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Walking Like a Stroke Victim down Heart Attack Lane

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Greetings Earthlings; this should really be going into my newest and last blog, simply titled, “Les Visible” but ... it’s not. The thing is that it is a tad autobiographical, with a light seasoning of mea culpa and wakey, wakey. You will probably be able to spot which is which as we go along. Let’s face it; no matter where you get your news, it’s probably more like this than it is like the varieties of English that people are putting on the cue ball, looking for that favorable lie in a favorable light.

Well, we’ll get back to all of that, which doesn’t make any sense at the moment, a little later on.

I just saw that Eddie Murphy film, “The Distinguished Gentleman”. It didn’t win any awards, since it was mostly a bunch of snatch and grab vignettes, stitched together in lieu of a plot, while the script girl was duct taped and hidden in a closet, until the film was completed. It made a lot of sense though. That’s how business gets done in Washington D.C. and that film is about 20 years old and the situation is much worse now than what was presented in the movie.

For awhile now, I’ve been saying that major transformations and changes are on the way. Somehow, a lot of the readers got the impression that what I was trying to say is that global peace and brotherhood was just around the corner. I know, I did say that the world isn’t going to end and that it was all going to turn out alright, because it is all under control but I never got that specific about the landscape we had to pass through on our way to that desired place. I think I’ll be a little more specific now. Imagine that you are looking at the horizon and you see massive thunderheads approaching and that they rise from the ground and climb very high into the air. You can see lightning flashing in the clouds. The winds are increasing and occasional raindrops are hitting you at a near horizontal angle. There’s going to be some major Sturm und Drang. They are a foreign version of Penn and Teller and they do believe that 9/11 was an Inside Job orchestrated by Israel. That’s all going to show itself, within the power of the storm’s fury.

So far we’ve been subjected to some light erotic teasing. There’s a flash of leg and maybe the curve of a breast, or, if your interest lies in the other direction well ... there’s some bulge and blue shadow along the jaw line that’s standing out like a scene from the Starz version of Spartacus. There’s a rankness of testosterone in the air, generated by the thunderbolts and complimented by the ozone. You ever have a nightmare in which you could smell ozone strongly? I won’t be elaborating but intuitive minds should be able to glean something of what I mean.

If you’ve ever been in the Deep South or the Midwest, you’ve seen the kind of storm I’m talking about. You can get them anywhere in the US but they are more consistently dramatic in particular locales. There’s a build up to these storms. You can feel the pressure and humidity that precedes them. You can feel the tension. It can be awesome in the approach, just like a sandstorm in the desert. These things are hard to describe if you’ve never experienced them. There’s a certain turmoil in the bowels that is near inescapable when you see a wall of sand approaching, or a flash flood in a formerly dry wash, or rain so powerful that you can’t see and also can’t be heard.

All great changes upon this planet have a similar drama to them. There are changes and there are changes and the changes coming, are far greater than your regular upheavals that repeat every few centuries. This change is greater than the ordinary changing of an age. The majority of the population can’t even see it on the way and the majority of the population is concerned only with the well being of their own families, friends and associates. It’s like those striker revolts that are branching out across the country out of Wisconsin. This is all due to the thieving ways of bankers, politicians and international corporations. Some of this is coming about from within the collective hearts of the population and some of it is being generated by satanic cabals under different designations but they are all basically Satanists. Far better hidden, are the light workers who are directing the traffic of the predators, toward their own demise.

You can look at it in terms of religious prophecy and you can look at it in the form of mathematics and there are a number of perspectives that people have settled on to make hay, or sense, out of what is happening. It all adds up to the same thing. What was shall be no more and what is coming will be replacing it. What that is will be awe-making in the extreme.

Most of us are familiar with the feeling in the atmosphere after a great storm has passed. The air has a ringing clarity and freshness to it. Everything is lighter and less compressed. That’s pretty much it. There’s going to be a tremendous storm and then the air along with hearts and minds will clear. A new vision will come; a new way of seeing, based on inner changes that will be acting in concert with outer changes. That what I have been meaning to say all along. I have not meant to say that everything will be okay after some brief flurry of excitement. Everything will be okay but it will not be bringing satisfaction to the majority. They are attached to what goes on down here. They want more of it and they dream about it all the time. A good portion of them want to be like the people doing all of the horrible things to them. They may not know this but so it is.

I wanted to put together a community that would shield those inclined against the dismal procession of the same old same old. It has occurred to me of late that I need to be very careful who I become involved with in this endeavor. I’m looking for people who want to build a virtual spaceship; a doorway into other dimensions, a protected zone, a sanctuary for those who know we are just passing through. I’m reassessing things in my head and reaching for the guidance of the intuition. I want to see Love bloom like the desert after a hard rain and that’s a good image. I know the kind of work and fortitude, not to mention the surrender, which is required to be successful at this.

What I saw in that Eddie Murphy movie has been going on since the first person tried to sell something he didn’t have to someone else. The system as it is cannot be reformed and I thought it would be a good idea to have a place where those of us, disinterested in all the skullduggery and self-interest, could enjoy and celebrate each other. That’s going to happen. I’ll finance it myself or someone will lay a lot of currency on me just to see it happen but it can only be a prototype, for all the other clusters of us, scattered around the planet.

Most of us have spent our lives tied up in small intimacies of blood relation and community business that meets and greets us on the streets or anywhere we gather and pass each other. The time has come to live in a communal sense, not only because it contains the possibility for all the things we think we lack but can’t define but also because the Age of Brotherhood is upon us and a great deal of positive, supportive force is available for those who wish to live in harmony, with the archetypes seeking to live through us

How you begin such an endeavor is to live as if you were already in that community, with everyone you encounter in every place where it happens. Of course, with many people, all you can say is, “Hello”, offered with a sincere smile. With some you can exchange more words and that expands in potential, until you may actually share the heart’s mysteries with one another. It is that which we are all really seeking but we do it inconsistently and operate without awareness. That’s why Love is so important. You need to get that first and you get it from the source, which, of course, is inside you.

I’m a very big fan of Eddie Murphy. I’ve seen what he’s tried to do in his career and he’s not the only one. He’s not all that well liked by TPTW because of what he’s been trying to do and would like to do. There are a lot of us, not by comparison with the rest, but the actual number is pretty big, who are looking for ways to share the highest intimacies and engage in full time service. I’m looking for people like that and I’ve found more than a few. I’d like to believe that we will be closer to each other in the not too distant future, just as we are much closer to each other than we have been in the past.

I started writing this and it went off with a will of its own so, my earlier references are irrelevant and so it goes.

End Transmission ...........

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amarynth said...

"The time has come to live in a communal sense, not only because it contains the possibility for all the things we think we lack but can’t define but also because the Age of Brotherhood is upon us and a great deal of positive, supportive force is available for those who wish to live in harmony, with the archetypes seeking to live through us."

Thanks Les, for the words to the vision. I am struggling at the moment to give words to the vision. Over at Shangri-La we have a few conversations going as to structure as well as an online conference call on March Saturday 12th.

On the table for discussion:
- clarifying vision,
- structure (perhaps a cooperative where the first one is established and others are spawned from this), and for sure,
- the harmony and the love.

I long for a community lifestyle, but the right one, the one where we were careful as to who goes with. We are allowed to be in the light of fellow people that carry the light. Indeed, there is where I want to be! But then, we also need to shine the light!

laurel said...

gotcha :)) totally! keep on, its the right direction :)))

the storm is big, which is why it appears so near, the buildup preceding is massive, which is why it feels so imminent. the sky is black, and partly because it is nightfall, and the little solid house i am looking at seems good enough, but some things need doing. i wanted the windows and doors removed. i wanted a handicap ramp on each of the four walls, so that no one would have a reason to struggle up the into this home. i and my daughters and a handful of good souls called out to neighbors and people passing by on the road to come in and be safe or at least have a cup of coffee. some did. some stayed. some left. some hung out in the doorway. no problem. some complained i had removed the glass windows and removed all doors. i knew why i did it. it was ok. i was making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the big room with my daughter and a neighbor woman, when the sky went black as ink, and a wind like nothing i could imagine just came from everywhere. good think i had removed all glass windows, all doors. some of my guests were sitting in shock. others were screaming and flailing in the doorways. like that helped. i handed out coffee and sandwiches, since well, you have to eat. and i like coffee, so that became everyone elses beverage of choice at the moment. no one else had bothered to have or provide a different choice. some o fmy most closest people for whatever reason, lost their heads and jumped out of the doors and windows. why? i dont know. it was not windy inside the house. i tried to talk one of them into not leaving, i told him if he left, i did not think he would be able to get back in, the ramps had long since blown apart, and the air outside was just toxic. he was so afraid, he was insane. he jumped out of the doorway. then he started trying to reach up to grab my hand. i couldnt get it. and he couldnt come back in. i watched him die. i watched a few die. there were some who had tried to get here as fast as they could, but were caught in the storm. funny thing is, they DID make it in. it seems getting in was easier than getting BACK in.
....good thing i dont have tv or watch more than documentaries films, huh/

theres more that followed, but i have a bad flu and it has invaded my arthritic neck, so too much typing hurts. later maybe?

Visible said...


It's great to read between the lines there and see that you are as cautious as I. I've been getting some direct warnings of late to be circumspect and watchful.

That must mean it's about to happen. I never hear these kinds of things except when something is about to arrive.

Neko Kinoshita said...

"be circumspect and watchful."


Still setting up in the alley,


Mouser said...

Les and readers;

Confusion. Frankly, fear.

Our family dog Louis always ran and hid under a bed just before a lightning and thunder storm hit our suburban Montreal home.
He was so afraid, he shook.
Every such storm, everytime.
After it was over he would come out and look you straight in the eyes as if to say: I'm sorry I was so scaird, but I was - forgive me.

I feel not unlike Louis about what is to come. I have three daughters whose welfare and well-being far surpasses my concern for myself.
This storm is going to engulf all things and everyone.

I sincerely hope I can look you straight in the eyes when its over and be ashamed for my fears.

It has been my honour and makes me proud to serve on this field of battle with you.

Love and peace,
Glenn Dormer

Anonymous said...

One Vaisnava poet has compared the material world to a desert. We are burning in the scorching heat of the desert of material existence and are dying of thirst, with nothing to drink. Maya gives us one drop only. Can anyone dying in the desert be satisfied with one drop? He requires gallons and gallons of water, not just one drop. So although we struggle so hard to become happy in the material world, we are not happy. What do we get for our hard labor? Just one drop of sense gratification. So we remain dry, parched, miserable. Therefore, Srila Rupa Goswami says that if you want to remain attached to material society, friendship and love, don't go to the banks of the Yamuna where Krsna is playing on His flute; because if you become attracted by the beauty of Krsna, you'll forget the so-called happiness of the material world with so-called family and friends.

Still... The beauty of Krishna consciousness is that you can take as much as you're ready for. Krishna Himself promises in the Bhagavad-gita (2.40), "There is no loss or diminution in this endeavor, and even a little advancement on this path protects one from the most fearful type of danger."

laurel said...

glenn, you loveable dad you! dont apologise EVER for fear for your children, or fear for the well-being of any living thing. its the noblest of spiritual traits, and always translates into The Best Of All I Have To Give. now, glenn, tell me how THAT could be so bad :))

this is a nasty piece of experience we are crawling thru, this world, this human existence thing. it isnt permanent, it is a place of training, or threshing (or thrashing :) if you will) of our spiritual skills. when in rome you leanr to use roman tools to achieve your goal, and you learn to eat roman food, for the short time you must reside there (no offense to italy, les!), and you carry these honings into the next leg of your travels, and on and on. fear is good when fear is what is called for. those smart enough to recognize it can harness that baby.

Anonymous said...

Even God has a Sergeant at Arms.

Plenty of em, in fact.

I hear they're actually quite amenable.

So long as the guests are..

Neko Kinoshita said...


I will look forward to seeing you and saying “It’s Ok, all of us know how you feel.”
I have four dependants, and their welfare is my greatest concern. Only the kitten is listening, and she can feel the oncoming storm as well as I. Occasionally I have to assure her that what will be is what must be, that we are loved by the divine, and we must trust in that love.

I grew up in tornado alley; I went through my first tornado before I was a year old. I can feel them forming, which is why I love a thunderstorm, unless a tornado is in it. Even then, the power is awe-inspiring. Just don’t be in the way, unless you wish to be given a lesson.

I am trying as best I can to prepare for this storm, we all know it is going to be rough, jokes about “Strapping in because it’s going to be a bumpy ride” aside.

Interesting how I ended up here in the granite foothills of the Appalachians. I was born in the Ozarks, and compelled to move away. I felt trapped in Phoenix, knowing there was no way out if the power failed. I was worried when I was high up in the short-grass prairie of Western Nebraska, because there is less water there than in the Sonoran. The wells have to be deep, and the pumps require power. The only thing that worried me when I got here was that the water is on the surface, but I have filters now; it is, after all, Aquarius.

No where is safe, and everywhere is as safe as anywhere else, but this is where I was led, and here I am prepared to stay, until and unless the divine tells me to move. The preceding is just rationalization, and only the message from the Loving truth that is the universe itself is important.

Laurel, we are sharing this vision. I have my own little solid house, well, as solid as I can make it anyway. I would wish for the community of the New Shangri-La, but here in Amerika, we will have to build on the ashes. I don’t see an alternative, at least, not at this late a date. Besides, if we had built it in time, we might have been another Waco, or Ruby Ridge, or what was the name of that group in Texas recently?

I send my love to all of you, keep your heads down and your powder dry. For some of you that may not be only an expression. We still have some time, because it is still only beginning, but I didn’t want to forget to say it.

I do know that the “Alley Cat” thing is a game between me, my friends and the Universe, think of it as a coping mechanism, and perhaps you’ll understand.

Once again, love to all,
David Piatt

Michael Hilden said...

being an anarchist, i am my own fault, i will not join, i will not reincarnate, i wish you well though :)

laurel said...

i forgot to include the origin of my essay. it was another of those not yet awake dream moments, when you see the daylight, you hear the daylight, but you are not yet IN the daylight.

and david piatt.......that was wonderful. very nice.

Anonymous said...

old loving harmony
forever embrace
weaving in empathy
consciously taste
waves of intensity
internaly brush
universal unifying
unity touch
shangri-la lifting
humming bird fly
swirling integrity
sounds multiply
allways in allways
forever in all
old loving harmony
in universe school


imron said...

Hi Les,

thanks for the email the other day, just wanted to see if you got my reply. Hope all is well.


kikz said...

ion exchange/discharge w/ the storms. magnetic equilibrium restored.

via WRH
The Zionist Agenda; Dr. Kelly, BBC

thank you mr. halpin for speaking truth to power.

Anonymous said...

humming bird hum
river and sky
multiply peace
medicine high
higher and higher
circulate round
far to the moon
shangri-la sound
integrity rising
empathys reach
brushing the sentiments
union in leap
a weave of the universe
lifting on now
shangri-la rise
spring colored flower


Anonymous said...

thank you so much, Les, for the words you share comforting and inspiring.Love J

(maybe a word needs added to this
outer changes. That what I have been meaning to say all along.)

gurnygob said...

Confusion reigns

Some thoughts from gurnygob’s mind.

Dear Les and all I suggest that no one has a clue what the fuck is going on. Even truth seekers are contradicting each other. Over at WRH we have mixed condemnation of gadaffy duck and his cohorts while the link Les provides in his latest post is virtually in praise of gadaffy duck. Throw in other truth seekers and even the truth seekers are confused about what’s going on. The Zionist nation of Israel is offering gadaffy duck some additional man-power to crush the revolution (why?) and the good old USA and some friends are talking about a no-fly zone which basically means blowing the shit out of Libya’s air defence system first and foremost before any no-fly zone can be put in place. We have the CIA and Mosad and the MI6 crowd playing all sides in this “fucking” game and who gets fucked first is anybody’s guess; and of course we have the MSM who just like to fuck people period.
(Mind games.)
Les and some others say a new world is coming into being and they are right. We all have our messengers and prophets and seers and we all have our own brand of the new world. Even among those who say they are likeminded as to the form this new world will take there exists a multitude of different colours and tastes and how the fuck it all fits into one community of (one mindedness) is beyond my simple mind.
No wonder Les is getting worried about the make-up of the community and who will fit and who won’t. The thing is if you want to live in a community then you gotta make sure you are all of one mind or face the fact that sooner or later there is going to be a split. Yes, with some will, we can all live in peace; even with our differences but history shows us the outcome of double mindedness. A civil war would be a good example.
Les’ dream community would have no room for Christians and even if it did any real Christian would be well advised to stay clear of pantheistic communities and such just in the same way that Les would not consider joining a Christian community.
Certain things are in the process of passing as Les and others rightly point out, but Christianity and Islam and Judaism will not be among them. These things/religions will go on forever-and-a-day until the final whistle blows and the whole fucking show is over and the curtains come down. I can say with all my heart that many things are going to change but it won’t be any of the above. Certain truths about these religions will surface and the internal working may be readjusted here and there but the orthodox religion thing will just keep on turning.
I can’t see the big mind shift thingy coming and the, all encompassing one mind. Yes there will be a shift in consciousness but who can say that will be any better than what we have.
Remember communities grow and grow until they reach such proportions that some form of government is needed to organise this and that and before you know it we are all back to the same old shit. There is no way to avoid it and even with the best intentions cracks will appear and sooner or later the dam will burst.
Like it or not we/people need leaders. We want leaders. We love leaders. We like it when someone else wipes our ass. Who will lead us,,,god?

Is that your god, or mine?

There only is one god and he is in charge of everything as Les likes to point out; and if it is true that he has only one set of laws then who the fuck are we to say no.
If anyone disagrees with me then all I can add is this,,,,,,,,,,, I know you think you understand what you thought I said but I’m not sure you realised that what you heard is not what I meant.

Ps some nice comments would be nice.


EtherEagle said...

Thank you everyone!

fredwahl said...

You got to walk that lonesome valley


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:24 said
"One Vaisnava poet has compared the material world to a desert. We are burning in the scorching heat of the desert of material existence and are dying of thirst, with nothing to drink. Maya gives us one drop only. Can anyone dying in the desert be satisfied with one drop? He requires gallons and gallons of water, not just one drop. So although we struggle so hard to become happy in the material world, we are not happy. What do we get for our hard labor? Just one drop of sense gratification. So we remain dry, parched, miserable. Therefore, Srila Rupa Goswami says that if you want to remain attached to material society, friendship and love, don't go to the banks of the Yamuna where Krsna is playing on His flute; because if you become attracted by the beauty of Krsna, you'll forget the so-called happiness of the material world with so-called family and friends. "

Thank you for that - and it is what I feel. Cannot escape it at all and am feeling the fire of craziness. Can barely hold a thought. I have a long way to go but I see the path.

Much love to Les and all here. I appreciate you so much.


PS - is the posting time adjustable? I see that some have posted after 10:30 pm while it is 8:05 pm at the moment (yes it's an illusion hehee)

Chinese Sneaker$ said...

"Let’s face it; no matter where you get your news, it’s probably more like this than it is like the varieties of English that people are putting on the cue ball, looking for that favorable lie in a favorable light."

So i read that article on the Libyan up-rising. And, i take it that you meant to point out how the propaganda being catapulted at us has obscured what actually appears to be going on--though some of us do realize there is difference, like between fiction and non, say.

Why, this trik is one of their most potent, as i'm sure you know. We all know how it's done by now. They infiltrate themselves up-stream and direct the existential situation, particularly the information flow coming out, so that the current goes in their favour. It's a technique used to multiply force when faced with a larger enemy down stream.

In this particular situation, they appear to gunning for kaddafi--who is part jewish by the way. But this is a guy who has earned his retirement, by which i also mean to say that he no longer really matters much in the real running of the Libyan state of affairs. Far more important now, and again, are the nineteenth-century tribal rivalries now re-emerging. In practical terms, these several different groups are struggling for the oil that sits mostly in the east of this so-called state. There is no doubt, though, that there is all kinds of spooky foreigners with their hands hidden all over the place.

And after dealing all these many years, is too much to imagine that Kaddafi now fulfilling his final duty--to play into a civil war that destabilizes according to a larger agenda.

As the article notes, the u$ m.i.c. sold him a whole host of weapons as recently of December 2010.

Hardly likely that the boys at the pentagon and cia made that kind of mistake. So, it's got to be another one of these bang-bang shoot-'em-up templates for destabilization at work.

Sheer chutzpah; and almost breath-taking in its madness.

Hope you're right about how this storm is supposed to end; but i got feeling they are gunning for a different denouement.

Anonymous said...

Well here in Subtropical New South Wales, Australia, we get to enjoy those big build ups and the big storm that follows. Great analogy Les.
We are starting up an Organic Farm here and have just taken possession of the land. There is nothing on it except cows.
There is a fresh water creek on the property boundary.
At this stage we have planned $500 worth of seed for autumn/winter plantings.
I hope we get our gravity fed irrigation in before the storm hits...
Anyone in the area want to be part of it message here.
Cheers & Good Luck all

Anonymous said...

I came across a poem tonight and thought of you all here :)

And a youth said, "Speak to us of Friendship."

Your friend is your needs answered.

He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving.

And he is your board and your fireside.

For you come to him with your hunger, and you seek him for peace.

When your friend speaks his mind you fear not the "nay" in your own mind, nor do you withhold the "ay."

And when he is silent your heart ceases not to listen to his heart;

For without words, in friendship, all thoughts, all desires, all expectations are born and shared, with joy that is unacclaimed.

When you part from your friend, you grieve not;

For that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain.

And let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit.

For love that seeks aught but the disclosure of its own mystery is not love but a net cast forth: and only the unprofitable is caught.

And let your best be for your friend.

If he must know the ebb of your tide, let him know its flood also.

For what is your friend that you should seek him with hours to kill?

Seek him always with hours to live.

For it is his to fill your need, but not your emptiness.

And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures.

For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.

Khalil Gibran


Anonymous said...

How you begin such an endeavor is to live as if you were already in that community, with everyone you encounter in every place where it happens.

Thanks Les. And living this way is what I think Jesus meant when He said the kingdom of heaven is at hand. We can "wait" for it or we can enter now. I'll probably never get to meet you but I feel I know you. your sister, Karen

Anonymous said...

les...i have been following several of your blogs for a while now...i have never commented before but i find i must now...

your posts are awesome and awe-inspiring...always making people think! so thank you!

but what is more awesome and awe-inspiring - is the comments that people leave. your commenters are the absolute best!

thanks to all of you that leave comments from the heart and people are beautiful and provide such hope! thank you again to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Dog Poet, You are so waking up! I wish more would open their minds. I hope you will go to It's said to be 99%correct. If you agree, would you share the site? thanks.......kalona I am a 71 yr old grandmother in rural MT., and I UNDERSTAND everything you are saying.

Anonymous said...

they sene the spirits of light coming together and they fear it like vampires fear the day.

They will try and sabatoge something that they can't touch. Something they don't understand.

We will dreate islands of humanity that will shiine light stars in the night.

Capitalism will have to go as it is being really vampire-ism.

As the window to the galatic center opens up and the light of a new age dawns we will become...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments today.You have written about something I have been aware of for so many years.I have felt so isolated as there are so very few who are interested in what is really happening.That is the polarization for you.

I see clearly what is going on around the world and I welcome the storm. It is necessary and unavoidable and will leave everything fresh and clean for a new beginning.

Les, if you start up a commune please come to Australia and do it:)

Love, peace, joy and harmony to all.

Anonymous said...

As I wander in and out of the lucid dream I am beckoned by those in the Bardo, family and friends who have crossed over, they too are watching, because many are waking up while they are dreaming so that they can meet in the bardo state.

This will happen. Now as we are confined to the containment of this flesh body, there are lines of demarcation, from the first reality or this everyday waking state, to the reality of the dream state, which is just as real, and we lucid dream, knowing we are awake while astral projecting in the dream state, many many of us are continuing on into that continuing state of existence we call death.

One day we will see all three as one. One day there will be no more lines of demarcation. No controlling the womb, and what comes from the womb, or controlling the tomb, and what goes to the tomb.

One day we will wake and there will be no more death. Our whole image will be before us, and we will know god.

So the time is comming for great sorrow for those attached to earthly things.

And those who consider themselves illumined because they have learned to reincarante through the bloodlines they have left behind, will be sore, because they shall seek death, and shall not find it.

The ressurection is near, remember it happens when the son returns to his place of origin. And the sun will soon be at it's place of origin.

And God's face reflected over the waters, and the waters quaked.

"In the end when I show myself holy, man will see how perverse he has truly become."

So the act of healing, is to get on dreaming, and don't be afraid of the greys or ets' or watchers that are there at that line of demarcation to turn you in another direction, they only abduct because they can not allow you to see the continuity of consciousness. But it is there.

Here's to your dreams, start living them, because they are your reality, and don't be afraid to cross over and take a look.

I've been there, truly. And with great honesty I can say that I have born witness to the ressurection, because it has begun there, among those who sleep, they are waking, their consciousness grows stronger, soon all those who sleep will be awake, and none on earth have any power over them.

One day our image will be that of the Lord's and we will see with clarity.

For now know that those lines of demarcation are disappearing and there is nothing that the illumined ones can do about it.

Do not fear death, or the limit of death. We know that the powers that be depend on the limit of death to retain and implement their awful power.

I bid you peace in your dreams, and stay up on those rooftops, project your light and your truth, that is how stars are truly born.

est said...

i've heard
you can drown

in an inch
of water

Visible said...

So I hear. That's one of those facts I came across that I've never forgotten. A thin layer of bullshit can be easily as fatal

Neko Kinoshita said...


I know I agree with much that you say and I hope that some of it might be wrong.

It is true enough that it will eventually cycle back to where we are now, but can we not hope for a better start than:
"And the flock cries out for another, and they keep answering that bell, one more starry-eyed messiah, meets their violent farewell.”

There may be a time when we can see each other’s heart, and deception can be stopped. I hope.
(says the guy with the fake name)

lost in 808 said...

Dear Les,

We have had these heavy electrical and lightening storms followed by hard rain here on Oahu for the last couple of years. HAARP induced? Ever since the first time Obama stayed here for Christmas and the power blew, it seems as though all of our storms are highly charged. Im glad you brought this to light in this blog. I need to not discount Mother Nature either, she's wounded and she's pissed. It is time to go back to the tribe. Thank you

Anonymous said...

like lennie sez:

Things are going to slide, slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothing you can measure anymore
The blizzard, the blizzard of the world
has crossed the threshold
and it has overturned
the order of the soul


tmcfall said...

Storms are energy stored and released. Energy can be positive or negative. We are about to experience a tsunami of incredibly powerful positive energy unleashed on the negative energy which believes it has this world by the balls. We will all be Storm Riders. What colour horse will you ride?

Tom McFall (too visible)
Tempe Arizona

kikz said...

...the hurricane.

one quote that comes to mind; thanks unc' al. :)

"The free popular power is one that is only known in its strength in the hour of adversity: for all its trials, sacrifices and expectations are its own. It is trained to think for itself, and also to act for itself. When the enslaved people prostrate themselves in the dust before the hurricane, like the alarmed beasts of the field, the free people stand erect before it, in all the strength of unity, in self-reliance, in mutual reliance, with effrontery against all but the visible hand of God. It is neither cast down by calamity nor elated by success.

This vast power of endurance, of forbearance, of patience, and of performance, is only acquired by continual exercise of all the functions, like the healthful physical human vigor, like the individual moral vigor."

albert pike
pg 33

Anonymous said...

Every day I look to see if another post has been written. I don't belong to Twitter or Facebook, so this is how I see.

When you folks gather, I will remain where I am. I will bid Godspeed. It is not my path, though may be for others.

My children are gone and my wife is chasing ghosts. She sneers at my foolishness at giving up the struggle. I say to her that you must give it all up... because that which you seek will turn around and possess you... and suffering will be the result. She thinks I am mad. And, in many ways, she is right. So, I sit alone. And I see how it must be like this. My heart aches so that I might know what it means.

Lady Gaga is in town on tour... there is a frenzy among the people... and the news reports this as a top story. "Isn't it wonderful?"

Yes, it is. Truly amazing.

Thanks Les. I am with you. Yet, here I remain. I don't expect to ever meet you, but if that ever happens, I'll be thrilled.


DaveS said...

Dog Poet and the rest of you cats :)

Howdy from CO, I've been busy trying to tie so many feces together that I've lost count. My brain's got turds stacked to the ceiling and I'm running out of space.

Shit happens, sometimes in a Montazuma's revenge sort of way.

I've missed reading these post and the comments that follow, but in all honesty there has been a certain peacefulness in my soul since I've been forced to focus on more immediate problems. Fortunately those immediate problems are only more challenges, and my companion and I appear to be rising to them :)

Les and those of you I've been reading here for three (or has it been four?) years – I can't you how important you all are. You're my spiritual companions on life's mysterious bus ride, and yet we're physically separated by thousands of miles. Amazing!

In many ways the Internet is the great equalizer; the magic ability to share ideas practically instantly with anyone else, anywhere.

The time of positive change is upon us - each of us is a component in making this happen, we just need to focus on the magic. It's everywhere, look!


wv: Barderop... while everyone's waiting for the barderop to announce the race's start, the rest of us are running far ahead because we don't require some silly sign to launch us on our journey ;)

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I live like this now, why do I have to wait for the future. I don't have meaningless, transitory relationships with anyone in my community. Sometimes you words scare me, but I'll deal with my fear. I'll carry on regardless. I get the feeling that certain people here think they belong to an exclusive club where only certain people get to be members. That's not brotherhood. Like I said. I have my brotherhood and if you don't want me to be part of your Shangri-La, that's ok. I won't be visiting here again. I know when I'm not wanted. Thanks for everything. All the best. I wish you brotherhood, love and above all shelter from the coming storm.

Visible said...


You are probably right, anyone who assumes we are talking about them needs something other than what the New Shangri La is all about. I have idea who you are. How you played yourself into the text is a statement of a certain mental problem. You can look it up.

I would apologize but there is no reason to. I hope you do well wherever you land.

Anonymous said...

Look we are all part and parcel of the battle of Gog and Magog, unlike popular opinion I understand Gog and Magog, it is the consciousness of men or the patriarchal order vs. the consciousness of women, or the matriarchal order. Men believe that might makes right, and they are brutal. Women believe all life comes from their womb, and they should control it. therefore both sides require the power of death, which is only everyone's belief in it, to continue to be believed. This is how they utilize the 'limit' of death to keep fear of it upon the multitudes. They just need to find more and more ways to make that belief more absolute.

Crowley released the angel of the lesser light. The lesser light is the light of destruction. Up until the time Crowley called forth that angel of the 27th aether.....he was seeking the ultimate knowledge that would have the ultimate rule over mankind.

Remember it has always been those who had more knowledge ruled over the ignorant. It hasn't changed. They just managed to put all that knowledge in a few iconic symbols, so they can follow it through the bardo state and return here to continue to utilize the limit of death against everyone else.

This is the serpentine power. To rule people and make them fear the limit of death, well my fellow lucid dreamers, the time is coming when men shall seek death and shall not find it.

That will end the power of the illumined ones. They will no longer have power over the sheeple. It will be broken. They use death to wield their power. Death shall go to death.

For the illumined ones this is a double whammy, one they can't murder for control, and two they can no longer reincarnate into the bloodline they left behind.

That day is comming. The dead, who suffered at the hands of those who use the limit of death, are rising up.

All those dead souls are what the illumined ones bank on, to continue in that static state of existence.

Time to let go of your fears and see death as it truly is, the continuity of consciousness. The dead are rising, their consciousness in tact. In tact.

one day these words will be understood by everyone. Death will have it's mass grave, because everyone believes in that limit. That limit is about to burst forth, and when that damn breaks, what a day this world will see.

So I can only deliver drips and drizzles, one day everone will live in omnipresence and remembrance will not be based on revisionist history.

To the victor goes the spoils, we will remember everything. That is the ressurection.

est said...

you could spill a drop
and in it you could drown
no cloth woven sop it up
no cross from to come down
i've got a wicked thirst
for things i haven't seen
a deep down yearning feeling
for a place i've never been
been tied and twisted way too long
hunkered down in town
going to cut loose
in the country
i just might travel round

Unknown said...

Just got introduced to your Blog(s).
There are many gathering right now, creating communities, building gardens, re-learning (allowing) the ways of opening the Heart, talking story around the fire, righting blogs and listening to the sounds of what it is like to connect to the Source within.
Dropping the fear of loss.
I welcome the storms.
Pleasure to finally meet you.

Lapin Sauvage said...

Starting the walking stroke victim is a piece via Global Research, by none less than a certain Rothscum. Is that a joke ?
What was on TV, showing pro-Gaddafi demonstrators, was a small circular crowd of maybe 300 people or so. Behind them, at that early stage, traffic drove by - it showed a tiny crowd. What : CIA, what: "good man Gaddafi" ? Don´t get that part at all. Rothscum....
Lapin Sauvage

Visible said...

Thank you folks, much appreciated.

Some guy keeps trying to slip through as a different person. It's always best to change your writing style if you want to do that.

Anonymous said...

Tom Frum says:

Ya..... well fine. Let's do something (anything) before we die of old age.

Frum my vantage point, I see no sign of end times and tribulation or whatever. No. I'm not stocking canned goods and seeds in my sub-cellar.

It's just human business as usual. Same crap for thousands of years. Relax and enjoy it.

Neko Kinoshita said...

It doesn't look much different at all on the surface.
Unless you look close enough to see the cracks, and unless you see the ugliness leaking through those cracks, have you seen the price of fuel?
Have you seen that some things are disappearing from the store shelves?
They spread other things to fill the holes, but items are just no longer there.
Have you seen the protests breaking out? And heard the spin on the idiot box?

Look closer, how much food production was lost in Oz? In South Am? In South Africa? How much was lost in SE Asia? The Philippines? This is just beginning to tweak the price of the food. The fuel prices will cascade as well.

Now, think. Even if there is enough left, how many will not be able to buy the food?
What are those who are hungry going to do?
What will you do? What if there is nothing to buy, even if you have money to do so?

You may not see it yet Tom, but you will.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of strokes and heart attacks...

"There will come a time...when civilized people will look back in horror on our generation and the ones that preceded it: the idea that we should eat other living things running around on four legs, that we should raise them just for the purpose of killing them! The people of the future will say "meat-eaters!" in disgust and regard us in the same way we regard cannibals and cannibalism"
-Dennis Weaver (actor)

Visible said...

There is a new posting at Visible Streams of Consciousness-

More Than Blue Eyes.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

Jacque Fresco, on Behalf of Humanity; I Call him Friend.



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