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"Most People don't Know Dirty Harry from Debbie Harry... and They Can't Find Their Ass with A Google-View and A Compass."

God Poet Transmitting.......

“Divine worship, he says, is the end for which all things are created, and therefore belongs to their original nature and constitution. The different forms of worship result from the variety of Names and Attributes by which God manifests Himself in creation. Every Name and Attribute produces its own characteristic effect. For example, God is the true Guide (al-Hádí); but He is also the Misleader (al-Muḍill), for the Koran says, "Allah shall lead the wicked into error." He is the Avenger (al-Muntaqim) as well as the Forgiver (al-Mun‘im). If any one of His Names had remained ineffectual and unrealized, His self-manifestation would not have been complete. Therefore He sent His prophets, in order that those who followed them might worship Him as the One who guides mankind to salvation, and that those who disobeyed them might worship Him as the One who leads mankind to perdition.

“All God's creatures worship Him in accordance with His will, and every form of worship expresses some aspect of His nature. Infidelity and sin are effects of the Divine activity and contribute to the Divine perfection. Satan himself glorifies God, inasmuch as his disobedience is subordinate to the eternal will.”

In respect of certain ideas we have been presenting here, I give these lines that I just discovered in the writings of Jili... with whom I wholeheartedly concur, AND... which confirm positions I have taken that some consider to be blasphemous. I do not believe in the folded... spindled... and mutilated teachings of The Christian Church. I see them as stock pens for people who are too afraid to think. Their dogma is like unto a cattle prod.

As for The Koran, it is often filled with such violent thoughts that I do not wonder at some of the acts that have followed since its publication. Christians and Muslims... of a fundie cast... are incredibly mean and unforgiving. That's the way it is with religion. People like to huddle together because they are terrified of what they don't understand about life. This makes it easy for The Controllers to herd them as they please... turn them into cannon fodder, and agitate them in the hate-ridden cities.

Lately... I have been getting flashes of insight that lift me to a view of conditions beyond the daylight... walking around perspective... that I have most of the time. It's impossible to describe except to say they take place in hyper-reality... attended by a stream of images that each... come with pages of dialogue that it is impossible (at least for me) to put down here.

One of the flashes I received recently... has to do with an entire area of political commentary that one runs into on the internet. On the one hand, there are people like Jack Posobiec... Charlie Kirk... Alex Jones and Mike Adams... Ron Unz and others. There are so many of these people. They have big websites, and like James O'Keefe, they style themselves as knights on a white charger... speaking Truth to Power. What I saw was that they have zero effect on anything... except their own levels of influence and the financial gain that comes through doing what they do.

Are they bad people? Are they good people? Are they gatekeepers? Are they entertainers in mufti?

I don't know. There are certain politicians too... that fit into this demographic, BUT... it seems that every... single... one... of... them... answers to The Synagogue of Satan. PERIOD. I was going to this Post Millennial website. I think it's a Canadian news portal. I liked their truthfulness, BUT... as soon as Israel arranged that false flag on October 7th... with the intent of wiping The Palestinian People from the face of The Earth, they rolled over on their backs with their legs in the air.

Everywhere that those protesting against The Gazacide appear... there are now Zionist Stormtroopers coming in. The police have been told... apparently... to stand back and let them sort it out, so people are getting beaten and pepper sprayed. A few hours later they come in to mop up!

The Synagogue of Satan is LITERALLY bombing women and children indiscriminately, and laughing about it! Dancing in the street! Tearing food deliveries from the aid trucks, and... scattering them by the roadside, AND... laughing about it... and dancing in the street! The entire nation of Israel is behind this effort. This is apocalypse-in-action.

As we have said here countless times, and as we fully believe without the possibility of doubt... God is in The Details in this horror, and... everywhere else at all times... and the entire insensate, and stupefied world sees The Gazacide... like something through the car window... on their way to the Disneyland Gay Bar for Kids, and The Divine has a resolution in mind. I can only... from what I have seen so far... determine with little likelihood of error... that he intends to deal with this nation of MONSTERS in the most serious and severe fashion.

The heinous crimes that include organ harvesting... broadcasting crying children and women calling for help... in the night... that brings people into the street to look for them, and then firing on them with drones... and so many... many other offenses... too numerous to mention. These are just shrugged off, BUT... Hamas! Hamas! Hamas! The hostages!!! The hostages!!! Bullshit! Bullshit like flaming planets and exponentially expanded!!! Bullshit!!!

Now this Ari Hoffman is showing up everywhere... writing about the outrages of alleged Hamas supporters and their protests... being inflicted on The Poor Israelis. He has become the main contributor at news-sites I never saw him at previously... including The Post Millennial. Bullshit!!!

This is genocide... clear and simple. This is ethnic cleansing! These Zionists are... MONSTERS!!! They have been killing The Palestinians and stealing their land for DECADES!!! That's it! There is no justification whatsoever. They are... MONSTERS!!!

Are the Gaza protests compromised and financed by the same people who are committing Gazacide? Very Likely. That's how they operate, BUT... millions of people all round The World are outraged, and I am one of them. Like the song says; ♫ Your time is gonna come ♫ It comes for all of us. It comes for us individually... in groups... in nations, and to entire planets. It comes soft as a caress from an invisible breeze, and it comes with tanks and ruthless killers... burning as they go.

Most people don't know Dirty Harry from Debbie Harry... and they can't find their ass with a Google-View and a compass. They want what they want, and there are people who see that they get it because they are the people who arranged for them to want it in the first place. There are people who create those needs so that they can fill those needs, and as each generation wears out... they find another.

Now they are... also...with calculation... seeking to eliminate another entire race of people... through a variety of means. This is not up for argument. The Great Replacement is a provable given. They have found other groups of people... they are more compliant... more willing... to roll and run riot in the murk of Materialism... from The Land Where The Sun Don't Shine. There are those with a greater disposition toward certain features of Materialism. Certain things should be obvious to anyone paying attention, and... bottom is all about maintaining control.

Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening... say that The Reins of Power... will be taken away from those who use appearances... as the mechanisms of deception. They are direct agents of Heavenly Force. The Will of The Divine is being done through them, and those who have held the power for deceiving the nations for such a length of time... are now very disturbed at what they see coming for them; shaping up, and forming in The Event Horizon. They are desperate, and... they are driven. It is only a matter of time and sequential events.

Everything that is happening is putting those who have worked from the shadows... front and center... into The Revealing Light. Vanity and Arrogance fuel their insanities. They are being driven mad. They are out of their minds with avarice... fear... and rage. Their world is imploding, and not all the soldiers that have ever been, are going to be able to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

I have no apprehension about Things to Come. I know without a scintilla of doubt... that The Divine... the ineffable... rules supreme in Heaven and on Earth. It is a palpable reality in the one location, and something very hard to see in the other, BUT... nonetheless everything lives and dies... succeeds and fails... according to The Will of God. There is no wiggle room on that.

Many fools have pranced about here in their season. One does not become Carl Panzram in a single lifetime. Psychopathy is arrived at in stages. As one departs from The Light of God... psychopathy is one of the final stages before one becomes actualized as a demon. Everyone who has done massive harm on this planet... worked their way to that opportunity in stages. It was as much a development as; egg, caterpillar, pupa, and butterfly... only in the opposite direction. Everything comes in stages.

There is nothing mysterious about life except for the appearances it is resident behind, AND which it demonstrates through. There is... What Is, and... There Is... What Seems. What seems is constructed by The Force of Wanting. It is desire... precipitated and channeled into form... and composed of The Substance of Things Unseen.

No one is denied anything here. That is the good news and the bad news. Seek and ye shall find... LITERALLY. If you sow the wind you will reap the whirlwind... that is also good news and bad news because it parallels the concept of casting your bread upon the waters.

It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when; set out for anywhere and you will get there OR... to a reasonable or unreasonable facsimile. There may be barriers in the way... such as those experienced by Ulysses... Theseus... Perseus... or Milarepa, BUT you will get there... if you only continue; Desire and The Will... Desire and The Will.

End Transmission.......

Reynold A. Nicholson

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Tuesday, May 14, 2024

"They are Duckwalking Anachronisms that can't Get Back through The Doorway They Claim to Have Emerged From."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I am going to try to make an important point. It has to do with this ineffable being that goes by so many different names... in different religions... in different cultures... at different times. For a very... very... very long time... people have been arguing about what it is... this ineffable thing.

Religions have fought long and bloody wars over the letter of the law. People have been stoned... burned at the stake... tortured on awful medieval devices... banished... shunned... slandered; you name it... it's been done in the name of religion. Fuck Religion.

God is INDEFINABLE... and... INCOMPREHENSIBLE... and... here is only one reason why. God is like a clock with a moving hand; minute hand... second hand... hour hand... take your pick. It is any or all of them at certain times... depending on imminence... or the lack of any pressure to that effect.

Think of this clock as having demarcation lines... as many clocks and watches do. Sometimes the second hand sweeps, and sometimes it clicks or jumps from one line to the next. Now think of God as being The Sun in the sky, and certainly... in a certain manner... The Sun is most definitely God. Think of how The Sun seems to be moving across the sky... when actually... we are what is moving because the planet we are resident on is spinning, and the turning is what makes it look like The Sun is moving.

Imagine that there are demarcation lines in the sky, but... you can't see them. Every day... The Sun moves from one line on The Dial to the next... until it disappears over the horizon, BUT... it is still moving from one demarcation line to the next. So, The Sun is like a hand on a clock. It just goes round, and round, and round... or at least it appears to, and that is fine because EVERYTHING appears to be this or that and do this or that.

In fact... The Everything that appears to be this or that... that does this or that... is just another form or force that conceals the presence of God behind it... who makes everything out of itself, and is the power from which everything is accomplished. Yesterday, I linked an article from Back to Godhead that a reader had posted.

I think if you didn't read it yesterday, maybe you will read it today. It presents the same thing we are talking about here... from another demarcation line on that clock... or on The Sun's position in the sky.

Wherever The Sun is in the sky... the perspective is changed from where it was a moment ago. It is the same sun, but its place in the sky is not the same. Religions capture the passage of The Divine through a SPECIFIC series of demarcation lines... on the clock or on the sky... and declare that that... that right there... is the definitive explanation of God, AND NOTHING ELSE IS. Most cash register religions do this.

Religions... as they presently exist are a joke without humor... where the parishioners are the punch line. The atheists are right. The God that religions believe in, does... not... exist. That does not mean that God does not exist. Most atheists have a problem with Religion. Unfortunately for most atheists... they are not smart enough to make the leap between seeming appearance and actual essence.

In any case... all religions are screen captures of something in motion, and whose appearance is constantly changing because the perspective is constantly changing... because the clock and The Sun are always in motion or... appear to be in motion. So... the look of The Thing... is always in transformation. HOWEVER... The Thing Itself... is unchanging and it does not move.

These screen captures become antiquated. They are atavistic. They wear out and become irrelevant as everything with an appearance does. They are duckwalking anachronisms that can't get back through the doorway they claim to have emerged from. They are no different than an advertisement that claims features and assets about a product that it does not possess. What part of INDEFINABLE and INCOMPREHENSIBLE do people not get?

These are all cash register religions. They took a picture of something and the background... in the picture... kept moving but the foreground stood still (or maybe it was the other way around), so... over time... the image blurred. It went out of focus. It went out of phase. It no longer looked like what it was, and it was always a picture of something that was only the form... the temporary appearance... which concealed The Thing Itself, so... you were never able to see it in the first place; not even when the picture was taken.

That was a rough effort at describing the difficulties in describing what cannot be described. It was also blurred, out of focus, and... possibly... out of phase. I suppose all analogies and allegories are. Think about it; why would we need to have allegories and analogies in the first place?

Religion... just like war... is a racket. It's a money-making scam. I do believe that all those temples and cathedrals are amazing. Wow! Think of the spirit at work in their construction!!! The idea of it all is marvelous, BUT... SOMETHING HAS GOTTEN LOST IN THE TRANSLATION... over... time!

Someone tells someone something. That person goes and tells it to someone else, who tells it to someone else... who tells it to someone else. Pretty soon... what is being told bears very little resemblance to the original statement.

People live and die... often in miserable circumstances. Many people lose their way, and even more people never knew the way to begin with. They hope and they yearn for something better... something beyond this Vale of Tears. God... in his compassion... comes down from his Heaven of Light... personally, and gives hope where there was none; gives a roadmap to his house... hands out invitations... RSVP... sells the idea like no one in 2000 years has sold the idea, and... for a while... that works.

Then... in the passage of time... it all falls into disorder... for reasons already illustrated here from several angles... from several perspectives, and even in the time that has passed since they were written, and... the moment in which this is being written... the appearances have changed. The Hands on The Clock have moved. The Sun has moved. The perspective on The Thing... which cannot be clearly seen... since it is wearing a garment... that conceals a number of features beneath it; BUT... maybe there are no features beneath it?

I don't know.

The World has fallen into disorder. Anyone could see this clearly... if they were not already distracted by something else. Religions have fallen into disorder. They have become a travesty and a mockery of themselves.

9/11 was a big deal. It changed The World. It was orchestrated and carried out by The Synagogue of Satan. There were two following events... both of these were easily as impactful as 9/11, and both of them were also orchestrated and carried out by the same infernal agency. They were the legalizing and mainstreaming of gay marriage, and... the COVID Scamdemic.

That two people of the same sex could marry is not the issue. It is the relentless press of perversity that has followed in the wake of it. That certain depraved collectives got together to defraud The World under the pretense of a virus... that was no more than the seasonal cold and flu... is not the issue. There are scams aplenty that come and go with the seasons. It was The Killer Vaccines... that followed after the set-up that did the real harm. In both cases... it was what followed in the aftermath.

How did we get from The Sun crossing the sky, and the ticks of a clock... to international false flags and scamdemics? When a world teacher... and avatar comes to this plane... he not only sets everything back in order BUT... he is often the main player in an act of divine sacrifice who... by his passing... infuses the age with virtue and the lifeblood that sustains the following age. Eventually, and it always happens... the currency that sustained the age... the virtue... the lifeblood... runs out.

Another visitation is required... there is little juice remaining to run the great wheels of existence. There is very little oil left to lubricate their turnings. If nothing is done... the friction will cause a conflagration. This is how it all ends... further up the road... at the end of The World... when The Day of Brahma concludes... when only the most resistant lifeforms remain unchanged and unredeemed.

(Maybe that night... is actually the day... while God is sleeping and dreaming. When he wakes up to celebrate with the friends he made... while he was dreaming; maybe that is The Day of Brahma, and all other life forms are in a state of quiescence. It's something to think about.)

This is not that time, so... an infusion of virtue and grace is on the way, an investment of divine love and some variation on the blood of the lamb will be made, and all things will be renewed. This does not mean that the coming avatar will go the same way as so many other avatars have gone. There's more than one way to get the thing done.

Even now... as degenerate psychopaths plot the culling and enslavement of The World...

...the living light of God is descending down the planes into manifestation. He will come as he is... clothed in various degrees of concentrated light, and he will come also... into vehicles that have been prepared for his residence; each of them to a specific task.

Dutifully... the culture follows the degenerates to The (Bill) Gates of Hell... celebrating it all the way.

He will show up in the midst of these degenerates, and reveal them to themselves and each other, and then... they will see him too... in whatever dreadful form they have imagined him into... as the fruit of their works.

The hands of the clock move from line to line. The Sun moves across the sky... tick... tick... tick, and suddenly... nothing is what it seemed to be only a moment before; just... like... (snap!)... that. everything is changed.

End Transmission.......

Reynold A. Nicholson

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Since I know a lot of people don't read the links, check out this OUTSTANDING nailing of one of the monsters of our times.

Thank you, Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening!!!

Thursday, May 09, 2024

"Well, You See, A Time ALWAYS Comes... when The Terrestrial Runs Seriously Afoul of The Celestial, and... that Time is Now."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The sheep spend their whole life afraid of the wolves only to wind up being eaten by the shepherd. Once you understand this... the game changes, and you can understand politics.

Now there's a nice start to the day! Did you know that around 300 years ago, British royalty ate human flesh? It was a not uncommon trend among the aristocrats and the rich.

It was called corpse medicine. Of course, The Gutter-Slime Press is shrieking about cannibalism. I have no doubt that some amount of that was... and is... always going on, BUT it turns out that the article... as usual... is misleading.

This is yet one more indication of the protracted delusional state of the medical community. They used to bleed people who were already weak from some malady. They have this habit of being in the right ballpark about something, but completely wrong about the nature of the game being played there. Yes... the poisons are in the blood, BUT... that is not how you get them out.

Are you surprised that they march in lock-step... through one horrible practice after another... still? This same programmed blindness exists in Religion, which once tortured confessions out of people and then burned them at the stake. The Lie that developed over time... following these practices... was that they were being done to the people who were actually doing them. It is a lot like how the revisionists now portray Bolshevik Russia. However... ♫ Torquemad-oh was a Marrano ♫

The delusional strain runs through Politics. It runs through the educational system. It runs through everything... everywhere... that manages to get buildings constructed as evidence of legitimacy, BUT NOW! Now comes The Awakening... growing stronger, and stronger, and stronger.

Ms. America AND Ms. Teenage America both have abdicated from their positions. You don't get much more self-involved and empty-headed than these two. That whole industry produces role models of vain stupidity... as they take their place... on the conveyor belt... of Future Arm Candies of The Rich and Powerful. They deserve each other.

I wonder what the story is there? Eh? It seems to have to do with NDAs... non-disclosure agreements. What sort of story... do you suppose... they have to tell? Of course... it has to do with sex, and I do not doubt the heavy hand of The AshkeNAZI-weaponized movement in there.

It's a wonder that The Met (home of The Met Gala) does not yet have a wing for ♫ Pedophilia Memorabilia ♫ After all... they are a museum. They're already in the planning stages for this and have contracted with suppliers to provide them with vending machines that dispense the used underwear of Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse, and you don't want to know... for a discriminating clientele. They already have them in Japan... or did... sort of. Well... it's in The Media!

All sorts of curious deflections are appearing everywhere; these new antisemitism regulations... that have been spawned by the college demonstrations... for The Gazacide, and... the general elimination of The Palestinians... where it turns out the same people are financing both sides of the protests; ♫ gimme that old time controlled opposition ♫ Gee... what do you think is going on here?

It appears... to me... that The Same People are being caught out at what they have been caught out at for centuries... and several millennia past. How is it that they are being caught out when they have so much money and power that was acquired... over the years... through usury... blackmail, and threats? It is because of The Awakening. It is the ritual dance... the occasional dance... of Lady Awakening and her consort, Mr. Apocalypse.

I know that some amount of readers do not fancy anthropomorphisms and euphemistic allusions. They want more direct hardcore commentary... instead of Mr. Visible's elegant sidestepping, BUT... I am merely involved in a pas de trois with my friends, Mr. Apocalypse and Lady Awakening. This is just my little ring-around-the-rosie. It's how we get The Truth out there, AND... continue to.

Time to bring The Divine into the equation. The Divine is deeply involved with all three of these dancers. That is where we get our dancing orders from. Most people... like the aforementioned from the various rigidified, and... stratified industries of... Church and State... The Medical Community... The Lying Media, and sundry... all get marching orders. My friends and I get dancing orders. We hear music. They hear only drums.

Well... you see... the time comes... the time ALWAYS comes when The Terrestrial has reached such a point that it goes seriously afoul of The Celestial. At that point... Heaven is set in motion. It is an automatic motion that occurs when certain parameters of behavior are breached. It is when The War on Heaven becomes 'a thing' on Earth. It precipitates the need for... steps to be taken; dancing steps. Something along the lines of a Tandava... perhaps? Maybe not an actual Tandava, but... something like a Tandava.

Heaven ALWAYS wins because Heaven is The Land of Light, and there are many heavens of ever greater densities and clarities of light... as it has to do with... consciousness. Everything here in manifestation... is crystallized light... light in extension... light that is frozen into form within the gravitational area of Time. Time exists in a number of the heavens, but it moves at a different rate of passage. Then there is that heaven where there is no time at all.

Somebody once said something about Heaven and Earth passing away, but that his word would not pass away. His word was a part of the timeless differentiations of the OM... that produced the worlds of form... that made it possible for him to say... before Abraham was I.

The Church is a lying... malevolent... blood-drinking monster that excluded all the important aspects of The Real Doctrine.

We live in a world of half-truths... or even more greatly diluted versions of truth, BUT... The World... being one of appearances... cannot by its nature... contain The Truth. There is a persistent, and natural antagonism there... that endures for great lengths of time. You have to go somewhere else for that. You have to visit The World Inside. That is the real world. The World external to you is a projection of The Mind. It feels real enough, said The Body talking music.

So... in fact... this war on Heaven is over before it even begins, BUT... The Show must go on. We are the characters acting out on God's TV screen... for his amusement, and as the recipients of his Love and his Wrath. Both of these are Love but they are received in a different fashion... depending on the mindset of the recipient.

The reason a war on Heaven even starts... at any time... is due to a perpetual plot construct that is always a part of the dynamics of Existence. It is a matter of righteousness and wickedness. The Divine is on both sides of this... because he is also The Devil as he appears to The Wicked. The members of that mindset... and in Times of Material Darkness there is a bumper crop of them... believe what they are told by The Father of Lies; that they will be protected... that they will triumph... that The World will be theirs, and that they will reign in Hell with their father.

Of course... many atheists do believe that there is no God. However... those who directly represent The Father of Lies... as his agents... know damned well that there is a God, and... they hate and fear him with all their might. This is where the great power of The Divine shines... in its compassion and forgiveness for those who know... not... what... they... do.

In any case... my friends... things are not what they seem. This is a manifested plane of blind idiots... groping themselves, and each other... in an orgy room of collective torments... in a world of personal darkness without light... where the soundtrack is composed of wailings, and the gnashing of teeth. They writhe and twist in the flames of unrequited desire... for so long as their objectives are carnal... they are on an endless loop.

So... we have reached a point in the narrative where the heat is on, and they know... many of them without actually knowing... that their time is up, and judgment awaits. They are scrambling to contain the veil of ignorance... the dream-sleep that imprisons the hearts and minds of ALMOST everyone else, BUT... The Awakening gets stronger and stronger, and stronger, and... there is nothing they can do. Their voodoo is no longer working like it did before.

You are seeing the appearances... that they are waving in front of... what is actually taking place behind the appearances, and the veil is moving from gossamer... to diaphanous... to transparently naked and afraid.

End Transmission.......

A reader sent me this link

This is some of the most powerful writing I have seen in many a day. I don't know this fellow, so I can't speak to the true integrity of his being, BUT... there is a great deal of indication as to some amount of it... to be found in his words.

I did not know much about Andrew Tate, so I was impressed with some of his statements. He seemed truthful, also... bloody but unbowed. This was before I found out that he was fantastically rich... that he owned an immense fleet of extremely expensive vanity-enhancing cars... made some of his money off of women doing things on webcams, and this and that and the other thing. He is incredibly full of himself, and... I suspect... one of God's projects for The Purpose of Demonstration.

Still... it's not my place to judge him. I don't know the whole story, BUT... read this article written by an ex-convict about Andrew Tate. The prose rings of street-cred and authenticity. That was my first take. I'll leave you to be the judge of what you read. If you feel inclined... leave him a comment telling him what you think. I believe he would appreciate it. He got right back to me.

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Here is the rest of the chapter (Two Paths) from The Bhagavad Gita that I posted yesterday about The Wicked.

12 Bound on all sides by scheming and anxiety,
driven by anger and greed, they amass by any means they can
a hoard of money for the satisfaction of their cravings.

13 “I got this today,” they say;
“tomorrow I shall get that.
This wealth is mine, and that will be mine too.”

14 I have destroyed my enemies. I shall destroy others too!
Am I not like God? I enjoy what I want.
I am successful. I am powerful. I am happy.

15 I am rich and well-born. Who is equal to me?
I will perform sacrifices and give gifts, and rejoice in my own generosity.”
This is how they go on, deluded by ignorance.

16 Bound by their greed and entangled in a web of delusion,
whirled about by a fragmented mind,
they fall into a dark hell.

17 Self-important, obstinate, swept away by the pride of wealth,
they ostentatiously perform sacrifices
without any regard for their purpose.

18 Egotistical, violent, arrogant, lustful, angry,
envious of everyone, they abuse my presence
within their own bodies and in the bodies of others.

19 Life after life I cast those who are malicious, hateful,
cruel, and degraded
into the wombs of those with similar demonic natures.

20 Birth after birth they find themselves with demonic tendencies.
Degraded in this way, Arjuna,
they fail to reach me and fall lower still.

21 There are three gates to this self-destructive hell:
lust, anger, and greed.
Renounce these three.

22 Those who escape from these three gates of darkness, Arjuna,
seek what is best and attain life’s supreme goal.

23 Others disregard the teachings of the scriptures.
Driven by selfish desire, they miss the goal of life,
miss even happiness and success.

24 Therefore let the scriptures be your guide
in what to do and what not to do. Understand their teachings;
then act in accordance with them.

Monday, May 06, 2024

"The Deep State has The Life Expectancy of a Borscht Belt Folksinger with Tourettes Syndrome in The Korengal Valley."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Well... you can see what's going on. Even if you're blind... you can feel your way through the Satanic symbolism... by following the instructions of your talking... seeing-eye dog... delivered to you by AI... through your radioactive AirPods. These days it feels like Schrodinger's Cat took a shit in the litter box of my mind. Are the windmills still turning, Clarice?

Mind the thorns of attachment... like hooked talons... that snag your garment of flesh, and... are the source of all that you fear... through the medium of your temporary form. How ironic it is that cursed fear... should have its way with you... via the persisting threats to something that was doomed from the beginning; just a walking around body. You've had plenty of those.

If you do not build The Body of Glory you will perish in The Marshlands of Ignominy. Twas ever thus, and it is the sad commentary of most pedestrian poetry and song... about nothing... that lasts very long.

Migrant Centers are going up like the new McDonald's... as the residents are being replaced. Meanwhile... the native souls of Gaza are being exterminated.

It's the new Dresden, BUT... which is worse? At least in Gaza, there is always the chance that you might die. In so many other places the most terrible thing is that you might have to go on living.

Everywhere you look... the hand of darkness passes over it and changes the landscape into a drizzling rain-washed gray... leaching away the color and vibrant nature... of what was once called... Existence, and is now a world of lingering... post-apocalyptic torment, with a soundtrack by graffiti-faced Post Malone. The new celebrities all need to look twisted and bent out of shape... the Judas Goats... that lead the foolish sheep... up to the altars of The Dark of The Moon.

The ghosts of the monks from Skellig Michael... chant from The Causal Plane in The Land of Pain, and tuberculosis blooms on the sidewalks of Long Beach... where The Fat Sistas twerk, and sing the chorus to “Your Slaving Grace.”

A ruination of despair rises... where the buildings... now look like broken teeth. The degenerate long noses... march with their money guns cocked. They are determined that they... shall turn everything to shit, and serve it to you warm.

It's a damp-cold future they have planned for you... some kind of world-circling Bataan Death March on a treadmill... (have the hamsters stopped screaming, Clarice?) with a soundtrack from The Night of The Long Knives... at the long buffet table... where long-pig is served with a road apple in its mouth. It winks at you like you ain't seen nothing yet, and... that might be true... IF... you buy into the visions that they sell. They can't compel you... you have to go willing... even if you've been deceived about what waits ahead. It's the fear... of the loss... of what keeps you trapped in it... that insists you must continue... BUT...

…this whole twisted fantasy has come upon you in stages. You've been conditioned... by the reasonable voices... of those who were promised a better situation... if they would only lead you there. The mutton heads that serve to police you... have decided it is better to be behind the shields... with tasers and batons. Everybody wants a better deal... if that means all the other people get fucked... well... so it goes. Them's the breaks.

Oh! My Friends... none of this is real. It's all the man... with the bone in his hand... that wags the dog, and does the voiceover where the wind chimes used to be. Those who are fooling you... are too busy to realize... that they themselves are fooled, and nothing is what it seems, even for those playing their casino games... and for so many more than where there used to be, one... born... every... minute, and counting... and counting... all those grains of sand... that leak through the hourglass, and they took no notice that the time had run out.

Oh! If only there were just one more handful of sand!

They plotted and they planned, and millions died... only to get back in line again... to get their new marching orders... that has so much to do with evening the score... in the new generations to come. Oh yeah... and so much more.

Now the still-living and fast-asleep... tremble in their dreams of life... as appearances shift. There's no more of this, and... there's even less of that. You don't feel so good, but you do hate The Orange Man. They created... this clash of appearances... where The Good Guy wins against all odds, BUT... he's not The Good Guy after all... is he? Well... is he?

It is a stage-managed choreography of shapeshifters, with the Byzantine plotting of the grasping mind... present in every single dancer. Look... at... me!!! I!!! I!!! Me!!! Me!!! Mine!!! Millions of them are singing in The Great Choir of Discordia. I prefer the company of angels and The Great Companions. Otherwise... I bear the conditions through which I pass, and which are made ever-so-much-more tolerable by being in it but not of it.

There is a strange shortage of Good Guys. Where have all the heroes gone? Who are these fat men in dresses? Who are these new... trust the science... lactating freaks at the adoption clinics? Who is sending all these role models into the schools? Who has made the music into a pounding... incoherent... perpetual migraine... of lobotomizing gutter chants of profanity? Why is The World obsessed with fucking... without a modicum of style or grace? It's the dominating anger of the orgasms of death.

It's all falling down, as busloads of sex tourists get driven off the cliffs. The drivers are possessed. It is a massive herding. It is a summoning... for every realm of being... that is calling for its own. Each pan pipe is tuned to the frequency of those... who are drawn by the tractor beams... with their eyes closed. Everyone hears what they want to hear, and goes... where they know not where. Where your heart is... there also are your torments and your treasures.

Yes... the call has gone out into every land. Each heart is tuned to the vibration of what attracts them the most. They will all be drawn together... with others of their kind... to celebrate what they have given value to.

In Cosmic Time... The Deep State has the life expectancy of a Borscht Belt folksinger with Tourettes Syndrome in The Korengal Valley. People run about like disturbed insects because... Change has come, and nothing can be done until Change runs its course, and... not even then. The Order for Change comes from the top down. All that can be done on The Plane of Impact is to adjust to it. That is all. Whine until The Chimeras come home. It will mean... zip.

Whether you are a billionaire or a small-time hustler. Whether you have the adulation of millions... on some stage... somewhere... OR... you are scorned and despised... or simply in line to be elevated... or despised at some later date... The Will of The Lord is done on everyone. Here we have some dark irony... as one of Lucifer's Lieutenants... admits The Truth; when The Lord gets ready, you got to move.

You can just about smell the sulfur in the recording area.

I don't worry about anything at all. If the seas rise, and The Sun grows dark... if bolts of lightning scorch the skies. If the rivers turn to blood... I am not concerned. The Lord's Will be done. Such dramatics are reserved for those meant to be affected by them. Soros and Satanyahu... Gates... Rothschild covens, and the wannabes... all the other agents of darkness... that rise like temporary specters... until Lord Vayu comes along and blows them away. They are stick figures of no consequence. They are here for The Purpose of Demonstration.

They think they are untouchable... yet they build bunkers underground. They think they are invulnerable... yet... why do they go to doctors... who cannot even heal themselves? Then... some tiny cells stage a rebellion in the body, and... it's only a matter of time. The Divine is All Powerful. You may think what you please. You can argue about the shape of The Earth. You can amass fortunes and rule nations... until the meter ticks to a stop, and... The Angel of Destiny cries, “Is that all you got? Is that all you got?” Indeed.

Am I mad? I wear it as a badge of honor. You cannot find God otherwise. It is a permanent rite of passage;

“For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.”
“Become as little children, or ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.”

What does that actually mean? It means that only The Child Mind can see Heaven at all because its world is not divided into a confusion of magnetized opposites.

One MUST have a child-like humility or you don't get in. So... where does that leave all those proud and ruthless movers and shakers? Baby, it's dark outside.

This world is a plane of delusion... composed of dancing illusions. What you see is not what you get. What you see is not even what you see. There is a whole other side to the thing... an entire other side. The Inside is as big as The Outside, and... he who dies with the most toys does... not... win.

You're dreaming. Find God and stop wasting your time OR... The World will ASSUREDLY kick your ass. That's just how it is, and all those smart... successful... beautiful... can do... people Out There? They are learning how it is... right now or later on. All those good times are a setup for what comes after; a preface, and... a prelude. Want to find out? Stick around. I'll be getting off at the corner here.

I don't care what you got or what you're after. Without The Divine you have less than nothing... even if you have the whole world for a little while. You still can't enjoy it. There is only one Supreme Enjoyer. That is the heartbeat of Tantra. Let every thought... feeling... and act be an expression of Higher Love, and... you have solved the puzzle. The mystery that cloaks your understanding falls away, and The Truth... in her everlasting beauty... is unveiled before your newly opening eyes.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, May 01, 2024

"The Sad and Punishing Routines of Life Amidst The Clutter of Endless Variations of the Same Thing, and... Searching in Vain."

God Poet Transmitting.......

The Sun is a radiant fountain of life-giving... impersonal love. It doesn't give any thought to what it does. It simply does it, without regard for who might receive that love. The Sun does not personalize its gift. It just shines. It is what we should do. Like the children's Sunday School song; ♫ this little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine ♫

I am presuming that you have all been in love, and been loved. Possibly you remember how love shone between and upon you. It is a magical thing. The Wise know the value and the joy of always being in love. This they accomplish by the continuous awareness of The Beloved... present in every living thing, and... everything is alive... even rocks. So... one can proceed with wonder... wherever one might go... in whatever direction one's glance may precede them... love goes forth ahead. It shines upon the pathway of the arriving moment.

Children know that life is a single unbroken moment. When The World is divided on us... it is broken up into single increments of time. Time has weight. One's attitude is affected by appearances that give Time its weight and density. So... there are people effectively imprisoned (many people) who are not constrained in a cell. There are people free as a bird... who are indeed within a cage. Richard Lovelace wrote a poem about that.

In that poem, he states that it is Love that makes him free... though he be locked up in a dungeon cell.

The body itself is a prison.

Here is one area in which Justice is done. Those who do terrible things to others... have little or no love in their hearts. They have condemned themselves to a loveless existence, and... where there is no love... that is where Fear makes its home. Fear does not go where Real Love is present. It trembles at the very thought. Time is never so heavy as when one makes a prisoner of love.

The Sun is the chief medium... through which love enters the manifest realm. Personal love shines upon a single person or thing; if you could call that love. Impersonal Love shines on everyone and everything... just like The Sun. One of the reasons it was placed in the sky... above our heads... is to be a daily reminder of this, AND... an inspiration. The Power of The Sun is the power you can expect to channel as well... if you emulate The Sun.

Love is THE force of healing BECAUSE... the intention of love is to unify; whether it draws two bodies together... or holds the planets in their courses through space. There are those who are in love with love itself at the higher end and... those driven by carnal appetite at the lower end. They flit from flower to flower like a hummingbird or bee. They will not stay long, and they leave a trail of broken hearts behind them as they go, but who is the offender here? Everyone should know that if you love someone... then... you set them free... or it is not love.

That is not love that seeks to stay the course of another. The greatest love sets everyone free. That is the act it performs upon greeting and going. The spirit of that one... resides in the heart of everyone... so it does not go anywhere anyway. It is always present, BUT... one is not going to find it looking Out There. So... young Lochinvar, and Romeo... Casanova and the rest... have not gotten over on anyone but themselves. They are doing it to themselves.

Then there is the consideration of... give the people what they want. (grin)

Love is a great teacher. Perhaps it is the greatest of teachers. Whatever offenses we commit against love, love will cause us to encounter the same for ourselves... in order to learn the deeper meanings of love. Love goes in stages. It moves from chemical attractions and seasonal ruts... all the way to that which is unspeakable and indefinable... where the knower and the known are made one. That is Divine Unity. It is the state that Love effects, and the origin of the statement; “wherever two or more are gathered in my name.”

Love is the poet's best friend. There would be no song and dance without it. Fundies rail against song and dance. It is unseemly! That is what they say. It is merely a particular stage of love acting out. Singing and dancing bring us into unity with one another. That is the objective... even if we are to be taken far above what we presently understand as song and dance. The planets make music when their auras rub against each other in passing.

Om is the hum of divine unity. Ultimately... it is the resolution of Higher Love back into itself. It is the origin and dissolution of all forms. The saints and mystics tell of dissolving into God's ocean of divine love. One ceases to be, and yet... one simply becomes again... what one originally was... without all the overlay. Truth is naked and Love clothes itself in colors, though Love and Truth are eternally interactive. The combination of Love and Wisdom results in the birth of Truth. It's a good reason to fall in love with wisdom.

Does it matter if Love (God) removes every hindrance and reveals us as we were in the beginning or... simply transforms us into itself through proximity to it? The result is the same. However... people argue about such things. They will insist on an exact number of angels on a pin, and they might well kill or dishonor you if you do not agree.

I should have fallen in love with wisdom, to begin with. Indeed... I always did love wisdom, BUT... when you are young... love often finds a greater attraction to passing fancy... Wisdom grows in beauty... the more one's heart is broken by passing fancies.

It's what life is all about... that we should love first this, then that... then the other thing, and not finding what we are seeking in any of them... we are FINALLY inspired to seek that one thing that makes our love eternal... when we look into the mirror and see the face of our creator... once we have become pure of heart.

It's the purification rituals that turn everyone off. Damn! That Hurts! Yeah... well... so did Mother's hands on your head when she washed your hair; did you get soap in your eyes? Once we have grown tired of getting dirty over, and over, and over again... The Mother will come and wash us clean, AND... depending on how dirty we have gotten... well... yeah.

Of course, the pull... the attraction... back into The Dark Splendor, and all those forms we dallied with; that hurts a great deal as well. Somehow we are sure we haven't gotten our fill. Maybe... maybe just one more turn on the wheel, Mr. Creosote.

Heh heh... and back on the (not so) merry-go-round you go... forgetting all about the musical chairs, and someone wanting to see your documents; I ain't got to show you no stinking papers! The sad and punishing routines of life... amidst the clutter of endless variations of the same thing, and... searching in vain.

Fools all of them... chasing doomed flowers... round and round the circle of the seasons. Petals fall, and the stems wither, and something cuts them down, and... they are gone, but they were gone the moment the blush went off the rose... as far as your carnal eye was concerned.

When you can love The Divine within... you will be in the company of The Divine, and The Divine is all that you will see. It will not age. It will not die, and it lives in everyone you encounter... hidden though it may be. When one falls in love... it is The Beloved that one sees, BUT... Time and Circumstance serve to veil The Beloved again, and... all we see is the pedestrian persona; The Mask. Love has gone into hiding... again.

In healing... what one seeks to do (should seek to do) is to heal the infirmity within oneself, and that will cause a sympathetic response in the one being treated. One has to step out of the way... so that The Divine can attend to the matter... BECAUSE... it is ONLY The Divine who can heal. Everyone else claiming to be of any kind of use is... an impostor... like those who pretend to love. If you are in desperate need of being fooled, perhaps that will be enough for the moment.

Many times people have been healed by charlatans because they believed completely. It was the same with The Centurion whose servant was healed by Christ. Christ said he would come to his house, and The Centurion said, “Lord, I am not worthy that You should come under my roof.” Christ said to the centurion, “Go your way; and as you have believed, so let it be done for you.”

You have to do things... believing. It is the same with healing as it is with prayer. God has only to think something into being and... it is. We are made in his image and he wishes the same for us, BUT... sin is the blocking mechanism that hinders the passage of Grace! Sin translated means; missing the mark. When God is acting through us there is no sin because God never misses. If we insist upon acting as an independent contractor, we will be permitted to do that... with mixed results.

Love heals every injury. It brings everything into unity with itself because Unity is the objective of Love. In our separations from The Love of God... we suffer all sorts of conditions. They are illusory, as is our sense of separation, it... is... all... a... trick... of... The... Mind.

Still The Reactive Mind and The Voice of The Stillness will come. Following that... you will need NOTHING MORE... ever again. Your eternal guide will have stamped your passport to everywhere you will ever be, and no matter where you go... you will always be where you are. When they say, “You can't take it with you.” They weren't talking about Love.

Blessings upon you all.

End Transmission.......

I must put this treatise on Sufi teachings in yet again You will be entranced once you get far enough along.

by Reynold A. Nicholson

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Friday, April 26, 2024

"A Purified Will... Is a Will of Single Purpose. Divide that Will, and... Darkness Falls... Then... One is Effectively Blind."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Few things are more important than The Will. Without it... you could do nothing. There would be no impetus. How exactly does that force work? How does the message travel from the brain to the body and tell it to get out of bed, and on with whatever it gets on with? Sometimes... instead of getting up... one simply rolls over, and goes back to what they were doing... before they fell asleep. I'll leave the options to your imagination.

Science tells us that the information travels along neural highways and activates body parts to do this... that... or something else. It doesn't always work though... does it? Let's say you've exhausted your vital forces so that... even if you can get your body to get up... there are other body parts that refuse to do so, BUT... they used to.

From this point... I could set off in almost any direction, and talk about almost anything. This and other things I can do... any day of the week... any hour of the day... because... when I was young, I decided to explore the world of symbols... as personified in Tarot; and how is it that you can go off in almost any direction and talk about almost anything, visible? Well, let us ask that font of arcane wisdom... Eliphas Levi... how it is that I... or anyone... can accomplish this, and... I might add... a whole lot more.

He said; “The Tarot is a book in pictures, the key to all sacred books, the synthesis of all religions, the hieroglyph of the human mind. It is the mirror in which the soul can see itself, and the key of its own destiny.” and... he also said; “An imprisoned person with no other book than the Tarot, if he knew how to use it, could in a few years acquire universal knowledge, and would be able to speak on all subjects with unequalled learning and inexhaustible eloquence.”

In my experience... what he says... is true. I am not suggesting I have gotten to that level with it, BUT... I have gotten far enough to see the truth in what he says.

How does one get The Will to do anything? One inflames it with Desire. Habit will also work. Some emotion is always good to get the engine humming... whether it be Lust... Fear... or Anger. Something must drive you.

I'm not going to parse The Will or go off on some journey... in almost any direction... for the sake of philosophical speculation. I don't have a lot of use for philosophical speculation, and... it puts most people to sleep. We'll be talking about a certain subset of people who go to sleep in one of the next postings.

I like to be practical, and... applied. If you can't use what I tell you then... what good is it? What's the point of talking; simply to be talking? Some people chatter on endlessly about nothing at all. One thing I really dislike, and I hope I can get over it at some point... or maybe it's better I don't get over it... ever... is small talk... chit chat. I refuse to use a phone for that reason.

It's amazing how quickly people can adjust to your eccentricities... if you give them no other options. Nobody comes around here to socialize and chit-chat. I never said they couldn't. They just don't. The Will is a magical thing. It is a sad commentary... on contemporary life... that people do not know how to cultivate their will... instead of splintering it into endless tributaries that go nowhere.

It's that vacillation thing. Children and pets pick up on it quite quickly and learn to work you for whatever it is they can get... because they know that you might change your mind, and with the right amount of pressure... you'll give in, BUT... what if you were inflexible on certain issues? They would just have to adapt... wouldn't they? Make your Yes and your No absolute from the giddy-up. Don't let other people control you. Make your yes... absolutely yes, and your no... absolutely no, and your will will be uncompromised... uncluttered... and powerful.

Some might then say that you are too much trouble; oh goody! Some might term you... difficult... hard to motivate. They can't make you do what they want you to do. You have conditioned your will to listen to you alone or... as in my case... to a single source. This is a key to success... no matter what that success might be. What I mean is that Bad Guys and Good Guys both use this method.

It can make the self-interested powerful in their sphere. It can do the same for the servants of God; not the God of Religion. I have no idea who that is. I agree with the atheists on that point... the God of Religion does not exist. That does not preclude The God... whose will... brought all of this into being because... he is the original I Am. We are all... each of us... a Little I Am.

I am... I think... I WILL, and... I do... or there are degrees of confusion... such as you see all around you these days. There is one important feature to the possession of an indomitable will. You MUST Purify The Will. In these times... perversities and impurities abound, and The Will becomes divided against itself. This brings you under the control of The Divider in Chief. It 's what all the hedonism... thrill-seeking... and Carnal Amusement Park rides are all about, and this is what you get.

Scripture says; “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” A purified will is a will of single purpose. Divide that will and darkness falls... one can no longer see. One is conflicted.

The Divine is the source of all will. He looked into the mirror of self. It captured his image. Then he cast it down so that it shattered into millions of pieces that began to interact for The Purpose of Demonstration, and... the entertainment of The Silent Watcher... who is God. Then... he leisurely strolls through his creation... picking up the pieces, and making the image whole again.

A purified will is a will free of carnal desire. It makes you into God's Tuning Fork. It puts you into a harmonious vibrating resonance with The Divine. Then... The Divine can live his/her life in you. God is both mother and father, and angels reflect that unified dual nature. They can be either/or. When the Kundalini force enters into The Bridal Chamber... one is united with The Self, and everything that once caused trouble and conflict for you is gone.

Some want it all over again. They veer off the road at some point and head back into The Dark Splendor. In The Bible it is portrayed as a dog returning to its vomit; not as poetic as one might hope for, BUT... effective. People don't want to hear the truth about Unity. It puts an end to The Rutting Fever... BUT... BUT... then life has no meaning! Heh heh... so you say.

God is Unity... which... in its active expression... is Higher Love. God is, and God wills... and the medium of his expression is... Love. God moves in Unity, and EVERYTHING comes into harmonic accord in his passing. There is no warfare. There is no hunger... famine... no wanting. The object of all wanting has been acquired. I should add... in unity there is strength. Don't be like Mike. Be like God. You are made in his image OR... you can be fallen, and... the horns on your head become another kind of tuning fork.

Seek ye first The Kingdom of Heaven and everything else will be added unto you. It's the same message as The Greatest Commandment.

The World is here for The Purpose of Demonstration. Here is where you find out... eventually... whenever that happens... if it ever happens... that you don't want any of it; and then? You are free. Otherwise... it goes round, and round, and round, and round. It goes up and down. It goes in and out. It goes and it comes, and it comes and it goes.

The Will is harnessed to The Chariot of Desire. It pulls the cart. It pushes the cart, and... the cart goes off the road... because everything the rider is attracted to is on the side of the road, and... further off than it appears to be... while you are on The Road.

You can do anything here. You've been given The Will of your creator in miniature... for no other reason than to see what you will do with it. The Divine is ALWAYS present here in different forms. Sometimes luminous and palpable... sometimes veiled. Certainly, he is hiding inside of you right now.

I've had enough of what goes on around here to know where it leads. It runs around in circles chasing its tail. It is all the dance of The Monkey Mind and The Dog of Desire. It can be fun for a while... until it starts to hurt... eventually you wear the vehicle out and it kills you, BUT... then you get a new vehicle to run around in until the same thing happens all over again.

You have been given magical tools that can do... well... I wouldn't know where to begin. One of those tools is The Will; to know... to will... to dare... and to be silent. The four stages of action and precipitation into form... though they are expressed differently in this case... because they apply to yet another perspective on The Same Thing.

Okay then... that will do for the moment.

End Transmission.......

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