Sunday, March 27, 2011

Navigating the Road of our Karmic Misfortunes

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"May your noses always be refreshed by the scent of friends on the wind".

There’s a signpost on the right and it says, "Myths and Legends, Signs and Wonders up ahead. That’s where we’re going and what we may discover is that these things are none of what they are called. I’m not going to write about that today though. I’m going to write about an event that happened last summer, here where I live. I’ve had a number of people visit me and the results have all been good, with one exception. These are readers I am talking about.

I had one bad experience. I’m not going to name names, even though this fellow is busy spreading mischief and lies concerning me. It’s interesting that he was the loudest voice on another forum, claiming that we must vigorously check for psychopaths in our midst and then he came to my house and behaved like one. He’s telling a different tale about it. Unfortunately for him, there were two other visitors in my home and Susanne was here as well. There’s also a reader named Yuka who saw this fellow up close at the local pub, across the space of some days and some hours. Yuka was already familiar with him from the blogs and wanted to meet him and then there was that business with the police.

At the end of his stay, he went off without his laptop and that was because he was drunk the whole time he was here. He had a fellow call me from the Frankfurt airport asking me to send it to Frankfurt. I said, "Sure!" and gave my email address to send the address they wanted it sent to. Some days went by and then I heard from him back at his home that he wanted me to send it there, I sand, "Sure’ and got the address. I told him it might be 3 or 4 days for me to accomplish because I had to do something or other first. The day before I went to send it he called back to say, "Don’t send it because it will cost $450.00 This, of course, is absurd and I told him so.

The next thing I knew, he was flying back to Europe to pick it up. I see now that his intention was to create a whole scenario to make me look like The Big Bad Wolf. I told him I didn’t want him coming by my house because I was not sure how I would respond to him. I told him to pick it up at the bar by the banhof and that was that. The reason I didn’t want to encounter him was because I had found out that he had attempted to grab Susanne and kiss her and Susanne had managed to get away. She had been so kind as to offer to drive him all the way to the train station because he was so drunk he couldn’t get it together to catch the bus out.

I had already been pressed on several occasions to ‘tune him up’ because of his behavior and this was pretty much the last straw. Afterwards, I got letters from people telling me that I should contact him and set things right; like it was my responsibility. He had been staying with these people before he came to see me and one of them admitted that he had drank up all the alcohol in the house and that he had been advised not to come a see me in that condition. He had said something to the effect that he intended to see whose dick was bigger. That’s a nice sentiment.

During the several days he stayed with me, he never came upstairs to where I worked (he showed no real interest in me at all) or seemed inclined to hang out with me in any fraternal way, unless it was down to the bar where we sat for a couple of hours with my friend Yuka, on a couple of evenings, who observed the whole thing. He’d raise his voice in a belligerent fashion, coming to the attention of the locals and saying things like, "Well, in that case I’d just take out their fucking knees, interspersed with that kind of alcoholic redundancy that is garden variety the world over for the committed hard core alcoholic saying, "I get you but you don’t get me". Twice I was pushed to the limits of my restraint, where I thought the only thing is to teach this guy a lesson, maybe it will help him". However, I just got up and went home leaving him there. He got so drunk he couldn’t find his way back, so he slept under a tree and also the bar got broken into that night so... the police showed up some time later in the course of their investigations where I found out that his name wasn’t his name because they had ID’d him for sleeping under a tree.

I had other guests in from Switzerland. He spent most of his time in the kitchen where he insisted that I give him a guitar so that we could serenade the lovely ladies. He couldn’t play and he couldn’t sing and he kept insisting that I sing harmonies and then telling me that I couldn’t because I wouldn’t. I told him you can’t harmonize with someone who is out of key and I had no intention of being involved in that kind of smashed revelry that is entertaining only to those marooned in their own oblivion. At no time did he offer me the guitar to play or do a tune. He was bombastic, raucous and teetering on the edge of out of control a good deal of the time. I tolerated all of it but I was looking forward to seeing the back of him.

Through a European friend I learned that he’s still busy spreading mischief concerning me, as if I would ever treat a guest the way he insists that I did. This is the only occasion anything like this has ever happened but I suppose it must be my fault. He denies he did any of these things and aggressively denies his assault on Susanne but it all happened. Somehow he’s actually convinced some people of his end of it. I told the people who called me about him to tell him that what he really needs to do is to apologize and I would forgive it all but that’s not his style either. Now he’s hooked up with someone who knew me forty years ago and who hasn’t seen me more than a few days in all that time and who is also persona non gratia with all of our former associates and the two of them are contemplating some sort of "He’s the Anti-Christ" campaign (grin).

Why am I writing about this today? I’ve had a history over the years of being endangered by people I have befriended. I took one fellow in that I knew from The Guru Bawa Fellowship and I helped him get on The Maui Police force. Because I had told him to leave my house after two months for serial abuse of the facilities, he promptly told his new employers that I was a major drug kingpin and set about setting me up. Along the way, I took in another fellow and helped him out. He was also an alcoholic and when he wound up in a state of personal ruin, he went and sold me to the Maui Police Department as a drug dealer in exchange for a plane ticket home to Washington State.

I was in deep trouble finally, facing life in prison because subject number 2 convinced me that the Hawaiian Mafia was going to kill him, unless I could provide a certain amount of cocaine. I didn’t have any cocaine but I knew people, of course I did. I make no secret of having truly enjoyed getting high but I was never a dealer because I always used or gave away whatever I had. I searched out sources and got it together and saved his life, I thought. Of course, when I got arrested, the fellow I had gotten on to the police department went all out to sink me too. I had no money, my radio career was gone and I could barely support myself, given my front page celebrity as a drug kingpin. Of course the police found all kinds of pictures with me and George Benson and other people so... that made them think a few imaginative thoughts as well. The police were hammering on me to turn over associates and there’s no question I could have done some damage. On the face of it, I was screwed. Hawaii had the biggest percentage of dug convictions in the US due to all of the Asian first and second generation citizens. They had me cold, or so they thought.

A very similar thing had happened to me some years ago in Washington D.C. when I was hanging out with John Hall, who went on to be a rock star and then a US Congressman, because I had a following in the park and people would congregate to hear me speak, the feds decided to get me off the street and sent in one John Reed to ask me to take him and some friends into Va. to a fellow named Frankie, who had some pot. I insisted through the whole drive that I wasn’t handling any money but when we got there, John Reed went running into the apartment building and one of the undercovers called me to his window and said, "Here’s 20 dollars, get me another ounce. "I’ll give this to John". I said. Uh huh. So, next thing I knew I was charged with a violation of The Marijuana Tax Act. That carried a 20 year sentence and because I wouldn’t cooperate, I spent the next 6 years either inside or on the run. Finally I got a governmental pardon.

Back to Maui... well, no one wanted anything to do with me and the police were relentless about getting me to cooperate. All of what happened is retained for posterity in court documents- trial transcripts- and the words of the authorities of the time. The DA, Cardoza said to a group of people, "that guy and his girlfriend are two of only 3 people who never cooperated with my office in the eight years that I have been DA". As my case dragged along, I managed to get a public defender from the community, a former Detroit mob lawyer who had moved to the islands to dry out. Good luck with that. He was a formidable guy and between the two of us we went in one- several- fine day(s) and proved entrapment and became the only case of that ever happening in the islands for that range of penalties. Yeah, I’m in the record books (grin). The scenes in the courtroom would have made an entertaining movie. You couldn’t imagine how the hand of God went into action.

I went free. As a result I have no criminal record from any and all that nonsense ...and the evidence of not much sense on my part for not seeing that publicly speaking out against the empire is not recommended, which is what led to my trouble in all cases. I had a little too much Lenny Bruce in me every time I hit the stage. The result in Maui was that the fellow that they flew back in from Washington State to testify against me was exposed on the stand and my lawyer found out he was wanted for arson so the Sheriff was waiting for him on his return. The policeman/ friend I helped was no longer a policeman and not welcome among any of our former associates. These are just a few of the reasons that I know there’s a God. If you could see my life from the inside, you would be convinced too.

I bear no ill will for this visitor I had here. I do have to recognize that I have enemies and that sometimes people are willing to believe statements from questionable individuals without even taking the trouble to speak to the people who were there. I think some people would like me to be something less than whatever I am, which I have no idea of what that is. I would think these people who believe the claims of this individual; that I treated him terribly and wouldn’t send him his laptop and made him fly all the way back to Europe to get it and who accused him of being from Mossad (well, it is true that I kept his laptop in the garage in case it was a bomb) and several tales I have heard, would have simply asked to speak to the people who were here at the time. You would think they would have asked Susanne who would not lie about anything ever, or Yuka who’s been a reader here for years and who saw much of it first hand, or my Swiss guests but maybe that’s not the point. Maybe the point is to believe this fellow because they prefer it this way. He is a psychopath after all and that gives him certain powers of persuasion. They don’t work on me because I know the type very quickly.

We’ve all got disgruntled associates in our lives somewhere. This one fellow who reads and contributes here sometimes is one of them. As I said, I’ve seen him for a few days in 40 years and I tried to avoid that but he kept coming around. I’ve been polite to him over time, when he emails and looks for validation as having been part of the wild and supernatural moments of my early life. In truth he was not very directly involved. My friends, Billy, Douglas and Howard and others were much more central and they know about this fellow and he’s not welcome where they are. He complains to me about it. I know what he says about me because his words go from one person to another and eventually someone tells me what this supposed good friend of mine has to say. He doesn’t have anything to say because there weren’t any events for him to comment on negatively, so it’s all innuendo and carping about personality issues. This is all done at a distance, with no contact and no evidence of anything. I just let it go by.

He talks about getting together sometimes or books that he didn’t send coming to me but I know I’m not letting him anywhere close to me and I know, as will be the case, when things get busier around here, as they will, that he will feel compelled to have his say but... maybe not... because there are all those other friends who know who and what he is and he might just shoot himself in the foot big time, just like the arsonist from Washington or the policeman, whose relentless vengeance caused the police department massive embarrassment. Are any of these people sorry? Did I ever actually do anything to any of them? No... but that is how life can be and the point of my writing this. We all need to keep our eyes open for those who do not wish us well but who operate under that pretense.

People can become very jealous of what they imagine another person possesses. Some of them believe it should be them, yet they never did any of the work or when through the suffering that it takes to be molded into someone who can do certain things. They just fume and seethe and plot, because life was unfair to them. Like the fellow who visited me and kept going on and on about the pretty ladies. I told him it was no big deal for me because I have them around all the time (grin- maybe I shouldn’t have said that but I said it in front of everyone and they all laughed). He said, "Well, I don’t". Is it any wonder why?

I’m laying all of this out because it has come to my ears and because I recognize that enemies can and will surface and sometimes you can’t defend yourself against them. The only way to defend yourself is to behave with the consistency that the trial and error of life has taught you how to manage. These things come with the territory and you have to endure them. We have to watch out that we don’t judge ourselves simply because these things happen to us. Life here is not a walk in the park, though I admit, I am looking for it to take that appearance soon. We just have to trust and walk our road as best we can and not bark back at the dogs that chase the caravan. These things happen but... good things happen too and sooner or later, the karma evens out and every life reaps the rewards of the efforts put into it. That’s what we should be concerned with; what we put into it. I keep thinking maybe that guy will apologize. I never went after him publicly or named him. I realize we’ve all got our private states of torment and maybe he will find his way out. In the meantime, the caravan moves on.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Down the River of Life to the Ocean of Presence.

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

My mind keeps returning to the status of the human heart in the midst of external and internal turmoil caused by the massive uncertainty of the times. It’s the position all of us are in, differing only by the degree of intensity in most cases. Some of us are attended by financial concerns, some by health concerns, some by environmental concerns and all of us by spiritual concerns.

Our main concern is the degree of complexity we bring to the process. All of this complexity rests upon our belief that there’s something we can do, based on our own insights and industry, which can change our lives for the better. This is the process that got us into whatever mess or state of mind we are presently in. It’s our reliance on our own resources to meet each and every challenge that consistently shows us we’re inconsistent in our efforts and our grasp of what’s taking place.

We think we’re in charge. Some of us believe this to a remarkable degree and circumstances bear it out, further convincing us that we are in charge. Our sense of immunity and hubris turn into an inner polarity of something like the Colossus of Rhodes. That’s no longer standing, by the way. We’re permitted to think we are in charge and we are encouraged to believe we are in charge, for one purpose. The purpose is a lesson. Now, if you like lessons of this sort, you’re on the right planet. The purpose of everything you go through is a lesson, period. All of these lessons have to do with growth. You can even call it evolution.

Nothing we’ve been taught in our schools and churches is quite like what it actually is. The reason for this is also control; schools, churches, military obligations, every circumstance, where systems and ideologies are impressed upon our consciousness, are for the purpose of control and that control can, in almost all cases, be traced back to the banks. The banks are behind all the rest of these. Religions are also banks. What they collect from you, they hold in implied escrow for God. They actually use the funds to build memorials to their own imagined greatness and to extend their power as far as the funds will permit, while stealing a particular portion to finance a life style, suitable for those on their way to getting a lesson.

One evangelist, whose name I can no longer remember, along with most everyone else, used to say, “Throw your money up to the heavens and all that stays up is Gods and all that falls down is mine”. Maybe that’s from a parody but I’ve heard easily as outrageous statements enough times to assure the likelihood that someone actually said it. Oral Roberts used to say some interesting things about God for his own personal benefit. The Reverend Billy Sunday used to say some vastly amusing things but he was an entertainer as much as anything.

These days, the Christian churches, owned in dogma and direction by the Zionist agenda, mostly focus on holy wars that are fought against people who believe God is Allah that, instead of Yahweh or Jehovah this. Yahweh and Jehovah are anagrams for tetragramation, which is, yod heh vau heh in the Hebrew alphabet. Modern archaeological discoveries have shown that the so called Hebrews expropriated their traditions from others. This is why the Zionist putsch included plundering the relics and remains of those countries unfortunately placed in the cradle of civilization in order for revisionism to be accomplished. Pastor Hagee is a point man for this operation.

However, the real point of today’s discussion is the relationship between simplicity and complexity of doctrine and practice. Self styled Biblical experts and pseudo-intellectual poseurs, promote the complexity angle because it makes them sound like they know what they are talking about and allows them to tailor scripture to their own purposes, like collecting money and supporting wars in the interest of bankers who make profit from both venues. If you keep a copy of Thomas Aquinas’ “Summa Theologica” in the bathroom, you’re probably taken with the complexity angle. If you can quote pages of biblical scripture for all occasions, then you are probably waiting for your turn to speak in a crowd of parrots similarly engaged. No doubt you show up on the stage here and there in a cloud of experts who harrumph their way into the hearts and minds of the deeply sleeping.

If there is a divine, then the complexity angle is on his side of the equation. You don’t need to be concerned about all that, any more than you need to be concerned with regulating all of the functions of your body, over which you have no control anyway, unless you are an advanced yogi. If you take upon yourself the duties and authority of the divine then you get to playact that role for the purpose of a lesson.

Trust is a difficult art in times of uncertainty. Trust isn’t worth much unless it is equal the tasks set before it. Living in the moment is an answer to complexity. In a certain sense it is never any other time but ‘now’ and focus on the past and future compromises the amount of focus engaged in The Now. Simplicity is empowered by a recognition that everything is under control. This doesn’t precisely mean that you go floating on your back down the great river of life. What it means is that you are conscious of the presence of that river and the power within it, as you float or swim or sit beside the great river of life. The Great River of Life eventually empties into the vast ocean of eternal presence; all rivers do. Every tear drop finds its way back to that ocean. The Great River is the active side of the potential immensity of the great ocean. There’s the potential and the kinetic.

Most of the time, our problems rest in our inability to completely see all of the features and angles of everything. More importantly, we think we should be able to. We’ve been told we have to become as a little child. The answer is right there. Trust and Faith are like angels that accompany you along your way. Until you recognize your helplessness you are going to be helpless a lot of the time. Until you can let go completely you are going to be dogged by however much resistance you are manifesting in tandem with the idea that you know what you’re doing. You have to be able to tell yourself, “That’s not my problem” and throw it into the lap of the divine.

True masters are never troubled about anything. There’s nothing to be troubled about unless you are interfering in the process. Solving the complexity is not your job. Your job is embracing the simplicity. The biggest thing we all need to accept is that we are only here temporarily and to operate with that uppermost in our minds. As the Dharma Stork said to one of the Pandava Brothers, “What is the greatest mystery in life?” The response was, “That you see men dying all around you and do not think that you will die”.

We’re not going to be telling you how to become simple because that would complicate it (grin). You can’t get any real value or understanding from something unless you arrive at it on your own in any case. It’s the point of all those lessons. How many do you need?

Of course you go about your day attending to the things that are in front of you but… you do it with the assistance of the one who knows it coming and going. There’s a rhythm and a power there. It’s kind of like chi. It moves through you. It can be increased to an unbelievable degree. How many people actually walk into Nature and commune with the resident and his associates? How many people realize they are accompanied in everything they do and everywhere they go? This is another part of practicing the presence. You exercise it and it increases in you. You have to be serious and you have to be committed. You have to be determined and you have to be certain. The details will take care of themselves.

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Patrick Willis narrates: Mystic Musing

Friday, March 18, 2011

Catch and Release in the Trout Stream of Life.

{When you get a couple of letters of inquiry, maybe that’s a sign that you’ve gone off the accustomed rails; everything is fine. I was just responding to a take down from a Bummerji (at Petri Dish), for chastising me for collaborating in a poem with Patrick W. that used the ‘brand name’ Hare Krishna, outside of strict Advaita protocol. In the process, I also wanted to point out why it is that I find it dangerous to be considered a guru, especially by yourself and added a few events that- without having actually added the ones that kept causing it- motivated others to view me that way. Sorry for all the special effects. Trust me, I left out a lot but I also left out reasons why people shouldn’t too (grin).}

Dog Poet Transmitting;

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’

The usual hysteria reduction is now taking place concerning Japan ...and Libya has stopped bombing the freedom fighters so... the people not paying attention- and there’s more than you think- can go back to what they never stopped doing in the first place.

For those who are paying attention. I think by now, you know that what we’ve been expecting is now in play. Tomorrow is a critical date, according to various sources; tomorrow thru Monday brings possibility of another massive transformation. I’ve no idea about it, just pointing it out. That more will come should not be in doubt, because ‘awakening’ is the point and conditions will keep coming until that is achieved.

The universe doesn’t make mistakes the way people might, because the universe effects change in a comprehensive and absolute way when it wants to. It doesn’t reverse itself the way people do. It just keeps on. It might return to things in the process of proceeding and it might have built in features like retrograde but it goes right on its course over and over and... what am I talking about? It does repeat itself so maybe it’s more like tomayto and tomahto.

Every now and again you find yourself in the middle of something that you could just as well put aside and go and watch an American Idol download instead. Will it be an all Italian final, or will James Durbin or Jacob Lusk just keep growing like they have? The question should be... how does any TV show keep pace with the effect of the world upon the lives of the people watching it?

How do you build a life when it looks like life is going to remove a lot of the environment you are building it in, or even remove you as well? What people find it hard to grasp, is that life’s going to do that at some point anyway. Even when they are told ahead of time, they can’t get their head around it or they fall into despair cause it’s such a bad thing ...and they don’t know that it is a bad thing, do they?

I threw myself into a lot of things, expecting them to succeed. Some of them did but it didn’t take me very long to get bored with them either; not all the time but significantly so. I’ve got no concept of what it is to do the same job through your life, or to live with a family and come home to it every day. Most of the time it was me and whatever part of the world was there and it never took more than a coupe of years for it to turn into something else. Now I have it, except that there’s no familiar world that I go out into to return from. Normal is not in the cards. I could say that makes what’s going on now easier for me than it does for most people but anything is only as easy as the degree of your freedom from attachment to it. So... how do you really love those you have and be able to stand in the trout stream of life and play ‘catch and release’?

We try to build a life in this world and we are playing at Woman in the Dunes; if I catch the meaning of the film, I never saw it. At least you catch my image? Here is our primary difficulty in life and possibly the reason that I personally got put through everything I went through. We made connective associations with temporary circumstance and... nearly all circumstance here is temporary and this accounts for the measurement of our relative discomfort. However much you are suffering, you can track it to this. It’s all about loss and disappointment, which is why regret and relentless memory dog our tracks. Yes, and sometimes dog our cats (grin).

This is a big part of what you get from enlightenment and you are only enlightened partially or fully, to the point that you get this. This is also the primary thing that life teaches you along with its sibling, Sister, Fruits of Actions. And that is why you get sent to certain after life camps for reflection concerning who you were and what you did. Somewhere in your being is a corridor lined with all of your personalities. Once you get to a certain point you can walk down that corridor and look at the images of the one you used to be; whatever mask you acquired for the purpose of being brought to the point where the masks come off.

Your being is filled with wonderful places like this that you do not have access to because your attachments of the moment keep you grounded wherever ‘here’ is. Deep in your being are sunken treasure chests that you can access when you come into the possession of the knowledge and tools to do so. These tools are symbolized by Tarot cards and I am living proof that these tools work. People have different feelings about this mechanism. Of course it was given to the gypsies so that it could travel undercover as common playing cards. They told fortunes with them and you can do that but only a very few have that gift (if gift it is) and it’s a pointless acquisition because you can change the future with this very item, so... what’s the point?

The bad guys have gotten their hands on the mysteries so the access roads are closed except through certain testing portals. It’s not like it used to be but then, used to be isn’t like it used to be. These same abilities come as siddhis to a yogi. The Hermetic Sciences and Yoga are just the different ways that East and West go about the same thing. It’s all pretty simple and only gets complex when it needs to be or when people determine they like it better that way cause it lends some authenticity by being complicated (grin). You can get these same things as the fruits of Karma, by grace, or for the purpose of demonstrated lessons. I don’t recommend the latter.

All of that is beside the point. You yourself are a font of wonders but you spend your time rummaging in dumpsters. Occasionally these dumpsters catch on fire and you’ve got flaming dumpsters and sometimes you get floating, sinking and drowning dumpsters. I don’t recommend them as a conveyance across the waters of death and rebirth, into the land of the truly living. The Garden of Eden is still there. The only thing different is you are not. Keep in mind that, with all of the crazy things going down at the moment, portals to new understanding and incredible dimensions of being are opening up alongside of them. This is what your eyes should be tuned to, not the usual upheaval that comes around like clockwork for people who lost their cosmic watches.

You’re going to get living proof that ‘it is always darkest before the dawn’. That happens to separate the rookies and to test the pros. We’re all rookie to some degree and the divine has pointed that out to the best and brightest among us which is why they get all humble about the whole thing. They got good reasons.

The next thing is coming around the corner so, remember what’s been said about the alternative opportunities that appear. You don’t get to see them unless you get to see them. Having them forced on you makes them appear to be other than what they are. So why don’t you hum a few bars of “Where or When” and I’ll be seeing you in another corridor tomorrow where they showcase the profiles in evil.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Pending Doom of Banker World.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Quite often I am not clear on what I am going to say. I like it that way because I don’t have to rely on my own abilities, which are limited. I have the good fortune to have a muse, without whose assistance I couldn’t do any of this. Any numbers of other people have had contact with this muse and she can come or go, depending of the behavior of the individual utilizing her prowess and access. You see it with musicians and in every area of art. She can be a strict taskmistress and she demands a certain coin of the realm for her services. I’ll leave it to the reader to determine what that is.

We’re all absorbed in the happenings in Japan. It keeps intensifying. A radioactive cloud passed over an American aircraft carrier 60 miles out at sea. Hawaii and California are some distance further on but this kind of thing, given proper conditions, could be there in a few hours, or so I have read. The radiation factor is impressive. We keep hearing more and more bad news, which means the news is certainly worse than we are hearing. We are hearing about things like MOX fuel which is supposed to be two million times worse than uranium or what got loose at Chernobyl. I don’t know how much of this is truth and how much is hysteria but that’s not the point, according to my muse, who works for the same firm that I do.

Everything is under control. This has been stated in every book that is advertised as being channeled from on high. You don’t control the hair on your head and just about anything else and when it comes to our thoughts, speech and actions, observation of the species tells you all you need to know. What do we make of this? What do we do? There isn’t anything we can do except to press deeper within, seeking a connection with the great rider in the chariot of the sun (metaphorically speaking because it rides in every sun). It composes and contains everything. Everything is a part of it and it is even apart from everything at the same time. None of the aforementioned books are in dispute about this.

Our separated minds and reliance upon external forms to identify ourselves and our place in the mix are not, in most people, tuned to the central radio station. We’re listening to and watching our own version of events and extracting our own meanings based on whatever agenda of self-interest ‘drives’ us.

There isn’t much we can do about what is happening in Japan. Throwing money at it is not going to reverse what happened. Precautions can be taken but this is just one incident in a series of incidents that are upon us. The world is being transformed and we’ve been hearing about it for awhile, here and other places.

Much is being made about HAARP being the culprit and one of the few writers that I actually admire has got his take on it, without presupposing more than he knows. We hear so much about it that it has a ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire’ aspect to it. I sincerely do not know. I know that quakes and volcanoes are going off all over the place and that this sort of thing was predicted by Cayce and others. Can HAARP really be a significant player in this regard? I sincerely don’t know.

What I’m doing is telling myself, ‘this is how it’s supposed to be’; not ‘supposed to be’ because that’s just how it is, but supposed to be due to the direction humanity has taken over the course of time. This is what it adds up to. This is how it is because of the way we are.

As I have said many times, Earth is a place of lessons. That is its purpose. Fundamentalist Christians like to talk about the original fall in the Garden of Eden and how we are all condemned by sin. The serpent in the Garden was God. He’s both ends of the equation and it all depends on how you handle your serpent. Regenerated innocence is a return to the garden. People go back there all the time. It’s not a large crowd and you don’t catch news about it in the terrestrial media but it happens. Life is an allegory. We live in a moral tale but we confuse our moralities. Should our moralities be based upon the prevailing dispositions of the time, or should it be based on something more eternal? You follow the temporary and you wind up temporary. You follow the eternal and you wind up eternal. There’s nothing more that needs to be said than that. I could have just said that and not had to write all these postings but that’s another story.

People were asking me when it was going to happen, whatever it is that I didn’t really specify, because I really don’t know. I think Japan qualifies and like I said, it’s going to get worse before it gets better because there’s no other way to drive the snakes out of their holes, or to compromise their engines of control.

The idea of original sin is a whip hand used by that business which presents itself as a church in whatever tradition it is operating in. You need to be made to feel criminal and unworthy so that you will obey and go along with the program. I’m not saying there isn’t something ‘like’ original sin, which is more like ignorance and which has to do with the separated self of a divided will. You are either in accord or you are not. You are either seeking to be in accord or life is bringing you into accord, over time, by methods varying in their degree of severity; depending on how many other methods were applied and ignored in the past.

This applies to nations as well as to individuals. Certainly the United States is in for some amount of it, given the horrors she has visited abroad for some time now at the dutiful command of the bankers. Bankers are no different than ticks. They follow prosperity and then they steal the fruits of the labor, which is why foreclosure is the centerpiece of their ambition. Like ticks, they will drink until they are bloated and then simply fall off of the host vehicle, when they can’t possibly drink any more blood, but they will drink it to the limits of their capacity.

The world operates according to certain temporal authorities who ‘supposedly’ rule and regulate commerce. The marketplace and the church are the two focal points of the majority and they are both operated by the same invisible entity that works through the bankers and puppets that feed off of the public’s blood. When they founded America they were well informed about what might follow. The initial idea of personal liberty, freedom of expression and opportunity to prosper, is a template that guarantees prosperity and riches. The bankers note this and they take it to a point where, by legal means they can no longer steal as much as they think they need and then they have the laws changed more and more drastically to allow them to steal everything, before they depart for their next port of call. You can trace Japan’s situation back to the bankers. You can trace most of humanities misfortunes to the pursuit of profit; whether it is the conquistadores in South America or the East Indies Tea and Spice operations, under whatever name they are using and which lead to opium wars and assorted havoc.

This is the material world. As a result, it is only as good or bad as the times in which it is operating. Because this is a dark age you have the expected results. The opposite of our collective best interests are celebrated and the rank and file is encouraged into selfish thought and action because this profits the bankers. Phony patriotism is encouraged because this provides bodies for the wars engineered by bankers. Bread and circuses prevail because these also fill the coffers and distract the populace from what is happening to them. Eventually the ruling elite make war on the people to reduce the population so that only a servant class remains. Such is their intent but they will never get there.

I know it looks dismal at the moment and is likely to get much more so but, while you can, you must hold on to the independence of your thought and seek within for the answers that are presenting themselves because in times like these, there is a great deal of help to be found.

End Transmission........

Last night’s radio show is now available for download. Check the link at the top of the page. Whatever I didn’t say here, I said there.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Digging Yourself in and Digging Yourself Out

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Earth is a training ground for souls. In order to live in the higher kingdoms of being you need certain built in qualities or you can’t enter. It’s like any club, where you need a membership and where the membership is based on something like; degree of wealth, political contacts, common occupation, or belief in certain principles. In the ‘clubs’ that one gets promoted to, after having graduated from Earth, what is required for membership, is part of you. What you are stands forth to be seen.

To succeed on Earth you need different things depending on the realm you want to operate in. In one area you need money. In another area you might only need the means to support yourself at a basic level, to do what you support yourself to perform; like being a surfer, or any avocation that is more important to you than the stability of occupations that others take (for that reason) but can’t leave very often. Generally, to succeed on Earth you need some combination of intelligence, wealth, contacts and influence, an understanding with the authorities, good looks and talent. I may have left something out but that’s the basic list.

There are certain limitations to success on Earth. The big one is ‘time limitation’. You are only here for so long and then you leave without your positions and possessions, unless you have them buried with you and they still stay here. Another limitation is the unpredictable that can come out of nowhere or the predictable that comes at the rate that your behavior and karma attracts it. Another limitation is confusion about what makes you happy so that, in many cases, you can acquire almost everything and still wind up wretched. This is a common result. There are all kinds of possible limitations and since the point of presence, is to learn and acquire qualities and contacts, for the purpose of migrating elsewhere, the basic state of existence here is suffering.

Life is very much like a video game or a movie and I say it often because it is basically true and not likely to change. The difference between a video game and a movie and real life is that you have a certain perspective of observation with the first two and can judge things in a way that is more difficult in real life. Often, in real life, people break the rules when they can, without realizing that it is the rules which allow them to play the game; meaning that our need to break the rules is due to our not actually understanding them and sometimes being confused about what is a rule and what is a construct, placed upon you by the society in which you live. When I say rules, I am talking about the real rules, not the ones that you actually should break if you ever want to have any idea of what’s going on.

The whole point of existence here is about somewhere else and you can look at it as a game because it is very much like that with strategies, points, rules, obstacles and this and that. Those who know that life here is about enduring existence somewhere else have to overcome all sorts of obstacles, while swimming in the opposite direction from that taken by the general population. To get to one of the ‘higher realms’ you have to be able to see through ‘everything’ down here. To get to generic heaven that isn’t necessary. You get to go there based on having lived a certain way that is rewarded by a short stay in one of the shining worlds, until you are dumped back down here. You can also go to other places, not so nice, if you have earned them instead. Whenever you leave here, you leave with the only things you actually possess, what has become a part of you and that is highly visible on the planes beyond this one and guarantee that you get the proper ticket onward. There are no mistakes. There never are; when it appears to be a mistake there’s a reason for that too.

Religions are like lens filters. Each one of them is a different color. The people under the sway of any particular lens see reality and spiritual truth as red, green, blue, orange or whatever it may be. Because of this they believe the whole world is naturally that color and that everything else is flawed or not authentic. Actually all of these colors are differentiations of white light that is shot through the prism that leads into this world. These are the rays that one can travel on back to the originating light.

Political systems are the same way and the only reason they are around, like cultures and social constructs, or anything else, is for you to have that experience and see the limitation of it. Everything in this world is set up to disappoint you so that you will be eventually provoked to look within. It can’t be found without. The only purpose of something like The New Shangri La, is to create an environment where that is understood by the residents. The answers aren’t provided the way you find out what you got wrong at mid-terms or your final exam. The answer is you, so the answer does differ, which is why there are a whole lot of celestial realms. You find that answer by removing the veils from your eyes and these veils all have to do with misapprehensions and shortcomings, concerning something to do with The World.  As the veils fall, what is revealed is you. Just as when the Truth takes off her clothes, the world disappears.

There is nothing more to any religion, mystery school, collection of spiritual tests or anything else but the revelation of self to self. Most people are not into this because they have only a dim idea, if they have any idea at all, of what this means. If they did, they would care nothing at all for the things of the world because what comes with this cannot be explained. It is beautiful beyond description; eternal and endlessly revealing. It is an ecstasy and intoxication beyond any comparisons you can make. That is the destiny of the human soul and it can take many a kalpa or it can be achieved in a lifetime. Serendipitously, such an opportunity exists at this time, in this unique position on the cosmic clock. A whole lot of people are going to be kicking themselves in the ass for a long time for not catching one.

There are people who go from a time of major transformation like this to the next and the next and the next, always seeking more of what the world has to offer. After awhile they get really twisted and I think this is how psychopaths are born. They become dead and unfeeling and wind up having to mimic human expression and feelings, because they no longer have any. There are others who, once they see what can be gained, set out with a burning intensity to seize the prize and they move right on out of this world. Some of us come back as Bodhisattvas to provide a way out for those who might be interested in one. You might be surprised to find out how few people actually want to get out, given the opportunity. There are reasons for this.

Personally, I have little concern for what’s going on here or in outer space, except for how it applies to the whole operation. I’ve no interest in spaceships or flying saucers, I am one. I’ve no interest in accumulating physical wealth or any of the other blandishments people sell their asses and their souls for. I personally possess more wealth than this entire world contains and so do you. I have more power, more talent, more ‘real’ influential contacts, more good looks and more fame than anyone in this world and so do you. This is potential in most and operative by degrees in a few. In these times, the chance for advancement is breathtaking and conditions here are also going to be breathtaking but after a different fashion (grin).

It’s a struggle at the moment because the whirlpool sucking everything downward is very strong. One has to get into ‘the pull’ of the other whirlpool. Most aren’t struggling. They want it to work out here but it never does. Even when it’s working out, it is only temporary and setting you up for a loss because that is how it works. That is the nature of the process.

I sincerely hope that each and every one of you takes advantage of this. You don’t need to hear about it from me. There are some others who are mentioning these things and there are those from time immemorial who have said pretty much the same things. Just as the objective of life is yourself, it is also up to you. Of course there are powerful agencies of assistance and you can call on them and they will answer; possibly not as quickly as you like or as dramatically as you might wish but you have to walk that road on your own two feet. Though you can’t remember, learning to walk was a tremendous accomplishment; babies see things upside down. They have to turn it around. That same principle applies now just as it did then. If you aren’t getting results and you are sure there is nothing in there, you aren’t trying hard enough and that’s up to you. You have to want it pretty bad. Some of us do.

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Friday, March 04, 2011

Walking Like a Stroke Victim down Heart Attack Lane

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Greetings Earthlings; this should really be going into my newest and last blog, simply titled, “Les Visible” but ... it’s not. The thing is that it is a tad autobiographical, with a light seasoning of mea culpa and wakey, wakey. You will probably be able to spot which is which as we go along. Let’s face it; no matter where you get your news, it’s probably more like this than it is like the varieties of English that people are putting on the cue ball, looking for that favorable lie in a favorable light.

Well, we’ll get back to all of that, which doesn’t make any sense at the moment, a little later on.

I just saw that Eddie Murphy film, “The Distinguished Gentleman”. It didn’t win any awards, since it was mostly a bunch of snatch and grab vignettes, stitched together in lieu of a plot, while the script girl was duct taped and hidden in a closet, until the film was completed. It made a lot of sense though. That’s how business gets done in Washington D.C. and that film is about 20 years old and the situation is much worse now than what was presented in the movie.

For awhile now, I’ve been saying that major transformations and changes are on the way. Somehow, a lot of the readers got the impression that what I was trying to say is that global peace and brotherhood was just around the corner. I know, I did say that the world isn’t going to end and that it was all going to turn out alright, because it is all under control but I never got that specific about the landscape we had to pass through on our way to that desired place. I think I’ll be a little more specific now. Imagine that you are looking at the horizon and you see massive thunderheads approaching and that they rise from the ground and climb very high into the air. You can see lightning flashing in the clouds. The winds are increasing and occasional raindrops are hitting you at a near horizontal angle. There’s going to be some major Sturm und Drang. They are a foreign version of Penn and Teller and they do believe that 9/11 was an Inside Job orchestrated by Israel. That’s all going to show itself, within the power of the storm’s fury.

So far we’ve been subjected to some light erotic teasing. There’s a flash of leg and maybe the curve of a breast, or, if your interest lies in the other direction well ... there’s some bulge and blue shadow along the jaw line that’s standing out like a scene from the Starz version of Spartacus. There’s a rankness of testosterone in the air, generated by the thunderbolts and complimented by the ozone. You ever have a nightmare in which you could smell ozone strongly? I won’t be elaborating but intuitive minds should be able to glean something of what I mean.

If you’ve ever been in the Deep South or the Midwest, you’ve seen the kind of storm I’m talking about. You can get them anywhere in the US but they are more consistently dramatic in particular locales. There’s a build up to these storms. You can feel the pressure and humidity that precedes them. You can feel the tension. It can be awesome in the approach, just like a sandstorm in the desert. These things are hard to describe if you’ve never experienced them. There’s a certain turmoil in the bowels that is near inescapable when you see a wall of sand approaching, or a flash flood in a formerly dry wash, or rain so powerful that you can’t see and also can’t be heard.

All great changes upon this planet have a similar drama to them. There are changes and there are changes and the changes coming, are far greater than your regular upheavals that repeat every few centuries. This change is greater than the ordinary changing of an age. The majority of the population can’t even see it on the way and the majority of the population is concerned only with the well being of their own families, friends and associates. It’s like those striker revolts that are branching out across the country out of Wisconsin. This is all due to the thieving ways of bankers, politicians and international corporations. Some of this is coming about from within the collective hearts of the population and some of it is being generated by satanic cabals under different designations but they are all basically Satanists. Far better hidden, are the light workers who are directing the traffic of the predators, toward their own demise.

You can look at it in terms of religious prophecy and you can look at it in the form of mathematics and there are a number of perspectives that people have settled on to make hay, or sense, out of what is happening. It all adds up to the same thing. What was shall be no more and what is coming will be replacing it. What that is will be awe-making in the extreme.

Most of us are familiar with the feeling in the atmosphere after a great storm has passed. The air has a ringing clarity and freshness to it. Everything is lighter and less compressed. That’s pretty much it. There’s going to be a tremendous storm and then the air along with hearts and minds will clear. A new vision will come; a new way of seeing, based on inner changes that will be acting in concert with outer changes. That what I have been meaning to say all along. I have not meant to say that everything will be okay after some brief flurry of excitement. Everything will be okay but it will not be bringing satisfaction to the majority. They are attached to what goes on down here. They want more of it and they dream about it all the time. A good portion of them want to be like the people doing all of the horrible things to them. They may not know this but so it is.

I wanted to put together a community that would shield those inclined against the dismal procession of the same old same old. It has occurred to me of late that I need to be very careful who I become involved with in this endeavor. I’m looking for people who want to build a virtual spaceship; a doorway into other dimensions, a protected zone, a sanctuary for those who know we are just passing through. I’m reassessing things in my head and reaching for the guidance of the intuition. I want to see Love bloom like the desert after a hard rain and that’s a good image. I know the kind of work and fortitude, not to mention the surrender, which is required to be successful at this.

What I saw in that Eddie Murphy movie has been going on since the first person tried to sell something he didn’t have to someone else. The system as it is cannot be reformed and I thought it would be a good idea to have a place where those of us, disinterested in all the skullduggery and self-interest, could enjoy and celebrate each other. That’s going to happen. I’ll finance it myself or someone will lay a lot of currency on me just to see it happen but it can only be a prototype, for all the other clusters of us, scattered around the planet.

Most of us have spent our lives tied up in small intimacies of blood relation and community business that meets and greets us on the streets or anywhere we gather and pass each other. The time has come to live in a communal sense, not only because it contains the possibility for all the things we think we lack but can’t define but also because the Age of Brotherhood is upon us and a great deal of positive, supportive force is available for those who wish to live in harmony, with the archetypes seeking to live through us

How you begin such an endeavor is to live as if you were already in that community, with everyone you encounter in every place where it happens. Of course, with many people, all you can say is, “Hello”, offered with a sincere smile. With some you can exchange more words and that expands in potential, until you may actually share the heart’s mysteries with one another. It is that which we are all really seeking but we do it inconsistently and operate without awareness. That’s why Love is so important. You need to get that first and you get it from the source, which, of course, is inside you.

I’m a very big fan of Eddie Murphy. I’ve seen what he’s tried to do in his career and he’s not the only one. He’s not all that well liked by TPTW because of what he’s been trying to do and would like to do. There are a lot of us, not by comparison with the rest, but the actual number is pretty big, who are looking for ways to share the highest intimacies and engage in full time service. I’m looking for people like that and I’ve found more than a few. I’d like to believe that we will be closer to each other in the not too distant future, just as we are much closer to each other than we have been in the past.

I started writing this and it went off with a will of its own so, my earlier references are irrelevant and so it goes.

End Transmission ...........

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