Thursday, April 18, 2024

"You Really Have to Go At It With Your Whole Heart. Take Your Mind Off of Whatever Mistakes You Think You Made."

God Poet Transmitting.......

I was speaking with a representative of The Ineffable yesterday, and I was asking about the outlook for some of the people I am praying for. It was more about people I knew in the Hawaiian Islands. I did not understand how our situations could be so different. I wasn't all that nice a person now and then, and when it came to reckless endangerment of one's self, I was at the front of the line.

I was told that it is not about the personal behavior. Hardened criminals have been transformed into wonderful servants of God in no time at all. Look at Saul of Tarsus on The Road to Damascus. I was told... you searched for me, and you would not stop searching for me. No matter what hardships and obstacles I set in your way, you would not stop. It gave, “seek and ye shall find” a whole new meaning... in my mind.

It's not about attending religious services. It's not about performing rituals. It's not about good behavior with the expectation of a pay-off. It's not about the letter of the law... or going by the book. As impersonal as The Divine can be, it is really personal with God how we relate to him/her/it. When you make God the centerpiece of your life, God becomes the centerpiece of your life.

I remember The Divine asking me, “Visible, how much time do you think I spend in churches, besides the fact that I am already resident in every living thing?” I think I said, “Not much?” and I heard, correctomundo (God loves colloquialisms) I think it was. He went on to talk about Lady Nature's cathedrals. If you are looking for God within, you'll have an easier time of it in nature.

There is a reason why The Greatest Commandment is The Greatest Commandment. It is the key to a working relationship with The Divine. In The Eastern Traditions, you will sometimes hear that God is a slave to Love. If you want to make God your loving servant, you need only love him/her/it with all your heart OR... at least more than everything else. You have only to become God's loving servant.

Now... of course... one should not have it in mind to make God a servant. That is more the province of a magician... who seeks to bend the will of the creatures of The Infernal Realm for his purposes, and which.. with rare exceptions... inevitably results in him winding up in a state of reversal... eventually. If you don't want your ass singed, don't back it up to the kitchen stove.

Why do you think it is common for Black Magicians to be homosexual? It is CRITICAL to have your priorities in order... when you set out to find The Path... because you will find what you are looking for, so... you had better hope you will be pleased with finding it. Certain restrictions come with the pursuit of certain objectives. Seek to love God alone, and... for no other reason than the overwhelming surges of devotion that fill your heart. Without God... NOTHING has any meaning. With God... everything has meaning.

The World is upside down and backward for most people, BUT... they have gotten used to it, so it SEEMS to be right side up to them. It's not. When you are a child... you see things upside down. It is in the process of learning to walk that this perspective changes. Learning to walk is one of our greatest accomplishments but most people don't know that. Most people don't know much at all because of the direction in which their interests lie.

You have to pester God over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. It might go on for lifetimes OR it might go rather quickly... due to the level of intensity... in your directed passion. If you are lackadaisical, you can expect the motor vehicle department treatment. In any case... it takes serious determination. That is why we advise here, (and we generally eschew advising) that you first get Faith... Certitude... and Determination Or... whatever sense of passionate industry... you might feel on any morning... will have dissipated by noon.

On many an occasion... in this life... I was off tilting at windmills. However, as soon as I saw the error of my intention or direction, I turned with a burning desire to make up the ground I had lost. As soon as you realize that you have been wrong... you have the option of not being wrong any longer.

So... I pestered God again, and again, and again, and again, and again. He brushed me off ten thousand times and more. He might pick me up and play with me for a short while, but he would soon set me back down, and head off wherever it is that God goes when you can't find him.

Finally, he started answering me occasionally, and it was still years before he was always on tap. Oh... he always answered me before, BUT not in direct conversation... as it is now.

Perhaps my dedication had reached the necessary level. Perhaps it was my love or devotion. Perhaps it was being able to simply hold still. I do not know what it was, BUT... something worked, and I have not a single concern for all of eternity now. Oh... I still get distracted and sidetracked... for the purpose of accruing wisdom and understanding. I get knocked out of wack... to get knocked into wack... for whatever the reason, BUT... I suspect it is to foster my utter reliance upon The Almighty... my utter compliance with his will.

The knocking out of wack is gentler now. It is easier to adjust to. I often think about how fortunate I am that I had such a rough road... for such a long time... until only recently, and now that rough road has become smooth and... it is on an endless... gradual... and bending incline. How grateful I am that there was no easy course in the beginning.

He said that the ones I was praying for just weren't looking hard enough for him; perhaps in some other lifetime, he said. It makes me tremble to hear such a thing. I suppose that is why we pray for people... the real reason; that they will catch fire with spiritual fervor, and... run with all their might OR... stride with unflinching purpose... regardless of the sounds on all sides, and... the dancing, and... enticing peripherals.

A child cries for its mother. The Mother gives the child a toy to distract it. As long as the toys work, The Mother is not concerned. She knows that eventually, the child will turn its fuller attention upon The Mother, and no matter how far afield the child may be... will set its thoughts on The Father's Kingdom.

I was such a child. The distraction of toys was never more than temporary. I didn't actually want anything else except to be in the bowers of The Mother... while The Father's Light shined on me. God knew this. God knows everything... coming and going; now.... and countless billions of years previous... till countless billions of years ahead. God knows everything. What matters the years when Eternity is the resident state?

You really have to go at it with your whole heart. Take your mind off of whatever mistakes you may think you made. That will only hold you back. When you can see God in everything and everyone... you are there. That is the living evidence of it. Either we are living our life... independent of The Divine, and... certain to be worn away by our own resistance... OR... God is living his life in us, and... by degrees... the resistance fades away, and... one comes off The Wheel. The Wheel keeps on turning and burning, BUT you no longer do.

♫ life goes on within you, and... without you,♫ We pray for others, BUT it should only be that The Spirit of God may come forward and live its life in them because... that is THE resolution to any problem they may have, and... any problem they will ever have.

People have problems because they resist The Will of God. The Will of God is... that we all live in endless abundance... in The Garden of Endless Delight. There is no other thing that God wills for us except that we might move in harmony and resonance with God. All that other stuff... comes from that other place... that exists to serve, and to foster... the spirit of rebellion in us.

We are entering an age of greater light. This means an age of greater awareness and automatically translates into a time of brotherhood. There is nothing we cannot accomplish... in common purpose with each other, and... with The Divine. The old ideas and those who represent them WILL pass away. Those who hold to The Darkness will pass into The Darkness. Those who embrace The Light will be embraced by The Light.

What is coming will not be denied. In its coming will be judgment and redemption... punishment and reward. No temporal force is equal to resist the force of cosmic change. The Power of God is without limits. The Power of Man is limited. Even one who is not very good at math should be able to figure that one out.

End Transmission.......

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And... if you are in the mood for a little more, here he goes on about The Perfect Man. They are both quite short.



robert said...

Passion played for us to join in ringing resonance
Tuning our sights to finer frequencies forever

Dear Visible:

Another work of art in the realm of words and conscious creating!
Radiating the vibe that comes with trembling in the Presence


He said that the ones I was praying for just weren't looking hard enough for him; perhaps in some other lifetime, he said. It makes me tremble to hear such a thing. I suppose that is why we pray for people... the real reason; that they will catch fire with spiritual fervor, and... run with all their might OR... stride with unflinching purpose... regardless of the sounds on all sides, and... the dancing, and... enticing peripherals

Our human hearts, even partially filled, still overflow with love
We care enough to cause our own suffering when we pray in human mindsets
We become an open channel when we realize that we are only to focus
We are not the power, we are only the antenna for the broadcast

Whenever I get stuck on concern for human expressions close by and suffer from thoughts borne of limited perspective
I must let go of my human worry and focus on trusting the only trustworthy Being to play all parts in making Creation beautifully meaningful

Still learning that this self can do nothing right, only learn to be aware of the magnificent obsession the is the One

No more trying
No more trying our own patience
No more trying to please the impossible critic, losing power over us daily

Only being here with all of our heart
Which is not ours alone
But ours shared by all anyway

Coming to know that we are centered everywhere
Have only the limits we adopt in our blind spots

We find our feeling again, free from marring misery
When we know we are loved without measure
We feel that we are created for joy far deeper than little self could ever handle
We must break out of our cocoon to flow with the One

Why not now?

Visible said...

You can tell the nature of a person by a study of what moves them. Time provides the truth of it to the watchful... it eventually provides the truth of anything and everything... really... and no one is capable of concealing it for long... except for the one who has nothing to hide.

AL said...

I'm going to share this I dunno why but I will. I'm getting through some kind of life threatening illness that arrived just after Christmas and is still in some ways quite present. I don't know what it is or was or where it came from But I am now closer to God than ever before and am not going back to " the other way" of living. I have no health insurance and will never trust the medical community anyway so there is that but I could have mortgaged my home for the money but chose to trust and have faith and build my relationship with the Divine and leave my life in his hands. To make a long story shorter I was helping out doing some volunteer work the other day and realized I was feeling tired and began letting the personality creep in and tell me maybe I'm not healing because I can't seem to get a lot of strength back yaddah yaddah, so I left that criminal mind and decided to ask the Lord what should I do.
I got home to some work delivered on my porch and laughed as to how to get strength back. Then I got a call from my wife about going to "take a friend to dance class" for my Granddaughters. I thought man I hope we don't have to tap dance or jazz dance with them. Well for 2 hours that's exactly what we did. Dancing with 5-10 year old girls and here I am "feeling weak" and I could actually see a face of a best friend kind of laughing his ass off.
I made it through the night just fine and feel just fine today as well. In fact I am very grateful for the experience as one girl said to me as she asked why I sat down for a moment, "why aren't you dancing? I said I'm a little tired and she says but you're the GOAT! I said the what? She said Greatest of all time and I thought no that's God but said thank you.

Cheers for the Greatest Father we could all have!

Visible said...

So many miracles attend this little community of ours. We seldom here about it, BUT... it's a real as real can get.

Anonymous said...

"Take your mind off of whatever mistakes you may think you made. That will only hold you back.¬
I'm just realizing that.
I'm not sure you're aware of the gravity of the things you say here but the don't half have a significant a affect on me! Thank youi.


Anonymous said...

I like it here too (smile).

Many thanks!


0 said...

It is nice to hear so many hands finding the All backing them.

Might we "All" force accountability upon they who foisted their destructive policies upon us.


0 said...

That immortality link is interesting.

When Lao Tzŭ died, Ch‘in Shih went to mourn. He uttered three yells and departed.

A disciple asked him, saying: "Were you not our Master's friend?"

"I was," replied Ch‘in Shih.

"And if so, do you consider that a sufficient expression of grief at his loss?" added the disciple.

"I do," said Ch‘in Shih. "I had believed him to be the man of all men, but now I know that he was not. When I went in to mourn, I found old persons weeping as if for their children, young ones wailing as if for their mothers. And for him to have gained the attachment of those people in this way, he too must have uttered words which should not have been spoken, and dropped tears which should not have been shed, thus violating eternal principles, increasing the sum of human emotion, and forgetting the source from which his own life was received. The ancients called such emotions the trammels of mortality. The Master came, because it was his

p. 83

time to be born; he went, because it was his time to die. For those who accept the phenomenon of birth and death in this sense, lamentation and sorrow have no place. The ancients spoke of death as of God cutting down a man suspended in the air. The fuel is consumed, but the fire may be transmitted, and we know not that it comes to an end."

Its curious that its seen as a flaw to "increase human emotion"... Nothing like grasping that will is volts and emotion is magnetic current/amprage... if they're in phase, there is POWER present. If they're out of phase there will be one or the other at any given moment in time but neither will have real power backing it.

So perhaps emotion is dephasing the will when one indulges in Feeling over Thinking?

When one is thinking and can induce strong emotion in regard to whats thought, perhaps thats IN PHASE and has More Power to affect objective reality?

Curious times... I do find myself acting towards death as ch'in shih. It is a shedding of the form inhabited for an iteration of experience. My uncle died while I was recovering from my spine fusion surgery. He called me on my birthday in 2021 and left a msg hoping I had a positive outlook in spite of the spine issues. I have saved it so I can hear his voice as it turns out he had lung cancer stage 4 that he didn't tell my mom (his sister) or me about. When we finally found out about it he was already on hospice care on painkillers and no longer in a position to want to interact. So he passed on his own with his wife and daughter and oddly it made my mom and her siblings a little angry. I can't see that I'd do any differently than he did and not hassle what few people love me about my end. I wonder when it will show up. But I keep on doing as tho I'm going to continue to persist in this form for some time. Ah well.


0 said...

From the Sage link.

"He who knows what God is, and who knows what Man is, has attained. Knowing what God is, he knows that he himself proceeded therefrom. Knowing what Man is, he rests in the knowledge of the known, waiting for the knowledge of the unknown. Working out one's allotted span, and not perishing in mid career,—this is the fulness of knowledge.

Herein, however, there is a flaw. Knowledge is dependent upon fulfilment. And as this fulfilment is uncertain, how can it be known that my divine is not really human, my human really divine? We must have pure men, and then only can we have pure knowledge.

But what is a pure man?—The pure men of old acted without calculation, not seeking to secure results. They laid no plans. Therefore, failing, they had no cause for regret; succeeding, no cause for congratulation. And thus they could scale heights without fear; enter water without becoming wet; fire, without feeling hot. So far had their wisdom advanced towards Tao.

The pure men of old slept without dreams, and waked without anxiety. They ate without discrimination, breathing deep breaths. For pure

p. 89

men draw breath from their uttermost depths; the vulgar only from their throats. Out of the crooked, words are retched up like vomit. If men's passions are deep, their divinity is shallow.

The pure men of old did not know what it was to love life nor to hate death. They did not rejoice in birth, nor strive to put off dissolution. Quickly come and quickly go;—no more. They did not forget whence it was they had sprung, neither did they seek to hasten their return thither. Cheerfully they played their allotted parts, waiting patiently for the end. This is what is called not to lead the heart astray from Tao, nor to let the human seek to supplement the divine. And this is what is meant by a pure man."

Thanks Viz, its nice to find something to relate to...


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Karma is So... So Surgically Precise. It's a Thing of Beauty... The Way it Brushes A Person's Coat, and Doesn't Harm Them."



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