Friday, September 09, 2016

In the Shadow of a Primeval Leviathan.

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Here we sit, trying to make a reasonable Origami out of the construction paper of this time. We've taken under consideration chimerical creatures, fantastic creatures and creatures of legend and myth but we recognize that there are literal creatures who are as real and as terrifying as anything that never was.

Monsters do walk among us but we are as responsible for them as they are for the shapes taken, should we believe in those shapes taken. Every appearance of evil is a mask for something else that is concealed behind it. This is not to say that there is no evil. However, it is a complicated affair to identify and define its characteristics as they apply to you. In most cases, evil is relative and we more often define it as something we don't like. It turns out not to be evil at all but simply an expression of adopted or intrinsic tastes that vary widely across the human spectrum. Others see it as good. To me, most of what is really evil is the progeny of selfishness in one form or another. Abdicate the selfishness of the false self and evil will not come near you. Evil will not even see you, or it will fear you. Let us reference that great psalm;

“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.”

Powerful words indeed and made all the more powerful because they are literally true. These words are as true as you are and that is the point. They are as true as you are.

In recent times; certain trusted members of the alternative media now find themselves in hot water over some behavior and events that, on the surface are difficult to defend; given the evidence presently available. The key thing is that the evidence is not all present, so one should not rush to judgment. In the past I have occasionally been a loose canon ...but those days are gone. Unless I have incontrovertible facts, I am going to keep my mouth shut and... all the more so because I know some of the players personally. I do not bring this up to offer any kind of an opinion. I bring it up to point to Mr. Apocalypse. He is riding tall in the saddle these days and exercising his authority over one and all, according to his omniscience concerning everything under the sun. There is no telling what direction anything is going to go in and we would be wise to exercise discretion and restraint at all times and most certainly avoid schadenfreude; “there but for fortune goes you and I.”

I am seeing these classic, near Shakespearean dramas playing out these days. It's the usual girls and money and games scenarios. Considering how long life has been going on this go round, you would think that the basic lessons should have been learned. Still... I can look at my own life and see where I did not understand certain realities that I should have understood a long time before. It is a mystery and an irony about life how we can know so much and so little at the same time; about life and about ourselves as well. Then... out of nowhere come these flashes of revelation and suddenly we comprehend and understand more in the course of an evening or an afternoon more than we comprehended or understood across time lines of years previous.

The darkness of the pending election sweeps across the landscape like the shadow of some primeval Leviathan. There are infernal forms turning and twisting in it. Red eyes glow like those of predators in the tree line. The public dances like obese Shmoos, bending and genuflecting before those eyes, beneath which devilish Cheshire grins have now appeared. Mindless babble is coiling out of invisible speakers and the Shmoos nod their heads in understanding of whatever is being said. I can't translate it at all. It seems that whatever message is inherent there can be comprehended only by those programmed to that end. The rest of us hear nothing but gibberish. Ah well... whatever it is, it is coming in a full Monty, whose nakedness is an obscene travesty upon all things human. It has been coming for a long time and now, like fall, it is right around the corner. I guess we will either come to terms with ourselves or have to come to terms with it. I prefer the former.

The cross country trip is about to begin and it seems that we can only hit locations where there is a collective of readers within reasonable distance but... we can see everyone at some point, if not this time around. This journey takes place for several reasons. One of them has not been mentioned before and that is that we are looking for a location to live in. It is nice enough here but it is too crowded and there is not enough privacy or land. So... we have certain locations targeted, such as rural California, rural Arizona, rural Missouri, rural North Carolina and rural Pennsylvania and we will see them all. I apologize in advance for those of you that we will not see. I had thought to travel to certain places but the amount of time and distance involved is too much and when you factor in that there are well more than a dozen of such options, it becomes a Herculean engagement.

There is good news in all of this however and that is that once we have found our location you are all welcome to visit. Many of you have come here in the months since I arrived on the East Coast and that has been, in all cases wonderful, as it should be when good company and good food are both to be found in the same place. Cooking is one of my passions and it has been truly gratifying to have these occasions to be imaginative and creative in. We hope to find a place where these traditions can continue. Though I have little in the way of funds, my friends are in a position to purchase something reasonable and I have been amazed at the real estate I have viewed over the last few months. In Missouri I found examples, such as a solid three bedroom house with 80 acres for 135,000 dollars. There are so many similar options. I've found nicely appointed 3 bedroom trailers with guest trailers on 5 to 10 acres of land in forested MO just off a lake and sometimes right on it in the range of 40-60 thousand dollars. It is amazing how many fine deals are to be found if someone only takes the trouble to look.

It is time to be in a place where Nature is in surround sound and where gardening and landscaping is developed and enjoyed as only good and righteous labor can be. For a long time I wanted something in the way of a living space where folks could come and go and where life can be experienced in a community setting. I used to think I wanted a community but I realize now that I already have one. I don't know that it is the best thing to be in such a place with a lot of people milling about but it is certainly doable that people can come and go ('talking about Michelangelo' heh heh). In any case, since that is already happening here; has in fact been happening nearly every weekend, it looks like something more private and beautiful as well god infused is required.

There is still time to send your location and contact info in case you would like to have tea or dinner somewhere and it works out that you have caused the numbers to shift. We'll see (won't we?)

It's been a joy and a pleasure for me to communicate with so many of you over the years and regardless of the occasional hiccups or outbreaks of Visiblemania, the majority of all of the time has been outstanding. The hiccups have gone away and the Visiblemania is in permanent remission. As I was told about half a year ago, I have entered a new phase and everything is changed. Well... it's been all that time now and I experience the evidence of it every day. My heart is suffused with gratitude. I'll tell you, there were times when it seemed really touch and go and when events baffled and bewildered me. I could not understand how certain things could happen, despite all of one's best efforts to do the right thing and stay in balance. Sometimes high winds came out of nowhere and I am not speaking exclusively of external winds. Sooner or later you get somewhere and wherever you get in the world around you comes to mirror the world within.

The power, majesty and eternal presence of the almighty God is a wonder beyond words and which should be sought with all determination more than everything else put together. It is reasonable to expect that you will finally get there. If one does not quit then one cannot fail.

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