Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Digging Yourself in and Digging Yourself Out

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Earth is a training ground for souls. In order to live in the higher kingdoms of being you need certain built in qualities or you can’t enter. It’s like any club, where you need a membership and where the membership is based on something like; degree of wealth, political contacts, common occupation, or belief in certain principles. In the ‘clubs’ that one gets promoted to, after having graduated from Earth, what is required for membership, is part of you. What you are stands forth to be seen.

To succeed on Earth you need different things depending on the realm you want to operate in. In one area you need money. In another area you might only need the means to support yourself at a basic level, to do what you support yourself to perform; like being a surfer, or any avocation that is more important to you than the stability of occupations that others take (for that reason) but can’t leave very often. Generally, to succeed on Earth you need some combination of intelligence, wealth, contacts and influence, an understanding with the authorities, good looks and talent. I may have left something out but that’s the basic list.

There are certain limitations to success on Earth. The big one is ‘time limitation’. You are only here for so long and then you leave without your positions and possessions, unless you have them buried with you and they still stay here. Another limitation is the unpredictable that can come out of nowhere or the predictable that comes at the rate that your behavior and karma attracts it. Another limitation is confusion about what makes you happy so that, in many cases, you can acquire almost everything and still wind up wretched. This is a common result. There are all kinds of possible limitations and since the point of presence, is to learn and acquire qualities and contacts, for the purpose of migrating elsewhere, the basic state of existence here is suffering.

Life is very much like a video game or a movie and I say it often because it is basically true and not likely to change. The difference between a video game and a movie and real life is that you have a certain perspective of observation with the first two and can judge things in a way that is more difficult in real life. Often, in real life, people break the rules when they can, without realizing that it is the rules which allow them to play the game; meaning that our need to break the rules is due to our not actually understanding them and sometimes being confused about what is a rule and what is a construct, placed upon you by the society in which you live. When I say rules, I am talking about the real rules, not the ones that you actually should break if you ever want to have any idea of what’s going on.

The whole point of existence here is about somewhere else and you can look at it as a game because it is very much like that with strategies, points, rules, obstacles and this and that. Those who know that life here is about enduring existence somewhere else have to overcome all sorts of obstacles, while swimming in the opposite direction from that taken by the general population. To get to one of the ‘higher realms’ you have to be able to see through ‘everything’ down here. To get to generic heaven that isn’t necessary. You get to go there based on having lived a certain way that is rewarded by a short stay in one of the shining worlds, until you are dumped back down here. You can also go to other places, not so nice, if you have earned them instead. Whenever you leave here, you leave with the only things you actually possess, what has become a part of you and that is highly visible on the planes beyond this one and guarantee that you get the proper ticket onward. There are no mistakes. There never are; when it appears to be a mistake there’s a reason for that too.

Religions are like lens filters. Each one of them is a different color. The people under the sway of any particular lens see reality and spiritual truth as red, green, blue, orange or whatever it may be. Because of this they believe the whole world is naturally that color and that everything else is flawed or not authentic. Actually all of these colors are differentiations of white light that is shot through the prism that leads into this world. These are the rays that one can travel on back to the originating light.

Political systems are the same way and the only reason they are around, like cultures and social constructs, or anything else, is for you to have that experience and see the limitation of it. Everything in this world is set up to disappoint you so that you will be eventually provoked to look within. It can’t be found without. The only purpose of something like The New Shangri La, is to create an environment where that is understood by the residents. The answers aren’t provided the way you find out what you got wrong at mid-terms or your final exam. The answer is you, so the answer does differ, which is why there are a whole lot of celestial realms. You find that answer by removing the veils from your eyes and these veils all have to do with misapprehensions and shortcomings, concerning something to do with The World.  As the veils fall, what is revealed is you. Just as when the Truth takes off her clothes, the world disappears.

There is nothing more to any religion, mystery school, collection of spiritual tests or anything else but the revelation of self to self. Most people are not into this because they have only a dim idea, if they have any idea at all, of what this means. If they did, they would care nothing at all for the things of the world because what comes with this cannot be explained. It is beautiful beyond description; eternal and endlessly revealing. It is an ecstasy and intoxication beyond any comparisons you can make. That is the destiny of the human soul and it can take many a kalpa or it can be achieved in a lifetime. Serendipitously, such an opportunity exists at this time, in this unique position on the cosmic clock. A whole lot of people are going to be kicking themselves in the ass for a long time for not catching one.

There are people who go from a time of major transformation like this to the next and the next and the next, always seeking more of what the world has to offer. After awhile they get really twisted and I think this is how psychopaths are born. They become dead and unfeeling and wind up having to mimic human expression and feelings, because they no longer have any. There are others who, once they see what can be gained, set out with a burning intensity to seize the prize and they move right on out of this world. Some of us come back as Bodhisattvas to provide a way out for those who might be interested in one. You might be surprised to find out how few people actually want to get out, given the opportunity. There are reasons for this.

Personally, I have little concern for what’s going on here or in outer space, except for how it applies to the whole operation. I’ve no interest in spaceships or flying saucers, I am one. I’ve no interest in accumulating physical wealth or any of the other blandishments people sell their asses and their souls for. I personally possess more wealth than this entire world contains and so do you. I have more power, more talent, more ‘real’ influential contacts, more good looks and more fame than anyone in this world and so do you. This is potential in most and operative by degrees in a few. In these times, the chance for advancement is breathtaking and conditions here are also going to be breathtaking but after a different fashion (grin).

It’s a struggle at the moment because the whirlpool sucking everything downward is very strong. One has to get into ‘the pull’ of the other whirlpool. Most aren’t struggling. They want it to work out here but it never does. Even when it’s working out, it is only temporary and setting you up for a loss because that is how it works. That is the nature of the process.

I sincerely hope that each and every one of you takes advantage of this. You don’t need to hear about it from me. There are some others who are mentioning these things and there are those from time immemorial who have said pretty much the same things. Just as the objective of life is yourself, it is also up to you. Of course there are powerful agencies of assistance and you can call on them and they will answer; possibly not as quickly as you like or as dramatically as you might wish but you have to walk that road on your own two feet. Though you can’t remember, learning to walk was a tremendous accomplishment; babies see things upside down. They have to turn it around. That same principle applies now just as it did then. If you aren’t getting results and you are sure there is nothing in there, you aren’t trying hard enough and that’s up to you. You have to want it pretty bad. Some of us do.

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible


A.Mouser said...

Thank you Les for this timely post.

We the people of the world can use all the words of wisdom we can get right now.

Sincerely, Mouser

Mad Farmers Liberation Front said...

This is gold Les. Much like the gentle wind following a summer rain.

I know I am blessed because I can just simply love the things in nature. It is all divine, and blessed with faerie dust from the top shelf.

My own mob (humans) have me scratching my head, but as you say, we are all feeling the pull of the current. Things are definitely speeding up.

Linkin Park said...

"We knew the world would not be the same.

A few people laughed, a few people cried, most people were silent.

I remember the line from the Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad-Gita.

Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty.

And to impress him takes on his multi-armed form and says:

"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

I suppose we all thought that, one way or another."

-from the 2010 album; 'A Thousand Suns'

Burning In The Skies said...

I used the deadwood to make the fire rise
The blood of innocence burning in the skies
I filled my cup with the rising of the sea
And poured it out in an ocean of debris

I'm swimming in the smoke
Of bridges I have burned
So don't apologize
I'm losing what I don't deserve
What I don't deserve

I'll be gone said...

I am not a pattern to be followed
The pill that I'm on is a tough one to swallow
I'm not a criminal, not a role model
Not a born leader, I'm a tough act to follow
I am not the fortune and the fame or the same person telling you to forfeit the game

I came in the ring like a dog on a chain and then found out the underbelly sicker than it seems
And it seems ugly but it can get worse

'cause even a blueprint is a gift and a curse
'cause once you got a theory of how the thing works
Everybody wants the next thing to be just like the first

And I'm not a robot, I'm not a monkey
I will not dance even if the beat is funky
Opposite of lazy
And I'm just a student of the game that they taught me
Rocking every stage and every place that they brought me
I'm awfully underrated but came here to correct it
And so it ain't mistaken, I'mma say it for the record
I am the opposite of wack, opposite of weak
Opposite of slack, synonym of heat
When they come for me
I'll be gone

Visible said...

Must be something in the post that wants to produce song lyrics without provenance.

laurel said...

i am hoping you did not nor will get a big college degree. i think that kind of training would kill your immense inner vision, and it would kill your magnificent way of serving up that vision to the rest of us in such tasty and easy-to-chew bites :))

Anonymous said...

"There's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart,
that you can't take part;
you can't even passively take part, and you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers,
upon all the apparatus,
and you've got to make it stop."

Mario Savio

Josh said...

Wow Les about an hour ago I was reading comments on Smoking Mirrors and I read your comment about earth being a testing ground and I immediately started contemplating and posing questions in my head about this and I got up and did something else and came back and saw a new post at Visible Origami and I clicked on it and said to myself I bet he's talking about this right now and I started reading and...and...BAM!!! I'll be damned if you weren't writing about exactly what I was thinking about!!! It could be coincidence or it could be something greater and I know you give it all up to the Divine and I get that and agree but I figured you might enjoy knowing when something cool like that happens! Shit like that is one of the reasons I keep coming back here time and time again to read! Also I think this was a great "big picture" post and although I'm still filled with silly childish questions(grin)this post certainly got my attention and if you're still taking shout-outs for the blog book I cast a vote for this one. Peace and Strength to all, Josh

Dave Klausler said...

I agree... I don't want it so bad.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Amazing how he does that isn't it Josh?

I like the post Les, please don’t take it down.
But then, you will do what you are guided to do.

When I wish, I often get the unexpected. I’m sure that many of you know what I mean.

I’ve been here before, and with all the strangeness in the world, it all seems like I’ve played this role before. Perhaps, this time, I’ll get it right.

I’m sitting here thinking there is more I want to say, but it doesn’t seem to want out, yet.


Anonymous said...

Monochromatic lens filters. A most apt, concise, clear, and accurate analogy.

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking that the main problem is that those who are creating so much death, misery, fear, contempt, etc. have forgotten that ultimately we are all connected in this life. I am struggling with how we can get them to remember this important fact. What they do to others they are doing to themselves, because at our core we are ONE. If they could process and understand this, maybe all the misery would end. I simply do not know how to go about creating a shift in thinking that would help.


Frog said...

As the owner of a couple of big college degrees, I think they are just another test. The weak and shallow swallow what those mostly corrupt systems teach. The stronger recognize the filth and leave it. I am better off than I was for I learned a lot of unintended material at the institutions I went to. I was pressed and molded and survived intact (I think I did).
I met more fools, deceivers, money and power grubbers, destroyers among the ivory tower staff than I care to remember.
The degrees are meaningless to me other than they allow me to practice a profession with the blessing of the government.
I shudder at all the PhDs that tell us we have to pump carbon into the deep ocean or send rockets to blast chaff into the atmosphere to avoid "global warming". Or the MDs who insist that my duty to public health is to promote, administer, and accept vaccines.
Anyhow, the degrees, the time in the institutions of learning, they are just another test of character. Les would not be changed by them, only the weak and superficial suffer that fate. I imagine he might (as I did) earn some poor grades secondary to offending the more political teachers and professors. Of course those grades only reflect one's ability to regurgitate what is being taught that year by that prof. Nothing else.
Apologies to the good teachers and professors that may read these works. You few real human beings kept me from dropping out all together and helped me keep my soul. May God walk with you.

Frog said...

It just occurred to me that I included you in my last post and made assumptions I have no basis for. I apologize for my presumption. I know nothing about your life other than the quality of your writing. No disrespect was intended.

The Soup Dragon said...

Les, about once a week or so you post something and I think, Wow ... it doesn't get any better than that ! Well guess what ...... :o) For many years I've referred to this planet as a 'soul nursery' with very similar thoughts regarding learning lessons, 'graduating' and the like. By the way, you're going to have to raise the bar somewhat if you're looking to replace this posting with something better !

Josh said...

Ya I didn't get why Vis said he was gonna take this post down? Is there something wrong with it? I thought it was a good one. It's too late Les I've already saved it to my computer(big grin). I noticed earlier Mercury is conjunct Uranus today. That makes for all kinds of unusual things. That kind of lines up with my experience with the blog post earlier today. Heh, and it just so happens that I have Mercury conjunct Uranus on the same degree in Scorpio in my natal chart. So when I saw they were conjunct today it got my attention. On another note, isn't today March 9 the first day of the ninth wave of Carl Calleman's Mayan calendar? I bet the "energies" are strong today.

Anonymous said...

Srila Prabhupada stated, "Krishna (God) Consciousness is easy for the simple hearted and complicated for the crooked. It's so simple it will pass you by."

Srila Prabhupada: "When this service attitude is impaired, that "why serve Krsna (God), why not ourself?" That is maya, then he falls down in the material energy."

"Each and every living entity is originally attached to a particular type of transcendental service, because he is eternally the servitor of the Lord… Therefore every living entity has a particular type of service relationship with the Lord, eternally."

"So we have got our relationship with Krsna (God), AHH, in so many ways shanta, dasya, sakhya, vatsalya, madhurya - so in this way we are related with Krsna (God) - so we have to revive them. And as soon as we revive any one of them, intimacy, then we become happy. Because that is eternal."

Shanta - peacefulness
Dasya - servant
Sakhya - friend
Vatsalya - parental
Madhurya - intimate pure love

WhatsinadegreebyTPTB? said...


I have two bachelors, a masters and a doctorate.

You and I can't hold a candle to the real knowledge we find here.


Anonymous said...


It's not that they have forgotten. They simply don't care. They won't ever care. They have never cared. It's who they are. They didn't achieve that level of pointless evil by caring about anyone or anything except their own remoresless need to acquire.

They're beyond mere greed, far beyond, all the way to pleasure in the pain of others.

Some are simply beyond reach here in this plane.

Anonymous said...

I was reading my emails this morning and one of the newsletters I receive to remind me of my path and works "The Intenders of the Highest Good" mentioned the phrase I had conjured up a few years ago to better label the parties of people in this world.

I was getting rather sickened by the labels of 'republican/conservatives' v 'democrats/liberals' as they are labels that just don't stick or are totally opposite of what those with the labels are actually doing.

The terms 'conscious creators' v 'cavalier consumers' came to me and I think if there are only two phrases allowed to be used to box in opposing forces politically (soulfully too) those are two good phrases.

So in my "intenders' newsletter this morning was the reference to 'consciously create' and that caught my attention that all we say, do, THINK is in the flow... and I thought "I bet les has written a new one" and I check and of course he has. :)

"Focused intentions" is another one that is getting out and about. It is totally amazing how powerful our minds are. The Universe requires us to physically put out the efforts to actualize the intentions in any way we are able to do so. Then the effects will be realized.

Please don't eradicate this post les... and keep on with the 'shining the light' exercise... it is so working!

1. name the victim(s)
2. name the crime(s)
3. visualize the brightest light you can-hand it over to the one(s) who KNOW/SEE and ask that it be shined down on any/all perps of such crimes...

continued onto post 2

the gardener

Anonymous said...

I had such an off the wall encounter yesterday with a county official who played such a part in relieving my family of so much of what they love and lust over-in my case to a seriously murderous degree... she and I were talking as I was paying a shake down bill under threat... (hahahah) and she brought up how her father's family was of some mobster clan down in Mexico and how they'd 'totally taken over a county'... and asked me 'if that happened here in our county don't you think that we would fight them off?" ... I asked her 'where does this mobsterism go? how does that end?"

In actuality when the mobsters did show up in 'our county' the mobsters already present sided with them... enabled, empowered the new mobsters. They didn't 'fight off the new mobsters arriving in their county' they did everything they could to empower them of which this same woman was on the inside and had to know as I repeatedly sounded the horn about what they were doing and dealing with.

The light is shining on her and them and they either do not realize it (yet) or else they are doing a confusion/rationalization trip on their selves and thus trying it on me.

I KNOW... about the light and the magic and the flow... and I know that they've been seen and are under the only spotlight that matters.

Since I have been slam dunked into the murky leech filled slimy ponds where these cavalier consumers dwell and thrive on those who are dragged into their swamp until they either succumb or drag or are pulled out of the swamp by the FORCES OF THE FLOW- I have witnessed many bizarre actions of those who are either totally soulfully blind, psychopathic or of such a low human cavalier consumptive course that they need to present in gangs.

Here is a video I came upon yesterday on an article about what the courts and all the 'officers of the court' have been doing to families in Great Britain... they do it here too-that state congresswoman from Georgia and her husband were KILLED when she was shining the light on the workings of CPS who would BONUS when they'd remove highly adoptable CHILDREN from loving families---with courts so rigged the families had absolutely no voice in the losses of their CHILDREN due to corrupted collusion between all the 'officers of the court'...

Read this crazy demonic shit and KNOW that the light being shined down on all these criminals who have so many victims... know that this simple very empowering exercise WORKS...

the link to the initial article about the corrupted courts and all officials involved in the theft of children through social services-

here's a thread from ATS about the protest that was mentioned in the comments to the above sited article

and most outrageous (to me) is a video talking about the BAR association... what the hell that really is, what they are really saying and doing with their legalize language they do employ in courts here in the US and Great Britain... really important to see this one!

this youtube is about 'when judges run out of the courtroom' when anyone establishes their 'standing' in a courtroom...

the gardener

gurnygob said...



Anonymous said...

Here is the site where the prior youtube about the courts... 'their power is magic..." EEEEK!

I think many will find this info very empowering as all knowledge does. We've been so hypnotized with every aspect of our lives whenever plain old bullying force doesn't work.
the gardener

Anonymous said...

We walk this path on our own two feet. those are powerful words. How shall we ascend to higher realms which require walking up steps if can not learn to walk on this sacred ground.

This morning I watched the sun rise as it turned dark sky into a brightly painted landscape. I felt the awe of ancients as I watched this magical artist in play.

To march forward with each new day, head held high, and heart open.

thanks Les,


Josh said...

Uh, when I said I have Mercury/Uranus conjunct in Scorpio in my natal chart on the same degree what I meant by that was that I have them conjunct in Scorpio with a 0 degree orb. That's what I meant by conjunct on the same degree. I didn't mean I had them conjunct on the 29th degree, which is the degree they are conjunct by transit today in Pisces. For the sake of clarity or whatever I felt compelled to clear that up.

Frog said...

I'll drink to that :)I still remember taking the last bus from downtown Detroit, a old drunk black laborer struck up a conversation with me, offered some advice. I still don't know what spoke through him but I remember most of what he said to me. Most of my doctoral lectures are forgotten, been proven wrong, etc.
Take your wisdom where the universe offers it. The lesson is of no use until the learner has sufficient humility to accept it.
I finished with a BS, MS equivalent, MD. I was a couple of years into a MD/PhD in immunology when the program fell apart. Too much venom between the MD and PhD camps. Bunch of students got dumped, no one in my class finished their PhD. What memories. No paycheck, wife waitressing, three kids, vengeful exhusband draging my wife and I through the court system. My car was so old and poorly functioning it caught fire on a exceptionally hot day. I bussed downtown Detroit after that. Had a young black guy tell me how inspiring it was to see a white guy not afraid of getting killed or mugged. I told him I didn't have a damn thing to my name to take.
Anyhow, what field are/were you in?

Anonymous said...

This is A1!
Go to the (joint) Top of the Class!
And keep'em coming, PLEASE !

gurnygob said...

what Josh said...5:18 PM

"Uh, when I said I have Mercury/Uranus conjunct in Scorpio in my natal chart on the same degree what I meant by that was that I have them conjunct in Scorpio with a 0 degree orb. That's what I meant by conjunct on the same degree. I didn't mean I had them conjunct on the 29th degree, which is the degree they are conjunct by transit today in Pisces. For the sake of clarity or whatever I felt compelled to clear that up."

so in a fact, what you are saying is.....I know you think you understand what you thought I said but I’m not sure you realised that what you heard is not what I meant. (grin)


Anaughty Mouser said...

Fellow truthseeker,

You're relatively new at these sites Monsieur Frog.
Let's concentrate on the issues in Les' posts for now.


P.S. Have you noticed over the past 2-3 days a surge of troll comments at SM, PD, VO, SC and PE? Les must be doing something right (grin).

Anonymous said...

The synchronicity here is too good to not share this. On Les' Smoking Mirrors about the secret societies, he wrote:

"... both the kingdoms of good and evil have their agents on the planet at all times and there is always some kind of a structure in which they meet; from caves in the deep Himalayas to an unpreposing townhouse in a large city"

I live in an unporposing townhouse in a large city, and I am starting an Intenders Circle. Tony Burroughs, who created the Intenders of the Highest Good, happens to be staying with fellow Intenders north of the city, and he is going to come to our very first meeting to begin our Circle in the next week.

Truly lovely times we are in.


laurel said...

if you think you need to replace this post, you will, but maybe you can just do another post, and leave this one here? i rather like it here. it fits.

Anonymous said...

Frog!!! in the early 80s I went to a beach town mcD's (a place I really never went to) and there was a homeless looking man sitting next to the front door.

I opened the door for our party to enter and as I stood there waiting my eyes traveled to the beggarly looking man.

He looked up at me and he had the most incredibly beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. Sparkle eyes. It was if I was looking deep into his soul.

I came back to where I was-as sound etc had shut down for that instant-and he looked into my eyes and he smiled and nodded his head.

I smiled back and went in onside.

He saw that I had seen.

One of the heaviest moments of my life and a totally nonverbal one.

I realized then that there are many tests to our souls all around us all the time. I really think that man was the Christ spirit.

the gardener

Frog said...

Yeah. I'm glad you saw. The emotion during the time is amazing. The moment is fleeting.
I knew a woman in the town I now live, she recently died. She was a Hollywood actress. Had a twin sister, her sister drowned in the pool of a producer she was living with. The death broke her twin sister, she left Hollywood and wound up in this little town in North Dakota. Anyhow, she found God through Christ. A real simple faith, full of life, love and goodness. Sometimes I would meet her at the store and talk and listen. And sometimes I wondered who I was talking to... It's like she would leave for a time and her voice speak for something else. My wife agreed with me.
I loved her and her faith. Faith in people, in the Divine. In love. I hope I can be close to that as I get older.
But yes, the experiences when the divine peers out at you, maybe offers a word. Wow. For a few moments you wonder where you are, what is happening. Never forget. Glad you caught the moment.

nina said...

Please include this in "Best Of". Even the most hardened of hearts must stand back and say Yes, this is why we are here.

Neko Kinoshita said...


You didn't ask, so I'll tell you anyway.
No degrees, five years of college with different majors before I found the instructor who showed me how to learn. That was my last semester, I haven't needed classes since.
Well, unless you count the techical classes, but they are always short things.

Too much knowledge can be a barrier to learning, so it is always a battle to learn something new.

Don't sweat the trolls, and some new people are just new, if this is where they belong they'll fit in soon. Goodness knows I step in it every other day.

The magic is here, can you feel it?


Anonymous said...

Les Visible - this is really good.

and this part's full of "infinite truth"

"...there are powerful agencies of assistance and you can call on them and they will answer; possibly not as quickly as you like or as dramatically as you might wish but you have to walk that road on your own two feet

Truly, the "powerful agencies" are always ready to assist - any and all who ask - in fact, (as i was advised to do) "demand" the assistance of The Truth and you will receive it (more than you could ever imagine, non-stop, but do prepare for a ride like no other. A ride that may terrify at first, then it will be realized it is a ride moving past and beyond all that's "here"; all that you don't need and soon will not desire).

@ Mad Farmers Liberation Front: on nature: nature is the original, perfected "home entertainment center" in visual 3-D, IMacks superwide screen, living color; surround sound, available 24/7/365, free of charge all custom made for us, by God. Unfortunately most of us ignore it and don't understand the operating instructions to the point where now, a lot of it is nearly ruined.

Thanks for your works Les Visible!

TheLovin'Spoonful said...

Do you believe in magic in a young girl's heart
How the music can free her, whenever it starts

And it's magic, if the music is groovy
It makes you feel happy like an old-time movie

I'll tell you about the magic, and it'll free your soul
But it's like trying to tell a stranger 'bout rock and roll

If you believe in magic don't bother to choose
If it's jug band music or rhythm and blues

Just go and listen it'll start with a smile
It won't wipe off your face no matter how hard you try

Your feet start tapping and you can't seem to find
How you got there, so just blow your mind

If you believe in magic, come along with me

How the magic's in the music and the music's in me

Yeah, do you believe in magic
Yeah, believe in the magic

Believe in the magic of rock and roll


Visible said...

There is a new Visible Streams of Consciousness up-

Two Poems of Revolution and Change.

Anonymous said...

an interesting site with ragrds to what's coming.

his site


siamsam said...

First off Les, thanks for Manly. I am only 50 pages in and - well what can I say!

I must press on - what a gift.


siamsam said...

The Gardener 8.13.......

I was sitting at coffee shop a few days ago when a young guy appeared some five or so yards in front of me. He seemed to have emerged from a nearby doorway. He had a big heavy coat on but no shirt, i could see this as the coat was unzipped. He was wearing shoes that only covered the front of his feet. I mean literaly about size 3 and he may have been 8 or 9. As he stood here scratching himself (It was early morning so he was just waking) i thought to offer him some money or some food and coffee. However, i had only brough enough money from my car to cover my coffee. I knew I had money in the car and thought about going back to get some, but realizing I only had a 500 baht note I thought again (about $17). By the time i made the decision to go to the car he had gone. I immeadiatley felt that I had missed an oppurtunity that is not presented often. Yes there are many beggars here in Siam - but for some reason this situation just seemed like a one off.

I wish I had acted quicker. But I still learned from this situation. It really mad my heart cry.

Just though I would share that!

mauiguy said...

Les, don't you dare.
It's magnificent.

Aloha nui loa. A hui hou, malama pono!

"on nature: nature is the original, perfected "home entertainment center" in visual 3-D, IMacks superwide screen, living color; surround sound, available 24/7/365, free of charge all custom made for us, by God. Unfortunately most of us ignore it and don't understand the operating instructions to the point where now, a lot of it is nearly ruined."

Thank you 10:36.
Except it ain"t ruined. It's all there waiting for us.

Mouser: flak over the target >8)

WV: sauster. Ask any good cook, it's all in the sauce.

Troll said...

ugh some you people, all the empty airy words full of light & confetti. You can always tell when a new ager is talking

im deathly terrified i dont want it bad enough, like im getting pulled down into that wrong whirlpool. all this beauty and light & Truth that i can only theorize about in my head while all the dark and sadness i actually get to live. im not doing it, icant get it right, parole denied

nice blog Les

Visible said...


I'm confused, couldn't you have paid for you coffee right then?

simsam said...

I had already paid for my coffee as it was a pay up front place. When i though about it i guessed they wouldnt have allowed this poor guy to sit there. Thats why i decided to get some money from the car. The guy looked to be Burmese and unfortunately Thais don't take kindly to Burmese vagrants.

Point i was
trying to make was i hesitated and missed the chance to help,

siamsam said...

oh, i see what you mean Les. The 500 baht was in my car. I had only taken enough money from the car - just over $3 - for my coffee and had already paid.

Visible said...

A New Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

A Legendary Shit-Smeared Clown from Long Island.

Frog said...

The long dark night of the soul. It's on the path to something better. You can't appreciate the light until you have stumbled in the dark. I've been in the dark for a long time, it still comes on occasion. Hated people as a whole.
Keep swimming man.
I can't tell you anything except that the light will come from you. Sometimes only from you, like a paladin in Hell. When you let yourself be extinguished the darkness will be a little more complete.
People will ridicule, mock and **** you. You don't owe them anything. Still, any light coming from you may awaken another, even if you never see it. That's how good persists.
You say you can't get it right. That means you have a concept of what is right and strive for it. Congratulations, you are further than most. The more light you put out the harder the evil of the world will try to extinguish you. I follow Christ and tell people who are new that the surest sign of being on the right path is War. Assault by the world. Bad news. If things ease up, beware. Either you stray from the path or you have become a harder less useful target. Time to reevaluate your faith to see if things are good or not.
Good is often measured in small things. The Venus project and Shangrila are great and wonderful. Then again, helping a local kid who has drinkers for parents is great and wonderful too. Sitting down and saying hello to a homeless guy in the park. Picking garbage up on the street. It may not seem like much, but the light grows. You pick up a can off the street, maybe someone in a apartment above will be inspired and do something better.
Don't let despair ruin and imprison you. Despair is murderous. We all die some day, what is there to despair of? All you can do is your best. Take opportunities God gives you. A small thing here and there, whatever you are capable of.
Anyhow, no empty new age happy butterfly words. The world is corrupt. It may seem like your actions are lost in the cesspool but they are not. Strive. Swim. Do what you can. Do better. Don't feel like you fail if you don't see grand results, just help what you can when you can. Be the light in the darkness. For if you are not, who will?
Take care Troll

Visible said...


I was just confused about the choreography. I get it now.

Anonymous said...

Everybody dies and everybody lives forever.

Equality is not obtuse at all..

There's two kinds of people in this world, Tuco,...

Them that believe and them that don't.

Josey Wales ll said...

Hi Les,

Your sites look really great.

I'm happy for you and us who read them.

Thanks for all you do.


GTRman said...

My only intention in sharing this is in the hope that others might 'dig it' as much as I do. It chimes with me , and , as I read it I couldnt help thinking of this thread.

Neil Kramers latest :

Thanks again Les for all you do. Im 'on the case' but struggling with a few things.

Visible said...

Maybe if I knew what you were struggling with you might not be struggling with them (grin).

GTRman said...

Youre probably right , Les. Mainly struggling with gravity , it seems.

I'll send you an e-mail.

Luv , N.

Anonymous said...

That is very true. Many of the light spirits here are actually of this planet, originating here and created here by the one creator God. They may begin as a bird, fish etc. In their upward journey many decide they want the earth and all the finite manifestations of it. Like you indicated, they don't want to leave. This particular group will not leave either unless they do something to distinguish themselves which merits a higher realm.

There are others not from the earth who came here to see how much evil pain and suffering they could administer. They are doing a good job of it. It is my feeling they will graduate from here and go to a much worse form of existence, where they can farm each other for food and it will be so dark they can't see each other. They wanted the entire earth but they shall not attain it. They will inherit a new "market" that is much more course in nature.

There are others who volunteer to come here, pitch in and try to sway events for the greater good. I sense that you are one of those spirits Les. Those from other realms will go back to where they came from at the time of the quickening or end of the age. This will take place whether or not they were caught up in the darkness and failed or not. The point here being intent.

I am sure most of the north American indians are not from here but came as guardians of the earth, and it is inconsequential they did not succeed.. They were almost exterminated for their troubles.

The one usually referred to as beyond the twelfth incidentally is not from here and is usually murdered during his appearances. There will soon be a new day however as this planet for now is beyond repair. It cannot be "fixed." It needs a rest.
It needs a vacation free of human interference or at least very little of it.

Anonymous said...

Namaste Les,

Sent you heaps of love and blessings from Lord Shiva at the
Maha Shiv Ratri (Great Night of Shiva) Mar 2 through 3!!

Do not dream to deleting this post.

Yep, drank in the academic jargon of Jacque - and enjoyed the Michael Moore rant -

neither of them (they are all engaged proactively in good karma no doubt)

but neither of them is able to address the fundamental issues that plague every human endeavor since time immemorial...which is all of our dark urges and survivalist and competitive instincts and our deep deep thirst for spirituality and love's repose.

For that, we need fire walkers like you love.

God bless, les.

Also, just to keep some perspective on the karmic wheel:


Josh said...

Hey Les this essay was posted over at Apparently others thought it was excellent as well! I've never seen any other of your work posted at that site but "Digging Yourself in and Digging Yourself Out" was posted over there just recently. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Arjuna – I mean Les, Good one – Excellent and uncomplicated. To evolve is divine wouldn’t you say? To wear the same old clothes, and hear the same music, and work for same past reasons, life time after life time. For God only knows how many lifetimes. But as you say – life here is short – and eternity is a lot longer.
Here are some contemporary examples:


Visible said...

There's a new Profiles in Evil up-

The David Rockefeller, Ball and Chain, Armageddon Club.

Visible said...

The sites are being attacked by the Zio-Ogres, just so you know; people can't comment; people can't even see the blogs. I'll take that as a compliment.

Anonymous said...

Super duper, les. One of your best lines - I’ve no interest in spaceships or flying saucers, I am one.

This is where we are. Looking at ourselves for the very first time. But then, we'll have to face reality, won't we. Oh my.

Onward, to the heart of it!

Heddy B



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