder than to give up one's false sense of self. The Mind is the culprit and it won't let them go. It will use every trick in the book to protect itself but the personal self is an illusion and sooner or later... sooner or later, one comes to that particular purpose of demonstration.

If you are not looking for The Truth then none of this matters, but if you are, then you need to be aware of the costs. It doesn't take too long for most Sunday Seekers to figure out that they can't afford it. Once you find The Truth, if you do, you can't tell anyone about it anyway. It can be transmitted, but ONLY in a non-verbal fashion. There is nothing for the materialist in the search for truth, and they seldom bother to even look, cause The Competition otherwise is gaining on them. That is not all that is gaining on them. The negative desires that drive them, come naturally to a dreadful epiphany, where the lasting thought is that it really wasn't worth it after all.

It is easier for people to fabricate their own version of things, or to adopt the philosophy of another than it is to be stripped of all personal falsities, as The Truth will SURELY require of them. Don't expect a crowd at the end of the affair. Hardly anyone makes it that far. Ruthless Self-Inquiry is a Herculean affair, BUT... you do have help. Once you make up your mind about it and will brook no argument to the contrary, the process is managed by the particular department that handles such affairs. The Universe is VERY orderly and nothing gets missed. You might think it does because you and everyone you know forgets in a regular fashion. That IS NOT the case cosmically.

I would really like for the reader not to be troubled by appearances. I can tell you that they are scheduled for being extremely troubling, but... that ONLY applies to you if it applies to you. Occasionally, I think of finding somewhere in rural Idaho. Then I catch myself, and remind myself, that my life is not in my hands unless I insist on it (God forbid). God's Power is IMMENSE and ABSOLUTE. We shall see if my, or your, reliance on this proves out. I am QUITE CERTAIN that any other alternative would be a serious mistake in judgment. I prefer... No! Let me say, “I insist” that God's Will prevail in my life, and yours as well.

End Transmission.......

Speaking of such matters. Here is a classic example of what is okay for some and not for others;

Biden in Lust