Thursday, July 30, 2015

She is Everywhere, in Unseen Miniature Multiplied.

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Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there and just because you can doesn't mean that it is.

The heart wants what the heart wants. To still it, or preferably hone it to a narrow focus, is one of the great challenges of life. Anyone I have ever loved, in the romantic sense, has been a stand in for the one I love in a spiritual sense. On some rare occasions she has appeared to me at brief intervals; always letting me know she is always there but... mostly remote, perhaps because of my own darkness under the spectre of mortality and the incessant and frenzied spectacle of all the colorful dancing dust that moves in and out of form, obscuring the eternal and celebrating the transitory.

The heart is not a stationary being. It enjoys no permanent stasis until the true beloved is fixed in the eye of it. There is no peace within that is possible before this comes about. During the early years of my first psychedelic experiences she was always around. I didn't have much in the way of other manifestations, except for holographic Buddhas showing up all the time in the flowers and shrubberies and the massive varicolored serpents, half in and out of the Earth. It was always her, from the dark whirling Kali, always at the bottom of some meadow, or as the Queen of Heaven, terribly bright and so luminous that the impress of her features never lasted beyond the short periods in which she appeared. There are things the human mind cannot contain and... so it goes.

Maybe it is the passing of time or some critical mass reached in the litany of life's disappointments. One becomes gunshy of anyone ever manifesting as the ideal. I suppose it is that old push and pull of Karma that constantly rearranges conditions for us but always based on the past and sometimes we shoot so far beyond whatever we once were that we are no longer recognizable and it then becomes very hard to recognize  those things that appear, earmarked for someone who is no longer in residence anywhere, anymore.

One of the things about protracted suffering is that it can burn up Karma at a nice clip and that is why one shouldn't be overly put off about being ground into paste because there really is a rhyme and reason to it all and there is always the possibility of being reformed into a brighter visage at some further point. It is only our darkness that is consumed in this way and of course our light would increase in proportion to the loss of the other.

The last person I tried to explain some of this to and which I did without any particular motive in place; I simply expressed it out of the blue as is often the case with me... this person was mortally offended and responded with intense outrage at what I said, which was not personalized in anyway, given there was no there there and now hates me with a passion I find remarkable for someone I've never even met. I suppose the upside is that there is most certainly no there there now and... how about a nice glass of lemonade, visible?

I find myself in an very odd place at the moment and I've been there most of the year; waiting, waiting on something. I know not what. Projects sit in limbo and any effort to engage in any of them leads very quickly to some form of technological distress. I'm no stranger to bizarre conditions coming out of nowhere, to frustrate one effort or another, but these days it has entered into the realm of the absurd. What do you do when you can't do most any of the things you would do if you could do them? I suppose you do whatever is left and that would be this.

One thing that can be said with real authority is that, when one is faced with living a life that is completely controlled from some point beyond one's own influence... is that if you can just take it as it comes and let go all sense of frustration and impatience, it will all resolve itself somehow and far better for the absence of interference on your part.

In the Age of Aquarius, despite it being the age of brotherhood, it is also that time when the divine feminine is to be restored to the throne as an equal player in all things. She is the higher qualities of the heart and the mind for those who do not debase her, as so many are presently employed in doing. There is a dark agenda at work in that regard at the moment, with the intention of sucking as many as will go, down into a vortex of negative polarity. It is the reason for such an excess of pornography and do I have to declare who it is that runs that industry?

What happens is that when you pervert the divine feminine, you close yourself off to all of the higher expressions of the same. One should be forewarned that having been left with only the debased expression of it that one has made themselves vulnerable to things any sane person would very much wish to avoid. The areas of manifest darkness that occur in the debased feminine can be terrible beyond the capacity of my words to describe.

One of the most fascinating statements in the New Testament is, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." On the surface it seems to imply that they are ignorant of the meaning and consequences of their actions. This is true but there is a lot more to it. We are each expressions of individual Karma and so we are 'mostly' confined by the limitations of it. People find it near impossible to see outside of what confines them. One needs to keep an awareness of this with them at all times, otherwise, it's human nature, to have expectations of others that will not be fulfilled.

In earlier times I had some extraordinary friends who shared some extraordinary experiences with me. Over time I watched them each become reabsorbed into the grand illusion. Some of them no longer remember the things that happened. Some of them are no longer here. I was either very lucky or very unlucky because I haven't forgotten much of it at all and every intentional effort on my part to integrate did not succeed. It has not been permitted. So... despite what seems to me to be the necessity to discover some means of being self sustaining, I must choose to wait upon the good offices of the cosmos. Every effort otherwise has been met with by an undesirable response. There's a good chance I will not be here that much longer, although, saying that might be exactly what is necessary.  Surely, we shall see.

Unless you are a slave to the mundane, you know that life is rife with the improbable. Unless I am mistaken, I think it is Wagner who wrote Here Comes the Bride. The humor in that is something one gets right off or not at all. There's more of course but we could be typing here until doomsday's break and never cover the half of it. One of the most incomprehensible things about the incomprehensible is the sort of folk the ineffable engages to carry out certain employments that they may or may not know they are entrusted with.

It's all a complexity, isn't it? One tries to figure out what one should do and maybe one winds up doing that but just as often winds up doing something else. One has an urge to celebrate the invisible and it's almost like being trapped in a  department store because all you've got are these personalized archetypes that have been tailored to one culture or another, or some kind of mega motif that is surrounded by archetypes and it's a bewildering assortment of avenues of approach and there's this sensation that at a certain point every bit of all of that disappears and you're where?

Every night I go wandering in my thoughts in search of the one. Every morning I awaken to another day and a further search for the one and by this time I realize that this will be achieved when the ineffable makes the decision for it to happen and prior to that it won't make much difference one way or the other. If you're intense about it well, that's the ineffable and if you're not, then that's the ineffable too and if they know what they do, that is probably the ineffable and if they know not what they do, it is probably still the same. That's one school of thought anyway. It could be that every permutation is legitimate for those it applies to and irrelevant where it does not. In my case, everything is under control, whether I can see it or not but I would not presume that is the case for everyone. Of course, an exercise of higher logic would affirm that it is all under control but what difference would that make to someone who doesn't believe it?

In the personal sense it is all about the Kundalini and that is a feminine principle of which, anyone who is engaged with it cannot be unaware of. In another tradition it is called, "Jacob's Ladder". It is the life force and it expresses in an outward form into all of the activities of life we know about. It can be channeled inwardly and upwardly into all of the activities of life that we don't know about. In times of material darkness, the general pressure of material force is toward an outward expression and the eventual perdition it results in. As the kundalini rises it goes from station to station of evolving consciousness. Eventually, it unites with the universal spirit in the secret bridal chamber where some more refined version of, Here Comes the Bride will be playing. Words can do no justice to the experience that occurs here. Faith, Certitude and Determination. Faith, Certitude and Determination.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Ruminations Upon the Bridge of Confusion.

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Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there and just because you can doesn't mean it is.

Big change is in the wind both collectively and individually. To get some idea of the shape it is going to take on the pedestrian level, imagine the French Revolution and the extreme decadence of the ruling class, juxtaposed by the ever worsening state of the ever growing peasant class. There is a great deal of similarity with what was then and what is now. The level of indifference and disconnect on the part of the ruling class is truly impressive. In many cases they could care less but they will care. They will care. These massive cultural changes seem to come out of nowhere but that is never the case. They seem to come out of nowhere because most people aren't paying any attention to anything besides the allurements of self interest. It renders one totally subjective and only an objective mind can see things ahead of time. The less you can see, the more it is capable of acting on you. The more you can see, the greater your ability to identify and evade what is not in your best interest.

Speaking of seeing things ahead of time; those caught in the thrall of magnetized materialism are capable of calculation and seeing ahead but only in terms of what they are engaged in and seldom in terms of the moral implications of what they do or the consequences that attend their actions. There is something about the atmosphere of ubiquitous corruption that grants an impression of immunity from the usual karmic syndrome. Witness the bankers and their vast crimes and zero retribution for any of them. For those who have reached a certain level of influence and cozy interplay with authority, there's a sense of succor and protective armor. It's fascinating to watch.

Many a time I have sat in reflection, thinking upon all those things that might occur to one when they study the spectacle of a culture in free fall and it's not simply a localized phenomena in these times. It's everywhere. I've asked myself, "what can I do?" The response I have gotten is that it is not in my hands but it will be taken care of. It is definitely going to be taken care of.

People hear the term, 'avatar' and they have some personalized idea of what that means. In just about every case, I would have to say that their view of the subject is not comprehensive. Yes, the avatar comes to awaken sleeping humanity. Yes, the avatar is a direct physical manifestation of the ineffable and invested with all the powers of the same. There's more though. Every avatar is a unique expression of the one. Sometimes an expression comes as the highest expression of Love in terms of sacrifice, like Jesus Christ, or Krishna. Sometimes it comes as a teaching instrument for the entire age. Sometimes it is both and sometimes it is even more. Sometimes it comes to adjust the scales of justice and to give guidelines for living to the faithful in times of chaos. Yes, sometimes the avatar is a punisher and so it is in this time, along with considerable else.

The avatar never comes in alone. Many people, designed to play various roles, also come along. Some come to prepare the way and some come to be present in the presence. Some mop up, so to speak. As the avatar moves from station to station in the process of becoming the avatar, over the course of long time, he makes relationships which act out in archetypal fashion during his passage through this plane.

In the past, the populations were considerably smaller. Today there are billions of us on an endangered planet. There is a reason that so many souls are here at this time and on the cosmic level that is because of the opportunity for a quantum leap in being. That quantum leap can only be achieved by the indwelling presence of the avatar. Most of the people here have no recollection of why they came or the fantastic opportunity that awaits any and every soul who seeks to provide a hosting space for the one who is coming; the one who is already here.

Into the swirling chaos comes the harmonizer and dispenser of blessings and judgments. He sets it all in order for the age to come. Out of the mystery of his being comes the divine blueprint. It's just a movie. It is always a movie, followed by a movie, preceded by a movie... one reel after another. Seemingly without exception, the plot gets lost all too soon and it becomes a parody upon itself. The Catholic Church is a good example; a gaggle of exceedingly vain and perverse men dressed up in Halloween costumes, making signs and chanting nonsense. Surely there is verity somewhere and surely one or two are sincere and capable. You can find them out on the margins or living somewhere near Marooned, Idaho.

I find myself paying a terrible price being here. No matter how sincere, devoted and determined I may be or attempt to be, unfortunate events conspire in the wings and strange outbreaks, of some form of delusional virus manifest in and out of my person. Those are the real faith killers. It seems at times that one of the most choreographed routines is an unceasing effort to make us hate ourselves. I can only comfort myself with the thought that things are not what they seem, nor am I either, nor are you. I have never felt so much like a displaced person as I have these last couple of years and certainly into the present. I've no idea where I am supposed to be, I hang in mid stride seeking some kind of interactive dynamic and there is nothing but the waiting for whatever it is that is coming or already here.

I'm guessing it's like that everywhere. When everything becomes unfamiliar, what was formerly familiar is pretty much all that's left. I remember the sense of community. I remember the dependable reality of the day to day; the anticipation of things to come. I remember that I was only tangentially part of any of it (grin). One would think that as unpredictable and strange as my life has been that I would be among the most comfortable amidst the unpredictable and strange. I think my time in Europe made me complacent in ways I wish had not happened. It's rough when the only stability one has ever known comes so much later on and then vanishes like tendrils of mist under a heretofore unknown sun.

It's said that one is right where they are supposed to be. What this should mean, I am guessing, is that regardless of how one feels about it, accommodating that understanding should be job one. It stands to reason that it doesn't matter where you are when the avatar comes. It matters who you are. The avatar exists at a certain level and then radiates down and out to every other level. The level he is at is so fine that it easily interpenetrates every other level. That level is also much more enduring and far less subject to change, unlike the level we think we are existing at. Once again it comes back to what we think because as we think so are we. This seldom involves the pristine fluidity of a timeless center in a radiating bliss. It more often involves our reaction to things that happen to us and around us. This is the relative dance of our being; the meaning we give to the things that happen and the emotion we experience in relation to them. How we are affected sets the tone for how we are. You can find this defined and argued endlessly through scriptures and philosophical discourses.

I find myself in a challenging state at the moment. I have a problem that can only be effectively handled in Europe and I am not there, nor am I in a position just to fly in for the time needed and then return again. It seems I must handle it here but the ability to do it requires a near miracle. I can run around in search of a solution or I can let the solution come to me if my faith is great enough. My instinct is to go with what I have been repeatedly told to do and that is to just be in the presence and all that is necessary will follow. You can know this and not know it.

My thoughts return over and over to; faith certitude and determination. Masters of the art can near instantaneously materialize whatever is needed but then there are those special circumstances where one has no choice one way or the other and one's situation is wholly dependent upon some purpose of demonstration that is unknown to the participant and remains so until it reveals itself. Yes, there are techniques and there are rules and laws of existence but sometimes none of these apply in terms of any solution. One's situation is of a more mysterious order and one just has to wait and have faith.
I say these things knowing that there are many out there at the moment who do not know what to do about all kinds of things. Whatever gets done is somehow not enough and any radical transiting can turn into something worse than one had to begin with. It's not an easy course at the moment for many of us. We have to find that place within from which all blessings flow and we have to have the endurance and focus to remain there. Sometimes there is nothing we can do and doing nothing often proves harder than doing something. Every case is different. For the moment, confusion and the darkness of the world is a powerful influence. There are far more powerful influences but they can be oh so subtle and hard to grasp.

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Transiting from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

This is the metaphysical blog and we'll get to that part of our transmission but it might be good to set the stage first. People often think of the use of terms like metaphysical and esoteric as being relatively benign words, terms that deal in the abstract but... features of these words impact on our lives every day, whether we are aware of it or not and in times of Material Darkness, people aren't generally aware of such things and are more prone to get their understanding of such things from psychic hotlines and Tarot cards readings that tell you nothing when you know next to nothing about the meanings of the cards because you need to have an understanding of the basic meaning of existence before you can have any pertinent grasp of symbols that interpret the conditions of existence. If your mind isn't right it is doubtful that your prognostications will be either.

I've studied the Tarot over the course of decades and I can say that the least valuable facet of the cards is fortune telling. I've yet to have gotten an accurate reading from anyone ever and I doubt much of anyone else has either. Coincidence and the repetition in the similarities of routine, accounts for much of what people are able to attribute to accuracy. I can't remember much that I got that was accurate from astrologers either. This isn't a knock on astrology. It's a precise science. It's the astrologers who are too often imprecise. Most of the esoteric sciences are easily as stable and true as anything empirical Those trafficking in them, often are not.

Recently we've been watching this pedestrian series called The Newsroom. It is notable for what is claimed to be the most powerful and truthful 3 minutes of television ever, based on a speech by Jeff Daniels in Episode 1 or 2. It's written by TV maven, Aaron Sorkin; tribe member at large. I just saw the Bin Laden killing episode. Given that his associates did 9/11, it is a craven pack of lies in a bouquet of fabricated tension and phony gravitas, accelerated by slick and tawdry emotionalism. It is excruciating to watch. It explains the general American mind set. Like John Fogarty says, “I know it's true, oh so true, cause I saw it on T.V.” The liberal shtick is suffocating as support for gay marriage and attacks on the right are an ongoing staple. In the true irony of the type, whenever women are talking to each other it is invariably about men and their affairs with them, all communicated in a giddy breathlessness ad nauseum and pretty insulting to the idea of woman that liberals like to pride themselves on upholding. Nothing is more rampant in these times than hypocrisy.

Tribe members hold the rest of humanity in contempt. How that's going to work out I don't know but I'm not going to pretend it isn't so. It is.

They tell you that you don't have to believe in God to be able to be successful at meditation and you don't have to believe in God to be successful at yoga, even though the meaning of Yoga is 'to yoke up' with one's higher self. I use the term higher 'self' instead of the divine, ineffable or god in this instance because it's a critical feature of having a deeper understanding when it comes to what is most meaningful about one's relationship with the almighty. You are one self out here and you have an unseen higher self and the 'real' success of your personal self is directly related to your ability to channel your higher self or put another way, get out of the way of it. You have to be able to link up with your inner toreador to avoid being impaled on the horns of the bull, or covered in bullshit. Both are relevant but this isn't about re-engineering the tale of the Minotaur, or reflecting on the bull in front of the stock exchange, or getting all lyrical about any number of relationships that can be drawn concerning the deeper meanings of that creature or any of the other archetypal forces pictured in The Tarot and resident in Astrology; I'm not even going to mention what creatures wear a yoke and for what reason.

The ordinary life that surrounds us is not ordinary. It looks ordinary because of the programming we have all been subjected to. Some of us managed to break the spell of that programming by a concerted effort to do so. Some, like myself, managed it through a combination of disciplines and a whole lot of psychedelics. Through my own intensities of experience I learned that The Sun is a living creature and that I can speak with it. The Moon is also a seat of consciousness. Nature is filled with devas and other residents of the Devic Realm. Each individual star was once someone like you and me. Our planetary influences are all individual seats of consciousness and the influence of each of them work upon us every moment of every day and our life is summed up entirely by our ability or lack of ability to work in harmony with these forces. You can speak with all of them and even hear back, though that takes a degree of persistence and adjustment; a tuning in, if you will.

Learning to work with these forces means coming into an understanding of each of them to the point that one can sense them in action within their own being; sense their interplay with each other and finally, become aware of their unique nature and the specific individuality of their relationship with all of it. This usually involves both programming and deprogramming and knowing the difference. The Tarot is one of the ways that we can program our minds, principally the subconscious side of it so that we can engineer the automatic response factor and come into resonance with our higher self. Esoteric astrology provides similar and... Tarot and Astrology are interdependent.

These systems interplay with another system called The Tree of Life and which has been attributed to Kabala, which has been defined as a Jewish system of arcane understandings but it is not Jewish. Like the Hebrew alphabet, which is not Hebrew. Both of these came out of the Chaldean tradition and others previous to it and they were purloined by these people and subverted from a means of communicating with angelic intelligences to conversations with demons. If you want to understand what really was and really is, you have to discard almost everything you have ever been told and taught and especially when it comes to history, as most of you well know by now.

Hmmmm, someone named Galiano, a dress designer, just got tagged for Holocaust denial in Episode 9. There is just no getting away from this garbage. You can't even watch a movie anymore where some kind of Tribe mythos isn't prominently cameoed, usually with no context whatsoever. End digression.

Understand this. If you want to come into a higher awareness of what is real behind the scenes and what is extraordinary about what passes for ordinary, it is going to cost you. From my perspective, the cost is no cost at all but that has to do with the fact that I place little value on what most people value. I can't say that I am immune to all of the attractions of the world but I can say that I have been repeatedly disappointed enough to know that what I am looking for cannot be found there. This doesn't mean that a fairy tale face or the magical curve of a part of a human form or... some object of desire does not ping on my consciousness here and there. Even the wise are not immune to this but they handle it differently than the rest of us. Desire is the agent of god's will. Someone once asked Guru Bawa what they should do when they see a pretty girl. He said, “put your hand over your heart and say, “What a wonder.”

Maybe you can get something out of meditation and yoga, or any of these things without god having to be in the equation but I couldn't. I don't get much out of anything that doesn't have the ineffable as a centerpiece of the matter. This is only because everything becomes hollow in the absence of the ineffable... in my experience. There was a time when I didn't know this as definitively as I do now. It was pain and alienation that brought it more clearly to my mind and I suspect that no matter what, it will become more and more and more prominent with the passage of time because there is nothing else. There is only the ineffable and... nothing. Still, I forget. I forget many times every day and then the ineffable will do something to remind me. Most of the time, these days, the ineffable will do something and wait to see if I catch on. When I do, I instantly hear about it. Often I can hear what passes for chuckling in the background. Sometimes it is more sensation than sound. Several times in the past couple of days I have had arresting moments of this kind and oh... what an affirmation such things are.

I realize now that all kinds of extraordinary things have been happening to and for me but I was just seeing the ordinary and notice of these magical phenomena were just passing me by. They came to my attention through a shift in awareness and immediately, in retrospect, I could see clear evidence that I had not been alone at any time. It's a subtle thing. I became aware of this other self moving in me because it had facial expressions and poses different than my own. I happened to catch one of these and though I had experienced this before, it had never manifested in such a strong, visceral way except when I was in an altered state, when I am much more strongly aware of the indwelling. For whatever the reason, it came to me and it's been much more noticeable since. I'm grateful for that, extremely so because having it come and go reminds me that, for me, there is no greater gift that can be given than something of this order. All the passing fascination with the transitory that affects most all of us is just the space junk of magnetized dust. There are better places to be and better ways to be in them.

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Saturday, July 04, 2015

The Dawning of the Sun of Reality in the Age of Brotherhood.

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“ If you do not look for God in the springtime of your life, he won't be there in the winter.”

To many people, this world can seem to be a very confusing place. The trends of the moment don't make a whole lot of sense. It doesn't make sense where we are and how we got here doesn't make sense either. Much of what we see around us does not reflect our own tastes and inclinations and certainly, many of us would not have made the world this way. At least this is what we tell ourselves. At the same time, if we look around us and pay close attention to what we see, it makes a kind of sense because there are quite some number of people who seem interested in and fascinated by what is going on and these people are also, it seems, oblivious and indifferent to the wider conditions and circumstances of the world around them and remain so unless it impacts directly upon them, which... more and more it is doing and one could make a case that this is, in some way, connected to a general awakening that is taking place. When you factor in those who don't care, with those who suffer from any of a host of delusions that proliferate and those who look to be actively engaged in making the world the way it is, you come up with a significant number of the population, certainly more than half.

You think a little harder and it might occur to you that, “Yeah... there is a reason that things are how they are. Maybe not everyone is directly responsible for bringing these conditions into manifestation or to fruition but they are passively cooperative in the process.”

Besides what has already been mentioned, there are international trends and patterns at work that are not natural expressions of the vast majority of the public; not natural by ANY stretch of the imagination. A student of history will note that some of these conditions have proliferated before, when cultures fall into decline and I assure you that there are many, many previous cultures, which have been consumed in runaway iniquities and of which no historical record remains. Under the Earth and under the sands of the sea, there are remnants of cultures that attained a higher degree of technical sophistication than we have today. This is the kind of reaction one can expect when they point out the hard truths of history and of the present.

Those who have read Tacitus, as I have, know somewhat of what was and the meaning of what is. One can object to the limited access of wide angle lenses and panorama viewing that leads to a less than clear objectivity on the parts of traditional thinkers but the conclusions they reach are not wrong, given precedence and prescience (should you possess it).

There is a large body of evidence supporting what is said here but you will seldom see these arguments raised in the Crass Media and when they are they are published for the purpose of scorn and ridicule. It was Tiberius who was the emperor in the time of Christ. Suetonius paints quite the picture of this seriously depraved individual who was on the throne of the world during the time of the ministry of Christ. Do not think for a moment that the sort of things going on back in that time are not going on today. They are.

Can you see the will of the cosmos as expressed by the agents of the ineffable in those times? Do you see the amazing timeliness of the ineffable appearing as the Lord Jesus Christ at that moment in time? Here is an example of the kind of research that gets done by some but which you seldom ever see. If you needed historical proof that there was someone resembling someone like who we imagine Jesus was, you got it here. I had even bought into the myth that there was no historical record of a Jesus Christ. Of course, I do not doubt that there 'is' one and was one and will be one...through everlasting. You will note what is said by historians and witnesses from the period and you will especially note what is said by the sleaze merchants who wrote the lies that compose the Satanic Talmud. When it comes to the fabrication of 'chosen people', it's not a fabrication. They are chosen. It is by 'whom' they are chosen that is the fabrication; “For you are the children of your father the devil, and you love to do the evil things he does. He was a murderer from the beginning. He has always hated the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, it is consistent with his character; for he is a liar and the father of lies.” Who said these words?

So when you see the things that are happening in these times you need to know that many of these trends and patterns are being orchestrated by these people and when you check who is behind these things; the organizations and the funding, which you can do, you can clearly see that it is these people.

Now... let us return to the significance of Christ appearing in the time of Tiberius and what was happening in those times. Now let us move to present day times. Do you see the similarities in the moral climate as well as a large number of seeming coincidences in every area of human life, with the only exception being the state of the technology and of course, certain differences in coloration and such? Would this not indicate the need for another world teacher to appear on the scene? It does to me and I wish to assure you that that is the case and for those of you who may have an interest in communicating with this teacher... look into your own heart for that is where he will appear. Because this is The Age of Aquarius and that means a time of universal brotherhood and so it is that the returning Christ will appear in the hearts of humanity, where a place has been made for this. At the same time, those headed for perdition will continue on their way.

It is understandable that the force of this world and the serious lack of spirituality operating in the day to day affairs of the majority of those bound on the wheel of sensation and appearances would overwhelm the awareness of the general public. You take it for granted that what is happening is what is happening around you and... at a further reach, you take it for granted that what you are told by those fabricating the reports of events... is true. However, the only thing that is true is what is happening inside of you, the same way that what you see is actually seen within and not without and the meaning of anything is based on the definition given to it by your mind. It is what you tell yourself it is, not what it really is and much of the time it really isn't at all and never was. It's like a movie playing on a screen. The screen is real. The movie is not. And... what is a movie? A movie is a dream. A dream lasts for the period in which you are having it. When you wake up the dream ends. The residue of a dream lasts for only a short period following that.

We are in a dream at this moment. I am writing to you in a dream. It seems real though, doesn't it? The color and tenor of a dream is oft determined by the environment it takes place in. At the moment, the atmosphere of the common dreams is very powerful due to the number of dreamers who are dreaming in one language or another, wrapped in the costumes of their cultures and wearing the different colors of skin and native perceptions; fondled into a collective understanding by governments and educational systems, drenched in the kaleidoscopic pheromones of the marketplaces; the tantalizing fingers of manipulated feeling and being, just as it would be in a dream. They call them dreams because they seem to be real but they are not. Dreams are like the early morning mists on a field or in a forest. The sun of reality breaks upon it and it melts away as if it never was. All that remains is the moisture on the grass and leaves. How wonderful it will be to have the sunlight of reality fall upon our dreams and how wonderful it would be to have our dreams be true in the magical possibility of that rare occurrence. Dreams are not all bad and there would be very little life here without dreams. We are regardless, of the location, all under the influence of the cosmic dreamer, in whatever bardo; purgatory, Hell or Heaven, in lokas unimaginable, the ineffable dreamer holds sway “ god is asleep and this is his dream”, “but he will wake up, won't he?” “I don't know.”

End Transmission.......

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